Do we eat to live or live to eat?
why a diamond color chart starts from D?
Sir, I BE mech,and also i finished my PIPING course. pls suggest me a best counsultancies for abroad/local.?
Is a Raccoon Dog a real animal?
How can I make 9 thousand dollars by the end of the year or, March 2013?
I have $10,000 that I don't wana touch4 4yrs, since I'm scared of my future, how can I make that grow?
Is it against the law to sell counterfeit, fake, or imitation clothes or sneakers?
I'm 13, and I'd appreciate it if someone explained 401k's to me, and the markets.?
i would like to know how much 5,000 pesos would be in US dollars?
Please,no monotheistic responses.What is the meaning of life?
What real estate company should i go with ?
where can i get good pictures of gold grills and diamond cutt?
What is the best state to live in for weather and retirement?
result of board exam?
what are some unique companies that make a lot of money?
Selling at Market a Call Option: Options Price in Illiquid Market?
Where can I find information about my dreams at night?
Do you think aliens exist?
How dose a courier service charge?
meaning for bid and ask price?
A Jim Carey movie, Simon Brich, can you tell me where can I get it?
Objective acheived or not?
Will Wamu still have the same type of overdraft protection after the switch to Chase?
What is the official reserves account and how is it used in the balance of payments?
love? what is love??
United States Postal Service Hourly Pay (PLEASE HELP)?
Is there an easy way of raising 250 pounds?
If you are an auditor, how does long term travel work?
a question of liability?
who likes chocolate??!!?
What are questions that your company should ask during a proposal debriefing?
Would an online community where you can ask questions about company start-ups help your new business?
Has answers increased your dating opportunities?
Do you think i'm hot far as my avatar?
Accounting!!!! Please!!!!?
was(is) Motley Crue a satanic band?
If You Could Be Anyone, Who Would You Be?
Is Marijuana worth more than gold?
What's the best way to make decisions?
What day is "Take Your Child to Work Day"?
I have some old record albums with labels that no lonnger exixt how can I find out if they are worth anything?
Where are they hiring now please help?
What state had the most Civil War battles ?
Do men think stretch marks are disgusting?
if i make 1,000 dollars a year how much do i make a month?
What should i wear to a metal concert?
what is the price of gold and silver by the oz?
Its friday its five somewere who's buying the first round?
I need $10 a month does any one have any idea's?
do i get money back from amazon or usps if my expedited shipped package is later than the 5 day mark?
How do I make £100 by tomorrow???
Is left 4 dead 2 worth the money?
Bankruptcy by an employer.?
how much is a Mexican One Centavo note issued in 1973 worth?
Can I work at Fred Meyers even though I'm only 15? ( I live in Washington State)
My single father made $64,000 last year, is that low income?
suitable name for an Real Estate Company?
i am desperate for money for xmas kids are going to wake up to 0 xmas morn need 1000.00 till tax time any ans.
am tring to find my ex-husband who has your daughter since she was 1 1/2 yrs old i could really use your help?
is there an alternative to evite to send e-invitations without ads? I'm willing to pay for a service.?
Can narcotic pain medication be the cause of swelling in my legs?
Why did steam charge me $35 dollars when i have not bought anything from them?
what is Jim Carrey's address?
Does retail forex traders suffer from similar biases from Forex brokers?
How do I calculate the average percentage on multiple lines of credit? Is that a weighted average?
Do you still sleep with a nightlight on?
Is there anyways that i can do an exchange on something without a receipt?
what is a good custom printing company, including custom tags?
What is the Meaning of Life?
Whats a $25 bond worth 18 years later?
How Do You??
what is partisan party?
So what happens when countries stop refusing to loan the USA more money?
how can itravel to the united state of america?
How does water compare to land?
Credit checks?
Applying for a job and i worked for tips previously. What should i put when they ask my previous starting wage
I'm down to my last $8. How should I spend them?
How to you measure stock (inventories)?
Finance Question please help really appreciate it god bless?
How much is $14.50 American if I changed it into Canadian dollars?
Whats the word that goes here? "ill pay you back 1000 dollars plus 200 __________"?
What should I do?
If you where 13 in this day in age what would you do with 350 dollars?
What is the project's NPV?
is volunteers required for MNC companies?
What is this Ebay Buyer from Brazil asking me?
If you pre-order something on Amazon and they increase the price, do you have to pay the increased price?
I have an aluminum jon boat with screw holes in the bottom how do I patch them so it won't leak water?
what is the current price elasticity of demand for milk?
If you have a choice,what would you like to be?
will i be a rich man?
a common issue that both service and manufacture sector firms?
is there any Sav-Ons Pharmecy open on chrismes Day?
Accounting Help For Upcoming Exam?
When someone collects an eBay item, what do you do about P&P?
Overnight shipping: ordered at 10 p.m.?
How long does UPS rush delivery take?
HELP! I ordered a package from Amazon, and it's being sent to my old address! Will it end up coming to me?
What is the worse thing that can happen if USA does not pay back chinese loans and starts to manufacture it's?
will my CPCS card qualify me for a costco membership card?
How should I understand whether a company has delivered good/bad Qtrly Financial Results? Pls read details?
How do you tell a friend that her boyfriend is asking you on dates?
How can i check to see if someones online even if their page says they are not?
what is your sign?which sign is stronger?
my dad is only gets 800.00 for disability how could he apply for more assistant?
Legitimate links/books that give advice on how to start a stripper company?
Anyone ever ordered anything from 6ave Electronics in New Jersey? How are they to deal with and reputation?
Is the correct abbreviation for a Million dollars one upper case M or two upper case M's ?
How does a debit card work exactly?
I failed a drug test for a drug that i havent even taken how did this happen?
Accounting . Please need help!!?
USPS Envelop Missent Twice?
Who is Robbie Williams?
what is bjcim?
I got my nose pierced a few months ago. How do I take the ring out to change it?
I'm rich and bored?
How much salary should I ask for?
Do you like hollister?
