Depreciation expense/accumulated amortization - please help (simple question)?
What am I going to do with all of the millions of dollars I have?
What happens to me when I die?
If I don't pay for what I ordered...?
Shipping with USPS help please?
How much should he pay for it today?
What is the biblical meaning of Passover and Exodus?
What should I buy with 1000+ dollars?
i have a whole heap of scrap copper which is the best way to flip this?
my mother is 83 and doesn't read books or listen to music any more she has no interests what can I give?
Accounting- Reclassifying Journal Entries?
how much does a course in medical billing cost?
Which one is better?
Can someone please tell me about how humid is San Antonio in the summer time. What is the average %? Thanks?
Does any one want money making kit that shows you how to make money blogging?
I am white and a female. Is there any way I can capitalize on being a virgin?
What is the best source of finance?
what are the legal requirements when ordering office stationery?
Accounting - Gain/Loss on Equipment?
What's the difference between topography and geography?
Gas bill amounts.......?
I need a template with headings for terms of references.?
Has anyone ever heard of The 2bankcash System? work from home system?
Where can I find information on the waste management industry?
What is a budget vacancy factor?
Accounting Help for Balance Day Adjustment?
Could owners of department stores hypothetically engage in corruption?
If you won the lottery,how much would you give away?Family,freinds,neighbours,charity,E…
Can you phone 7 Eleven and ask them about whether items are in stock or not.?
how much is my ukrainian money worth?
i have been paid twice by my previous company by mistake i have spent the money will they come looking for it?
help with an Accounting question?
Is 2,000 dollars a month good for a manager in North Carolina?
con't: can't remember old info, but want to keep list and screen name---help?
In what circumstances would you ignore the price on a product?
wats the average weight for a 14 yr old girl?
I am trying to move to new state and need some advice. I have made two choices no I is washington st?
What exactly IS daydreaming?
Where do some of you out there, work or do for a living?
I have an Accounting question...?
My dream is to become a stockbroker. Can someone help me please?
Just turned 18. How can i build up credit or get a loan with out a job?
Briefly explain why the present value of $10,000 to be received in 10 years is smaller with a 10% discount r?
is letit ventures company a scam?
there is company called logist courier they hire self employed couriers and pay by the mileage is it a scam ?
there are a lot of scams out there, however, does anyone know of a legitimate work at home business??
Why isn't my mom supporting me?
Suppose the U.S. Treasury offers to sell you a bond for $747.25.?
whats this question and answer thing all about, and what with the points and stuff?
who makes more money? A pharmacist that works in retailer stores like walgreens or a hospital pharmacist?
Accounting help!!!!!!!! please explain how you got the answer?
Just one more, I promise.?
Sold gift card on ebay, buyer claims to never received...?
hey where can a 15 year old work?
How to put discounts in excel invoice?
What business should i do with a capital of 50k?
how long does mail take from usa to australia?
Where do I find a list of potential investors for free?
How does my profile look on (aipoilbo in zip code 12953, 42 y/o m)?
How can i get some new customers.?
Does anyone know about SBC/Global Internet contracts? IS This Right??
What happens if there is no one there to sign for a package from UPS?
When one company acquires another (buys 100% of its equity) does the acquirer assume the target's liabilities?
Please help me with this question. ?
How do I become a billionaire fast?
If we are in a recession, how come the shops are packed and there's hardly any 'decent' deals around?
How can I make a movie and gets send to Hollywood?
how do u make that faces?
What if this happens on ebay?
does anyone asks/answers questions instead working?
Ok my tattoo has begun to peel! Now i can see little tiny white blotches underneath the peeling!?
I want to change my id. Can I do that with out getting a new account?
I got denied cashing a check?
Why when I write in English to solicitors in France do they reply in Frence?
I forgot to write DOLLARS at the end of the line?
The Price Of A Gift Plus A 19% Delivery Charge Comes To A Total Cost Of $22.61 What Was The Price Of The Gift?
Is coffie nasty?
how much salary does a registerd nurse get per month?
where i can find HSBC global banking and markets weekly review?
where can i cash a payroll check if i don't have a bank account?
need bankruptcy info on Dwight Forrister?
Isn't low cost products better than high cost products for business ?
what is the most important thing 2 u ?
Why does Oprah continue to work if she has so much money?
Anyone know a business that makes 4k a month?
im 35 years old now and have 20k in a superfund. By the time I retire, how much will it be worth?
Accounting help again?
What does Goodwill mean in accounting?
accounting accrued interest ?
What kind of contract do i need in order to hand over a company to someone?
Question on present value?
how do u organize the portfolio for the cda?
please help me find a weakness of this statement and fix the problem for me. Many thanks!!?
where can you get a job @ at age 15?
I am not crazy!!?
I am leaving a company after 10 months of employment. Do I have to pay the relocation fees?
What ever became of Rev. Clifford Orndorf of Tucson, Az. ?
Why aren't rating agencies operated by the government?
best buy electronics company has been sellig 120 USBs per week at $16 each. They are planing a price increases?
I used a company to book a vacation rental and I have not received my deposit back. What can I do?
does a person lose real property in a divorce if he is an alcoholic???
Will they require my ID when I buy USPS money order?
What's with the new Amex gift cards?
Does anybody know if min wages are goin up?
How do you approach your boss about an uneven work load?
what is the best way 2 b a good businessman?
What is the current value of gold in grams?
How much is charged at a machine for changing coins into paper cash?
kiev is the capital of this nation that was once part of the soviet union?
what is the birthdate of ramanujan?
Why might a merger fail (finance question)?
Do you wish you could live forever (your present earthly life)? Why or why not?
How much would this cost?
Can an employer require its employees to provide their own cell phones?
Where can I go to get the jewelerry valued honestly?
do think it is important for me to go to college?
How much money should ask for washing a car?
what is a pool car? part of a wage package!?
How do you calculate OT earnings?
How much per year for an accountant?
Do cockroaches freak you out?
what is areo gel?
