My wife is at home with one child, how can she earn some income to help us out?
Is it safe working in Angola?
What does this number "666" refer to ?
how to be a successful businesswoman?
how does house of fraser buy and collect work?
Why all members on new ? They all like few days or weeks old ?
how and when did hip hop dance get started?
Who invented the Gateway Theory?
Accounting help! journal entries?
Should a be legalized?
Can anyone help with these accounting questions?
What degree is more profitable- finance or management?
On April 15, Medina Company sold merchandise to Vargas Company for $6,600 on terms of 2/10, n/30.?
What is the difference between amazon and ebay?
What will be my PF withdrawal amount?
What are the most secure businesses which they never affected even if the economy goes down?
What's the yearly salary for $12 hr, 35 hours a week?
Is it possible for a 17 year old to earn more than $10 an hour?????????????????
Most profitable thing a 45-50 year old can do.?
Is accounting and payroll hard?
I lead a very boring life. do you think those are the only people who go to this website? what do you think?
what is your favorite tv show?
How can a teenager make money online?
I own a corporation, how do I get a business loan without jeopardizing my house in case business fails? thanks
My family has just found out that my 80 yr old grandma has spent all of our inheritance on Marie Osmond dolls?
what is CA?
What can I do to make my life better so that I can be happy?
What the best kind of making money on internet today?
United states Achievement Academy!! Help?
Does Hollister Co have a dress code for their employees?
How to get money as a 15 year old?
How do i get 100 people to answer my question?
what did the Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos do with the money they made?
Why is there no inflation in the U.S.?
Is Stubhub a trustworthy site to buy tickets?
SHOULD I paint my son's room pink or lavender? Argh, I can't decide.?
I need a name for my company (technology)?
What are some good things that 3 13 year olds can do together to make money?
Can I organise fundraisers for my Son who has an acquired brain injury?
How much is a 1946 Us penny worth?
how can you find a certain person on this answer site?
What are some methods you might use to determine the reliability of the data you gather?
What is the job (eg. Doctor, company owner, etc.) makes best money. And how much do they make? average?
Ebay or Paypal which resolution center is better?
what does a stamp "where payable" on a returned check mean?
Does anyone know where to find info. on mobile Datatration rates in europe? UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark
Im trying to make my own fake weed were do i buy the Herb like damaina and the chem jwh-018?
Does the true God have a name? And if so, what is it?
Cash disbursements journal—perpetual not understanding, please help?
How do you buy apparel at wholesale prices from designer companies?
how much is 1 monkey?
Where would I find essays on the United Kingdom?
How much is a 10karote gold ring worth?
something about Student Price Card SPC?
you find a bag with 5000 dollars in it what would you do....?
what makes object glow in the dark?
how to make milk procurement rate chart and bill?
how to activate sbi mobile banking?
What is the cheapest franchise, which will produce the most income?
I am having lot of USPS priority mailing boxes. I want to sell it, how can I sell them?
I would like to know something about filing bankruptcy and garnishments.?
I have 24 hardcover james patterson books. How much are they worth you think?
The $ is to the dollar as € is to what?
I have travell currency note of United States of America, which serial number is JN 316777AZ , Is it valid?
would this cost extra??
Give an example of a transaction that would cause a decrease in revenue and an increase in liabilities.?
If you don't pay for UPS Shipping bill yet, will they disconnect or suspend their service?
Resolved Question Show me another » Which is the fast (or fastest) forex trading system? It may be a software?
I'm 16 and I get some mail today saying that i have $70 worth of overdraft fees since I charged $8. I only?
Finance question, can you help me please?
Do you need a Costco Card?
what happen short call options expire?
What's the delivery time for a car ordered from the factory?
Explain, by reference to the requirements of AASB 117, why consultants prefer operating to finance leases.?
What other companies offer the same pay and advancement opportunities as Best Buy for a college student?
im looking for an investor in interact children's game that combats obsiety.?
Ups sent me a note saying I have to pick up at package...?
what is a good present for a family of 6, for xmas?
How long was the lusitania?
PLEASE Accounting HELP Needed?
who thinks napoleen dynamite is the best movie ever? vote and recieve s!?
Does it cost to listen to voice mail in three?
how do i stay awake all night?
How Long Do Hollister's Sales Usually Last?
easy accounting question?
What animals are eaten that you think shouldn't be?
What are the advantages of working for a company when it goes public?
how much is a 1902 pennie worth?
can you buy sams club?
what is the purpose of an extended trial balance?
How about this it scam too?
If prepaid expense is adjusted, what happens to the expense and asset accounts?
i have had a letter from customer compliance giving date of interview?
What is Daylight Saving Time?
Is there any gift card swap site where you don't have to physically mail in the card?
anyone have any good quotes?
Aluminium sheets/plates?
UPS Import Scan-Does this mean my parcel has cleared customs?
In Who's On First, can you name the guy on short-stop?
what theorist believed money was the motivating factor in peoples jobs?
how do you claim your bank charges back if indeed you can claim them?
auditing companies names?
Qualitative characteristics associated with relevant accounting information are?
How do I find A Gravesite In A certain Cemetary?
How much does it cost to make a Copyright?
what is the most ly ?
how is lincoln electric doing financially?
Prepare the general jouranal entry to reflect the following transfer...?
Do you think its ok to forgive someone who molested you?
Please help me with this accounting question!?
are money orders safe? how do i get one?
Can Adam Smith's invisible hand be arthritic sometimes?
What accounts to use if employer has not yet paid employee?
Living the high life in London.?
your story of funding commercial deals ?
what does sears sell?
What is you're all time favourite word?
How much are contracts?
We are looking for a bearing distributor in PORTLAND USA, THE SHIPPING MARK IS HELLER?
Can anyone give me some interesting websites to go on?
what are the causes and possible solution of interdepartmental rivalry at a work place?
has anyone tried Valued Opinions?
what is professional way to increase mind ability?
what does Islam means?
How do I write $41.31 in a check?
is santa claus real?