Would you believe a guy that said he wasnt interested in sex?
can i combine 28 best buy e-gift cards?
how do i tell a guy dat i dont want to date him? BUT I KISSED HIM!?
What are 1993 rubles worth & can they be exchanged for US currency in the New Orleans area?
When do out for delivery status appear on UPS tracking?
Where is the best place to get a grant for a non for profit business?
I need to find statistics for the average time it takes to recruit a new employee. Any ideas welcome...?
Help with accounting problem?
What is your worst fear? and why?
what is the most powerful assault rifle?
I need help with this?
If someone says "whoa nelly", what kind of animal are they talking about?
fund flow statement in ascertaining hidden information.?
A debit is a negative entry. True False?
A table lamp retails at £23-50p...What was the cost before VAT was added to the lamp?
How do I beat Bank of America?
Where would I purchess a 1973-75 Honda 750 k4 charging system for my motorcycle?? thanks moomermail73?
Merchandise with a sales price of $500 is sold on account with term 2/10, n/30. The journal entry to record t?
Why the hell is my order on Amazon gonna cost so much to ship?
what are crocodiles tears?
What is your favorite color?
iv got bad credit no money and alot of bills to pay what loan company is easy?
What's going on with British Business and the economy?!?
The Great Depression of October 29, 1929; black Tuesday:...?
How much is my savings bond worth?
Stores That Buy Used Items (Not Online)?
Read my riddle, I pray, What God never sees, what the king seldom sees, what you and I see every day.?
How much does it cost to legally copy a CD for retail?
why is it so important for the postal service to have a high volume of mail to process?
is money everything in life???
i want to sell my gold jewelry and need help calculating....?
Basic accounting question?
How do I get to know about any engineering company which require partner in India ?
coupon rate and bid price?
How do I send a letter by certified mail?
What time does sixflags fright fest begin?
Is getting a real estate license now a good idea?
Major in Accounting? Need Pro Help?
dollar's price in tehran?
Why do you answer in
why can't I find an image of Teufelhunden, the 'Devil Dog' that is a part of Marine Corps lore?
Accounting: Financial Statements?
Accounting and Finance?
Does anyone REALLY belive that Methuselah was 969 yrs. old?
Can someone help me find my package?! Preferably someone who works for USPS?!?
how does a line graph make it easy to see changes in time.?
I have a friend who wants to imports medical supplies from China to Iran, do you know what is the best way ?
what is a garet trooper in the army?
Long question about potential job easy 10 points?
HOW AND I TALK TO A boy that is really hot and is POULAR andI not?
Does the 'KING' from Burgerking scare anyone? lol.?
USPS Electronic Shipping Info Received?
Which business field is more suited for me?
Cost of Capital and Working Capital?
wat do you do if you and a co-worker like each other but both are married?
Can you carry out a public private partnership without using a special purpose vehicle?
from where i can do icwa ? please name the institutions.?
What is your favoriate holiday?
DSA Finance - How much money do I get?
How do i start off an income statement?
How to figure out shipping rates?
accounting help! after general ledger, trial balance isn't even?
Bond pricing help? What is the price of this bond?
Tanks and Bradley?
How many emails do you send a day?
Need help with accounting homework, can you help?
how to get rich how to get rich?
How much does Homebargains pay?
Is there a website out there that lets you send in your resume for anyone interested to see?
Accounting source document help?
How to Make $100 in a day?
Does anyone like the name Cassie?
Whats the cheapest way for me to ship a one page document from baltimore, md to boston MA tomorrow....?
Does UPS ship tomorrow?
How much is my 1971 20 dollar bill worth?
anyone know a loan place for a construction loan with very bad credit in ohio?
were can i buy gold for dirt cheap to sell for profit?
How do you ask your parents for money?
How do you get a grant from the government?
i'm on a $20 budget help!?
So, how do you become a millionaire in say, 1 years time.?
Do you like $ Dollar?
You are given ONE BILLION DOLLARS. However, you must spend it within one hour? How would you go about it?
if noise is not definitive, why is it them measured in decibels from 0-130?
How much the iphone 5 monthly bill?
What is the best cheapest way to receive secure online payments?
Does anyone know if D.F.H (debt free helpline) are a legitimate company?
Is there a way to get my money out of Edward Jones, expedited by a court order?
What is the name of Bel Air (or Raley's) award for great customer service?
Explain Warren Buffet's forward contract with the government in 2002?
Where can i get a knitted sweater with my photo on ?
marshall company issued bonds payable with a coupon rate of 8%, maturing in 5 years with a face value of 12,00?
use d=50t if d= 200 miles, find t?
what date does reg postage go up and to what price from .42 to ?
I bought a 14K white gold band for $60 (on sale so $45) that is 100% real. Did I get a good deal?
Will buyer's remorse work in my situation? Or am I screwed?
who earns more money?A computer software programmer or a general medical doctor?how much?
how do i find free peolpe search without a credit card?
how hard is CFA exam?
New barcode scanner help and fast please?
With a Rapid inflation in Brazil causing the cruzeio to lose its ablity to function as money?
i need a person that help me about acid sludge plz.?
An important refund question on eBay!?
does any one love lamas?
How many liters is 769 g of water?
Does it cost money to sell stuff?
what is currency risk management all about?
"Milestones" is a term used by a project manager as a 'bump in the road' or a problem that has to be overcome.?
You have a customer purchasing $10.00 worth of products. Then you add 8% sales tax. Whats the total?
Why is it that a person with religious beliefs are made fun of and debated with, by non-religious person?
Where can I find information about Canada's recession and the effects it had on Construction Businesses?
What's the next great invention?
Will my mom ever stop yelling at me?
how cold is it in antartica?
where could you buy a leather jacket with led lights or a website to make one similar to Chris Jericho's one?
How do you get a bf?
Accounting Help please verify?
How to calculate the depreciation expense?
Accounting Question on Bad Debt Expense!?
What are the fees or charges aside from ocean freight that an exporter needs to pay in the Philippines?
who the hell is tmti ltd?
