$193.98 into pounds......?
Can I cancel a trade on Swapcom?
Online foreign exchange trading history?
I'd like to find detailed maps of the Kumasi (a small city in Gahna, Africa. where on the net can i find them?
When is the best time for me to end my listing on so that I get the most traffics & bids?
How much is: 750,000.00Pounds in US Dollars?
Could there have been a better name for this site?
has anyone ever used right stores .com before?
How do I become a billionaire in a hurry ?
why do we use activity based costing in cost accounting?
How do i return large gas canisters?
what unit awards is 4-64 armor authorized to wear?
What is your favorite bad word?
Can you PLEASE give me advice on this business degree? PLEASE AND THANKS. ten points to most helpful answer?
What is 80 pounds (english) converted into Bahranian Dinar?
Can I get more detailed seating charts of the Colliseum in L.A.?
What is most challenging about writing an ebook?
What are the benefits of mixing inbound calls into an outbound dialler?
Journal entry for bond issuance?
Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries for items are made only at year-end.?
how is gold purified?
if a toothpaste is bought by wholesaler for resale to retailers, is it industrial good? If yes, which type?
Why is it important to deal with creditworthy customers and how do I find out if they’re creditworthy?
Need some accounting help...?
Am I responsible for this medical bill?
A business pays weekly salaries of $20,000 on Friday for a five-day week ending on that day. ->?
Could I securely wrap a pallet using normal cling film?
Are the simpsons a propreate TV program for children???
how is math used in real life can you apply mathematical applications to real life?
What polymer is used to make dishwashers?
My debit card wont work?
Easy Accounting Question need answered?
monkey's tools?
Until I measured I am unknown, yet how you miss me when I have flown. What am I?
The effect of gravity on matter is the measure of (a) mass, (b) weight or (c) density?
what information delivered by the vehical tracking system(e.g. Global Position System)?
Please help me find income summary before closing?
What is the procedure for takeover of a partnership firm by another partnership firm?
is it good to buy on amazon?
calculating share price, help?
how to paint on sea shells?
How much fuel is used in a commerical airplane?
who are managers?
how can I make loads and loads of money legally and without breaking my bones?
Do you put your qualifications next to your name on your business card?
A Walmart question. Here to there?
Oh my gosh i'm getting married. Where can i find cheap photographers?
To take it or not to take it?
If you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"?
in december I mailed in two rebates for 50$ each.have never gotten rebates---whats up ?
what are liabilities free aggregate assets?
Am i a idiot to wait for a girl for 7 years?
how long before debts are written off by companies?
I need to know about the solar system?
Cell phone harassment.?
somebody has told me that man more ego than that true?
Payday loans with no faxing....what?!?
What is the one thing in your life that you would do over again?
what are the components of unit cost?
If you put a .22 calibur in your mouth there is only inches before exiting. Why would it not exit?
If you buy and resell stuff thats wholesale, do you need a license?
How long does usps priority mail take?
how can i make millions of dollars without doing anything?
Is there a number I can call that will sound like I am on hold for my boss?
where can i find a mentor?
Banks and Robbery?
Accounting for inventories by applying the lower-of -cost-or-market is an example of the application of?
Please Read details. I would like to chat?
Why do people make mean and hurtful jokes about blond people?
Cashing a check? ???????
How many points do i need to get to level 2?
what is the capital of haiti?
is dropspam any good or is it spyware?
Who was the inventer of clothes and fashions.?
How do I get the international fax number of 1800-417-0060 of Amex (outside the U.S.)?
where can i buy cheap books?
Anyone can provide me best Gulf IT consultants contact details.?
What is bigger an elephant or a dickfor?
who likes the english?
How you girls feel when your boss scold in front of your colleagues who are guys?
if you were to run away where would you go?
Why is it evrytime I sneeze my ears start itching inside of them?
How do I ask a company to sponsor a robotics team?
How do I properly take pennies and nickles to the bank without annoying them?
i am home all alone...what shal i do?
What's a quick way to make money legaly?
what advantages can we get from using ERP software?
How much percent of your wage gets taxed from a job?
Everyone Please Give Your Opinion! I just received a Home Business magazine in the mail!?
concerning a phone scam?
What to wear to am hollister group interview ?
how to handle employee situation ?????????
when is the right time to bid on an item eBay?
How do you patent a concept?
NHE certification programs or National Housing Enterprise 'scholarship sponsor'?
what is IRT time?
How long should I expect to wait till I get a call for my first job interview at an Apple Retail store?
why do most of the girls have so complicated nature?
I am a stay at home mom and would like to have a work from home, something like assemble products from home?
What is the most accurate site for a background check?
Do Cash Converters/Cash Generators pay good prices?
I need a map of Mahopac, N.Y.?
Help finding net income accounting problem?
Who was the meanest person you have ever met and what did they do?
Where can you buy bulk pandora style beads in India?
what is the value of (14n+18)+3if n =9?
What is a great name for a teen bank?
What would you do if you were a millionaire?
USPS Priority Mail Pick Up?
Can a BE/B Tech. apply for the post of subject matter expert (SME) in any Company?
A bond has a coupon rate of 6% paid annually and promises to pay out this coupon every year, indefinitely. If?
what website is the featured partner of to help fing moving boxes?
which is better: to be a "boss" or to be a successfully “employee”?
the simpsons or budhead and beavis?
AUDIT; why is the risk of incorrect acceptance inversely related to sample size?
Why is an Accounting AAT Diploma Level 3 worth 160 UCAS?
what info is necessary to update a resume if you've been working for the same company over 20 years.?
What do I do? Parcel Force says 'Awaiting clearance - information needed from addressee'?
Why do some people insist on putting their money into Swiss bank accounts?
Any history buffs know about a famine in England,1879? All I can find is about Ireland,did Eng also have one?
At whar age do girls stop growing ? anyone.... please?
Should a guy over 40 get his ears pierced?
