how can I undo my item price bid on ebay?
Is it worth paying a resume writer?
i really like this boy should i tell him?
A stock question here:?
Is 25 old?
How much does a company saves when they are outsourcing?
Organizational development and change are areas where HR professionals generally play only a supporting role.?
Which is more: "few" or "couple"?
How could I get 20 dollers in a weak online?
silver or gold? which do you prefer?
How the heck are there so many people out between 8am and 5pm?
Where can I buy only 1 fitness balance board in Hong Kong?
how do you get your unclaimed money?
How much money can a CEO of a financial planning business make?
Where is the best place to find cute pictures of skandar keynes? At or .com? which one????
im over 18 but wont let be go into chat,what should i do?
What effect would a price floor have on the revenue of the producer?
Not getting paid for my work, being scammed by cellphone company. HELP!?
is there a area 51 in USA? Is the ufo stories true?
Is educational institutions use vpn technology?
How can we get new information on how to make money online with computer or mobile phone online.?
Can pay for performance has unhealthy effect on the spirit of teamwork and cooperation? three reasons?
Is this a rare 20 pence piece?
How firms raise capital?
how much does it cost to ship a pacage??? (theres a description)?
this question si abt accounting?
What if Green span never lowered interest rates after the dot com bubble.?
Where can I find a company in the USA which will receive goods and then ship them to another country?
Did God create any other people than humans. Also has he created other universes.?
Which of the following is a specialized field of accounting?
how to get money from online jobs?
What is "end of the day" time for ups?
I need an answer ASAP does anyone know any fundraising sites ?
How much is min wage pay rate in california?
name all the planets?
Mean jabs from a female colleague or am I imagining it? Why is she doing this?
PayPal: Can Personal accounts accept payments sent by debit cards?
What does it mean if your always thirsty for milk. So, you drink fat free. To keep from gaining to much weight
Is my RADO watch authentic or fake?
Describe ways to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change in the workplace. What would you do i?
No way to track a USPS item?
How can I obtain a voided checks if I don't use checks?
How would you write 92,560,080?
Business AS: what are the attributes of goods and services?
I think I'm addicted to online shopping. What should I do?
what is the weather in buffalo, ny now?
which do you like better Wendys or McDonalds?
How much to buy 20 Lambert & Butler Cigarettes?
I'm seeking to find the person who created The Preserve golf club in Carmel, and contact information for same.
Can you Sing?
why do I get a page can not be displayed message when I try to sign on to mail?
How do we make a Donald Trump (Celebrity or other) Apprentice recommendation?
Gas prices falling - do you know why?
Anyone here ever get one of those quick payday advance loans?
Would you like to be rich?
what is motivation theory?
Do you think that gas is too high?
how do we extract information from rocks?
What do the people on wall street actually do?
What are your top 2 fave colors?
"3/2 divided by(3/4 - 1/6)+3/7 is what using order of operations"?
How does an electrical short occur?
Ebay help???????????????????
what does rsvp stand for?
Differences between Registration by Coordination, Notification, and Qualification?
what do people see most in a person?
Where can I sell my things?
How much would a pound of 24k gold cost in the united states and how many grams is in a pound?
How do I use Internet service as a means of earning money?
13 year old making money? not usual jobs though?
How much do Pure Romance Consultants make?
What are some good survey sites that pay through PayPal?
I am looking for a punch line for my company.?
whats ur goal in life?
A company had cash sales of $49,527, credit sales of $38,540, sales returns and allowances of $7,100 and sales?
Could I activate my CCB license if I haven't used it for over 20 yrs?
managerial accounting true false?
Need Virtual Indian phone number in UK where can i get it?
How important will money be in 200 years?
Out going messageTFNB7786539510 Dated:8/12/08.Local SwiftAcks:ID-472HKFMMRA72560034CITI BANK UK D02?
good wholesale sites?
Can a guy & a girl be best friendss?
does anybody here know what contributions Joseph Lagrange did to society?
checks question from bank to bank?
how can you find a certain person on this answer site?
how to get rid of all the things you searched on the web?
how can i appl for a job at the holiday inn?
If you were stranded on an island alone, would you go insane?
Has anyone ever been a mystery shopper?
do you think it is fair to mark me as "a violation"?
How can I calculate how much i will have to pay for electricity?
a man was writing a letter, there is a power outage, he dies. how does he die?
what do I need to become a fierfighter?
Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F.Kennedy?
Which Pay Pal is best for free lance writing?
What can be done for the tireds other than getting more rest?
what causes the stock market to collapse, and how does it relate to mortgage bonds?
How much should I tip the dry cleaning delivery guy?
what to do?
what is Day Ja Vu?
Where could I ask for help? I'm in a desperate situation?
How tall is Superman.?
can anyone tell me if there's a grant which helps fathers with back child support.?
Make money online??? help!!!?
Is my 14 yr old boy trying to tell me somthing by getting all "F"s in school?
accounting you know how to do this? Not even a answer, just how to get the amnswer? please!?
What is a 1933 mills slot machine worth?
Help me about karmaloop codes and what is the meaning of it?
How much do you get paid per hour at tim hortons in Ontario?
How long would it take to make 6,000 dollars on minimum wage?
Is it illegal to speak a foreign language in a professional workplace? i.e hospitalsetting?
how much is 22 carot gold worth at most.?
facilitating agency define?
Should pay be equal or who should make more?
how do you make £500 double in a short space of time?
how do i make money at age 13?
How much money does an equine vet make per year?
what would you do if you got hurt?
is this a crazy idea?
What does hele keliki mucka mean in hawaii?
What is the best way for us to pay for work that we need to have done by a contractor?
Please help with this accounting work :)?
Anyone who works for loomis fargo. are employees paid weekly or every 2?
if i overdraft and cant pay for awhile, will i get more than one overdraft fee? my bank is woodforest national?
Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries for items are made only at year-end.?
questions: opinion vs. fact?
Intermediate Accounting help?
will the US - debt deal solve the problems for the economy?
