P/E Ratio??? University assignment! Can you help please?
Where Can I Get Visa Gift Cards ?
reloadable card???
Where can I find fabric that reflects almost like a mirror?
What are the six factors that determine the nominal interest rate on a security?
How to solve this FV annuity problem? Please, please help!!!?
Can you smell spring coming?
Where do I go to sell baseball cards and get a good price?
which cell phone is the best?
what website that can translate english sentence in to french?
How did the original Superman actor die (Reeves) in real life?
What is sailor moon?
What is the birthday color for a person's eigthieth birthday?
WHAT do you do when the sadness just gets too overwhelming...?
yearly salary question?
BUSINESS IDEA : Crosswords by mail service?
How much would a Underwear model would make?
what is the fastest, legal, ethical way to generate wealth?
Infy 2550 call i bought @ 5 and sold @10 how much i gained..between 2 days?
Ferguson electronics uk?
Do waitresses make good money ?
how long is boot camp for someone in the army?
Note from E-bay buyer restrictions ?
misdirect pastors?
In MAIL MERGE how do I split First & Last Names when I want to address folks by FIRST NAME? Tks in advance!?
how do i post a picture to a different body (ex. my face on a body builder body)?
How do you deal with a promotion and new job duties?
luv or lust?
can postage stamps be purchased on line----and if so how do you do it??
i looking for bussiness logo what is the good shape for suggessfull?
Import charges after buying on eBay?
what is the price of iphone 4 and 4s in india?
does anyone know if you can get rich differently from how this guy does in
has anyone ever seen a blue smoke looking ring in the sky around 1975 or 1976?
How to get a wholesale card?
A debit is a negative entry. True False?
Is there a breast enhancment product that really works/?
Best buy exchange?????????????
If a tree falls down in the middle of a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound???
Accounting Help questions?
Victoria secret free shipping over 50?
You buy a $100 face value, 8-year par bond that pays an annual 8.5% coupon.?
should you like your best friend?
does the hosptial bill u for services?
Please help with accounting question?
Stages involved in the Exposure Draft procedure?
Where can I find information about Canada government treasury bill yield (short term rate) in 1992?
Certified copy of birth certificate - where to get one from, how and how much?
HELP! How do you write a ten dollar check?
how many australian dollers are in a pound??
the use of common stock and retained earnings are methods of _______ financing?
what was the first president of the civil war?
How much money do things cost?
What qualifications do I need to become an accountant? How long will it take me to become an accountant?
Anyone have any adult party game ideas? Can (should) be risque!?
How or where could I report my employer?
Where do I sell Mercury Dimes?
What if I am authorized by my sister to withdraw money from a bank through a check, will I present her ID or m?
Do you think we're heading in another great depression ?
need to remodel my home how do I get loan?
If you worked in an office and everyone left for the day?
What can i do?
Does usps accept manila envelopes?
A 64.0 kg box hangs from a rope. What is the tension in the rope if: The box s speeding up at 4.80 {\rm m/s^2}
What is the meaning of life?
who are the most beautiful people in the world? in your opinion!!!?
What is going on with the U.S. economy?
What is my typewriter worth?
unearned income credit for A BUYOUT is it taxable?
in bowling who had a 900 series for league play 3 games?
What does it mean when someone says they're from a "working class" family?
can the info in your resume be used steal your identity???? or used against u?
I accidentally ran over my neighbor's cat, how do I go about seducing his wife?
where can i find seo ankaptek in korea?
Proxifier portable edition 1.01 registration code?
concerning a phone scam?
Did people actually use gold coins as currency?
If current assets are 38% of a company's total assets, is that good?
expain the import guildlines for destination inspection as given by the central bank of nigeria?
What to do about collection calls that are not necessary.?
How many US Dollars is 150,000 british pounds?
What does RSVP stand for?
How much can I make if I put $1,000 in savings account for only two months?
Why is it okay in the state of Utah for the employer to harass the employee??
Confused about the difference between economic cost and accounting cost?
Would U rather be????
1 euro is how many dollars?
when do you guys think the world is gona end?
Making Money Online?
why purchasing has changed.?
The lowest legal hourly amount which workers can be paid by their employers is called the __________ wage?
long-term debt ratio 0.31 a current ratio of 1.7 Current liab are 870 sales 6290 prof marg 8.7% ROE 19.2?
How can you use information about a business cycle when making a decision about a large purchase?
Did psychos leave a trail of victims ? On which projects ?
does price chopper sell pine nuts?
how do i know the difference between an original oil lamp and a reproduction?
Is legit? Has anyone ordered from there? I need to know asap! ?
How can you tell if American currency is more valuable then foreign currency?
How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Best Buy?
i recieved a torn up bill at a store and its retaped together,is this okay,can i use it?!?
How are foods marketed in stores to increase purchases?
what do u do when ur at a friends house and u r homesick?
Why do people ask stupied questions that has no meaning to it?
who hates clowns????
what is full formm of idbi bank?
Cheapest items sold anywhere?
How much does an owner of a catering business make per year?
Does minimum advertised price apply to other currencies like bitcoin or euros? (California,USA)?
how do i apply for paypal account. im from the philippines.?
Why do I constantly fins spyware if I have a spyware detector installed?
How much time a day do u spend answering or asking questions here?
If you pick your nose, but no one sees you, do you feel like it's okay?
What happens to you when u drink alot of Coco Cola??
What is the heaviest package your postman ever had to carry to your house/?
Where are General Mills cash cards accepted?
How much money would i make by pet sitting?
I Have Recently Sold An Item On eBay, But I Am Not Sure About The Names On The Shipping Address?
Did you have a good day today?
Why is everything priced as 99 instead of the whole amount?
I placed on order for an item. They then cancelled my order and then raised the price. Do i have any rights?
Credit or debit accounting help?
Whos the most eviliest Person In History?
Do u hate some1?
Who invented the candy cane?
Are you allowed to have more than one checking account?