How to raise $200-400 in a month?
Which of the following companies is most likely to use job order costing?
what are the charges for returned checks at credit unions?
How do I dollar cost average?
What were the first false teeth made of?
If my work sent my check out would i get it the day after they sent it?
If Germans are the most short tempered ,which people are the coolest?
I have a phone number and would like to see where it is located can anyone help me find a site to check it out
18 yr old working without pay?
I'm looking for the word to a song called "Walk On" Some of the words are When you walk through a storm
need to know about tied tubes?
Looking for a slogan? Help Please. Im designing a new choc bar for a project, its called Indulge......?
How can I change the habit of impulse ?
fixed cost and variable cost for a retail store?
What is today's date?
What is the location of Cozumel, Mexico?
What qualifications are needed to be a accountant?
What does this mean?
what are the disadvantages of meetings?
How much does a hooker cost?
What are the problems associated with building banking in poor areas of Africa?
Why do people choose to watch TV over read a book?
why is the word word a word?
What was your favorite dream?
why can i get needles exchanged and i cant buy weed?
how to cure stuttering?
Do you know any good sports networks?
Can I cash checks that were written almost two years?
What jobs will let a 14 year old work with a work permit and blue hair?
How does technology helps business professionals to be more efficient?
How can information systems help a business with different market places?
What country will start world war 3, if any?
if 7-11's are open 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, why are there locks on the doors?
usps help "acceptance"?
What careers are linked to business ?
Question about the gas price??
should a 14 year old be able to go out with a guy?
I plan to import guitar amplifiers into the US. What types of certification do I need?
I'm going to open up a record store but I need help with a name?
Is it wrong in faith/religion to be rich?
How to start my own company?
has anyone used or knows anyone that has used online business systems?
Why aren't we allowed to talk on our cellphones while waiting in line in the pharmacy department?
How Can A 12 Year Old Make Money?
Best way to get out of a fight?
How much does it cost to skywrite something?
Which is fastest to send presents to Alaska, USPS or UPS?
Does this answer service allow you to reject all answers, rather than select one as the "best answer?"
What jobs let you travel the world?
Why am I not being charged anymore?
why are guns so easy to buy in america.?
You want to convert a list price to a total selling price including an 8% sales tax. By what single number wou?
Accounting Help Pleasee!!!!!!!!?
Who thinks that is the best website ever??????
what is the difference between a c-pap @ a bypap machine?
Does anybody know anyone who is both african and italian?
American company produces good in another country and imports it back to the US.?
Whats ur favorite Flower??
Walmart sent me two of the same item by accident. what to do?
Where can I learn to kiteboard in san francisco?
can one become a part of swat without any police background?is there a school?
Can anybody help me with a finance homework question? ?
who wiil like to have grand thrieft auto for free?
what does the symbol <3 mean?
Who is your role model or the person you look up to the most, and why?
financial accounting true or false help?
Why am I being charged by a utility for "bill issuance"?
Accounting Questions.?
Is there a way to order rings paying with cash?
whats the website for Legacy Visa?
how much money do you get for recyling cans? (Hollister,California)?
Can a company run a "commercial credit" check without my permission or knowledge?
Good accounting books?
moneyskill life simulation?
Fedex delivery question?
Do travel mugs/thermoses wear out, buisness people?
Enquiry about return of money after sending a cheque?
In how many ways can two married couples attending a concert be seated in a row of four seats if?
Will I get my package before christmas?
i want to be a talent agent like ari gold from entourage?
how to make a propertey manager mad if moving in 2 days?
what do you include in total debt?
I have problem understanding how cashback works?
What is Music?
Who is the tallest man in the world?
Where can I purchase Air Griffey Max shoes with paypal?
If everyone agreed to give up gas cars (as long as EVERYONE agreed) would you?
Are the companies that pay for surveys for real or a bunch of scammers?
Where can i get 1000.- so easy ? like in one or 2 weeks ?
How much is my 2 dollar bill worth?
Can someone please explain this in simple english?
Stimulus plan will fail in the end?
What to do in Las Vegas during the day?
Write programing to find different machine product have different price?
what's a good way to make my new business know across the world? I know that getting a web site is one way.? can you do a show on how to live on disability?
What are some do's and don't during an interview?
is it possible to convert electrict outdoor lighting to gas?
Require Assistant Finance Controller for Hotels and Resorts - (5 Star hotel experience candidates )?
what is the price on mileage on a motorbike?
Have you ever been so broke you couldn't even pay attention?
Where can a 17 year old get a job in Sunrise/Plantation Florida?
What is yelcka? Could it be a tree?
does anyone know anywhere that pays you to lick envelopes or other work like that?
How can go about fixing my credit and raising my credit score?
Ice Cream Carts - How Much Does It Cost To Buy Ice Cream Carts?
How much money is spent on information technology per year?
how does custody work when the custodial parent dies suddenly?
The Price Of A Gift Plus A 19% Delivery Charge Comes To A Total Cost Of $22.61 What Was The Price Of The Gift?
If you receive a check in error from a company how much time do you have to repay ?
What is the equivalent term of inventory in bank?
what is 's customer service departments phone number?
Does anyone know a farm investor?
Why is money called dough?
what can I do with the debt collection agency?
If I helped a coworker find cigarettes which were sold to a minor, am I liable for the fine?
$2,000 salary to buy car on installment?
Does weed stop teenage growth?
I have arthritis in my knees and it hurts everyday what can I use to stop the pain?
Assuming that a periodic inventory system is used, what is the amount allocated to ending inventory on a FIFO?
if im in a fight how can i win if there is more of them(10) than me and my friends(3)?
If I lied about my age on a site that you had to be 18 for, could they do anything about it?
what are the signs of an unfaithful girlfriend or wife?
Where does held mail go, and how do I get it?
Would you pay for someone to call you for a wake up call?
What can be good business in present time?
