How to make two suns appear on a picture or video?
A photography composition question...?
Question for Photographers?
What does it take to become an National Geographic photographer?
Photography/poetry lovers?
what do you think of this picture?
Photo Editing Help... I use Corel Paint Shop Pro x2 for removing backgrounds from photos but?
Nikon SLR Cameras Please read?
does anyone know anything about photography in spain?
How to take/create pictures like this ?
OK I would like to use the SONY A65 for Time lapse star photography.?
I need to take my senior pictures but I want them to be different.. ideas?
How do I add color in my black and white photographs?
Photography questions?
Blocking People On Flickr
the best site for pictures and photos?
What do you think of the girl in this picture?? An opinion please!?
Best book about Darkroom Skills?
how will being a photographers assistant help me in the long run?
Are there any MFA programs offering a program in both photography and video/multimedia?
What photograph have you taken? What amatuer mistakes did you make?
Minolta XG9 Batteries?
I was a Photographer's assistant I got fired for flirting with a model after a fashion shoot?
Nikon - what does TTL stand for?
Flickr & watermarks.?
Does Answers generate too many poor critiques of photography?
How would you interpret this photo?
What is the best way to show a slideshow for a Bridal Show Booth?
Which of the following apertures could be used for selective focusing? A. F1.4 B. F22 C. F16 D. F11?
What picture goes with this photo?
Is this weird to photograph?
What do you think of my photos? I want honest answers.?
Where can I find cave or other enviornments for chroma keying?
dawnlod footo zoom?
Do i look like any celebrity? ( pictures inside)?
I need a cute creative name for my photography business?
How can i make all pics on a slide show full screen?Some r but some are small,these r images i got off IMAGES?
type in adobe element 7?
Inexpensive Darkroom?
does anybody know a good picture frame like this?
Has anyone recreated the antique Autochrome color glass plate photographic process?
What photoshop prgram can i change the hue/saturation in?
Can anyone tell me about ilia goland a soviet photographer?
what do use for photography? (for pros and interest)?
What happens if my film got exposed?
what type of camera should i get for starting photography?
What do you think of this photo?
Looking for a good portrait lens for a Canon 450D. Any suggestions?
Can someone please name me a Photographer that takes pictures of Distressed Things?
I'm stuck on my photographic essay, help!?
Any ideas for photography project?
where i can find a fotos for christimas decoration?
Photography in a graveyard?
Good beginning camera for photography?
i need to find a web site for photoghers?
Models/photographers-Did they shoot me at the wrong angle?
How can I film with shallow depth of field on my camera?
Does anyone know where I can get a holga camera from?
Where do I go to find about James Van DerZee's adult life?
what do you call those red and blue pictures of famous people?
First time model photo shoots?
Where do I find the expiry date on a roll of film?
If your a photographer on your wedding day , did you do the weddings image or did you hire a photographer ?
how to edit pictures?
can you tell my if my photo is good enough to win a photography contest?
To all professional photographer's on here: When did you first become interested in photography?
I'm trying to find a photo blog I saw about a year ago?
Is this picture good?
how can i make a small pic big?
How Do You Do Galaxy Edits?
if a photo hasnt got copyright on the back, can i get it copied / blown up ?
why would you want a polaroid camera?
What is installation photography?
do painters realize there are these useful things called cameras?
Suggestions for an old black and white vintage themed room.?
Gimp 2.8 for the Mac?
The closest picture to this?
how do you change your picture?
Can you become a underwater photographer for national geographic?
What are those pictures called...?
How to put my image (4)on the question?
how to tell if a person is the same in different pictures?
Black tape for covering camera details?
Quantaray Tech-10 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6?
How to write one-two sentences quotes on a photo? Pls answer no one is answering?
where can i go online to get good world war 2 photos?
How to re-create pictures from the 90's?
fun things to do with fotos over the internet?
What materials did film makers use [esp 50's-70's] in sci-fi films &tv progs, to generate brilliant....
What are good picture captions for sunsets?
Photos printed in sizes 2.5" x 3.5" and 3" x 3" .?
Where in Singapore can I find the Yashica EZ F521 'Digital Holga' which are still in stock?
I want to start selling my photography, but how can I find out if they're good enough to sell?
What kind of camera does Spencer Tunick use for his massive nudes?
what issm about?
transportation photographers?
How do I get out of being a "Typical Teenage Photographer?"?
I need to find a photographer in Central Floirda that will do pin-up photography.?
What kind of chemicals or house hold producsts can I use to "melt" or black out 16mm film.?
how do i ad a little bit of color to a black and white photo?
Could we be Abercrombie models? Yes or no.?
Camera for long exposure/night photography?
How has photography influenced social change?
Constructive Criticism!?
Looking for a custom sign?
What websites are there to enter cool photos???
i want to be a photographer but im only .... help plz?
What Is an affordable professional camera for beginners ?
A question about tumblr.?
Will printing my photo at a larger size be a problem?
who is the most beutiful girl in th world and why?
Who is the guy who uses photographs he takes and uses photoshop and makes these great abstract photos? ?
I want to send my photos for someone to look at and tell me what they think, who can i send them to?
Would a shutter speed of 1/350 be ok for a still image with 400 iso film?
Can Anybody explain how the person had done this picture?
How do i shoot and edit something with a green screen?
La sardina camera lens?
How can I take good photos?
ASL and Photography Collages?
Scrapbooking issues ?
do you think this picture is scary?
