how do full cost differ from marginal costs?
how can i get a copy of an inmate of rikers island correctional facility visiting list?
what should i buy with 400$
if your in a room with no windows or doors and the only things in there are a mirror and table what do you do?
credit card question?
Stores that sell Lottory Tickets make money how?
Should the Royal Bank of Scotland change their logo to a clenched fist with the middle digit extended?
what do i do when i am being sued for a $271 dollar medical bill?
Accounting Help, Income Statements?
Accounting HW Question (Purchases Budget)?
what will happen if you place a bid on something on ebay and you dont got the money for it?
currency exchange?
How do I convince our company to recycle?
How much does it cost to send a parcel to India from Africa via courier?
Hire or Buy business car?
How to cancel a Ebay transaction as a buyer.?
Need ups package help!!!! :)?
where can i sell a violin in wilkes-barre?
Can a 14 year old write a cheque? How?
Where can I sell books for a decent price?
How much is euro money worth here?
Would you give me a kiss if I were on the soccer team?
are gift cards a good gift for a birthday present?
i dont get what the ups tracking information means please help?
Financial Plan is the same as Business plan?
How is the FED printing more money going to solve anything?
Whats the best way to get my patent pending invention seen and perhaps get investment capital?
is joseph sabag founder of characters club legit or scam?
Whats are the main italian imports and exports?
How big is a small egg?
What is the hourly wage for new 2nd shift cooks or cashiers at mcdonalds in spartanburg s,c?
true or false? ........ eating carrots helps you see better in the dark?
Basic Accounting question?
Help with Accounting Homework?
How much would this sell for?
Has anyone had bad luck buying off of eBay?
where does a single mom with morals go to meet men who are relationship material that dont move too fast?
Why do British people cheerio when they say good bye and how come we got cheerio as cereal?
Is a company allowed to change its par value?
where i can download video with cartoon Winx Club? for kids?
r u saved???
What is the name of the locked box you can hire from at a bank to store documents and valuables?
How would I obtain a copy of my mugshot when I was arrested by the police?
USPS Question? Help?? (:?
how to make fake paper recipts?
How much of a discount can a Best Buy employee get on electronics?
quick question about the reserve price on ebay?
is it possible to send money orders from the united states to the uk?
Bradford and Bingley PPI claims?
What question do I ask?
How do you use travelers checks?
What do you believe will be the key forces that will impact the training field in the future.?
Are the "Get free grant money" cd software and kits for real or are they a scam?
Help? What is the name for the little devil in one ear and the little angel in the other.?
What should I do if a client asks for my phone number?
What if this happens on ebay?
I sell video games online... I buy games for $20 and sell them $60. Is that a good profit margin?
Im having Major Problems with Gold's Gym and the cancellation of my account!?
does anyone think that this answer thing is going to screw up someone's head?
wide range of chinese products are available in the indian market and have flooded every where in the indan m?
now i am so sad, i have to pay 3 millions vnd for dept,but i don not have. i want to die. can some one helf me
Read this email. Is it a SCAM?
Do banks take out tax on debit charges ?
Will I get more foreign currency at a bank abroad from $1000 cash or $1000 in travelers checks?
What do you mean by problem statement in programing ?
how do you call this?
Who is the best shipper Fedex or UPS?
How much money do you give in tips each month. restaurants, car wash's, haircuts, etc?
Not Charged, Do I Have to Pay ?
How much is one million pesos in American?
How come you can't tickle yourself?
WHAT IS YOUR FAV. SCHOOL SUBJECT? see details please!?
How can I become rich overnight, legally?
What word ends in -gry besides angry and hungry?
where can i get good quality fake designers at a wholesale price?
should i use ebay or auctions?
How would you handle this situation- in Parties, Openings etc?
I keep getting these job offers to make extra money from these companies that need me to deposit checks and?
How could I word a letter to a business for them to sell my items?
Legitimate ways to make money for a 14 year old?
net income and cash flow anyone?
Is best buy open on january 2?
How do I get attention for my fundraiser?
who or what is R.H. Polk, or H.R.Polk? I have a friend that said he retired in Hawaii from here.?
Relationship marketing: recommendations for improvement?
How do i sue Mc Donalds?
I like the color 'pink' very very much,what does that tell about my personality ?
How much money do you give in tips each month. restaurants, car wash's, haircuts, etc?
I received a cell phone through the mail which my son opened. I DID NOT ORDER THIS PHONE!! Please read on.?
if price is doubled what will happen to total sales and profit?
What is the dumbest question you've answered?
binding energy is the energy needed to?
do u have msn?
are couriers open on good friday ?
need help about selling at a pawn shop?
Where to find free budgeting software to manage personal finances. Anyone know of free online or free software?
A Step By Step Explanation On How To Sell On Ebay?
wherecan i go to find out if they reduced my hild support payment?
Prepare a bank reconciliation and record adjustments?
I forgot whether the interviewer told me to send her a list of references or not? HELP!!?
Can someone please help?
What are some good summer jobs?
whatever happened to customer service? does it still exist?
Anybody knows where i can get a discount on hollister clothes ?
I received a check for your company, is this real?
Hourly rate to babysit?
White or dark Chocolate?
what is non- price competition? on what factors does it rely?
Moroccan currency exchange rates...?
how can I write a PhD proposal effectively?
How do i find the amount of..?
What is 33 USD in GBP?
what are the factors influencing the external value of a currency?
Are cashier's check reimbursable?
Has anyone used Legal Zoom?
Do men prefer thin women to women of average weight?
Can I be scammed with paypal?
how to improve speaking english in a normal accent with proper grammer & Pronunciation?
Do I have a right to be miffed? Should I complain to the Better Business Bureau?
what if people dont know you and dont like you and wont give you a chance?
Help needed writing a formal letter?!?
WHy is the euro going up AGAIN?
Looking for good wholesale websites?
