i have ordered some wedding invitation cards for personal use from india to uk..How much customs and excise du?
are all electic company tdu delivery charges the same amount?
transportation engineering jobs?
i just finshed schools so i want to make money.what type of business is best to make fast money?
Who murdered JFK?
Why was my Paypal order cancelled and my transfer failed?
How does a Check get canceled after a month?
Does asking for money to pay a phone? work?
whats the CHEAPEST way for a teen to start a tshirt business????
Has anyone had a bad experience at a class reunion?
why does accounting is considered as an art?
Skittles slogan is 'taste the rainbow', so is that what a rainbow actually tastes like?
i need to float a check for 2 days when i get payed so my family can eat and hopefully get 20 over for gas. ?
Who needs an accountant to help sort their books??
Cashing a check, please help!?
How much can I sell my weed and hash for?
wht branch would u be in? Af, Navy, Marines, Wht?
Why do people who try the hardest to do things fail and people who put not effort succeed?
Where do I start if I want to manufacture in Mexico?
Ebay item hasnt come yet?
borrowing 70 million pounds?
Where can i find a Printed Glass Travel Coffee Mug?
What do i do i keep missing my ups package?
What will happen if China stops buying US Debt?
why do most of the girls have so complicated nature?
Area code 94598, why ASTOUND provider does not show in TV Listings?
Can I ship an item that is not a book or letter as media mail for the same price/rate?
accounting help for general journal.?
i have 100 chinese custom gold units (paper bill), can i exchange that bill for today's U.S dollar?
Is this a decent cover letter?
Is this Bad?
How to use cheque/checks?
how can y gwt the program with wich y can see peole that are on invisible,but are on-line?
Where can I sell antique/collectible adult magazines?
whats the most money you have ever lost ?
is Total Ticket a legit website/sales company?
What happens to debtholders during a bankruptcy if the bankrupt firm is deemed viable?
I am lookingfor a child drug abuse in Alice,texs or corpus christi,texas?
SMELLY situation, ok the cats and there are 3 of them.. this dosent happen often. but,it seams that one of?
Would like to sell dot2dot and coloring pics 4 kids online, how do I know whether there's a market 4 this?
What if someone wins a bid on ebay?
Got an unlimited visa card in the mail?
what's the prefix to call australia from europe?
What is your favorite board game?
Who created this world?
Where can I find fun dressup games?
Is it possible to cash checks that arn't in your name?
What is the one item you bought on sale but never once used? Why did you purchase this item?
can I pass mono on to a friend by them drinking after me evn if I cleaned off the top?
What sustainable management activities are being used in business?
How To Make Money Online?
can sams club fire me if i have been arrested?
Someone please explain this sentence to me?
Does FedEx deliver on Sundays?
Is there any type of low cost or free legal assistance for a minority single mother in child custody case?
How Cheap is Costco for sweets and drinks?
why should aperson lose their job for forgeetting to turn in money that they are told to keep in their pockets
Does First Time Home Buyer Credit apply to those who purchase home in October 2007?
If the cvv number is not there on card?
i need experience in Accounting ?
do you believe in fairy tales?
how does a profitable public limited company reward investors.?
how do I find out how much I owe HRS?
Does ebay buyer get sellers information?
What makes a good CEO?
Hi a quick question about managers?
What would be a really good nickname for me since I love cars? Instead of Rimz or Spinnerz, something better.?
Books/Magazine articles about large corporations putt small businesses out of business?
how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
What is the best, most appealing "container' to sell weed from?
If a man with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, would it be considered a hostage situation?
why do tour parents punish u off the fone?
Do you like the beach?
Ok, I was just wondering if there is any way to make money online for free?
Do you smoke... yes or no?
Question about eBAY??
how can you luv life if you don't luv yourself?
When will the world end and how?
Define leaverage in financial terms?
Need help understanding PayPal?
How to accept a donation?
How much should you pay for this investment?
how much money do you think the richest doctor has, do you know who he is?
Why is everybody so waco on here? Give Good information Please!?
Well my fathers income is less than 20,817 pound per annum that means can I get EMA of 30 pounds a week?
Tracking a company's securities?
Accounting Homework. PLEASE HELP!?
How do I make transfer charges to another country?
how long has the american penny been around? I need to know by tomorrovv?
what is the limit for answering quistions?
im trying to make a resame out on line is there a resame page to help you?
What is a good way to make a little extra money one the internet?
What is the average age of a person(male or female)to lose thier virginity?
what is a member of 23?
How to make money???
What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?
How the perfect girl look like?
state bank of india foreign exchange ($, UK P, EURO) conversion rates today 14-2-2006?
does social security back pay for child benifits?
if u hate your teachard wat should u do?
Recording a person in financial statements?
What is a good Survey company or website to register with to make some decent money?
Who would you most like to mind meld with?
What is Money Laundry?
What is a good voice message greeting?
What are vertical and horizontal integrations?
how do I locate and present a new idea to a manufacturer without a patent?
where can i get counterfiet money at?
how do i only have $5.41 on paypal?
How can I purchase something with paypal?
What would the U.S.A be like if Japan would of won tthe war?
Do i have to stay at work if the heating goes off?
Now that "Obamacare" has torpedoed healthcare what is a lucrative industry to get into?
How mail-in-rebate works?. How can companies afford to sell product for $0(after mail in rebate) sometimes.?
Maximizing Revenue? Please Help!!!!!?
three friends pooled money to buy aRs 30 chcolate by putting Rs 10 each .Actually the cost of chocolate is Rs?
Ups shipping (why does this have to be 20 characters long?)?
why do guys think they are in control of the girls??????????/?
I want to start my own business but...?
Do hotel house keepers bring home bed bugs ?
So the rich banks (owners of the national debt) just downgraded the US to increase the interest rate by 1/2% ?
how could i view a location through satalites?
If you've been scammed, is it wrong to release that person's name and address on a medium such as youtube?
Which Company is the biggest Defaulter so far?