Is it possible to silk screen at home, inexpensively and effectively?
what are some ideas for a birthday video?? and help me with my camera?
How to make a picture from 15Mb to 300kb but maintain the pixel-size?
What is your opinion on this picture?
good quality 37mm fisheye lens?
Video Photography Question?
i need photos to set in my group how can i get plese tell m can i save photosin my group i dont have photos?
Do you think that photography is something you must learn or do you think some people have natural talent?
how to save part of an image and use somewhere else?
What makes a model your favourite?
how do I wear a kimono/obi?
On photobucket how can I get rounded edges on my picture?
So... I have a Fisheye two, How do I remove the film?
Where can I find a picture of a attractive girl in a convertible car i.e. bmw, mercedes, audi - side view?
What is it that makes a Photographer?
how can i take a picture like this?
need to buy a amateur/professional level camera!!?
follow on tumblr...................?
Photography classes in Beavercreek, Ohio?
How can one distinguish abstract art and graphic arts in photography?
Do you take pictures with a pink camera?
Tips on how to take inside phtographs ?
What is your Favorite Holiday Picture???
How do I start in the wedding photography field?
Humber College for photography?
Moving picture...?
Don't want to charge alot since im not a pro, but don't I need to charge SOMETHING? ?
In photography, how can I focus on a close object and make the background blurry or vice-versa?
How do i make my pictures rainbow?
I would like to know how to launch a porn site?
Why is beauty inherent in photos?
have pictures of my kid stored in the phone, Where could I go in Houston to print and have them in frames?
How did i send a picture?
I need some relevent photographers to research!?
do you carry photographs in your wallet?
rewinding film in film camera?
can anyone recomend good digital photo editing software?
how do i improve my photography!?
In your opinion, which of these two sets of two photos are the best?
When I adjust my aperture on my digital camera my pictures come out black and white. How can this be prevente?
STUMPER!Do u know the title&artist for a photo w/ 8 women standing behnd a fence with a sign "No Men Allowed"?
what do you think about this photos?
Do you like my photographs? Am i any good? Photo links inside.?
What are 5 occupations that heavily rely on photography?
Getting my first film camera.. recommended ones?
Should I do photography as a career? Please help!?
Does anyone know where to find this picture?
What are some photography classes that I could take online?
Any free photo publisher other than flickr? pleeeease?
Should I include a photo in a cover letter?
Please recommend me some tumblr/blogs/sites that contain peaceful, beautiful images of nature?
How much should I charge?
Which lens for a beach wedding?
How do you do an intervention for someone who just does way too much HDR?
photograph/image of veerapandiya kattabomman?
Help With Photography?
Do you like to see your images straight after youve taken them or do you like time to pass?
How big could I print a 35mm negative film image with this scanner?
How much is a vintage Weston camera worth?
What are some ways I can print out photos with my digital camera?
For long tonality and good acuity I have been using Rodinal since 1994. Anything new, any recommendations?
How to prevent pictures from sticking in photo albums?
Photo of twins - opposite genders?
New to photography, advice and suggestions appreciated!!?
What do you think is responsible for creating the orb effect in photographs and video?
Why does the color change when I convert pdf to tiff? Can I fix this? THANKS!!?
Photographers: Where do you get your pictures processed ?
What do you think of this picture? please read?
I'm sending in a head shot for...?
Resize digital pics for picture frames. Any websites?
Can anyone find me a picture...?
Instagram usernames? Please help. Photography.?
Which is better? the Fujifilm mini 7s instax instant camera or the Fujifilm mini 25 instant camera?
I want to be a photographer, please help?
I need ideas for my digital photography classes Allegory project.?
Help: Polaroid Spirit 600
mitchell davis photography?
How to upload new photo?
Anyone mind critiquing my photography?
Does anyone know how to make prints from old super 8 MM film?
What is a photographers favorite month?
What do you need to build your own dark room?
How much do photographers sell canvas prints for?
How do i clip photos to polyvore?
How can I get my pictures to look like...?
What is thety limit for photographing a 15 year old boy?
Do you think all photographs have to have a meaning behind them?
Can you recognize her?
What are the popular online stock photo agencies in Japan?
The "Me Generation" and it's effect on photography?
Need to know location of abandoned airfield in Portland OR for photo shoot!?
I am doing lots of interior photography with Architects & Interior Designers.My ambition is to work abroad?
Describe this picture in one word?
where can i edit pictures online?
who like how my photo look?
PLEASE!!! Questions about My rights and Photographer's right for commercial photograph?
I want to print 6x4 prints off my laptop?
Job at Photography at 16?
subject matter for good photography.?
Should I attend a Photography university ? do i have any talent ?
Thinking about getting an Ep-3 few concerns....?
Where is this gif. taken from?
How do you categorize this person based in his photo ?
Can pics edited with basic photo editing software be called tru photogarphy?
How can I edit a picture of someone's face so it looks like the Obama hope campaign posters?
How do you know if a photograph is a snapshot or fine art? Is there a difference?
How do you make photos look vintage on iPhoto?
Where can I find a site where I put in my picture and they place me in different scenes like red carpet, etc.?
DOES ANYONE KNOW A WEBSITE to add special effects to my pictures?
Can you tell me what you think of my photography? (Flickr link inside)?
What do you think of my model?
Photographers Assistant?
Only 5 easy questions, please help photographers......?
Is this picture Photoshoped?
Photo effects....?
what is color splash for pictures?
