Do people look better in pictures or reality?
Photoshopping Help?
Really need flash help! I'm an ameteur!?
Photography: Developing Film problems?
Whats harder? making images or taking photos? Why?
How do you make two pictures into one picture on a mac?
Question about red eye?
When you take a picture with your subject's back to the sun, it comes out DARK, how do you fix this?
How do you make those black caption bars on pictures?
Do you use cotton or a brush when you apply Marshal Photo Oils to the print?
photography help!?
Photography - What type of studio lights should I look at!?!?
How is the Renaissance and Photography Linked?
Do I have what it takes to model?
what is the best wide angle Canon lens for the Canon 20D?
So, a sudden blur came to my eyes.. help?
are there website i can combine my photo and my boyfriends' photo to see how our future baby photo look like?
What free program is available which you can create artistic text messages across photo's or images?
How Do I Get My Subject to be Focused, but the Background Blurry?
Photography name? NativeWolfPhotography?
do i have a carrer in photography?
What is a good camera for some one that wants to start photography, keep in mind im a beginner?
All around camera filters?
Good prime lens for a full frame DSLR? I am a beginner?
is: the-fear-of-striking-out a good name for my tumblr?
Will you please critique my photos? :)?
How do photographers know if a sunrise or sunset will be spectacular?
How to print 10x14inches photo, in HP Officejet 7000 wide format?
So i'm going to the zoo to do photography and ......?
Where to find a very cheap 35mm SLR film Camera?
How can I add this sort of colour to a picture using Photoshop?
what should i take pictures of on instagram?
Can I order posters of Apple Products from Vistaprint legally?
which is the difference between a photo taken with a Diana+ and a photo taken with a Canon 40d with diana lens?
How do i save files in Capture NX 2 if i want to edit them later?
what photographer's inspire you?
do all kodak photo paper has best quality in printing photos?
Where can i download a decent CS2 Tutorial training CD ?
I am an amateur photographer and I have been asked to do my first wedding, I am nervous & would love any tips?
Does the Photobucket stat thing really work?
How to set passwords for a picture (e.g. jpg) or a film uploaded from a video camera?
is there any photography classes in GA. for high school students?
How to use a light meter for film?
Does this count as a point and shoot camera?
Clips for picture frames?
How to make an object appear 3d in a photograph.?
From which commercial is this pic?
I need help with pictures and backgrounds.?
What do you think of my photo's? honest opinion?
Rate my photos please?
Is there any alleys that dead-end to the freeway in the LA area or surrounding cities?
Camera focusing for a self portrait in a low DOF?
what to look for in an enlarger for darkrooms?
photo editor like picnik but ALL free?
Criticism on my photoshop skills?
How do you calculate the "normal" focal length for a given format size?
I want to get into astrophotography, but I need help with lens adapters.?
Why can't my tamron lens auto focus?
qualities of a good photo??
Should I get an amateur or semi-professional dslr?
websites i can sell my photos on for free? (not deviantart)?
i need info. on photographers who have explored reflection in their work.Help!!?
how do you put two different pics together to make it one?
Deserted door maybe..?
Pet pix where cat's nose is prominant, do I use 35mm or digital camera or Adobe Photoshop?
What lens would be best to use for cricket photography on a budget?
How to smile for a school camera pic?
How can I be more photogenic?
i want a site were i can see and download pictures of the singer thalia a site like gettyimages but free?
I was thinking of using Flickr for my 4000 photographs. Is the 3rd party uploader safe? What's in it for them?
suggestions for photography blogs on tumblr?
black and white pictures with the subject in color?
what flowers are these?
What Makes A Great Nature Picture?
Student photographer?
I am a model and I need a photographer any takers???
Is there a free program that I can use to alter pictures?
How do black lights work?
I want to take photography for A-level but ... ?
I want to buy a digital camera what do you recommend?
what does DSLR means?
How do you take a photo and get a clear shot of a person but a little fuzzy in the back ground ? and what is t
What does this picture tell you...?
Any photographer assistant jobs available?
Disposable Camera Effect?
Digital Camera Suggestions?
I have a picture/photo which I took of a garment but I want the background professional looking ie clothes?
What is the mechanism for a digital camera's autofocus? Does it alter my predefined F#?
Is it better to print photos on normal paper or photo paper?
In your opinion (serious answers only please)?
Need info on History of Photography?
Senior Memory DVD???
what kind of pictures does sally mann take?
depth of field w/ canon a540?
Do I have Potential as a Photographer?
Jonas Brothers Pictures Site EMERGENCY..need soon..please thanks lol?
Robert Doisneau Photography Characteristics?
Follow me on Tumblr ? I FOLLOW BACK :D?
How do you take pictures like these?
Why did this photograph sell for a staggering $1750 at auction?
How much should I charge for my photography?
how old do you have to be to be a photographer?
Photo Pick?!?
I am a practicing photographer. Where can I find Foamcore and what exactly is it?
when i shoot in raw?
Explain what are apertures, f-stops, measurements like f1.8 etc.?
how much does it cost to get the photo shop adobe?
Is This a Good Picture of me?
Best camera for an entry level photographer?
Who is the beautiful-est girl in the world?
Can you take light graffiti pics in shutter priority mode as opposed to manual?
What's the best website to share photos with a bunch of people on one account?
Who is the client for a forensic photograph?
IPhone question about taking picture? ?
Where can I get B&W negatives processed in or around Los Angeles, CA?
How do I capture falling rain on a digital picture using a digital SLR camera?
