Math currency exchange question?
How much more should i sell cards for on eBay that I bought them for?
for how may years this resession will effect the indian IT company?
How long does DHL take? Do i have to be home to accept something shiped by DHL?
how can I find transcript of Child Neglect hearing, Maine Municipal Court,1957-1958?
wow this is a good question?
Are boys smarter than girls?
library collection agency?
What do I need to put under identification for job application?
Does anyone else get angey at all the sequels Disney puts out?
If yu work for 7hrs and earn $78 what is the earning rate?
does anybody, religious group or otherwise help comm. groups trying to help youth?
What is the price for 20g gold?
what are the positive and negative aspects of using a gold standard?
hoe can i get rid of hiccups?
What's the best place to live?
dealing with a bad employee, hypothetical question?
i have things for sale...whats the best way. PLEASE HELP!!!?
how to do a Breakeven Analysis?
accounting to do this?
How long does it usually take for companies to mail you a paycheck?
looking for wholesale items for resale?
Is almost 1000 dollars good leftover after paying bills?
you must Act Rich to Get Rich , True or False ?
Need Free Legal Documents for Personal Loan & Rent Agreement?
Assuming that a periodic inventory system is used, what is the amount allocated to ending inventory on a FIFO?
where can you find a list of stores that are hiring in your area?
Looking for a good dealership that will be able to finance me?
What has the U. S. Customs created to force importing companies to provide more detailed information...?
How much does moneygram charge?
what is the meaning of "the fee for this coordination will be subject for .."?
If you had 100 dollars.?
Looking for Financial help or a Loan?
Does Visa charge you a monthly fee for using the card?
If i get a package fedex from UK to virginia how long would that take. I am currently using Royal mail to USPS?
what are those things called that pictures go in then they write a title and caption?
How many banks are in the U.S.?
Financial Accounting Homework help!!!?
how do i write a warrenty and how should it be prested?
I am very cold and need to warm up! Any advice?
I will be receiving disability benefits will my children get ssi checks?
I need the meaning of the word of (REMUSTER) in RAAF SA?
how to regester a lien on equipment in bc?
Please help, I'm desperate?
i want a menssenger with no voice?
How easy is it to send international bank wires? Is it hassle free?
What's a quick way to make money legaly?
If I send a book through media mail, do I have to pay for the box and postage?
Is there any legit way to make money online?
what are the practices followed in India for transportation of farm products ?
Can you help me find the adjusted inventory for a merchandising business?
how can a 13 year old make some money?
What's the best way to deal with a tough customer?
What's the best way to make a presentation more enthusiastic?
what iz da meaning of hayalimsin?
Bank charged overdraft fee but money was there?
If joint custody custody is specified in my divorce papers, can I take my 15.5 year old out of state?
Do you beleive in God?
How much money is this worth? I can't even find in on the internet.?
How much would this cost? Help!?
Why do people reject the free gift of Christ?
How do I change the options of shipping?
Do Americans know how much a Euro is worth in US dollars ?
how come wenever you try to forget sumtin,it keeps coming back into your mind?
i seen my boy friend cheating. should i say or go?
Anyone know any legit online sites where i can make $150 in a week?
What does origin post is preparing shipment mean?
Accounting question help?
Is it legal for my former boss to fax my w-2's to my ex husband and his attorney without my permission?
I'm 14, how do I make money?
how can i change my ups shipping adress?
what is the meaning of SM and TM,when R means registered,?
Who said "due to the current economic situation, the light at the end of the tunnel will be off untl frthr ntc
Any way to buy from Ebay when you're under 18?
Im buying a riffle from to check if is hot...or legit....has no vin?
Should bankers receive £m's in bonuses?
headacks what work to take it away?
If you had $10 billion, and spent one dollar everyday, how long would it take you to go broke?
What is the best job for enhancing social skills?
Why do people count sheep when trying to sleep?
who is the famous india fredom fighter?
what are the aims and objectives of a resterant?
all of you have you played gunbound or quake3?
Can you use a BestBuy giftcard in any other store or website?
Would this bank robbery idea work?
What is a "Customer Service Review" appointment at a bank?
Looking for someone can you help???
What are some good names for a business that ?
Where can you get funding of $500000 or more for a startup?
What can I buy for 1 dollar?
a scarf is on sale at 20% off the list price. The following week the price of the scarf is reduced by 25%..?
Where can I order a "letter spike" - the metal spike used in restaurants to hold receipts, for example? ?
What is "Form C"? When, to whom, to what value & Why?.?
How long is your XMas break ?
how much should a font desk worker at a hotel get paid hourly?
Is it true that the video gaming industry draws in more annual revenue than Hollywood?
What is a 1862 Dollie bill worth?
Help! Question about Ebay bid?
why is the color red, red?
Does anyone think that Christmas is becoming to commercail?
ok can you give me ideas on how to have sex om my own?
what website could i go to if i want to buy electronics for as low as $20 a month?
can anybody help me to my email in my profile???
How can I obtain information from a company that refuses to provide it?
Where can I buy gifts online using Paypal?
If I buy 3 things on Amazon from different sellers, will order come in one box?
How do you make an auto response???
List two managerial traits that are important to effective management?
can i take this to HR or not worth it.?
Which interest rate column would you use from a present value table or a future value table for 8% compounded?
how much would western unino charge if i wana transfer $ 500?
Where on earth is bilibid?
A friend of mine is applying to various "who's who publishing companies"?
What is the difference between wage slip and payslip?
I lost my Burlington coat factory layaway reciept. Help?
what does a cravening for fruit mean?
Do u have a mom who always puts a man first before her kids?
Please help me for my Accounting subject?
why i`m always treaing people in good manner then the treat me in bad manner?
What is the advantage of paying mortgage biweekly or every two weeks compare to paying it monthly or once a mo
My paycheck was stolen, then deposited! What can I do?
Is drinking out of the toilet normal?