Which one is the #1 bank in world?
can i reclaim charges my bank charges?
exact recommendation in alzheimers disease?
What color are blueberries?
Where should I go online to find information about a key?
How can i fall to sleep better? Ive tryed sleeping aids they don't work. They only thing that works is Nyquil.
Did my husband do something honorable or foolish (see description)?
I want to become a millionaire without any money investment?
Does anybody know how long it takes to get a package from Australia to the US?
I Have to present a Business Plan with Fundraiser Ideas has anybody got any?
Do dividends appear on the balance sheet, the statement of retained earnings, or both?
How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a tootsie roll lollipop?
How to obtain lower end sexy lingerie that flea market custorers may be interested in?
How much would the US need to pay back per second in order to get out of debt in 100 years?
Can I become a billionaire?
what else do i need to do?
help with ups package?
Where to buy imported cigarettes in New Delhi, India?
Why is it that I can buy a money order with a debit card, but not with a credit card?
Made the same mistake at work again! What do I do?
discount stores are the best places to shop "do you agree or disagree with this statement?
where can i buy Automatic Filling machines for water cans (5 gal container)?
how to you survive these hard times?
Can you recieve SS money on Saturday for retirement?
a question about the bailout...?
what is GDP?
Do you know any Roman gods or goddesse that start with e?
What if GOD is a really a girl? a black girl?
Where are you from and how's the weather?
how much money would a 30 karat emerald be worth?
how to exchange us dollars to Canadian dollars?
What is the difference between turnover and net sales?
How do you calculate Sales to Production?
Can I send a ups package to a PO box at a military base?
hollister price.?
in which war did america experience a direct military attack?
Can I get an AMEN!?
please help with Accounting question on Dividends?
How can you be playboy rich?
What came first the Chichen or the egg?
Has anyone tried google answers?
Is the word "deal" common practice in business development settings?
Wholesale Distributors?
what is a good present for my dad's 51st birthday!?
How do you pack a breifcase?
what date did the white river flood?
What is average time for Hong Kong Post Air Mail to US?
Where can I get baby Eeyore, baby pooh, and Eeyore pictures on the internet?
Help? We're 12 and 13 and want to make some money.?
please let me know what are the procedure to get a paypal debit card?
i mailed it a package saturday 3-5-11 by usps priority mail from nashville tn to santa clara california?
What is a billing address when ordering something online?
Where does NASA's funding come from?
How to calculate gain on sale of properties?
is multi-banking illegal?
Is Quickbooks that much different and more complicated than Peachtree?
How to solve problems with rebates?
Whats your best excuse for a day off work?
what are shingles ? and how do you get them ? Is there a primary cause?
this boy likes me in i like him but hes alot shorter then me n i dont like going with boys shorter than me.hlp
what is opportunity cost?
For maintaining a poor life style in India only 4000 rupees is required/month.USA how many dollar is required?
how much money would i cost to go to chuck e cheese with four friends?
how do achaeologist find remains?
how do i get some moron to stop lying about not receiving a package since i have the usps receipt & tracking?
A man without eyes sees plums on a tree. He neither takes plums nor leaves plums. How can this be?
How to calculate coupon rate?
What is 1 + 3 = ?
business, if you are interested, where to start? how to find out what you want to do?
Are there trees that are bound together by the same root?
Where can I do my lab work for CS 241?
could there be bars of brass that look similar to gold?
ShOuLd I dO iT???
how much piercings do u have? and tell me where?
About the National Review Magazine?
what do you think of management accounting jobs here in the Philippines?
How much does an accountant make?
How do I calculate this GDP]?
How can I write a CV with little experience and no references?
What does "emo" mean?
Selling a car by owner, the buyer wants to finance with credit union.?
Is it possible to be hot and cold at the same time?
How much would dermatoligists make?
USPS tracking information has no progress?
what i'm going to do if i'm in love?
me and my exbotfriend broke up because hes still in love with his ex but we still love each other what to do??
I need to find out information on a prison inmate.?
Why does it seem that when I send a question the time posted is not the actual time, but it's off by 4 hours?
What does it signify and what are the consequences if a companies shareholders reject the annual report?
How do 13 year old make money?
My boss argues that many companies offer no benefits, health or performance reviews - Is this true?
what happens if you get a lump?
how can i turn 1000 pounds into 10 000?
Recreational a use is now legal in Washington State. But from what store do I buy it?
Can some identify this currency?
Starting a Self-Help Business/program?
What do you think about Monopoly?
Can someone steal from it?
Where can I go to find great size 12w shoes like which online store or walk in store?
what are the good things about being in foster care?
how much units does a 1 ton ac consumes per hour?
like in India we call money as rupees thus what do people in mexico call their currency?
Accounting help!! Average inventory cost method...??
In about a year I need to make about $8000 dollars?
Is anyone else at work right now? Or am I the only one?
The value of R, the ideal gas constant, can be calculated from measured values of a gas’s pressure, volume, t?
who is that guy on those gov loan commercials?
my E-mail was hacked into. what precautions can I to to prevent this from happening again?
10 Dollar Gift Card to Target?
Because I put something on Ebay, does that mean it's stuck there until it sells?
I use my personal vehicle and gas to give estimates on work. Im comission based can i write off both?
how to get money at 13?
What's the best way to enter the HR field (recruiting) in Canada?
Does Barnes and Noble cash-out gift cards under $10?
where find blow Jakob Boehme english or latin books ?
Is it possible to earn $200 or more an hour?
What jobs are there that include you traveling a lot?
How can i make money with 450 dollars?
On January 2009 mortage company recieved letter from my bank that they did not pay july 2008's mortage.?
i loaned a motorcycle to a friend with no bill of sell or title transfer and he sold it without paying me what?
I have a package in New Jersey and it says emergency control beyond ups control.?
How To Make Money/Cash today in internet?
I have always wondered ?
What are your hopes for your child's future ?
