why are americans so ignorant about the rest of the world?
what is the best cure for a runny nose?
what can i do to help me quit smoking?
what's the most important thing in this life?career or Love.think about regretfulness?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
how much financial assistance does the u.s. provide to egypt annually?
what does it mean when a business grows by 20 %?
the vehicle I want to trade in for the rebate voucher is registered to my company, can I still do this?
how do you delet myspace?
Are my prices too high/too low for my photos?
What do you think of abortion?
Whats is this ALPOCA penny worth?
I need a legit money making business, how do you verify they are legit?
What happens if I sent an item sold on ebay and the buyer didn't receive it?
Help with accounting problem? How to find total amount of expense?
when will we see single currency for whole world?
What cost £1 million pounds???
hotel and restaurants related course?
Name Ideas.. Help! :)?
What is a normal price for mat board at michaels?
where to convert CAD to USD for the best deal?
Why do people laugh at studip stuff?
does anyone know how i can find a name for someone from a cell phone number?
So i am planning to get my own Verizon, could i pay the bill by money getting taken out of my pay check?
What technology is used to mine coal?
what can i do if i cut my hair too short?
I was appointed trustee and am the beneficiary of a special needs trust, is that legal?
what type of car will your next purchase be? american or foreign?
Should kids have to wear uniforms?
What exams are needed for CCNA or CCIE/CCDE) ?
What Online Surveys Websites are good.?
which is better indicator of the sustainability of a firm's operations- Income statement or Cash flow statemen?
What is your most embarrassing fart story?
Can I call a market a Quality Snob Market?
how do I check status of California tax refund?
Has anyone ever been through a tornado? Tell us about it.?
Quantity variance in accounting?
what do men really think about?
Can you blow a balloon up under water?
i really like this boy but he does'nt no. and we're friends! what can I do?
What does PRO stand for?
I have orientation at walmart.?
Veggie Tales?
what is Armenia?
Can a company keep debiting a closed bank account?
Can Forex broker change my strategy ?
Is it good that I got scouted for Hollister?
i am looking for gold rings that are like puzzles - they interlock one with the other?
Hi, is mah cover letter good?
Where can i find a part time job?
can i write anonymous letter to my boss?
I posted an Electronic item on Craigslist do i have to pay a fee or something?
What is the best way to approach suppliers?
accounting hw help please. General journal?
Which are better pets, dogs or cats?
Living in the uk and need to send a package to Nigeria how do I do that(step by step)?
Accounting: Journalizing Transcations?
How can I Immigrate to the USA ?
how does a tuner work?
where to convert currency?
is there a Jacob Shepherd on ?
received notification from coca cola from the united kingdom of prize winnings. is this legit?
How much money do you save up every month?
whats the best thing to do when the world seems go wrong?
is anyone here from mansfield ohio?
I am trying to see if companies would take volunteers?
How much is that company worth/value?
Hollister or Hot Topic?
will i get in trouble if i bring 16 items into the 15 items or fewer line?
Does anyone have experience with a work from home bussiness/affiliate or survey taker?
When is it ok to stop fasting if you are fasting for spiritual reasons?
Iron Money (british)?
What is the fairest way to divide a utilities bill among roommates who moved in on different dates?
Does anyone know if usps prints labels for you?
help on a case study on accounting please?
Another stupid question with only one answer, If you had to kill winnie the pooh or bambi, which one would get
concerning bank charges?
what does 'director' mean in a business sense?
where can i find a daycare that is open on saturday and sundays near silsbee, tx?
I want to open a small business!?
How to write letter to buyer to change "Paid To" on their cheque from company name to personal name?
Are there places in America that ship overseas?
hi, I have to prepare report on india export import market of a particular product. Please help?
sun bright liquid detergents comes in three sizes. which is the best buy?a. 840ml for $2.19 b. 1200ml for $2.?
what would you say is your best quality?
Christine went shopping and bought each of her 9 nephews a gift, either a video costing $14.95 or a cd costing?
I live in Ontario and my forex broker is in Cyprus, and not regulated here . Ive had a hard time withdrawing?
looking for a exercise place just for women in texAS?
Is it illegal for a boss to take tip-outs from staff?
How do coinstar machines detect counterfeit coins?
I am trying to find out who made the Wards Western Field 12 ga.Pump Shotgun Model 60-SB620A?
Can I sure a company for a charge they made on my account without my approval?
What is the traditional clothing worn in Peru?
How Many Pounds Are In $229?
What is 20% off something that is $40?
I'm moving in with my Kentucky boyfriend. Need some advice.?
how to prepare an income statement?
What kind of business would you like to see in your area that is not?
what does hallmarked 14k gold mean?
what are the effects of nationalising Banks?
what's a good idea for a multi-million euro business? payment question??? please help me out?
If Coupon says valid from 11/12/11 to 11/24/11 when is my last day to use it?
The lab equipment cost $250,000 and requires $20,000 anually to maintain. Equipment will allow annual savings?
any other bad spellers out there ??
What can a 15 year old boy do to make a lot of money fast?
I bought a PS3 on eBay and seller shipped it already but UPS lost the item?
Should I fire this female assistant at my company?
Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
what are the Factors that make up Country Competitiveness, what are the Influence of Country Competitiveness?
have you ever been a victim of a homicide?
It was 82 in Florida today, that prompted me to ask this question: Why isn't there a weight limit on Spandex?
Accounting: beginning conversion cost?
What are the company logos that have more number designs?
I want to charge clients 10% monthly on overdue balances,but I have to put annual in quickbook-what # do I use
who knows what 304 means?
While trading i am getting msg "Client has reached final exposure warning level". What does it mean?
What are the best business schools to apply for and who are they looking for?
A job for a 13 year old boy.?
UK unwanted internet order,can you just refuse to accept the parcel from the delivery man?
What is creditt mutuel du senegal accounts department phone number and department head?
How do I get my money back on PayPal if I was scammed?
I saw a hand machine on tv that pressed beads into fabric, leather etc. Where can I find this?
