dose this dude like me?
why are intertested in this job?
What is capital structure and how to identify whether the company is more on debt or equity financing?
Are the usps people allowed to ask you what's in your box?
What are rubber bands actually used for in an office? ?
bird dropping problems?
What idiot decided talking machines should replace real people when making calls to support & sales lines?
Should I quit my job?
first substantive answer is best answer?
How much would it cost to build a miniature golf course.?
Can you recommend a good credit union located in St. Louis?
How did Santa Anna get away from Huston?
What does Isaiah 29:24 mean?
Mexicans how do you feel about the richest man in the world and mexico is an arab?
How would reducing Social Security benefits for those with high incomes balance the budget of the U.S.?
Which nation is the next SUPERPOWER ?
what is purchase transaction?
If you had a trillion dollars what would you buy?
How do you prepare the operating activities section of the statement of cash flows using the indirect method?
need help with accounting?!?
help check over accounting answers please?
Why do people sit on the internet and answer strangers questions for hours on end???
How do I go about approaching my boss(At Best Buy) about a move coming up to another state?
Would a bank allow you to deposit someone else check for them in their account.?
Paypal...return money!!!!! help!!!?
opinions on my money situation?
Does anyone know what the name Jaelene means?
What is the best tv show in the whole entire world?
how to track a shipment without way bill number?
Direct Debit Mandate, can a company refuse to send out a paper copy for you to complete?
Do packages travel to destinations on weekends using USPS?
work time regulations?
how is the life of a business administrator?
Can I dispute Verizon's early termination fees?
Can I start the program to become a CFA without knowing the finance language?
Where can I find a list of manufacturers?
How do you use the friend list on ?
Will I become wealthy doing this?
statement of stakeholders equity ??? WHY USE IT?
Sunday is worst day, right?
What are the best online surveys to do?
What is a clever name for a bar?
Where can I sell e-gold?
20p with no date!!? What the story behind them? What are they worth?
what have 62% of canadian women ever done?
what is your ideal guy?use it in 5 paragraph.?
Is Jerry Falwell A complete moron?
What is the quickest, LEGAL way to make money?
help me i am desperate [10 points]?
Do any of those internet schemes like adsense,craislist ads or other plans actually make money?
What is the present value of a perpetuity?
are the factory supplies purchased in cash during the period can be recorded?
Who is the smartest person in the world?
What invention has blown your mind away??
Is "tracking" items being shipped from a merchant, useful in any way?
Ok Let's just say there is a world alliance.?
Why do people, including myself, spend so much time on answers?
How do I get someone to approve us for a loan when we both have bad credit, mostly because of medical bills?
How much allowance is good per week?
What is the biggest note you can get in GBP?
how much i can sell computer for? please give perfect cost?
how do u know if someone likes you?
where can i change euros on a saturday afternoon?
what is phoenix?
Portland Company's Ironton Plant produces precast ingots for industrial use.?
where can I sell wooden swords and how much could I get for them.?
Do you think the world will ever see a common unifying currency?
Where is my missing dollar?
Is Forever New (clothing retail store) a franchise store?
Do they sell Nesquick in bulk?
How much should I sell my Air Jordan Retro 1's for?
How can I be a millioner?
How can i make a complaint with best buy?
How can I locate all the Wells Fargo Bank Branches in the Dallas/Garland/Richardson Texas area?
What is the coolest car?
How can you be playboy rich?
Accounting questions. help?
USPS Pick up HELP!!!!?
If more people knew how to make money online, would it generally be easier or harder to make money online?
Specifically, where can I find diagrams about the Microsoft, Walmart, and McDonald's business models?
I was scammed on a Who's Who telephone call today..for 800.00. Can I stop payment .?
I need a list of the state quarters where can i get one?
What is RMS?
When a property go to sherif sale and why? If buyer defalts dos it go back to owener if holds the mortgage?
how can i pay my phone bill off?
How much would a pound of 24k gold cost in the united states and how many grams is in a pound?
Buying a house HELP!?
do i have a crush?
Accounting Help PLEASE!?
Just called into work anxiety? Please help!?
How do you find if a company is legit?
how much is 93.80 euros in uk money ?
all circuits are busy?
Help Easy 10 points. How to write a Resermate srry If i spelled it wrong.?
my mom was making payments to a furniture store..?
Why do you think some people in this world are prejudice? What do you think kids like us can do to change it?
how old do you have to be?
What is the Depreciation rate formula?
What are payroll obligations following a companies bankruptcy?
What is the cheapest way to convert currency, like my USD into KRW?
I got denied cashing a check?
Can a UPS truck deliver more than one package to you in one delivery?
what is your favourite time of the day & why ?
Best way to make money online?
What government agency would you approach if your boss is asking you to work for free off of the clock?
what do you people think about gay/bi/lesbian people?
How can I get an agent?
how can i prevent on getting curse... i am jayrabs everything i do is not right for other people?
Do you really believe you can tell alot about a person from what they are wearing?
Why can't I track my UPS package?
looking for a lapel pin that says president?
how to write a personal statement decrbing a situation which showed leadership qualities?
What are the steps in doing a Money Order? :)?
cashing a check. help!?
how can u find out who's sending u unwanted mail(threats)?
UPS driver questions?
Email of Tan Siong Kie, President Commissioner of PT ASAHIMAS FLAT GLASS Tbk, Indonesia?
why are there transexuals or transgenders?
i need extreamly interesting names for a story that i'm wrighting?
where to get a cashiers check?
what steps should i take?
I sold something on E-bay. The person sent me a check. If the check they sent me does not clear Do I pay a Fee?
Prepare the journal entry to record depletion expense. what should i debit and credit?
Can someone explain, how much someone would recieve each month, if they make $68,700?
how long do you think it will be until BP declares bankruptcy, and sticks us with the cleanup bill?
