Photography backdrop ideas?
how do you make the eyes stand out in photoshop?
i have a sony dsc-t70 and want to take nice pictures. any quick tips?
Is it possible to make a camera sturdy enough to survive a garbage truck?
What do you see from this picture?
Is it worth having a 80-200mm lens and a 70-300mm lens or should i just get a 70-300mm?
with Windows Vista using Fujifilm how can I save photo's on to a C D.?
Your Help Please. Thanks.?
how would you guys describe this picture?
How much you rate my photography?
Picture Editing Problem?
how do i contact a camera crew?
What would make a really good square photo?
Which photographer takes pictures of service/petrol stations?
Should I comment on his picture?!?
Picture editing question?
Wedding photography (links provided) and hard to pick one..?
A question about Tumblr?
sony vx1000 worth it?
How to do pictures like this?
cost of cvs photo development?
Do I've to use my name as watermark in photographs as a copyright ?
On a dslr, when are filters necessary? can switching off and on filters on the lens damage the threads?
How important is lighting to photography?
i want to learn to take good pics.please answer!?
i need a picture of pasta...??
How do you edit your pictures to looks like a Nike or a Chanel ad?
Photographer in need of new ideas.
What kind of DSLR camera should I start out with, if I want to become a professional fashion photographer?
He wants to trade pictures?
I have a picture on my computer that I like to print and frame. But I think it's too small?
How do I get started with photography?
How much do megapixels really matter?
Is there any software or anything that will show me what i look like in 20 years?
How to achieve this look in Photoshop with a DSLR and Yes I shoot in Raw
How can I view "This Week in Photos" if it is not available from my home page?
What Should I Do with This Picture?
what is the best camera for reallly brilliant photos?
what sizes of pictures can i get printed from walmart?
What do you think of these pictures?
Does anyone really know how to use Corel Paint Shop Pro?
What is the cost to develop and print a 36exp roll of slide film (not cross-processed) in the Philippines?
why dont people understand the difference?
Would becoming an intern for a fashion magazine be a good start to becoming a fashion photographer?
can anyone plz give me a link for a tutorial to make this effect or at least tell me wat it they call it?
how many pictures does a 4GB SDHC card hold?
What do you notice about this picture?
What do u think about these photos?
What software do you recommend I buy to go with my new digital camera?
place to post pics/artwork where random people can see/comment?
Wedding Photography tips for Beginners?
Do you like any of my pictures?
I have a photo pass to a means...?
What is a 8 1/2 x 11 inch (28 x 22 cm) photo mailer envelope?
I have a photo but can't find her name?
Why would the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens be too limiting for me?
How realistic does it look?
Some instagram questions ?
can i get some bokeh focus help?
What is the average salary of an underwater filmmaker?
Selling a Photo?
Would you buy a nikon fe or fm?
I am wanting to make some calendar's for a fundraiser.?
Question about scrap booking! HELP!?
what do you think of my photography?
How do I capture a a picture with movement on my Nikon D5000 without it being blurry?
Where can I get free bundles of stock photos?
Where can i get more photos?
Editing passport-size pic.?
How do you save photos..which is better?
fl studio help any1 plz will give points?
Can you share someone's picture on deviantart to tumblr...?
why do teens assume that a DSLR instantly makes them a photographer?
Do you think a DSLR is necessary to start a blog?
What is a well known daguerreotype photograph?
How can i make a photo like this from a youtube video?
Is this picture too revealing?
I want to format my hard drive. How do I save the photo albums in Camedia Master 4.2 and then reinstate them?
I am in need of some locations for fashion/glamor-ish photo shoots, in or near San Jose, CA?
What does Jpeg image means?
Do I have the wrong lens hood?
What is the DSLR settings for light shows at night?
Eco Friendly Photo?
Where can I get B&W negatives processed in or around Los Angeles, CA?
Isn't this just the most stunning photograph of the twentieth centuty?
how can i find my photos on or tumblr?
How do i frame a shot?
Opinion on my photography?
is there a wayto make your photos black and white while leaving a object in the photo in color???
What is a good company message for my Photography Business called WildFlower Photography?
do you have to travel to be a photographer?
can I print black & white digital photos in sepia?
Are the Technic 1200's still the turntable for the professional?
isnt this pic beautifull??
who is the photographer "Rick Poston"?
how do this photo look?
Do you like any of these pictures?
What is someone is using my picture commercially?
How can you make a video camera image steady when you're walking?
What white balance settings can give this effect? DSLR?
How I should store a slide?
Does anyone know if there are two real islands where one is shaped like a star, nest to the other Moon Shaped?
is it possible to persue a career in photography.?
Any older DSLRs with these shooting modes?
Which program do I need to increase or decrease brightness on pictures?
Does anyone know any famouse photographers?
Photo negatives I need to get developed?
Where can I buy CHEAP 600 Polaroid film?
I'm obsessed with taking "professional" pictures?
Photographing an artwork..?
what is the name of this model?
What is a good song for a photographer?
I just bought instax mini 7s polaroid but I don't know how the film works?
What do you think of these pics?
what paint is best to paint onto a photo? (photographic paper)?
Can anyone tell me what kind of camera this is?
Major Universities in America with a good Photography Program?
How does digital photography differ from traditional photography?
What's the coolest, most amazing picture you've ever seen on the web?
Does anyone know what this picture is from?
HELP! What happened to my camera!?
App used on instagram to make cool, glittery, colorful skies and water? 10 POINTS!!?