The conservatism principle in accounting means that a company should?
how much is a non copper 1943 penny worth?
How much billion in one thousand?
Anyone know how to really find a good way of using twitter for business and web2.0 in general?
I get an email that says i won $500 from ?
Do you think you would be strong enough to beat up you kidnaper?
how do you establish a friendship with your ex husband, when he feels hateful towards you? I love and miss him
Ive been scammed!?
why aren't banks open 24 hours 7 days a week?
is this a fair asking price?
were can i get $1500 by monday?
Does paypal still hold your money after someone buys your item off of ebay?
How is outsourcing an efficient business?
What businesses are doing good?
I quit my job but my boss is reading my e-mails. Is this legal? I thought my email should have been shut down.
How would I solve this Accounting problem?
We have a limited space when entering our building and would like to have a meet our staff wall.?
has the Canadian dollar always been gold?
Ebay Postage Question (Who recieves the money)?
Will a bank cash in a bag of exsactly 1,000 pennies I counted?
where to exchange foreign currency?
How to make money online?
what does price per one mean?
what should a personal statement for a cv include?
Which one is better Advil or Tylenol?
How much should I be getting paid?
what can you buy at costco and sell for a profit?
How to attach couter to base cabinet?
is it wrong?
Avtar pictures?
I purchased Car body parts from a Ebay seller. and I paid for the item and the 200 dollar shipping to ship it.?
Where would be a good source for Economic indicators?
Im trying to make money for an XBOX 360?
what is the best website to find a shirt press to make t-shirts with?
Does anyone know where I can get NFL bank checks?
how to check how much money you've sent through western union?
Brian Callahan, IS project manager, is just about ready to depart for an urgent meeting called by Joe Campbell?
Please tell me if my jokes are funny or not.?
what is the name of the story written by Jose Rizal?
Accounting Liquidation Question?
Private Club question?
why does cash at bank(a current asset) doesn't go in to cash flow statement?
How much they pay if you work as businessman?
Need help with 2 accounting problems. 10 points for the best answer.?
phone interview for a teller position at chase?!?
i ordered a parcel on saturday, when will it come by?
My coworker (the company's shipper) has his PhD and insists that all his coworkers call...?
How to find the total amount of cash? Accounting problem?
how much does it cost to build a cob house?
what will happen if i dont pay my past due cable bill?
How can I change my Mailaddress?If this is not possible then can i divert the mails from one mail Id to other?
how much dos it matter to guy's if your yunger then them??
What do i need to provide for household income?s?
What is the difenation of cliant?
Shop at Walmart?
Need some help with accounting?
How much would you pay (to the nearest dollar) for five(5) regular payments of $300 at the end of the next 5..?
Who likes Jamie Foxx?
Can I sell a Zunepass music download card on Ebay?
Does Hollister hire black guys?
Why Finance and Economy are separate ministries across most of the globe?
I have a court appointment at 8 AM tommorrow. How can I contact the courthouse?
who is publisher of Business India magazine?
Why does Sally sell seashells by the seashore?
What is the dumbest question you've answered?
Which is the safest way to purchase something cross boarder, Cashiers check or paypal?
macy's retail support associate, on call?
why has GOD refuse to answer me.?
Answer these short questions on becoming an accountant?
I do not receive offline message in my messegnger login?
Does UPS keep records of what they have shipped?
how does private cos making profits by modernizing or upgrading airports?
What if your family had a business, would you still look for a job in another company?
Is this a good resignation letter?
What do you want to be when?
Please help, I'm desperate?
How much money does a CFO make?
I want to purchase a afro-haitian skirt or afro-cuban skirt?
Can a 11 year old with a bank account withdraw money from the ATM with his bank card?
Does anyone know of a LEGITIMATE way to make money online?
What is teh site for north carolinas local sexual abusers?
how much nokia 920 price by dollar?
What exactly is an escrow account, and what's the significance of BP opening one that is 4 years?
I need a cashiers check but my bank is closed sundays?
may i know the names of Rosario S. Salcedo and James Sagnes?
Do you send a "thank you" email if you are hired?
Should I mention to HR that I previously interviewed for a well respected company but didn't get the position?
It is a que of capital budgetng.,replacement dcision.?
Can a hard drive be mailed internationally by the USPS?
The E-Lottery Company Inc. gives cheque for e mail lottery winnings. i.e for spreading mails. is it true?
How to have your medical billing office work from their homes?
Finding the value of a perpetual stream?
WHO has a better life? Boys or girls?
How do energy prices affect the global economy?
Tell me what you think......?
How Western Union Processes Transfers?
how do i get rid of the hiccups?
About cheques...?
Is it possible that the credit crunch could lead to an Economic Depression?
if we sell the gold coins if is realise the current market price?
where can i get a 1000 Dollar bill from?
Is it acceptable to say that a business cycle is natural and we are always going to go through period of strif?
My dad never shows his personality and i know theres something more to him .He hiding something from his past?
If Your Mission In Life Is To Fail, And You Succeed At Failing, Have You Failed or Succeeded?
Problems with paying on ebay!?
Old Foriegn currency still worth U.S. dollars?
why was this page made?
Does anybody know about a company called Reliance Entertainment? How is it as a place to work? Please advise.?
Financial Information for COCA COLA in the year 2000.?
Track & Trace USA parcel & letters worldwide?
Ebay buyer has PO Box for delivery address on Ebay?
how much do i get paid at hollister?
Is margin of safety useful for managers?
How to! accounting treatment for transfer of cash from current account to deposit account-non-trading concern?
Bank charged overdraft fee but money was there?
What is the square root of pi?
what is the best way to play the stock market short term.?
My boss is showing favortism?
if the proprietor of organisation expire, can authorize signatory pay the tax with his/her name?
What is meant by ISO Certified?
Why isn't there much difference in prices of ebooks and printed books?