How to write letter to my companys'bank telliing them to raise a cheque for my company?
OK some authors besides jk rowling , work with me people, please hehehe?
Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries?
What are some good ideas for fundraising?
GM bankruptcy????????????????
where do the sell pre-paid vanilla mastercards?
How do you map mileage from a county line to a specific address (county line is over water)?
How do you talk to a guy and act cool?
should you forgive a friend when they have said something that has burned a hole in your heart??
Under what circumstances would Nat West email to tell me that my statement is available to view online.?
Tell me why some images look better in a black and white photo..personal opinion please.?
how to learn to make puzzles?
How much money did coca cola pay to advertise in the world cup?
Question about ebay/paypal?
How does our perceptions of time affect how we justify our day to day actions?
where can i used my state of california green health access programs card?
Who should I contact for a missing package/letter?
What is the punishment for a class a felony?
what's the best and the worst job in the world?
Prepare the journal entries to record the following transactions on Monroe Company's books using a perpetual i?
Do you think we are living in End times and that Jesus will soon return??
what's the speciality of punjabi's?
Things imported by France?
do you need to show proof of financial education when trying to attract venture capital Funding?
Does shipping and handling cover delivery cost?
Toughest course in accounting major?
How much is 15% off of 25.00 dollars?
Can any suggest me Certificate Course or Exam related to Management,like how we have CA,ICWA,CFA for Finance?
Can i use my credit card with local currency to buy something in a different currency?
Where can I find tiny plastic crabs?
OMG! No they didn't! Chuck E. cheese is now fit and hip! Please answer!!?
is being homophobeic bad?
the role of non-banking financial intermediaries?
container shipping cost from oz to new zealand?
Namr the country which is receiving maximum technical and financial support from India?
accounting question.. please HELP?
What is the reason do people want more money? And where can they get more money from?
Accounting help in calculating gross profit?
At what distance is an object if its parallax as measured from either end is 1000km baseline (a)1 (b) 1' (C)1"
Some bankers feel that the banking industry is over-regulated. What probably leads them to feel this way?
any website for playing share trading games????????
What Do People Want and Need?
I AM IN DIRE NEED Of Multiple Answers!!!! Please view!!?
dream like quality of coleridge's poetry?
what are some alternative options for selling merchandise?
how would I find out who owns the title on a gold mine pattened in 1900?
where can i throw my son 1st birthday party?
A saleswomen is working on a 6% commission basis. she wants to make $2,400 in a month how much must she se?
help accounting help?
how do you know if you have a depression problem?
websites where u can get ventriloquist dummies for free?
How much money would i make...?
How much would you be willing to Pay for someone pressure washing for you?
what is the kinds of proposal?
how to get rich?
What is the formula for finding the percent change if the price of a items was $2.50 and know cost $ 3.00?
How much money does a big-time YouTuber make?
Is there a single norwegian note of 500000 kroner?
does anybody know a website where I can take surveys and earn money?
Mp3 player reduced from 109.99 to 99.99. find the percent reduction in price.?
What is good minimum wage for working hourly?
Are you aware that a predatory lending lawsuit is in process and Wells Fargo is involved?
How to transfer money from Angola to the U.S.?
I want some information about a Saudi Arabian company under the name of Crystal which produces TiO2.Canu help?
how do u write this as a decimal?
Can someone please tell me what some of the reporting functions are for MYOB and Quickbooks respectively?
What is the cause for mass amounts of unemployment in countries?
Has anybody tried project payday?
How much money would I get for my Kindle Fire?
What kind of gift would you buy a guy friend that doesnt cost that much?
Do you think this idea works?
Is it bad to spend 800$ at once out of credit card when...?
Cashing cheques after leaving the country.?
Who knows what kind of businesses are doing well during this economy crisis?
Will gold price fall down in coming 2 months?
I've got Grandma problems, see details.?
Is this a good way to make money?
I have an option to finish my studies or join a successful company to do business?
good friends to keep or backstabbers?
What is the quickest way to go in debt?
what can i sell that some will buy?
Companies that provide computer services?
dealership went out of business how do i obtain tile?
should rapists be castrated?
what is £??!?!???!?!? seriously.?
how do you stop reproduction in peverty world?
Is there anything out there that knows this one man: Larry Martin?
just wondering why?
what are some important things when you start a business in order to suceed?
Help Me On THis?
are any summer jobs in florida (ft.lauderdale) still highering young teens ?
How do u make a **** load of money in an extremely short amount of time, seriously.?
What's the difference between drawing a cheque' for a "rent deposit" vs "rent"?
Is UK going to join the Euro?
What would you say to a billionaire?
Who knows what kind of businesses are doing well during this economy crisis?
what does quid pro quo mean?
If my USPS package tracking info says 'out for delivery' how long would it take to get to my house?
Why is falling in public or slipping on ice such a HUGE deal? Why do we laugh at people who fall?
Which one is a primary industry?
Whats a good way to tell who somone has a crush on?
how to save up money?
i want to known the all salary allownses and how can i calculate the basic salary with 10% exmpt plz tell me?
Do you know Joshey washey from Michigan?
ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning?
how to donate clothes and items to receive a rebate?
What should I wear to a job interview?
How do you find out the max bid a person bidded on your item is????!!! PLEASE HELP!?
What is the dryest continent on Earth?
MY boyfriend broke a Redbox DVD. What do I do. Could I cancel my credit card to not be charged?
how can i buy about 3000 cheap dvd players and 2000 cheap home cinema 5.1 from china?
What is the best solution to getting rid of storage junk?
a friend wants to go bankrupt for $7000 in debt?
ebay shipping label -so i need to use ebay shipping label now or what?
Foreign Exchange / Money Transfer?
what are some injuries that occur to soldiers in the Irqai war to amerian soldiers?
Accounting Quick General Journal?
