what will replace money if its value is lost in future?
Is there a web site that illustrates how everyday objects are made?
Black Friday.. Is it worth the trouble?
How come you press harder on a remote control when you know the battery is dead?
How much do bus drivers make per day?
best buy on black friday help?
how do i prepare a closing entry?
How do you trademark a logo?
Which company is worth more:Disney or Nintendo?
What do u think of this..PLEASE READ?
My Bank doesn't accept third party checks?
What happens after death?
what does a pink sky mean?
What are some good after school jobs for a sixteen year old? ?
How to best convert a fixed asset into regular income for life?
should teachers really make you run if you pulled a mucsle in your stomach?
where can i get legitimate information on first time home buyer grants and not scams?
How long does it take for a letter to be sent?
Are any of these dollar bills valuable?
Accounting help please! easy 10 points?
how can you express your happiness in a day?
What is your favorite movie and why?
good music?
how to prepare trading,profit and loss account?
private sales on household items?
whats your fave rock band?
Is it a sin to refer somebody else as GOD?
Would this be a good business idea: buy ipad then sell on ebay?
How can I go about getting a patent in Europe, America & Asia?
Why does diesel fuel cost more at the pump than gasoline?
ok guys i found this coin with an angel on both sides back in 07 with a friend and i need to know what it is.?
What is UPS Surepost?
What stores sell bounce houses?
Need help understanding where my money went?
How much gas money should I give my friend?
How do I may the buyer send the item back before I give them a refund on paypal?
What kinds of software outsourcing development resources are available on the market today?
how can i take advantage of the resession?
Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister wages?
What is the next thing you're saving your money to buy?
Can you call to a mall store and ask about a product?
What does it mean to record and type minutes of meeting?
Babysitting Advice Please?
How did Jesus reach out to the people when He gave His sermon on the Mount? there were no PA systems then.?
What do you do after you pass the wal mart assessment test?
Is Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks are Very Effective for Industrial Applications?
What are new and different ways to make money?
What does TM stand for?
I no longer want my email account? What do I do?
How to successfully monitor a group performance?
Does anyone know how much 10,000 french Francs, in 1857, would be worth in today's US Dollars?
What's the ""ebay"" the NACIONALITY site for Denmark and Germany?
can I use stamps for USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate small box?
Why are percentages, times, and days used in a ratio analysis?
EMS China still no updates on tracking?
FREE U.S. white pages telephone directory on the web?
Monday is Holiday for all the banks in India??
Hi. Please someone tell me, whre and How can I get cement sending to another coutry. I need a lot.?
Paypal Student/Business Account?
The accounting cycle, please help?
What is the name of the photo album refill pages that Target used to sell?
Bond Valuation question. need help with the process?
I HATE Wal-Mart! Do you hate Wal-Mart too?
If everybody flushed their toilets at once?
Can a corporation write off funding to a For-Profit organization?
Omdz help me plox asap?
safely selling an item on ebay?
Being an accountant?
what is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
If the economy is so good, why are people still working for under $20.00 an hour?
Cost Accounting?
England the most expensive country to live in?
help i need a loan but i dont really have credit and im only 19 i need a $1000 loan?
What it takes to be a vice president in a company?
how can a 14 year old make money?
Is America a super power nation still?
Cost of Capital and Working Capital?
How DO I clear my previous searches from the drop down seach?
We are a factory for printing and designing various paper products, and hope your visit. thanks. Dylan..?
When you type "LOL" are you really laughing?
You have received a debit note for £100 pounds. How should the £100 be accounted for?
Please review my resignation letter?
Can you help me with my first apt on my own?
I am on salary and was out for 1 week due to surgery. My company won't pay me for time off?
Same guy keeps bidding on my items on eBay and never pays for them?
how can i prepare for this drastic life change?
Identify the types of adjusting entries of the following journal entries with explanation?.?
Where can I find a good place for needed RFPS(REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS)?
Can you help provide 3 examples of how financial analysis can b used 2 assess and improve business performance?
How to sell my guitar?
Finance: Rate of return & different investments. Please help!?
i have ordered a package from amazon and it hasn't arrived! HELP!?
Why do I feel money is worth less online?
what is the direct materials used cost?
Difference between a £ and $?
Need help ordering checks?
Inbox Dollar website - Any tips or tricks? Thanks!?
What are several economic advantages of big box stores?
Basic Accounting Help!?
Is there a ten thousand dollar bill?
What is the meaning of a high creatinine levels on a drug test?
what do YOU do when people call trying to sell you things over the phone? :D try sell them something back.etc
How do I get a company done for not refunding my money or sending the item I bought from them?
Can gambling online become an addiction.?
Where can i buy fake items online!?
Has there ever been a game idea that has been sold from a small unknown company to a well known company?
Why 42 is the universal answer ?
how to a write a resamay for an aduition for my sister who is three.?
in the cost of benefits analysis describe in the passage who are investors?
what is the maximum price to pay for a 7%, 30 yr, $1000 par value bond?
cleaning and disinfecting conk shells?
Is it time the UK adopted the EURO?
i am taking my real estate exam tomorrow. i have not studied much. should i freak out???????HELP?
Write a bad employee evaluation?
paypal dispute. seller sent invoice for service. service never received. can i win this case?
whats goin come i cant get into my the server down??
I want to start a business involving cars in the UK, what is a highly profitable business involving cars?
whats the best piece of direct mail you have reiceved throught the post?
Where can you get funding of $500000 or more for a startup?
Bank currency transfer (UK)?
Urgent, I am selling a video camera and someone wants to pay by paypal and have the gift sent to Nigeria?
can i collect social security?
what do u prefer blondes or brunettes?
how do you turn off the smartfilter on a school computer?
what is a young horse called?
how long does adrowned person stay under water?
Who can send me money so i can get to school only need $86 so i can get a 30day bus pass PLEASE!?
how we can make our life more sucessfull?
Been notified of winning a lottery.Law firm requesting money. How can I check if this is a scam?
