How much will Paypal charge me to send money to my sister?
has anyone ever sold nude pictures online?
how much does a bank charge for cashing a cheque straight away?
does anybody know what a good brand of sewing machine to get for a first time user would be?
Tennis Ball from Ebay. How can i tell if its genuine?
Equipment grounding bar?
is money same as wealth?
How much money would i receive for this amount of gold? (MAX POINTS)?
Wire transfer money from a US bank account of a Chinese bank account ( a few choices for receiver's account)?
Suppose you are a manager in an organization in leather industry. Suddenly due to some natural?
accounting help please?
How many reading in CFA level 1 has?
1.which instrument does Maurice Andre play?
What are NBFC(non banking financial companies)?
How much money do you think i could make in 1 year working at uk mcdonalds.?
name for cleaning business my sister and i are starting?
Is it true that cockroaches can survive an atomic blast?
how do you stop reproduction in peverty world?
What are some new companys that I could put some money into that could grow?
Question about the gas price??
I have a 1976 series $2 bill without the words "In God We Trust" on it. What would the value of that note be?
what is 200 USD in AUS dollars
(1/1.3)= e^(5730r) PLEASE HELP REWARD?
i am looking to do homework e.g. filling envelopes as got a small child. I don't want to have to pay anything
why do 21 month olds throw their food and insist on them feeding theirselves insted of you feeding them?
Can you really make a decent amount of money on eBay?
how can i get rid of panic attacks ? i feel paniced even if i have a headache.?
cheap tablets where can i get?
Has anyone tried Star My Biz? I have heard it helps a lot in getting good business.?
I was dating someone and I needed to buy a new car, he said he would help me out and buy one for me.?
How are current gas and grocery prices affecting your normal way of life ? class project economics?
Do you see any hope to survive from the recession?
Why cant i go into any of the "user rooms" in chat -only rooms?
What are some U.S. companies that have not outsourced?
If projected net cash flow for November is ($6,500); beginning cash balance is $12,000; minimum cash balance i?
Accounting help please?
how would i find a lost insurance policy that was never claimed we forgot about it when my parents died.?
What do you hate about your bank?
This is it! This is the question you've been waiting for ALL day!?
For a lawsuit without a lawyer, which forms do I need to send to court.?
does a 2'-10" door meet ADA clearance requirements?
Where is a good place to get wholesale air jordans thats not a rip off site?
How much money do teens make per month?
what's an instant pome look like.?
I hav 7 yrs total and 5 yrs procurement experience. What is the salary I'm eligible for?? pls let me know?
Do you suppose it is possible to have premium pricing with low levels of customer service and still have a hig?
What is your top New Years Resolution?
Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to get a US patent?
What will u do after a date with ur girl ?
Do any of you take your life seriously?
USPS "Arrival at Unit" question?
my mother is 83 and doesn't read books or listen to music any more she has no interests what can I give?
CanI be an enterpreneur even if i suck at school?
What does Delivery Exception mean? Fed ex?
Is 'Best Buy' a good store?
how do people knows that am a single mother that need to remarry again as a muslim?
I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in the Grove City,Ohio area?
what to write in christmas cards not just your name???
How do I find out if someone is cashing my personal checks?
ask him out?
What is meant by persona non grata ?
oh my , i see they changed the points , should do this to us?
when do malaysia celebrates its national aids day?
How do you calculate a new required return?
Why are we spending money to support AIG. Who are we bailing out.?
How much is 10% off $9840.00?
What do you do?
Do you need to sell so much avon a month in order to stay with the company?
Organisational Process Modelling (OPM)?
homework help, haha .?
How much per calendar month is £85 per week?
Is it okay for white people to use the term n*gga? Why do they do it?
What's the best way to make fake blood at home?
How to be more confident as a salesman?
Is there a way to eat hard candy with braces?
If you buy and resell stuff thats wholesale, do you need a license?
how do i fix a weak toilet flush?
im going out to the beach with my girl friend should i wear a speedo or boxers?
What are some good ways to make money?
What makes people itch?
Who did god curse to walk the earth for all eternity?
How does it take USPS Priority Mail International && USPS Express Mail International?
Do people actually answer the weird questions?
Where can I buy checks besides my bank?
how do you not take to heart what people tell you when they belittle you?
shipping help?
I am 13. How do I publish a book?
how many seconds are there in a 1000 years?
There are three ways to achieve competitive advantage in business aspect. Provide an example.?
Why does someone believe you when you say there are 4 billion stars but check when you say the paint is wet?
Good legitimate wholesale suppliers or ways to make money on eBay?
What newspaper did Ben Franklin write in with the pseudonym Silence Dogood?
What does 'account payee only' mean on a cheque?
What is the current rate of scrap metal paid?
Where to find Indianapolis vital statistics online?
where would i go to get 1000000 mousetraps?
When I pull up certain web sites, I have a red x where picture should be?
What do Human Resources do?
Is MCA a legit money making company? or is it a scam?
What will be your next big purchase?
why when you do a banking transaction and the funds are in your acct, it takes soooo long isn't it electronic?
How do u get more facial expressions for ur avatar ?
How can you get your money back from an international online order gone sour?
do you think that wearing big gold chains she be considered ghetto?
How much should I ask for in payment for house cleaning?
has anyone heard of citi financial?
How can a 12 year old make money?
will a night club...?
I need buy some cheap electronics or gadgets?
How come cheap shops can charge such a low price, is it how they buy their stuff?
If a cat eats a mouse, then chokes to death on the mouse, Who Killed Who???
I found a coin that says 1000 bolivares is it worth anything in pound coins?
who is your faviorte singer mariah carey, jesse mcartney, twista, missy elliot, ciara, or green day my fav?
Top Accounting EXPERTS, URGENTLY need your HELP--Determine the Net Present Value of undertaking the project.?
how to calculate closing stock?
Cashcrate offers question?
I would like to know how the price of gasoline is effecting the family budgets?
Hollister interview questions?
Help with accounting question?
How can i become a successful trader?