A website that I can look up ancesters of my grandparents that are still living.?
i am looking for a dance shoe store in delaware?
what are you listeniing while asking or answering?
why is it that some men/boys think that they are invisible / unable to beat/or lose to someone?
what's 20% of $4,226.00?
Wednesday night and I can't log on to Chase. Anyone else having the same problem?
how do you clear the searchh history on ?
cost of goods help? (accounting)?
How does currency trading work?
What is the highest building in the world?
Which US banks will accept a Canadian check for deposit?
Is there a way to add money to a paypal account using a Visa Prepaid Card?
Accounting Help Please???!?
does lifelock stop id theft?
Do you have any good Document Filing Reference System?
I need to mail a flyer out to a whole apartment do I obtain all the addresses, names and numbers?
I can't track the package that I sent through USPS?
What information does a partership deed contain ?
what are the parts of an advertismant?
3000 aud I need transfer fee for western union?
Is the risk worth the reward?
What should I do if a client asks for my phone number?
at what age did you lose your virginty?
How to journalize inventory transactions in perpetual system?
why are Tsunami waves hard to spot off offshore?
Accounting help Please!!?
have u ever bought from uk-mini-motos do u trust them did the product arrive was it how they described it in?
What is everyone doing this weeked?
What is the answer to live, the universe and everything?
How to write a resignation letter, please help urgent?
Did my letter in the mail ever get to the right place.?
If you were granted 1 wish would it be for yourself or for someone else? what would it be and why?
If the manager says this to you?
What shipping company (ex. USPS, UPS, FedEx) does Abercrombie Kids and Macy's use?
Intermediate Accounting Question?
i need to know the daily praying time here in Abu Dhabi - UAE ?
economic social political or technology trend that significantly affects financial institutions?
Pros & cons of E-Shopping & E-Banking?
Search engines - what do they search for?
I recently saw an episode on South Park about Metrosexuals. What is your definition of a Metrosexual?
Do you believe that people choose to be gay or are born gay?
What's the cheapest way to ship a 65-pound box from New England to Florida?
Is this a good life plan? Move to America and be an Accountant.?
What time does usps deliver mail in palm springs?
Regarding retail jewelery stores, what is the mark up when selling diamonds?
Where can I find wholesale drop shipping shoe Companies?
Ok if you won 2 billion pounds what would you do with it?
How much is this watch worth?
How much should a 24 pack of beer cost?
whats the meaning of "blonde"?
I have a long lost friend who died may 9,2004. i just found out today, is there any free obtituary searches?
what is the truth with this role ?
does mcdonalds allow my age?
My grandpa has 12 million dollar, is he included in the list of top 1000 richman in the world?
Have you ever felt like you would never smile again?
Can i find a job in the London as an economist?
where can i find a good job, good paid, anywhere else then america(tierd of it)?
Financial Advisor code of ethics question? PLEASE HELP?
may i know any one who doing CFA singapor or usa degree?
Will I overdraft because of a check written today?
what is a pen?
Is it weird that I write lists for almost everything?
How much to sell iced coffee for?
What happens to all of your debit if you pass away before paying them off?
how can i get rid of the hiccups?
Where do I go complain to about UPS rescheduling?
top 10 things must in visiting palma de mallorca?
Could you please give me some links about e-banking statistics?particularly statistics...PLEASE!!?
Who is lucky in the world?
How much is infinit +infinit?
I hate Wal-Mart. Do you and why?
USPS First Class Mail Question!?
why did God create me? (a 25 years old girl)?
I operate a reseller and distributor business. How can purchase order financing help my business grow?
what can i do after MBA with finance ?
a hundred dinars is just the same as how much U.S money?
Do any young people like Tupperware?
Selling on craigslist locally, want to ship.?
In an emergency, when you call 911, can they refuse to come?
what does price sensitive mean in business terms?
Best effective way to rid lice?
Can we get to the bottom of the money laundering machine i.e the SEN - SEX ?
Should I list my "business" on my application work history?
Will my Package come tomorrow TUE or Wednesday?
I have an antique decanter which is produced in 1810 - 1910. How do I find out how much it worth to be sold?
Where can I exchange canadian $ to dollars?
Is it me or is it just the tough times?
what's the delivery truck that has a dog carry a package in it's mouth on it?
PLEASE HELP!im do i make $5,000 in 6 months?
to sell old currency?
Accounting question{MCQs}?
Is having an afro ok as an UPS driver?
write an audit report on sony india...?
My stepdaughter asked me on a field trip. Teacher said enough "real" moms going. Should I be offended?
Does anybody know how long it takes to get a package from Australia to the US?
do dreams really have meaning?
My fiance of two years got a girl preg. when we were split he wants to sign his rights away wil he have to pay
how good is it to keep talking openly to your friend?
Economics help: Effect of financial markets on current stock?
Will I have to sign for a package from UPS?
Is there a wilhelmina modelling agency in the Uk?
I need a good and quirky name for my painting company. Any ideas please?
if your knees bent backwards what would your chairs look like.?
When you order something from must you be home to sign something when it arrives?
What would gas companies do if we all stopped buying gas for a full month?
where can i find a reliable and a not so reliable source on the economy?
why do women were bras?
qualities of a best hotel?
How much more money would it cost on a monthly bill to?
I need advise~ overbearing, mentally unstable mother in law.?
how to earn money when your not even 13?
What can't i just be normal?
Coke or Pepsi? Which do you prefer and why?
how do you get money really quickly without the labour?
Why can't most of you spell?
Selling reports.................?
Would you make the journey if it carried a 50% risk of death?
Should I dye my hair darker??? or stay blonde?
Is Producing for inventory ethical?
why do performance evaluation systems break down?
Accounting help with net present value?
Can one man destroy the economy of the USA?
What do you tip a barber?
What is the number of 911?
is it illegal for you to give your PIN number to someone else?
Is it possible for a 17 year old to earn more than $10 an hour?????????????????
Do i need to take anything with me to the Hollister Interview? plzzzzz Helpppp?