Can you use Cash (US Currency Paper) to purchase items through PayPal on amazon?
Would Amazon do something about this?
Calculate average cost per unit?
Smith Company is being liquidated in bankruptcy. Unsecured creditors without priority are expected to be paid?
Please work out my break-even point, and tell my how you got it or by using the formula?
I need to know about the supposed Currancy combination...?
What time does Usps start delivering packages?
I have just saw t vedio of atif aslam's 'kuch is tarah'. M very desperate 2 knw abt t actors.any1 provde info.?
What are the problems associated with Foreign currency translation in Financial Statements?
If the store 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?
I know this girl who has a 2 yr old and she doesn't want to be her mother anymore. What should I tell her?
How to make money as a teen?
Have you been abducted by an alien?
Why do I like working on projects better when I'm Stoned?
What will it take for a company to accept someone as an exclusive distributor of one of their products ?
What makes my pee stinky after I eat Asparagus?
Where is Major Marcus Reno buried?
Does Cashcrate have unreliable websites for its surveys?
Trading Options....Help!?
Is jesus the son of God?
Which pizza is the best deal in terms of price per unit area?
So..a person from Zambia won my eBay auction...?
what is something u hate?
when opening a new page in accounts receivable ledger?
Is this seller on amazon a scammer?
what fun do people get out of golf?
how can i check where my iphone 5 is on pre order shipping?
Accounting help?
where can i buy weed in dhaka gulshan 2 area?
When do you think the world will end?
Why is my UPS Delivery Date Thursday?
can I use a post office as my mailing and billing adress instead of my house?
Whats californias minium wage per?
how are non-domestic water rates calculated?
Is she wrong? Should she get in trouble?
Can i flip a UPS Express Pak envelope inside out and the put a USPS shipping label on it? (^-^*)?
Any website that I can learn about business or finance?
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is aroud to hear it, does it make a sound?
how can my business stand out??? Please help!?
what things can i sell on the Internet?
Can I edit information on my ID, like changing my password? If so, how?
In the UK when do most people get paid?Biweekly or monthly paycheck?
If you could move to either Germany or Colorado or stay in Hawaii what would you do?
where can i look up where to find pictures of hollister models in savannah ga?
Where do you get the Level 1 Food Safety Certification and Food Handler’s Permit for Costco?
Overnight shipping: ordered at 10 p.m.?
what career should do?
What moral issues does the Pinto case raise?
when registering ebay using your credit card...?
What are your top saving tips?
how much does a personal assistant make a month?
Deposited cheque not posted in my account....?
I want to thank Sassykatz for her info on poor circulation. How do I do that?
pleae help! why reported equity in balance sheet is lower than the market value of the shares?
who invented pie?
Why is the shipment fee on Ebay so HIGH?
is there a web layout for girbaud that i can put on my myspace web page?
How do you calculate Sales to Production?
What do I do when an online company will not honor a refund?
how will by my future my job,money,health,marriage ,luck.?
What is box office and budget?
have you ever lied?
How to locate Non profit organization financial records?
How do I obtain the rights from Disney to play one of their songs on a local tv spot?
Future value Annuities?
What does a job mean by "relocation provided"?
What happens on Ebay when someone bids and wins your item, but then never pays or arranges collection?
doug murray i am looking for?
what is my salary currency ?
Accounting majors scores are lower than majority of college majors?
How is Ebay making money since hardly anyone seems to shop there now?
Is it politically suitable for a company to do business in China ?
Why didn't the 1 dollar bill get changed?
What is the country to offer best customer service?
how do I Draw Supply and demand curves with office?
does anyone have answers to AAT foundation d2039 - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?
what does besos mean?
how long can the silent treatment last in a woman?
i am looking for someone to type work for me?
why are us blonds so stupid or at least condiderd stupid we dont know and are despratie for awnsers?
How much would it cost to build a retail store like shoprite with a clothing section?
Why do they have brail at drive up tellers?
How much mony need for family ?
how much do game designers normally make yearly?
I wanna you tell me the best quote that you have ever heard? it's no matter who told it?
whats a good way at make near 20$ a week for a teen?
Selling item on Craigslist. Should I really trust this person?
How can you buy the rights for a game and produce it somehow?
why do people think Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp are hot ?
how many letters in georgian alphabet?
What would you do if I sang out of tune?
how do you calculate gdp?
Is the account "Purchase Discounts" only applicable for Inventory?
What is a Karmatron?
Is there a web site where you can check the exchange rate of the world currency?
Is ups tracking accurate?
What is there to do in Oklahoma? Anyone from Oklahoma out there?
what can i sell in my little business?
Idea for helping fix the economy will it work?
Have you ever bought anything from China online? Or at least tried to buy...?
I am looking for a reliable foreign exchange provider to trade E-Gold to US Dollars. Any recommendations?
With a ten dollar bill how muck change do I get back if I buy four items priced at $1.79 $2.99 $4.37 $33? ………?
I need information on live bears can you get me a web site?
How to make $80 in middle school?
In the "MAGIC STORY" takes place in 1642, says he has 16 guineas, 10. How much is that today?
what's the snack that smiles back?
If u cosign for someone and they stop making payments, can the finance Company take your car legally?
Recruited by Hollister..?
word with theory?
Does anyone have social anxiety? If so, how do you deal with it?
what is meant by straight line managing style?
How would i go by finding the right bank.?
what do u do when someone u kno stalks you....?
how much is a 1873 penny worth?
Steak costs $3.85 per pound. if i buy a three pound steak. how much?
my husband and i live with my in-laws they have a lot of interference in my should i deal with them.?
Why the bag signs used for?
Im nervous I have to go talk to a manager and apologize for going to this nightclub while I was underage?
How to transfer money from stormpay to my account in india.?
How long must I keep unclaimed items that are paid for before I can legally resell?
Does Royal Mail United Kingdom delivered item to Malaysia Using Pos Laju?Or Using Another Courier?
ways to motivate workers?
How do I see if someone has a screen name?
How do I keep a snoopy co-worker from snooping through my personal things when I'm gone?
amateur radio license?
