i have a whole heap of scrap copper which is the best way to flip this?
Need help escaping....?
what are examples of fixed cost and variable cost to a steel company?
what to do with all my tips?
USPS Tracking on Large Envelopes?
I received an employment offer from Total Petrolium Nigeria PLC and the monthly salary is USD 26920. Is it tru
impact of globalization on organisational behaviour?
how many different 3 stooges where there? I heard that there where 6. Moe, Curley, Larry, Shemp, Joe, and ?
If your best friend robbed a bank and they had no leads. Would you turn them in?
How do you ask your parents for money?
how to make lot of money in one day?
time and cost estimate?
I think I've been scammed..?
i want to see the photos of soveeniers being presented in armies.?
has a tree fell on everyone's head in the U S?
WHat is a good summer job for a sixteen year... and not really stressful?
Where does unclaimed taxes go too, if not filed in the 3 year dead line? does it go to fl.unclaimed money?
what is the highest level of accountancy?
do u know rebecca shaffer?
$49.99 and I have a coupon 15% OFF, how much will my shoes cost then?
steps to mailing weed across the country without getting caught?
Trading blocs always bring cost savings to international firms? True or False?
my brother in law just found out his "wife" never got divorce from her ex.?
Why go through all the trouble of dressing and accessorizing your Avatar when all anyone sees is the face?
online pay surveys true?
i have paid a deposit for a vehicle,now the firm keep putting me off collecting it,can i retrieve my deposit?
What does usps arrival at unit mean?
is 40k american dollars comfortable to live on?
What's a strip mall?
how many high heel shoes are sold?
What would be the perfect present for my 24 year-old brother. I don't know what to give him. He's working.
why do men...,and women.............????
what are the major provisions of nafta?
Darby runs an illegal numbers racket. His gross revenues are $550,000, and he incurs the following expenses:?
how can I get free make up samples in the mail without having to pay ANYTHING.?
How can I package & mail an authentic jersey without making creases?
What does everyone think the special prizes will be?
Elephat and ant problem?
------is above God.If you eat ----- you will die. Fill up the blanks?
How do I get my money from eBay if I only set up my credit card information?
How long does a ups package take to get from new york to Arizona?
How can I search for a missing person without going to a great expense??
is H-Capital Advance Loan place safe and legit?
how can organization improve their controlling system.?
is random drug testing justified?
What are some good, reliable online jobs?
Selling items on ebay?Couple of questions..?
how do i cancel my email address?
looking for RED, Men's bikini briefs made by Calvin Klein?
Your opinion on spray tans please?
at 35, am i too old to go to college to become a psychiatrist?
Could the world Function without money?
Where can I find a cheap and good publishing company?
Need Help Ebay Payment?
How can someone (I) make some money on the net? Not big sums, realistic sums.?
Is 7.25 an hour, working 5 hours a day good for a 16 year old?
Need Examples, Please! Organizations/Companies that faced cultural issues moving to a new country...?
does medicare cover procedure code 69210?
How can I cash an Indian cheque in the US?
Do they sell Nesquick in bulk?
Problems receiving 5000.00 from a buyers on paypal?
why do people say bite me when they dont want you to?
Anyone know a better way to say mission statement?
Accounting Help Cannot figure out how to work this problem?
I Need Help With A Customer Contact Representative Collections at Citi?
Accounting Question help - Depreciation?
What are some clothing companies that have factories in Vietnam?
Compute the missing amounts of the Cost of Goods Sold Model?
What are the requirements to be a hollister model?
Scam agency question please help?
What sites can I make money on by taking surveys that are legit sites (no scams ) ?
Does anyone live in Temple Texas? How is the climate, job market, and housing?
Can a company charge me for previous months service if they messed up my bill?
How to get into the business world with no experience?
Before the euro was introduced how much would common household items cost in the national currencies?
How will jobs be created in the United States?
Can USPS intercept your mail and not tell you?
Is it a pure 18K gold in “Sperry Men's Gold Cup Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe” ?
how many rings can you make in a 10 grams 21k gold?
Should Donald Trump get rid of his comb-over look?
How much would CoinStar take from $28.00?
What is the bravest thing you have ever done?
When using a Visa card is there a fee for buying something online at a European store? What is it?
Were the entrepreneurs who created businesses stimulated by the lure of profits?
Is lending business good in asia?
i'm 13 can i own a company despite the risks is it legal?
which of the following items would not be reported on a net of tax basis in an entity's?
If my package was shipped usps priority on saturday will it arrive on monday?
Please help me compute overhead applied?
What type of resume to be taken for interview for the post of a Bank Excecutive ?
which currency will replace the dollar, now that america is on track for insolvency?
Who is the best energy suppliers in the uk?
Can someone please explain this question for me. Please !!!?
I am 13 and want to be an model?
under the allowance method of recognizing uncollectible accounts the entry to write off an uncollectible accou?
What are ways of making money without jobs?
Is this Legal, Agreeing a trade and cancelling?
are there 11 planets?
which course is better for freshers in recent market,DOT NET or PHP?
Can I send a necklace in a envelope to a Ebay buyer?
Horrifying restaurant experience. Can/should I dispute the charges?
DHL parcel tracking! HELP D:?
Apart from the royal mail which other service could provide a reliable service 4 sending important envelopes?
ive gotten robed!!!!?
What is the hourly wage of a McDonalds crew member of age 18+?
What is the quickest way to make one million pounds legally?
Collection Company claiming address as reason for bill owed?
What is saltless butter ?
how long does it take for UPS first class mail to ship something?
How do people without insurance pay for funerals?
the company animania had employees with monthly salaries of $1700,$1250, $7500,$1450,and$2500. find the median?
If i sell ebooks on amazon/kindle will i get paid as soon as my books are sold? Or would i have to wait?
What happens if a company forgets to record depreciation on office equipment at end of accounting period?
Is a UPS delivery dude a good job?
Techniques used to motivate people?
is there any check cashing places open on sundays for a payroll check?
whats a good way at make near 20$ a week for a teen?
I have been informed to submit an invoice to the company to get paid. What does that mean?
how do i advertise my condo for long term rental in hawaii?