Professional photographer questions?
How to crop a photo like a star?
How to get better lighting for taking product photos?
Prestige Portraits -- help?
Could someone please critique my new website/portfolio?
am i a good photographer? "pictures :)"?
Share your Photos!?
How important is it to pick the right SLR camera body?
Do you think this is a good picture?
How i began to study in film?
who do you think is beautiful?
How do i find the pratt video?
How to increase picture size? and or Pixel amount?
Books on Photography History /Theory?
digital photo of baritala hanumanji andhra pradesh?
what kind of camera is good at taking great photography?
What's the BEST SLR onthe market?
Pretty picture or not?
Does MPIX's Kodak Metallic "Endura" prints use real photographic paper or are they printed digitally?
i have some wallpaper and screensavers how do i put them on a slide show so i dont have to change then all the
Any comments, advice and critisizm on this photo would be most welcome?
how to do that twin like effect with photofiltre ?
Desktop wallpapers that express being rich, fame?
the building?
I'm trying to find a picture of ..?
which setting is best [with picture]?
I know this happened awhile ago...?
Famous Photographers? [Easy ten points]?
What lenses would be good to use for portraits
IPhone Problem while wanting to take picture camera is black screen. ?
camera lens?
Buying a DSLR...body only?
Getting my new studio strobe to work with my Nikon D3000?
whats the difference in lens hood covers?
"Finway park" I am looking for high resolution pictures of finway for a documentary video so if you could...
How much to charge for a photography session and a couple graphics?
photography and art school?
What settings and/or effects were used in this photo?
Kalimar K-90 Acting Weird?
what do you think of my photos?
Do you think that composing a really good shot in camera is partially instinctive ?
How might i get a picture next to my name insted of smily box dude???
Does anyone have any good ideas for a "Multiple Self" photograph?
How bad do airport security x-rays ruin film?
which is the best brand for digital cameras?
Will the film from the 'impossible project' still work on an old polaroid camera?
Is this shot acceptably sharp in your opinion ?
What type of pictures should I put on tumblr?
What does depth of field actually mean?
Where can i post pictures in a contest?
When i take a picture it looks ugly, How can i take a good picture?
How long does it take to rotoscope lightsabers into a 5 min saber fight?
HDR photography.... How to?
What is a very good camera that takes very good professional-looking photos? (Not over $1,500)?
Pinhole camera developing negative to positive?
What is a editing program I can download that is similiar to picmonkey or ribbet?
Is this Photoshopped?
are these good pictures??
We intend to print some packaging with an image of a £1 coin on the front. Does anyone know what restrictions
Whats the best, Picasa or Photobucket?
Instagram degrades picture quality?
photoshopped photo, or real?
is my photography good or bad?
In inches, how long is the Canon 24 - 105 f/4 L lens?
I am needing some tips and advice on shooting in manual?
what is a good camra to buy if i drop it alot?
I have to teach a class on digital photography to senior citizens, what should I talk about?
career future to middle school students?
constructive criticism on photography!?
Can you still take good photos with a point and shoot instead of a DSLR?
what type of camera lens do I need?
I need help thinking of a watermark name for my photos! Any ideas?! :)?
does anyone know how to take a black and white picture and make one part of it in color?
Would you care to comment on my bird of prey photograph I took today?
wavy neon lights on facebook pictures HELP? >.< :P?
What do you guys think of my photography?
what do you think of this photograph?
2012 photo contests?? ?
is this picture cool or creepy?
Traditional photographers!! Are there any film purists left?
Value of Nikon Lens?
Photoshop help pleaseeee?
Is it possible to video tape a short film, then make it black and white with splashes of color here and there?
what is the best 50mm lens?
How do photographers at concerts get to go past the barricades?
Why does the color change when I convert pdf to tiff? Can I fix this? THANKS!!?
what does this say?
I'm asking for your honest criticism, please ?
What is the name of the effect where red and amber polygons appear in a photo taken in the sun?
How To Put 3 Pictures In One?
whats the easies way to upload pictures into snapshots?
What is an easy way to make money in Photography?
how do i get started doing my own shoots with models?
How to take higher quality photos with a digital camera?
How does a DSLR function of decreasing the DOF work? Such as F2.8? what is the point of getting a F2.8 lens?
Why is that my film came out of focus?
I was asked to do a print shoot which will include so comp cards & a cd, is this somethin i'll have to pay 4?
how do i collage pictures on photobucket?
Flexible frame used to keep fabric taut?
why do we need photographers?
I have taken some photographs of my local area and my fiancee says they are really good + i could sell them,?
How do I change my picture in Gimp to Black and White, but leave my eyes in color?
Anyone know about Wedding photography?
Website for video & pictures?
what r some websites that you get to decoarte pics?
digital photo frame from red save?
whats the best settings to shoot a video with the Nikon d3100?
What is the best way to photograph moving objects in a dimly lit room?
What camera equipment to use to capture images to be used in TV news broadcasting?
How do I crop iPod Touch photos for CVS printing?
Who is this in this picture?
How do i make my photos look like 3d computer games?
How long should I keep client photos on file in my computer?
What do people mean by watermarking an image?
What do you think of these photos?
How can you tell if the sky is overexposed?
What Do You Think Of This Picture?
Are there any photo frames that allow you to view your picture at an angle?
Where can I buy a vintage camera?
EOS 40D. How to set the mirror all the way down to the base in 40D ?
What should I set my camera to if I am going to take picture inside an art museum?