W hat is years purchase in valuation?
what topings do u like on ur pizza?
Why can't people stop being lazy and give simple, risk-free things a go?
How much is 1,550 USD in Ghana cedis?
use d=50t if d= 200 miles, find t?
What is the meaning of name Annu?
What is a fair price for selling oil and gas mineral rights in WV?
How to find Merchandise Inventory and Merchandise Sold ?Using FIFO, LIFO and Average Cost.?
Money saving tips.?
why do people complain about everything?
what are the main components of international business management?
what if you loved someone and before you got to tell them they moved how would you ever see them again??
wat wud u answer when u r asked about ur aim n u haven't decided bout that. The que wud not b official but sti
My USPS package was stolen, how do I get my money back?
I'm closing out merchandise that is in good condition and never opened. should the purchaser pay on receipt?
im having touble working this question for cost accounting can any one help me?
Would you consider an accountant a "business person"?
How is the decrease in accounts payable shown on the statement of cash flows?
What is the unit of currency in India?
How much does a replica rolex cost and where can i get one in or by chicago illinois?
what is the meaning of life?
Is cash crate legit? ?
list and explain liver functions.?
Which one is worth more a new ten dollar bill or an old one?
I accidently received a list of employees to be laid off and my name and termination date were on the list. Th?
how much money can an income tax officer make daily in India?
1979 us penny with ND?
What will happen when the human resource policies inconsistent in organization?
UK....How much is minium wage for all ages?
Switching from IT to HR- Need Info?
Just qualified as a First Aider at Work, should I be entitled to any more money for this role?
Where can I find a serious bussiness that can hire and I work from home?
Cash Flow Clarification Question? About Loss and Gain.?
why do we call sister concern not brother concern?
I need a Costume that is Chinese and I only got until the 3/9/06?
How much would this dollhouse sell for? (pictures included)?
credit cards good invention or bad??
What is homemade leverage, and why does it matter?
are you from the north or south?
Would you trust a bank that made use of an astrologer?
when someone lives far away?
who is the richest person in the world?
A detailed answer on validity of widal test in the diagnosis of typhoid fever?
If humans evolved from primates why are primates still around?
auditing companies names?
My doctor friend is starting a medical school in Nigeria, how can I help her get funding?
does money relate to gold? how does money have its value?
what products can you buy at wholesale and sell at retail for a good profit and where can you get it?
Why can't I think of a question to ask?
no sooner spoken, than broken. What am I?
Why can't you bid on Ebay services?
is this normal? plz answer...?
where do i find the site for the TV show Cowboy U?
Sent a letter with an item in it?
Can the C.E.O. of a small company which hires less than 10 employees be execused for his/her jury duty?
iIf the assets owned by a business total $100,000 and liabilities total $50,000, owner's equity totals $150,00?
What do you prefer Hollister or Aeropostale?
Periodic Inventory System?
what is tamarin used for?
When does a recession become a depression?
What is a website where you compare prices for online shopping to get the cheapest deals?
give full form 1.IFAD 2.WIPOI 3.IFC 4. UNICEF 5.GATT?
how can I find my uncle in prison up in Indianpolis i would like to do some research on his case?
whats minium wage now in california?
how do you get a boy to like you?
How to open a checking account without a deposit?
I can make chairs. How can I sell them?
Where can I find a list of major imports/exports for all US Ports?
I am a LGV- Class 2 Driver (UK). Anyone knows how to set-up a self employed business in this field?
try real hard on this one WHAT WAS ELVIS PRESLY'S first eva song?
What is it like to be in others shoes?
Is doing an investment club with only one person worth it?
what question shoul I ask in an interview?
What do you really do in accounting?
is it better to major in accounting or get you business degree with studies in accounting?
Is it possible to levitate?
what kinds of jobs i can get with a certificate of human resource management.? how much w'd salary range?
where would u go to get away??
Has anyone out there got some good ideas about how to quit smoking?
why were monasteries built?
what are the problems based on culture difference faced by companies marketing products overseas?
Accounting question..............?
What should I do with a 3,000 windfall?
What is Box 3 of Form SSA-1099-SM SS Benefit Statement?
How do I get a letter of authorization from a card holder.?
What is violation?
IS LM model. When they refer to price level?
Ordering online help!!?
What happens if you don't pay for an order on ebay?
What does it mean to record and type minutes of meeting?
I have a $20 bill and the serial number blead thru to tha back...Could it be worth more than face value?
how do you find a moiblehome for sale around 10,000 dollars?
do internet jobs really exist?
i am applying for job through the internet and a section says : Message or letter of intention?what do i write?
how do I get my husband to stop smoking mary jane?
What's the best way to quit your job?
I signed up for A Hot Topic+1 benefits card and ....?
Coffee industry????????????
How do I find missing relatives?
Will USPS send me my package back?
i want to write a business plan for my investor for the rental of heavy plant machinery?
How do banks work?
if i make minimum wage how much will i make a month?
what can you get for one dollar??
Accounting Problems [help?]?
What are the positive and negative features of accounting and statistics in evaluating a SWOT analysis?
what is the capatilsation rate for East Midlands?
How do I change colors for my e-mail?
How much time notice do you have to give work when you have just started?
what are the gun laws in Rockville MD?
Why are Free Trade agreements good for the global economy?
Determine Ending Inventory?
Every now and then I leave my phone at home. What's the best way to remember to take it with you?
anyone can offer me websites to find suppliers who sell electric furnaces?
whether any claim submitted by the contractor without referreing to clause of agreement is accepted?
how do you give advice without offending?
How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Best Buy?
What flavor of Doritos do you like? and why?
Whats the formula to find out a price if I know the percentage drop and price?
how much is a 5 grain silver bar worth?
How come in some places there is a 6-month wait to get a divorce, but only a three-day wait to buy a gun?
can i stop a payment to amazon that says shipping soon?
Is revenge a good thing?
Which COUNTRY, according 2 u.. has the most beautiful GIRLS???..?
how do i sell human eggs?
