What equipment do I need to start a porn studio?
I want to print pictures from my iPhone4S at Walmart how could I do that? ?
Black and White or Color?
peace photography ideas?
Are these pictures good for a 14 year old?
How can I take a good over-head portrait?
Where can I find Legend of Duo without watermark?
does anyone know any free picture sotfware that is used to decorate ones photo online. please let me know.?
free online photo editor?
photo class project?!?!?!?
why do i look bad in photographs?
wide angle lens........Whats best for interiors? needs to be compatible with SLR canon eos500 & eos20D digital
What's a good caption for a picture?
What shall I take a photo of?
which picture looks better?!?!?
photo editing importent!! i have a deadline?
does anyone know where to find company's that does NOT CHARGE fees or photo shoot that is basically genuine
Are there any free photoshopping software?
Freaky Picture??!!?
How many years of practice does it take to capture amazing action shots such as these?
External/Field Monitor recommendation for focus in videography?
Which should I get wide angle or fisheye?
What do you think?
sony dsc-h50 viewfinder problem?
Do you have to give credit for pictures you use pictures in a blog?
Where can I get parts for my tp-2800 Camlink trip-pod?
Best camera for street and landscape photography incl. night shots for under $1500?
should i try it? i love photography but i'm too scare to try.?
Photography - cool?!?
How to know what Super 8 film to use?
How to change cover photo on facebook?
What is the point of having multiple blogs on Tumblr?
lens filter?
What is the term ISO means in SLR cameras?
can u be ur own photographer for a modeling portfolio?
Do you like this picture?
A photo editing site? PLZ?
what's a widescreen lens?
What would be the best size photo to use...?
where i earn money by photo?
Does anyone know how to focus on a picture so it's not blurry? Please help!!?
Senior Pictures In The Fall.. Ideas ?!?
Can I make enough money as a Professional Wedding Photographer?
What do you think of these pictures?
Going on a trip in 2 or 3 months I need to know?
Am I pretty?! (PICTURES)?
can some one rate this photo?
I'm looking for some photo editing help?
vignetting with diana mini?
Do these negative to digital converters work? Im skeptical. Sounds too good to be true. Any advice?
SHould I use Lightroom to edit photos taken with a DSLR?
Can I make like a million dollars?
how do you create a black and white effect with glow? and how to do selective colouring?
Historically, when making Orotypes what ratio of 24K Gold powder to banana oil was used?
How to take good photos of myself? and how do i get this photo effect please help?
lightty photography IDEAS?
Do you keep your lens hood on at all times or just in sunlight?
Polaroid 210?
Why i can't take a picture of the moon with my normal camera?
Can anyone suggest a good, free RAW converter?
How to make indie photos? Ones that look like this?
I need to now what this picture is?
How to make Polaroid pictures look vintage?
Is it true that food photographers ......?
critique this photo if you don't mind?
All around camera filters?
I have a mystery for one very smart individual when it comes to dp?
How big is a pixel on a screen.?
Image Blur ?
Photo editing- shiny forehead?
Where can I dry my film in a dorm?
Where I can find an old photo of an african with an hat to cylinder and an alarm clock to the neck?
CD cover design? Please help?
im buying my first dslr... is it appropriate to settle for a prime lens rather than the kit lens?
Does anyone have a clue how professional photographers have the time to sit on Answers?
How Should i Decorate My Stuido for a WebCast?
What are some steps I can take to try out food photography?
Photoshop CS3??
Good Deal?
Please suggest any photo editing tool?
whats the minimum KB needed to print a decent 4/6 photo?
Does a photographer need good photographic qualifications to become big ?
what is the genre of this photo and how can i find some thing like this ?
How to remove the blur from using a macro lens?
Ebay photo print purchase-opinions?
What is a reasonable fee to charge for Photography...?
does doing photography A level help you become a graphic designer?
give me a definition of photography?
Wheres a website where I can re-color pictures instantly for free?
pictures from a video .?
What should I make a model of the Taj Mahal out of?
Are these good pictures of my dog? Should I get them framed?
Will you direct me to the best [i.e., maybe award winning?, etc.] photography websites on the Internet?
What's a really good camera to start off with if you're interested in becoming a professional?
Information on vintage cameras?
What are some things to edit photos?
Cost of developing disposable cameras in ASDA?
Family pictures? Which is better target, JC Pennys or Sears?
I'm a photographer on our school's yearbook committee and there are two events tom., what should i do?
How do you edit pictures to look like this on Gimp?
would i do good in modeling?pics?
Could I be a model, photos included?
Sony Mavica FD75 no picture in LCD window but takes photos..?
what is your honest opinion on my photography work?
a good place to buy photo frames? for photos you sell?
Am i a good photographer?
looking for images similar to this one?
Are there any camera flashes with a zoom?
Contacts Lens Shipping issues.?
I need pictures of Armenian mountain Ararat.....?
Your opinion for my photos.?
Equipments for small photo studio?
best 3rd party flash for nikon under 150 usd?
Need help from photographers?
A local photographer wants to use my 2 year old son's picture on his website and company cards.?
setting for nikon d 80 with spotting scope?
Is this a cool picture of me?
my nephew is of 8 months and i want him to become a model so how can i make him a cute baby model?
Someone wants to take photos I took for them over to a third party for publication. What are my rights?
I cant find a website that will allows me to use the fisheye setting on a picture?
is there any software available,which corrects blur ed digital photos ,like portraits?