How much natural talent do you need to become a good photographer these days?
how to become a better photographer?
Do you like my photography?
Someone whos super good at editing pictures!?
Where to take band photos in Orange County?
Picture donation for Photoshop projects?
Does this picture look stupid...Pic inside?
Photo editing program?
Whats the best way to make your own website?
Any photography majors out there?
why is the word "ambulance" written backwards in ambulance car?
How do you take good pictures of lightning?
Im a photographer-Why do I constantly compare my work to others and then feel crap about it later?
Whats the name of this effect?
To all photographers. Is this camera any good?
Please Help My Face?
Snobbery in photography?
How do i fix my 35mm camera?
My grandma found a picture of Abe Lincoln in her grandma's album. What if anything should we do with it?
can anybody suggest high-repute photographer for photoshoots in delhi?
What should I wear/how should I pose for my headshot?
whats a good software for fashion and glamour photography?
Are we trying to set a new record?
My pictures in my gallery wont let me make it small enough to fit my phone screen?
you can't scan a 4x6 print and enlarge it to an 8x10 print, can you?
Im 16 any ideas for photography?
Photo criticisms?
How does Photography and Assisting Photographers work in New York City? rates....getting jobs???
In photography, how is a test print made and what is its purpose?
what equipment is needed for traditional photography?
So does anyone know how to do Grime edits on pictures I really want to learn how?
I am looking for the name of a specific type of Art and photography used for Twilight saga.?
What kind of camera should a soon to be photography student purchase?
how can i get an image resolution of 600 by 600 pixels, max size of 240 kb, without Image touching?please...?
Where can i get feedback on my photography shots?
Photo shoot? I need places?
what is the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer?
How about my pictures ?
Am I getting ripped off (photography question)?
What are some ways that i can really get my foot in the door with photography??
I'm doing my first wedding photography tomorrow, do you have any tips for me?
Your opion, what do you think for a portfio?
Coloured object into converted black and white picture on Adobe?
I want to find Football photos big enough to be able to print at size 12x8?
I am trying to get a mini film/tv show done. Where can I look online or around Houston to find a good Camera?
Need an Image projector that can fit in a tight space?
Funny caption?
Please Rate my Photography from 1 to 10.?
Photographers..tell me a good camera to buy for myself..?
Does this photo look alright?
Photographically, are these good photographs?
critiques plz?
Why would someone photograph meat?
It's been one year since I got my first Camera...?
Photoshop Query-2?
how/where do photographers market their products? ?
What kind of film is best for shooting portraits, in sunlight and at night?
Is my picture on this?
how big is a "wallet sized" picture?
How do you get people to model for you without coming off looking creepy?
When is the best time of the day to take pictures in the winter?
is the tamron 28-75mm f2.8 any good for dance stage performances?
How do you like this photo?
Do you have to give credit for pictures you use pictures in a blog?
How to resize a photo?
New way to do selective coloring in Photobucket?
Can she become a famous model? What could you rate her?
Photography page name?
I want to know where can i go to get photo shoots done for a comp card.?
I want to make an online gallery what should I use?
What is participatory photography?
can i know more about u?can i be ur friend.....?
what do you think about my photography?
What is a good photo editing program?
Will i look more decent after this?
Any one use Dream Makers Studios?
Can someone help me with a photography question?
What are the most romantic landmarks in the world?
Do I need permission to use a copyrighted song in my film?
Photographer with a question about websites.?
Do you know of a website showing the standard portfolio of a photographer should look like ?
Looking for pictures of a
im black and when i take pictures?
High pixel count means more photodiodes, less image quality?
Which one is a better main photo ((pics))?
How can I improve...?
Does anyone know where to find Abi Garaman prints to frame?
what do you think of this photo ? ANSWER PLEASE 10 POINTS? thanks!?
What do you think of this picture?
Where can I find free photos of Dallas skyline at night?
Why are Canon and Nikon selling new camera models?
What do you think of this picture??
where can I find a machine the makes wood frames for canvas pictures?
I'm not sure what to think of this picture?
What's the best professional camera to have?
how can I find a cheap editor?
what separates a 'photographer' from an 'enthusiastic teenager with a camera'?
Is this photoshopped?
I have a Leica model F camera.Do you know Do they know Leicas ?
Is this good photography?[pics included.]
Adjective for a kind of photograph?
is there a way to take a frame from a video i took and turn it into a picture?
who is your favourite photographer?
Best camera for an amateur photographer?
Can you remove a watermark from a picture?
vintage borders for photos?
As an amateur photographer how can i start selling pictures?
Free Downlable Clips of Nature?
Can my Nikon SB-800 flash be used to trigger IR sensitive studio lights without firing itself?
(top part of the picture comes black with shadow )What could be wrong with my DSLR EOS 40D ?
Could someone please edit my picture for me?
photo takeing tips?
where can i store my photographs online with unlimited storage and see it without download.?
Canon G9 CHDK time lapse?
Need some advice on gear?
Photo editing programs for MacBooks?
Digital camera Help? Which camera is for me?
in PHOTOGRAPHY, how do you make the photo look partially color, and the rest almost black and white?
Websites to show off photographs?
Would you feel as if you were being taken advantage of for your good deed (if you were in my shoes)?
I want to find a software to edit my photos. I really like to put color in b/w photos. What would be the best?
Critque my photos please!?
Posing and facial expressions for photo shoot?
fun things to do with fotos over the internet?
Pictures or symbols that shape us to be who we are today? (ideas) :)?