If you were stranded on a deserted island what one thing would you bring that you could not live without & why
what is meant by a serious budget through own funding?
what is the easiest way to pay wi-tribe and suntel billing? I want my BDO bank account do all the works?
were will i get NSE(NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE) exam from ?
if 1000 pcs cost 3.92 ,how much does 700 pcs cost?
How to find the great wholesale forum?
but is going to provide a CD PACKAGE for that the r asking Rs.1350.?
If you are behind on a vehicle payment who can the lien holder legally contact in regards to payment?
i wanna have more friends in my life how can i improve these situation?
what do i have in my pocket and why do i have it in there??
how much do you make being a councelor?
No experience. How to make resume look good without it?
FOR THE GUYS . i wanna be a virgin forever and im dead serious ? i dont never wanna give it up ? wat yal think
I get asked to give money on Kickstarter daily?
i would like to know the postal address for king fahad hospital jeddah saudi arabia?
Does anyone know of legitimate work from home jobs?
How long will it take to get 700 dollars?
Where can i use my American Express gift card?
Do you think the economy is getting better I think so Details inside?
how much does gold cost?
how many dollars per month is considered as good income in usa?
Where can I sell my stuff to people who are in need of them ?
What is the most important thing in your life?
What is the surface area of the human lungs comparable to?
if i had a previouse account wit but do not have the password of alternate email password can i get in ?
Discreetly spend mothers money?
Is paying off my closing business' credit card debt with my money considered "Capitol" invested?
Journal entry for sale of equipment with depreciation?
why do u hate work?
What are advantages of rising price?
how much is 5 fcls? or what is fcls?
price of scrap copper per pound in the usa?
Anybody work from home? What kind of work? Do you enjoy it?
whats d system of money in India tht whr all printed notes go whn it's said that there is no money in country?
how do u recover from disappointment and devastation of a business deal going wrong?
How Much Money Would A Person Annually Need To Live A Normal Life?
Is there an easier way to contact California's EDD department. I can never seem to get through to someone?
I want to sell my DSI how much is it worth?
Is it Possible to Transfer Currencies from other countries and turn it into us Dollars?
On eBay, can you remove feedback you've left for a buyer?
what are the elements of public speaking?
Has anyone quit guild wars and is willing to give their key?
how much money would i make?
How to ship your sold items from eBay?
Does anyone know of any websites that I can make some extra income with from working at home?
how would i do a line item budget and vocatinal budget for this?
Is a Home Equity Line of credit smart?
How do fashion designers stay in business?
How much of $1,000,000 notes payable should be classified as current on balance sheet at December 31, 2001?
How to make money when there is no employement?
wnat came first the chicken or the egg?
Anyone tell me where we can adopt a penpal that is in the war?
Accounting question help...?
any children's items as furniture,clothing,shoes,etc.for free?have six children..?
How long should i wait before i call the girl i met in the club?
Do you prefer Paypal or Alertpay?
How much would I be making a week?
How much money should I take out?
how to erase ! recent searches?
I'm in California. Do you HAVE to give a business your driver's license number when you write a check?
does it make a man gay if he looks at another guys privates in the locker room?
examples of questions for pakikipanayam?
UPS destination scan. Will it come today?
Does anybody know a job a 13 year old can do that isn't babysitting?
Most recent or current job, or all of them?
How to ship an item on Ebay with Ups?
How long does Origin take to process an order?
Is it too early after 2 years of relation to get married?
Can anyone help on claims?
Finding actual profit for a company?
Money making for teens?
Guys I received a check from Prosperity Bank?
how do i lose weigh around my belly?
I got a fake DVD on ebay?
how do i cancel a bid on ebay!!!!?
How much does a old Olivetti typewriter sell for?
I ordered something on Ebay and now the seller is no longer registered?
are Jews still required to make blood sacrifices?
which city is better: New york vs. Boston? and why?
How do I delete cookies?
how come ariana grande is so positve?
I dont have any credit, how do I build it?
What can I put in the search box to get christin stuff for vietnemese people in vietnemese Wrighting.?
What does the Business & Finance section think of the Socialism in our government?
Where can I find vacation packages and pay in installments?
accounting help! straight line method?
What is pci {per capita income}' how can it calculated? ?
What is a 1999 Series $5 bill without the letter s in United States and m in Federal Reserve System worth?
finance homework please?
why was the concord terminated?
Whats Regions Bank Overdraft fees?
how much is an Italian 10000 (dollar) from 1982?
How much is my $1 bill with a star on it worth?
Meaning - Putting together a bid?
Zip codes of USA?
can someone help with accounting problems?
What do you think about yard sales?
What does "420" mean?!?
Any suggestions for baby boy names?
Statement of purpose of Video Games?
If my package was shipped usps priority on saturday will it arrive on monday?
How does a friend of mine, a 12 yr old make money?
accounting help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how I can acknowledge a quotation?
I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. .
How do College/High School drop outs turn into Millionaires and Successful people?
Did you lie to someone today?
Is this legal?
Does Wells Fargo offer internacional money orderes?
How much could I sell this switchblade for?
About teachers?!?
What is the difference between operations costing and a process costing system? How does a company decide whet?
josie bought a mother's day gift that cost $26.79. how much change will she receive from a $50 bill?
Why north americans make trouble with spanish and portuguese?
Here goes.... A guy is a virgain and has sex with a girl but doesn't get off- is he still a virgain?
Cheap propane companies (Springfield Massachusetts) question.?
Why do parts of Indiana and Arizona not observe DST (Daylight Savings Time)??
what are the pros and cons on sexuality today?
USPS SHIPPING: EMS tracking issue?
What kind of job can I get with my qualifications?
how to write nine less than one-half a number is fourteen?
During its first year of operations, Master Plumbing Supply Co. had net sales of $3,500,000, wrote off $50,000?
Aliens Already on Earth?
Can you guys make a list of top canadian construction companies?
If a man was married for 10 yr and is divorced and now we havebeendatingfor 4yrsdoyouthinkhe willmarryagain?
