Would you take on this photographic job?
HOw to make a darkroom
How can I take a picture to make it look unique and pretty?
Do you have instagram? Do you like photography?
Should Webshots add 'view data' on single photos?
Have I got what it takes to make a career in selling my photos?
Is my picture "obscene"?
Facebook Fanpages trade likes for likes?
Can you print large size pictures from a 35mm SLR camera?
What's a good camera for someone beginning in photography?
How to change a photo to 300 DPI in Photoshop elements 10?
How can I change the time line to measure in frames instead of seconds in After Effects CS3?
Light Writing Photography?
Is it ok to take Infrared sensative film through customs x-ray?
what kind of camera do they use for magazine photos? how many mega pixels, etc.?
Where is a beautiful place to take prom pictures in the Rockford Illinois area?
Where can I find this Elvis Poster/Print?
Is there a tutorial on how to make "ghost" pictures?
how can i increase pixels in my pic?
what should you do if you send a nude pic and its getting out?
Does anyone else out there love the use of grain in this image?
what do u think of these photos? (my photography)?
Anybody good at PHOTOSHOP?
Where can I buy cheap picture frames?
Whats a good way to represent the word "weird" with photography?
how can i change the depth in my photos?
is this a real picture or sp effects.?
Photo Editing: Tablet or Laptop?
how to make senior pics look professional with the name and year?
I need cheap photography props and backgrounds?
what do you guys think about this photo i edited ?
Cost of a photographer to do shoot?
Critique my photography?
name of building in picture?
I want to buy Studio Lighting equipment, but i am lost & need help?
what is it called when a bunch of little pictures go together to make on big one?
I love to retouch photographs, how do I get my word out there?
Can i save getty images?
Does this look like a good black and white photo?
Color correcting tungsten lighting?
Critque me!?
any photo shoot idea for my school's dance team?
do DSLR cameras have an option to use film?
Isn't it amazing how lighting can change a persons face shape or looks?
Digital Camera Acting F*ed UP!!?
Will yall judge my portraits of my family?
Where and how can you make Manips?
Are we about to see the last of film photography.?
what do u do daily?
Nikon D80, where can I get the cheapest one?
Pictures...How do i get a picture on here?
pixels and dpi?
Photography Business Tips?
Can you guys check it out?
i can never seem to take good pictures of myself!!?
What's your reaction when you see an HDR image?
How to become a photomodel?
Has anyone used the Shutterfly Pro Gallery?
Websites about photography/painting?
Want to sell antique 35 mm professional wooden movie camera of silent era. Engish made yr.1903.?
Which M 4/3 lens to get?
Photo color pallette where do i get one?
were do i go to make puzzles of my pictures for my myspace?
What pictures do I send off for modelling?
What is the best appointment book for a photographer?
do you think i could be a model (pic included)?
were can find spray to protect photo"s from fading?
How much would I charge for two days of taking pictures at an event?
What's the difference between a nikon sb600 and a nikon sb700?
is this a good studio lighting kit and it is all 330 total?
I'm looking into becoming a freelance camera operator?
What props are best to bring to an in-studio photo shoot?
is it possible to take color photos with a pinhole camera or somthing similar?
Been accepted by UK models to do a photo shoot, is this a scam?
Can anyone tell me who is in this picture or what it is from?
Types of images that encourage you?
how do you difine scenic photography?
whats the perfect body?
Is This Camera I Inherited Good For A Beginer: Praktica B100?
inspirational photography quotes?
Do I have what it takes to be a model?
Does any body know whats wrong with this picture?
Any 1 of u have heard about the Open College of the Arts in the UK???If yes tell me what u think of it???
Client has not paid, should I delete the photos?
Where can I take a group of regular photos(not digital)to be made into a collage?
How to put on the "lens name ring" to a 50mm Canon AE1 lens?
:URGENT: How much should I charge for this photo shoot?
A question about getting the right WB?
Should i charge for taking photos?
How did i send a picture?
help photographers what is this on my cam?
How to edit your photos to look something like this?
would anyone edit a photo for me?
How do I handle 120mm film?
Website to sell digital pictures to others?
where can i photograph wildlife reasonably close to West Hills, CA?
do you think this looks real?
Can this film be used with the same developing chemicals?
Just need some ideas please...?
what flash do i use for the Rolleiflex 4x4 Baby Rolleiflex? ?r=1238405812?
Question for photographers?
does penn state altoona offer photography classes?
what is jerry uelsmanns main subject matter(s) in his photography?
Items for a "photographer's kit"?
What is the best Photo sofware?
What's your opinion on this photo?
Can you name a known modern art photographer who takes black and white art photos?
I need help taking pictures!?
what would be a good camera for a beginner photographer?
Which photo has better composition?
Please critique my photos?
What type of camera and lens can i buy for interior or architectural shots. Need this for my porfolio.?
what is ccd?
gimp help!!?
What kind of this photo editing software? It's so cool and I wan to try it out free.?
Can anyone make a picture black and white for me then email it back to me?
What are the best selling photography greeting cards? Which images sell the best?
Art Studio Minor?
What program can make a timelapse/video like this?
Which photo looks better?
do these 2 pictures look alike?
Anyone have any photos of Palm Trees????
How much does a photographer get paid for nightclub photography? 2 hours of shooting?
how do you put..?
Taking my SLR camera to MT. Rainier on August.?
Music on photo story 3?
What do you think of these pictures?
Is there some way to download quick all the pictures I uploaded from my flikr to save them back on a SD card?
Help with a picture !!!!!!!????
please comment on this photo which someone was burnt alive without clothes...?
my photographer is a creep, help!?
Female Photographers..?