I'm moving to California to a new job. but I won't have anywhere to put my money i make how can i store it?
What are different forms of money?
How do you really mend a broken heart?
Accounting help. Journalize transactions and income statment help PLEASEEE!?
how can you tell if a guy likes you?
UPS arrival scan taking forever?
How is life?
What do guys look for in a girl?
Why is it a struggle for most people to wake up early?
Closing Wells Fargo Accounts?
Is my uncle rich??????
what is country risk analysis?
Where to find the picture i sent to Texas Instruments TI-84+?
Why do most people here dont check the faqs pag first or try search engines like google before they ask?
I am canadian and I need to open an institute to teach english in Egypt any advise?
i want to take dealership of anchor electricals accessories?
Becoming an successful investor.?
What type of bank account only has 3 sets of 4 numbers in each set?
what are the advantages and disadvatages of make or buy?
Did you know that people are saying the Beatles songs were referring to drugs and being high? True or not?
Question about US debt and companies?
I am A farrier, Does anyone know where I can purchase horseshoes online at a reasonable price?
why do racism still excist in america today?
What is the best way to record audio, i.e. interviews, when on the go and not at a computer?
What is net income given the following information?
Is midday 12pm or 12am?
Question for men: Do you have an Anaconda, Boa or an Inch Worm?
are penny auctions true?
Fixed overhead cost include?
what is the net price if a purchase would have come to $1,500 at the regular price, but a 3% discount applies?
Will gas prices ever be reasonable again?
Is this morally wrong and/or illegal?
A Vending Machine Business?
How to know if your product that you're getting shipped to your house will be delievered to your doorstep?
In your free time how many blunts do you smoke??
how much money ..............?
how did hitler get his moustache?
what is the right age 2 go out with guys ?
I want to go singapure how much visa for that give price ?
How much money does a first time model get from one photo shoot?
Why on the back of AU coins it says IRE?
What are some methods you might use to determine the reliability of the data you gather?
What do I write in a flyer that advertises me as a baby-sitter?
how do i blech a barbie dolls leg?
How much does it cost to run
What are some ways I can make money online?
bingo detergent makers / distributors in India or UAE?
Easy good paying jobs for kids.?
care hire without a credit card?
Has anyone ever got money from a goverment grant that they did not have to pay the money back? How much?
what is better for you tea coffe or hot chocolate?
Managerial Accounting homework..?
What is tha biblical plan of salvation? Way to Heaven?
I am confused about the career i want!?
how do i send money through western union?
How much would a 2.5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft package weighing 100lb cost to ship via UPS Ground?
what is 28 €??
How can my cousin and i raise 60 dollars each?
is life fair?
HELP!, My husband and I have a very succesfull bussiness. Can he cheat me out of my half if we divorce?
how can i find telephone number in belgrade?
How to acquire $150 before monday?
Is grimace a female or male?
What is the average life expectancy of a coal bed methane gas well?
Do Banks in Great Britain Exchange Foreign Currency into cash?
Is it appropriate for calling someone out for farting and burping in the office?
I'm 18 & dislike living with my parents & want to move out but it might not be so easy realistically?
Where can i find this HSBC piggy bank?
What are the positive and negative features of accounting and statistics in evaluating a SWOT analysis?
What's the ""ebay"" the NACIONALITY site for Denmark and Germany?
Wear & Tear?
i have received a letter from security centre. they want me to provide my credit card #. Is it true?
what is the average time for any of you between dating a guy before he proposes?
favorite food?
Why do we drive on a parkway, but park on a driveway?
3M makes 3x5 pop-up Post-It notes, but not a 3x5 dispenser. Does anyone make a 3x5 dispenser?
My boyfriend is sooo... sweet but he hasn't kissed me. What shouuld I do??
What is the current value of gold in grams?
Is this a good cover letter?
Did you ever heard if Porn buisness are facing recession as well?
Where can i buy gold online in the usa and have it shipped to my house?
wholesale items??????????????
What can you do with a Bachelor of Business Admin in Finance?
Anyone wear glasses ???
how do i sale stuff on ebay?
the whole office's paychecks bounced?
what is five pence worth in the u.s. a penny? or a nickel?
She Can Die In Any Minute?
creating a website to sell stuff?
Do you people believe in abortion?
how could we earn money through website?
What is the address for John Lewis Head Offices?
what if bank mistakenly deposit extra money in account?
I was gifted a savings bond of $50 summer of 2008. i was wondering how much it'd be worth now.?
Help change GAAP Terms to IFRS Terms? For Accounting?
Does this sound reasonable?
do ya'll like to play god on here,by giving advice and all that stuff?
What does it mean when you hang out with a metalhead that turns out to be a punk rocker all of a sudden?
I can't sleep and I'm sick of working tonight. What should I do?
Can vampires donate blood?
Can you claim compensation against a company who persistantly contact you for money you do not owe.?
what is the american dream & how is it acheived?
Does we*ed really kill ur brain cells?
made a wrong amount in receivable?
What is your company doing to gain market share in the Spanish speaking market?
Does UPS ever deliver on Saturdays?
What are the worse things about Q&A?
Causes Of Overcharging On Items Purchasing?
Why can I not access my paypal funds?
where to find the DS-156 form?
Would you rather be able to fly, or to read people's minds?
Good way to make money online?
how can i keep myself young forever?
To what extent do you feel entering a new business organization is similar to entering a new culutre?
What is SOX?
If I was to be in a movie which one Should I choose?
Paying as a gift for the cheaper items is ideal..?
Why are so many people unable to spell properly? Given that there is a free spell check here it's stupid.?
is it right for my parents to go through my phone if i pay my cell bill?
Do you get money for handing in fake coins?
when do new stamps go on sale?
babysitting question?
You won $500! !® Mail congratulates you! CONGRATULATIONS!YOU WON $500! ! Mail gives members random
what time is it?
Do you put the checks in with the deposit slip?
What is a sponge monkey?
Is 400 dollars alot of money?
how would i answer the interviewee if he asked me why i resigned from my previous work?
