I can't find my social security do i go about getting another one?
What's the difference between ups and usps?
wholesale store buying? fabric? jewelry? etc...?
What is a market analysis and how do write a good one (I'm only in high school)?
Can someone give me some advise here?
how can i make loads and loads and loads of money?
what is the most important thing to you?
Making a cash flow statement--do I include equity?
What businesses are doing good?
can money transferred from one account to another be reversed to withdraw from the oringal account?
If a social planner were running a monopoly, that planner could achieve an efficient outcome by charging the p?
How can I make £100 in roughly a week?
Could I use all natural ingredients to make a moisturiser or Skin creams?
Custom charges on perfumes from USA to UK?
Is it possible to patent an idea or do you have to have a product that is ready to use?
why do people look for dates on here?
business owners; how much time did it take you to start making a profit??
What's the name of the list of codes for business activities?
Is hourly pay negotiable?
HELP!!!!What are some good ways to raise money?FAST!!!?
I want to Export Indian Products to Dubai Which Indian Product is Most Wanted in Dubai Market?
i ordered a phone and it is 2 hours away from me it says it is in transit is it on its way to me?
What are the qualifications of entry level accounting? ?
How do i retain existing customers?
What kind of professional would you talk to about business structure?
is it legal to buy and sell gold or silver?
Accounting Question Please Help?
Is Lasership a safe carrier and a good company?
How do I know if my eBay buyer is a scam?
How much they pay if you work as businessman?
Is there a site on the internet that gives where the stock market was on any particular day?
I would like to hear of Christmas stories, even stories around christmas hymns.?
for QUIET THINKER: Who is Ahmed?
how can i get venture funding?
How long until a check bounces?
Do you see? The Bacus Medical Bill Was Specifically Reverse Engineered for CBO & It was never to be THE BILL?
I just got My new bank card for citi bank in e.o amd i wat to know how can i deposit a check from my phone ?
whats the name of the dictionary with every word in it? medical, legal,bible, everyone. i forgot what it was.?
how do i obtain a forclosed home so i can rent out?
How much would I get for 20000 Lego blocks?
Accounting help!!!!!! Need to figure out the Net Income with information provided.....?
General Journal Accounting Entries: Question for which accounts and DR & CR?
Ho do i make a postal order?
I want to buy something online if there a way to not have the package sent to my house?
how to write a sample letter?
If u found dirty messages from girls in your bf's phone and he says they are just friends what do you do?
Is a net worth how much a celebrity makes a year?
I am 19 and I havent been in there something wrong with me???
How come chocolate milk doesn't come from brown cows?
how can I make my husband help me at home...just a little bit.?
How can I make sure that it is not a scam?
Who said these words, "The Jews deserve to be hanged on gallows seven times higher than ordinary thieves."?
How to file for a 501c3 Step by step?
what is the difference between joint venture and franchisee?
Why do we need names? Why not numbers for identification?
where can i look for dolphin candle holders and dolphin birth stone holders for $9.95?
How much does 250 Poincare Francs worth in USD?
what profession charges people too much money ?
how to tie a tie?
Do you have any business name ideas?
What are the portfolio weights for a portfolio that has 110 shares of Stock A that sell for $79 per share and?
my sn password is stolen 2 times this week what can i do?
what was the year and month of princess diana's death?
How much does a old, worn down, partially destroyed, warehouse and/or factory, in the middle of nowhere cost?
Today 7/23/12, I receieved a letter and a check inside, Is SenecaOne a Legit check for structured settl check?
Best business Type please?
Can I call best buy and ask if they have a netbook I want in stock at the store?
could you tell me hoe much 49.95american dollars is in pounds and pence?
what is the name of alexa vegas manager?
Im trying to figure out how to get money?
Is there a website I can go to to find out what businesses in my town are currently hiring?
Can someone else sign for my package?
where do i find a bozi buddy?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting paid hourly? 10 PTS!!?
What is Niche United Clothing ?
About cheque bounce...?
should have seperate age catagories? so that adults can get answers from adults.?
Accoutning Help s!?
How do i set up paypal?
Does UPS ship bank holiday ?
Where can I find a good business partner?
how could i demand fairness if no one seems to listen?
If you could change your name to anything you wanted, what would it be?
Does anyone else know about the twin tower on the twenty and the five dollar bill?
Define leaverage in financial terms?
Hilary duff is so lame, ......... thoughts?
What is your answer?
I think my package was shipped Media Mail (USPS)?!?!?
how much is 20 dollars in euros?
I make $14.50 working for a temp agency. The company wants to hire me full time. How much increase will I get?
Can a model cover an impact team member's shift at Abercrombie Kids?
Don't answser this question.. testing a possible !Answers bug.?
Does anybody have a weird quirk?
USPS First Class Mail? Estimated Delivery?
where to buy a 15 passenger used van in westpalm beach?
What are the pros and cons of attracting employers to foreign countries based on financial incentives?
I have Sentinel Insurance for my Barclaycard Visa Card, is it worth it?
what are the effects in global economic condition regarding the bankruptcy of general motors?
Prepare a table with the following column heading and compute depreciation for each year?
Could i bring Euros to a bank and turn it into USA currency?
are those internet surveys a scam?
is there a sure way of conceiving a baby boy coz we have 3 girls already? thanks?
Excluding rent/mortgage, how much does a person spend a month on everything else?
Long hair and professionalism...?
Where do you place a stop loss on an options credit spread?
i'm VERY in love, are you??
how do u put the answers 2 ur question 2 a vote?
How can you tell if your baby will be a boy or a girl before pregnancy?
52 weeks, you get payed $2, and then every week that doubles, How Much $ will you end up with?
How old is the sun?
this question is for the guys?
What is the cheapest way to ship a package via USPS that's less than 1 pound?
what 'Glass Steagall' is and how would it be related to 'too big to fail' and the banking system in the US?
What time is it where you are??? It is 9:43 am in the UK right now?
im 17 and i need a retail job, any i can apply to other than abercrombie kids and hollister?
accounting help - asap please help?