Does Anyone Know How To Make There Pik Look Like This ????
wats the difference between a VGA CAMERA&PIXEL CAMERA?
Is there any way to tell when this picture was taken?
How are 35mm photographs printed?
Mental illness and artwork...would you place bias on someones work if you discovered they were mentally ill.?
What is the best nikon for beginners ?
Why do I look so different in pictures?
where can i get professional photos done for cd cover?
Focal range camera help?
What is the best way to remove broken glass from a professional framed picture?
I want to buy a violin for myself. They come in different sizes. How do I know which size to buy?
can i save other peoples pictures on instagram?
what are the photographic materials and systems?
is there a FREE site to post photography or artwork that I can sell?
How do i insert an image in Pages?
how do i get the clear blue sky and a silhoette of the top of a building in the foreground?
Anyone been to capitolz? Know any software that has the same effect as the capitolz stika booths? Plz n Thnk U
What does it take to be a photographer?
Uploading pictures from the camera to the computer?
To all pro photographers, what is your magic touch to take pictures different than the others?
How can I reach a photo gallery like "Coppermine" pictorally?
Poll: What mode do you usually shoot in?
Laws on backgrounds in videos?
Photography related dog names?
Food Photography Lens help?
how do u make a background just black with the picture moving back and fourth?
How much money can I get paid for getting a picture of lightning?
Photography College in Canada, Ontario?
Where to buy photography portfolio ?
what makes a photo effective?
How do Lighted Blackboards work?
definition of natural photography?
Can you tell me your opinions on these pictures?
Trying to improve a photo and need some opinions?
how do you make a photo like this?
How much to charge for headshots in $?
is there really a dslr actuation limit?
is this an ok portrait photo? any suggestions for how i could improve it in photoshop?
What is a good site for photographers?
Can an eos chapstic break a window?
I am heavily confused to buy a lens, 55-300 af vr or 70-300 af vr(please read the details below)?
How to get models for a college assignment?
What's this kind of photography called?
Do u know how can i put my name behind picture as background?
yeah i know this is a really bad picture of me! But what is your opinion of it?
What is the general going rate that a professional photographer would charge for a corporate shoot of a hotel?
What do you think of my photography?
what are your thoughts on these picture?
How can I run the file extension .kzm to a jpeg file ???
I am really into photography. I want a new PROFESSIONAL camera to take realistic pictures with.?
who's the prettiest in this picture?
How is my photography?
Atlanta based Photographers that do amazing beauty shots?
Is there a freeware photo editor that lets you turn the photo black and white and leave some of it in colour?
What settings do you put your camera on to get more CONTRAST?
Im entering a photo contest....please help me chose what to enter...??
do i have a big nose? picture included.?
will video recording an extremely bright light break the lens?
Can someone still call themselves a photographer if they don't develop their own photos?
Does anyone know where I can find a sample copyright release form for my customers?
Microscope Photography?
I use Kodak Gallery to store my digital personal & professional pics. Does Kodak have a watermark program?
Dandelion field & sky canvas background for baby photo?
Motion Blur & Movement, HELP!?
Do you have to clean the backdrop? (photography)?
Where are some good places to take pictures in Memphis TN?!?
turned focus dial manually in autofocus, is it broken?
What do you think of my pictures.?
What kind of scenes need a UV filter for better result?
Is being a photographer a great job?
A camera that takes fast pictures?
How many albums of "Nothing Personal" has All Time Low sold?
I am a beginning photographer, what camera should i use?
beatles framed photograph?
What might be your thoughts on this nice pair of legs I photographed today?
How do you do an intervention for someone who just does way too much HDR?
Amateur model?
How can I edit my pictures like this?
How to take a photo for a mirror without reflecting the camera image?
How can i get the effect like in these photos?
What do you think of my images that are up for sale?
If you take a photograph of words..will the words show up correctly, or as a mirror image in the final pic?
Photography contests/websites
What is the best lens to get for my canon 500d (photos of equestrian sports)?
what lens should i buy for my camera?
I need to know where I can go to see pictures of Dahmers victims?
Fun and cute Picture Poses?
Whats the best photograpy website to dit photos?
Is this a good photo?
some more of my pics.?
How to sell my photos ?
Do I look like Megan Fox?
How do i focus on very close up plants? I have a manual k1000 Asahi from school.?
right-click saving pictures wont work!?
how can i get pics of pretty women lying dead?
Man Ray vs. August Sander?
How to Take good, vibrant car pictures at night with my Canon XT 350D?
Need help finding a picture?
read this.? or review and say how u fell about him?
How do I photograph fat people to make them look good?
Where can I learn photography online?
How do I go about getting a job as a fashion photographer? I don’t see any ads for these.?
Is it possible to take professional looking headshots/pictures with a normal digital camera?
Would this work for a beginner?
Want to be a model or site model?
Canon PowerShot SD1000 question! 10 Points?
opinions on my photography please???
Wide angle lens for pet photography?
does the nikon D3200 have live view?
Will Canon ever make a 50mm f/1.0 L II?
I'm trying to find a picture of ..?
is it better to get matte or gloss for studio quality photos?
Are these pics any good?
What is the best way to scan negatives and get the best quality photo resolution?
I live in the UK and want to sell pictures. What are reptable companies to sell them to?
photography as a job?
Which is More Accurate Mirros Or Pictures Taken by Camera's?
Rate my pictures?
What's a good name for a photography business?
Instagram (Fake Likes)?
How to take a really good picture.?
is there a easy way to change a background in a photo?
Darkroom technique- two negatives?
What do you think of my photos?
Am I good at photography?
Why are there weird streaks in my pictures?
