Top two Pics?
50mm 1.8g lens portrait advice?
What do I use as a hook for animal farm and picture caption?
Where can i make pictures on the computer?
What all do I need to develop film at home? chemicals, tools, ect.....?
if i wanted to do b/w photography, would it be best to do it on a digital camera or SLR b.w film?
Why does the camera make me look bad? ?
School Portrait photography?
I need some advice on becoming a pro photographer?
Need feed back on my photos?
Please take a look?
where can i get my photography published?
i love taking pictures, and i spend alot of money on cameras but....?
what do i need to do to become a model?
fisheye lens help?
How do you tell what the F number is on your lens.?
critique my picture.?
What type of photography is it?
How to edit photos like this?
photoshop my pictures please?
Can you reccommend any photography company's for my junior prom?
How to take Wedding Pictures?!?!?!? Need Help!?
anyone remember photo gnomes? The gnome you take pictures of during travel, and upload to a website?
What do you think of my photography?
Follow me on tumblr. MODEL?
How do I archive irregular shaped photos?
Posing for Homecoming Photos?
Can you make collages on iPhoto (without having to make a greeting card)?
Nikon: Shutter half-press vs. AF-L/AE-L button?
Great couple pictures?
How to edit this kind of picture in photoshop?
question bout photography jobs???
How can i make a portfolio for my photography?
Landscape photography, Can I learn intermediate?
Which is the best camera for quality professional holiday photography?
Where can I buy a iPhone 4 tripod?
How much would a professional photographer make?
How to take good pictures of myself?
I edited this picture.... what do you think of it?
how to focus with a nikon d40/ bokeh?
Any tips for a photography beginner?
This is weird?
Wedding photography?
Does this magazine cover look professional? If you saw it in a store would you buy it?
Where is a good place to get professional headshots in Orlando, FL?
What is hard/soft framing in photography?
Funny or interesting pictures/poster images I could put on my book cover?
Anyone describe that question Describe three photography composition techniques.?
what do you think of this art project? (involves non-pornographicty)?
How much does it cost to start a photography buisness?
Which lens is best for wildlife photography?
Why does the look of my face change from one photo to the next on the same camera?
What do you think of this photo?
Does fast film hav a coarser grain than slow film?
How can you obtain press pass for photographers?
what kind of camera should I get?
What do you think of my photography?
can januvia be taken with glyburid?
Can i take out the film in my camera to fix something inside when i already took one picture?
Elinchrom studio kit?
what are the lenses in rainbow fireworks glasses made of?
Social class ad?
Photographers, Anyone, Please HELP??
Is this a good photo of me? Guy haha?
how to make pictures bigger on skreened?
How could I submit a set of my geeting cards to a greeting card company?
whats a contemporary way to present frida kahlo?
What are the current standards/guidelines for designing a digital preservation policy?
Is there a cue photobooth program i can download to edit my pictures?
Photo shoot theme-birthday party?
Online Photo album or book?
How do i combine two or more pictures into one? Read Describtion?
How to look good in a head shot (portrait)?
What camera to purchase?
Who else is upset about the current Polaroid situation?
how to add color to black and white photo with photoshop 4.0?
How do I add multiple adjustment layers in Apple's Aperture application?
Is there a tutorial on adding music to a dvd with still photos?
What do you think of this photography?
What real-world applicationswould you use each of these formats for?
Photography courses in America?
What do you take pictures of?
Photography business without a studio?
any ideas for senior portrait poses?
What was the last picture /photo, you took of?
Which picture looks better the photoshopped one or the natural one of this girl?
should i do this nude shoot ?
Ideas for Exhibition on Female Infanticide?
HS Senior Pics?
how can you safely remove a crease from an old picture without damaging it more? The crease is new!?
How do you define "High Quality" images?
which is the good camera? logically tell the answer?
Does a image always need to follow the rule of thirds .?
What app does this photo effect?
best places to develop my black and white prints?
How Much is a fritz hug large tiger laying down worth?
True Photography? Does it Exsist anymore?
photographers,my friend wants 2 get into photography after seeing my picts,but thinks its all about the camera?
Can anyone think of good places or things to take photos of in the Los Angeles area?
Follow me on Tumblr? Please?
How do you copywrite your photography?
How do I take pictures like these?
Instagram is bugging me, HELP?
red eye in pictures?
Is there anyone out there who does free photo sessions in memphis and if so who?
How to do certain things in photo shop.?
How to edit pic lyk this?
Is there any way to edit a photograph to very mildly change some features of me?
What is the next lens for my t2i i should get?
why i cant views photos in some features on my FB?
How do I make a model for this question?
Making a common motif not so common?
how does a beginner get into the photography business?
Questions regarding manual cameras?
Is it worth the upgrade from 50mm 1.8 to 1.4?
could i be a wildlife and landscape photographer? or should i concentrait on one?
where are the photograhs of dhamankar?
Good DSLR for rock shows, concerts, and portraits.?
What camera mode is this? (Picture Example Included)?
What is the best lens for my dslr when taking pictures of make-up on people?
What do you think of my pictures?
How to get this kind of photo?
I'm looking for a loft or studio to rent hourly for a photo shoot in Long Beach, CA?
How or Why does photography inspire you?
I want to get into black and white photography. How do I start?
How do I assemble a portfolio? (I'm a junior photographer)?
what's the another word for incorporate? eg. yin yang., natural artificial, etc.?
Am I.... Am I good enough? Picture, picture?
I sent this guy nude pics?