Starting a daycare... need black and white photograph websites?
For those who respond to people who want their images critiqued?
I would like the e-mail address of a good Glamour Photographer in England?
Examples of blurred motion?
where can i get a negative carrier for negatives from the 30s?
which picture do you like better part two...?
is there a way i can get a thomas kinkade photograph backdrop? if i take pictures and i have a photo shoot?
History of Color Photography?
How/where do I get a realistic prop gun for photography?
Anyone use iPhoto store to print photo books?
Can someone lighten up a photo for me?
i need information on cameras...?
Film lenses on dslrs?
film noir and maltese falcon?
How do you create these effects on a photograph?
Where can i buy empty film cannisters?
I need help with photoshop and anatomy?
How do I take photos with my digital camera but have the image showing live on the laptop?
I need some photography ideas?
what do u think of my editing??
Where can I find a professional photographer that does wedding, fashion and glamour that are hiring?
What photographer had his photos featured in ?
I have a DSLR Nikon camera, but I don't understand the technical stuff?
What effect is being used in this photo?
How did they make a photo like this! PLEASE GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP !!!?
Why is it so hard to do photography in April?
Nikond3100 Converting RAW files to jpeg files plz help!?
Any creative ideas for a photograph?
What is the best camera to use for professional photography?
Does anyone have photo shop?
How to put a picture on another picture using GIMP?
DSLR dilemma...?
What is the best FREE photography school I can find on the internet?
A good DSLR for beginners?
How to remove backgrounds of pictures in prezi?
Which is a really good but not that expensive camera for photography?
Any ideas on a FUNNY and CLEVER theme?
What is Annie Leibovitz's most used lens on the Mamiya RZ67?
I finally bought myself a Camera so I can start my long awaited photography hobbie...however?
How To Learn Photography?
Will the iPhone 4s camera work in a iPhone 4?
Why do photos taken in the mirror look better?
What is the name of a photographer who uses the dodge and burn technique?e?
Monolight Strobe lighting question.?
Just starting to get into photography, what camera is best to start with?
am i pretty? (pics) honest opinons please!?
Can someone explain 'New Objectivity' in Photography?
Ever used Legal
why does my old P&S auto white balance look better than my new dSLR AWB?
what would be the best canon lens for night photography?
i have a friends who i mega talented at photography,how do you make money from the photos?
Toronto nightclub photographer?
Can you use filter step-up rings for auxiliary lenses?
a large full body photo of santa?
Rude Answers...?
Help on Self-Portrait?
Photoshop Error?
What are the best photo-sharing/printing web sites and why? (for delivery to/in the UK or Europe)?
Do I Have A Future in Photography?
What is the good setting for White Balance?
Which picture is better?
What do you do if you can't focus?
Is this picture good?
Photographer ripping me off?
is there anyone out there who is kind of in the same position or have been in the some position, as myself?
How do you do this?
How can I avoid reflection?
how do i write on pictures?
How do I get a 2x3 inch photo?
Tumblr Question! Anyone?!?
Instagram- Give me a caption to this picture?
any photo shoot ideas? for a profile pic?
What is this method of photography called?
What are the standard measurements of a passport size photograph?
When you look at photography, what are the most visually appealing ?
i want to get paid for my pictures online but i don't know where the best place to do that is?
How can I make my own photo studio at home? I have a nikon and a cybershot ...are those good to start with?
Compressed air can or manual blower for slr lens?
What to expect in a Photography Class?
Why does my Nose and other features look so big in photos?!?
sites that can make myself look older?
how do u put 2 pictures together!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
what are 5 aspects of steven spielbergs directing style?
Ideas For A Photography Class?
How to get in Elite/Ford Model Agencies?
How to use wide angle lense for panasonic camera Z7?
How big could I print a 35mm negative film image with this scanner?
When I go to print my pictures, they come out blurry! HELP?!?
Is there any work experience with a Photographer available?
what should i take pics of?
what do you think? (pictures included)?
How would you compare the photo quality between the Canon A540 and the Canon A480?
where can I find some cool pictures online (free)?
Questions about Nudes ?
Good arty photography locations in Swansea?
Good first camera to get into photgraphy?
How do I reduce the KB of a digital photo?
can we make 3D anglyph glasses at home by using colored gilletin papers?
Where can I make a photo like this?
where can you edit a picture?
Am I a good photographer?
Does anyone know the name of the war photography documentary?
what do you think of this picture?
How do National Geographic photographers take photos so beautifully?
Why do so many reviews concentrate on the whiz-bang "features" of a camera but barely talk about image quality?
Best online, free photo editing site?
Every Time I upload It's Taken Down?
am I not photogenic or is it my camera?
How do you tweak Photos for your Album Cover?
do you think?
What prices for different sizes of photographes do you suggest?
ideas?? what do you want from a photo shoot?
senior pictures?
Should I apply for Suicide Girls?
photo editing??
Photography/Photo editing?
Does the bokeh seem to be moving on this image?
What is "dimming"´in photography?
what do you think of my pictures on my 360 profile ,do you prefer my black and white pictures or coloured ones
I have a digital camera, why do my pictures turn out grainy?
Pros and cons of tumblr?
is a still photographer & a cinematographer the same thing?
Do you like this picture?
Photoshop is extremely hard to use!?
What are the elements of a photographers portfolio?
Is photography art?
What kind of lens can achieve picture like this (sharp with bokeh)?
How would you describe a photo?
where can i buy scenic posters off the shelf?