Multiple-Step Income Statement.....I'm stuck?
What do you really think about Wal*Mart?
Is there a charge for cashing a money order?
is having a demand for toilet paper a good sign for the economy? does this mean we're getting back on track?
How do you deal with a friend that you always end up paying for and who uses your personal stuff w/o asking?
where can i find an email address for a friend in another state?
Why are organizations formed in our society?
How to start a farming business with a 600 ha land overseas?
401k hardship withdrawl $ what am I getting into.?
Are they liable for giving me that information. i mean im asking for someone elses address without there per?
what is the meaning of the word Katrina?
the way we sleep, is there a reason?
why is it that schools are against freedom of speech?
I would like to change my ID from present to ALREHMAN_01 how can I do this??
How long is the process of acquiring an ATM card?
What are the common features of a bond and how would each affect the value of a bond?
how to make hair stronger?
How to be rich and get retired before my 30s?
What *number do I press, to make my telephone number private?
Where is the exact location the package that i sent to the philippines by usps ?
My baby has ripped A £20 note up.What do i do?
Which would create more the most risk for a purchasing investor?
National insurance car?
Is it a big deal to you that the oil industry is the most profitable in the market?
My mother never taught me. How should I clean my bottom to keep it healthy? I tend to sweat and itch a lot.?
silver prices on eBay?
What is Better Business Bureau Agency (BBB)?
uncollectible accounts?
how do I search for someone with their maiden name?
Business Finance Major looking into getting into Healthcare Administration?
Question about when my package will get to me?
Name your favorite dessert.?
is it illegal to request the ID of a salesman?
How much is a silver half dollar from 1944 worth today?
How do you use a cash register?
hotel and resort service fees?
What is the secret to India’s growing economical success?
Do I have any rights my roommate broke her lease and we had verbally agreed to split utilities.?
Hollister AAA outfit question?
What would I write in a letter to a company I was employed to for 2 weeks that owes me money?
Simplify using order of operations: 5 x (-31 - 2^5) over 2 x 2+5?
What is an invoice???
Is it required to have a PayPal account to buy on eBay ?
can you please send me actor surya's mail id ? gives failure delivery,?
whos the best wrestler of all time? hope you say randy orton?
How would u spend 1 million dollars and balance ur check book?
americans view of the irish?????
can someone help me find an amature poem site?i lost it somewhere?
how long after a devorce can a community property trail be held?
Please help. How do I take the money back that I sent to someone on paypal? My payment is also unclaimed.?
How do I stop a company from constantly calling me trying to sell me something I don't want?
What are the best gold detector out there? I mean the real advanced ones.?
How can i become a milliner?
If you paid 99000 for a truck and the salvage value was 9000 and you drove the truck 22500 miles the first fou?
How can i make seven hundred dollars in one month ? the llegal way?
Black Friday at Best Buy?
me and my exbotfriend broke up because hes still in love with his ex but we still love each other what to do??
If a missing person sees their picture on a milk carton that offers a reward, would they get the money?
Why do currency conversions have all those numbers on the end?
Ihave never seen a $10 bill, do they still make them?
what is the best video game of all time?
how do i stay awake all night?
How to check company registration?
does anyone know anybody who sells wholesale psn vouchers?
Explain this finance lingo in simple English please?
where can you find Neo- so sick of love songs lyrics can't find them anywhere?
Accounting Quiz, Help Please?
Job Application Question: how will you bring positive energy to the team?
1+1-1+1+1-1+1+1+1-1-1+1+1-1-1-1-1 equals?
What is the real answer to 1+1?
how send free sms from pc to iraq mobile?
Is it possible for me to withdraw my PF money from previous employer(India)?
what it mean by the collegial responsibilties of CPA firms?
How much in todays dollars would 4,200 dollars be in 1912?
I have only a phone number and I need to find out who's it is but it is a brazilian phone number .PLEASE HELP
is the end of the world near?
Is there a way to find out if someone has a blue warrant in Texas? besides the obviously being arrested on it?
Can Forex broker change my strategy ?
I am diamond trader,i wanna start export of diamonds,but how do i? whts the legal procedure?how do i get start?
How do I move over 2500 sq. ft. of furniture, household items, etc. into a 10 X 15 ft. storage building?
What is business cycle?
What is the maximum US doller i could send India so that any department doesnot rise any unwanted questions to?
Accounting cost information for dental clinic?
How long does USPS Priority Mail International take to get to the UK?
i live in norfolk va and want to know if anyone knows how much med billing and coders make hourly startn out?
How can I find article about a bank robbery in Robinson,IL on Feb.1,2006?
do yuou like this name?
Do you know where i can find an interviewer?
Rules on selling fakes on eBay?
How do i get the hiccups?
Friends who were raped!?
hi people on answer beta?
What are the statistics of coupon use from a restaurant newsletter?
what is the hardest job of all?
Business Finance question?
Why should the U.S. aid Japan? Debate?
Accounting: FIFO and LIFO?
Police Departments?
How to get my money back?
whats some cute baby names for a girl and a boy..???
Mystery Internet Shopper?
can anyone give me 6 slang words??
I need jokes?
Present & Future Value?
eBay buyer wants to return a dress that has no returns accepted policy due to "wrong sizing"?
Is the gall bladder has something to do with baldness?
Durable Power of Attorney Questions?
What is a wireless pabx system?
How much is american money in caribeans bahams?
Business Law questions need help checking them?
where do hiccups come from?
How Do I take $100 and make the biggest possible gain in 30 days?
Where can I get wholesale items with cheap products and cheap shipping?
can you turn 4.125% into a decimal?
Do you sleep better or worse in a strange enviornment, like a hotel on vacation, etc?
how do i get money... hint im 13!?
If quiters never win and winners never quit who came up with quit while your ahead?
Part - Time At Home Jobs?
Did Samsung really pay off Apple with $1 billion worth of 5c coins? If so they are legendary?
Is there any reason why a "new collar" worker would not want the same benefits and clout that "blue collar
how to say good luck and good bye to the boss?