I want to buy a led writing board in china, which company is best in quality and price?
What's the Volkswagen strategy for the next years and the probably future performance evaluation?
fastest animal on earth?
Investment manager question?
what does suicide watch mean?
I keep putting in which is a real website and it won't pop up. What's going on?
what if i forgot to write my account number on the check?
Is there ANY possible way I can make $20 a day online? (suggestions)?
What are the US prices of the following items?
If i got charged twice for a transaction, how long does it take to post back on my acct?
How do I send a resume to a business by email?
how does someone find a boyfriend even if they are very ugly?
Accounting Question??????
Can anybody provide me with statistics showing who made better profits out of Sky Digital and Virgin Media?
If you had to pick three famous people to help repopulate the earth who would they be?
If something is $26.00, and there is an 18% discount, how much is the item after the discount is included?
why did you steal this concept from ?
When calculating PV of growing annuity, do you use pre-tax or after-tax payments?
When selling on ebay, do you make more money if you start out low or high?
What does it mean if an Asset has NO SALVAGE VALUE?
how to become a free masson?
waht are the aboriginal legal systems and the significance to the land?
Accounting principal for investment shares held by a Ltd company?
ideas on how to make quick cash?!?
when will i get my item from ups or fedex?
What Kind of Jobs make BIG Money?
Is there a million dollar bill?
anyone can answer my question?
tring to find out what some comic books are worth???
What is a USPS Bubble Mailer classified as ?
I am 14 and need money !?
whats a cork tree?
What is a website where you compare prices for online shopping to get the cheapest deals?
i need to make $ 4 school shopping and i can't baby sit and i can't get a job cuz im13 wut should i do
Currency rates website?
Can I get in trouble for keeping an item shipped to me, but I didn't order?
Does welfare help for baby expenses, if not what do you recomend if you dont make that much money?
How do I buy these on e-bay?
I'm going on my first job interview tomorrow, any advice?
What came first-the chicken or the egg? :)?
what is meant by 24/7 technical support?
Is 6,066,120 Dinar(Serbian Money) alot?
How do you determine the net present value?
rates of cement bag, steel rod?
How can I make money online?
UPS lost my packacge!!!! :(?
I need to make some quick cash to buy a gift what are some good ways to getting quick cash ?
Should we ban outsourcing jobs to different countries? and why?
What is The meaning of life?
What Is Meant By Primary And Secondry Research?
how i enchase my ssnnl bond?
What are some innovative, non-ppt ways to present a project?

canadian dollar losing value!?
discount stores are the best places to shop "do you agree or disagree with this statement?
Is it ok 2 b a tomboy but still like guys?
do u like Reese Whitherspoon ?
I need to make £1100 by tomorrow morning!?
what are some good wholesale websites?
If you buy two identical items from different stores, can you return one to the other store?
What does emo mean?
Can I buy a tank of gas with $1?
How much is to much for the American to say enough is enough when it comes to the price of GAS ?
How long does a 2nd class stamp take?
What can you buy with .96 pounds in england?
Has anyone ever found money on the floor, and how much?
why dont guys go through as much pain as girls?
how many points do u get for being awarded "best answer"?
How can we get free access to the Internet?
I am interested in buying liquidated, overstock, or out of business items for cheap. How can i go about......?
Question about going after and reporting a terrible business?
Reclaiming bank charges *Confused*!!!!?
please help me with this finance question below.?
How much should I sell my business for?
Is there a million dollar bill ?
i dont know wut to do?
Whats it like having chase for banking?
My 4 yr old son was left alone on the playground at preschool, told us it was HUMAN ERROR ! what can we do ?
How can I find someone's email?
what are the different phases of fire?
When you buy things off the Internet does the bank keep track of the addresses that the items were shipped to?
Do you put your left leg or right leg into your pants first?
Do I need a working permit?
what is the top 3 smilies made on keyboard?
Can I call unemployment on a different day?
What's a good way to make money?
Is any body else broke?
What is a high-paying social job I can get in Professional Sports as a young woman?
Is homeschooling good for an 11 year old child?
Drawee bank meaning in a cheque bounce case?
How did get an Apartment? First time mover.?
Accounting problem need help with please has to be turned in tonight?
Need help finding retained earnings Accounting help?
What currency does China use to buy treasuries? Yuan? What does the US use those Yuan for?
What's your best excuse for calling in sick to work?
What's the purpose of balancing your checkbook? O_o?
is morgan freeman gay ,, i ve seen this on tv , but hard to beleive .?
where can you find info on sprouse twins?
Isn't the real reason Man is the highest form of animal on this earth because he also does the classifying?
what is website of Oriental Bank of Commerce for online banking?
should i give a ***** if no one wishes me a happy brithday?
how can i cut down shipping cost?
How do you sell an invention without getting a patent?
As a US retailer planning to open a new chain in France which forces in the environment will most affect you?
the prices of stamps have gone up in england but i bought mine before the price went up, can i still use them?
what about China ?
How do I know i will get my money?
WHICH PROFESSION WOULD YOU PICK?! (of the following 5)?
is the sun round?
Who is responsible for the costs incurred during a search and rescue operation such as that for AF447?
Is craigslist dangerous ? HELP!?
Are Smurfs blue because they ate all the blue M&M's?
Has anyone ever worked for Acuity Brands? If so what does the transaction agent actually do?
Would someone notice a 100 dollar bill missing from a stack of $1500?
Paypal is being declined by my bank?
what would you do with 1 million dolar?
Can America be sold on eBay?
How long for a letter to get to Texas from England?
Ebay question?
isint the internet too addictive?
commission v. bonus plan for sales personnal?
When did the Apostle Paul write his new testament works. Was it during the Messiah's lifetime or after.?
Is there any body on?
Can I send bubble mailer's by using postage stamps?
What is feudalism (10 points!)?
Do the expensive replica Rolex's weigh as much as the real Rolex?
will Netflix raise its prices on my new account after a couple months?