Does any body know where to find a whole bunch of these pictures and what are they called?
How do you "conjoin" two different pictures together to look like a smooth mix of both images?
Snapshoting more then 1 picture with prtSc?
Photo editing apps? ?
Do all 46mm filter lens fit a 46mm lens adapter?
Does this photo look artistic?
How do I take professional photo's of a night club?
Any good colleges/schools for fashion photography?
What are some good websites, discussion forums, or books for a novice photographer?
What is the difference between a Leica V-Lux 1 and the Panasonic DMC-FZ50?
What is the best resolution to use when digitizing standard color 35mm slides?
Best place to have professional pictures printed?
When photographers take a portrait, how do they make the person's skin look flawless?
Canon G9 CHDK time lapse?
Do photographs take away part of your soul?
i have my first modeling shoot next month?
Who changed the photograph of the queen so that she looked asian??
Photography Advice Anyone?
I am looking for information on UK Forensic Photography, anyone know of any good Sites, Books or Magazines !!!
What do you think of me? (pics included)?
Snapfish discount code currently available?
Could I still be a model?!?
where can i find links to digital photography tips(pdf) with sample photos(with description)?
When mailing out headshots and resumes does my cover letter & resume HAVE to be the same size as my headshot?
I would like to find someone to take my pictures and make a scrapbook for me.?
What are some props to use in Chistmas pictures?
what is the best camera to buy if you dont like using dslr..(i dont like them, too bulky,changing lens etc)?
I'm looking for a famous photographer who colours just one object in his/her photos?
I want to enter a picture in to my myspace blog?
What do you think of this photo I took?
Get my Pictures on Instagram?
Is my Photography Decent?
Do you like my Photography?
Taking good pictures with a lens without image stabilization?
How can I change a picture from TIF format to .jpeg format?
What do you think of this photo?
how can i get a job as a film editor?
How to make a photo mosaic? Can anyone please tell me? What software do I need to make such photo effect? Thnx
How to control light streaks in video/photo?
i need help with Adobe Photoshop?
CFL bulbs for Smith Victor photo floods?
what do you think of my photography?
How can i be a photographer when no one wants to hire me to get experience?
other then the obvious camera, what does it take to be a photographer?
Changing pictures on here?
how do you like my photography?
Which image size is better to capture pictures?
what's a good program for editing photos?
Where are these pictures from?
How would you describe this picture?
What camera mode is this? (Picture Example Included)?
What type of rock or jem is this???
Diana Mini film help?!?
I'm looking for a photographer in Naples,FL?
Can someone help me find a bigger picture of this?
How can you make it look like you're in four places in a picture?
Who was the best photographer at true "Fine Art" nude figure study?
how do you make a time lapse video?
How do I prove that I AM the Photographer?
Cool Time-Lapse Photography Ideas?
could someone please answer this question i need help?
which picture is better?
Can you rate these pictures? BE HONEST?
I need professional photography advise?
Whats a good picture for this?
How's my photography?
Changing file format?
i want to shoot myself?
Do mirrors lie or do photos lie?
Does anyone now where to find a smaller picture of this?
I'm looking for a picture.....?
Good camera under $275?!?!?
Some feedback on my photos? (Link to Flickr)?
what would it take to become a professional event photographer??
Which is better looking?
How to rotate a picture WITHOUT cropping it??!!?
How do you break through the photography industry at entry level?
Where i can get a free q&a for class 4 exams of mmd?
Photography help? How to put it together?
what do you think...?
How to take good photographs of the stars (I'm a beginner)?
Does anyone know what is the best or most popula film use in Lomo Lomography (UK)?
How i get a job in photograph in Europe?
Is my group on flickr more successful than most?
Anybody know a decent professional camera?
can you still use film past its expiration date?
what are site models?
What is the #1 rule of photography?
Am I good at photography? (photos included)?
What is the difference between of White Balance Filter and Custom White Balance ?
how do you change pictures clothers like this?
Difference between 'Circles of Confusion' & 'bokeh' ?
What is a good way of finding models to shoot when in a foreign country (UK) and never having shot people?
Which picture would be better to enter into the "Animals" category in a photography contest?
New Nikon lenses on old Nikon film SLRs?
Are my photos any good?
Are pictures taken with a higher resolution have better quality than the lower ones?
Best program for resizing photographs?
Do you think my photography is good, and worth going for a career in it?
what do you think of these pictures .. honestly !!?
editing programs-look older?
how much would it cost to get pictures at magic photos?
how can I print several pics(thumbnails size) on a word document?
Show some Inspiration?
Occupational hazards in the darkroom?
just bought a refurbished camera . should i be concerned?
Photographer Opinions! am I any good??
Why Should I Use Aperture And Shutter Priority Modes When Manual Combines Both?
The Best Free Animated Greeting Cards list?
I bought a 8x10 View Camera. Any labs still develop 8x10 b&w negatives?
Is there software that will recognise multiple photos scanned in on 1 sheet and save them as separate files?
Will a RF remote flash trigger work with a dedicated flash?
Where can I reviews for services that convert a large number of negatives and/or photos to digital?
Are any Top Contributors going to boycott the Selective Color questions?
I received an email called 'the real meaning of words' and there is a photo in it...?
What is digital SLR anyway?
Any good local photographers?
What is this a picture of?
horse photo shoot question?
Do you like any of my pictures? Which is your favorite?
Photo questions.?
Lens on a crop lens camera?
selling original 35mm/polaroid...?