What is the best website to learn stocks?
Basic Accounting. Need help with Homework?
The stock price has increased. What are the different reasons that we will see an increase in stock price?
what do u do if two people liked u and u had to choose between the two?
what is the best carseat to purchase?
What adjective best describes the process of globalization?
Best friend problems?
where can i go patinage in summer in Fredericton?
where is alaska located?
Where can I find a specific pair of sunglasses?
why cant i get into a forum i've been on before?
Is this hypocritical?
can i play with the avantars?
Why do people hate each other without a reason?
UPS tracking problem?
What are the most favourite Diwali Gifts?
What's the best holiday destination in the UK?
What should I do for my friend's birthday?
Journal Entry for Loss of Computer?
where is loch ness monster?
if you were the only one left on earth what would you do?
Ripped £10 note, will bank exchange?
What role does the secondary market play in the price of the primary market?
accounting help can some one help pleas?
what are the various export promotion activity carried out by government of india to promote exports?
Is fake or genuine?
what should i do for a living?
what should i do??
Want to learn how to barber hair w/o barber school?
What TV show do you wish they brought back?
how do you make a person leave a city for ever?
Where is the sort code on a debit card located?
apple finance provisionally accepted?
What do u think of redheads?
wat does it mean when a guy hits on you. explain please.?
Western Union Scam: where they send you monies then ask you to forward - less a fee for yourself?
Accounting lil Question :)?
Will GM Receive Bailout Before April?
how can i find out if i have unclaimed money from the government?
i need pranks, jokes, trickes, the works. i want revenge!!!?
what is that stuff you would DIE for?
What is Managerial Accounting?
Is it okay to go into the bookstore, take a book, sit down in a chair IN THE STORE and read?
Find the equivalent quarterly discount rate for a monthly interest rate of 1.4%?
How does a 13 year old sell stuff for money?
Net present value calulation - pls help?
beware of driver detecive...ripoff not 100% guaranted?
Why are the toilet flush handles on the left side?
Catergorize the accounting tasks performed by Urlacher?
Freshman in high school, what are jobs I can get.?
Who's just sitting here, refreshing the browser and watching all the new questions they have no answers for?
Help! need to get in contact with transam?
how do I go about getting a vendor's license?
Anyone tell me where we can adopt a penpal that is in the war?
I want to locate whether this address exists in Russia : "Russia Chelyabinsk, Solnechnaya, 34-58, 456660'?
USPS Status Not Updating?
My neighbor's tree fell on my house in Oregon. Do I have to pay for the damage or does my neighbor?
what would happen if you dropped a penny off the empire state building and the penny hit someone?
what are the advantages/disadvantages of buying a prefab/mobile home as opposed to a regular home?
Can someone tell me about sugarbabies?
What are the best jobs you can get at 18?
2)Are networks of Pcs and servers making mainframe computers obsolete?
how long does it take for EDD, finds out that you are working and stop your checks?
How do i verify my debit card with paypal and google wallet?
How much does solar energy cost in New Mexico?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
What are aims and objects in a business?
if my workplace doesn't pay me my commission due to human error can they make me wait until my next pay day?
What is the easiest way to get money?
Finance Question Needs Help!?
Who wrote the Book of Love?
are these coins worth anything (u.s. money)?
Accumulated depreciation question?
Can we really live out in space if the world ends???
What kind of Ebay scam is this? Help?
what is a wickersham?
why don't men like to reveal the way they really feel when they are in a relationship?
A complete family is a happy family. Do you agree? Why?
Would you want to have the power of reading someone else's mind?
How do computer companies make money over time?
On with the new and used shipping prices.?
sold and send the item on ebay and i havent received the money what shall i do?
what is iran's president name?
How much is £54.00 in US dollars?
Do you need a permit to collect money for a person in need not a charity?
MEET MARK?? please help thanks!?
how do I get a job in radio?
Do you HAVE to leave the office at night?
What is your country?
What does one do when they can't find a missing Item besides freaking out and turning a place upside down?
where can I find somebody's date of birth online?
where online can I buy the new testament in Japanese?
how do i find out at what time was I born?
Accounting Calculations help!?
What is franchise consulting?
what is the discount or hurdle rate typically for the the acute care hospital industry?
does anyone know what noel means?
If you are left a sum of money from another country do you pay to receive it or do thay pay to send it?
If you were to sell a shilling, would it be worth anything?
USPS first class mail ?
what is the price of gold?
Is the U.S. copyright office a third party provider - that is, is it an outsourced agency?
How to earn a $150 a month for an eleven year old kid?
prepare an income statement for the company for the month.?
How to Contact UPS and talk to a real person?
Has anybody heard of getting paid for doing surveys online at home?Is this fake?
ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning?
my elderly parents keep getting calls from a company in buffalo ny that claims to be a collection agency. they?
What are the rules for getting a payee?
Does excema go away and then come back?
Salary for someone working for US company from another country?
how much is 15 percent off $150?
if you had it to do all over again, would you change anything?
Accounting Help?
How to write a letter to home contractors?
how can i ask a guy to the valentines dance?
Does one have to have a bank account?
how do newborns get h influezae?
Help Finding Financial Errors?
Bankruptcy question. Thank you.?
Easy way to make money online?
How to calculate the net operating income if we have?
is he worth it or is it useless?
I am at work right now with a spilting hang over what should i take?
Should I grow my hair out or leave it short?? How long should it be?? What do girls like better??
what is the time difference between san francisco and singapore?
what are some careers in the fbi?
anybody know any good wholesalers? please?
I am a single mom and alwys find abusive verbally abusive men why is that?
Who's IP is this? 1032?
Is an MBA worth it for a Sr. Software Engineer?
what is banking institutions?
dont get walmart money card?
what is famous at france?
Time,Value of Money Problem?
How many stamps do I put to send to China?
looking for Christie mountian ski resort?
