Would you rate my art, please?
Is Having VR on a 55-200mm Lens Important?
Photography: Whats the best way to control temp while dev. and enlarging?
Can you help me find pictures like this?
Tips on filming a bike festival?
what do you think of my photography?
does anyone like taking photograph of a house wife thats all alone?
How do you combine people in Photoshop?
Does any photographer out there use Amvona tripods and heads? What do you think of them?
Nikon D600 vs Canon 5d mark iii. ? for wedding photographer plz guide?
Where can I get this type of design/ photoshop brush?
What is a good website or place that i can enter a photo in for a photo contest?
What "flash" device do I need?
I'm giving a workshop for seniors, any ideas?
What does Master of Liberal Arts Emphasis in Photography mean?
I want to send in a photograph for my local newspaper?
kodak easyshare C513 NO SOUND.. HELP?
I want to take my photography hobby to a whole other level w/ studio lighting?
my 35mm film was left in my car for about 3 hours, in the heat, would my film be messed up?
What type of camera would be used for large advertising boards?
How do I make a spinning effect like this, but better?
is there still an interest in princess diana photos?
I found some old photo slides that are 50 years old?
would you do a photo shoot surrounded by balloons?
What is the best camera to buy? If I want the closest to pro photography?
What do you think about this photo. C&C please?
Help with night time photography with Canon 1000D?
What do you think of this photo?
What kind of grades do you need for a photography/music based school?
How can i make a tumblr picture like this one?
***Photography Help! please!!?
I want A site?
Does anyone know and GREAT picture engine sites?
A magazine using my photography? Any documents needed to be signed?
Instagram Photo Help?
Who is this in the picture?
I have the fujifilm jx420 and wanted to know if an universal 1/4 screw tripod would fit it?
How many things can you come up with that are black & white?
Someone put porn on Minneapolis Free Market. Yuck!?
How do you introduce another example in a critical lens?
Have u photographed..?
Rule of thirds & black and white subjects?
Tell me one thing that you can see but can't capture Photo of it ? Tell I expect only funny answer?
How do I know if something is photo safe?
what do people think of my website and content?
Where can I legally buy National Geographic pictures in JPEGs without the logo?
I'm a photographer looking for a blog site to post my pictures to.?
So, DSLR help please?
Brother and Sister Photo Shoot? Any Ideas?
What app (on iPhone) allows me to edit pictures to where I can blur certain parts of the pic?
What is the best way to get photographs to people when I do a free "pets with Santa" photo shoot?
please help me with a contest theme?
thumbnails shows full image but actual photo is different?
How much should i expect to pay an amature photographer?
Does anyone know of photographers?
How do I put two separate pictures side by side and save it as one picture?
Visual language words - Photography?
Does anyone know how much a Beseler 67cp enlarger is worth?
Where can I find the nude pictures of Sanda Orlow (Sandra Model) after she turned 18?
what do you think of my photography?
how do you make a picture come out clear?
how do i make my image flicker fast not like
anyone know any inland empire parks?
I took a picture with someone, and my face came out blurry. Not a camera defect.?
does anybody know to make an outline in a picture?
Using photoshop cs3 how do I put multiple me's in single picture?
hi, where can I get free photos of amazon, andes and rocky mountains from?
what age did u reach puberty?
How do I take a picture of an airplane without looking like a terrorist?
Free Taylor Lautner Cellfone Wallpapers!!?
Im looking for a name to have printed on a barbers lab jacket?
More ideas please?
should I just quit?? [Pictures included]?
Where can i find photoshop jobs online?
what kind of camera takes pictures like this?
Which of these should be my profile picture?
ORBs in pictures?
Can anybody tell me what holders are ; othodentist wise , and if you can please send me a picture thankyou?
should i put it in landscape mode even when the people are in the pictures?
In your opinion what makes a good photographer?
Please tell me the name of this model
Graffiti photography?
How do you get good lighting?
What should my Tumblr name be?!?
What is the term ISO means in SLR cameras?
Model Polaroids - Does anyone know what these are called?
Where can i get mrinal kulkarni's every picture?
I recently started a Photography Business. I'm trying to find a good name for my Business.?
Whats the diffrents between these two 50mm lens ?
is there a site somewhere on the internet where i can get a copy right thing to put over my photography?
A good beginner camera....?
Poster of Long Hair Blonde from the late 70's need help to find.?
Lens Recommendations for a DSLR User?
has anyone used the Fuji Finepix S1000fd?
How to clean out mold from back of film camera?
Better photo shoot?
Why do you bother to ask a photography question when 42 is, obviously, the answer?
What photography lighting equipment would be needed for Graduation Ball? (UK)?
Who is this girl????
Do any1 no any good photoediting programs?
Picture Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need some recommendation for a software program for photo editing. Some ideas please.?
What is the best thing about photography?
photography Learning the ropes?
Is it legal if I take a picture of an artist's painting, make some alteration and then sell prints of it?
Which photo do you prefer and why?
How can I "convert" black and white picture to picture with colors ?
Where can I find a free clip art of genuine red roses?
How do I achieve this color effect?
what type of photography methods do you know?
does polaroid one stop express cam run on battery?
How old is this camera?
What is the best camera to buy? If I want the closest to pro photography?
What does "Implied Visual Motion" mean?
Has anyone seen the Helen Keller photo that turned up recently?
Any sites similar to Picnik?
What are some good books to help me learn how to take better pictures?