Why are my photos developing dull and lifeless *35mm* TIPS PLEASE :)?
How to get in Elite/Ford Model Agencies?
Can you tell if a photo has been photoshoped?
Do you own DSLR's, but use Point and Shoot cameras, too?
Time-Lapse Video question?
Can you tell me your opinions on these pictures?
How big of a reflector do you need to take pics of nature . . .like leaves, rocks, etc?
Family pictures! Never had a pro pic before!?
what's the difference between a 100-400mm lens and just a 400mm?
flash photography?
what does anyone think of the new cannon XTi rebel?
how to use holga 135 tim?
is there a way to capture a picture from a video off youtube?
DSLR Aperture ISO and Shutter speed... Help me understand...?
Tips on shooting in low key lighting?
were could i submit pictures?
should i get retakes on my senior pix?
what is beuty ?
New to photography, advice and suggestions appreciated!!?
How to submit images to Getty image?
EF vs EFS whats the difference?
How do I put my old photo's using my negatives onto a CD?
camera photo comparison site?There was one but I forgot name of it.u typed wat camera and it would give you?
looking for pictures from my son's graduation?
How much does a photographer make in a year?
photography help? (on distorted reality)?
Question about mounting photographs on wood?
I got a used Polaroid Impulse and I don't know if it works. How can I check if it works? ?
What is the origin of photography and who exposed Picture at first time?
How do you get bokeh like this on a camera?
Is this photo creative/interesting or just boring?
A photography site where you can enter competitions?
format of aged trial balance?
I'm a senior in AP Studio Art. I'm doing a photoshoot tomorrow and I need some ideas. Help?
Can you take a picture of another picture?
photo shop experts please help?
Professional photographers..are these photos good?
how do you merge two pictures together whenever i do it in paint it just piles them up is there a sprogram?
any free site for photos?
Why the photos must be contrast,sharpest and brilliant?
What do you think...?
profesional concert photographers?
I need help with my greenscreen?
Good first camera to get into photgraphy?
Have any ideas for a theme to use in my photoshop class project?
Do you like this photo?
I need a picture of...?
Whats that camera called that you touch the screen and it takes the picture that exact second?
How do I shrink a photo down to 5KB?
Is it me or are so many 'professional' photographers just plain stupid?
Need a place to show off my pictures and allow people to comment on them does that exist? ??
How can I get my vivitar & emotions icons to re-appear in my email?
What do you think of this picture from brazil??
what is it called when you take a shot with your camera and can get more that one picture at a...?
Can someone please tell me the name of this model?
Can you tell me any artists/photographers who draw or take pictures everyday things?
I own a Canon 30D and would like to know lots of info?
A question for the professional photographers?
What kind of exposure..?
Naked in the streets?
Ideas for a photography entry, please help?
Im wanting to scan a picture, and it's saying somthing about trouble shoot what is that?
Are there any places that deveop 35mm film in Baku, Azerbaijan?
How do I make my photobucket look like this?
Does anybody know of any other websites similiar to Postsecret, Asoftworld or Photbucket even?
invogorating in picture?
what do i need to put a photo on my computer?
Do professional photographers usually give copyrights to their clients?
What should I title this image ?
Need an Image projector that can fit in a tight space?
Want prints on Kodak Endura Metallic paper - how?
Where do I start to become a model?
Business major and photography minor?
i need a new tumblr name?
would you buy this piece of art?
Should I go to a photography school such as SVA or get a small job and take pictures all the time?
Am I a hypocrite to dislike HDR but not infrared?
What is this photo technique called?
Could i model?
What is this a picture of?
How do I take quality senior pictures?
does walgreens make pictures smaller?
What are some good cameras?
Which camera is better? Canon or Nikon?
Where are good cheap photographers in the Seattle Area for headshots?
What would I use to get a warmer color of lighting to my photography?
Is this photo digital or film?
do you know how to snap a photo with this effect?
where can I get bulk photo processing in the uk?
Anyone here creative/love photography?
Black spots on viewfinder?
How do i make a picture like obamas?
what do the following parts of a camera do?
Motion Blur & Movement, HELP!?
where can i find photography vocabulary?
Taking pictures of strangers creepy?
Is it worth the upgrade from 50mm 1.8 to 1.4?
Is it weird to get professional photos done after dating six months?
I need some serious help over here because I'm stoopid?
what does this image say to you?
I'm a wedding photographer looking for a new printing lab, any suggestions???
Taking pictures/filming at live concerts?
picture editing?
if you could ask Ansel Adams any question what would it be ?
honestly, what do you think of this pic?
on photoshop how do i make the edges of my picture curved like "(" only on the edges instead of pointy?
what is a good photo editing program?
Help with picture editing please ?
where can i find the website for this photographer i met?
What is ISO and how does it affect exposure?
What lens should I get next?
Which picture is good?
In a place like this, would a black or a white suit look better?(photo)?
Why is my new photoshop CS6 video stuttering ?
Which 2 pictures are the best?
lens stays out, light flashes, screen stays dark, then nothing?
Help with famous photography sites?
Will a 160 w/s light kit work?
what do you think of my photography?
I am taking photography... how does this look?!?
if i get this polaroid camera, will the film from the "impossible project" work in it?
If you were to become a photographer then what photography would you do?
i want to learn photography in jaipur?
Who is this model in the picture?
Is ther a way to change the default stroke color of red to another color in Photoshop CS2?
can pictures be put back into the camera?