Where to find Indianapolis vital statistics online?
where to get free checkbooks?
Fixed overhead of £8000 per month is currently incurred including £2000 per month for depreciation. These are
Can I run after a client who was billed short for a service?
jobs that hire felons in houston tx?
how much time does it take to complete an international bank transfer frm HDFC Bank, India 2 NATWEST, England?
What is --- 2 plus 2?
could you help me find my father?
have received mail from equity bank of nigeria limeted inlagos telling me that i won 200000$ from australia?
do you have a paypal account?
Do banks take out tax on debit charges ?
does commerce bank charge non customer check fee?
how does motor motor club of america work, is it a pyramid?
Help me to make moto of our company.?
How low will FACEBOOK go?
Am i still liable for a bill received now for electricity used 3 1/2 years ago at a previous address. First c?
ups is slow in my state?
Does it cost more to send a letter from one side of America to the other?
Can you address mail with just a first name?
Hollister promo codes?
Do anyone know of a proven strategy to get quick and easy money?
Is it really necessary for the Pope to ban Harry Potter?
accounting, comprehensive problem help with posting?
What is a private business?
how to pay fee for CPIO of indane in kolkata and to whom it is to be paid?
somebody unknown transferred out $229 out of my savings account...?
Have you ever used an advance inheritance company?If so, what were the fees involved & was it worth it to you?
Child Support Agency Am I Allowed To Know How Much?
I need help with a business competition!!!!?
What to do about a check?
How much is the percent added from 40 to 70?
how do i make my shoes smell like apples?
How to get donations or grants for private research?
how do i write an adress to someone who is in hospital?
How I can calculate total cost of listing on Ebay once the item is finally sold.?
where can I buy a quill feed worm gear only for a jet milling machine and not the whole feed assemby?
where can I find a job application for Proctor and Gamble in Cape Girardeau?
where is the best place to travel to find some really good looking women?
what is the meaning of life?
Can a minor sell items on Craigslist?
I'm 18, can I get a loan to pay my school fees?
Is Panda Research legitimate?
would you rather cheat or just dump the person?
If a piece of mail has Columbia, SC stamped on the envelop, did it go through that post office?
My fiancee is still in contact with his ex wifes' family, shd i stop this?
What were so wrong about the 47% percent comments?
How do I deal with unruly customers?
I sold something on ebay. They paid with paypal and then once received item filed a claim...?
would you rather have ONE christmas present now or 5 if you wait a month?
Who invented the stethoscope?
Where to find prepaid rent of the FASB codification?
Paypal and Alertpay help....?
made a mistake and went to some porn sites unknow how they ended up on my desk top..i delete but they keep co?
Recording transactions in the general journal?
need to make some cash from home?
What is a Net budget plan in my electricity bill?
In a Hurry! Cash Discount in Statement of Comprehensive Income in compliance with AASB 101?
Should we crunch fat cats for increditable mistakes?
What is a Drill Team?
Ted Turner..........?
Does name on mail have to match PO Box owner?
i have a question for the guyz!!?
What is the stupidist question in the world?
How does a £400 postal order cost?
HOW can I choose the ending time on my EBAY listing?
Is it true, if u dont use it u lose it?
Is it ok to ask people to send money in the mail?
Does USPS hold mail for the entire address building or just my apartment?
Who likes to act crazy when no1 is around?
Firefighter raffle phone scam?
How can i detect semen on my wifes underwear without having to buy an expensive tool or fluids to detect it?
If you won the lottery do you think it would change your personal values? And why/why not.?
What should the Post Office do to get more money?
how do i tell someone to get lost without hurting their feelings?
What happened to the little boy who cried wolf too many time?
Income Support help?
Having problems selling on ebay?
If i paid you dollar would you shave my back?
Are human beings animals?
how can i get coins of different countries?
Who knows the difference between tungsten ring and a diamond ring?
can your previous employer block you from collecting unemployment from your current employer?
Ebay help please! Selling large object, so collection only, but it won't let me out without a post price!?
i know that a money gram is a wire transfer of money. how do i do that. ??
How tall is Abraham Lincon?
Job for 13 year old in Summer?
are any of the pre-euro currency notes collectibles?
one decimeter is equal to how many centimeters?
How to keep your parents from getting a divorce?
who do you think is going to win the playoffs this year?
If you had to choose between you're struggling mate,and a billionaire? Which would you choose?
is it safe to leave the stove on when u leave?
My UPS package went back to billing information received?
need help with accounting, ugh?
Show how a 33% discount on coffee beans is a better value than 33% extra beans for free.?
I'm looking for ideas for an invention to work on?
What would YOU want to buy?
Why do BIC pens have hole on their side?
Communication is pervasive in everyday life.Elaborate this statement.?
why did people shift from single-entry accounting to double entry accounting?.. .?
Finance question. please help really appreciate it thank you?
whats scotland yard... y is it called so.?
How can someone put a stop payment on a check that has already been cashed?
what are vegetable marrows?
How much is my business worth?
How does a 13 year old sell stuff for money?
Now i am not liking answers!?
AVIORR Consulting Pvt Ltd associated with Quantros Cyberren Prowellness not paying salary to KRISHNA KISHORE?
what artist is gonna be in calle ocho???
How much overhead does a company pay on an employee?
What is Brimley Financial Group and are they legit?
i am not able to use messenger ?
Do u think it wrong 2 be a hoe?
Lease or buy car in texas with sole proprietorship?
You just won a kazillion dollars in the lottery! Congrats! Now what????
Who are Mobile Commerce Limited? They claim to be offering me a service ? data protection?
I made it to level 2 (points wise) :) What does that mean?
A system in which employees have online access to information about HR...?
What is 'utilization' and what is 'efficiency'?
How would one calculate the amount for 'Treasury Stock' from these three journal entries?
what it the stupidest questian that anyone has asked or answered?
do u think that answers is useful?
where can i purchase the satanic bible+michigan?
