How many "dependents" live in my house?
Is the current US dollar strong?
Does anyone know what is wrong with Bill Gates?
Difference between FIFO & LIFO?
How much money could I make?
how can i make lots of money fast and not spend money?
electricity company charging me for electricity i have not used?
which city is consider to be centre of earth?
Would UPS be able to ship this the SAME DAY? ?
How can we make our income exceed our expenses?
Is it a bad idea to buy a used phone from someone local off craigslist? Read details?
what happens if you sell something on e bay and the buyer dosent give you feedback?
if i send a letter on wednesday, is it possible for them to recieve it by next friday?
Project Payday? I have the time. Good or Bad Investment?
Making an exchange at Hollister?
how to find details od person bancrupt over 5 years ago?
what are the reasons why employees become less motivated?
have you ever had a great idea for an invention?
is it economically viable to farm elephants for ivory.?
Forming a business with someone who has really bad previous credit rating?
If someone gives you 80 million dollar and say do what do you want to do what are you doing then?
Please job comfirmation wit peak petroleum ***.ltd. I was issued an apointmnt leta bt must get D.P.R cert.?
how do you tell how old a tree is?
You are...?
Million dollar items?
A good friend decided to go his own separate way, how can I forget about him?
I want to patent my idea?
what happens if I didn't receive my orders from aeropostale?!!?
Is everyone having a good Christmas?
My daughter advertised a digital camera for sale on e-bay, a buyer from Nigeria agrred to pay £298 to Pay-Pal.
Paypal negative balance?
where is the best place to exchange your pounds sterling to euros?
Collection agencies are after me because of GOLD'S GYM?
is it worth buying skyrim?
Does FedEx services include customs taxes?
Why are candy canes red and white?
How to write a legit contract?
Would you date an Alien?
I order some shoes on Thursday an got the two business day shipping I ordered the shoes from Adidas .com?
Pricing question I can't find the answer anywhere ?
Can someone tell me what's the difference between yams and sweet potatos is?
What's up with all these Bank Of America messages I'm getting?
what was the cost of the asset using the sum of the years digit depreciation method?
How is postal stamp cost shared between countries?
is it possible to e-mail a U.S. tanker flagship?
How much does it cost to make an album when you're signed to a label?
lets say i have $50. I want to exchange it for 20 dollars. What do I have to do?
Do I ship the item as soon as I get the payment sent notification on eBay?
If the euro is worth more than the doller doest make sense to move to europe?
·Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there?
What's the best way to get a job?
My boyfriend and I have an idea for a backyard game...kind of like horseshoes (that type of backyard game).?
How do you get rid of theat tingely feeling in your nose????
May I know Aircraft technician per month pay will be how much?
I sold my boat and need to transfer the title to the buyer. Where do I sign on the title?
I need to find out about where in my boby in the kideny?
How much money does one person need?
i need help with postage please have a look and answer?
what is the capital of United States?
It is a que of capital budgetng.,replacement dcision.?
how to get gas agency/ dealership of private or public sector in tamilnadu...?
First time buying house, need W-2 forms but never filed! What can he do?
Would paypal cover me for a purchase of $1500?
what do you think?
Does ups ship on weekemds?
why is it that you get sweaty under the HOT sun even though you're just standing there not doing anything?
need to calculate a daily interest rate on 3% on the outstanding amount?
dose anyone think my avatar is cuite?describ it your way!?
How do I get my neighbors pet to stop pooping in my driveway?
If economy was bad why DJ Stock market shoots up from 8300 to 13,400 in four years?
You have two notes in your wallet for a total of $101. One of them is not a $1 bill. What are they????????????
Why are all you of people awake so late?
If using only one signature should I tick 'either party to sign'?
How do identify IT services companies in Germany who could be potential business partners ?
FOB Orders and accounting treatment?
Why i am losing 1 point for each asked question?
why do people ask for advice and then get mad when u say something they dont agree with? they asked!!?
what does brain freeze mean?
how can you get a grown man to quit playing video games all the time?
Does anyone remember having a old record with Ghost stories on it. One about Suzie and stairs? I need name.?
SURVEY: What are the ages of people who come to ! answer.?
I live in Europe,my friend lives in the US,what stamps do I need to send to her and where can i get them?
Is a provisional patent good?
why i cant sign on to ?
Where can I find an independent investor for my latest invention; based on patent application10/021,656?
where do you convert euros into us dollar?
where can i get free case studies on lean manufacture priciples?
what is the best way to eliminate and keep cockroaches away?
What are 2-3 things that make you happy on a regular basis?
i want to know the punishment for creditcard fruad about 900 pounds?
Are Birth Certificates Public Record in Idaho?
Differentiate between tangible and intangible fixed assets giving three examples of each?
where can i sell my inventions?
Local Lineralization of 5√40 ?
where can i buy these shoes?? nike janoski?
Why do women always need to go to the toilet in groups?
Trading options ask bid price will it change based on Current share price?
will i every find mr. right and get married and be happy??
Whats it like working for costco?
How can I trademark an image without having to pay a lot of money?
Which business is allowded and not allowded for foreigers to do in Saudi arabia?
Shipped 3 items through Ebay, ONE broke in shipping ?
what are ur thoughts on christianity?
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Essay Help?
do wabsites that say thel send you money for filling questionares realy send you cheacks?
Give an example of a transaction that would cause a decrease in revenue and an increase in liabilities.?
How do I apply for a job at a store that's opening soon?
who is a good town planner on the Gold Coast?
what is the best construction trade?
Do u know any slogans,mottos or catch phrases for advertisements?
how do i get into my messages at ebay? i do not no how to do it.?
Isn't the real reason Man is the highest form of animal on this earth because he also does the classifying?
wat career do you want when you grow up?
Is my goldfish sleeping? He's been floating at the top of my tank for the past 4 days and hasn't moved.
Does anyone have experience with a work from home bussiness/affiliate or survey taker?
where can I work so that I can raise 50 dollars?
rules for exotic dancers?