Desperate times call for desperate measures?
What happens if both people on the price is right showcase bid 1 dollar?
Is this worth spending all my money (details inside)?
Anyone care to give me advice?
Ways to make office more efficient & team-oriented?
What type of metal are typewriters made out of?
How come the English language is so hacked up in this forum? Why is it that nobody can spell??
is the British pound going to go up, compared to the Australian dollar?
Does the US postal service ship packages on Sundays?
What is ! to you?
how do i keep from going insane, when all i here all night from upstairs neighbors is creaky footsteps?
Some questions about AT&T?
Accounting Homework-Calculate Earnings Per Share?
why women are pompus?
how do u overcome a fear dat u have had 4 a long time?
what did all you mums get yesterday as a gift from your children for mothers day?
My cousin is very competetive with me and gets at me by sleeping with all my guy friends! How to approach?
What kind of fish do I have and how to care for it?
URGENT! How can I get my mom's W-2 form within one day for free?
what is the formula for the price elasticity of supply?
What's your greatest fear?
is GOOGLE an abbrevation of something like YAHOO??
When ronald McDonald isn't on comercials, where is he?
are banks open on good friday?
What's the most unique person's name you've ever heard?
what is the assumption, principle, or contrstraint that is the rationale for accrual accounting?
what is the price of getting consultants for iso 9000 certification in India?
Where is the best place to shop for toddler girls clothing?
change of address?
i am planning to move to new york when im older...?
does it hurt to get your lower body part pierced and does it make sex better.?
Euro vs US dollars what is more valuable?
how many years makes a century?
Does the bank charge a fee when you buy online?
I have a kind of phobia. I hate worms more than anything in this planet! what shall I do to expel this fear?
50 is gold,how about 60?
Should I call the store?
How can i find a place to live when im 17?
Why don't we just love each other instead of fighting?
US dollars depreciation?
what is the value of my 1943 wheat penny made of steel?
So what happens when countries stop refusing to loan the USA more money?
The Impact Of Communication On Revenue Generation?
How long does it take to send money to someones bank account by paying via online ?
Which school has a better accounting program?
Calculating Cost of Goods Sold?
Do you shop at the Dollar Store(stores)?
How much does currys pay?
HELP! I don't want to lose my car!?
How to order a Birth certificate and wheir?
Whats that one pop-art generator website?
what is channel conflict?
where did "Much Obliged" get started?
how do I calculate a Zero coupon bond?
where to send letter to queen in uk?
how can i make 5million dollars in 5days?
Dino direct wholesaler, has anyone ordered from them and are they legit?
how much money can i get scrapping 100 pounds of steel today?
most beautiful girl in the world?
Questions about selling gold?
Speeches that explain ________ generally proceed from the complex to the simple. ?
How Can I block A bad debtor from doing this to another busness?
Is there any way i can make easy money online in less then 2 weeks or in another way? [Open for details]
Am I getting screwed or is that just how it is?
Where I can buy good accounting software?
What is a "Competitve Calendar"?
Does paypal increase card limit?
47) In a gas mixture of 35% He and 65% O2 the total pressure is 800 mm Hg. What is the partial pressure of O2?
Is it shooting ducks in a barrel or fish??
if you return an amazon order can you get your money back?
My sister is only 15 and she is pregnant what should she do?
A company just paid a $6 dividend and has announced that it will increase the dividend by $2 each year for?
What time does Amazon usually deliver?
i am looking for an indian music book -raga visharad by laxmi narayan garg. ISBN # 818505763x?
Present/Future Annuity Value problem help!?
ebay seller saying i won't be getting my item till after christmas?
why financial theories important?
can i find someone online just by their screen name?
Curious about student loan interest vs car loan interest ?
do you get more to recycle aluminum cans vs 5 cent refund?
why cant i get into a forum i've been on before?
one of your users is trying to get bank acct numbers. do you want his email address?
Does my company need to provide food warming and tea making facilities?
I am being ask by Bluestreak courier to pay 125 GBP as a courier charge for delivering me Draft of award
Does the accounting period have to be a specific length or just whatever the business chooses?
how to set a Courier company and how does their logistic department works?
is it true companies pay people to wear there clothes?
how would i sell my piano?
how do u get those little pictures next to your question, besides the smiley face!?
I really want to go to Spain... but there's a problem?
What Currency's Do They Use In Europe?
where are their goods produced ?
how do you look at your boss that has a mustash, and is not a man?
silver prices on eBay?
my friend plays an online game, but won't tell me. i tried serching his username, to be continued...?
Electronic equipment, how much is it worth? Make me a good offer and I'll sell it to you?
Where is the best offer to buy gold?
Based on the dividend-discount model, what do you think would happen to stock prices if there were an increase?
how much share i can bid for reliance power in 1,00,000 rs please any one can giude me?
What's your prediction on how the US Dollar will compare to the British Pound in the upcoming year or two?
How much does a shoe way?
Just wondering if it was time for people to switch from a variable lending rate to a fixed?
What should I do with my money?
what does CIF, FOB, and ADV mean in shipping terms?
How much does coinstar take?
how can I get rid of the advertisement that keeps popping up on the right hand side of my screen?
How much money would these people make?
No debit company india?
do boys have the tendency to hurt girls?
loss of earning capicity is not necessrily coextensive with the loss of physical capacity explain?
Who has the best teeth and whats your favorite ice cream flavor?
I am looking for plus size wholesale dropshippers.with no membership fees please.looking for products to sell?
What is your biggest fear?
Which is a good and safe way for losing weight fast?
is boogeyman on myspace???
What is the easiest way to become a millionaire in a legal way?
what is the world's largest building?
Do you think man is responsible for the recent disasters like "The Katrina", The Earthquake in India ,Tsunami?
PLease I would like to have help from anyone with the Any Experience?
where do you go to do a back ground check on people?
i luv saterdays but i h8 sundays cos its school the nxt day who else h8 sundays exept 4 roast dinners?
Invoice. Do I keep the original copy or do I give the customer the orignal copy?