What is wrong with me and....(theres more)?
what do feel about two first cousins?
What are the main stock market names?
lyrics to bidi bidi bom bom by selena?
is it ok to ask for credit report before interview?
how can you count backwards from infinity?
how long does economy class shipping take?
Who is best leader in world?
Can you accept packages under an alternate name at a
If I get paid $8.15 an Hour & i'm looking at a 20% raise what would my hourly salary look like?
when do you get amazon pre orders?
Does anyone know of legitimate work from home jobs?
Do you like Bush?
Can anyone give me a list of sites where I can get paid to answer questions?
what is a 0 hour contract?
if i was trying to locate my school pictures from about 10yrs ago how would i do that.?
Has anyone heard of Income at Home Radio?
What is the best China wholesaler?
What bond would you want to have?
If the average Arab woman has tons of "husband's money" to spend on?
How old do you have to be to get a USA passport without parental consent?
How old are you? I'm 53?
Is this considered a postage stamp?
symbol for the company that makes scanning tunneling microscops?
the internet programs to sell stuff for a big company is it true you can make good money off of it?
If men wrote the Bible don't you think they wrote what ever they wanted?
I received a check...........?
what will happen if i bid on something in ebay win it but dont want to pay?
if i ordered something on sunday and it says 2 day priority shipping, when do u thin it will come in?
Does a $102 check for working 15 hours/$8 an hour?
How to calculate the knee point of the current transformer?
If a customer bill is £35 and the customer thinks they have paid 20% too much, how much should they have paid?
What are the different types of pharmacists? How much do they get paid and the hours?
Does anybody know how I can present a revolutionary concept to a major car manufacturer? Please read details.?
Does the Victoria Secret coupons for 10 dollars off any purchase work on a 9 dollar purchase?
Do you have to be legally divorced to have child support garnished and sent to you?
do i need a lawyer if my childs father is taking me for a custody case?
what is the best process????
Resume help please read?
Money mysteriously put in my account then taken out again...(see more details)?
why would USPS hold a parcel in customs for over 3 weeks?
okay i want to be popular so whats the first step?
I was sent a paper in the mail for a class action lawsuit for a bank?
What should i get bf3 or mw3?
How can I change a deposit date in Quickbooks 2006?
How does a pyramid scheme work?
UPS SIZE AND Weight help.. Please....please ....thank you.?
Money order question?
What is the silliest thing you've seen for sale on Ebay?
Continue from my previous Q&A, What if the terroists destroyed SUPER BOWL???!!!!?
Job centre troubles?
Accounting Help~ ^.^?
Can I cash multiples checks at one time?
where can i find washington state online banking applications?
my son is 2yers old and he spits all the time what can i do?
Why do they put Braille on the number pads of drive-through bank machines?
Ebay Shipping Basics?
I'm on my laptop in the drive thru at McDonalds and can't decide what to order, people behind me honking, help
what is the great lake triangle about?
Am I the only one shocked at how bad the £ is valued?
We are needing help with back taxes we owe. How do I find people to ask for donations/small loans?
Paypal's "Don't Have a PP Account?" Option?
Does the warranty still apply in Europe if i would buy something in the USA?
Accounting Help questions?
what are some famous quotes from julius ceasar?
Do you think that $17/hr is too much to pay a part time administative assistant in a successful company?
what is the best invention ever?
Can someone transfer 10K into Australian dollers for me? I need too know how much it is in Australian dollers.?
I am a single mother with a 10 yr. old daughter. What suggestions do you have for a fun day that is cost free?
how much is the NZ MILLENIUM $10 note worth?
I need to know anything and everything about North Carolina?? HELP?
Can I get discount fare on a beauty course if im unemployed?
Do I have to enter a tracking number?
How do i earn some money?
How is 'market price' measured?
How is this for a mission statement..?
how old do you have to be to work at abercrombie or hollister?
How Many people in the world have the name of Ronald Jedrzejas?
who would you like to be superman spiderman or mightymouse?
Choi Enterprises?
Where do I write the account number on my check?
i worked for first national stores who is no longer in business.. how can i locate my pension?
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
How can I get a copy of my highschool yearbook?
psycho symbology means?
Where can I order "fake" credit cards?
what is the procedure or documents involved for export sales of granites?
Very confused on this Accounting problem, PLEASE HELP?
Minimizing Cost?
UPS standard shipping ?
How much time do you really spend working at work?
Urgent help needed please!!Questions about the upcoming accounting exam!Explanation preferred please:)?
Accounting help needed on the following questions?
why the ***** do little kids come on here....where are their parents and how come they dont monitor them!!!!!!
What is a private sector business?
How will I make $5000 in a month?
To delivery persons....?
were can i find the cheap rentals online for crown point?
What are jobs that have a combination of accounting and information systems?
Forever Dream Business Opportunities --Help?
Is it true that if your born in the 4th of get special treatment or something....?
Should the rules of this Dell sweepstakes be something to worry about?
did i lose my order or was it lost?
i need the website for angola prison so i can look up inmates in the prison?
how does a youngster affect my financial plan?
Where can you find the house of Henry SY, Sr.?
Accounting problem help?
What is the major difference between service and merchandising businesses?
is light effected by tempeture?
book value of total assets?
How can I check my order from Amazon?
hello.....guys im trying to find a fwen that have a same prob. like me...(passed away father)?
Whats a good way to make money on the internet?
please give some information about tata iron and steel company limited?
Phone accessories at wholesale?
what to tip a cab in sf?
Flat rate shipping, limitations etc?
eBay/paypal transaction gone wrong?!?
i need to restore system on my p c how can i do that?
how to make!?
Should i feel bad or be scared right now????
is majoring in finance a good choice?
What is the difference b/w XXXX "Solutions" and YYYY "Pvt. Ltd" ?
Help with Accounting Question Please?