Does anyone know what software I can buy to build and create a high school sports program?
What is the importance of photography?
What app can I use to cut a part out of one photo and put it in another photo?
Prestige Portraits Senior Photos?
HEY Photoshopperss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5STARS I Promise?
I have a Nikon D80 , but when i take picture on the tampoline my self is kind transparent../What should i do?
What kind of an animal is this a photo of?
does anyone know where I can buy this pic?
how do I add a vignetting effect to a picture using a program?
Photo Question?
why is the word "ambulance" written backwards in ambulance car?
How to remove overlap from a photo. (separate two photos from one, opposite of merge.)?
how do you make a poster? (fanfiction)?
I don't like to take pictures of myself. Is that weird?
Pick your favorite or favorites.........................?
What zodiac do I look like? (Links of images)?
Any tips for a photography beginner?
Examples in action photography when a blurry photo is wanted?
What do I need to shoot a wedding?
Questions for models! especially high school models?
Am I good at photography?
photo edit help? please anyone?
I am experiencing a definite "warm" shift to the photographs I am receiving from MPIX. How to correct?
am i a good photographer? pics included.?
is 3 seconds a fast shutter speed?
How I make a image I took with my camera more visible?
Where can I find a photograph of the late Pipe Major Angus Macdonald, MBE? One that I can download.?
is digital arts the same with multimedia arts?
Rude Answers...?
What might be your thoughts on this photograph I took today?
what do u usually edit on your photos?
Your opinion on this photo?
Can I get complete repair instructions for the Kiev 60 camera somewhere?
Good cameras for starting photographer?
I want to get a new camera that will produce clear, sharp high resolution photos?
How can I get a woman to do a legit foot modeling photo set?
Can you take the glare of a picture?
How set up ISO for fujifilm fine Pix S1730 camera to 800?
Does anyone think she PHOTOSHOPS? honestly?
How do I record in Black & White on my digital camera??? s. for best answer!!!?
Am I a good photographer for 14?
Constructive criticism please... first time try.?
Are there any cameras that are good for taking pictures of landscapes and sunsets (in particular)?
What is the best way to recruit photographers ?
what should i take pictures of ?
what flickr games???
How do you create a Signature in Photoshop?
Photography - Elements of design?
Photography Magazines?
Photography Studio Names?
What color is the camera that you use?
How can i clear up my miscoloured and odd photo?
Can you take someone out of a picture?
I'm a new photographer, what do you think?
Why doesn't the jpeg file save the sharpness adjustments made in RAW during the conversion in DPP?
Photography Camera?
can't put photos on from my camera?
I want to make a lifesize poster from a photo of my son. Where and who will do that?
How much to charge for Graphic design and photography/photo editing?
how would i go about setting up my own personal phtography area-- like a darkroom and such?
Can I get darkroom-quality prints from scanned B&W negs?
What's the difference between a diffuser and a strobist?
is there a website where people can comment on photography?
where is the best place to get professional sound effects online?
Why is 'duck face' so popular for taking photos?
What makes red eyes in photos?
Best program for resizing photographs?
Help with Photography?
I'm looking for a picture! Help!?
What is the best camera for black and white photography?
Is there a simple program to reshape 40 different sized pictures all at once so they are all the same size?
What's the best time of the day to take outside pictures?
What type of lens do I need to get that professional photographer look?
how can I take images of creatures on the moon?
Which picture looks best?
how do i cut someone out from a photo using photoshop?
How to not blur while taking a picture on a digital camera?
Do you have any ideas please help?
Looking for vintage photography?
is there a free photot editing site where i can makea a pic not blurry?
What's the exact dimension of passport size photograph in India?
How do I Focus B&W BOTH of my eyes on Picasa?
Can I use pictures from websites?
can some one help with adobe photoshop elements 9?
is thermal image considered art?
What kind of filter do I need for my camera to get that "Movie" look?
how do you link the flash from your camera to your lights ? do i need to buy something d3100? photography?
what programs can premanantly increase the size of a picture?
Are there any good baby photo contest sites?
What are some photography contests I can enter?
Feedback on my pictures?
I'm feeling discouraged about my work?
i found pictures taken by the workers @ ground zero in june 2002,who do you think would be interrested?
What speed film should I use to take photographs at a concert, indoors, at night, without using flash?
Real Camera?
Photograph Analysis Help?
how to select the right EF lens for my eos 350 d?
Why are the corners of my holga prints white instead of black?
does this look ok to you??
What do you think of these pictures?
Do you think this photo would win a contest?
Why do i come out ugly in SOME cameras?
Photoshop users.. or picture editors.. can you recolor these eyes for me? It's a picture of Aerith from FFVII?
is my photograpghy any good ?
Getting a press pass for an event?
why pple wear cloths?
What is the site where they take an old picture and put it in front of where it was taken?
Do you prefer the colour or black and white version of this photograph? Other comments welcome?
Should I shoot my ex-girlfriend tomorrow?
Best SLR under $600? Ten points best answer!?
How do I use this camera lens properly?
where can i find information on kim anderson the photographer?
photoshop?? ?? ?? ??
Good camera for beginners?
Best online photo canvas print services?
Do you know of any good sites that have forum hosting?
Which SLR camera is professional?
First DSLR and equipment?
Photography Books For Beginners?
I need help finding a model for my photos.?
Pictures on same size?
What type of lens tends to distort facial features?
Do you know what this photo is titled?
Getting into photography- what type of camera should I get?
