how do i make it look like its raining on one of my saved images?
Black and white, or color?
Van Dyke Brown Prints on Raw or Primed Canvas?
how long will it take to edit a 15-minute movie?
Can anybody help with this photograph question?? I have NO clue?
What's the average price for airbrushing photos? How much should you charge for doing 50?
i need.....?
Suggestions for a name for a photography blog?
My camera has a 6x optical zoom lens.?
I just recently started my own photography business. The business is good but not great right now. With trick?
How to resize a small picture with good quality?
I have a kodak m893is and it has a self timer but I don't know where it's located or how to turn it on. Help!?
Want to do smoke shots with Nikon D40?
Camera got wet and now it wont turn on??
black and white or color? (w/ pic)?
Which Professional Course I should pursue for travel around the world?
Does Picnik print well with ritz?
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Is photograph I have taken any good?
How To Learn Photography?
JPEG RAW Whats Best for taking photos?
What is a good camera in the $300 range with adjustable shutter speed and a good macro mode?
can someone help me with the GIMP download?
Why do photographers suggest going from Film to DSLR; shouldn't it be the other way?
what is the greatest thing that i could photograph? something special and full of meaning.?
A photographer's opinion? (pics included)?
picture of an 11 year old child?
How can you portray violence in photos?
how do I get an effect of soft light without photoshop?
Rate another pic please?
Would 19th century nude photography be considered art or pornography?
I am looking into buying a Holga Camera...?
Do you think all the crap in the background of this image is distracting?
The rest of the pictures I took, for the people that don't believe me.?
Where can I buy Bower camera lenses online?
Question about a type of photo paper?
how do you edit a picture like this?
Have you ever personally met anyone who's entire income, every dime, came from photography?
What type of filter should I consider for portraits?
how do i edit a picture so one thing will be in color but the rest is black and white?
New to dSLR, which one??? Nikon, Sony, Canon, Olympus?
How long should I take photos free for a local newspaper before I expect payments for photos ?
Canon printer help please!!?
I need a new Camera for my Digital photography class, kinda short on money, any suggestions? ?
Poll: Which mode do you use the most?
Does anyone know a Website that I can upload nude photos of my girlfriend and myself?
Can you please critique my photography?
Photo sticking to the glass!!!!!?
Do i need to use dslr for a first photography class?
photos of empty tokyo?
what is this font?
I need a new facebook picture pose?
Posing For Pics With Best Friend?
Photoshop experts please help me?
How do you photoshop someones head onto another picture of a persons body? if so what photoshop tools and kit?
lovers of the arts?
What's the point of taking the picture of a sunset?
Why are most photographers pompous and arrogant ?
in mandaluyong city,what schools offer a short term courses for photography and digital printing?
Nude picture ideas??
Is there a good website that offers guidance for framing wildlife photos?
Does anyone know if artwork by Ferenc Berko is worth anything?
I want to by my 9 year old a camera for around £50 the doesn't use up batteries after a couple of photos?
What is a good college where i can pursue a career in photography?
How do you make pictures into text like this? (picture)?
can some one send me sites for photography ?
Do you like Peter Lik's work?
Would you pose naked for a legitimate photographer?
Looking for video shake reduction software?
what kind of model should i be?
How can I shoot a double action video?
What do you think of this photo?
Where is a good place to print out pictures? Walgreens doesn't do it for me.?
what are some good colleges for film and photography in Los Angeles California or at least in California?
what is film slide mounting?
what do u think about these pictures?
What do you think about my photography ?
is anyone elses photobucket not working?
Are these pictures ok for a beginner?
Trying to find Kodak Easycare Gallery?
What can you do about white circles in digital pictures?
What kind of camera is appeared in this picture...?
wuestion about photo editing?
How can I turn the photos to Caricature?
do they manufacture round-shaped Graduated Neutral Density filters? or is it only square?
I want to learn Photography in twin Cities of MN. If any one know any sources. Let me know.?
Site to Blow up Pictures?
How to edit photos like this (example included)?
how do you edit a photo like this?
Well I like studying things up close, what do you think?
How do I get dust off photo negatives?
nikon 18-200 or sigma 18-200?
Brassai? Imogen Cunningham?
Any cameras that take photos like these, without using effects?
In your photography world, what irks you the most?
Should I get a grad picture taken with my boyfriend?
how do you make pictures like these?
How would a coal miner's sooty face appear on a good negative?
Is anyone able to edit away the shadow on my face in this picture?
which lens is best for concert photography?
Can i lower the resolution of a photo i've loaded into iphoto?
what is the fiery orange effect used in photographs?
How to create a levitation photo using pixlr?
anyone have tips and trick about using TLR camera?
Resizing acting weird in PSP9?
instructions to change date in cibox 7" digital photo frame please?
why do u waste time photographing sunsets?
do you think this guy photoshops all of his pictures, or is he just a really good photographer?
Does the Nikon D3s have a automatic mode?
Creative Toddler Pics????....?
what are some good photography schools or academies ?
is a framed photograph of my boyfriend and me suitable for his 16th birthday present?
Photo sharing site(s)?
I need help deciding on my senior pictures coming up!?
I received a Sigma lens as a gift from a friend.....warranty valid?
Can't open some of the Raw images in Photoshop and JPEGs looks like they have not finished downloading?
Awesome Edit for this Photograph?
How much does Photographers charge?
Photography books - have you read, One Day For Life and Living Like This? ?
Site that sells Australian photos and images.?
How to re size a JPEG file?