What is a job online that a 16 year old can do in his spair time and still make a descent amount of money?
What does it mean when UPS comes to your door trying to "track down a package"?
what is the process to join in cpa in usa?
What Are Some Stuff You Would Buy With 80 Bucks?
What are some ways to boost morale?
I traded my iphone for another phone on craigslist cont.?
What's the best way to find a meeting facility for a small group of 4 people?
cheapest calling card of india?
How can pharmacist create new medicen? and what will be the reward then?
How far can the U.S. Dollar go against the Euro? What is the worst case? Will it ever reverse? Possible?
is egypt a woderful country or not?
drawstring backpacks wholesale?
when is a good time to convert US Dolllars (USD) to GB Pounds (GBP)?
Help FIFO Equivalent units of production?
why are people willing to buy more at a lesser price?
what is your hair color?
how many stamps do I need for a 4 by 6 mailing package?
Is it safe to buy things from
anyone has a formula of hog feeds mixture using less corn and more rice bran. what particular powdered vitamin?
How do you download ! Answer Beta?
something about Student Price Card SPC?
I have a vent free ProCom heater. When the flame goes out, the pilot light also goes out, What could it be?
Break Even Point Question?
cost to change currency at a bank?
Accounting question [HELP]?
what is the meaning of "have a sound mind in a sound body "?thanks?
where can you work when you are 16 or 17?
Find an example of a partnership or joint venture between a business in France and Canada?
Does this qualify as a "Change in Accounting Principle"?
Does somebody know how much is the salary for receptionist in Takoradi,Ghana?
Will Bank Of America let me cash a two thousand dollar check without having a account with them?
i need help finding atleast 5 ways to choose a college career and atleast 5 ways finding a college major.....?
Have you tested your fire / burglar alarm this week?
Little Lies add up right? So why do people lie about stupid things?
How do I mark a message spam so they stop sending me mail.?
How do you define terrorism?
How can I make money?
Is there any real things online where you can fill out surveys for money? Are they all fake?
what would you do?
I have always wondered ?
Where can I find pieces for high school speech team?
how do i send a fax from india to the US?
What is a Meeting Planner?
Dear friends. i got an offer from sun oil and gas comapny with offer of huge salary,they sent me offer letter?
what is the current price of gold?
How do you get over the death of a mother?
Please help. Can I trust
Why do people still believe in 'religion' when all they seem to do is bring anger/wars/hatred ?
Who will be the first user to get to level 6?
How does one email a suggestion to Melinda & Bill Gates foundation?
if the bank was closed on christmas eve, christmas day and sunday...then it has to be open on monday...yes?
Why .99 Cents instead of 1Dollar?
Does anyone know a genuine way to make money online from India?
is it true or fraud?
when do you get amazon pre orders?
what should i buy with 2,500 pounds?
Anyone know any good and recent Canadian finance books?
Judgments??...Well, here is the story...?
Model Inc. Is this a scam?
The nominal wage is $10/hour and price of cookie is $2. What is real wage?
Minimum wage for a saturday job for a 15 year old Girl?
How long will it take for my parcel to be delivered? (Parcelforce)?
The actual expansion of the money supply is likely to be?
I have 12,000$ and 3 objectives, which one should I do first?
How much would you say this bridal set is worth retail and wholesale?
Why do so many people on here suffer from stupidity?
Is this enough for hobbies and interests?
It is great how the market provides what you need. The trouble is I don't see much that I want.?
what is the meaning of glass?
Do you believe in God?
I need help understanding this accounting assignment...?
do ups employees have today off?
should i ask my crush if he likes me on valentines day or should i wait for later?
how do people launder money?
Can u tell me why my picture is clear on my television but the writing is blurry?
About how much would a 1 room apartment cost?
what is no advice in case of bankers cheque & demand draft?
Where can i get help with utility bill i have 4 kids close to being shutoff my # 573-270-5688?
MRP Software - How big should a company be to consider implementing an MRP software system?
Receipt for item sold on Craigs List?
Spoof emails from Ebay asking for bank details - anyone else had them?
Selling at Market a Call Option: Options Price in Illiquid Market?
i'm looking for Coca-cola distributor to sell at wholesaler prices.?
Is myspace really that bad?
When am I gonna become a level 2 or something?? I got 133 points right now,LOL and im level 1.So when?
Why is life so hard..........?
comission to broker will be shown on which side of realisation account ?
how to issue more stock?
Need help with finance homework!!?
Can I return clothes that I received as a gift?
Where to buy imported cigarettes in New Delhi, India?
how much is a euro in american money?
i have legally changed my entire name. how do i get my birth certificate changed?
CAN someone STEAL your identity if they have a copy of PASSPORT and copy of id?
OMG recession has came, we all are going to freaking die!! Is the world going to end of the world?
Why the **** am I still up, at this hour of the night??!!??
i owe paypal money, i told them i opened the account under 18, will they close it?
wat happens to you if you take 5 extra strength tylonos?? at one time?
What's the difference between A & B when dealing with dollar bills?
Are you fair, honest and objective? Try answering these 9 questions... and thank you for your time?
Who owns Well & Dowed Clothing company and
How can I send money to a friend?
How can I learn how to count money better?
What is the best franchise to invest in?
Question about the Better Business Bureau? Not sure who I would contact for this..please helppp....?
Help with VIP ticketmaster packages.?
Friends–Do you think I have the ‘substance’ to move the court and sue the company for compensation? me?
what are the real meaning of the bases like as in the sex thing?
Where can I find a guide to the most affordable personal protection gear for self defense?
What company can sell your stuff in Denmark?
where can I go on-line to order cute but large lunchboxes for my 3 year old?
Shipping an item through UPS ground?
i am looking 4 a poem 2 read at grandpaws funeral,a loving,christian man.died slow &painful cancer .?
My husband thinks I should quit my job- should I?
Collecting Accounts Receivables...?