Where can i find pictures on these subjects?
Photoshop Actions?
what if i ask ia ??????????????????????//////////////////… ;/;<ASdop 90u w2hjeriuhb ef?
Need help finding a good and unique name for my photography photos?
I want to be a photographer but i don't know if my pics are good?
What is the best way to...?
Female Photographer?
which picture of me looks better?
How can I put a caption on a photo?
what do you think of this photo?
how can i take pictures that look like this?
Where can I get Velvia 100?
Make a picture black and white but leave some color in it?
Should I keep my photo negatives?
How does lighting effect a portrait photograph?
how can i get photos like THIS? ?
How do I crop a picture into a circle and not have a white square around it.?
Who took photo of woman sitting putting on lipstick with feet on drawers while man watches Black&WhiteCityscap?
Aura questions?
I need some relevent photographers to research!?
compact cameras that doesn't dirstort your face?
How can I manually set the file numbering on a Canon EOS 30D to a specific number?
Im a 13 year old girl and need help with modelinggg.?
how to creste a movie with media?
who is your favourite professional photographer?
Suggest me a website of Chinese Dragon pictures,need large size pics?
Where I could get a copy of an old film called Friends(1971). Needs to be NZ video compatible, not US. Thanks?
Is the there a big difference between 210mm to 300mm?
How do people make pictures like this? PLEASE HELP!!!?
What are your thoughts?
Photography Q: What does "ISO" mean?
Photography Ideas please?
if a photograph is 3.5 mb how big is it in kb?
What photo application has the RVP and other numbers on top of the edited photos?
Can you like this picture? ?
How to get further...?
Where can i find discounted professional digital cameras?
(photography) can you take photos of the public?
Fotogs: I'm puzzled about the blue in this photo, should I leave it ?
How to post photos on instagram?
Fujifilm instax 25 vs. Polaroid 300?
So i have a rebel t2i and i want to get audio on it so im going to buy a 3.5mm-xlr port any ideas on xlr mics?
Is Mallory a good trademark?
Estimating really long exposures?
Emergency!!! I need help?
Would you guys check out my photos please?
NEED ANSWERS ASAP! Photo Compotiotion ?
i see all these people with pictures. how do i get one?
Critique my first photoshoot?
is it possible to shop on a budget?
What would be my salary if...?
i want to be a photographer?
is there any scholarships for darkroom photography?
How do you do this photo effect?
What would be good to wear for my senior pictures tomorrow?
Someone said that have to use f/1.8 aperture will be able to blur the front and background subjects?
im looking for a really good modeling agent?
What does aperture mean?
How do you use iPhoto to edit photos like this?
What is a movie still?
What camera is best to start off with if you want to take those professional-looking pictures?
Are these cameras any good for artistic photography?
Does this photo look too fake?
bmp (bitmap) images? where did you go?
Pick 2 of 6 photographs!?
Which the famous photographer of the US in present days?
how do you model for calendars?
How can I ask my mom to model?
LOMO Diana or FujiFilm FinePix S2940?
Make Picutres Pretty??
HELP! Ideas for glamour shots?
Nikon 50mm f/1.8G for a Nikon D3100 and crop factor?
where can i find a downloadable program to make pictures black and white only no grey scale?
What is it called when you take a black and white photo and enhance certain things such as lips, dress.......?
Is this good image editing?
Photographers in Hessle?
Question about SD cards for digital cameras?
Constructive criticism on my photography?
how do i take this kinda of photograph?
Good digital cameras?
Is it normal for a guy to take a lot of pictures?
I have an original photograph of Emmit Kelly Sr. and wondering if it's worth anything? 16x20?
Searching for Nude Girl High Quality Photo, Front View, Back View?
What kind of lens can achieve picture like this (sharp with bokeh)?
Does this look too photoshopped?
hi any body know any free editing photo sites similar to photo bin cheers?
Which one should I buy? (Camera bag)?
Photo editors for instagram..?
Any thoughts on my photographs to help me improve?
photography institutions?
Spot the difference!, can u spot it?
Do you know this picture?
How to do this in Photoshop?
How do you take those photos that move?
Photographers I am I pretty?
What camera lens should I buy?
Does anyone knows who the guy in the pic is?
Where can I get a free photo blog template for blogger?
Is this photo a scary one?
How to remove overlap from a photo. (separate two photos from one, opposite of merge.)?
Examples of blurred motion?
Photography as an Art Form?
Best way to back up about 100 gigs of pictures ?
Photographer:What's the best line you've said to make people smile for pictures?
who wants me to photoshop their picture ? ;D?
what is a fashion test shoot ?
In a black and white photo how can I keep the color of my eyes the same.?
Is there such thing as a poster book?
What do you think of this photo?
How to make your own Studio Backdrop?
What do you think of this picture?
*My Design*?
What kind of cameras do the Marble Hornets guys use?
Is 275 for a nikon D40 a great deal?
Looking for an evocative image from my youth (circa 1992-94)?
is nikon d5100 a good photographers camera?
The BEST camera for a professional photographer to work with?!!!?
I'm trying to crop two pictures and put them together into one photo on my iPhone. Any apps that can do this?
What camera do you use?
How do I place photos on top of other photos on computer?
What's the best lens for indoor concert photography?
How is photography art?
Is there a perfect place where I take take the most beautiful nature shots?
Photography, how can I improve my shoot?
question about being photogenic?
How can I make this really awesome?