Has anyone ever used the site Alibaba for wholesale importing (clothing)? Mainly from China or Middle East?
What are the things which India exports only to brazil and Brazil exports only to India ?
Which business or investment (with decent monthly income) shall i do in the USA with $ half million?
money order form question?
where else could i cash a north american money at?
How much should a teen save in their first paycheck?
Where can I find a free translation guide for English to Finnish?
USPS Delivery attempt?
how to clean a handgun?
Where in gods place is TIMBUCKTOO????????????
what's an unpaid strike on ebay?
What is a Retail Price?
Question on using direct method on Statement of Cash Flows?
how to alter a thumbprint?
How much do oil companies pay for the oil they pump from federal lands?
How do you become a phone sex operator?
My mother is deliberating hiding the packages that I ordered?
Who are the Main characters in Sue Grafton's 'D' Is For Deadbeat? It is a book. The answers will greatly help.
how can i find the turn over of a company?
myacounting hard probs?
Earnings per Share, Price-Eanings Ratio, Dividend Yield?
I am a receptionist and the owner of the 25 person company just asked me what I want to do here aside fromthis?
Wat is sez? How the government is encouraging sez?
what does it mean if ups rescheduled my transit? please help!!?
Are dragons real or fake to you?
I am new to answers and I know it is a dumb question, but how to you chose the best answer.?
good or bad?
1. A tour operator charges Rs 136 per passenger for 100 passengers with a discount of Rs 4 each for 10 passeng?
Days in A/R formula?
What is ups ground mean?
If i ordered something on Saturday will it come on monday? 2 day shipping?
what is the truth with this role ?
. Three events E , F , and G are independent with P(E)=0.3 , P(F)=0.4 , and P(G)=0.6 . What is P(Ec∪Fc∪Gc) ?
How do I get E Bay Auctions completed?
what could be a discussion question for accounting?
I'm studying to be an electrician, anyone know how much they make?
Is down for anyone else?
How do price, supply, and demand influence each other? What are markets and how do they work?
how do i ship to canada post?
Why has it dried up?
Is there a statute of limitations on getting $ back on Unauthorized ACH withdrawals?
what should i do??????????????????????????????
What does the phrase: "The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions" mean?
Answer ASAP please?
who founded investment banking and finance?
do you like the name Tina?
What is the dutchman I love?
What is the fairest way to divide a utilities bill among roommates who moved in on different dates?
Am I being ripped off or not!!?
Do u believe in God?
What if the latest rates cut does nothing to unfreeze the credit markets?
What is a business or technical term for when a customer order has gone wrong?
does anyone have a build-a-bear?
Would I be better off.....?
what is another Q&A website like this?
Is there a way to make money online?
What is you favorite Christmas movie?
thoughts about homosexuality??
What business can make you $2000 commission per sale?
My swimming pool service company charges up an upfront 4% in using VISA/mc. Is this legal?
£84.00 quarterly electric bill expensive or ok?
What is 5 T on a F?
when u ask questions & ppl answer how can u contact them back???
What Are Some Ways to Make Money?
What advantage is there for iron tools over copper?
How can I write a book with a little bit of money?
If one-thousand (1000) is called "a grand", what is one-hundred (100)?
How much does CC Bill take?
Is this process in control? View the graph in the photobucket.?
Where can you buy Amazon gift cards?
What are you doing for your company Christmas party this year?
what is the best "under $30" cellular plan in the New York City area right now?
why are cops dressed in blue?
legal help with money.?
How can Bank of America get away with all their peditory business practices? What can I do. Bitten by BOA!!!?
what is beneficiary value date?
who played the powerful guitar in michael jackson's beat it?
Does my boyfriend really like me?
Chapter 13 bankruptcy- mortgage in my name, but I'm not on deed... can they claim property/equity?
church info?
money in my bank?
Do we need to get rid of the penny from currently? POLL?
if some one angry w ith us and dont tell why then w hat we should need to do?
Is a return adress REQUIRED fo an envelope?
A SHAG on a rock EXPLAIN......... LOL?
How do I convert fixed assets to fair market value ?
Is there a safe way to sell Motorcycle I still owe on to another person?
which bank give better USDollar xchange rate in NRE Account for inward remittance Axis bank or kotak mahindra?
When was Raliegh formed??
I need to makes some money were to look?
Where is simple mobile customer service located?
Listing of Hickel residents in WA State?
Why was Australia's currency changed from pounds to dollars?
What is the average male hat size?
Who much a old doller bill worth?
what does "RESERVE CURRENCY" mean?
You have waited 30 minutes in a line for the star tours ride at Disneyland.?
how much per kilo through ems?
If an ACH deposit is made at 3:30 pacific time when will it post in eastern time? ?
Accounting Principles...?
Self-Confidence question?
how much is 10% off of 9.96?
What is the best postal/mail scale you have used?
what does semper fi mean?
How to make money from the Internet?
why do i feel like i must travel the world to be with the prettiest girls on earth?
pine or birch furniture which is best?
Water Company Fee legality?
How do you feel about this way of handling escalated concerns at a customer service dept.?
Question on returning a package to amazon!?
what is the format for a trial balance in accounting?
Need help withThank You note to boss?
they need person who can balance management and employees… Can I take 3 rd chances to put right path ?
can an ex felon get a good job?
How much will apple's iphone cost, and how much will the monthly bill be?
I need to convince my mom to buy on ebay!?
Has anyone heard of a "gas gauge" in a car being called a "gas hand"?
Is ther any girl who fall in love?I want to know the girl is loving me or not?Is it posssible?
How to make Money Fast!!?
Accounting question please help!?
are there any actual jobs for a 13 year old?
How can I get my money back?
why is it management is essential for any Organization?
can i send a mini fridge through priority mail?
Do u sleep over or under the covers?
Who is behind ?
Is having a Swiss bank account illegal for an american?
Does weed stop teenage growth?
when did debtors jail end in England?
What is the most toxic element to humans?