I'm having problems at running I get tired fast and out of breath. I am the slowest in my class what to do?
are banks open back friday?
What is one word for exchanging small currency for large currency?
What are some clothing companies that have factories in Vietnam?
How could I be ready for college?
why do banks leave both doors open but chain the pens to the counters.??
history on the 4th infantry michigan regiment of the civil war?
how did "santa clause" start?
can you remove your name off a mortgage?
Suggestion for software that might help mortgage brokers and loan officers?
What does the term "Brush Arbors" mean. I know that it is some type of religious outdoor meeting mostly in So
How much does it usually cost to get a document notarized?
how do i get on line, to apply for skywest????
Would you want to be a Billionaire?
Journal entry, accounting?
How much would this cost?!?
If mimimum wage goes up, and i am currently making more then minimum does my wage increase also?
Should I take a job 20 miles from home for $.75 above minimum wage plus tips?
will the uk banking system collapse?
Im buying a riffle from to check if is hot...or legit....has no vin?
How much is a 1847 seated liberty silver dollar worth?
Postal services lost my package even if I had a tracking number - what can I do?
Are receptionist jobs ever hourly?
Can ever the sons/daughters of government employees be successful in business?if so how would it be..?
anyone know how long it takes to get?
what is the balance of my giftcard?
how do i put a copy right on my invention?
How much should i charge! HELP?
do yu live in buffalo ny?
My class rank is 216 out of 900 , is that good ?
hi i need to know how many cans do i need to recycle to get to $600,00 to $900,000.?
How long will it take for a package from Thailand to reach Maryland?
how do i find my best friends phone number?
how does financial information help assess a businesses performance, risks and viability?
What do I need to know if I want to Export good all over the world?
i'm 15, & want a job, but most places require you to be 16.?
what can i do to make my dial-up connection to go faster without paying for anything?
What is you favorite Christmas movie?
At GC, all haircuts are 5.99. My son and I got haircuts this morning?
whats the big idea?
Can somebody tell me all about ??
Does Royal Mail Deliver to the U.S. on weekends?
Would it be a good thing if there were a more obvious physical sign when people lied, like pinnochio's nose?
Are you a business manager? Answer this!?
whether pre marital sex is genuine or a crime ,please give solid seasons to support for the answer?
Accounting question? Isn't this B?
How to get money as a 15 year old?
Accounting help (2 questions)?
How would I do this journay entry for accounting?
How much can you make from a collision repair center?
whats a new up company to start with 5000 dollards?
what are some ways to make money?
How much money do clowns make?
Are Royal Mail one day behind with the post due to the bad weather?
if interest rates go down does the value of the currency increase or decrease?
What does "Price : 48 GBP" mean?
Why do people in USA don´t know that NorthAmerica includes Mexico, canada and USA? & think they´re the onlyone
why do we need a private central bank?
Does the USPS work Saturdays?
At the age of thirteen are you mature enough to go out?
Accounting: Sales and Purchases 12% VAT?
What is the meaning of life?
Moved into a new area.Man up street cleared my driveway.Shold I bake for him or say a nice Thank you?
I need help with this accounting question?
how to Analyze what happens to the market for chocolate if the price of its ingredients rise?
If u had a million dollars wt would u do with it?
how can i earn money through internet?
how do u clear the history in the search field? (after you complete search)?
How much of a discount can a Best Buy employee get on electronics?
System Justifications?
Whats Your Favorite Anime?
What is private company?
In the State of Ohio, is it leagal for a company to pay a salaried worker LESS than 40 hours worth of time?
Did anyone else react this way when you first heard the term 'bankrupped'?
how much do cashiers make with experience?
How many types of bankruptcy cases are provided for in the Bankruptcy Code?
How much is an elizabeth 2nd australia two dollar coin from 1988 worth?
How to write a resume without having any experience?
How to wire money to another state?
How to get stolen items back from a pawnshop?
i have to baby sit two brats what sould i do please help give me ideas of what to occupie them with?
How is Disney departmentalized?
What would you do if you were told someone caught Ornithorhyncus anatinus from sleeping with you?
what is origin of "toehead" for a blonde?
What is a good way to make money in the summer?I have a daughter who is 10 years old and need money!?
Does our money get its value from gold?
International bidder bid and won on an item i stated i only ship to the U.S on Ebay?
Does holding value mean how much the stocks are worth?
How soon after paying an overdue bill will my phone work again?
Would someone need to sign an NDA again for the 2nd meeting?
i wanna win to lotto.any good tips?
2 part question on......?
finance quesiton. supply and demand.?
Why was my question not listed?
Explain the following terms:?
Explain how org can make use of Accounting systems to achieve the objectives?
3 accounting questions. I'm trying to help my little sister with her homework...any accountants out there??
Accounting question NEED HELP?
Why we have to take breakfast and skip dinner?
What are good sale closing phrases, sentances, methods?
what is the other word for gay girls?
What do I do with an invoice?
Offer Letter Received but No contract or Equipment?
why do people get ofended when they hear the truth?
what are better to wear boxers or briefs?
How can i prevent a person to keep coming back to our country so he won't abused another filipino like me?
How much would it cost to run a forensic audit on my business for the last 2 years.?
how many times can you violate guidelines before being suspended?
Jewelry organizer help?
Why is my first class USPS package not moving?
what is the mission statement of
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Today?
what is the best website (that is free or very very cheap) to start an online business?
UPS Worldwide Saver......................?
I got 10 pounds and I want to spend it what can I buy?
I am 14 years old and I have a job..?
Make an Account that people deposit their donations in.?
How to calculate Present Value?
Who counts the money underneath the bar?
can I add an icon to my desk top so I can go directly to my home page when I get on aol internet?
why do we use activity based costing in cost accounting?
Accounting question/help?
What is your favorite color? And would it be boyish if your fav color is BLUE!?!?