The digits 1, 9, 9, and 9 are placed on four cards. Two cards are selected at random. What is the probabilit?
Credit cards should check credibility of Companies active in recieving payment of supposed services rendered.?
how do u deal with a 2-faced friend of urs who has been talkin bout u behind ur back?
About to recieve an inheiretance from a wealthy relative in Africa.?
Accounting question: A company purchased equipment on Jan. 1st, 2012 for $135,000.?
what now the gold price?
if a car dealer cashes your deposited cheque before you are actually accepted by their finance company?
PLEASE HELP!!! - DESPERATE! Need to sell 18k gold jewerly to raise money?
do you have faith in western medicine or narural remedies?
Sources of funding for P4P programs include?
Can you use Cash (US Currency Paper) to purchase items through PayPal on amazon?
what company or what way is the best to buy gold?
Anyone know of a good Affiliate marketing website?
is there a way to instant message people without using or aol and having to down load anything?
were do you live and what is it like there?
Cash flow concepts are ____ but generally accepted accounting principles are ____ in the determination of a fi?
can you please tell me a list of steps i need to do to start selling on ebay?
education needed for architecture career?
will i be charged if i have only 2 or 3 dollars in my wells fargo checking?
What is a "Red Flag Warning"?
Why don't we just let the banking system collapse? We can then rebuild a better one, that's capitalism !?
Should the UK adopt the Euro currency?
dreaming about ex boyfriend?
Im interested in running a non-profit organization, can u help me?
How difficult is it to pay for something with both cash and debit card?
How do you prepare the operating activities section of the statement of cash flows using the indirect method?
how do you make a resume?
which finanical statement shows cash received from issuing new bonds during the period.?
What is a good website to sell comic books for british pounds?
Call centers UK only?
why i can not going to chat room (loading error)?
How much would it cost?
how come I always get out bided on ebay. They always bid more in the last minute?
how can i change my ups shipping adress?
How much of a discount is 1/3 off an item that is regularly $150.00?
what is family and consumer sciences?
what is the good way to buy leds from china?
Endownment trouble would I be right in cashing in two policies?
How much money per hour can i make crafting death runes?
What are the benifits of being a kitchen designer?
Can anyone suggest a method of sending and receiving money by internet? I can't use paypal or egold.?
Whats it like working for costco?
Stuffy Nose?
Who called me from 763-231-6755?
Are you legally obliged to give the reward money if offered for a lost pet?
Is there any real way to make money from home/online?
If something cost 8 pounds how much would it be in US?
I get hiccups often is any-body out there can tell me what is a good way to get rid of it?
Accounting problem? please help?
Which courier service do cash on delivery?
common interview questioned help?
I want people to just send me money so I can stay home and write my book. How can I convince you to do that?
Between the 7-10 day period, what day does the UPS get here?
Is it okay to go into the bookstore, take a book, sit down in a chair IN THE STORE and read?
I am new to this. What is it all about?
Ebayers..buyer won't pay, what to do?
where to cash third party checks?
Should I sell my beanie babies now or hold onto them?
how can you eat green beans if you can't stand them?
How long can you have a check before you can no longer cash it? What is the cut off date?
Where can i find inexpensive cute checks online?
What are some chores? hmmmm?
a question about the bailout...?
What Are Some Of THe Symbloic Things in The Blessed Damzole Painting?
how much will it cost me to ship a birthday card at USPS from NY to ouside of the US?
How to find the dividends delcared for the year?
In which moments do you like to be completely alone and why?
Is ' Answers' addicting?
Does any one know where I can find out how to do a resume or the format of it??? ?
answer this ???????????????
Letter ripped open, nothing inside.?
who would/could i contact?
How can I stop a posted special delivery mail before it gets delivered?
Sold items on ebay, form of payment through check. Does the buyer mail it? Help?
how do I bar grpah 15-29 of comforters sold.?
im 15..... how can i make 2,000 dollars in less then 3 weeks?
What is the annual salary of a Music Engineer?
What do I dial to access my voice mail on my regular phone in Israel (Bezek.)?
How Do I Make A Buissness Plan?
What is the best state (U.S.A.) to live in?
Items dont show up in ebay?
Budgeted operating income in accounting?
What could i buy with £1,£5,£10,£20,£50?
What school do you go to if you do go to school. If so, what grade?
how much would a windchester 370 be worth?
all advertisements of wristwatches show same time-10.10 WHY/?
What can i sell on ebay to make some fast cash?
where to put money for a emrgency?
What percent of American women will be stalked at least once during their lifetime?
Is there a difference between business finance and finance?
A quick, easy and legal way to make money?
why do girls have to put on make up to look good and guys dont have to put anything on and they look good?
What makes you angry?
Fundraising Ideas???? Pealse help me!!!! :(?
how can a youg man became a faithful christian and at the time maake a wise decition in selection of wife?
When Should I Shovel Snow?
What does it mean when someone puts a lien on a building you are working on?
ct law on micro tape recording restrition?
How do you keep your man happy?
So I was applying to accounting internships and it occured me, I don't remember many things.?
Iphone or new bass guitar?
how can I get 40000 dollars?
does magic johnson still have aids?
How much is a 1953 $2 bill worth?
What is a variable cost estimate?
How old should you be to date?
If we need at least 300,000 jobs added to keep up with new workers, and only 114,000 were added, how does that?
Can you have mail shipped to a post office ONE TIME without getting a PO box?
How Long Dose Amazon Take To Deliver After Dispatch?!!?
would this cost extra??
Help me please!! What do we do?
who is the owner naukari dial
How much would it cost to set-up a school like this?
Would the world work if you paid people who did the hard jobs more than the people who had easy office jobs?
What is the cheapest way to ship a pair of shoes? FedEx, UPS, or USPS?
i am in partnership in business with one muslim, but he is not honest with me should i break this partnership?
if cost of alluminium used by soft drink companies increases, which of the following describes the effects?
what are the purposes of evaluation?
what is the best way to get a free car other than stealing?
who was the best rapper that ever lived?
Who is the youngest engineer ever?