What products are missing in the North American market?
have u ever felt shortage of money so badly..and how u dealt with it?
E bay what if the person you buy from doesn't send you what u payed for?
how do i ask this?
I'm discouraged from getting a job now because....?
pre ordered an iphone 4s from at&t last dec 26, long till i get my hands on it?
in what way credit card organisations such as mastercard & visa make profit?
This guy made me an offer, What does it mean?
Who founded Minnesota State?
Where can I find inexpensive inventory to open a used clothing shop?
what are the financial implications for a parent gifting shares in the family business to a son/daughter.?
Visa reloadable prepaid card?
Do you like cows?
what job do u have?
Barter Note VS Currency Note?
i dont have confidence to speak in a group. even 2is a group. i sweat, heart palpitates, voice shakes. help ??
How is Platinum used in industry and research?
How much money would you earn working in a five star hotel in London?
I just received a caller I.D. phone # that shows Area code 999. 999-9999.?
to sell old currency?
does paypal make you send money through Western Union to the buyer of your item for any reason?
resignation letter writing ?
How to buy and sell shares?
Where can I go to start a NEW life?
How does a foreign company establish a branch office in the US?
Shipping cost for 20 pound large package 88 X 13 X 13?
what saturday night live cast member roared you'll be livin in a van down by the river?
Can you depreciate trees, shrubs and gardens in a newly developed shopping mall and office building?
Is twevle hundred dollars the same as one thousand two hundred dollars?
how long is a click in the army?
Pounds into dollars now for 2010? What happends if changed back into pounds?
You have waited 30 minutes in a line for the star tours ride at Disneyland.?
Loan for construction in paternal land. What are the documents required by bank?
help please bank of america?
Is Koala bear and Koala Kare both are same brand or different?
Why did Kelloggs of Battle Creek tear down their original building?
wat do you think i should do?
How long will 2 business days usually take?
USPS express mail question please helpp?
How to stop the chinese to bring money here and bid on the properties? We Canadians are unable to buy ?
how do i break up a couple.?
Where are you from and how's the weather?
The fed will be printing money for the big bailout(s). Isn't printing money bad for the economy?
On January 2009 mortage company recieved letter from my bank that they did not pay july 2008's mortage.?
I want to attend to Baker college and Florida Institute of technology for an accounting degree online. Which?
what is your fav game?
how can i get money back if i purchased fake ugg boots?
How much does it cost to trademark or copyright Logos/Names?
Has anyone ever filed a claim with Ebay? How long does it take?
What is 20 percent of $4800?
Company sent me the same item twice. Can I just keep it?
Should I call Hollister Co.?
Hi, i sent a money order for items i won on ebay. I sent the money order and he never sent the item.?
Should I use Cluster sampling method if I want to survey people from 3 different states of a country?
where to get a portfolio done at?
What is a good way of finding funding to open a group home?
What do I need to know if I want to Export good all over the world?
my younger one is disturbing,he seems not to know what he wants.we've talk to him the best way we can no chang
what do you know about a website called project payday?
Does anyone know where I can sell my mom's wedding china?
how do i create a free advice column were peole can tell me thier problems i i can reply on a messagfe board?
what the price of silver today?
Should I gain weight or should I loose weight ?
How much can i expect to pay in legal costs when buying a business worth 10k?
how can i get rich quick?
Cheap cars? I'll drive just about anything?
Quick shipping question? ?
i need a phone number for internetsmokes in cheektowaga n.y. can you help with that?
Why are all you of people awake so late?
How much money a year do you need to live good?
How can someone get divorced in Puerto Rico?
How do you make refills for the car vent air fresheners?
where is iskon?
How would i get involved in the pron industry?
What is your earliest memory?
traded in old car for new one, dealership has not paid for the trade in?
Help finding net income accounting problem?
what are various (micro) financial products / services offered through MFI in india ?
how to make a Million???
Can anyone tell me how to have someone mail a letter for me in the US ?
What would happen to u.s importers/traders under a one world currency?
Question concerning the Accounting Information System (PLEASE HELP)?
where can i find a pg near christ and best.?
Lump sum of an annuity due?
Ending balance in accounting?? PLEASE HELP?
how much is 850000.00 lbs when it is converted over to American dollars.?
How long does canabis stay in your system?
How do UK gov bonds predict interest rates?
Is it legal for the delivery company to force me to take the merchandise off the truck?
what is a good fish for my sons first fish. Other than a gold fish?
What to do with old checks?
jobs at home that will not require me to pay money upfront?
How can I tell that selling my ebay item isn't a scam?
should i give a ***** if no one wishes me a happy brithday?
To all you ladies-If I told you that you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?
I recently received a USPS Money Order (for $800) in the mail with a scam letter. Is this Money Order real?
How exactly do I use PayPal?
how much is $10,000 worth now?
Accounting-Adjusting Accounts (Accrued Interest)?
EBay Bid Winner Question?
where can i find a u.s. broker that accepts canadian accounts ?
Would you rather...?
hi2all i have got some mail from staaatsloterij.nl2006@yah... that i awarded some email lottery..any idea??
When can the maintenance dept/apartment manager enter my apartment?
How long will it take to get my check?
Where can I find a list of manufacturers?
Where can I buy true religion jean wholesale?
Do ppl have to be so negative?
Closing Wells Fargo Accounts?
Packaging Standard Shipping... Do i have to wrap it myself? or can i just bring it to the post office?
How long does 'USPS Sort Facility' usually take?
does anyone know if we're getting a stimulus check for '09 and how much?
what is 29.00$ in pounds?
can i get mail if im 13 years old?
What should I buy a tipical 13 years old girl for Christmas? What do they like nowdays?
What do you do for a living and how much do you get paid an hour?
what is considered sexual harrasment?
Does anyone any website offering free sms inter central U.S.A???????
Is there funding to relocate to Saskatchewan?
describe factors you think will assure the sustainability of your new venture?
can i deposit money to my debit mastercard in any of the bank in my city?
what are the causes and possible solution of interdepartmental rivalry at a work place?