Running 35mm Minilab at home?
how do you get real people to pose for inspiring be open to it and pacient?
critiques plz?
Camera picture transfer?
[any photographers?] is this a good picture? true answers please!?
Crazy nervous about senior portraits for yearbook?
Ring flash band photography?
Black and White picture With Little Bit Parts in color? - f?
What Does This Picture Mean?
what would be some good picture poses ?
How can I change the color of my hair in a picture?
Fairly cheap price picture watermarking program?
Collage-making Websites?
how does my photography look ?
Apollo 13.?
I have a legal/ethics question...PLEASE READ DETAILS...?
Why are photographers negatively protrayed in media?
Can I copyright a raw photo or is it best to process, then submit to copyright?
What is the best photography camera?
what is the best size for an image...i always get a blurry one after i save it and see it in larger size?
Who can create a nice portrait from a 8x10 glossy photo?
How do you take good portraits?
Anyone sold digital photos, using Photobucket?
What's a good way to take ultraviolet pictures?
I am looking for a photographer in Mississippi that does Boudoir Photography?? Any ideas?
What settings, lense, flash, etc. should be used for taking pics at a concert?
How do i know what picture card to get?
Favourite Picture Out Of My Photostream?
I have a photography question?
any good pointers for the new nikon 18-200mm lenses?
Where can I find humorous powerpoint slide shows?
morph a crocodile and a parrot?
What do you think of this photo.?
why i look ugly on the photos?
how can i color edit my digital pictures with Irfanview like this picture?
i want to buy a really nice camera that takes professional looking pics?
Do you agree or disagree?
what is a good photo editing program/website like this one?? for free?
How do I fix lines on my hp digital photo frame screen?
Where can I find a picture like this?
any one got any idea where i can find pictures of...?
can you use minolta flashes with the sony alpha.?
Take a look at my pictures!?
which software is direct digital camera capture image on pc?
Mirror or photos ?????? A little long?
Im doing a promo video what would be some good original action ideas to shoot?
how do i take pictures with my camera,put it on the computer, the put those pictures on craigslist for an add?
Is this photo good enough for myspace? How can I blow it up without it going blurry ?
What is the minimum shutter speed necessary to shoot at 8fps out of a high end DSLR?
What are some good ideas for and instagram username for photography?
Should I Frame a Limited Edition Canvas Giclee?
What are some good new digital photography cameras?
photo ideas?
What are the biggest challenges to becoming a pro photographer?
I Need Help On Finding A Picture!!?
If your taking portrait photo of people what is the best background to use that wont cast a shadow?
Do people look at pictures when developing film?
What are the best instagram strategies ?
If I wanted to take a photo, and change it (almost like paint over it) how could i do this on my computer?
where can i find free phtography poses?And free photography software that is really free?
Photoshoot and prop ideas? Please help!?
What's the best way to preserve my sons pictures?
Why are all the pictures from my Nikon D3000 dark and grainy/blurry?
Is photography an art?
Am I Good enough to become Photographer? Photos Inside?
Is this an ugly picture?
where can I get cute girl display pictures?
Super High Resolution Images?
Does wal-mart do senior pictures?
where do i get a professional resume done for cheap?
Blue Bonnets in DFW Texas?
Gimp or Paint.Net for Photo Editing?
What does this photo mean to you?
If i remove the memory card from the camera... will i lose the pictures?
Little Pictures that make one big picture? What its called?
copy my pictures to cd for free from my computer?
Opinions on my photos?
What's Wrong With My Picture?
how do you edit pictures and make them flash different colors?
how can i do this on picnik. com?
Paying Photography Jobs for Beginners?
Canon 7d 18 -135mm lens or 28 -135mm lens? Which do you prefer?
how can i get a career in photography? what careers are there that require a photography degree?
What do you think of my photographs ?
Can I get a refund on my professional photographs if they are not the standard that I expected?
Are my photos good? I'm not too sure?
Does the Canon 24-105mm lens work as a macro lens as well?
Do megapixels matter?
What setting should i use on my camera for a out door concert?
Which photo you like better
What is the best way to become a documentary filmmaker?
I need a name for my business.?
I want to use a watermark on my photographs that I take, but I don't want to use my name.?
Does this photo seem "wannabeish"?
Please tell me how is this photograph. N please rate my work.?
What would you expect to pay for a wedding photographer?
Where can I find an online PDF of a manual for theSony Betacam modelPVV-1A camera?
Do you think I could be a model?
You're Cheating!!!?
Pet photography ?
Do you think its ok to start your own wedding photography business without having had experience?
Would I be asking for too much money?
Is this girl a good photographer?
Can anyone give me any pointers in shooting a dog for the first time in photography?(candid , no studio)?
Getting started on the right foot...?
if im using a film with a 100 ISO, can i manually set my ISO to 800 in my camera? even if my film is 100 ISO?
New Hamphsire college Photography, good?
Where was Photography made? Who are some artists that use cameras?
What do you think of my pictures?
I want to become a pro wedding photographer. Would this be the way to go?
Photography Narrative based on exsisting story?
Fstop and shutter speed for a natural light portrait?
Can someone edit this image for me please (advanced or professional photoshoppers preffered)?
Do you feel Y/A needs a separate category for cell phone photography instead of visual arts/photography and wh?
how many mega pixels do i need on my camera to print a 24x36 print?
How does one take out of focus type/bokeh like pictures without anything in the foreground to focus on?
Can someone explain why some people aren't photogenic and don't look good in a photo?
resizing pictures?
Should I invest in a better DSLR ?