Telescope attachment for iphone?
whats the app where the photo looks shaky with red and blue outlines?
What type of CD do I need to burn Photo CD's?
What is this little model's name?
what funny image?
why is photomontage the most powerful form of graphic protest?
photo booths in usa . diff. photos ? help .?
How to smile for a yearbook picture?
what zoom lens can i buy for panasonic gf1?
Why do people take pictures in weird angles? I hate it!!?
What is Top contributer?
Please, critique this photo?
Does anyone know anything about Photoshop?
Can I be a model? (Picture Included)? =)?
How do I put that orange part in a picture?
How to photoshop pictures?
Is there a way I can obtain photos from shine?
how did he do this effect?
cand you help me with the camera and it's history?
Family picture posing?
how do you take good glass photos and low light photos outside?
What do you think of my photography?
what is a good tumblr blog name?
How do I make this effect on my pictures?
what is the image of muslims in america?
Do I look like a model in this picture?
An good photography talent?
Photoshop Help: How do I add text to a photo?
What is the name of this site model?
Really worried about this photo!?
Does anyone have a picture or some kinda website of what a size 3 fade looks like?
Does Anyone know how to do this to photos???
Any tips with the canon mark ii 5d for first time users?
Tips for starting a photography business?
What is it called when you edit a picture of a cat or something over your face?
Can disposable cameras go out of date? what does it mean if they go past their date?
How do they get white or black backgrounds in music videos?
im trying to edit a sunvector image in photofiltre,?
What to take photos of?
Is there a way I can put two photos together (side by side) online?
Digital Photography classes in DC Metro region?
20mm or 24mm for DSLR Video?
What is a good site for Photo editing?
Are these good or bad?
how do i make a flashing photo though photobucket? (pic included)?
14 Year Old Photographer (How are my photos)?
How much do photographers make?
Any professional photographers in Glasgow/Ayrshire Scotland....?
What is a modern day photographer?
How to contact photo publishers?
what do u think about this picture?
How can you make psychologiacal closure work for you when framing a shot?How can it work against you?
Have you ever taken photos and then noticed things in the photo that you didn't notice in real life?
how do i look at my pictures that i took from my snap camera?
sorry about that...lets try this one?
Another photo to critque!?
which means? "This is a High Quality reproduction made ​​from the original print, Called to restrike"?
Models background check?
What are the top 10 professional cameras?
what picture is the best?
Good Photography Spots in Lancaster, PA?
You ever feel weird when photographing in front of a large crowd?
My tripod is hard to turn?
Can you use Photo Paper Plus Glossy II with regular ink?
How does a newcomer get their photography into a gallery?
will someone explain this picture to me?
Any ideas on how I can keep my eyes open when my picture with a flash is taken? My eyes are super sensitive!?
Anything about the figure ground relationship in photography.?
Photography Question!!?
Photography ideas for the photos going up around our school...?
What picture is better of me?!?
Weddings, Photography, English..oh my!?
Anyone use iPhoto store to print photo books?
What is the best kind of lens to purchase for high fashion photos?
How do I shot web?
How do I get my sunsets to be the same colour as they are?
What do you think of my photography?
Do you know where I could find Madagascar the film, which is clear and not blurring online?
TUMBLR? what's yours? I'll follow if I like it?
Photo Editing Software?
I've recently got into urban photography. Any suggestions? Who's work should I study?
where can i find old war images?
Photo editing sites similar to picnik ?
What's the BEST way to store digital photos for long periods of time?
How to Take Photos Like a Pro?
why do you like photography?
whats the name of this model?
Hey I am a highschool student starting Black and White Photography and I'm just looking 4 some goof ideas/tips
Which picture looks better?
Someone uploaded MY picture to their website and is telling everyone they took it!?
What do you think of my photos?
Big Mac of Photography?
why do i look horrible in pictures?
Can I get some advice and constructive criticism on my photography?
Is there a simple one-step publication to understanding photoshop 'layers'?
my final exam in photography.?
Where can I sell stock photography?
Why do my photos look awful when I print them?
How to capture this kind of image please please explain?
I want a photo editor (online) that lets me cut out something from a photo?
How to blend three pictures into one?
Please tell me what you think..?
Is taking pictures like a model haram?
NIKOND7000 problem with noise in pics?
How do i get to upload/otsc=SYE/otsi=ECNP 35903-3336672012?
How much does 1000 ft of 35mm cost?
Fun with pictures?
Can anyone tell me where this picture is?
Which cricut machine is a better one?
Do you have any ideas please help?
What is the best way to be a photographer?
Does Sony HDR SR5E has any DOP adapter? can any suggest it?
Digital Photo Professional?
Free website maker for my photography?
Would you like to donate a secret?
Is there a website where i can age my picture for free?
where do I look from? (picture)?
Where do I get old negatives developed?
Does anyone know of a Photoshop compatible plug-in that includes a fill light adjustment tool?
I need a photo contest idea?
anyone have a tumblr? i'm a beginner i'm getting the hang of it :P follow me i'll follow back!?
i cannot afford models, so what can I take photographs of to make money?
The prints I oder from Target are cut short if they are not proportional to a 4 by 6 because I cropped them.?
how do i make a link to photobucket photos?
whats mean a whole which womans which arelife for money ..i told do you want to sleep with me i heard ....oh?
How to prevent glare when copying a pic. thats in a frame?
How to make one photo with 3 different images?
any photography site for learning lighting with sample photo and the lighting diagram?
Is there really such a thing as straight photography?