Describe a procedure for monitoring performance.?
How much Papaya puree does Philippines and India export per year?
What is your wage per year?
what do females law enforcement officers feel they have something to gain from being a law enforcement?
where did we first get money?
Using Porter's Five Forces Model, analyze Apple's buyer and supplier power?
where to find easy to do crafts?
what is the champagne room?
if 1000 pcs cost 3.92 ,how much does 700 pcs cost?
why do woman think they can do what they want and go out with uther guy's when there with someone can some one
Is a true company or a fraud?
i need help with accounting 1?
Who are the stakeholders of McDonald's?
How much can I make with a AS in accounting?
If i purchased a adult ticket from disney but person cancelled can i get refund.?
How much does it take for a letter to get there from Europe to Asia?
Paypal is requesting SSN, ID, etc.?
please help canadian disability and life insurence?
The accounting cycle, please help?
Im 14, from a broken home and desperate for money.?
How much does it cost to take the bar exam?
I am having an affiliate program and i want to track booking activities of my user, then send them mail?
How long do you have to work in a company before you can ask for a payraise?
How much would a beetles lunch tin in good condition cost?
How would you explain this properly?
General Journal Accounting Entries: Question for which accounts and DR & CR?
How to determine Common Stock?
how can I get the best price for my coin collection?
Where can i get wholesale items from for my business?
whatever happened to one of my heroes, Reginald Denny, who was beat up during the L. A. Riots?
How do I clean a silk tie?
Does anyone have a good invention idea!?
How to make money fast a teenager?
What are the revenue allocation?
full settlement of personal loan.?
Is my USPS insured package lost - I'm an Ebay seller?
what is the differance between british pounds campared to the US dollar?
International Business Question: Expanding Overseas?
I need a Costume that is Chinese and I only got until the 3/9/06?
PLEASE READ!!! Need Help fixing my terrible money skills which are hurting me?
Do banks have to take my rolled coin?
do gas stations sell cigarettes that already have weed?
what site do you go to in order to look up someone's charges?
Can anyone help on claims?
help please ? easy 10 points?
What should I do if I hit a boy I really like and made him cry?
ripped of on ebay, payed by bank transfer, seller was phoney, what can i do?
$5 US $7 Canada -- why is everything more expensive in canada?
can you get high off of pseudoephedrines?
I want to buy a new honda activa on downpayment what is the minimum price?
How & whom to approach to share my research work.?
If you had a friend who betrayed you in highschool, only to win best dressed over you how do u approach them?
Question about unemployment insurance-please help?
please help! how do i get my money back on ebay ?
From the foregoing, compute the following: (a) total net revenue, (b) net income, (c) dividends declared durin?
Does UPS Deliver on Saturday with Overnight shipping?
Accounting Homework Help Please?
I need an up and coming name for my record company. What do I name it?
question related to dishonoured cheque....plz help?
Will my bank give me a loan for a car. i am 19 on a low apprentice wage. please help.?
What are the easiet ways to get rich in life???
How do i (delicately) remind my employer that he needs to pay me?
Government Action on Business Account?
Metal Scrap Yard Planning?
how can I check up on a lawyer I want to hire, his track record and what not?
What makes one a successful man in his career?
what's the percentage of change formula?
Need to take donations for a friend hurt by Hurricane Sandy?
are you a good person?
if you were stuck in a lift with anyone who would you choose to be with?
so i got this wlamart gift card for 100 dollars i want this phone for 150.00 please read the detail.?
Can anyone tell me what this means exactly? I have a trust fund but am not sure how much power I have to?
where does area code 234 come from?
Why the end of year is the sale off seasons?
Which of the following is CORRECT?
Accounting Help please?
tips on how to pass call simulation?
Why does the car dealership want to request a tax invoice from my finance company so far in advance?
Would you be devastated if you lost $9000?
what brand close do u wear???
Why China produce many fake things? And if they make their own brand, mostly the products have low quality?
what do you do when your bestfriend want to go with your boyfriend?
Why do people still use check cashing services?
Demand and Supply curves!!?
How n where can we change a one million dollar us bill in india?
How much are these worth? this is a question about gold. Desperate college kid!?
facilitating agency define?
why doesnt ups show my tracking info?
Im extremely sad!. I really like this one guy but he doesnt like me in the sameway. What should i do?
What is the minimum wage in New York State?
I don't know what to do?
Please help with this simply accounting question?
How much is $100 with a discount of 15%?
Accounting Question! Need Help!?
I have exactly half of a ten dollar bill. If I take it to the bank, will they give me a new one?
My post paid bill amount?
which is the smallest country in the world?
I am looking for the list of national & international banks operating in UK?
Ex-boss *refusing* to pay!!!?
I need help!!!?
Whats the difference between vengence and revenge?
Has anyone heard of a business calles community service help?
where do i get help with my elec bill?
USPS tracking not updating?
littlewoods bnpl codes...please help?
Are you today what you thought you would be in high school?
Skyrim, can't join thieves guild.?
eBay maximum bid question?
how much interested was charged?
how much does a dealer make in las vegas?
international letter has been 'Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility' for 4days now?
how would I go about finding a picture of .45 colt revolver that labeled the parts?
why is entrepreneurial ability separate branch?
If you were born again do you have two bellybuttons?
Forgive and forget or sweet sweet revenge?
What the actual value of the American Buffalo Gold coin? Since its not solid gold?
Do they recycle these questions? Just curious?
How much moeny sgould i save to get200$?
Best rapper ever?
minture polymer clay shoes?
Is it right time to buy Physical Gold on short term (for 1 to 3 m) b4 Diwali? Wht wd be the price by Dec end?
Selling a website question?
What's a good gift for a 13 year old boy?
Interest rate of +1%, what does that mean?
Does anyone know how much edible arrangements pays an hour for front desk?
solve this riddle?
Why is the vet so expensive? Can't it be like bulk billing or something? (Australian healthcare)?
when are we going to run out of oil?