Finance: Can someone please show how to calculate Operating Cash Flow?
where to put money for a emrgency?
Can an auto finance company take ur car bk even tho i was late a couple of times but paid it current?
Which store will be next to go bust?
Collecting social security disability?
What is a blog?
Accounting help!!!!!!!!?
For those of you who have online businesses, what method do you use to accept online orders?
what would you do with $65,000?
McDonalds 1999 Furby Set of 80?
Can i stop a USPS package?
How much are utilities in Montana in a house?
Having trouble with adjusted trial balance?
In Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, what was Harry's second task?
I know I'm asking for it but...?
I got an email that say "You won 500 $ lottery" but links in email do not work correctly.?
a process of bringing about improvement in knowledge,skill,habits and attitudes of employees?
How can you tell fake items from real ones? (purses,shades etc.)?
Do you know anyone autistic?
i got 75 bucks and i dont know what to spend it on.?
solve using the five step problem sloving process, A salesperson has two job offers. Company A offers a weekly?
Can you write a check if my account is in the overdraft but i get paid tomorrow?
EBay buyer wants refund a month later?
Where do waitresses keep their tips?
is it better to major in accounting or get you business degree with studies in accounting?
Tried several times and still not understanding!!! Please Assist help!!!?
How do I delete a YAHOO account?
Where does the plane stop overnight usps form sacramento to indianapolis?
Can we live forever?
Hey did the bbb formula work ?
Is it possible to calculate opening stock?
Does anyone know how to get money without working?
A fish tank is 1 yd long, 1.5 ft high, and 15 in wide.Determine the volume of water in the fish tank in cubic?
please inform shall i proceede further with this company? is it real or fake company?
Is it normal for a business to ask their potential employees to pay for their own backround checks?
Hide shipment from family. Where can I have shipment sent if I don't want family to see it.?
Would the world be better off if there was only one currency ?
question about direct labor and overhead?
can i send money from nigeria to india by diamond bank?
Men, what do you think?
If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Alternate universes and other planets are options as well.?
what is an easy way for 2 14 year olds to make money close to home?
What is my name?
What month were you born in?
shouldn't we be able to ask as many questions as we want?
What can I do about an old hospital bill?
Is "half price softwares" legit?
Why do we have interest rates?
what are similiarities between ores and gems?
If i get fired will i be able to get unemployment??
Where can I learn more information about vampires?
why cant i get an address without having to pay for it?
collection agency and threat to sue debt?
how long can a human stay alive without breathing?
can i sell gold in canada?
Is craigslist a raliable website?
How to mail a letter with money? [Coins too]?
what do i do when a guy gets kicked out of class just to see me does it mean he like me?
why do step parents suck?
how could i learn more english? i am a filipina, my language is tagalog.?
Accounting Question -- Please Help?
as crude oil drops in price will it show at the pumps.?
If an asset was stolen, is it treated as disposal or write off?
My boss keeps asking me for "favors" like working O.T. for free .?
Here in the United States does anybody live in a state that doesn't use Daylight Savings Time?
how was man created?
Can you help me everybody?
How Can I Make Money???
What is its P/E ratio?
What are some ways to follow your business vision without conforming to industry standards?
How can I cover a brand name on a box I want to send in the mail?
what should i do with it?
Help with accounting problem? How to find total amount of expense?
i was gonna sell sporting event tickets to someone and i accepted 100 dollar deposit, but i decided not to sel?
On my coke rewards, what do they mean when they say there is no inventory remaining for this item?
Can you actually refuse to let someone pay for their purchase with change?
why when how?
OKay ppl i know where to get flowers "if you a freaken member lol" i am and i have 47 sets?
How can I cancel a monthly supply of DeadSeaKit cream when I only ordered a sample ?
How do I ship a present so I can surprise my father for his birthday?
Wanna know the price of the gram of gold please?
an auditorium has 32 rows of seats with 30 seats to a row. during a performance, an usher said all seats but 2?
How to export to america?
apart from ebay, where online can i buy the cheapest quality flash drives. the site MUST ship to ASIA, thanks?
Sex toy tester jobs where do I go to apply on how much can u make?
my mother owns an orphnage overseas?
how much would this cost?
how do i find a good work at home job for income when i am retired?
Is a $58,000 a year smart sizeable? good enough to support one person in the city?
how should i prepare for an internship interview?
Accounting degree or it degree?
When is the right age to have a Boy friend?
where can i make money online like how hard is it?
What is the law of demand?
Why did you choose the job you have?
i am looking for a dance shoe store in delaware?
umm i need some ideas for a screen name?
PIN number? I need answers, PLEASE....?
How much should i expect to make?
Buyer Of Sugar Icumsa 45?
How many American dollar in Canadian money?
National Homebuyers company in the UK.?
What should I do about receiving a faulty product from a purchase on Ebay?
how can I find out the price of sod?
Can I use a prepaid Visa card to make an international purchase online?
How much is 70,370 rupees worth in U.S dollars?
I would like to get into stocks. How do I get started?
data cables for $1 on ebay - how are they making profit? Isn't the shipping alone more expensive than that?
when Johnny leaves Lyte's office, to whom does he go for guidance and support?
price of a 2 year contract with AT&T?
is online3fs truth or fraud?
Can bill collectors call after 9pm?
Who counts the money underneath the bar?
what type of bone is in bonechina?
If you could have one super power, what would it be?
I Am looking For a good And affordable BANKRUPTCY LAWYER in the west palm beach area. Any suggestions??
how do you get rid of hiccups?
If you were to sell a shilling, would it be worth anything?
what is a term used for a ????
do ups drivers still deliver packages in the rain?
Is FedEx Ground really ground?
How much is a Schilling worth in US currency?
Why inflation premium and risk premium is added to real interest rate in order to arrive at value of nominal i?
Postmark date and due date different - What to do with this rebate?
I'm looking for a clothing company called Shaka, they make heavyweight TeeShirts. Can u find me their website?
I need £500 in 24 hours - any ideas to help?