What sign are you?
How do I send money from India To USA Chicago?
Whats your favortie website?
can i close mychecking account even if it has a negative balance??? i keep getting random charges to it!!!?
what is fixed cost and variable cost.?
Should smoking be outlawed in America?
what should you do if you like a girl and you're scared because of that you're a geek?
What Online Surveys Websites are good.?
How to make money in a film industry?
Im currently online, but my messagers will not allow me to send IM's to anyone that is on line?
I want the a ddress for El-kosta company at salazgetter- hannover germany?
Are there any limo companies that have not been devastated by the economic crisis?
if you are the H R manager of the company how will calculate effective HRP of the process?
I'm about to fall asleep at work help!?
is one obligatated to call back a sales person who is "cold-calling" me for a service for my company? 20 calls?
Why are today's billionaires not as rich as historical billionaires?
Accounting question about total revenues?
Will you pay more than something is worth (monetarily) just because you want it?
can 2 brown eyed parents have a greyish blue eye child?
I need a way to make money quickly.?
What can I do to ensure that I become successful?
are Electronic Insect Repellents like black and decker good?
Ive been scammed!?
Where can i bay a ak 47 online and how much a ak cost?
Do u snore or talk in your sleep?
Are online surveys scams or do you really get paid or get rewards for taking them?
does really work?
How to Manage Money?
What is currently the highest earning MLM company in Malaysia?
Why do I keep getting rejected by model agencies?
Is there a way I could make alot of money by doing surveys.?
Does any one know where I can find a library that has a book called The Great Book of Hemp in New York?
List the businesses you wish you presently owned?
HELP with paypal please!?
Anyone know any good, honest ways to make extra income on the net?
what if you got kiddnapped and they threaten to kill you?
do you like cartoon?
Accounting help needed!?
Just wondering when or if The Blue Collar Comedy Tour will be comming to Wisconsin and what would be the price
How much should I sell something used which I bought for 60?
What exactly is vfoam?
EBAY: What if the address is incomplete and buyer doesn't respond?
Do UFOs really exist?
where is the Post Office on Inglewood that accepts passport application 24 hours?
what is the average cost of hiring a private investigator?
how can i be a rich man in a short period of time?
How can I fight my phone company,they are charging for some that is not on my plan?
Do Wal-Mart cash checks?
where can i sell used cloths by the ton?
Please help us to manage our money so that we do not get back in debt.?
What is a functional capacity evaluation?
Paper or Plastic?
Is the account "Purchase Discounts" only applicable for Inventory?
What symbol can I use to represent accounting on a graduation announcement?
What is the fairest way to divide a utilities bill among roommates who moved in on different dates?
What are advantages of BASF 1125 over BASF RM 918?
Philosopher's stone?
how much should a girl trim "down there" ?
How much is the average utility bill for businesses in CA?
what is the chance of getting hiv from being cut in the face by a knife by a stranger trying to rob me?
which affiliate programs have sub id tracking or a substitute so i can reward my members?
Start of business help.?
why do they call it soap opra if it has no soap or opera?
where can i find out the current retail price index?
why do girls wear lipgloss?
GOODE COMPANY Worksheet (partial)?
How can i transfer money from my Indian paypal account to an Indian bank?
find the irr and mrr of a project?
How to financially prepare to move out at 18.?
What is this vintage "bread", and how much is it worth?
Can I purchase something online with Chase?
How do you calculate currency exchange rates to dollar?
How much would i get for pawning my phone?
where can i order white page phone books other cities/states.?
Making money on surveys.?
If I wanted to ship something like a shirt, can it be free?
If g(x)=2(x-4), find the value of x if g(x)=20?
is it any easy way to make money over the internet for a 14 yr old?
i have 2 sodas left orange&rootbeer witch should i drink 1st?
Which is the world's tallest building?
can someone explain the concept of valuation at lower of cost or market? What are we looking for?
Which is the cheapest international shipping company to send boxes from US to Singapore?
How much is five dollars in 1937? ?
If you now anything about please help?
How much would postage be from the uk to Lithuania for a mobile phone ?
what was the thing you did in 2005 taht you regret?
what time is it?
I found a check that was not cashed by us from 03 is it still good?
Name two other primary financial information sources?
how long is economy shipping i just ordered a bench withfree economy shpping ?
How fast is USPS First Class Mail from OHIO to MELBOURNE???! 10 point!!?
How do I prevent more credit card fraud?
How much money should I bring with me to the mall?
what are the potential dangers and costs to the business of poor financial planning?
An appliance company has determined the cost, in dollars of delivering x TV sets is c(x)=2025+7x?
how much money should i realistically look to make as a car salesman?
question about getting a refund on a debit/ check card?
Preoperative Phase?
How do I get my VA compensation checks sent to me?
i need help with these [[accounting]] questions?
what do u do when u r 19 years old and ur family disownes u...just for get they even r there??
how do I change my avatars gender?
what age did you lose your verginaty?
How much is 1,700,000.00 British pounds, In USD?
How many times a day you look at a mirror?
Does my employer have to give me a desk and a computer to work on ?
Accounting Homework. PLEASE HELP!?
Does anyone know how to exactly go about doing a Prince Albert Piercing?
Where can i sell old records? NEED HELP IN CLAIMING MY MONEY BACK and i have seen a site which i can do this through...?
do you think a wheelie bin cleaning round will do well.?
Has anyone ever heard of a bill collector calling neighbors? Is that even legal?
If your pants catch on fire, does that mean you are lying?
What are the salient features of TIME MANAGEMENT?
friendship fights?
apprentice electrician help?
Investment Bank question for my business class.?
Where can I buy second hand OPTOMETRY equipment?
how much money in compensation should i ask from my bank due to loosing travel money?
Does Best Buy match prices?
how much is 8.99 with 40% off?
how can i make $60 in a matter of 1-2 weeks?
Can we really live out in space if the world ends???