I'm trying to find this picture.?
What f-number will give a proper exposure for the same scene switching from ISO 50 to ISP 400 film?
If a camera has RAW in-built image processing capability,is Adobe post production necessary?
what is the difference between canon ef-s 18-55mml f3/5-5.56 versus Sigma's 18-50mm 2.8 macro with DG lens?
Help me with photography?
Are they any free sites to change look of pic?
HELP, What Would Be A Good Camera?
photoshop this for me please!?
anyone know any good photo editing websites?
How can I unstick waterdamaged pictures?
Where can I convert digital photos into 35mm transparencies?
rajasthani sanchore bishnoi women photo gallary?
What is the most reliable cleaning kit for the lens of my cameras?
what do you think of my website?
What's a good camera for someone beginning in photography?
What's the best beginner's zoom lens for a Nikon F100 in your opinion?
How can I make an adapter for a cable release?
Does anyone know of any abandoned building that you could get into to do a photoshoot? Besides bethlehem steel?
photograph ideas, kinda boreeedddd.?
Which lomo camera to buy?
Program that will convert a GIF image into layers for editing?
Why did my digital photos come out blue?
What camera should I buy for professional looking photos?
finepix330-barely 2 years old, not abused and yet I'm having problem w/taking pictures no image, no flash wkng
which photo is prettier?
cute poses for pictures?
Whats the difference between Nikon ML-3 and ML-L3 wireless remote.?
Any creative ways to capture high school memories?
Nude photography art?
Is my photo good enough to enter in the fair?
how do u put alot of pictures together & make one picture!?
What are some things to edit photos?
are any of thease pictures any good ?
Can anyone think of a funny caption for this photo?
How to upload my photo here?
what is the best paper to print on?
What is this video effect called?
lens stays out, light flashes, screen stays dark, then nothing?
how do i upload photos from ipiccy to photobucket?
ZOMG! Liek how cna i becum a model?
Any things I should know before buying a digital srl or how to buy a good one? Or even use it?
What are good cameras for photography?
What is the appeal of retaining hard copies of pictures?
a creative way to display johnny cash records?
How do I know which Photoshop version is the right for me?
How do I edit my photos to look vintage ala New York?
How do you make images like this?
Am I getting ripped off (photography question)?
Is there and photography classes for teenagers?
Can I put iron-on transfer paper into large printers, like the ones used at work places?
shutter speed type of question?
I have a question about photoshopping?
what's wrong with flickr photo search?
In a photo contest, what does the term digitally altered refer to? (or what is the max editing limit)?
Using Picassa 2, how do you keep the original capture when altering that shot. When I crop a shot the original
Wedding photographs, first timer?
Is this too much money for a photographer?
Can any one suggest a site for learning basic photography using digital camera?
Photography help please!?
Any ideas on some really cool ways of capturing intense colour and what would make a vibrant colour photo?
if im low on money which lens should i get?
Photography Teen contests?
How to capture a picture in youtube and moving like 3 sec of period?
How can I 'Like' pictures from other websites on my Tumblr ?
Do smaller, cheap cameras tend to cause perspective distortion?
What is a good downloadable software for merging two images together?
I probably sound so stupid...?
My girlfriend is starting a photography business, what is the best camera she should get?
where can i buy legoland polaroid online? :'(?
Is it easy and fulfilling creating your own photography business?
Would this picture cut it as a decent landscape photo in your opinion?
Photograph areas San Jose, CA?
Anyone want to help me asap?!!!?
How can I get my web page on ?
How to get people into taking their picture?
where can i gt an placements..if i learn photography professionally?
What do you like about be a wedding photographer?
What are some good Tumblr blogs to follow?
hey guys i need some list of Photography expirements ...?
what is a really nice type of digial camera? can you give me a link?
Does office depot print posters that are up to 6ft tall and 2ft wide?
What do you think of my editing?
How to cut a part of a photo and post it to another?
if you have an Instagram account can you edit your pictures online?
Taking Picutres in the Hollywood / LA Area?
Could you critique this photo please?
* I'm a "Amateur"..., "Photographer".......,?
Looking to buy a Professional Camera?
Should I buy a ring flash or a diffuser?
Pros and Cons of Adobe Photoshop CS2?
How to edit a photo to make it into a pageant photo?
Developing private pictures?
Are you a professional photographer?
Is this picture good enough to hang up?
I need to find a good photo shop that I can download trail?
What is aperture settings f-stops means?
Where can i find a the picture pf Friada Kahlo on the cover of Vogue?
Which stores in So. Cal sell 35mm film cameras?
Who is this tumblr model?
I am a photographer and want to sell pictures online...?
Cheap tripod costs . . .?
What kind of camera or film do i use to make a low budget movie?
Why do photographers use the view finder on their DSLRs instead of the live view screen?
What is 'sharpness'?
HELP: What is this WEIRD DOT on my photo?
what do you think of my fhotos?
What is a non metered rangefinder?
How do I get the best pictures possible at a concert??
Canon EOS Xti. How to make the most out of it (please read)?
Help me to find this !
Photo Sharing sites for feedback?
What qualifies a "professional camera?"?
Can anyone name this Anthony Crickmay photo?
How to be connected with the Film Industry also check out my new Film?
How do you take a picture, where the main person is in focus, but the backround is faded/blurry?
Photographers, Technical Help?
What are the job duties of Travel Photography?
Could someone please edit this photo or show me how?
holga camera?
What's the website that is called but looks like this(
Which famous photographers use fire?