It is possible to solve our debt crisis if we would stop policing the world.?
what do u know about Islam?
What will happen if China stops buying US Debt?
What is the easiest way to send money?
what is the meaning of the transaction "paid by cheque for cash purchases"?
Which is more important to you?
How can I contact Operation Repo?
Have you had a "Sorry you were out" card from Royal Mail when you were IN?
What gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning?
What are good questions to ask while interviewing potential employees.?
How do stocks and currency work?
However much Bill Gates is worth?
Why would a company's cost of manufacturing and procurement tend to increase....?
Moeder Co. uses a sales journal, a purchases journal, a cash receipts journal, a cash disbursements journal?
where can I get a lifesize bratz doll?
Buyer has offered to pay via PayPal is this a good method?
What Does Wet Dreams Mean?
What should I do with my money?
what exchange rate system type does the UK operate under? i.e fixed, floating etc?
what is it like dating a white guy?
who would/could i contact?
Can my parents get me a debit card if I'm not there when they get it?
how much the us dollars now in the korean money?
question related to dishonoured cheque....plz help?
How do you sale something on Ebay?
Can I transfer 20 pound coins for a 20 pound note at the Post Office?
Finding a person...?
construction company quotes?
Gold Medallion Help Please?
Where does the pre-payments come from in this accounting question?
What is the name of the movie about Trudy Chase's child abuse and subsequent multiple personality problems?
Calculate Total Overhead Cost applied?
How do I, as an individual, write an invoice for a company?
Fred Jury is a portfolio manager who has $1,200,000 of a client's money to invest in highly speculative?
what did hercules wear?
Accounting Question! Please Help!?
Million dollar business?
Where is Abbey Wood?
where can i get an american accountant?
why is good to have a religion than dont have one at all?
Where the merchandise of the Salvation Army an Goodwill comes from? Is the merchandise used or new?
If u cosign for someone and they stop making payments, can the finance Company take your car legally?
How to start a business?
Barnes & Noble Gift Card to Cash?
How to learn about a company?
What are the investoment options that can generate fixed income?
Where can I sell my books?
How can a 13 year old boy keep get a decent flow of money!?
suggestion for church youth group fundraisers?
What is the quotation about heeding one's own advice?
what is 2.9% of 1 dollar?
Is this site trustworthy?
why school ranking matters?
Knock, Knock!! Who's there?
How did Jesus have a brother, if he was God's only son?
Can he claim JSA/council tax without affecting his mums?
Look for company name Xtarhus Financial?
Eddie's Bar and Restaurant Supplies expects its revenues and payments for the first part of the year to b?
What is the difference between " internet" and "Internet" ?
I spent four days getting to level 2. By asking this question I will go back to level 1. Am I an idiot?
If a party makes payment to you with two options either Cheque or Draft,?
How would i patent a band name?
Which language is sweetest language in the world?
Do you think that this was right?
a web site- so when i get to new orleans i will have a job lined up?
Door to door sales persons. Have you ever let them in and found them hard to get rid off?
how do i unlock my cellphone?
What are those machines at the grocery store where you put your change in and it gives you dollar bills?
How do I approach a publisher of a commercial CD to get permission to use their music on a podcast?
3 accounting questions. I'm trying to help my little sister with her homework...any accountants out there??
What is the cash value of lead per ounce?
how can I earn 1 Billion US Dollars by the end of October?
What to do with US$100 bill?
Need order of operations using only 4's to equal 12 or 44?
Stay-at home-Moms...if kids trash the house daily, should YOU be responsible for cleaning it up?
is there any site where i can register my company free online for ads etc to attract buyers for wooden furnitu
Is there a charge for cashing a money order?
Solve this case study regarding sales policy?
If an employer is taking longer than a week to call my references is that a problem?
How to deal with a boss that has no manners?
Where can I find brand name fragrance wholesale suppliers in the US? Please recommend reliable source?
How much are 150 US Dollars in Euros at the current exchange rate?
how do i change my avatar?its a girl and when i go online guys ask me out?
What is the difference between variable sales cost and variable production costs?
Refund or exchange after 28 days?
why i need more money?
Does anyone know a lot about herbs?
very complicated ebay issues PLEASE HELP! 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!?
Who does the voice of the geico lizard?
accounting help - warrenty expense?
Need help with an accounting problem.?
Correct my answer for financial accounting please?
Disney Princess Wonderland Castle?
are there mailing lists for credit card companies?
Anybody willing to hire me? I am a student and im desperate for money for an emergency?
How would one go about receiving funding for a research?
where can you buy books online where you send the cash in ?
Howcome some race only hang out with there own race?
what do you think about This "Desperate Housewives" New Season?
What are source documents in accounting?
How can I change my avatar from a girl to a guy?
Can I ship a shoebox in the mail?
Why do we need to close the shade of a plane's window whenever it lands or takes off?
how do i do i find a lot that is mine but it's not coming up on the comp. under my name?
how do i clean up my credit?
question about survey?
Has anyone ever heard of a scam where they send you a letter that you've won a lottery with a check for $3,680
I need a joke?
How do i find the contact details for...?
I've got an idea that can bring boom in the telecommunication industry.?
do you know or can someone guess how fat will you be, if you are eating 1 cheeseburger daily/year?
Is there human,nonhuman life in the galaxy?
What is a good money maker, besides working?
Why is everybody different?
words that rhyme with snail?
I has the hardest substance everknow to sell any company or buyer?
what is the fine for maliscious destruction of property over $200.00 in Macomb County Michigan?
How much is a one dollar bill worth with a star at the end of the serial number?
How long is a electronic return label from UPS good for?
What is you favorite Christmas movie?
how can i get money wihtout haveing to work for it?
What is a good bridal shower gift for the girl who has everything?
what do you do when you are feeling ,not yourself,been thinking alot maybe too much where it gets on you nerve
What Does Watching On Ebay Mean Does It Mean I Have Bought The Item?
Does anybody know a good website for scavenger hunts?
Is this a normal action by an employer?
How does a record company make the money back they spent into a flopped album?