Photography Studios that take work experience students?
I want your opinion on my photos:)?
How to put a link for pictures?
I need some constructive criticism? Please?
What is chloe moretz's tumblr account name?
Why do we say 'Cheese' before taking a picture?
where do u go 2 to find the nude pictures of vanessa hudgens?
In Photoshop what is a layer mask and why would you use it?
Hey I edited this picture?
What social issue should I do for my photography assignment? Any ideas?
What can I do with a stuck shutter/diaphragm in an old film Pentax camera?
does ellie goulding have instagram?
How can i clean a glossy photo print smudged with black paint?
I'm looking for the image of the postsercret card with a piggy bank & the saying...?
what are photo stills?
Lighting setup for these photos?
haw mach is $79.99 in pawond?
Photography hobby tips?
What is the camera obscura?
Looking for photos of 1960s era hand held camera mount/monopod?
what size do I make a high resolution cd of photos for a wedding?
Where has this picture been taken ?
Do university's provide cameras to photography students?
is there any really good picture editing sites like picnik?
Cheap photo edit program...I want to make some pics black and white and change it up a bit?
Best photo software around to stich two pictures together?
What do you think of this Photoshopped picture?
can my casio take pictures like these?
You always seem to give such helpful photo critiques...?
how do u make me to you glitter pictures? exapmle included?
Where can i print bulk calendars for cheap?
What caption should I write on an ad for the 'first ever camera'?
What type of box/object can I use for a pinhole camera?
How do I get my photography out there?
How can I create a caricature of myself using a photo?
Professional vs. Amateur?
Need Ideas & Links for a Grunge Photoshoot?
Real stores to buy photography?
How do I become a ''Photographer''?
How are my Photoshop skills? Do you like this picture?
Whats the actual dimension of mini stamp sized photograph? I need it badly....?
Should i be a photographer???
Do you have faith in the trinity or do you depend on Photoshop?
Are photographers that shoot nudes most straight or gay?
127 film and and vintage camera help!!!?
Gary fong lightephere help?!?
Which lens would need a polarizing filter more? A wide angle or a Zoom lens?
Opinions on these Photos?
Why did I get a blank roll back after developing my 120 film?
Anyone have a suggestion about and online photo editor?
what is a wallet set of pictures?
Do you look absolutely horrid in photos?
watermarking photos in PSE 9?
Best storage for antique negatives?
What do you think- good, bad, keep trying? Pics included!?
Hello any Photography Professionals Here to ans me?
Does anyone know how to convert a small photo (from the 'viewfinders' you used to buy at amusement parks)?
What is a good site to make photo books with your digital photos?
How do I add Sound to a picture in Excel?
What's a Free software download that you can turn color photos to Black & White or Sepia finish?
Anyone know of a good headshot photographer?
How to make the camera not add 10 lbs?
can anyone give me the contacts of rajat tokas??????
Is this photo any good?
Pink or Purple?
do you take photos ?
What do u think if this picture?
Photographic Truth?
what do you think of those pictures?
Bad face pictures on cloudy days...?
Dolica AX620B100 head came off, can't get back on.?
Photos from your digital camera to your computer how to transfer?
how to make a background white on a picture?
High End Phone or Digicam?
I am a ameatur photographer,so i need to know what do you all think about my picture?
please help... instagram wont let me put the whole picture with out cropping?
Opinions on this headshot? (link)?
collecting cameras....?
where can i find those patriotic paintings/pictures that have only one word on them, like "CHARACTER"?
Casio Exilim EX-S770?
I need to know a site where i can find effects and editors for my pictures..?
How can I improve my photography skills?
Senior photo camera rental...?
what to do? iam confused?
Being a photographer questions?
is recording of yourself dancing on video a different "view" rather than dancing in the mirror?
Wow! How many WPM can Dr. Sam type?
Orbs in picture of picture outside?
as it is the expensive picture but for all time?
what do you think of this pic?
Meteor Shower Photography Help.?
Are drawing skills useful in photogrpahy?
photoshop question?
Should i consider photography as a career ?
Do you like this photo?
How to take a picture of text posts on tumblr?
I need ideas on making a photo collage. Need ideas on putting 12 -15 pictures in one frame?
Do think it is annoying when people with no photography knowledge answers your question?
About ART business / especially photography?
Why are people constantly asking how to.............?
Advice about selling prints.?
Difference between Zenit-ET and zenit-EM film camera?
How long would you make a baby photography shoot last?
does anyone know how to make a photo collage?
where can I find retro wife images?
how are these Photos?
Picture editing site?
Picnik photo editing help?
White HouseTurkey presentation?
pictures of places in Guatemala and their names?
Hey- what do you think of my photography?
What is the best Canon dslr available?
Ideas for a new alternative photograpy project?
what is the reason some pictures is in 72 dpi and some in 300 dpi ?
Why photographers websites want resolution 3000* 2000?
I need some photography ideas :)?
where can i find lessons of fl studio?
Changing file format?
What common place objects would come up As very colourful during microscope photography?
What does cheese say when it has it's photo taken?
In your photography world, what irks you the most?
what are some good words to use in a site model name?
What is this called? ( picture)?
how can i make a photograph (in mb) smaller in size?
have pictures of my kid stored in the phone, Where could I go in Houston to print and have them in frames?
Photography homework help? :)?
Can you comment on my photos?
Is this picture worth 500 dollars?
What is a Topper pinhole Camera?