Why do people look better with higher quality cameras?
If I want to be a photographer, do I need to get a degree?
I am a beginner in photography and need help/advice on an assignment for class?
A question about photography...?
what websites have stock photos of models in multiple views?
I really want to get a good camera for photography?
Could you critique these pictures? What do you think?
Where can i get the images?
What is the oldest known photo?
Can a picture...........?
what you think?
Buying an SLR- which is better: black friday or cyber monday?
how to change the metadata info for a picture in adobe bridge cs3?
can i find an aerial photograph of my home?
Passport Pictures 45mm X 35 mm?
Does this picture look good to you?
I am looking for a catchy name for my new photography business! Any ideas?
How many Mega Pixels are ideal for a large poster print, over 16x20?
can you help me?
what kind of landscapes are there?
How can I prevent people from ripping off my online photos?
what is "bleed mounting" a photograph?
What do i need to know before i start photography?
Does anyone know of a good and reasonably priced photographer in NYC? For some pics with my GF.?
Can i sell public domain photos on stock photo websites?
Do you belive that ghosts can appear in photos?
Does anybody know how to protect pictures if you were to upload them to multiply?
Where to sell fire stock photography?
Accountant or photographer?
Where can i find a photo resampler?
Photography background help?
I want to giveaway a free Photo session by having a contest. i just cant think of a creative contest? HELP!?
do u like sunset and y?
does any one know the name of this picture by kikki smith?
What kind of [Old Time] Pictures could we take at great america?
when you look in the mirror?
do you like this picture?
how do i really blur the background of the picture i take on my dslr camera?
Overcast but very bright sky?
Morphing ideas. pleasseee?
Why is Instagram not working?
is there a way i can apply image effects to my pictures like negative or sketch?
Any tips on how to prevent blinking when someone is taking a photo of me?
What would be a good camera for slow motion movies and High Resolution Pictures?
How do you know if the picture is fake?
Tell me what you think of my Photos?
Best sites for sell fotos?
what determines whether you are a professional photographer?
What is this a picture of?
Digital photo service in Chicago?
Info on Led Lighting.?
Do these photos look similar to you?
Selling images of places that belong National trust and English heritage?
In photography, what is a hot mirror filter??
does this picture remind you of God?
What photo editing program is the best?
What do you think of my photography?
Cant upload photos to Craigslist with iPhone4s?
Questions about amateur, homemade lighting?
Good (Budget) lenses for wedding photography?
Whats a good beginners camera?
Anyone knows how to make 2 photos, side by side into 1 photo?
help with photo editing?
How do you add a background to a picture?
How to get this type of effect on pictures?
i need you opinion please?
How to make circle shape profile picture?
potrait photographys with natural ighting can any one sugget me a good site or related articles.?
Is there any way to take an old black and white photo and put it onto the internet? (I don't have a scanner)
How old were you when you knew photography was your thing?
Photo shoot props for outdoors?
How can I improve on my photography?
Where can I find pictures of skateborders?
in lifetouch pictures, what is the cheapest package. its "F" I think its $11, but im not sure?
Who is your favorite Photographer and why?
What are the best picture/photography sites?
What can be included in certain types of photography?
How to edit a picture like this?
Any comment on my photos would be very appreciated?
Where is the nearest place to Los Angeles to get a somewhat dark night time sky for photography?
your thoughts?
make a photo topless in photo shop?
How to get a professional camera in to a gig?
Can some one show me the differance between a 17mm-40mm lens and a 18mm - 55mm?
(images that changed the world) which picture had the greatest effect on you?
Is there anything special about me? (picture included)?
Follow me on tumblr??? :))?
what is a really good free photo editing site?
How do you put pics on here from flickr?
Minolta-16 MG: Questions on film and developing?
How to handle topless picture?
What are some really know pictures?
black and white pictures?
What do you think of this picture?
Iam looking for Voila Algeria images?
Trying to find pictures of Abandon or Rusted cars in the desert or in the middle of nowhere?
How can I make props for my photography business?
Where can I buy a Polaroid SLR 690 in good conditions in USA?
do you think this picture is scary?
Resizing picture to portrait size, how?
How do you take a picture with your name in lights?
best kind of indoor lighting for any kind of photography?
Polaroid one600 Film Assistance?
In photography do u need a certificate or license? if so why?
how do you post images of things on your question????
Is it possible to video tape a short film, then make it black and white with splashes of color here and there?
Why can't I take nice pictures?
In what ways might photography be regarded as a modern medium? (Essay question, please help..)?
How do I take a hot picture?
Are these photos good? Id appreciate it please honest?
Anyone looking for a Wedding Photographer in WI?
What do you think of this picture?
How to shoot family portraits? Please help, easy 10 points!?
Can you tell me what you think about?
suggestions for good DSLR?
What is the effect of Optical zoom on Digital SLR Camera,which is better for results?
What are some mid-term goals to be a photographer?
Are these good pictures of my dog? Should I get them framed?
How to edit like this?
what should i do my "365 project" on? my dog? my pet rat? me? a plant (its already grown though)? trees?
How do vanity lights work?
was it okay to sell this picture of my cat for $2000 at Ebay?
I had my first outdoor photo shoot ever yesterday with a model here are two pictures, what do you think?
looking for a good home study course in photography?
What speed of 35mm film should I take for my SLR on Safari in South Africa?
Where can I find a free website where I can store my digital pictures?
film noir tips?
What would you call a DVD featuring a movie slideshow of photos set to music?