Why is the shipping so expensive at the UbiWorkshop site?
calculation of fair value of a bond?
What are the key personal traits of a successful entrepreneur?
Whats green days best song ever????!!!!!?
how much is a 1974 federal reserve E series $10 bill worth?
I received an CA Unemployment Claim form, will I get a check?
Why do guys always love girls with punk and attitude?
What are your favorite books?
How do I sign the NDA?
will there be peace on earth...?
About unstamped mail?
What is a government franchise?
MR nazmul has decided to buy a apartment costing $80000000. The company has given two option to him. Either t?
how old is he. did he say his 1st word yet.?
How much revenue did I pull in?
can u tell the website /name of the bank located at wales country?
does anybody know about St. Julia?
i got an email saying i won 100,000,000 euros in an email lotto?
Can they make me pay?
How do i become slim, any correct diet??
I got ripped off by what do i do please help!!?
How much does UPS/Fedex charge for shipping insurance?
How long does it take for a computer (from Dell) to ship from Texas to North Carolina?
if i create a transaction to ship shoes on saturday will i get it tues day ? ( 2 day shipping )?
I will arrive on time and ready to work, with my equipment ready!?
What are the benefits of joining a debating club?
Accounting: Statement of Retained Earnings?
How long for my UPS delivery?
How long to make $1000?
How can i claim disability benefits ?;;?
When will Jalysa Hicks DIE?
New eBay Seller - shipping questions! Cheapest way?
quick banking qwestion?
Fundraising ideas that raise a LOT of money?
What are some ways to make extra income?
i mailed it a package saturday 3-5-11 by usps priority mail from nashville tn to santa clara california?
My Hdfc bank visa debit card is blocked. How to unblock it?
Lots and Lots of money or peace of mind, What Matters most to an indivdual?.?
How do u calculate percentage drop?
Does anyone like to be my friend cuz i made none!!!?
What is the difference between card stock and cover stock?
What is 24hrs from 10:49 am?
I have a 1943 steel penny, how much is it worth?
are these old coins worth anything? 10 points?
Does ! hate Christianity?
Which two companies has the most responsible enviromental policies?
Bank charges alowed to take benefits?
should i pay the bill fedex sent me?
What Is the Average Wage and Salary in the USA, China, and India?
Benefit fraud - where to send a report?
why is my account temporarily disabled?
which denomination of the christrian church includes aposryphal books as part of the bible?
How do you record this in accounting?
do you like rude people?
How do I move a picture from Acrobat to a word file?
Do YOUR ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot? How about a bow? :D?
How much would it cost to freight ship a 300lb motorcycle from buffalo ny(14075) to kings beach ca(96143)?
On January 1,2002,the currency Euro was launched affecting the lives of people in how many countries?
if u had sex with some late sept and anther early oct6 who is likely to be the father?
How do I know if a business is certified by paypal?
what is meant by MRP rate?
Why are most police cars white?
Journal entry for bond issuance?
what is a nice and unique name for a girl?
How could you get the banana out of its peel without peeling it off?
Can you describe yourself in 25 words or less?
in order to be classified as an extraordinary item in the income statement, an event or transaction should be?
Will ups do the 2nd attempt on the same day they did the 1st attempt?
Is it illegal to stash cash in your safe deposit box ?
How would you rather spend your money, cash, check, debit, or charge?
How can you become independently wealthy?
Please Read details. I would like to chat?
Transfer Successful/Final Procedure????? What is this??
where can a get free book on ifrs?
what is the best way to keep in touch with someone?
What do you think of Special Drawing Rights as a potential replacement for the USdollar as a reserve currency?
Purpose of world bank?
should SIA pursue a low-cost strategy?
my friends hate my boyfriend ...................?
Can someone help me with this Accounting problem?
is istuff.freepay legit?
If you are an anesthesiologist can you afford a million dollar home?
Regarding retail jewelery stores, what is the mark up when selling diamonds?
How would you make a fake Canadian dollar bill?
In which countries is patent enforcement is a problem?
What is a good Survey company or website to register with to make some decent money?
What is 700 euros in American Dollars?
Can banks buy other companies' equities etc to hold as Tier 1 capital?
I need good online start-ups acquisitions examples?
im a 15 year old male and im 5"9' how can i grow taller?
How much should I charge per slice of pizza for a church fundraiser?
How do you describe years spent as a homemaker on a resume?
a friend of mine is going to lose his business in new york and needs $5000 us dollars within the next week doe?
what is life?
how can i send money from Philippines to UK?
workouts to build better tighter buttocks or results of buttock enhancement without the surgery?
if you could only listen to one singer the rest of your life/ who would it be?
Have you ever dreamed of flying without worries and without a care in the world?
Why can't we all just stop fighting wars all at once and just live peacefully?
If you could be???
i online for 10 hours a day to get real money. tell the best way to get true money?
what is the Sarbanes-Oxley act and what does it mean to me?
i am paying a speeding ticket with a money order. what do i put in the spce labled "memo" on the money order?
How Many Branches of Accountancy Are There and Where Can I Find This Information?
help! i accidently bid on this on ebay?
I need help with a real estate project..... Details provided!!?
I was told to call a number before I receive a phone call interview for target. The problem is I guess?
1940s style nightclub?
Should I/can I use nickname/shortened name on business cards?
Printing Error On 5€ Note?
why do white people copy black people?
can a company hold my check till i pay them for money i owe them?
homeless and need a job and a place to live ,who do I go to for help?A.S.A.P.?
need help about selling at a pawn shop?
is it possible my UPS package could come on monday?
How can I tell my girlfriend that her best friend is having a baby of me?
Riddle. Can you solve it? ;)?
why do they have a limit on anwering questions on ?
What makes you happy?
What is the meaning of the code in the triangle on the bottom of plastic containers?
Why is violence, and drugs taking the lives of people we love?
what is a labret?
dlf cement ltd pysical share can exchange in ambuja cement if yes how?
How to book a hotel room / avail other services abroad by paying in Indian Currency?
when receiving a wire transfer from another country?
need help converting pounds?