Cost accounting ( activitiy based- management & activity based- costing)?
What types of documents are used by a receptionist?
Where can I find a free copy of the Holy Bible to read online?
Currency Exchange to compute missing value?
How do you patent an idea for a product?
I have never............?
two questions.?
can i make 50 pounds a week or more by dropshipping?any other good ways of making some money online?
what do you do at night when you cannot fall asleep?
How are wooden tooth picks made?
what do you need to have before you can get it?
Will stores accept my gold dollar coins?
Issuing common stock for cash is considered which type of cash flow?
Is It Illegal to give advice?
what is too fat?
How much is a Schilling worth in US currency?
How is a Value Weighted Index constructed?
Whats the dearest thing on earth for sale?
Is it better to apply for a job over the phone, in writing or in person?
I have Sentinel Insurance for my Barclaycard Visa Card, is it worth it?
If you could give one piece of life advice to a sixteen year old what would it be?
who thinks bell bottoms are in for girls to wear??? GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If you had to choose between God and your children. Which would you choose?
how many standing people can fit in a basketball court?
what is rebate?and what the advantage?
i want to buy a 10 wheeler tipper, how to get it financed if i don't have tax return of 2 years?
What should i do for my bday?
I've filed for unemployment in MI, can I get benefits for previous weeks?
who produced the first coin in history?
I have been making and selling my invention for years. Can I get a patent on it?
are you 100% sure that if you die rigth now your soul will go to heaven??
If the 1st is on a Monday, will the SSI payments be on the card the Friday before?
I want to start my business in Germany. Is there any company that can help to set up my business there?
If you buy an item and it is faulty should you have to pay more money if item has gone up in price?
How did the creation of Greenback money effect Factory Workers and Banker?
Are you genuinely happy? Why?
Who has Boardwalk#946?
What is an inefficient allocation of resources?
If you are told you make so much a year (salary) how can you figure out what that would be hourly?
I have a giftbasket business, and want to sell on the web. How can other sites charge so little for shipping?
is public policy inconsistence in imposing restraints on business while at the same time granting benefits?
How do you make good money from home?
what are the defect of hot dip galvanization?
If you were to die tomorrow, how would you prefer to die?
Is this some sort of scam or hoax?
How long do you think it'll take for the economy to "recover" here in the US?
how can i find financial help to support my business my family are suffering due to lack of money. David?
If you can choose 2 do a love seen w/who would it be male or female either one!!!!has2 b a celebrity!!?
In your opinion has globalization made it easier or harder for an individual to get wealthy?
What is an easy way for a teen to make money through paypal for free?
If you are bilingual, do you have two systems of thinking, and do you shift them in using them?
Forex brokers that accept U.S. clients with minimum deposits of $1-$10?
How much money should I take out?
what you mean by Promise Market (Vayda Bazaar)?
What is a normal price for mat board at michaels?
Time,Value of Money Problem?
How much should I sell my business for?
is Jesus the Son of God?
i need to have a company sponsor to raise money?
what is the colour of the wind?
I am looking for Bermudians for a 20 year old company which is pre-launching in Bermuda. $40-50K per month?
Could the amount of debt in a Company's capital structure affect its business risk?
which area of law is most likely to affect the finance and accounting department of a company?
how much does it cost to feed a family of 5?
why world hostile the Islam ?
Is anyone else having a bad day?
help with ups package?
In the UK how old do you have to be to apply for an overdraft?
what are the scope of e banking?
If I have 4 years managerment experience do I need a degree to get another management position?
With the dollar so low in value? Are there any good places to travel overseas, where the dollar is valued?
any body know about Camelot lottery, who was receive the prize? Is it really? the prize that award by Hamilton
I found a phone on that i realllly want and it cost only a penny. Is that the real price or what?
what is it like to have kids?
what is the longest word in the dictionary?
How much is a 1835 silver certificate doller bill worth ?
technology question i need help with?
How can I contact Opie and Anthony?
When you look in the mirror, do you ever smile at yourself?
Compute the cost of goods destroyed?
is this true i got a letter with 400 dollar checks?
How does instagram make money?
I have capital loss of lets just say atleast 5000$, how much can be claimed for this year as a loss?
USPS Shipping help...............?
What is required to accept donations?
Does anyone know of an actress that is only part indian?
When you have a paypal account do you have to.....?
how can i create my dmat a/c & pan card? Plz help?
Ups Ground estimate please?
How can you get viruses off your computer??
what are the best jewelry stores of 2010?
Does anyone know where I can sign up for mystery shopping without having to pay a fee?
what would be a front desk receptionist in a medical office do?
What are some great ways to get Euros in the US?
But kurlon klassick plus has got warranty less what is the life span of it?
Electricty companies that dont require a deposit or can bill it?
How can a 14 year old make $400 fast?
Andrew is offered a job in Des Moines where the CPI is 80 and a job in New York where the CPI is 125. Andrew's
Exercises that require NO equipment?
A credit to the accounts receivable account?
what is the best way fight a cold?
why people have lots of questions?
is it ok for a 17 year old to be with a 21 year old?
Is it true that Bill Gates is no more the worlds richest man?
Where can I find blocks of white styrofoam that is at least 1 ft. x 1 ft. x 6 ft.?
what are the 14 new stations of the cross?
ups cost delivery in canada?
What are some ideas on making a lot of money as a student during the school year?
what sources of finance is used for pizza hut?
What was your dream job when you were a child?
Has anyone used project payday?
WHITE PEOPLE in america have many sex partners they decided to be greedy and not moral?
In Final Accounts of a Sole Trader, what should I do with "Goods for Resale"?
y do all ladies have to assume every man that comes on to them is a dog.?
Hmm! i wish the Team cud hav some Mercy when it comes to this point thing!!?
How can I find out for free if someone has a warrant out for them?
Accounting: Compare and contrast a post-closing trial balance with a trial balance before closing?
how do I sue someone in a small claims court in texas?
what do you do when a baby wont stop crying?