Please Help! Dslr question!!!?
How can I make this photo of me brighter?
what camera can be used to take these photos?
Difference between HDR and Tone Mapping?
PETA has Hollywood actresses posing nude for vegetarianism. Which poster do you think is better?
Is there anyone who is intrested in modeling for an amature photographer?
Battery Grip? Please Help!?
best place to sell artistic photography?
How many camera batteries do you need for a wedding?
How do i post pictures on google Images?
how can we define 3-D Film ?
I am a photographer and am looking for an agent?!!?
how does the date get on pictures?
Is it stupid that i put up some pictures of me and my dog on fb?
What do you think about this picture?
How can I combine 2 photos together (further explained)?
Zoom caption thumbnail photo blog?
Do you like this picture?
Setting up to sell photography prints online. (UK)?
thanks for answers ealier but dont know whether to buy canon g10 or canon 450d.((I only take scenery picts))?
Question about this photo.?
Please, help me combine these photos?
Is this a decent photo?
Help with the photography calendar themes! I need the answers asap!?
Cute poses for pictures???(:?
what do you think (pic)?
Opinions on my self portraits (pics included)?
Clothing photography for teenagers in uk?
Getting a press pass for an event?
I am interested in taking up photography...even gonna take a class...but I am unsure of what type of camera?
how do people get this shot effect?
How does this picture look?
How to do this to a photograph?
Photography help!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is there a TRIPOD for a APPLE IPOD?
What is the best camera for a former male background dancer?
Does anyone else thinks Canon EOS 600D is way too expensive in UK?
Which picture should I use?
image enlargement? please help?
Anyone think the new Nikon D60 looks promising?
What are some good photo editors?
Anyone knows How can I find more photos from this model?
I am looking for a free program to be able to scan into my PC and crop photos?
What is the best time to take pictures in New Hampshire?
How do you remove a print that was actually mounted into convex glass? I don't want to preserve the print.?
does anybody know this models name?
is there a site that has high quality cd/album pictures?
Anyone know a pretty place to take pictures in or around Tulsa, OK?
Which is better to showcase photo shoots: Flickr, Tumblr, or other?
Is it possible to rent a 1200mm lens in the US?
Explain the significance of aperture, focal length and camera to subject distance in depth of field control?
where can I find examples of nude male poses?
How do I combine one photo with another to get the background image to shine through?
does anyone know about this modelling agency called models universal?
How do I turn 2 picures into one?
what is your favourite portrait?
What is a nice song to put in my baby brother picture collage?
Would I be able to take Bokeh pictures with my type of camera?
photos color splash? Help?
I want to buy a camera for professional photography, money isn't really a factor, tell me the best?
hanimex 80-200mm Lense compatible with a Nikon d3100?
photography, what setting should i use?
Efficient photo cropping tool?
I need a site to find pictures on. I already know of tinypic, photobucket, and vampirefreaks.....?
Invisible Black Backdrop without External Flash?
What are some good fine arts colleges in non rural U.S. and Canada?
Picture of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres PLEASE HELP!?
What would be a great camera for photography?
I want to learn photography, which camera should i start out with?
is there any free online photography courses?
Why can't I get a picture in focus??
Lensbaby scout as cheap fisheye alternative?
is my photography ood? (photos included)?
Can someone use my photo saying it's them?
Where can I find good One Direction pictures?
Am I any good at photography?
Help with blurry photography...?
Which headshot is the best?
when did hiv/adis start?
How Old Do I Look [image included]?
Does any one know of a wholesale photography supplier in Manhattan, New York?
What would my picture be considered as?
Opinions on these light paintings?
looking for a gift for daughter interested in photography?
what do you think of this photo?
Where can I learn photography?
Help with photographers and artists?
What is a good photo editing program?
Can you be both a photographer and a model?
Pretty??? ( Pics )?
How much to print out professional photographer photos?
what do u think of these pictures?
Opinions on the photography department at Columbia College, Chicago?
how to change image size.?
can you tell me anything about this picture?
Do any of your photograph terribly?
How do i take a good photo of myself?
How do you do this effect? (picture included)?
Is the picture of the pretty girl a color picture or B&W with a touch of yellow?
What is the resolution to print a image of 12X12 inches in photo shop ??
how do i know there is 200dpi in my picture?
What's a good title for my eighth grade album?
What If Humans Could Fly?!?
Couple questions about light painting in photography?
Instagram help?! (Photos are half black)?
I need a name for my photography?
Where can I order odd sized prints?
Does anyone know the name of this model?
How much should I sell it for?
what are some good colleges for photography?
Do you remember your Photo II class?
Does people who is specialized in detecting hidden cameras and get paid exist?
Are any photographer's here vegans?
I want to download a photograph cd to be able to e-mail to friends?
Are you cute but no one ever takes pictures of you?
How to organize a photo shoot for a online clothing store?
Good DSLR under £200?
does anyone know the difference between finepix s1500 and finepix s1000fd?? please?
polaroid spectra question?
Is Zen Todd one of the best wedding photographers out there? His work sure looks like it... (
Best camera?
what do you think of this picture?
opinions on this photo? good/bad?
Should I report this photographer?
how do you do diptych on photoshop CS4?
Can Someone Make This Picture For Me?
What's a good professional camera with really good zoom?
Any Good Websites For Editing Pictures?
If I take a photograph of a person in a public place, in what case do I need a model release?
how to get photo links on tumblr?