What are two situations in which most economist view a budget deficit as justifiable?
delivering courier??
Where can I buy a solid gold phone case?
Do you like it when people stare at you?
Is Chase converting Circuit City cards?
I have more than 80% of a twenty dollar bill , no one will take it...?
How can I make easy money online?
Is non toxic paint biodegradable?
is there a way to "merge" gift cards?
help!where can minors cash their checks in nyc?
Accidentally refused UPS package?
If she spends all of her income on lemons and tangerines, Isabella can just aord 30 lemons and?
is a porter cable model 892 router a good choice for a router table?
has any one got messages from australian company indicating tha you have won an amount of australian dollar .?
What is the difference between a dime and 10 cents?
I am a painting contractor and want to hire a full time helper?
What are the risks selling something on Paypal?
what can i buy with 2 dollars?
what sould do for the first date?
My parents have a lot of stamps to sell,so nd a trustworthy dealer/buyer pls?
Should i buy a house or a manufatured home?
on a check, does the value need to be there?
Where do I find past EPS (earnings per share) and past P/E (price-to-earnings ratio)?
Is there a way for online businesses to accept debit and credit payments into an Egold (or similar) account?
I heard Best Buy had a promotional coupon for Star Wars the Force Unleashed....where can I get it?
what is a tampon?
Where did the $50 billion from the Madoff Ponzi scheme go? Who spent it?
How much does a local 3 elevator apprentice make?
Where can I order just 100 custom pencils that ship fast for cheap?
How do they put the red swirly stripes in peppermint candies?
If God can do do anything...Can he create a doughnut so large that he could not eat it?
What is a bank bill rate?
What does INC stand for?
My friend (girl)is going to stay the night with me, where should she sleep?
Accounting- Why do we close accounts? What if we don't? How does it affect a business?
What is the nutritional value of huckleberries compared with blueberries?
Calculate the earnings of common stock?
For economists:When & why have so many U.S. jobs & companies moved overseas,especially to China?
If the internet were made illegal in your country - would you still go on-line?
Can a business change an invoice after you paid and then send a new bill?
is it possible to get a job when your are 13 years old?
What does it mean if a business is leaner and meaner?
what can i do on my birthday this april help please?
how can i earn money through internet?
*Easy Points* What days are not Business days?
is 14 dollars an hour a good starting wage for a high school grad?
Is PayPal save to sign up?
i think that im being harassed at work,but not sure.What do i need to do?
I have medical bill for 700 from 2009. how long can they try to collect?
Do you believe in Jesus, and that you can only get to the father (God) through him??
What book are you reading now? Is it good?
Is this a scam from craigslist?
If I sold a shoe and accidentally sent the wrong size do I have to both refund the original & return shipping?
Is e-commerce [electronic-commerce] just online dealing? Online buying and selling?
If people stare at me and say that i am fine do they really like me?
Where do dollar bills go after they are made?
Why don't all large business combine into one?
i need to get a claim form to find out to track down a lost money order that have not been cashed that is lost
Accounting: Correcting Journal Entries?
There are many ways of making money online but what are the kits or programs online that make most money ?
wo is the first president of the us ?
Post office - FCM LTR CR C002 A DPS?
How much would a postal order be for something £110?
Legit ways to make money online.?
Lost my gas bill (CA)?
What I most to do to stop smoking?
im 12 and im live in Perth wa and i want a paper route but they are all saying that they want 14 yr olds help?
Why do people believe in a god, why not themselves or others?
Question about Ebay shipping cost?
how much percent is reasonable to increase salary from the industry average?
Does this EBAY seller look legit?
How accurate is USPS tracking?
STRAATEN RoboVac : Product of Poor Qulaity distributed by American Appliances Ptd Ltd. better don't buy it.
Do you think this person on ebay is trying to scam me?
At the end of the fiscal period, prepaid expenses are reported on the income statement as expenses. true?
Why do some merchants require a minimum purchase of 5 or 10 dollars for card transactions?
Prior to filing bankruptcy, business issued me a check - which then bounced (due to bankruptcy). Help...?
CU@Home online banking question?
Did AIG give those Catastrophic Bonuses away during a party?
How much does UPS ground cost? Actual price, dont link to their website please.?
How do I stop Toucan Telecom from phoning me all the time, trying to persuade me to change my telecom supplier
Best Question of The Day ?
How to find the growth rate of real GDP per person? HELP please?
Consumers didnt send us our bill for a while and our bill is more than we thought?
research studies on food sanitation in foodservice?
accounting quiz. Please help it's due today!?
Should I repost a question if it hasn't been answered?
Names of the Countries in European Union?
How much is 10 pounds in uk?
how many stamps are needed to send an envelope from chicago to indianapolis?
UPS package botched......!?
reliable part time home based business?
How much is 15,000 quid in US dollars ?
If you are comparing the 2010 income statement numbers with the income statement numbers from 2009 and 2008, y?
Why did malta join the euro if the maltese lira was the second most valued currency in the world?
is there any1????????
Reccomendations for sites, applictions, tv shows, books, ect. on which currency I should buy and when?
No one can give me the correct ANSWER FOR THIS RIDDLE! HELP PLZ?
How much will it cost?
Date and Time conversion help needed?
Can I have an item shipped to the UPS store instead of my house?
Vanilla Derivatives Question?
help running a raffle?
Where can I get a $50000 loan with an income of $1200?
How much money would I make if I worked Tuesday-Friday from 10am - 4pm and I made $9.50 per hour every 2 weeks?
If I order a bunch of beanies off of eBay do I have to pay shipping on all of them?
comparism and contrast between writing and speech?
Is it illegal for banking institutions to do this?
How do you get a girl to like you?
Should I take Economics first or Accounting?
how can i best help a friend who has multiple personality disorder?
Question about delivery from amazon?
entrepreneurial culture and the british economy? business studies homework, help?