How do you know if you have the photography "eye " ?
How can I change the focus?
How can I put in a photo of my own on myspace background. I would love to use my own stuff.?
What is a good digital product to sell online?
How would I get recognized for my interests in film profuction?
Walmart picture backgrounds?
any ideas for my tumblr name?
Where can I find photo posters of nature like Peter Lik?
DSLR Crane OR Fisheye Lens?
Macro Photography on a budget?
What do you think of this photograph?
How does the gender of a photographer affect their work?
Can I put my old lenses from an old frame into a brand new frame of the same model?
What would attract you most to a photographer’s advertisement?
Question for Photographers?
Taking picture with webam?
Easy and free way to upload wedding pictures to be shared?
Can professional pictures be copied?
How does the gender of a photographer affect their work?
Putting a background on
What do you think about my photography?
professional picture online store to print my own pics?
What's the right photoshop program to edit photoshoots pictures?
How does a 13 yearold become a model?
Best photo editing software you've seen?
how would i use a colorstar 2000 analyser? i am new to the darkroom?
beginners photography Magazine?
Shooing at a softball game tonight for the first time?
Would my camera be considered professional?
Photography, lens...?
i have a black and white picture and i want to add a splash of color. how?
how to do this with two pictures?
Beginner photography cameras?
How much? Is it practical?
How many...?
Help with my photography project?
Where do the professional photographers get their equipment??
Do any real photographers use Canon and Nikon?
I like taking photos of myself. Do people view this as self-conceited?
Photo edit abs on photobucket?
Do most professional photographers know how to use Photoshop?
How did this person add the texture without it overlapping onto her face?
What editing program would you use for a scary video?
When did macro photography first get started? What is it's history?
what shall i do for my photography?
Why is this photo colourless?
What is meant by this photographic term ?> > >?
What are online photo printing websites ? How do they operate.?
How can I improve this photo?
Any cute picture ideas?
what percentage of online photos have portrait aspect ratio?
What makes pictures of National Geographic so beutiful?
i have some pics i made from psp but how do i?
What do you think about my Photography?
Photography Project Ideas?
I am addicted to spending all my money on camera equipment?
How can I replicate a photo like this?
photograghy questions!!! did i get these right? i think sure i did but wanna double check!?
In art,when doing a montage what type of adhesive would you recommend?
Question for pro and semi pro photographers.?
Please Help Me Find This Art Website!!!?
which software is direct digital camera capture image in store on pc?
Do wedding photographers use roll film or digital memory cameras?
I think i made someone misunderstood my previous question.?
im looking for a los angeles rams poster print collage 10th anniversary in anaheim?
How to shoot like pros with dslrs?
Lomo. Fisheye number 2 problems?
Why are my photographs blurred?
i am buying a pentax k-7?
What colour treatment was used on this photograph?
Is there any software that can tell me if an image has been photoshopped and exactly where in the image ...?
Is washout the same as watermarks?
What does it mean if a picture is out of focus?
Is Photography an art?
Large Format Polaroid Printing?
Looking for a good photography forum?
What do you think of it now?
Exposure Help (Camera Screen to Computer Screen)?
Recommended DSLR cameras?
Is there any site/blog where one can get the links of various photo-websites for viewing nature,flower photos?
I want to buy Demo sony dsr 400 camera from london but I dont know where I get it?
Which Nikon D60 Kit Should I Purchase?
i have picture a men is setting in the dark in the light of moon please explain what does he think?
Polaroid Instant Film Camera?
Why are children such a popular subject in photography/art?
Need some opinions on some photos I took today?
what was galen rowell trying to communicate in his photographs?
How is my photography?
What is the difference in these two lens?
Which CCD (charge coupled device) is better, 1/1.8" or 1/2.5" ? Is there a big difference in picture quality?
What do you think of this photo?
I need to print an image. I want to enlarge it so that it is printed on multiple pages.?
what are the best wireless picture frames?
Digital camera and 4x6 prints?
Need help / recommendations on buying a DSLR...?
what can i do to photograph better?
Sar - Please read?
Camera in the movie Crazy/Beautiful?
I need a 80-150mm F4 lens ..?
Do you think enhancing your photos with software is 'cheating' so to speak?
Does editing your photographs make you less of a photographer?
What is the camera effect thing where the object is focused and the background is all out of focus?
Do You like it when people critic your photography?
Please give me any tips you have about using a Nikon coolpix L10!!?
Do you think I overedited this picture?
Are you able to fix photos if my complexion is bad?
I want to know which one is better as an FB profile photo?
What photo filter/camera does Acacia Clark use?
How much money can a pet photographer make?
How would you describe this picture?
what kind of camera?
Where can i find copyright free pics of people?
Digital Photo frame?
Photo to big for an affordable frame..?
How do you put pictures into different backgrounds?
Photo editors for instagram..?
which picture should i choose?
ASAP PLEASE: How do you make those pics that are like slide show things?
Anyone know of any modeling sites where you can....?
Is there a way to get rid of foxing on photographs?
Give me a good and funny idea!?
who is nathan lerner?
Jac Vanek LiveJournal Pictures?
What's the best DSLR company today?
Why do I look so different in the mirror compared to the camera?
Anyone know any optical illusions?
what are some good zombie poses/ideas (for a photoshoot)?
Can I publish photos from online into a magazine? Unlawful?
What camera do you suggest and why?
