can u email me if you know a way to make mony onlin if youre under ehgitteen?
a lie sent someone to prison should the truth be exposed after 10 years?
why is my email pg .slow?
Ways to make money online?
purchase in 2010 was US$1,750. With 2000 as the base year and assuming price deflator of 1.75 for 2010.?
hi ! any info on the topic ' AUDIT OF BANKS ' ...thanks ?
Given cash flow table using net present value how to select preferable project?
what are good home burglary alarm systems?
Discuss and industry that demonstrates economony or diseconomy of scale. Support position?
What happens when you send a letter without putting a stamp on it?
how the hell you get rid of that error message that comes that says fix you reg?
How many miles per week can Winger Truck Drivers do ?
i quoted the client with cost price by mistake dont know wat to do know wat to do?
What weighs more a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?
If you had one wish, wut would it be and why?
how power ful is the human mind?
What is a mis-shipment? How do companies define what a "mis-shipment" is?
Where can i get products? Like candy, chips, and drinks for a cheap price?
I would to like to know the role of a demand planner and duties carried out by him in industries ?
why is it important to separate cost as variable and fixed? specific reasons?
Does anyone know where I can find a list of countries most/least affected by recession?
If a bad check was accepted who does the business go after the writer of check or the person it was wrote to?
Is there any tax on those UPS flat rate priority boxes?
Trouble with santander online banking?
currency question, advice please?
What's your greatest fear?
How to sell a strategic service?
Barclays branch recovery unit on statement (urgent )?
Can torn up notes be used again if cello taped together properly?
what are some limitations of operating leverage?
Why do they say that you can walk without your big toe, but not without your little toe?
What is the cheapest way to clean a black leather jacket?
i want a boy to like me but i tips on how to look pretty so that i don't look bad?
Who wants to let me stay with them as an exchange student?
who is the capital of fiji?
How do I reach Graco childrens furniture for a broken part on my baby's swing?
Item won on eBay, buyer no longer want's it - now what?
Please help with this Accounting question?
successful model and where do u go?
what is the economy better in right now factory work or like restaurant and stuff like that?
Can a company charge me for previous months service if they messed up my bill?
How can a 13 year old make money?
how clever do you have to be to join the jewish faith?
Where's best to change 700 Euros?
BANK CHARGES..has anybody had to go all the way to court??
How do I get angel investors for my start-up company ?
how much is 20 dollars in euros?
Can any one tell me how to setup account in PPC?
Where do I find packs of invitation envelopes without cards?
What is a diamond dealer?
Where can i cash my 800$ Bank of America Check.?
How can information systems help a business with different market places?
how many points do u have ????????????????????????????????????????…
I need to find a free practice exam for the florida electrical journeymans exam.?
Under a standard cost system, the materials price variances are usually the responsibility of the?
what is the differnce between our time cst and the time in baghdad?
I m looking for waste plastics to recycle,so justify me from where i can get that.if anyone knws?
F ind the net profit or loss as a percentage and the gross margin as a dollar amount?
What is a buyer (purchasing) and what kind of equiptment do city governments use?
Calculate yield and discount yield?
How do u love a person that u don't like?
Help with adjusted trial balance error I cant find?
Accounting 1 Help.?
My son(10) is a diehard atheist and I am getting flak from parents.Suggestions?
How much is this worth?????
when I try to enter 360 it tells me I an not an adult. I am 30+. How do I change this information?
How much will a 100 won will be worth in 5 years?
whatid trusted webstie to buy camcorder via Internet?
For christians...?
if you saw some one in goth clothes would you judje them by what there wearing.?
How much to send 650.00 moneygram?
Is maintaince of share application form by a private unlisted company mandatory?
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good CPA who charges reasonable fees in Indianapolis?
do you think God is real?
why does glue not stick to the bottle but to everything else ?¿?¿?
What to buy with $200?
What are opportunity costs?
what are silver/gold prices like at the moment?
is this a hoax?
Can someone explain the billing department/billing process of a big company who bills other companies?
Sunday working hours- can work make me do extra hours with no extra pay?
What does everyone do on the 17th of every month?
Do you think this is a good idea?
How to write a nomination letter to our company?
how do I find the phone number of Detroit State Police Department?
how do you make money blogging?
Can Someone Convert British Pound To Us Dollars £173.74?
How many email addresses can one person have at one time?
What's the whole world population?
how would you record in accounting records the donation of land (a capital asset) to a city.?
Can you help prepare this entry?
Is the break even analysis a useful analysis for businesses to prepare?
Is there a million dollar bill?
what is the main activity of McDONALD?
Where are you going when you die?
How do you define mentoring?
I have a 220 volt motor, it won't start unless I turn by hand first. What's wrong?
How can I convince my mom to let me go and hang out with my friends?
If I write to these companies...?
How can I make money off my Website?
what is an intersting state to visit?
How do you stop Illegal Billing Like "Yellow Pages" Does?
How much is gas per gallon where you live?
Selling Internet to people as long as i dont make a profit?
how much interest does one million dollers accure?
What is Price of gold?
What the hardest question to answer on a job interview?
How do I tick off people to stop talking to me?
Currency exchange (for dummies) with China?
is it ilegal for a company nnot to pay you holiday entitlement?
ways to make money online for teens?
How to successfully monitor a group performance?
how can i get my shoes made?
Okay, I ordered an iPhone 4 on Saturday January 7, 2012 at about 2:30pm with Fed Ex 2Day Shipping?
is this true i got a letter with 400 dollar checks?
who is the richest person in the world bar bill gates?
The company I work for was sold to a different investment firm, should i worry?
How many American dollar in Canadian money?
is russian mafia the strongest and most violent mob in the world?
How to verify a job proposal its real or scam ?
Can I exchange big electronics at best buy?
Is there any website that I could buy foreign currency for a collection?
I suffer from firomyalgia. I have fallen four times within the past two years, no feelings in kne es to toes.?
How can I make a complaint on an Arco gas station? Where do I go or who do I call?