Who can aford these gas prices?
How do i write this?
What can i do next........?
If have no credit and decide to open a 2 year contract with a phone company how much will the deposit be?
can someone explain how paypal works in simplified terms!!?
Mesta Mansion-House in West Homestead-Pittsburgh, PA.?
cost accounting question...?
hoe can i get rid of hiccups?
Your purchase comes to $ 11.23. You give the clerk a ten dollar bill and a give dollar bill. What is the prope?
I need help: Accrued Salaries in Accounting!?
What does it mean: monthly fee of $1.66 per $100?
which is a better business course? business management or finance?please helpp mee!?
Can I Be Banned From banking?
Thinking about putting I will work for no pay in my cover letter, is that a good idea?
im getting sued by j.c. penny in las vegas. where do i need to make the payments?
How do 60% more free offers make money?
good questions to ask at our monthly finance meeting?
Is it worth changing gas and electricity supplier?
Reliability of dropshipping suppliers?
Do you want me to fire you?
what are short term financing needs of business?
How do I legally bind a business deal with someone?
Does anyone know how i can get money for the pictures i take?
Where can I find a truck that will dispense fuel to retail customers?
why women cheats?
need prices for items. (cheepest)?
How much money do Investment Bankers in Miami, FL make?
Another Accounting related question?
Find the discount rate if the discount is $20 and the sale price is $200?
why do peple hate rednecks???
How do those "bomb bag" novelties work?
Did I Lose My ups package?
Anything Good or Funny happen to anyone today????????
Wh ydo you cry when you're upset?
How much would custom charge for shipping (China to Canada)?
Are there any other good solutions to solve complex business data analytics?
When does royal mail resume "normal" service?
Can gambling online become an addiction.?
WHAT does it mean right hand ichy palm* money* or is it the left?
What happens if I delay to ship my package USPS?
Calculate Call Option?
can i sell oil without a securities license?
Can you buy an ocean?
what do yo all think the difference between religion and spitual?
Public Financial Reports issue dates????
how do i make money when im 14?
How much would i get for these with the gamestop 50% extra in store credit deal?
what is the basic rule of accounting?
coffee or tea?
what is esoteric christainity?
how do you unblock my space on my conputer?
what do you do when your bf's ex is trying to break u guys up! what would you do?
When a business that is for sale lists it's "cash flow" is that gross profit, net profit, or something else?
How does a fourteen year old make forty dollars in one week?
how do you make money without working at all?
Witch position at Red Lobster should i do?
What is the effect of buyer power on th US postal service?
Why is it that a guy who loves going out with somebody else when he should be with meee?
How do you build a clock?
A company advances Rs.80,000 to be paid in 20 equal instalments along with simple interest 12%.?
Quick question for my ebay sellers Im new to selling?
What are accounting and production records?
Accounting question need help with?
Plz can anyone help with this statment of stockholders' equity?
T/F Accounting HW questions... please help.?
what pattern of lifting weights should I do to make my muscles bigger?
How much would this be all worth?
$700 Billion for Wall Street?
What influence does the Fed. Reserve have on the U.S Banking system and economy?
Patent Attorney Search?
AVIORR CONSULTING PVT LTD is not paying salary from November 2010 to N KRISHNA KISHORE KUMAR, a Company which?
name two sets of points that lie on the line with equation y=4x-5?
Why am I so unmotivated at work?
will the uk banking system collapse?
how do you make £500 double in a short space of time?
Where is the promotional claim code on a Visa gift card?
How can i make money online?
How to learn web-page making ?
How much will this cost?
Am I getting scammed!?
I left my ex and our apt we shared and now he won't return my belongings.How can I get them back?
Business idea or business plan quality evaluation?
How to solve compose problem??I can't send email,forward and also attach files.tq?
Oil Well Supply offers a 7 percent coupon bond with semiannual payments and a yield to maturity of 7.73 percen?
Why is there no Commandment of God saying, "respect thy offspring" and yet there is a "respect thy parents":
Where can i find financial information about Vauxhall Limited Motors?
I need some extra money but I am afraid of all the scams that are going on . are their any companies .?
do we still have to attend court?
do wabsites that say thel send you money for filling questionares realy send you cheacks?
Can someone explain to me if this is a Pyramid scheme?
Question about Asil Nadir?
I need to send a invoice by email to a customer who owes us £1500 what is the best way to word it?
Can anyone tell me what if anything is needed to except donations?
Find the original price of a pair of shoes if the price is$60 after a 20% discount?
What is the typical cost-time relationship of a project?
is it true that if you dream your falling and if you hit the ground, you die in your sleep?
Is this site legit or what?
UPS "exception" status question?
Do channels like TNT pay cable operators like Comcast to be broadcast?
Dollar Rent A Car Questions?
I have a free account with mail and a sbc account that i pay for they were merged and when the paid
is Clixsense a spam, even for abroad country's?
where would i go to get 1000000 mousetraps?
What's a good job for a 13 year old?
is their a one million dollar bill?
Sky - are they allowed to do this?
what would be life without smiles?
who where the first true americans?
Exchanging coins for notes at an Australian bank?
Does hard 'selling' really work?
kiev is the capital of this nation that was once part of the soviet union?
How does salesman work?
What is required to show a copyrighted movie in public?
Can wholesalers charge VAT on top of displayed price?
How much would each of the following add to my earning potential?
In a hospital, while testing for a certain disease, the probability that a person who is healthy wrongly gets?
What is net income given the following information?
i'm 15 years old and i need a job any ideas of who would hire someone at my age?
Why did ups transfer my package to usps?
how to convert currency from one country to another?
What should I do if an Amazon buyer is cheating me?
Team name suggestions?
um is there a such thing as a myspace for kids?
what do you wear? girls 11-13 years?
Salt or no salt?
help!!!!fixed and variable cost ,period and product cost?
what might be the legal and moral issues arising out of that refusal?