Any photographers or photo editors here?
Cute Photos?
Lens for tight spaces (Canon body)?
What do you think of when you hear the word "photography"?
how am i suppose to tell what kind of photographer someone is?
Photography- Sunography?
can you bring old pictures to say a kinkos and they can scan them and put them on a flash drive?
how to make recipe cards using adobe photo shop 7?
methods for fixing light seals?
Is it worth having two DLSR Bodies?
Photography classes in the bay area?
How do I print 8.5x11 print?
what to wear to my outdoor photo shoot?
What can I use for a photography backdrop instead of muslin?
Online photography poses site?
How do I add a border to a picture to make not look all funny...?
Minolta maxxum 5000i manual control of aperture and shutter speed?
Berenice Abbot the photographer.?
What do you think of my photography?
Which picture do you like the best?
Where can i buy or download the software for my Minolta Dimage Z1 camera?
Developing 35mm film ?
Casio Exilim Z29 help?
How to use Polaroid 600?
how much would a tampa bay buccaneers swimsuit calendar sell for with all the models in the calendar signed?
is it bad if i reeled my open face reel in the wrong way?
Good macro photography?
lens hood for studio work? also what lens to use?
What make people more photogenic than others?
where can i find motion pictures or those kinda pictures that show people moving or doing something, for .....
Pictures on a disc? How does this work?
Please rate my photos?
Concert Photography Help! With Nikon D3100?
I have a Diana F+ Lomography camera. Why can't I get the saturated colors that this camera is known for?
Do I have what it takes to be a model?
Minimum amount of photos can develop.?
How to blur.........?
What is the Canon 50mm 1.2 good for?
For my photography class I need to present an event, social issue or community group. What should I do?
Is elmer's rubber cement glue okay to put on the back of pictures to glue?
How can I sell my photos?
What would be a good photography page?
Photo editing?
I'm interested in starting photography. Any tips?
Photography websites?
How to take pictures of stars?
How much should I sell it for?
How can you portray violence in photos?
Which of these pictures is better?
where can I find some beautiful free pics ?
Who do I contact for a photo pass for The All Stars Tour?
How do u make a negative picture into a normal one on PicNik?
Does anyone have experience with using reflector stands outdoors?
How to adjust kodak easyshare touch M577 shutter speed, aperture, and exposure?
What is urban identity? (Photography)?
I need a name for my photography business. Any Ideas?
Photography and depression (please read details)?
Do you like her photography?
Is the right side too weighted in this picture?
Am I pretty? (picture included)?
valentine photo prop ideas?
i need to find the name of a black and white photographer who took pictures of houses standing on women legs.?
where can i enhance my picture like instagram on home desktop?
making a photo web gallery?
how to make hotel models?
I have agreed to do some naked photos. Can somebody show me what I will be expected to do? Maybe a link?
what are some good professional-ish cameras?
Ever used Magic Splash?
ideas how to pose in a multiple picture?
Could I be a Model? (picture included)?
tracing pictures?
Photography classes in Beavercreek, Ohio?
How do I keep my smile natural if the photographer couldn't deal with his camera quick?
What is an easy way to not get reflections in a studio shot photograph?
What should I expect at a modeling interview?
Finding a Tripod......?
Where can I get 35mm film developed CHEAP?
How do I get permission to go on to scaffolding?
How do you earn money as a photographer?
What kind of photography is this?
How can I buy or make some Infrared goggles?
how i can captured the image from live movie?
How important is a degree for a photoagrapher?
adobe photoshop 7.0?
Photography class and I got a B+ for this picture can anyone tell me what is wrong with it?
Where can one easily download free nature images, w no sign-up (no commercial b.s.!).?
what is and why is my picture there?
what are the best websites to get any rare pictures of fm static? help please?
what are pictures called that have a hidden image in the picture?
canon rebel xti! Zoo Photos Please Help!?
Am I not pretty enough, pics included?
RAW vs JPG ?
How do you protect your camera from theft at Walt Disney World?
Can someone give me critique on my nature photography?
How to chek Lens Compatibility For a SLR Camera?
what website can i go to, to make my photo have a water reflection which moves?
Where to get Fashion type public domain photos that are not copyrighted, no restriction for their use.?
Critique my photography...?
What are the steps on getting to be a proffessional sports photographer?
What's a good camera if you have lawn tickets for Woodlands Pavillion?
What are your thoughts on selective coloring ? ?
Where can I buy/get photo prints of Bow Bridge in NYC?
Is there a company that creates DVD's from photos and puts them to music?
Saw a random taking a picture of my car?
easter/spring pictures...?
Need a name for a photography business help?
Galen Rowell's book "Mountain Light" is what inspired me to become a photographer. Who or what inspired you?
When mailing out headshots and resumes does my cover letter & resume HAVE to be the same size as my headshot?
Photographers: Do you see yourself as more of an artist or a technician?
Same person multiple times in one photo ideas?
Any online photo editor that makes a tall person in a picture, look shorter?
Using Adobe Photoshop (Win Vista), how can I make pictures that are half greyscale and half color?
What kind of camera was used to shoot...?
Nikon Coolpix Camera - taking pictures twice...?!?
can you send me your favor photoshot around the world?
where to buy a clear keyring to put a photo in?
What do you think is this thing?
Who's the prettiest girl ?
What is the best london college for photography?
How can I prevent people from ripping off my online photos?
Could I have some comments on my photography?
What do you do in gcse photography?
Copying professional pics?
Does anyone know a famous photographer who takes pictures of water in motion?
Tips on taking better pictures?
Do You Like My Photography?
famous photographers that committed suicide besides Diane Arbus?
I'm to give me a link to your flickr?