Can i use a Victorias Secret merchandise credit card to buy a victorias secret gift card?
Can anybody tell me about official websites for freelance writing work?
Unemployment related question?
What is meant by "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."?
who are the most beautiful people in the world? in your opinion!!!?
Do I deserve a Raise?
How to make 10 dollars a day online?
Will bank of america charge a over draft fee for $1.04?
How do I stop wrong-number calls if they refuse to stop calling?
How much is a permit to sell on Grafton Street?
where do I find real time sattelite imaging?
internet money making strategies?
Is this a good reason to feel unsafe?
USPS Shipping System?
checking whether renjcollections a registered company in singapore?
Help me with Paypal!?
say somthing intorestin?
i only make 450-500 a month?
How do I purchase something off Craigslist using PayPal and avoid getting scammed?
Can I send a personal check from the US to China?
What are some good whole sale sites to buy various wholesale products for cheap?
At the end of the fiscal period, prepaid expenses are reported on the income statement as expenses. true?
how much money can i deposit without being reported to the goverment?
what is the consumer price index?
What is the cheapest store for buying necessities?
How can i know the owner of an unlisted phone number?
I signed in with the wrong user name into the im window how do i changeit from my name to my sons?
question about Exchange Traded Notes?
How much money did Eduardo Saverin got after he sued Mark Zuckerberg?
why does my penis get hard when im at school, and i'm not even atracted to ayhting?
how should i feel motivated in this company?
Any E-bay'ers out there?
Where in Buffalo, NY can I cash checks on the weekends?
How should I categorize construction for my new business in the accounting books?
anybody know how much a 2006 silver eagle dollar is worth? icq-ms70?
how do you get a really cute guy to notice you?
Have we reached "Peak Oil" yet?
What is the best online store to buy the Bumbo baby seat?
I live in the USA and have received an email that I have won a lottery contest in the UK for a large sum of $?
How can I succeed in life?
same question but...then why cant people except gay people?
Where are gloves with kevlar coated fingertips sold?
Got an email from regarding mail gives member random cash prizes. I won $500,T?
Accounting: Accruals and Deferrals Explanation please!?
Why wouldn't the post office let me get a tracking number with media mail? requires a tracking #!!!?
what is a loan write-off?
Has anyone ever tried those tv or internet programs to make money?
It is Saturday And I ordered my Mlx Gold 35 Microphone (Next Afternoon Shipping) Will it come tomorrow?
how to write informative or persuative letter?
What is a great business to start?
Why Do People Suffer, and God Allow Suffering?
Shall i write my exams with pen or pencil?
what is the process to join in cpa in usa?
Would u get mad if your boyfriend of 2 yrs went to a strip club, why or why not?
How do bruises form?
"If you were given the opportunity to do anything, and someone else would pick up the tab, what would you do?"
How are the openings for B.Tech. Computers in Bahrain?
first christmas present in the bible?
Do you think I am rushing things?
How much does tungsten metal cost?
star delta starting of ac motor wiring diagram is needed?
what is the other name for cash reserve ratio(CRR)?
What am i?
UPS late delivery?
What isn't cheese good on?
Is this website a legit site meaning if i were to order from this site i would recieve the product i purchased?
What's the muzzle velocity of the M16 A2 service rifle?
what are the step-by-step instructions for using paypal to get money for the items i sell/sold on ebay?
What are the ten basic responsibilities of a purchaser?
annual leave rip off?
I'm trying to locate a technical college in the Milledgeville,GA area that offers heating and AC courses.?
What is the difference between LOVE and LUST? How can i know if he/she loves me or lusts aftr me for sex only?
if a coupon says expires 8/16 does it mean i have to use it by 8/16 or 8/15?
My friend Mb likes AK, and another one of my friends BW, wrote Mb luvs AK and held it up, and AK saw it,?
Can someone tell me the name Top 10 or top 5 readymade Exporters (not retailers) in the world..?
depreciable cost or depreciable base?
Has anyone ever done any consulting for a venture capitalist or angel investor?
How do I properly input the weight onto the shipping label? eBay.?
Financial Accounting Q?
How long for my UPS delivery?
Leasing equipment?
r too many lemons bad for u?
If I order 50 plush toys in one box from overseas, what is the chance it will be stopped by customs?
what is the current dollar in the dominican republic?
why i did not find leila?
is zazzle a legitiment site?
Can u send back items to amazon even though they havent made it to you yet?
Does anyone have a birthday that is the same day as month??
i want pics of margaret whitton's legs?
Indicate the type of adjustment and the status of the accounts?
How do I obtain licesnsces to sell copyrighted items?
How do you calculate currency exchange rates to dollar?
craigs list question? does this sound real. im not sure!!?
I need the number of the sewer company in paterson?
If a piece of mail has Columbia, SC stamped on the envelop, did it go through that post office?
My parents just bought Amerikraft/Lustrekraft cookware - is there any way they can get out of it?
are those internet surveys a scam?
I am in search for a job, I need help!?
i hear booms like fire works?
Radio band from workplace because of radio license.?
10 yearold girls in nightwear pictures?
Who do you contact to find out how anyone can use your e-mail to charge costs to your phone company?
what are some good jobs in the wintertime? i need to make money around the neighborhood.?
ACCOUNTING: Absorption and marginal costing principles..?
I've just been told I'm the new treasurer of a brand new club. What do I do?!?
How do these websites make money?!?
i have a trac phone and my minutes are up but ive gotten text messages .. can i retrieve them from pc?
Do you have your montly periods when your pregnant?
Need a wedding song in Swedish?
Where can you find precious metals to scrap to make extra money?
I want to make a bengali tv serial ..Where to find producer for that?
how can a 13 year old make some money online?
who do i call when my mother dies from old age at my home?
What is the Depreciable cost of repaired van?
how much is this worth in american currency?
Why do some shops operate a policy of not allowing you to pay using credit or debit cards under £5?
How critical is your M.B.A in relation to landing a job as an investment banker?
how much is 15 % off 75$?
when will i get married?