If my dad checks in and pays for the bill?
compensation claim on fake Abercrombie jumper?
What is the salary of a machine-ist?
i cannot forward email or attach pictures to my email?
Is it possible that Goerge W Bush and his administration isn't as hopelessly incompetent as they appear???
Analyse the factors that make up country competitiveness and assess the influence they have over foreign?
I need a name for fake money. They are copper and gold coins. Help!?
What can i get my boyfriend for valentines day . hes 21?
I just got sbc dsl. I cant get my email from (free email) Help?
do u think dat we shud hate or ignore the sexless people?
What is pink and fluffy?
What does a ice cream vendor(truck) in the winter?
How much it would cost if i buy beer from American beer manufacturer in tons to export other country?
bachelor's in business management or bachelor's in accounting is easy ?
Cash flow equity question?
How Much Does Jonathan Ive Earn A Year?
what states use quest ebt card?
how much money does the adv person have in the bank when there 50?
what is power of attorney ?
Are you uncauncious when you sleep?
is it possible to get a job when your are 13 years old?
im married but have a boyfriend is that wrong?
Finance cash flows on excel?
How many character slots do you start with in Guild Wars 2?
Does anyone know if usps prints labels for you?
Interior regions of a landmass, with warm summers and cold, snowy winters, have ______________climates.?
why do you think younger siblings are annoying?
How much would these people get paid per hour for working on a project?
what exchange rate system type does the UK operate under? i.e fixed, floating etc?
do dreams mean anything?
Is it possible to send a different currency to someone through a student paypal?
Would you rather be divinely beautiful, dazzlingly clever, or angelically good?
Is the Internet company fake?
How can a teenager make quick money around the house?
Has anyone ever used a prepay card to hire a car in France?
Current gold price per oz?
tell me something about sales management of reliance life?
How do i tell my parents this!!?
How Can I Sell My Stuff?
is interracial dating ok??
Do you think that Chayef resturant is the best in the world??
What can i do with 157 dollars ?
Can I send flowers to a P.O. Box address?
how do u get a boy to fall in love with you?
How much money does a Medical Nutriton Therapist make a year? ?
how many gears does a truck have?
I wanna work at Ralph Lauren Retail store but i dont know how to make/write a resume :/ Please Help!!!!!!?
In carrom if red followed by one piece/coin and minus/stricker, to whom the red belongs?
Can anyone tell me where I can go online and find plaid knee high boots?
do u think that the whole asia should have a common currency?
A case study question: is this good business ethics?
how do you say i play basketball with my friends on sundays?(in spanish)?
How much is 45 pounds in American Money?
one day if you win $ tell us 3 things you will do first..?
The Impact Of Communication On Revenue Generation?
how do i make a million pounds with one thousands pounds investment?
Accounting help please!?
how do you chat with somebody but your parnets wont let you i do everything my parnets tell you?
Will FedEx still leave it at my house or will it require a signature?
if somebody shipped a package from ups on friday morning from chicago?
Cry Cry..................?
Where are cigarettes made?
How to make money online?
Are they really getting rid of pennies in the U.S?
Accounting and Finance?
what animal is responsible for the most fatal attacks to humans each year?
please help with accounting?
How is the Bank- The Federal Bank Ltd,India?
where is a great place in Sacramento, CA to find business clothes on consignment?
where do they sell the instyler and for how much ?
is it true that if you you put someone hands in hot water while they are sleeping will they pee?
Where should I work at age 16?
How much is my 28ct gold ring worth?
what came first the chicken or the egg and what makes the wind blow?
WCT calculation for construction company if we are a contractor?
how do i calculate how much i spend on gas a week?
How do i tell my parents this!!?
Online Shopping from outside USA?
Hi, my name is Foxy and I am an Answers-aholic, what's your vice/addiction?
Do chain letters relly work?
Is Answers just a tool to steal all of our ideas?
how much is 12pound a month for 24 months.. cbb to work it out and im dyslexic so no haters please?
If you ask a question towards a guy that you like and he completely ignores you what does it mean?
When do people who were born on February 29th celebrate their birthday?
Can drinking too much iced teaaffect your health?
what is 520?
in banking what do the letters dr stand for?
How do we do costing in product development? A real life case..?
Alternative Financing Plans Question?
Can you trade currency online with just your bank account?
Is there a way to pay people besides using cash or checks?
how and when did hip hop dance get started?
I am looking for information about the animal/timber wolf.?
Are coins and currency the same thing?
SKIPPED SCHOOL,.... wagged,........have you?
Please tell me abt the performance of altoo 800?
Is Cover Girl publicly traded?
If someone agrees to a business deal through email, is that & copyright papers enough to have a case in court?
How you will able to create a formula that you can turn $1000 dollar plus a month?
Will the huge amounts of oil dollars earned by the big exporteurs be available for loans?
who is slim shadey in eminems songs?
i want online jobs from legit company,without investment.?
Need help with accounting question?
What's the best way to protect myself from golddigging women?
Now that most of the UK have Sky TV, isn't it about time the monthly fees were lowered?
Pretains to part B of the preceeding asked question:...?
what trade documents are required by the U.S.A and europe when the disney cruise line arranges the ports?
what does it mean 'Toe the green line earn higher profits as a result'?
What other jobs besides being a secretary, can I do with an Associates in Business Administration?
Does anyone know when unemployment checks will be sent again?
who are sainburys and what is their purpose?
Is Tampa FL a nice place to live/ work? I miss outdoor recreation in our winter. Are the Summers tolerable?
what does this mean... Repair services performed during January: for cash $6,000; on account $9,000?
Where can you buy condoms without going up to the counter?
What is the best website to get a legit fake id that will actually send you your order and you have recieved i?
3 amigo's or 3 stooges..?
Which color is better? Red or Blue?
what are hushpuppies?
Who are end-users of Nylon in China, and what is their percentage consumption?
Who is the inventor of micro phone?
how do you know which old x-box games play on the new x-box 360???
Is it too risky to move to the UK considering the high unemployment rate? I am a qualified professional.?