Break-even analysis, cash flow?
where can i find online phone directory for dubai?
How to set up a farm?
Where to buy mahua oil in india?
how do i pull up my favories list from a different computer?
A customer is buying a $100 drill and two $15 drill bit sets. The customer uses a gift card worth $50 to pay?
Is mrp applicable for supplies against tender?
Is it bad to have alot of things if I work for it?
How to calculate payroll?
what is the easiest way to make money being your own boss with no money to invest?
age of a person like 24 years 07 month 12 days how can i calculate in excel sheet?
Is cyberpc a reliable service?
ho to write a successful cv?
What would be the best name for a new fast food place and what would be the main food? Ex: burger, taco?
What r some bad things about Aries?
is a 1944 penny worth?
what is chupecabra?
does anyone get paid less than me?
If Peter spends 35% of his income on rent and the rent si $700.00, how much does peter earn?
Calculating weighted average cost of capital (WACC)?
how much does a lady diana dior bag cost in india?
ebay question please help!!?
I have two items that are painted in 24k gold, is there any way to remove the gold from the items?
What is the best way to save money?
how many times has the USA BEEN TO WAR IN THE PASS 50 YEARS?
What is the rate of interest?
what is the first day of the week? sunday or monday?
Have they send my package?
How can a teen become rich? 30 points!?
is public school better than private school is there also more bullies ? where? in which school?
what rulers treated the Jews badly?
Is the income from selling off parts of your plant and Power Expense included in Operating Expense?
how long do you have to wait for the finance company to release the vehicle after you have paid the fee due?
accounting term for a type of kiting?
Where can I get good guitar tabs?
Which of the following statements about cost allocation is most correct?
What debt management programs are legit ?
USPS... why must you confuse me so..?
how to write a sample letter?
I am in desperate need for assistance with a finance question-missed class and info not in textbook?
How do you earn money at home?
what's a legitimate way to make money online?
Why do we need names? Why not numbers for identification?
Transposing music, is it illegal to...?
What is the difference between Regulatory and Competitive Pressure?
who is the best personality in last 100years?
in the UK, can suppliers of goods legally keep your debit card details?
what is up wit moms these days they yell bout everything?
do you need a id to ship via ups?
How do I get the website to be my home page?
Funniest entry on this one gets "best answer" Write ANYTHING FUNNY!?
Why is everything so freakin' expensive??????
wat is the increase in pension and wat about age factor?
Is $20 expensive for a phone case?
Which certification values more, NSE's or BSE's ?
Has anyone made any money by taking online surveys or by other ways online?
Accounting question, please help!!?
do you need a permit or license to run an adult day care from your home. we live in ohio.?
Typical entry-level Account manager salary?
how to procure a buyer for sedimentary structure?
everyone says that the taste of salt is indescribable. I disagree. Can any of you descibe the taste of salt?
Do you support chinese characters here?
I shipped my package with the wrong service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hello guys! just one short question.?
why you in answers and not doing something else?
Where do I start?
Seller refuses to contact me after faulty goods?
How can I delete names that are no longer used?
Does anyone know the turn on fee for georgia power? Is there a cancellation free as well?
Can you give me examples of chemical reactions?
How can I make $600 by December?
What are the benefits of QA outsourcing?
brain teaser anyone?
Good accounting e-book?
If I were to write a bad check and the bank pays the person, How much would they get charged?
Video-Call/Conferencing for People who dont know computers?
cost of goods help? (accounting)?
Can I return a MacBook that I bought in best buy just yesterday?
how do vending machines know what change you are putting in?
how can you tell if a check is real or not?
How Much would you have to get to pay to get gas from Arab to 265 Margret Ave Section, AL when gas costs $3.47?
accounting question on bonds?
How long do I keep bank statements, paid utility bill statements,etc. before I can shred them?
Garage sale pricing?
I visted a place where I never been in all my 56 years yet I knew every thing about the place how can that be?
What is the biggest cash crop in America.?
how come so many people do not pick a best answer for their questions?
Need help with some business operations math!!!?
should young girls and boys be on this site ?
I looking for books related to business and finance. Can anyone help me?
Is there a internet phone company that allows calls from peru to usa for a flate fee??
Are there any simple ways to make a backdrop for a park scene? What materials can I use?
wat do you do if you and a co-worker like each other but both are married?
What does BEP stand for in finance?
Would a bank loan transaction go into the General Journal or a Special Journal ?
If i had a 1 pound how much would it be worth in the victorian time?
I got a 200 dollar giftcard from Dell, what should I buy? ?
What is the best website to look for a job other than
In what situation would you want to write a persuasive message with a negative tone?
Are there any stores that will hire 16 yr olds?!??!?
Is Business Management/Construction management a good field of work?
Why am I having this issue? Is it good or bad?
Where can I get funding for making a website?
how much can a bill collector harass you?
does any1 know y it cost points to ask questions now?
how much is a kids pass for silver dollar city?
How do you plan for the future?
do you belivein god?
why do people have cell phones?
Should I change my style and become somebody that has a nice body, so the girls would dig me?
Help! Hollister online order . . .?
How do you sale something on Ebay?
i keep on hearing strange noise in my house and i think that it is a ghost!!!?
How to find the name of a company?
how can one describes a mad girl?
For autocratic leadership, what does it mean by "costs of employment will be high/increase"?
what is the price to sell a item on ebay?
Your Open Question: Can I buy a gold bar from Dubai and take it to Australia ? Do I have to pay duty?
Do you prefer to taste toothpaste and soap when you kiss someone rather than 'skin' flavors, like sweat, etc?
Is there any website that offers free envelopes or packages for Posting?
1dollar in usa money is how many peso?
I received a M&S suit as a gift, but no receipt so would i get a refund/ gift card?
abercrombie or aeropostale?
what is solution for this barclay issue?
Where can I find SEC 10-K companies that are headquarted locally?