How Much Is This Worth?
Why do women say they want nice guys but always go for bad guys??? Just kidding.?
How to know whether the stocks of a company are publicly traded or not?(For eg,is Valuenotes(the research firm?
This is a serious matter and we need to stop it.?
what is the purpose of pre-employment surveys?
How to solve these questions in finance?
What is the cheapest way to ship boxes from California to New York?
What would result from this mistake?
What's it called when you want to prove you had whatever first so you send yourself a letter with all the info
What was the funniest question you've read on here?
i shipped an item to USPS today after someone purchased my item on ebay, how come it says pending funds still?
how much is an initial deposit in every checking account?
is EDI used in importing and exporting?
If there was a Eurozone Banking Union. How would it affect the regulatory landscape for bank?
what would be the value range for a 1970 yamaha HS-1 in reasonably fair condition?
How long does UPS Basic Shipping usual take?
What would Edward H. Harriman Memorial awards, 70 mm. 238 grams, by Tiffany struck in 20 karat gold be worth?
where do you send tesco application forms?
Is it possible to provide incentive or reward without worsening inequality?
What is the purpose of a business account?
If a letter was sent from Nigeria, Africa today. How long will it take for it to get to Lawndale, California?
What is core banking?
What is 80% off 200$?
how to note read ledger lines?
I'm sending a package to the airport in Chile. how do I arrange to have it picked up and delivered?
Math help please :( A can of peas costing $0.37 is marked up 20% of cost. What is the selling price?
How many of you still believe in racial discrimination till now.?
Finding an employees salary?
WATCH EXPERTS PLEASE!! Im looking to buy a TAG Monaco watch......?
how much should i charge for shoveling driveways?
what does love ewe mean?
how do i get rid of pop-ups?
why did the revolutionary war start?
is it possible my UPS package could come on monday?
How can I find someone in Argentina?
I bought a money order to pay for something now I need the money, but?
I just want irish coins of today for my kids to have can you help me?
Did I make the right business decision?
Do anyone know how to place a free ad on the websites?
does anyone know any free chat rooms that does not take a extremely long time to hook up?
What is the correct name for an expert in flags?
is there a problem if im scared of a spider?
Is there anywhere to buy gold medal stamps in the UK apart from by the royal mail?
Cash for gold question?
Should I give this empoloyee special treatment just because he is socially awkward & introverted?
what's types of business letter?
Accounts question, please assist!?
I am moving and lost my money, how do you make money in one day? i need some ideas?
is santa real i am 5 years old?
Got money in my mailbox doesn't belong to me what am i suppose to do with it?
What is stop loss and triger price? How does this mechanism work?
Discuss about coaxial cable, shielded twisted-pair cable, unshielded twisted-pair cable and fiber-optic cable.
Accounting question problem help?
Is it better to be on payroll or given a cheque every month?
Given your choice on one of the following inheritance items what would you pick? Why?
does anyone know a better site to sell then ebay?
7th grade science fair projects about , does the size of a fruitaffect the number of seeds it contains?
How to make money in two weeks !?!?
Is this website a legit site meaning if i were to order from this site i would recieve the product i purchased?
How to make £700 by December?
Online shops for Children?
what are the hours a manager has to work the most if she is on salary?
three friends pooled money to buy aRs 30 chcolate by putting Rs 10 each .Actually the cost of chocolate is Rs?
I am desperate, please help....
Why does my amazon delivery date keep changing?
Can you please suggest me a name for a new (quick) Market Research tool my company plans to launch?
how do i make money?
does any1 know where i can find Operation Repo on dvd, all seasons? no sellin anywhere and i dont know y?
Bill Gates?
can i make money online?
do lunch hours count in a work period?
How can you go about proving a lawyer charged to much?
There are TWO large "No Soliciting" signs on the front door to my office...?
Has the US economy recovered, or is it still in danger of collapse?
The click five or Fall Out Boy?
Which is more popular in the world, Michael Jackson or Mercedes Benz?
about online earn by internet?
The best way to liquidate my coin coolection?
Who do you think is the ugliest celebrity?
Where do i get labels to ship packages via ups?
why aren't banks open 24 hours 7 days a week?
is this fair??????????????
Iam Indianin India i want any hotel job in Australia.?
What in the world was the name of the little kid on Speed Racer?
whats the most money you have ever lost ?
what dose Depart USPS Sort Facility mean?
Tom sells tvs for $500. Tom's markup percent on sell price is 60%. what is the cost of the tv?
is vendor invoices internal or external evidence?
Why is gold prices always up.?
Is it more curteous to place the highest minimum bid or do you stay at the minimum bid until you're outbid?
What does it mean when a bill says my payment due date is "upon receipt"?
Why are white people considered racists if they are proud of their race, but other races aren't ?
Does anyone have any thoughts on a way to make some extra money. I am on disability.?
how do i go about sending a photo from my computer to my mobile phone?
We want to import and resell health oils in the UK. We will buy in bulk and rebottle.?
What criteria must be met for an area to be considered a market center?
What is a good thesis statement to use for the topic, alternate energies?
Where can I sell my soul?
How can I get a bank to stop calling me, if the person they are trying to reach no longer lives here?
how much do you get paid for a kg of scrap aliminuam?
Could the world Function without money?
Answers Confessions....?
if you were considering purchasing a smartphone, or replacing an older model, would any of the competitive?
Do irish banks accept Irish Pounds in exchange for Euros?
Independent variable for which paper towel holds the most water?
Where can you exchange huge amounts of coins for bills?
Does starbucks donate to local charities? (people who work as starbucks can help =)?
SO BORED!!!! (any advice)?
Could a run on the bank happen in the US?
if you had a penny for every second during a period of 24 hours how many dollars would you make during one day?
why dont people trust the banks?
I have been losing my voice since Friday. Now it is raspy and almost gone.What is the best way yo get it back?
Where are wigs delivered to?
Returning item to Hollister?
i track my package and it said delivered but i dont see it anywhere?