So I got this check in the mail from what I'm sure to be a "mystery shopper" scam. What do I do?
Accounting income statement help?
my dad is seeing another women bhide my moms back what should i do must i tell my mom please help me?
.s: simple stock question (P/E)?
how long is a piece of string?
Tell whether each order pair is the solution of the system. Write yes or no.?
What is your favorite state?
how do i go about my invention?
If all the nations in the world are in debt, where did all the money go?
If you have a note payable of $87,600 and interest of 4.4% for a year how do you record the interest part?
what are the objectives of program development life cycle?
How has the workplace changed since the 1990s?
List the businesses you wish you presently owned?
How do I convince my mother that it would be best if we were to move back to durant oklahoma?
How useful can websites be for real estate industry?
anyone know what the d and c in d.c. shoe co. usa stand for?
Is GDP and independent or dependent variable?
Any good economic forum that I can frequently visit?
What is the best advice you have ever gotten?
what is the meaning of life?
what made SunPower Corporation (SPWR)drop from 149 last year?
Is there any way i can make easy money online in less then 2 weeks or in another way? [Open for details]
Could toxic assets be as bad to financial health as was to physical?
What is the best way to preserve organic material? Is the freezer or embalming fluid better?
if i ship to a friends address using my name will it still ship?
Accounting Journal Entry Question?
I need to get a copy of my marriage license and I can't find the website, can you help me??
A company purchased office equipment for $40,000 and estimated a salvage value of $8,000 at the end of its 4-y?
With USPS being govt the shipping industry a level playing field?
Explain the function of money as a Medium of Exchange?
Looking for best real time location system suppliers who can provide best real time location system,any ideas?
International Business - physical capital-intensive products?
where can i use my natwest adapt discount card?
What do you do when your husband spends more time with his friends than his family?
Can i send money in an ordinary letter envelope?
what is going to happen to Best Buy ?
i fail the exam in fact i do well in the exam such condition i feel very tired and i cant don anything.?
How long does a letter take when posted by a first class stamp?
how does motor motor club of america work, is it a pyramid?
why are we always standing?
if a pawn shop offers me 14 dollars for an item how much is it really worth?
How can I make $600 in under a week?
how to get money from online jobs?
How much is Amazon's 1 day shipping for book?
I ordered two things from Best Buy and it got shipped on Dec.27, but never came?
when you die is it true that you go to hell or heaven?
ups jobs,how and when or why is the wait ridiciculous the zip code ive put is wrong or what ?
how to report int.scams?
find its maturity value.?
What are some needed/decent paying jobs.?
what are the requirements to work at hollister?
does anyone wants to sell currency?
please help, im thick :(?
I keep getting calls from a 8667612178,and I havent pick up the calls.Does anyone know what this number is for
Is there any possible way to buy anything in Euros with american money over the internet?
what does it mean when someone tells you to "mind your P's and Q's"?
Why do people always want to get in touch with gossip?
If you tell your friends mom that he is doing drugs are you a good friend?
after i patent my idea?
what can you do if someone whom you love dont wanna listen you?
For a new small business, is it better to lease or to buy the office equipment?
Would a big retailer like Morrison's be happy to employ me for a month or so when I have no previous training?
how is a Nokia phone made?
Best way to make money with egold?
Is there a limit to the number of times you can buy and then return a computer from Costco?
What is the incremental profit for the special order?
What happens if you are not in your house when a UPS order arrives?
scaffolding renewal application?
im looking for a LEGIT on line business...?
Assets less capital are equal to liabilities, TRUE OR FALSE?
If the internet were made illegal in your country - would you still go on-line?
how to write suspens latter to employee?
What is the term for when a business makes something seem rare in order to make it worth more?
How much does Hughesnet internet cost per month?
What is holy stoning?
How to prepare a statement of cash flows using indirect method?
What factors lead the Starbucks Company to succeed in the market?
Accounting question NEED HELP?
I will do anything legal for $500000?
can a man lead a satisfactory life with out a women?
you buy 8 gifts some of the gifts are CD's for $12 each and the others are DVD's for $20 each.?
Is the "Bill Me later" Service safe?
How much money is this in America £ 74.89?
I have received a cheque, is it safe?
is it true that Louis / Neil Armtrong, of Apollo 11, converted to islam?
where do you send tesco application forms?
what's types of business letter?
On what basis does the RBI increase the lending interest rates?
Trane Wiring Diagram?
What do these minus marks mean on my receipt?
How do you make a fake drivers licence. ex. 18 to 21 ... i hear you have to microwave it or something ...tha?
Hard choices, who deserves change the most?
Does consumer advocate Mike Boguslawski have an E-Mail address? If so, what is it? Please?
How much comission does a Software Salesman make?
does anyone know if anyone in worksop, uk has a website?
How do i write a letter to give permmision to relase information on the phone ?
How to journalize this and what is the balance?
what do u call a guy who likes to were dresses,nylons,bras,heels,and flats??
How can I print out my bank statement?
Looking for tips on office relocation?
Do you believe in spirits and that they visit you and why do you believe?
where can I find a free download for photos? similar to adobe photoshop?
How to prove I have not been paid?
How much is $75,000 in British pounds?
What if you cash a check at a store and dont know if the check is legit?
Do you guys say badwords and what is your favorite bad word?
Can I get a trade me account?
Can I trust a seller through cash in mail/money order?
how much will i make at $7.50 a hr working 24 hrs a week after taxes?
Where can i get wholesale items from for my business?
i need a research paper on magnets and if a magnet is stronger on its ends or in the middle?
How can I find someone in Franklin Tenessee? Directories have not worked.?
how much in 25 dollars australian in us dollars?
what is the price of getting consultants for iso 9000 certification in India?
Has anyone ever won any of lulu's (clothing store) sweepstakes?
electricity company charging me for electricity i have not used?