What's the fastest land animal?
what dou look for in a job, beyond power, status and money?
What is one thing that you can't live without?
What is £105 in Dollars?
does the time go one hour forward or backward?
How would i go about getting a court order for a copy of a bill and a contract from a company?
How much is this worth?
Whats the current worth of 1 gram of gold in US dollors?
When I sell items and the money goes into Paypal does Paypal deduct their charges from my balance?
What is the principle of internal control that is violated?
When using the FIFO method of valuating inventory........?
Who is responsible for issuing bank notes in australia (10 points of first correct answer!)?
accounting class help?
Paypal, Bank Letter and Contradicting Information?
is a work authorization invoice a binding contract?
If I buy an item that has a shirt and pants is it OK if I only buy the shirt or pants?
how do I remove splattered paint from my truck. I ran over a can of spray paint. kind uknown?
i need to find a inmates number in picaway corrtectional without paying for it?
Has a scary movie ever made you think twice about doing something? Like swimming in a lake...or going camping?
Unclaimed Money question?
are banks open on Martin Luther King Day (i.e. today)?
can u email me if you know a way to make mony onlin if youre under ehgitteen?
Is making 150 a day good or bad. And how much is that a year?
**help needed** I have lost quite a decent amount of money in forex, how to recover?
letter of lateral communication?
purchase supplies on account 7200?
Making a paypal donation system on my site?
Where To Sell Used Clothes ? I Live In Florida Under Jacksonville if anybody can help and lives close by?
why do children have to do homework everyday?
I had this check from mail for like $ 1896.00 and it came from gateway performance research. Is this Fraud? Or?
How does the bill me later payment on eBay work?
I ripped a fifty dollar in half what can I do?
Where Can I get copies of test certificates for nickel?
can anyone help me make up a story with onmatopeia?
How can I keept valentines day from being a depressing day when my boyfriend is on the road driving a truck.?
why wont my card go through when i try to buy things online?
How much is a diamond worth?
Copyright vs. Public Domain: what are the pros & cons?
Are the simpsons a propreate TV program for children???
Basic Microeconomics Question?
Does your employer treat you well?
what's 'melancholy' mean?
Bill collector calling my job.?
Has anyone had to use Ebay Buyer Protection?
What do you think the best solution to repairing our ecomony is?
Do you think my friend would have a chance of getting accepted by a model agency?
TWANG................. what does this mean?
How much money to make a year to live comfortably?
Can America be sold on eBay?
How can I attract truck drivers to my truck stop?
what is the website showing the longest man?
do women like men bald, with a bit of hair, or with a lot of hair?
do you think a boy is gay if he dies his hair green?
Do you think mortuaries extract gold from the dead?
How do I find out the shipping cost?
is there a online checking account i can open without a deposit?
Can anyone explain in simple terms the new medicare prescription plan?
are DVDs dead...........................?
Accounting help please?
how to get ink off a school desk?
What is the Salary during Training of SBI Clerk and duration of Training?
Why on the back of AU coins it says IRE?
Does everyone involved in business take a certain amount of risk?
Multiple Choice Finance question on common stock. Any help?
if i get $20 a week how long will it take me to reach a million?
how long does it take for a package to be sent from USA to Australia?
If life exists on earth, do you think there are life on other planets? Also, do you believe in Ufo's?
can anybody define a proactive political strategy for me ?
Question about Banks..?
How can I learn how to count money better?
what is a cheap phone company that only charges 25 a month?
Can someone explain "FDIC assitance" in the Citi buyout of Wachovia? ?
can you tell me?
Hollister return policy help?
In an apartment building when is the building manager required to call a plumber and when can staff fix it?
i need to know the price of this item?
I'm almost 16, what's an easy way to make $35 within a week?
Money orders? Where all can I get them?
where do I find the ticker symbol for MSCI WORLD INDEX $?
how do i get into a chatroom on ?
Would I be able to make more money with a degree in accounting and minor in cisn?
What is the one thing you would change about your past?
Who is your inspiration and hero in your life? Mine is my soldier.?
how to make paper bag with?
My idea is so complex I don't know how to write it down.?
who can support more include gold electic product?
If you found a genie and could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
I'm looking for Amanda Ginn who went to Thomas More College, where is she now?
What are the similarities and the difference b/w the international finance standards and GAAP?
How can I make money online if I'm under 18?
does using debit card for paying in fastfoods and restaurants no longer needed to type ur pin code?
what would people do if they could not complain all the time?
How to calculate cost of debt?
Which of the following statements record a form's financial situation on a single day?
what is hedonism??
How can i find a deal with warner bros.?
why do people from the south talk funny?
What are derivatives, derivative instruments along with accounting policies and procedures for derivatives?
Has a scary movie ever made you think twice about doing something? Like swimming in a lake...or going camping?
Can Angels (good or bad) die? or they will just be locked into a closed space?
why am i getting emails about transfering money to my country,there offering me 3.5 million?
What should I do to a backstabbing friend who is always stealing boyfriends and always doing mean and jealous?
Order of various items in the P&L - IFRS?
What should you do if you are getting a MBA without any business experience?
why is it manners for the gentleman to open to door for a lady and not the opposite?
How do you calculate discount of an item using a scientific calculator and normal 1. Thanks?
is there a web site that i can check if i have a lein on my house?
Does Edward Mckay in raleigh sell low price up to date Anatomy books?
when regulators close a bank, what happens to my account?
How many miles per week can Winger Truck Drivers do ?
Is money invention a good thing?
Accounting Homework help!?
how to fix scratches on eye glass lens?
is bad company 3 worth buying?
is a scam?
If you could be any animal for a day what would you be?
Where can I write a negative review online about an attorney?
Should I form an LLC?, if so how should I file income tax?
If a women is Bi-curious should she act on her feelings and explore?
How long does it take for an item to shop from California to Tennessee using ups ground?