Is this a scam HELP??
How to write a great sales letter?
how to do these adjusting entries?
How do you ask an intelligent question?
John worked at a steel mill for 25 years. A recessionary economy and competition with foreign steelmakers forc?
what is the best way to write a letter someone prove that you have sent it in order to use?
What does a policy professional do?
What should I I say to potential landlord?
Is this Home Business Site Legit?
my husband has credit card debt of 30,000. he wants to refinance our house and roll it into that Is that okay?
Was wandering if there is anyone out there that would like to be e-mail pals with a disabled cwby?
please help how mutch will a money order cost for $21.00 in australia?
I need help please finding utlity companies..?
What is the saddest thing you've ever experianced?
What are some examples of successful mergers that didn't include layoffs?
What is the last reported inflation rate for the US (August 2006)?
I need to know, can I get a job soon?
How much is the average cost of a billboard?
Do books come by ups or mail?
Help with accounting problem?
how much cotton is ginned in Arizona?
Help Please!, Els and Clark Company!!?
Where can I make payments on a vacation package?
If gross investment is $5, net investment is $4.20, how much is capital stock?
Cognos Http 404 error file not found?
My pinky toenails are split as if I've 2 nails in 1 toe. My parents & my sis have 'em but not my kids. Why?
We are buying a boat but owner does not have title because he still owes money.? He seems legitimate and nice?
what will the future look like in the year 2510?
First time buying house, need W-2 forms but never filed! What can he do?
Prepare the current assets section. (List current assets in order of liquidity.)?
What kinds of organizations did skilled factory workers form to improve working conditions?
How would you find the percentage savings over the cost for the savings?
can anyone translate this from japanese to english for me?
Accounting- please help?
P&S Dol Slip means what?
i need help with accounting?
how many of you think the limit to the questions we answer are unfair.dont have to b scared,its not a petition
Can someone give me some advise here?
what are the defects of indian capital market?
How long does it take for a letter to get from here to Burbank?
How much a Medical Office System Management person can earn per year? ?
Basic Accounting Equation Help Please?
Can you easily get $2 bills from the bank?
Business Law Help?
How come I only have 93 points?
How much money do you save every month?
Tanning beds--what do you use to keep your skin and lips from getting so dry and ashy looking?
If my payday falls on a weekend when should I get paid?
how may i contact Sir Bill Gate ( the owner of micro soft company)? pardon me for his name spellings?
how much does PG&E charge per kilowatt?
Can a person who is under 18 years of age be served with a subpoena if a parent is not home?
how does motor motor club of america work, is it a pyramid?
can i major in information technology and become a system analyst?
what is the meaning of the fractions next to every date on some desk calendars?
detection of chicken pox?
i know that a money gram is a wire transfer of money. how do i do that. ??
The present value of $40,000 to be received in one year, at 6% compounded annually, is?
Height problem faced my height is 5.4inc and incresing 2 or 3 inc plz answet?
what sevice does an office building need in it to succed,ther is already a lawyer and dentist?
What is the Journal Entry for a voided check for the previous month.?
What do I do with £5,000,000 pounds?
can i make money by buying electronics at trade fair in hong kong?
has anyone missed Woolworths yet?
how do u make your boss vanish?
Banking Help? Chase ?
do you people feel that Y! answers is really addictive?
I wanna became a model what is a good way to get started!!!?
Desperately in need of accounting hw help!!!?
What are the top 5 products exported (in terms of US$) from India into US?
how do you loose alot of wate?
Is a net worth how much a celebrity makes a year?
does this annoy u?
how do you get through working 2 16 hour shifts at work?
letter to company for transfering salary from exsisting account to newly opened account?
How much do you get payed at jack in the box in a part time and I'm 17 years old?
How can a teenager make money?
How many people are looking to make an extra $300+ a month 3-10 hrs a week?
What does "Total Possible Benefits" mean when I am filing a North Carolina Unemployment Claim?
Please give me an internship or help me find one?
What would you guys do if you where billionaire?
What will 15 dollars an hour get you in life?
Why is there a limit on awnsers able to be given?
my face always turns red when i'm nervous, how can i stop this?
where do you purchase a american express gift card?
what wasthe civil war??
Helppp!!!! Usps troublee!! ?
What some real ways to earn money online?
Is an iPhone 4s worth how much it costs?
How to sell my Art & Crafts products without much expenses?
Which is more advantageous, working in a bigger audit firm or a smaller one as a trainee?
How much do you think a person is worth?
ATM card is locked help?
Whare can i sell my fathers stamp collection of 100000 nos theay are 100 years old.?
Why is it that women cry or tear up when a guy proposes to her?
how to exchange it? is worth? I am of BRAZIL!?
Anyone Ever Get This Strange Phone Call?
where can i find free postal office home test? anyone?
...iva or bankruptcy?
Please help me how to be able to buy a house?
why should people become more environmentally aware?
How much would an AT&T plan cost for one person?
Why is my not updating? Shows 12/22 information.?
if you had 250 pounds to spend on any thing you want?
i got a email from you saying someone is using my acount and do i want to delete it?
How much is £60 in American money?
Can please help me! I seriously could use all the help I can get?
is this the only cost of goods sold?
Do I have to be licensed to sell loan contracts?
How much money did Eduardo Saverin got after he sued Mark Zuckerberg?
How are the M's on M&M's put on?
can ship my purchase to the border of the U.S and pick it up with my car to avoid excessive shipping fees?
How much money can I sell chickens for?
Pls I need to open a bank account just to pay a cable bill?
How do I find out who a person is by their e-mail address?
Can anyone please help me to answer some of the accounting question ?
How much would this cost?
When was Henry Ford Born?
can companies get in trouble for not paying the minimum wage $7.25?
which is the biggest software company in India?
How are statistics gathered?
How can one produce chocolate cost effectively?
How long would this package take to ship?
How do i make $200 every month to pay my phone bill?
I need help. Can you help me find a new name for a new donut shop?