How do i find my freind for free?
How to remove monthly fee from ebay?
iPhone 4 for wholesale price in Mi?
What is the best business idea to start with and make good money?
Need Help On Accounting problem E10-5?
Why do potential employers care about a credit rating in this economy?
Why are European countries replacing their currency with the Euro (€)?
I want to know the BIC/SWIFT number of a bank outside the EU, how it that possible?
favorite color and why ? (im painting rooms )?
Can I bypass the rate when I use a free USPS priority flat rate box or envelope?
what is the value added chain?
how can one person find his fate?
Looking for a private investor!?
I have a 20 republika ng pilipinas, dalawampung piso. how much is it worth, in Indian money?
How I will increase my importence at Office?
Is it possible for a web site with six employees to net $800,000.00 in one year and lose money?
what so great about having siblings?
convert 2,556,960 to percentage and provide the answer?
in near future can i be able to have better job than the existing one?
how do i get a 100% information on the dealings of trump organization?i need it for my project pls help!?
how old do you have to be to get a job permit?
i am a student about to start college but i have no idea what i wanna do.?
How much is this quarter worth?
how long until they call u back after a best buy interview?
How does finance work???
I ordered something online....Scared that it wont arrive on TIME!!?
how much is my watch worth?
What is the way to get mind concentration in study life and the way of success interview to get job.?
Where can I find out how to go about getting my child support dropped?
is god real?
Can i send a letter from Europe to Asia?
if muslim parents disagree on their child's name is it the dad's decision?
how can i get the number to albersons human resource dept.?
What are some successful jobs in the art industry or business world? store... is it real or is it a scam/rip-off?
Has anyone ever received a loan from Currency Loan Company in London?
Definitions for the Following Words Help?
What is a easy and safe way for a 13 year old to make money?
How do i get a splinter out?
What are vending machines and why are they needed?
Could anybody tell me if this website is legit?
Has anyone sold any used books on
Can time warner cable legally do this?
If you had a tail what kind (of the choices given below) would you want*?
How can I Raise Money?
Why is christian discrimination so normal?
What is a "successful" hourly wage?
How to get financed!?
Along the lines of my first last question - do you think that the oder you get the dumber you get?
what stores hire at 14?
Can bald men get lice??
When dealing with a difficult person at work, is it best to just stay out of the way?
How to buy a physical CD as gift from Amazon?
My workplace burn down yesterday, what I need to do now?
MYOB - Payroll Question?
I have a loan out with a company and want to stop paying completely?
What is the difference between a store credit and an exchange?
Difference between a £ and $?
whats the cash limit you can spend without raising any eyebrows?
who was at the garden of eden?
On eBay, I have made an offer on an item, and now i've found a better item (Continued Inside)?
USPS first class mail from US to Singapore taking more than 12 working days?
How is "DelaSangre" pronounced?
when can a company lockout its employees and what happens to the employees if the company does lock them out?
why when i meet people my age or even younger why do i always think they are older than i am. I am 48.?
What do you call this type of letter?
Has anybody got any tips on how to save money simply and easy?
What are the risks involved with taking online surveys to make money?
questions: opinion vs. fact?
is it true that u can make money by taking online surveys?
Export jobs/import workers?
how can i register for CFA exam?
I am a manufacturer, when I type Radian Technologies, I do not show my company come up, the URL is eRadian.Com
How much in Onix worth?
What do you do when you have 3 hours of free time?
what eligibly requirements for taking the Fundeamental Payroll Cert. exam?
how can i make money if im under 16?
If you could design a car that went the speed of light and turned on the headlights-would they work?
has anyone else here been screwed over by their place of work in reguards to bank holidays and allowances?
please help me!?!?!?!?
which countries cover up feelings of embarrassment or displeasure of laughter and smiling?
where is the best place to travel to find some really good looking women?
can you understand this???? please help???
Just checking this system?
Ok, I went to Hollister........?
If God is all-knowing does free will exist?
What is a "Haint"?
Who do I adress the Cover Letter to?
A friend used my debit card for car repairs and won't pay me back.?
Macy's return policy, how many days?
Was Helen Keller born blind and deaf?
Have you ever gotten a booger on your finger and no matter how much you sling it, it won't let go?
Can registered mail be delivered to an apartment door?
How can you keep your fish from spoiling between catches?
What Can I Buy With $135?
Do you know any online retailers that deliver Australia to UK for childrens gifts? Preferably dept stores.?
What are some good ways to make money, without having a job?
postman didnt bother to ask for signature for signed for parcel?
Is Limewire Illegal?
What device mixes air and petrol (gas) for the internal combustion engine?
Do you include step cost in total cost?
Hey, what busineses hire at 15?
Is the $60,000.00 Super Draw Raffle given by Consumer Reports a Scam?- Consumer Reports Foundation?
I sold a computer on ebay and the buyer is now claiming it is severely damaged?
i recently moved away and need to get this guys im so i can get a hold of him?
Electronic transfer is taking a long time?
a question to do with child tax credits in england???
How much do truck companies/gas stations pay for biodiesel?
Finance help /income statement (s)?
If i'm a great salsa dancer does that mean i'm gay?
How can I get custody of my child in alabama?
how can i make money online, seriously, no scams, any suggestions like should i sell something?
How do i take 20 percent off $100?
Can a kid get a debit card?
how long does it take for a next a day delivery parcel posted on a sunday,take to arrive?
Teen summer jobs or ways to make money?
i need the address to santa clause so that my child can write him a letter and wish list?
Easiest Ways to make £150?
Who is Roland de VILLEPIN? Qui est Roland de VILLEPIN?
Whats your fav. store in the mall?
please help : billing address?
I wanted to know if there was a site that you could test your reflexes on through sound?
How can I stop my fear of sitting on motorbikes?
ways for two 14 year olds to make money?
Robert Manning calls to place an order. How should you address him?
this idea will change the world...............?
Why do gas prices keep rising in Europe?