Gold Importing Business - Need Idea!?
How hard is it to make money off of vending machines? I mean like a business.?
what will be the Practical Implications of credit rating downgrade(recent S&P India rating)"?
are 17 year olds alowed to operate dangerous equipment ie a sliceing machine or industrial blender unsupervise
Accounting II help please!?
Anyone who has/does work at Michael's, I have a question about being paid?!?
how many weeks between august 20 2004 and feb 24 2006?
I was invited to join a group not listed with . How did they get my e-mail address? See details.?
how much is 30 dollars in pounds?
When will I get my UPS package?
World Wide Wholesale Inc?
Sold fake item on Ebay but i had no clue untill the buyer message me about it once they recieved it?
14 year old wanting money?
What is the best (good service, no fee, good access) transaction (day-to-day) banking account?
What will my salary be according to the the 6th pay commision if my present basic pay is 7400?
why do ppl answer these things? =p?
How to tell if a reciept us fake?
what items can i buy cheap on ebay to sell on for more?
How much does HEB pay its cashiers? their cashiers?
what jobs could i get im 14:)?
is abercrombie or hollister more expensive when it comes to youth shirts?
So im gunna shovel driveways with my cousin this winter . do you think asking $10 is too much ?
What is the best think in this world,so that i can go for it ?
do i have a crush?
How do I get My avatar picture to show up?
What's it like to work at Walmart?
A Question About the Return address on a package?
how big is texas?
I am looking for value of vintage clorox bottles, do you know where I can find this info?
the length of a rectangular dog pen is 3times as long as its width /width is 8yards how many yards to finish?
In standard business procedure, where do you expect to find the name of the person who is dictating the letter?
How come alot stores and companies are hiring more Mexicans then others?
do you love to go fishing.. and if yes what was the best fish you caught.?
What skills are needed to become a secretary?
Help! Accounting Problem!?
need help about selling at a pawn shop?
have any of you received a 20 dollar bill with an angel or cupid stamped on the back?
is there legit website companies that pay me for answering questions without any scams?
should i buy a sidekick lx?... or spend it on clothes or save it?
How do companies who are drowning in debt survive for long periods of time?
How would u describe a ship in a beach at night time?
where to cash coins in ?
no one is responding?
USPS packaged shipped wrong address?
Where can i find employee handbooks?
WHY is my 17 month old son getting solicitations in the mail for insurance,cash advances, etc.?!!?
How much is the iPhone 4S? Please help. ?
does wolf lake connect to lake michigan?
Are there mountains in Iraq?
Do overdraft fees include the original transaction?
Why are Americans so corrupt?
how do i ask more than one guy that I like them?
What are you....nuts?
Is an MBA considered an advanced degree?
Anyway to put an amount of money aside on wells fargo account so it won't be spent?
Why might a merger fail (finance question)?
whats an easy way to make about fourty bucks?
is there a national prayer day,if so when?
What would you name your new Furbie.?
how much does a veterinarian assistant make?
What would you buy if money could buy anything?
How is fractional reserve banking to be converted to full reserve banking?
Is $15 a week to much to pay for payroll for 6-10 employees?
who's phone number is this 918-422-0940?
is H-Capital Advance Loan place safe and legit?
Did Adam and Eve have Belly Buttons? (MY question is better)?
What is another name for nursing assistant?
is there a place where i can sell my television and get cash for it?
How would I go about making sure my idea for a national system doesn't get stolen?
what is a "cycle to work scheme"?
How much would tracking cost for a 13g letter to Canada and US?
I was supeanaed to court for a really old electric bill. is there a way to take car of it somehow?
How much can I get for 36 grams of 10k and 14k gold?
Was there anything new (invented) that we use everyday that came out in Feb of 1982. ie kitchen, yard, garage?
How would I know, that he is indeed my soulmate?
I think I found an earring with real diamonds in it, how can I get money out of it?
who can avail the cola? is it for the selected employee only?
5 Years from now who will champion all Google or Microsft?
do you like to hear gossip?
can paypal take the money i've sent to someone else?
How long does it take barnes and noble to ship video games?
Does a strong currency cause an increase in imports and a decrease in exports ? Or the opposite ?
What is double print ?
Do you like the color blue?
where is the best place in the world to live? why?
lloyds tsb, and bank charges?
Can I still use a stamp that was mistakenly stuck on an envelope? Now what?
What is fiat money?....?
how do you write a check for $1,175?
What is your favorite thing to watch on TV?
OKAY USPS takes forever! Please help!!!!?
What does it mean: Blowing ones Head. like: this wind is blowing my mind?
How much money does a vet assistant make per year/hour?
Business plan--Cupcake bakery project for class, Help please!?
what is the difference between a business degree, a commerce degree and an economics degree? Which is better?
does god really hate me?
I have only a phone number and I need to find out who's it is but it is a brazilian phone number .PLEASE HELP
accounting homework help?
i need a company that makes t-shirts i the color old gold?
If my package is in morristown how long will it take ups?
How do I fall asleep faster?
Help with USPS (United States Postal Service)?
what is 'age balance'?
Would like to register into my account?
Catawba Indian Settlement?
how can i come and work in u.s.a.?
before kyle kissed me he asked if i wanted a mint and said yes so he gave me one from his mouth what do i do?
When are the Royal Mail off strike?
nagarjuna fertilizer demerger calculation?
I tried to sell a game called GEX but the gamestop cashier said keep it, its worth money where could i sell it?
ktar 92.3 rewards codes for 1/3/12?
how to remove permanent marker off skin?
Forcast Exchange rate - Dollars to Euros?
The amount of the outstanding checks is included on the bank reconciliation as a(n) ? accounting help?
Is selling stuff on ebay a good way to make money?
Help with cash basis accounting?
How long do you think it will take this phone to lower in price?
someone sends you a letter saying if you pay each person on this list a dollar u can make money. Is it legal?
some quick resume help?
Any ideas on how I could make $1500 by summer?