Shipping tools from us to uk?
will the ressesion slow down the construction industry or will it stay stagnant?
I need some suggestion about this plz?
can a board member of a non profit organization use his business to sell his product to the said non profit.?
Aren't you glad that today is Friday ?
What does CHip on the shoulder mean?
Why is food from say McDonalds more expensive than normal at a mall or airport?
Who is responsible for my lost package?
How can I find a instruction manual for a sch-x130 cell phone.?
I' m new, please go easy?????
W hat is years purchase in valuation?
If Peter spends 35% of his income on rent and the rent si $700.00, how much does peter earn?
a country begining with the letter O?
What type of restaurant should I open in the mall's Food Court?
How to make money online?
Have a Brother MFC7150C printer. Where can I find ink and printer head?
What exactly did Bill Gates Accomplish?
if you disagree with a stores policy, do you take it up with the staff or with the management?
What is the difference between a ticker symbol and a primary ticker symbol?
range of activity on which most managerial decisions focus?
I got an e-mail (abt 8 month) from a lottary that I won a huge amt on the net & asked my Cr. card info?wht2 do
how much is 5.95 pounds in pakistani rupee?
Can somebody explain to me what is a Loan Shark?
Accounting Question Please Help!?
Does anyone know where I can get some nightcrawlers for less money? I pay $32 for 2 lbs now.?
what is the difference between general accounting and public accounting?
should I break yp with my boyfriend because I like someone else?
If I bring in rolled coins to Keybank, will they charge me?
How to make $500 asap?
Tips on how to be a better saver. Have you an advice?
how long a package will take if it sent by fedex today by high priority?
How much will coin star take from £30?
Accounting question: is cash received from the sale of capital stock considered revenue?
What are questions that your company should ask during a proposal debriefing?
How do you find out?
Made the same mistake at work again! What do I do?
What is a bank bill rate?
What is the best at home remedy to clean sterling silver jewlery?
Is it ethical to quit my job and go to work for one of my clients?
why are people willing to buy more at a lesser price?
Which companies could theoretically ship a product to various countries?
why's my package taking so long to get here?
If it takes a chicken & ½ a day & ½ to lay a egg & ½, how long will it take a roster to lay a door nob?
If I were to open a lawncare business, would I be able to write-off all my gasoline expenses....?
-Were am i gonna find e-books (plr - with resale rights/private rights) ! Only good ebooks with many pages and?
is there anything that you can do to make a hicky go away faster or be less noticeable?
The cash flow statement is designed to fulfill all of the following purposed except:?
How much should I charge for dog walking?
What font do they use for the questions in "Who wants to be a millionaire"?
what are the mental and emtional problems of drugs?
In one word, how would you describe yourself ?
What newspaper did Ben Franklin write in with the pseudonym Silence Dogood?
I'm getting written up for calling in sick (TIM HORTONS)?
How can I get my money back through a paypal despute?.....paypal is saying case closed?...Item was never sent.
where does walmart on associaterity?
Funniest word you have ever heard?
How can I make a football shaped pinata?
What is the price of gasoline in your area?
What is the meaning of karma?
i ask at least three answers every day and sometimes dont even get 1 reply . why ?can you please answer my ?s
Does the book of Mormon mention poligamy?
where to buy wotlk cd key via LR money?
How do you write 150 dollars?
What does it mean to be on the "Hiring List" for USPS (United States Postal Service)?
how do you clean a dream catcher?
how much us dollars in euros?
If you could travel back into time, what time period would you want to experience?
I only have half of a 20 dollar note, is it valid if I only have one side?
Where can I get $100 in quarters in Morristown, NJ?
where on earth is the GARDEN OF EDEN located?
Where do I find past EPS (earnings per share) and past P/E (price-to-earnings ratio)?
how to calculate fixed cost?
What are the best jobs you can get at 18?
How do i sell my new invention?
how to stop a wage garnishment?
why do people film people pooping on other people?
I got a few letters from different Real Estate cos asking me to work for them which I already have a position?
How much is a 1922 silver peace doller worth ?
What do I do with this fake?
I heard that we can use tea instead of weed, is it true?
Is it true that someone sold on ebay once?
my order says shipped that meens its in the ups right?
what is the easiest trade to get if you are not very smart?
Will the economy ever get better?
i do not know about cocain that is why i asked?
accounting please help?
What is a good follow-up call after an interview?
What is a 'Marklar'?
Where are dollar bills made?
tell off the president!!?
Pls help me with time value of money question??!?
How to make 3000 dollars?
Are you a successful salesperson? I need tips!?
Which is worth more, a pound of quarters or a pound of dimes?
Question about usps p.o box?
Can big boobs make appear fatter?
gift card give-away...what time to be there?
My bank breaks Visa regulations. Where should I complain?
Money is not an object..what is the best date you can imagine?
What are some good, cheap ways of Advertising a small buisness?
how do you ask out a boy without really asking him out?
The effect of gravity on matter is the measure of (a) mass, (b) weight or (c) density?
where can i get legitimate information on first time home buyer grants and not scams?
what is the best site to list used equipment on?
What animal can travel faster than a cheetah?
Why isn't education based on individual talents rather than trying to blur everything into a mediocre stew? IQ
do you have to go to college to become a wedding planner?
What jobs are there that include you traveling a lot?
what the hell is uae?
How can i claim disability benefits ?;;?
How to find the year of make from S/N.?
What are the different elements that need to come together to bring supply chains to the optimal levels?
Do you use a calling card when making long distance Phone calls?
For the purpose of internal control, only the person who prepared them should distribute payroll checks?
is brown thrasher in endangered?
Find the wrong statement among the following that are true for more than two alternative forms of a single gen?
Bill Payments The bill was due on 28th may, but the cheque was handed over to us on 13th june. but the cheque?
is anyone out there Pentecostal?
If you reply to an email from craigslist?
Is a 5000 euro note that says 1942 worth anything?
I put my unlocked iPhone on eBay with no reserve price, but now I'm scared I'll end up loosing a lot of money!