Do you ever catch yourself saying "thats hot" even though you despise that phrase?
i always try to look like i'm happy, but it's like i'm lieing to myself. what do i do?
Where can i find coloring by numbers for teen/adults?
Should I be fired for not checking to make sure that a foreign agent received an email?
where can I find jobs for Data Managers?
Give a argument against the simple statement, The Civil War was fought to free the slaves."?
Is it possible to buy a decent house in a good neighborhood for about $250k in Las Vegas?
what do angel numbers 123 and 11 mean?
How much of a discount can a Best Buy employee get on electronics?
How can financial managers budget for unforseen events that require large outlay of capital?
how much is a republika ng pilipinas coin in us?
Do you agree with how the american media portrays business? why or why not?
Indirect method in accounting?
My friend knits very beautifully. What is the best way to sell her knitted things?
Where are you from and how's the weather?
Does anyone know any accounting pick up lines?
What company is known for operating to the most ethical standards?
Need Paypal help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i want to make money online but every site i find does some sort of referel system, help.?
Import charges after buying on eBay?
views on icecream?
Can you create and sell somethingthat is made out of US currency?
Does anybody know about a company called Reliance Entertainment? How is it as a place to work? Please advise.?
What free blog sites allow you to put ads on them?
Is CHAPs payment same day on a Saturday?
Do girls like it when we shave our 'pubic hair' for them?
whats what im confused?
Where can i buy those see through roll ups?
what you like best dominican or puerto rican?
Do you care about your points?
Where do i find the check number that is four digits?
How much do you tip?
How do I calculate a profitable purchase price from a competitors existing eBay selling price?
Hello: I am a BBA grraduate I would want to know the list of Investment, merchant ,comercial banks in India.?
Where is the best place to exchange currency?
Who's the richest person in the world?
Why are there more yellow Starburst in packages than other colors?
Merchant Account + Authorize.Net for a non US business?
what is a neanderthal?
Canadian vs American currency?
Assuming you were given 1 million dollars, what would be the first, second and third thing you would do?
As a Community if, We Believe Someone Is Being Abused, How Can We Report It?
what is the drug oxycod/apap?
itunes and the billing policy?
Please help me with a name for a Design company!?
help please......financail advice is needed!!! please.?
What is the average life expectancy of a coal bed methane gas well?
how do i make 3600$ by march break?
how do you stop being so angery and ill all the time every thing gets on my nerves. how do you cope with it?
what are some good jobs that make alot of money?
Duck bill, water mole; What is it?
Is majoring finance in accountant Good choice ?
Prepare a multiple-step income statement.?
Is it legal to have checks avail. on Wed. but direct deposits avail. on Thurs.?
what would you do?
wats a diffrence between a frnd n a pal?
how do you file paperwork?
Where to buy WWE Merchandise online or irl in Delhi?
Does a package ship out the same day it's processed at your local post office?
Can u suggest names of books by achievers in business or to achieve in business.?
Can somebody from US patent product that is made by overseas manufacturing companies?
What is a good way for a teen to make some cash?
What are some good ideas......?
UPS Delivered Package to Wrong Address?
Why the banks like to open their branches in towns and cities ?
How much should I allocate?
1919-1929 silver dollars worth?
how do I find an obituary from a death in california?
I need 30 dollars by friday what's an easy way to do it if you are 14 years old without a job?
Does anyone know where I can find...?
Where can i get daily updates regarding business, jobs etc?
I need some suggestion about this plz?
how can i go to bed if i keep answering your questions?
How can I find out how much I've contributed so far to my candidate?
How much money is at risk due to the sub-prime mortgage fiasco?
how do i get back at someone without doing something illegal?
Jobs for 13 year olds?
How long does it take for an item sent via USPS Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope to get to UK?
Pro's and Cons' of technology?
UPS (will i get my package?)?
wholesale asics shoes i want open a store can you tell me where?
how to find thecontribution margin ratio?!?
How can I show my employer I have contributed well to my personal development plan goals?
Paypal: Where is my money?
F ind the net profit or loss as a percentage and the gross margin as a dollar amount?
The following four questions (Quesiton 44, Question 45, Question 46,?
Making money through online surveys?
Does depreciation set aside cash to replace asset?
problems militating against banking industry in nigeria?
Why is a penny saved a penny earned?
exactly how dirty is money....?
I have been informed that there is a compensation of a lot of money waiting for me at bell trust of london.?
On an account (double entry-bookkeeping) record, what is debit and credits? ....?
Where can i buy a justin bieber life sized cardboard cutout online legit uk?
Have you ever driven drunk? Be honest...?
In finance, what does it mean when a city becomes more or less liquid?
When the price of a product increases, a consumer is able to buy less of it with a given money income,?
how much do you make working in a Dr's office as a receptionist?
Are there any legitimate websites to fill out surveys and get paid?
why money very important in life?
perform a close reading of Case 18 "Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: On Becoming the World's Largest Company", (pages 18
10,000 diez mil pesos bolivanos worth in US Dollars?
Tamarind Crop Sale for this Year?
Can you pledge for delta sigma pi after being dropped from alpha kappa psi?
What to do with 300 dollars?
My last two jobs I was sexually harassed, I am there to work, what would you do if your bosses slapped your?
Have you ever tried walking in slow motion?
my best friend is missing and don't know what to do because she was suicidal i don't know if she still is.
Im thirteen -- what cards can I fill my purse with?
Wats the price of gold?
what is the est state to live in to draw medicaid if you are disabled?
i want monthly silver price in india since april 2006. where can i get?
is this a good money making idea?
HELP Invoices on Ebay.!?
wat is a cat means?
where can i find serious buyer of steel scrap?
What is the food you hate most?
okay i want to be popular so whats the first step?
PLEASE HELP!!! (Present worth of an income stream)?
surveys for cash?
why do u hate work?
what do guys really think inside there head when a grl looks at them?
Does UPS run on sundays?
Hongkong & Shanghai and HSBC HOLDING PLC sending me email that mentione i won big amount of money?