Polaroid film?
does anyone know anything about Kevin bauman the photographer?
How much should i change to photograph a wedding?
Will it increase?
Why is it that they don't allow FLASH photography in mueseums?
A nice place to take pictures at?
Some Questions about Photography Club?
Do u think she can do glamour shots with the proper makeup?
Photography Forums???
what type of photoshop?
how owuld i print these pics out?get them developed?
Taking pictures?
how do you come up with a fair price on a one of a kind celebrity photograph?
Hi. Could you take a look at my photography and...?
Do I need to buy hosting to have a website via Lightroom?
Looking for some ideas for t-shirts,license plates, or bumper stickers in regards to photography.?
Question about Picasa 3?
de-blur a picture on photofiltre?
im doing photography in college but i need to do documentary photos i can be anything really from one extrema?
Good Bridge Cameras for around £170?
how do you edit a picture like this? pls? help i really want to know :(?
Can someone help me with the attributes of photography?
help me find photography classes in my area?
Do you like these pictures? why or why not?
Image editing software capable of combining multiple images for HDR effect?
What does the tattoo on the blonde's back say in the photo by Thom Harrison 2005???
can u get pictures from ur pc to a memory stick to develop?
Some awesome galleries of pics?
which is better, black and white, or color?
Best place to have professional pictures printed?
What is the best way to sell my Photography? What are my most lucrative options?
What logo is this ?
which of these aperture settings indicates a fast lens?
Where can I get the CHEAPEST 8x12 photo prints?
Where to put a 'tag' on a photo?
why does my camera video mode have a shutter priority setting?
backdrop with projector?
I need help hiring a strong man for photo shoot in the UK?
What's the best photo editing program that you can get for $100 or less?
Why are my black and white digital photos printing out with a green tint?
What do you think of this photo I took?
Do I look like my dad?
Photography kit help?
you know the photographers at concerts that stand behind the security and photograph the band?
Levitation photo? Is there any way to make a levitation photo using iPhone? ?
opinions and verdict on GIMP?
How do you make pictures like this?
What is the name of this picture in Red Robin in Longmont?
If you are interested in photography, could you look at these photos?
Whats the best way to exhibit this photo?
Australian teen photography competitions?
can anybody tell me how to use tone curve wisely ?
How does this picture make you feel? What emotion is it?
Un photogenic professional pictures always kinda ugly.?!?!?
i have finepix s9500 how can i connect it to meade etx-70at to take photos?
Can I use my picture that a photographer took for any purpose w/o copy write mess?
How can I improve my photography?
walmart pictures taken?
I have a digital camera and would like to upload slides of my friends artwork to use in youtube....?
Which Teleconverter should I buy?
Photographer in San Fransisco...I think?
Do you always smile for pictures?
Does anyone know the name of the model in this picture?
Any 1 know about motion capturing?can i study tht?plz suggest me.....?
MW2 montage effects in AE or iMovie?
Photography technique question?
How do I purchase a picture from the internet?
Will you miss polaroids?
how do you make blinking pictures on gimp?
Pentax ME Super photos to computer?
Where can I find pictures of iCarly?
Check out my pictures on flickr!?
when you look in the mirror?
I need help on photo editing please?
Is editing your photographs "cheating"?
Is it odd to ask someone at a park to take pictures of them for a photography assignment?
im 17 and quite interested in photography. Waht would the best and cheapest camera to buy ?
Where can an aspiring photographer get started in around Duluth!?
How do you remove a crease from a photo without ruining it?
Is picnik or snapseed for the iPod a better photo editing app?
Websites for bing images please?
promer and dawzer rules & Groneeg models?
Help me please!!! Photography question ?
Bag for my Nikon D40 DSLR?
What should I name my Photography business?
could i be a model (as a hobby)?
How do i get green screen effects?
Help getting photos printed
Beginning photographer?
how to move pics from Finepix to my documents?
How can I get more comments on my Dailybooth Pics?
Polarizer Filter vs. UV filter for best scenery?
I just bought a lens for my camera but got sold an extra filter that i'm not sure I need?
I want to print a photo on plexiglass. How can I do this without getting it done professionally?
Instagram- Give me a caption to this picture?
Does my photography really suck? Is it not for me?
Great outdoor colour film??
When can overexposed lighting be justified?
My photos are on display for the first time on Sunday. Why am I nervous of public reaction?
Do you know any photo galleries/exhibits in nyc?
How do you create a UFO hoax?
which picture do you like better of me?
Anyone ever order from ??
Just submitted these photos to reno newspaper...What do you think of them?
how do i center things in photoshop elements?
Do I look ok (pictures) I'm 14 and a boy?
Will a 1024x764 picture look terribly bad if I order it to get printed in 5x7 size at Walmart?
collage on a world without laws?
I need help finding...?
How much should I charge for my photography?
Are these pictures good?
Do you like these pictures of grasshopers I took a few mins ago
Where is this place ? (photo link)?
where is there a good professional photo studio?
What camera shall I buy if going to attend college photography course?
PHOTOGERAPHY timelapse proper timing?
Photoshoot Ideas Please!?
I have a Nikon D40x and would like a speedlight. I am looking at sb400 and sb600.?
where can i sell my digital photos?
Are these good shots?? ?
Help name my photography company?
Regarding proper photo attribution.?
Please rate these photographs based on how they look to you?
Can Walmart develop C-41 colour film?
Tips for working with a photo box?
I'm changing my Tumblr URL?