Can you send objects in regular mail envelopes?
Will the bank block subtraction?
if you were considering purchasing a smartphone, or replacing an older model, would any of the competitive?
Kindle books billing address?
Do Australia have finance crisis?
how many acres are in the world that you can grow food on i need a estimate.?
How many engines in a Huey Helecopter?
i have $1,000.oo what is 10cent out of every dollar?
i need accounting help?
What is the best postal/mail scale you have used?
Where can i find this HSBC piggy bank?
Colleg business? Help 10 points!?
Cashing a check made out to me. Please Help?
How much does gamestop charge for shipping?
Why do people and business owners seem to only care abotu money?
Where dose Zyzzyx road off the I15 toward Las Vegas Lead too,and what dose the word mean?
who burned the ancient library of Alexandria?
Can I include this on a resume?
I'm in high school and I'm in the 9th grade and I need help with something?
Is there any good questions out there? With whole sentences that are in English?
everyone says that the taste of salt is indescribable. I disagree. Can any of you descibe the taste of salt?
I need someone to answer my question who knows about drugs?
What business networking site is best?
What is the stupidest question anyone has answered in this forum ?
The book value of the asset on Dec 31, 2009 under the sum-of-the-years'-digits method is ?
How much money do you give in tips each month. restaurants, car wash's, haircuts, etc?
Do you respond to bulk/Junk email??
Is it worth selling my stuff on Ebay?
EBAY overseas problem?
Loosing my sanity and morals due to the economy?
what is the meaning of life?
I started a small claims suit against a buy here pay here car dealership, please help! ?
what is the exact function of a rubber duck???????
how much financial aide well a family of 3 making 30000 dollars get?
Is it possible to buy the rights to random, no longer in use porn from the 80s and 90s?
A company that uses the net method of recording invoices made a purchase of $400 with terms of 2/10, n/30.?
Did Anyone Like The Tv Show Little House On The Prairie?
My friends are two-faced do i need new ones.?
How can I instantly earn a million dollars?
how much is 40,000 dollars a year?
What does it mean to be a hero?
is america number one?
How much would a job at a hollister in PA pay?
I am really confused, how does this work?
Finance and Calculate Present Value of a Loan?
Inflation in Germaney?
i want to buy on ebay and sell for a higher price for profit?
is it ok to ask for credit report before interview?
how much is 16,200 yens in japan?
Returning a used item to Best Buy ***PLEASE READ***?
Which is generally cheaper UPS or US Postal Service -slowest service-have to mail boxes of books - frequently.
Any suggestions.......?
Do I need a securities license, like a series 7 to market Long Term Notes for the owner of the notes.?
Affiliatize! Can you guys get me some reviews on...?
Can you cancel a cashiers check after the recipient received it?
how to mail earrings?!?
What do you think of the guy who is always 45 minutes late to work?
If a business borrows $20,000 and repays $27,400 in 4 years, what is the simple interest rate?
what's the percentage of change formula?
how to calculate bond value?
How would I get something patented?
accounting help please help?
MYOB Accounts receivable?
Does anyone know where I can order merchandise online?
what type of dishes do Americans make with CORN?
How long does it take to get a car loan approval?
taking each of the categories of the cash flow statement in turn ,in which direction would u normally expect?
How do i pass a Hollister interview?
accounting problems help A.S.A.P.?
You know when on a question someone says i get 150K a year like money but what does the K mean?
Why is UPS shipping so expensive?
Prepare journal entries to record each of the following sales transactions of a merchandising company. April?
What is the difference between a ticker symbol and a primary ticker symbol?
Any U.K Pay Later stores ship To NY?
What is the easiest way to make a lot of money?
what if the 20 dollar bill only had half missing?
How do you measure the size of a trade conference, and what would be considered S, M, L or XL by that method?
What's a site where I can see feedback from past customers on online vendors?
are there any department stores that take paypal?
In the book "of mice and men," what was George's last name?
What are some good ways to earn money for an 11 year old girl? (read details.)?
how to prepare a lease document?
Business Definitions of Qualitative and Quantitative Data?
How long does it take for UPS first class to arrive?
what do u do to calm down?
How much should i charge per hour for after school care?
Is anyone at monitoring this site?
how can i find the value of an old proctor and gamble bronze stamp or seal?
How much would it cost to create a hotel blueprint plan for a business project?
Should i resign from my fire department?
Double Major Or having a minor? Finance MIS Vs Accounting MIS?
If every one...?
have anyone herd of this guy named Damon Westmoreland or been scammed or conned by him if so lemme kno?
World Of Warcraft?
Does your mom still boss you around when you are 10 or up?
why is it that everyone asking questions on here are asking stupid lame questions?????????????????????????????
what are the "methods" used to estimate interest rate risk?
Would it be ok for my sister in Israel to wire transfer $8,000USD into my checking account here in the US?
How much will a pawnshop give me for a James Avery ring that's worth 70 dollars new ?
what would be life without smiles?
Who will fix the price of foods in hotels in Bangalore? or other part of cities?
What is the IRS penalty?
Is The P o r n Industry Safe And Respectible For My Daughter?
how do you get rid of hiccups?
Bankruptcy..being a business owner too..The business is so slow I think I need to close it down.However,
i am currently doing MBA finance,and it is in a distant mode,if i do ICWAI along with that will it be helpful?
Where is the Nike Bauer head quarters?
Why do girls always have to have their appearences come first in their lives?
what is the zip code of al-taqaddum iraq?
home values. begins with a z?
List 5 ways we use statistics in the tourism industry.?
I don't know about e-gold, so what is e-gold ? i wanna to learn it.?
whtas the most fun you had as a kid?
Whatsthe best way to get rid of roxi withdrawals?
How much is a silver half dollar from 1944 worth today?
how do i get two hundred dollars fast?
what is the worth for my georgivs v 1919 penny ?/?
Why do they call the small candy bars the "fun sizes"? Wouldn't be more fun to eat a big one?
Who is King James of the Bible?
hii/how i now that this man i chat with him is good or bad if i want to marry him. thanks?