Cost per Image vs. Hourly Rate Photography?
My Aobe Photo Shop is always crashing when i enter it.what should i do?
How would you rate my photography?
Holga Frame Mask and Film Question?
Is there such thing as an underwater BLACK & WHITE disposable camera?
Can you develop film that's 5 years past it's "develop by" date?
A question for professional photographers?
Do looks matter (picture)?
Info needed for Rolleicord IIl Plz?
How to you merge pictures in GIMP?
N73 some image hidden ?
What do you think of this photo I took and then edited?
what are 'marquees' ?
<<<<<Photo editing question>>>>>?
Where can I buy a poster sized picture of Mark Wahlberg's calvin klein picture for a reasonable price?
Why when I try to take pictures it says SC PROTECTED?
do you prefer to take pictures of people or of scenery?
Would you ever allow your significant other to participate in a sensual photo shoot with a stranger?
What's your opinion about the portrait and the modell?
what happens if the camera in the bowl of rice does not work after 5 hours?
I need help with my Nikon D-40 ?
Can anyone tell me, would a photographer have an agent?
What are some photography careers?
what do these numbers mean in a camera?
What are some good photo set-up's for a 3week old baby?
Digital or Film?
Photo app effect......?
How do I save swatches using Adobe Illustrator CS3?
Prestige Portraits Senior Photos?
Where can I buy posters of the old-time bar images that are in the opening credits of the sitcom Cheers?
how can i sell my phtographies ?
what does a photographer do?
Photography Representation?
why do people like photography?
where to go/get my pet photos scanned/into t-shirts/mugs?
what kind of photo waiver do i need to post at an event where photos will be taken?
Sites that are similar to flickr?
Editing Pics??????????
Commerical Print Agencies?
Where do I start if I want to become a model?
How far can i zoom in with a 70-200mm lens?
Calendards that need photos?
Kodak Easy Share M1033...long exposure?
Why is my picture pixelized when I print it at a smaller size?
fun effect photo editing?
Opinions on my photography please?
flickr: who has an account?
Which feature is more important with catching objects in motion, between shutter speed and frames per second?
Is an Istock photo account free?
what do you think about my photography?
Senior picture clothes ideas?
Help! Why do my pictures have so much noise?
I'm writing a paper on landscape photography. What questions should i ask the photographer?
What should I do with $200?
I am new to photo taking and was wondering how people get fantastic colors in their pictures like these pics?
How can I take pictures on foap?
Help in cinematography shots?
how do you get an image URL for your photos?
studio lighting?
Is this a good tripod to buy?
Can anybody explain DSLR lens's? ?
Your Opinion?
how do you make a cap photo from a video?
taking a picture of a picture?
Does anyone else like these buildings?
What's the best lens for food photography?
PHOTOGRAPHY D5000 question?
Why my pictures turn out to be more yellowish after printing?
I am looking for a photograph published some time in the '40s taken by their war correspondent father.?
When do school pictures usually come?
Photo paper question for CD booklet?
How to take a photograph of the moon with Canon Digital Rebel XT, lens 75-300mm?
What do you think of the effects in this image ?
What do you think of this Blog? I find it pretty wacky, is this what New Zealander's are like?
Making color enhancements on digital photos?
what web sight can I look to see porfolios of photographers who take black and white photos?
How to make a Light Graffiti Video?
Does anybody know a site where you can add lens flare to your photos?
Why do I see so many camera flashes go off at stadiums and other large arenas if flahes only travel 10-20 ft?
how do i get pictures?
Are you looking for eyefetch also?
Would the Kodak EasyShare 8.2MP Digital Camera - Z812 be a good digital camera for an amateur photographer?
What kind of lens should I get for fashion photography?
Photomatix Pro Plus (i.e. Photomatix Pro + plug-in for Photoshop CS2/2/3 + plug-in for Aperture)?
Can someone please explain how to scan a colour negative and how to scan it as a A4 and how to dev. in ph-shop
Do you have to like taking pictures of bums in order to be a photographer?
ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS!!!! What kind of camera do you use???????~~~~~~?????????!!!!?
Do graduation picture make you look different from how you really look?
I’m looking for the name of an old famous photograph or painting of a couple getting there mirage license?
are these photos any good?
How do I take pictures off of a disc onto computer?
What do you think of my photographs?
What Are Good Ideas For A Stop Motion Video?
where can i find pictures that are actually moving?
Do you think these are good quality photos?
Are there any reasons to not get a nikon lense with this adapter for my camera?
Equipments for small photo studio?
What settings should I have?
Can't find this picture..?
Info on this picture?
Question about getting a photo?
how to shoot long exposure without cable release?
whats the name of the camera effect where the camera is pulling away but zooming in at the same time?
In what order should a power pack with strobes be plugged in?
Poll: What mode do you usually shoot in?
Best DSLR to buy around £400?
is this a good photo?
Special online photo effects?
Photography references?
how much will my kodak film cost if i was to get the pictures filmed its a diposable camera?
jpeg convert to bitmap?
I need some relevent photographers to research!?
What Did You Photograph Today?
Just an opinion...?
How to edit photos to look like this? (PHOTO ATTACHED)?
Hey I need some advice about photography!! plzz?
What do you see in this picture?
1080i60 or 1080p30? Film. What does this mean?
moisture in lens - can it be fixed?
What do you think of my photography?
Photography tips please?
a thousand words is worth a picture?
Best way to edit a photo so it looks retro?
Wedding Photographers: my wife wants to start "dabbling" in wedding photography. What's the minimum equipment?