How do I transfer my digital format film to 16mm film?
Why do I take angled shots of myself?
how to shoot long exposure without cable release?
What is the best photography camera for a starting photographer?
Looking for a good professional camera.?
What's the cheapest method of buying an editorial) image off of Getty Images?
Is there a free site where I can combine to pictures to make them look the same?
Canon or compatible Macro lens advice?
What should I expect at a modeling interview?
Cheap photo developing?
Wanting digital camera, shoot weddings,canon d5, 20d & nikon d200,apple vs. pc,printers,scanner,etc.any sugg?
What do you think of this picture of me?:(?
what is this effect called??i really need to know?
What format to save a photo in, to avoid compression when uploading to internet?
Do spontaneous photo's give a better quality than staged ones?
What equipment do I need to start a porn studio?
Tamron 17-50mm or 28-70mm?
selling original 35mm/polaroid...?
Famous pictures photoshop!?
do you think this picture of me is good?
What is the best photography camera?
Is this a stupid photography idea?
Question about SD cards for digital cameras?
why do gingers exist?
What lens to use for full body potraits in studio?
Check out my photography?
I-photo hellllllppppppppp?
Make a picture with person in twice same picture?
Constructive criticism and tips for an amateur photographer?
What is 'life' photography?
How long will it before production of photographic film people think?
what kind of dog is included?
Is there a way to train your eye to recognize a good photographic image?
Is this the best picture in the world, or what?
What are the different methods of recording image onto film? Photography not video?
Is it okay to copy photos off of Flickr?
What do you call this type of picture?
Image detail vs Image quality?
Is there any difference between expensive and cheap camera filters?
Any 1 know about motion capturing?can i study tht?plz suggest me.....?
i dont know what modeling agency to go to??please help me?
National Geographic collection?
How do I get my photography page bigger on facebook?
What settings should I use to photograph the lunar eclipse with a digital SLR camera?
I take pictures. Would you please tell me if you like them?
where can i get a frame for a 16x24 inch photo?
Are my photos good enough?
I've answered dozens of these, but now I want to ask...?
make money with photography?
photography question?
What kind of camera should I get?
Senior picture clothes ideas?
can you access old pictures developed at walgreens?
How is a 20x30 inch blowup gonna look from a really clear 10mp camera?
Which Tamron lens would be good for Canon 5D Mark II under $300?
What do you think of my photos?
What is the perfect amount of megapixels?
How Do You Do Galaxy Edits?
B/W Film Developer - Liquid Vs Powder?
Is there a way to edit multiple photos in photoshop cs3? if so, how would you do that?
Where can I find huge versions of the recent Disney Annie Leibovitz portraits?
Which way does this picture look better?
Tips on shooting a Laser Light Show?
How can I pull the colors out better in this sunset photograph?
I'm just starting out in photography- does anyone know where I can find a good but inexpensive rose petal mat?
how is it done?
Who is the photographer of this photo? I need it for a report.?
where is a good place to download black ops hypnosis course for free?
which colours do you prefer in this photograph?
Photography ideas? Take a photo of?
Why are some of the channels in photoshop in B/W?
Best place in NYC to get a portrait picture?
I am an amatuer photographer how do I watermark my work online?
Why does your hair get greasy?
how to make a picture purely black or white?
Photo Objects Formats?
Is it possible to do this in Gimpshop?
What magazine can I publish my photos in?
Why do I look hideuous in pictures?
any other sites like photobucket?
Any chance of getting my wedding photos?
lens Hood help?
What's the difference between a photographer and a picture taker?
AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens with the camera D3000?
olanmills frame suppliers?
Is this a cute picture of me?
Do you guys like these photo's effects?
Describe the composition and use of light in photographs?
how do i higlight a person in a black and white pic?
B&W & Sepia...?
Conon EOS 400D?
what do the points do?
How can I give my camera battery a reeeaally super powerful charge so that it will last for ages ?
HELP with Exposure on 60D?!?
Help needed with a camera.?
Sepia changes picture colors into _____.?
will an sdhc memory card work in my camera?
Where do you find all of those cute pictures you see on other people's websites?
Any advice on getting a Kodak box brownie camera?
What is high quality printing size for a 10-megapixel camera?
How can i find the site of a picture that what site, picture belongs to?? searchg photo by photo?
Has anyone heard of or done business with Looks like and interesting idea.?
cameras that can go underwater and take clear pictures?
Are the places that still develop 35mm film?
How Do You Make a Border in Photo Shop?
What is a good lens for shooting concerts?
is there a ghost in this picture?
How to achieve this effect?
How do I edit photo's like these?
Is this person photography?
Do i need a good camera to be a photographers..?
Please help me name these models! thanks?
Does anyone have a clue how professional photographers have the time to sit on Answers?
i was thinking i would like to be a model but i dont think im model potential?
A few questions in one...?
Are there any photography workshops in OKC area?
how do they get there photos like this?
give me photography institutes in hyderabad?
how can you convert camera photos for bebo/jpg?
What lens should I purchase?
What does this look like to you ?
What do you think my picture looks like?
Question for all types of photographers?
Cheaply process "develop" 35mm rolls into digital?
What does it take to be a photographer ? (for like weddings and parties?)?
What can I do to jump start my freelance photography?
Can someone find a picture of a locket with a P on it?
Techniques to distort or manipulate film photography?
Need help with this photo?
how do you get your pictures published?
I want to sell my photography... magazines... and other places... how would I go about doing this?