How do you know when it's the right time to move out of your parents house?
Which business is good for middle class people?
how much does an average 19 year old make a year?
How are the openings for B.Tech. Computers in Bahrain?
how could i make 150$?
What to do about old Wal-mart Stocks?
How much has email and text messaging diminished letter writing and the revenues of the US postal service?
Are there any sites which can offer work online and deduct the sign up amout from payout?
pay check question i need to know how much im getting paid so i dont feel cheated?
What is the state motto of Missouri?
Can i field for unemployment ,since i am an independent contractor nurses aide working for an agency.?
where can i go patinage in summer in Fredericton?
some one haraased my son, this is their phone number, 515-570-5968, can you help me find out who it is?
Why do adults seem to think all teens are idiotic?
How can I sound louder? I feel I'am shouting at the top of my voice, but in vain, people still say I'am soft.
Can I use these fonts for my logo?
who is kate garraway?
Accounting Question...?
How much can 2000 euros per month afford you in Ireland?
How to write the amount of 13,456,889.75 ?
What one can buy with 1p in UK?
A little help with accounting? PLEASE?
Can you find someone that has a email address easily?
where is god?
How much money can you get from a non Bank Of America atm?
Do you think malls will affect small shopkeepers?
Who is a pyro? Who really likes fire? I love it sometimes! Like a lighter lighting it is fun and its kool!!!!!
Please help me with a name for a Design company!?
Babysitting Advice Please?
any good people out there?
Safeway Union Q's, i don't work much and i'm scared that union will have all my salary?
Why are accounts payable/receivable reported on cash flow statement?
How do I find a Company using there phone number?
Whats the difference between tan and clear carton sealing tape?
Has anybody ever used the website
What is your favorite vacation spot and y?
Could you provide me (^W1DOW) Historical Prices with "Spreadsheet"?
I owe money to a magazine company. i have not recieved any letters or calls in almost 5 months. ?
Where can I find any private contacts for people from One Direction´s management?
Money changer: Can I change 50 ringgit to $US?
if someone is buried, is it wrong to dig up there bodies?
Is a Visa Credit Card issued in the US able to be used in the UK?
Does anyone in the U.S.A accept Roopbles as a currency?
how much does a can of coke cost in you country?
What is meant by the term media convergence with regard to business, and how has it affected everyday life?
Tell me why??
What accounting major pays the best? Ideas for employment?
What's the cheapest UK execution only online brokerage that lists overseas companies?
rolls of nickels. where to turn them in for cash?
how hard is intermediate accounting 1?
how is a good way to lose weight without exercise and pills?
I bought a 10 k white gold ring and paid 25.00 for it, is this a good deal?
Whar are the best android apps to get?
what is 'internal contradictions of capital accumulation'?
I need to find a map of property but i dont know the exact address. i only need the woods around it.?
How many 100 US$ in the Lac Indian currency?
How do you scan money and what are the best tools to do that?
where & how do I enter an amount now paid on previous accrued expense?
Will anybody anywhere give me £5000+ to help my dream come true? PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME!?
How easy is to steal money working for a retail store?
What is the name of the Rabbit in the magic hat on the movie, Frosty the Snowman?
Does Phonezoo have any catches with charges?
How do i go about cashing in or transferring my serp pension[currently valued at £71 k?
easy per annum question?
What is the value of a 1929 Federal Reserve of Chicago Illinois five dollar bill?
why are adjusting entries necessary to portray a more accurate picture of a company's financial position?
Misspelled name on MY check?
How much can 2000 euros per month afford you in Ireland?
I want a truck so I can make money and get a job but I have no cash?
An easy to read book about options?
Does the company have to pay back more or less of the face value if it was discounted?
i had a package sent to my address via USPS priority mail. will they ship it to my house?
Can someone find me information about Accounting? What can I learn from it?
What is FOD and To-pay system in transportation ?
my dog just peed on me what shell i do?
Are there any legitimate work from home jobs?
sort code of banco de reservas?
Whats the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others?
Who has the best site: , AOL, MSN, Google or
What are some hollister interview questions?
where can i find a psp for under 100 bucks in dallas,tx?
how much do you make per hour?
What Is The Total Cost Of Buying This Item Online?
different ways of working in california?
Can someone please explain to me...?
What is the price of scrap copper per pound in columbus indiana?
why is the web full of crap?
Is it unlawful for businesses to tear down their competitions flyers in a public place such as a community col
How do I sell art online...or at all?
How big are the seeds of a 1000 pound pumpkin?
How can I stay a cashier for the rest of my life?
who do you think is the best people?
is february a good time to go to the beach in puerto rico? will i be able to bring a few mangos back on the pl
where can I get neopets cheat codes?
Do all packages come with tracking?
Do you think most charities are frauds?
What are some cool and entertaining websites for kids?
what is customer service support?
what are some nonunion roofing companies in massachusetts that pay state rate?
Accounting help grade 11 work?
Where can i buy wholesale computer parts in the uk?
How does one remove a (tiny) piece of lead from a mechanical pencil if the eraser is also too short to remove?
My AWSurveys question. Can I be banned by setting up multiple accounts?
What to do with £1000?
Does anyone use QuiBIds?
what is capital?
Is it that a iphone 4s cost 50 dollars?
is it possible to levitate?
why do some people do a pound sign like this ₤?
sold some land.buyer is not making payments.what can i do/?
where can i find a free downloadable song(B.U.L.L.S?
If you have $1000 and had to give it to 2 or more people who would you give it to and why?
If you mail something in a standard envelope, do you ever have to increase the postage rate?
What is the definition of a retailer that sells goods and services of other retailers?
What to include in capital budgeting analysis?
how can u make a very quiet girl become a naughty girl??
where can I get good quality mechanical gloves, and for what cost of money?
i need a hawthorne heights hooded/track jacket,can u please give me a website where there not sold out please?
eBay Seller - Paypal Postage and How to Ship?
Follow up phone call or email to interviewer?