Photography Tips for Beginners?
what is a duotone photo? what makes it special?
Does anyone know of a good photo editing program?
Which setting would make a better quality of photo?
Instagram takes only takes black pictures?
What kind of photographer do you think I should be? (if any)?
Casio Exilim 7.2 Megapix question!?
need to learn about lighting for portraits?
What is the best program to use for general photo editing if I have tons of photos like weddings?
I need some photography ideas :)?
Is the overall composition of this photo decent?
What is the best camera for filming a documentary film?
POLL: Do you like your photograph taken or are you shy of the camera ???
what does it take to be a photographer????
Took a picture that was partially see through?
Do I need to go to School, to be a''Photographer??
Ways of getting my photography out there?
What is a good camera for my photography?
What do you think of my picture =]?
I need this picture resized?
Do a fake polish visa shows my digital photograph and machine readable zone ?
multiple images into one large photo?
How do I get started on tumblr?
how did she take a picture of herself falling like this?
best deal for DSLR black friday?
Do you know if there is a place where I can get a book of Katia Kraft's photography of the volcanoes...?
How to convince my parents that i am into Photography?
Is my photography good for a beginner ?
what is the first step on becoming a photographer?
Which editing software do you use for your Pixel Interpolation?
Should I persure my love for photography?
How is my photography for an amateur?
Does anyone still shoot Kodak Disc? Or even remember it?
How to edit / enhance my photo of a beach scene using Nikon's ViewNX-2 software? -- CONTINUED BELOW --?
Looking for famous photoshop picture.?
How to become a Make-up model?
Artist or painter that is similar to Richard Avedon photography?
how to make trippy photo effects?
I am getting married in Brooklyn. Can you recommend good indoor places for photographs. Not studios.?
Is this a miracle, trick photography, tenacity, or skill?
Does anyone know how to change this photo 2 black and white?
cool things to take pictures of?
I have a Kodak P850 Easy Share. My son dropped it on the kitchen floor and now it won't turn on.?
What is a good website that will buy your pictures from you?
What do you think of this picture I edited?
How to get this photo effect!?
Which version of this picture do you like best?
What are these types of pictures called?
what should i look for when purchasing a photo album?
where to get best funny photos ?
Is there any photography groups in northern California who would get together and go for photography tours in?
Just an opinion...?
is this proof sign photoshopped?
How do you become a movie still photographer? I am already a graduate but can't find these jobs to apply to.
Beginner wanting nx100?
What are some good ways to increase traffic to your photographs on Flickr?
canon 20d alot better than the canon rebel ?
What photo editing site do you use?
Look at this photo; How did the photographer do that?
I'm trying to find a billboard sign from 1980?
How is this effect done in this picture?
Is this a good picture .?
How do I get people to like my pictures on instagram?
Is this a good picture of myself?
How can I sell my photos for a profit?
Looking for a tiny automatic camera with a timer?
Photo-bucket need some help to me?
Is photography too competitive nowdays?
Please Help?!?
What are some good photo editing sites?
review my photo portfolio?
how do you upload pictures from a camera to a disc?
How Can I Make This Into This?
Where can I go to have a watermark removed from a proof photograph?
Question for filmographers?
pls letme know the URL forRoyalty free images with no watermark?
Can someone help me with layering on picnik?
Phobias i can photograph?
What are these wedding pictures worth?
Why do the colors on my pictures look washed out when i upload them?
what is the best setting on the camera to take a lot of good pictures fast?
Why are some many people on here , asking how to steal pictures off the Internet ?
photograph that looks like the inside of church & also looks like a photo inbetween to city blocks?
What should I get, a Nikon D40 or a Canon XTi (400D)?
What are Tumbler Lenses..?? whatz it's specialtiy..?
Which camera is the best?
100s of pictures!!??!! what to do?
Photofiltre brushes???
how do I put 4 pictures in one size for a blog?
Have you ever been accused for not taking the photos that you put up ?
Portraits of "eccentric" old women?
where do travel agents get their panoramic landscape posters from?
is it possible to take decent pictures of yourself?
Would it be worth it to go the professional studio ?
My name is Celeste Muller i need a name for my photography busines?
Good Camera to start out with?
How do I stop my camera from shaking when i press the shutter?
How to layer 2 photos?
My Mom wanted a photograph of me. How much does it cost to get some nice outside photographs taken?
pictures, have a question?
Pros - what do you wish someone had told you about photography before you got started?
Websites to sell photos for free?
Where can I get images with different quotes/words/text like these?
What method attaches real objects to the work of art?
Film vs Digital photo?
How do you make a picture likee ...?
How do you add the bokeh affect to your picture?
Adding scratchs to photos in photoshop?
nose peircing or lip?
What is this poster called?
What do you think of my photoshop job?
What's the cheapest camera you could do serious photography on? I guess just temporary.?
Looking for lens adapters?
What can i do to improve my picture please if you can leave your email address i need some sort of mentor ?
Have you ever allowed anyone to take a nude photograph of you?
Preserving Picture Laminating Question?
What is wrong with my Photoshop?!?!?
What type of 35mm lens or more will fit my Pentax P3n?
Gift ideas for the photographer in the family? ( continuation )?
I photograph horribly?
Models/photographers-Did they shoot me at the wrong angle?
Where can I find this photograph?
Quick! I need some ideas of what I should take picture of for the category of still life?
Please critique my photo?
Where can I order odd sized prints?
what are some sites that i can take pictures online with my webcam?