Does anybody know anything about Charles Babbage? He invented the steam powered computer, or the AnlyticalMach
What are you planing to buy in the near future? Would you buy it on ebay?
How is money put into circulation?
what do you call those spike things that are thrown on the ground to pop tires? supposedly used by "ninjas"?
Where can a under 13 year old person get a job?
I Have A 1976 Two Dollar Bill...I Was Wondering What It's Worth?
The post code squares printed on some envelopes need not to be used for machine addressed letters??
Where can I go and sell my 1928 $2 bill?
how can i find right investor for my invention in london?
Assets of Samsung, where to find those?
i tend to procastrinate and not get the work list keeps growing ...any solutions?
Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?
what type of work we have to do in company by s/w eng.?
if you could spend a week with any one celeberity but would loose your b/f or g/f or spouse would you do it?
business related to finance?
Can someone proofread this sentence?
The vast amount of all business sales are accounted for by?
A brand new bill from ten years ago?
I sent a package from Tyler to Dallas on Aug. 15, the tracking shows it shows it processed through USPS tracki?
Does USPS Express Mail offer full tracking to Canada?
where would I get cfa course books in pune?
At that time of your death would you rather have all your mental abilitites or would rather have dementia ?
How do I calculate AGI in this problem?
ups delivery question?
Which peoples more smart; Muslims or Christ?
Can you reverse the return policy if the ebay buyer has already received the item you sold?
Who's actually at work right now?
How do you get the job of a person who holds the sign that has an arrow and says "new homes" or whatever
Depreciation Problem?
I have a question regarding messenger. When I see a name highlighted doesn't that mean that person is online?
Where to find good dropshippers?
How do I get the U.S. postal service to stop sending me someone else's mail?
How to write a letter of explanation to the california board of nursing?
Accounting help needed. I don't see anyone to help though everything just this 1 question?
Are you able to Exchange intercity gift cards for cash?
Accounting Help - Balance and Income Statement?
Accounting question: Converting LT to ST debt on BS?
Why can't we just print more money?
What do I do when....?
How to loss 2 pounds by Tuesday?
Does anyone know how to make money online without the need of any kind of fee,investment,or membership?
honest answers please...?
How can I hide a bowel movement during a meeting? Asking from mobile device?
I used a fake mailing address for iTunes and got an email from them, what's going on?
UPS won't deliver without my signature!!!?
What is accounting ratio?
I'm planning for a career change from Marketing to Finance ( preferably Investment Banking / Risk Mgmt). ?
is export market selection the same as export market research?
what is meant by 7 working days?
What does AK refers to in AK 47 Rifles ?
how much is a resonable price to sell 14k gold ring to a pawn shop?
Want to know if Express Financial Group is a legit company. Located at 440 Spencer Ave.,Ste 404 Calgary AB?
Any reason why my Target discount card isn't working?
Can we get another life after death?
does the mail work 24/7 365? also what holiday does the mail not deliver?
When I am eligible for an upgrade, do I recieve an extra discount?
What are the initials to your name?
How to buy stuff online "shipping"?
What ever happened to customer service?
What is the weirdest name you have ever heard of?
If i sell my 3ds to gamestop how much will i get if i ask for cash?
Are you aware that a predatory lending lawsuit is in process and Wells Fargo is involved?
Will the fall of Saudi Monarchy bring an increase in tourism by non-muslims?
What EXACTLY appears on your bank statement/transactions if you subscribe to
does anyone know of a legit way to make money online?
"Comments" through paypal donations?
How can you tell fake items from real ones? (purses,shades etc.)?
Third party check cashing?
where can i get free food in columbus ohio?
How to find a old tracking number from UPS?
can i pick up usps first class mail for some one else?
WCT calculation for construction company if we are a contractor?
How much money do u get for 1 gallon of aluminum tabs or pops?
Is there a cheaper way of shipping for me?
concerning bank charges?
what is your fav. show?
when opening a new page in accounts receivable ledger?
In regards to an adjusting entry?
what is gold worth an ounce?
Whats an easy way to make money?
want to make money the legit way that works?
Will UK stores ship to the US?
What is the most numerous object made by man?
Blue +Fixed Price March 2015?
How Many Girls Didn't Wear Any Form Of Underpants One Day, In Your Life Time.?
What are the top 5 retailers in the world?
What is one word for exchanging small currency for large currency?
how many dollars are there in one pound?
i need name for my new company?
How do I make $6000 in 30 days?
is there a genuine way to EARN FROM INTERNET (without any investment)!?
What do u think?
received notification from coca cola from the united kingdom of prize winnings. is this legit?
When interviewing, do you look at the other people currently working at that company to see if they're happy?
i have an idea of something that i want to invent..but i dont know where to start or who i should consult wit?
really need help on my accounting!!!!!!!?
Identify two reasons why the UK Government has an interest in Revolution ltd?
what is the first day of the week? sunday or monday?
what to sell at a car boot ?
What can I pray for you for today?
website for australian embassy?
i have a tiny 1974 half dollar and wonder if it is worth anything?
what banks received stimulus money?
If you had to choose, would you give up your sight or your hearing?
accounting help needed?
Does not care about the abusive questions on this website. You make an a.. of yourself making questions?
How will I calculate Attrition for a month? No of employees left 2, Total No of employees at present: 100?
Where is the best place to get name brand clothes real cheap?
How does life hand you lemons? What do they look like?
What would you do in this situation?
How much is a gold pass for three people?
How much money is enough money?
What is Californias law agenst dogs in stores?
engagment ring worth 1300 trade-in at Zales but I want cash from a gold/diamond buyer?
What is the difference between accounting and financing majors?
How to get a life??
hOw cann i make mOney!? IM ONLY 16!?
whats going to happen if don't pay my bill?
where can i buy i-pods for 50 dollars or less?
How Do I Become a Billionaire?
same answer again my friend is married but thinking about someone eles what should she do if she has filling?
Is it wise to major in Finance?
how do i get certified to marry people ?