Is there any way to make money online with 10$?
can anyone tell me about the---------work at home web sites-----is it a scam or what?
how much to charge for doing someone's schoolwork online?
bond issue with a face value of $800,000 on which there is unamortized premium of $30,000 is redeemed for $790?
if a bailiff has seen something of mine can I sell it before he comes back to take it?
How do identify IT services companies in Germany who could be potential business partners ?
How do you do a wire transfer when your bank is across the country and has no readily available online banking?
please provide me with list of antibiotic companies in india?
what can i do to help me quit smoking?
Forgot to add a reserve price?
Can I finance a guitar?
How can I peacefully have her leave?
Compute the predetermined overhead rate?
What is the importance of tender information in your business?
What do I do when my tracking number says a package has been delivered, but it has not?
Is it true that you can get credit cards just for buying stuff online? And how much do they cost?
how do I look up the calendar for 1910?
Auditing - 4 column bank reconciliation?
Exempt employee overtime question?
How old do you have to be to stay in a hotel?
are you a regular ebay shopper and if so what do you buy?
Discuss some financial variables that affect the price-earnings ratio?
Where to buy the new ying yang kobe shoes only on store no online puchase?
Do I have a strong small claims case against this ebay seller?
what does 90 days warranty service, technical support or product inquiry mean?
I need to pay a bill with a check I deposited but my total funds aren't available yet?
accounting..straight-line method of depreciation..10 points..?
What happened in the middle of the 20th century that won't happen again for another four thousand years?
What is the origin of the "Darwin Award?" Why is it named after a famous theoretisist?
How old were you when you got your first job and what was it?
ordered online and didn't receive so i asked for my money back 2 months later nothing?
a fright company is holding on to my stock becouse the wholesaler as bounced a payment on them is this legal?
how do you get people to like you??
Managerial Accounting High-Low Method Help Please?
Find Societe Generale Bereau IMB in Cardiff Wales, UK?
no 1099 company refuses to send one out and refuses to pay me.?
Is there anyway to get my money back?
how much is a 2 dollar bill worth from 1928 d series?
I need help with the Australian financial system?
How do u get people to buy your stuff on ebay?
Any guys so good lookin' that they could pass for a girl if dressed like one? And, vice versa?
who's victor at missword?
Americans, does $100 look like a big sum to you?
how can I find MR(Marginal revenue) if P=(800-4Q)^1/2. P is price and Q is Quantity?
accounting help with problem?
Does the eBay insertion fee immediately take the money from my bank account?
what is the reason for producing liquid in the stomach & liver?
Help with finding net revenue?
Accounting Problems [help?]?
how to punish our own father?
How is that people say that it is cold as Hell but Hell ain't cold at all?
Can you buy dirt bikes from America and ship them to foreign countries for profit?
How to get rid of a ton of sensitive documents??
I had a interview April 25th, I missed it. How do I get an other one. My # 7105201 - Name Gunnel M. Pero.?
Where is the missing dollar?????
What government agency would you approach if your boss is asking you to work for free off of the clock?
As a principal in the consulting firm where you have worked for 20 years, you have accumulated 5000 shares of?
When do you record a transaction?
What's the best things an employee should possess to survive in a pressurized work environment?
What secret powers did you have as a child?
Besides Marlboro, what is the best cigarette brand?
Valuing Bonds Using Present Value Help Please?
the way we sleep, is there a reason?
Can I bid on an eBay item while waiting on a PayPal transaction to go through?
Variance Analysis - Cost Accounting?
how much would someone make with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Management?
Is the USA importing too much from China?
The Music Stand direct-mail company wants to send catalogs to music teachers, dancers and other...?
Does anyone use QuiBIds?
How is it possible to just buy American nowadays when almost everything is made or built oversees? Will?
where is shree international financfe companjy located?
what are some decent paying in demand jobs that don't require a specific degree?
Why does the USPS no longer sell booklets of stamps?
If a funeral procession is at night, do you drive with your lights off?
how do i get my brother to stop cussing, he's ten?
ineed help getting my furniture to florida?
would you kill in self defense?
A customer buys $37 worth of accessories. He gives you a $50 bill. How much change do you give him?
What is the value of a $20 bill from 1861?
how do I write 13/8 as a mixed number?
how much do customs charge?
I love this Hollister top but its 50 pounds!?
Accounting help with problem + retained earnings?
How to find legit wholesalers?
Philippines stock market: anyone from the Philippines please?
What is the cheapest option to send parcels from belgium to france and UK?
asda midnight launch how much will black ops 2 cost not pre ordered just normal?
Best Place to Live?
when you strangle a smurf what color does it turn?
What does USPS deliver packages in?
are there any cases/examples where smaller firms depend on larger firms for survival?
How do I know for sure if I have received a payment from an ebay buyer?
What is the present value of the following annuities?
Dear Sir/Madam,Could you please write a letter for me to cancel my O2 mobile contract as I am bankrupt?
Arithmetic Average Return - Annual Returns Finance I Questions?
What is the price of bright and shiny scrap copper?
What company can i send money from a checking account to a money order?
What would you do if you had a bisexual friend that was married kids and started sleeping with another female?
Can you picture a better world than this to live your life?
Can any one help me in understanding share markets?
Presented below is information for Grant Company.?
how can i have someone too donated a motorhome?
Why can't I see a map in ! Local Maps BETA?
What is the chemical compound of cheese?
What advice do you have for organizing the best 10 year class reunion?
Anyone need a 12 year-old female babysitter?
who is the world largest cinder block producer as a company?
how can i get many friends?
What are some good, reliable online jobs?
my old boss refuses to pay me for my last week of work?
When you have a paypal account do you have to.....?
for all you brilliant people out there, of course i mean as collectors items. kovils price guide says some of?
Can anyone tell me why UPS would have not delivered my package yet?
HELP! USPS/POSTAL QUESTION!!!!!!!!! Can we use big white paper to wrap around the item ?
How can experts or doctors on be compensated if we pay 11 $ a month for unlimited questions?
How much do car body workers make?