Help Buying Things Online? (Will Prepaid Cards Work?)?
Do people really take Michael Moore seriously??? Why?
Can apple or the company that you got your phone from track it down if you gave it to some one overseas?
how is the maryland water bill calculated?
can i use my egift card at the store?
what is five pence worth in the u.s. a penny? or a nickel?
If i am gothic is that bad? But i believe in god.?
How you guys feel when your boss scold you in front of your colleagues who are girls?
How much money per pound in california is recycled cardboard worth?
does amazon transfer money directly to a bank account or...?
where is there a place to find a list, nationwide, of high school and college reunions for 2006?
how long does ups take to complete an insurance claim for damaged shipment?
What's the best career for me?
Has anyone in the UK got a broken POTF2 Darth Vaders TIE Fighter I can have?
A company uses a process cost accounting system. The following information is available regarding direct labor?
what do you think about the united states of america?
I want to write a letter to a kid that has no money and no food and do something does anyone know how i could?
What could make EBIT grow almost 10 times more than sales?
How do you live on 712 dollars a month?
ur mother N law treats the other grandkids better then urs how do u handle it,and the kids notice 2?
Do used items go down in price on black friday?
Would you care if someone was buying something off you, just to re-sell and make more profit?
How did Willa Cather die?
how much is the fees/charges for sending money from india to indonesia via westen union?
Where is the invoice number on a receipt?
Business Question or Help needed?
I've Lost my debit card and received a new one, would I have to inform car insurance or job?
has # 791690287265312 package shipped today?
where can i sell my dvds for cash in miami?
Can a tracked royal mail parcel be left with a neighbor if I'm not at home?
How much does an IPhone cost in the USA?
my dog ripped a 20 pound note into 5 bits, can i take it back to my local bank to exchange it?
What if everyone on earth had the same appearance?
Do you need a Walgreens card to get/use Register Rewards?
Whats your favorite color? I like purple.?
Where is the incentive to work?
Buying a share of Disney?
Is 20000 dollars a good price?
How to get credit for an expired Bank of America gift card?
why is good to have a religion than dont have one at all?
why are oil prices posting below $40 a barrel and gas remains around 1.90 per gallon?
what is the proof for the existence of God?
overrapplied overhead?
My swimming pool service company charges up an upfront 4% in using VISA/mc. Is this legal?
Rogers Company Information?
Easy money help quickly?
What happens if a buyer says... (ebay)?
Does Speedway gas station do pre-employment drug tests?
Paper currency and coins in circulation are backed by gold stored in government vaults?
Has anyone ever used NCSA before and does anyone know the cost?
I need some advice about my checking account?
What is a good color to paint a professional office?
How can I get a copy of my highschool yearbook?
If a business profits $250,000 per year, What the value if the business was to be sold ? ( aprx.) any guesses?
USPS First-Class Mail International from U.S to China?
can any regular person buy crash test dummies? If so, where and how much?
does lifelock stop id theft?
Where does the white go when snow melts?
i am a young lady of 26yrs from Nigeria. my question is can somebody who is very poor serv God faifully?
i'm a professor..i wanna a good notes for customer relationship management ..can any one send me a copy..?
How much can i take out from inside a lloyds tsb branch?
BabY Names ?? Boy and Girl ??
What is a requirements contract? and what would be an example I could use to explain it?
How many of you know you have better things to do right now and what are they?
What's the answer to Increasing Gas Prices?
What business can make you $2000 commission per sale?
Is it safe to buy thinks on Craigs List?
What are the best websites to exchange dollars for bitcoins right now?
What is the catch to Cashcrate?
I shiped my merchandise in a padded envolpe and listed it as documents or cordinates is that okay?
How much is a Ken Block Autograph worth?
does sleeping with others wife is wroung?
how do you fix/cover a scratch in a cd or dvd? I think I remember something about toothpaste?
what is the future of oil after 20 or 30 years?
what is mystery behind bermuda triangle?
what is Islam?
does a complaint hurt you if you're not a BBB member?
what can i buy for £100 pounds?
So I am talking to my friends on MSN and they keep typing NVM what does NVM stand for?
If your sister was using your name or indentity in traffic violations would you turn her in????
How does an American find and qualify for work in the UK?
the thing says no spam how do u know whats counted as spam?
Where can I sell any old clothes or stuff that I don't need or use no more?
Help with Accounting homework please :)?
y r people in idaho such snob's?
Should I transfer my savings to Chase or leave it at Wells Fargo?
How do I professionally ask a company to hurry with their hiring process... (more detailed description)?
How does a post office make money?
Does anybody know what is the barometric pressure to snow in a place?
Where do you find Harry Potter's (Daniel Radcliffe) email address?
Is bahedk arabic for I love you?
Serving food is a intangible service or not?
Are you allowed to do this? please read?? (this is a re-post)?
Why isn't the transaction coming up on my bank statement from PayPal?
What is an E-cheque, like from a Protection Plan company?
Do you find it strange in any way that we drink other animals' milk?
Another income statement question?
How do I pay on ebay?
Conflict of interest/business?
What is the effective return?
Where does the government borrow money from?
How do you solve these 2 problems?
there are many messages come to me say that i win millions$ how i check that?
What makes someone a successful business man?
What is the difference between 'operating cash flow' and 'levered free cash flow'?
Does anyone know where I can find a retailer who will ship Quick brand sneakers to the USA? They are Dutch.?
How would you best handle a very demanding customer?
help me,please!!!!which is the UK's currency?
Which is true of the enterprise valuation model?
Where could I ask for help? I'm in a desperate situation?
Can the mail dudes reject mail if it has too many stamps???
I want understand Metro oil UK is true offer or not?
Any tips to becoming a freelance accountant in the USA?
Two buyers on eBay haven't sent payments?
Does anyone know if the SENDER sending money using western union money transfer needs id to do so?
How do we calculate loss on impairment with discontinued operations?
If you have a fireplace- where do you keep the wood- indoors, outdoors? Where outdoors?
how much money do vet assistants make an hour or a year?
do you like parties or be with your friends?
how much is 34,440 yen in British pounds?