What does it mean when a yield curve is shapped like an "S" or "Z"?
How much is my royal quiet deluxe typewriter w case worth today? Typewriter is red color.?
Typed in wrong name on billing address!?
why is there a limit to asking questions on here?
how to get 750 dollars by the end of summer?
Are we S.O.L ??? I am desperate to find out!!?
How much should you tip your newspaper delivery person for the holidays?
what is the indians largest bank ?
Business idea: a computer mouse made from a real mouse stuffed by a taxidermist?
USPS Tracking Information question?
What Are Some Of THe Symbloic Things in The Blessed Damzole Painting?
Any one who is level 4,5,6,7 got anything special compared to 1,2 or 3?
How come the USPS doesn't come?
Why does my butt itch so much???
Where is the transcode number on a deposit ticket for a checking account?
How to get rid of Unwanted Teddy bears?
How does receiving an allowance help you be independent?
I was contacted by a Barrister with funds from dead relative with the same last name as me. What should i do?
How come my questions keep on going unanswered or no one can come up with a good answer to them?
why are guys obsessed with these skinny girls who have the personality of a wet mop???
What is one word for exchanging small currency for large currency?
are you a green person of a pink person?
You have $1,000 invested in an account that pays 16% compounded annually?
When were you last overcharged in a shop and did you complain?
sex offenders?
what are words spelled frontwards and backwards using the sames letters (level)?
Who Can I write a Business Letter To?
who believes bush will bring on the apocalypse?
I deposited my check with a phone app then I deposited it to the bank and now my amount doubled?
Do you believe in LUCK ?
rates of cement bag, steel rod?
What would be some cool military names for a snowboard company, like the company Mission Six?
why do people have an accent when they talk(english), but not when they sing?
How much disability do u get if u have never worked?
I need to fine someone that handle bad company issues.?
In which state would i file unemployment/?
What time does ups deliever?
How do I get a real born again christain on the net?
where could i find romantic princess ep 12 english sub?i couldn't find it in veoh or youtube..pls help?
who is the best actor?
Help with merchandising math?
help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
How Much Would It Cost If It was 40% off?
i'm 15 years old and i need a job any ideas of who would hire someone at my age?
where would i find the value of money?
How far away are we from a Depression?
UPS spelled "Skullcandy" as "Scull Candy" am I in trouble..?
who thinks slim shady is cute?:(?
read details to get question?
iforex currency trading , isa gambling?
I'm a twelve year old boy lookingfor money ?
does anyone know of any coupons?
am looking for the name of an old cartoon that had two dogs who worked together. One was a hairy sheepdog.?
where could i find romantic princess ep 12 english sub?i couldn't find it in veoh or youtube..pls help?
What does the text abbreviation def mean?
How to stop wage garnishment?
what is the stupidest question u heard on this site?
If you're laid off can you still claim your pension before the lay off time or only after?
How do I manage someone who doesn't think I know what I'm talking about?
Don't you think it would be an excellent idea if ! Answers would junk mail or delete inappropriate ?'s
what rights do you have to remove a guest from your home?
Unverified eBay seller? Buyer needs help?
Whats in common between PS2 and adult magazzines?
where can i find a guy named josh who was on about 7 mins. ago?
If I want to sell things in a market do I need a licence?
i have lots of old money (notes) and want to find the value of them?
In runescape what is a good item to buy for lowest price and sell for highest price non members?????
What would you buy if you had 150 pounds cash?
What is a shotgun wedding?
Export computer and accessories to Africa?
Please help me!!?
Can I sell paypal commissions?
I'm a 15 year old male. Where can I get a job?
is it wrong or bad to not go to a interview. i have one on tuesday, but i can only travel by bus?
Is this currency possibly worth anything?
I want to be a millionaire by 18. Any ideas how?
can i make money with the insides of electronics? with all the gold plating or whatever it is?
Who wants ten million dollars?
why cant I cannot get im on my pc??
whats a good wholesale nike company ?
I am looking for Tammy Dollar who recently became a real estate angent in east Tennessee?
Lump sum of an annuity due?
necessary tools for employees to evaluate options and arrive at suitable decisions is called ethical ________?
have you ever out of the country?
How can I get the former company I worked for to pay my medical bills?
hey, will the administator delete this one?
EDC Gold Inquiry?
Mukesh Ambani vs Bill Gates?
Please help me find out more about this "Basic Choice Group" scam that sent me a check for $2,950?
Whats the best place to exchange your money? USD to EURO?
im curious to know......?
I need money! How do i, i need it quickly?
is batman better then superman?
_________ determines the amino acid sequence of every protein in a cell?
Where online can I find a free book review?
Are you happy with your daily life?
How much would it cost...?
HOW IS the weather over their .. HERE it is very hot SUMMER?
What is the secret of Bermuda Triangle?
I need information on BB&T the bank?
Can American citizens please answer this and help me?
Accounting Homework......Please help!!!?
Is the two dollar bill still usable?
What currency is this?
Help writing a Business Plan?
does any one know how to reach unemployment over the phone?
New Business Grand Opening?
i need to figure out a way to make money fast.?
How much is the fee for designing a 20 milion construction civil project?
is homework hard to do?
anyone has a myspace?
I am looking for a reliable foreign exchange provider to trade E-Gold to US Dollars. Any recommendations?
If you had got a chance to choose your first name what would it be???
Royal Mail 2nd class stamps (UK)?
is it illegal to sell electronic devices on amazon off people?
Can apple or the company that you got your phone from track it down if you gave it to some one overseas?
How can I make money on an idea that I'm quite sure will work to help minimize a hurricane's strength?
should I apply for more than one home loan when first buying?
where is vancouver?
Could a run on the bank happen in the US?
how do i find what my coins and money is worth?
Who is the richest footballer in the world?
how to activate your Capital One card if you cannot speak english.?
Rule of Law in America - Our Vice President?
please change one thousand two hundred and fifty euros to naira(nigeria's money)?