Can someone search for a picture for me?
Some good photo subjects around the house?
What site model is this?
could i become a model?
What do you think......?
how to achieve blurred background with clear object(using aperture and depths of field)?
How can I get my uncle a date please?
I bought my son a nice camera. we need some advice?
How do you put a quote on a picture thru tumblr?
would like some feedback?
Are You Going To Buy/Upgrade to Photoshop CS5?
Please tell me what you think about my photos critiques are welcome?
Some information about this picture?
Will you critique my photography?
Do girls believe that photoshopping their pictures will make them more attractive in reality?
Photography question.?
how do you make realistic looking bruises for scary pictures for art project?
Is anyone a middle aged man or over 50 with camera???!?
Setting my monitor to display printer profile?
What do you think of these pictures of me?
copyright laws on photographs?
how do i edit the colbert report mcain green screen challange?
Can someone please edit this picture for me?
how can i make my skin lighter in pictures?
Where can I buy a good picture (canvas print or print) that goes with Audry Hepburn?
I want to get photo shop and don't know what kind.?
lost---picasa photo's --how can i get them back?
does anyone have any farm pictures?
how to make perfect photos of beverages?
question about cameras, photography?
What do you think of these portraits of my cousin I took for my photography class?
How to photograph a wedding couple with fireworks in background?
what do you think about these photos?
How to make a photo look aged?
FILM! What is Slide Film? Negative print film?
How do you resize a picture using paint?
What would be the best choice?
Any Ideas?
How do you get pictures off your camera without a cord?
who's the prettiest(picture)?
What is a good account name for photography pictures on instagram?
Which photo is better?
what is the best way to photograph a t-shirt. What settings should my digital camera be on?
I need ideas for pictures of each month?
Why do my photos get cropped more even after I re-size them to 4 x 6?
Teen schoolboy creates breathtaking images by photographing using a clear marble, what do you think of that?
How long does it take pictures to develop when u take them to Walmart???
Sports Photography?
Im doing an A2 photography project on Abandoned places, buildings etc, anyone know of any?
I'm in search of a specific Fisherman photo.?
Do dslrs count shutter actuations if you don't have a sd or cf card in?
How many mega-pixels do i need? Whats a good (the best) number for me?
I have photoshop elements 7.0. Im pretty knowledgable about how to use it. I love editing. However, I am at a?
Ideas for photo editing?
how i can put a my picture to make may background?
how do i add a white boarder round a person to divide them from the background?
What do you think of this photo?
Where are some unique places to take prom pictures?
looking for a lens to replace my kit lens?
how can i open a few photos into one document as different layers in PS CS5?
Will this external flash work on my camera?
Where can I find a picture hanging system? I want a system with movable wires suspended above on a track.?
what does it take to be a photographer?
I need some ideals for a photshoot. Theme is red wine in bottles.?
Bride wants album after three years, what would you do?
Why can't I sell large prints on DeviantArt?
I have a sigma 70-200mm for my Nikon D7000 and it produces consistently washed out pictures, what to do ?
Is this copyright infringement of a photograph?
i need to print my flash move frame?
Documentary dvd help…?
how do i take a good photo of my aquarium?
Okay, Could you's give me your opinions on this?
Lynn Goldsmith Photography?
what should the title of my photography picture be? (with pic)?
Do i have a big head? look at my photo please tell me ?
What do I need to have in order to get a photo this large with so much coverage?
Camera Printer Help Please?
How do you combine several pictures into one picture with each picture viewable?
you know the photographers at concerts that stand behind the security and photograph the band?
How do I take a self portrait with the Nikon D5100?
Next purchase idea's?
how do i get the space effect on my picture?
What should I do with this photo?
photo-editing question: can you do this on PICASA.....?
portrait studio experts please!!!?
where can i get tungsten sheets?
Portrait Photographers - what are your techniques for a great over the shoulder pose?
How do I make money from my photographs?
Is there a better film scanner for black and white film?
Can you help me find a way to purchas this photo???
What is the best website to sell my digital photos on?
How do you work Photobucket? And does it cost any money?
How long can a camera sit unused before problems occur? Have Canonet GIII QL17 to use & two others as backups.
Photographer used unauthorized photos of me?
which photo do you like better?
What is the best way to drive more business to my photography website?
Photoshoot locations in the Houston TX area?
Americas Next Top Model Photo Editing?
How do photographers Get these awesome shots of animals?
How can I achieve blown-out highlights in photoshop similar to this photo?
My camera needs a XD M memory card but I'm told they aren't made any more. True?
Could i be a photographer [pics]...?
Why are photography portraits done at Walmart, Jcpennys seen as bad photography?
what kind of camera lens would be used to shoot something like this?
Used of Photo without consent.?
What about a 2GB memory for a canon ixus 60 digital camera, is it a good idea to use that?
How much does a high fashion photographer earn on average? in a year or for a single shoot?
am i a good photographer?
How do I glue 2 images together?
Thoughts on a photo?
Lack of confidence in photography?
Which photo do you prefer?
Anyone know the guy in this picture?
how do i do single shot composites?
Anyone seen this images anywhere or recognise where they have been taken ?
Pictures from Canon 350D to laptop, HOW?
Can Somebody tell me what website I can get these on.?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
what are some good angles/poses for taking pics?
Could you guys evaluate my site at
Cute couple picture ideas?
where can i find an all time low poster besides at a show?
Where do I find the expiry date on a roll of film?
Settings to use at a High school prom?
how to clean a canvas picture?
How do I start in the wedding photography field?