What is considered a lot of pull ups?
A company purcahsed 100 units for $20 each on Jan 31. It purchased 100 units for $30 on Feb 28. It sold 150...?
What are you thinking right now?
How can I see how much I owe pg&e?
Accounting question need help with?
Energy Finance-Jobs descriptions?
what would you do for a a million quid?
where can i sell Indian clothes guarantee?
Wells Fargo overdraft fee question! help!?
Raising money for a charity?
usps pick up question?
Got an unlimited visa card in the mail?
My SBI gold and more card six digit code how to get it?
Trading volume of bonds near maturity date?
what does it mean if ur coworkers dont ask you about ur vacation?
Which of the following statements about subsidiary ledgers is most accurate? A) The subsidiary ledger accounts?
I recently started a company and found out that my name and logo are being used by a Canadian company.?
who is the richest person of india till today?
How long have beyblades been out?
How difficult is accounting major?
I have checks that are only redeemable at walmart... Can I direct deposit the checks to my bank acount?
Where did this charge come from??? very confused?
Do you like chrismas???
how much money do ben and jerrys make every year?
is it okay to fall for older women?
How do I find the Expected Value?
can american checks be cashed in lagos,nigeria?
What does market mean in LCM? Need english translation....?
If you got my e-mail saying i f your 12-14 i also need oyur e-mial addresss so we can talk!?
Paypal is supposed to make things simple, but....?
how should i approach a girl that i like?
Same guy keeps bidding on my items on eBay and never pays for them?
which one do hate more. cockroaches or mice, crawling around in your home.?
I cashed my last check from my old job and seen that they overpaid me. How can they legaly get money back?
Can I bid on an item that I am selling to raise the price?
is the canadian dollar worth more then the american dollar right now?
If you are a financial planner or work in the industry, plz take 2 mins to answer this?
What is the cheapest way to mail holiday packages?
I need some info on Robert E. Lee?
Cancelled order, got refund but still received item?
H&r block emerald card?
where can I get the form for a lost money gram?
how do i survive a week with just $30?
what are the economic functions of futures markets?
What do you do when you're a billionaire?
How long for HMV to deliver my items? (UK)?
why don t you believe in Jesus Christ?
300 Baisa is equal to how many dollars?
Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?
Use the following data for Questions 1 - 5:?
What is your BFF's (Best Friend Forever's) first name?
I know USPS don't deliver on Sunday but I'm asking if my package will move/transit during Sunday.?
Retarded question but what do you call those coin machines that you dump your coins into to get bills?
Can anyone think of free ways to make money?
describe the characteristics of supply chain management?
Moved into a new area.Man up street cleared my driveway.Shold I bake for him or say a nice Thank you?
Replacing Florida ID Online?
currency disputes other than the Sino-US dispute?
I need help to get on a web site?
Is ups tracking accurate?
what are types of office consumables?
what is diffrence between savings and current account?
I certify Monday at 7:00am online for unemployment benefits, what time will it be available on my debit card?
What would you like to be when you grow up?
I don't know if it's true!! But Isn't Paypal a scamming website?
Has anyone heard of la promesa phone company LPC?
How much money will I get if I pawn these items?
Are there any Trade Journals for the video game industry?
How much could artificial intelligence specialist earn?
My hands have been sweaty a lot lately. What can I do?
selling a call option when holding another?
When is the best time to exchnage pound to euro's?
What is main aim to live a life?
How much can market stalls be worth?
Help Please with accounting?!?
how do i know if a guy likes me, and how do i get a guy to like me?
Is $250 a month a good salary?
Listen Im 16 years old my metro phone just cut off. Do you know where I can sell my ipod or psp.
Need the name of a restaurant/bar that is directly across the street from the pnc box office.?
Are there any best practices for creating a records or data retention policy? ?
What would you do in this situation?
Do I give advice to the company that laid me off 6 weeks ago that they're requesting?
How much am I worth?
How can I make my boyfriend stop snoring?
how do you like, get a place for a stand in town?
Devised defences that make it more difficult for other firms to take them over?
How much is a shipping service?
Is it better to apply for a job over the phone, in writing or in person?
Your number has been selected for a $5000 prize guaranteed!?
in oppinion, which ,myth is more likely true? big foot UFOS or the chuppacabrra?
Dear Sir/Madam,Could you please write a letter for me to cancel my O2 mobile contract as I am bankrupt?
how much will it cost to trademark a name and a slogan for beverage company?
Veriozon billing question PLEASE HELP?
What do you do to save money?
could you tell me hoe much 49.95american dollars is in pounds and pence?
Has anyone ever dealt with J.G. Wentworth Before?
Accounting Question- HELP?
How do I get my Avatar picture displayed next to my Questions and Answers?
Is it sexy to send dirty little text messages?
Where can I change my old 20 pounds note for the new ones?
I ordered something online, payed for it, not sure if it will come...?
how many spiders do i eat when i sleep?
economic outlook?
How much is the fee for designing a 20 milion construction civil project?
Does ebay really work?
Question about filing a claim on Amazon?
Will my mail carrier pick up a First Class Mail Parcel from my mailbox?
How do you break down an arguement into a prepositional based number tree?
what jobs make alot of money ?
What is its P/E ratio?
how much paper is used yearly in all those shopping slips and how can we reduce it?
Whos the richest man on earth?
Best Buy Going out Business?
Can i expedite my profit sharing check?
how to start learning??I'm finishing high school and have bad grades,I can't make myself to sit down & learn
how long should you wait to start dating after your spouse dies?
Make money online for free (no scams) ?
what is Cricket?
DL Envelope. What does DL mean please.?
what is the highest amount of a Cheque?
did u have times that u crying and u dont know why??
Why are old items worth so much money now?
How to make money for a teen?
What is cool to say, in america.?
Does the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Federal Reserve both issue bonds?
Can they make me do my bosses work and then tell me I am not qualified for a promotion to do the SAME things?
T or F: A job cost sheet is used to accumulate costs charged to a job?
looking for an inmate in a missouri prison?