Need $200 by July 10?
what chewing gum hold is flavor the longest?
are you a fan of the mythbusters?
what is the most risky investment or mutual fund and which is less risky?
What do most millionaires do for a living?
How much would it cost to see someone naked READ DETAILS?
If I order things from different vendors from Amazon, will they all get to me at the same time?
How much does it cost at odeon kids for kids?
what is postmodernism?
which is better?
What time does santander bank close in saturday in manchestet?
What is this bill worth?
URGENT:How much does a Banker earn a year?
whos luvs 2 watch gilmore girls aka gg???
What is the meaning of cashiering?
what is the currency of mexico?
Can I write a check I know will have to come from my overdraft account?
Prepare a multiple-step income statement.?
I tried to rent apt.& was told they want to see who else applies.I have dep.& 1st month Can they do this?
I have this 100 dollar bill ...?
Can I use a relatives ebay account to bid on my item?
With 100 Million Dollars, What would you do?
Cashing a very large check?
UPS Tracking...what's up?
I need to make myself clear to my mom,how do i do that without being rude or mean and to get the point across.
Is Valerian (East Indian Root) safe as a sleeping aid, and how much is safe to take?
Is this real, probably not but I thought I would check before I tossed it.?
How do I exchange my coins at the bank for notes?
When someone that I know dies, what should I say to his family at the funeral?
What should I do, an advertising company took $20 from my mobile account and won't give me a refund?
do you think that being a Christen is like being in some kind?
How do coupons benefit the companies who are issuing them?
How do you play Battle of the Sexes?
Which one would you rather use for payment: Cash or Card?
Would you like to make $10,000 per month?
Has anyone paid for the USPS exam?
Unemployed for nearly a year? Is there any hope for me?
How often do a person get killed?
How do I get an invention patented?
coffee or tea?
Which is the best bank to go with in the UK?
In Need Of Job Help!!!!!!?
How should unearned income be shown on a balance sheet and income statement?
how do i obtain a ad for stephens grocery in pilot point, tx.?
what is the avarege monthly salary for a cashier?
looking for a plus zize store called layne brynt?
what do you mean by appraisals of loan proposals?
How do people make money with websites?
why is Japan richer than UK, France or Germany?
How does Donald Trump get such good looking wives with a hair-do like he has? (Besides being rich)?
I have been Direct Debited by my old Gym after I cancelled it?
what would be the minimum and maximum hourly wage for a 16 year old in toys'r'us?
Is this true?
UPS took signed slip, updated status to delivered, but no package?
If you had only 1 more hour to live what would you do?
Can a sole trader have employees. And can a partnership have employees?
Using a branded name in a domain?
Can I buy a gold bar and take it to Australia ?
What is Scheduled Delivery?
If carrots cost $15 for a 25# bag and there is a 95% yield?
What things are HOT on ebay right now?
Is this a fraud letter ? (NOT in email)?
How do you get mold out of bathing suits?
If something cost 8 pounds how much would it be in US?
how do i unblock my sim card on my cell phone?
wat u u do if u loved a person wit all ur heart but ur friend is in betwwen?
What are the consequences for management if they refuse to recognise a sufficiently represented trade union?
What Should I Get For My Birthday?
if i make 32528 a year how much will i make per month?
Do you need commercial grade equipment for a bakery?
Which book is the most read book of this world?
Are there any real witches and if there are do they have real powers?
annual leave rip off?
How long will it take to ship a package from America to Australia?
How long does a misdemeanor stay in your record? Some companies are treating then like felonies. I need help?
I have done the loan with h&r before but we have a bankruptcy now so would that stop us from getting the loan?
How do I calculate the WACC for a company who has:?
Accounting problem ?
How long have beyblades been out?
How do currency fluctuations affect earnings?
how do i get people to ask me to babysit?
Accounting Question Help?
how can i acqire a free english bible,?
Is Astrology evil?
Telephone Calls?
I'm buying a phone off my friend and it was 339.99$, how much should I offer to pay?
ebay buyer is selling same thing that I sold him for less. Why?
How can I keep my favourite nightclub up and running??! I would do anything do matter how crazy!....?
Im scared that debt collectors are gonna come to my house...?
How do i have my listings from realtor website go to classifieds like IHouse2000 does? What's the cost?
Do stockbrokers make decent money nowadays?
With a wholesale lincense am i able to buy merchandise for myself ?
My pre-lit spiral tree has a section in the middle that wont light. I have tried replacing the bulbs and fuse?
What Canadian did writer Cintra Wilson call the 'mutant child' of 'garishly self-absorbed diva'?
Help with my accounting?
Is it legal to sell homemade crafts door to door?
Proof of Attendance on a vessel / ship?
say somthing intorestin?
is anybody here from or near yerington nevada?
my sister is mean to me.what do I do?
i get out of the air force soon and my wife has her degree, willing to work where-ever, home business or ...?
Could an establishment refuse a Where's George Dollar Bill?
what is the best online people finder?
is the 1950's vingt 20 canadian dollar bill still accepted?
Could somebody with Asperger's Syndrome work as a police officer?
I found a custom pure gold coin with someones name stamped in it and have had it for 3 years.?
why does it take so long for a cheque to clear?
groups in organisations meet the needs of both the individual and the organisation?
I'm 17. Is this a good plan for my life?
How many questions can u ask? In 1 day?
If you won a Billion Pounds, what would you do with it?
USPS stop my package? Or is it lost? SAVE ME.?
applicability of employee providnet fund act and rules for a newly formed software company?
How to minimize wastage in hotels? what are the ways to reduce the waste in hotels ?ex in stock,electricity...
i want to know the ideal position of my office according to vastu.the office is in mid of southeast wall.?
What is the cheapest way to ship boxes from California to New York?
Anyone want to sell me any singer's autographs? tell me your email address?
china custom charges?
Will GM Receive Bailout Before April?
need help with this accounting question please?
making money online...................?