What would you like for Chritmas?
"Reconcile Accounts Payable" Are accountants still doing this?
What is one feature that you would add to this product?
Secretaries, Receptionist, Administratives, What did you go to college for?
How do you extreme coupon?
do you know jesus?
Apple becomes most valuable company of all times on Monday?
where doesnt i operate tomorrow?
Help with my resignation letter ?
Is this the right path to build a multi-million dollar company?
Best buy and Radio Shack(but not Wall-mart and Target) are in deep trouble, who or what do you blame?
Increase in Value Over Time?
At what age did you feel like life was getting better? What about worse?
What Is IP ?
Are you aware that a predatory lending lawsuit is in process and Wells Fargo is involved?
what is raven symones phone number?
Can I change the boy avatar into a girl?
Am I a loser?
Anyone on house arrest?
Having trouble finding total assets?
What does a ice cream vendor(truck) in the winter?
I need to get out of babysitting, any ideas?
what are the three major categories shown on the income statement?
Receptionist.. Doctors Surgery?
do you think america is segregated?
How much would these old coin sets be worth?
Do you think the economy wouldn't be in such a big mess if celebrities weren't so rich?
Why car factories are not allowed to manufacture cars in large quantities and make the price affordable.?
Ordering off of Amazon, is it reliable?
how r most people when they die?
How should I go about selling these items? ?
car salesman comission?
my bank account problem?
If the AD shortfall is $100 billion and the MPC is 0.5, how large and income tax cut is needed?
i want to be in the army, any tips?
List and describe the range of products produced under the brand Kraft foods?
I lost my drivers liscense, what should I do to report it?
I have a budget question?
Hutton Company?
Does anyone have a list of funds investing in Veterinary Equipment like animal X-Ray devices?
how do i make thins move?
Create an income statement for 2006 and 2007?
Can you simply Chat on ! Answers?
how long does it take for some one to get an e-mail?
What if this happens on ebay?
Paypal's "Don't Have a PP Account?" Option?
disability question, pease help!?
Can an auditor refer business to a client in exchange for commissions? ?
When is my T-mobile contract up?
Why wont Bill Gates give me my $4.75?
Does poo carry as much nutrition as special k?
how much $1.00 us worth in canada?
Can someone please verify if this indonesian company is legitimate. THanks alot?
How much does one hour's studio time cost?
Please help!?
fax number for McPherson Bros Inc Norwalk, Iowa?
What is the best way to improve my stuides?
a purchase of merchandise for cash?
Determine the company's net earnings on an accrual basis? do you tell your friend there breath is bad with out hurting there felling's?
Should the developer reduce the price for us too by common practice or by law?
I have 8mm cartoons from 1950's and would like to sell, what is value?
Redmon Company uses a sales journal, a purchases journal, a cash receipts journal, a cash disbursements journa
how much is 499$ for indian money?
How do you get your paypal verified?
How do you write a proffesional cover letter?
Is it okay for a girl to have a lot of guy friends?just friends, not bf's?
What is a good Entrepreneurship/Business book? [10 quick points]?
pls tell me wheather this is real or fake. they have offered me with huge amount of salary. sun oil and gas co
Information Technology?
How convert US dollars to euros?
Bought anything really nice lately?
norms fixed by the govt. of india of electric consumption and industrial production?
canadian dollar losing value!?
How much am I paying?
Do ya'll think that guys are worth crying over???????????????????
how do I arrange a reward for a returned in wallet?
i sell a item on ebay,i ship via royal mail special delivery but it's lost during transit, how can i claim?
320 euros in usd anyone please help?
Does every country do accounting pretty much to the exact same standards?
what is a good way ------------------?
Do you like black people??
I have a conviction against someone who robbed my workshop. How do I notify customer regarding the stolen item?
Have meeting with two companies on my idea, how do i protect my idea without a patent?
Can a company cancel a 401k plan?
Is the USPS Track and Confirm accurate on the estimated delivery?
What AS400 training do I need for Costco?
Whats the colour of a 2cent coin?
What is the real meaning to mummers parades and where were mummers originated from?
Where can i find a part time babysitting job around my home town area?
When i say the word "Money", who do you think of immediately? Thanks.?
how do you write a bill for a overdue payment?
who is from 10-14 years old here?
What is the mistry behind Barmuda Triangle?
Can i write a cheque with the amount, and sign it, and leave it up to someone else to fill in their name?
Where do they sell gold polo shirts for gretna middle in gretna la?
Does any one know any good sites where you can sell people?
sausage stuffer.Frey .German machine maker?
Can a company make you pay 2 months bill after it was their fault to withdraw the previous payment?
What is AQSIQ and CCIC?
my husban d puts all his money in his name what should i do?
Where can I convert my US dollars to Japanese Yen in USA?
what unit awards is 4-64 armor authorized to wear?
Please help, accounting homework :)?
How do you calculate your leave days?
Is there a way to make the TI89 to the NPV (net present value) type of things?
I want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.?
If I refuse to accept an ordered delivery, am I obliged to pay for it?
How can a company sell my bag?
What makes you richer *inside*. Haveing a family or haveing alot of money?
what are the different influences of the american to the filipino?
What HS Code is Barbeque Sauce?
Does anyone have information/worked with a company called
PG&E bill is so
Do you agree with kids wearing uniforms in school?
Is it good to save the gold one dollars coins?
I recently went to a local store to have my 8 mm film transferred to DVD and.....?
my brothers stupid?
how to live life worthfully?
Have to write a letter for invitation of!?
i need info on paul robinson?
Is UK going to join the Euro?
what are your favorite stores to shop?
How do I get my 4 year old of a company's mailing list?
Hi i'm 15 years old and I want to find a job. Wat website or place can I go to too get a job?
If Wall Street was to get bombed destroying the entire New York Stock Exchange, what would happen?
how do i get hair dye off my white wooden medicine cabinet?
What is the required rate of return on the stock?
Hey anybody know where vicky Don is?