Where to buy rare earth metals?
how many british pounds equal $100.00 us dollars in 2009 ?
im i crazy???????????????
HELP how do I get a refund from wowcher?
How much money should I ask for in my new position?
THE MOTH MAN.. do you think he is real.?
is the use of cpr bad for a terminal cancer patient suffering from a cardiac arrest?
Lease financing question?
Whats the Max Weight for a 27 yr old??
can i have the swift code for bank of India Sajirhat branch Madhyamgram?
Should I call them back 2day or forget it?
how long would it take to get 500$ If I get 20$ a week?
Is there a easy cheap way to cover up used boxes that has sprayed on ink labels?
Do you have a fear of speaking in front of a group?
How can i know the owner of an unlisted phone number?
A Nigerian company is placing a very large order for my products, say over one million US dollar?
which is your fav #1 holiday?(just asking!)?
Where is teh best place to sell back used textbooks?
Mihong Moon. Is this a person or a place?
could bill gates buy a pool?
Does Economy International Shipping have tracking?
Can you cancel your eBay account?
Can you still spend £1 notes?
How do I set up payment on etsy?
We have sold some lorry model bits and pieces on Ebay and stated in our listing?
how do chicken feather plucking machines work?
Should I buy Eddie Bauer parka?
Cashing a check??????????????????
Accounting problem? HELP?
What are some good items that i can buy cheap and sell high on EBAY?
What is the value of a 14k pink pearl necklace?
Do ALL USPS priority packages get a CONFIRMATION #?
i made an order on usps and its been 17 days and its only suppost to be 7-15 days what do i do?
My SBI gold and more card six digit code how to get it?
Would a UK bank accept an American cheque in US Dollars?
What else do I need on my list of important things to do?
How can I locate a high school friend that has changed her name twice through marrige?
Do mortgage companies get to write off foreclosures for their taxes?
Do UPS drivers drive nonstop? and Do they Drive on Sundays and Saturdays?
National Insurance Number?
How can you find out if a Marine actually served in Iraq?
I have a money question please answer?
I am an ex-con. What are the grants that I can possibly get. I have nothing - not even a Job, car, home etc...
Can an Limited Company own another limited company?
I am putting together a monthly gift club idea What is the best way to see is my specific theme is unique?
What is a good company to work for if you're an accountant with auditing experience?
How much is silver, per ounce?
Anyone ever ordered anything from 6ave Electronics in New Jersey? How are they to deal with and reputation?
Find 3 consecutive integers such that twice the 1st plus thrice the third equals 180.?
my bestfriend is not the same after her father died how can i help her get over it?
can an ordinary member of the public charge banks etc an administration fee?
Do Real Gangsters go out with Libras? Why are there so many wannabe gangsters in Great Falls?
Idea for Youtube channel (earning by youtube),(example: vloggers,gaming etc)?
is six dollar click a spam ?
can anyone think of a nice and unique name for a baby girl?
Why is it that my annual interest rate for my savings account has always on been 1 cent?!?!?!?
got an email from a company called mapilab offering me a data entry job for $20 per hour. Is this legitimate?
How can a 13 year old make money fast!?
Accounts receivable turnover?
Regulatory Agencies for Banks?
Who does anyone love Harry Potter films or books? Why do you love this?
Either using the text or your own experiences, can you describe some types of information that an accountant m?
Where can i find the resume do's and dont's article?
Is Treasure Trooper Safe?
Where can I find online jobs in uk if I live in nigeria?
What is Danny Kass's address?
What time does UPS usually deliver a pre-ordered game?
i need help with problems on my accounting with t accounts?
Where can i find unsharpened samurai swords of carbon steel for an affordable price?
should driving while on cell be band??
if something is ordered and it says it will come in 6-14 days, when does it usually show up?
ebay buyer protection?
would it be possible to pay for my cell phone if I'm doing call in shifts at retail?
Why did my job randomly close down?
How will my iPad help prepare proper presentations for work?
How to make money from online?
i need to find some information on the growth of ecommerce, anyone help?
I want to buy air yeezy's from Im kind of blah but im desperate for these shoes! ?
Will someone help me try to understand the way to grow a weed plant?
Wat do u think is better, STAR WARS or star trek?
does anyone know about this??????????????
How did Scottish teenage girls dress in the 1930's?
How do I claim bankruptcy and are there alternatives?
Where can i go to exchange some old British Pounds for American dollars In the Fort Worth Area.?
ok i found a pearl that was connected to a shell in the ocean, where can i sell it and how much is is it worth?
What animal wold you rather to kiss?
Need $13,000,000.00 to buy a retail department store?
How come the govt says free health care is too expensive, but they can spend $2 Billion a week in Iraq?
Bank of America calling, how do you stop it?
How can managers positively use eletronic media in the workplace?
what opportunities for growth exist for employees assigned to accounting type positions?
who is going to win the super bowl?
What is the current hourly wage for a typest?
Just wondering how much this is worth?
how much should i charge for babysittin?
what is your favourite time of the day & why ?
So I got ripped off....?
how old do you need to be to become a hollister model?
How much does it cost? Us Postage?
When I will become rich?
The most hated person on our plannet.?
When I pull up certain web sites, I have a red x where picture should be?
how do you get your ex back?
What measure of central tendency would be most appropriate for a measurement of salaries if the salaries ar?
what is commodity procurement?
I was wondering where to buy authentic Air Jordans for wholesale.?
Wut would u do if u had 1000 dollars?
what is matte jersey?
Is a 2 dollar bill lucky?
How much will Call of Duty 3 sell for at GameStop?
How do I correct an incorrect bid on an e-bay auction?
Don't you think Wendy's has the best idea: Hamburgers with square meat served in a square box?
Sudden price rises in supermarkets?
what do you do when u have a strong cruch on some 1 but r afraid to ask them to do somethang?
how can i make money when I'm thirteen?
Can I work "online" at 17?
My boyfriend asked me yesterday to marry him should I ???
Where can i find final expense leads for cheap?
How to make money for a teen FAST?
how can i find obituary announcements for personal friend?
Please give me the letter format regarding Reuest for fund release for purchasing the Items for Office?