Are there legitimate people who run estate sales?
Who can provide a big supplier of A4 paper in China?
How do i keep my soc sec disability checks?
ledds and reading, which one is better in Finance?
What's the best secret santa present for under a fiver?
How do I get started in the business of freelance writing?
If you could name the street where you live... what would you name it?
How much is 2'000 euros worth?
Accounting questionssss ?
How much is a 1982 20 pence coin worth in today's market?
how do file charges for fraud of a cell phone bill?
Is my boss alowed to give my other coworkers my cell phone number so that they can contact me to cover shifts?
How does paypal work?
At GC, all haircuts are 5.99. My son and I got haircuts this morning?
Can I use a different return address when sending a letter?
Is online transaction safe or not ?
How can I get a cach in hand gob over the internet? I am interesting for gob that pays 7 pounds per our?
where can I get a texas population chart in the 1960's?
Paypal, Bank Letter and Contradicting Information?
Why do "some" westerners hate asians..what hve we done wrong?
How does a £400 postal order cost?
My wife is looking for a legitimate on-line job...where should we look?
How to go around getting high blood pressure medicine cheap?
i have an American 50 bucks, where do i exchange the money for canadian?
what is the meaning of life?
Why do straight men like an@l sex? ( excuse me, SOME men)?
Since minimum wage in north carolina it is 7.25, then how do waitresses get paid like 2 dollars per hour?
If i like your answere ill Give 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Some Accounting Questions?
is the Department of Public Officers Association a real charity?
How can a 13 year old make money?
is there any way a 13 year old can make money?
how do you open an indoor skatepark?
My sister is getting a ramp built for my mom but the company that is going to pay for it wants my sister to pa?
why it is important to understand the nature (or what drives cost) in business.?
should i start a cookie busniess?
Getting my first apartment. What should I look forward to and how should I prepare?
What does this mean, "how do you do"?
My single father made $64,000 last year, is that low income?
Cosigned/partner a business loan, other person filed bankruptcy, now being sued? PLEASE ADVICE!!?
How to get a dealership to stop calling me?
Should I allow my daughter who is a drug addict trying to stay clean and her husband stay with me?
Hello, if you had £1million what would you do?
ebay question about winning stuff at a very low price?
finance homework question ..... need help please?
who is our president of the United States.?
Is there a website to find the cost of building construction materials in Qatar and the Middle East?
Should I change my style and become somebody that has a nice body, so the girls would dig me?
Where did the term "straight line depreciation" come from?
When water temperature is at 70 degrees is it cold or hot?
i need a waay to maake mooney any suggestions? ;]?
Increase in Value Over Time?
Xbox gold or an cd? I want both but dont know which to get?
Accounting help!!!??? PLEASE?
Where can I find a manufacturer/manufactures list for my invention?
is there how i can sell my ebook online?
Stock trading, investing, etc..?
What is Bill me later ?
how do i apply for shell gas card online?
Is there any project listing databases like Reed Construction Data or McGrawhill Dodge in UAE & Australia?
Amazon delivery time estimate?
I owe over 2000 dollars, no job and no license?
who is slim shadey in eminems songs?
this is my first business transaction guys....please help!!!!?
can someone tell me how to make 1000's of dollars within the next four days?
what the questions you ansewrs? what topics?
how do make a girl lke you?
who's polish cause im polish and proud!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much would this film cost in American dollars?
what are stock cards?
What is a rapper or what is the meaning of rape, LOL ?
How can I make money fast?
Accounting HW Question (Purchases Budget)?
What is it all about concerning the revaluing of the Iraqi dinar and they that bought them up will be heavily?
how much money do you get if you are a director?
Letter returned - need more postage. How much?
I have blue two dollar bill?
How can I pay this Bill?
Pay by Phone...takes how long?
What's the best career for me?
How can you let go your sister whom died of lung cancer?
What are some good survey sites that pay through PayPal?
Has anyone received a call from a "collection" company, attempting to collect a tax debt from the CA Tax Board?
who knows a guy named S.Jasikevicius?
What can i buy with 200 dollars?
Do You Believe in GOD?
Fastest way to find decimal expansions?
  The T-accounts for Equipment and the related Accumulated?
What are good, and bad, gifts for teachers at the holidays?
i sold some drugs for 20 bucks and my my parents want to know where i got the money from.?
How do you send packages?
What is the point in making things 99 cents?
Will you still sell on ebay now they are hiking their fees by 30%?
Xavier Construction negotiates a lump-sum purchase of several assets from a company that is going?
How do I set up a full reserve bank?
where can i get a pre-paid shipping label?
Where can I buy bed sheets wholesale?
what do boys like in a girl?
My managers don't seem very professional?
when do you have to get a job?
In complete sentences, describe one way the Canadian government is involved in your economic life. explane?
Do you like money???
Can anyone explain the Cash Flow from Assets equation?
retail accounting?
We all know how bonds are rated, but how do you think that rating translates into the price for that bond?
how can i find a saudi investor for sri lanka project?
Is my 18 karat gold jewelry valuable?
Does anyone else think we should invade Canada?
What is Due Diligence?
Do you think high interest rate credit cards should not be allowed by law.?
How to get item back from Cart that passed 90 days???
does anyone watch the anime bleach?
What is a good budget topic to write about for my term paper?
Do small packages sent through the mail take longer..?
Can UPS send something to England?
Where can I find investors?
I need all the information about cybersex, and how can I get all the stuff for it and where?
what adjusting journal entries do i need for this problem?
Where can I sell my DVD's and junk?
what sould i do about an unatherised user?
I'm adopted but was born at a military hospital...shouldn't there be birth records for me somewhere?
I need to turn 200 into 600 before Friday. But how?
how to save money in life?
Can a man resemble a quail? (@_@)?
What would you when you get off work and walk home while on the on a total stranger just bumps you real hard.?
why is why?
Where can I get business cards made locally?
what is wrong for me being an african?was is it my fault to be born in kenya/africa?