Creative objects to use in photography?
External Flash HELP how do you know where to point it?
It's time to put a go on this photography business..?
Can you really use weheartit images on instagram?
Iso film in 35mm photography?
What size are most people/labs scanning negatives & slides for printing?
can i realy see ot in pics in real adriana lima i cant leave without her?
is there a place where i can download pictures with transparent backgrounds?
What aperture should I use?
Which photo do you like best?
how do you know what MM is in camera lens?
Should a good photographer always Photoshop to get the best result?
How do I equalize the brightness of my photos on Paint Shop Pro 8?
good monitor for accurate digital photography color management?
Canon's changing lens mount?
Are there any online photography classes that are free or cheap?
Help Re-sizing multiple images?
nikon digital slr?
Best camera I can get for under 300 dollars?
Why aren't my Stock Photos selling?
Does anybody know what castle this is?
35mm film iso 800 good for night photos?
What can bright lighting shining directly on the face when taking a picture do?
What do you have in your kit that isn't directly related to photography, but you can't do without?
I just purchased a FujiFilm S1000FD advanced digital camera and looking for a good book...?
Portraits with a Nikon d5000/SIGMA EF-500 DG SUPER Flash...setup help please :)?
Cost to repair my camera lens?
Cokin filters for my camera?
Do binoculars with larger lens, show more in one sighting?
10 POINTS... Please help!?
follow me on tumblr ? :)?
does anyone have pictures of the old paramus park waterfall?
How to edit/ manipulate pictures to look like this...?
when going to a photo studio what is a traditional portrait sheet?
photo shoots in LA sometime this week?
Why is photography good to society?
How do you edit your photos?
How do I become a model?
Thoughts on QUANTARAY 28mm f2.8 Prime Wide Angle Lens (Nikon)?
Can Film for a film camera get ruined if light touches it?
Can people tell if photo where taken in summer or winter by looking at how tan you are?
photography business names?
What is the name of this website!!?
What does this picture initiate to you?
How do people show pictures on a video, while still talking?
Film vs Digital photo?
How does one find a woman to pose for artistic nudes? I am not intrestid in porn or hooking up. I have taste?
photography career in australia?
Where on the net can I find the photos of the guest from Saturday Night Live.?
When did photographer Warner Gothard die?
Trying to find a photographer or photography group that take pictures of abandoned houses and things?
Does anyone know the program that lets you view images live on the computer screen as you are photographing?
What are some good filmmaking books that talk about the light/sound/camera departments?
Whats a good photography contest I can enter?
What do you think of my photoshop job?
why do some flickr photographers not let people share their work?
Is it copyright infringement if i make a lot of changes to a plain black and white photo?
how to make my picture's background on photobucket look like my friends.?
how do you get an avatar?
critiques on this photograph?
Whats the best lens for taking photos of people (at weddings or outdoor events) using a Canon Rebel XT DSLR?
Please Help Me Pick My Headshot...kind of an emergency?
I can take good flower pics. Is there some place I can write 2 learn more about Photography?
i have been asked to doty pictures. if i were to do them what would i charge and hour or picture?
Cheap video editing system?
My pictures came out with a yellowish tint?
I took this picture and there is some very creepy stuff that I would like your opinions on!!!!?
what does the picture by mario testino represent or mean?
What is your favourite photograph?
Is brooks institute the best photography school?
What is the best camera for concert photography?
Who is the girl in this picture?
Bill Henson's artwork... Is it really that offensive?
It's a beautiful spring day. Should I go out and work on my photography?
how do pictures turn out so real?
Amateur film quality help?
How do I take these kinds of photos?
where can i find pictures that are actually moving?
Contact lens question????
Is New York Institute Of Photography a College?
How is my photography?????
Where do I go to get a PICTURE of the kung fu SYMBOL?
Spyder 4 buying guide?
from where do i buy a nice and cheap SLR digital camera?
who is the photographer that?
Advice on buying Nikon D60 (Flash broken/needed)?
A site to put together pics of you and your mate to see what your kids will look like?
Can you tell me how my photography is?
taking pictures with my cannon power shot?
Where can I create FREE galleries for my clients after I've done a photo session for them?
I am so upset. I NEED to get a SLR camera for my photography class?
Fall photoshoot ideas?
i am using "EDIUS 5 use"then i create video by using images but image clarity is very low in out put?
is cropping an image considered editing the image?
Fuzzy instagram photos?
Opinions on my photography?
Rate these pics?!?! Please!!!?
Where can you find REALLY SEXY pics of Gerard Way????(other than google)?
What makes pictures in magazines look high fashion?? Is it the camera (expensive) or editing?
what do you think of my photography?
What two photographers share the same conceptual concerns in thier photographs yet have different approaches ?
If you were a photographer, which girl you pick as a model?
redbubble pricing question.?
Using Threshold in GIMP to change backgrounds? Not working?
picture of a mapof the 50 states?
Where can I?????
how do I fix the corner of thick board paper that has been crushed?
what metering setting should you use when the sun is behind your subject?
photo shop or paint shop pro ?
Where do all these Xanga people get all that beautiful photography?
Which full-mechanical SLRs would you recommend?
50mm 1.8 question.. basketball photos?
how does one find the courage to go from secure job to being a self -employed photographer? I'm at this?
which picture is better?
Please could you give me some feedback on my photography?
What would be a good alternative to an SLR Camera?
Do you use UV filters and lens hood on your dSLR camera lenses?
i need help naming my photography ASAP!!!?