What is a good percentage to give for this business plan?
why is it that in accounting equation, liability comes first before equity?
why do people like chinese food a lot?
Directors/shareholders agreement...can you help?
I'm moving out in a few months. Budget help?
Who is the most powerful wizard - EVER?
Have you killed someone before?
Accounting questions?
what is the lyrics of Beyonce's check up on it song?
how many scams happen on paypal?
is C major to E sharp an augmented 3 or major 3?
What is the method for determining wage inequality in the home building industry?
I'm buying from a company that i know nothing about how can i check if this is a reputable company?
Banker's Acceptance vs. Commercial Paper?
Where is the safest place to internet shop?
Can My Mom Cash My Check For Me?
here is a question for a big Business manager who hires people, how do you go about hiring someone?
Websites that post complaints?
How soon after paying an overdue bill will my phone work again?
1 acer of land help please?
What is your most embarrassing moment?
Do you think that children get abused in homes with addiction present? why or why not?
People work about 20-25 hours overtime per week on salary pay only, this co-worker has the nerve to?
Why do we have interest rates?
how do we know that reality really exists??
What amount of manufacturing overhead cost would the company have estimated at the beginning of the year?
If one person complains about my business to the BBB how will that effect my company's rating?
im new to the hay growing proess but what cutting of hay is the best is it the first or the second?
Q: Is Rimz a good nickname if you love cars?
How does the purpose of a business plan differ from the purpose of another type of proposal?
•Describe leadership styles to fit cultural differences and effectively operate in global markets?
information on a wedding planner or websites to find it?
Pigeons on our roof.. How do we keep pigeons from hanging out on our roof?
My supervisor gave me a bad evaluation.?
what to do with fake money? ($CDN)?
what is procedure for Europe jobs?
How to write a business proposal to a company without knowing their needs?
Is anyone besides myself getting paid while they ask and answer these questions?
What is meant by persona non grata ?
I have just nearly been ripped off by a fake company?
if you could only bring 1 thing with you on a deserted island what would it be?
How do I stop them from calling me?
How do you unreolve a resolved question on here?
How to get LEGAL revenge on an ex who has really hurt our son, i.e. just cut off his health ins before surgery
Would it be ok for me to sit?
write a binomial of degree 2?
How can i claim disability benefits ?;;?
usps shipped to wrong address?
how to calculate sale of equipment for cash flow statement?
where i can find New gtalk pinless coupon/ promo/ promotion code?
Kmart wont give me my money back to my card?
Who would win a fight, a Ninja or a Viking?
If a tree falls from a forest and nobody hears it does it make a sound?
What makes someone a successful business man?
How much does a diesel technician get paid?
If you won a lot of money in a lottery what would you spend it on?
why is it that families fight more with each other then they would with friends ?
Coping with a know-it-all?
Where can I get replacement parts for a John E Smith's Sons Co, MODEL #11KG? This company is no longer open.?
Do you pay back a loan?
can i take non silver half dollars to a bank for cash?
does anyone know what' vaangae' in tamil means?
how does someone stop addiction?
What comes after billionaire?
the value of a two dollar bill: 1978?
Tesca Case Analysis for Finance?
Which company is more environmental friendly, John Deere or caterpillar?
I need an essay "on Berlin urbanization after World War II"?
looking for public police reports free or how do i obtain a police report?
How can I become a better leader at work to get promoted?
do i call them yet, or should i wait?
how do u write a $1,800 check?
Why is the price of gold is going so high?
People's whose names contain the word green?
where can I find on the net some interesting c2c?
Finance Question!!! HELP 10 POINTS?
If you were ever down to your last dime, how did you make lots of money fast?
my son has no father and is angery at me what do i do to help him?
what happend on friday the 13th? why is this such a bad day to many?
Is it cheaper to live up north or down south? Why?
I'm buying from a company that i know nothing about how can i check if this is a reputable company?
which countries restricts imports of foreign goods into its country?
photos of a local jazz artist in atlantic city,nj hassan abdullah?
Ocean Atlantic Co. is a merchandising business. PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do for this...?
I'm 33 and my Husband is 41, is it to late to get a mortgage?
why are people trippin about black history month?
DO you believe that the rapture will take place?
I'm 47 kg. Help me to Change my weight from kg to pounds?
Employer sent me a termination letter along with a money order?
How do I solve this accounting problem?
how old do you need to be to become a hollister model?
who did the song during the all my children mardi gra explosion?
Can anyone tell me if this is legitimate?
How do you determine your life's purpose?
are we, as humans, creatures of habits?
Friend owes me money but refuses to pay?
what is the difference between save or open when downloading an attatchment?
Who has gotten there truck wraped and has gotten paid for it and were do i go ?
Online Order.! In Need Of Desperate Help.!!!?
how do i calculate the required rate of return?
Financial Message Boards Web Site?
What would you do with 22 dollars?
why such an individual become a single parent?
What are your opinions on death penalty?
How does PayPal make a profit.?
how do i get two hundred dollars fast?
Do people actully eat spiders when they sleep?
I need help writing a cover letter...?
How does E*Trade work?
My husband was given this by a customer at his job. Does anyone know what kind of coin this is?
I need some advice selling?
How much of a discount is 1/3 off an item that is regularly $150.00?
Anyone Worked As A Courier For Yodel?
How did you find 2005? what's good and what's bad?
Are Gold Certificates considered legal tender? COIN COLLECTOR currency? it a religion, or a nationality? Is it both?
Has anyone made billions of euros from implementing loopholes?
why do some of the folks on here ask some of the most stupid questions?
do u like neopets in genral?
if the world is goin 2 end 2morow wht will you do now?
WhY Is a BathRooM CallEd A BathRooM whEn It ReLy OnlY Contains 1 bath? See Deats.?
How do I put a cute picture that represents me in here?
whats a better place to shop..Target or Walmart?
Money went through washing machine can I still use it?
It is true that we can generate names and addresses as a Name List Processor? a web says will pay me for do it?