I wanted to know if anybody knew where to get free money for an anpartment and furniture, I am a college stu.?
how do i find 6% of £900?
is it possible? what does everyone else do?
how can i be rich,iam poor?
Accounting help?
Need another answer?
what is this question thing??? i an\m so confused?
If i wanted to work from home, sealing and sending envelopes, without any outlay, which company do i contact?
Help! I need someone with a good heart.?
how to calculate cost.?
What are some legitimate examples of overt test questions on an employee honesty/integrity test?
Can anyone think of any names for a common currency for North America besides "Amero"?
Doing te will harm to our health or not?
do i have to sign the back of my jury duty check?
Is Sean Astin a Christian?
Help needed? I need to answer why I left my old company for interview?
assume that the 120,000 tons of ore were mined but 90,000 were sold how are the costs applicable to unsold?
What industry has the greatest potential to give birth to a new Bill Gates? or a Trillionaire?
who is Bord?
$650 A customer uses a $20 bill at a self check-out register to pay for products totaling $14.50. The custome?
i have a new 5 dollar bill its 06 series ?
the check was for federal and international taxes, with a guarantee that i will get 69,000. what should i do?
Harrassed by debt company when husband away!?
i need to become a powerful billionaire. what is a good way to do this within 10 years?
How much could this jacket sell for?
Where can I get money for my next fix?
If I live in the U.S can I buy things from the U.K?
How to know if a web site is trusted when i try to purchase something?
accounting please help?
Has making money on the internet realistically and without magic?
Has anyone ever used USPS Priority Mail to Botswana? If so, how long did it take?
Where do I buy a Civil War dress?
what does asdas checkout assistants get paid by the hour?
I have a lot of wheat pennies. I want to know how much they are worth. I have a 1795, a 1796, and a 1946.?
Auto Finance Super Center?
My computer isnt letting me sign into my other name, how can I get on it?
How hard does Bank of America suck? (scale of 1-100)?
Reduction in a receivable or payable if it is paid within the discount period.?
reviews on merchants who use ecommerce?
where can i get details for preparing project for new business?
need help with medicals bill?
How can a Russian citizen trade on NASDAQ in Russia?
What is a "metro rate" at the YMCA?
how much does it cost to air a commerical during Lost?
What can I get my mother for her 80th birthday? She pretty much has everything she wants or needs.?
Is there a web site where you can check the exchange rate of the world currency?
Where to find Rules/conditions for Best Buy Black Friday Deals?
Can you buy a gift card with a gift card?
is USPS outgoing mail (from usa to europe) subject to customs clearance?
how do i get a zipcod?
Where can I get master card?
How long will it take a package to be delivered to the u.s from Korea by Economy mail?
Help with payroll checks?
what is the difference between a c-pap @ a bypap machine?
i like my girlfriends roommate ... how do i pull off a switch?
how can I get an email address for my son?
what's the best way to learn how to parallel park?
what is the routing # and the sift code of the china bank of Ozamis City??
What happens if a buyer says... (ebay)?
How much is 1 pound worth in US dollars?
doug murray i am looking for?
I have a web site and it doesn't show up in the search engine of . How do we get it published on there?
cam4 making money experiences?
Where's Waldo?
I accidently put a package meant for USPS in a UPS box, Whats gonna happen &what should I do?
definition of white-collar city....definition of blue collar city?
Why should people rate videos if secretly, young people will be able to watch it?
What does it mean when a woman purposely shows her tongue? At first just the tip, not meant as insult?
Question about my UPS package..?
who is the smartest person in the world?
Who is the tallest man in earth?
how did you guys find out about this site?(the one that u r on now)?
Question About An Inheritance?
What do I got to do to get to Level 2?
What are the most favourite Diwali Gifts?
The primary focus for financial accounting is to provide information useful for ?
Who can explain me what is Bitcoin mining and how can I do it?
Is there a way to pay with cash online?
Where do shoe stores buy their shoes?
Can you return items to Costco without a receipt?
What are the requirements to model for Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, etc.?
how can we gaurantee that CHINESE products especially cosmetics are safe, serve the purpose, even if cheap.?
What year did MSA buy out Cairns & Bros?
Where can I work at 15?
USPS website is showing this message?
Does anyone think ! Answers Open Questions are getting ludacris every minute?
did you know any dictionary web where i can find canadian history words?
Please can you write a Personal statement for me, not big but ill give the info :D?
how i can become rich man?
We are looking for a reliable embedded solutions partner who can offer timely deliveries.?
Why didn't the jews accept that Jesus was/is the Son of the Living God?
im 13 how do i make alot of money in a short time?
im experience with customer service and receptionist jobs, how can i name/ title my resume?
how are 401ks taxed for beneficiaries?
i won an ebay listing but buyer sold to someone else and im out of pocket?
find rate of return on 8% coupon, 10 year maturity bond with yield of 9% and a year later the yield is 10%.?
what to sell???????????
take the reward or not?
What is the most important form of money used in UK, and how is it created?
what are the qualities of good customer services person?
i need money to pay my bills only for this month. any companies that bail out on one time basis?
Accounting- Reclassifying Journal Entries?
I need a business name. Any ideas?
i have a misprinted one dollar bill 1984 series what is it worth or how do i find out?
How much is 8million euros in US dollars?
Where can I sell my books?! ?
How much is 170 in pesos?
what is the "bank" most government empoloyees use?
Describe a situation that you experienced where communication went wrong because the non-verbal behaviour sent?
Interview - What are your Aims?
Who is the most eccentric person you know?
Can This Happen on Ebay?
did anyone know when i could buy hollister and albercromebie @ the cheap price.?
How can you turn from geek to super popular?
How would you iron something in industry? PLEASE HELP, GCSE AT STAKE.?
How you can make money on the Internet?
Did you realize that there is a lot of info about you on YA?
accounting questions...need help?
i want to trade in otc and pink sheet which broker offers the cheapest brokerage plan ?
Can i put the post office for my billing address?
What is the advantage of family plan?