What is meant by earning money Locally, statewide, and nationally? Is it based off location?
What is the annual recurring cash flow if Lansing buys the Kodak copiers?
Should I go back to him?
I need an owners manual for a 1999 Ford Jayco RV?
Can anyone tell the meaning of the name Cerylia??
Discuss the role of the central business district over time within the American urban experience.?
suggestion for church youth group fundraisers?
which raw material is needed to produce an iPhone?
What is the one thing in your life you could not live without?
How much is the perfume industry worth ?
So, who's your latest crush and what do you intend to do about it?
In your opinion, what is the most pressing social or political issue facing the United States today? Why?
What do u think if a girl has facial hair where men would usally have it?
Do you think using ! Answers is being lazy?
How much is Argentina money, 5000 Cinco Mil?
How much money did Motorola pay for Zecter?
Does anyone have a good hustle that i can make money off of?
what is the difference between general accounting and public accounting?
help with the fifo and lifo method?
comission to broker will be shown on which side of realisation account ?
Would I be able to use my confirmation email as a receipt?
can you advise me a Breakeven Analysis calculation and chart free tool?
What is the diration of cfa/ cfp/ cpa?
How much is a heuer monaco watch (CN111B.BA0337)worth?
What percentage does an Auctioneer usually get?
What is a product that has elastic demand ?
I need advice on what to charge someone for personal bookkeeping.?
what holds up[ the galexy?
Partial GRN / GRN Pending / No GRN?
Help with a managerial accounting question?
High School Accounting Problem Help?
do pawn shops have to send a notice to the borrower when the four month loan is up?
How much would this cost?
Where is DHgate located?
Use the following data for Questions 1 - 5:?
What is the best thing someone could do for you?
Accounting Inventory Help?
has anybody heard of FairView Financial Services?
whats the best smell for a girl/ guy?
What is the Safest Car Make?
Are there restaurants that require you to wear skirt uniform?
UPS SIZE AND Weight help.. Please....please ....thank you.?
I need a coupon code.Do you have one?
UPS next day air saver?
How to stop paying electric bill?
GDP Help!!! 5 Starts Best Answer!!?
How to tell your worker he/she has done mistake or she should do things in a different way and she should not?
Any jobs where a 15 year old could make money online?
Why does blood taste metallic?
Would a gaming company allow me to write a guide book?
selling on ebay and buyers arent leaving feedback?!?
Where is newest oil refinery built in the US?
how to call ghosts?
Really Need Advice BAD!!?
How to install ceramic tile?
Are their any sites that sell cases for brass instruments?
If I submitted a resume via email do i still need to bring a physical resume ?
I have a 1934 20 dollar bill,how much is it worth?
Calculate total relevant cost per unit?
How old would u like to live?
What is the best way to tell your boss he has horrendous breath ?
Have you ever committed a crime?
Batman R Superman?
he help on accounting!!?
Anybody get an Accounting degree online?
what is the filipino word for:happy new year?
Macy's return policy, how many days?
Business studies Homework?
What was your favorite story book as a child?
What is the average persons Key Stroke per mintute, And how do you go about trying to find yours?
How do i make £500 by the summer?
I have 200 used DVD movies to sell would I get more money selling them buy it now or auction?
So what happens when countries stop refusing to loan the USA more money?
Where can I find "11 1/2 x 6 1/8" sized envelopes?
is it safe to buy something online for let's say 200$ ?
What is the highest paying job for someone with no diploma or GED?
are you lesbein???
Why are there so many dumb blonde jokes?Are blondes really that dumb?
Safety Deposit Box Question?
Double Major Or having a minor? Finance MIS Vs Accounting MIS?
A girlfriend has long hair down to her waist, should she get it cut short and if so how short should she go?
SIR I Have received an email that i won uk national lottery 2nd category,bcas of electronically selected,plz ?
What does this mean ups delivery question?
how do i become rich?
Margin, Turnover, ROI question?
what is nvocc?
iam reserching britsih names for males just comon eyverday names and i need some help iam not getting anywhere
what are the most common monitoring and evaluation tools and techniques?
would you believe that iam dead and surfing from the other side?
How much does an assistant or secretary get paid?
Can anyone tell me the sectors of the UK economy?
Jobs for a 14 year old?
How much could my land bring in?
how to get money from online jobs?
Which compunding period yields smallest present value given stated future value and APR?
Accounting help!!! Cortez inc?
How can I get a guardianship on me removed?
I just got hired at Hollister as a floor model?
What is the scariest thing that hes ever happened 2 you?
What would you do if you had a friend that screwed up every friendship u've had since you went to that scool ?
what do you put on an infected toungue piercing?
Where can I get a directory of the top 1000 or 500 corporations in Indonesia?
How you write 805, 003,205?
does anyone know what fta solutions is?
Who has chase as their bankaccont.?
how many people have died trying to cross into Tijuana in the past year (2005)?
has anyone gotten a call from 888-896-2187?
How much is 22,00 EURO in american dollars?
what is my name it starts with a J and ends with a N?
what is 0x0?
I'm trying to find a phone number in Daleville Alabama. I'm trying to locate my uncle Paul Balduf?
any body hav'n xmod if so what type and what have you done with it?
how much is a new model paid?
how does a 15 year old earn money in a dog free neighborhood and his parents are uneasy on babysitting?
can you trust those companies that offer online jobs like doing surveys ?
What is ebay buyer protection?
How much money would i make in a year?
I sold my ipod on ebay, shipped it out, but was never paid. User is no longer registered...What should I do?
Is this UPS tracking # Legit? Getting worried!?
Links or books on binary trading worth checking out?
How many first class stamps do I need to send a letter from Everett to lynnwood?
What should the buy-in price be for a business that makes $60K a year?
i need information on pollution disasters in general any famous disaster?