Overseas money transfere, can money go to different account if the only mistake is one digit missing in the?
what is the hourly pay of my income?
what is the current exchange of brazil money and US money?
how much is a 1953 Canadian penny without the strap on the dress worth?
how to collect unemployment?
do you think the customers are always right?, if yes why do you think so?
When purchase prices are rising, which of the following statement is true?
Just married & wife is already DISGUSTED. I counted money envelopes at the reception. What is wrong with that?
where would i find the value of money?
Can I take out a loan to pay a traffic ticket?
where to buy wotlk cd key via LR money?
What is LOW INCOME exactly?
Accounting question???
Does the IFC Check relate directly to the questions on the IFC Exam? I HAVE MY TEST SATURDAY!?
If there was a guy that you like but you are afraid to tell him about how you feel about him what would you do
are cashiers suppose to ask for ID?
have you ever accidently said these during a job interview?
How long will UPS or FedEx ship this item?
your bf cheated on u while u were n the hospital having his baby how do u handle it?
I am looking for a way to collect donations for a leukema patient, but I don't know where to start. Any ideas?
how to tell my boss that he's a $@#%!?
Need a review for a wholesale jersey site?
What are Lemmings?
how can i take off from my shy?
Im selling a very expensive watch on ebay. wha is the best way to package it so it wont get damaged?
How much is 20 millon kilo in american money?
how many times a day can a bill collecter call your house?
Working from home in scotland...?
If the full time equivalent of a a salary is £27,000 how much is it for three days (9.30 - 5.30) worth?
What is the most cost effective and succesful marketing technique?
Why are coffins so expensive?
Ebay- What happens if u don't send an item a buyer paid for?
Why do malls close at 9:00 pm?
Where can I find free catalogs concerning flea market suppliers?
what is the consumer price index?
Can I make some money buying and selling?
What is an ideal wedding.?
what is the criteria for being a playboy model?
How much is 5 centavos from brazil worth In U.S. Money?
what are those thank yous that says they will give out when i reach higher levels?
Where is the missing dollar?????
what products can you buy at wholesale and sell at retail for a good profit and where can you get it?
Whats the most points anyone has got? Ive got 933...well, 928 in 5seconds!?
does pay indians?
Is a controllable cost a varible cost?
Where can I resell gently used Birkenstock?
what is true love?
What is this job called?
hwo do you remove a coffie stane?
Do you have stairs in your house?
I have a great idea that improves an existing product but no money, what can I do?
UPS shipping problem?
how to know if your business is profitable?
How can I track a package that was sent from a family member out of state?
I also posses a 1000000 Bir Milyon Turk Lirasi , what it's in U S D currency.?
What is the most unique thing you've done with duct tape?
How long does a shoplifting misdemeanor stay on your record in Nebraska?
How much money was $300.00 a month?
what is your birthstone and do you like it?
i am missing one of my tax return forms ,and i was informed i could get it online?
What to do with lots of money??
How can I see which of my questions have been answered without having to click on each one?
did coke make the colour of xmas to red and white to match thier colours?
whar the current employment statistics abut beign a vet?
Some body told me yoga is bad that it includes the devil and demons! Is it true?
what made SunPower Corporation (SPWR)drop from 149 last year?
How to find ending stockholders' equity?
What time is the financial rescue plan vote this Wednesday and where online can I watch live coverage?
i am trying to create a fancy handwritten signature for my name are there any websites that help you do this?
how to contact people who have answered your question?
what takes the dye out of red diesel?
Whats the difference between weekly wages, gross weekly income and net weekly income?
making money off inventions?
Do DFS sales ever end?
answer me this?
Why is life so hard..........?
i like green n pink colour..which one do you prefer??
nearest lazyboy repairer to Conroe,77384?
Am I crazy? GM spends more on advertising than they make in profit?
Can you get a Social Security card online?
Can a USPS check be fake?
can any one give me comparison chart of current accounts between different banks?
is it legal to write a check on a napkin if it has routing #/account #?
Who can give information about Leysto sales and Wilson Sy Limtsu?
What type of finance should be used to finance the following:?
A firm has consistently adjusted its allowance account at the end of the fiscal year by adding a fixed percent?
cows being shipped to Russia, people who have to care of them?
How do you make a MILLION DOLLARS in 30 days?
Why don't vending machines accept credit cards?
Who determines the nutricional values of food products?
What would be a good second job?
Who was the leader of the cult Heaven's Gate?
Accounting Journalize?
Accounting problem question?
How do I get relief from gastric (home remedy) please?
HELP!!! Will an overdraft fee of $9.00 affect my credit rating on a debit card?
Why is inventory, a real account, often included in closing entries?
Banc De Binary Concerns.?
If there was one thing you could change about yourself...what would it be??
has anyone had success in getting a botched-up tatooed eyeliner job somehow covered up, feeling lk freak 3yrs!
Are there nay cute, funny, single 13-16 boys 4 dis sexci 14 yr old that has a record deal?
how do u get rid of the fat around your middle?
I have a 1950 ten dollar bill in great condition the serial # is B69229199D with the letter A under the date?
Compute the missing amounts.?
Has anyone ever been short 20 dollars in their cash drawer as a cashier before?
Explain why depreciation expense should be added back when compiling the statement of cash flow?
what should i get my 13 year old friend for her b-day?
UPS? What should I do?
Cheapest package shipping to Denmark from the US?
Is this true..? Pls update have you got any email such like this...?
How much do you get paid per hour at tim hortons in Ontario?
does volunteering at a hospital or life guarding look better?
eBay Seller Sold My Item After I Paid For It?
What is the absolute worst smell on the planet?
I think older guys are hott........?
Could a cosmetologist work from home?
How much would Paypal charge to send money from UK to Belgium?
Where to buy rare earth metals?
If a company purchases a truck and overhauls the engine, is that considered part of the asset cost?