Any ideas for some awesome pictures that would look professional?
How can I take pictures and images and change the size and shape?
Where can I find a good picture editing website?
Where can i get a huge custom poster printed for someones birthday party?
where can i enter a art/picture contest online?
What are som famous Living, Non-American Photographers?
How to work out what (37mm) wide angle lens is needed?
How is photography an art form from its beginnings to today?
Difference between http nd url?
Selling your photography?
Did you find that upgrading from a consumer/prosumer body & lens fill a void your photos may have been missing?
Is it too late for me to change career ? Photography for instance ?
What's the cheapest place to get a Nikon D40?
Taking pictures underwater?
Do you like my photoshopped pic? (included)?
Have you ever heard of photography being used to help recuperating stroke victims?
Adobe Photoshop Cs3?
Question on photo editing software.?
Where can I find a remote trigger for a Minolta X 9?
Best settings for Cloud photos?
How to retrieve pictures from my digital memory card.?
What are your thoughts on this image, how might you crop or render it?
is my animal photography any good?
Can C-41 film be cross processed in B&W chemistry?
could i model (2 pictures)?
Looking for a decent digital camera?
are people destroying what is real by perfecting it through photo manipulation?
Who is this model/photographer of this photo?
What's that little symbol on the camera stand for??
hey can someone critique my photography?
Do you think this is silly? is a con modeling instute and they are salling models pictures?
somebody with good eyesight help?
Would you buy this photo?
Why don't they do this to point and shoot cameras?
anyone know how to take pictures of something without a camera or a webcam or a phone?
As you stop-down, what happens to the depth of field and light passing through the aperture?
how was the lighting done for this video?
whats the go with women and their body image???
What are the best ways to archive historical family photos?
does anybody know the serial number to photoshop elements 5.0?
What is the top rated, best camera for Outdoor photography?
photography... what do you think?
I want to become a professional photographer, how do I go about doing this?
how to make a smaller pattern in photoshop?
Am I a good photographer?
which pc confrigration is photo edting purpse?
Photo editing help pleasee?!?
How do I mimic david hockney's weaving technique on photoshop?
HELP! Need great Denver indoor locations for engagement photo shoot!?
Photos not in JPEG format?
what everyday objects would make a good photogram as well as being good in a studio picture on medium format?
Photo camera?Please answer!!!?
my photography what do you think?
Photographers Who Has Worked With Models?
Question about AF mode on a Nikon?
Where can I find these certain kinds of Jordan Todosey photos ?
how do you do face makeovers on photoshop elements 8?
Is Annie Leibovitz, the photographer, still living?
What settings should I use ?
Why does my poster's face seem more pale and have a darker grin?
Does a top contributor on y/a photography still need a portfolio?
Which lens or lenses should I get Next?
how to make photo like this?
Picture of me, do I really look that young?
can someone show me a picture of a cthulu?
How do you remove portrait waterproof marks on proof pictures?
What do you think? (looking for critique, tips, etc.)?
How does one retrieve photos from their photo gallery?
How can i find bangladeshi model actress nude picture?
What are thumb photos?
A photo that reflects my personal style?
How to remove a smile from a photo?
What do I need to know to build and run a TV/Film studio?
what does trade prints mean?
How do i clip photos to polyvore?
Would you trust a non-professional photographer for your wedding?
Central Oklahoma Engagement Pictures in Fall?
How does this effect work on Picnik?
looking to buy my first lomo camera. advice?
Angle Or Shoot?
Need help changing my hair color?
Is this a nice photo(photography wise).?
Why am i so ugly in pictures?
does anyone know where i can buy wedding albums in a bulk?
how much will my kodak film cost if i was to get the pictures filmed its a diposable camera?
Have you seen the photo of a doctor operating on a baby in the womb?
doe's any one know where i can watch this flim?
Caption of photograph of reflection of trees from river?
If you buy a photo from a professional photographer, are you allow to do whatever you want with it?
Whats the best/easiest way to downsize photos?
Best college to major in photography?
Can you critique this photograph?
Why cant i take a good picture?
Does this photo look professional or not?
do you think i could be a photographer? im 15..?
photography chemicals.. hands?
I attached a photo i want to know which effect are they used or which software are they used...?
what are these type of pictures called?
How can I give my pictures an aged look?
Nikon D5000.....?? or any other in range of 50K?
How do I get my digital pictures to be a smaller file size without destroying the image?
Changing the background in a digital photo?
How does a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera work?
What lenses should I buy?
How much do models get paid?
Is it bad to tag a photo with a friend?
Does Nikon 50mm f/1.8D has better bokeh than Nikon 35mm F/1.8g?
Academy of Art University for Photography?
Ideas for a photography project at school?
how to correct color/lighting in digital pictures?
Photography.... what do I need to make a simple home or office based studio... just to do headshots etc...?
which software, does professional photographers use, for editing photos? in india?
I need five advantages of cameras...?
can you auto adjust all photos in aperture?
How to run a wedding photography, videography business through a website without studio?
Would like to buy photography studio kit?
What do you think of this fall picture ?
Ideas for a film study project?
I want to get into photography. Help?
Anyone know a good way to post picture from a digital camera on e-bay or on the computer?
What are some good starter canon lenses?
what does this thingy do?!?
Can Super 8 film be processed even with some unexposed film left?
What program to use to add a black round frame to a photo with a fisheye effect?
Which is better?
Want any old photos restored?!?
Quality Photo Digital Cameras?