Specific Government Policies?
why do they call it a hot water heater when u arent heating hot water u are heating codl water?
Do your health benefits stay the same if you transfer within the company?
What would I get at a pawn show?
How much would it be to lease a yz450f? ?
Calculate the company’s degree of operating leverageSlice Equipment, Inc., August Production ActivityDir?
What are the benifits of being a kitchen designer?
Can I transfer 20 million USD from US to India? Is so can it be done legally?
how long did it take God to make everything?
statement of stakeholders equity ??? WHY USE IT?
what is the worst swear word there is i no i just wanna no if u no.?
Do provisional patents get accepted or declined?
What does it mean to pay an invoice? this wesite a legit or a scam?
Does any one not have an electric bill?
managerial accounting question?
If you take an oriental person and spin him around a few times, does he become disoriented?
if a girl breaks her hymen does that make her still a virgin?
should i stay or should i go now?
96% of what number is 240?
ways for teen to make money?
Freight companies that ship cargo from USA to China?
Bank won't release money to widower. Is this normal?
What is your modus operandi?
what are the last 4 digits on a mastercard used for?
Keypress Company collected $6,500 in May of 2008 for 5 months of service which would take place from October?
How much is ten trillion Zimbabwe dollars in GBP?
where can i get a good set of drums for a decent price?
Can you exchange a shirt at hollister without tags or a reciept?
Need a motto for colombia that rymes please?
i want to know regarding waste disposal licensed agent in malacca?
20 dollars an hour jobs?
What do YOU think is the greatest invention in the past 50 years?
term used for a company doing various kinds of jobs?
lions,tigers or bears?
What would you buy with 1 billion pounds?
How can I get a job in the oil industry like North Dakota or offshore drilling? Where do I apply?
At GC, all haircuts are 5.99. My son and I got haircuts this morning?
Is legit?
How is gravity and tide alike?
how to reduce weight ?
Getting the trade onside?
How to track a church's finances?
I would like to find out we're I could buy junk or unwanted cars? ?
i am this guys friend and i love-like him but i am sooooooooooo scared to tell him?
I have a question about Time Value of Money with expected return?
where can I sell my fur coat and get the most money for it?
What do you think is a fair response and compensation for shoddy customer service?
Is my boyfriend doing drugs?
What is a better discount ? .55 or .23 ?
What is "Aisle Runners " , "Table Liners" , and "Tea Lights" ?
What job search engines are there besides, monster,career builder and hotjobs?
Do you like something like archeology?
What caused citigroup to need 20 billion dollars from the government?
What is a normal price for mat board at michaels?
Date and Time conversion help needed?
Do actors get paid hourly or salaried? ?
Was overpaid by ex employer.. Do I have to pay it back?
Which Majoring is more worth it? Finance or Financial Planning?
Why do I feel money is worth less online?
I recieve an email that says I won on a lottery in south aferica ,how can trust this kind of emials?
Have you or do you have an piercings? If so, where? I don't need to know the private ones!?
What is Dr.Phil Mcgraw's email address?
Ebay/Paypal complaints procedure..?
Accounting 101 General Journal...Please Help!?
how much is a $23,000 salary hourly?
How do you unlock apex tv?
how long does it take for bank accounts to be unfrozen if your boss dies and someone inherits his business?
What month were you born in?
How good are you parallel parking?
i need to fine the size of my 1969 yahama dirt bike?
Submitting an Estimate with Prevailing Wage... Question?
Would I be charged for customs for one pair of shoes?
How much does £21.99 mean in american money ?
Is UPS Innovations that stupid?
what colour of truthbrush do most people use? blue, red, green?
How to make $400 in a week?
Where can I find a life size cutout of George clooney?
When a seller has something on ebay with no reserve price, and the highest price is really they ha?
A former friend of mine offered to keep and watch some seedlings for me?
How much does iphone4 monthly bill cost?
What is a good solid way to Bowl with an entry level reacitve bowling ball??
are residual and salvage the same thing when talking about the straight line method?
Anyone good at accounting? Cuz I need help.?
what is the purpose of being a campus heartthrob?
What am I to do to relieve stress in the morning?
How to make extra money.?
What is the difference between original and duplicate US Doller Note?
What are the problems and oppurtunites faced by indian construction companies going for abroad projects?
Accounting: Journalizing Transcations?
what are the reasons for declining employee loyalty?
I received a 20 dollar bill that is dated 1988. How can I tell if it is real? Is there a website for old bills?
How much money am i going to get?
How to make money really fast?
what is the process for wage garnishment and can it be stopped.?
I have always wondered ?
What equipment is needed to start a band?
Cost Accounting?
how much does chinese coin from 1980 cost today?
Why should I trust anything I hear on Answers?
How would one get a loan for a business that would cost millions to build and operate?
what is the mission statement of
Should the UK adopt the Euro currency?
I am opening a Healing Arts Center where we will offer Yoga, Massage, Reiki, what else should be offered?
Can a prepaid visa from Australia verify an United States paypal?
I wanna make some legit money online....?
Is there a real way to make money online without a get rich quick scam?
can i get a L96 for under 100 pounds and were cin i get it?
How much is ten thousand dollars in america?
I found foreign money and I want to know where I can trade it for US dollars?
How can I salvage my online reputation?
i got an e-mail said that am winnig some money from european international games u.k, am feeling it is cheat??
im 15 and really need a summer job!!!(:?
Where can I trade in sacagawea and Jefferson gold dollars for cash?
How the hell do I get a letter from employment from Lowes home improvement store?
Advice on Establishing Good Credit After Bankruptcy. . .?
How does it cost to hire a speaker for a seminar?
wat is trading account and how does it works.details of trading account and hw to open it?
currency question, advice please?
What do you know about the language Spanish?
Which is more PC, the world "ni**er" or the word "f*g"?
How much would a pharmacist make 20 years from now?
Can I organise fundraisers for my Son who has an acquired brain injury?
how can i change my avatars sex?