How many solid hours of contribution does it take to get a score of 40,000+ in Answers?
For those who have used the process, is Cash 4 Gold just another scam?
How to make a charge on my credit card that appears to be from a merchant but not really from that merchant?
what is the basic salary in Dubai for Indian holder?
USPS delivery during a block party?
Managerial Accounting Assist Please?
Do i have to be 18+ to ship items?
Whats a good price to sell a 2008 Gary Fisher X-cal in good shape with new kenda tires?
Information on outlets!!!!!?
Accounting Assist Please?
What should i learn to run a retail store? marketing,logistics,economics,… chain,etc....?
i want to know the worth of my collection.?
How to properly use c/o when addressing some one?
Why are new experiences and important part of growing up?
What is a Breakfast meeting?
Is a 2 dollar bill lucky?
What are you doing for spring break?
How is fire made ?
How many stamps do I need to send a package a package from California to Massachusetts?
why do some people faint when they accidentally hit their elbow?
which is the most probable business sector in bangladesh?
are US banks open tuesday january 2?
How to get debt collectors to stop with their annoying automated messages for someone I don't know!?
Could I make more money starting an Americanized business overseas rather than in the US?
Assume that Hickory Company has the following data related to its accounts receivable:?
What company Ships the most oil ?
What is the primary purpose of accounting?
what color would a smurf turn if you choked it?
WHAT ARE you scared of mostly in the world.?
Anyone can help me computation and pricing of my cake for retail?
And the given name of Martin Sheen is?
Is there a class action lawsuit against the VXX?
Accounting bank reconciliation question?
A need a copy a limited company's employee rules and regulations?
Do you save your loose change? I do.?
anybody having experience with ATO Cowhide Sneaker Gold , where i can get it ?
What relationship is there between job satisfaction and worker performance?
Does Bank of Scotland have a link bank in Northern Ireland?
Do banks check for marked bills?
Anyone try this program?
Accounting - when to recognize Receivables and Payables?
does anyone know how to get super gle off my glasses?
about paypal account?
Can anyone help me with PayPal?
Can I use a pick up a Flat Rate Envelope at the post office, pack my item there, and ship it?
How could I get this ice cream machine manufactured/replicated?
How has the rising Canadian dollar affected your purchasing habits?
How much would you pay?
Can somebody help me think of a dumb question to ask?
how do i know how much I get off items on Black Friday?
pls, enter this in a proper journal for me and state reason?
business idea... what do you think?
When you buy online do you prefer postage included in price, or added later?
Can you help me find the adjusted inventory for a merchandising business?
I'm trying to find a phone number in Daleville Alabama. I'm trying to locate my uncle Paul Balduf?
Classify each cash activity as operating, investing, or financing on the statement of cash flows:?
what do i put on my lips to turn them back pink?
What was your starting salary as an accountant or finance major?
who is the most famous people in China?
Is there a website where I can watch paint dry?
Is Producing for inventory ethical?
How much money i must need if i want to go UK?
Who do u think is a betta dancer Usher, Omarion, or Chris Brown/?
what could be the maximum period for loan for a truck??can't it be 5 years?
im so bored at work. what should i do?
How can I make money around town?
Where to find , What's going new in Business World ?
NVQ LEVEL 3 in Customer Service?
about accounting body ACCA in Australia?
Overapplied factory overhead?
Where would I sell siver and gold for the best price?
How can I not get sent away?
Where can I get a job, give me a list.?
Hi, does anyone know if Brunner Finance is a legitimate company?
What are the mutual funds how and from where to buy them what is the profit rate and in how long they mature?
How to buy and sell shares?
Do you send a "thank you" email if you are hired?
How much are disney forever stamps worth?
Random samples of 12 young car drivers, aged 20-25 years, were asked how much they pay for their car insurance?
WHere can i go to do online surveys for money?
Should i open up a case against this seller?
how much petrol money should i pay?
What's the cheapest way to send 300lbs of records?
what web site can i go to to find out how much or if these stones I found are worth?
When was the first World War?
Why does it say "You can ask 10 more questions today" everytime I ask a question in a row?
How do you become a phone sex operator?
is it true that proof of age identity cards are free to under 16s, because that's what i've heard?
why south korean won is numerically high?
which kind of music u pplz like?
How long does economy shipping take from
The effect of gravity on matter is the measure of (a) mass, (b) weight or (c) density?
What is the weirdest things people collect?
What is the best way to get employees involved in creatively thinking of cost saving ideas for a business?
Ok I feel so blonde! I made my avatar but have no idea how to add it to my profile! I need help.?
who can i talk to about becoming an apprentice electrician?
what's the difference between Tax ID and SSN, and can I use my SSN as a TAX ID?
Which one is your dream car?
If a vendor charges p dollars each for rugby shirts, then he expects to sell 2000 -100p shirts at?
what does this dream mean?
how come I always get out bided on ebay. They always bid more in the last minute?
Where is a legit website where i can get my food handlers card?
can any one tell about nokia company address in chennai?
why do i keep going from EB benefits to eeuc benefits?
Can sue Project Payday?
i can never excess my mail whenever i use my friends dell laptop after entering my id and password why?
what is up with all this hatred toward the Indian people? someone please explain!!!!?
What is the value of a $2 bill?
does have a vehicle protection program where you send them the money and then they send it to seller?
What options do I have to get a letter mailed faster?
how does it feel to die?
How much does a sidekick lx 09 cost?
Who could use a cigarette right about now?
Going to College, but my Bank doesnt have any branches up there?
My daughter wants a "Chat Now" is it worth it to buy it for her and what exactly does it do, she's 11.
why is the sky blue?
how to write a business letter of cancelling an order? Explain with an example.?
i am from the Philippines. can you please tell me if i can come to work as caregiver there?
What's a good place to sell my old scrap metal? (steel)?
How do you find the discount rate to be able to calculate NPV? should it be given?
if i ordered something on a thursday and it is being shipped ups will it arrive on the following monday?
Anyone Worked As A Courier For Yodel?