Dslr camera recommendations?
where can i buy pictures of historical cape ann ?
i'm trying to start out in alternative modeling... i need help and opinions!?
what colours go with certain emotions?
Amazing Photographers?
anyone know a good photography school in springfield,ma?
Does one need professional training for a successful career as a photographer?
Why do my pictures always get washed out in sunlight?
can you send me a avatar post card?????????????
Where can I buy a nice 8x10 picture album?
were can i find manual for ascot w190-1?
What can I take pictures of?
What is good software for editing photos from a digital camera?
What is the best camera to by for the money if you are looking to get into photography and film-making?
Minimum lumens needed for I r lighting?
How do I take a photo and make it look professional?
Photography: What do you think of these...?
Best places for landscape photography?
where can i buy posters in victoria bc?
Does anyone know of any sites with lots of?
Looking for some feedback for my new photography website - any comments/suggestions appreciated?
Do you like this photograph?
on deviantart, how do you set a photo in the "artist's comment" ?
hey does anyone no about the horrible pictures of mileycyrus?
What is the site where they take an old picture and put it in front of where it was taken?
What are some good new digital photography cameras?
how can i return saturated photos back to normal?
can you develop your own disposable cameras?
Picture Editing Applications?
how to enhance a photo from child to teen to adult?
difference betwen AF-S DX ED 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G and..?
does anyone know all of the effects on GIMP?
what is it called when you take a bunch of pictures and make them into a video?
photography major........??
Guess what this picture is?
How can i make money from photography or something related?
Where can i find CHEAP backgrounds?
What are some good locations to take night time pictures in Maryland or DC?
When a model is laying down in studio, and you have a reflection, what do they get that reflection?
What would be a really great caption for this cute picture?
how do you take a black and white picture and make one thing stand out?
How to make a step by step picture four your blog?
A particular simple camera for a young ametur photographer female.?
What kind of camera is appeared in this picture...?
Questions about modeling?
Anyone know a good way to post picture from a digital camera on e-bay or on the computer?
how to get job in martious as a photographer?
What would it be more OK to take pictures of?
Looking for a good DSLR camera?
What is the best camera for a former male background dancer?
how to make recipe cards using adobe photo shop 7?
Nikon D7000 lense question?
Photography Genius' please help me if you can! :)?
Am I burned out or...?
Does anybody have pictures of The Gracchus Brothers?
How much should a Photographer pay a model?
Which one Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR 18 MP Or Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera?
black oil on skin?
How do I make the background of my picture out of focus?
I'm Looking for a Photography Course?
What's the average cost of pictures?
Recently me and my wife had our potrait pictures taken at a photo studio. Who owns the pictures. Us or studio?
A list of photographers whose style would be easy to mimic?
Does anybody know where I can find the same pictures people use to make calendars?
Why are there many fake photographers ?
Site Modeling tipss!?
Whats a telephoto lens?
Where can I get a camera that takes underwater pictures?
Adult industry cameraman?
how does a pinhole camera take a photo?
Looking for opinions/comments on this photo. experimenting with freezing action using off camera flashes?
Can you still buy kodak 126 film and get it developed?
My ithouch isn't letting me go to my photos?
Bill Brandt: Behind The Camera qoute?!?
Stuck between 2 Canon L lenses?
What lens is good for action sports?
is there any way to get rid of motion blur in
how do you become a video model?
How should I design my Christmas gifts?
Self Timer Nikon D40x.....?
Are there any artists that paint or take pictures of underwater scenes?
people say i suck at shooting but can you help me then?
How can I get information on something I saw on the Tripod Site?
Where can I send Fujichrome film to be developed?
I am looking for a photo suite whcih enables you to put a head on another body?
Seimar donnex lens? who made it? quality? value?
why is most of Nan Goldins photography influenced by transsexual,drug addict,voilant colture?
can someone explain to me what a Shutter is in photography?
Photography - 28mm (wide angle) vs. 105mm (people)?
For school pictures should I wear my glasses or take them off?
I bought the negatives from my wedding pictures, where can I develop them in L.A.?
I am wanting to know if there is a filter for DSLR cameras that add a glowing effect to pictures???
How can I take a Great Model/Face Pic... (No STUPID answers PLEASE!) Thanks!?
What are the best places to study photography in Toronto?
How to cure EXTREME blur?
what is afind a girl of art?
How can I take my own photos?
Did you see the sun?
Have you ever seen these pictures called "coffee meets milk"?
Can somebody Resize a picture for me?
Can I use sexy pictures if I buy a custom photo calendar from Mac?
Best m4/3 lens for newborn photography?
tell me what you think about this pictures..plz s?
Photographers, how do you keep your clients,schedules, etc organized?
How to take good photos on my holiday?
I have a gossen digisix light meter and i dont know how to use it...please help?
Bestfriend model included..
Is this resolution suitable for blowing up an image to 2x2 metres?
Using Corel, how can you take green tint out of a picture?
Which lens is best for concert photography?
Photo Editing?
What's a good name for my photography business? ?
Should Photography be banned?
where can I get a framed photo of my city?
How to take pictures to get this effect?
what are some cool picture ideas?
How do I snap a clear picture of a hummingbird?
Can you 'tag' a photo with your name in Photoshop so you copyright it?
How do you put your name on a headshot photo with Adobe photoshop Elements 9?
How Do I Crop A Photo Free Handed Using GIMP?
Nikon d3100 vs Nikon Coolpix L120?
What is infrared filter's dual function?
Photography critique wanted :)?
opaque white acrylic for photography?