Ordered my iPhone 5 on 10/6. It still says 'Pending Shipment'. How long will it take?
Highest paying apprenticeships and labourer jobs in Australia?
Strange Email That Says I Am The Chosen Reciever of 10 million Dollars?!?
my boyfriend wants to marry me...?
starting salary for company secretory?
What about the public praise of XTAR LED Flashlight in China? Does anyone know that?
Which is the top hr(human resource) magazine that we can buy from india?
who voted for bush? If you did explain.?
how much can i sell my xbox360 elite for at gamestop?
UPS Tracking Number Question?
Help with accounting? What is this transcation?
Has anyone gotten a job by a company named Bocomo ltd. or something. This is reguarding some money orders?
for how may years this resession will effect the indian IT company?
where r the most beuteful girls come from?
Any good websites with mottos on them?
in desperate help someone please help?
What are good summer jobs for fourteen year olds?
Can you send objects in regular mail envelopes?
What are some books on business basics (investments, etc) for a 15yr. old?
Has anyone read How come that idiot's rich and I'm not? If so, is it any good? Does it really help?
Would you pay this bill? details follow?
Where is Geneva Located and how does this relate to Mary Shelly?
How much is 25% of $200.00?
What is the annual coupon payment on a bond if?
If the alloy in a nickel was melted and sold at current prices, how much would it be worth?
Who is the best businessman/businesswoman in the world? Why?
how long does it take to UPS to bring back my xbox back?
What would be some good jobs for nocturnal people?
If a patient alters his doctor's order for lab tests, is that unauthorized practice of medicine?
Followup action after loan waiver to farmers?
My 14-year-old son needs a job to pay for his trip to France in 2013.?
Why doesn't Hollister sell XL shirts and...?
Are Washington Mutual checks still usable?
How would you best set up an alternative to a fiat currency?
What are some skills needed for working in the retail industry? (eg;department store)?
problem with boss need help?
could anyone help please i'm desperate?
How do i write an excuse letter?
Should I drop out of High school? I am already 20 years of age. The reason I have been there so long
If you had to choose, would you rather be deaf or blind?
Are there CD distributors that allow you to first sell cd's then pay them?
where can I find this laundry detergent that I have used for over 9yrs since my mother-in-law turned me on to?
what is the best way to seduce a person ?
Do I seem like I'm lying?
How can I entice an american company to hire me to work remotely when i move to thailand?
ACCOUNTING HW HELP. correct "description of account" ...!?
Where can I hire or purchase my regalia for my graduation ceremony?
What do you normally buy with a 100 dollars in america?
I need to glue very firmly latex and metal together . Is there a material that would do this?
Anyone good at basic Accounting can you please help with this problem?
looking 4the criminal case website-thought it was u help please? ty?
Where can I find the closing gold prices for the past 5-6 years ?
How do you calculate simple present value using a financial calculator?
what should obama do for economy?
Life's a destiny or a choice?
Why do so many people on here suffer from stupidity?
i am moving out of state and have items (vases, pictures, books, etc) to ship?
What do you buy online?
is payoneer payment company only for europe?
What is invention?
Questions about eBay?
How much is Natalie Cassidy worth?
how to make a non-profit organization?
is u.s bank a good bank?
Fed-Ex lingo - What does customer not available or business closed - Signature required mean?
Desperate for help pplleeaassee help?
The Fast Delivery Service submitted the transactions given below. Analyze these business transactions recorded?
Write journal entries for the impact of this item?
How can I make money online without being scammed?
Why do some people show more compassion toward whales and seals than toward people?
Monkeys can climb almost any tree but 1. What is it?
Average monthly rent for Jefferson county, Tx. How many people are still living in hotels there due to storm?
what time does HSBC (HR BLOCK)release taxes?
is jesse macartney hot or not?
I am looking to buy a mediclaim from Appolo Munich?
where is the eiffel tower ?
How to tell your worker he/she has done mistake or she should do things in a different way and she should not?
what are the top 10 fashion brands/marks?
What is a "successful" hourly wage?
is there a way i can find out what type of loans different banks are offering right now?
How can I clean a suede jacket?
what are court proceedings?
how and why did the indians in the region initially cooperate with the pilgrims?
Is my major in B.A important if I have a CFA level 1 certificate?
Has anyone read How come that idiot's rich and I'm not? If so, is it any good? Does it really help?
Quick easy way to get money at 17 without a job?
how do i delete anything unwanted?
How do u put an elephant in a volkswagen beetle?
Could you be legally liable for answers that you put on this site?
I live in the UK. Can I use a Mango card in the UK to buy something from (USA) to be sent to th UK?
Whay are all offers just money scams!?
Trying to find an artical on six people who got killed in st valentine day 02/14/93 in the Bronx?
So i just ordered something online, and it said "Back-Order, Expected ship 8/17/12"?
What days does UPS Ground ship on?
what is safe heart rate?
is chewing gum all the time bad for u?
during which phase of the business cycle would it make the most sense to start-up a business?
Money Exchange Question (Australian Dollar to US)?
I need a coin expert PLEASEE ??!!?
what skills/qualifications does a ceo/managing director need?
how can i make money during school or make money every week?
how do I stop self mutilating?
i thinking about opening a clothes shop cant think of name that will go with kayleigh?has to really eye catchi
Name Ideas.. Help! :)?
Barnes & Noble Gift Card to Cash?
ebay maximum bid question?
This might be a dumb question .. but please someone help?
i am 15 and want to put in a online application to meijer dairy queen or foot locker?
how much would you expect to get paid?
finance maths...................................…
What is the accounting definition for deposits?
Where to earn side income while still working in someplace?
Hi, does any one know how i would start a wholesale alcohol business?
If I buy something from Argos, which is excluded from the 30 day money back, over the phone, can I cancel it?
what are some great way's 2 make money?
what determines the strength of monetary currency?
What is the difference between Cash Basis vs. Accrual Basis financial statements?