Cheap camera for filming and photography?
do you think i take good pictures?
i want photo ideas for my tumblr, i have a canon powershot 130IS?
capturing the effect of sunglasses shades in
Can anyone help me find a photographer in the western NY area that does urban/hip-hop video model style?
i have a photography assignment, and I'm in need of opinions.?
whats a good lens for low light?
Plastic coloured camera on Channel V?
How do you emulate the look of 35mm film on digital footage?
How can i make my pictures look like Harry Potter battles?
How do i look in this picture?
Putting edited pictures on tumblr?
What are those places called where people can go and dress up in costumes and get their photos taken?
Do you need to buy new memory cards every few years?
Hows my photography?
What is cause of green cast on photo print?
which dove picture is better looking?
What do you think of this photo?
How to Make Photo Edits?
On, its not letting me smooth my images, i press smooth images and it doesnt work??
how do you upload pictures from a camera to a disc?
Help With Camera Angles & Photo Stuff?
How can one minimize the appearance of "bubbles" in photos taken from point & shoot digicams?
My first baby shoot.?
What do you prefer - Nikon or Canon?
Two questions?
What are the name of some photographers?
OSAP question about assets?
Is the picture supposed to be this way when taken with a fisheye lense?
Opteka Fisheye lens for Olympus Evolt e-500?
What are the best photography apps for free?
The name of a specific type of black and white photography?
I'm trying to make landscape pictures look vertical. Any suggestions?
Monochrome:should I shoot in RAW or JPEG?
What is the best point and shoot camera to photograph babies?
What does multi-coated mean on a lens?
what do you think about this picture?
What can you buy for someone who like taking pictures?
I want to start selling my photography, but how can I find out if they're good enough to sell?
How do I achieve the lighting similar to the Tom Ford advertisements?
I want to find Football photos big enough to be able to print at size 12x8?
Know any websites with poses?
When Making a Photography portfolio is it good to keep you pictures the way you shot them or edit them?
where do i find girls to photograph nude?
What is thety limit for photographing a 15 year old boy?
How do you take pictures off of you camera to put on Easy Share on your computer?
Critique my photos please.?
What do you think of this photo? ?
Why do I see so many camera flashes go off at stadiums and other large arenas if flahes only travel 10-20 ft?
What are symbolic photos for photography?
Can anyone please tell me when Photography began?
Can I get your opinion on a photo?
photo effects help plz ?
How can I produce produce these commercial photographs with these equipments?
How can I take better pictures of fireworks?
tips on scanning slides?
What is a good photo editing program to buy?
what the best website you know??
AM i ANy G00D At EDitiNG PiCtURES?
Can you tell me which pic you like better?
How do I take a picture like this? (action shot with no flash..and no blur?)?
looking for southport high school(indianapolis)yearbook circa 1965-66?
Do you like this photo?
Pictures! where can i go to edit my pictures for free?
Got any good tips for photograhpy and taking pictures?
how do i get the white boarder thing out of my picture?
Yashica TL-super help!?
How to make a short film for high school art class?
Is their a name for these pics?
Selling Photo Prints Online?
Are these pictures good?
What are some good cameras for photography?
what can i name my tumblr blog? (photography)?
Galaxy on hands photo editor app?
how do you take those pictures with the swirls of light in them like at a party?
Need website advice for photography?
Creative photography ideas?
do you need a dslr to learn serious photography?
What do you think of my first attempt in photography?
List of pretty site models?
does the omni bounce diffuser for the canon 430ex flash also fit the 420ex?
Someone wants to take photos I took for them over to a third party for publication. What are my rights?
I need opinions on this delema (PIC INCLUDED)? input would be so appreciated?
Anyone know of some great photography sites in or near Thibodaux in Louisiana?
Does the "Azul" desktop wallpaper for Microsoft Windows actually exist?
I developed a photo in the darkroom but it is too dark- is there a way i can edit it online?
What's your favorite lens?
does anybody know a good essay or book that talks about ideas, theoris or the philosophy of photography?
Photography Club?!?!?
Is there any way to make money with Photography?
What does this picture say to you?
Anyone like my digital art?
Is this photo real or fake?
where can you get a realistic-looking fake passport (not one that actually looks real, just real enough)?
Am I a good photographer?
Need help from photographers?
how do you sell yourself?
Why does my Nose and other features look so big in photos?!?
I have some digital pictures that are already printed out. I need to make copies of them, Where can i go ?
where can I find a website where I can put multiple pictures onto one image?
rgb to cmyk an mac to pc?
How do I equalize the brightness of my photos on Paint Shop Pro 8?
How do you "narrate" photos stored in a storage box?
would you please critique my photography?
should i do this nude shoot ?
Tumblr: What do you think of these photos?
Why do many people seem to confuse the terms "Zoom" and "Telephoto"?
What is the best way to remove noise from old B/W photo in CS5?
which model of Leica was Bradley Cooper used at "All About Steve"?
How do i analyze a photograph and describe what certain moods it describes?
Where can I find a website to help me with different styles of photography?
Does anyone know where I can find a good modeling agency in Maryland?
Critque my photos please?
How to use rangefinder in d3100?
Does anyone know where I can find pictures of Dave Chappelle's photography on the net?
Cheap, good picture taking DSLR?
Which slide or negative converter is best?
advice please?
Taking Pictures That Show/Symbolize Individuality? (URGENT!)?
how to make a olan mills style photo with two faces?
Can you upload photos from your camera with Kodak Easy Share?