Gigapixel images?
What is aperature??
What are the aperture details of my AF-S Nikkor 18-70mm 1:3.5–4.5G DX lens?
Perfect Photoshoot places?
Have you seen this person before? (With Picture)?
what can i learned to be the best?
What to wear as second shooter/guest at wedding ?
Questions about 35mm SLRs?
Does anyone has an image account?
first come chiken or egg?
Dotty from Eastenders?
How to get soft, natural tones by editing?
How do I take photos like this?
can somebody show me some shots taken using the Samsung Digimax A400?
How do you take a great school picture?
Does anyone know who took this picture?
Strange/original photographers that I could buy a folio online?
What is considered to be the best nude photograph of all time?
What's a good dSLR Camera arround $1,000? (Canon or Nikon?)?
pictures..."clean sweap"?
websites i can sell my photos on for free? (not deviantart)?
What is digital imaginary?
Shooting my first wedding in August.....what to charge?
How do you use your Polaroid Sun 660?
What are the nice gray lenses that the professional photographers use for nikon DSLR?
Am I lazy or just passionate?
Does anybody know how I can contact Russell James the photographer from New York?
I can think of Kodak Disc Cameras and Digital Zoom. Other examples of "snake oil" & gimmicks in photography?
How do you edit a picture to make it look like this?
how can i make it look like there are two of me in one picture?
What do I need to become a pro photographer?
Looking for abstract colour photographers?
Are there any websites/agencies where I can sell my Nude photos?
What is the first step to becomeing a photographer?
I want to learn photography which camera would be best for me ?? Prize range 15 to 20 or 25 thousand?
Teen Photography and/or Writing Contests?
any wannabe movie makers out there?
tilt-shift photography and videography tips?
Where can I buy a charger for a Nikon F50?
I want to get into photography, and suggestions on good quality cameras?
Cute small group picture poses?
I took this shot before a wedding when the sanctuary was empty. What is that ?
Selling photos exclusively?
how to find photography jobs and where should I take some classes?
Photo contest help!!?
where can i get another picture like this one, so on facebook i can tag people as to what they are ?
anybody know wat time is best for a rad sky shot??
how to edit photos to get "old, unearth" effect?
Is there a graphic artist out there that can analyze a photo of a marian apparition?
Why is it that every girl dreams when they are young is to become a model?
Need help with Photo class?
changing lenses while taking pictures?
Where can i find all of the pictures from the OneDirection Hoolister photo shoot?
What can I wear to a science fiction photo shoot?
which should i get nikon d80 or d3100?
How do i put pictures in my picture captions?
Where should my light settings be on my polaroid impulse?
ideas for photography?
how can I make my digital pictures smaller?
Racism?Will it ever stop?
Photography names. I'm stumped .please help?
Where can I buy a calendar kit?
How to get this effect on fireworks 8 ?
What color flash diffuser do I use?
i want to be professional in Photography?
how many Megapixels are enough?
Wedding Photographers?
What is the website for Strem-Lauren Studios?
good cheap photography school?
who thinks they can take the best naked picure of theirself?
Can Photomatix make a good enough HDR image without the need for further tweeking in Photoshop?
Best Automatic flash for a Nikon d3000 under $200?
How to add colour to some parts of a black and white picture?
autochrome pictures?
Winter senior pictures?
What's wrong with my photos?
Do you think I have a future in this?
Adjust shutter speed? 10 points first acceptable answer?
Where can I find cave or other enviornments for chroma keying?
Is this a good outfit for a seni-professional photo shoot?
Anyone know good cheep websites to develop digital pictures?
Doing a paper on Hiroshi Sugimoto? Need information please?
Do modern directors for the movies still use film to shoot or do they go the digital approach now?
What should I do? Nude pictures?
How can i do club penguin cheats??
Is it illegal to scan professional pictures at home and print them at a store?
ensign camera , I was given 2, need any info re age etc;?
is my animal photography any good?
Can you critique this photograph?
I am new to photography. Is there a way to take pictures at an evening dinner party without using a flash?
Trying to find pictures of Abandon or Rusted cars in the desert or in the middle of nowhere?
How do I become a professional photographer (When im older)?
How too get your picture like this?
What's the best photo editing program that you can get for $100 or less?
Beginning photographer?
Help On Photography?
Find Me A Picture Please?
Teen Photography Classes in or around Missouri?
Nikon DX adjustments?
Are there any good photo rating sites?
Cool Pics??????
How to become a freelance photographer?
Where can i buy Polaroid 500 Instant Film for my Joycam Captiva Vision?
In a DLSR camera, where is the aperture? Lens or camera body?
What would be a good alternative to an SLR Camera?
Are photo processing chemicals flammable?
scrapbooking ideas?
Can I snail mail undeveloped film?
Good macro lens for beginners?
what tonemapping seetings do you use in PHOTOMATIX?
What are the optimal shutter speed, aperature value, film speed, etc., for photographing meteor showers?
What do you think of this photo?
What is the name of the photographer who pierces holes in his/her photographs?
Do my photographs look professional?
Which picture of me looks better? (:?
What do you think of my pictures?
What are some good poses for grad pictures?
Does this picture look proffesional?
Im looking for a manual camera that is good in all apsects for b&w photography?
A picture is in focus when the projected image is?
Is there a way to download the Kodak Easyshare m340 software?
Looking for online photo contests...?
What is a good photography camera for a beginner?
What is the rule of thirds in photography?
How can I get a Professional re-do on my photos?
