Do you have to be fired or quit, to collect unemployment?
Cost of Billboard rental?
help with currency translation, please help....?
can anyone give me a webite that will help me organize my gold award project?
How much would a £38.09 postal order cost.?
how much is a 100 F versus C?
If a man speaks in the woods and there is no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?
I want to find links to places where I can get legitimate online jobs?
i wanna be a billionaire! help!?
Anyone know if the CPA test is timed?
Amazon refuses to send my order to Australia?
My visa gift card is not recognized in the "system"?
how much is 1 aluminum can tab worth?
Can a business change an invoice after you paid and then send a new bill?
Why was my question removed? It didn't have thing bad on it!!!!?
How to fund raise/make 50k asap?
i need a java code of creating a banking and finance transactions?
hey i need a council. i have an english presentation for tomorrow and dont know wt to write about. any ideas?
Which country do we import most oil from at this time?
I need someone to build my product?
im an accounting major. Should i find an accounting internship, or a business internship?
all my friends an most of my family have moved away, where do I find friends and a job at 52 years old???
What is the hair color that gets the most attention?
In the UK, should shareholders be able to see how much directors are paid?
Have you ever spotted a UFO?
What exactly was it that sent gas over 3.00 a gallon?
T or F?: If manufacturing overhead applied exceeds the actual manufacturing overhead...?
what is £9.99 ????????
ACCOUNTING. Please help!?
what proof is there that slavery still exists?
Return on Book Value and Return on Market Value?
what came first the chicken or the egg and what makes the wind blow?
if i ship to a friends address using my name will it still ship?
How to start a Gold loan company?
What is the current total of Megabucks (progressive slot machine) in Las Vegas?
Is it legal for my boss to take me off salary and make me get paid hourly? I am losing $375.00 a month!?
My UPS package's estimated delivery time is 8/13/12. Is it possible to get it earlier?
If you were stuck on an island, and you could take one thing in the world with you what would you take.?
as the new president of our 10 unit association, do I have to call a meeting to levy a special assessment ?
how much does the walmart uniform cost?
why sometimes i hate my own feeling?
Do those internet cash programs you see on t.v. at 2am really work?
what do you think will be the result 3Q of mastercard (ma) ? thanks?
can you really make money on the internet?
why can't we all just get along?
what is the best way for a 12 year old to make 330 dollars fast and easy?
42 weeks how much holiday?
What does a videoconference engineer do?
who made the FIRST $1?
what is goodman stern and associates?
I bought shorts from matalan, in the pocket there is a rip! Worn them once, will they exchange them?
How do i become a citezen?.?
Which is most beautiful place in the world??
Disney non paid medical leave?
What do you do when you know that your partner may be cutting the books in his favor?
Name an occupation where you stand up a lot?
Do you think drug testing should be manditory for students in school, such as middle, high, and college?
What should I do about my driver's license?
what is your favorite instrument?
Explain, by reference to the requirements of AASB 117, why consultants prefer operating to finance leases.?
Grant funding, I'm looking to try it with a company called Quid Corp?
Hourly pay for Kroger Pharmacy tech?
How much is £19.99 in U.S dollars?
Is there a public place in bay area where one can stay late till 1 am and do home work or read. ?
the role of non-banking financial intermediaries?
Is it O.K. to wear a Hat during work?
any tips for a young boy's first day at work?
im slightly dark what kind of clothes better fit me?
what does it mean when my ups tracking info of a package says Exception?
What is your favorite dance?
What time of day is money deposited on h&r block emerald card? ?
Any of you are receiving a kind of message from a Manager of a Bank in Burkina Faso Africa?
Write a brief explanation of the U.S. Rule, including a specific explanation of why, in the last step of the U?
ACCOUNTS WIZZ HELP REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Help with calculating bond price? (NO FACE VALUE INCLUDED)?
im a salary employee can my employer make work 15-20 per day?
Do I still need to pay? (read inside)?
Can a 13 year old be a mystery shopper?
How do I get a girlfriend?
Accounting Homework and stuff?
Should I date a guy from a different school from me?
Does it costs to order annual report from banke to you home adress?
Metal Scrap Yard Planning?
one decimeter is equal to how many centimeters?
do you think it is fair to get suspended or fired for praying with an inmate.?
Is it wrong?
If your salary is 11000 a month and you are the head of the family how much is you monthly contribution?
What does the Bible SPECIFICALLY state about cremation?
How to use Cashstar: Coins to Cash?
HELP! i want to sign my mom up for the "Best Buy Black Friday VIP 2009"?
What to do with 700 euros?
dyslexia in the workplace?
how to write 263,000?
What bad things are going to happen in the future ?
Does anyone else feel like the economy over the last month is getting much worse not better?
Filing for unemployment in NJ?
I need some basic accounting information resources?
Returned check question?
1950 five dollar bill?
how can i stop my toilet from runnng?
can you name 2 fruits that have seeds from the outside but not from the inside?
What did you do on your last birthday?
if my name was not on the deed to a house that me and my husband lived in for5 1/2 years and he salesdoiget?
What were the books on the best seller list in 1970 and 1976?
What are the main differences between Mexican Accounting Principles and USGAAP?
What is a business model and how does it differ from a business plan?
does anyone have legit 1950's info?
How to ship with Ebay?
Would electric heat be cheaper than using furnace oil?
how do you get a ! avatar?
If it is illegal to yell "FIRE!!!" in a crowded moviehouse, is it also illegal... ???
I am looking for Twightlight Saga merchandise to buy wholesale.?
Does my sister he 100 dollars?
What do you think I should make?
Where are some good places to write?
How much can i keep on the bank?
where can I find out the names of my real parents?
State the users of accounting information and give a brief explanation on how the accounting information is im?
Could the World do without Money?
What strategies let me a life with less debts?
who would win a pirate or a ninja?
how to not get statrled by the fire alarm?
cost of sending standard letter within us?
How much would you be willing to Pay for someone pressure washing for you?
usps sort facility tracking?
What does it mean if the expected rate of return and the required rate of return are different for a particula?