I have trouble with the following macroeconomic exercises? Can anyone help me?
Profitable Fruitcakes?
Accounting Questions need help they are T & F?
is jayz really planing to have a football team like he said in commercial?
do you think dollar value will fall now?
How much should I allocate?
Manufacturinig and Income statements with inventory analysis. Need some guidence?
iam an egyption muslin and want travelu.s.abut somepeople sea the american dis like egyption is that righ ?
Solutions to poor liquidity?
How much money does a model make?
What is the main general purpose for negative feedback?
How do I carry illicit material on an airplane?
Why do we need Q&A when we have Google?
What does it mean to compete globally in the marketplace?
Where to find 3-year ratio for a listed company?
is there really anyone for a 13 yr.old?
How can I Raise Money?
How does currency trading work?
does really work?
Is this a good idea for a business? A shade-tree mechanic car manufacturer?
why can't we have shoes because it will be much better!! so please get some shoes on the computer ok bye?
I've had my period for a couple of days now, and i haven't told my mom yet because i feel emabarrased?
What's the answer to Increasing Gas Prices?
I would like to change my ID from present to ALREHMAN_01 how can I do this??
If you were God for a day, what would you do second?
My USPS order says notice left?
What is Progress Bills in Construction Project?
where and how I can find a job with an oil co? Note:I have no Experience in oil industry?
who sings a classic rock song talking about blowing in the wind or how the wind blows or something?
How do I buy on Amazon UK, Canada, Italy with US dollars?
describe rain in detail in a beautiful way..please...?
If all men sudenly disappeared, would women survive without us?
What time do these stores open tomorrow and what sale?
Similarities & differences between bookkeeping and accounting?
My foregin & all of my cash money has been captured by my can i take back?
When conducting causal research, how can researchers keep variables
financial management question pls see below?
do you like butterflys?
where to exchange foreign currency?
How can I stop getting junk mail?
Anyone know where I can order 3/4 plugs for a cheap price?
How do I determine the current value of money given in the past, correcting for inflation?
Will Social Security benefits increase if I move to a more expensive city?
Accounting QUESTION2:?
marion county, OR acreage for sale?
du u think a shud be legalized in the society?
Are postage stamps a form of currency?
postal orders how much would it cost?
when do you get a package if shipped on tuesday?
How much assistance can i recieve from the post 9/11 bill? ?
What is meant by persona non grata ?
was the Olympics in UK profitable for the economy? {state your facts and sources}?
My best friend has been talking about me behind my back,what should I do?
Has anyone ever done the "Get paid for surveys"on the Internet?Is it just a scam?
Went to deposit 943 dollar check, Bank teller put the check through for 973 dollars? What should I do?
Hi. What is the cheapest method for international calling from the USA?
I Was Scammed By An Online Cigarette Company. Help!?
How much is a GOLD 2000 virginia quarter. The back says jamestown 1607 2007?
what comes from china, has to be harvested and costs about 1000 american dollars?
Sould I study more and talk to guys less?
Is it okay to have two items shipped to my house by different companies on the same day?
aint chris cagle dating anyone?
do u like superchick?
on EBAY do you HAVE to bid?
Consumer Product Research? Legit?
Would you rather ride on a train , dance in the rain , or feel no pain ???
Why is it a struggle for most people to wake up early?
If you bought 100 shares of Microsoft in March 13, 1986, how many shares would you have now?
I wear a size 1 and Im over 40-where can I find pants that arent so teenagery?
Am I just being selfish?
How much money could you be bought for?
How good was my pay for the work I did today?
The units sold or expected to be sold or sales revenue earned or expected to be earned above the breakeven?
How do you stop yourself from likeing someone and missing so much knowin you might never see that person ?
Can an amazon buyer that wants to return an item pay for my shipping cost or not?
Ebay problem (buyer says cant pay for another week) what should i do?
I would like to know how can i start selling contract phone's online? who do i contact?
I would like to know why, if i want to ignore someone , why is it that I still recieve unwanted messages from
What number are you on the leaderboard?
How could I use my MBA Knowledge to agriculture business?
what are the bouncing charges of a loan?
Isn’t it ironic that St. Patrick was born on a holiday?
friend question?
How does money make the World go round?
what is the best sales technique for selling successfully at car boot sales?
how to become an excellent salesman?
My Stub Hub tickets haven't come in yet and it's past the expected delivery date?
What are all the ways to avoid a humilating person ?
Does anybody know where I can get a cheap custom made flag?
Where's the best place to rent a U-haul when moving from Detroit to Flint, Michigan?
how can i find people to associate with in business?
I bought something on eBay and it went on ups how do I track it?
how i can be christain?
i have just purchased a skilsaw model 825 seriel #243667 i am asking what year it was manufatured for my recor?
My annual can I calculate how much it's in hourly wage?
Has Anyone Went To New York?
Does any1 know if circuit city has closed yet and if not which 1 is still open in the bay area?
How can you tell if a boy likes you?
Help please with calculating Interest Rates(10 points)?
what happens if a court order is breached?
i looking for an afford able doctor for breast augmentation in the california area ?pleeeease help!!!?
where is located? countrywide department morgage?
what happens when u are born with morquio syndrome?
Question concerning Accounting?
Girls: Where is your favorite place to shop?
How to have front desk of my apartment NEVER SIGN FOR CERTIFIED MAIL OR ANY PACKAGES again?
i wanna make 100$ in 1 month? wut is the easiest way?
what do I do if my boss refuse to give me a refrence?
Can I make money buying and selling automatic weapons?
Names for a personal training company needed?
The balance sheet of Ms. Prompt Truck Rental on December 31st is as follows:?
What should I spend my money on?
How Do I Get Someone To Quit Doing Something, but Without Asking?
USPS Priority Mail Help? 10 points?
accounting questions?
why would my bf's ex suddenly befriend me?
Is this just sad and depressing?
life insurance with no physcial?
What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?