Where does impairment loss/loss on impairment go on the income statement?
Where can i buy a casio gold watch?
Accounting help please?
What is the cost of Tata blue scope 1.2 mm and 1.0 mm thick deck sheets?
accounting hw help please. General journal?
how can i turn 1000 pounds into 10 000?
How long does USPS First Class Mail International take?
I downloaded google earth and tried to find the remains of the World Trade centre "Ground zero "?
How do you calculate the Weighted average cost of capital?
I have only 3.56 g of gold and I want to sell please tell me the rate and where I sell?
What is the PIN number for the drinks vending machine downstairs at my workplace?
how do books generate income/revenue?
how much money did mcdonalds restaurant corporation make in 2002?
What is a 'Marklar'?
How do i verify my bank account on paypal if i have no money to send to my bank account.?
Managerial Accounting Help Please!!!?
Is 18k gold plating, the same as 28 karat gold, and does 18k gold plating turn easily?
what is the formula for calculating discounted cash flow?
I want to know about SIP calls?
Why do people use drugs?
Super America receipt transfer?
Can I check my mail?
How could i make $200 by September?
When is your birthday?
What does Assigning Dollar value to life mean?
automatic bidding on ebay?
Do you know how i can get rid of these terrible hiccups?
When's your b-day? CLOSEST TO MINE GETS POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Guys, Please help meee? :)?
Good and interesting money making websites?
How to make quick money?
Green Dot card question?
I think my job is ripping me off? Please read.?
How much is my 14 k gold jewelry worth?
Accounting Problems! Need help! Need help?
how are you?
Determine whether each is an example of what, how and for whom by giving valid reasons for your answers.?
Credit checks to rent a property?
Payless shoes?
Has anyone used uShip?
he help on accounting!!?
Does anyone have trouble getting there teens to sleep at night?
Does anybody know where (states/cities) are the plants for Caterpillar Mexico?
How to start buying rental properties?
I have shares that I have been holding onto you this past 10 years..?
In MAIL MERGE how do I split First & Last Names when I want to address folks by FIRST NAME? Tks in advance!?
Why does the price of stamps, books--everything--keep going up?
What is an Alma Mater?
How can I trace a company by its phone number. I have a number on my latest phone bill and don't know who it i
what would you do?
How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
what is the advantage of mastrubation?
Mystery Shopper?
Can you please answer this accounting question?
You sell storm windows and doors. You receive a straight commission of 8 percent of the selling price of each?
How do I write my personal biography?
what does ROTFLMAO mean?
I know nothing please help.I want to know about how to make a secured payment through ESCROW .?
Is this seller on amazon a scammer?
an employee makes 10.24 an hour but is getting a 7.5 increase what is his new wage per hour to the nearestcent?
What should I put for profile on my resume?
If you found a genie and could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
what the major that make gimmicks for businesses?
Wear & Tear?
what are better to wear boxers or briefs?
Does have instant messager?
my wife has student loan debt that she can no longer pay, can they come after me for her debt?
what is a pom pilot?
8/296 simplified form?
what are the examples of parables?
How do i write this?
Are the old £20 notes being withdrawn?
How to ship packages to another continent?
How would I go about sending this "package"/ present?!? HELP ASAP PLEASE (:?
accounting please help?
What is the current conversion of euro to naira?
Avarage Steel prices in europe?
Where should I go online to find information about a key?
SAGE help: How to reverse Sales Payment (SP) amount on Sage entered by mistake?
How much cash is received for bond issuance?
can i use my egift card at the store?
Is Christ the Lord of your Life?
what is the freight shipping code for shipping/mailing knives?
Which is better, Ebay or Amazon?
apple finance provisionally accepted?
example of A preventative plan/ measure.?
Is it ok to have dread locs as a UPS Driver?
Customer wants money back what should i do?
Can i post a letter in the U.K on a saturday?
HELP, HELP, HELP, desperate!?
if i buy shares online then dont sell them do i get money paid to me every year?
How to make money online?
How would you relate your key competencies to this position? (waitress)?
uh what caused the fall of rome , i really need help?
My wage was raised to 25 cents at Donnalds but....?
Help with PayPal Payment!?
why do the males not answer the questions honestly?
Finance question. What questions increase and decrease capital?
how much money is normal for babysiting 2 kids for 4-6 hours?
If your bf flirts a little does that mean that he wants to or would cheat?
how does it feel to be married.?
how long does first class mailing takes?
how much do customs charge?
Breakeven point, pretax profit's...etc?
How can i prevent a person to keep coming back to our country so he won't abused another filipino like me?
If God created earth in 6 days and rested on the seventh ; then we should rest on Saturday since Sunday is...
does anyone want to increase export sales?
how do you start a film production company?
What are thinking of right now?
where is moldavia?
Your wife and you agreed that that no food one hour before dinner. Your son saw and ask for an ice cream. He c?
Is this point system thing the dumbest,most idiotic, and worthless system you've ever seen?
what is unlimited liabilities?
Shipping prices from the US to Brazil . . . How Much?
Have you killed someone before?
How do I be a model ?
How much is this item?
how much does your electricle bill cost you, monthly?
Why are really intelligence questions so difficult?
FOB Orders and accounting treatment?
How can gas be so cheap?
When will my order get here if it was shipped today?
how do i get to the top of google?
what are some good jobs in the wintertime? i need to make money around the neighborhood.?
didn't get the job because of budget considerations?
How long does it take to clear a $5500 checks?
why do people give dumb ansewers?
What can i do with £20 notes that are out of circulation.Clearing my Grandmothers house and came across £800
Which would you prefer, this (YA), or a face-to-face conversation with an actual human being?
i want to claim as a couple but am worried about what benefits i will lose?
Why do white people talk a lot of crap on the Internet but they won't say anything to your face?
How much does toy r us pay? ?
please help how mutch will a money order cost for $21.00 in australia?
book value of total assets?
what do you think about her?