What do you do on those days with a horrible flat featureless grey/white sky, the scourge of all photographers
What do you think of this picture?
in printing industry, what does PT stand for?
If 2 photographers both want rights to a photograph shot together, is there a proper way to draft a release?
What tips you have for someone to make a good pose in a photoshoot and look really 'photgenic'?
Any professional photographers? I need help with a difficult client.?
What are the 5 areas of breadth? Concentration? FOR ART/PHOTOGRAPHY.?
Can you please tell me some of the best photo editing programs?
What are some photographers i should research?
famous/professional photographers?
anybody knows the average actual sixze of a polaroid picture??
Okay all my photographers I have a question for ya, what SLR model would you recommend for a newbie?
Mysterious image found in photograph.. what does it mean?
i want to be a photograher, what courses should i take in highschool?
where i can get second hand camera with good condition?
Why are some of the channels in photoshop in B/W?
where can i find editorial photos of couture models?
Which Photograph is better?
Canon mp560 prints out too red.?
how to get the black paper off of old b/w pictures left on from old albums?
Where can I get a panoramic picture printed?
what is what?
What do you think of my photography?
'copying' someone's ideas?
why is the canon eos 400d cheaper than the canon eos 30d if the 400 d is 10.8 megapixel and the 30d 8.2 M.P?
Seriously I need honest thoughts, is my photography any good?Photographers ony.?
What kind of equipment (tools) do I need for Photography?
when you photograph events such as weddings, do you clone out extra people, etc?
Photography classes in Beavercreek, Ohio?
8.5 by 14 inch resolution photo?
Any idea how can I take a photo like this?
Is there any way I can increase the size of a picture without it looking so pixelated?
Where can I resize pictures online for free & save them?
Minolta srT100 Help?
photographers undiscovered?!?
What would I use to take a landscaping photo?
how to stop distortion when enlarging a picture?
Does anyone out there collect train graffiti?
What kind of camera do you think is best for professional photography?
IPhone app that takes pictures like a real camera?
Is there any way to find a pic of constellations with the figure sketch on top of the stars?
why become a photographer?
I Was Wondering What App Is Used To Edit This Photo?
How you make Photos "Pop Out"?
Do you like this picture? How could I have made it better?
depth of field fuji 5700?
is my photography honestly that bad?
How do i take flash photograhs of my cat?
Was wondering who took these pictures?
I got a new holga 120cfn and focus dial is stuck and I cannot move it. Any ideas?
which digital cameras get pretty good reviews?
Where to get immigration photo taken? Not the same as passport photos?
What does the F ratio of a camera mean?
Photos blur when taken indoors?
Photograhy Black Room?
Can a canon 580ex flash off camera?
Does anyone know any good modelling agencies in Sydney?
Do you like my photography?
what are fast and slow shutter speed?
Out of these two photos, which one do you think would be best for my avatar?
i want some cute pictures to put on my myspace. help me :]?
Does anyone know of any sites like Tinypic and Photobucket?
Hi does anyone know where I can get a photo printed onto a canvass board?
what are some...?
What do you think of this picture, be honest!?
photo shop help, what do I do when I get an error message?
What do you think- good, bad, keep trying? Pics included!?
what lens should I use?
Best camera?
Which photo is better? Please help;(?
How do I do something like this? (Picture included)?
Any good ideas for pictures?
Where can I hire photography models?
I cant decide which picture looks best?
How do I get personal 3-D view-master pictures into print format?
parttime photography course in hyderabad?
LowePro vs Think Tank?
When is Robert Franks photography display at the museum of modern art is San Francisco?
How do I get my pictures to look like this?!?!?
what do you think of this photograph? ( everyone click me )?
Which is the best camera?
high res help?
Watch my photography video?
Do you like my photography?
What do you think about this picture?
Where can I purchase or buy plastic covers for my photos?
red filters, before or after the polarizing filter?
Photo enlargement url?
Famous Photographers: People?
Infrared (35mm SLR) question?
Am i pretty?Pics for help....?
How do I avoid the shadow when taking pictures in my "mobil" studio? I have an umbrella on a tripod + my flash
Photography hobby.?
have digital cameras taken the challenge out of photography?
What is your opinion of Nikon's Capture NX? Is it redundant to Photoshop? Does offer some useful tools?
1932 Rolleiflex Original?
How do you take pictures like these?
How do you get someone to pose for you?
Which picture do you like the most? 5 pictures?
polaroid still making their film?
does anyone have this code.....?
Photography help? Thanks :)?
Do the amount of pictures you have determine the amount of memories?
Do you use Auto Focus Or manual Focus?
Types of Photography?
Why do I look so bad in some pictures?
Can you name any famous photographers, and in the UK thanks?
i went to an emery concert last night and got this really cool pic?
Is it illegal to do a photo shoot on train tracks?
photography question?
how do i give a photo this effect?
Does anyone want to enter my contest!?!?!?
Which Leica is best for rugged use?
Will Wal-Mart put lenses in my glasses frames?
Should I start out with a Canon 40d or 50d?
Do you think this photo would win a contest?
Who is the woman who gave the infamous angry face?
Weird type of photo editing I can't find any information about?
Give me description of collapsible doors.?
What should I do on Photo-Filtre?
Is this a good picture?
Any ideas on what I could do to take fun pictures with strangers?
I wanna know how to make these pictures?
calling all photography critiques & experts?
how good are my photos?
When viewing an image, does the image communicate to you, or do you just ask yourself other questions?
does any know how to combine 2 pictures into one? im making my teams image.?