What is this models name?
What do you think the future of photographers will be with all the advances in technology? I?
Best way to organize pictures?
is it possible to make a tilt shift lens?
My Pictures!!?
I want a picture of the human skeleton in profile,frontal and back view.?
Do I have what it takes to be a photographer?
Any constructive criticism for these photographs?
i want this picture to be 10x bigger?
Taking pictures of the stars movement with a Nikon D100?
High School Photographer..New Camera?
I still print from negatives made in the 1870s. People be sad in the future when they can't read their files?
What are the best ways for taking a professional photo for an active child?
How can I sell photos to a card or calendar company?
Is the saturation too strong on this photo? Other comment/critique welcome?
How do I make product photos with a pure white background?
I need a picture of a horse that looks "Ghostly"?
where can you get photographs printed for professional photography?
What is your idea of a unique picture?
Free Vaig photoshoot?
download pictures samsungwaveGT8500T?
Can't find this photo frame!?
The Influence of 20th Century Painting on Photography?
I want to make a website to show my photography, for free, any ideas of one??
Where can I find a picture from Kent state when the hippie girl placed a flower in the soldiers rifle?
Which lens should you use an off camera flash with?
how to get a photography job?
rate me as a photographer?
Does size really matter?
where can i find a picture of a satanic figure that looks like it stands on a pyramid with multiple hands like?
Photo Shoot Advice :)x?
What is the FASTEST "photo" scanner on the market?
How do I resize a photo in Gimp?
Best photography camera to use at a football game?
What kind of lens should I get for my Rebel XS?
Do you think if I were to create a website which provides photos taken in Malaysia but no information about...?
Anyone have a canon A80????
photographers from india?
Please comment on my photos...?
how do you make your photobucket pictures private? ?
Free NEF file conversion on a Mac?
anybody know who they are?
can you use minolta flashes with the sony alpha.?
Can you please critique my photography?
How to make your own Studio Backdrop?
I need to find a picture of the meme THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA!?
What kind of pictures can I take?
What do people think of these photos?
can you give me some pictures that represent parts of the book The Natural by Bernard Malamud?
What lense do I use ?
what's a good program to downsize picture from 7.2 to 5,2 mb.?
do u like my pictures (photography) 10 points?
How do i make a picture like this one?
How come the computer seems to take all of my time, no for real, look at your clock. life is wasting away!?
Does anyone remember 1990s Ektar 25 print film? Is there anything even remotely like it on the market today?
Be creative. Read caption. EASY 1O POINTS!?
What type of photo editing program/fliters are used in pictures like these?
Can u print iPhone pics?
Does anyone have any pictures of a long haired labradinger?
what type of camera did robert adams use to take the summer nights pictures.?
any tips for smiling for a photograph???
HELP.... Who does the best film developing for your digital pictures...?
Cheap Creative Framing Idea?
where can I find good Aphex Twin pictures off the internet???
Tips On How to win an amateur Photography contest?
Animated GIF in Photoshop?
What is in the picture?
how do I get my pics off the pc to get developed.?
What is the best way to make a fake photo of yourself for free?
Anyone shoot action sports shots with the Nikon 3200 55-300 lense?
I have a question for photoshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need help to understand copy right of photos when printing on a canvas. Can some one help please?
For those shooting 100% digital: Why Not Film?
How do you put a photo on top of another photo in photobucket?
Where to get a iPhone 4s tri-pod with adjustable head?
Cost of developing disposable cameras in ASDA?
Touching up a picture in Photoshop?
Should I study Photography or Graphic Design?
Ladies only...?
I love shooting in B&W, should I shoot in RAW or JPEG format?
Looking for a good portrait lens for a Canon 450D. Any suggestions?
Can somebody tell me how to use photoshop?
Is there a bid difference between editing in RAW or JPEG?
i want see final destination 3 movies actors photo?
Wy is my camera on the iPad 3 taking fuzzy pictures?
What do you think of this photo?
Have you ever taken a picture of a high voltage corona around power lines?
does any one know how the magazine photography and advertising business is looking?
Why don't people who create fake celebrity nude pics get in trouble?
Pixelated edges on a logo?
What is the easiest way to put two pictures together?
What is your opinion about the Nikon Corp. and their products?
anyone know a free site i can use to superimpose photos?
Tips for school photo?
Which one is jpeg? help please !?
Where can i purchase sports cards?
how to get the best pictures at the Olympics?
How do i print a picture in the exactly Performance like 10x10cm, i want 4of it?
Photography critique
How can I Watch Juno Or Shutter Online for free?
where can plus size models get noticed at besides paying for a internet web site?
Does anyone know what makes a great photograph?
Canon 7D not capturing light properly?
Good sites on Adam Fuss - pinhole photographer?
My friends are really smart, and they are really into photgraphy, are there any major points i have to know?
Shooting furniture with an Olympus sp-565UZ?
I have been asked to do a photoshoot?
Has anyone bought a photobook from Are they nice/good quality etc?
Pro Photographers: What lighting equiptment is most necessary to get serious with photography?
Is a City & Guilds level 1 award in photography higher than A Levels?
Name for photography buissness?
which picture is better...?
How do get a sexy film and images?
How do I resize a photo to these pixels on
Is it wierd if their is a person taking pictures?
Can you tell me any artists/photographers who draw or take pictures everyday things?
Whom should I print my photos from?
Am I good at photography?
How do you change the date on a memory card picture?
What are the difference between :color slide positive, color negative(orange)and black and white slide 35mm?