Didn't get a job as in-store model at Hollister?(pics)?
last answer wins?
The accounting cycle, please help?
How much is 1000 Mille Francs converted to Peso?
can someone give me advice on how to ask a police officer (best friend) for his email?
Is there a web site for grandparents who are raising their grandchilren?
Do you save your loose change? I do.?
how much will it cost to send a postal order of £99?
If you ship something first class mail, how fast will it get here?
If you are closer to where a product is being shipped from, will it get to you within a smaller amount of days?
Why not start using the world 'Milliard'?
Can any one write me whom to contact to install windmill in tamilnadu,is this a profitable business.?
why does MAC cosmetics have a purchase limit?
What is a good name for a Dollar Store?
I found a check someone wrote 12 years ago can I still cash it?
what should I keep from profit?
Which is it ne'r do well or ne'er do well? Please vote. I was given both answers as the correct phrase.
need advice catching a shoplifter?
what is 'age balance'?
USPS First Class Mail? Estimated Delivery?
Im 18 and have my first job interview next week . . . would anybody be able to share any tips with me?
Where can I get a job, give me a list.?
what is askmenow?
how much is my bill this month?
can you pay a cheque into your NatWest account with out your card, or a paying in book?
I have a item that is worth $1,859 and i sold it for $2,325 how much of increase did i make in percentage?
internet banking?
How do i persuade someone to follow expenses procedures?
Lying about work experience. Will this work?
Who would live in a house like this?
what is not a difference between a retail business and a service business ?
Does anyone know how much money a Recording Engineer makes???
Does minimum advertised price apply to other currencies like bitcoin or euros? (California,USA)?
If Jesse Ventura runs with Ron Paul they will smash the competition?
What is the difference between a conference and exhibition?venues charge double for the same room for an exhib
Preston Lord Enterprises Mailing Special Letters?
Anyone who sells taylor swift merchandise? with cheaper shipping fee?
my dog ate a WHOLE shoe. and keeps puking it up and eating it again, should i worry?
If your babysitting babies how can you make them listen??
Banned from a store help?
How much of a down payment would i have to put down for a 4000 dollar car?
Can someone steal money from your bank account with just your social security?
what is the best way to get a green card in canada?
Cashiers Check Deposit Question?
Doing a language major at university?
66 Euros in change - does anyone know how much that would be in sterling?
Trying to expand my new business. Anyone know of any good denim skirt wholesale suppliers?
Has anybody ever seen this site? How good is it!?
Im scared to grow up ?
If a person calls you fake what does that mean?
MY visa debit card charges 25 to activate yearly not for the card but for the reward program?
how can i raise my IQ??
Someone who knows about trademarking, HELP ME?!??!?
is it better 2 shave or wax?
Help with percentages in accounting? D:?
I'm looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.?
what can i do about my lil sister read and help me?
How long does UPS standard shipping take on average?
What is the worst drug you have ever tried?
Can i use two visa prepaid cards to pay for something online?
Where can I get my jewelry evaluated for free?
USPS Envelop Missent Twice?
What about when a Time share Company says that they can call you 150 times, because your a third party?
Shipping from new jersey to italy.?
Whats the average salary for someone who works in Retail in the USA?
How long of a wait for a payment from an eBay buyer justifies negative feedback?
Can you convert a check that's in US dolars to canadian dollars, then deposit it?
how do i convert dollars in to pounds?
What is this called in accounting?
how are you?
How do I get people to answer my unanswered questions? (the moderately difficult ones)?
What classic rock song has a line in it that says "pawns on a chessboard?"?
How do you create a six month sales plan?
please help! Cost equation problem. A repair company charges a fixed amount plus an hourly rate for a ....?
Will my direct deposit be re-routed to my new account?
how to claim back a impound fee if i was not charged?
How Can I Make Quick Money In 2 Weeks LEGALLY?
Do you think cussing is wrong?
right to privacy and the blogger?
factors of production vs four era of businesses?
Can i set up a construction company for the purpose of controlling finances and hire individuals or companies?
What should I do about my boss who expects me to spoon feed him day in and day out - I have had enough!?
Accounting question?
Is this an eBay scam as I suspect?
how many web can we buy rs gold from??
What is a good job for me to do where I can be mean to people?
what is the full form of ICICI bank?
Why customer satisfaction starts with Human Resource? ?
What is my 20 dollar bill from 1950 worth?
trying to find good used clothing for womev in size 32-34?
If something is considered 'priceless' questions?
What is the purpose of PayPal ?
What is your opinion on underage smokers?
How much do independent rig truck drivers make? And $$$ breakdown?
Can tips be held back by Employer?
My son's manhood?
If a stranger tickles u, would u laugh?
what do u do if you think you like your best friend and you know they like you?
abercrombie employee HELP?
What is a good way a 14-year old can make money?
I keep calling this fat girl on the phone and I can not stop?
Any other better "Money Conversion" Sites then...?
Can I buy something from UK with a US card?
How many u.s dollars can i get if i change in a jamaican 100 hundred dollar bill?
Why are hippos so cool?
What mint produced St. Gauden 20 dollar Gold Coins?
Can you tell me about Bankers Life and Casualty Company?
Will gold pricing continue to increase over the next few years?
how do you delete previous websites that you've been on???
How good/reliable is Ebay?
What should I do with 1,000 dollars?
What is there to do in Oklahoma? Anyone from Oklahoma out there?
Why have I received a letter stating that my previous employer has filed bankruptcy?
how much should i charge for a handmade eyemask?
How to down load ovi store applications by phone bill help me?
How much would i get for pawning?
What do you think about Circuit City closing?
has anyone raised a dispute in paypal and what was the outcome?
Why am i so unattractive?
what is the population of china?
how to easily make a music video?
Why do we let the price of gas change so often?
how much is the price of gas where you live.?
In what country did WWW Begin?
Why do we always have an answer or advice for others, but can never answer are own questions or problems?