Tips for starting a photography business?
Is it counter productive to over praise someone's photography?
What are those profesional camera's called?
what are some thing you need for a Fujifilm Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera?
How can I get scratch and delay effects on my images?
FLICKR question?Good camera or photoshop.?
How do I tag photos in Instagram?
Printer suggestions?
how do i print an image over multiple pages?
where can i get a copy of The Elvira Show?
i just got a brownie hawkeye camera. how do i use it? With the "long" switch, what does that do? how load film
Questions about the Hasselblad 500 C/M?
Be honest, do I look odd in this picture?
MySpace Images?
Buying an SLR- which is better: black friday or cyber monday?
does anyone know where this picture was taken in?
Who is the better photgrapher?
does anyone know any good abandoned locations in Orlando, Fl for photography?
[NEED HELP] whats the character and style of famous photographer TIM PAGE?
Best way to shoot a full moon?
How to take motion blur photos?
The shutter on my minolta xg-1 closed but won't re-open?
Photo editing??
I am a busy photographer and need a way to rename and resize all my photos.?
What makes a good photograph? How do the professionals make pictures look so amazing?
Who can help me give the best caption for this photo?
How can I fake cry for a photoshoot?
Nikon fm light seal repair and cleaning?
Opinions about Photography?
Which is better: Digital Plaque or a Normal Photograph?
what is a good class to take when your interested in taking a photography class?
First time event photo shoot.. Christening?
Are DSLR's really hard to use??
Opinions on my photography please?
What the hell is lomography?
Long exposures without a remote?
How much did disposable cameras cost in the 1980s?
Is there a website where I can make the face in a portrait half light half dark?
Could I have your opinion on my photos?
Does anyone know a good way of finding photography jobs?
how do i make my pictures different colors, like this?
Is it easy/possible to take black and white shots on digital slr cameras?
Is this even possible with photoshop?
Are there any neat ways of altering my photos with a 35mm film camera?
More photo opinions from you lovely people?
will i have problems shooting in mixed light with a 4.1megapixel digital camera?
I am wanting to take photos for schools!?
What d'youu have to do to become a site model?
How can I make props for my photography business?
What would be a good name for a photography company?
I seek to make an art exhabition center. iether it will singapore, hong kong, china or korea.?
What are some Good things to do for light painting photography?
What are popular safe photo editors?
where can a photo of a couple holding hands be used in society?
Starting to get into photography...?
In your opinion, can uncreative people become good photographers?
How much money do photographers make?
Would you spend a day teaching a stranger photography for free?
How to make sure I take good acting headshots? Please help!?
where can i find more site model mara or site model jenna pictures?
Where can I find high quality images?
I have an image thats dimentions are 5616x3744 and is at 72dpi. How do I change it to 300 dpi?
Are there any real pictures from the 50's?
Does anybody know the difference between a regular and EI and late back for a bronica camera?
Where can I get something removed from a photograph?
Printing, which is better 2pl or 1pl ( i dont really know what this means)?
Am I bad a photography?
Do you place your name/company on your photos when enlarging for customers or is the pro watermark sufficient?
What do you think of this picture?
what do you call photographs that are black and white and the main subject is is colour ?
How do you make a photo bigger??
which camera nis best Nikon D40 or Nikon P90?plz help me m student of photography...?
Keeping color of eyes/lips making rest of picture black and white?
do you like this picture?
Photobucket not working help?
Does anyone know where I can find some of Kevin Carter's other images?
where can i get a camera, whereby immediateli i get get the snap as soon as the photo is clicked.?
What are some good photography apps!?!?
how do camera capture the image on to the film?
is there good photo camera that is not too expensive, and easy to use,with cool visual effects?
How to make a photo collage at home?
Where can I get pictures of Tribadism?
I need to make a strategic choice on purchasing a mic for an outdoor interview.?
How old do I look in my picture? <-----?
Can I take this type of camera into a concert?
Red/Blue/Colour photography technique: 3 shots of the same scene over a short time, one red-filter, one blue.?
wat can u do after u do communication arts?
Tips to take a good picture for facebook? (Guy 16)?
I need a funny caption for a photo! It's a dog sticking his head out a car window, wearing goggles. help me?
Scan chromogenic and colors film negatives?
Is there an "ad on" zoom lens for the EVO camera?
Please please please help me?!?!?!?
What is your favorite wildlife subject?
Do you ever get stared at when your taking pictures ?
How can i get moving pictures like . . . .?
for chromakey backgrounds when shooting video which colour is better, blue or green screen?
Can anyone recommend me a good camera for fashion photography?
How can I get the Eiffel Tower behind me in a photograph using photoshop?
photography editing idea ?
How do I take pictures of the meteor shower with my Sony Alpha 200 DSLR camera?
I just don't get this trick? What you do see in this picture?
Of these two, do you prefer the single arch, or the whole bridge ?
photo booth effects?
photo holiday cards?
Which is more popular? "Am I pretty" or "How to do Black and White with Color"?
Which is the best package for uploading photographs?
Is this a good picture? technically how could I improve in your opinion.?
What is the best way to give someone pictures without loseing quality?
I want to sell photos and an article of a very rare Mexican ritual to the highest bidder, probably a magazine.
Will DX lenses work on FX bodies?
Are my photos good enough to sell?
What is an example of visually compelling object?
Is my photography good, ok, or bad?
I am looking for an image that appeared in the New York Times?
I'm doing some photos of a friends daughter at her ballet class...?
How to get more colour in your photos (without editting them)?
Do i have a natural tallent???
Should I enter this photo into the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards?
Talented PHOTOGRAPHERS! Please check out my pictures and tell me if they're good?