Question about
Nude Modeling?
Photo enlargement url?
my 35mm film was left in my car for about 3 hours, in the heat, would my film be messed up?
What's this kind of photography called?
Has anyone on here ever used this film?
Multiple Flash for Canon S31S? Lighting Tricks Anyone? Tips?
So Stuck! Tumblr Picture!?
Topics for photography competition?
Senior picture(s) help?
Are these pictures any good? Honestly?
Building my photography portfolio, can/should I put self portraits in there?
Is photography for old people? Also...What is your impression of someone who introduced he as a photographer?
whats the name of a photo taken of the side of a persons face?
is it possible to 'rent' a wall for grafitti?
Is it possible to take a picture with a bright background AND a bright subject?
Professional Photographers?
I can't remember the name of a special effect for slideshows... it's Alan something... it zooms in slightly..
Photography as a job?
Can someone please tell me about the best fashion photographer in Pakistan?
I has an accident deleted all photos in CF card, how I can get back my photos? Please help, with many Thanks?
How old do i look (picture)>?
Photography help please?
Can someone that's good at editing pictures do me a favor ?
how to, light bulb portrait?
which is more proper, "let's take a picture" or let's take a photo"?
Best camera settings for 2012 Perseid meteor shower? Nikon D3000?
How to hide watermark of an image via MATLAB?
How to do selective coloring?
From where can I download a free edition of Adobe Photoshop?
Can I snail mail undeveloped film?
panning and track shots?
Can you rate my photography skills?
do you want to see photography help site -
what is the best portrait photography lens?
Photograph of full moon?
How can I zoom in on a picture...?
how should i get my photography noticed?
Help me with my blog tell me what I need to do.?
what images could i use for a collage of Iago?
photoshopping mediocre photos?
Why does Photoshot automatically change the image size?
Who is a better photographer?
how do you do this in photoshop?
What does this mean on a DSLR lens?
Is wedding photography a thing of the past?
looking for a particular photo shoot from an old magazine?
Would you go out with me?(picture)?
Is this good image editing?
are these good??
In photography, what's the way to calculate the focal length of a film lens on a digital body?
how can I isolate a single frame from a video and make it into a photo?
Please tell me how did I do with composition and lighting with this album of night photos?
do dreams have colours? I mean are dreams in colour or are they black and white?
Please judge my photowork?
Is filming in stores such as walmart allowed?
Nikon F6 with Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/85 or Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.4D IF?
Pet and Child Photography Business Name?
Do university's provide cameras to photography students?
How do you put a photo of an item on ebay?
Photography: Need a second opinion?
What do you think about my pictures? Your favorite Photo?
How do I get a photo print off plastic?
Do you think I have a body to be able to model?
what's the best way to start selling my photographs online?
Can someone tell me how to extract an object from a photo using Gimp?
Film quality - what makes them grainy, matte, etc?
Have you ever felt your knowledge is wasted answering am i pretty and whats the best camera questions?
What kind of camera lens is this?
Resolution Trouble?
Can this image win a contest?
how to photograph surfers?
Does this make-up look real ?
Tumblr theme with pictures all the same size?
most attractive people in Memphis, TN?
What would you title this picture?
What are some easy to use, cheap film cameras?
What's the best way to take pictures at the beach?
Where can I go to put 1 personal photo on a 3-piece canvas art?
Photo Shooting Scam?
I am a new photographer. I have recently been booked day after day for events. What should I charge?!?
I want to sell my photography... magazines... and other places... how would I go about doing this?
What are the the qualifications of a photographer?
What do you think of this photograph?
PHOTO SLIDES? Please read....?
Anyone know the story or any information on this picture?
How secure are 640 x480 images placed on public display on facebook?
Johor-Batu Pahat have photography course? I interesting to study about this area.May i no it? 10x.?
Creative photography ideas?
Any photographers out there that paint too?
what photojournalists worked in the sixties?
Do you like this picture?
what is a good place to get film developed late at night?
I want to join Vision Models in Minneapolis. What would I say if I emailed them and would I include pictures?
I'm over 60. Could you start a category for over 60s?
Would you buy any of these photos?
Is it good to have my own studio etching press or use a communal studio?
How to stop this from happening- see info!?
what would you call a photographer that takes pictures of like mountains and wild animals?
what do you think of me? pics included.?
picture ideas ? help ?
Why are people afraid of cameras?
what are site models on polyvore?
A contact print of ansel adams moonrise?
Any good (copyright issues) web gallery for photos to share?
Can you please critique my photography?
What do you think of this photo?
Questions about modeling?
How do you make photos look like this?
i wanted to print pictures off the interent and frame them does any one know a good free website?
Photography....for the most dumbest dummy?
is there any website's that has current advents that i can print out?
Do you like sunrises or sunsets..?
what are the names of the best photographers in the world ?
Is there a way I can see who has seen my pictures on shutterfly?
Does No Body Want Me Here?
Photography basics - help?
Okay I'm looking for the name of a famous photographer. Here is a list of pictures I recognize by him...?
What kind of photographer am I (besides bad), how can I improve?
Trying to delete a photo from instagram, error?
Is there any crop circle image collection?
Do you think most photography studios do internships?
Do you like getting your picture taken?
Honest opinion on my photography.?
How can you change your picture?
help with photography terms (for a beginner!)?
Camera, Bronica SQ-Am Value?
Evening photography courses in London?
Adobe Photoshop CS2 users who are familiar with GIMP 2.2?
Facebook fan pages, do they work? does mine work?