What do you think of this photo?Please answer!?
God picture?
what is this picture???
what is wrong with this photo?
whats a good site to make those tumblr photos?
Does anyone understand this picture?
How I can copyright my photographs in UK? Thank you?
does anyone know of any program that works like photoshop but free?
What can I do to make my videos look like T.V.?
What happens to a photographer that is intelligent and creative but has lost the drive...has become lazy?
550d banding issue under lights?
How can i get people to smile for photos?
How do you feel about the Minolta x-700?
Whats The Best Way To Take Night Photos?
What do you think of my photography?
Have you ever seen the famous photograph entitled "Afghan girl" by Steve McCurry?
Where can I find polaroid picture frames?
Has anyone competed in skills usa Photography nationally?
Fujifilm J120, Problems with the memory card.?
What kind of frame to use for an autographed picture of a celebrity 8x10?
how to use all of the space on the paper when printing pictures?
Where (for delivery to the UK) could I get A3 size pieces of fabric?
How do you keep watermarks the same size for different size photos?
Art gcse, objects to collect and photograph?
Is this photo edited well?
like my photography.........?
Are digital cameras safe for a person who has epilepsy??
how can I edit pictures like this?
how do you tag photos on picasa???
Just an opinion...?
What would be a good site model name for me?
Postmodernist photography?
Who's the photographer?
I have just bought a NIKON D40X & need help with Camera Control Pro?
How can I be a good photographer?
What is this type of photography called?
should i download Paint.Net or Gimp?
Where can I find - ballerina shoes pics?
i use a digital camera to take pictures but i would really like to start some real photography?
My Samsung L201 digital camera has horizontal lines on some of the photos. I've had it for over a year.?
How to make a round face not seem round? And how to take good photos?
tumblr name suggestions?
How do I create a diptych in photoshop CS5?
how can i become a nude fat model?
Based on this two photo's am I photogenic or not?
What photography collage will accept picture scholarship?
Can you rate my photography skills?
professional wedding photographer florida?
Question for photographers or people with knowledge in the field, how long should it take for wedding photos??
what picture goes with this 2182906454?
Photo Impact 10?
Help with birthday gift?
where is that site the allows you to browse photography.?
picture problems?
DO YOU KNOW how to make a picture collage with your pictures to put on MYSPACE??
Are backlit picture frames worth the extra money than normal frames?
Which is stronger: a 0.40X or a 0.42X Fisheye lens?
What could I photograph for my art GCSE about age?
8.5 by 14 inch resolution photo?
any one who is a photographer?
Which one Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR 18 MP Or Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera?
What do you think?
How do you edit your pictures like multiple a reflection?
Is my photography any good?(link)?
Photographer needs help finding web-based printer... any suggestions?
How do i get Adobe Photoshop?
How Much is a fritz hug large tiger laying down worth?
Any one else stuck taking peroxitine?
Why are my people orange?
why are my picture thumnails showing has images not the actual picture?
How should I set my camera for shooting pics for night skies?
If you were a photographer and you saw a man being washed away in flood waters, and it was George Bush.?
help on a photography project?
Does this picture look stupid...Pic inside?
how much money should you save up if you want to go to L.A. to become a movie cameraman.?
How to compress / resize photos like Facebook does ?
Studio Lighting for a Complete Newbie?
How can i make my pictures look like this?
Photographers that use repetition in their composition?
Can you suggest good software for organizing large amounts of photos?
Photographing the sun?
What do you think of picture? Its me btw.?
What do you think of my picture?...not me...the picture i fixed?
URGENT !! Anyone know where can i download bunch of free zipped pictures?
Does anyone know how to make this?
What to photograph indoors in winter?
studio lighting power?
help with photography/album cover name?
Where can I find address/contact info for Bollywood/Page 3 Photographers?
Portrait lenses for 67 mm?
a place where you can get cool, vintage pictures to make like myspace signs?
Examples of homage in photograhy/art/design?
Can I share almost nude photos of my wife and I on line, if so, how?
photo shop help, what do I do when I get an error message?
Photography sites?
do you know Chris Trice?
Photography Project Suggestions?
what kind of photography is in the slipknot vermilion video called?
Is there more to photography than just big bills?
A Need some High Res Madonna photos, know where to find any?
ideas for interesting photos please?
Home made 3D using 2 cameras ?
how do i get into the photography market?
How much of an improvement is a 300 mm lens compared to 200?
do you think I could be a model (pictures)?
Is this a good senior picture?
for a project I want to go out and ask people if I can take their picture...?
what is the cheapest and the best negative scanner in the market today?
A good photoshopper that could help me?
Opinions on my self portrait? (pics included)?
What type of camera is the best for me?
whats the best free digital photography editing software?
Support or refute, does photography limit our understanding of the world?
i have a question about gimp and photoshop?
Why are pics downloaded from my fb page not high enough quality for printing in a yearbook?
what do you think of this picture of london?
where can i find a free instruction manual for a Beseler 67C?
Is a film camera or a digital camera better for a beginning photgraphy student?
sigma 70-300 dg os?is this lens any good with the optical stabilization?
how can you make pictures bigger?
Modeling challenge suggestions, please!?
A happy picture? 10 points for the best answer!?
What is the best time and condition to get a nice reflection on water?
what holiday film annually appears on t.v. more than 300 times?
How long do photos from snapfish take to arrive?
I'm an amuter photographer, how much should i charge?
Are DSLR's worth all the money?
could someone please help me find a picture of dimebag darrels ace frehley tatto?!?