What do you call how fast a camera takes a picture?
How do I restore a faded color photograph in Adobe Photoshop cs2?
If photography had never been invented (even now), how would we of captured images of major world events?
Good name for a Photographer business?
How to sell my photos ?
How old is my vintage Keystone 8 M.M. Model K movie camera?
Best books on Nikon D5100?
Multiplicity Photography help needed!?
Iphoto isnt importng photos! HELP?
Looking for a model in the Madison, Wisconsin area!?
What is ISO speed in photography?
I was looking at my photos from when I was 12, I'm about to be 20?
Why are my pictures dark?
Where can I find a collection beach-house related photos? Need links! Read Below...?
How do you change the opacity of a picture using Photoscape?
Buying a wide angle lens for Pentax k-r?
Who is your Favourite Photographer?
the other day i stumbleupond this HIPSTER-LOOKING photo editor online and i cant find it?
Anyone own or used a vivitar vivicam 5108 ?
What do you think of the photos and the model?
Help with Photography project?
How do i find out if a picture is fake?
How do I add a front facing camera to my phone?
How can I become a professional film editor?
How does the Canon Rebel series compare with the EOS line and the nikon SLR's? is it good for professionals?
I need to know the name of this app! HELP!!?
Where is a good place to get professional headshots in Orlando, FL?
Anyone know a good Clazziquai fansite?
Am I good enough to one day become a photographer?
What is this photo effect called?
Daughter added Picasa2. It's taken all my images and ?? done something with them.?
People frequently say they have a "passion" for photography. Why is this word is a common descriptive?
where can i download a lay-out for an invitation card?
I need unretouched fashion photos and have no idea where to get some?! Help!?
What effects can I do with Holga 135?
How do I take take pictures above a table?
How can I narrow down a broad photography idea related to traveling?
How come models never smile in pictures?
Need to find kodak 8" lcd digtal photo frame where.?
Where can i go for a good Photography Contract online ....?
can someone edit a picture for me?
my sister got an offer with John CasaBlancas, does anyone know any reviews from this?? help???!!!?
What do you think of this photo?
What should I charge people?
what do you think of printing pictures on
I am starting a photography business. What is the best starter camera?
Am I good at photography (pics included)?
To be a photographer, is a special license needed?
I bought an DMC-FZ30. Does anyone have any opinions on this camera?
how to get a photography job?
Where can I buy 3 H2O lockets?
What do you think of my new photography website?
I accidentally sent naked pictures of myself to my grandmother, how do I explain this?
who conducts weekend photography classes or courses in Hyderabad?
Help with photo editing?
How do i resize a picture to 180 megapixels?
how to match old lens to a pentax k200d. I am left with several pentax lens for a me super?
Male photographer -WHO IS HE?
Is your camera ever around when you really want to capture a moment?
a real quick question about digital prints at the store?
Can "photography" get any worse than this? "Pics" inside!?
How can other people see my photographs?
Ideas for pictures by thursday?
what is black light...please?
what do you think of my photography?
Themes for photography work?
What is the optimum dpi to scan a 2x3" negative at to reproduce a 20x25" print?
Help getting photos printed
how does my photography look ?
Please can you give me a title for this image many thanks?
photographs: If I take pictures of someone's car they are showing off, do i own the picture?
What Should My 10,000th Image Be Of?
Does anyone still use those old fashion cameras without the screen?
How do I capture a motion picture on my Nikon D5000?
how do you blur a picture?
AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D for D5100?
Does anyone know anything about the Vivitar VIV-V3800-50 SLR camera?
Being a photographer?
calculation of zoom in camera lens?
My hand is shaky when I take a shot with my digicam. Is there a way to make my shots steadier w/o a tripod?
Pretty enough to be a model?(!!photos!!)?
is this photo any good?
Describe this picture in one word?
should i get a camera with a working light meter or a cheaper one that has an inoperative light meter?
what do you think of this photo?
How do I put a link in the description of one my pictures on my Flickr?
Can i hide objects on a video using corel video studio?
Any tips about photography for an amateur photographer?
Light graffitti?
Weird photograph!!!!Very strange hidden images!!!What is this? has anyone had experience with this company?
Picture art - divided in 3?
Is a film camera or a digital camera better for a beginning photgraphy student?
Any advice on a small, fun portrait shoot for a 6 month old?
job info? horse trainer and photographer?
what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this photo?
How can I resize my pictures so that they are 290x395?
what picture is the best be honest??? easy 10?
How to take those cool grunge-ish photos?
Which is easier to learn - film or digital?
Polaroid Instant Film Camera?
Why do some photographers still use SLR cameras instead of digital cameras?
ok need a picture of a black bin bag..(top)?
How to re-create pictures from the 90's?
Are there any real pictures from the 50's?
senior project ideas involving photography?
How to design a colorful photo name?
What does it take to be a photographer?
how is the lighting and composition picture?
What are good internet sites to enter music contest and does anyone know of any contest coming up?
What do you think of these shots?
i'm needing to start a photography business ,but i don't know what to do?!?!?!?
Beginner Photographer.......?
What kind of lens is suitable for photographing fireworks?
How can it be that photos and video taken from the same camera can look different?
How do you change your picture?
Whats wrong with my camera?
Where can I find a portait of famous Chicago architectural photographer, JW Taylor?
pictures on computer to camera?
Photography Shoot Ideas?
Is jean guichard's lighthouse picture worth any value?
how can i change the depth in my photos?
How can I edit a picture of someone's face so it looks like the Obama hope campaign posters?
what do photographs made from slides look like?
Does anyone know where to get free printable legal forms for photography??