Why do teens get nagged at all the time?
What do u think?
What is the difference between brown and white eggs?
What can I expect in terms of a salary increase?
How do I find out how many pixels I have. I have new digital camera, need buy memory card, How much pixel spac
Making a cash flow statement--do I include equity?
Do anybody have sense of humor here?
Stock Market...where to start?
How do you get the billing address to visa card?
how do i remove black marks on my face?
I want to be a millionaire by 18. Any ideas how?
I received my item after telling an ebay seller i hadn't help pls?
where can i purchase the satanic bible+michigan?
what is a flying fox?
How long is a bank liable for a mistake they made? Such as post dated checks and undate or unsigned checks?
How to effectively sell a program?
What can impress you ?
Will my sister ever stop bothering me?
I think I'm being sexually harrassed at work. What should I do?
I sell video games online... I buy games for $20 and sell them $60. Is that a good profit margin?
If You need 5 minutes to boil one egg, how long will it take to boil 3 eggs?
i cancelled the unclaimed payment in paypal?
Are you supposed to have sex while on your period?
Can I get a refund on taxes paid for a used boat that was returned to seller due to mechanical concerns?
What organizations have the responsiblitty for overseeing, evaluation, and coordinating Medicate Part D?
Which is the purpose of existence ? Or do we just exist & nothing more ?
Is it legal to sell t-shirts?
With Microsoft Excel, how do I make statistic on specific data calculate Maximum, Minimum, and dominant Value?
Do you think that businesspersons care only about making a profit?
hoy many minutes are there in a year?
ruler of germany during world war one?
Are there any reputable chinese wholesale sites?
proactive bill turned to collections?
How do checks work? I don't have a bank account.?
If you could be anyone for one day, who would it be and why?
Bookkeeping online courses?
Attention please,help needed?
How much is bronze worth per pound?
if you died write know do you know for a fact that you would go to heaven??
Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID that he just whipped out a quarter?
How do you deal with bad kids that are relatives,that constantly dosen't lisen?+?
a $5 gold coin with a date 1934 what is the value now!?
how write letter to principal about income?
How much is the 'jim'll fix it' badge and medal, along with the certificates worth today?
JOB INTERVIEW QUESTION - how should i answer this?
Has Indian Philosophy any place in the western world?
I'm a 15 boy. What should i spend my money on?
Are there any legitimate work from home jobs that actually work!?
Do you believe in that you can make money from home by joining(buying) some system, like
I got a check, but I want to cash it?
I ordered dvds from amazon with one day ship and it says billing info but its suppoesd to be here todday?
Is Bill Kaulitz pretty?
if you had enough money to buy a house or a business, which would you buy and why?
n needs assessment,the manager's responsibility is to?
What ever happened to customer service?
Direct method cost of goods sold - managerial cost accounting?
bond issue with a face value of $800,000 on which there is unamortized premium of $30,000 is redeemed for $790?
Basic Accounting Question?
how do you close your topic?
Sick, should I tell my boss or hope I can tough it out?
please help on how to figure this out. Accounting question?
Georgivs 1916 Penny Value?
How old do you have to be to pick up a package at a Canada Post?
Has anyone ever used the site Alibaba for wholesale importing (clothing)? Mainly from China or Middle East?
URGENT! How can I get my mom's W-2 form within one day for free?
Cheerleading try-out tips anyone?
accounting question,True or false?
What are the export regulations for compact disc?
Please can someone explain 2nd stage service cost centre apportionment? Thanks?
Question about forming a non profit organization?
If a boy is 16 and girl is 14 would it be considered statutory rape if they have sex in the state of Texas?
Good excuse to stop relative from using my credit.?
If a pair of shoes cost $219.99 in Michigan, how much will the final cost be with taxes included?
where can I purchase catholic priests robes etc.?
How might the criminal justice system alter factors that a criminal will consider in to reduce level of crime?
What is the average cost to get a franchise license for a major pageant?
numismatic gold cion,how to sell?
Which ethnic group is viewed as better, Koreans or Mexicans?
how many people visit central park, NY. daily?
Finance Question!!! HELP 10 POINTS?
does it make a man gay if he looks at another guys privates in the locker room?
Please can anyone help me with this accounting question?
How can i make money without online businesses?
can I sued a model company that robbed me and more people?
What currency is used in the Cook Islands and what is its current exchange rate with the American Dollar?
How to replace a heater core in my saturn car!?
What is the US market size ($)for medical diagnostic equipment for 2006?
Can I go to the bank and ask for a $2 dollar bill?
How many bibles are there in the world?
How to repair a broken heart?
Can you tell me of any reputable Chinese companies that import to UK?
plz tell me why u think your country is like no other on planet earth?
How much cust a driver for an hour?
What Roman achievements have lasted in some form until the present day?
is it true that you cant download anything on the kindle fire in Australia?
Does anyone know of a job that I can do at home that requires no investment, but I can make money?
How can I clear my £2000 overdraft when I only get paid £1000 a month and pay £100 a month towards my loan?
how to claim back a impound fee if i was not charged?
hello i want to buy some shoes?
If you are getting soc sec disability and you are turning 62 this yr will your soc sec change?
what to do in new york city with my family during christmas time?
Accountings-Briefly explains the advantages of preparing Budgets?
Do fingernail clippings really turn iin to evil fingers when they grow up?
How to calculate WACC for multi-business companies?
Tips on time management?
What can I do to make my crush notice me?
i am in a marketing company, what is the best advice for the failures i have encounter?
How can I transfer money from my Wellsfargo acct to my fathers checking acct?
when was the last intrest rate rise in Australia?
Does Google Cashkey really works ?
How can i learn and where should i learn be a good accountant so i can run my own retail store?
Do you ever feel tempted to charge someone a fee for the them getting ideas for questions from you?
I need a telephone number to the Golden sands hetel apartments in Dubai UAE.How do i get it?
I really want to go to college, but I've been considering the military...?
Is it that a iphone 4s cost 50 dollars?
journal entry help!!!?
what's the least expensive US state to live in?