A word to all Photographers.?
Can someone link me to this picture?
how much money do you think the guy who took the Mega Crystals of Naica pictures made?
My first model shoot... need advice/tips!?
Any unique and new ideas for a pinup photo shoot?
Why girls dont put their photographs on social connecting orkut?
pictures to take?
Your opinion on these pictures?
how to check camera picture size in xperia u?
tokina 11-16 vs sigma 8-16?
whats the app where the photo looks shaky with red and blue outlines?
where the to buy dslr lenses the cheapest?
How can you become a videographer?
About the Black Nazarene?
How would you describe photography?
Am I a good photographer?
What kind of lens do I need...?
Does anybody know the difference between a regular and EI and late back for a bronica camera?
How do you edit a picture like this?
Where can I sell my photos?
A decent camera to start photography?
What do you think of my model?
How would you go about creating a lens that filters out every color so you see black and white?
iMove video effect "Old World" transfer/apply to Photos...?
How do I upload a picture with my question?
Do you think this client has a case against his photographer?
honest opinion on pictures?
wered can I find sexy fotos bye ricody.?
I have a very old 35mm camera. I'm just trying to see what is it worth?
Good camera for me - love photography, 15 years old?
Why do eyes turn red during photographs?
How many pixels do professional photographers use?
Somebody took a photo of me...?
things to say to a modeling agency when submitting a entry?
Did you get a good picture of the eclipse last night?
Please remove white background from a image for me?
Which photo is better?
what happens to film if you dont use a uv filter?
What are some good cameras?
Is there anyone that could a photo for me?
Should I take my headshots with this photographer? Is his quality good? Please help!?
will this cap fit my lens?
Does anyone know where this picture is from?
Why do people *think* they have to upgrade cameras every year?
Does anyone know where I can find the picture of a face in the sky from 9/11?
Itsy Bitsy light tent ??????
Which picture of me is better?! To choose as my facebook default LOL?
What do you think of these pictures?
where in the uk can you study wildlife photography?
how far is 0.85m?
Does anyone have a good camera for sale?
Nikon D200 formatting = resetting file name?
am i right in thinking.......................
Princess Diana gym pictures?
Lighting Equipment for Indoor Digital Photography ?
Who are some good people to follow on Tumblr?
Any tips on taking good pics of a one year old?
How do you clean...?
What would 58mm lens be good for?
Camera lens attachments?
how do u put 2 pictures together as one?
What's wrong with this picture?
any recommended sites that pay forty?
Does anyone have experience of an electronic photoframe?
Photography with corel photoshop XI?
When someone asks for a critique of their photography, what do they really want?
Adobe Photoshop CS6....please help !!!!!!?
have anyone heard .of that slide where it looks like you are stepping?
Where in Manhattan can I buy ISO 400 (or higher?) slide film 120 rolls?
What is picture hopping?
Can anyone tell me who this photographer is?
how did she take this pic?
How do you take a silhouette pic.?!?
should i buy a new camera or just a new lens?
What is the differeance between a 35mm SLR camera and other cameras in the 35mm family?
Shooting a film noir inspired
What are some good picture scenery?
How can i make a black and white photo with the eyes only having color?
How can i take good photos at night without the blur?
What kind of photography equipment do I need to start out with?
anyone have a raw image .taken from a camera or where i can find one? i dont have a camera nor have access?
explain the use of photography in advertisement with the help of computer?
Photography Magazines?
Getting ready for FALL senior photos. Help?
HELP!!! i need ideas for father-daughter portrait poses!?
How do people achieve these kinds of effects on a photo?
Which picture is your favorite that you have of your pet ?
Making multiple pictures one?
I need a good caption for this picture!?
Who is the best photographer working today?
Any ideas on good places to take professional photos in Little Rock, AR?
digital artists?
Great Quality Professional Camera?
Amateur photography- does anyone know of any contests and/or exhibits for amateurs in the Albany-Kingston, NY?
How much are disposable cameras and were will can I get one from?
Where can I download Photofiltre?
video for public view?
What is a good camera for taking up close pictures?
How can i make a shooting out effect like the following on Photobucket? [picture]?
hdr file? ...?
i want to edit pictures for people...?
pictures from 1960's, that were yellow, which camera / setting is that?
Should I get a pennyboard or polaroid?
Is it ok to push a tranny?
put picture together?
Photo-editing! how can i overlap/layer photos, so one is transparent?
how to get a edited photo on photobucket back into you documents? HELP!?
What is your opinion on this picture?
Grad Pictures - how to print them myself?
what do you think of these? need comments?
Can you make this?
Does it matter the cost of the tripod i wanna buy ?
what are timings for cirtificate course in fashion photography in lakhotia institute of design,hyderabad ?
How do I transfer a photo onto a coffee cup/mug at HOME?
Can you make a 3d picture to watch on a 3d hdtv?
how could i improvee my photography of this rose?
How can I get picture effects on my phone?
What are the job duties of Travel Photography?
Do you think that my pics , have any meaning to them?
Where does a compact camera wins over a DSLR!!?
Beach photo shoot ideas?!?!?!?
Glamour Shots...what a scam!!!?
Ladies only...?
Cropping my photography photos?
Converting from RAW to JPG is there usually a coloour saturation difference?
Is this a good deal for 1st DSLR?
who is edfoto?
Contrast ideas in photography?
Shutter speed on my digital camera?
Photobucket not working help?
Fotogs: I'm puzzled about the blue in this photo, should I leave it ?