I sent an e-mail to spam by accident. How can I continue to get mail from this person? I want mail from them s
Where do Amazon UK ship from?
who first said "husbands are like pancakes you throw the first one out"?
discuss how values differ from vision.?
Is it good to have some music played in the office during working hours? what are the implications to staffs?
Where can I find those tiny ziploc bags?
The retained earnings statement shows all of the following except:?
What Jobs Make The Most Money?
Accounting Help Please!?
PayPal Credit Card Question?? Please help!!?
why did the soviet union collapse?
Okay, my cat is losing his hair! Any suggestions on what is going on?
how much is your water,gas, electric?
What is 20% of 5000 dollars ? ?
how would you spend $10,000,000 in one week.?
Who manufacturers Craftsman tools?
Help me to make moto of our company.?
How to Calculate Disposable Income?
Money order question for you?
what sells well one ebay?
how much does it cost to make a dollar?
I need some business advice for my situation !?
What would you do in this scenario?
are there girl preditors?
who recalls a bacs to wrong account?
1860s currency... real or fake?
Does Best Buy do mail-in rebates on phones? ?
What is the privacy laws for mortgage brokers?
concert tickets on ebay?
How much is the worth of a gold medal?
Can I get in trouble at work for having a loan place call to verify that I work there?
is it true that u can make money by taking online surveys?
How can I get Circuit City's client list?
Compute the number of units sold in 2012.?
How do I get in contact with Osama bin Laden?
How much is 10 Pesos?
in which city sun rises first?
how do i quit my job?
What is "LOCKHEED MARTIN IMS" doing on my statement?
Want to sell nike's which USPS shipping method do i choose?
There is an email came to me calming that i won the lottery. How can i find out if it is real?
Why are there so many weirdos on here pretending to be little kids?
where i can get sheet metal perforating machine?
what is 's incoming and outgoing mail server?
Describe the history of Economics from the Industrial Revolution to the Present.?
Who is the owner of PAPEMELROTI? PLEASE!?
In pharmaceutical manufacturing what does the acronym LPR mean?
What are some of the best deals you get at the dollar store?
New name for sandwich shop?
Actually my dad passed away during hajj. Want to know if really he will receive hajj every year +i ts reward
what do they mean in banking by ccd?
how to obtain profit sharing funds?
what should ai do when my husband is out of town (iraq)????
What is Barmuda triangle?
best way to exchange dollars for euros and get best exchange rate?
which came first the chicken or the egg?????
A customer wants to cash a tax refund check for $1000. If the fee is 3% How much would the customer get back?
Where can i keep a large amount of boxes seceretly?
do I have to have my phone number printed on my personal checks?
How much would a Iphone 4s monthly bill cost if i had unlimited texting and 450 minutes calling?
Can 'shipping and handling' pay to manufacture?
What's the best way to ship a baseball hat?
Should I rent or buy in California?
if you could go back and change one thing in your past, what would it be?
What are some methods for better concentration?
I need to make a budget. So I know what I am spending and where. Just what do I do?
is 50 dollars for a ounce of weed a good deal?
UPS (United States Postal) "Will Call"?
what transpired in asia before the outbreak of world war I?
more accounting questions?
Why do I keep getting rejected by model agencies?
What is currently the highest earning MLM company in Malaysia?
What are the benefits and contraints of having a contract?
what business has the phone number of 8772228417?
Can you translate?
i want to earn £5000-£10.000 online in a month, to pay off student debt?
where can a 15 year old work?
What’s better for your credit buying a car cash or getting a loan and making payments?
is it illegal for someone to start a company using another company's ingredients?
I have a piggy bank full of change. Will the bank count it out?
Have You ever been Handcuffed?
i cant get only music and the lyrics on songs without the vocals for like the song toxic!!Help!?
What should I expect in a Best Buy Interview?
Is there a way to prevent or get rid of a double chin?
Classify the account listed below under the balance sheet headings of Asset, Liability or Shareholders' equity?
What should I name my baby?
does anyone know how to gain quality work in the labor or security field in iraq?
what does this mean for unemployment benefits?
How many generations do you go back to determine your true nationality? Parents? Grandparents? further?
business/finance question?
Are there any community forums out there that is like Craigslist?
What is the life expectancy for an occasional smoker?
worked for auto dealership with 5000 monthly guarantee?
research and review the current regulations on biotechnological products in Canada. Write a position paper?
Do you know anybody who got taken by the Nigerian scam?
If the people next door don't listen to your request to please turn down the volume and they party?
Is there a fun place to go out with my friends in austin even though they arent all 21?
The Grand Canyon is in?
What do you think of Mont Blanc pens as a gift?
i want some NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN tribe names plzzzzzz?
Smart Business Minds Needed: Help me value a Dance business I'm thinking of Buying - Thanks!?
How to get people to buy something from you.?
will the US dollar ever recover?
What happens if your billing address doesn't match the address on a credit card/bank debit card?
Where is fox24?
Is $3 dollars a week from your mom a good idea?
take_me1st where do you live?
Working at Hollister?
Was Helen Keller born blind and deaf?
How much does the government usually pay monthly for people with a disability?
How many postal stamps do I need to send a letter from Texas to Canada by first class mail?
should we sell the business or partnership? Getting ripped off?
Is the American Dollar value going down in British Pound Sterlings?
can i sue the company if my pay check is delayed all the time?
i have this friend she has psoriasis what can she do a about it please help?
Looking for an Operating lease that allows for realization of capital gains. Any ideas?
Is it possible that euro currency may collapse?
How long will it take for a Cashier's Check to arrive through snail mail from Malaysia to US?
Is there a way to prevent or get rid of a double chin?
Where to find free budgeting software to manage personal finances. Anyone know of free online or free software?
Selling books on amazon?
how to delete my registered number on pinger?
how long does 2nd Class Delivery take?
do you think that the author of the muhammed cartoons should apologize?
Hello Friends?
which course is better for freshers in recent market,DOT NET or PHP?
how do i be a good person and forget scary things?
what is a mechanics lien?