EBAY!? Refund temporarily on hold?
what age do you ahve do be to have a boyfriend?
y is it that before you are given the lethal injection shot your arm is whipped down with an alcohol swab?
who's bette homer simpson, al bundy, or peter griffin?
Has anyone ever worked out how much, in percentage terms,?
What types deliveries through the Royal Mail can have a tracking number?
hiw do i make an email address?
What is the one thing in your life you could not live without?
why oganization is important in management?
Do you think it;s ok for a Christian to read horror books?
Accumulated Depreciation questions help, please, please, please, please, please?
What are the best online surveys to do?
what is a redneck in American terms?
where can i find the book The Last Good Girl by Clary Ingram?
for how long should a man hold on to God's word?
Is there realy a "God"?
Why don't women check the seat in the bathroom before they sit down?
How do you calculate Return on Equity?
Managerial Accounting Question.?
i have got a message that i have won 1 million dollar weather it is true or a fraud?
What will I have to pay for if I live COMPLETELY on my own?
how can I do this case analysis?
problems with being late for work?
LADY_REDBOOK can you tell me the name of the celebrity using this site???
may the lord be with u every day?
What is pci {per capita income}' how can it calculated? ?
what are the hours a manager has to work the most if she is on salary?
Business Question or Help needed?
Real estate agents..respectable profession?
can anyone please tell where can i find good articles to learn about finance terminologies?
Does priority mail ship on MLK day?
Using the following balance sheet and income statement data, what is the earnings per share?
Choi Enterprises?
i never dream and still they call me a dreamer, why???
why are men attracted to hoe's?
do women go through their sexual peak in their 30's?
What is important to you!???
who can think of a hot nickname for me?
How do you talk to pretty girls, when your nervous?
Do you have a favorite passage or quote? What is it and who is the author?
where do you think your going to when our lord jesus christ return heven or hell?
the MAIN reason suppliers can offer quantity discounts it that?
How Do I Keep Myself Motivated To Make £500 A Day?
Why is every teenager so worried about what they look like these days?
What is the Average Electric/Gas bill for a Mobile Home?
How can i make a lot of money without any qualifications ?
Am I a loser if I'm asking questions on a chat board?
what do you think about her?
As a finance officer, which will you prefer that will yield a higher after tax income?
What should I do with my W2 box 14? Please help!?
what is your favorite song ?
What would you do about this ebay seller?
The balance sheet of Ms. Prompt Truck Rental on December 31st is as follows:?
where can I hire a blooger, but good and cheap?
WHats ur favorite color?
Quickbooks ddMMMyyyy formatting?
Are there more websites like or
Have you ever been scared to death?
how can people miss use my personal information which the get by winning notification?
Who is or ZLocalHost? I have an unrecognized charge of $49.95 from them on my phone bill!?
What is the total assets?
Would you be upset if your best friend/roomate did not get you anything for Christmas?
May you provide me with Notes for Certificate in Business Administration.?
Is there a legitimate way to make money online?
Can you go to the bank and ask for a morgan dollar?
My dads got a idea for a invention, where does he start?
When do you use the word to/too?
Can I sell someone's soul on eBay if I get a certificate of ownership from them?
Time Value of Money.. Help!?
How many members/users did the networking site LinkedIn have at the end of their first year of operations?
what comes from china, has to be harvested and costs about 1000 american dollars?
what i have to do when my best friend do not like my other friends?
Blue Corporation issued a one-year, 12%, $200,000 note on August 31, 2008. Interest expense for the year ended?
Sam manages a convenience store. His biweekly pay is $678.50. What is his annual salary?
do you believe that everything that has a beginning has an end?
How does Hollister (a way pricey store) stay in buiness?
I received my item after telling an ebay seller i hadn't help pls?
What is cvv code in master debit card and where is it located?
Why do some cuoples file married joint return and some married filing seperated?
payment was returned to my account, why?
Accounting Homework Help.. Posting Journal Entries to a Ledger?
Mailbox key is broken?
Accounting homework help, Complete the statement of cash flows using the indirect method?
Please help ASAP with resume ? s?
Work experience, apprenticeship or University? Which one is better if i want to learn how to set up a business?
what are colatapins?
Looking for reasonable LCL rates to the UK from California?
What is Magic?
Luggage Rental Company?
how can i download free music?
Help me please....?
Can I substitute my letter from the social security company for my social security card?
by whom do u think the terrorist act on 9-11 was done?
where can i buy avery business cards - wholesale or inexpensive in dallas texas?
Leadership help please!!?
Describe the three key components in doing strategic analysis of operating income?
Can I get my girlfriend pregnant from precum?
How to get hold of HBOS?
Who is the most famous woman in human history?
How can I take my money with me to a new state to start a new life?
7000001 error code on lloyds Internet banking?
does anyone know anybody who sells wholesale psn vouchers?
how is fiscal deficit is related to currency ?
How Much Money Would i get?
did anyone out there make money being a notary?
With the exception of being easy to use, are there any advantages of using the accounting rate of return?
what is the value of (14n+18)+3if n =9?
What qualifications are needed to become an accountant?
What is this notice USPS left for me?
Question! Can you answer tt?
Can you make good money, selling blank CD's?
cannot post a new message board topic?
What does Christmas mean to you?
is the randy jackson from the family of the jackson five, the same one that is a judge on american idol?
how much money do you make a month if you make 53k a year?
Why is a diamond called a Karat?
How do I get an invention idea processed,and marketed.?
Unearned rent, would be reported on the landlord's balance sheet as a(n):?
If you were in charge of Time magazine, who would you have chosen as your peron/persons of the year?
what do you think happen after you die ,,?
Can I sell metal m4 bb guns on ebay or is it against the rules?
Are companies like Coke and Pepsi guaranteed to be successful?
where can I find jobs for Data Managers?
Qualitative characteristics associated with relevant accounting information are?
Who was Cain's wife?