How long does it take to clear a $5500 checks?
can you get charged for something without a reciept?
What will happen to the workd's economy?
How many quarters in a five dollar bill?
What would you do if somebody gave u $100.00?
Managerial Finance?
What did CEO's do to worsen the economy? Why are they under fire?
What is the best techniue to deal with procrastination.?
If I want to start a Corporation for EBay, what should I do? How much would it cost?
What are some fun things to do when babysitting?
eleven eleven. what's up with that?
I got a phone call from CBCS.?
Accounting: Compare and contrast a post-closing trial balance with a trial balance before closing?
ebay question?
where can i find promisory note holders?
Polysci major ? Are there any good business ops ?
What is the purpose of this magnesium (Mg) metal?
How much starting money do you think donald trumph started with? inorder for him to become successful? lucky?
what is the background of e-business?
How do I locate investor?
my friend and i were called by 7868796669?
Non-negotiable Automobile Prices: The Death of Dickering?
Help with a finance career?
Help with cash flow statements financial?
From an economic perspective, what would happen if the U.S. lowered the drinking age to 18?
what is the name of your favorite band?
What is the billing and coding starting salary?
oil companies lied about the supply being low?
ups buy out for 30+ years at 60+years old?
how have you gotten over being a procrastinator... if you have. what tips/techniques work?
What do you call the head of a syndicate?
how many fingers am i holding up and its not 4?
What creative ideas can i introduce as a company administrator that could impress my boss?
What is online-banking?
Workplace situation. I need advice?
Where can I find the current price of Wheat?
Payless shoes?
How to bid on Ebay.The highest bid is $110 my maximum bid is $150 if there are no more bids will i pay $150?
Howuch is they average cost in California bay are bankruptcy?
which is best way for withdraw alertpay or check?
Why do things cost so much in a big city?
If we keep puting trash on islands, and we can't brun trash, where can we put trash that can not be recyled?
What are some legitimate mystery shopper organizations in Minnesota?
Children's Hospital Donation?
Can I link my 360 profile to my Questions/Answers here?
what are the scope of macro economics?
home come fast food resturants never came up wit a succesful dessert yet?
Why do people think they are more popular than other people?
Why people believe God if they have not seen him?
Who wants to start a petition with me?
wich is beta cats or dogs?
i want to be a policewoman...what do i need to do?
what can we do if we are unhappy with our lawyer.?
Paypal Unauthorized Charges?
what is the email adress for the virgen de guadalupe?
Looking for Ebay advice/help?
Is anybody else bored at work right now?
why is it that i've never actually seen anyone cooking the ground beef at taco bell?
If you volunteer to bartend for a newspaper are you entitled to any of the tips from the bar?
how much cost the gram of gold?
What is the most comfortable place in your house?
I think I'm abnormal?
How stupid is George W. Bush?
how do i tell a friend that shes over reacting and if she goes on i dont wana be her friend?
which country in asia has the most influence on trade within the economic region known as the pacific rim?
Best land banks to start up buisness account with?
ebay purchased not delivered?
eBay buyer wants to return a dress that has no returns accepted policy due to "wrong sizing"?
is is having its own lottery branch. i received a email of winning , cost 500 pounds to send first?
I have a serious condition... Please help!?
Housing Benefit (UK): is it usual for the Council to examine my bank statements?
I need help with finance homework?
Item bought on ebay sent via USPS?
BANK OF AMERICA QUESTION: Check availablitiy?
To go back to college, seminars or do-it-yourself?
How can you profit from financial markets when the market is down?
How much does a banker earn straight out of university?
Should I call them back 2day or forget it?
A cop issued my friend an "M.I.P". What does it stand for and what are the consequences?
Is there a facility to convert telugu text to sanskrit?
What do you do to have a better social life???
Why are all the avatar characters thin? Where's all the plus sized people at?
what do you think of Irainians?
how can i see if my items have sold on amazon?
Present value - accounting....?!?
Does anyone know who AKMAN(UK)ESSENTIALS are.They have taken £79 pounds out of my bank account.?
How much does it cost to get something engraved. Like a price per letter?
What is the best Excuse to be absent or leave your work? (Let’s be creative)?
who invented the names of everything?
what is something u care about the most?
I really need help ! need advice on housing situation ?? :/?
National Insurance Number?
Flexible Plan Investmesnts,Ltd?
Accounting: Journalizing Transcations?
whats the site for free money?
On my coke rewards, what do they mean when they say there is no inventory remaining for this item?
How does society effect unmarried pregnant women?
How to set up a standard quantity for production?
How do I put a picture up on the screen?
Return/Exchange with USPS Pickup?
how much money have you made on the internet?
Money question , opinions needed please?
Can a salary worker be forced into extra hours with no extra pay?
What should I sell my used instrument for?
how i can learning english? whats the best way?
Who is more famous- Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?
Typoglycemia(Don't delete this because it looks weird. Believe it or not you can read it.) what can you say?
where to convert currency?
what to by a man for christamas and birthdays?
i have someone interested in a ring i'm selling on ebay he wants to use protect-way escrow is it safe?
how do you spell somewhat?
Question about finding a good refinery for a descriptive study?
What sort of trade does the UK do with the US?
Accounting Homework Help Please?
Where can I exchange yen for dollars?
How to get my money back (Paypal)?
i owe paypal money, i told them i opened the account under 18, will they close it?
I left a private company registered in India on 30.06.12. I'm still to get my full & final settlement dues.?
How long does amazan take to ship ?
where can i file a complaint with the atty. general against a building contractor?
thoughts on cashcrate....?
Men, I need your opinion?
Worst Invesment you have ever made?
what would happen if the world stopped spinning?
where are cash advance companys in Doraville, Ga.?
Considering making profit from a blog...?
What does "US Postal Service Priority Mail" mean?
how long does a bachelors degree take in distance learning universities e.g. Colorado Technical University?
Sam Weber finances a new automobile by paying $6,500 cash and agreeing to make 40 monthly payments of $500?