Can I buy/sell on ebay with a Green Dot card?
hoe many levez are they on answers?
What is a good Twitter feed for the LIBOR scandal?
Any pearl experts out there?
Does a university count as a business delivery for ups?
How many of u are in band?
What topic would you like to ask now?
Is there a way to find out what company is calling me with just the phone number?
who was the golden globe winner for Best Actor in a drama in 1990?
I am sending a letter and in it is 8 quarters. Will I need to put extra postage on and if so how much?
how to calculate interest charged?
What are some ways market participants/institutions (Government, Banks, Corporations) hedge currency risk?
help with ups package?
how to avoid been tracked on company phone?
How does realisation concept influence accounting measurement?
on average, how much would 2 people spend on groceries every month?
Why we study ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ?
How do I do a sales day book?
How to get specification sheet on equipment MB-60 Mastercare Sit Bath?
I need a template with headings for terms of references.?
what is the best way to help tired sore feet...i work as a cashier and can't ever sit down...?
Why are debt collectors so reluctant to send a physical copy of your bill?
Are you in debt too?
How do I ship this package?
If it cost more than a penny to make a penny...?
Some women are beautiful dressed in men's clothing, so why don't men look handome wearing women's clothing?
Why hasn't USPS re-delivered my package yet?
Can you buy US Visa gift/prepaid cards from other countries?
How much per item and what CPL in business means?
How can I find Emma Watson´s e-mail, phone nr. and address?
Do you ever feel like you were born a generation too late?
should I break yp with my boyfriend because I like someone else?
I can't get connected to the citibank online site to pay bills, why isn't it letting me on?
Post delivery - what time does your post come?
How much money would it cost just to buy a phone and keep the same plan that i had with ATT?
Who is the highest paid person in the world?
Good investment offer from Ina. Are you interest?
International Business - physical capital-intensive products?
How can I ship a 4.5 pound package to Brazil for a low price?
What is the biggest note you can get in GBP?
Anyone have a recommendation for an investment brokerage in Seattle?
can i get your opinon?
Help i havent received my checks in 4 weeks in my mail?
how much does PG&E charge per kilowatt?
Can somebody tell me all about ??
What jobs are mostly available in America..?
how much money does Coca cola pay its employees?
How do you save money...?
HELP? does anybody know how Aarons exchange policy works?
LIFO Problem help please...having difficulty?
how much do i weight { get it right and i will vote your the best?
When writing a check, to an organisation, who do you write it to?
Why is a Desktop background called a Wallpaper?
what is your hair color?
Where can I find legitimate blogs that pay?
Can I still write checks even though I'm in Chex Systems?
whose is the richest men in the world?
I sold something on eBay, but the buyer isn't able to pay with PayPal?
what keeps riders from falling out of their seats on a looping roller coaster?
How long does it take for Abercrombie & Fitch to call back?
how do i find wi courts sysyems for in jail and warrents in wisconsin?
how good is to hire someone smart?
critically assess in depth the risks that derivatives are creating in financial products/portfolios?
Why is it so hard for people to say Thank You, Your Welcome, and Excuse Me?
What can I sell that don't have any or only minimal regulations?
who can make me rich?
Credit or debit accounting help?
how do you vote for people I am trying to?
What are the first two letters in the alphabet?
Does the check ever get cashed if the store did not keep it?
how can i stop being a gold digger?
Exchange rate how much?
Who would most likely use stocks?
Does anyone out there ever feel like this??
If life exists on earth, do you think there are life on other planets? Also, do you believe in Ufo's?
what numbers should i play for the lottery?
Why wouldn't the post office let me get a tracking number with media mail? requires a tracking #!!!?
I want to find the monk t.v. show.?
How to send mail for 65-cent postage?
What do you think to this (benifits in the uk)?
Fixed overhead cost include?
Can anyone give me any ideas about how to make enough money to buy an ipad?
What are some ways to buy used items at the lowest price to sell for a profit using the internet?
Query on finance problem.?
On Amazon, what does 'ship carrier' mean?
Where can I find information about Canada's recession and the effects it had on Construction Businesses?
why is the ZZZZZZZ associated with sleeping?
Urgent: Purchasing machinery from India?
What is the currency for each of these places?
what is the history of the property at 256 e emerling ave in akron ohio?
Glue and screws are variable costs in a furniture company?
What can I do if I have been sexually abused and all the abuse come from relatives and friends of the family?
If you inherited a million dollars........?
An accountancy question, please help me? :)?
what is the matrix?
How do homeless people get jobs?
how much money is it per child at center parcs?
what does DSL stand for?
I would like to find a police report on someone.How do I go about doing this?
Guild Wars 2 gold buying ban?
Please finish 31=4-9y ok get y by itself how?
what's a good legal way to make extra money?
Question about Currency Conversion?
Does anyone have a birthday that is the same day as month??
Where can I find market information?
how is a letter of credit circulate?what is its purpose?
How to get price-earnings ratio?
A Question about cashing old money orders?
A week starts with a Sunday or a Monday?
How much money can you wire without having to provide a social security number?
Why ambitious people marry later?
What would a set of five, plus two extra, Indian head two and a half dollar 1923-1927 gold coins be worth?
pre ordered iphone 5 on 19th will it really take 3 weeks to ship?
does have a vehicle protection program where you send them the money and then they send it to seller?
HELP I NEED a lot OF HELP!!!!!! what are some good fundraisers to try to raise money?
I need paypal money help?
what's a beezy?
What are you addicted to?
Who is eligible for Boscov's VIP sales?
how many numbers are'real tho?
2 Multiple Choice Accounting factor?
What does a bond quote of 72.5 represent in dollar terms?
what do you all really look like?
Are practicumers or an on-the-job-trainees entitled of a 13th month pay?
what's the smallest value of money that you would pick up from street?
Stock trading, investing, etc..?
Prepare a cash budget?
I ordered a package on Tuesday will it be here by Friday?