How much could I get at a pawn shop...?
for ladies,men must be stonger or smarter?
is a half a cup of water half full or half empty?
Does UPS deliver on Saturday?
what happens if a person watches to much television?
Anyone knows what companies give international service when movin things one country to another?
i have a mititary invention how can i get funding for it?
Managerial Finance help....?
please help accounting! i need it tonight?
What is the Journal Entry for a voided check for the previous month.?
How can I get a copy of a 1099 that Social Security sent to me?
Where can I find a wholesale vendor for designer perfumes?
How can i calculate molecula getting root2value can i get that value?
How do I go about selling a diamond ring without a checking account?
how much is the NZ MILLENIUM $10 note worth?
what to do for swelling in the knee and leg ?
Im a new hollister employee i dont know how to see schedule?
What are the first two letters in the alphabet?
how can I find rental assistance for seniors in north carolina?
how much do fitness retailers make per square foot?
When is your bed time?
How would I purchase something on eBay if I'm 16?
blondes or brunetts?
New hollister promo code?
Where can i get a Katniss replica jacket?
how to sell websites? how to calculate correct site value?
If the housing market is a symptom of what is really going on then what is?
Anyone can help me out on shipping information?
Where can i find the best resume forma ?
Help with a managerial accounting question?
Paychecks bouncing???
Junk destroyer machine/warrior r/f?
I'm getting a B.S. in International Business....?
passport cheque bounced?
Does free shipping apply on to orders consisting of used books?
How does sales in Investment banks work?
how long do u to wait in between popping knuckles?
What type of business is TOMS shoes?
I am new to this and was was wondering what the points mean. Do I get a prize after so many?-lol?
How do I find work as a 16 year old?
eBay selling question (Nintendo 64)?
What is the best way to transfer your money to your kids?
their this boy i talk 2 on messager and we should each other pictures and he want 2 can 2 nc 2 stay?
Friend was scammed by fake stimulus check? Help?
Can I afford a MacBook air?
Ebay fees(people who know)?
Would college financial aid be affected?
If you had to pay someone back if they gave you a dollar how much would it be?
Deal or No Deal Can you Beat the Banker?
Can my mom close my bank account?
Question on my UPS shipment.?
USPS STATUS: Acceptance?
What about trends in cost structure and profits of a company? How does that work?
What do you think is the most important invention of the last 100 years?
To what does "business ethics" refer?
What is understood under ""warehouse systems"?
Does anyone want to cry?
Is bowling a sport?
What is the best and cheapest way to transfer money from Spain to the UK?
How does paypal work?
Would Aliens Look Like Us?
A 15 year zero-coupon bond has a price of $548.34 and a yield of 7.8%. How many years until this bond matures?
what is the best quality gasoline, is there a difference?
What is your greatest fear?
Bond coupon of 8 % 9 years to maturity 6 % yield what is present value?
who is parviz piran?
Does usps run on good friday or easter monday?
how would I calculate internal rate of return ?
How can we be expected to buy American made cars in today's market?
How long does it takes to process an pre ordered iphone 5?
what can i wear with knee high dark brown boots?
What kind of help can I get from the government for rent, bills, etc.? And where do I go to get it?
So this is capitalism- you do whatever you want?
what did the Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos do with the money they made?
Accounting! HELP!! Wing Pang Company sells office equipment...?
a check payable to "ABC Bank for the account of a depositor-borrower", who is the payee?
a shipping question11111?
How can i keep my grades up?
why do u think my boyfriend of 1yr appears a little distant but when i questioned him he was very upset.?
Will the USA collapse?
Karvy D.P. is not giving a reply to any clarifications regarding my query. Whom should I approach ?
Lost key, need to open my petty cash box?
how many pairs of 'havaianas' do you have? what colors? where did you buy them?
how can I make a really quick $200.00? This is serious, I really messed up. I owe someone I love a lot!?
What should I buy lol?
Ebay: Sold my first item, need to refund $20, but cannot even find a payment and I'm at the deadline for ship?
Are items checked when sent abroad from the uk?
Why don't you bring me flowers anymore?
Are there any legit online jobs or ways to make money on line?
Is it illegal to say that you are a senior to get a reduced phone bill plan?
what resource make money online?
i need to know does anyone know of a site with absolutely free background checks?
How can I get my signature removed from my outgoing e-mail?
Accounting Question, need some help!?
were is every one from im from Roxton Texas?
is there any statute for financial disputes?
Where is dividend income on the statement of cash flows?
are there any sites with methodology how to construct a bank model?
What is PAYROLL........?
Permanent marker on plastic?
Why do world wide internet payment systems (CCBill, Jettis etc.) reject credit cards issued in Russia?
I have several $2 bills that I would like to use. Can I still use them?
How old do you have to be to pick up a package at a Canada Post?
I need gas money whar should i do?
how do four eleven year olds make $250 in 2 months?
how much is $83 American dollars in British pounds?
If a contractor goes to a full time employee what steps does payroll need to take?
How much for one ouce of gold?
How do you get rid of pesky market researchers on the phone?
please help. i feel like life is fake after smoking weed?
Question about applying for jobs while away at school?
I want to sell my equipment and I don't want any problems just an outright price and a payment will do.?
Buy it now question on eBay?
America's Army Fierce Impact Clan Recruiting?
I'm planning on moving out when i turn 18, and need some advice and info?
This is a great weekend to....?
What would you buy if you won 5,000 a dollar every week for life?
Job opportunities at 15?
how can you tell if a lawyer has switched sides in a civil case?
Can you really make a decent amount of money on eBay?
How long does it take for returned item money to go back on ur visa card?
How do I make $6000 in 30 days?
what do you think about working as pricing specialist in a company?
What is the best way to prevent a depression in the U.S.?
Infosys or broadcom is better for computerscience fresher?
your favourite joke?
Can't the government make billions of dollars easily just by printing money?
how to write a two page report on professional attire?