Should called-up share capital appear on the cash flow statement?
why do people have to piss me off and why dont cows fly?
What are key trends in business?
Need Help with business card mistake!?
IS paypal safe?PLEASE READ?
job aplications in hollywood movie?
Accounting. Meaning of impairment?
<--- Do I really look as stupid as I am?
turning down a good job?
A picture of a Heart?
When ups says end of the day what is usaully the estimated time ?
Can anyone explain???
Who is at fault for a package stolen? Seller, buyer or USPS?
What alternatives are there to banks?
how can i chat with lebanese in australia?
Is Vietnam's economy growing?
Is no good! from yes grande?
help with accounting?
How is summer school?
I would like to know what the 'tsb' bit on 'lloyds tsb' means. xD?
One of the factors shifting the supply curve is the production costs of a business. If costs rise, why does...?
how many city blocks are in a mile?
if my girlfriend and i started datin on NOV 13 does that mean that today we're 3months or 2months?
Does a power of attorney have to be notarized in New Mexico? Mother is bed-ridden and therefore cannot travel?
how can i send money from india to ireland in minutes?
How do you cancel mobile phone contract, i think ive been scammed by friend?
Accounting Problem that I sort of understand but I am not sure of the answer PLEASE HELP!?
How or where can I find vacancies for Hm coroners officers?
How do I increase the traffic and number of people who visit my blog?
Information about making quilts to sell? Please help!?
What kind of education millionaires and billionaires have?
Does anyone know where i cad find vehicles stop distances and times?
Do you think we sholuld be allowed to curse on this site?
Where can I find list's of penny stocks?
Do banks ask where money has came from?
What company would be considered a comptetitor for Musgrave Group ireland?
WoW question?
How much is it to post packages to the United States from the UK?
Whats the best package forwarding company? (from the US to New Zealand)?
What is the difference b/w XXXX "Solutions" and YYYY "Pvt. Ltd" ?
Is it considered stealing if...?
Do billionaires exist with the British number system?
If a medical bill is under appeal with the insurance company, can the Doctor's office send it to collections?
i want to know about H-form?
Has anybody seen a Great White Shark while surfing or swimming out in the ocean?
What is the most far out there / dirtiest / most useless qestion on this site that has not yet been censored?
about who has the means to lend money to whom?
What holds value in a depression?
Would you kiss somebody without teeth? Yuk!!?
What do you do when you're bored?
south africa lottery is it a scam?
how is a company valued for an acquisition?
I cancelled Amazon item but having second thoughts?
my son tested pos. with a hair test for cocaine but when blood tested the same day it came back neg.?cause pos
Do you think we're the only ones in the universe?
Please help with this business question?
Accounting help, car depreciation?
Help with accounting Capitalization and recording to accounts (quick)?
anybody else doing this?
Anybody have any informaion? Help please! Thank you! (:?
USPS - " The item is currently in transit to the destination."?
Another stupid question with only one answer, If you had to kill winnie the pooh or bambi, which one would get
Who was the President of the College of New Jersey and the only clergyman to sign the Declaration?
if someone is paying about $988.00 in rent, is it worth buying a home, and how with no down payment.?
Pet peeves? What's yours?
What is the price of scrap copper and aluminum per pound?
Can i set up an online raffle or prize draw website?
can u recommend any good books?
FAILURE...I'm feeling lucky!?
Do you use the self check out that is available in many home improvement and grocery stores?
How can I become rich easily?
How can I consolidate my selfconfidence?
Is there any crime in answering peoples question wtih long answers?
Creation of life?
is the Baby "G" for your "g" spot, im talking about the Baby "G" in the i kit i vibe x5?
Can ever the sons/daughters of government employees be successful in business?if so how would it be..?
what is High Value Alert Clearance (HVAC)for banking account?
how do you pronounce the word pietta a type of gun?
How can experts or doctors on be compensated if we pay 11 $ a month for unlimited questions?
Is down for anyone else?
How many pounds sterling is $1000.00 US?
guy's say im pretty and my friends say im ugly...(some friends huh)?
Grandparent's last will and testament?
where can i buy korean stationery for the wholesale price in china?
How is this possible?
is having a negative balance on a closed checking account considered check fraud?
How do i get all obituaries for feb 1998?
How can i make money on the internet?
Is it a good idea to sell two put opposing options at the same time?
Put and call options with same expiration date. Where is catch?
I am very cold and need to warm up! Any advice?
we have to write to a company in my class....?
Risk management process used to reduce or transfer risks to your company?
To what extent do you think that a successful entrepeneur depends on luck rather than his qualities/skills?
phone number for tc technology?
where are good places for 16 yr olds to work?
whats the best/easy way to sell my used books on-line?
Offered a "promotion" for half the money and twice the hours. what would you do?
Western Union Max Amount?
can I wear an indian saree in US during business hours?
How much is a Schilling worth in US currency?
how much file size can mail hold?
IS BTEC in business good?
how do I do a criminal background check on someone without having to pay some company using name and ssn#?
what is a matrix structure?
what is the harry potter book 6 about?
185000 dollars is 97% of the number I am looking for. What is the number?
I think I got scammed online, please help?
How can i try the new mail beta?
what are your view on Karma?
Help! I shipped to the wrong address!!!?
I don't understand this chart?
If you are a US citizen then ans this...?
If the 1st is on a Monday, will the SSI payments be on the card the Friday before?
Please help me!! Thank you?
What kind of reading/book are interesting to you?
if i ordered something on a thursday and it is being shipped ups will it arrive on the following monday?
Does anyone know the in-store playlist for hollister right now?
i want know Gold quest is a good job or not? thanks?
What is G3FCA2A?
do you think webcams sould be sold?
Cashier gave back too much money? Getting in trouble for keeping it?
How much money is this worth? I can't even find in on the internet.?
Student Cash Statement Receipt says Two disbursement checks were sent out on 7/24/2012?
How do I solve if there is no residual values? plz help?
the basic pay is 25000 so hpw can i calculate the HRA,PF,Conveyance,Medical,special allowances and PF?
what do you think of PayPal?