Mystery shopping...What is is like? If you have done it please tell me.?
getting licenses back that i lost in missouri?
Foreign Check Clearing - Where Is it Done?
What would a journal entry look like for clinical fees received?
I need help. Can you help me find a new name for a new donut shop?
How long will shipping take?
Which country currency look good?
what is the best way to clean a silver ring?
Why do men think the way they do?
Is it bad to use a coupon to buy a shirt, then return it without the receipt to get extra money?
if you make $1,129.00 bi-weekly how much is that per hour?
why does my husband spits in my face when we argue?
Is Best Buy at Midnight?
What is money order " Drawn on US Banks" ?
How many of you are having a birthday on Jan. 7th??? My b'day 1-7-73.?
why is lemony snicket on the run?
Are Washington Mutual checks still usable?
Do gold buyers always do this?
Partial GRN / GRN Pending / No GRN?
What are some good buy now, pay later sites/companies?
Is University worth it? Concerns over student fees, debt and employ-ability?
how can i make 15 dollars in about 4 days?
i am a eager young man who is trying to make a start in the bussiness world?
Can I use my school ID to pick up a package at the post office...?
Accounting or Entrepreneurship degree, Help I'm confused!?
Where is there real, authentic, saint, fair, persons on this planet?
Pay Pal / E Bay, Been ripped off ?
What is new look? A PLC?
Do all wild rabbits turn white in winter?
Has anyone ever gotten a loan from a Mr. Anderson at Alliance Loan Company?
Should I let my 6 month old cry it out, when I know he is fed, clean and not in pain?
Where can a minor buy a pot pipe?
How does a non-profit organization make money?
how do i go about a girl i love but her mother does not like the relmationship?
if a delivery driver is tipping produce?
How many jobs can a 14 year old have?
How do I know I'm not getting ripped off on Craigslist?
How much would it cost?
Future Value of a Single Amount?
Isabelle has a choice of 3 colors of pants, 5 colors of shirts, and 3 kinds of shoes?
from tx: my son 2x convicted felony. he's has 3 agg. robbery & 1 avading charges. he has a court appointed att
Has anyone had to use Ebay Buyer Protection?
nurse aide certificate renewal?
How do charities fund themselves other than with voluntary donations?
Where do i find reliabe online short term jobs?
Help out with accounting problem?
how to write a complaint letter?
Do you need PayPal to buy things on
What is the most you are willing to pay to fill up your gas tank?
Acceptable TIE ratio to get loan from bank?
I have 14K gold chain that is 31 grams. How much is that worth? in USD?
Can anyone explain me about Microsoft Project Server Training?
What's the best way to get along with your supervisor?
how long does UPS ground shipping takes?
Can you be arrested for things said on the net?
Double declining balance method?
How much it cost to get creamated?
Bill Gates?
Who is hotter? Bea Arthur or Angela Lansburry?
what are the formaliries for a lawyer to file a case in court?i want details of paperwork,how is info stored ?
Question regarding quarterly paymentns on a loan.?
My family has just found out that my 80 yr old grandma has spent all of our inheritance on Marie Osmond dolls?
how to defend a person in daytime loitering?
Is it true that you can buy stuff at best buy $50 off if you buy it at the store?
At this piont, what is the most likely way for our world to end?
How do i prepare a contingency plan?
How can we be more aware of whats going on in the economy and prepare for it?
What's the currency exchange rate for US Dollars to Euro's?
Why don't people listen to Gospel music anymore and belive in God and worship him more often? Believe.He Loves
suites for 777 post oak blvd houston tx 77056?
I need ebay's email address so that I can contact them about an item.?
How did get an Apartment? First time mover.?
What the best way to Trade for a bank, or a firm?
If we only have one brain, why do we say someone's "brains" are all over the road?
time value of money / notes receivable help?
how do you get information about property thats abandon, no for sale, rent or lease signs and no one lives on?
Do you think people would like me more if I stopped liking Green Day?
how does the fed interest rate affect all pre-existing treasuries and national debt?
Gasoline prices seem to be falling, isn't this a good thing ?
Paris Hilton's Dog House?
How to Get Money From Spain To India?
how the water get expered (bottling water industries)?
how can organization improve their controlling system.?
How long before men RISE UP against a society that hates them?
is there such thing as a 25 dollar bill?
need to know which is the correct e-mail of a friend, he gave it to me..but is wrong?
Hostess has filed for bankruptcy ! They offered the employees a lousy plan .?
Need help with a decison that can impact my life?
How can I make money with no money?
Explain how the following financial crisis was occurred, and how the countries responded for those situations?
Does Ringo Starr have a Summerhouse at Lake Tahoe?
what is the defifniton of love?
how to delete all visied fies from the search engine?
Why are boys blind?
Where can you buy a small weed pipe?
What do you think about yard sales?
How is accounting involved in everyday life? - for personal statement?
why do i have to keep increasing my bid when im the only on biding?
Does anyone know I can find unique and cool Traveling Mugs??
What is a skills audit and how to use it?
Refunds on eBay? Help?
Any advice would be gratefully received, on a co. that has gone into liquidation & wants money out of me!?
Why do telemarketers have to call so early on a holiday?
Good quality second hand clothes needed?
How long does it take for a letter to be sent?
Does anybody know about being successful on eBay?
changes in interest rates and VAT ?
What is a good age to start having kids?
Cheapest way to send this package?
Could you check my letter please? Thanks?
what does professionalism in the workplace means?
Has anyone ever worked out how much, in percentage terms,?
Do you pickup a call when it's from a toll-free number or only non-tollfree numbers?
what happens with the third offence as using ecstasy as an adult and juvenille?
Do I have to enter a tracking number?
what are tree cutters called?
I try to make money by having parties selling Avon/candle/etc to friends/family but no one comes! What gives!?
how do i locate the inmates being held in florence state prison?
Should I start dealing?
Follow up phone call to a customer?
why do most people start to yawn if they watch someone else yawn ?
Is It Illegal to give advice?
PLEASE HELP! Bond Pricing!?
how can i get a million dollar?
is this UK electricity expensive for a business - 22.5p standing charge & 9.54 + vat per unit?