Help with finding bad debt expense?
how much does a £10 postal order cost?
How much money do you need to make annualy to live with a family of 7 in bakersfield california?
How dose a courier service charge?
I have a scam artist waiting for my payment. How do I turn them in?
How do I post a resume for nanya plastic corp. in lake city, sc?
unclaimed property from Santa Barbara Bank and Trust?
Why was the Standard oil comapny of USA split into many small comapnies.?
How long does amazan take to ship ?
y do people like to kill, rob, or do bad things?
what is change management?
my boss wants to steal money from me, how can i resolve this?
Who are the bespoke tailors who support e-ordering and courier delivery?
do you live in North Carolina?
if Im starting a business, do I trade mark it or should I copy right it.?
Can you be a Pre-school teacher and get the same insurance as a regular Teacher?
Can you give me the name of an online company where I can make money w/o a sign up fee?
can stolen checks be used for fraud?
if everyone on the planet jumped up at the same time what woul happen?
Cost accounting ( activitiy based- management & activity based- costing)?
If it is 9:50p.m. in Florida what time would it be in Las Vegas,Nevada?
Why do people always fight?
what is the best way to die,just in your opinion?
Can crabs be considered a "work related" illness?
Are dating chatrooms right.Why or Why not.?
How much money will Safeway take from my first pay check?
how effective is the distribution of needles and contraceptives to prevent AIDS?
Is homosexuality mentioned in the Bible?
what id a directors rate of pay ?
How to calculate opportunity cost from production possibility curve/schedule?
Do you know?
Which is not how technology affects HRM practices?
please help... can someone be "director" and "company secretary" for a LTD company at the same time?
Im wondering if you can get a business loan to buy a home from which you plan to run your business.?
what do u do if you r so lonely u cant stand it alls u can do is cry?
shipping on first-class mail?
MY boyfriend broke a Redbox DVD. What do I do. Could I cancel my credit card to not be charged?
What did you do on your last birthday?
Where to find business starters?
What can you buy for ten dollars?
How can I give myself Cash Advance from Bill Me Later?
Young person looking to make money...?
What are your favorite entrepreneurship blogs?
not freinds anymore?
Is it possible for the Saturday Sabbath to be a symbol of righteousness by faith? (Instead of works?)?
Can you tell me how much this is worth?
I'm organising a charity event for Children with Cancer UK, and I need PayPal - HELP?!?
why study medical law?
Accounting help needed for the following problems?
how to find the address of indian from the state of andhra pradesh residing in canada?
Recieving money from US, what do I need?
What type of company is this?
What is your horoscope sign?
Can someone check my journal entry to see if Im right (Basic Accounting)?
where can i find a hand to hand combat teacher in chicago?
Where can I buy a moneypak with paypal?
What can i buy for $19,500?
What are good places to find aluminum cans so I can recycle them?
if i have a dollar amount and a different dollar amount was deducted how do i know the % of that dedution?
republika hrvatska currency still valid?
How do I get a refund from a company which is disinterested in giving a refund?
1. What are the business goals of SFPUC? How is knowledge management related to those goals?
If I increase a product margin from 36% to 40%?
How much do I need to pay per month for credit cards?
who is the richest man in the world?
need help understanding this article?
What is required to show a copyrighted movie in public?
you owe money to a company but they are on the brink of closing, would it be wise to pay what you owe?
I'm goiing to the mall...n e ideas on what stores to shop?
about writing chating?
how many checks can i write for wells fargo before fees are charged?
i am engineer and i had in iran ceramics working-place but i to go bankrupt,i debtor who is ready to help me?
what is a regional brand?
How to convert UK Pounds into Australian Dollars?
What dose P.S. mean at the end of a letter?
Who were the people in Afghanistan during the period 1000 B.C. To 100 AD?
What is the amount of income that you cant go over to be eligible for NY Food Stamps, PLEASE READ MORE?
how can i spot symptoms of liver damage from tylenol abuse?
what is the best web site for an accountant?
Where can I be naked?
Where can I find the jobs people don't think much on?
What if the buyer wishes to arrange for all the shipping of an item, is this safe?
what are the best commission based careers in the Finance Industry (besides loan or stock broker)?
How long does it take hollister to ship?
Why would something really perverted arouse someone?
a simple question about traffic safety. and how to cross the highway safely?
If I ask a meaningful question, will I get meaningless answers?
Can I open an international bank account?
define the term floatsom and jetsom?
O.k. so you have all probably heard that you cannot drink a gallon of milk in under 1 hour.?
Do you use rechargeable batteries?
Has any1 found this with the ccfsettlement refund letters?
how to save up money?
How do I use this Green dot card I just activated right now...?
accounting question, am i wrong or right?
Why is the world round?
How do you check how much money you have on amazon?
does any one have any ideas, to make money.......?
who is the richest person in india 2006?
I think i got a fake cashiers check?
i need creative people for this one i need a resturaunt name!!!!!?
can you still use the older money (U.S.A)?
Everlast jogging shoes distributor?
When you claim benefits for unemployemnt over the phone, how long does it take for the check to be mailed?
How many times per day is a creditor allowed to call?
Discuss whether Tomas is behaving in a professional manner.?
Should i fire this guy?
How much is 298 pounds in American currency?
USPS Online Label returned to sender for insufficient postage?
How soon Can I get a passport after leaving prison?
My toddler wakes up during the night, every night, to come sleep with us in our bed. How can we stop that?
How do my chances look on getting this job?
do you think america is segregated?
if my checking account is over drawn, can i cash a check at a check cashing store?
In an effort to determine the most effective way to teach safety principles to a group of employees, four diff?
What jobs can a teen do to get some extra cash?
I need some advice on women?
What is the function of supply chain management (SCM)?
With The High Gas Prices I would like to start a Movement were we don't buy gas on one day of the WEEK!!!?
how do i negociate in trade business?
wat can you do to get $1,000 in about a month either than saving, and working, (12 yr old?)?