How can i make a shooting out effect like the following on Photobucket? [picture]?
What should I do about my friend using my photography pictures without permission?
is it possible to retrieve photos that i may have deleted from my digital camera?
How can i start to become a cameraman?
How do i describe these in an image?
Am I good at taking pictures?
What the best way to distort a childs image but keep the expression?
crop an image out a picture?!?
about the rspb wild pix photography competion...
If i take a picture outside and theres a strong sun shining how do I make my picture good?
how do i get my own picture that i took on my little dude?
Who can I take a picture of more?
Is this a good photography camera? A level photography!?
Why are aren't license plate images shown in photos or on TV?
what is the definition of a 'press shot'?
where can I find a free, online, photo shop site?
Professional Photo Frames?
Can a hucker see my disktop or what am doing at the moment or a picture i have cropped?
Am i Pretty? (picture included)?
Good photo album site?
documentaries/movies/interviews with photographers?
how do i add a picture to image search?
what do you know and what do you think about Bali Island in Indonesia?
I found an old wind up video camera. Looked online but coundn't find anything about them? Is it worth anything
Object still photography, ideas for necktie true color and crisp closeup shots?
printing press?
Modeling Software?
Should I apply for Suicide Girls?
Is this a bad way to take a picture of myself?
Question about posting an image from a magazine...?
Film development,?
Are advertisements with models in them more effective?
Which takes the best pics- cybershot DSC-W110 or DSC-S950?
picasa twooooo?.......?
Is this picture considered 'beautiful'?
RSPB wildlife photography comp for children?
Is this dust or noise?
How much does it cost to print photos at Big W?
Tell you do you hate............?
Where are some good places to take a family portrait?
I have to take pictures for Photo I of Landscapes but i have to go to park and take it?
To the professional photographers: What's your favorite digital point and shoot camera?
how do i add a new playlist to my ipod??
My canon eos rebel xt question!!!!?
where do you get mp3 music urls for myspace?
How can I acheive this photo?
what is the massage of the film" you cant be neutral on a moving train)?
From time to time to time, I see something on another website or forum...?
What do you think of my hockey photography?
What is the best way of going about selling my photography online?
calling all photographers?
Does anyone do Photography in college? [UK] If so, what is it like?
will film and film photography be a thing of the past in 5 or 10 years?
On Gimp (the photo editor), how do I make it so that it stops "buzzing"...?
which is best? a professional camera of: CANON or NIKON ?
What was the name of that photographer who put colorful dots over people's heads?
am i ugly? (picture included)?
Would you buy my photography?
Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5100?
Taking pictures inside a private building, permits needed?
How do I attach a lens/filters to the Zeiss Ikon Contina???
How do I go about doing a stop motion video?
Photographers do you think this is weird?
Cities with the best night skylines?
How to make a cheap video studio lighting kit? TEN POINTS FIRST GOOD ANSWER?
Vintage looking background?
How do I find female models to photograph?
do they suck?????
Is there any way to screen capture manu items of dSLR camera (other than taking picture of LCD screen)?
RAW IMAGES:I am new to digital photography.What's the best novice photoshop package to process raw images?
Common Portrait Studios?
what is a photographer?
where can I get realistic clip art??
how do you put a dp on y!a?
How can I develop film from a disposable camera by myself?
Are there any good quality brands that sell old fashion cameras?
Photographers only...I need help on purchasing a camera.?
My Picture.....?
Critique this photograph please?
I scanned some pictures but there small, what is a good program to re size them and make them look good?
How can you change your picture?
Does going on instagram make you a photographer?
What kind of photography do these photographers do?
home-made headshots?
Can I fix my prom pictures if they were developed poorly?
What do I use to get my photos to look like this? (DSLR)?
A decent video editing program for making AMV's.?
i'm looking for the my little pony pictures where can i find them?
What kind of photography job should I look for?
why near my cheeks it looks lopp sided in pictures?
black and white background?
photo album printers?
Where can I buy a Photography background exactly like this one:
I would like your Photography opinion on this photo.?
After hours of reading about composition, I still don't "see" it?
What is the best wide angle converter when you can't afford a wide angle lens?
Is it necessary to have a macro zoom lens with low f stop numbers?
Do you HAVE to use a filter on Instagram?
Photoshop Question?
Female Photographers..?
where can i find a book or alot info on the biography of ellen cocose?
I'm getting my photography site set up and need a name for myself?
Does this sky look natural to you?
how to make a poster?
how to take good photograph?
Looking for a model in the Madison, Wisconsin area!?
Photography business questions?
Film users only: Do you agree that, artistically-speaking, black and white film is obsolete?
Where can I find floppy discs for Sony digital cameras that use floppy discs?
cutting with a razor?
What to do when photographer refuses to send pics?
How can I make a photo black & white, while keeping some things color?
Where does JCP get there models from?
with pictures am i ugly?
Why do cameras capture noise even when it's pitch black?
What is the best way to shoot outdoor portraits with a Canon AE-1 Program?
Which lens if bettter for landscape photography, the Canon 17-40mm or the Canon 10-22mm ???
How do I get started if I want to be a model?
how can i make the composition of my photographs more appealing?
What do you think of my photography?
Do these photos look similar to you?
Can digital cameras take black&white photographs?
Tell me about this photograph - what meduim, camera settings, etc etc?
Im confused, i have a choice between d40, d40x and d80, which one?
Please critique my photo? Is it very boring?
Max Dupain and Anne Zahalka's 'the sunbaker'?