What time can you call other phone companies for free from an at&t phone?
my dad is hell! HELP?
what are the 10 highest paying jobs?
Does anyone know the piano music for the Charlie brown song?
Presentation for Banking Operations Coordinator Project to communicate to coorginate the mangement.?
Can I work in corporate accounting?
What is a disruptive technology in the specialty coffee industry?
Do diamonds gain or lose value over time?
how can we figure out this finance problem??
Most recent or current job, or all of them?
money order form question?
Insuring a sub-contractor?
How do i know if a cashiers check is not fraudulent before getting scammed?
How to plan a teen new year's eve party?
Is there federal grant money for X-Felons?
whats a good way for somone 14 to make money?
What do we call a person who conduct sales by bidding?
Is treasure trooper safe to give my adress?
Are we all really from heaven? If yes,why don't we remember anything of up there or were we brain washed?
Dividends question for accounting cash flow statement?
How to buy shoes off of Jan that was a quick response, If your happily married then why are you on the web?
TrimSpa Baby? Would you trust any product whose spokeswoman is Anna Nicole?
what are the seven wonders of the world?
What's the origin of the last name Blevins?
If your labor hours are cut...?
do you think doctors get mentally when they see dead people for too long?
what is 1.8 percent of $1000 dollars?
How come alot stores and companies are hiring more Mexicans then others?
If you are over 70 years old and are still working full time, is the person getting their full Social Security?
My name is Cierah Brooks I am sixteen years old live in North West Virginia and I have a question?
How do free websites make money?
Who could use a cigarette right about now?
I took out a private student loan in 2005.?
cnc machine?
tiger energy drink?
I joined aged 15 in 1969 & let at 23 in 1977. What sort of pension am i entitled to?
what do you call a person who goes door to door to seel candy bars?
Target vs. Wal-mart?
Can an amazon buyer that wants to return an item pay for my shipping cost or not?
HELP! I need help deciding?
ways for 12 year olds to make money during the summer?
What problems do you feel may arise out of this business idea?
Bond Rating Research in Motion?
Fixed overhead of £8000 per month is currently incurred including £2000 per month for depreciation. These are
people are doing a course were they get £10,000?
Can I put a Priority Mail sticker over the Express Mail label on an Express Mail Padded Envelope?
Do waiters make good money?
what does sears sell?
My account has been closed I only became aware of this last month though a leta was sent?
Who is the richest person in the world at this moment?
Guys- If you had to choose between $1 Million and...?
Should I request an equity adjustment or look for a better opportunity?
Can I borrow One Million US Dollars Please?
I want to give a carnival for my home owners association. Where can I find carnival companies?
If you could be any flavor what would you be and why ??????
Hi all I want to know how to get money $100/$1000/month or per week from internet?
I ordered something online on wednesday around 3am and i had selected ups 2nd day air what day will it arrive.?
What is a good and legit paid survey site for me if I live in Canada?
i won the lotery but I have to pay $14,000?
Egg first and chichen afterwards.Any doubts?
Starting a small business in Mexico....?
I may be addicted to female prostitutes?
im having a hard time finding work. what about surveys online?
what is planning?
What is the first thing you think when you get up and the last one before falling asleep?
My friend's little brother said he canceled an order on amazon but the item got shipped to him?
Do I have to file my company trademark separate from the patent of my product?
What to write for "reason for leaving" on application when unjustly fired?
I'm not american I'm Georgian .I wonder if you know about this country.and if my English is OK?
Best place to buy hollister online in ireland ?
Im a finance student - what kind of certifications should i strive to get in order to help my resume?
Where can I find a Furbie??
who do i contact to complain about my bank charges after my bank wont listen please?
How do I track my package from Sephora?
I have to make $50 by the end of this week... help!?
Do u think Simon Cow is to harsh?
What was going on in January 1928?
whats the best way to defend ourself?
Need Examples, Please! Organizations/Companies that faced cultural issues moving to a new country...?
Help with accounting report?
how many years do you have to stay in college to be your own boss in Real Estate?
how can someone pass a drug test?
How do I get money without a job, stealing it, doing something illeagle or asking for it?
how much money must you put down on a business to buy it?
what is meant by industrialized economies ?
Accruals, prepayments and depreciation?
Need help tracking weight of USPS package?
How do you sell items on Ebay?
How do I get more items that I list on EBay to be 'known'?
Managerial Accounting - Safety Margin?
Can someone tell me if we have a chance at getting our money back.?
Shopping online - Help?!?
where does Safeway gas come from?
Why do people keep tellin me 2 go on these different websites i just need to know who's good with business?
uk phone contracts cannot pay bill?
Where do I go to find the distance statistics for hunting rifles?
Have you ever seen, felt or heard a ghost?
Has anyone ever bought a wedding dress from wholesale china company.?
what are some good business books?
what is a 1977 5 doller bill worth?
Where does the term "soap opera" come from?
If the adjusting entry for depreciation is not made?
eBay, Canceling a transaction without losing item?
How can i retrive my debited amount from the bank while ATM was not working?
what are the current scrap cast iron prices in colorado?
How to determine what company manufactured (all of the) cashmere sweaters for Bergdorf Goodman in the past?
what is iso 9001 and TS 16449?
How many units should the company sell to break even?
Does anyone know about writing magazine articles and interviewing for information?
Will ! be bought by Microsoft?
Do I have a case for libel/slander/defamation? PLEASE HELP!?.?
Is an MBA worth it for a Sr. Software Engineer?
what can you say about men who don't give money to their wives?
What is your favorite color?
What do you think is a good amount of money to spend on a birthday or christmas gift for a good friend?
Why is there no Religous Section in this Answers Section?
QUICK REPLIES PLS. What's the most popular Credit card type in USA?
what does it mean to be" against the grain"?
Lost assertiveness in job?
Is there a bank that does not charge an overdraft fee for pending transactions?
Names of the 3 wise men from the East who came to venerate Jesus Christ?
Which sector is bigger in Canada Consumer or Business? With $ amount?