What is the best way to get photographs to people when I do a free "pets with Santa" photo shoot?
Any help on how to merge pictures?
Who is this model:
photography show help?
What is damping head in tripod?
Can i use a 18-55mm lens to cover a whole wedding?
Is this the lens reversing ring I should get?
ok how do i take a picture and take like miley cyrus and put them together so it looks like i met her?
Stop Motion Animation Ideas?
When photographing do you prefer a film camera or digital?
What do you think about these new pictures?
what can i do to become a photographer? a professional one?
Do you like my photography? Pictures!?
selling your naked pictures?
Photo's falling out of my album?
what is the shinny surfaces used in photography?
looking for a gift for daughter interested in photography?
What is the name of the trail cameras national geographic used?
Good app to edit some photos?
Where can I find lockets?
What does a professional photographer do?
Labelling Digital Photo Prints - Ilford Photo Paper?
Wouldn't a photographer get nervous and distracted if he had to shoot pictures of a naked model?
what is the name of this picture from this video?
What kind of photographer are you?
what kinda camera should i get ?
What's a glamour model?
Which point and shoot camera should I get?
is Annie Leibovitz still working for vanity fair?
Digital photo frame loading help...?
What Is it called when you have a black and white photo but you add color to a section in the photo? Like the?
what do you think?
How can I make this special effect?
Image Blur ?
What do they mean when they ask you for samples or reels when your looking for a job as a film editor?
What is the best software to edit and process RAW images?
is there a website i can change the background of my picture?
How do you properly light a shot outdoors with natural lighting (filmmaking)?
Should i get thisTattoo ?!.(picture)?
Did I just capture the speed of light on camera lol?
Photography help please?!?
How do I get attention to my photos?
Wedding video length ?
How many square foot should a photography studio be?
Sears or JcPenney for family pictures?
What kind of photos should I take for my sweet 16?
Can I make my D7000 DX camera a Full Frame camera by using a lense, such as the 10-24 lense?
is it true Polaroids are being discontinued?!?
Which picture, one or two?
New Title for New Form of Photography?
My camera said that the pictures should be developed before 2008... will they still come out?
What do you think about my "photography"?
Where would I go to have a calander made for 2013 with photos of my grandparents on each page?
Picture of an airplane at night?
Change a photo of yourself into something amazing?
I am looking for some good 60s movement pictures.?
Camera for black and white photograpy, beginner not professional!?
can me and my wife sell or make naked photos or cd,s?
Where can I find pictures of multi-colored guy eyes?
who can gave me names of books and websites that teach photography and photography techniques?
What do you find beautiful?
How would this DSLR and Lens combo work out?
What is the FASTEST "photo" scanner on the market?
My camera's pictures aren't clear. What do I do?
what are good picture management programs except picnick?
Can I attach a fisheye lens?
Camera question about burst shots?
Muslin or Canvas?
Why does gopro camera make me look weird ugly and different ?
what can i name my tumblr blog? (photography)?
Compact camera for close-up photography?
Cool/Awesome/Pretty Photo Ideas?
How do I post camera pics to instagram?
Fellow Photographers Need Your Help Again?
Backpacking tips for photographers?
Good camera under $200?
What does ISO mean in DSLR cameras?
How much should i charge for full publishing rights for a picture i took?
Do you like this picture?
How do you take pictures like this?
Do you like these portrait pictures?
Help for first time movie makers?
What is the difference between the Holga 120N and the 120 CFN?
I cant photo shop cs3?
What is this 'effect' called? (It's like you shadow your self?) It's very popular now you've probably seen it.?
which is better, instagram effects or hipstamatic?
How do I take a good picture?
Vintage picture of the Eiffel Tower?
how does a white photography screen work?
Is the Nikon D3100 a good DSLR camera?
Which better suits my needs: Nikon Vs. Canon?
Does anyone about harry potter................?
Where to find a very cheap 35mm SLR film Camera?
Is this photo too seductive for a portfolio?
where to buy magnifier_?
How can I get my camera to work again?
i need a job in photography can u help me?
Which camera should I get?
Anyone willing to help me photoshop/edit photos?
Whats a good high paying job,involving art and creativity?
Does anyone know of any motion photographers?
Question about this photo.?
Who is in this photo?
How can I determine the size of ball head for my tripod?
Best photography school with good financial aid package?
Photography/Film/Destroying Film/darkroom?
How can you make these kinds of pictures in Photoshop?
this is for people who know how to use the 4by 5 camera?
Will you give my photography some constructive criticism?
Where to buy vintage pictures and postcards in NYC?
Do you know this picture?
Creative usernames????????
What do you think of this photo?
How is difference in the quality of video captured by a Still digital camera and a handycam?
Critique Time!!????????
What type of images to people generally like to buy the most ?
What photo do you like the best?
Nokia E50, Olympuse500 or Canon Rebel: Which is the best slr digital camera for a new photographer?
What is the best way to crop a picture?
How to create film light leaks on a Pentax SPII?
Film for a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye?
What do you think of this photo and girl?!?
Help me to name my studio.. please?
How do i get this photo effect and whats it called?
are these photos good?(link is
What is the best Canon lens for street photography?
Senior photo camera rental...?
do you like this photograph ?? if so why?
How can I print pictures from my cell phone?
I am looking for the name a photographer who I saw profiled on a news story?