In Ancient Greece, there were many powers. What powers did the sky god, Uranus, have?
does anyone know where I can find a tutor for math that is not so expensive?
Where can i sell my Infocus for a good price?
site the types of nightmares?
how to keep cookie dough moist?
How much does it cost in electricity for a mini fridge?
how important is a challenge in picking a job?
how much is?
Help with Ebay Question?
do you guys think the itouch is worth the price?
I am confused about the career i want!?
is there such thing as a 500 dollar bill???
Who is Steve Physioc?
What exactly is the difference between a retail distributor and a manufacturer?
If I live in the U.S can I buy things from the U.K?
i'm 14.5 years and pregnant, ihaven't told my parents yet and i'm six months?
what should i do about this matter?
Can the Post office exchange large amount of US to UK money?
Where does the annoying phrase "F***ing A" come from?
How to stop collection calls?
How To Make Money Quick?
I am Online, I have , I have web-cam What should i do?
How to apply for a 100 year old presidential birth certificate?
What are some good survey sites that pay through PayPal?
HELP Invoices on Ebay.!?
What makes German banks safer?
please help me with this finance question below.?
How do I ship a large earphone box with earphones in it?
Visa reloadable prepaid card?
Attitudes, behaviors, and communication skills on a team?
How can i track my royal mail parcel without a tracking number?
What are the steps to get a great business idea from your head to reality? Who do you go to for help?
Will there be another Wall Street Crash Soon?
What's the yearly salary for $12 hr, 35 hours a week?
How to calculate Cos(2cos^-1"x")? or Cos(5cos^-1"x") please?
what is the difference between United States military and commerical contracts?
is it leagal to move out when your 17 or not?
I keep getting a syntax error message when trying to reach by e-mail to report a lottery scam...why?
Hospital setup costs in India?
why is the sky blue?
What is the economic benefit for a company to charge a minimum on debit/credit cards?
where would i look to find out if my boss is actually my employer or a contractor?
how much is 5.95 pounds in pakistani rupee?
what can i do about an ex-boyfriend who won't remove his belongings from our house?
Why do stores price things like "14.99" instead of 15 dollars?
Would going to college for a businees degree be a waste of time if im already good with money.?
wots ur favorite movie!?
simple accounting.. i need help?
"Money Order"?
Craigslist Scam? HELP ME?
How do banks create money by lending?
How do I prepare myself for a once in a lifetime interview?
What is a cheap way to ship textbooks.?
is it possible?????????????
Company financial accounts?
what is the capital mexico?
How can I make 600 dollars fairly quicky?
**Macbook Pro 13/15" for UIC Accounting Student?
Can I be forced to transfer stores because of a protective order?
Should people date out thier race?
Poll: If I payed you a million dollars would you...?
why are african americans are called blacks when their color of skin range in all beatiful shades of brown?
How long is it going to "unfreeze" the credit market that Bush said would take a relative long time?
you meet someone that could make your wish come true how much would you be willing to paid for your wish?
Current Price of gold in Uk?
does anyone know about a system called the overnight cash (tosc)?
Intelligent question?
US Dollar on Decline?
MACRS Depreciation Question?
business aquisition question?
Where can I buy lot of Laptop? I mean wholesale secondhand?
Mattel's email needed! could anyone tell me?
Can anyone tell me how to get more than one Email address on if it's possible?
Can I buy merchandise from any wholesaler and resale it?
how do you stop someone you love not to commit sucide. please help?
What do i do if i received a package and it had nothing but newspaper in it?
Money through blogging?
What school do u go 2?
Question concerning Accounting?
Where did the money go?
Where can i find a clear drum set that is a reasonable price?
how do spirits and ghosts look like and where do we find them?
How to I get my pre-teen to be normal I don't know whats wrong he's changed and I don't know whats going on
cash flow (financial accounting)?
I cant find Valleyview Elementry school polk conty Florida?
what are the best paying affiliate programs from any catagory or company?
Where do the expression PIEYED and THREE SHEETS TO THE WIND originate to mean drunk.?
Here is another business law question, how am i gonna do?
Why a product is cheap when the unit cost is expensive ?
For those of you who have online businesses, what method do you use to accept online orders?
USPS acceptance status mean?
How can an almost 12 year old make money?
where can a teen get a job?
i need to get a claim form to find out to track down a lost money order that have not been cashed that is lost
i have a 1935 silver certificate 1 dollor bill i was woundering how much it was worth?
Has anyone ever ordered anything from my wholesale route?
Accounting: Financial Statements Question?
If 2000 pounds = 150 dollars much is each pound worth?
Ware can i get free flash animation e-cards for dads???
Patents; Would I be charged for this?
what is the statue of limits on a car being set on fire?
at what temparature doe water start to boil?
How easy is it to sell something on ebay?
is my watch worth anything or just a replica?
Usps priority mail "out for delivery?"?
anyone from america who can find out what rate i will get from an american bank for gbp pleases help me ?
How would you go about increasing an asset account? How would you decrease a liability account?
If I take real estate courses in Nebraska, can I then take the real estate salesperson exam for another state?
How do you deal with verbally abusive parents?
Question about currency?
I'm moving to California to a new job. but I won't have anywhere to put my money i make how can i store it?
what invention are you most thankful for ?
Guild Wars 2 Elementalist or Mesmer?
College, college..... what am i to do?
Ebay shipping from seller?
How can I find my great love ?
My husband and i are in the process of getting a divorce i am not on the title?
what is the secret of saving money?
Paid online surveys. How much can you make?
I am looking for a good way to make money online - is this any good?
USPS Package Question?
I`m realizing that my best friend talks about me 2 my enemies,wat should i do!?
Where to sign up and get a free coupon in my email?
Does Costco has monthly plan for smart TV?
A question about pending checking account charges?
What do you think??