Can I graduate from half my double degree and stay on youth allowance?
quick and easy money??
What would you do if you have $1000,000.00 ?
All about business?
How much is $33,500 hourly?
What is the tenth episode of Season Three called on the tv show, The OC?
wheres the best place to visit in CA?
The balliff had placed $ on the seize item, Who can purchase it back from balliftt?
You have purchased a $20,000.00 bond at 85% paying 7% APR. Calculate cost of bond.?
How's my Cover Letter?
where can i buy a queen size sponge mattress?
What should I do about my driver's license?
why people tell a lie?
how to Find Local Maximum and Minimum?
Who invented the seat warmer?
how do you use a condom?
Why is there braille on drive up ATM machines?
When did saint francis of assisi become a saint?
How Do You Pay Off An Overdraft Fee?
How long does it take to ship from Vancouver to California?
Does anyone know any good free chat rooms?
how to find the price of a watch?
what do we do if we badly badly badly want to take revenge?? (Crime not allowed)?
cashcrate help?
my friend sells drugs, what should i do?
Help Help Help, I got an email from my bank saying someone tried to access my bank account?
Where can I find the application process for the new IKEA store opening in Canton Michigan?
Cheapest method to ship books for orders sold through Amazon?
We are looking for a reliable embedded solutions partner who can offer timely deliveries.?
highest mountain?
Who do I adress the Cover Letter to?
How do i answer a question that someone else posted?
I have a 1957 series a dollar bill is it worth something?
why is it important to separate cost as variable and fixed? specific reasons?
How to get $20 online by tomorrow?
y cant i find a good person on here to talk to?
where can i buy cell phones at wholesale prices in bulk?
Why are retail prices like £9.99, why not just £10?
Has anyone made any money by taking online surveys or by other ways online?
How to introduce an online shopping company?
Omg I don't know what I'm doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you ever get ahead, and start saving?
What are the pro's and con's living in Costa Rica vice living in the USA?
Is this too much?
Do you like reality TV?
i have money problems...what should i do?
Are men incapable of monogamy?
In which room of your home are you sitting now?
Is it bad for people to think of you as weird?
How Are Exchange Rates Calculated?
why won't anyone answer my questions?
When a person is talking to you up close, do you look at their eyes or mouth?
Is there a girl which love to wear a pantyhose?
How much is ¥687.8 in america?
a store owner increased the price of an item by 17 %, then he increased the new price by 17%. By what % is the?
How do I change my nickname?
What is our economy headed for right now?... Recession, Depression, or total collapse?
what is the best thing to do in order to speak english fluently?
Can somebody give me an opinion on this?
What three things matter the most in your life?
Who sets the gas prices????!?!!?
Looking for old phone company Pacific Bell whom I owe an Old bill to but can't find where to send payment?
All expected future payments are liabilities.?
Moving from Europe to USA with an engineering degree?
What do you mean by Debit and Credit ?
Are your nighttime dreams in color, black & white or both?
I am depressed, what should i do to get in a excellent mood?
how to lodge a complaint against shop keeper regarding his faulty service to the consumer?
Is it bedtime yet?
What do you like to do on weekends?
Where can I find the Kweku Adoboli trial transcripts?
Which account would I debit and which would I credit?
list and explain liver functions.?
i have to go to iraq what shall i do?
is the hotel charges of the engineer fixing our machine considered part of the machine value and depreciated ?
Is it possible to provide incentive or reward without worsening inequality?
whats a good website to get sample letters to send to collection agencies?
Is it illegal for an employer to make it mandatory to meet with people selling life insurance in the office?
are the banks open tomorrow morning?
need help with ideas for business?
Will Target's shipping rates be different from Amazons? $23 shipping for a $60 purchase!?
where can I get a big JPEG USPS logo?
How do you combine business life with private life?
Why idiots ask questions and then get all mad about getting answers like pmt208 this person is a real moron?
priority shipping????????????????????????????????…
My employer has basically told me to go to hell. Should I quit or ride it out?
Has anyone won a decent amount on the lotto? I haven't!?
Am i the youngest box truck driver?
to see the pictures in my inbox what i have to do some pictures are not showing why?
Hi all I want to know how to get money $100/$1000/month or per week from internet?
Wrong item hasn't been collected yet?
Can I redeposit a cashiers check I made out to another person?
accounting hw...bonds at a premium..please help!?
do they need lawyers in fashion industry?
Does hollister pick certain people to work there?
Prepare the sales budget by quarters for the year ending December 31, 2012.?
Accounting help pls!?
Isaiah 29:24 again please?
Do you cry when you are alone?
If i make $8.50 an hour and work 5 times a week at best buy how much money will i have at the end of the month?
How do people ship items so cheaply?
How to find depreciation and accumulated depreciation?
which goods are cheaper in USA,comparing to India ?
help! i accidently bid on this on ebay?
How do you dress for a boy you are trying to impress. Sexy or not?
Where can I found out how many americans are earning $1million or more per year?
looking for a wood replica of a butler or chef about 3' tall etc. any ideas?
how do you make an oreo shake?
the average american woman does this 10000 times a day?
Is a $2 billl worth more than $2? If so, how much?
Any way to track a USPS package without any added services?
Best bank in CA and TX?
How can I stop a posted special delivery mail before it gets delivered?
How do cultural, social and Technological factors affect a business?
Can the entire pop. of the world, if standing in 2'x2' sqares, fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville FL?
whats the perfect outfit to wear on a first date?please help!?
how much money does america make in exports and imports each year?
what do you mean by that?
write check for $500.00?
Does a money order need to be signed by the purchaser for it to be cashed?
EASY Question! Are Extraordinary Losses/Disc. Operations Losses Closed to Retained Earnings?
finance maths...................................…
is Forex a trusted business that can works to make real money?
How do I calculate total revenue from the given information?
A good way to make money during the winter?
i cant calculate a sum of money can u help? wen i did it on calculater it came up as 7.9?
are you ever going to move out of your parents house?