Banking Problem that involves percenatge?
Jenny COlo COmpany Balance sheet may 31,2005?
How much is a 1962, and a 1955 penny worth?
What does is mean when an item is not in stock but will ship in 1 - 2 weeks?
how to prevent stolen rental tools in the Caribbean that do not use SS numbers?
what are hushpuppies?
How to lable and ship using envelopes?
Private Club question?
What is 1 / 3 = ?
Who likes Hollister Co.?
Can I file my company accounts electronically to Companies House?
Are there really sites that pay you to take surveys?
Does the fee you pay up front to start a sprint phone plan include the first month's bill ?
Who was vice president during Lincoln's first term as president?
Does anyone know what a collection of 1890's-1940's coins could be worth?
How do you brake out of prison?
How much is the average cost of a billboard?
Do the producers of court shows pay the judgments to the winners of the judgments?
My husband died 4 years ago and I'm still waiting to receive benefits. Am I still entitled to them?
Does the warranty still apply in Europe if i would buy something in the USA?
Would you rather fart against the wind or piss against the wind?
what is the closest state to the san francisco bay area that has snow in the winter?
Where can I sell Anime collectibles at?
In the Civil War what was a teamster's job?
there's a song that says "a penny for your thoughts,a nickle for your kiss" does NE1 know the name of the song
After almost 28 full years with ACME Manufacturing, Richard accepted a?
i want to sell an old diamond ring, how do i get what it is worth?
Are there any forums where I can get help with accounting problems?
can i used a torn dollar bill at the vending machines?
How can i get money without working?
Can an individual in India start trading of foreign currency ?
Which scrap metal can I export to China, India etc? What are cost involved doing so?
Is today's featured question "What is ur favourite chocolate recipie?" worth it?
what can i add to someones drink to make them have diarrhea? Witout taste.?
Do you believe inGOD!??
how to become a millionaire without doing anything?
What is the april 30 balance of the account Factory Overhead - Blending Department?
Is $800 enough money to live on for a month?
How many stamps does it take to send a 1-page letter from Maine to London?
can you charge a contractor for using pictures of my home without a release?
What is the best, most appealing "container' to sell weed from?
What happens when an asset is overvalued? Is it a good or bad thing?
Can a 11 year old with a bank account withdraw money from the ATM with his bank card?
Whats the worst thing a female can do that will make her unattractive?
How to find legit wholesalers?
What is the food you hate most?
hey i don't know what to do anymore?
What are the six factors that determine the nominal interest rate on a security?
How to apply for Tn govt marriage assistance scheme, 4 gram gold&rs.50000? What documents needed? How to appl?
I have a friend who wants to imports medical supplies from China to Iran, do you know what is the best way ?
what are your thoughts about God and why?
I need a cheap but cool dining set.?
Which would cost more?
If you could travel back in time, which time period would you go to and why?
you are going to purchase a pair of jeans for 4/5 of its original cost of $40. How much do you pay for the je?
Produce the note??? Please give details or experiences...?
how to sue a company that used our photo for wrong purpose?
have u com across any weird supernatural stuff?
Need a little help on my Accounting homework?
Currency Exchange to compute missing value?
Mail from economic opportunities?
willyou admit it?
How much money doe's it take to cover the cost of buying all the food groups on the food Pyramid for 1 day? ?
How do I make one million dollars in 10 years?
iPhone parts wholesale?
how to be happy in a workplace?
where can I find a custom toungue ring made out of pink diamond and in the shape I want it.?
what time is it right now?
What is the deal about walmart making produce cheaper?
My question is not appering in my Q&A?
Why do we Americans support Israel?
how do I foreclose on a mechanics lien in nevada?
What's up with all these Bank Of America messages I'm getting?
what is your opinion about Islam.?
Does anyone else find the Burger King "King" mascot really scary?
Which companies could theoretically ship a product to various countries?
How can i send gifts to India?
When a student pays Tuition Fees, in accounting, what accounts are affected?
Accounting Question: FIFO, LIFO, internal control.?
does ups deliver on saturdays?
why door is called door why is't called window?
What does EFHS stand for?
how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?
Am I the only one that hates change, or are you with me?
I passed the USPS with 75 percent is that good?
What letter does your name start with?
what is islam?
how much will it cost to make four pvc dog jumps, basic DESIGN?
punjab state monthly lotteries result?
who is on the 100 dollar bill?
Does anyone know where you can get an E.T. doll other than Ebay?
name of nepal capital?
How can i deal with my mum who doesnt give me and my sister support in anything and she has a hot temper?
is this check a scam? how fishy does this sound..?
Are there any oil companies who sell non-imported gasoline?
will the post office send a folded note?
Help with selling on eBay?
why is there so much racism in the world?? does any hate mexican people?
do you think it's worth to buy it?
Silly question, but exactly what is Hannaka, I don't think I spelled it right and why does it clash w/Christms
Where were you in 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger exploded?
How do I describe a situation where I have delivered outstanding customer service?
I asked that I get help on full figure modles .?
iIf the assets owned by a business total $100,000 and liabilities total $50,000, owner's equity totals $150,00?
any jobs like cleaning or babysitting in appleton wi if yes please write me?
Why are leap years needed? Why can't we just have the same amount of days every year?
How do you calculate the unit price for each item?
How much would you be willing to pay, per month, for a custom online newspaper (from a reputable company)?
Is there anyway to get rid of dizzyness?
I bought a 14K white gold band for $60 (on sale so $45) that is 100% real. Did I get a good deal?
ebay question?
Whats the best way to get a good exchange rate when transfering US dollars back to GBP?
How to return a usps package?
Small claims question?
Please suggest slogans for an Oil Company.?
i have just purchased a skilsaw model 825 seriel #243667 i am asking what year it was manufatured for my recor?
i need to find iwnership of title to a property in atlanta, ga.?
How do I be a model ?
what color T-shirts do I send someone in the Army? In Iraq?
how do we say sweet heart in spanish?