What are the risks of accepting personal checks?
can you cash a cashiers check from the usa to swizzerland?
What type of nut is edible. But not grown on a tree and not grown in the ground or dirt?
What would be the mailing format for the uk?
What consequences could we give?
what african american performed the first open heart surgery....!!?
If I have 54 items and all together I pay 10 dollars even how much did each item cost?
I would like to see a printed version of the poem "Silver Boxes" by Florence Littauer?
Accounting trouble understanding "Overstated" in this ex.?
Are there any limo companies that have not been devastated by the economic crisis?
Accounting problem. Please Help?
What's the value of 20 sen (Malaysia coin) In Indian Rupee..?
Is the currency in ATM different before and after its bank opens? (Philippines)?
How much money is in an atm?
What time is it in INdia?
Why is this at such a high bid price on ebay?
If I owe $122 today, how much will I owe tomorrow if I get charged 10% each day?
Who is tom Leykis?
Mangement/ Accounting HW help please?
Where can i find icons of highschool musical for my myspace?
If you are not cool in school tell me?
so new to currency things. need to know how to start?
how much money does government spend on computer related products?
anyone know how i can make money on the internet without spending alot of money to do it?
Cancelled my order on amazon but item still shipped?
Ebay Gift Certificate?
How much is a pound of copper worth nowdays?
Can I have items sent directly to a post office?
Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or SunTrust?
What is a railroader's pocket watch called? Six letters.?
rewards 1 offer problemm?
what is the best way to get out of trouble?
how i get gold selling licence india?
Where does AT&T ship the iPhone 5 from?
UPS Package says Delivered, but haven't received it...?
Where to sell Pipboy 3000 replica?
What are some good summer jobs?
salary decrease due to relocation?
how do i retreive my windows login password?
How shall I get rid of my hiccups?
how to save money in life?
Is it OK for cashiers to pull out a Sharpie and draw a line on bills that they handle?
how much do t-shirts cost at michael's?
What does Shipping: Calculated mean?
where does the money from the US$787 billion Stimulus bill come from?
How do you become a middleman in international trading?
If i ordered from will i get my product before the scheduled delivery date or on time?
i need to buy some appliances that are non working and used so i can fix and resale them.?
Gasoline prices seem to be falling, isn't this a good thing ?
mystery shopping in a small town?
Accounting Help. SL Amortization of bond disc and bond premium?
Why does life suck?
What is voluntary changes in accounting policy ?
how was african amercans affected by world war2?
Accounting help please :)?
what is the meaning of the LOL? is it the abreviate of some words?
how much does an amphitheatre cost?
Which of the following accounts would be operating activities?
How do I get a copy of my receipt or invoice for Costco order #53625773?
Budgets or schedules uses data contained in the selling and administrative expense budget?
kindly give me the answer of advantage and disadvantage of using handphone?
What is the deadliest bite in the world?
I can't get up early in the morning. For that what should I do?
How can I make sure my parcel arrives?
If you could live forever, would you?
What is the impact of globalization and international trade on an organization?
How much in fees would it cost to sell a $300 dollar item on eBay "Buy it Now"?
Does any know the accounting equation for how to find dividends?
are there laws regulating the rice trade in the philippines?
the currency that is cheaper than indian rupee?
How much is my seiko watch worth?
i understand the concept, but what is the purpose of e-fax? thanks in advance.?
Were u the class clown?
How many 41 cent stamps would it take to send regular long rectangular letter envelope with 3 papers inside?
Earnings Per Share and P/E Ratio?
Does EMS and most courier services functioning internationally charge the sender or receiver?
How do you manage your money?
On NasDaq , or the Dow Jones, what is the What is meaning of Net Change, % change and Current?
Do you believe in ghost's?
somebody told me theres a site where you can view the super bowl commercial,any ideas?
how much roughly would it cost to send recorded post some full motorbike leathers to Hungary?
Can a candle burn in zero gravity?
what do you say, if somebody, who you don't like asks you out, and you don't want to?
will i ever get married to jay?
What are the Natural Forces that shaped Grand Canyon,Arizona?
Cost management accounting questions...URGENTLY NEED HELP!!!? PART II?
which computer smily is youer favorite????
How to stop collection calls?
would anyone be able to find the name of company that has a graduate scheme for Business Admin grad in London?
why i should marrie?
Name the type of power (Bases of power) exhibited in each of the following scenarios. No explanation is req?
what would you dress up as to make someone laugh?
Is my package missing?
I'm a Student, I Need To Raise $$ for an Educational Trip, Help?!?
what does it mean "administrative and financial arrangements "?
What is something that you just have to do at least once in a life time?
what do you need to prove you are the primary caregiver of a child?
What is a good online survey site that I can make a bit of money from?
what does expedite mean?
Do you like 7?
how managemen in a company expects technology to improve business.?
Approximately how much would $9.95 be in pound sterling?
an ebay buyer with 0feedback brought somethin from me....?
Where can I find a Benzaclin coupon?
Why would rent decrease if the company is expanding?
Assume that you are an employee of an organization. Write an e-mail to your boss. Compose a memo regarding you?
If your salary is $40,000 - $50,000 a year, than how much are you getting paid per hour?
im confused about usps look?
im 12 what jobs can i get?
who has the one of them?
Is Norwich and Peterborough bank (Norwich) open this Monday and Tuesday (Jubilee bank holiday)?
Would you NOT shop at a store who hung signs that said "Merry Christmas"?
wot do u do about jerks who try to rip u off on ebay.?
who is Bea Arthur?
Quickbooks ddMMMyyyy formatting?
do mosquitoes make noises?
Is NBA2k13 worth buying?
where can I Fly a fighter jet?
true or false ... your mother's mother is a mother?
how long does it take for a package to be sent from USA to Australia?
Is a controllable cost a varible cost?
Paypal claim question?