What do you think of this photo?
Could you rate/critique my Photography?
Colleges for forensic photography?
Where's my picture I was told about?
Fun tricks with Cameras? Have so many settings I havn't learned yet. Can you suggest things that give great af
Where is a good place to buy a Lomocam?
professional photography schools in India?
What is this? is it a ghost or not?
Can you please tell me what you think of these pictures?
What caption should I write on an ad for the 'first ever camera'?
pictures of bill benifiel?
Sun Photography or Solargraphy?
What is the name of the famous poster representing huge sacks of coloured spices ?
What qualifications do I need to be a Photographer?
what kind type of degree do you need to be a Professional photographer?
photograped orbs?
how to use colour swap and photo stich function on canon ixus 220 hs.?
What is the standard size for a photograph?
is there a program i can buy to edit photos?
Where do these people edit their photos that have stars in them?
Photo editing : what is it called when you add?
Where do tumblr people edit their pictures ?
What is the best digital camera?
Where is this picture taken?
Calendards that need photos?
Wanting to get sharper,crisper images?
taking pictures?
The Influence of 20th Century Painting on Photography?
I dont want to look fat in a picture!?
I need more picturess?
Is this photography course safe?
Is this African child beautiful?
what do you think of these? need comments?
Does anyone know what this picture is of. I have it on my wall and as my background on my computer.?
Photography tips?
Can anyone recommend a company where I can put my photography on Iphone covers?
Has anyone had a photo session with Michael Warshall's Picture Maker?
what camera effect is this?
How do you do these photos?
what should i take pictures of for my photography project?
Color correcting tungsten lighting?
I like photography. What do you think about my photos? Do I have potential?
Do you like this picture?
Effects with gimp????????
At $150, is this a good tripod.. >> Tribute B0818?
what can i do with this picture?
what are some examples of still life objects for photography other than fruit and flowers?
I am looking for a GOOD online photo lab. Does anyone know of one?
Difference between a 50mm and 30mm lens?
date of this photo? best answer gets 10 points?
Does anyone know of a website that is dedicated to photographers?
A mount bokeh lenses?
Photo shoot locations in Bay Area for kids' headshots?
On pictures why do I have one eye bigger than the other?
hey people plzzz say me what can i do love adrianaima and i even didnot know her i leave another part of world
how do i get studio quality picures, without the studio?
What should I set my camera to if I am going to take picture inside an art museum?
How can I take a photo like this?!?
how should i price group sessions for photography?
I want to start a photography/postcard website?
Doe's This Image Upset You?
Famous photographs or ads to re-create? (Think Marilyn Monroe)?
Photograph Analysis Help?
Famous Photographers?
Photo shoot theme-birthday party?
What can disrupt a photograph at the point of being taken?
What do you think of my Photography?
i'm doing a short film on human and nature for my collage assignment...could anyone help me with some ideas?
black and white image of river phoenix smoking a cigarette?
Where are some nice places to take engagement pictures in the Cleveland area?
Buying a Nikon D7000?
how can i make pixel pictures?
I want a Dslr but...?
Why does Black and White print cost more than color print?
How do you know if you have a photographic memory?
Uploading Photos Conditions.?
do you think i could be a photographer? im 15..?
Is it possible to transfer film photos onto computer without developing?
What are some things to take pictures of?
What do you think of this picture of my nephew?
where can i find a picture of a satanic figure that looks like it stands on a pyramid with multiple hands like?
On ebay theres different flash diffusers, different shapes, different material, im sooooo confuseddddddddddddd?
constructive criticism on these images?
I want to do a photo shoot with my boyfriend. Anywhere I could go in Toronto?
I want to begin photography...and i need help.?
What is it called when you take a few photos and combine them into one?
how to get job in martious as a photographer?
Is NYIP A Good School?
What is something funny to say when a person takes a photo of themselves in the mirror?
Learn photography as hobby in pune.Duration 1-2 months?
Do you like this picture?
What do you think of my photography?
Help me with an air, water, fire, earth photo shoot?
8x10 photo on photobucket?
Which picture is better? help?
I am starting my photography business & need help with a name?
Tell me what everything in this picture is?
What is the best website for making really personalized photo albums ?
How do you put letters on your pictures w/o using paint???
HELP!!!!!! emergency?
Can someone please fix a very blurry photo for me?
Anybody know anything on Photography?
do i have a chance at being a model??? PICTURES
what does trade prints mean?
Can you tell me what you don't like about this shot, or what I could do, or might have done to make it better?
What is the advantage of buying a more expensive USA lens versus the same (but cheaper) imported lens?
Are the images from royalty free?
what type of stand can i get to set up 2 speedlights?
What do you think of my photography?
Could you please tell me a website where I could find pictures similar to those from deviant art?
What do you think about the use of photography as a means of documentary evidence as a claim to truth?
How to get into a fifteen film underage?
Photo album name for me and my bf?
Help pictures needed read more?
Help!! How can I make these pictures?
Can someone please explain to me Alpha, Beta, ect. in regards to photos?
Do wedding photographers use roll film or digital memory cameras?
In a world where black and white exists, why shoot in color?
fix this photo for me?
Long Exposure on Nikon Coolpix L100?
Is it better to take photographs randomly or with a preconceived theme?
Can you help me with a screen capture?
which is a dSLR photo and which is a P&S?
Settings to use Canon 400D with efs18-55 mm lends indoors for wedding?
Any tips for a novice street style photographer?