What the Difference between technology ,infotech and solutions?
what does 'no reserve' mean on ebay items?
how do I find out how much a bank makes from loaning my money with interest ?
which country is the cheapest to manufacture clothes?
how can i go back to school and learn grammar if I'am financially uncapable?
If you had $100 spending money on anything what would you buy?
how much is £28.00 in usd?
How do I account for useful life of fixed assets?
I am a 19 year old female who weighs 130 pounds and Im 5 foot 2 inchesI also wear a size 7 is this overweight?
why is the sky blue?
How long does it take for a check deposit to be verified from two different banks?
When is a bill considered late?
What is the coolest last name?
Do you believe aliens exists and why?
do you sleep on the same side of the bed every night?
Jobs please help Im in need of money?
How to get the price lower?
How to find the Gross Profit and Price Earnings ratio?
I need to find statistics for the average time it takes to recruit a new employee. Any ideas welcome...?
why do men cheat on there pregnant girlfriens?
where is the best place to live and work in 2006?
In What format can i get a person to sign a statement saying i live with them, i need to verify my address?
need to find mandela bay casino-las veags, nv employment thanks!?
Someone with accounting experience please help. Not necessarily looking for answers but more on the formulas?
Does the book of Mormon mention poligamy?
Why does fedex need to know how much my package is worth for clearance delay?
what is your opinion about Islam.?
Accounting help PLZZZZZZZZZZZ?
what is a 0 hour contract?
what name should you obtain baptism?
Paypal question???????
Provisional patent **HELP PLZ**?
how can i buy pure gold in jewelshop?
who is gandhi?
What do you prefer Hollister or Aeropostale?
Who controls that banks $ is actually THERE?
what will happen if our earth get destroyed?
Why is Sunday part of the weekend if it is technically the first day of the week?
how long would it take to count a billion dollars by hand?
where can a 15 year old work?
how do I look up the calendar for 1910?
How to charge to a phone number?
how many people are working on answering these questions?
Where can I go to look for free software? is donating 3% on each transaction done on November to Sandy`s victims. Where should the $ be SE?
how much is 1,50 EUROS in dollars?
what websites can I go to that tell me info on horses?
Aproximatley how tall is a stair case of six stairs?
How long before the retail segment begins to exclusively employ middle eastern contract workers?
MyCokeRewards?! HELP?
Accounting? help?
Whats Your First Name?
There are 37 of these in Utah what are they?
i need to find my brother, any ideas?
cons and pros about FDI in india?
can you give web site of chrysler finacial?
What jobs pay $150,000 per year that are related to business? Similar to accounting.?
if i make 51,630 a year then how much do i make an hour?
i want to know where to go to buy rights?
Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?
Does leftover/old (3-4hrs old) tea create some type of poison?
I have a 140 dollar jacket if it was 40% off what was my original price ?
Looking for a technology that will control and treat the emmision out of power plant stacks?
how many billion is equal to million?
Any1 know any good business books?
Does £130.8.9d mean 130 pounds, 9 shillings and 9 pennies?
Has the minimum wage gone up in the UK ?
How long must I keep unclaimed items that are paid for before I can legally resell?
Anything Good or Funny happen to anyone today????????
about accounting body ACCA in Australia?
Please help I'm really desperate?
Is a bid the contract offer?
WHy is the euro going up AGAIN?
Since there's not a BIG demand to send letters via the Post Office, should the cost of stamps be going down
who was the first African American chairman of the Joint cheifs of staff?
Can I withdraw money from giftcards?
What happens to a letter if u send it with the front unreadable to the post office?
How much is the iPhone 4S? Please help. ?
Why can't you ever find exactly what your looking for on the computer?????
What is Scheduled Delivery?
how do i delete my search history?
What do I do now and what happens nexted?
Is it a normal procedure in employment procedure for the employer to ask for the copy of your social security?
can u fail a drug test by being in the same room as the person smoking a?
why do I always lose things?
are Jews still required to make blood sacrifices?
Is there any info on Fredrick Remington,sculpture?
Online jobs for teenagers? Please answer!?
Has anyone tried to calculate how much of the cost of production of an auto is taxes?
How can I send a letter? Any things needed?
Student a/c in state bank of mysore.?
can you explain this to me?
My son can not pay the car loan that I put in my name to help him out?
Where will the fed find $700,000,000,000 for the bailout plan?
How long will it take for my mail to be delivered?
Does anyone know why a courthouse wouldn't have any recent documents of someone who worked there 1month before
how do u make a crochet chain on your hand?
how long does it take to get permission from a lawyer in the us, to do oil exploration in africa?
Is a company worth 6 times the amount it makes in 1 year?
A labor efficiency variance resulting from the use of poor quality materials should be charged to?
Disney Cast Member Help?
How much are these in dollars?
where can i find ip tracker for tales of pirates 2?
Pls read this?
What is the color for Year 2006?
I am 12 and don't know how to earn some money?
Can anyone help me come up with a catchy slogan? The product name is Sync, it is for outdoor clothing.?
good ways to make money?
i have a bill showing a negative in front of the amount due what does that mean?
If the manager says this to you?
Who do I need to contact to reroute my package to the right address?
Calculate price of bond?
How do I become an employee at the ups delivery company?
what does the status "posting" mean in terms of tracking/ delivery?
Would a gaming company allow me to write a guide book?
I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad?
Scull or Skull?
what is "scam"?
What good is it to get points on ! Q&A but not have a way to rankings of other people's point levels?
how i can get direct dealership of airtel telecome for postpaid bill collection?
How can some companies get away with offering benefits to only same-sex domestic partners?
Who are the best bespoke tailors who support e-ordering?
Can you get foodstamps if...?
What is the process of importing goods for resale by air?
what do you do when you are all alone, that noone knows about?
FedEX Express, Status has not updated for 3 days !?!?
What is a better college major Accounting or Finance?
how can i get 5000 dollars in five days?
Hello Guys ! I'm in India so can i buy iPhone 5 from at&t USA ?