What digital camera should I purchase?
What do you think of this photograph?
My Photography teacher sucks. I need help?
how can i get sumone to donate film equipment to me?
Picassa- editing a pic?
Is this "good" photography?
What is the secret to make a not so interesting scene a very interesting photo?
ideas for a photography assignment?? elements of design!!?
Is post processing cheating when creating a photograph?
Redneck wedding question?
Can someone please sharpen this image for me?
where is a forensic photography school in michigan ?
what is the best.......?
Help with night time photography with Canon 1000D?
does Kodak Pearlized photography paper make a difference?
How to Take a Good Yearbook Picture?
Large aperture and depth of field ~correlation?
What Can You Tell Me About The 'Dali Atomicus' Photo?
where can i post photos of my wife?
Need an Image projector that can fit in a tight space?
What lens can I use for macro photography?
Where can I buy a good picture (canvas print or print) that goes with Audry Hepburn?
Which photo should I enter into a contest?
How can I create my own canvas backdrop or where can I get a very affordable one online or in NYC?
Will a faster non-VR lens mounted on a monopod outperform a VR of equal focal length?
How Do I Get More Follower's on Tumblr?
Opinions on my photography?
What are products and services sold at a photography company?
Give your opinions and answers on my photographs?
Using a 52mm CPL on my 50mm f1.8 (and other lenses) produces warmer (yellower) colors, why is that?
A Theme for a set of editorial photos?
Flickr: How to have large photos in photostream, page 1? HELP!?
How you blow up photo so you can put it on desk top without all the small photos?
please give your opinions on my photography??
what is picture hopping ?
how to take a picture with a blurry background?
I want to use a watermark on my photographs that I take, but I don't want to use my name.?
Canon AE-1 film camera problem?
which is better, The Diana+ or Holga lomography camera?
Nude pictures on boyfriends phone?!?
Using my nikon d80 w/ the 18-135 lens kit, how do I take a decent picture of the moon?
Who is the male model in the photo? I need to know to finish an argument I am having with a friend.?
Help, please urgent professional help required?
What is an OB Light or an OB Camera?
How can I post a picture on Flickr?
What version out of these two do you prefer and why?
anybody knows the average actual sixze of a polaroid picture??
Question about my new Nikon D1X Pro Digital SLR ???
Picture frames????????
Ideas for a photography narrative? PLEASE HELP!!?
Who is into Photography and how long?
why do people sell pictures?
Focus an Image?
Constructive criticism on my photos?
What is the cheapest way to print digital photos? Preferably online but let me know of other ones as well!?
What kind of lens was used in this picture?
What application can be used to ADD my Watermark in a Several Pictures Automatically?
Cute Picture Ideas???
why are three pictures taken for a state photo ID?
I wanna get into photgraphy?
Ok what 1/3 fstop is equivalent to f3.5 at 30" but at least to minutes long?
HELP! I just got photo-shop "Light-room" and "CS2" Pleaseee help!!! i need help!!! (EDITING AND MORE) PLZ READ
Help me select a photo as my headshot?
What type of lens does my camera take?
i need help on ideas for lifestyle couple photo shoot?
My diana does not click?
where can i find good a tumblr blog?
Am I one of...?
Looking for a film rangefinder?
where can i download the big size c.ebbets' photography of the construction workers in NY 4 plot print 4 free?
How can I take photograph in water?
How can I become a model?
Does anyone know what photo program you need to add select color to black and white photos?
127 film and and vintage camera help!!!?
What is the most meaningful and image ever?
I am looking for Asian symbols that have spiritual and blessing type meanings to them?
How can i increase the quality of the picture that i have ?
Places to Photograph?
What are subjects that come into mind when looking at this photograph by Bill Henson?
How do i take Pictures with my Web cam?
Do u know a girl/guy who has slept with a large number of people 50 -60 or more..?
question about night time photography?
i want photos for a memorial black frame?
what camera and flash Sears photo studio uses? Any advice?
How can you tell if the sky is overexposed?
A friend took this photo and wants to be a professional?
Ideas for a Photography Project...?
am looking for old du maurier 100 cigarette pack image !?
How to take an awesome close-up photo with new camera?
How do you take pictures like these?
How powerful of a strobe would I need?
How important an ingredient is creativity to a successful photography career?
Is AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D for this situation?
How can u describe the effects used in Max Dupain's "the sunbaker" and "the meat queue"
Does anyone know of free or low cost image of a waeg (bird)?
Why does Ken Rockwell love the D40 so much?
Which image is your favorite/most memorable that you took this year ? ?
Which image do you prefer?
Photographers - How often do you use these?
I got a digital camera for my b-day...any ideas on how to make my own photo backgrounds?
Digital photos taken at night?
Do you use manual or auto focus?
When you go to College what basics do you need for photography?
Does any one know where this is?
is professional photographers use digital or film camera?
Anyone know where I can get a desktop image of a photo reel were I can put my own images in?
does anybody know where i can get professional pics taken of me?
professional photography?
How do u do this ( easy ten points)?
Which picture do you like more?
where is a good place to photograph in northern colorado springs?
which digital cameras get pretty good reviews?
Calling all photographers... what months do you see a rise in customers and when do you see less?
what do you think of this photograph?
Why do (you think) some people do not like taking photographs?
Aperture and noise reduction?
Could i be a photographer (Pic)?
In need of some advice for a photography camera?
Would finishing at New York film academy be a degree or a Professional certificate?
If a camera has RAW in-built image processing capability,is Adobe post production necessary?
the development process of black and white prints in the dark room(photography)?
What camera equipment and/or accessories do I need to take pictures at a small event?
What should I save my photos as when I want to print them?