Standard Price for shipping an exercise machine?
How many Vendor Rating Systems are being used in Indian Industry and What is the advantages & disadvantages?
When people say that they have a cousin twice removed,what does that mean?
What is the greatest invention ever? I say the sewing machine.?
do i have a crush?
Tickets for a concert were sold to adults for$3 and to students for $2. If the total receipts were $824?
does any one like inuyahsa?
describe your dreamhouse...?
How much money is the world worth?
What company owns consumer reports?
What is 444?
Favorite cartoon or character and why?
is it better to be popular, a "not" popular, or in between?
What are the best ways / procedures to purchase Oil products from Russian Oil Companies?
Are PNB banks open on the 30th of December? Thanks.?
uncollectible accounts?
why do people use phones at auctions?
Online jobs for teenagers? Please answer!?
What are the challenges of micro-finance banking?
0.49, 0.47 and 0.51 round to the nearest dollar?
can anyone solve this riddle?
which one is better , ppc-coach or wealthy affiliate? maybe u know one better than both?!?
how do u get peace in your hart?
What caused William Hung's death?
How old do you have to be to have a PayPal/Debit Card?
Jewelry Buyer Scam WeBuyDiamondsAndGold?
Wtf should I do?!?!?!?
Need To Calculate My Hours?
Who kills the bugs in your house? Male or Female?
I have failed 2nd year of university. The problem is I have a rental contract how can i get out of it?
Where can I exchange currency ?
10 points for best answer.What is the BBC channel industrial sector?
looking for colored elastic 2 inches wide?
isnt that guy in the featured question thats asking about the olympic rings SOOOOOO UGLY?
I have an existing business 10 years, and have a proposal from friend to become a partner. is this a good idea?
i need money [leas help i am ten and i don't want to here about stocks?
how to contact disney hyperion?
Where can you get funding of $500000 or more for a startup?
QuickBooks question.... Independent contractors?
Money orders?
how do you know if a business is legit and not just a pyramid scheme?
australia: how come no childproof lighters anymore?
Is craigslist dangerous ? HELP!?
australia, canada , usa which is better place to live?
What country or state do you live in?
Does it cost more money in shipping to refuse UPS order?
are you ppl not alive?
Is working for ups a good back up plan?
Is the Kindle Fire HD worth buying?
what internet browser do you use?
What about debit cards?
Douglas Company borrows $97,140 on July 1 from the bank by signing a $97,140, 12%, one-year note payable.?
In the "MAGIC STORY" takes place in 1642, says he has 16 guineas, 10. How much is that today?
can anyone tell me the price of mushrooms? (in USD/kg)?
pms sucks. change of life is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreate!!!?
Bankruptcy case help needed?
I have a 20 bill series 2004 a serial number gh64819023a can any one tell me how much this could be worth?
what does in the red mean?
My sister bought something worth £3 online, on someones debit card that she found?
Is there werewolf ever exist on this earth?
Have you ever used one of those CoinStar machines?
What is closing based stop loss order?
There are warehouses in Uk who sells the scrap metals, steel etc.They also sell fridge compressors as scrap.?
create invoice in Quickbooks to show two payments due to equal one cost?
how much money would i make annually if i were to become a cashier?
How do I find what percentage £1.35 is of £14.99?
How to get in the gaming industry and what jobs are there to offer? Any experience needed?
Are you running out of questions to ask?
Do you fart alot after eating onions?
does computers talk?
What percentage do you tip a tattoo artist?
i have a 1976 $2 bill serial # G 83597777 A. is this worth anything?
how can i forget my problems??????
"", is it possible to pay using a amazon gift card?
Renewing software entrys for bookkeeping?
site to research stock name changes, if only knew past name, not current?
when is Pirates of The Caribbean 2 and 3 coming out ?
Do you need Proof of ID when cashing a Postal Money Order?
What are interpersonal skills?
Explain the immediate effects , if any of each of the following transactions on a company 's net earnings per?
What's your fave book?
How much money goes to the kony cause?
How do you rob a bank without getting caught?
Whats the difference between Business Management, Business Administration, and Human Resources.?
what is ur dream?
paypal claim...seller provided tracking # that doesn't work...what if they let him win?
what is the concern of an auditor while doing test of control for it's client?
In the United States, Is a University considered a Regulatory Agency/Body?
Why does everyone shy away from true opportunities to improve their quality of life both mentally & financial?
What are some good business books that you recommend?
First one to tell me where my username comes from wins!?
Do I have the same rights buying from a retailer as a wholesaler?
1. Assume that the FOMC directs an open market operation that increases the monetary base by $25,000.?
USPS First Class International Shipping?
is it safe to leave the stove on when u leave?
how long does it take for american apparel products to arrive in the mail?
Does heredity determine personality?
what would you choose,loving your husband, or the other guy that makes you more happy and complete?
Total how many countries in this world?
Why do lawyers wear a black gown?
What is the average yearly salary?
Summer jobs for a teenager?
How do I ship a package to the post office?
How tall is the average american?
Do you need a PayPal to buy stuff from eBay? ?
Should a parent read they daughters diary?
Revised income statement help?
If I ordered a package from Hollister on Sunday and paid for 3 day shipping shouldn't it be here today?
I got scammed as a seller on paypal...?
What's a quick way to make some extra cash?
How can I obtain information from a company that refuses to provide it?
list of the top ten considerations for developing an integrated information?
You purchased a zero-coupon bond one year ago for $280.83. The market interest rate is now 9 percent.?
HELP!!! Am I charging too much for my items?
is it safe to fax someone my bank statement?
How many years back do companies check motor vehicle records?
Indian telemarketers really annoy me. Anyone else?
do u think a 13 year old that weighs 110 is fat?
what business has the phone number of 8772228417?
can ship my purchase to the border of the U.S and pick it up with my car to avoid excessive shipping fees?
what is yuor favorite name?
Help finding wholesale companies for boutique?
What is the difference between the discount factor and the discount rate?
Dear sir get for IEC code for export?
why is there so much fighting in the middle east?
How Old Are You Metaphysically? How Old Are You Chronologically?