What is 28usd? I'm buying something online and i was asking about how much the shipping was and they said dat!?
is there really free money and grants out there?
how can you get 100% on tests with little studing but like getting anwsers?
Is there any way that the Fed can lower inflation by buying TIPS?
How do these websites make money?!?
what is base on Govt. is decited to issued new currency in mkt what is base? is Gold / Land of India / any o?
How much money would a pawn shop give you for a Rolex watch?
How do I send a message?
Accounting - Help please!?
What are some pros and cons of working from home and working at a business?
How do I stop cold calls?
hw can i build a web site?
Help Finance Problem!?
what does a 1000.00 dollar bill look like.?
Are the things they say about your horoscope in the magazines true?
How to write a grant? Is this appropriate?
can someone tell me what this accounting stuff means?!?
Accounting homework help?
what are some examples of where a individual earns more than the person who hires them and is there direct?
How do I tell a girl that I love her?
Shipping and Delivery package time?
How much social security a month for having a deceased parent?
in iran gold has goten expencive so if gold is more expencive when what would happen to dollars?
Help with simple accounting?
How do I start my babysitting service and How much do I charge?
Do you feel at times you are crazy?
I want to stop paying my car; what is my best option?
Is $7.80 an hour good money?
Could you check my letter please? Thanks?
Why don't I receive a lot of responses to my questions ?
pls, enter this in a proper journal for me and state reason?
Where does the USPS delivery sent to Bahrain go?
When do I have to use Future/Present Value of Annuity due and Future/Present of an Ordinary Annuity?
Relatives contesting wills.?
What is the best christmas movie of all time?
What is cyberslacking?
What's the difference between poor and fortunate?
how much is average babysitting fee?
Can creditors of a deceased person find out that an estate account has been established for the decedent?
about business perfessions?
Which banks dont check credit? i need an account?
do you believe in god?
what are the driving forces of the movie and theatre industry?
I have exactly half of a ten dollar bill. If I take it to the bank, will they give me a new one?
why don't we know everything (knowledge) when we are born?
any suggestions on how to fight the urges to mast---erbate ?
Is anybody else having a bad day?
can i still take the old 50p coins back to the bank?
where can i get fake nvq certificate?
Calculate the profit or loss on 12,000 bags and on 25,000 bags.?
Should children have friends of the opposite sex?
Earn Money?
why wasnt i born rich?
Do the members of the Florida Seminole tribe get a monthly per diem check?
how much do chinese people get for working at a clothes factory?
You have waited 30 minutes in a line for the star tours ride at Disneyland.?
how much is this worth?(read)?
how much canadian dollar does one solidi worth?
Need web address for St. Paul Public Housing agency, at 555 N Wabasha St, In St. Paul, Minnesota.?
how many dollars per month is considered as good income in usa?
Ever have one of those days where you felt like crap?
How many of you are rich?
How do I send a resume to a business by email?
Known my best friend for 25 years! Our whole life! Now she's back with her ex. READ MORE! ADULTS ONLY PLEASE!
How to find investor or investors for my business?
does perfect competition offers consumers the best deal?
Swallow Hotels: what do you think should happen?
Is it true microsoft is conducting a beta test and paying for it?how to participate and claim this?
Is this a good deal? I need advice?
Where can I find out online if someone has been or is still married in Illinois?
why do companies always hire ***holes as managers everywhere in the world?????????/?
Is my employer responsible for paying my reg work day while at a training course?
What is the difference between posting date and transaction date?
What or which is the first effected when?
Hi I'm Rick. I'm 50 years old and like SpongeBob SquarePants. Do I have a problem?
What's the best online website to shop for women's shoes?(one with the widest selection and reasonable prices)
1,785GP converted to us dollars?
How do I solve this on a ti-83 plus?
What is a nice way of asking your family to leave your house?
Does UPS tracking update the progress of a package once they transfer it over to o USPS?
what do you do about a obsessive exboyfriend?
on ebay i says that a person has the same bid as me but it says i am the high bidder am i actually ?
it's 8pm and UPS still hasn't delivered.But the tracking shows it's on time.?
With a ten dollar bill how muck change do I get back if I buy four items priced at $1.79 $2.99 $4.37 $33? ………?
How do I gain more money?
Does Payback Period and Accounting Rate of Return Includes Salvage Value?
How can I buy minecraft with a prepaid card?
Where do I find information on how retail businesses have bounced back financially from near bankruptcy?
How much is shipping a pair of shoes from America to New Zealand?
when and by which date was Jesus born?
Why does meat deteriorate in Pepsi?
Trying to understand international trading?
free geneology websites?
Confused by Cha cha vetter pay?
how i get gold selling licence india?
The following information is available to reconcile Clark Company’s book balance of cash with its bank stateme
how do i get rich and famous?
how to get dried up crayons off of clothes ?
Is this a fair partial refund amount?
what are the certifications available in banking?
What peirceings do you have? I have my brow. Im going for more!?
I got assualted by an beautician Please help?
if you buy something on the internet on tuesday and its a 2 day shipping when will it arive ?
Level 2 of answers..?
Would a 1981 Twenty Dollar Bill have a watermark or strip on it?
do i need a licanse to scrap computers?
The customer's purchase totals $12.96. She gives you a ten dollar bill and a five dollar bill. How much chan?
Does anyone know what time they open dollar general on Saturdays?
How to convince my parents to give me $80?
Will my parents know I used there cheque for money?
Can a person change his fate, if there’s any?
Any good websites that pay to take surveys.?
where can i find washington state online banking applications?
why filipino people are poor?
are the links for paid surverys a good way to make mone?are they real?
Why is it when I ask a simple question people get very defensive about them???
International payment mechanisms?
What's your opinion on Disney buying LucasFilms?
Are there hotlines or support groups that help young people with business ideas freely or cheaply?
why does delete questions about packing fudge?
What is the article that is attached to the inside collar of a shirt called?
If you had a billion pounds, what would you buy?
401k Company says we were overpaid?