Ideas for series on flickr?
What's Difference With Using A Professional Photographer?
In need of some photographers!!!:(?
can I use sunlight for taking photographs?
what do photographers use props for in portraits?
Who is this redhead model, looks familiar?
Art Institute of Chicago?
High pixel HD Camcorder or Digital SLR Camera?
What's the best photo editing program that you can get for $100 or less?
What size pictures go into high school graduation invitations?
How do you set the shutterspeed to 10 secs or more on the Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z10?
How do you edit pictures like this?
Can you take light graffiti pics in shutter priority mode as opposed to manual?
Do you like my photography?
every time you move the camera and put it in a new place it is called a?
Cool fx lense help for events.?
What do you think about these pics of my kitten ?
new camera lens???????
What picture is a better headshot of me?
Questions about Kodak P880?
Good DSLR under £200?
how do you change your aviator mines stuck on a guys pic and im a girl lol???
I have several orb type circles showing in photographs, please give me info regarding that in pictures.?
how can i do photo edits like they do on bebo?
When taking RAW pictures, how come when I open them in PS they aren't "vivid" or "monochromatic" but default?
Where can I get a good quality aerial photo of one of my homes?
Could I develop image from my cell phone?
how do you age a person on a photo?
Online Photography Contest?
BJD question- Is it ok for guys to....?
What camera does emily vancamp use in "Brothers and sisters" episode 2x12?
Is it just me, or does it feel like a cold arctic wind blowing in your eye just by looking at this picture?
What Lens do you think is better for Wildlife?
Which photo should I use?
What Is A Close Up Shot Picture?
How can I scan photogrqaphic slides to make qulity digital pictures? Pricey?
Hey I was wonder if there are any professional make up out there I really need a interview?
What do you think of my photography? How could I improve?
Posing nude for fun?
BANYAN TREE picture.....jpg image.....very good resolution?
Do you think a Photographer Should have a college degree?
Which digital camera?
What's the cheapest DSLR camera?
what is a good business name for photography and graphic design and web design co?
Anyone know who this photographer is? (from description)?
What do you think of these photos i shot of my dog?
Beginning Free Lance Photographer, can anyone give me any tips? Please only serious answers.?
How do you charge for college campus photography?
photoscape effects download?
how can i put my portrait photo on my blog?
photoshop question!?
have anyone heard .of that slide where it looks like you are stepping?
Why do professional photographers have so many cameras?
Real stores to buy photography?
How do color photos develop and how is it different from B&W?
is the Samsung S860 a good camera?
I'm photographing my goddaughters soon...any suggestions for poses or props?
Where is the cheapest place to develop 35mm film?
Who is an expert in the field of optical lens?
what would i do with a degree in photography?
where can i buy epson k3 ink for a north american epson R2400 printer in japan?
Photography classes in college?
Can you scan photographs to be put on a CD at a Kodak kiosk or do you need to actually purchase printed photos?
How do I change a color photo to a sepia photo through Photoshop 7.0?
has anyone heard of Jefferson Hayman the photgrapher? what can u tell me about him?
Need help with a photography project?
"Modelling agency" asking for topless photos?
Can C-41 film be cross processed in B&W chemistry?
As a photographer, how much should I charge?
Professional SLR Cameras?
Should Answers treat "Am I pretty?" questions in Photography as Chat and remove them?
Rate this photo, what are your thoughts?
How do I look?
Is there a way to use my all in one scaner to scan B/W neg and what softwere can I use to print them, Any?
A good irony theme for photography?
In your experience, what is the secret to great holiday photos?
How do you become a top contributer?
where can i get another picture like this one, so on facebook i can tag people as to what they are ?
How can I become a model for free?
Photography - how to make one part colour while the rest is black and white?
im having a caption this photo contest on my fb page but theres no prize i want to let people know this but...?
Which photo do you like better?
How do I get true black and white prints?
Does anybody know this model's name?
where the best place to sell my photography equipment in the West Midlands?
Photography as an Art Form?
Pics editing question?
How do I resize an image for an 8 x 10?
Video Editing Question.......?
Shutter count on a used camera?
My career interest is photography what would suit that best NAVY OR AIRFORCE?
what is aromantic gift?
Somebody wants to get licenses for photos I've taken, to use on a website... how much should I charge him?
Please merge this two pictures?
I Like taking pictures of myself.?
Should i stay with the Olympus XZ-1 or get a Nikon D5100 for trick photography?
How can I develope my pictures?
please look at my photography, i would love to hear your opinion.?
How to work your Diana Mini ? It won't roll my film. And i don't know exactly how to take a photo and move the?
Does anyone know where I can find a manual for a Leica III circa 1933?
Photography Business Name?
TUMBLR? what's yours? I'll follow if I like it?
how do I use red eye reduction on
Please critique my work?
Im a 13 year old girl and need modeling help?
I spray painted my Hasselblad pink but I left the lens cap off. Ooops, how do you get paint off a glass lens?
What do u think about my photography???????
What camera does emily vancamp use in "Brothers and sisters" episode 2x12?
Who can help me give the best caption for this photo?
why are my pictures dark when i zoom in?
How do you make a picture look like this?
Where Can I Find These Pictures? is a con modeling instute and they are salling models pictures?
Rate my flicker photos? ?
Where can I find out how to electronically modify an SX-70 alpha 1 to use 600 film?
Dave Nitsche Photography?
pictures of wizards and dragons i can print?