I bought a book on photography and read it cover to cover....are my pictures good?
Is this photo real or fake?
How can I portray the 1960's cultural landscape?
How do people download photos to online gallery while on the move?
can i find an aerial photograph of my home?
Themes for street photography and tips of silhouetes?
Photography composition ideas?
How to pick the right model for a photoshoot?
Why do pictures make my face appear elongated?
What is the RAW setting on cameras?
Canon 50D and Speedlite 430ex ii?
I have a question for photoshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
photograpy places like pitcure people?
are the any certication non-degree programs for photography in Florida?
Photo editing sofware to lighten are around faces?
Is it worth majoring in photography? Or should I choose communication design?
What do you folks use to capture a photo quality image off a DVD movie?
How can i create this photo effect online?( photo included)?
What do you think of this photo let your inner critic out
give me the link for the film 2 girls1 cup....?
Theme idea...?
True or false? Anyone can be a photographer.?
how do i get better at photo shoots?
Bought a new DSLR camera, ideas on opportunities for taking pictures?
Is 30 too late to try to get into photography?
Cheapest DSLR for wedding photography?
You will have to exuse me I just got out of bed?
Some panoramic effects ?
is a still photographer & a cinematographer the same thing?
How would i go about getting a job photographing beautiful women for magazines?
Cine Kodak 8 Model 20 camera?
I look different at different times of the day and in photographs?
Americas Next Top Model?
Is there any good free online thing that makes images look better?
Which pic is the worst ?
I want to be a photographer when I'm older. Can someone help me with these questions?
What Lens should I get next?
Lightroom,what is it? I am clueless so tell me everything you can.?
Cool and original Tumblr names...?!?
Can you print large size pictures from a 35mm SLR camera?
Just started a photography business!?
im 24 nw i complet my inter in 2007 nw im doing job bt im intrested in photography pls give me the gud sugesn?
Who is your favorite photographer?
Fujica STX-1n mirror?
I need to share
i need to take photography on lyrics on a song that contains imagery, any song that contain imagery?
why do some people get red eye in photos?
what is a good simple photoshop program?
if someone else takes a picture i was perfectly capable of taking, but he got it with pic , who owns the pic?
what makes a photo series look like a series and not just random photos together?
Is my photography bad, alright, or great?
Do you prefer to take pictures with or without the date imprint?
Which Website can i download a program to make picture blends for free?
how can I put the picture I created on photoshop to my album in photobucket?
I need help with my photography sketchbook?
Nikkor AF-D 50mm/1.8 lens - blurry?
Picture? Parents? HELP?
do you think these pictures are cool?
How do I dismantle my Bowens Square Softbox? I've lost the instructions!?
Is the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch worth the extra $30 compared to Bamboo Pen.?
Why is my image so small? how to change?
Can you still use a disposable camera after it's develop by date?
ive got a nikon d300s and i want to take portraits?
How to remove photo from
What are some good photo editing programs?
what is...?
New photo, honest opinion please?
Where is any Food Picture Taking Site?
can someone post a picture of me on fb without me knowing the picture was taken?
why cant i see my photos in the picture gallery.?
Is my photography good?
how do you get an editor and how much do they usually charge?
What does it take to become a successful model????
Help me find a good beginners DSLR?
I sent this guy nude pics, bad move or not?
What kind of camera do i need if i want to be a photographer?
how much does it cost to develop 126 photos?
How do you prevent or remove the "dead" white space that forms around a cropped photograph?
where can i find naked pictures of jordana brester?
When is an amateur is not an amateur in photography?
Who are your favorite photographers :D?
I am an amateur photographer who has been asked to photograph a do i photography a wedding?
Is the Pentax k_r a good entry level dslr for college?
Does anyone know of any good online photography contests that are free?
Possible to compare a digital pinhole to a digital camera lens?
How can I edit a picture of someone's face so it looks like the Obama hope campaign posters?
How do I take a picture with sunlight?
Which photo site allows us to download our photos back into our computer the same size that we uploaded?
is 3 seconds a fast shutter speed?
What are Tumbler Lenses..?? whatz it's specialtiy..?
Where can I download these types of borders?
Is photography really art?
Does anyone know of a classy kissing picture?
Model Polaroids - Does anyone know what these are called?
can you give me some fake names such as "special agent in FBI" or "head hunter @ PHOTOGRAPHER' ?
Is your photo for a work or school ID badge allowed to be fun?
If I take photos of bare feet and bring them to get developed, can the company refuse to develop them?
Is this good enough for my project? Need help 10 Points!?
Cant choose a photography topic?
How to annotate a photograph? examples?
question on photography?
What's wrong with photobucket...?
Is this a good picture of me? :D?
Which printer is good for a photographer?
What steryotype would you say i was? -- Pics --?
What is a better program for editing pictures... Adobe Photoshop Element or Lightroom 4?
Where would be some good starting locations to look for internships?
How Do You Achieve/Create ''HDR'' Images In Terms Of Photography?
Do you ever get jealous of other photographers?
How do I make a poster from a downloaded photo?
What the best program to use when photo editing?
how would you describe Kevin Meredith as a photographer?
where can i find a webpage to display my photography work for free?
Help with a Video camera Jib?
What are some good Tumblr blogs to follow?
How can I store vintage photos??
Does Anyone Know of a Good Industrial Location for Commercial Shoot?
Filming dslr - 1920X1080; 30p or 1920X1080 24p?
which picture should i use as my headshot for modeling?
Did the photographer guy have the authority to make me do this?