Accounting Journal Entry Question?
If I sell my soul how much will I get?
Accounting for Merchandising Businesses?
What is a Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee? Debit account ( BankOfAmerica)?
who are the people on the back of the two dollar bill?
How do i change my coins into dollars???
If a simple, over the counter cure for the common cold were discovered..?
How do i find the average industry for McDonalds?
HELP!!!! What would you do if a customer order hadn't arrived and they desperately needed the item?
accounting questions?
can i buy a money pack card online?
Can anyone help me to find out Project Management Consultants doing MEP Construction Works in India?
Gold MCX rate shown on Zee Business & other channels is for how many carats : 22 or 24?
What do I major in if I want to become a financial advisor? Business or accounting?
Will Walmart let me return/exchange this?
How does the business ownership type affect the accounting for the business?
Do buffalos really have wings?
can i send a shoes International?
Is my paycheck proof of SSN if...?
I get illegal operation only while in Chat?
How Much Are These Autographs Worth?
Help with business class project (has to do with car loans)?
Need help choosing a career?
How much money would i get if I sell my computer at Best Buy trade in center?
What is a shalali?
GDP recession Question?
How can i make decent money?
why do we call it a funny bone ? when we hit it , it hurts like hell. it's not funny?
Does the American Dream still exist?
how much money do you pay a twenty year old babysitter for eight hours?
why do we always run after money?
Can you suggest a guide to American currency?
im a 15 year old male and im 5"9' how can i grow taller?
Help!! Bounced Checks!!!?
What makes a good CEO?
defining some problems in finance (research method)?
how can i find out if my father is in jail in Ontario canada?
Do I owe money?
does anybody know a website where I can take surveys and earn money?
what is history of the Santa Claus?
how to get a refund from a laser hair removal place?
is a scam?
How to write notice of office shifted to new place ?
whar do u go 2 mack a free web site?
Im behind on my Nextel bill?
PPI claim has been rejected.....advice please?
How do you convert British Pounds into American Money?
When calculating Accounting Income, do I need to include depreciation expense?
Can a minor get US dollars converted to Indian rupees? What is the procedure please tell in detail?
Do you think drinking a six-pack of beer every day defines you as an alcoholic?
post stamped packages in letterbox?
i got married aug.17 05. name changed on ss#. but not changed at work or on odl. which name do i file under?
Do I have to accept a "credit note" from a large sports goods retailer instead of cash/credit card refund?
Accounting Help?
what are the "methods" used to estimate interest rate risk?
Just got called back for a third interview for Costco!?
How to stop/block the fake company from taking your money on your mobile?
Anyone know how to really find a good way of using twitter for business and web2.0 in general?
What are banks doing at the moment?
who come first ...b/w hen and egg??
How does the debt ratio deffer from the debt to value ratio?
what is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
Robert Manning calls to place an order. How should you address him?
death penalty?
What is the most powerful management technique?
how can i make money online?
how much is 14 carrot gold per gram?
I'm looking for my friend!his name is Jason M Kidd.I know he has e-mail address,but I don't know which!Help!
Do you really look like your Aviator?
How to price a good using the concept of price elasticity of demand?
What is the most striking question?
what is durand-line?
Ebay Question: Can you stop a package from reaching its destination through ebay or paypal ?
Does anyone know who AKMAN(UK)ESSENTIALS are.They have taken £79 pounds out of my bank account.?
What Is the Average Wage and Salary in the USA, China, and India?
How much is 10k gold worth?
life isnt really that easy. but you gotta live it to suceede your dreams rite? does any body agree?
this is onother pole, coke or pepsi? (PEPSI!) and, cats or dogs?
Can telephone bill be claimed for Tax exemption?
Managerial Accounting Question.?
Do religious charities have to open their financial books in the UK?
what is the difference between a job description and a Job specification?
where do i go to exchange pesos to usd? coupon that works?
how can i have a meeting or chat for free?
how do you get a girlfreind?
Bank--Deposit Hold/Overdraft?
How do I calculate how much money I should get back for PPI?
Intermediate Accounting, can anyone help me with present and future values?
How to search good tenders worth 100 crore and above related to Water Treatment Plant, STP, ETP, etc?
How can i build my credit in only a year?
Do I have to be an engineer in order to run a major industrial firm ? ?
EBay funds transferred to wrong Paypal?
How do I ship an International package?
Need help with naming a business. My husbands name is Bill and we clean commercial bathrooms. Any sugestions?
where can i find a website of pictures ofjust hot german girls?
Prepare a direct labor budget by quarters for the 6 months ending June 30, 2012.?
How much money does he make?
Where can I find real and working examples of (start-ups) business plans and feasibility studies on the Net?
how much is the gold bar 1 kilo in peso?
Do you curse on a regular basis? Why?
How does a record company make the money back they spent into a flopped album?
help with my project financially.
Alternative Financing Plans Question?
Whose face would you like to see on a five pound note, and why?
What are the cultural & societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it orginated?
What Laura's last name of the little house on the paririe?
What package should I use to ship a costume?
ok let me rephrase my question....whats a legit way to make money starting with only $1,000?
The YMCA in Denham Springs would like to open a gym facility on Juban Road. They have worked with contract?
Attention all Archeologists!?
do u belive god? y? how? if not ?y? plz tell me?
Would you marry an ugly old fat person?
what kind of currency is this and how much is it in USD?
Politte Supply uses a sales journal, a purchases journal a cash receipts journal a cash disbursements journal?
How to send Money Order?
How long do you think it will be before Jesus ratures christians home to heaven?
Why companies prepare financial statements in different standards?
Would someone need to sign an NDA again for the 2nd meeting?
a. w. surveys? is it reliable?
how to move a baby grand piano?
Am I right in thinking that a debt cannot be legally recovered after a period of 6 years?
Breach of contract, working for a competitor, what are the consequences?
Do you look more like your mom, dad, or your family dog?
I love bill gates you have a problem with it ?
moving to jacksonville?