Who are some famous business women (any profession acceptable)?
how does ups return labels work?
how can i use a usb jump drive with the ps2 sys?
is this normal? plz answer...?
Can I transfer 20 million USD from US to India? Is so can it be done legally?
There is a great deal of interest in ETGU. Q. Is it a potential future reverse split?
is random drug testing justified?
what technology is the most useful?
my company isnt giving me work.?
Nus code for asos 25 percent discount?
i need help finding an inmate in dallas texas jail for free?
What connection does Martha Stewart have to Micheal's Craft Stores?
Couponing Help for Costco?!?!?!?
What are companies that give out generous sponsorships?
Im starting a make up company any names or ideas what i can call it please thanks?
how to write research scope and limitations?
How much is $199 in pounds ?
exchanging pesos for dollars?
How Would I Buy An Individual Bond?
Find the present value PV of the annuity necessary to fund the withdrawal given.?
How are Small Businesses affected by Changes in Interest Rates?
will target fire me for not returning a phone call about coming in to work?
Who created this world?
Financial Test Questions?
Does someone provide drop-shipping of smartphones, tablets etc.?
What math is in accounting?
Why did pencil manufacturers not use graphite before?
My company provided me with a Secretary, but she is fat. how can I get rid of her?
What businesses/companies are willing to give individual/group donations for missions trips?
What steps would you take to resolve this potential problem?
how does the APY work?if i buy a CD $5000 for 6 moths 3.35%APR WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
How much would it cost to ship a chair weighing 65 lbs?
Are you part of one of those nasty companies that decided to recoup the Pension Reform costs by reducing the?
How does censorship affect your attitude towards reading?
What is the best postal service to send books for the best prices?
Should I just go ahead and meet in person?
What does LT deferred mean on a check stub?
how much lined paper is about a 4x6 note cart?
list religions that begin with j's?
How critical is your M.B.A in relation to landing a job as an investment banker?
do guys like dark hair?
will i get a girlfriend?
Is a £50 note No.AA1388.... worth more than £50?
u saw your friend's dad or cheating would u tell? would u confront your parent if u knew they were cheating?
what is spirituality in the workplace?
creating a website to sell stuff?
In the United States, Is a University considered a Regulatory Agency/Body?
If e-commerce continues to grow, what will be some of the effect on society?
Anyone out there who has used the PODS moving company? good experience or bad?
what is love?
Where can I get periodic update about interest rate change?
How expensive is it to get a tracking number to track your shipment from the uk?
Cash Basis versus Accrual Basis Accounting?
How do figure out this equation? What is the cost of a suit that cost $100.00, has a sale discount of 30% and?
Would you give me a kiss if I were on the soccer team?
How much will 5 Pounds be in Dollars?
Where did this charge come from??? very confused?
how old so you have to be to cash a 15k check?
are managers born or made?
i need to know were the japanese alps are on the map?
Is there any way to wash body size pillows without them losing their fluff?
a phone call saying they are my mothers bank?
how to do rtgs through cheque?
Accounting Question...What would be the journal entry for this transaction?
My bag has a serial # on the inside of the magnetic button OK0973626 then a circle with a triangle ,PLV519426?
Can I make money making drawings with Autodesk Inventor?
Looking for a Legitimate Invention Company?
Is HSBC the only bank worldwide?
I am about to construct bridges and roads in the Caribbean specifically in Turks & Caicos what do I need?
what are good ways of makeing money online?
is jessica simpson the greatest looking woman on the planet ?
Where is the best place for a 14-year old, to sell unwanted things?
Since March Madness is on now, does that mean I'm going to miss Judge Judy today?
can my bank do this ?
Accounting Help! Closing Entries?
i need 20 words wiht the greek word poli in them.?
Can you lose your salvation?
Would 3 postage stamps be enough to cover mailing a magazine?
If I return an item for which I paid with a check...?
Accounting Question, Please help me understand?
For someone earning $57K with a 3.5% downpayment using FHA or SONYMA, what would be the maximum loan amount?
Another income statement question?
is not paying child support a felony? could there be prison time? I think he is lying so I will drop my case?
Wells Fargo, the worst?
tea or coffe?
Who said this famous quote...?
what does registering a check mean at a check cashing place?
is having an etrade having a paypal acc?
Where can I find a list of all presidential gold dollars that is going to be printed?
my sisters keep bugin me what should i do?
how to make money online for a teenager?
Whats the most points anyone has got? Ive got 933...well, 928 in 5seconds!?
what are the advantages of opening a factory in a less-developed country?
Closing Entries of a Merchandising Company using Perpetual Inventory system?
did have any branch office in delhi ,NCR ,Noida or Gurgaon?
What Is IP ?
why do black people call white people ers and red neck and why do white people call black people ni&&ers?
How do I sell electricity to a company?
What do I need to do to sell an ebook I wrote on eBAY!?
forgets to put your apartment number on shipping bill?
what is the difference between a checkings and savings account? Someone please explain this to me! 10 points?
Accounting question - Please help!!!?
What kind of handmade items do you want at your church bazaar and how much are you willing to spend?
What is a term when a singer sings and the same singer simultaneously echoes the words in the background?
what does this mean for unemployment benefits?
Accounting Ethics help!?
Has anyone been effected by postal delieveries?
Is it greed or is it just me?
social security number is how many?
How fast does a Raptor 660 go (Stock)?
Good idea to invest in big companies (because of their strong history) or bad because lower growth potential?
Technology disadvantage !! and advantage?
Auditing Questions (need correct answers)?
Are emperor katanas worth the money?
Fred Jury is a portfolio manager who has $1,200,000 of a client's money to invest in highly speculative?
Why are males such liers all the time? Big or small they lie about everything.?
what does chochlate do to you when you eat it. like why is it bad for you?
How to thrive on a personal level in this state of economy....?
I want to buy a ups for my office pc, please suggest me which company is good? either go for apc or any other.?