Whats the best way to make money with $15,000?
When sending mail internationally does mail have to go thru both countrys customs?
What is the current ratio, quick ratio, and capital amount?
difference between accounting income and net cash flow?
i want to know about H-form?
Why are mobile homes so promiscuous?
How to get buyer lead free import and export business?
Bloging is useful in Production?
Where is a good place to find out about bad products?
Where do I find my Bank Account Number?
End of free banking? time to put our cash under the bed again?
Mortgage Broker or Mathematician please help?
Why write down an asset's value on a balance sheet as less than it really is?
How much would a singed picture of Audrey Hepburn be worth?
Do someone know how to answer this question?
what items can i buy cheap on ebay to sell on for more?
will i able to become best in this world?
Is sick leave paid out right away to a widow of a postal worker?
I am often getting these type of mails could any one explain me the purpose behind?? I always ignore such mail
would you keep the money?
If i'm sending a letter to toronto the needs to be there by monday, and i send it friday will it there on time?
How much money should we raise?
i need a work.. im from mexico... somebody is interesting?? i can do anything?
what is your favorite catch phrase??????
would you rather have a cellphone or ipod?
How would you describe your organisational skill, attention to detail & use of time?
whats the weirdest question you answered in answer, and question?????
Explain the following terms:?
When is it a good time to exchange sterling to euros at this rate?
How do I pay for stuff on Argos that I ordered on my Argos card?
what do you call a lion without 'eye' ??
I'm happy with Avon as brand new representative - how do I actually start!?
I need some advice on an invention and patenting.?
What is a broker and what does it takes to be one?
Does anyone in the U.S.A accept Roopbles as a currency?
Is there ever a legit (legal) reason one would lease an office he has never used, in another country..?
how much should i charge for a math work sheet.?
I Have an idea for an invention but I don't know where to start...?
why we have swiss bank what is the use,i think it is ofence?
Ebay item has not arrived?
Need Help Accounting?
Can I write off my dental work and optometrist consultations?
what is needed to start a photo studio?
do oil companies control the price of gas?
What is the rate of interest?
what is a catdog??????????????????????????????????…
What are the advantages of using a mobile phone?
How did they come about with this answer..NEED ASAP?
please help with paypal?
Do market research firms or government sources provide more detailed information?
please tell me, is this company fake or not?
describe the hour before 730 describe the hour after 730?
What is the hourly wage of a McDonalds crew member of age 18+?
How do i write a business description?
"can" opener,, in other words?
how to buy scrap metal?
How do I set up a website to sell handmade items?
how much will a cd take to arrive in the mail or by ups?
how can I get my absolutely free annual credit report online- with no funny buisness included? and no charge?
What MAJOR city in the world would you wanna live in the most????
I need to make myself clear to my mom,how do i do that without being rude or mean and to get the point across.
How much money would be ideal for 17 year old?
A Hamster is a Rodent, Right?
what is the specific gravity of grvel, sand?
What ways are there to make money quickly?
Is ir posible to get a saftey transfer with in 4 weeks in h.s?
casting calls in the va. beach area for modeling?
When I try to write an email the only thing on screen is the to and subject line.It wont let me type message.?
how can i send the same e-mail to more than one person?
where can i get inforation on a book called the 7 habits by stephen covey?
What's it called when you want to prove you had whatever first so you send yourself a letter with all the info
what is 20% of $854.49?
how to date a Jack Daniels bottle?
How do unsuscribe from mail?
CFA Finance YTM problem?
What is the top export from France?
UPS - Shipping Question?
who or what is R.H. Polk, or H.R.Polk? I have a friend that said he retired in Hawaii from here.?
looking for a company called torre inbarcalona spain. involved in water industry?
What is the official reserves account and how is it used in the balance of payments?
Is TicketHurry legit?
is Business management easier than accounting?
I'm up for a job that requires a home 1-800 number what is the cheapest route ?
Can I use first class mail envelopes to send these items?
how much would pawn america give for this?
How to write an Agreement Letter?
Where can I pawn my stuff for extra cash.?
Should I call Hollister Co.?
Where and how to sell email accounts?
ffs any recomendations?
when will remodiling your house for an elevator cost $1?
How to choose a currency pair to trade?
is stainless steel a better metal to use in place of titanium or wite gold when it comes to mens wedding bands
what happens when you book an invoice, do you credit cash an debit ap or do you debit asset and credit ap?
Should I stop the contract with the client? is anyone a member of this sight? can i get some info?
name something that comes with instruction shake well before using?
How much money does it cost to change ur name?
who can i contact about my problem,how much will it cost what channels would i go through.will the invoices of?
Where can I get a directory of the top 1000 or 500 corporations in Indonesia?
girls help!!!! guys you can answer also!!!!!!!!!?
i get nervous easily any thing that will help stop that??
What happens if you accidentally fill in both "Street 1" and "Street 2" boxes?
When is the first day of Spring?
Whom do you think will win? Ninja or Samurai? and What advantage does a ninja have?
UPS out for delivery ahead of a day?
What do plate movements cause that drives rocks through the rock cycle?
I need Help Accounting?
Are indians still hated around the world?Especially london&U.S?
does this work?
How do i get into independent escorting?
Im kinda new, what am I suppose to do on this?
i am worried about if me and my best friend aren't going to go to the same collage and aren't gonna be friends
what do you do if you cant find a job that pays a lot? stripe tease?
Do you ever feel like Big Brother is watching?
Best/easiest ways to make money online?
What time do you go to bed at night? How many hours do you sleep?
How long do packages take to get thru customs/does USPS really update the tracking daily?
Can someone help me with a cool name for a Scrap Metal company? Something witty... or professional ..?
How do people make money on by selling things (like books) for 1¢?
What are some good starter jobs for stutters?
What percentage of the 2nd annual payment will be toward the repayment of principal?
how do you clean a out of your system using home remedies?
which do u like more hollister or american eagle?