What is the best photo editing ?
Enhancing colours in Photoshop?
Camera-computer connection for instant viewing?
old photos,the remove photo does not work?
how do you merge pictures?
how do you make a pictue black and white, then change one thing to color?
I need to know if there are any photos of ashley wittrig at purdue?
has anyone saw a engraved photo with 3d effect on mum would love it?
Have most successful wedding photographers go to school for what they do?
Lens advice?
APPS TO SHARE MY PHOTOGRAPHY? Less popular than instagram...?
Digital camera?
Does anyone know of a good Los Angeles photoblog?
How can I edit photos in this sort of style?
What photography shots can i take of people for my work linked to 'santuary'?
Where do you spend much of your quality time?
how do you make a pictures mb smaller?
Can photography be learned or must it come naturally?
can you guys please view my friends flickr.?
Critique my first photoshoot?
Opinions/Critique on my last few pics...there more funny vs serious.?
what do you think of this photo my daughter loves photography and I just want an honest oppinion ..?
how do you take a picture that looks like this?
help finding a picture! please help.?
any comments/critique on my photography?
What kind of camera lens should I get?
Are these photographs any good?
any1 know any good photo manipulations sites? on the web?
Give an example of a large lens opening and explain how this would impact exposure and depth of field?
Do You Think This Is A Good Photo?
Can you take a 35mm Minotla camera SRL lens and use it with a Pentax Digital SLR?
How do i get a little color into a black and white photo>?
What do you think of my photo? Critiques please?
What is this effect called??? Please help!?
how do i put pictures onto a question i ask?
Guys Sport Senior Pictures?
How is my photography?
What settings should I use ?
How can i add color to a B&W photo?? (using photshop)?
Portray Photo with growth?
Check out my tumblr?:)
why wont my pictures from my camera save?
what is the style and the nature of bruno dayans work?
what do you think about me taking naked picture of my self and sending it all over the internet?
I want get DSLR camra ?
Will you critique my photography?
Aerial Perspective Ideas?
Why doesn't people display a picture ?
If you print many large photos, do you want a higher or lower resolution camera?
Black & White with bits of colour?
Does anyone know where I can take photography classes in Akron, OH?
what's more important, a tripod or a camera bag?
i just got a nikon d40, how do i adjust the aperture and shutter at thesame time?
Does IS help for low light pictures??
What website, forum, etc, (besides Y! Answers) is the best to learn about photography?
so what do you think of my photos?
I have a legal/ethics question...PLEASE READ DETAILS...?
how to connect canon 300D with studio lights?
Another Camera [Lens] Question. Which to get?
Best photography app in app store that's free?
what are cons of photography ?
Will printed photos resemble what's on the camera, or on computer screen?
Website to put pictures together?
photoshor or photofilter helpPpPpPp!!!!?
i want to be a photographer for playboy?
Im looking for a name to have printed on a barbers lab jacket?
Can one trace watermarked photos?
What's the best way to display film cell set?
how do i take a picture with oovoo?
I'm looking for more free stock image websites?
What title would you give for this picture?
Where can I find a uncsensored nude photo of snooki?
For Photographers!! I am taking a class in b&w photography and have to choose a famous photographer....?
Where can i go to find free pictures of easter eggs?
Teen photography jobs?
I have a Phillips photo Frame keychain. the battery light is green. that means it is charged right?
critique my picture please? thanks!?
is this a good picture?
How much should a photoshoot cost?
Do you like this picture?
Is the Samyang Sony Mount Fish-eye Lens 8mm F3.5 Compatible to the Sony A350 DSLR?????????????
Is it possible to find a job as a forensics (Crime Scene) photographer anywhere in the th United States?
How do I get the best pictures possible at a concert??
Is my photography any good?
What photos should I make sure to get at my wedding (not hiring a pro)?
Are these good Photography pictures ?
Where can i find those pictures?
What settings are you adjusting when shooting in AP mode?
Where can I find Indian (from Asia, not Native American) vintage photographs, I need quick reference ...?
photography question!?
What do you think the "ghost" in the picture really is?
What are the names of the works of art in this image?
do you know about truck decals/graphics?
Do you do Photography as a hobby or a career?
how do i take good pictures of fireworks?
What are some ideas to stage pictures for bows and stuff I sell?
how do i edit a photo to make it look vintage ?
Whats that picture??????????????????
can we use holga flash on diana mini ?
Photoblog Critique?
Why is there a need for photographers?
Why do my photos print grainy?
ive got a nikon d300s and i want to take portraits?
Does anyone know any sites that show u how to do cool things to polaroids?
whats a best place to get a photography backdrop online? i wanted to get one for all the parties i have.?
Wedding Photography? Have to pay for orginals even after the recieving wedding album?
How can I find all photos ever uploaded by a flickr user?
Picture editing helpp!?
What's the name of this popular instagram collage?
Can anyone recommend some digital cameras models that have a long battery life?
Picture Editing Applications?
Editing a photo in black and white (with red roses)?
Photo paper question for CD booklet?
Where do I get film developed on the sunshine coast?
Know any good photo editors?
backdrops for photographers?
Cool name for a photo album?
does something seem off about this picture? plz tell me if so?
Photo Ideas for Photography Song Assignment?
Somebody PLEASE help me understand what 1.5X means when referring to Nikon?
What do the orange numbers on the bottom of a picture represent?
What fish eye lens do you recommend?
how can i make a picture black and white and then put some things in color?