Photo changer crops edits does it all?
Online spam free downloads of Nature shots ???
How good of a major is photography for college?
how to transfer 35mm slides to a CD using optic film 7200. Can't understand instructions with scanner?
Do any of u have a headshot picture of the following?
How to montage pictures?
Who took the series of photographs with the theme "143" after the Minot lighthouse?
Canon rebel xti settings for Fireworks?
How many times faster is ISO 1600 than ISO 200 film?
Is It Possible To Make Money From Photography, When Taking It Up As A Hobby?
Any tips for photography?
what can i do 2 find a miley cyrus photograph ?
Does anyone know where can find models for photography at Western Michigan College?
Best photography app in app store that's free?
What looks more DISTINGUISHING , in these filenames format , # or ~ ? (files organisation)?
Where can I find a website to help me with different styles of photography?
Nikon D80 error on lcd screen?
is my picture on this site?
London Skyline!!!?
picture help!!!!...plz???((i need it))?
i need transfer my photos to dvd slide show?
Tell me about your work and yourself?
Job at sears portrait studio-- Does anyone know about how much they pay for a photographer part time?
how can i color splash my photo
Is Photoshop in jeopardy of becoming the next Kleenex
Photography Questions (photographers only please)?
What Do Suggest I Do? ( Perki, Fhotoace, Sam, Edwin, Pooky, And others ) ?
What is the realtionship between black & white photo and filter and f-stop?
Whats a great name for a photography site? something like machinedance photography?
how do i sell frank sinatra signatures with his photo on them bnad made out to girls?
hi. anyone know where i can get stills or a copy of channel 4s intermission thing?
Help, I've got photographer's block?
Suggestions for Photo Page name?
Macro with a difference??
what kind of grl do guys like?
Is there a picture of the morning transforming to night?
how do i get raw images into iphoto?
Take up photography as a hobby, where to start?
Color photography?
what A levels are good to be a medical photographer?
How is this effect made in pictures?
Photograph effect like Richard Avedon prints?
Where can I take a professional photo/art framing course in Michigan?
I would love to hear your feedback on my recently redesigned photography website?
film speed?
Photograph inspiration?
What should I do about my friend using my photography pictures without permission?
where to take a photography class ?
HELP!! My camera's shutter speed is so slow!?
Does anyone have msn or messenger account & that you know A LOT about photography?I have an SLR and..?
'CERTAIN' way of photoshop face airbrushing help!?
what do you think about this Tumblr name?
An animal inside the lenses?
How to embed Date/Time on digital photo?
how do you create this affect with photoshop? [look at the picture ^_^]?
What do you think of this photo i took?
Rate my photography? :) round 2.?
Can someone enlarge this image for me please?
what the different between fine art prints and Photographic Prints?
Uploading my photography?
found this picture and wonder who are these guys ? pls help. thanks?
Aperture 3 help for apple mac?
What are some ideas to name a photography business?
In choosing an slr which brand do you prefer?
What is a good photography book of the Scottish moors and highlands?
Anyone bought the Canon S90, is it nice for portraits?
Which of these two pictures is better?
do i look intense in this picture?
how can I merge photos on ACDsee?
were can i find images of the german villages from the time period 300ad through 550 ad?
How does a splitzer lens work?
Wanting to go to photography school?
can anyone give me dome info on Clarice Cliff and evan give me some pictures of her work!?
Flickr MB usage help?
Can you visually tell the difference between a RAW and a JPEG image?
Anyone recommend a Denver area pet photographer?
who is michael hearn (photographer)?
I want to make a time-lapse movie of a 18 month build. constr. What framerate to use?
Before purchasing a Digicam, what should necessary to know about?
where can i get free e-cards where i can add my own picture?
Science Photo Contest!!?
Taking pictures with windows?
What's a good title for a photograph of the ocean?
how do you take mutiple expsosures?
Need to find affordable photographer for Dubuque, IA wedding in October 2008?
Why can't British film makers hold the camera still?
Salary Range-Field Photographer?
Feedback on this silhouette picture I took today, please?
how can I make my own 'Photo' Christmas cards?
What do you think of these photos?
as a beginner what camera should i buy to learn photography?
Could I model?
How much does it cost to hire a professional photographer from 9-5?
Is this a good picture?
Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5100?
Is my photography any good?
where can i find photos of shell construction ?
Can anyone recommend a decent Canon flash/speedlight for around £150-£200?
Can a photographer answer the following questions?
does this look like a orginal capture of the camera to you?
I need help for work experience?
What do you think of my photography skills?
Does Tumblr help you on...?
pentax k1000 vs ME Super?
Some photos I took this morning, of things I found on our beach.?
Please help find Sandra Dans's work?
What do you all think of my film Showreel?
copyright photographs?
I want to be a photographer!!?
Wax 2.0 Chroma Key tolerance won't work?
I need a good camera to become a photographer...but which one?
Buying a Copyright liscence for your photography business?
What are some highly recognized photo contests?
What's the BEST way to store digital photos for long periods of time?
Photo problem.. help?
What websites are there for editing pictures?
Can an atheist get insurance against acts of god?
a song that i could take pictures of to describe?
Where can I get free photos for my website?
What is the best lens for sports/nature on my Nikon D90?
Does anyone know of any famous photographers who take photos of reflections?
My JPEG & RAWS have the same colour but when i convert the RAWs to TIFFS the colours are slightly different?
whats wrong with this picture?
What are some basic stuff i can do on photoshop?
are there any free editing websites or programs that i could use to get a background like this.. ?