I joined TVI express and later i found out that TVi is a scam!!! what should i do?? should i get out or what?
I have 5000 old stamps .. i want sold my is possible..Raj Bajaj 09929842810?
When it says Effective Buying Income ($000), what is this number really: $893,963? Is it $8939.63?
eBay confuzes me!!!?
If you had a choice between a street sweaper, ak 47 or hand gun which would who chose?
can i buy things that are priced in dollars with pounds if the website accepts paypal?
Item bought on ebay sent via USPS?
Should I cash a check for her?
Why should you test for the equality of debits and credits?
How much longer can we expect the dollar to be come stronger over the Euro?
What are the recruitment documentation used by human resources?
Switzerland or California?
Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
How much does stop & shop pay part time?
define cost accounting?
is it more blessed to give rather to receive?
how do i change my account allocation?
would you be more or less inclined to use debt to expand your business?
Yeah this classic box set are rip off merchants. Is there anyway of going to anyone about it or tracking them?
Who invented the idea of the Christmas Tree?
When someone says "my dad is a banker", what...?
What is the US equivalence of the UK's one million pounds sterling?
We are implementing a new HRIS system. What goals can we set after implementation?
financial modelling?? help please?!?
Shipping questions? 10 points!!!?
Should I let a TV station broadcast my student work – copyright question!?
Did U ever sneak out of the house?
how long do i have to pay alimony?
am i about to be scammed with a company that uses
How can I reduce the amount of paper wastage in my workplace?
what does it mean if a diamond is accent?
Gym Membership cancellation with ridiculous cancellation fee, please help!?
Is working at Shoppers part-time worth it?
Need help with accounting problem?
I'm cold? How can i get warmer? It's like 33 degrees outside?
Are jobless claims and unemployment report the same?
Where can i keep a large amount of boxes seceretly?
How did these software engineers become rich?
Can you reverse the return policy if the ebay buyer has already received the item you sold?
Can I first rent books and then return them after my purpose for renting them is complete?
looking for kirk winslow of bakersfield ca?
What is a good time management system to use to track projects?
How can i lease a camaro 2012 to where my payments are only 2 to 3 hundred a month ....?
what if our dreams came true just like martin luther king jr's. did???
what is the price before the percentage increase?
What do you mean by "Business Intelligence"?
How to tell a customer not to come back?
Okay...I made it to Level 5 - Now how will my life change?
does anyone have any information about a nerve condition called rsd?
Should minimum wage rise?
Is it necessary to change debit card billing address if I moved?
How do I sign the NDA?
What is the most difficult question on earth?
how do i find the site on picayune mississippi jail inmates?
how can i tell a my friend (girl), if she wants to go out with me?
how to find who someone is by there po box number?
how come people in MA speak English and take hebrew classes and people in Israel already know English?
What accounts for this change? cost per unit?
factory workers........?
Am I getting scammed through craigslist?
I have a Visa gift card. Without using it, how can I find out online how much is on it?
where is the best place for currency exchange?
Job hasn't paid me for 3 months, what do i do next?
How much per year for an accountant?
how do i connect my philips 32" hdtv to xbox 360?
How much is a 1946 Us penny worth?
18 yr old working without pay?
Letter from car loan company?
how can someone pass a drug test?
What was the best present you got for XMAS this year?
What is the difference between a ticker symbol and a primary ticker symbol?
what do you think about girls from moscow?
how can i block an email address?
has the Canadian dollar always been gold?
what is the easiest job in the world?
Do you get charged commission when purchasing Amex travellers cheques at an Amex bank?
Accounting question please help! s!!?
How much would you pay for black ops call of duty?
is there a chart on historical canadian interest rates...?
What element would YOU be?
What is ''cashback'' and how does it work ?
contingency plan for major spill in workplace?
will this guy i like ask me out?
Paypal account number??? What???
how much does the average person spend a month?
What does a P&G's import/export administrator do?
Get into Ted Rogers? 20 points?
i dont enjoy going to work everyday?
in my country girls and boys are always separate . how can i get a GF?
do you have any pictures of chyenne henderson?
Fortune cookies... anyone???
are big gurls comin back?
what is someons ego?
how do I find my friends grave?
I'm Poor and 13 years old. How can I get some money?
How can I find government funding for an assisted living comples?
slogans of list in business?
Surveys In Mail For Cash .?
Does anybody know about being successful on eBay?
how much should a 1 ct 3 stone diamond ring18k yellow gold ring cost?
how many ww1 vetrans are alive?
Has anyone ever used Ingram for an Online Bookstore Distributor?
Special Delivery question?
why we indians are so Brilliant?
What is the most intellectually challenging thing you've done in the last week?
how much can i pawn this for?
What is the most popular small business?
What Kind of Company Can I Start?
A farmer had 17 sheep, all but nine died, how many did he have left?
USPS issues?-Order was delivered in NJ but I live in KS.?
what are treasury bonds?
I have received a prize of $100000 from, & they are insisting on opening an account,advise.?
What are NBFC(non banking financial companies)?
If you were given 50,000 dollars, what would you with it????
are you funny? prove it online however you want to prove.?
Where can I find mobile phone suppliers/wholesale within the UK?
What is the approximate salary of a 2.5 years experienced software programmer in merril lynch- India.?
im 15 and can do anything, how do i become rich when im older?
what age do you have to be to get your drivers licese?
Ideas for an Information Management Department?
what is a gift cheque?
How's my Cover Letter?
Poll: Should America be allowed to back date banking laws as troubles escalate?
To provide satisfactory levels of customer service while keeping inventory costs within ..see below?
how did britney spears lose her baby fat?
Does everyone involved in business take a certain amount of risk?
How long is a metric foot?
is it illegal for gas stations to change prices more than once in NH?
Accounting question on BONDS?!?