In a collapsing economy what do you think will have the most value?
Anderson Company purchased equipment for $1,800 cash. As a result of this event,?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
why do people ask sush dumb questions?!?
how can i stop spending money of little pointless things?
why is good to have a religion than dont have one at all?
What is Accounts Payable to Accounting Software Features ?
Will Fedex or UPS deliver a package early?
!!royal mail!! advice needed?
Do you have a significant other? Seriously, do you?
when advancing to each level...what does it give you??
I want to buy item A - Company says: "how much do you gross/yr, that determines price." Is this legal?
Budgeting is a key component in management short and long term planning?
will you send me money?
Cash receipts from bond issued?
I have several antique books and I would like to know what's their value and if I should put insurance on them
how can I send a Target giftcard without putting it in the mail?
What does BPO stand for? What does it mean?
Can someone help with this adjusting entry for accounting?
who are the good people on the internet?
I recently received a check from the FTC claims administration center with a check?
Somebody can help me to find the right place to to find companies who needs delivery services.?
If you have a mothball in one hand and another one in the other what would you have?
Financial accounting homework question?
If you're trying to start a hedge fund, does it have to be in New York?
Where can i change my coppers?
my company is not paying me the same rates as other employees doing the same job by $5 can they do that?
Has anyone been to United Nations before?
How long will USPS EXPRESS mail take to reach the U.K please? (rough guide )?
Accounting question? (have my work but not sure if it's right)? Legit?
How can i get a good result in SPM?
Why can't Mormans Drink Coke?
What is name of model in saffola gold advertisement?
As a Seminole from Oklahoma would I be able to..?
What's a Good Way For a Twelve Year Old to Make Money?
how much is 1953 five dollar bill worth?
how many dates till you ask a girl to be your girlfriend?
i cost accounts what are the cost are available?
Helpppp with Cv pleaseee?
Does this look like a craigslist scam to you?
has any one ever use
Where can i find a free sample secured loan agreement?
what is meant by cons and pros?
identify two companies that are currently in the process of merging?
was this unfair?
How can I find out who owns the apt's I live in?
What holds value in a depression?
how do i know areal freind?
Ways for 15 year olds to make money for summer?
How do I obtain legal authority over my deceased son's property. He was single and had no will.?
how do i sell a gold bar uk?
On 30 June 20xx Style Hair Design Pty Ltd sold 10 hair dryers that had reached their useful life of 5 years. t?
I need some help with my bills?
how to get 750 dollars by the end of summer?
Do dogs go to heaven when they die?
Would owning a Dunkin Doughnuts franchise be profitable and if so, how long would it take to make a profit?
Where is the best place to shop!?
WHAT is under the ........KILT...........?
I received a check in the mail not sure if it is spam or not?
how much is a gram of 24 carrot pure gold worth?
what is the indians largest bank ?
What is the procedure to gold bar import from Dubai to India ?
I am tutoring someone for the first time what would a good hourly rate be?
explain whay some businesses that have filed bankruptcues continue to operate for many years?
how can i find my way to porn industry?
is there any other ways to send a sase than international reply coupons?
what are the typical prices of black friday?
licence to maintain to export medicine to Africa?
How many stamps do i need for $1.99??
What does ready for ups mean?
how much is a 1924 wheat penny worth?
What do we should do wen you regret for something that you´re doing?
My boss isnt giving me wage slips and wont tell me the company PAYE ref no?
Return item with no receipt, should i have had to pay sales tax again?
describe rain in detail in a beautiful way..please...?
how much yearly income does a violinist make?
looking for an out-of-print book. checked the search engines but would like more choices. Any help?
How much will the utilities cost? (read descript.)?
how long does overnight shipping take?
What is this bond worth?
What is the difference between a dependent and an independent?
I need to find a website to so i find out how much it cost for a prosthesis called the bucket.?
true or false?
Why can't pigs look up to the sky?
PLEASE help with accounting questions?
question about profit sharing!!!?
eBay/paypal transaction gone wrong?!?
can i backdate maternity allowance for housing and council tax benefit purpose?
Are there any jobs for mature 12 year olds?
Enonomics help will give best answer to first correct response.?
Can some give me a quick overview of the Accounting Code of Ethics by AICPA?
what is your favorite song ?
I work for the usps. I am a rural carrier. I have lost my driver's licence?
mig welding?
How are Euros expressed?
How much would paypal take out of my bank?
I am looking for large crown shaped chair props for my party store.?
How do you ship with UPS?
How do you know when someone has ordered your ebay item?
John worked at a steel mill for 25 years. A recessionary economy and competition with foreign steelmakers forc?
why is communication so important in helping employees work together effectively ?
Ebay buyer wants a refund?
I am earning 20,000/- per month as a consultant/contract employee and the company is deducting 10.3% from that?
How much extra $$ per month would you need to make your life easier?
Multiple-Step Income Statement.....I'm stuck?
Doesn't it suck that USPS with an FFL is cheaper and preferred by handgun sellers than UPS or Fed Ex?
help help help help help help?
how does nature trails help in the conservation of forests?
Is that true that removes the question if it relates to free music, software, hacking etc..?
Can you smell spring coming?
Lost my statement of account in ashley furniture how am i foing to pay my bills?
accounting homework help please! asap thank you!?
Check cashing at banks?
u.s. customs and vivienne westwood issues!!!! help!!!!?
I worked 98 hours in two weeks and i get paid biweekly, i get paid 9.25 hr. how much would my check be?
What is the value of an 1893 silver dollar and a 1928 2-dollar bill?
how do i find wi courts sysyems for in jail and warrents in wisconsin?
What do I do if I made up a song about my crush and told it to my friends and they sing it out loud everyday.?
my visa gift card wont work at bp gas stations and only sometimes at other gas stations?
what is hylam?
alright i need a guy's welcome?
My package was supposed to go to USPS but I took it to ups?
what is a paraphrenalia charge?
how long does usps mail take ?
Are there any sites that aren't scams that allow you to take surveys and get paid for it?