How do a spreadsheet Finance Assignment?
How stable is the IT industry?
Did anyone get paid from PayPerPost?
explanation of the lunar eclipse?
Easy ways to make money as a teen?
What is/was your high schools team name?
how do i calculate 5% off a Product?
what is the short form for pounds like lpds or lp?
do you like pina coladas?
Is my 1914 $20.00 bill worth anything?
How does ebay buyer protection work?
Why is the earth flat?
Lost package or unusually long processing time?
Should the US have switched to the metric system back in the '70's?
How do i sell a business idea?
i try to get information about a game called "wija" and it's a magical game .. please help me?
UPS Saturday Delivery?
how write letter to principal about income?
I need to get out of babysitting, any ideas?
I would like to find out we're I could buy junk or unwanted cars? ?
How much the price of the iphone?
What are those machines at the grocery store where you put your change in and it gives you dollar bills?
How much (in cash) is a 10% bonus on tradeins at gamestop?
can i send a mini fridge through priority mail?
how can i earn $8,000 per month?
Can you easily get $2 bills from the bank?
Help with Paypal fees?
i am trying to find classified ads regarding apartments from the newspaper, where do i go?
Ok this guy told me he loved me, but I don't know if I love him, how do I tell him ?
How do I clear all the address stuff showing up in the box that is filling the screen?
Question about patents.?
what is the secret of saving money?
Which is Better prize win sweepstakes information scams or no scams????
how does the saying first time shame on me or you second time etc?
The Disney director told me to send my CV and photo. But what does CV mean?
Around how much will i get if i sell my gold?
how much is a 5000 dollar bill from colombia comparing with the money of puerto rico? how much its worth?
Where can I get in-store printable coupons that work?
Who is the best energy suppliers in the uk?
how do i get wemon to like me?
is it supposed to snow tomorrow morning in Calhoun Georgia?
how could low morale contribute towards absenteeism at the workplace?
What or where can i find the best online/home-based business that doesn't require too much to cash out?
Is sony a fair trade company ?
what is a period?
How could I draw these factors of manufacturing?
What is capital stock?
Whats my misprinted ten dollar bill worth?
Is the sales account different from the accounts receivable?
What is your greatest fear?
Black Friday at Best Buy?
Could I be prosecuted for being paid cash-in-hand whilst I'm officially on 'job training' with Jobseeker?
what black person should i write about, i dont want someone that everyone picks?
What is the meaning of 4th degree criminal sexual assault?
How can I make money online?
how many acres are in the world that you can grow food on i need a estimate.?
How much money do you think i will get?
I sent a letter to the blue usps mailboxes but I forgot a stamp -.-?
Who governed better, Clinton or Bush?
Would I get more $ for CD's at a pawn shop or a Half-Price Books?
ASDA?? Good?
how to issue more stock?
where does berilum come from?
Hello ers! Where in the world are you located? City, Prov.- State, Country?
i have received an e mail stating that i won 260,000.000euros,is it worth paying attention or not?
Where can i get info on how many french doors are sold in europe?
can someone explain the concept of valuation at lower of cost or market? What are we looking for?
Can you really make a decent amount of money on eBay?
what financial accounting calender is used by apple inc?
How can I help my friend?
What if i return something but lost the debot card i used,can i still do it ?i used my pin on the purchase!!?
can you get a car loan without a license?
help need to right a letter for getting contracts in have a laundry business any ideas what i can say?
How much in dollars do I have if I have 195 pennies?
Letterbox drop/Pamphlet delivery pay?
Is it illegal to buy lighters under the age of 18?
first two black men in space?
What is the whole nuber of pi?
Friends i filled gate form through challan (offline banking] but i have lost my journal no. how to get ?
how do you become successful and rich??
What to buy with 520 dollars?
Buying a share of Disney?
Need a Job Urgently. Please help?
what are some good places to go to in Florida?
are there any real work at home jobs, that are not scams?
I need some good fund raising ideas ?
How much would you sell this for?
Are recording studio's still needed?
Bank won't release money to widower. Is this normal?
why do some people pretend, claiming there's no God when deep inside they Know He exists?
Accounting homework, please HELP!?
Can registered mail be delivered to an apartment door?
A quick, easy and legal way to make money?
i recently order some shoes off of, will i recieve my order? got no confirmation #?
What kind of id do I use to buy ciggerates?
describe what the standard reasonable of care is?
What is industry standard Average Response Time (ART) for CS chat?
Hollister playlist (august)? 2011?
I have a jar full of pennys and 2p coins, how do I exchange them for bills?
Avoiding Ukash Scams In The Classified Ads?
What is minimum hourly wage in Maryland?
Prepare a CVP income statement for the break-even point that shows both total and per unit amounts.?
What are the oppertunity costs of paying to go to university?
Financial Accounting?
Where can I verify the authenticity of a Hong Kong company if I want to purchase products from them online?
What do you get once you get to level 2? Whats the "special thank-you"?
Clickbank Payday from by Mike Hill?
how do u keep a elephant from charging?
ebay Reserve Price help!?
My Order status on Fedex says 'Delivery Exception' does that mean it is already in my PO Box?
Calculating weighted average cost of capital (WACC)?
Paypal, Crazy FEE for issuing Refund?
What is a colliery timberman?
what are some effects of unprotected sex?
Please answer my question?
You have helium gas in a two bulbed container connected by a valve as shown below intially the valve is closed?
how can you help a friend , that you know suffers from mild panic attacks.?
What should you do in this situation? (Work situation)?
Paypal info? Withdrawel?
What are some effects of?
How much should i charge ?!?!?
How can i sign up for Instagram on the kindle fire?
Where in the world is everybody ?
Are you racist?
How can I make money in an area that is what would be considered "nowhere" help me please :D?
How much is a coin that has estados unidos mexicanos on one side and $10 diez pesos on the other. please help.?