What tongue twister is contained in "all I Want for Christmas?
Describe a situation that you experienced where communication went wrong because the non-verbal behaviour sent?
How much money could I make on eBay?
Did u have sleepovers when u were a kid?
How to write a 250 word Essay ?
How does this work when I order something online?
How do you get friends to be quiet, and listen to you?
How much does UPS ground cost? Actual price, dont link to their website please.?
Assets and liabilities of a furniture producer?
If I buy a $1000 US BOND right now for my son, """ROUGHLY"" how much would be worth in 18 years?
where can i find wax?
I'm 15, if I save $20 a month until I'm 18 how much will I have saved? ?
how do i get rid of the hiccups?
"Historical Price-to-Book NTA Ratio" in Chinese?
what is the highest pay and best field to study?
Would you rather be able to shoot A-1 sauce from your fingers or be able to summon an army of 1000 Urkels?
where can i change my international currency?
Today 7/23/12, I receieved a letter and a check inside, Is SenecaOne a Legit check for structured settl check?
If I'm using a company phone, there wouldn't be any way for the company to 'monitor' my conversations right?
how to write a letter complaining about long pending work?
Opening a SWIMMING POOL business? Suggestions -Advice -Critical -Optimistic points of view?
Could toxic assets be as bad to financial health as was to physical?
Would hollister get mad if i return things twice in one week?
can you live without having a lover?
What do you say to people that wont leave you alone?
what is areo gel?
Should I cancel my job interview?
I can't STAND it any longer! Any good ways for a 15 year old to make money?
I need money, I'm still in high school, what can I do?
Easy Accounting Question?
What are the psychological effects of living on almost no money?
How much is a five dollar bill worth?
what is the total market size and CAGR of the personal finance segment in India?
which adult toy company is best to work for?
i want to know the worth of my collection.?
Chris Brown or Ciara?
what is the value of a thor vol.1#145 and spiderman vol.1#52 yr.1967 fair condition comic books?
what is the differance between british pounds campared to the US dollar?
How much funding is usually given to passed bills?
Does anyone know where I could get a syringe with narcosis? Or something similar?
why wasnt i born rich????????????
How much money a year is considered "good"?
How much do general contractors usually make annually?
Speakin of twins... are you a twin?
10,000 diez mil pesos bolivanos worth in US Dollars?
Can my work have me come back in after only 7hrs of being off the clock?
What is the conversation ratio between segate and Maxtro sahres?
If the domain name is taken, can I still trademark the name?
What four ways standard of care can be establish?
how can I be smiled, always?
What is the difference between a tigon and a liger?
When will Saturn be in Capricorn, mars in virgo, and jupiter in taurus?all at the same time?
what do you mean by "OOPS"?
Who's the blacksheep N ur family?=-)?
Can I print online 0.44 cents postage?
What if all of a sudden oil rich arabs draw back their capital and investments in the USA?
Is there any one that just like to send email?
How much money will i need to save up for holiday+school trips?
My wife works part time as a 1099 employee how does she write off her expenses?
wt r the three main ways inwhich to win a girl??
Where should I Look to find the best jobs are best company's to send my resumes too?
How much money does one person need?
Where could I buy a non-contract phone?
Can I sell paypal commissions?
does anyone think that global warming is happening?
ebay age with parental guidance?
Problems receiving 5000.00 from a buyers on paypal?
I have gotten an e-mail from Global Lottery saying I won a lot of money is it a scam?
Clickbank affiliate program?
How 2 avoid 'static' when touching something?It's almost on anything.?
How fast can sales grow before any fixed assets are needed?
how much wood can a wood chuck chop if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
When cashing out CD's due to probate or survivorship, what are the penalties?.?
Can you pay for a hotel with cash?
Is Bill Gates the richest person in history after adjusting for inflation?
What is the total bailout money that Greece has received so far during the crisis?
How do determine ownership stake in an emerging business venture?
how can i make money!!!!!!!PLEASE ANSWER SOON!!!!!?
Buying something from someone in a different state?
Should I, or not...?
How do i get Amazon giftcards?
Is my old foreign currency worth anything?
I need to find a rehab center so I can stop cutting myself. Any suggestions?
I need business ideas for an economics project!!?
how can i get rich with $25000?
Tell the truth would u tell a friend or family memeber they're kids are brats if the kids really are?
If nobody knows something exists, does it exist?
how many hours do i work a day?
how to write a company asking for contact information on the person handling specific departments?
Is a company allowed to do a 10% wage cut when your only making min. Wage?
what would you buy with 200 dollars?
i hear you save a lot of money with online furniture stores. is this true?
I honestly have nothing else to write in my personal statement for uni?
Your boss orders you to commit an act that would violate your personal code of ethics. How would you handle it
Worst Invesment you have ever made?
why would my bf's ex suddenly befriend me?
what is boot cut?
You buy a $100 face value, 8-year par bond that pays an annual 8.5% coupon.?
Why do accounting information systems fail?
Why don't they teach us how to get rich in school? about entrepreneurship, business and the "legit" ways of $?
How much would this cost?
I have a coin that if any one has some knoweldge about or how much its worth?
What are the best safes?
Accounting question: Vertical analysis?
Old $5 bill! Valuable?! 10 points!?
Can you make money in the music business?
Did you have a perfect holiday?How it was?
what do you do to get your bf to kiss you? And you have been waiting on him to do it for 4 months!?
I agreed to send someone a pair of glasses via text message and that they would pay cash on delivery...?
I need to know if I am at risk for an online scam.?
How can I deal with this "friend" who is causing some problems?
I'm in a company for 7 years including training period 2year 2 month,am I eligible for gratuity?
how to ship to a different person?
Are you successful?
I want to sell things through Ebay but have never used it before. Help?
From a customer's perspective, what would you do to improve John Lewis ?
Is it ok to buy cheap items from the clearance section of a catalog and resell them on Ebay for more?
what is a stock,a common stock? the difference between a stock and a bond?
what's the best way to change $ to pounds?
why is the abbrv. for sarasota, fl. SRQ? what's up with the "Q"?
seeing signs, what do they mean?