Which courier service do cash on delivery?
Is there anyone famous from Madagascar?
How Much Wood Would A Woodchuke chuke if a woodchuke could chuke wood?
Are there any cheese factories in Tennessee?
Do you like Gold or Silver?
ups delivery question?
how to know what cotton quality is better?
what is the equation to find out how much your paying for a product when you buy it in bulk?
is high interest rates for businesses good or bad for them?
why do people think homosexuality is a crime?
Which online trading sites allow you to buy american and canadian stocks?
Can you calculate this persons weight using pounds lost and % of weight lost?
What are the most well paying jobs?
Looking for Cheapest price of reseller cloud hosting?
in UPS investigations do the investigators come to your house and ask you questions?
What does a 94 cent stamp look like?
mr. Arif has $3,000 he bought a shoes with 20% discount. How much the cost of shoes would be?
What is your fave kind of book and what is the title?
How much would this day cost?
Why do projects funded by private Government Contractors cost so much more than just getting open bids?
who gets the bill of sale buyer or seller?
i got a 100 dollar rebate card coming in the mail on the status it said redemed 1/22/10?
What is AQSIQ and CCIC?
How do big businesses organize their files? Do they just put it on the computer or is there a software to buy?
Are all payments put on hold in paypal?
So I'm sending Mail?
which salary is better?
I need to come up with some ideas of how to improve customer service, can anyone give me some pointers?
Why do ppl on here mostly ask stupid and immature questions?
how do you disable call waiting with AT&T
why is operated by homosexul block dick lovers?
Am an industrial manufacturer. As per tan vat what will be my turnover Is it sales alone or purchase & sales?
how much is a 1945 irish pound note worth?
PLS Help with 2 Beginning Accounting Questions?
Is anyone here a Quixtar IBO, if so any tips?
how much is a quarter from 1788 worth?
What does Shipping: Calculated mean?
has anyone recieved this email from hr block.? what doe this mean?
How can I salvage my online reputation?
how to regester a lien on equipment in bc?
suppliers in Illinois?
Considering filing bankruptcy. Is it worth it?
how much does it cost to mail a letter these days?
Which store will be next to go bust?
What are the top ten items you want?
My brother in the US promised to send share transfer certificates , he's avoiding my calls?
Are banks open on Veteran's Day?
can you get Airmiles or cashback debit cards.?
USPS Out of customs.?
How can I raise £2000 in 3 weeks?
what is the sound of one hand clapping?
How to sell my Art & Crafts products without much expenses?
There is a drug called FLASH TOUCH. I'm interested of what it's made of?
calculate percentages?
what website where i go when im looking for a certain location or area here in Toronto, Canada?
Do coffins have lifetime guarantees?
what is a contingent liability?
yo if u hav a avatar but u clicked the wrong 1 for a boy and your a girl how do u change it?
how do I keep on getting out bidded so fast?
urgent need help,,,,just got 5 cheques through the post?
how do i access my favorite music????? on i nedd an answer quick?
What type of shop could i buy paracord, parachute cord, 550 cord, and yes i know they are all the same?
What state were you born in?
Why human have desire to have power and live long or never die?
How do I find if a patent is for sale?
Sold an item on eBay, didn't get a tracking number, now buyer asks for the tracking number..?
Date and Time conversion help needed?
What moral or ethical responsibility should banks have towards customer loyalty?
who can curl their tongue?
where can i get celeberties phone numbers that is not say
How much is a I phone 3GS worth?
how do i become a firefighter?
I have a piggy bank full of change. Will the bank count it out?
how can i find my baby's photo from the hospital in 2002?
How do banks make money?
do companys help with fundraisers?
One USPS stamp ok if letter weighs in between 1.01 and 1.09 ounce?
how do i get out of a sprint phone contract?
Who is the root of all people?
How ti tell if i signed up for the post 9/11 gi bill?
Where do i file a consumer complaint?
What jobs can a 14 year old get?
How much money can I sell my guitar for?
how do i stay awake all night?
anyone know what is needed to become a youth pastor?
What should i do?
Question about shipping time? I'll answer yours!!!?
Why are all capital letters used in social security cards?
How do you activate a confirmation code from ondemand research?
sold item on eBay,listed correctly,buyer picked up in person payed cash, now wants to rtn?
can life be better if all the bad people be in prison?
what is the gold price today?
If Marriott Hotels stop offering porn movies will you suffer withdrawals or commit adultery while on business?
i am paying a speeding ticket with a money order. what do i put in the spce labled "memo" on the money order?
This may seem stupid!!!?
Where can I find a site to get my earnhardt stuff priced?
Is there any pill to stop pregnacy if u just done it?
my best friend in the whole intire world is moving 5 hours away!!! what should i do?
I'm trying to buy a business but I run into this issue (any CPA's out there)?
what's the solution when your losing.?
Does anyone has converting tables for units like gallons and all stuff like that?
I sent a message to an ebay sellr and my email says he messaged me back, but it's not showing up on my account?
Is there a US Postal delivery on December 26, 2005?
i have a question, concerning writing business letters.?
Is their anyone whose birthday is today?
What's the deal with these mail in rebates?
does anyone know of any legit envelope stuffing companies??
Do you think my avitar is pretty?
How safe is a western union money transfer?
how do I find if someone has a website or is on the web?
How much is a silver dollar worth?
is craigslist down? 7/30/2010?
is the world at an end?
What is something you would NOT do for 1 million dollars?
how can you tell if your pleasing your women or if shes unsatisfied?
Did I get scammed out of money?
what is material requisition?(accounting)?
If you have won 10 million dollars what will you do with it ?
what is your perspective of an ideal company?
how online payments works?
do they think we are fools?
should I move to Bremerton Wa?
i looking at losing my house end of august unless i can come up with £5000 to pay my arrears i need help?
When is Ben Bernanke taking Alan Greenspan's place?
has anyone heard of a scheme where the banks will buy your house but let you?