Does UPS ship items on weekends?
If you found a 100 dollar bill...?
want is the difference between a loan officer and a mortgage broker?
How much does Target make?
I won a million dollars?!!!???
The Balance Sheet (extract) of Moon Sdn. Bhd. as at 31 December 2003 is as follows: Moon Sdn. Bhd. Balance Sh?
can we see dead people?
is it weird if my former teacher from 7 years ago says he thinks and talks about me all the time?
What can i buy with £683 ($1,041)?
Idea for Youtube channel (earning by youtube),(example: vloggers,gaming etc)?
why do we cry when some on hurt us?
Workplace mistake. What can I do?
What is the name of the mexican comedian that talks about him taking over an airplane?
What is an easy way to shrink your jeans and make them more slim?
did I steal gas from a gas station?
Why do people call large plumbing companies then complain about price?
Will Liberty Reserve come back?
how do they deliver air mail?
Does a Partnership firm's name starts with 'M/s.' OR only companies have to write it?
How to calculate multiple IRR?
how do you get rid of the hiccups?
If someone just got hit by a car and u saw it, then you were goin out later that day...would u still go?
Do u like President Bush?
Is it okay for kids to make money online?
Investors Beware! Now that Macy's, Inc. and Barnes & Noble are preparing for bankruptcy, what does that say?
Have a couple accounting problems, due on Sunday?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
what is the best way to bring up your self esteem????
Accounting, what happens to the accounting equation when.....?
the accountants role in the organisation?
whats the cash limit you can spend without raising any eyebrows?
What would i do if my best friend eats herself?
what sells well one ebay?
how are pens manufactured?
If you know some of Companies are issued those positions, pls let me know. tks?
Is ************* reliable and safe?
If I dispute fraudulent charges, will they be able to tell me who is withdrawing from my account?
How would you spend your time if suddenly there is no more electricity in the world?
Help! Package not received after 27 days. What's wrong?
How do I make 45,00000 dollars in a week?
I am deeply Christian. What do I do when my 15 yo daughter ridicules me about prayer and says she's an athiest
Men, do you like women that are all natural, meaning not shaved legs and armpits?
Is smoking weed bad?
How is life in London?
how long does it take just to take a bath?
whats 20.00 dollars worth to you?
A multiple choice question...?
I need help with this question.?
Do I buy a nice phone and risk being out of gas?
is there an employee by the name of Tharen in the UK?
How do you determine price markup?
Where is my package USPS?
can someone help in naming my business it is a cleaning company I like it to end with inc.?
Where can I find an independent investor for my latest invention; based on patent application10/021,656?
not sure what this should be called?
What strategies might you use to communicate the use of data effectively in written business reports?
how do prices send signals in the market?
I have to do a project but i dont understand what to do can someone help me?
Which investors tend to invest in start-ups Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists?
How often do you change your avatar's appearance and/or your nickname?
how can you estimate the value of your web-site?
what is the value of a united states quarter dollar 1965?
Managerial Finance?
how much money doctors make monthly?
I can tell that you are a corny looser cause if you weren't you wouldn't take offense fogots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
were you a bully or have been bullied in school?
what is the quickest and easiest way to get rich?
Simplest Bankruptcy Question?
which is the main purpose of the networking?
Xavier Construction negotiates a lump-sum purchase of several assets from a company that is going?
I keep being billed by an unknown source called Help 24/7 for 12$?
Why does superman have to change from his clark kent clothes into his superman costume before he flies?
how much does £561 postal order cost?
flavor of love reality tv show?
I am tring to find my old friend,what's the best way?
Is there anybody making 100% of there income from online sources?
Do all packages come with tracking?
Does the awarding of points motivate you to answer these questions?
if the price of donuts were to fall what do think would happen to your demand for coffee.Rise or fall?Why?
what is the procedure or documents involved for export sales of granites?
Have you ever noticed how much all of us on the Answers site look alike?
if a car dealer cashes your deposited cheque before you are actually accepted by their finance company?
Basic Accounting help! Determine the cost of ending inventory for FIFO and LIFO?
How much is petrol/gas where you are?
Where can I buy one direction merchandise?
How much gold (in 1kg bars) can you buy for 50 million dollars?
Write a brief explanation of the U.S. Rule, including a specific explanation of why, in the last step of the U?
Can you answer questions in Swedish too?
Emergency bank wire transfer cancellation?
How do I put together a business portfolio for my boss for his would-be partners?
how can i raise my IQ??
Pension plan. Is there a way a person can find out how much they will be getting a month?
is there a nepalese embassy in the philippines?
A suit coat that is marked down 35% has a sale price of $292.50. Use the sale price?
Is there any way to get help to get my children xmas presents? I'm a single mother and I can't give kids xmas!
A mail order company sent me a sale catalogue & generous discount offer BUT?
How much is the worth of 1942 penny?
What date is the last day of Winter?
Whats the best science magazine?
when you buy a gift card for someone is there a tax fee included?
how long to ship from 19116 Philadelphia to 73096 oklahoma via priority USPS?
How to better use the time while you are on the way to company (it is usually >1 hour)?
I`m 34 I`ve never paid my federal income taxes. Who can I contact or how can I fix this?
how to make money online?
How much would it cost to go to L.A for 2 weeks?
Are t here screens in different languages.?
why is it important to bring stuff on time?
How do i answer a question that someone else posted?
Explain the difference between the organic growth of a business and growth by acquisition?
does anyone know where i can SELL my gentle used clothes?
I need help with my home work, whats a good site for me?
Where can I get reviews about 1 hour advance?
How would you journalize this transaction?
im 15 so can i work at hollister or abercrombie?
boys only please?
difference between IAS and IFRS?
Americans only please...............What do you like/love about America?
Why I have 110 characters to work with?
yes i did mean to say that?
How to obtain a business license or permit?
cheapest calling card of india?
How can I get filthy rich without doing any work or any thing stressful?