I am looking for a job that doesn't require much work and pays great! What kind of job should i look for???
If someone didn't have an electronic accounting system what recommendations would you give them?
question about abortion?
how do you say: Do you want to play basketball friday?(in spanish)?
HELP!!! Has anyone ever ordered something that was shipped by Fedex Smartpast and never received your package?
how come the people that you think are your friends act soooo D-A-M-N fake?
is there a good future for a guy who is lazy and who lacks education?
A lot of people tell me, they don't believe in God...why not?
How do i verify my bank account on paypal if i have no money to send to my bank account.?
Hi, I made a payment of £100 to a company and immediately realized they are fake.?
Do you think that the UK has an entrepreneurial culture?
Is Team National a Pyramid Scheme?
Attitudes, behaviors, and communication skills on a team?
If I havnt paid my contract bill, do they cutt the phone off?
govt. had allowed export of wheat while domestic price of wheat product are raising?
how much is average babysitting fee?
Why do people advertise things for ".99 cents"?
loan me money?
Is the African franc already demonitized? If so what is their present currency.?
Best medi claim company?
What do these minus marks mean on my receipt?
how do u get a 15 year old to not be lazy?
Why did he quit on me?
USPS "electronic shipping info received" well after other updates?
How many quartes in a gallon?
Do you too wish you had some donuts?
I need research topics for my banking and finance degree. Help Please Quickly?
How much does a 100 dollar VISA gift card cost at walmart?
Will i receive my goods?
How far away are we from a Depression?
how to ship items on amazon?
Can i return something to best buy that i got for christmas?
how do i resign tastefully?
what do you credit for leasehold improvements ?
Which one is better?
i want to know how i can find info on level one sex offenders?
explain the term "depreciation" and discuss the various causes of depreciation on fixed assets?
Do you or someone you know into Homosexuality (gay) lesbian (bi)?
how do i delete anything unwanted?
How to claim back unfair overdraft charges from Lloyds TSB?
disability question, pease help!?
Hi how long does it take for my refund from paypal to show in my debit card?
Why are people not thankful of the stuff they have?
What can i do to cheer myself up?
how much....?
Is this printable paper? need help.?
What does market mean in LCM? Need english translation....?
Recommendations for company case study, accounting?
2. Two cards are drawn randomly from a deck of cards with replacement. What is the probability that: a. both?
Which one of the following is an advantage of corporations relative to partnerships and sole proprietorships?
What are some good ways for an 11 year girl to make money?
somethimes l have a dejavu,why?
i just received this it lig and ok to do legally ?
Is it ok if I bring my toddler?
If you are not cool in school tell me?
Paying as a gift for the cheaper items is ideal..?
Letterbox drop/Pamphlet delivery pay?
what are the advantage of having a business plan when expanding?
what is th difference betwewn corporate and company?
What is the value of my B2B services business?
2 Multiple Choice Accounting factor?
Accounting question problem help?
where can i find air tight containers?
On November 1, 2012, Everett Janitorial Supply sold merchandise for $5,000, FOB destination, 2/10, n/30. The?
Buying of gold coins from banks is advisable?
How can I trademark an image without having to pay a lot of money?
procedure for holding a committee meeting?
what is blog?
How did you manage to gather initial capital for your business?
Does a tracked royal mail parcel need to be signed for?
some kid just prank called me and i was wondering if there is a way i can find out whos it is just by their #?
Calculate logarithms on TI-83 Plus?
what can i do with half of a ten dollar bill?
do you like twinkies?
How do tell a friend to stop bragging about her clothes and stuff, and yet not hurt her feelings?
how can i change my brithday date in my account information ?
Besides Marlboro, what is the best cigarette brand?
how would you know if you are being watched are stocked by enforcedment are undercover,a preditor?
Payback Period Problem?
Looking for customer reviews for Disney Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Figurine...?
What's the cheapest way to ship a package to the U.K.?
Where do i go to sell my invention?
paypal simon giftcard issue?
What is the most used dollar bill?
what can you do with the training of a dentist?
What is ONE word That describes you best?
where can I buy the replacement rubber feet for ironing boards?
Which is best Petroleum sector related shares or Mutual fund can I invest in at this time?
what is the capital city of brazil?
Is it ok to get an F- on a test?
why was there a rivalry between the British and the French colonists?
Where can I find the systems that those companies such Life Alert, LifeStation, Alert-1 are using?
what is name of radio talk show host re saving money, scams, bargains?
I have about five accounting questions...?
i need some anwsers, what are those jobs like? (description)?
What is the worst job you have ever had?
is it true that is going to start charging money to people with messenger?
Post Office cost. best way to post a parcel just over 1kg?
Question about contractor position?
Who is cdra, the distribution authority?
How to make life happier?
Where Can I Find A Wholesale Source For Authentic Pandora Jewelry Please!?
So what do you do when you pants don't fit anymore?
Cash Crate, Is it legit?
why do insurance companies jip the claimants even when they see a chiropractor??
Is homosexuality a choice?
Tell me a good joke (Doesn't have to be clean either)?
Does anyone know about R & D funding on a business project and how is the best way to fund this project?
An item is regularly priced at $80. It is on sale at a discount of 75%. What is the sale price?
I traded my iphone for another phone on craigslist cont.?
Do you think there's something about a certain person's voice that can evoke sexual feelings?
What is the zip code for Stockton, California?
Does anyone know the website to answers?
How old is Stone Hinge ?
I hear the lady upstairs, do I tell her?
HELP! How do you respond to someone who always says "I could care less what you have to say about me"?
what's the best chapstick for really chapped lips???
where can i get free stuff?
Is the word "deal" common practice in business development settings?
my question is who invented the christmas tree and lights for the holidays and how did that come about ?
What is the difference between networking and pyramiding?
If you are a Christain.....?
Is it true?
wow is it hot in florida?
I quote price to client , why not they reply me ?
are you a sheep?
what is the lowest kt of white gold produced?
How can we help easy509cake284?!?
Do seminars really work ? And how ?