Robot chrome color effect in Adobe Photoshop 4.0?
What are some good things to take pictures of?
PHOTOGRAPHERS : Is this photo crap or decent?
What are the steps to create a holographic photo, what do I need to do it?
Photography GCSE coursework presentation help?!?
how to take good self portraits pictures?
What are the layers of photographic film?
passport size photo ...?
I want to buy a nice, professional camera and stay around the $1000 price. Any suggestions?
Pleaseee help me find a fisheye lens for cheap!?
Best lenses/equipment for weddings?
Does anyone have a picture saved of stars on a blue background?
Merging Photos?
What would be a good camera for slow motion movies and High Resolution Pictures?
Can a Nikon D5100 take professional pictures?
What do you think of these photos?
how do you make pictures smaller when you put them on photobucket?
What's a good DSLR, that is durable?
Is this a good picture?
any girl that read this please check out my photo and tell me what you think?
What things would a film production major require?
what are photo stills?
What is this in the photo?
do you carry photographs in your wallet?
What are the responsibilites for a photograher?
My freind wants me to photograph her wedding! What do I do?
Does anyone know any good modeling agencies that aren't high priced noty required?
Is this a good picture of us?
When people were praising a pro photographer, he kept saying ''thanks but its not me its the camera''?
How do I photograph families?
Pinup photography studios in Michigan? ?
Turning coloured photos into black n white in photoshop?
does underwater-photography of sharks, etc count as wildlife-photography?
in Tex. do you have to have a license in order to be a prof. photographer?
Am I thinking? Photo!!!!?
Does anyone know where I could find this picture?
Is there a way to sell my digital photos online?
Does anybody know of a good photography studio for ren/hire in and around Northamptonshire?
What photo lab does Walmart use?
how or where can I go to make a gif of my pictures for my tumblr?
Does anybody know what these "creatures" are called?
On selling limited edition photgraphic prints?
how do you put two different pics together to make it one?
are most professional photographs altered using photoshop?
What is the effect used on this picture to make the horse look so surreal ?
For a 8-bit deep image (8 bits/pixel), how is mid-gray coded?
Is polaroid spectra film the same as 600?
How can I become a professional film editor?
Best Lens for night vision photography?
How can I improve this picture?
what is the difference between a videographer and a cinematographer?
How much do freelance videographers/editors typically charge?
Are contact lens good?
PHOTOGRAPHERS! questions about Symbols, trademark, and copyrights?
Why does depth of field increase as you allow less light into the camera?
If some Professional Photographer takes a photo of his female client; what are legal barriers ,see details?
what is a way to decorate a photo ? handmade?
Large scale printing?
is there any photography classes in GA. for high school students?
Why do my photos never come out looking like me at all? What is it about the camera which does this?
I am a model and I am looking for good ideas for a photo shoot any ideas?
How do I start my career in photography and sell my pictures?
Can I have an opinion on this photograph of mine?
Would you be willing to GET NAKED?
Vivitar 285HV flashgun sink voltage?
Can I extend the exposure time on my camera?
What size prints should I use in a modeling portfolio?
What's the worst "injury" or abuse your camera survived?
How does one go about digitizing slides?
question on photography?
What photographs can represent family?
if someone lived in michigan would you photogaph me all alone in my home?
where can i find avatars and can i make my own if so how?
Not sure about attending college for Photography?
What do you think about the art and photography of Edward Harlovic?
What is the best way to get rid of a sun flare in a photograph using Photoshop?
Who Is This in the picture?
I look different in the mirror than I do in photos, which one is closer to the real thing?
Camera setting for photo of car headlights at night?
Please Rate my Photography from 1 to 10.?
Should I just shoot myself in the face?
Funny caption for picture?
please give me a feedback on my photostream :)?
what do i look for when buying a camera. around 300 bucks or less[ i want to take b+w photos]?
A question about tumblr.?
Which picture out of the two do you like the best?
Pinhole picture ideas?
Can I sue a photographer for pictures?
How much should i charge as a photography student?
Pockets wizards not communicating?
What do you think of this photo I took?
Professional camera for photography ?
the title is monkey business?
Can someone help me with my photography project for uni please :)?
How can I make a photo black and white but leave the flower in color?
Does anyone know where I can find a larger resolution of this image? (Link)?
Are these pictures any good?
What's the best focal length lens for landscape photography?
Am I a pretty person? Picture =D?
does anyone know the best way to photograph ice sculptures?
PHOTOGRAPHY: What is the best subject for you to take picture?
What are your best tips for taking photos?
Using the Gimp plz give me specific instructions on how I can crop someone from 1 pic and put it onto another?
Where can i find some helpful tips about action photography techniques?
What makes you angry, suggestions needed for my photography assignment?
How much can I resell 60D + Lens?
what type of photo edit is this?
Best SLR under $600? Ten points best answer!?
camera lens is dirty and takes blurry pictures ?
does anyone know where I can get a 17 x 72 frame?
i have to choose a subject?
Do you like this image I processed?
How I sign my self-pictures?
Can people see the pictures you have on your Picassa 2? ?
Where do I start if I want to become a model?
what photo do you like best? thxx?
What are those things called that are a bunch of pictures that form one large image from a distance?
Do you know if savannnnnah from instagram is on flickr?
how can i make a facebook picture into a photograph and frame it?
Wedding photography summer job?
Using expired film?
As a photographer, do I have the right to post pictures where ever I want?
I have a question, for what reason would you want a photo put to canvas?