I am 14year and very very scared of maths please suggest me how to get good marks.ways to take interest in mat?
what do you think of arabia as a name?
If FDIC decides to stop insuring a certain bank, what happens to the already existing accounts?
where can I get a list of medications that are medicaid approved?
asda midnight launch how much will black ops 2 cost not pre ordered just normal?
does price chopper sell pine nuts?
Going to tell my boss that I have a job interview..?
What does it mean "only my 0.02"?
i want to ask about how to apply visa to AUSTRALIA . I'm a student, can i have the A175 form?
Have you ever had your Questions and Answers 'stalked' by someone who thinks they hate you?
What's the hardest thing in life for you to deal with?
How can I get out of Chase Paymentech Merchant Accnt, open only 2 mo's & 2 transactions w/ a $350 cancel fee?
does forex work? if so, what is the best one?
Does gum give you gas ?
Do we still need 1p and 2p coins?
how much is 14750583.00? in words?
why is pizza purple?
Does anybody know the authorized distributor(s) of Samsung Tablets in Malaysia?
What is a legitimate way to make money?
Can any one help me to find a room for around 60 pounds per month in the UK?
How do I refuse delivery of a package when it is left on doorstep while no one is home?
Anyone wanna buy my 1920 Buffalo Nickel?
Who thinks a man in uniform is sexy?
i signed a quit claim deed to my bro.can i reverse that desision?
I accidentally overpaid and the cashier did not correct me? Please help, give suggestions?
company profile for Ness technology?
What is the difference between husband and wife and boyfriend and girlfriend?
How much is this Canadian Dime Worth?
Western union?
Pub closure rates in the UK for 2008?
what happened in lifta during the 1948 war?
hollister interview tomorrow ... what should i wear?
Is 15-20 dollars good for an 18year old?
Stuck on departure scan for 3 days now?
I agreed to send someone a pair of glasses via text message and that they would pay cash on delivery...?
what is the different between indoor games and outdoor games?
is it ok to go to a job fair when i know that the company i work for is present?
What is the fastest way to earn money?
When will I get my UPS Package?
What business can make you $2000 commission per sale?
I'm a 15 year old male. Where can I get a job?
How do I change the spelling of 1st name on my birth certificate?
where can I go to buy treasury notes?
Could everyone help me out?
What do you think about AT&T putting bandwidth usage caps on DSL users?
How much is 15% off of 25.00 dollars?
i'm trying to buy a piece of software but i don't know the payment method?
What other jobs besides being a secretary, can I do with an Associates in Business Administration?
Why won't my brother shut up?
how can i delete any record from the " search" bar history list?
are butt nuggets real nuggets?
how do you work out the total variable cost per year?
Question about US debt and companies?
Why are girls so mean to girls?
What are good examples for modern witch hunts?
what is the cost to send $10 via western union?
Which of these would be a deferral adjustment or accrual adjustment?
mall of america money...?
suppose i have passed a hiring vehicle bill amounting to rs.100 (including rs.50 as fuel). and deduct rs.4.944?
My ex is locked up in federal law?
why is it so hard to get someone to like you?
What will i do if i have 100 million dollars????
where should i work im only 13 and want to save up money for a car?
What should I say for a pre-dinner non religious grace?
is there a technical term for a 4 way intersection?
Describe a product that you think has saturated its market ?
why is the sky blue?
What can I put in the search box to get christin stuff for vietnemese people in vietnemese Wrighting.?
If time were to suddenly stand still, what would you want to be doing at that exact moment?
how do you look up an old account?
how do i get in touch with udayan mukherjee of CNBC?
how much gaia gold can i get of of $20 i want to make a pimpen out avi that cost 21,719?
All of the following are ways that a company's current ratio would decrease except?
How to check if your allowed to open some elses safety deposit box? ?
How do you avoid people you do not like?
wut is ur favorite flavor of soda? mines rootbeer!?
How do I get free index cards online to use online?
what is the ISBN for the Gas Dynamics solutions manual by james e. a. john?
what are the chances of usps losing mail?
Help with my Adjusting Entries?
Any trusted UK websites where you can send flowers and gift card directly to someone?
Is 2,556 Alot of points?
what is your age and salary(per hour)? do you think your making enough money in your age?
Where can you find precious metals to scrap to make extra money?
I have a teen business question?
Police: Please help this effects the rest of my life. ?
Could I do the same operation by telephone? ... heeelp!!!!?
Can you open more than one current account in the uk?
Urgent question about ordering need help please! ?
Shipping problem on Amazon.?
can amazon send to senegal?
Where can I find audit reports for Visa(and Mastercard) Australia and the U.S.?
Can you help me prepare a bank reconciliation and record adjustments?
are surveys online a good way to make quick money?
I need 3000$ to buy used car ,where who help ?
In USA where I can get best rate for GBP?
i've got four ideas for businesses. i wanted to know if any of them were any good or viable option?
I have a 5000 Turkish Lira (1994) coin, how much is it in Indian Rupee?
what is 2+2?
why is the ability to effectively delegated important to the company?
How can you make this equation correct without changing it?---8+8=91?
Please convert this $950 to indian price?
is quality reviews legit?
Do guys really have names for the way a females bush looks?
True or False: In General, the best way to allocate costs in a large organization is to assign all overhead?
who was the first people on earth?
how do i get out of a bid on ebay?
Cashier did not see or ring up item at Wal-Mart. I said nothing & the item is broke. What now?
what's the effect of the change in demand?
Accounting for Write-downs of Inventory?
Simply Accounting - Credit from Vendor?
How to Set up a Debt Management Business?
goals of financial management in an organization?
I'm trying to buy gold but not from a local Gold store in Clifton newjersey any one can help me?
were are some places where i could go to sell books back for money?
if you have a decent life, place to stay, food to eat, should youcomplain about anything?
Do you know how can I contact disney?
How did the NHS calculate that obesity costs them £5.1 billion per year nd how else could they have spent that?
UPS "exception" status question?
Whats different from billing address and shipping address? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!?
I just need someone to agree with me ..... guys, I guess, but anyone really.?