What was the easiest decision you ever made?
why we are adviced to switch off mobile in fire prone areas??
60x100ftlot, resale
How much does a florist make?
If the Fed buys $300 billion of new Treasury securities?
How is it that drug dealers are living better than the hard working man whos barely getting by?
Are ecommerce owners required to know too much technology?
I want to look up people and addresses for FREE, no charge. I know there are some sites out there, help me?
how often do you pray to God?
How much does posting cost from USA to Australia?
Brazzers help billing info help?
does forex work? if so, what is the best one?
how can i make 600$ by June?
How much does a sidekick lx 09 cost?
What is the difference between a conformed copy and a photocopy?
If you had a super power...what would it be?
i have a narmada sarovar deep discount bonds.There is a change in my resi.address.How & whom to intimate?
What are the things people waste time at work through personal web use?? .s?
Where can I take a "Business Policy and Strategy" course over the winter months that is completley online?
What do you miss most about being a kid?
what is the best kind of a skateboard?
why am i peeing alot please help me willl reward 10 points?
surveys for cash; not checks?
30 kinds of organisms?
plz i need 2 no!!!! how much percentage of alcohol is in vodka cruisers and smirnoff ice?
How much does a fulltime UPS delivery man earn per hour?
One Simple Finance Question?
Looking for tips on office relocation?
Is there such a thing as Ledger Sized File Cabinets?
Help with patent, copyright, etc....please?
What are the age requirements to work at either..?
Would an expert expect that the price of Gold will decrease if the economy upturns ?
what"s the name of the bigest seed,n how much its weight?and the origin?
I have a problem with my supervisor i want to write a complain to HR please help?
Financial reporting Problems Help ?
who owns DC and what does DC stand for?
Does anyone know Zac Efron's real e-mail address?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Accounting - Journal Entry Help needed!!?
What requirements are needed to buy a handgun in Minnesota?
accounting entry. a little confused.?
I've just been told I'm the new treasurer of a brand new club. What do I do?!?
was given mis lead information on which visa needed?
How I will increase my importence at Office?
What was the quartely premium before the increase?
what type of dogs did the colonist of New England have?
is Bank of America a good bank? does anyone have any comments, good or bad?
where can i download the chat room?
I need help making a cv, cover letter/ resume?
Help With some Accounting PLEASE?
what are some strategies to combat coastal management. PLEASE NEED HELP!?
What are your thoughts on the ak 47?
That messenger symbol isn't at the bottom of my screen anymore like it always is. What do I do?
needing help on figuring out straight line and double decling depreciation?
what is houlocast?
What is the professional title for someone who prints, staples, and labels newsletters?
where is the best housing in san francisco?
accounting question?
is it importantt o be popular at school?
i need wire harness diagram for a 1998 suzuki 600 gsxr?
whats the most barely legal hustle?
In planning what is an MSA?
Banks and asking for information over the phone?
how do i know this guy is legit and not fake?
How can we compete against lower-cost, lower-price, competitors?
how to write a cover letter?
anyone worked at standard bank london?
How do I prepare these adjusting entries?
Business Plan?
Shipping internationally?
I received a money order as payment for an item, but how do I cash it?
What would be a recommended college recruitment program?
Paypal refund notifaction?
Where can I find accounting templates?
in the state of georgia what age can u leaglly move out without parents conscent?
In which condition or way of life you would rather to spend your mony eagerly?
I'm looking for a calander that has all the months showing at once like a poster, what is that called?
what makes a good mother ?
Can Target Cart Attendants wear shorts?
Accounting: Financial Statements Question?
what is europes main import?
Will u call me?
I am looking for a software to open a company ePayment. Have you advice?
What are your favorite entrepreneurship blogs?
does social security back pay for child benifits?
How often do you talk on your cell phone?
How to open up a strip club?
Need help with 14 year old son ! ? Ideas how to help him in life!?
ebay customer not replying?
What stresses a business person out?
how to write and what to put in resumes?
my employer sent me a termination letter by certfied mail what would happend if i refused to sign for it?
Hiphopbling(RC Jewels) possible scam? How long does it take for a Prepaid Visa to refund if order is on hold?
Where can I buy a computer and pay low monthly payments?
Hometrader Ltd. U.K.?
the best jail in floida?
rick davis gold and diamonds, tennesee, question?
does anyone else like vampires?
In Business Operation Mangement what does ITO mean and for what purpose?
A question about social security income for disabled adult child?
If you are a day trader type investor what is a good market index to look at ?
which is the best bank in the world?
Excuse me would you know where I?
Where can I find accounting templates?
Which company provides good customized products?
UPS late delivery?
I am 42 years old.I am looking at a 15-20 year prison sentence.practically a death sentence. Advice on running
why do they put the preview button on there?
When it came to jobs did you pick Love or Money?
Can you use your Social Security disability and SSI money on anything you want?
Accounting question help! Finding Book value?
Is a net worth how much a celebrity makes a year?
How much can you make in a slip and fall in a grocery store?
where can i find a statue of an ant?
a cd that is regularly sold for $17.99 is marked 10% how much is the sale price of the cd?
How to make $1000? in a month????
The problem is.. i keep watching all those dirty stuff.. How can i stop watching it?
What kind of mathematical jobs are out there?
International Business Question: Expanding Overseas?
How does someone make money on the internet other than with ebay, craigslist, etc.? ?
what is the website to know about sales performance of handicrafts in tamilnadu?
what are reliable websites where you can complete surveys for money?
UPS 1 business day left? please answer!!?
Managerial Accounting Question?
when was easter in 2003?
what are virtual societies? discuss the role of internet in building virtual societies.?
Is there a cap on one's salary?
What industry is better to stay in career-wise?
TTY Information?
how is street racing bad?
What is Gross Profit Margin and What is Profit Margin?
Financial Accounting?
What does your voicemail message say?