Is the US getting close to a new depression?
Where can I get maldivian rufiyaa exchanged back to GBP, USD or EURO?
does anyone know how to get free sonic the hedgehog games?
what's the ccheapest calling card to India? (VOIP/Telefone)?
can you name some decent jobs where you have the possibility to work at home?
liquidation sales where to look?
how do i send something to china?
How to work out a price from a size?
Demand and Supply curves!!?
Do you think the National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia is reInstitutionalizing the de Institutions?
how can i make money!!!!!!!PLEASE ANSWER SOON!!!!!?
Does $8/h, $12/h, $16/h salary makes big difference ?
is it cool to wear a green mini skirt in January?
why are people rude towards people who look different then others?
anyone know of a wholesale website?
is Jesus the Son of God?
How can I find a lost grilfrend trying to use Public Records. Nouthing works, how can I find her.?
How to establish a x-ray film manufacturing plant?
How much is 20 GB pounds sterling translated to American money?
How do you weigh gold? Find the Price.?
what do you think about girls from moscow?
How much are Morgan Silver Dollars worth?
How can I earn money If Im 14 and Im not old enough to get a job?
Need a card that can be used in two places
How long after paying off a bankruptcy...?
1) What is the purpose of adjusting the books and records ?
what is 1.8 percent of $1000 dollars?
I also have a set of dishes that has Mikasa Fine China jyoto Japan Windsor 8036/X written on the bottom.?
What do they call "coffee breaks" at the Lipton Tea Company?
How to show the best out of a Resume/Portfolio?
what kind of underware does your mom wear???????????
will i have to right away?
What is the salary or wage expectations for a maid in Montreal?
howe i can go to usa?
do you think my hopes and dreams will come true for me being a layer???
how many cm's are there in an inch?
How does USPS Priority Mail Work?
Any one need to Power point presentations, Logos, posters, Brochures, Flayers, Newsletters with good Prices …
Is Jyothis promoted by the same people who promoted the fraudulent company LIS?
How would a young adult go about moving out of their hometown?
are there girl preditors?
If you were stranded in a national forest with a half of peanut butter sandwich,?
what is the best place for a homeless person?
Any E-bay'ers out there?
What can I expect in terms of a salary increase?
does anyone know a definite yes or no about this company please?
How do you feel at the moment?
what is no advice in case of bankers cheque & demand draft?
What do you need to get a picture ID?
two of my friends are enymies of each other but not mine.what shall i do?
what day of the week was it on 3/11/1956?
Helppp!!!! Usps troublee!! ?
chicken egg shells are abundantly available how do i make use of its calcium to improve soilin sugarcane farm?
if i get $20 a week how long will it take me to reach a million?
How do I become a billionaire?
How to get the price lower?
whats the best way to earn money when your not old enough to get a job?Im in big trouble!!!:-(?
How to make $71 without having an actual job?
beginning business man...professional dress?
How much does FedEx or ups charge?
Managerial Accounting-Weighted Average Method. Please Help?
Do you find that you tend to look at questions with people who have avatars, rather then the grey faced people
How to operate the new McDonald's cash register?
How do you feel about everything being made in China today?
Is there a such thing as deferred interest charges that are non - promotional?
why is the sky blue?
how much do you tip a delivery pizza person?
Accounting closing entries?
What is your favorite thing to watch on TV?
what do i do. i am dating my MD and it is geting serious. Heis married with 4 kids who are so fond of me.?
I`m 34 I`ve never paid my federal income taxes. Who can I contact or how can I fix this?
How much is UK cheese a worth per gram in America?
URGENT:How much does a Banker earn a year?
How to make your online store successful?
Uses for business cards?
Bank Teller Resume??
whats the max amount of money a cash machine can give out?
When do the games stop and People get Serious!!??
Can any one answer my questions a little quicker?
Price Comparison App?
Has the furniture economy in the U.S. gotten better or worse since 2008?
I babysit 3 kids for 5 hours a day, how much should i get?
Why do ppl on here mostly ask stupid and immature questions?
What major(s) in business management that earns big pot of money?
my boyfriend cheated on my for 7/12 monthes, i found out a while ago, am i stupid for still being with him?
is it true the us doller is worth 8 cents?
Do you find it strange in any way that we drink other animals' milk?
if I post a question will my contacts in my addres book see it or know about it?
What do employers look for when they hire an expatriate ?
ive always wondered what we do when we do die?
Ups said my package is out for delivery and I hae second day shipping from overstock idea when itget here?
What are the constituents of Emotional Intelligence.?
what is the sexiest piece of clothing a women could wear be?
Know of any websites where i can ...?
how can occurrence of bad debt be regulated?
i'm very depressed and sometimes i have anxiety breakdowns. How can i stop it?????????????
The company that i worked for still owes me money?
What are the factors that effect a brand preference?
The Better Business Bureau fake text?
So I got this check in the mail from what I'm sure to be a "mystery shopper" scam. What do I do?
What Are Good Websites for Coin News, Sales and Information?
Is it possible to have amazon notify me if an item goes to a certain price?
Accounting Homework. PLEASE HELP!?
has anyone received a call from 742-187-1000?
sponsors for military dependents cheer squad?
home improvement financial question number two?
whats the square root of infinity? O_o?
Where do you like to shop for clothes?
Where's Amy Rae Zawasky? In 06' She ordered handmade box with marbled paper. Its finished, still intrested?
How can a company fight back when an individual who was fired posts fraudulent information about the company?
is standard costing the same as traditional based costing?
what is mercer's cost of goods sold under the accrual basis of accounting?
Can you blow a balloon up under water?
what does CIF, FOB, and ADV mean in shipping terms?
confuse about call options?
How do I use this Scottrade referral code: XZFY2202?
what is human resource department?
how do u stop your bid on ebay?
How does the Bank deal with the changes in the discount rate?
How to start a company if one has a great idea?
Is going to run out of account names, once Project Payday gets them all suspended for spamming the board
What is £3000 million in American dollars?