Can i expedite my profit sharing check?
montgomery gi bill each semester fund?
whats the first steps needed to opening my own business?
how would i answer the interviewee if he asked me why i resigned from my previous work?
If i wanted to live like this about how much money would i have to make?
how much does a australian 20 cent weigh?
how can i do money,when i relax ?
If I owe $122 today, how much will I owe tomorrow if I get charged 10% each day?
I have a jar full of 2p's how do I exchange them for notes?
Is earning money from doing online surveys safe?
How can i make $220 in 3 days?
Prepare the Adjusting entries required at September 30. Prepare the adjusted trial balance.?
How do i buy directly from Mattel?
are there laws regulating the rice trade in the philippines?
cannot mail picture via email?
Does the points system encourage people to ask stupid questions?
How much is 1 and a half ounces of GOLD?
Accounting help! earning per share, price earning ratio, dividends per share...?
Need information about Mutual/Hedge Funds?
Where to buy wholesale Peyton manning jersey?
Help finding wholesale companies for boutique?
who here....?
how much is a republika ng pilipinas coin in us?
How Can I make the a guy I like notice me?
toyota still use jit system?
Paypal Question?
do u belive in aliens?
What is reference international code or standard for independence third party inspection?
What do pawn shops usually offer for 10k white gold wedding band?
Can someone please break-down the AIG situation in lamens terms?
im looking for Air Academy National Bank in New York anyone heard of it?
USPS Lost my package?
What is the meaning of life?
what do you mean by appraisals of loan proposals?
Whats wrong with my ups package?
Where to look for wholesale cost of beverages - ie: six pack of Coke-Cola, Six pack of beer, etc?
Just curious - income question...?
How do I get g friend to stop smoking weed?
What day should I hand my notice in?
does ups deliver to p.o boxes?
Which charities does the Entrepreneur Justin Etzin support?
Can I pick up royal mail parcel (standard delivery) before they attempt to delivery?
Does it make sense to fire someone because of something that wasn't getting done right?
Purchase discount on financial statement?
Why did Yankee Doodle name the feather in his hat Macaroni?
Written Resume....bad idea?
Came across a website that sells top quality items that are duplicates such as shoes, iphones for cheap.?
statement of cash flows finanical section for notes payable beg bal 33000 ending 27000 w/ a note issued 4000?
I want to calculate the cost of debt for Intel to use with the Wacc formula, how do I do this?
how can i buy iphone's cheap at a wholesale price?
does anyone know a really quick way to get rich.....i'm desperate!!!1 :P?
I have 2 pairs of 1995 2$ bills in a series. Are they worth anything?
how do i learn to fly?
How can I make money online for free?
How do I change the screen on my broen PDA?
How to make online purchases when you're young?
What's with the new Amex gift cards?
If someone calls you a tool, how would you reply?
what is thermal cutoffs?
do you think papa roach is a good band??
Where do they sell rubiks cubes ?
Is powersellersunion a legit site?
1:05, 2:11, 3:16, 4:22, 5;27, 6:33, 7:38, 8:44, 9:49, 10:55, and 12:00." am and pm what do they have in co
It is a que of capital budgetng.,replacement dcision.?
Why do people always say 'You'll never guess what' and then tell you to guess?
I would like to know in detail about multi hulls deal in Europe. Is their any good website? good journals ?
Who prepares a company's financial statements?
A 30 year fixed-coupon bond with 8 years til maturity and a coupon rate of 8% paid annually is currently tradi?
Where can I find Day Labor in Fort Worth on a Saturday to help with a move?
Is there a way to find out how much and incorporation earn?
Is it possible for comic book production companies to get investors?
I really really need PayPal help?
where do i go to exchange pesos to usd?
wher do i sew the patches earned?
What to do in Las Vegas during the day?
Is it possible to love at the age of 12-13?
I am out of checks for my bank account # 2. I have checks for account #1. Can i write the numbers of?
what do you think?
Is it true that the UK could not join the Euro, even if we wanted to?
How would you communicate without email, SMS or mobile phones?
How do I pay "Bill Me Later?"?
What are generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)? Who currently develops and issues GAAP?
should everyone boycott walmart over layaway stopping?
how much money do i pay to inc my business?
what are the organizational issues in electronic industry?
Accounting- Reclassifying Journal Entries?
trying to find info about some one so can get ss card?
What is your least favorite chore? Do you do something that makes it more enjoyable?
How can I find my interviewer email to send thank you card after macy's interview ?
What is a good budget topic to write about for my term paper?
Why do we get mail late on Saturday?
In Accounting, What is the Receivables Turnover Ratio?
Financial Accounting question.?
Why when Rangers FC were liquidated do they keep the name Rangers FC?
What is best? Technology?
Is imports and exports an interesting business?
Can you buy a rare item that's only for display/presentation if youre very rich?
i have dony my btech and completed my mba in finance and marketing (dual) is sas good for business analyst pos?
what is your fantasy?
How can divorced women start rebuilding their credit after the divorce?
What is the checkout technology used @ TJ Maxx & Marshalls? It alerts queued customers which cashier is open..?
does any one know a website where i can find religious demographic by ethnicity?
Is sending large quantities of money to the USA illegal?
what speech can a father say to a daughter at her sweet 16 party?
how do i get my mom to stop smocking?
When does rollover happen here at ..?
can you buy sams club?
there are so many online businesses, each one requring a fee, which one actually works? i am tired of the scam
i want to know about H-form?
Accounting Help Pleasee!!!!!!!!?
If you could "re-live" one day of your life, what would it be, and why?
What does an rm look like? (Malaysian ringette)?
Accounting Help Please?
where are the sandbanks in the world?
cost of refined oil products?
Easy good paying jobs for kids.?
same answer again my friend is married but thinking about someone eles what should she do if she has filling?
How teamwork influence motivation and organisational performance?
which companies are hiring for fresher oracle dba's in india?
Can I link my Paypal to my Bluebird sub account?