Do you like mirrors?
inventory best practices - tracking consumables?
I dont know a question do you?
I there is a Virus in Groups, why hasn't this group gone haywire?
how to type Rupee symbol in MS Office s/w?
what Ma. county is newbury port in?
Writing a check with not quite enough money?
What is this balance day adjustment entry?
Dell or Staples coupon?
What is the currency of germany?
How do I find net income with the total assets, total debt, and net sales?
What percent of our brain do we use?
How do I get rid of my (unwanted) gift card?
need some accounting help..
Why don't businesses even give 14 year olds a shot?
is Revenue debit or credit?
What state/Contry Does "CN" mean?
What do you think about New Orleans women?
What is Chinese currency ?
help with business question?
GNC gold card number?
How To Cancel Paypal Transaction?
make money on the internet?
16 year old wanting to start a small summer gardening business needs HELP!!?
If one of your bridesmaid quits on you, do we have to invite them to the wedding?
What are the legal definitions and the difference between a global supplier and regional supplier?
I Need a research question on bank of america. What can I write about them?
US Bank background check?
What are you scared of?
When do you think I'll get my package from Chicago to SE Michigan if it was sent on Thursday w/ UPS?
How much is the $2 bill worth in the u.s.a?
why do you think we are having many natural disasters?
some of my friends smoke and they are in the 7th grade like me i tell them not to do it but they wont listen?
Prove, how did a seller of coconut became a millionaire if he's buying it for 10 pesos and sell it for 7 psos?
this girl i hate is making people hate me HELP!!!!!!?
Financial Statement Preparation!?
Can the gas company retroactively charge me for a years of service if there is no meter reading on record?
present value homework help?
Chapter 13 bankruptcy- mortgage in my name, but I'm not on deed... can they claim property/equity?
Can any1 advice on how I can make money thru Paypal in South Africa?
what would you do if you won million dollar?
what is the present value of an annuity due of $2990 at 14% per year and last for 22 payments?
Are all bank's online bill pay about the same?
what was juan rodriguez cabrillos affect on california?
Why does have Levels and not just give everyone unlimited ?'s & answers?
Okay I lost my check book and now I want to change my bank accounts that are associated with that check book.?
Capital one phone interview tomorrow ?
Why doesn't downloaded content have a satisfaction guarantee?
i like this guy adn he acts like he likes me but he dont wut do i do?
Please tell me a brief history on " Wholesale Trade "?
are wolves being bread in captivity for release?
Where can i sell my Infocus for a good price?
Managerial Accounting!!!! Help with Incremental Analysis!!!!!?
How do i keep my soc sec disability checks?
I'm 14 and need a mowing job for summer cash.?
how can i böock a mail from someone who i donnot want to get a mail from?
Where can I download the California Preliminary notice excel format for free?
whats ur goal in life?
I'm going to open a club and lounge, where can I get Ideas and pics so I can have a really "clubby" feel.
i have a puzzle sitting on my floor will you finish it for me?
So I have a few wholesale questions :(?
Where can we buy these supplies?
Accounting Question for test?
Can a paypal payment be recalled?
I was laid off work almost two years ago due to the economy so im receiving unemployment since then?
why dont i get in the best avitar?
If someone forges a check and the other party declines to press charges what will the bank do?
I was called by telemarketers and they asked my personal info...?
How much money would i get ... if i sold it to gamestop?
Money Exchange Question (Australian Dollar to US)?
What is ROI?
People who live in PA..??
Newspaper Delivery Tips and Strategy for a kid with a stroller and a bike. And a father with a car? ?
I ordered a pizza and didn't know there was a delivery fee?
Who are some famous women entreprenuers?
What year are the vehicles rental companys usually provide?
Is someone trying to take over Marks and Spencer?
How can I get a prototype of my invention made?
gas in Arkansas right now is 2.64! How much is yours?
Is there a program where you can do a staff roster and at the same time can calculate each staff wages?
SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!! I got a really weird phone call from a 603-422-0000?
how to become a good service engineer?
Back to an old topic. Click to read.?
Can any body tell me,whether "fillformsforca... programs are legitimate?
How do I set my bill due dates so I'm not broke at the end of every week?
How much is 170 in pesos?
who will decide how much currency to print and on whivh bacis indian reserver bank will print the currenncy.?
What are the secret advertising techniques used in this commercial to make the product appealing?
Can a self storage owner keep items inside a unit if the bill is not paid?
What is quickbooks, how hard is it to learn to use it and what type of accounting knowledge do I need?
how can i borrow lots of money fast for business?
what is definition of perception?
How much do you get payed hourly at Warehouse Distribution Services?
my roommate is a lesbian is it a good idea to live with her cuz she told me she had a crush on me?
Does anyone else have trouble tracking packages with USPS?
why accountants are sometimes asked to make unfaithful presentation of reports?
Unemployment Benefit Can I Get It?
When you finish putting a jigsaw puzzle together.. do you glue and frame it, or destroy it and rebox it?
What is the formulae for convresion of sum or differwnce?
is an internship the same as an apprentice?
where I have to go to complain about bank or financial institution in the unite states?
Can I use a pick up a Flat Rate Envelope at the post office, pack my item there, and ship it?
how do i train a miniature pinscher to stay in his indoor kennel?
Why does every Woolworths store have hardly any stock?
Do you think people who studied Communications and then finance could work in the entertainment business?
What is a "Private Equity Firm"?
If you fold a debit/rebate card in half, can you still use it?
My best-friend and neighbor died last month. He left me an odd gift...what to do?
Looking for............................?
A billionaire offers you?
Does usps priority mail deliver packages on Saturdays?
Hitler is branded evil just because he lost the war. Do you agree?
do you believe that we gonna have a second life after dying??
Pevensie Company purchases a patent for $94,616 on January 2, 2012. Its estimated useful life is 8 years.?
Is Biltmore Who's Who the right way to go for a networking site?
I am wanting to buy some Jordan shoes from, is site legit or fake?