I am in love with a full-grown 19-year-old, but I'm only 14 and us dating is illegal in TX. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!
Are there any posible jobs for a 13 yr old?/?
How much money do nurses make per year?
how do free websites make money?
Do companies get paid if their product is placed in a film?
how do you find some one on the web w/out having to pay for it?
how do you say i love you in latin?
What is the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Describe the three key components in doing strategic analysis of operating income?
Is spun a word? Like spin in past tense? What would it be if not?
How should one secure his own interest when doing business with the devil?
How much money can I sell chickens for?
how to make a million pounds or dollars?
Is paypal safe?????????
i have a mail which is saying that i won 1.000.000 dollers and i should just tell my bank accunt to claim that
I just got high grade @ school and my dad wants 2 get me something but I dont know what should I ask 4 so help
rap rock country or pop? why?
ordering things off ebay?
My Gas Bill way too HIGH HELP!!!?
Do you care about your kids or do you drop them off with strangers (school/daycare)?
Wat is the cheapest and the most expensive item you can buy?
Help me... I lost my Wells Fargo teen debit card, what should I do?
What jobs can a 14 year old do?
looking to book a confrence meeting?
my sister inlaw has aol and wants to join do I invite her?
What is a polite way to keep people from sleeping in your dumpster?
hi can some one help me with this 1. equipment is depreciated at 10% per year ? how should we calculate?
About how many people line up in front of Best Buy for Black Friday?
how do i finde money coming to me left over from a forclouser sale?
if u had one wish want woud it be.?
help with accounting!?
Has anyone ever?
What percentage of all australian trades go to Europe?
im a new seller on ebay. I put 5 of the same things in 1 auction. I thought that the highest bidder would?
if i make 1,000 dollars a year how much do i make a month?
Does anybody know where I can get a fully Labelled Organisational chart for Marks and Spencer?
Am I old enough to do voluntary work at Oxfam?
Where does the money come from to create Firefox?
If I don't work xmas eve, I loose my job?
how much is 50% off $49.99?
Where on the internet can i get authentic data entry jobs, i can type, design graphics, manage databases e.t.c?
What are ways to make more money on weekends?
What jobs can a 15 year old get?
why don't most dvd movies cover the whole screen?
What are you most afraid of in other people?
If im not home to recieve a ups package can somebody else sign it?
Why do I always make mistakes?
Need help with accounting problem?
How much is 15% off of 25.00 dollars?
which I wanted I did not get and I have all the thingz which I need.?
How much is 1600 austrailian dollars converted to english pounds sterling?
Primary, secondary and tertiary sector for the fishing industry?
Could someone please help me/explain this accounting problem?
Is it legal to transfer assets from one company to another?
Accounting, can some one help?
how do you know when personals accepted your debit card?
Are liquidation and "no middle-man" stores ever worth looking into? Are they really cheaper?
how do you feel about the word empathy?
Calling all Girls! Help!?
major cities in bihar?
What info does a company need to send u to collections?
Host Llama?
how many friends do you have, and (it counts for your family 2.?
which bank charges are reclaimable?
what to do with 6 millions Dollar$ ?
_____________ aids management in achieving objectives such as product or customer costing,?
Is a Bill of Sale the same thing as a Letter Agreement?
how much is my workers comp case worth?
What is the ultimate question?
Student Cash Statement Receipt says Two disbursement checks were sent out on 7/24/2012?
what happens if I dont have money in the bank to pay off my payday loans?
Who knows how to operate an old Dos - Datatrend Management for water bills?
how do I keep my dress socks from sliding down?
i need to write an essay on giving financial advice to someone who does not know how to budget him self?
If it right for his mom to do this to him? I feel really sorry for my guy friend, he never gets to keep $$$ :(?
I am single at 42 again how can I find a man who is interested in a relationship?
i have a 1934 one hundred dollar bill is it worth anything?
who was the last person u talked to?
how long is the typical time period for checks to expire?
How can I take wine off my white cotton shirt?
How do you write out a Canadian PO Box address?
Why do you think people hate advertisments?
Why Do most Taliban Al-Queda use the AK-47 ?
How much does a replica rolex cost and where can i get one in or by chicago illinois?
when does the costco american express bill come in?
What is 18k gold plating?
Online business ideas?
I heard that Warren Buffet is giving his Billions to the Gates Foundation. Wow. Will this start a new trend?
Paypal for foreign currency?
Is Kat von D considered an entrepreneur?
i am a hard working man that is trying to get my old truck on the road and can afford 500 1000 month tostart?
Is it because people are simply stupid that they believe in god or are there other reasons?
find unclaimed assets due jack kosaian?
Does anyone ever wish you could just go some place by yourself and just rest!!!?
What is the abstract concept of temporal paradoxes?
How do you spell disignee?
How do I get a loan for any reason from $50K to $10M?
Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near?
Why can I not get Instant messenger on my own account instead of my wifes?
Is it possible to become billionaire from a?
Company sent me the same item twice. Can I just keep it?
did the groundhog see his shadow?
what is the meaning of life? why there is a death and a birth?
ebay store?
what is operations strategy?
Is cyberpc a reliable service?
Why does change my searches to German even though I am an American just living in Germany?
what is the most popular sport in the world?
How do I start a message board under the Finance section of ?
Is $25000 a lot of money?
Where can I find calks that I can install in my hiking boots?
The purpose of any delivery system is to enhance or facilitate is what ?
What's your opinion on the bailout? Are you for it or against it and why?
On January 1, 2010, the Ewing Company ledger shows Equipment $46,889 and Accumulated Depreciation $15,616. The?
how much should i charge per day for babysitting?
wht is the most important thing in life?
PayPal..How do I receive credit/debit card payments on my PayPal account?
Net income and Operating Cash Flow?
what if i know a ghuy and his name mean hell and my name means bad, do you think we would be a good couple?
Why did my question get posted twice?
How do I get my friends to stop bieng so touchy and funny?
if i buy a portable dvd player would i be able to make dvd's without having a dvd burner in my computer?