What Is A Good Non-Digital 35mm Camera To Start Experimenting In Black & White Photography With?
Trying to download photos of japanese people holding,or photo taken with gadgets,but do not know what words to?
Can you turn Negatives into Colored Negative?
Looking for a public school with a photography degree?
help immediately. got no time!?
does anyone have any advice about photography?
How do you create these types of portraits?
whats the app where the photo looks shaky with red and blue outlines?
How do you merge two pictures on Photobucket?
Criticism on my photography?
How gross is this picture from 1 to 10?
PPL say its not the 'camera' or 'photoshop' its the photographer etc etc.but PLEASE answer YES or NO to this?
Help with outside photography portrait shoot?
Do all tripods work with all cameras?
Iphoto with ILife '11 vs Aperture vs other?
is it possible to enlarge an image and save?
My husbands wants to take photos of a nude woman ?
Where can I find a elite that has 24 color modes?
If two people are standing in front of a camera at 5 and 10 feet a flash photo that properly exposes the?
Where can I find this cameras charger at?
how can i be an actor?
I was wondering if anyone knew in photoshop how to turn an image b&w but have ur eyes or an object colored?
What's a good name for my cosplay group?
I am trying to figure out the name a photographer I saw on television.?
I want to enter a picture in to my myspace blog?
Do you know anything about AGFA Digital Photo Printers?
Which picture is better?
Did a modelling shoot but forgot to ask for copies of the pictures taken?
How to print 10x14inches photo, in HP Officejet 7000 wide format?
What kind of lens is good for brilliant focusing?
i am looking for software that you can fix photos or put them on cards or put wordings with your pictures?
Does this Nikon Lens work with the rebel XT?
tokina 11-16 vs sigma 8-16?
prettiest photo?
I want to start a photography business.How do I post pics on the web without someone being abe to copy them.?
pricing a client for a special event photographer?
Where are purikura/Print club booths?
Who is the best photographer in Manhattan?
help deciding what picture to use? opinions please?
How do I change my color photo to black and white in Paint?
How to get this editing?
How can I improve my portraits?
Would you display/buy this picture if you could?
Could I do print modeling?
Are my photographs technically good enough?
field of tall grass in Jonesboro, ga?
what is a url??
does anybody know the author/ date taken of this photo?
Which lens would fit EW-83E?
Is it illegal to photograph a ham sandwich in Arizona and sell the images online?
Free Online Special Effects?
Is it legal to film girls at the street then put it on youtube?
How do I do this as my cover photo?
PLEASE LOOK; Which picture do you like the most?
what are some good beach picture ideas? we know what we're wearing, but we just need some cute ideas for pics.
I need a photographer.?
I'm about to shoot a wedding soon. What are some equipment I can use or should have?
I have an old photo that is stuck to a frame glass and need to know how to remove if?
Should you photoshop your photography or keep it the way it is?
does saving changes in picassa 3 compress photos similar to that of converting RAW into Jpeg?
Does anyone know where/what this picture is of?
What is a good on line photography school in N.Y.C. ?
What do you think of this photo?
Is it necessary to have a film camera to have the best prints in professional photography?
Old film with a stunning blonde?
want to know somebody famous?
How do i take a photo of someone with glasses and not get a glare? I have a digital camera.?
How do I make a picture in color with just one thing in black and white ?
Does this photo look like a professional headshot or close to it? I am trying to help my friend,need advice?
Is it possible to clean/wash out photo. dektol once the stain has been on the clothes for several days? how?
Can someone please tell me the name of this model?
Good Photography Camera?
How to a photograph a toddler who doesn't want to be photographed?
The BEST camera?
Where can I buy a flower press? Im from Chicago. Thank you!?
night photography?
Value of Nikon Lens?
How much dose a photography camra cost?
does anyone know how to make this effect on a photo?
What do you think about this picture?
How to blur a background in portraits and keep the subject clear,how to do this in post processing?thanks?
How do I attatch links?
finding photos?
High exposure cameras for landscape photography?
How many megapixels does an analog 35mm stil camera film have? I'd say only one megapixel.?
where's the best best to sell seascape images?
Hi, i'm a photographer working in gulf, i wish to do stock photgraphy, how should i do it, thanx in advance
Whats the best color setting for the Nikon d7000?
What is a good profile picture pose?
any suggestions for free scenic videos in the web?
Can anyone suggest me a few good websites to print my digital photos online? I am located in India.?
My Kodak Easyshare M340 is acting funky?
Instagram Photo a day challeneges?
confusion on this photoshop tutorial, can someone help me please?
Question rephrased.My photo (36X10) taken 1957.Cannot contact photographer.Photo nostalgic.?
16x20" print from Canon EOS-1 Mark III ds and Nikon D3. Were you able to see a difference?
Is this a trusted photography site?
Does Anybody Know This models Name? ?
Photos of equipment left on the moon promised by NASA in October?
Why do all the stars travel in a circular motion in this shot?
which photo of me is better? (PICTURES)?
Does anyone know of any good abandoned buildings in and around Philadelphia that I can shoot models in?
how do you prepare negatives to use in a dark room?
How do I make my picture less fuzzy?
Can you please tell me which picture is best? Its for a photography contest.?
Which one is better looking?
what does unfocused light mean?
what are some good photography schools or academies ?
How do you take multiple pictures of yourself and combined them?
SB 600 Flash Unit Help?
If you purchase art photography, what kind of theme would be?
question about modeling portfolios..?
what is the best site to get free photos?
hi, i had my picture taken with peter andre, i'm looking to side, not smiling, can i get anything done to pic?