Im a little slow...what's $18.00 minus 9.8%?
Do all companies need a phone and adress?
my new look store card bill can i get it on line?
Accounting Ethics help!?
age of a person like 24 years 07 month 12 days how can i calculate in excel sheet?
How is global warming affecting the atmosphere?
How do you keep a secret from your boyfriend?
Nissan Motor Company and Globalization?
How can a 13 year old make $200?
are employers allowed to tell you that overtime is mandatory?
What's the economy in France like at the moment?
Whats dose the letter "R" stands for on my payslip ?
Can you drive helicopters on GTA Liberty City?
In terms of accounting which accounts do discount allowed and discount received go in?
Should government become directly involved in the private sector of the business world?
What are quick ways to make money without a job?
Where is the invoice number on a receipt?
Are Aliens asking the same question, Do humans exist ?
I worked at a retail company for 1.5 years, I was cuz of 8 dollars worth of theft, what to put on application?
Nice and simple.....What is happiness to you?
what is the difference between salary or hourly pay mean?
The is event manager in ?
Tips on selling a VERY old guitar?
Has anyone ever used a prepay card to hire a car in France?
How much should I pay? ?
How to make small amount of money quick?
How to make 500 a month as a teen?
Clickbank affiliate program?
contingent immunization strategy, true or false?
How much do a skateboard cost?
Stuck on departure scan for 3 days now?
How does a solar powered torch actually work?
I overreacted at someone at work,and now i am scared to go today,what do i do?apologize or not?
How is money put into circulation?
Has anybody ordered anything from you give me any reviews please?
what percentage of the world are christians?
Mangement/ Accounting Question!! PLEASE HELP!?
i want to clear history in the search.?
Is WalMart now selling some or all Watkins Products?
How can I fight my phone company,they are charging for some that is not on my plan?
need to raise money! I have a business idea but need 1200 dollars to make it happen?
Whats the Max Weight for a 27 yr old??
Multiple Choice,... Accounting?
Can i purchase from this site online even though it says you have to be over 18?
Does the ups run on Saturday ?
How many cubic meters are in one liter?
Is an anteater and ardvarkk the same animal?
Need help with babysitting flyers?
why wont companies hire people over 65 that are very qualified?
How can I get a price comparison when shopping online for Montblanc Ink Pens?I havent had any luck.?
Where can i find a very cheap fire pager?
What is the best way or source of getting a grant to start a business when on full disability?
Im behind on my Nextel bill?
Does money really bring happiness?
Do You believe in miracles?
admin forms to keep records of office equipments?
What book should I read over christmas break?
Question about ACCOUNTING !!!!!?
Why do people post questions if they don't know how to spell correctly?
How to check if your allowed to open some elses safety deposit box? ?
Why r most girl obsessed with clothes and makeup?
why wont my transaction go through?
What should I sell this swingset for?
Is business management classes really worth taking?
how long should you wait to start dating after your spouse dies?
all the money in the world?
Does buying toilet paper embarrass you?
I was scammed on a Who's Who telephone call today..for 800.00. Can I stop payment .?
how to find out postal code for an address?
Why is it that people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up like every two hours?
what ever happened to those shopping carts where the backs came down?
How much is old U.S. currency worth?
how do you find a friend using their email address?
Why don't my questions get answers?
what is a good job to have at 13 years old{so i can get a cellphone and make some greens lol}?
are guys better when they are bigger or smaller?
I have lost my ATM card and found that it was used in ATM id 67812. Want to know to which Bank it belongs.?
Why do shaving cans leave a rust ring?
whos your fav celeb?
How to stop sending money for someone else through western union?
Do You Live In Illinois ?
How would I go about making sure my idea for a national system doesn't get stolen?
Is There any site that pay money for survey?
Does any one know where I can purchace 9ft, by 8ft. mirrors. or 9 ft. by 5ft If anyone knows please let me kno
How to do light meditation?
where can i find a good job?
Do you have any business name ideas?
What are bellbottoms and when did they become popular?
how to earn money in internet without pain like watching or opening web pages?
Definition and example of outsourcing, offshore contracting?
did you know i like dolphins too?!?
how did the u.s. accuire the 13 original states?
Where can I find a listing of recent graduates from the University of Kentucky, like in the last couple years?
where can I buy actual gold coins that I can take home without too much of a markup?
how important was john smith to the survival of the jamestown?why did pocahontas save smith's life in 1607?
i got an irish baby blanket made of lambswool and 10% silk ,how do u wash it ?
how much do credit cards charge you for currency conversion when you purchase a product via paypal?
what was exchange rate for French franc to £ on 2nd January 1989?
compare and contrast the organizational cultures of Gateway and Dell computer?
What's the purpose of balancing your checkbook? O_o?
Yesterday was my birthday and I had 16 visitors, who were they?
Adding bank account to paypal?
Legit work at home jobs?
What are some really good pranks to pull on my brother?
Why are you not suppose to use an electric blankets on a water bed?
Question about usps p.o box?
how can i find someone by just their email address?
USPS Standard Parcel Taking Too Long?
¡ Who Agrees?
Which one of you crazy loons have ever spotted a ghost before??? huh huh?
HELP! About UPS Shipping and Tracking.?
I have failed 2nd year of university. The problem is I have a rental contract how can i get out of it?
sample letter of request for telephone line transfer to another person?
Whats are the main italian imports and exports?
should i do my report on Elvis Presley??? Elvis Presley???
how the hell you get rid of that error message that comes that says fix you reg?
Find the value of 14x0?
do you like zumiez...?
what do the letters SOS stand for?
anyone knows a horror movies?
im 20 and im in debt BAD... is there anyway i can at least minimize it before i turn 21?
WHy is it that when you meet some one they always want to know what you look like?
Present Value of a Single Sum?
Answer this please and I will give you a hug?
Item's tracking number still at "Electronic Shipping Info Received" after 30 days, what should I do?
Am I being paid fairly?
Can someone please explain British currency?
how to get sponsorship for a radio program? how can i be more effective when asking for it? thank u ?