Business Accounting Rotary 4-Way Test question?
For someone who makes minimum wage what is a maxium price for first home?
What is competitive situation?
How much is a 1975 50 paise worth?
Why isn't my Hollister Promotional code working?
How can I get $30 by Saturday?
iIf the assets owned by a business total $100,000 and liabilities total $50,000, owner's equity totals $150,00?
Whats your favorite car?
Is a $50,000 entry level salary good?
How much gold do we have in fort knox?
EBay Selling Question?
write about e-banking?
How do I increase -$89,096 by 15%?
Where can I buy fake blood in the uk?
How to know if your product that you're getting shipped to your house will be delievered to your doorstep?
One more for the road?
I need the summary of Sue Grafton's 'D' Is For Deadbeat. It is a book. What is the expisition of this story?
Do you have a blog?
What is a diamond dealer?
Why do people say this....?
how to exchange money with someone?
how much is $0.225 per hour?
what is the best way to get T.H.C. out of you system?
Would dressing significantly above the dress code help or hurt my career?
is Randy Ray still alive??
If you won the lotter tomorrow, what would be the FIRST thing you would do?
Questions about Ebay...?
Could i sell a gift card on ebay?
Ok, I am your fairy godmother and I will give you ONE wish.?
What was the most money paid for a penny?
Is there anything i can do? business help?
Is there anyone famous from Madagascar?
How can you make money as a 13 year old girl?
Is it hard for financers to keep track of stocks, bonds, etc.?
i have a teenager whats up with him?
Why are other...?
How come we forget childhood memories ?
HELP ... accounting for merchandising business ASAP . tnx?
how do i get to the top of google?
what is the diff b/w mission & vision?
What is a good paying first job for a 14 year old?
where do i find a place to laminate posters?
IFBI Kolkata really gives placement in bank sector?
Question with Accounting?
I need to compare and contrast West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet. Can someone help me find some things?
Why Developing a dashboard by linking metrics to HR and business strategies could be useful?
Summer Job For A 14 Year-Old?
Can I do this on Ebay or is it against TOA?
A random cheque through the post? Help!?
what do you think of sex offenders?
What would you do in this situation?
Tried several times and still not understanding!!! Please Assist help!!!?
I am a stay at home mom?
how to send money from alertpay aacount to paypal?
Why do Pyramid Scheme members swear that they are employed by legitimate organizations?
What are your thoughts about this phrase?
Someone purchased two items off my amazon wishlist for me, but how do i get them?
The company I work for was asked to charge $950 over the amount of a purchase and then send the money Western?
Why is the balance of payments divided into two main accounts?
Hi, i sent a money order for items i won on ebay. I sent the money order and he never sent the item.?
Which is the best business in the World?
what is a sales subsiduary ledger?
Social Security Benefits?
Can you guys give me a list of service jobs and a list of production jobs.?
When a property go to sherif sale and why? If buyer defalts dos it go back to owener if holds the mortgage?
I am jealous when a friend is talking to another friend of hers. How do I overcome that?
How can a 13 year old keep a good constant flow of money?
if i just bought a car and its not under my name yet can i get a loan?
How to use tally 9 for accounting of residents associations?
Margin, Turnover, ROI question?
$2200-2800 us dollors in english money (pounds)?
2008 Northern Marina Islands Quarter Copy?
Does Keep the Change from Bank of America work on eBay purchases?
what is the reason why coach carter locked out the basketball gym?
if i believe in my heart i'm doing the right thing why i'm i having so much stress?
How do I record property tax in the general journal?
how to prepare a petty cash.?
Accounting straight-line/ depreciation schedule problem?
How many hairs are on a person's head?
if you just got word that you are being sued do you have to show up in court if you have not received summons?
how do i find a web site that translates the english language to the polish language?
Having two paper rounds?
how many of u are gravely afraid of death?
different ways of working in california?
How much does toy r us pay? ?
Partners Current Accounts?
Why do we let the price of gas change so often?
Is there a courier company delivering parcels from Felixstowe (UK) to London?
is the company going down?
I Can't Do Life In A Corporate World...Help me come up with alternatives.?
Help with Accounting/Adjusting Entries?
a plan for hi-tech network company audit?
ebay dispute problem?
meaning of name "mayank"?
How to write a bussiness proposal?
how important is international trade (imports and export) to the world economy?
What does A&W stand for?
How do I look up a mail or safe deposit box?
Which minor to do with an Accounting Major?
I want to go singapure how much visa for that give price ?
i need an online job, anybody?
whAT can you do to keep busy on a plane?
who id the best usher or bowwow?
what is the source of LSD?
Which do you like better Sundaes or sundays?
What is difference between cost of capital and cost of project?
Switching price tags?
how does affiliated program with the clickbank works and how much is the initial cost from start to finish .?
how do you convert 1997 dollars into present value?
well they sent me a 4,700 dollar check, what should i do?
My friend has a blog on ! 360 and I can't seem to find it, how do I do this?
why cant i find information on the web? i have searched many different ways.?
the number to fort hood military basein killeen?
Is it copyright infringement for what I'm doing or not?
how can I see my sss contribution? I tried but I don't know where to browse it. Please help me
I have a few retail management questions I need help on?
how much was a $10s worth around 1950?
supervisor postion with the cuyahoga county regional sewer district?
What I must doing? I must receive some money wia Western Union, but I not sure, my mail haching from Nigeria?
Does anyone know if usps prints labels for you?
how to make!?
I want to find training in San Diego CA to become a victim advocate.?
I need help with equipment?
Does UPS Ground make non-stop trips?
Economics question: How to compute the rate of Inflation?
What should I buy lol?
Buying a home vs renting. What do you think?
What's the cheapest way, method, provider or service of sending a parcel (clothing) from USA to Australia?
What do you know for sure?
What is the opposite of black?
What is the definition for discount?
How does going from private to a publicly traded firm affect UPS's decision making process?
Do Cavalry Scouts (19D) train in the M1 Abrams?
Would you rather murder a an animal, or a human? Explain.?
can someone give me the example how to write a daily report about my assignment to my boss by email please?