Why do insects like ants die when you put soapy water on them?
who are mgc financial development ltd?
Accounting question about financing and investing?
Does anyone know any websites similar to
Is anyone here a Quixtar IBO, if so any tips?
i feel unhappy every morning because i have to go to work...what should i do....?
Why do we need solar power?
money conversion..............................…
Who is your favourite Pakistani cricketer?
When will my Hollister package come?
what city are you in, and how much is a gallon of gas?
Working at Hollister?
How did the creation of Greenback money effect Factory Workers and Banker?
which companies to ask for sponsorship?
Is it copyright infringement to sell home made replica deadmau5 heads?
How much money would you need to have in the bank to get 1 million dollar interest? (monthly)?
How do i make cash as a 13 year old?
What is the purpose of the general ledger?
life... who lives it to the fullest?
What companies make smartphones?
Time Value of Money: Annuity Cash Flow?
What is the advantage of family plan?
Help for Recruitment Event please.?
What is gaba? where i find it?
Are you psychic?
What is the fastest way to go from los angeles to san diego?
Gold, Useless and Pointless?
what part of the budget process is the most important and why?
How can I make alot of money legally,without putting in a lot of work or effort?
would you trust a 13 year old babysitter with your children? PLEASE answerr, best answer 10 points =)?
what can i buy for 400 pounds in the uk?
How do you confirm that you shipped something on eBay??!?
AHH!!! HELP!!! Money for basketball camp!?!?!?!?! 10 POINTS best answer!!!!!?
I need an idea for a unique present my gf is turning 25 sunday?
Does this mean I shouldnt major in accounting?
A new invention to make?
14th birthday party ideas?
i'm depressed what makes people happy? not all nasty tho?
what is a crf?
I need to find the builder or owner of a 17th century ship. How would I go about finding this information?
is it safe to take paid surveys online?
What’s better for your credit buying a car cash or getting a loan and making payments?
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Why did he quit on me?
What is a inspiring name to name my daughter?
How does one infiltrate to power and money? ?
How much is this paper worth?
usps shipping question?
does anyone have pranks i can pull on my teachers ..?
pls audit your bdm(business distributor manager)in bicol?
Has anyone added their bank to pay-pal to purchase items online?
Will appsumo honor their guarantee?
What is the significance of money in your life??
how to obtain profit sharing funds?
Help i need a way to earn money quick?
What's the difference between a Loan Processor and a Loan Officer?
Cash Basis and Accrual Basis of Lazirko Company?
What would you do if you had $75,000 saved up?
Determine If Packaging Materials Are Biodegradable,need a criteria to balance?
How many Quarter's do I have in my pocket?
I have 30000 bolivares where can I get Canadian dollars for it?
what is disodium?
Using the gross profit method what did the auditors estimate as the amount of the inventory shortage 12/31/10?
How often do I have to pay my American Express bill?
Paypal - Withdrawing funds & When are you safe from scams?
Need HELP with a name ! !?
How much does a phone book delivery person get paid?
is anyone else fed up with the price of petrol and diesel going up nearly everyday ?
Why is it not allowed to just keep on manufacturing money so that everyone in the world will have enough?
i've asked for a loan and a lot of loan companys are asking for a fee of £49.95 ? is this comman practise or ?
I went to the Cash Machine and asked for some money...?
Who is 's President?
I wondering how much my records are worth?
what happens at gas stations???
Can I accept a ups package for my brother?
us city with biggest scottish community?
Can i ship things i sold on ebay by wrapping them in brown paper bag?
why does my husband has a big pride?
if all the clocks stoped in the world for a long time how would they no what time it is wen they come back on?
I hired a person to redrywall my carport and he failed to do the job as specified,Am I still obligated to pay?
What's the best question you've ever asked?
How much to license "Rite of Spring?"?
Help me rephrase this objective on my Resume?
What is the value of military/aafes pogs?
How do you cut a banana from the inside?
is a social insurance number mandatory after a certain age in canada?
What are some good high paying cruies ship jobs?
From where i can see Top 20 Pharma companies in India (Latest by 2009)?
statistical techniques in Business and Economics?
I am Canadain looking to open a bank account in the united states for buisness. I do not have residency in US.
site the types of nightmares?
I need someones help by sending a little money to a model in nigeria so she eat?
Do DLA and pensions cover parent for funeral expenses?
If someone got a check in the mail from someone they didn't know what should they do?
Has anyone ever spent alot of money ($300-500) on something that stopped working a little after you got it?
Which site do you consider the Best GW2 Gold seller? I am planning to buy some GW2 Gold?
How much is £10000 (pounds) in US currency?
Jobs in the music industry in the U.S?
Where do you feel the loneliest?
How long would it take to make 6,000 dollars on minimum wage?
bush or clinton whos the better president?
Are you an atheist?
Flipkart delivers the products in the selected 37 cities across India?
how can you find out what name people use for an email or a phone? if your a victim of identity theft?
If I died would my parents inherit from me without a will?
My local shopkeeper won't give me my change?
What is homemade leverage, and why does it matter?
how do you post depreciation in cash flow statement?
Accounting help?
shall i have a ciggy?
Which came first the egg or the chicken?
How would you turn this into time I would understand(14:04:46 -0800 (PST)?
Copyright / patent ideas?
on the statement of cash flows, the cash flows from operating activities section would include?
Clinical Data Management Services?
when is mother's day in the U.S.?
I don't feel like going to work?
Any ideas on ways that I can save money! I'm looking to save money without giving up everything that I love.?
how is my money getting lost and how can i stop it for good?
In a hospital, while testing for a certain disease, the probability that a person who is healthy wrongly gets?
What color is your hair?
Has anyone ever heard of a scam where they send you a letter that you've won a lottery with a check for $3,680
If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...Does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
Does a iPhone have a monthly bill?
If I had a rooster and you had a donkey and my rooster flew in your donkey,what would you have?
I`m trying to start smoking cigarettes.How should I do it?
why do people hire indian people to take phone calls for their company?
how to make journal entry for unredeemed gift card (accounting 101)?