What is a journal in accounting?
Will they require my ID when I buy USPS money order?
What is the first thing that you wanna see upon waking up in the morning?
Went to deposit 943 dollar check, Bank teller put the check through for 973 dollars? What should I do?
A very close friend of mine wants 200 dollars from me for finding me a job?
How long does AT&T make you wait before you can sign a new contract and get a discounted price on a phone?
Who can send me money so i can get to school only need $86 so i can get a 30day bus pass PLEASE!?
Consumer Product Research? Legit?
If you were possessed, who would you prefer as exorcist?
just a friendly HI!! From a very friendly I!!!?
How does Criss Angel do his magic?
why do people say bless you when you sneeze?
Is it allowed in a&f/hollister to sell clothes to someone whos going to resell?
I need help!!!?
what do you think about "NARUTO" one of japanese most glamourous comic??
how does it cost the United states to repay its national debt annually, will QE 3 raise inflation at all?
what happens if you miss jury duty?
is it true?
How much does Hughesnet internet cost per month?
How much should I charge to babysit?
How do I look up a mail or safe deposit box?
If you're moving states as a college grad, is it worth it to move your stuff or sell it and buy new?
How to map out to-do list plans?
what is the meaning of life?
are banks open tomorrow?
codependet, how can we stop!!!!?
it's 8pm and UPS still hasn't delivered.But the tracking shows it's on time.?
What is the most expensive pen?
How much an hr do they pay at silly sollys or sam's al its now known?
Where can i find the cheapest hosting?
What to do if your employer is taking money out of your checks?
If a tree fell in the forest, and know one was around to see it, would it make a sound?
How to make 'bar utility 'resume and cover letter for cruise job?
Which statement best describes the concept of a price ceiling? .s?
When did apollo 8 launch?
Canadian Banking Question?
What are objectives an accounting system? What kinds of information would be needed by investors & creditors?
I had a car accident last year and my case is a kind of difficult.Could I get a good lawyer?
Do you know how i can get rid of these terrible hiccups?
online surveys that pay cash(check)NOT pay-pal pymt+no fees?
Is it safe to do business with a company that only has a UPS box address?
Moving out at 16 . . . . wtf?
where to buy 24 carat gold 100gms?
Accounting Problems! Need help!?
how much is it to import soccer uniforms from china?
What does taitor tods means?
How come the USPS doesn't come?
Available credit: $800.50 USD?
why are speedo's so disgusting???
Can Target Cart Attendants wear shorts?
How to export to america?
Accounting questions?
`Banana or cucumber?
I can be the winner for the lottery?
who makes more money? A pharmacist that works in retailer stores like walgreens or a hospital pharmacist?
How do you write GST recoverable on a balance sheet !?!?!?
What is you favorite day of the week?
can i apply for canadian permenent residency if i am holding H1B in US?
Is revolution money exchangea scam?
How long does USPS first class shipping take from US TO UK?
Is there a billionaire franchisee?
When were T-bill rates at their highest over the period from 1926 through 2008? Why do you think they were so?
Is there a website for teen inventors?
Business question helpp?
Role of ebanking in development of banking sector?
can animals be hynotize?
Ok a company sent me a collection letter on a debt that is from 2001.?
has c: replaced cc: on the bottom of a letter?
Mail or ups? Please Please help!?
Im doing a resume for a class assinment what does it mean by skills? i want to be a nurse lol?
What would be the journal entry if there's an over accrual of expenses for an accounting period?
what is a trainee ship?
Wholesale food suppliers?
What is the most largely produced product?
Accounting Question related with errors on trial balance?
Why do females want to be treated equal at work, but not other social places?
How can someone make a profit this way?
what kind of father figure did maya angelou have?
Am I too sarcastic?
format of experience letter
In 2010, your morning coffee cost $1.25 a cup. Now in 2012 (2 years) the?
how to do accounting for a small informal group?
What should I buy, I have AU$75. I want something that does something and I can make something with it?
Currency Exchange to compute missing value?
Where do I get money for paying for freelance work?
"3/2 divided by(3/4 - 1/6)+3/7 is what using order of operations"?
how many of the DSM criteria must be met for bulimia nervosa?
On friday I saw a supervisor sleeping...?
wots ur favorite movie!?
Math Question...?
I have to come up with a Service Project for my business class, any ideas?
What can a 12 year old girl do for money in the summer?
If a buyer has already paid on ebay why is she requesting a paypal invoice to be enclosed with item?
Accounting Help?!!???????? Due Tonight!?
hi can some one help me with this 1. equipment is depreciated at 10% per year ? how should we calculate?
If UPS shipping tracker hasn't updated for over 2 days, does that mean they lost the package?
Can I get a pre-order early?
Why is GTA a bloody video game? Grand Theft Auto Series?
what whould you do with one mollion us$ ?
where to buy spy products in india?
currency exchange in the philippines!?
How much did GE buy Amersham for, and what was the deal?
Is there a specific time of the day things you order on ebay get delivered?
list out some funding agencies who provide fund for psychiatric patients? ?
If you over take the last person then you'll be..........?
How is tha value of china's currency stable?
can u light a match in siberia without any wood?
I need a dollar online somehow, can anyone help?
I am looking for good books freely available online on Investment banking and Finanace please help me if u can
Looking for Bulk SMS Provider in India is is good ?
what are the advantages of having a workplace email system for all staff?
Why do sons think they have the answers to the world??
How to lable and ship using envelopes?
What is a manmade phenomenon on Global Warming and how does it have an effect on Global Warming?
please give me method of money transfer from post office?
Where can I get funding for making a website?
If you could change your eye colour, would you?
is standard costing the same as traditional based costing?
What is the best scapegoat ever?
Has anyone ever seen a spirt that appeared to try to freeze your heart, then blew frozen air out his mouth?
Accounting Journal Entries?
How do I get the U.S. postal service to stop sending me someone else's mail?
Is a degree from MIT worth the enormous amount of debt?
what do i have to do to be succesfull and happy in life?