How much will i get taxed on 120 pounds?
i got a phone call today saying i have unclaimed money how can i find out for real?
Religion: I am a Christian but am having a problem with predestination. Was our life decided before we were?
What is one place in the world you would love to visit one day?
I have a negative Paypal balance because of someone else. What can I do?
do salt licks for horses and other livestock contain efedrine?
Who are better in studying Mathematics? male or female students?
Need help!.. Please read!.....?
Want to be a millionaire?
Can my restaurant refuse to serve this guy burgers?
how can people miss use my personal information which the get by winning notification?
What happens if you accidentally fill in both "Street 1" and "Street 2" boxes?
Accounting question! Report gain violation?
I really need help with this problem for accounting. I would appreciate it very much!! Here is the information?
I ran out of Answers!?
how much is 1 billion dollars?
What is a good Twitter feed for the LIBOR scandal?
I overdrafted with bank of america will I be charged a fee?
wht is the most important thing in life?
doing small job can we be sucessful in life?
To the women - why do I feel like I'm cheating?
My last two jobs I was sexually harassed, I am there to work, what would you do if your bosses slapped your?
What are some legitimate mystery shopper organizations in Minnesota?
What are the company's basic earnings per common share?
I have lost my ATM card and found that it was used in ATM id 67812. Want to know to which Bank it belongs.?
I have received this letter in the mail called loaves and fishes and it only costs $33.61?
How do I get creditors to stop calling for an employee who resigned?
What is the best way to make easy money on the internet??
What could the STRATEGY for a starting up fruit and veg business be?
What is the best way to handle aggresive bill collectors who call you on the phone?
what theme of calendar do you have on your wall this year?
How Much would you have to get to pay to get gas from Arab to 265 Margret Ave Section, AL when gas costs $3.47?
who thinks shilo is a wierd name?
Help? How to make extra money?
how is the great leader in this world?
in partnership company how to divide salary?
How to transfer $100 from the US to UK?
i think my debit card details have been stolen. what do i do next?
When is the Rapture of the Church?
Sold my truck, buyer not paying, don't know what to do?
Why government should not bail out the auto company? Write as much as you can.... please write very long......?
what is the best thing to do when you have a problem with a retail store and they refuse to give you a corp #?
Why in my point of view life is very boring?? what is the solution to my problem?
How to get physically fit for the Marines, I'm in good shape, but smoke, I need advice. I am 18 years old.
Greetings, & thanks for taking the time to do this. I don't understand why our Earth revolves. Thanks, Neil
Need help with journalizing a transaction?
What does HR mean?
Genuine work from home opportunities in Chandigarh
Would you fire an employee who showed up to work naked?
URGENT - How can a company show income in recent years and be required to declare bankruptcy?
I have been diagnosed with cancer. When I die will my wife be responsible for payment of my debt?
Have anyone lost money from your personal bank account by cash point fraud?
I'm looking for an authentic supplier of sunglasses for either wholesale or drop ship inside the U.S.?
How long does it REALLY take for amazon to ship orders?
what's he meaning of life?
please inform shall i proceede further with this company? is it real or fake company?
Comparison of services of two local commercial banks for thesis. Will the thesis give an impression of bias?
Good wallet manufactures?
Do you believe in GOD?
waste management what is it.?
Ever been too embarrassed to leave a toilet because of all the sounds U made while emptying your bowels?
How do I give my avitar lighter hair?
one day shipping with ups?
what does "change in sales" mean?
du u think the world is coming to an end?
Which company provides good customized products?
What is the penalty for fare cheat by transport company?
How is a Value Weighted Index constructed?
The dress i wanted at hollister isn't on the website anymore. Will they ever put it back up ?
is there a limit on much change a person can use at a store?
I have an ancient roman coin set in a ring. I am able to take a picture of it. I need some expert advice.?
What are some good ideas......?
Someone hug me? Im sad.?
need a estimate on how much money i will need to make in oreder to live happly?
Where can I find the new photos of Jenifer Aniston?
what's the best way to change $ to pounds?
i like a boy but he has a girlfriend and people says he is nasty but i know he likes me too what should i do?
What does "at what cost" mean?
Can I trust TNT United Kingdom when buying stuff off of Craigslist?
what are benefits of Internet banking?
is disalbled livign allownace still controlled by dwp on phone number 084571234567?
The common factor(s) in successful budgets is (are):?
marshall company issued bonds payable with a coupon rate of 8%, maturing in 5 years with a face value of 12,00?
I had a interview April 25th, I missed it. How do I get an other one. My # 7105201 - Name Gunnel M. Pero.?
What's the relationship between Gold and Money?
some wrote their social security number on a dollar bill what should i do with it?
who is the president of philippines?
Where can I sell e-gold?
We have just agreed to transfer our Gas and Electricity from E.O.N to a company called ' Economy Energy.?
where can i find potash?
How do i get stuff on runescape?
Being offered a new managing role that requires relocating. Where do I start with pay/salary negotiations?
can i get a student loan for a tattoo apprenticeship?
Filing for Social Security Benefits, Disability?
Is this really freedom in western countries?
Based on the info, what would be the accounts receivable amount for the balance sheet?
another name for research and development department?
Is sw33t_tomb_raid3r the only one intrested in points?
Copies of Death Certificates?
What Would Happen If Money Had No Value?
I would like to know weather Bob Merlay has a child before his dearth. If he has how many are they, please.?
Estimated price to hike across Scotland?
how do you convert USD into other countries money?
Is a rental-car company business profitable...?
what should and shouldn't I include on my personal (aka Hire me) website?
how do I find a zip code for an address for a company that does not have it listed?
What was the Federal Surplus when Clinton left office?
I belive that, India will overtake China, do you?
Why is the building industry so hard?
what is a large group of sharks called?
How are you getting on with Kindle Fire?
anssen Hardware Store completed the following merchandising transactions in the month of May.?
How to pay monthly payments on an iPad?
where are you? What time it is?
whats more valuable, a eruo or a dollar?
why is some cheese yellow and some cheese white?
i am searching a person in bridgeport from yest .. how can i find him?