Good camera for a teen trying to get into photography?
how to get clothes for a photo shoot?
What is gum printing?
What would 58mm lens be good for?
Is being a photographer worth it?
Think I'm taking far too much on.?
how do camera capture the image on to the film?
Which photo do you like the best?
does anyone have the direct link to mega upload?
nervous about my picture?
What is a good price for velvia ISO 50 for 35 mm?
How would i sell nude pict?
What equipment do I need for my photography studio?
Which camera is better for photography?
Feedback on these photos?
What do Photographers look for on a Modeling site?
what is photography?
How do I reduce file sizes for my digital pictures?
PLEASE, need a photographer to conduct interview, can do over Y! Answers. Need for freshman Seminar Final.?
would i get 200 canisters taken of me if i where taking them into creamfields?
How would you go about becoming a sports photographer?
How much does it cost for a top notch website?
What are some good ideas for a senior final video/audio project?
sunset animation?
Tell me what you think about this picture?
Walmart picture backgrounds?
Please judge my photography?
Alright so I want to print pictures off of a mac?
photographers help me?
Do you own a Nikon and does it make you a professional photographer?
Anyone want'outdoor photography.?
Whats the best way to attach a camera to a spotting scope?
What do you think of these pictures??
Help me give me idea to take what photos/pictures that related to re-use or recycle?
what is the F-stop that puts all the middle range in focus?
What photographers take kaleidoscopic images?
I don't know where to pick up my photo pass?
is there any really good picture editing sites like picnik?
I want to buy my first film camera, help?
What type of laminating sheet is used for digital wedding album or flush mount album?
Anyone know of a surf photographer?
My smile looks fake in every picture I take?
websites where i can edit my ordinary picture to look like those taken by a LOMO cam?
Ideas for taking pictures? (photography)?
Real-life size poster/floor-stand photo?
I want to be a photographer. What should i do.?
Is this photoshopped?
i need help looking for this type of picture...?
How do you define "High Quality" images?
Im a site on myspace not the best and im tired of the same look of my pictures?
How to take/edit pictures like these?
I have some old slides that I want to make into prints. how do I do this?
Which photograph is the superior?
What font did they used for the sugababes video denial?
Can you make me a picture?
I got water on my camera lense, and after I wiped it with a glasses-cloth it lookssmudged. How can I clean it?
Is there a free site where I can combine to pictures to make them look the same?
so i'm going to get a camcorder, tripod and visionlab...?
Photography Q: What does "ISO" mean?
Memory Card error......How to get picture back?
So you're an aspiring professional photographer?
who is mike arnspiger?
How do you transfer photos to tiles?
Can you help me folks or give me advise. Thanks!?
How do I transfer RAW files from my 40D,and view them on my PC afterwards?
Please help me choose my middle name.?
Is this a good headshot to submit to a casting agent?
how do i change the format of an image?
What camera is used for stars?
Why do people make art?? EASY s?
how would you be able to take a picture like this???
which picture better?
The More Expensive The Camera The Better The Photos Will Be?
50 mm 1.2 lens or 24-105mm lens?
I'm having a little trouble on photobucket?
Which image do you prefer? (Not photos of me, in case you were worried)?
As a nude male model what do you think about my book
Does Anyone Know How To Make There Pik Look Like This ????
Ideas for shooting wedding pictures? :)?
Camera settings at night?
What does cheese say when it has it's photo taken?
Rate this picture!?
Bird Photography?
What is a good name for a photography business?
Got any edgy/fun themed photoshoot ideas?
Photography Camera help.?
Good ideas for my photography class...?
Is this dark spot caused by condensation or dust? Taken at F/16 with a sony nex camera.?
is nikon d5100 a good photographers camera?
what do you think about this picture?
what DSLR should i go for?
I need some picture poses?
I'd like to do in Home Photography on Families and Infants, what do I need?
See yourself in the future. Photo changing program?
Anyone describe that question What are three of the choices under “White Balance” on your camera?
Title for a photography blog?
Is there anysite that has phrases that you can put under pictures?
I need picture of Luisana Lopilato?
Looking for some place new to explore for photographic opportunities?
I have to take a photo inspired by David Hockney and need help...?
What do you think of this picture I took?
How do you "blend" photos together to make it look like this?
Help with my photos?
What first sparked your interest in photography ?
Photography course need a professional camera what one should I get?
This is the best camera I have been able to find in India. I am disturbed that it is purple ?
Why does the quality of my photos degrade when I upload them to Photobucket/the web?
Dig. Photog Class... How to change (lower and raise) resolution and ISO/DOF?
I have a nikon d60 with the 18-55mm lens. What can I get for my camera to make my pictures look professional?
My ex-boy posted nude pics of me on several adult sites.?
how do i put a lens on a 35mm camera?
I have a small photography business and I am trying to keep track of my profit/expenses better...?
How hard is it to learn Photoshop?
Where can I get images without copyright protection?
glasses question?
Which of these photos do you like the best?
Searching with pictures?
what do you think of my new pictures?
Do National Geographic buy unusual photos of nature?
Could I sell my photos? or do I have to have a permit? Is it illegal?
Fall photoshoot ideas?
Where download picture, like young financial staff in New York Stock Market, reporter in Dow Jones 1898-1931?
what is a good photo idea for diversty means?
How should I ask people if they want to take a picture with me?
Do some models really work for TFP?