A farmer had 15 sheep, and all but 8 died. How many are left?
How much is it to ship mail from US to Europe?
another accounting 1 question?
how much will it cost to make four pvc dog jumps, basic DESIGN?
Can I change the Director in a Ltd company?
is it true bill gates purchased other companies and destroyed them to keep microsoft number 1?
from can i get a list without paying someone on line?
If you find a penny what should you do?
what is your favorite fish in the sea?
Do you like money?
I'm cashing out my tiny 401K of $755. Employer there is a 40% penalty?
How to learn web-page making ?
Any ex JW's out there? Do you have any tips for living a normal life in "real world"?
what is 20% from $ 203.00 dollars?
Any retaliation against a bad business?
whats the best cure for a hangover?
australia: how come no childproof lighters anymore?
i NEED to make £3000 in 6 weeks....any ideas???
What is core banking?
Who is responsible for permits for haz mat loads?
Edd sent new "award letter" then few days later an "invalid claim"?
i ordered something from Minnesota. how long will it take to get to new york by USPS ?
When's gonna be the best time to change up my sterling for us dollars ?
will california break off of the united states?
why do imported goods raise in price once they are in the united states? I need another opinion please.?
How I will increase my importence at Office?
how many people do you love?
Sites that are legit for writing articles with strickly upfront pay?
body issues?
Please answer this question. Where is everyone who is on here from? Tell me what city or state? Just curious!?
when is bihu?
What is CRM on demand?
I need to make a budget. So I know what I am spending and where. Just what do I do?
Do you know what this symbol means? Please just say Yes or No?
What's your most favorite footwear?
Manpower Recruitment Business?
who's your fav singer?
I have some IDBI deep discount bounds purchaged in 1995.If i want to incash it what is the right procedure?
why is US dollar considered as most powerful currency ?
is Revenue debit or credit?
if it was worth £6590 in 1974 how much today?
Has anyone heard of a company called American Capital Ent?
I'm having Banking issues, help!?
How can i find out if a businee is legit?
Do you recommend major in economics or MBA?
Question about expired DFAS check?
getting hired at ups?
What if you do a wire transfer but goods do not arrive?
What should i do about a scam?
net income and operating cash flow?
What does this mean, "how do you do"?
what's the best way to get rid of an old player piano?
What is the difenation of cliant?
why is it so hard for a 15 year old to get a decent job?
Should bankers receive £m's in bonuses?
Where can I score ecstasy at the lowest price in puerto rico?
How important is physical appearance for you?
Does a contest with a prize giveaway have to have a terms and conditions?
does anyone know how to free ur self from debt?
What is the fastest, legal way to make $100,000?
How to write a nomination letter to our company?
What is the charges of per unit in residential area of new delhi?
what is nominal accounts?
What do you do when a NEW coworker, who is your assistant, with a higher education, makes more money than you?
I have a half ripped $100.00 bill?
what are the benefits and problems of tourism in benidorm(please read)?
How to make money for a teen?
Who finds it annoying that no-one accepts cheques anymore?
how do you know when you are in love?
where can i get a cashier's check? in a bank or in a store? do they charge? how much percentage? thanks?
how much water do i need to fill a 10 litre bucket?
who is the best?daddy yankee or usher?
what is the best way to earn a large sum in one hour?
How long does a ticket stay on your driving record?
my really good friend likes who i like, and he likes her. how do i deal with that? please help me!!?
Why would non-horse people attack horse people when they have no personal knowledge?
Question about sending Money to other Countries?
How much can I expect to make from a roach coach / Lunch Truck?
i Phone 3gs wholesale?
does anybody knows how is distributed the luxury market in the world?
How would I sell a Playstation 2?
I started my first job yesterday and it went HORRIBLY...?
who is the world largest cinder block producer as a company?
A Women gave me a deposit for Furniture but changed her mind 45 days later.?
Where i can sell emu egges?
Company files Bankruptcy?
accounting question re: net income and resources to produce?
Why does england import so many of it's products from foreign countries?
where i can find New gtalk pinless coupon/ promo/ promotion code?
how many chuck norris did it take to screw in a lightbulb?
I deposit a check today at 3:30 PM for 2,500 should the funds be usable at the same tomorow?
When does Hollister's sale end?
Has the statement 'made in China' made you not purchase the item?
im going out with a star wars fanatic but i hate star wars?
how do you make jeans softer?
whats ur favorite soda?
Why is there so much hatred between the different religions?
why doesn't a break even analysis include the time value of money?
will the price of us dollar increase or decrease??
How much is 2pound worth of gold in England?
why do thay have christmas in december when all the shops are full?? sorry cud not resist the question?
Is it bad that I think money is not an issue in my life?
what is the balance of my giftcard?
Are there any sites showing the price index for valve, ball bearing or any other engineering equipment?
what is equivalent units? Accounting Help?
If you had to pick......?
Does one really have to spend money to make money?
How Do You Put On A Rubber??
Do pig eat meat?
Do you Open your junk mail even if you know its junk mail?
How much do you guys pay for hash?
How much is the British £5 1999 coin really worth?
Question about obtaining CPA in NJ?
What is the best celebrated holiday?
If you won a lot of money in a lottery what would you spend it on?
"Please Wait to be Seated" Sign...?
What effect does globalization have on managers? How can one respond to these challenges?
what does to plead the fifth mean?? i forgot?
survey thingy?
What side does a postage stamp go on an envelope?
why is the christmas in winter?
Im 18 now, can i go after my dad for not paying child support?
What if the package I ordered doesn't fit on the mailbox?
what annoys you?
Is there anything at all (even if it is another languege) that rhymes with orange?
How you would deal with a customer that is calling to tell you their order hasn’t been received?
MLM or Party Plan, which is the best business opportunity?
Can I exchange a video game at target that's already opened?
how much would a 1900 one penny be worth today?
what are the procedures for company registration in kerala?
how can i get rid of the hiccups?
Women apparel suppliers?