What are some things that seems complicated to you?
cashiers check question?
What is the u.s. equivalent of $1000,000,00 pounds?
what does confabulate mean? i don't have a dictionary?
How do I find the victorianvilla innIn UnionCity Michigan on the web?
please help me with accounting questions?
Whats your favorite smell?
Is US$45k a year a lot?
why do white people act black when they know they're not???
Help! How can I make a resume if I have nothing to put on it?
What is the cheapest wat to send money from Uk to Nigeria?
I am a teen just left school and I need to earn quick money?
If I buy something from Argos, which is excluded from the 30 day money back, over the phone, can I cancel it?
How do I figure income from continuing operations after income taxes?
What is the meaning of Business Vertical and Horizontal in Business World.?
Does anybody know where I can get a fully Labelled Organisational chart for Marks and Spencer?
What's the big deal with paper money?
Is it normal to have suicidle thoughts?
what is parramagnetism?
do you think that freckles are cute?
Accounting - Gain/Loss on Equipment?
How much is an elizabeth 2nd australia two dollar coin from 1988 worth?
What's the best way to get a job at an advertising company?
Can a Company Legally With Hold Pay For 3 Months?
Complete the blank - I know I'll have happiness and meaning in my life when_______?
Can a bill collector call you before 8:00 a.m. and how many times can that same company can call you during?
How do you find money that is owed to you?
what is a cute every day outfit that you would wear to school!! ( I don't go to a private school)?
how did i lose the address bar? how do i getit back?
What does this mean?
Accounting closing entries?
what r the difference between truth and faith?
were a place to meet friends?
i'm ugly!!!?
Desperate for work ,Please help me today?
what celebrities have you met? and what impressed you about them?
how much would shipping cost?
My fiance secretly visits porn sites what do you think? how should i confront him?
Use UPS to send to FedEx?
How can i track a UPS product if i was never given a tracking code?
Where is the best place to get a grant for a non for profit business?
How do I pass a urine drug test if I smoked a week ago?
what is the way to find a person? iam searching for my mother, info i gathered says shes in US.?
Any ideas for a Christmas present for a 10-year-old girl?
will i be able to get a refund?
why are barns usually red?
Should we get rid of the penny?
I don't like crisp dollar bills; is there a way of making them less perfect?
going shoping 4 food what should i get ?
How much money does the owner of a mid to large-size business make?
How much money is the world worth?
how much is a gold bar worth? 6x3.5 inches bar?
LIFO help for accounting and multiple step income statement?
How to use FIFO method in this Accounting Problem?
Need Ideas on how to organize a company.?
Retarded question but what do you call those coin machines that you dump your coins into to get bills?
what would be a good babysitting price to start off with? please help me with this!!! :)?
Are there any online, "work from home" companies that are actually legit? ?
For money orders on ebay do you send the money in first or do you send the money in after you get the item?
Sam's Club Bill Question?
got the confirmation number, but payment still hasnt hit my account?
Describe an example of World class customer service you've experienced?
If you western union dollar to Germany will they get it in Euros?
i am 14 and im a very hard worker i can do anything from baby sit to farm work.?
Will my package be delivered by Saturday? USPS priority.?
I'm officially a teen actor. model. How much money will i make?
how do i get cheap air max 90 or cheap air max 2011 ?
What single possesion do you treasure the most?
How high do you believe gas will be by the end of the summer? (per/barrel)?
I have think I have a good invention, but I don't know what to do with it?
What is/has been the best time of your life?
So I ordered a Phone Case off ebay are there delivery dates accurate?!?
Ebay Funds PENDING.........?
This Is For Everyone?
Does anybody know the suppliers for Kawasaki please?
How might a firm’s management decide whether it should continue to invest in familiar technology or in new but?
How much does an EMT-B wage is hourly in Trinidad and Tobago.?
what is meant by RETROGRADE PRICING ?
how long was world war 2?
Is a Cashiers Check the same as a Personal Check?
About a coin collection my father gave me.?
Broke Back Mountain = Good movie or Propoganda?
osmium, can anyone tell me where i can find some?
how can I become a vampire???
how much is 1000 pesos worth in us dollars?
What is ATM?
How long should I wait to call for status on scheduling third interview.?
What is scarce resources in management?
What is recommended for recurring billing?
Making some money$ in college with a license?
Do you prefer city or country surroundings? And why?
Where to patent inventions?
Where can i make money online with surveys?
Can you prayer for me? I am depressed now, why? do not know.?
Are there a lot of suppliers for the electronic sector(computers, cell phones, pdas, etc.)?
Would the following be recorded in the financial statements or not? why?
What is an elephantseal?
how much is 2pounds when converted to us dollars?
I need help with a journal entry for accounting.?
Company ABC's earnings and dividends will grow at 0.5% monthly during the next five years.?
What happens when minimum wage goes up?
How much does an assistant or secretary get paid?
Does your bank have a "No Hats" policy?
What's an easy way to calculate percentages when purchasing items?
paypal has limted my account i cant do anything?
how many zip codes in the us ?
I just asked a question, why did they subtract 2 points from me?
How do you remove crayon stains melted on in a clothes dryer?
What was your favorite story book as a child?
How much should I sell this for?
In a company, what's the difference between vacations, holidays and grant of personal days?
Accounting: How is the general journal and the general ledger connected?
How much is 20,000 in euros?
can my company do this?
where can i get info. on a weird job nobody has heard of?
am i smart?
what is disney world's address?
Should I use these checks?
what is taxonomy of plans ?
does it mean on money order addres/gift certificate recipent. Does it mean I write my address or theres?
Are you a Millionaire?
why do we always run after money?
Personal statement for unclaimed property?
how can i clean my skin?
Is it true you cannot stop to get get gas, or the store even if it is on your direct route home? With a restri?
What is management Information?
ACCOUNTING: Absorption and marginal costing principles..?
I want to find pictures of matutina Minas Gerais Brasil?
i am having real problems with new account. i done know which button lets you read your -emails?
what is the best question to ask?