Managerial Accounting Problem!!?
Adults, what age did you realize what you wanted to do for a living?
How much is my two dollar bill worth with red writing and the letter a on it?
Name 10 Non Profit Organizations?
What would happen if I just stop making payments on my new toyota?
How much would a Iphone 4s monthly bill cost if i had unlimited texting and 450 minutes calling?
Did I Get Free Money?
For best buy black Friday items what does it mean that some items require a ticket?
How Much Do Denstists Get Paid?
Does anyone provide cheaper shipping of packages from the US to Australia than the USPS?
what are some good tips when going to an interview?
Im Pregnant what can i do? but im also man.?
How much is 2500 pounds in american dollars?
how to calculate the price and the BE?
what is F.A.R part 135 , 121 and 125 operations?
Explain why order forms and quotations do not result in a financial transaction for accounting purpose?
i'm a genie u get 3 wishes what r thay?
How should the company I am selling my patent pending application to should know that the idea is patentable?
good or bad?
where is trevor wisconsin?
What time do lines start getting big for black Friday at big stores like target and best buy.?
why you valued the inventory at Lower cost or Market?
Is God In my life now?
How much is this worth?
What are the highest paying jobs in Banking?
How much tim is 11:42 to 12:32?
Can you find an accountant job with a B.A. in Accounting?
Accounting question? Confused.?
How much do bank tellers normally get paid $/hr? on avg. in the state of Virginia?
aside from personal greed, what factors might lead a cruise line to illegly dump waste into the ocean?
Does anyone know any LEGITIMATE ways to make money online?
Waitresses and servers- How much money do you usually owe in taxes at the end of the year?
Is This Illeagle??
Would anyone be kind enouf to suggest a great name for a Technology Firm?
Does cpa excel provide all information which r needed for the exam?and how good is it?is it the best review?
I have 425 Grams of Uncirculated U.S. 1$ Gold coins?
will my hollister manager call me back?
I have scruff or a beard at work why do they care?
Where are the AMAZON products shipped from?
Ebay seller isn't willing to give me a refund?
What's the eye on the dollar , means ?
USPS online shipping where is the regional box option?
once a day I get a phone call (cell phone) it will ring twice and when I get to answer nobody is there, what?
cashiers check vs. certified check?
What is 41.90 in UK equal to in US currency?
can life be better if all the bad people be in prison?
What is the meaning of life?
question about positive cash flow?
what low-budget musical celebrated 40 years of new york city shows on may 3 2000?
How to buy goods from foreign company?
Not sure how or where? Any help please!?
How long does it take for a cash crate check to arrive?
How to stop paying electric bill?
how does a weathervane know which way the wind is blowing?
How can i get my mom to stop smoking?
Question about under-applied and over-applied concept in Accounting?
My son disappered in New Mexico. Is there a way to locate him without paying a large fee?
billing job at la fitness?
is obrian james of ever green funding legitimate?
Help >.< accounting help with fifo?
Credit and Debit Card Info Help needed?
who's single?
What Is mean by Six Sigma ?
Where can you find out how long it takes to mail something from one place to another?
how to stop taking anti depressants?
The lowest legal hourly amount which workers can be paid by their employers is called the __________ wage?
Do Hollister giftcards ever expire?
how can learn english language on short time?
What Would Jesus Do for a Klondike Bar?
What are the disadvantages of control system in business management?
what is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
How much is the wage if a work for coca-cola in New Jersey?
Silver , Palladium , Platinum & Gold Coins Where are they available in India ?
What are the best and legit home-based businesses, and how do I know they are legit?
I am 5 ft 4 in. I want to buy jeans. Am I a "petite" or an "average"?
how much is 80dollars in pounds sterling?
I accidentally paid shipping twice on ebay/paypal?
What is the reason behind the creation of the FBI?
Answer this riddle?
please dont ignore me!what kind of props can i use for...?
my son is 19, does he have to file income tax?
If I helped a coworker find cigarettes which were sold to a minor, am I liable for the fine?
What type of stratgies should be adopted by the power company NHPC in emerging business enviornment?
how can i find out how to send a money order to a inmate at cook county jail?
accounting homework help?
Accounting Problem! 10 points! Help!?
What is your favorit sport or game?
Find the force needed to lift a 3,000-N weight using a machine with a mechanical advantage of 15.?
Are the answers to these questions legitimate?
What does GDP 2000m mean?
got any plans tonight?
Need phone number for Pure colon1000 customer service-Charged 89.31-only received trial size-used 1 from bottl?
how many cm's are there in an inch?
What should I name my baby?
Suite cost for $800. If its sold a 10% discount the owner stil makes $240 profit. If sold at 800 whats profit?
Where do i go to get a physical address?
if you are paying 10 dollars a week on a medical bill and the doctors office sent back her checks wanting more
Can you buy the same products in canadian supermarkets as you can in the uk?
where can i get cheaper utilities for my home?
Do credit cards come in the mail, or are they shipped?
What is the usefulness of Return on Investment for measuring SBU's performance?
Finance problem help needed?
Is a Raccoon Dog a real animal?
I sold some game accounts on this site and it sent the payments to paypal?
I want to make $30 quick online, how?
How should I live my life?
Why is the USPS nearly insolvent?
what is the safest city/state in the united states?
do i have 2 finish my homework?!?
How to find a good web hosting company?
Do you like Green Day?
What does the Thai name Penpapa mean?
I keep getting unwanted sales calls to my phone, how can I stop them?
Accounting question, help?
what is a good antonym for the word pursues?
the types of distillation?
How much does a off shore oil rig.desiel tech salary?
Please Help with these Accounting Questions?
Do I qualify for the NHS Low Income Scheme?
What do you do,when you have done all you can in life?
if you see the id "lil.grandpa" whats the first thing that comes to mind?
how do i calculate equilibrium price and quantity?