My iPhoto is getting really slow, because I have 1710 photos in there, what should I do?
Does anyone knows where to develop big format photographs in Copenhagen?
Do I look different in these two photos?
What's the best largeformat camera for the best price?
What are some cool pictures to take underwater at night?
where do i get a galaxy ball / galaxy machine from (UK)?
Why does my Nose and other features look so big in photos?!?
Websites to download screensavers and wallpapers for free?
What does it mean when film is "process-paid"?
Do You Think Entry Level DSLR Cameras Help or Hurt Professional Photography?
Has anyone got any ideas?
Can teachers photographs be used without permission?
How to move photos from one lightroom catalog to another with adjustments?
Artists and/or photographers who incorporate text into their work?
how do u put 2 pictures together as one?
What DSLR should I get?
How do people put stardust on their photos?
Does this look like an ad for aids?
Im looking to start airbrushing make up and or paints. Im more interested in make up and fx/zombification?
What do you think of my beginner images?
If middle is 18% grey then is dark higher or lower?
How do you read contact sheets? (tips + guidance)?
Would this be worthwhile side photography job?
Is it odd to give someone a photo as a gift of themselves?
how to delete a picture on photo bucket competitions?
Make a picture black and white but leave some color in it?
Type of film for Minolta XG-7?
What do you think of my photography?
Are my photographs really that uninteresting?
Will videos ever replace photos?..?
does anyone have pictures form the men's expo on september 17 in fort wayne,in?
what do I need for a basic home studio ?
Out of these photos, which is your favorite? Why?
when taking an outdoor portrait?
"grip and grin" photography?
What do you think it is? Anyone know a lot about photography, and can give their opinion?
Adult photography questions?
Airbrush question?
Would it still be safe to use my bathtub if....?
Self portrait photography ideas, thanks?
What picture do you like better?
I don't get what this picture means, help?
What do you think about their looks? Which is prettier?
whats the best camera for photography plz reply..?
When reusing an image for a project, what is the most effective way to have multiple sizes and effects?
Create a Scene. What comes to your mind when you see this photo?
i need.....?
Where can I download images for free? I want to get photos so that I can make A4 psoters for my bedroom.?
Camera vs mirror image?
Which picture do you like better?
Jcpenny's Portrait sessions?
which application will allow me to place photos exactly where I want on an A4 sheet?
What Editing photo website can you out obey or an electric ball.?
photo editing to make trippy effects?
Where to buy coloured smoke bombs in the uk? Online/shops?!?
I am still in love with my ex-boyfriend what should i do?????????????
Filter Holder for Hasselblad 500 c/m?
photoshop elements2.0 ???
When I get my picture taken my eyes are always closed or squinting. How can I avoid that?
how to change aperture and shutter speed on Pentax K-x?
I want to add snow effects into my pictures. Any free photo editors online?
Is it ok for me to use pictures from flickr?
How does one achieve a Silhouette?
If you were a top modeling agency what would you say about my photos?
Any good and very interesting websites?
I want your opinion on my photos:)?
How can I re-view recent images I viewed on of another photographer in Flickr?
What are some good, free online photoshop websites?
How can i get real Photography classes localy?
how can I preserve a bubble jet print?
who is this model? thanks?
Can someone tell me about lomography camera films?
Where can I get photo ID?
Please read and recommend a camera for me?
Fatboy wall posters?
Where can i find HDRI images, for free??
Create a wireless flash system with a Nikon D50 and Sigma EF-500 TTL flash without spending too much?
where can i download free lightroom presets,?
Do you think this photo is dreamy?
A few questions about boudoir photos?
Photography- Possible Passion, help?!?
how many frames per second is black and white television?
How do I choose a digital camera?
Whats a good free Photoshop-like download for mac?
High school photograghy project ideas?
Imagee host?
what point and shoot camera is black w/ a white band across the very top?
Picture help........??!?!!?!?
How much is a professionally boxed pair of jensen 10' subs and a 750 watt pioneer amplifier?
can babys see orbs?
How do I cut a photo into nine equal sections using Adobe Photoshop?
What do you think of this photo ?
follow me on tumblr -melanny?
Can you send me pictures of yourself?
What are the most romantic landmarks in the world?
Considering being a glamour model...?
Sony DT 50mm f/1.8 Lens vs 50mm f/1.4 Lens?
Which should I get wide angle or fisheye?
Im looking to get some seasonal work in the film industry, where do i start?
How to plan a teenage birthday photoshoot?
Nikon D40 or D70 for starter camera?
does this photoshop look too fake?
i like to calm, silence & deep sea of
any amateur contests?
Why is it when you take a picture in the mirror you cant see yourself in the photo?
The future of copyrighted photos....?
i want a 3d model of amitabh buchchan in max format or a front and a side image of it?
What's your favorite lens?
i missed my senior school photos? where can i take them?
what do you think about this HDR image?
Help for first time movie makers?
Is it BUNNY EARS or DEVIL HORNS when somebody puts two fingers behind your head in a photo?
Help with a canon slr (film)?
Is there a free photography class online that you actually graduate from? or a workshop? not just a blog?
What camera would you suggest I buy for starting out at photography and editing?
Resizing Photo Question?
What is that camera affect where it looks if your standing near the camera your head looks big but body small?
info about phography?
Any body know who she is?
What do you think about this picture?
how do i take a picture with the camera on my computer?