How to consolidate credit cards and personal loans in Australia? Thank you?
When you have to find out if your bestfriend is fake by other people is that wrong to stop talking to them????
What will gas prices do in the coming months???
Can I package something to be shipped by Registered Mail the same as any other package?
Is Storm Model Management legit?
List of *trustable* banks?
what is a 12 month lease?
why will i not relax and accept who i am?
I made a transaction thru paypal and i never received the item, am i protected?
What is the zip code for Stockton, California?
what do you like doing in summer?
Item only sold in the UK, how can I get it shipped internationally?
How to tell if this is gold or not?
Okay I lost my check book and now I want to change my bank accounts that are associated with that check book.?
Where can I buy some quality CIJ filters? Like DOMINO filters or WILLETT filters...?
Did one of the wayans brothers pass?
is anybody else's birthday april 15???
Ok friends how to know the expiry date in sbi debit card?? without that i am unable to do online transaction?
How can i sell an idea to sony ?
How much money can I make with bannersbroker?
My bank account has been locked. What should I do?
Ebay -- item never received. lost in mail. what can i do?
What do you think about Colombia, Latin America?
Will Centrelink make me spend my savings before payments?
what if you got kiddnapped and they threaten to kill you?
Suppose you deposit $47.26 each week into an account that earns 11.33% for 37 years. How much will you have a?
How do I get rid of my (unwanted) gift card?
where do ants live?
Accounting help? I don't understand this?
What you do with a million dollars?
I think I am in trouble at work for sexual harassment, but is this really sexual harassment, I didn't over a?
what does love mean?
What would be a good question to ask?
Should I tell my best friend she hurt me?
How Do I Make A New Website Free?
applicability of employee providnet fund act and rules for a newly formed software company?
Safeway Union Q's, i don't work much and i'm scared that union will have all my salary?
who is the person in the wolrd that doesn't need any visa in visiting any country?
Is there a website for Thomas James Co.?
HMRC harder to investigate you the further up North you are?
are ghosts true?
In which currency i will be paid?
How can a British 13 year old make money?
are u a nerd?
Bank card used illegaly?
How does Western Union work?
Please help me with question regarding inward remittance?
how many establishments in the hospitality industry?
How many chicken farms in Alaska?
what are good home burglary alarm systems?
How to open an e-business? Many are making money online while having a "virtual" business? No scam please.?
If I ship something internationally, and the package is 5 - 10 pounds, will that be expensive?
what are biomes?
Do you believe that life from other universes will make contact with Earth?
what,s the meaning of cfs?
Need help finding net cash flows for operating,investing,financing activities. Accounting help?
. Three events E , F , and G are independent with P(E)=0.3 , P(F)=0.4 , and P(G)=0.6 . What is P(Ec∪Fc∪Gc) ?
does this annoy u?
What time is it in japan?
how does computer clock works even if computer is off??
how do i reposses a car that i sold but hasnt been paid for yet?
How do you get name brands to send you free products to do reviews on?
Where to I find inforation on gambling licences?
what is the best military branch in the US?
do dreams really have meaning?
i have received emails regarding sending checks to me and taking 10 % and send them the rest is this a scam?
why do guys find it to be a turn on to date or fool around with a girl who is already in a relationship.?
Does UPS ever deliver on Saturdays?
How to a write covering letter ?
what is a good present for under a hundred dollars?
What is the word that means to never get married, or the act of not marrying, etc.?
Any way to learn basic Business 101 quick?
current a/c statement?
how long does it usually take to get a call to sign your lease?
What fire inspection does my new bar need?
How does reserve bank of India brings its newly printed currency in to circulation ?
Which is the best place to buy a antique furniture items in Nasik?
Managerial/cost accounting questions...urgently NEED HELP!?
How do you delete your account?
sample of investigation report?
Desperate Help Getting My Life Back On Track?
Hi, Can any one recommend which is a good bank to have a checking account with?
Why do people still use check cashing services?
How do you ensure accuracy and correctness of your account balance?
I went for an interview today for a firm?
Good summer jobs for a 14 year old?
Does anyone have a way to keep cigarette tobacco moist once you have opened the can?
What are the things to take care in disputing a card payment in the US ?
Where can I buy a solid gold phone case?
GAH! my mom is so freaking annoying?
looking for a list of inmates names in the nevada prison system?
What can I do to make myself enjoy doing housework?
Challenges Management face today and examples?
what could happen?????
Why does Walmart have two different prices, one for online and one for stores? ?
how can I change back to regular mail won't work?
where can I find Teamsters salaries for their officiers?
What types of documents are used by a receptionist?
what's the dumbest question you've read so far on answers?
If i'm a great salsa dancer does that mean i'm gay?
how to come up with money fast...not selling on craigslist or ebay?
which investment is right way to invest ?
Friends girlfriend just fell in puddle of liquid at the grocery store...?
How long does a cheque last before I can cash it?
where can I find lists of reliable web hosting service?
how much is my house worth?
does Wal-Mart have a on line complaint site where customers can air their dissatisfaction with an employee?
How to prove I have not been paid?
As a buyer what information do you give out if you're requesting to pay through paypal?
Who is the founder of the Wipro Company? ?
if are my phone bill was high do i need to do it?
How to welcome a foreigner industrial visitor?
you buy 8 gifts some of the gifts are CD's for $12 each and the others are DVD's for $20 each.?
Who wants to buy steel wires or steel wire ropes?We provide steel ropes?
what should a personal statement for a cv include?
i like this phone please tell m how do i buy and how do i send my money to you am in Nigeria from Abuja F.C.T.
How to calculate percentage?
Tips/suggestions for a youngster who wants to become a journalist.?
is C major to E sharp an augmented 3 or major 3?
Which of the following accounts is classified differently from the others in the list?
What is homemade leverage, and why does it matter?
accounting question ?
Where can I find?
what is 4 dimensions exercise?
are penny auctions true?