How would I go about......?
Who is the photographer of the photos in Love, Actually?
how did they take this picture so that the guy in the middle is not blurry?
do you look like your passport pic?
picture people pictures?
If You Are A Pro Photographer, Have Consumer Quality Digital Cameras and Amateurs Caused Less Business?
Is this a good/funny picture to put on Instagram?
I want to take pics for as a gig on the side....?
why cant i get great images from my laptop computer camera?
Question about photography?
Where can i find a picture?
Graphic tablet for photography recommendations?
Do you allow public to shot photo of you nude?
dpi on epson 7800...?
what do you do with your photography?
Can you get into any trouble for posting a naked picture of a stranger at a nude beach on myspace?
aside from lomography society, where can you buy a lubitel 166+? would it be cheaper?
what's this website where you can put your pictures into other pictures?
Polaroid one600 Film Assistance?
what is the cheapest online photo printing place?
Photography Question?
How do you use a medium format camera?
Do you think it's right for other photographers to publicly trash your name via their blog or other outlet?
How can I take good photos?
How do I display my photography?
How do i put pictures of myself on my blog Tumblr?
ANyone know any good cheap photographers in virginia?
My photos from iPhoto can't be found in iMovie?
The other day i saw a camara tripod that was small and you put it on a bottle dose any kno were i can get one?
What is the name of this photograph?
How can i edit my photos with...?
Poll: What is your favorite lens?
how to choose a fish eye for this HD camcorder?
Best Camera?
Where Can I Find These Pictures?
Photo Prints for Auctions?
How do you get this photo effect!?
Ok this is about picture editing plz help!!!?
What do you think about this picture?
Do all photos taken on Lomo LC-A's come out with vignetting and high contrast?
Vocational Course for Photography in Bangalore?
Northern Lights Contest?
How often do you zoom past 10x?
Are there any places such as drug store or grocery stores that can develop 35mm black and white film quick?
More pictures. Any tips?♥?
Best apps for editing photos on iPhone 4S?
Is it ok to push a tranny?
how to take good photos? using camera 350D?
Opinions on this photo i took?
Using the NIK plug-ins VS Aperture 3?
How long does it take fot it to charge?
Wedding Lens Kit for Nikon?
Any Photographers open for a survey??
These are embarrassingly bad pictures, but which ones better?
Photo Lab Technicians, whats the worst picture you have ever seen on film or digital?
Is she pretty?
What material (fabric) should I use to diffuse light for studio photography?
Do i have the talent to become a photographer?
question about kodak M1063 camera?
Model? Pictures Included...?
ND (neutral density) filter question?
What's the name for that "thing" that you put products in to take photos of?
full time photographer or make up artist?
How can I get more followers on Blogspot? (Photography)?
Flash Question ??? Help !!?
Accessories for a Nikon D3000?
Is it normal for Nikon 10-24mm to have air bubbles ?
Will a camera tripod for the fujifilm s2950 work with an s2940?
where can i find still life photos of fruit in baltimore,md?
how do you make a black and white gif on gifpal?
How can I show a woman being a safe driver in a single picture?
I dont like taking pictures of my self?
At the asda photo booth it says you can print photos via Bluetooth, read on?
How do I find a photographer?
how do i edit this picture?? please give tutorials?
Which is the best lens for group photos?
Am I any good at photography? honest opinion apreciated...?
Tips for photo shoot?
What does it mean when a girl pouts in a one off photo and looks good ?
How do I photograph families?
How do you clean old pictures?
Is this a good headshot to submit to a casting agent?
canon 400D or 40D or 30D?
good place to display photography online?
Which fisheye lens should I get for videotaping skateboarding?
What are your opinions on this photo that I've taken?
pictures on famine?
What pose is best for a headshot?
Are digital cameras safe for a person who has epilepsy??
how to avoid getting red eye in photographs?
rajasthani sanchore bishnoi women photo gallary?
How can I transfer tintype photos?
how can i make my own daguerreotypes or something similar?
How would you get a DSRL camera to only focus on the upper left or right on a picture?
Photography to be Photographer?
How can you put 40 different pictures together on the same picture?
Need some help with new DSLR?
How can you view 8mm film without a projector or camera?
Why do people look different in mirror and cameras?
AS Photography - TOPICS - 'Energy' & 'Derelict'?
What happened to my pictures?
What do you think of my photo's?
using film that expired 2001 and 2002???
Can i get some tips please?
Are my pictures any good?
My Spotmatic Battery cover is stripped, how can I open this?
name a great software to spice of pictures?
How to do a photoshop edit like this?
Can I use tethered shooting with my Sony A200 in Lightroom 3?
Posing for Homecoming Photos?
Which picture is better?
where can i buy clear , white or blue umbrellas ?
are there examples of photography used with the nikon d80?
History of Color Photography?
Photography help: theme where i am?
What do you think of this photo ?
What kind of light source is best for light painting?
I'm looking for feedback on my most recent portrait work.?
Could someone photoshop this?
What do you consider to be the best photography magazine?
what are some good,free logo makers i could use for my photography logo?
Framing Supplies?
How do I remove water molecules clouding my digital picture?
What do you think of my photography? Best way to paint?
Photographers, interrupted in the middle of a photoshoot; is this usual?
Is this a Pretty Picture?
Where can I find a photographer like this in Orange County?
always look in the wrong way on photos?
Is there a way to get a consistent shape/image in a light paint for a video project?
What is a good subject to photography?
How can I improve my photography?