Uk Energy Company /Billing Bungles
need to find operating manual for black and decker toaster oven?
Where can I buy Iraqi dinar in the Toronto area? (Not online)?
Explain why firms in an oligopolistic industry have an incentive to collude?
How to reduce costs efficiently?
Question on accounting!?
How can i get better at chin ups?
How much is a 50 cent coin worth?
A debit is a negative entry. True False?
magine that you purchased a car recently. Describe the different stages that you went through in the process o?
how can i get rid of panic attacks ? i feel paniced even if i have a headache.?
where is bill in goldenrod city?
How do you find someones address if you know their email address.?
Corporate gifting for Diwali?
How do you remove the details to your question?
How to cancel a winning bid on EBAY ?
how much is five million pounds in dollars?
where can i found fundamental of accounting 20th editon by larson? free of cost on net?
What is the best pen?
Margin of Safety in dollars?
Where is the best place to look for unsecured financing for a small business?
Any Banking genius's out there?
How much info do you have to give Paypal?
false advertising? i want it.?
ten thousand pounds job?
how much would it cost to send an ipod to nigeria?
when is the best time to ski?
how is a dvd cover made in industry?
How long does it take to drive from iowa to boston?
what's something a kid could make (that isnt illegal) thateople would buy but he still cant get a job and has
has anyone else noticed that the overwhelming majority of the folks on this site can not spell?
How can I get money back from a company that has ripped me off? (London,England)?
A Little Accounting Help Please?
accounting question about inventory valuation (market value and cost)?
How much is my time worth?
What is you opinion on Walmart? Good or Bad? And Why?
what exactly is a UFO? Is it a myth or a phenomena?
By how much does gross margin increase or decrease under absorption costing?
USPS Package Recall Procedure?
if my checking account is over drawn, can i cash a check at a check cashing store?
If (when) the UK adopts the euro, what symbols should be used on the coins?
I what to talk to a family member one on one from out of town on line how can I it on ?
how to write pseudocode from a bank with insufficent with a loop?
I have $98.43 and have a 10% coupon... how much do i pay?
Selling on craigslist and Shipping items... Is that safe?
How much is £7,900 in US dollars?
Job at hollister what exactly impact and is it hard?
Why do men say that they want someone who is honest, when they are not honest themself.?
why dothey play bagpipes at cop funerals?
How has technology helped the restaurant business?
If stores like best buy are obsolete, why does BB keep them open?
What is the recommended way to report theft when you are not an employee of the company?
quick survey....? HP or LoTR...?
I have completed my Probatation period .how to ask Hike&confirion(wordings)-I got new qualfition also now)?
Who do I send this letter of proposal to?
why is friday the 13th an un lucky day???
I spent 20.000 Euros for nothing?
Why is my package taking so long to arrive?
How much would this be worth?
Has the statement 'made in China' made you not purchase the item?
Help finding Costs of Goods Sold Accounting problem?
What to do and How?!?
How do I become a billionaire fast?
my name is Taneeya, i want to change spelling to Taniya. my DOB is 12/02/1980 time 12.35 p.m. Please suggest?
did the euro drop down to 1.14 to the birtish pound?
How do i become a fire fighter in the U.S. Airfoce?
i want to be a crorepati in a month is it posibble if yes then how i can?
How can I make money (UK)?
difference between cost and price?
Is there funding to relocate to Saskatchewan?
Euro-US Dollar currency site?
What does "Out for delivery to courier" mean? Am I likely to get my parcel today?
For a multi-step income statement, where would unearned revenue be found?
if a billionaire worth $3billion does he really have $3billion in cash?
Would a bank rather take a lower cash offer or a higher loan offer?
are there any free accounting journal entry programs?
A Women gave me a deposit for Furniture but changed her mind 45 days later.?
What does *DATIVE* means ....?
Are most USPS money orders counterfeit and scams?
Does anyone have new information on the DeBeers class action lawsuit?
Is there any new smiles?
Affiliate Programs that pay right into paypal.?
how many calories in an egg?
How much money do an astronomer make?
An Accounting Question?
What is it like to be poor?
Should i accept a company's check marked as misc. Expenses?
Personal statement for unclaimed property?
what do fruits and vegetables have in common?
accounting please help?
what does the Brittish slang term 'soddit mean?
Does anybody know where the Arbuckle mountains are?
On November 1, 2012, Everett Janitorial Supply sold merchandise for $5,000, FOB destination, 2/10, n/30. The?
what is your best one-liner you ever heard?
Do you think I am rushing things?
batman,superman or spiderman?
Where can I sell email addresses?
Why girls walk diffrent from men?
Can you make a lot of cash selling apps?
how do 11 year old's become rich!?
r u a dancing fool, a wallflower or do u have two left feet?
On a scale 1-20 what do u give my avatar!!!!!?
How do I care for my Pachira plant (money tree)?
which measurement calculates how profitable a company is in relation to the number of outstanding shares and?
○○○ Accounting Book ○○○?
what does the word ennui mean?
Where's a good place to buy metal BB guns?
Can i withraw money from cheque given me by a company?
Do people really make money at online marketing businesses?
If you choke a smurf what color does it turn???
help!where can minors cash their checks in nyc?
What time off do most better companies give for the father who just had a baby in New York State?
The manorial system persisted for nearly 1,000 years. Why change was so slow in coming?
where is rockstar (game company) located?
Where Can I Buy Address Labels that I Stick on my Envelopes?
do monkey eat chips..or just bannanas?
UPS tracking not updating?
package lost ? shipped to mexico by usps express mail -do i need to File Insurance Claims ?
Can I put one of those bubble envelopes in the mailbox?
Need help with managerial accounting PLEASE!?
what is 50 percent off of 89 dollars?
what can we do to stop cruelty against animals?
Need help with some abbreviations for a cash flow data report?
What does a ice cream vendor(truck) in the winter?
what is homer simpsons mother's name?
Why are barns painted red?