If you were selling something for $100 something with slight sentimental value attached to it..?
Does IBM Southbank have a GYM?
what would you find in a knight's shopping cart?
Landlord used refundable pet deposit to cover repairs for damages NOT caused by pets?
In a cover letter answering to a position, is it "Dear whom it may concern" or "To whom it may concern"?
is reliable?
Should I pick a fight?
how much money does california take out of checks?
How long will a bread machine last?
help me to find a one pound car?
Should I get a Business Card?
Do you really care?
has any one ever let a little hampster nibble on their but hole?
Does the UK Apple store offer in-store finance?
Is my old foreign currency worth anything?
How can I make $50 dollars an hour?
Which is best Petroleum sector related shares or Mutual fund can I invest in at this time?
what do you know about regulations governing Asian financial institution investing in offshore hedge Fund?
what would be the price of 10 grams of platinum in indian rupees?
How to Make Money Fast!?
HELP!?! what is the cheapest way to ship to UK?
which ones of these are fixed/variable costs?
How much is my two dollar bill worth with red writing and the letter a on it?
How much to sell iced coffee for?
a house cleaning service $40 plus $20 per hour. if your total bill was $160 for how hours were you charge?
Want the point of wholesale clothing or shoes to sell cheaper, the quality had family to stay, where to find a?
Does anybody know of a company that can provide a service of both lead generation as well as closing the sale?
If my toe is red,and swollen around the nail and pus is coming out what do i have?
Are these minted by the us mint?
i need a job at 15! Where can i get one?
Where is cardiff Navel base??????????
is 50 - 70 grand/year alot of money?
getting prank calls at work dont have caller id how can i find out who is calling can i find outfrom southbell
How much am I paying?
What do the Growing Bankruptcies of Banks Signify ?
How long it takes to send a package to india from usa?
how to write a leave letter after completing 2 years in my company ?
i have load a cd with my ged on it and it want let me open it,it puts up folders and want let me sign
What are some good fundraising ideas?
what is the billing address and do you have to pay for the bill?
Have you ever had to use a skillet on your husband in self defense?
Where do I find a list of wholesale importers of dutch produce (fruit and veg)?
How do you handle your husband when he come home drunk and abusive?
Where can I buy a pay as u go card ?
For all IT Sales people, have you been in a situation like this??
Where can I sell Old coins?
Available goods for sale? Managerial accounting?
how much money was 5000 dollars in 1999 compared to 2010?
If a customer buys 3 wallet-sized prints for $1.99 each (total price including tax), how much change will she?
ultimate landing page system review?
who has any little brothers or sisters? i just want to KILL mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much money do things cost?
what and why????
I have a $5 bill w/a small crown w/the initials "ct" next 2 the green seal..any ideas? the bills from 1999.
Can we sue ! Answers for carpal tunnel syndrome, doya think ;) ?
will switching from paper checks to direct deposit save an employer money?
I am starting a consultancy firm .I need to know basic things on consultancy.?
a=200,p=100,n=4,a=p(1+r)^4,find r.?
Do you believe in GOD? Why or why not?
50mm= how many cm?
Im going to sell my computer on ebay how much is a reasonable price to ask for?
Please help in Bankruptcy doubt?
what is the prosier to take deelarship of any reputed company?
How much is the price for the cours?
FOREX Basics - Meaning of Data headings?
do you get a Christmas bonus on income support?
Will paypal work for me?
How do i find the amount of the bonus payable for the following question. Accounting 101?
Have you been ripped off recently?
How do you get down from an elephant?
What is the term often used by historians to represent the owners of Industry and financial institutions?
Sold fake item on Ebay but i had no clue untill the buyer message me about it once they recieved it?
Tom or Jerry, Sylvester or Tweety?
What's the difference between finance and accounting?
what do you think could be a hot car for me to go in to prom?
hollister shipping to canada?
What is the longest word in the dictionary?
working from my computer??
What would be more cruel than being male with GIANT for last name and naming male child Jolly Green?
Importing rifle parts from US to UK?
Operations Management question?
Can I post tv show episodes on my site legally?
do you see any reason in the computer age, why banks should take any more than 1 day to clear a cheque?
Are you self-employed?
Where do I find someone who gives speeches for child internet safety?
motels open late March and April in Bar Harbor Maine?
if a package I order is too big for the USPS, then what happens when it gets shipped from China via EMS?
Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?
Is a competitor a stakeholder in a business? ?
How long can it take up to to receive the canadian $20 for $20 "Farewell to the penny" coin?
what pays more vet or srink?
who likes money?
What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
does the commander ever send a e-mail with wire transfer information?
what is full formm of idbi bank?
Could I make more money starting an Americanized business overseas rather than in the US?
What happens if EBAY and PAYPAL find out you've made an account and you're under 18?
how long does a company stay in bankruptcy?
What does "shpeal" mean?
Have you been naughty or nice?
Fixed or Variable costs?
expain how you would handle each incident?
Ways for a 15-year-old girl to make money and convince parents to let me get a new phone?
best buy or target?
How do you find out how much a Bond is worth?
What will happen if I don't pay a bill received from a doctor for being a no show for an appointment?
Accounting techniques help?
How can I write a professional letter to a Doctor about how nice his front desk secretary was?
The wet foam in a small canister that bank cashiers use when they count money..?
what is the best way to get a career in law enforcement?
Why is a CPA important to a business?
How to check postage rate? From USA to international shipping?
Carrying Foriegn Currency?
can we describe islamic economic system on the basis of production,distribution,consumption and exchange.?
Managerial Accounting?
What is wrong with UPS?
where can you get a job @ at age 15?
how can i get rich with $25000?
first substantive answer is best answer?
how long a package will take if it sent by fedex today by high priority?
How does the Better Business Bureau make money?
how can i have a meeting or chat for free?
How expensive is it to live in N.C.? And are there jobs available there?
i start a job at a student loan company. do i get a percentage when it comes to wage garnishments?
should i still be friends with her?