Who can explain me what is Bitcoin mining and how can I do it?
Is there someone out there that is a mystery shopper and if so can you really make money while shopping.?
I have a wells Fargo cashiers check how can I verify that it's real?
How can I check my order from Amazon?
I have . Do I need Adobe? How do I get it?
What is Industrial Analysis?
Has anyone heard of Kay Editorials Inc. and what do they bill for?
I have some Family & Consumer Questions I want to know?
Where can I get master card?
How do get a jellyish sting to stop hurting?
Would you move to Edmonton to earn 80 - 90k a year?
this guy keeps on touching my butt how do i get him to stop?
Whats value one penny 1913?
What is the main cause of inflation?
Is there a site that you can go to and see pictures of people that have died in car wrecks?
Need to know the worth of 20 dollars in accra ghana compared to the us dollar?
Purest owes $1 million that is due on february 28. The company borrows $ 800,000 on February 25 (5-yearnote)?
what's stammering and it's cure?
I'm looking for a website my dead cousin had I've only been on it once that was years ago can you help me find
what career can i get if my strength is working with my hands?
hey! i need your opinion on this....really important!?
A pair of pants with a marked price of $35.00 has a discount of 20%. How much is the discount?
A postage and envolpe question: large letter and package (Royal Mail)?
what is the zip code of Nepal?
How much American money is worth 50 phillipino dollars?
ok well my 2 best friends are in a fight and they want me to choose between them what do i do?
pre ordered an iphone 4s from at&t last dec 26, long till i get my hands on it?
when you sell on amazon does the money go to your bank account right after you sell or after you ship it ?
How much money does an Xray technician make a month?
USPS Priority mail question!?
why is it so cold in winter?
Who plays "Mortal Kombat, Shalom Monks?"?
How to find sponsors for a state pageant?
Is there a website for individuals who have unclaimed money they do not know about?
what's voluntary separation scheme(VSS)?
how do u get the best out of life?
where to get private label rights?
what are top 10 reasons to use the public library?
Can I place an order on one of stores and make a payment and not rec what I ordered.?
Is quinnipiac worth the money?
Where can I find a list of manufacturers?
Is there a fine or penalty for buying gas (say 1 million dollars worth) and storing it to sell later?
How do I get to the Lane Bryent web site?
Is there an american equivalent to Cash Converters?
do you think we are the only ones in the universe?
canceling a bid on ebay?
Can a background check determine how long you are with a company if that company is no longer in business?
Why do people expect themselves to be perfect at all times?
who started telling people about santa?
I want to conquer a old fashioned girl ,she is 16 years old.Need answers today?
how do i reposses a car that i sold but hasnt been paid for yet?
economical impact of Eid-ul-adha for Bangladesh?
how do you make new friends?
Ann summers rep needing help?
I am certain that I e-mailed two cards yesterday but I have no record of them having been sent. What happened?
question about using creative commons music. Can my for-profit website I work for use them for our web videos?
my mom is disabled,can i be paid for taking care of her in her own home??
How much does it cost to go bankrupt ? ?
What is the best fund raising idea for a non-profit you know of?
My favorite actor is Jack Nicholson who is yours?
What are you most likely to buy on the Internet?
How do I ship large boxes overseas via freight?
how to said thank you in spannish?
how often do people switch jobs?
Many countries attempt to protect local business. Describe protectionsim methods used by many countries?
Where can I find help for my son who believes that he IS God ?
What is the U.S govt. going to do about all the money they owe to China?
what reasons would a manufacturer give for producing a Mobile phone for young children?
do you consider answering these questions is a waste of time?
whats the highest paying job or career?
is it true that if you dream your falling and if you hit the ground, you die in your sleep?
do you know anyone hiring on the Gold Coast?
where do i buy the goods subway more below?
What time is it?
Needs Help Soon...He likes me He likes me not!?
In a pharmacy that realizes a net profit during an accounting period, revenues are:...?
I need help reading the usps zoning chart what does a zone 7 mean?
Friend was scammed by fake stimulus check? Help?
How can a person write from home for money?
How much is my gold worth?
is it true that is going to start charging money to people with messenger?
How to find depreciation and accumulated depreciation?
How long does it take for USPS to deliver a package to the UK?
In college, are homosexual individuals assigned with roommates of the opposite gender?
voice over jobs in minnesota?
What should my next tatoo be and where?
What's a quick way to make money to but Copic markers?
Where the buck do i find current scrap metal value chart for phx?
how to write a simple business offer?
Employee Performance?
Where can I exchange single dollar bills for fives, tens or twentys?
Does eredicane (the all-natural pill to alleviate blushing) work?
do you tip the housekeeper in hotels during your stay?
what is leather handbag?
can i be skinny in the next few days?
How would you describe the color blue, or any color to a blind person?
If you had the money, what toys, books, etc., from your past would you collect?
Can a company threaten my company for payment?
How to write a proper/professional letter?
When collection is made on Accounts Receivable...?
Accounting problem, i need help?
why do people always pick on blondes? im a blonde and im not stupid.?
how many stamps do i need for a letter weighing about 1 pound?
Can one go far in business if they drink and party?
Where to Sell Gift Cards?
Welfare/government assistance: a privilege or right?
which is the most industrially advanced state in india?
Should I persue an accounting degree if the school in not accredited in accounting?
can albino drive a car?
Why didn't the mailman take my package?
marshall company issued bonds payable with a coupon rate of 8%, maturing in 5 years with a face value of 12,00?
Why do I forget all the questions I've ever had about life the minute I get the opportunity to ask them?
I want a program that will send out an email to the buyer when someone buys something off of me with paypal.?
How can you convince parents to purchase a cell phone and concert tickets?
looking for the obituarie of Elizabeth Serale Prettyman in Fairbanks North Star, Alaska, 2002-3?
what was stu ungar's favorite music?
How do I find the exact value of sin180?
What is the current stock price?
Legitimate way to make easy money online for a 15 year old?
how to do internet research?