Why are many paid parking garages and lots giving up booth cashiers and swtiching to pay by foot paystations?
accounting question about inventory valuation (market value and cost)?
My employer wants to give me a percentage of the company I work for, How do I pay for it?
How do you find someone over the internet by name to get their e mail address?
Store that sells only one type of item a day?
How is money put into circulation?
When is the best time of the year to exchange Australian Dollars for Euros?
in a track doesnt one guy get an advantage?
Merchant Account + Authorize.Net for a non US business?
If you knew you dropped a penny ?
USPS Delivered package?
how can i get my freind that i dont want to be freinds wit to stop talking to me?
How much should a teen save in their first paycheck?
got a check from mystique shopper is it a fraud?
how to activate your Capital One card if you cannot speak english.?
whats a good book to read that you just cant put down until the end?
Usps priority mail "out for delivery?"?
How much to operate a full face burnt by fire?
is this fair?
Enviromental Protection Association Project?
If GOD is one, Then why do we have so many religions and differences? why r v not 1???
Can a finance company send you a 1099-misc form when your paying them?
Recommendations to outsource 3D modelling, renderings?
Do the members of the Florida Seminole tribe get a monthly per diem check?
Misprint on 2009 10.00 bill?
What are your final thoughts before take-off?
Is it possible to stop a package that I sent by USPS?
If it takes a chicken & ½ a day & ½ to lay a egg & ½, how long will it take a roster to lay a door nob?
Can anyone give me some information regarding Arthurian Legend?
what are your workplace procedures for handling risks which you are unable to deal with?
how can we make a cal frm pc to mobile?
should i quit?
Could you please Help me to find website for uploading my Silver US.Dollar Coin for knowing is it real or not?
How do I bank a Cheque!?
i would like to volunteer to feed the homeless on xmas day where would i find this information?
If john makes 105$ a day and works 6 days a week for a year. How much money did he?
where can i buy magic mushrooms in melbourne,vic? and for how much?
What would you do with all the money in the world?
Thinking about my future!!! please read and give me the best advise possible?
The morning newspaper mentioned approaching a "Fiscal Cliff". Do you believe we are approaching one?
Do your parents ever put you in a position when you cant say no so something or someone?
My mom lives in Ga & I live in Oh with my dad...?
what is the dollor money in american money to the pound in english money?
Well how do I biuld faith or have faith because I do not have any at the moment?
How did god get here or how was he created?
Where can i sell my Ferenc Puskas signature?
Please help me!!!!!!!!Please answer this!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I buy a domain with paypal?
Can you make Excel calculate sums for a specific keyword?
In July of 2012, Taylor purchased 2,000 shares of XYZ common stock for $75,000.?
how do you get permission to sell copyrighted materials?
Accounting Homework Help: Journal Entries?
I had an interview with Abercrombie on Tuesday.... It's now Thursday and no phone call! ?
Accounting help!!!!!! Need to figure out the Net Income with information provided.....?
should we bring back the 1000$ bill?
does alcohol comes out on a hair follicle test?
example of expense report fraud?
Should I as a gay man leave the state of Indiana?
What happens if I havent paid the electricity bill?
eBay help!?
What is one thing you own that no one would buy on eBay?
whats the meaning of mydream?
What to you is the most important thing you want out of life and why?
Is this website for real?
Do future tellers really exist?
do u like ur mother in law?
Target - no buying option?
plz help...this is a major issue?
What does a weatherman make on local news...?
I am like the #1 Hilary Duff fan. My friends and stuff think she is like all preppy and that im werid.?
Why are there so many Foreclosures across the United States?
Explain why order forms and quotations do not result in a financial transaction for accounting purpose?
Computing Cost of Goods Manufactured?
I'm trying to sell or pawn Jason Statesman 7x35 extra wide angle model 138 binoculars. How much can I get?
Need money quick and are online surveys going to get me ANYTHING?
looking for a place that rents gigantic birthday cakes so a stripper can jump out of?
What are some entry level finance jobs?
UPS tracking information question?
Is there any good bootcamps?
How to Calculate the Maximize Profit?
Could you kind introduce some high-quality cooling fan suppliers in China?
Why do magazines and books cost so much more in Canada despite the fact that the Canadian dollar is stronger?
P.P.I worth claiming have you?
how much does a $10 jamaican coin worth in canadian dollars?
Budgeted cost of good sold?
Good ideas for a business?
My house was on the market for 6 months. No offers. What are my options without ruining my credit?
How can I get my money back?
In Accounting: Is Depreciation Intended to report an asset at its Current Value?
How did Charlemagne die?
what do girls get the boy freinds for christmas?
I would like to work from home on my computer or by any other manner there is alot of scams.?
How cool wold it be if the world currency was Credits?
wat can i do to make myself havppy in juz 1 minute?
what is getting married like?
Does a $1000 bill exist?
What is the most effective way to reduce a company's total quality costs?
“the digital divide” type that in .com and tell me how many hits you received??
Can gambling online become an addiction.?
what kind of housesold things makes (small) explosions?!?
how old do i have to be to get a prepaid vista card?
What is a copper penny from 1943 worth?
How to remove oil stains from canvas?
I need advice on a case in ebay?
How long does 1st class recorded post take?
how can i find out how to look up a entry on my bank statement who it is . the bank doesn't know?
Will poppy quarters be worth any more in the future?
Calling for FAPS, Bangalore students...?
cant log-in to mail?
How can I make 50 bucks quick w/o prostitution?
when does give out monbey for points and can it be used for profit in india?
the internet programs to sell stuff for a big company is it true you can make good money off of it?
Where can I find out how much Morrison's and Sainsbury's spent on R&D in 2010?
what do men really think about?
Planning and Tracking Time and Calls: MS Project or other tools?
Can I purchase a PO Box in another city without actually being there?
how long does it take to get you're MD?
Friend from UAE owes me money and is now willing to send it to me here in the USA.Do i need to pay taxes?
CU@Home online banking question?
Whats the best way to get out of debt if you have no money?