Rational behind skanska deciding to enter the DC commercial market?
Do you believe money can buy happiness?
Can someone translate this number €8,121m to U.S. Dollars?
making money with music or online?
Can American citizens please answer this and help me?
A bond holder with an 8% bond ended up being paid $2600 after 20 years but a bank customer who deposited money?
What are some very profitable products that should import for my business? (first time)?
What is a good reason for being late to work?
riddle- try to answer?
Paper or Plastic?
what can i buy for 400 pounds in the uk?
what are the best websites for info on the satanic church and thier religion?
When was jesus born?
Please answer the following?
How much is 500 USA dollars in London?
Organisational Process Modelling (OPM)?
Should i transfer PF money to new account or withdraw it?
Business Statistics Help?
What is your favorite quote?
do u think that answers is useful?
Is one source talent legit or a scam?
if i have a penny and i double it everyday for 30 days, how much will i have then?
What are the most important things life has taught you in the last 10 years?
What's the meaning of Life?
I purchased an xbox 360 from Costco about a year ago. Can I still exchange it with the new return policy?
What makes you laugh?
Can i 'legally' transfer ownership of someone else's debt?
Do you have to pay when converting euro in to pounds is it a lot?
Is this worth money??????
Should Michigan fix our economy by attracting new knowledge & tech industry or reviving old union industries?
Unclaimed Money???
who loves chocolate??
How does one protect an idea?
When a relative dies do we have to contact social security?
hi can some one help me with this 1. equipment is depreciated at 10% per year ? how should we calculate?
Serious help needed please, could change 3 lives (moneymatters)!?
Time Saver increased the price of a $0.95 cola by 15%. Find the increase in price and the new price?
What is the trend in the milk industry?
What does Assigning Dollar value to life mean?
where can I find info about the frequency of child abuse?
How do you confirm that you shipped something on eBay??!?
Is 'Dow' pronounced "Dough" or "Daa-wuh"?
I have written a book about my missionary visit to Ghana; how do I make sure it is ready to submit?
Which site is a true site for online money earning?
is 52k a year a good salary?
Question about Exchange rates.. (Euro's to pounds..) ?
sexiest cologne on a guy?
whats the answer? Economic scarcity:?
Do you ever wish you were Asian?
Is there a law that a retailer has to give you a price adjustment if the product goes on sale within 30 days?
how can i avoid booters?
I'd like to make a Will- but how does it work?
Really need help finding total assets?
UPS TRACKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? , SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?
what are the rules and regulations of port of houston if someone import food especially meat products from out?
what is amount should the sale be recorded on 1/1/11?
how much money is spent on fireworks in germany over silverster?
Who does the voice(s) in your head sound like?
if i make 1,000 dollars a year how much do i make a month?
How many cans do I have to collect to get 20$?
How do I use Microsoft Excel?
meaning of EUREKA?
Will my hourly wage increase with minimum wage?
what are your guilty pleasures?
When will I get my package from UPS?
I work at a wharehouse. It's called HEB. we get write ups if we go home early or miss work.?
Can someone please help me with this financial problem?
What happens if u stop paying aarons and dont return there stuff.?
how do i cure a broken heart? it exists any cure?
how do squid protect them selfs?
When do you think I will get my package?
In the UK. How much is L240, in US currency?
What kinds of books can give me an introduction to the business world?
Has the furniture economy in the U.S. gotten better or worse since 2008?
How much are you allowed to overdraft on a bank of america debit card before you are charge the overdraft fee?
Where online can I add to a list of chinese websites that are scams?
R U ticklish?
how do i stop feeling sleepy?
how much does £25000 pounds 25 years ago worth today?
im having a garage sale in chicago, how much would you pay for used tottler clothes? whats a decent price?
definition of specialized audit?
My best friend is always depressed, what should i do??
UPS Order ground Shipping?
accounting hw...bonds at a premium..please help!?
what are the points and levels for?
Current macroeconomics event?
Why do I feel guilty spending my own money?
working papers...HELP!!?
views particular employers,would you consider?
Someone can help me to find suppliers for printing paper in reams or rolls?
how do i access messenger? is it like instant messenger?
wher can i get a family tree on Isis the egypt godess?
Is it okay to join a local Young Professionals group if I'm still in school?
I have 1000 pounds whats the very quickest way to double it?
can i receive wsib regular benefits and company pension at the same time?
what sites allow you to pay with paypal?
Seriously stumped on my finance hw question:?
Can I send Ten iPhone from UK to any where in the World on DHL .?
What do I do with the opening balances for the previous month, to prepare a trial balance for the current mont?
If a hobo was looking to you through your window with his cardboard sign, what would you do?
I am looking to open a boutique and purchase merchandise wholesale?
Have you ever won a lot of money and blew it on nothing?
after breaking for many times in life, i have a proposal from a guy in germany, do you guys think i shud??
Why does allow web scams to be sent to its members?
At 60 years of age, what is the best method for a woman to look for and find a job before quiting the one now?
how can i return a machine from that is branched with another company?
Is anyone else at work right now? Or am I the only one?
If I bought something that is going to be on sale on black friday can customer service adjust it?
Where Can i Get Gold for Cheaper Price ?In US or India or Australia ?
What is the main impotant for accounting?
First ebay sale: ebay says payment initiated, but i see nothing on paypal?
USPS Priority Mail labels format change June 2012?
does accountant make money?
Where can I obtain information for equipment to assist someone handicapped with no hand usage.?
Why is it important to issue invoices?
what kind of money is CND?
how to learn to make puzzles?
Do you have a sense of humor or just think you do?
How trust seal is helpful for the customer?
4-Digit Tracking Number? Possible carriers?
I am trying to build a website like cragislit,, a phone dating line
how do you make a hovercraft move?
are you interested in multi level marketting?
Where does the USPS delivery sent to Bahrain go?
What should I do to make my dreams come true?