Does four leaf clover make your wish come true?
does ebay charge a fee for selling on their site?
i got a call from nigera guy to go and collect my winning should i go or will they kill me when i get there?
what does a stakeholder mean?
is a money order the sam thing as a cashier check?
If market value is more than book value is it good or bad? with reason?
does any one heard of kip couriers ltd or dealt with them?
i need to make a parody for class due tomarow!!!please help?
Whats the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others?
can you send jewelry in fed ex delivery service?
where would you find dividend in arrears in the annual report?
Who would like to save MONEY in the UK on their Bills?
how i can stady satanic verses?
want iphone case for iphone 4s ! where to wholesale iphone case ?
Found some medical equipment in the trash?
i am writing very fast on keyboard how can i use it?
Does anyone know a genuine way to make money online from India?
if a U.S. company is selling wholesale to a VAT country, who pays the VAT?
Which method periodic vs perpetual inventory entails simplier bookeeping on a daily basis.?
is six dollar click a spam ?
does any one out there read true crimes?
how can i lose weight without using drugs and everything?
What is the value of a 1919 wheat back penny?
If I'm filing a 1099 at the end of the year am I an employee or a sub-contractor? In the H.V.A.C field?
Any one who is level 4,5,6,7 got anything special compared to 1,2 or 3?
I just fell into a scam, did I pull out in time?
Jobs in the house that are worth 2 pounds?
Where can a almost 13 yearold girl get a job in Chicago, IL?
how can you make money if you're a pre- teen ?
Is costco open today?
Does anybody knoe the name of this movie?
how to compute double hours in work?
what is a half life?
what does a 'financial target' in business?
anyone from america who can find out what rate i will get from an american bank for gbp pleases help me ?
WHat is the name of the big green boxes outside of businesses usually, that have all the telephone wiring, etc
What time is it?
How do I calculate this GDP]?
What happens if you accidentally fill in both "Street 1" and "Street 2" boxes?
how can an 11/12 year old girl make quik money without..?
I Have an idea for an invention but I don't know where to start...?
$42 Million dollars to tell Americans that their rebate checks are *almost* in the mail?!?!?
At whar age do girls stop growing ? anyone.... please?
do wishes come true?
How much is a missprinted $1 bill worth?
do u believe in ghosts?
How to write a nomination letter to our company?
are there any REAL companies that hire you to work at home??
why are people fakes/posers?
wholesale item? Art/gafitti items?
Employer sent me a termination letter along with a money order?
were is the best place to sell scrap silver were will i get the most money?
why did Canada steal Alaska from the USA?
how can I collect on the debt owed to me?
Is the Japanesse culture more reserved or expressive?
can we check if any of friends is invisible or not?
How do I pull apart a very old rolled up 50 pound bank note,?
Usps tracking says delivered after dropping it off at post office?
How to attach couter to base cabinet?
What does Depart from USPS Sort Facility mean?
jobs that involve working with children?
What is wrong with using the simple yield to maturity concept in order to...?
Information Technology?
Could someone give me an example of what a human resource is? Please?
I have a gold bar, were can i sell it and how much is it worth?
What is realisation concept and how does it influence accounting meaurement?
Where do lost things go?
I want to get pregnant just so I can get an abortion. Does this make me evil?
where is the machine embroidery library at on line?
what would happen if i wore all red in a las angeles crip neighborhood?
What is 2 divided by 2 times 90 times 3 divided by 12 and add 56?
How much billion in one thousand?
I have a savings bond from 1840?
How much gold will be ?
Local Check Cashing places?
The ultimate monopoly game?
Cost Accounting?
do u love to eat durian? they say it's yucky!!!?
how much do you think is enough to get by?
what state do u live in?
I'm making a client pay monthly installments on a 3 year payment plan. How should I bill him?
Are you a funny person? What is best funny or serious!!???lol?
How to convince myself not to spend but rather save?
i invented something! now what do i do?
describe a big business, what it offers and how it is owned?
where can i exchange my coins (copper e.g. 1p and 2p) for notes or pound coins?
How Much Is 14.99 American Dollars In Canadian Dollars?
I am going to Active duty Airforce August 1st?
what is the price of gold and silver by the oz?
Should I have trusted this fellow?
What childhood fear or activity have you never grown out of?
How mant stamps do I need?
What are some ways I can make money online?
How many of the following statements regarding the debit/credit processing of revenues and expenses are true?
Finical help in Tampa, FL?
Whats the word that goes here? "ill pay you back 1000 dollars plus 200 __________"?
financial . annuity and annual payments?
I want some websites which gives share quotations for free.?
How do you calculate pretax cost of debt?
What's your biggest turn off in the opposite sex?
Business Expenses (travel, food, hotel)?
When a job is completed in a job order costing system, the journal entry involves which accounts?
Do you HAVE to go to the P.O. to send a pckge overseas?
Where does Donald Trump get his hair?
what is operations strategy?
How do I deal with unruly customers?
is it wrong for a christian to eat at a resturant that has a bar?
I have a question concerning UPS?
People work about 20-25 hours overtime per week on salary pay only, this co-worker has the nerve to?
Easiest way to make heavy cash flow, in a limited time?
how do i get 301.54 when i subtract 8.30 hours from 310.24? dealing with hours and minutes?
I would like to know the name of the parrot that walt disney had on his show?
got a cashier's check in the mail is there a 1800 number or a web site that i can call to find out if its real
I need a good answer for this question.?
Isolution Company acquired patent rights on January 4, 2007, for $660,000. The patent has a useful life equal?
help running a raffle?
I need a good topic for a paper. Any suggestions?
is that true that pepsi company has do some competition for it's promotion? i won 250pound sterling?
how would u drop a raw egg on a concrete floor without breaking it?
what benefits can a single parents of 2 children who is in full time education claim?
How important is it for people to fit in? Are popular people as happy as people who be themselves?
Which brand of toothpaste and soap do you use?