ACCOUNTING HELP verify my answer please?
Best way to sell runescape gold?
Caught shop lifting and told not to come back help?
How much does it cost to resize a 14k gold ring?
Will a letter be sent to the right address if the street address is correct but the state and city aren't?
You buy a $100 face value, 8-year par bond that pays an annual 8.5% coupon.?
Credit Relief Today - Company Reviews & Pros/Cons Wanted?
I keep getting an error when I open the mail. How can I correct this?
Is paypal safe to use with craigslist?
Will it be appropriate 4 me to use a name 4 a digital product that has already been used 4 something else?
Can your phone company stop you from receiving calls aswell if you dont pay your bill on contract ? ?
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
what is price matching?
Help me find this please?
What does a cashiers check look like?
employee discount at Best Buy?
why can't I find e-mail for
How much money a year is considered good?
Where can I find a company that will print my scrapbook paper designs in the USA?
Double majoiring in Finance/MIS and minor in Accounting?
where will find pictures from movie FATAL ATTRACTION?
MASSIVE EBAY DILEMMA someone back me up please?!?
Does the Target RedCard show a statement of exactly what you purchase?
Does anybody know how can I receive payments online from my customers?
Scam?? I got a check and its says to cash it then transfer it. and that I won 125,000 $?
i have a friend that is alway pissing in front of other guys do u think that makes him gay.?
who will deliver my USPS First Class Mail International package? the mail man or a van?
Cheapest phone company?!?
Accounting Question, Please help?
how to break restrictions on websites by any wifi supplying authority?
Does anyone know about SBC/Global Internet contracts? IS This Right??
i ordered a MP3 player on"".I have not yet recieved the same.what should i do.i have made payment.
What time does ups usually come?
Is the airforce a good path to go to be successful?
Lots and Lots of money or peace of mind, What Matters most to an indivdual?.?
What do you mean by "Business Intelligence"?
if a company quotes a price in an email, do they have to stick to that price? legally?
where do i add suicide notes?
Was John Boy Walton Gay?
What would be the mailing format for the uk?
looking for background checking company but, they're all fake?
i'm a am i going to tell my best friend that im gay and have a crush on him?
more accounting help i suck at this?
if a person lied about her/his virginity, can u trust them with your heart?
asda direct deliver (DPD)?
What is the fastest way to make money that anybody can do without involving the investment of thousands?
How much raise is it fair to ask for?
has any one ever let a little hampster nibble on their but hole?
what ever happened to those shopping carts where the backs came down?
Accidentally bought to much with giftcard?
what is a good comedy movie that the whole family can enjoy?
Is the Gutenberg Festival still held in Long Beach, California?
If ur 16 & u hav a baby is it possible to live by urself and b on section 8 wit a job?
You have $1,000 invested in an account that pays 16% compounded annually?
how much is a 1974 federal reserve E series $10 bill worth?
if your raised to be prideful how do u stop?
FedEx cancels Airbus A380 order, switches to Boeing?
What is the cheapest way to ship a chandelier?
ordered boots off a site and realised it is fake, where can i report it?
If I order several items from different sellers on amazon will it all come on the same day ?
Does health insurance cover mortgages as in payment protector ?
Mostly Drop shipping directories reviews are fake?
Need Breyer Horse Cataloging information?
how many countries in the world.?
What has been your experience with Quixtar and World Wide Group?
Where would be a good place to sell my phone that I don't want anymore?
What is the most accurate site for a background check?
My friend got caught with my bag stealing something at cvs.i took a lipstick 3 weeks ago from the same store?
If you could get someone to finance one thing for you to do, what would you choose?
When prospective employers ask what you're weaknesses are, should I mention my shyness?
Where can I buy the sharpie collector's pack!?
Why can I not order anything on Amazon?
As a US retailer planning to open a new chain in France which forces in the environment will most affect you?
Accounting Question (Yes or NO style questions)?
Ladies watches are smaller than that of male, why ?
Where can i buy fake items online!?
Best place to convert Pounds to Dollars for trip? Best rates?
i have mail showing in my tool bar-but when i checked (3 times) all is empty-includes bulk Can u help please?
If my father claims my kids on his taxs can the father of my children also claim them?
What can i do if i have been suspended from work without pay?
what are the rules and regulations of port of houston if someone import food especially meat products from out?
ebay seller saying i won't be getting my item till after christmas?
Does anyone have the link to group kneesocks and movies?
Hey did the bbb formula work ?
pepsi or coke'? the biggest question in america?
Managerial Accounting Assist Please?
You inherit 5 billion dollars. What are your plans.?
Anybody know about Jeff Paul's shortcuts?
Why no government aid to Circuit City?
i need to find adress for this particular phone number203-887-4564 how can i do this?
Is a legal source?
Do department stores take starter checks?
how many times a day can a bill collecter call your house?
Why do babies pee on you at least once during thier life?
what is your profile?
How can I remove mildew stains from clothes?
Ok, so banks, open or closed?
i had a guy send me a package supposedly from a service whos website is, this company exist?
I need 118 points to advance to level 2, yet I have 132 points and still am at level 1, what's going on? HELP!
UK postage answer please?
what do I do if when buyer cant pay?
I Hate My Job!!!!!!!?
Is anyone else addicted to Yhaoo! Answers?
i want to buy something from china (not an official company)?
I placed order on Datawind for the purchase of Ubislate tablets in January,2012. They failed to deliver.I canc?
YES i finally did it!!!?
Is Debbie Mathers alive or dead?
Help ! Can anyone explain this statement: Accounts Receivable is a good example of Accrual accounting...?
if i order a gift card from walmart 200 dollar visa card would i get the money when it comes by?
What is the best way to study for business management? There is just too much work!!?
Cruel management?
What is the unemployment rate ( % ) in the state of Florida?
best place to find gold ore for non-member?
Are there business models that do not depend on credit?
what is the u.s. dollar conversion of 1,000,000 quid?
if i am an order taker and my position no longer exists and i am transfer can i get a stimulus check?