What relation has photography to truth, especially in relation to Keira Knightley's boobs?
Am a good enough to model?
i want edit pictures like a pro using photoshop. how or where can i learn?
Which online camera store sell brand new D-SLR at low price and ship to overseas?
Color or Black and white photos?
Is a Nikon FM10 a good first camera?
i have a picture of ME and when i zoom it in to my face thats the pciture i want how do i save it zoomed i?
Who has th initials MH?
Do you do how to make a picture smaller?? Please help me!!!?
What kind of lens should I buy for my Canon Rebel XTi???
Where can I buy Photography Paper in Roseville CA?
what is the maximum size i can print my photo with these dimensions?
Cut and Paste Head of One Photo Into Another?
Photo editing video(:?
Your opinion on my photo gallery?
How would you show CLASSY in a photo essay?!?
sexy nude pictures to send to boyfriend?
Will a 160 w/s light kit work?
Locating a pic?
How do you create a montage/composite in Photoshop?
Help..I have created a Web photo gallery just fine, but I cannot figure out how to get it onto my website.?
fairytale photoshoot ideas?
Should i ever send a nude to anyone?
red eye when i photograph in dsc?
can you buy 38 mm film?
camera help!!?
i need to know about filming videos?
Photoshop CS2: how to surround a picture of a framework in relief, floating?
what is the purpose of doing?
How do you print off photos?
are laminated photos worth it?
Please list some websites that I can post and review amature/professional photography.?
Are you worried about your favorite film being discontinued?
what camera settings should i use?
who is the photographer that took the photos of keira knightley in the new coco chanel print adverts?
If you were the worlds greatest portrait/people photographer?
How can I do a digital imaging project?
if you could go to one place in the world?
Photography homework help?
How copy more passport size photos in a a4 paper?
Can anyone find me this picture...?
studio lighting kits for new photographers, any suggestions?
free fairy backgrounds to put kids photo in to print?
Where to buy Polaroid instant 600 film?
What are those profesional camera's called?
Is this a pretty photograph of this female or is it awkward or too edited?
Is it possible to save the completed work while extracting is in process in adobe photoshop?
Could you help me with my photography project?
Looking for a good price photography camera, please help!?
DX vs FX lens on my nikon D3100?
Anyone know anything about the New York Institute of Photography??? HELP?
What are some things to take pictures of?
Photo shoot props for outdoors?
How to make the photos bigger on my tumblr theme?
Were can I find male models?
Taking photos of fireworks with a film camera?
How do I clean old pictures?
How to sell photographs online?
How do photographers get paid?
Which picture is better?
Photography Contest... Pick a Picture? :D?
selling art work? amatuerly?
Where Can I buy polaroid film?
I want to buy a lens Tamron - AF18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II LD Asph. (IF).Will the range of F will be that small?
What do you think about using the photography hobby, as a stress buster?
Art Water Lillie's photo's?
what is DPI term means in advertising ?
What's the best choice for a light weight, easy to handle when traveling, tri-pod, for a camera?
Where can I find photo "this or that" software or website?
what is your opinion of these photos?
Photography project ideas '2012'?
In a place like this, would a black or a white suit look better?(photo)?
Fooling around with my you like my photos?
How to get soft, natural tones by editing?
Do the pink paint on my finger tips ruin the photo?
How long can keep a roll of film for a 35mm?
Would you say that professional photography is a stressful job?
I sent some pictures and would like to now how to save them or where save at on my tablet?
Dslr question. Please!?
why do minors hafe to go to school if they dont want to? what is 21x123579887654333333334?
tungsten halogen double ended bulb with blue tint ultra white light?
Do you think photography is art?
is there a program or guide to teach photoshop7 to someone who has never used it and easily?
funny photo??????
how to play editet photo in digital frame?
Finding a Tripod......?
Where are my albums that i made to save my pictures to?
How do I keep a picture default on my tumblr no matter the theme?
How can I view a picture like on photobucket?
How would l get colors such as the ones shown?
How to clean a foggy lens?
does anyone have any idea how i can photopraph time passing?
why are people allowed to post nude photos of themself in profiles,,its offensive?
What kind of camera do they use?
Does anyone know anything about wedding photography?
Best Logo Software?
What is the best picture you have ever taken?
Where can I print good photos at an affordable price?
How are moving pictures made?
does walgreens sell eggs?
Good Miami photography spots?
i am looking for a pic from brazil with favelas that are right next to a rich u know where to find it
Where can I shoot up?
Why do we have photography ? How do they affect our quality of life?
Which of these photography logos is more advertising?
I think I'm the best at photography EVER, what do you think? (pics included)?
Starting photography freelance?
How do you get rid of flare from street lights at night?
What do you think of this Photograph? ( Fhotoace, Perki88, Terisu, Sam, All Others )?
Is my photography good?
Which camera should I choose out of the never ending vortex of cameras?
Are these good model pics?
Please could someone take some photos at Saratoga?
I don't understand bokeh photography?
How come her eye shape changes so much in each picture?
you consider me as a beginner or a...what?
Tips for taking pictures of children?
What is the best programme for editing pictures?
What is a good photography school in or near Pittsburgh, PA?
Can anyone photoshop this picture for me?
How can I find a sponsor to fund my project of "aerial photography of India"? I want to photograph whole India?
Is there any way of using Canon 580EX flash of camera and on manual setting?
is there a magnifier for take photos of small things?
What kind of photograph should i take if the theme is "rainy day?"?