Can a contractor remove fixtures not paid for?
was the Olympics in UK profitable for the economy? {state your facts and sources}?
Is WalMart now selling some or all Watkins Products?
Is hotel management good for a future job?
Buying cheap jewellery on ebay?
Which is heavier a pound of silver or a pound of gold?
where can i find free latest balance sheet of indian companies?
How can I grow taller?
if a tree falls in the forest, and the wife hears it, is her husband still wrong?
Why might a merger fail (finance question)?
How can I stop slanderous gossip at work that is defaming my character?
American Express Cards (Green vs. Gold)?
how much did a first class letter cost to mail in 1970?
What are the technological resources and physical resources of a business?
Dog tore off a piece of my Ten dollar bill....?
How do i go about starting my own home contractor business?
Who is God?
Do u ppl noe if sum1 born on 18/12/80 according 2 eng calendar, it falls on wat date in chinese calendar?
I need a coupon code.Do you have one?
Is UPS and USPS open on weekends?
Where can i get Blue prints to build a maned mini submarine.?
How much money is worth a penny from 1923?
Does "processed at usps facility" mean that my order has already been shipped?
are ther any black people in India and if they are what percentage of the population and how are they treated?
Do USPS money orders ever expire ?
How can i find books to staudy Candian CMA "Certified Management Accountant"?
Am I entitled to a paystub the few times my entire check goes to the bank? I grow poultry for this company.?
how to detect a counterfeit us dollar?
teens making money?
what imaginative ways could be used to fund the credit crisis bailout?
Do you think the economy is getting better I think so Details inside?
i need 20 dollars by tommorow and my parents have no money can i have some ideas?
Name one thing about yourself, that makes you unique?
Please tell me about some worthy internships for an Economics Undergraduate during winter?
How many types of hydraulic lift?
How much does Federal and state (South Carolina) unemployment insurance cost if you wanted to hire someone?
How much is dinner plates worth that have 23 karat gold on them ?
How do people with no humour or humor get through life?
Any whole sale dealer those who can sale computer acessories in karnataka?
Is it possible to love two women at the same time equally?
What was the first southern city to fully integrate all of it's public facilites?
How do you make point shoes stop squeaking? ?
If You need 5 minutes to boil one egg, how long will it take to boil 3 eggs?
Can anybody tell me about Columbia Sportswear Company because I want to join this company?
is it ok for you if i be the biggest billionaire of the world?
How much does it cost to get incorporated?
what is customer service support?
They told me I shoplifted at Kohl's?
Is ups bad for shipping and/or tracking?
I need help figuring out GBP from US dollars ?
why has the price per litre of diesels become the same as a litre of petrol?
who was the lady who was nicknamed "lady Paul Revere"?
If you were to start your own business, what would it be and how would you organize it?
how much is one carat diamond worth?
i got an email from a guy in who needs to send me $10M, however he wants me to send $20k first...?
How long should a cover letter be with a resume?
I am afraid of doing sports because I have a fear of the ball hitting me how to get rid of this fear?
is this true i got a letter with 400 dollar checks?
do i go for it?
Hmm Overnight Shipping?
ebay second chance offer?
How much does it cost to ship something from Saudi Arabia?
How long usps priority take.?
what did you give your obgyn as a gift after pregnancy? (no jokes please)?
How much would you pay for...?
How much does a person usually spend on a?
if your x-friend is realy mean but wants to become your friend again???
My service business has had a 70% profit margin for the past few years, 450K Gross 315K Net. Is that good ?
how much dollar value in indian rupees?
How can someone under 15 make money?
Can someone estimate how high the bid will be for this in 5 days?
wanting scrap or metal supplier?
how can one reduce courier cost and courier delivery time in india?(for an egrocery site)?
What is the statute for collections in California?
I ordered off an online business and never recieved, sent a mean email and now they refuse 2 help?
Where can I find classified ads about the 1920s?
what is your favorite kind of candy?
Accidentally bought to much with giftcard?
What does dus vi dana mean in Russian?
What was going on in January 1928?
What is the accounting entry for Bank Accounts(Asset) and Common stock subscription (Owner's Equity)?
What happens when...?
who know what is (407etr ) about i just got a bill of this n i dont even know what it is.?
Pay Pal / E Bay, Been ripped off ?
how can I raise 500 hundred dollars in a month?
what is a "cycle to work scheme"?
accounting question. almost done!!!!!?
Would you pay someone to send greeting cards?
Where can I find free legal forms online?
A question about capital.
Is money alone enough to make a person really happy in one's life?
Tranfering money online instantly?
Banking question!!! pick A, B, C, or D?
What does UPS do with your packages when your not home to get it?
Is it a good idea to do a degree in accounting?
How do you find a notary?
towerinvestigaions ltd?
what's the least expensive US state to live in?
Whats your favortie website?
How much money do Frito-Lay venders make a hour?
How do I obtain licesnsces to sell copyrighted items?
i need experience in Accounting ?
I have a grate for a business that i feel strongly about, what do I do next?
Which business is good for middle class people?
I need (finance) support folks to look at the SQNM message board--?
can some please help?
Do people make good money from ebay?
Statistics Help Please with probability: A company is conducting a sweepstakes?
meaning of non verbal communication, it's importance in t he communication process, itr's cultural implication
eBay: International buyer wants to pay with check?
why does people choose to make fun of you then want to be your friend?
How much does a vet tech make hourly?
How can I see how much I owe pg&e?
If I order online via my DEBIT card from HSBC, do I still have the same guarantees as a credit card re fraud?
How do i get inshape for the navy seals?
If I want to sell things in a market do I need a licence?
is this right of my boss and owners?
Is there any online money making websites that aren't scams? If so what are they?
How to write acceptence letter for voluntary reduntancy to company offered by themself (company.)?
what is difference between the human in the world and what is communicability between them in the world?
why do boys go wobbly when girls are around?
Will the look of my naked body kill the relationship?
What is the meaning of financial implication?
whats the funniest joke u ever heard thats a good clean one?
Who gets custody of the children if there is no court order, and the parents are not married. in Wa. state?
why didnt worlmans compensation cover me when I got hurt on the job?