What is the name of this jewelry store?
Difference between Economics and Finance?
Caught shoplifting and told not to come back help?
What is the name of Bel Air (or Raley's) award for great customer service?
can you transfer US dollars to euros online ,and where would the money be kept?
Should I go see Santa Clauss or should I let him come see me?
why doesn't anybody know how to spell on the internet?
cps investigation steps? I am trying to do a project and i a trying to find out the step by step list?
What are some good excuses for missing work?
If you forget to write the city on a letter can it still be delivered?
Do we have to pay this invoice?? Please help!?
Where do I find information on Arsenal a town in London? It's too small, but it has a football team.?
Where do Siemens and Vestas currently manufacture offshore wind turbines?
is american idol a good show to watch?
I own a corporation, how do I get a business loan without jeopardizing my house in case business fails? thanks
Can aperson carry a unregisted handgun in car?
is a penny with a shield on the back rare?
my boyfriend was cheeting on me. what should i do???
How do i convert us dollars to euros?
fat people?
I need help in accounting 1 plz?
What is the building code for a restaurant for handicap bathrooms.?
This company is organized first by ____, then by ____?
Where could i easily get a $5000 dollar loan ....? ?
what is the rarest letter on dollar bill?
Do Business have a lower postage rate than homes?
Gas prices, are we getting the shaft?
Accounting expert help me please?
How can I connect or call Mr Bill Gates ?
how long can the hiv virus survive in oxygen?
What should I call my non-profit organization?
what is everyones goal in life?
I need an idea please?
Know of any good work at home jobs?
Does departure scan and out for delivery mean the same in UPS lingo?
How Do You Put On A Rubber??
What is a theory and what is its purpose?
how would these businesses recognize revenue?
How much would you pay for this cake? I was asked to refund money but already discounted them big time!?
where can i find ip tracker for tales of pirates 2?
Accounting question: Converting LT to ST debt on BS?
Jobs that help people?
Europian Union - EU?
My ups is at destination scan and it says it will be delivered today it is a signature package?
Can anyone tell me of a reputable place to sell gold that I can get the most for it?
Do I need a patent or can I find a company that will run with my invention and give me a cut?
Which is the best online calculator for currency conversion?
what is a private sector job?
How do I find out if a company is publically held or not?
is majoring in BBA Finance worth it?
I will arrive on time and ready to work, with my equipment ready!?
What can I do about this warranty?
what is the difference between export manager and regional export manager ?
What does one do about skin blemishes created by sea urchin spines,they are blotches that appear onmy legs?
How do I find out if someone is cashing my personal checks?
I found out that at the center of the milky way theres a blackhole, so when are we going to get gobbled up?
Where can I find cheap sponges in bulk?
is there any one who has ever met with ghost?
Getting my refund?
How can someone get 40 grand to cover college costs if one's parents don't have good credit scores?
How do you find expenses when you only know owners equity and revenue?
Does anyone know of any online printing companies with low prices & excellent quality?
Last day of work, what would you do?
how to make some cash during summer?
Does the UPS tracker update on the weekend?
posted a parcel today to australia by royal mail. No till receipt can i get a copy.?
What is a recent development in the investment banking industry?
What is Globalwarming?
Number for courier that delivers residential?
Picking up camera from Best Buy, do they need to check my id?
Plz someone tell me Wht is the current market price per gram of saffron in india?
What does it mean for a country to have lower units of currency denomination? Like Great Britain's 50 pounds?
Example of Business Stakeholders?
How can I become a billionaire ? What does it take to become a billionaire?
what is the price before the percentage increase?
Do banks check for marked bills?
Who is the Real 50 Cent?
Pay Rate for House/Pet Sitting?
I have credit card debt, and want a loan to pay it all off. What types are available w/length ,etc?
USPS "sorting complete" but not "out for delivery"...will i get my package today?
I have heard the economy is getting better. Any truth to that in California?
Can a 14 year old girl be employed?
what happens if a cashier prints a money order and rips it up before voiding it?
Does anyone know how two people can survive on $1500 a month with a 400 a month rental?
What are some innovative, non-ppt ways to present a project?
what is the term used to describe the extra pay that employees receive for working on holidays?
help with adjusting journal entries, can someone check to see if i got them right?
What subjects do you need if you wish to be an accountist? What are its salaries?
Is there a paid survey site where I can make money that actually works without me having to spend any mofirst?
How can I find information on someone?
I was ripped off on ebay what can i do?
What ASAP mean?
what form of money will i get on wealthy affiliate?
Why does my avatar not show up when I answer a question?
How can to be a commercial representative of some in Guatemala country?
it's 8pm and UPS still hasn't delivered.But the tracking shows it's on time.?
Do managers at the dollar Tree make $40,000 a year?
Are the "get paid by doing surveys" really exist?
Anyone get their ears pierced with a 6 guage needle? Was it worth it?
What companies offer web hosting?
can i export porn from the uk?
Am I responsible for paying a "no show" fee on an appointment I didn't make or confirm?
Bank of America Overdraft fee? HELP!?
how do get your mom to buy you a cellphone??
Principal left after first year?
What are some good arguments against deer hunting?
Can a loan company verify a persons bank history?
What are the purposes of business organizations?
Bankrupt consumers effect on the economy?
Why do people have names??
What are some well known spanish sayings?
USPTO patent fast track filing - time and money involved?
how many T's are there ,In the days of the WEEK ?
how to get the government to pay off my mortgage?
extremely optimistic about what is going to happen?
what is yuor favorite name?
Why does an increase in interest rates attract foreign investments and how do investors profit from that?
Can I find out who someone is, if I only have their e-mail address?
Ordering from amazon, shipping question?
What's the cheapest commercial shipping method for shipping a 100lb package from CA to MA?
Why may a business be more affected by the growth of the local economy than the national economy?
saving peachtree educational version?
Should there B a law for swearing in public when kids are present?
The customer gives you a ten dollar bill. the guest check is for six dollars and seventy eight cents ($6.78)?