I ordered some yugiohcards from america to Australia and it said7-12 buisnessdays its been7days how long left?
I want to open stock market advisory company?
how to pass a drug test with things from home?
Do you know?
how much u allowed to take out of a atm machine a day?
Do accounting firms expect you to know all the policies ?
Why is New York called The Big Apple?
How do I find out the value of an original oil painting, The Six Day by Charles Bragg?
Math/ Finance Question: A debt of $5000 due five years from now and $5000 due ten years from now is to be...?
What time zone is Michigan in?
what financial accounting calender is used by apple inc?
What should i do if after winning an auction on ebay i dont want the item?
I am a 16 year old girl wanting to know what i should spend my $ 400 from my B-day?
How much can you make per month by renting a room out using monday to
Looking for a company that will take my taxes out of my paycheck?
does anyone have a KMart double coupon list for Sept 21 event??r=1221769919?
Where do you find financial help for hardship of disabled person on Social Security?
why do guys say were there?
how can a teen get about $50 a month?? fast-ish.?
who will win for college basketball duke or uconn?
Why are there so many people who don't bother to choose a best answer to their question?
what is the best thing to say to the police to keep from going to jail?
Please, no junk answers, I'm in desperate need of money how can I earn it?
Can Anyone tell the basic difference between a live and a dead man (see details also )?
How much value would a gold Citizen Quartz Watch have at a pawn shop?
Which way to turn?????????
How would u kno if ur boifriend is losin intrest in u ?
green rose are real???????????
Need money quick and are online surveys going to get me ANYTHING?
Am I well off for my age?
How to Calculate Amortization on Investments and calculating Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?
How can an 11 year old make money?
Which websites offer Cartoon strips like Dilbert / Calvin and Hobbes / Garfield structured in CATEGORIES?
do i call them yet, or should i wait?
something being sold from a Wholesale seller doesn't mean the item is a fake knock off, right?
How did you choose your job? Are you happy with it?
i need an answer?
If you could erase every memory would you?
Why did Darius 2 get removed from Answers?
I have a ripped 20 dollar bill without the other half what do I do?
Who is the highest paid person in the world?
Is there a any CD duplication online companies with various kind of cd duplication system with cheap rate ?
Business Grants for Single Mothers...How do I get one?
how much should i sell wooden fence posts?
america hospital bills?
how do I contact amanda schaffer, new york times reporter?
please help me with this accounting!!?
what would you do?
Do you think I should get a job, or continue to play on YAHOO all day, every day?
This is in response to Morrisevers's and creating a gif with dominos coming out of a magicians hat.?
How much money do you have in your wallet?
which is best to ship packages: fedex, ups, or usps????
Accounting Problems! Need help! Need help?
Vehicle Insurance question PLZ help if you have input?
Who thinks men can be a pain in the BUTT?
Is it possible to use someone's ATM card and learn their PIN using some kind of card reader?
how much do i have to wait after applying at a bank for a job?
Does anyone actually have a successful internet business they could suggest to me?
I am looking for the web site where to fill an application for tsa job.?
why do god give certain people visions?
Why do some users names say they are "removed from the site"????
If your ups order tracker still says origin scan, is that bad?
does it get on a cashiers nerves when you pay for something $3 with a $20 bill?
Is it worth opening a second bank account?
Radio band from workplace because of radio license.?
phone interview for a teller position at chase?!?
Is there a way to find out if a company does drug testing?
What do you normally buy with a 100 dollars in america?
McDonalds 1999 Furby Set of 80?
how many ppl (not a riddel)?
How much is my time worth?
Can u help me?
how do you stop two security guards name ricardo and jeffrey from falling asleep?
How can I find a location by inputting lattitude & longitude values?
is there any1????????
Improved forecast after IFRS adoption?
how much is it to fax per page at fedex kinko's?
Do you know anybody named Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Katelin, or Kaytlin?
Which of the following is true about a short sale?
Certified letter question ?
What does c'est la vie mean in English?
receipe calls for .1 oz of a quart. how many ounces is that?
How much do bookkeepers cost?
america hospital bills?
Why can't I track my UPS package?
Does Etsy Ship Worldwide?
Would anyone from another country like to become pen pals and exchange info about cultures?
In sage line 50 accounts, when doing a profit and loss sheet, what figures do the 'future' values calculate?
was sent a e-mail telling me to respond in 24 hrs but website doesn't work how do i keep my account open?
finding online surveys for cash?
How much would a real pearl necklace be worth?
Which is cheaper to ship, priority mail or regular?
what is repo rate and reverse repo rate.?
How do i collect metal scrap?
how long does USPS First Class mail take? Please help?
how can i find an obituary from 2003?
what do you call people who owns money newly?
accounting hw help plz?
how to make some quick cash?
Please help me with this huge Orange mobile phone bill?
How do I accept payment in QuickBooks when someone writes a check for over?
Dividends to shareholders....?
Which is better Costco or sams & which is cheaper when it comes to food and membership?
If you had to pick, Money or Love? Why?
Avatars Girl to Boy?
Do they find more dead prostitutes in hotel rooms or at the bottom of rivers?
How much should I expect the heat and hydro bill to be? Anyone whose paid those will be a huge help.?
How exactly do I use PayPal?
What are the effects for accrual and deferral?
How much would "£57.00" be in US dollars?
Has anyone seen Queen of the Damned? Isn't Lestat sexy?
I sold a textbook on to a buyer who had no feedback.?
Do fairies really exist?
Can you give me a clue how to pass the nationalty test?
when was the happiest day in your whole life. and what made you happy?
what kind of eating utensils do they use in zimbabwe?
How can i find out how old my id is?
where can i get a professional cv written at an affordable price..?
At what age did you find out the truth about Santa, and how did it happen?
Walmart's early layaway question?