Just wondering if u like this picture?
whats a good online airbrushing site?
how did i make a picture black and white but leave a part of it in color?
what courses are there in college for photography?
Do you think that photos should be photoshoped ? Why or why not?
Is it really all about having an eye?
What image formats do digital cameras usually take pictures in?
Is Canon A-1 a good photocamera for a person who wants to try film photography?
When i have photos taken of me...?
what does this picture mean??
What types of things do you like to take pictures of?
How to capture the lights at night but I want the lights to be blur?
Edit my photo for me?
Could you let me know how fast my photography website loads for you?
Names for a photography business?
I am a beginner photographer... what do you think of my pics?
What are the most over-used adjectives in this forum?
Where can I take a weekend class in Edmonton for... ?
I want to take self-shots with timed setting on my Lumix GF1?
how do u make ur pics bright and colorful?
CANON EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Objective --v's-- CANON EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM whats the difference?
Where to find true daylight bulbs? Plus, colour temperature question..?
Photography project on "Clashes and Compliments" need ideas A.S.A.P!!!!?
do they sell polaroid cameras anymore? If not, why don't they?
Am I good enough?
Do you have a Eye to eye gif?
I need your opinion on my photography?
I want to make an online gallery what should I use?
How would I go about getting a photo pass for a concert?
does anyone know where i can buy wedding albums in a bulk?
Who is this picture of?
How can I add a texture to a picture but not over the person in the picture?
How to find Pictures ?
A customer is looking to have nude photos. Who will print those type of photos?
how can i keep my lighting stable for long timelapse shots?
What is the best camera for beginner photographers?
What are some good websites for....?
do you like this photograph ?? if so why?
why is the word "ambulance" written backwards in ambulance car?
When taking pics of strangers in public...?
how do i make a sports sequence shot by masking layers in photoshop?
What do you think of my photography?
a 3x5 photograph is enlarged to 5x7 size. What is the percent increase in area? Express the answer as a mixed?
do you like my photos?!?
Photo shoot ideas for class?
Can you critique my photos? ?
What do you think of this name??
Photography classes in Liverpool for under 16's?
how would i go along to hire someone to take professional pictures of me naked????
where can i get or download ariel video footage over sunderbans?
Best place to photograph in yellowstone national park?
What do you think about these 5 photos ?
How do tell my mom about booking a photoshoot with someone i met on the internet?!?
What camera is best to start off with if you want to take those professional-looking pictures?
How do i get pictures on iphoto? and also after i do that how do i get them on my avatar?
Bringing my camera to France?
How do you resize a picture using paint?
Good editing sites? ( to make edits)?
Why did my digital photos come out blue?
famous photographers that use doorways & windows as a main subject?
Where can i download high resolution wallpapers for free?
Who buys old photographs?
How to add watermark on a photograph with Adobe lightroom 2?
Photographer used unauthorized photos of me?
Want to upgrade to a DSLR but not sure what to go for?
Can someone find this photo online for me? Pleeeaaassee? :)?
photoshop help? how were these shapes created in this image?
How to do this ANIMATION help?
Using adobe photoshop for black and white with some color pictures.?
I want a good camera for beginner photography?
what type of camera's have you got?
what is a picture called if it doubles as two things...they are usually black and white?
where can i buy a fisheye lenses in stores?
How to change the name of my pictures on my Sony Xperia S?
thoughts about chris angle?
I like to take portraits of Chinese people. Where is good place to find models?
Well, I feel like I lost my firey passion for film. Or well maybe my love of film idk...?
Is this roll of film ruined?
What's that mean of achieved the standard required in Photography?
good places to shoot photos around huntington beach?
Does anyone know a good website of combat photographers of WW2?
Can someone explain this picture to me?
Teenage couple photo shoot ideas?
Could I possibly have a career in Photography?
What does f=5.0~40.0mm mean on my camera lens?
How much does photography equipment cost?
Ideas for making a picture slideshow for my bf for our 2 year anniversary?
Forensic photographer/csi photographer?
Universal Camera Corp. "Stere'-All" Stero "stereo" camera: know ANY thing?
What to name my photo?
what is the best way to find fashion models for cheap?
Why is 2-d shape and 3d shape important in photgraphy?
Photography Project for an Art Show?
what to expect on a level 3 btec photography course?
Does Anyone Have Tips On Where And How To Hire Models For Photography?
Tips to take professional modelling pictures with a digital camera?
I need to turn 3-4 digital photos into 35mm slides and have them turned in by Sept. 10. Where can I do this?
Can someone link me to this picture?
What are your first reactions ?
What can I do to make my videos look like T.V.?
what are captions??
talent or no talent? (pics included)?
Do you think photography is art?
Can someone tell me how to create light streaks with a digital camera?
How much would you pay for these Polaroid cameras?
Am I a good Photographer?
Does Anyone have a Premuim Picnik Account I can use please.?
Picture of nosfaratu klaud kinsky?
im in a fix. im a photographer and I need to pick between two models, please help me decide.?
The Simpson Avatar?
How to bypass aperture ring lock request with extension tubes attached?
im a photographer please give me ideas for a domain name?
What do you think looks just as good out of focus (Photography)?
The U of MO J School has an award ceremony for the photo award winners on 4/20-21, where and when will this be
Does this texture work on this photo in your opinion?
I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find this wallpaper.?
About how long should it take for a professional photographer to develope 4 photos?
how do i take pictures with my camera,put it on the computer, the put those pictures on craigslist for an add?
is it better to take pictures during the day or night?
can i be a model i really want to ?