How hard is it to start up your own company?
When a (n u d i s t) dies, do they get buried in clothes?
Shal I do over time this Saturday?
Should I stop answering questions?
What is the weight limit and thickness limit i can put in a standard envelope to mail?
What do I do about a guy who doesn't wnat to get a job andhe's running up the bills?
phillipines realestate how can i find out about realestate in that country?
How much is a gold coin replica 32grams of 24k gold worth 1.6 inches?
How did Santa Anna get away from Huston?
how much will UPS charge if $4 item sent to Canada?
What is the funniest story that has ever happened to you?
Should I buy a car before or after filing bankruptcy!?
Could we make it??????
Suppose a television is produced domestically in 2007 and purchased by a consumer in 2008. This television?
How do I make a lot of money in a short period of time without doing much labor?
At age 37, is it too late to become the air traffic controller in airport traffic tower?and why is too late?
Do you like coke or pepsi?
How much would it cost to ship a dvd using Priority Mail?
Ask about gain/loss from derivatives?
how can i lower my phone bill?
treatment or cure for Migraine headaches?
What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?
I just found out that my friends dad had a masive stroke and not expected to make it thourgh the night ehat sh
what is the best place for a homeless person?
Where can I find raw data concerning US domestic oil consumption and total foreign oil imports, by year?
How much would it cost to buy Disney Channel?
How do I make $200 quickly?
Does FedEx/Kinko's provide their own coils for coil binding?
What are some liquid assets for Bond Surety Recovery in Missouri?
Which astrological sign is the best one to be??
Will the military accept me if I have flat feet?
How to dress well on a budget?
what is the quickest way for me to get more games/cheats on my codebreaker for playstation 2?
Who are the main managers in a business?
Best Buy meeting?
What does item ends mean on ebay?
What is the smallest monkey?
What sort of move to make with business ideas.?
Can I sell on amazon with a maestro card?
How much should I pay? ?
Which Country's currency symbol is this - ¢ ?
A question about council tax bills (UK)?
Is it legal for employers to print full bank account numbers and routing numbers on employee's pay stubs?
Does anyone have any serious get rich quick schemes they'd like to share?
Do you believe in cause and effect?
I want a full refund and seller won't refund handling fee even though it has not shipped?
Is bill gates still the richiest man?
where to find an ohio state ball point pen?
How many 25kg bags will fill a 20ft container.Reason I am thinking of exporting some goods by sea?
watsup with the points and the level?
can a board meeting be called by email?
How to Receive a Buy Now Pay Later Catalog?
I'm going to SCREAM!! Stupid eBay!?
Which is the best way to earn quick money when under 16???
(Really) Stupid bank question regarding deposits?
Calculate the continuosly compounded annual interest rate corresponding to the following rates?
Does UPS deliever on Sundays? How long does Standard Shipping Take?
can a person send money from ghana to usa?
what time does HSBC (HR BLOCK)release taxes?
i understand the concept, but what is the purpose of e-fax? thanks in advance.?
Calculate the net present value of a stream of $200,000 payments received once a year for the next five years?
what is mercer's cost of goods sold under the accrual basis of accounting?
as of 2000 how much money have the bill and melinda gates foundation donated to organizations and others????
how much would you charge for someone?
what does doing squares mean?
Is 16 too young to be in a serious (but still celibate) relationship?
Is Saddam Hussein gay (homosexual) ?
gas credit cards???????????????
how is fiscal deficit is related to currency ?
Why do teenage girls change their minds so often?
Do i have to pay a bill that's higher than the Original quote?
Calculating Bond Price [Finance Problem]?
would you rather be trapped in a cupboard with a clown or a wounded badger?
Hello kind intelligent people that will answer this question.?
can wal-mart employees get discounts?
are brothers that are older always pick on their little sisters?
if you buy a car for 12700k with cashiers check?
I really need finanace/ accounting help please?
who know if the sell the legit NFL jersey??
How can a fourteen year old ( turning 15 in a month) make money ? PLEASE help !?
what are dividends?
what do guys look for in a girl?... looks and personality!?!?
what's your favorite brand purse?
if Im starting a business, do I trade mark it or should I copy right it.?
Which bank is the Drawee Institution when it comes to cheques?
I need a coin expert PLEASEE ??!!?
DHL parcel tracking! HELP D:?
but she is an adamant and she is not telling.. what to do???
were do i find dail up messanger to download?
Can you tell me about Harry Potter?
How You get paid for the reciving SMS from company?
does anyone have a phone number?
Will the value of the euro against the pound rise again any more in the next few months?
What are the benefits of Outsourcing?
where to look for PATENT holders for BATTERIES?
Whats the price of scrap metals?
paypal question... ?
how many stripes on american flag?
how do you girls put up with wearing skirts and dresses and high heels all day.?
What credit cards are accepted in the UK and surrounding nations?
i am looking to do homework e.g. filling envelopes as got a small child. I don't want to have to pay anything
Does provide geninuen information about manafacturers and suppliers?
How do you get rid of pesky market researchers on the phone?
accounting please help?
Are a "tenner," "10 quid," and "10 pounds" the same?
Money management, $30 for 3 pairs of socks?
How does a baby knows that he/she has to cry when born, and not yell or sing?
why is the time of a manager is usually more important than that of any other person in the organisation?
Accounting problem? doubtful accounts?
What is the meaning of the name Julius?
How would i start to work as a escort?And what does it consist of?
Is Best Buy going to close more stores?
How can a decendant of slaves trace their genealogy?
what is breach of contract?and how do settle it?
the best inventions/idea companys that can help me with my idea,,,?
Does it make sense to fire someone because of something that wasn't getting done right?
how can i get my child support reduce?
How many knives are sold each year?
Where can i make money online easily ?
If you sell your clothes online, how do you send them?
who thinks books r lame?
What has gone wrong with Disney?
how do i find out if a company presents their checks electronically?
PayPal and eBay says I bought something?
How much is $33,500 hourly?