Interpersonal skills, for those who are employed?
can I buy a five pound bank note???
i dont like my dad what should i do?
what are the uses of cornstarch?
Where can I find a large box to ship an item?
Why do so many people post questions that don't clearly ask for the information they want?
For Presidents day: What if George Bush is our centuries Abraham Lincoln? Think about it! And read on….?
Ordering used items on Amazon?
W hat is years purchase in valuation?
Are the banks in the uk open on the 27th of december 2011?
What actions should the company take?
Do people always go for looks in a guy/girl?
What is the difference between Revenues and Sales Revenues? Or no difference and you just add them up?
I have a bunch of books I want to get rid of, but I'd rather sell them than throw them out. Any tips?
Effective Distribution?
Edu-Profit - affiliate program. Who used it?
bob seger or ted nugent?
what is the difference between the general ledger and the journal?
Annual Report Disclosure? Footnotes required when using FIFO?
Missed UPS delivery please help?!?
where can i go to tip off police and other authorites about illegal subatances used in my apartment buldings?
I have four days to come up with 50 dollars :/ What do I do? How can I make that much in such short time?
where can i buy duck and goose bands?
My parents are getting calls from a bank reguarding them pressing charges against someone.?
I ordered something but its passed 20 business days?
What is pci {per capita income}' how can it calculated? ?
How do you analyze this accounting transaction?
Does USPS express ship things overnight?
Does anyone know of legitimate work from home jobs?
I recently heard on the news that a gas heated household can get a credit if the income is under $50,000. show
EBay help ? Buyer threatening with eBay case ?
i need to know a safe place where i can hide my money....?
What is tha best way to pass large sums of money?
why is my pc crashing?
Help simple question but having trouble.?
what is 10 percent of 50 pounds uk money?
how do i clear current web pages?
What are the best US based national companies to work for that offer telecommuting?
How to organize old report cards?
How much is 70,370 rupees worth in U.S dollars?
tOO gOod tOO Be tRUe-no way! this is not too good?
what is the transition from great britan pounds to us dollars?
how do I cash a US postal order in the UK - thanks?
wat do u do about mean gurls?
Which one of the following is an advantage of corporations relative to partnerships and sole proprietorships?
How do you measure economies of scale?
private sales on household items?
Why are today's banks so greedy?
can not find dll?
I have an interview for a personal assistance job, is it safe?
where to buy led tubes?
what is the website to know about sales performance of handicrafts in tamilnadu?
What about when a Time share Company says that they can call you 150 times, because your a third party?
i accidently deleted my photos in messenger, do you have them on file somewhere? if not isthere a way i can re
College student needs legit online-based income...Link me?
How to find Commission-based Fundraising?
Ever been fired before?
is an1 willing 2 giv me there URL on myspace????
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is aroud to hear it, does it make a sound?
Cashing a money order at Wells Fargo?
Should I be Entitled to Deliver Goods after 2 years of Purchase?
How much money does it cost to startup a high quality website such as facebook, myspace, etc.?
How long does it take for usps first class mail?
who is the most riches man in the entaire world, and gets it every day?
Will the change machine at publix accept dollar coins?
What can I do about this Debit card situation?
what is ej sterling finance company?
How is fire made ?
What helps your voice for singing?
What things cost in Florida in March 2009?
Why is India called India?
How can I make $1000 in only a week?
I have most of it done just having a little trouble with some of it please help!!?
why my questions are getting removed before the expiry date??
Who is the author of sermon, "The Christ of the Flint Face"?
is this a fake email or real, confidential business proposal?
what is e-market?
How do I get the super bowl ticket collectiontickets that I missed??
need advice on getting use to using a cash cash register?
USPS Tracking information "There is no record of this item"?
do you know any cites that are offrering to send you something,anything?
is saturday a business day as the bank are open then?
How much is this worth in US dollars?
Why do young girls date older men?
how do squid protect them selfs?
how much money are lowerbox seats at SBC park for the weekend giants game?
SpiceGirls were cool but I wonder why other people say there sluts even though they thought they were cool?
How do i make $239 by Friday?
What is the best (good service, no fee, good access) transaction (day-to-day) banking account?
What is a girls favorite place in the world?
can i use my passport as a valid ID?
When people ask questions or just write something, why do they not check their spelling?
Is there a limit to how much money you can send western union at one time?
i need to find a lot out in the country for a trailor in the peru or wabash area in indiana?
Do I have to have a receipt to return a faulty peice of jewellery?
How much money does Sesame Street and Elmo make?
Sites online that pay you via paypal to write articles?
So i am moving to muscatine, Iowa saturday..?
calculating current price?
can you help me decied?
how much is 40K?
unclaimed property from Santa Barbara Bank and Trust?
buying on the internet.?
Dream job?
does anyone know where i can find a audio cd for the book the eyes of the Amaryllis by Natalie Babbit?
Will the U.S. Dollar EVER be stronger (or at least equal to) the Euro? I can't go to Europe until it is.?
How much minutes are in a year?
I cannot log into my messenger password won't can I log back into my account?...thank
accounting class help?
what is the american dream & how is it acheived?
A guy from Ireland wants to send me a cashiers check to drive his son but I have to send extra money back to?
How much is a 1981 half dollar coin with J.F.K on it worth?
What time is it ?
I just moved in with my boyfriend,and i been asking my dad to change me to another school but he doesnt want 2
you owe 20$ to a freind and the pay him 8$. how is that writen as a fraction?
Is it free to drop off a package at someone's P.O. Box at the post office?
I have the opportunity to set my own salary, how do you determine your worth?
What makes a blog successful?
I am 46 yrs old and do not have a retirement plan. Where should I start?
40 pounds is what percent of 20 pounds?
How much is a copper penny worth?
DO you think fairy tales will ever come true to anybody?
Where can I get name badges?
what would the easiest credit card to get and the website for it?
Can somebody from US patent product that is made by overseas manufacturing companies?
Does anyone have a chocomize coupon code?
has any1 ever found a four leaf clover?
usps canceled my order?
Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
Philippines stock market: anyone from the Philippines please?
which one should i buy: a new netphone or a guitar?
It is a que of capital budgetng.,replacement dcision.?
how can i check to see if money is counterfiet or not?
Can a featured question be removed by the asker and appear at the same time at the Y! home page?
Present value is based on...?
How should I go about asking my local Cashier out?
How do i set up paypal?
What's it called when a company sells a bundle deal at a higher price and than puts it on sale.........?
how much car insurance a month do you pay?
How long dos Amazon take to ship?
How can you find out more if something is ligit or not? Pertaining to an email & for what they are saying?
what is the annual united states oil consumption?
Is there a UK Energy Supplier (Gas & Electric) that can send you a bill monthly for the gas you have used?
Where can i buy 70 pounds of human feces online?
What is a good age to start going out wit gurls???
how do i earn trust?
How much should I sell a Sedu hair straightener for?
Is it possible to start a fire dept. business,like get contracts with sub divisions and the county?
How can i look up zim without finding ZA?R junk?
Where can we find industry/sector average P/E ratio of NSE/BSE? Please share the link?
I deleted messenger and it still come up on my computer why?
10 principle of management?
What do you think of to stop the giggles?
I have a 10-15 slide powerpoint presentation describing the evolution of business due sunday?
Legit Fast Money Online Surveys?
why do they need a billing address?
Im a finance student - what kind of certifications should i strive to get in order to help my resume?
What countries does FedEx ship to?
What are 5 jobs that using fractions is a required or needed skill??????
what was the average price in 2009 money that a slave sold for?
compound adjectives?
How long is one business day?
Where can I find a Legit Work From Home Data Entry Job that will bring in some extra income?
How long does it take for a UPS tracking number to show up?
The click five or Fall Out Boy?
can the police search the contents of a purse without consent?
Accounting Question: Charge to Payroll, credit to Revenue?
did u have a good day?
Can I get paid with gift certificates for my overtime?
what's 845+845-845+845x845?
How much is a 10000 peso note from 1985 worth in USD?
How to send money to India ?
What does a bank statement show?
explain why order forms and quotations do not result in financial transaction for accounting purpose?
What companies or corporations will probably respond to a fundraising letter?
What Websites Can I Post This On?
Who finds it annoying that no-one accepts cheques anymore?
which paper towels are more absorbent?
what are the hours a manager has to work the most if she is on salary?
i need help with my stock transaction record from?
Do you have to be super hot to work at Abercrombie & Fitch?
what state is better california or texas?
I owe money to a magazine company. i have not recieved any letters or calls in almost 5 months. ?
accounting Journalizing a note payable and accrual?
What does a P&G's import/export administrator do?
What is the value of Singer sewing machine 1874?
Best replica store online?
How to record securities held-to-maturity? (Int Acct II)?
how dos it work?
what is the bag for in an airline seat pouch?
i got 5 payday loans because my wife wanted the money?
what mean is CNF, FOB,CIF,FOR in Exfort business.?
What are the cash flow impacts related to postponing the purchase of assets?
How to know where to send a sold item on ebay?
Where are good places to sell fruit? PLEASE HELP!!?
looking for ceiling flush mount airhandler for central airconditioner 2ton 13 seer 27" by 27" by 13 or 14" hth
Scam or not? Real Advice Needed?
How long does it take to get money back from a lost money order?
What is a planned overdraft?
who is the youngest computer systems engineer?
can i replace a 20 dollar bill that has been taped for an equal replacement?
I am currntly going through a loan modifcation my interest rate went down but what I owe at the end is more?
Do You Believe in God?
Your purchase comes to $ 11.23. You give the clerk a ten dollar bill and a give dollar bill. What is the prope?
My friend Meghan whants to know if men like big boobs?
What is the matrix?
How can I make 5000 dollars by the end of the week?
What turns people off when you ask them if they have ever accepted Jesus as Lord?
Mp3 player reduced from 109.99 to 99.99. find the percent reduction in price.?
what kid of shoes you like?
The procedure on to transfer money?
What is the concept of mixed costs?
What financial statements does ending finished good inventory appear on?
Whats the price of scrap metals?
what are the various steps in using proformas? list them?
Who actually pays the tax in reality?
Is there a name for when people want to pay a higher price for an exclusive product?
What does this mean?
what can i say on my voicemail message?
Does anyone like skandar keynes?
Some of these questions are making me lose faith in the public school system. How about you?
Would you vote for HILLARY CLINTON in 2008????
Engineering salary a disgrace?
Garnishment for an old debt?
If I bought DVDs at Super Pawn 3 for $5 and sold them on ebay do you think I'd gain or lose money?
how can I make a really quick $200.00? This is serious, I really messed up. I owe someone I love a lot!?
imagine you could invent a machine that would make life easier . describe it?
how do i contact this person ( dianeduran22at )?
Time has come for India to introduce new currency in place of Rupee?
Will hollister fire me ? What to do ?
Please explain this. 10 points for the best answer?
How long will (Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope) Take to ship?
how do i go about getting a website domain.....?
My endowment is at risk of shortfall. When i tried to claim they turned me down should i try again?
what do u do if ur tung is dry???
pre ordered iphone 5 on 19th will it really take 3 weeks to ship?
Help with Interest Rates Business please!?
Which is the best business one can start with minimum investment?
This jersey online store is secure, but why are the jerseys so cheap?
What do stores do with old jewelry when new jewelry arrives?
I need help making a cv, cover letter/ resume?
I have two 50 pence British coins from 1977 and 1973. Can they be exchanged for US money, how much?
how do you convert USD into other countries money?
Which Majoring is more worth it? Finance or Financial Planning?
How come he doesnt like me?
Can't get two questions on finance homework?
What is the 'motto' of Napoleon Bonaparte I?
where are the simpsons from?
How far can I get on $500 (Help please)?
Usd Check agent dealer who exchange?
I hav a few coins, how much money could I get out of them?
Give me me church laws sample?
Im looking to buy a van for work: preferrably white w/ladder racks;1990-2000 (yr)can somebody help me find one