DSLR dilemma...?
is there a free site or a site i can go to trick-out my picture up with Special effects?
Are there any photography schools near McAllen Texas?
If a picture paints a thousand words... What is this picture saying?
What version of Photochop are you using? I am using Elements. Should I upgrade to one of the CS versions?
I want to shoot short films, what do i need for audio, editing, and keeping the camera steady while moving?
can you make a living making video art: who can you sell your material to?
My picture is 1168x1536. How can I resize my pictures so that they are 290x395?
What camera equipment to use to capture images to be used in TV news broadcasting?
Good college for photography?
how can i become a model if i am 15?are there any photographers here??
What are these called?
What kind of flash was this photo shot with?
can i make it as a model? (pictures included)?
Photography accesory shopping in Los Angeles?
Need suggestions of famous Photographers?
Is there a colour space folder in CS4 where I can add extra colour spaces?
Which insect photo should I enter in the fair?
Question about behind rebel lines ?
Is this a good picture?
What are the main advantages of photographing objects in a small confined space like a box?
What tempereature scale is used to measure white light in the realm of photography?
Where to get a iPhone 4s tri-pod with adjustable head?
I have the kodak dual lens camera and I wanted to know which setting is best for taking pictures of jewerly?
What ratio of chemicals do I mix to create a rich deep blue Cyanotype 44"x36" print?
Earn money with the help of photography?
Name 15 objects that are accessible to be use for everyone.?
If you were going to be a prof. photographer, what digital camera would you own?
should i get a nikon coolpix p500 or a nikon d3000?
middle age castles in england, any web sites with pictures of inside and out?
I am looking for a cardboard polaroid photo holder with mickey mouse on it. Please Help!!?
Does anyone know a website for editing pics especially adding effects?
Is it ok to push a tranny?
what to do? iam confused?
A good lends for dark concerts (canon)?
Whats a good photo studio set up? Versatile and mobile..?
Does anyone as a hobby enjoy taking pictures of the clouds? And overall take nature pictures?
About taking ugly pictures?
Photo album title???
Praktica BCA, what lenses work on it?
can someone to do me a favor and try this site to see if it works? i wanna send my?
Hi all is there anyway i can transfer "old" photos on to my PC without photograph ing the old photos thanks?
What should I name my tumblr?
DO I have any talent?
exposure on the run theme tune?
How do I take video with my Magnavox Digital Keychain Camera?
What do you think of this photograph?
Can you blow up pictures from online?
how can i change my eye color in pictures without buying something?
Can I still buy cine film?
Photoshop CS2: how to surround a picture of a framework in relief, floating?
How do Photographers get this effect?
how to take good railway photography?
Where are some good places to take pictures in Memphis TN?!?
Should i buy an xti rebel now or wait until black friday?
What do you think of my portfolio? (Link)?
Which should I turn in for class?
What picture do you like better?
Photography ideas for the magic of a moment?
My photography. What do you think?
Canon 50mm 1.8 or 250mm?
how to make money with photography?
I would like to see an patterson enlarger.?
Photoshop CS5 Wont Let me Adjust Pictures.?
RAW Format: Is it needed to edit a RAW format photo?
How can I create those pictures that are in black and white but some parts are still in colour?
photography camera needed =]?
How come some people's eyes always turn up red in photos?
Photo Shoot .:HELP:. Equipment?
does someone knows where i can find some angels wings to use on newborns to take photographs?
how do i find pictures of myself on 4chan?
When using, how do I get my logo onto my photos? Do I do this before I send them?
Easiest way to obtain a Photo Pass?
How do I find independent film makers who want my great sounding , but free music.?
what lens is that - photography?
how do i have my camera photograph not pixelate on paper?
film suggestion for hasselblad 500cm w/ hasselblad 100 polaroid back?
describe this photograph?
What is ENR in cinematography?
How long do digital cameras usually last for?
Can you make a documentary on iMovie? (Not actual film from a camera)?
Some good quote about photography, not prices, but quotes about photography and photographers.?
Photography competitions for this year?
how much money could i get for a nikkor 18-70mm af-s lens in like new condition?
Are you sick of questions about am I pretty ?
Who is this in this picture?
Desaturate just some colours on Photoshop?
Where can I buy BIG posters? Or have them made from my photos?
Do You Think This Photo Is Good?
Can anyone help me find a picture like this?
Best dSLR camera for a beginner?
Pictures on Instagram?
how can i do this with photofiltre?
How do I become a National Geographic photographer?
Picture help?
Where can one easily download free nature images, w no sign-up (no commercial b.s.!).?
Canon rebel xti - good enough for stock photos?
How do I add this effect to a photo using photoshop? (photo included)?
Do you know of any cheap camera websites? Uk?
Photography: Best Place for Canvas Prints?
Why are some people more photogenic than the others?
Does this picture look photoshopped?
Romantic Photo session location?
Constructive criticism on photos i took?
Gimp Photo Editing Help?
Which photo is better?
Average cost for camera Equipment...?
Does having your tongue pierced affect you getting a job in the journalism or photography industry?
What would be a good idea for a locker picture with like my friends?
Cool name for a photo album?
which is better? soft pastels or oil pastels?
Why is my skin really really pale in photos (And I have olive skin)?
Tranny scanning help please........?
Does any photo editing site (that's free to download) with B/W and color?
Types of Photography?
I have taken a few pictures and i think that they look really good? I have taken a few pictures and i think th?
how do i find this photo?
Is Film Quality Better Than Digital Quality?
What do you think of this phograph I took of someone?
Is it ok to print out a professional photo for personal use?