Hi i have some shoes online i would like to sell online. I don't know how?
would you buy my invention??? I NEED YOUR INPUT!!!?
would you eat a live hamster for $1 thousand? or how about $1 million?
who is the richest person in the whole entire planet?
How much should I sell a studded iPhone case?
Where can I find a DP 180 or 4635 printer?
If i get 400 pounds a year how much is it a week?
When do I receive a refund once I cancel an order on Amazon?
Do you think we can fly?
acct 212 course project 2?
Help..My friend has a big @$$ ! What can he do to reduce its size?
Does anyone know any Hollister Promotional or Coupon Codes for an order of $40-$50? % OFF $ OFF or Free Ship?
Cash receipts journal?
Who woudl you prefer : a demanding intelligent boss or a leniant stupid one?
do you think myspace is safe for teens?
Does anyone know any LEGIT ways of making money by working from home?
I would like to improve customer service in my shop but how?
Whom should I contact if I want to include a LIFE Magazine 1959 photo in an article for a scholarly journal?
Why am I still here suffering and miserable in life when I would rather it was over???
Anyone tired of reading rude, judgmental,answers on here?
to what extent has IT contributed to the way how global business is done?
Chicago Honeybears dance team?
how do i find a friends webbsite?
what is a regicide?
i received a mail that i won 500$ but i can`t open thouse links?
Does an Ontario works cheque ever expire?
seeing obituary columns in news paper?
"我爱你"what does it mean?
How do I determine the amount of direct materials used in production using the following data?
Find the debt equity?
Cashier's check a scam?
Should I call the store to double-check or am I just over-thinking?
how do i claim agriculture loan for a farm land for which the original documents are missing ?
Why is the British Pound worth infinitely more than the US Dollar?
Where can I find help for Messenger?
Do you guys know any accounting internship??
How to get started with storage auctions?
There is an apparel shop called La Petite Fem and I cannot seem to get it on the web.?
Compute the year 2011 depreciation using the units-of-production method?
How much is a 60xt case skidloader worth?
What are the Pros and Cons of a Group Meeting?
what is your favorite story plot? what happened? Why is it your favorite?
i have twenty thousand to invest but i don't know the kind of business to go into please advice?
What are some hollister interview questions?
is direct deposit safe?
views particular employers,would you consider?
The manorial system persisted for nearly 1,000 years. Why change was so slow in coming?
Think this is a Scam?
what is the word used for "paying yourself each month?"?
Is Sunday a new business bank day?
I have an accounting question... Please Help!!!?
i'm bored and i already have a boyfriend?what now?
What are some good buisness to have especially the transportation industry?
Best Penny Auction site in Australia?
How much is a 1982 20 pence coin worth in today's market?
how to reduce absenteesm in a company?
would a gas out day drop the price?
What is 10% of 20 dollars?
What is a good thing to do for a mid-life crisis?
Method Stealing Vending Machine?
Want to quit my day job?
I just bought a 8th for 45, how can i make a profit from this,?
Need help with future career job?
where can i buy a violin at a cheap price but good quality?
Zip codes of USA?
How do you shut up?
Why is it called a TV set, when there's only one TV?
7. Why do companies value customer satisfaction?
What are the fees charged on eBay to sell? Also Paypal fees?
Fine Jewelry Business. Please help!?
what do you yhink is the 5 most common names?
what are the challenges facing female lawyers in the 21st Century?
how do i calculate the price elasticity of demand?
What are some ways i can get about 200 dollars in 2 weeks?
What makes animal's eyes reflect, and why do they reflect in different colors??
Do magic 8 balls lie?
good jobs for 13 year olds?
can you guys help me feel better ?, i have the birthday blues !?
In bookkeeping terms what exactly is a "write up"?
about paypal account?
how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
How I can get software for phone mobile? (model Nokia 6230i)?
What are the dangers of electronic commerce? and is it worth the trouble considering the benefits?
what is the average age of people on answers? Give me ages...?
excess paid in capital question?
How can a company change their BBB rating?
I want to type faster?
Resignation Letter help!?
How much money do you make working at the mall?
how can i convince my mom to have a garage sale?
how can i make a easy millon?
What is the worst thing you have ever smelled?
How do you find hope when you feel hopeless?
which is top rated company of construction in india?
Are wedding planners...?
what do you find yourself paying for now that you used to get for free?
If i sell stuff on craigslist, how do they pay me, and do i ship them the item?
How much is my 18ct gold garnet n fiery opal ring worth been told its newly listed victorian?
how to make a living online no scams or fees?
question about ebay?
I have a few retail management questions I need help on?
where can i get 37 million dollars?
how long does it take to recieive a letter from london to texas? standard mail...?
If you could have any number of super powers what would thay be and why?
Account questions - Please help:)?
why is the abbrv. for sarasota, fl. SRQ? what's up with the "Q"?
what happend in new jersey if a driver is involved in a accident and he is under drogue influence???
IS a legit company?
i lke this boy and i know he likes me 2 and theres this dance on the 10th of march should i ask him or not???
I bought a package that was sent by usps, but the tracking still says pre shipment info? The package was sent?
What is the most fun way to make a lot of money?
What does the word Noel mean?
anurg recieves an annuity that pays 1000 at the end of each month. He wishes to replace it with an annuity?
What are some similiar compaines like fingerhut?
Job at Target?
how to get cash loan in the philippines when you are working aboard?
whats the best piece of direct mail you have reiceved throught the post?
Why don't you ever see the headlines read psychic wins lottery?
how can u get back at a girl who was double prmoted and is acting like she is the best student at my school?
Is pushing an old lady down the steps wrong?
Order of various items in the P&L - IFRS?
how to find break even point for a given data sales = 2,00,000, variable cost = 16,00,000, direct material=6,?
How long do packages take to get thru customs/does USPS really update the tracking daily?
Has anyone had a good experience with DHL Express?
How and why do Cash For Gold Places exist in America?
If I oder two things in the same time period on amazon will they be sent together?
If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
Anyone feel up to a bit of research?