UPS Delivery Question!!!!HELP PLEASE!?
How do i make $239 by Friday?
Accounting: Sales-related transactions?
what is the best thing to do if there is a ghost disturbing us and how to prevent it?
where can I buy old style clean gas cans?
is there any other kid-friendly virtual worlds online for kids to talk?
How to be happy, after a love affair and you feel having a broken heart?
Is unclaimed funds true or false?
do you think talking to someone everyday is almost as good as seeing them everyday?
how do i get a boy to like me if i'm a "bully"?
when r the best days in a month to try to have a babya?
PayPal Users: Help a Newbie Please?
Oracle SQL, How can you do an order by abc without having abc in select?
whis is a neighboorhood a something beautiful?
What Countries In Europe Use Euros And What Countries Use Pounds?
How much does an accountant make in Romania a month?
What does scank mean? Why does my brother say it?
i was selling a shirt on ebay?
Royal Mail postage error?
Does a university count as a business delivery for ups?
What do you buy a construction management student?
A random cheque through the post? Help!?
does the world really need more babies?
what can i buy then sell for a profit?
Should I add this 'experience' in my resume?
On 30 June 20xx Style Hair Design Pty Ltd sold 10 hair dryers that had reached their useful life of 5 years. t?
Is there ANY possible way I can make $20 a day online? (suggestions)?
Shiping Usps? Priority mail?
My brother found a penny made in 1943, is it worth anything?
what does "pick up from mean"? my package?
im working for a new company just started up.?
Profit Margin... Please Help!?
Is it legal to post restaurant menus online?
Can i set up a construction company for the purpose of controlling finances and hire individuals or companies?
how can i get a guy to like me?
why do stores make everything like a penny off from a even number?
what is a term used for a ????
what is the current NAV of ICICI Pru- Life time Super?
What year are the vehicles rental companys usually provide?
can anyone explain wat cause us economy in trouble then follow by Uk,germany,etc and where all money goes ?
concerning bank charges?
how do you get to level 2?
Waht does Zeniea mean?
Should I believe in me or in somtehing else?
How can i make money i'm almost 13 and i have little time please don't say mow chores or things like that.?
how many banks are there in singapore?? what are they??
What Does No Interest Mean? (Read Details)?
I need to write a message that will be given to employees along with their summer bonus? Ideas please!?
Will i still recieve a bill in the mail if i signed up for paperless billing ?
How can I make a lot of money online?
purchasing an iphone on ebay, and question on how charges work?
Right way to ask to buy something from someone?
When is the best time to have a vacation?
How to find a business partner online?
How much money do I need for university?
Do you think girls are better at budgeting than guys?
Aside from ANYTHING related to the internet- what program do you use the most on your computer?
Id like to work at Hollister? i have questions..?
how can you make money for a kid?
What rhymes with Lemonade?
What would the selling price have to be in order to reach the stockholders’ desired profit level?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
why does rain drops but snow falls?
Points on here.?
should women be drafted?
Are there any certification programs for a Program Control Analyst or Financial Analyst?
What do you think is going to be the next greatest invention?
is john cena hott?
wht's the meaning of sap?????????
What is the difference betweeen love and like?
When is the best time for me to end my listing on so that I get the most traffics & bids?
how do i surprise my bride on our wedding day?
Where do Chartered Accountants work?
What is Music?
Is Santa real?
is platto's closet worth it? or am i just better off selling it on eBay?
I just reached Level 2?
Total sales question in accounting/finance?
what is a good wage for taking someones online course for them?
how can I find out free what my property would value to?
Is it just me or is Amazon's Free Super Saver Shipping Super Freakin Slow?
what websites can u trust to get jordan shoes for cheap?
Is brand name jewelry sold on ebay from China fake or could it be factory rejects or stolen?
If utilities costs were 10% below forecast, by approximately how much would this reduce total expenses over Q3?
how would i find out who called 911 for me on feb 2.?
Questions about a gold refinery and
I want to know more about the false doctrines of Jehovah's Witneseses?
how old do you have to be to be cosidered an adult???
Does earwax really affect your hearing?
what type of work we have to do in company by s/w eng.?
Can you give me the name of an online company where I can make money w/o a sign up fee?
How to make money over Internet?
why is it important fot criminalists to be familiar with the definition of pyrolysis?
actions that increase cash flows?
there are many messages come to me say that i win millions$ how i check that?
Accounting homework help please!!!!!!!!!?
Question about Accounts Receivable Turnover?
Can anyone help me with an absorption costing income statement?
How do you apply for a grant or funding from a company to get money?
What can you do with a business degree?
How much would this cost me?
How do i stop nuisance phone calls?
IFBI Kolkata really gives placement in bank sector?
How do you pronounce Cthulhu?
where can an independent contractor get information on how much to pay to the fica & taxes in nebraska?
what does it mean when you drean that you get shot?
what type of companies make lots of money .?
My husband's ear started bleeding today, does anyone know what this might indicate?
Ok i procarstanated on a school pic money and i think it past the dead to put the bill for pic.Read bottom!!!!
Must I accept a buyers refund request?
Does non-corporate entity need auditing?
Has anyone sold atuff on e-bay? Did it work out ok? Has anyone taken them up on their "jobs" they talk about
tell me the the truth?
do u believe in falling in love in one month with out seeing the person face to face,only talking on the phone
Coffee Shop business?
Bats (mammals) can be eaten when killed, skinned & cooked. They taste like something we know ?
How long has questions been in existence?
My wife works part time as a 1099 employee how does she write off her expenses?
Is there any real/legit Company out there for data entry? Please name one or two.?
How much would be £60.00 be in US dollars?
How much money was donated to St. Jude in 2004 and 2005?
lease due at signing ?
what are some unique companies that make a lot of money?
Who is tom Leykis?
Is there a way my 12 year old can make money by doing something that is free online?
how do drinks vending machines dispense only one drink?
Patent Attorney Search?
Why will girls show interest even after a first date that goes well, but then later not return calls?
somebody answer this please?!?
A discount clothing store is selling a $63 sport jacket for $9 off the regular price. What is the discount rat?