What are your thoughts on these rainbow colors appearing in the clouds of this photo I took today?
Where is the best place for an in-home photo studio?
How to get this effect on pictures?
I have a picture on my computer that I like to print and frame. But I think it's too small?
photography research paper?
Why is it hard to see the subject in my view finder with my 24mm lens?
Why is Flickr uploading so slow?
What is the best way to store extra large portraits 10x13 AND larger?
ideas for pictures...
Is she pretty? (picture)?
Can you name any photographers that have taken photographs within a business for documentary purposes?
Scenery ideas for photography?
What do you see or think when you see this picture?
Good book publisher for photographer.?
Please Help! How do i make a photo like this?
how can i use one of my photographs as a screensaver?
Does anyone know any collage making websites?
Do you like this photo I took?
Band promos critiques?
How do I make pictures like this?
How does one go about digitizing slides?
Critique on Photos please?
what's different softlen 38 & softlen 59 contact lens?
how do i find a market to sell my stock wildlife photographs to?
Great colleges for photography in new york?
Which photo will you choose???
Can you give me a list of all the cameras that uses the Fujifilm instant film that WILL NOT be discontinued?
Famous photographs which have taken a photograph(s) of a bike(s)?
HELP Replacement Lens Express Question!!!?
What is the best camera to get for photography?
Is this a good picture?
what would u do if the paparazzi got close to your car and tried to take your picture ?
Quality Photo Digital Cameras?
Photography competitions online?
ND Filters: A few noob questions.?
Is it better to get the picture properly exposed and composed ..or is it better to fix it later with software?
Is it possible to take a picture of myself like this?
I was thinking?
What exactly is a certificate in photography?
whats the best pic online editor?
Which Photo should I enter In the fair?
What is a program where you can blur a part of the video?
which is best photo out of these 3?
Is Photography a representation of Rape?
how many megabytes (or minimum) should a photo be so that it is good quality (not fuzzy) when printed 8 x 10?
how is my photo?what can be my age?
is the tamron 28-75mm f2.8 any good for dance stage performances?
Lomography camera for friend?
how do you take good photographs indoors?
Poll for photographers? Please answer!?
Much appreciated for anyone who can help! Thanks :)?
i said photograph download?
What defines a "true macro"?
I have alot of pictures in my computer I am looking for a program to help organize and store my photos?
shoot a homemade matrix movie?
will you critique my photos?
Snow photos for Cover?
Kodak DX4530 question?
How to make this photo effect?
What school did Ansel Adams & Annie Leibovitz attend?
Nikkor 50-200mm question?
what is tabular grain photographic emulsion?
wanna design your photo album?
A good Photography name?
Where are some good places you all think I have the talent to model at?
What pictures do you think i should put on my bebo skin ?
I need unretouched fashion photos and have no idea where to get some?! Help!?
Shutter release problems...?
Does this look like a professinal photo?
If you were unashamed of your body, would you pose nude for charity mag?
can i wear my contact lens at the water park?
how do you put two (or more) pictures like next to eachother into one picture on picnik?
How do I get iPhotos online to share?
N73 memory image hide .how to show image?
How to change RGB curves in photoshop after the fact?
How do I fix a slightly overexposed picture?
Is there any processing lab for Kodachrome 25 slide film in the US?
Was Hannamontana right to have that picture taken?
Is there a way to get rid of foxing on photographs?
Help with picture poses etc?
Hi does anyone know where I can get a photo printed onto a canvass board?
could i be a model? (pictures)?
Using Fujifilm with a daylab?
The future of photography?
I heard that it's good to cut down on water a couple of day before a photo shoot?
who is this model in these pictures?
how can i make and print a birthday cards for leo's?
How do I make my pictures look like this?
Cades Cove Tennesse? Ghost?
How Do U Do Cool Pictures In PhotoFilter X Studio?
I Have a tumblr. Where do i get pictures from?
Nikon F501/N2020?
How do I get better at posing for pictures?
PLEASE LOOK; Which picture do you like the most?
How do you put your logo on photographs?
AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm lens?
How does taking a photo with high shutter speed tie in with the theme identity?
I am looking for a photo of a dog featured in the 2007 GRCA calendar in the month of March?
Does anyone know where i can go online to crop a picture as a heart shape?
125 years later is it possible to tell the difference between a dry plate and a wet plate glass negative?
Using 2 Camera Bodies, which one is more like it?
How do i get this look to my pictures? [pictures included]?
Some ideas for pictures to put to this song?
Is it possible to get rid of the smudge in this photo?
A studio like glamour shots in san antonio?
does any1 know what kinda stone it is?
Do you think that it is wrong for photographers to crop or other-wise edit they're photo's?
Copyright: Can I use a text by a 20th century philosopher in a film?
I need one photograph of krishna in which he is showing his vishvaroop to arjun at kurukxetra.please help me.?
makeup situation!?
what do you think of my photography?
Is there a website where i can download professional royalty free video clips?
Give me some examples for a TASTEFULL nude photo I could do for an art photography class?
i have an xh a1 w/ do i replicate bolex w/16mm kodak b&w reversal film? ?
DSLR dilemma...?
Do you sleep in the nude?
Photo HELLLPPP?!?!?!!?!??!?
What Is Best For Photography?
What do you think of my photos?
where can I make high quality prints from a 14 mp point and shoot digital camera?
Know where I can get some downloadable GIMP tutorials?
Would you feel confident if your wedding photographer said they would only do it if me and the missus ......?