When changing one currency to another why do some countries only take brand new notes?
when will Bonnie Hood case be aired?
how was helen keller able to communicate with other being that she was blind and deaf?
Respond in 200 to 300 words, to the following: o What is a flexible budget? o What are the steps to d?
can we send money from africa to india throw western union?
Cover Letter .............?
How do i go about reclaiming my bank charges?
what is the best way to write a letter someone prove that you have sent it in order to use?
What's the single most popular gift this holiday season?
Can a high-school student fit the qualifications for the Series 7 exam or the CFA?
what kind of toilet paper do u use ?
Do you dream in colour?
WHAT DO YOU consider A P.R.E.P?
what age is best? 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90?
Ideas for writing a "bad news letter" for my business communication course?
General delivery at post office?
What is an official employee group in the workplace?
failed e-mail money transfers?
is anything good in this world that u actually like to eat?
how much is my rs account worth?
what is the most demandable course in finance?
Can anyone give me advise on how to save money?
Sams Club more expensive?
can people become Spiderman by getting spider DNA?
Help with calculating a bonus (accounting class)?
when demand and production for a product increases in the world of marketing, what usually decreases?
I`m looking for my first husband can you help me find him ?
Currency conversion help...?
I just received a letter from the prize express stating that I won $3,721,262.41 and I want to know howtruetis
how do the website owners benefits from their websites. i mean to say that....?
How long for ems shipping ?
Do you believe God?
whom do I contact to find out about getting moving expenses paid when on SSI?
Whats the special word for wanting it to be speical Can you spell it?
What can i do with £20 notes that are out of circulation.Clearing my Grandmothers house and came across £800
When is a note payable considered long-term?
Do you think that this was right?
simple accounting.. i need help?
my boss ask me to write a management training proposal to win a tender can?
give me johns (actor) address and phone no?
i have this coin and would like to see if it's worth anything..i have pics I can email?
How to make money over Internet?
why don't most dvd movies cover the whole screen?
export coke (coal) from australia to indonesia?
when is the next Friday 13th?
How did the understanding of currency for different countries buying & selling establish itself?
how to get hiccups?
UPS tracking question...?
Which "COMPUTER" company in USA can offer me a salary of $500000/- per month?
Need help with business plan?
This is useless!?
I have a question about kohls cash?
How Can I Make Quick Money In 2 Weeks LEGALLY?
Is George Bush an idiot?
Don't you know that it is worth every treasure on earth to be young at heart?
What should I call my non-profit organization?
I left my 1st company in 2008July. In between i joined one company for 4yrs and now joined a new Company.Recen?
eBay Seller - Paypal Postage and How to Ship?
How do u make a **** load of money in an extremely short amount of time, seriously.?
ShOuLd I dO iT???
Where do you note "outsourcing activities" in a balance sheet?
Where can I buy vannilia coke. I use to get it at a vending machine but it has it no more?
way iPhone5 cost £529 in UK and only $199 in USA?
can you make money off having people download items?
does an Executive Summary should be include in the original report or should it be a seperate document?
how are the hours in hollister ?
Moving Out Soon, Costs and Expenses?
where can i find a reliable and a not so reliable source on the economy?
How do I love my step-son like my own? I have 5 kids that are mine & one that is not in my home.?
How can I make some quick money because I'm broke and almost out of gas for my car?
How much is a full mounth of veneers?
Am I capable of getting SSI?! My family is not poor... But I'm schizo-affective?
What festivals did the anicent Greecks celebrated ?
How do i send PayPal a Tracking Number?
what happened to my portfolios?
If the government raises taxes for those who need welfare, will therebe more or fewer inventions? why?
why do people hardly ever say "your welcome" anymore after you say thank you ?
Does pancakes sound good or smell good(??)?
How much would you pay?
would you buy my invention??? I NEED YOUR INPUT!!!?
Does getting ur nose pierced hurt?? and does it look good?? and is it a pain to clean and take care of??
safety procedures to be followed during installation of 33 KV transmission line?
Are you allowed to ship replica items over seas?
what is the weelky salary for 5.50 an hour?
I just bought one of those ear warmer thingies that's wrapped in sort of a ball. How the hell do I open it?
Can anybody find me three different medical suppliers?
how do i calculate payback period?
Need a website that can give me the options needed in order to build a website that can collect donations and-?
What do you tip a cabbie in the US?
Forex Regulations in foreign countries?
"Statement From Date Should Not Be Greater Than Current Date"?
how do i approach a business with an idea without them stealing the idea? 10 points pls help!?
Where can I sell my books for money?
How much are states or local governments responsible for paying for the health care bill?
what does it mean to "jump the shark"?
Im trying to compare 2 spreadsheet and put the value to another cell in those spreadsheets.?
I can't remeber a name of a fantasy movie,and I dont know who the actors are.But i can remember some things:
Why one twin is smarter than the other.?
What's the secret to doing well in accounting?
Is a return adress REQUIRED fo an envelope?
Accountancy... What is the best approach?? Take "certificate in accounting" at OU?
Non-paying bidder??
Informational Posters Updating Question?
what is the meaning of charlene?
How do I find my cousin, Kathy Baker?
what is a bot?
how do u tell some one to leave u alone when ur in love with them?
what is a werewolfe?
Why are welders so well paid?
Status of my reward bonus.!U-verse sign up?
Stressed out because of work. Help please.?
How can I make more money?
how many 9s exist between 1 and 100? can any one tell.?
Celebrity comparing?
how to find accumulated depreciation given...?
If I won the lottery..?
Customs number for shipping(USPS): LJ 020 465 975 US. can somebody help me to track this item in india..?
Ordered clothes from Hollister help?!?
Desperate in Need. Please help...?
how do i edit my busness card to correct the telephone number and comments on the card?
Why car factories are not allowed to manufacture cars in large quantities and make the price affordable.?
Skyrim: returning the thieves guild to it's former glory?