Snow photos for Cover?
How can I make HDR photos in photoshop 5 LE? I hear I need help with masking to do this . No idea how to mask?
Where to buy a tripod head for a Targus tgt-58TR tripod?
Which site is best for posting my nude photo quickly, and where I can get lot of exposure?
Shooting on location portraits?
what do you think of this photography picture?
photo programs?
eos 450d ability?
Apps (or other ways) to get Instagram-like photo effects without using Instagram?
looking for a photographer who plays on words, (read more details?
where do i find a photographer for under 500?
how do you take a picture of a cat without the eyes glowing yellow in the pic?
Any photographers that focus on facial features?
price pf a photographic print (framed and matted)?
What is this Item in the Photo?
a question for photographers?
Tumblr follow for a follow?
Why do i come out ugly in SOME cameras?
Photography as leisure?
where can i find a good resource for 'the 5 themes of geo' pictures? if tht mkes any sense....?
How would u feel if there were nude photos of you on the web?
Any ideas for a photography logo?
Does this fit the theme of on stage??
Can anyone figure out what this is an IMAGE of?
What is this photography style called?
When shooting digitally, what does raw mean?
where can i find a website that edit photos like this?
Does anyone know what tv/film editing software is use at the bbc?
how to shot a picture like this with nikon d5100?
How to set 300 dpi in sumo paint?
how to develop and create photos the old fashioned way?
Have any great ideas for unique children's portraits?
I have a digital image that I would like to sell for 10 cents per use but retain the rights? How to do that?
New way to do selective coloring in Photobucket?
Wedding Photography help?
HELP!!! photography qualification?
Is there anyway to edit a photo to make it look less blurry?
Can you take pictures of people without asking them in foreign countries such as Senegal?
why do kids take pictures of themselves with there hair over there eyes and the camera above there head?
Lightroom makes my photo's look awful, someone help! How do I fix it?
whats up with my pocket wizard?
on a scale of 1 to 10 how good looking am i?
what is the circled object in the picture below? what does it do?
Good Title For This Picture?
Where can I go to get my photographs Dry Mounted or Vacuum Mounted?
best camera for wildflower photography?
Other Than Picasa, What Other Free Photo Software Can I Get?
What can i take a picture of (passion)?
where can i find an amatuer photographer on cape cod?
do you have a step by step guide to post pictures?
How would i make a picture use Selective Focus with my Fuji Finepix s700?
What is the name of this male model?
Looking for specific photo or poster of James Dean on motorcycle. He's alone, cigarette in mouth, leather jac
Seperate Photo Album?
Can you recommend any good w-sites to sell photos?
digital frame are the pixel and resolution the same thing?
What camera takes AMAZING PROFESSIONAL pictures but costs less than 500 dollars?
Asking Polyvore to take my photographs down off of their website?
my guy has been avoiding me for a little while does he still love me?
Does a Canon 580EX II Speedlite Flash Unit work with any camera?
Way to fix grainy photos?
Male actors who have actually have a real picture of them nude on the internet, and the link.?
What do you think of this flower photo I took yesterday?
What are the cameras for youtue called?
Good a-level photography themes.?
Have Fuji discontinued the s8100fd?
Does anyone know how people create those beautiful backgrounds using their pictures or other pictures?
How you blow up photo so you can put it on desk top without all the small photos?
cool picture what do you think comment please if you like?
What is some good music to load onto a digital photo frame?
How do you resize a picture using paint?
Keep shutter open on Nikon d70?
Does anyone know how to get old of old school photos? UK?
what is a good site to begin site modeling?
Which Polaroid One Step should I buy?
What do you think of my photography?
Is there a way to add text to a photo on iPhoto?
Hey, I'm a complete beginner at photography.?
Group photo shoot for 6-8 people or more if there can possibly be more...?
Camera lens attachments?
Is there any way to tell when this picture was taken?
What do you think of these pictures I took? Could I be a photographer?
PHOTOSHOP:Which package will enable me to apply sepia and tilt-shift to images?
How can I take professional looking family portraits & baby pictures at home? Is there a website with sample?
Am I bad a photography?
Versace ad of naked man ironing?
Have you witness a kodak moment and didn't have camera to capture the proof?
Does anyone know anything about being a Olan mills Traveling Mobile Unit Photographer?
How do I put a link in the description of one my pictures on my Flickr?
how can i take better pictures?
What can i take Photographs off?
on google earth..can I narrow the resolution to the point where I can see the brand of ciggerate he is smoking
What kind of photo effect is this? (link included)?
Are there any photographers out there under 18?
how do you get pictures to do this??
Looking for a good forum/website that allows people to exchange private pictures.?
What type of lens are appropriate for my needs?
If you have shutter speed set at 1/30 and Aperture (F stop) at f/8 and shooting an indoor moving subject?
What do you think of these pictures?
In photography what does "ca" mean?
Where can I get my photos printed onto greetings cards?
Do you think I'm a good photographer?
Selling Photo Prints Online?
can u put a plastic bag over a camera and go underwater?
How do I do this effect?
Need help identifying photographer?
image please...??!?
assignments photographer denver co?
Should I tell police I plan to take photos.?
what do you think of these photos?
How do I get my photos onto my TV?
Do you like this picture?
any thoughts on my photography?
Looking for a tiny automatic camera with a timer?
lens will not focus on my Nikon D60 camera after repair?