Is there an actual title as " master photographer you can earn?
online stock photography?
(easy to follow) Digital Camera Tips ?
photo opinion?
whats the best lens/lenses to use for weddings?
Which is better, nikon or canon?
i need to edit my pictures?
What are the best cameras for photography?
Instagram Photo a day challeneges?
How do you do this 3 effect? (pics)?
What type of camera is used to capture this picture?
Where a some good places to take pictures?
When should I use 400 speed 35mm film?
printing press?
how to make a animation background for film?
where can I find an 8x12 picture frame?
How can I increase my depth of field.?
Does the camera actually add 10 pounds?
Need a cool location in Toronto for photo shoot. (free)?
Looking for photo of hands reaching out towards the camera?
How to sell my photos ?
photography/filming help?
In Dslr cameras what does the term 'crop factor' mean?
Photo Contest: Better to use Gloss or Matte Finish?
What can you do with a degree in Film?
What Camera would you recommend for photography?
Are these photo's impressive?
In need of an amazing photograhpy camera!?
Anyone have a good idea for my isolation photography assignment?
Is there a picture like this but less pixilated?
How long will it take for my photo to upload?
does the nikon D3200 have live view?
I have a Canon S3 IS, but I don't know how to get it to take black/white or sepia?
can anyone tell me who makes these pictures? follow the link?
What do you think of this picture?
What are some tips on taking cool/neat/nice/funny profile pics?
If i have an exposure value of 6 and 2/3 stop increments, whats my f-stop number for a asa speed of 200?
What do you think of picture? Its me btw.?
I am a part-time professional photographer, Is there a website to upload, sell, and enhance pictures?
Is there any way to replicate a Man Ray using at-home equipment?
whats a good picture for who is it?
which model stands out the most in this photo?
How to create warm and soft photos?
sports photography?
How do you do this? (picture thing)?
Where is this picture taken?
Bathroom hidden cameras?
Is it okay to copy photos off of Flickr?
Where are nice places for photography on Long Island?
What are the career options for photography in India?
Photography/Photoshop I need an answer fast first person to answer gets 10 points?
Can you tell me what you think of my Photos?
Is there a good free online photography site to help learn about camera features?
any ideas for photo background using peacock as a theme?
is it true Polaroids are being discontinued?!?
can u suggest me a camera?
Is the New York Institute of Photography's Professional course adequate preparation for the CPP Exam?
best monochrome photography website?
Why do I look hideuous in pictures?
What are some affordable photographers in los Angele's for up and coming models?
Anyone know of a good website for archival images?
GretagMacbeth Chart using a software cd or just the chart itself?
How to photograph smoke?
What do you think of photos?
How do you crop a digital photo for printing 4x6 prints.?
What Is A Website Where U Can Make Pictures Pretty?
Weird photograph!!!!Very strange hidden images!!!What is this?
Whats a Good Camera i can use for any Photography class?
What is a good camera to catch hours of video and great at taking pictures?
I'm looking for the name of a painting or picture of a nude women or girl in the water. "Maid of the mist"?
hey i have a photo editing question.. does anybody know how to do this?
I would like feed back on one of my photographs. Tell me what you think.?
What should I do when mixing two types of camera(Cmos and 3ccd)?
Pretty new to Instagram. My pictures are very bright and colorful, good pictures. Some followers?
How do I make my pics come out clearer??
Help, I've got photographer's block?
who is felix diaz the photographer?
how do I take good pictures?
im buying my first dslr... is it appropriate to settle for a prime lens rather than the kit lens?
about my dig. picture?
How do they make cartoon films and movies?
What do you think of this picture?
adult levis group?
Help with my photography board!?
What's your favorite way do get pictures?
Cant seem to find the righ picture?
What famous photograph was taken on todays date?
How would you take pictures with the large professional cameras beyond a grille?
how to get the lighting right in a photo at home?
Is it true that if you put .jpg at the end of the file image, the better the quality?
what's a cool and cheap idea for a date?
Should I just quit?
How to light paint on a Canon EOS rebel XS?
nude photos?
Why won't my pictures on my camera show up? :(?
Are you allowed to bring SLR cameras to concerts?
Good photography images??;D?
Question about polaroid film?
What is wrong with my photos?
does this photo looks professional?
I need a camera that will take excellent close up pictures of Cameos and other Jewelry. Any suggestions?
a picture of someone about to do something?
Why is there no pictures showing up for anyone?
Best camera for professional photography?
where i can down load some high resolution safety posters?
Am I good at Photoshop?(before and after pic inside)?
want to know i-d of Rajat tokas and also want his photograph?
Photography courses in America?
Is this a good picture?
What careers are availible in the photography field?
What do you think of this picture?
How to become a model? and do i have what it takes?
Why does my nikon d3100 shut off as I'm taking photos in Manual and Shutter mode?
Which picture do you like better? I can't decide!?
instagrammer tag your photos to inspirelindsay for a chance to become popular follow lindsaysayhey and?
does anyone have tips for nature or pet photography?
wavy neon lights on facebook pictures HELP? >.< :P?
How do I make pictures like this?
Free Stock Photos with no Royalty/Credits?
Hasselblad Master 2012?
best nikon lens for newborn photography?
where can you get a free backround check?
How are my Photoshop sigs?
Nikon D80 - Slow Sync Flash?
who are those people that come with the sample picture when you buy a picture frame lol?
What is photography in 6th form?
For all photo lovers out there....?
how do you use photoshop to modify pictures?
Photography in a graveyard?