How much do ppl pay to buy calling cards in IRAN?
Which of the following bonds would have the greatest percentage increase in value if all interest rates in the?
Intermediate Accounting Question?
what to do about a missing package?
Accounting help with net present value?
Does anyone belive in the curse of King Tut?
Question about Gamestop receipts?
if u get a letter that says RSVP...does that mean u reply if u cant make it?
Call from boss not received?
Where do I get RG146 Compliant?
What are opportunity costs?
Is it okay to steal protective equipment from your fellow workers if the company won't provide them?
I have trouble with the following macroeconomic exercises? Can anyone help me?
Would you accept this job?
is high interest rates for businesses good or bad for them?
Delivery not received?
who was the first man who riched on the moon?
I applied to tim hortons online should I call back?
How does a Check get canceled after a month?
Trying to sell something on Amazon - is Fulfillment by Amazon worth it?
Paid the balance of the non interest bearing note payable.?
what is a music concert anexplain one?
I will receive ownership of my mother's house in Florida. After sale can I invest the money before paying tax
Besides the Big 4. What are other CPA Firms?
I'm 19 and I want to move out of my dad's house. Can he legally keep all my belongings?
Hobby Lobby refund w/o reciept?
Can I send a purple 4 by 9 1/2 inch envelope through the mail?
Is Mobile Forex a reliable way to trade Forex?
How much money would I make in 2 months, working 20 hours a week, at minimum wage?
Ok for the second time.?
what is the lowest currency?
I need some moroccan sites where I can find a moroccan girlfriend? thanks?
has anyone else had issues with the bank of america customer service?
Please help with this Accounting 101 easy question, due tonight, cant figure it out...[s]?
adjusting entries for prepayments?
what arm rest belongs to you when your in the movie house? left or right? and why?
how much to pay a flea market worker to sell your stuff?
Ordinary people who became millionaires via luck?
Why isn't my 2year old son talking like most kids his age.?
What percentage of the total population of West Virginia is African American?
help deciding what i should do about my invention idea (patent wise)?
describe the reasons new england was ideal for the development of factories?
How can i make a lot of money without any qualifications ?
I am in a big mess I need $5000 please, what can I do to get that kind of money? please help me?
who are the real secret shopper sites or companies?
if my employer wants to see me in his office, can i take someone in with me? Is it legal for them to say no?
What the heck is Don't Ask Don't Tell?
What are some examples of silent stakeholders?
what was the most you've ever paid for an article of clothing?
show me statement of cash flow using the direct method?
what time is it in chili?
in which website i can find chandlers made of copper in china?
If im not home to recieve a ups package can somebody else sign it?
How do i try to locate an old traffic ticket that need to be payed?
why do people gossip about celebrites?
What happened to my wire transfer?
What is the process of getting the ascorbic acid in a fruit juice ?
Variable Costing and Absorption Costing?
How long to get Nigerian money??
what is the driving force for someone to consume alcohol?
How long would it take shipping sumthing from california to south carolina? (ups)and(usps)?
Why are many restaurants & petrol stations not accepting cheques with a guarantee card? This seems to be new.?
I sent away for a dress from and used my friends address but accidently used my name...what can I do?
What should I do about mistreated child?
who owns this number 08000407607?
will this problem affect my credit for a while/permanently?
is pot a 'gateway 'drug?
How to prove I have not been paid?
Cash Transactions Accounting Problem help?
If I were to sell my soul on Ebay, how much do you think I could get?
looking for a pop shop store canada?
Like what can me and my bofriend so at home instaead of goign out on a date?
Where can I find a postal money order in Australian currency in South Korea?
in a construction setting,where a GM is the heads activities,would the admin officer work on purchase orders?
how do I make alot of money fast?
What is M&E services in a building?
hmmm, i want to be something when i grow older... but i dont know.... can someone help me? throw out options?
In an architecture practice most speedy efficient/quickest means of communicating amendments/final design?
How much does one of those SMARTboards cost?
Can you really be 'caught' on recorded surveillance camera footage?
how do i get a personal telephone number?
Are good companies the rule, or the exception, online?
Why don't you lazy people just google your questions?
Does Best Buy price match Amazon?
I would like to buy a Tackifying Resin, where can I buy it?
piss you off when you specify men only or women only and you are ignored?
How hard are the computer cashiers to use?
will kroger cash a $5000 check?
I recently had a fraudulent transaction take place on my credit card, how should I handle??
what is the correct spelling of a bank cheque?
What came first? The chicken or the egg?
How Do I Know If My Jewelery Is Real Gold?
looking for information on an accident in cincinnati ohio in 1964?
how can get info about international trade as a brokerage?
Does Whiskey Make You Meaner Than Beer?
This is a tough one?
im 21 and im feeling really lonely something wrong with me and what can i do not to feel so lonley?
Where can i buy cheap bulk pinterest accounts?
What is the best way to pack & ship coins, I have 1 roll 20 Kennedy 6 Kennedy haft dollars 7 quarters?
I ordered some yugiohcards from america to Australia and it said7-12 buisnessdays its been7days how long left?
Is it weird to wear Hollister/A&F/AE almost everyday?
What are the things youve learned so far about life?
Does one have to have a bank account?
Why do somany people think that the look is the most importint thing to look for in a person?
if the title merchandise purchases passes to the buyer when the goods are delivered to the buyer?
how do you apply for social security for disability?
What real estate company should i go with ?
what is the merchandise revenue for?
How long will this take to ship to my house ?
what is the US postage cost now? (for a post card)?
Costco returning a chair?
im 18 and getting married to a 25 man is it wrong?
Does anyone kno how 2 change profile pic?i dont want a grey happy face..?
Please answer this. Are there any good dress up doll websites?
When will my package arrive?
Printing shipping label through Paypal and shipping through Canada Post...?
So i applied to Hollister and Abercrombie?
How to start a bestbuy retail store?
Good names for a Glass company?
How Much money would u make working at Davids Bridal?