Did my fiance sign us up for a SCAM?
Sending autograph request?
UPS Shipping Question?
How could someone know FOR SURE what happens to a person when they die?
What is your favorite number?
How can I print out my bank statement?
Do you trust shopping on ebay? Why or why not?
how can i earn a lot of money? (i'm too young for a real job)?
where can i meet cute finance guys that will help me with my homework?
How much would I typically get for a 3 year old 300 GB external hard drive at a pawn shop?
how do you tell your best friend you like her boyfriend?
Florida Labor Law. Can my employer deduct money from my paycheck for a clerical error.?
Finance question-please help?
what is the worst thing that can happen when u litter?
what's the benefit of inbound call center or phone banking of the Bank & how can customer get benifit.PlzAns
the total cost of a sweater and a jacket is $85.11 . If the price of the jacket was $7.38 less than the sweate?
Where do retailers buy Iphones and Ipods from?
USPS tracking Stuck on Origin Post Is Prepairing Shipment?
Variable Cost and Fixed cost using High Low method?
what does in Transit mean?
do you think i'm pretty?
Pre-bankruptcy credit counseling question... How long is the phone call afterwards?
What stakeholders are affected by theft?
Can you make a lot of cash selling apps?
What is the difference between wage slip and payslip?
Can you guys make a list of top canadian construction companies?
How much is 12% out of $400,000?
Does this email from a buyer on Ebay sound like a rip off or could it be legit?
Does anyone believe Telekinisis is real? (Thats when you move things with u'r mind.)?
Where would be a good place to sell my phone that I don't want anymore?
Ebay Seller Continues To Increase Bid Price?
Has any one on here noticed one certain person on here who really needs help?
bad about scorpian males...?
Why do we Americans support Israel?
What are some ways to make additional income out of the home....?
Which gas is the most abundant in air making up over 77%?
Estimated US ground shipping time?
I have some silver flatware that say wma rogers oneida ltd is it worth any money?
What is the job (eg. Doctor, company owner, etc.) makes best money. And how much do they make? average?
How long does it take USPS service to deliver?
What are the risks of accepting personal checks?
Is £13,700 a good salary for Assistant Manager of a health club?
what is the difference between the terms secular and divine rights?
How can I get paid surveys of the company? Why should I pay for the programs?
I'm looking for a true crime book called "Zebra". It's about shootings in LA. Anyone know the author?
about foreign currency?
where can I get the gold dollar coins.?
which is better to do life insurance or save the money for the funeral?
USPS Status Not Updating?
what is beneficiary value date?
What would be the most popular job choice right now, and why is it so popular?
Using payback period as financial analysis tool which project to select?
office furniture in egypt ?
I lost my debit card.. What's the procedure to cancel & get a new one?
3+3=6what is that answer?
How can I tell if I still need to pay them?
How to raise $7K-$8K by next March?
Does anyone feel like the world is against them?
If you're able to earn 8 percent on securities of equal risks, what's the present value of the Bond?
what is the quickest and easiest way to get rich?
which types of music is best? Country, Rock, or Rap?
Does anyone know of a really good online wholesale store?
What habit(s) do you wish you could start?
Who is the Richest man now?
How to Get donation Money from users by SMS?
should I cuff the pant legs of a new suit?
How much could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck?
I stand alone before fifty Romans, none is before five, three inverted, and you are last?
partnership in commerce and their various types?
How much money do I need to make an hour to live off of?
Should I call Hollister Co.?
Should i buy a house or a manufatured home?
How can I sell my personal stuff?
What is the average amount of sleep you get a night?
Why do people judge so quick ?
How and where do you get wholesale items?
Can I be a model? I would like to be an Abercrombie or Hollister Model!?
how is it bad for a criminal to muder someone but alrigt for excutions?
Give three reasons why it is important to stay on top of payments and have proper billing procedure?
How fast do amazon ship your orders?
Help out with accounting problem?
Job for 14 year old?
How can I publish my fashion sketches in a Fashion magazine ?
what time does UPS delivers?
Ebay: Buyer paid but no funds in Paypal?
Guild Wars 2 Error 9?
What are some legit work at home jobs?
Got Vanilla card- Cant used to purchase online- What card can? And can I used it to purchase it online?
What month were you born in?
Can you recommend an estate planning attorney in San Diego North County?
sex video calling or being naked of pvt video is safe?
[urgent]what is budgeting on accrual basis?
What if you have a huge crush on someone but they don't even know you exist? How do I get then to notice me?
Please help me! Major problem!!!?
IPhone 4 information and costs please?
Check cashing at banks?
i would like to know some one who will buy good quality fabric sale from us?
can u really make money with those google packages or are they just scams?
a question about NPV and IRR, please help me.?
where can i get a 14k gold ROPE chain?
how to become a fat guy?
why do poeple ask stupid questions, ones that have really obvious answers?
I want to find out aweb site of a company in Germany called "MAL"?
Which one do u like the most? Lions or Tigers?
Is a bbguns4less 70 pounds mystery box good to get?
Where to get the most money for my 14K gold ring?
Recruited by Hollister..?
Answer these short questions on becoming an accountant?
How much do you think it would cost for a moving company to move...?
cashing cheques instantly?
Accounts Receivable when buying a business.....????
Hi...I need an idea. How much should I charge for baby sitting per hour?
In the topic of"evaluating ourself" May i know the text in the bible & supporting verses.God bless?
how to figure out my dreams.....?
How do u find the amount a percentage is?
question about currency bid rate. thanks?
Nationwide are going to stop people withdrawing less 30 pounds in the branch. Don't you think this is unfair?
is budgeting usefull in bussiness? or is't a waste of time?
What are advantages of BASF 1125 over BASF RM 918?
i keep getting phone calls from a debt collection agency UK?
does anyone asks/answers questions instead working?
Want to sell a Violin on Ebay, but don't know anything about it?
. or google. msn ? what do u prefer/?
Adjusting Entries are required at the end of the period to ensure that accrual accounting principles are appli?
What does the term 'prairie doggin' mean?
how much is $10k?