A discount store sold plastic cups for $3.50 each and ceramic cups for $4 each. If 400 cups sold for 1458.?
How do you convert annual expenses to monthly expenses...?
How can we learn from each other?
Accounting help!! salvage value! plz help!?
Who founded lightning? Where did it come from? Where was it first founded? Has anyone you know ever got struck
what exactly is a bank disclosure statement? and how do I get one?
Please answer quick!!! Is this a scam?? Read info!!?
what is the proof for the existence of God?
what is a good way to tell my boss i am missing money in my paycheck ?
Is the U.S. economy in full recession?
What kind of expenses am I looking at? Moving out.?
Why do stores price things like "14.99" instead of 15 dollars?
AU$249.00 is how many US dollars?
How much money can I gift someone in oregon?
how old do you have to be to buy and american express gift card at walmart?
Are royal bank of scotland notes legal tender in England?
Accounting Question..Help:/?
I am selling entertainment Books For A funrasier?
Where does the pre-payments come from in this accounting question?
Process and Parties Involved in a Foreign Remmitance Transaction?
Have you or (anyone you know) gotten extra (free) money out of an ATM on accident?
Accounting website help?
Can you write a check if my account is in the overdraft but i get paid tomorrow?
How do you know if you are truly bisexual?
Can I become a legal adult at 15?
Have you ever left a cart full of items in the isle because the store didn't have enough registers open?
What are the consequences of Greek debt crisis for Greece and Europe?
how do you get through working 2 16 hour shifts at work?
call centre in jalandhar?
What's wrong with my resume???Could anyone please help!!The xxxx are personal info..Thanx?
what makes people pissed off the most?
How much should i charge for briads?
UPS question ?
Fine Jewelry Business. Please help!?
Whats the best way to video a meeting/conference thats 20 hours?
What does relevant mean?
Need help from an accountant?
i am desperate for money for xmas kids are going to wake up to 0 xmas morn need 1000.00 till tax time any ans.
any information on UK jobseekers allowance?
If you could change your eye colour, would you?
Store that sells only one type of item a day?
Anyone know of a good software program to use for owner financing - when you're the owner?
When do you think its the right time to have a kid?
What is an easy way to make money in a matter of 4 or 5 days?
Good investments for teens?
how do I find out about a company in your country?
Accounting major and Art History minor?
Business question i had trouble with?
What state do you live in?
what is a good independent record label?
Edd sent new "award letter" then few days later an "invalid claim"?
If I am your mother's nephew's sister's father, who am I?
Has anyone had a problem with the United States and a money transfer?
What happens when someone ends up with 0 (zero) points due to posting questions continuously??
track unemployment checks?
Is this a good life plan? Move to America and be an Accountant.?
Got a check from Famers Group Settlement from a PO Box in MN for $10.05. Is this real? Asking, because...?
government and currency exhange?
what does this mean Please describe the pace of a work environment you are most comfortable with.?
If I save all of my family's aluminum cans for 1 year, can I make any money selling it for scrap?
Daniel is about to retire. He estimates that he will need to receive?
how do i tell someone to get lost without hurting their feelings?
what is the age to have a gurl friend?
Does USPS deliver packages to your door?
How to properly handle a charge off?
I have been overpaid in the UK by my employer, what rights do I have?
Ebay buyer threatening to give me a low score?
what are the additional charges and taxes in hotel billing?
freedom of speech then why was lennon and martin luther killed then?
i Phone 3gs wholesale?
Could I have problems for recieving companie personal checks?
Where can i put my money....?
Where do I go to sell silver coins?
can you pay for gas with a check?
How do I find out who owns a Dollar General store?
I need to write a salary increment letter?
Accounting Question (NEED HELP!!!)?
does this mean i was discharge from a job?
how do i calculate how tall my child will be?
military divorce?
when booking a capital lease, should the orig. asset cost for 36 mos. change w/ an increase in lease pymts?
Egg drop question:?
Which number is larger 47.2 or 47.197?
Are most men okay with a woman knowing what she wants sexually, and not being afraid to ask for it?
If Maestro Guitars is a subsidiary company of Gibson Guitars did Gibson make those guitar or Maestro did?
is it just me or do other people like detailed answers?
are and good websites to buy things from?
would like to send e-mail to the Post Standard, Syracuse, NY for the Reader's Page. Cannot find. Can you hel
who earns more money?A computer software programmer or a general medical doctor?how much?
Shipping time with USPS?
VERY serious question..... please read it?
Does anyone have Emma Watson from Harry Potter movies's email address please??????
Can I ship with UPS using a Costco-sized Superpretzel box?
Do you believe in miracles? Is god the one reponsible for making miracles happen?
What's the best time management system around?
pls tell me wheather this is real or fake. they have offered me with huge amount of salary. sun oil and gas co
What are the factors that lead to teenagers pre-marital sex?
Team name suggestions?
Ocean India Outsourcing in Bangalore, Cheating Company?
Are Hello & Hi are just the same or require to be used specfically?
The more money you have the more successful you are. What does this statment mean?
What is the only competetive pro sport where players calllties on themselves?
what to do if a cheque is bounced due to unsufficient fund in the account?
What ALL Shows Up On A Detailed AT&T Bill?
Why does it take long to ship from eBay? Read Below for all details!?
any tips for decreasing phone bill amounts?
LIFO Ending Inventory Help?
how to write a business letter of cancelling an order? Explain with an example.?
Why should we use toll free number?
How do price, supply, and demand influence each other? What are markets and how do they work?
what is the range of the following sets of ordered pairs: (1,-2),(3,0),(5,1),(7,3)?
HELP cash budgets - Finance homework?
HSBC MIssion Statement?
How can I make 1 million dollars in 5 years?
what is the best supplier directory?
Where can I find easy money?
very complicated ebay issues PLEASE HELP! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!?
Accounting Question??????
when i click on a song on my ipod it just skips the whole thing. What should i do?
How long is the white part of a bic round stic pen?
Private and Public Sector Pay?