Experienced Photoshop users?
For all of you who have asked for advice about your first wedding photography job recently.....?
If price were no object, which DIGITAL camera would you recommend to a skilled photographer? Why?
Where can i find photoshop jobs online?
Wedding in October and I am looking for a good place to take our wedding photos in Lehigh Valley PA.Ideas?
How strict are the rules at Staples center about photography?
how to accept critism?
How does Costco ship their Photo Prints?
What is this photo affect?
Photography homework - help!?
Looking for a particular Model release form.?
Active D-Lighting, yes or no?
which tablet pc for a travelling photographer?
Sigma | Will Lenses fit?
Help me with photo shoot ideas please?
Interesting photography tutorials?
Are my photos good? I'm not too sure?
Is there a way of making your own GOOD light boxes for photography portraits. I have no spare cash really?
i want to take a photo of a photo being displayed on my camera screen without the 'zoom' symbol showing up?
Give me description of collapsible doors.?
What do you think about this poem (please read its short)?
What does this picture mean to you?
How do i make my camera take black and white or sepia photos?? long shot but help is really apreciated!!?
Do I have a Model inside me?
Does anyone know how to make a blurry photo to clear?
What are some basic tips for taking good photos?
Where download picture, like young financial staff in New York Stock Market, reporter in Dow Jones 1898-1931?
what do you think of my photography and how can i improve?
Does every Canon Rebel lens work on every Canon Rebel camera?
Should i buy a superzoom or cheap low end dslr?
I have a 70-300 and a 18-55 lens , how can I use them to have a macro on a budget?
Can you still get this ?
does the brand or quality of your cf card affect the quality of your photos too?
Portrait techniques?? help??
where can i get 8x10 photo frames and mat frames with the plastic covering in bulk for cheap online?
Contact Lens or Glasses?
Why in the studio digital photographer uses green bacgkround?
Photography magazines?
where can I get home photograph development for beginners?
How do I stop I prevent the flash catching a cats eyes when I'm taking photo's?
Help With Camera Angles & Photo Stuff?
how to put 2 or more pictures together to make one?
How can people that hire uncle Bubba to shoot their wedding be helped?
What sort of camera would you recommend for an 8 year old who is aspiring to be a photographer?
where can i find the photos that karl lagerfild is taking? does he have a gallery?
camera clubs?
What image agency saves pictures as 'normal__' when you save pictures?
how do i edit pictures of myself using photofiltre to say.. make skin paler or clearer and make my eyes pop?
naked pictures?
what is this picture of?
I found pix, on digital camera stick, hidden. These r px, of my daughter breast feeding my grandson. My husb?
What camera do you use?
I sent some pictures and would like to now how to save them or where save at on my tablet?
As an amateur photographer, how much should I charge?
How should I set my camera for shooting pics for night skies?
Gimp Ideas?
How many pictures does a 1gb card take for a fuji s700 camera?
I own a Digital Canon Rebel EOS 350D XT. I want to take star trail pictures.?
i'm a freelance photographer and want to know steps involved in selling my pictures?
how do i upload my avatar i made for my deviantart page?
Please Help Me Pick My Headshot...kind of an emergency?
Where can I buy Photography Paper in Roseville CA?
What lens gives a more bokeh effect?
How can I become FOOD photographer ?
Hi Please If someone had a photo taken on a CD cover and on the disk also without permission should they pay h
What is the name of this model?
Anyone know good cheep websites to develop digital pictures?
What measurement is aperture measured in?
Nikon N75 in digital photoshop?
Can I frame an Unstretched Canvas without having to stretch the canvas?
I need opinions on these pics!?
How do I take High Res photos with a Nikon D90?
Do cameras show what you really appear like to other people?
I ALWAYS get red-eye in pictures! Why?
Do professionals use Auto Focus on their DSLR's ??
Can i pre-dilute the developer the night before?
Which famous photographers use fire?
Whas the name when you speed a camera to...?
what is a good FREE photoshop?
what do you think of this i made my self?
what you think of my picture editing?
How to make a fake picture?
Is It possible to do double exposures with a canon digital rebel Xt?
How can I take better pictures?
(photography) How do I approach strangers on street? Help!?
Where can I go to get high quality prints of pictures that are on my computer?
Do you think this shot has too much contrast ?
Best online courses for free and best photography camera for someone with some what experience not much though?
how to put my picture in youtube?
Photography tips for jewelry pieces?
What print format can I get from a film camera? like 10x8?
Rooftop or public viewing platform of Surfer's Paradise, Australia,for HDR Photography. Help !?
Does anyone know of any good canvas sites?
What is the best IR filter to get, my spending limit is $20?
For my photography work...what building or shops in central london can i work on for THE URBaN ENVIRONMENT???
Photography inspiration?
Question regarding DSLR video & lenses?
What 35mm film camera do you use most often?
Where can I get images without copyright protection?
I need to see iron fence disignes how can i see different designs pictures?
How much does it cost to repair a light leak?
Which of these 2 photos do you enjoy more?
What kind of camera lens is this?
in a picture...?
Can you take a Bokeh style photo with a Kodak easyshare m575 camera?
How do i change the dimensions of a picture?
How old do you have to be to become a photographer?
What's the best way to take good dance recital pictures without a flash?
Does anyone know where this picture is?
What do I need to get started in dentistry?
what site can i get some medium sized jpeg avitars of tinkerbelle?
Do you like this picture?
critique on my photography:)?
Are digital cameras safe for a person who has epilepsy??