Why wouldn't the post office let me get a tracking number with media mail? requires a tracking #!!!?
what are some jobs related to computers and how much is the average salary for a computer tech in US money?
Will I ever be with Adamo Ruggiero? Will I ever meet Adamo Ruggiero? Do you think we would have kids together?
What product called Sakshat with the incredible selling price of 500 rupees?
how to write a email to a job recruiter?
how much does it cost to send a normal letter to a person in germany?
Where has this cheque come from?
Accounting Homework Help?
Can I exchange my old foreign coins?
I've thought of an invention that would change and benefit society.?
If you buy and resell stuff thats wholesale, do you need a license?
Am I an evil psycopath?
How much money are these...?
does anyone know where to buy used mobile phones in bulk quantities?
What are the salient features of TIME MANAGEMENT?
australia: how come no childproof lighters anymore?
Is there a way to "refuse" mail other than personally refuse from mailman?
what is the value of a 1939 silver dime?
what was captain starlights real name ?
can you remind of my password without the account information?
how can I find my exgirlfriend on the internet without paying? we broke up 6 yers ago !?
how do i get the search bar that shows the history off.?
how do you sell items on ebay step by step.?
What the **** are these bullshit import charges?!?
can i pick up usps first class mail for some one else?
Why cant i find my hair brush?
how can i create my own food/drink product and get people to manufacture it if they like my idea?
WHO IS ART BELL? Why does he exist? Does he have a brain (even a small one?)?
if the UPS store is closed, will they stop delivering?
What does krakoosh mean to you?
What can I do to help you out?
who invented ZIPPER (zip)?
neeed help really and soon pleaz?
How much money a year would I make if get 10 dollars an hour and I work for 26 hours a week?
Is it weird or unprofessional if I take a friend to a business meeting?
what is a source for checking a company's earning?
What are stocks and shares?
What record label job is this?
Do we mean the things we say when we drink too much?
why mens like to see leggs in pantyhose?
What is a 1862 Dollie bill worth?
willyou admit it?
Calculate annuity present value?
How do you say "Happy Birthday" in Japanese?
ACCOUNTING 101 Question?
I want a job from home that does'nt cost me any money for fees or startup costs?
How to obtain a Charter Accounting Certificate?
Sending Fan Mail to the UK?
Why are people so againts the UK adopting the Euro?
What's better Walmart or the Mall for good cholthes but worth there money ????
How can I contact a person at Amazon?
Can I borrow One Million US Dollars Please?
If a ring costs a jeweler $160, at what price should it be sold to yield a profit of 20% on the selling price?
What percentage is 1 to 20?
Do you like to keep the television on while you're sleeping?
The overhead cost applied to a job during a period is recorded with a credit to Factory Overhead and a debit?
Are Collection Agencie's allowed to call your neighbors?
How do you get a song out of your head?
Please help me with this Managerial Accounting question?
Are there any similarities between online shopping and traditional shopping?
How long do you have to be working with a company in NY in order to collect Unemployment?
do people take it well if you tell them you're gay?
What are the charges for threantening someone's life online?
How in the world do I ever please my future mother-in-law?
How do you sell Items on E-bay?
How can I make a lot of money online?
how can i find out how much my desk top is worth so i can sell it?
National City Bank?
who are debtors and what role do they play in financial accounting?
external uses of accounting?
which paid online surveys are the best?
How do you ship when the buyer pays for the shipping costs?
When doess Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire come out on DVD?
What can we sell to the Chinese?
How long does pot stay in your body? I haven't smoked in about 2 months and I need to pass a drug test. Tips?
Altered bank check law - California?
Who has a birthday in September or January?
some information about light?
i would used this?
Help I ordered something online ?
Can I buy a gift card with a gift card?
Ebay seller isn't willing to give me a refund?
describe the type of ownership for tesco and car phone warehouse ?
how could i make 150$?
What should you always keep in your wallet?
what is price of gold?
how many people are affected from breast cancer?
How has e-banking revolutionised business exchanges?
How does ebay get such good prices?
Did Mark Twain REALLY write "Tom Sayer"?
whats the meaning of life?
dangling from high heels shoes?
What is the most I can lose under short sell-call option plan?
ONE song that starts with Z.?
Ordering used items on Amazon?
i recently had my visa company phone me?
R.U. 4 or against abortions?
How much is a gold 1912 georgivs vd.g.britt:omn:rex f.d.ind.imp: worth?
EBay buyer problem? Help?
why does my 360 keep crashing?
What does excellent written skills mean?
what is the master code for the v60 cellphone?
why do some people ask such stupid questions?
What would happen if everyone in the world demanded ALL their money from the bank in cash?
Is my partner covered by her credit card for faulty goods purchased by me with her card?
i need 20 words wiht the greek word poli in them.?
Should compete w/ Google or (your suggestion here)?
Is a legitimate site?
How long does it take t-mobile to ship a phone?
Sales shopping tomorrow?
Why must you have my credit card to do a seven day trial offer.?
How much should I pay my friend for his textbook?
if a lottery winners identity is kept secret and the winner discovers the information,how to claim the jackpot?
First-time selling on Ebay, is it free?
Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew?
what would you do with 800 dollars?
Do you think I will get a good grade on my Ancient China project?
Need to find a place for a trouble teen. Can you help?
how i get latest bank branch details in india?
where can I buy a new iphone for a good price without contract?
What are the main stock market names?
i dont get this then find the current price for gas for the trip what is the gas prices rise to 5$/ gallon?
I'm a tax accountant and saw lots tax job openings require SOX 404 experience.what's the relation btw tax&404?
what is professional way to increase mind ability?
the effects that human technology has made on earth. in good terms and bad.?
bob seger or ted nugent?
post office told my friend not to give out tracking number?
How do you "enclose payment" with magazine subscription cards with pre-paid postage?
Can accountants make big money?
I am going to Active duty Airforce August 1st?
Why Delhi is Capital of india?
could i receive this package today from ups?
Have you had any ghost experiences?
Are there any FREE people searches?
how to calculate NPV?