Updated my portfolio, tell me what you think!?
how to get the lighting right in a photo at home?
about Girl Tech IM Me by Radica?
Organization xiii project? Help please?
how do you create a black and white effect with glow? and how to do selective colouring?
How should I hold a three-way pan tripod - with the stick in the front or side?
Can someone please exchange the faces on this pictures?
What memory card is better? A SD or CF?
Question regarding Royalty-free/public domain pictures?
Is it possible to edit photos from my digital camera SD card and then save them for poster enlargement?
2 year program for photography?
Does anyone know of a good place to have senior pictures taken?
What's a good site for scenic photos of Maryland ?
where can i find pictures of draught?
Aspiring photographer need help from Pro. Photographers? In florida?
Is this picture correct?
Opinions of my photographs?
Does the integrity of YA diminish by allowing certain questions in the photography topic?
What is the film like at Bristol University?
How to take a picture of text posts on tumblr?
picture edits?
How do you get pictures from your digital camera at (walmart, cvs) etc..?
Im in need of a good Photoshopper?
What is a effective way to story family photos for storage?
Do you like mirror pictures?
If a photographer contacts me, am I expected to pay for the photos?
How does this picture look best edited? (honest opinion plz)?
how to put pictures onto metal?
How can I print an image on fabric?
SLR, DLSR, disposable, digital P&S, Etc...What kind of camera are you holding in your hand right now?
Can someone give me a list of sports photographers?!?!?!?
Does anyone know of a website that is free that i can crop, fix, and enhance digital pictures?
What do you think about this photography?
Do I look like my dad?
I'm trying to look for pictures of really stunning and breathtaking scenery shots, good enough for a movie.
Trying to come up with a Name for a combined Photography and Cake business. Any suggestions?
"High definition" photo for magazine - what's this?
Is 20 x 30 A Big Picture?
what is the ideal resolution for a picture to suit a 3.5"desk top photo frame?
Does anyone know any free photo-editing programs?
Can photos be taken in the UN building in NYC?
Where can I get panoramic digital photo prints?
question regarding white balance?
If I buy a pro digital camera do you think I could get into being paid for the pictures I shoot?
I found two old throw away cameras from about 8 years ago...................?
Does anyone know how to use Gimp?
If I take photos of bare feet and bring them to get developed, can the company refuse to develop them?
How to get blurred partylight effect in DSLR?
Light Art Photography Question-Ball Of light, How To?
Canon 70-300 F4-5.6 IS USM vs. Canon 70-200 F4 L IS USM?
Which one is the best wide angle prime lens for Canon EOS 3?
5D2 + 24-105 4L, 7D + Tamron 17-50 2.8 TRADE for a 5D Mark III?
anyone know the best short and comprehensive photoshop course, online or book...if onlive then free preferably
Where can I buy the little figurines to take Slinkachu style photography? (Link provided)?
Can you tell me if this is a good picture in terms of photography?
Can I use a wide angle lens on a APS-C camera?
What is the name of this site model?
what do you think about my photo?
What do you think of my photoshoot picture? :)?
how to recolored old black and white film?
Please help me find a 35mm dslr camera that is less than five hundred dollars.?
Which photograph is the best?
Has anyone been to the Museum of Photgraphic Arts in San Diego?
What does HDR mean as it relates to photography?? I think it has something to do with it beinging digital.?
Anyone knows a good website for meeting photographers looking for male indian models?
How does tumblr work?
Are my photos underexposed? And are my photos any good?
What is the easiest way to share photos?
Photographers, have you seen this?
If I email you multiple photos (10) can you email me back 1 photo with the effect i want?
What are your thought on this photograph?
What do you think of this flower photo I took yesterday?
Looking for a great concept for a photography project?
Putting prints on the computer?
Online photography competition ?
Which image is better from these three for a photography class ?
A megapixel camera question?
How much for glamour shots?
i want an advice about whether i should stop doing photography or not ?
What are some good photography schools in California?
Any ideas for photography project?
what do you think of these pics? input please.
Is a "bargain" pentax K-1000 a good camera to buy from
how to make my blogs colourful?
Are these good pictures?
Infrared film processing in New York City. Where?
can you put pictures and a song in the backround ?
Canon Power shot G9??? HURRY?
Hey guys ive been looking for a good photography contest, any suggestions?
why do we get lines in photos when taken pictures from computer directly?
Photography - lost and direction-less?
Shooting B&W Film! ASA 400?
How are the photos I recently took?
Will glow in the dark show up in photos if I use a disposable camera?
what does (Signed model release filed with Shutterstock Images LLC) mean?
How old were you when you knew photography was your thing?
how can I fit a whole picture on instagram without cropping it?
what picture is better?
What would be a good name for a photography company?
im trying to put a watermark on my photos?
what are Biometrische pictures and where can i get them done?
How to create a natural looking silhouette in Photoshop?
how to put film in my canon eos rebel g camera?
what is the best photo editing SOFTWARE?
Where in Kentuckey can i go to get an old time photo taken ?
Multiple exposure film photography help?
Photography,Digital Photography & video ( how does changing the contract change the quality of an image?
What is the best place to buy a cell phone and a SLR Camera Lens Thailand/Singapore?
How to get the light out of my name?
PLEASE LOOK; Which picture do you like the most?
Nice Camera DSLR for video record and photography with budget between 900-1200$ ?
What do you think of my photography ?
Does this link (picture) work, if it does can you tell me if the pic looks proffesional?
Question for photographers. Why the photographs of paintings sometimes look far better then the original?
Mature glamor models - female?
I have made in USSR manual camera2.8/40 all written in Russian (nomo135bc)any one no about it ?
Does anyone no what this photo is of?