Should I quit wasting my time on the computer and stop getting stoned OR should I look for work?
I am in a big mess I need $5000 please, what can I do to get that kind of money? please help me?
Did I lose my chance at an interview?
What words make you laugh or giggle?
How to take illegally acquired money overseas?
was a woman ever on the two dollar bill?
Are people really born Gay?
what do saturday girls in hairdressers do, and what is the averge wage?
I cannot get the bookworm game to come up.?
when it's noon in Japan, what time is it in Lexington Kentucky?
Who makes over $400 a day?
Where to buy TREASURER cigarettes in New Delhi, India?
Where do retailers buy Iphones and Ipods from?
Discreetly spend mothers money?
What items can Fedex not ship?
one of my freinds is gayis it okay to be freinds with him?
How can I find out whether older paper money is worth anything?
What's a reasonable price to buy a cow?
Whats the difference between the 'big four' accountancy firms.?
Natwest Overdraft .. how to get rid of it?
Why is everybody so waco on here? Give Good information Please!?
What was your favorite childhood pet?
Activity Base Costing Question?
How to open my safe? Financially important!?
Refund or not give in on eBay?
Can I go to the bank and ask for a $2 dollar bill?
Could I become a lifeguard?
do saggitarians go with geminis?
i hate math!?
Where can I sell any old clothes or stuff that I don't need or use no more?
What will be the biggest industry in the next 10 years?
Do you think that rock music has influenced our youth to be more violent?
What do you do after you pass the wal mart assessment test?
How good is UPS 2 day air?
Made the same mistake at work again! What do I do?
Im 14 and i need to come up with 900 dollars over a period of time any ideas would help?
a difficulty can arise in preparing an interim report because?
How do you sell items on ebay?? Help!?
When i get drunk i am always mean and want to fight people what should i do?
i plan to start PVC PIPE manufacturing unit in madurai. please give ideas about it.and please guide me?
I want to make a publishing house, what shall I have& do to make that? & what kind of books western people lik
Last New Years Eve was horrible...Can you give me some ideas as to where to go this year? something fun!!! =)?
who here....?
are you a sheep?
how much is 18 mil pesos worth in u.s. money?
How does goodwill (accounting) work?
What does it mean when the owner of several homes wants an appraisal?
i am having a major operation and will be in hospital for moths how will I afford my morgage till i am well?
how do we help those bankrupt ?
Ordered a package on Saturday night help please !?
Accounting Help Please???!?
my company was bought out by another and wants me to stay for 6.00 less an hr.if i refuse can i collect unempl?
How long after first signing on do I get paid?
which finanical statement shows supplies on hand at the end of the year?
why are some apples red and some green?
Is patriarchy inevitable?
What is quickbooks, how hard is it to learn to use it and what type of accounting knowledge do I need?
How can i verify geneuiness of a certificate of ignou?
where would you rather live in a dream or reality?
who is suitable for hr job?
How Do We Spend XMAS-2005;With "Hard Times?"?
what do the charcters in chronicles of narnia reprecent?
Are these journal entries correct (periodic system)?
where is apple from, US or UK?
Is it worth it to buy a 100$ bond from the bank?
does anyone know how to write a resume ?
Maximizing Revenue? Please Help!!!!!?
Can anyone explain in depth about being a project manager?
a coworker blasted personal info on company e-mail (info was not bad) but I feel so violated. What should I do?
give me directions from Rockefeller to fifth saks?
does pain ever really go compleetly a way?
how much is 5,000 pesos in U.S. dollars?
Explain Warren Buffet's forward contract with the government in 2002?
Im in Singapore and im trying to find a place where i can get a money order in USD then send it to USA, thx?
An accountancy question, please help me? :)?
How do I get a company done for not refunding my money or sending the item I bought from them?
what mining of islam?
What ever happened to Ask Jeeves??? Was those questions answered by real people also?
Note from E-bay buyer restrictions ?
If you were granted 3 wishes , what would they be? Why?
What is the unit of currency in India?
i wish to know the benefits of writing by hand?
I am looking for a job in being a security officer in the reedley area.?
Does anyone know of a place that buys Crystal Jewelry?
Does anyone know how to become a secret shopper by personal experience?
i got an email saying i won 100,000,000 euros in an email lotto?
What time is it when the number of minutes since midnight is nine times the number of minutes before noon?
Formulae for magnesium nitrate?
what would i look for in a photograph that could tell me if it has been tampered with or not?
How much is a Euro worth in American Money?
it say my console was shipped on wednesday thru ups 2nd day air when should i be expecting it to arrive?
Where can I find a used furniture dealer/buyer in Los Angeles County?
is there a online checking account i can open without a deposit?
im really bored, what should I do,the kids are in bed,dishes are done, laundry is finished,?
I was sent a check from a secret shopper,how do i know if this is a legit company?
how can i sell something on ebay as "buy it now" and not a bid. i cannot find that option. please be specific.?
Accounting: Some please check me answer to see if it's correct? Thanks?
how to make money as a teen ONLNE!!!?
What would you do if you won 50 thousand dollars?
How could I be happy?
does temporary guardianship have to go through court in vermont?
What record label job is this?
I found a 1964 "silver" penny, How much is it worth?
Biffa Waste company, cost of services, please help?
Calculating Annunities?
what tattoo would look good on a woman a dolphin or butterfly or a plain rose or a rose with thorns?
financial management question.Please help?
how much will it cost to do this?
Can you please explain me equity and liabilities ?
How much can I sell my 1965 to 1969 jf kennedy coin for?
where can I exchange Indonesia Rupiah into US$ in NYC?
Information Technology?
Accounting Help please?
Fixed overhead cost include?
Full time many paid sick days does your company provide each year?
looking for bible book, chapter, verse......"few men called to teach God's word and no women".?
How to change 200,000 US Dollars to Great british pounds?
Do I have to have messenger in order to make my avatar? i tried to do it on this computer but it won't let me.
How can/do I change my password on my acct.???