How can i edit my photos with...?
anne geddes?
How do you like this photo?
how do i stack picture on gimp or other sites ?
♥this might sound stupid lol, but what are some really cute/unique poses/pics I can take for myspace?
Hey, how do u export pictures from a computer back into a digital camera?
How do you ask someone on the street if you can take their picture?
another 400d question!?
why would someone want to be a photographer?
where can i get pic taken with santa in columbus?
I'm looking for some great Photos on Canvas, any suggestions? (set of 3)?
Schooling and Jobs in PHOTOGRAPHY?
does someone know a picture collage app for the iPhone that does this?
Does anybody know anything about this picture?
Which picture should I use? (Select one out of three)?
Which camera is better Nikon D60 or Canon 500d?
How do you define scenic photography?
How long do photos from snapfish take to arrive?
I love photography?
How can i superimpose an image over a backdrop?
Is The Contrast In This Image Too Much?
How large can enlarge a picture if I have a 10.1 Megapixel camera?
What would be an awesome lens to get for a nikon d40 i have a $250 budget?
How do i know what DPI my camera is taking?
Are small digital cameras being discontinued?
what does bojiboo mean?
Photoshoot on the beach clothing?
What is the correct name for a photo booth?
can someone who is skilled in digital photography please answer these interview questions?
Why do I look so bad in some pictures?
When I see a video of myself I see what I see in mirror but when I see myself in a photo I look way different?
Should I drop out of High School to pursue my dream?
What are good cameras for equestrain photography.?
What is your opinion of my photography?
Does anyone know a website where I can make a panography? ?
Where can I buy a digital picture frame in store, under $20?
photoshop cs5 assignment...please help me?
how do you copy protect pictures on tumblr?
Photo reduction?
what are some experimental films from the 60's?
photography..send me links to coffee shop, soul, red lipstick, black dress artwork?
Can I get a picture of an ant walking towards some chips?
I took a picture with someone, and my face came out blurry. Not a camera defect.?
Good lenses for Minolta srt 201?
Where do you go to edit pictures?
Could i be a model? Am i model material?
What is the Exact Pixel weight from the T-Shirt?
Is it ethical to take photos of sleeping people in the street during street photography?
How to take professional or really good photos?
What should my photography business name be?
How do I sync pictures on my computer with GIMP 2.6.3?
How are my photographs?
Will urban cameras ever be used for tracking?
Check out my pictures on flickr!?
Compact camera for close-up photography?
I want to get DSLR camra.?
how am i suppose to tell what kind of photographer someone is?
Time-lapse shot doubts, Tutorial If possible ?
What is the name of the photo editing effect used on this photo?
photo editing color mode critique?
How to make your picture look colorful like this?
Good,free photo editing apps??!!?
Best Lens and Flash for Canon A1?
Hand Coloring black and white photos with watercolors?
how do you link the flash from your camera to your lights ? do i need to buy something d3100? photography?
a photo editor like picnik.?
Professional Ringflash vs. the Orbis Ringflash?
Can an eos chapstic break a window?
Is travel photography is part of art?
Creative photo ideas for 1st birthday?
The shutter on my minolta xg-1 closed but won't re-open?
Does anyone know of any tops of buildings that I can shoot photography on?
How can I target my specific audience for my photography shoot?
What emotion does this convey to you?
How do you convert an ORF to a JPEG file?
Which is best??? i cant choose!?!!?
Does a camera really tell the truth?
What's my photographic style?
Where can I take digital photography classes for beginners here in San Francisco?
constructive criticism on my photos?
I need some sites where I can view others photographs? Are there any other than photbucket and flickr?
How long does it take for Sears to develop pictures?
Do you find this Nikon commercial misleading?
Polaroid camera problem?
Can someone clear my problem in photography?
Need a Model wite with Model Ports.I need to contact them for a shoot in london.?
Sites like ModelMayhem?
how do you make blinking pictures on gimp?
Do You Think I'm A Good Photographer?
upload pics for people to view as a blog?
Are there nude photos of Susan Slaughter from ghost hunters international on the internet?
what are photo-ops?
Self employed photographer - realistic?
Ansel Adams question about his camera?
photography buisness on the side, how do i get started???????¿?????????????@@@@@@@@@@??…‡
I need a photo of a tiny thing in nature?
I can't figure out how to open and edit pictures in GIMP?
What cameras do the pros use?
What do I need to work on with my photography?
Need some random pictures.?
What is the secret to taking a picture of something upclose such as a ring.?
Does the ability to take a large number of photos magically make one a better photographer? ?
Where can I get photos from a digital cam turned into an actual picture?
I'm going to photography the stars I need some help!?
Can't remember the name of a certain picture editing effect, help?
help with editing pictures please?!?
What is the standard size of a photograph?
What is the best lens for nightclub photography?
Do Paint Shop Pro 9 Jasc Software and Corel Paint Shop Pro X come from the same company?
What is my photography lacking?
Is there any way to scan 35mm film without c-41 developing?
how many Megapixels are enough?
Does anyone know where/what this picture is of?
Where can I find pictures that Annie Leibovitz took when she worked for JUST ROLLING STONE?
Tumblr sorta thing?!!?
Can anyone recommend a good photographer for workshops in London?
Any pictures that reflects a state of confusion?
is there a FREE site to post photography or artwork that I can sell?
Good names for a photography buissness/company [ie, machete photography]?
How much should I charge for couple shots?
As a photographer would you charge someone more for photos if you knew they were rich ?