Is NBA2k13 worth buying?
Secret ,dove ,sauve or neither?
What's a 1976 $2 bill worth?
Income Statement Problem?
how much gold can someone sell in canada?
I have a 1843 $10 note from the bank of the united states how much is this worth?
tanning beds?
What actions are you willing to take in order to stop companies from raising their prices in time of crisis.?
ways for teen to make money?
Get Bank to Call on Western Union Transactions?
Does anyone know the dates that each season starts on for the 2005 and 2006 years?
How can I have USPS ship my item for me?
80% off $5 and how did you get that answer?
Who is your Favorite Jedi from Star Wars?
how do i calculate 5% off a Product?
what job opportunities are available at the unicef for a grauate in sociology?
What Should I Do?
Anyone who has used U-Hauls u box pods?
i need the buyers for industrial safty shoes and gloves?
How should I spend my first day as a newly single woman?
How do i change to Female Avatar's?
Should I babysit any more for my family, even if they don't pay me?
what causes heart burnes?
No response from eBay seller. ?
Shipping cost for 20 pound large package 88 X 13 X 13?
How much money do you make per hour, and what do you do?
whats the name of the man on the cosby show?
Companies that send free things?
how about another stimulus package for us hard working folks anyone hear if we will be getting one anytime soo?
Where can I find a list of all UK businesses?
Finance homework question!?
Paypal claim question?
Do you think Jeff is a slum lord?
I have a lot of stamps collected. What is the easiest way to sell them?
Accounting Help. Can someone explain?
What are our medals (olympic)?
What's a greater satisfaction, to be promoted and be the boss, or to employ someone?
I am in Los Angeles and finished my 2nd cycle of receiving unemployment benefits. Am I eligible for more?
Where to sell expensive coins?
Were is a good place to by things or whole pallets of new things or returns to sell.?
Market research homework?
how to be so fluent in english and talk without a fear in public places?
Accounting question! HELP!!!?
If I bid for something on ebay is it possible to remove my bid before the time is up?
Can someone who make 150,000 a year and lives in california afford luxery brands?
where is there a good place to sell old coins and currency?
can i lease a car with my salary?
How do you convert £ to american dollar?
Help? eBay purchasing?
Can Best Buy gift cards be refunded?
i want loan up to 300crore for a project. the problem is that the project is under liquidation.may i get loan.?
Entrepreneurial advice?
Question about PayPal?
Buy wholesale in bulk and sell for retail?
How do you know when you're out of invisible ink?
how to subpoena a bank statement in California myself?
benefits of working in a crisp factory?
Can I take money off the rent because he's not fixing stuff and expecting me to take time of work?
how can you be sure your girlfriend is fathfull?
What is Basel 2 plz describe it in breif?
is it true that there is someone in the world that looks EXACTLY like you?
Accounting (Multiple Choice) Help!?
Where can I legally collect money?
Does getting naked and standing within a waterfall mean I'm weird?
Your answer is ? since SBC has advised me that SBC and AT&T are linked together along with . Is that true
Can there be two households under one roof?
i sent a wire transfer and they took it and ran?
Need Punch Line for export business!!?
If there were a door and when you opened it you could either have the riches of your dreams or die instantly..
Is there a minimum on how many pairs of shoes you can buy from Nike at a particular time?
Merchant Account + Authorize.Net for a non US business?
how long is a business hour?
Is it unlawful for businesses to tear down their competitions flyers in a public place such as a community col
Where's Waldo?
can i use a costco cash card without costco membership?
have any of you guys ever had your bank pay back bank charges owing? if so please tell how to go about it.?
Electronic equipment, how much is it worth? Make me a good offer and I'll sell it to you?
In simple terms - why is there "no inflation" but food and utility costs have gone up?
What does it usually mean when your bf wants to look thru your phone but doesn't want you to look thru his?
How should I enter capital financing fees in QuickBooks?
Has anyone got a successful business and how long did it take to get successful ?
Finish this question . . .?
Has anybody ever seen this site? How good is it!?
Does anyone know how much Trainee Managers at Lush Cosmetics are paid? I can't find out anywhere!?
which Indian business tycoon is building 550 ft. 27-storeyed sky scrapper at an approx.cost of $ one billion?
what is a devicedriver?
Can someone else sign for my package?
Im almost 18 and dont want to end up poor like my parents. What can I start to do now?
How long is 2 business days?
How do I do a search on a badge number from a police?
is it illegal in the usa to drink in puplic or just to be drunk in puplic? (im not from here originally)?
how do you make edible candy arrangements?
What time did you get up this morning?
i want to pay my bill?
How long does it take for items to be shipped from eBay?
how does computerised accounting packages enhence productivity ?
Payment methods for custom items from other states?
T or F: Fine jewelry is a better store of value than money?
F ind the net profit or loss as a percentage and the gross margin as a dollar amount?
is a 1981 twenty dollar bill worth more than a 2003?
how to report int.scams?
Any way to charge a paypal by charging to your phone bill?
How can i find a person im looking for with out payign for it online?
What is the annual salary of a truck loader for a Coca-Cola plant?
i need to translate my research from english to filipino?
Do I qualify for the NHS Low Income Scheme?
how to reverse record notes receivable and notes payable?
anything on Israel?
What's the easiest way to go about patenting an invention?
What if I want to work at a record company someday?
Do you wish you looked more like your avatar?
What Can I do about previous owners mail, fedex and ups packages.?
How much trouble am I in?
Can i make questions in another language?
how to get rid of pimples?
is this a scam mailing envelopes and having to send them money?
How can the dealership do this to us?
bottle and can collecting ,10 cents each?
Aren't the 'good things that come to those who wait' just the leftovers from the people that got there first?
I need accounting lessons. how much are they?
how to get cash loan in the philippines when you are working aboard?
Are you hiding anything?
where is komodo island located ?
Do you think that there should be nap time in school?
somebody unknown transferred out $229 out of my savings account...?
what is 12=T in a C?