I sold something to a guy on craigslist now hes threatening me?
what is the difference between 2 sentences:i saw the thief steal the money,i saw the thief stealing the money?
Is the name Hunger Games TM?
what telephone companies provide local, land line service to my area?
I sold through an online trading website and the buyer is demanding a refund from me?
How long will UPS typically take to ship from Sacramento to Los Angeles?
What to draw on a business title page?
how can i make people give me money for no reason?
Accounting help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do I do when an online company will not honor a refund?
Who sells the best a? Mexicans or Jamiacans?
Where can I buy gold scrap or dust gold in cambodia :(?
What is this sub prime crisis all about?
Is my calendar wrong?
theres one job paying 3500 dollars a month.?
how much does an Actuary cost per hour?
What state do you live in and what do you like best and least about it?
trademark same words different order?
Explain the meaning and significance of the following concepts?
How has the economy affected you?
How many US dollars is £1,210,000.00?
I want to locate whether this address exists in Russia : "Russia Chelyabinsk, Solnechnaya, 34-58, 456660'?
Which is the cheapest Parcel Service in India for National Delivery?
So this is capitalism- you do whatever you want?
Can My Mom Cash My Check For Me?
is this work from home opportunity legit?
accesor office in waco, texas?
how to write a personal statement decrbing a situation which showed leadership qualities?
How does AAT Level 3 accounting compare with A-level Accounting?
Will the warranty be valid after selling the item on?
are sanitation companies responsible for landfills?
European currency called the Euro, is much better than the dollar?
Tips on how to ask for a Raise? Feel my hourly wage is unfair, not sure how to approach this!?
A girl in my homeroom is fat & all she thinks is about herself!?
Employee rights in Arizona???
Any way to pick up mail before postman comes?
why do people shop at cheesy wal-mart?
Putting music into movies and TV for a career?
How to become miilionaire in one Year?
Can I claim disability benefit for Achalasia?
Mango/The Book People? (Debt Collection Agencies)?
The primary purpose of accounting is to?
Calculating Net Operating Income?
Accounting Help on production?
How to start a essay?
Book about major figure in the world of business? any suggestions ?
help where could i sell my used clothes?
Fundraising ideas!!! Please help me out and tell me a lot of ideas!!!! I need as much as i can. Will you help?
China? (& India)?
Is bigfoot real?
How much do debts escalate?
unemployment court..they are lying..can i win? the money?
I followed the experts' financial advice. Now what?
Where can I buy kimmidolls online in the USA?
how many minutes would it take to run 5000 miles at the speed 50 mph.?
Does anyone know the cheapest price for making your own website.?
How much is a 22k gold bracelet worth?
when do i get to level 2? i thought i needed 150 points?
Help with these jobs? please? (uk)?
What's the spending limit for an American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card?
Where are video games all mass produced onto disks for retail?
If i bid for Ebay Item but not Paid for it....?
if you had the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?
what is the best way to screw over your boss?
usps out for delivery at 8:51 am and the postal office is like 10 minutes away from my house?
what feels the best?
where would you buy pellet pistols in glen, off the lihgt way?
write about e-banking?
how do u find out who owns a proberty that is abadand and there is junk cars etc all around?
whats your path, engery, or spirtiual type?
Feng Sui - If bed under the window?
Hello, where can we find some pictures of hair under a microscope?
How to a write a business plan for a class?
How long would it take for a letter to from N.Y. reach I.D.?
Whats the best, non-violent way to get revenge on a person?
How much is 15% off a $37 dollar item?
how can you describe the task assigned to you in bank specifically in loan department?
Yes i got a wheat pennie 1934 and would like to know how much its worth.its in great shape.?
help with accounting?
does anyone wanna buy my electric guitar?
Which oil company(s) directly support the Bush family trust?
Help needed: Re: Negotiating on the purchase price of a new home?
who was the pilot of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb in japan in wwII?
can you please send me actor surya's mail id ? gives failure delivery,?
What is the doctrine of the Church of Christ and how does it differ from that of the Pentecostal Church.?
how much pounds will you get for 1000 aus dollers at the moment?
Is anyone else disturbed?
should i ship via, ups or usps?
What is more of a beneficial degree, accounting, or professional book keeping?
why can't my paypal account accept money?
List of ambroidery material based export and import companies?
can you tell me someone who wholesale by online...?
Would you rather eat a shot glass full of live wasps, or eat a shot glass?
A system in which employees have online access to information about HR...?
Where to find monthly data for workforce numbers.?
who is Queen Isabella of spain from 1451-1504?
Accounting Question help - Depreciation?
What is the easiest and cheapest way to write a will?
What happens if you send a package to a street address instead of a PO Box?
How do humiliate a bank manager?
How much should i charge for briads?
how do i find american eagle products?
when is it going to with me?
How long does Office deliveries normally take?
does pain ever really go compleetly a way?
how can i maintain the quality of my leather jacket?
how do you unscrew up your life?
Do you Like sixlets?
Why are we spending money to support AIG. Who are we bailing out.?
How many calories do I need to eat to maintain my current weight. I'm 24, female, and 5ft 7in.?
What are some good suits on a budget?
Perpetual and Periodic Inventory System Help Accounting?
Ten points) I need help with court tomorow?
What would YOU want to buy?
Isn't there any way to work from home without having to pay a start-up fee and without giving up your?
Does everything include nothing?
What does "red neck" mean? Is impolite to say that to someone?
Do u know anyone who owns a copy of the Klingon dictionary?
Does newegg ship to Egypt ?
Lying on my resume? bad idea?
What is this coin worth?? I could only find pictures online..?
Did Best Buy accept me?
Where can I find the product life cycle of the ipod touch? (Business Studies)?
What is the value of the gold in the class ring if the market value of gold is about $10.50/g?
Whats Your Favorite Anime?
Where is the best spot to sell gold?
Is legitimate?