What noble things are you praying for?
where can i find free spreadsheets to start my own childcare business in the state of new hampshire?
what are the different types of letters?
Can someone in the UK sue someone in the US for plagiarism?
Get rich quick schemes for a 14 year old ?
Are we in a worse, better, or same condition as the great depression?
how do I oil a wooden cutting board ... and properly take care of it ...?
if something cost 400.00 and it has a discount for 25% what would it be?
I have two items that are painted in 24k gold, is there any way to remove the gold from the items?
whre is
where does santa live?
is there a company that can release equity on a park/mobile home in the uk?
How much is £24.95 in $?
what is a personal property clerk and what do they do?
whats the best way to sell my invention?
How do you write or type out a Resume Form?
Friend Question?
Neobux Referrals? Bot or Human? Some not clicking?
UPS needs a signature on delivery?
What is the zip code for Montreal, Quebec?
Does anyone know if the NAA mortgage protection group is legit?
Is there a way to eat hard candy with braces?
how do you track a package sent via USPS without a tracking number?
What is $5 compounded daily for 6 years?
where do I go to convert a 20 candian dollar bill to U S currency?
What does it really mean by Angika?
find the irr and mrr of a project?
why wouls srs send me a notice in the mail if it had said i donthave to reapply till 2013?
how much is 2% of 200$?
Steak costs $3.85 per pound. if i buy a three pound steak. how much?
what is manufacture goods?
Assume your company has a contract to purchase 100,000 computers from a Korean company.?
what clothes did al capone wore?
i have a problem there are three guys that like me and im dating one of them what should i do?
is 19 debit and 25 credit...?
PayPal Credit Card Question?? Please help!!?
What is the estimated amount of money dentists make?
Can I become a CPA without working at the big 4?
do u think if a gurl acts like she likes you that she actually does?
How much would all this cost?
incremental B/C analysis in engineering economics . ?? 10 points BA?
how do you know if his love is real or fake?
What is a computer?
What does this mean ups delivery question?
where can i change forgein money from irak?
My doctor friend is starting a medical school in Nigeria, how can I help her get funding?
Can I get discounted items when I order bulk personalized cards?
What's up with this shipping?
how can i increase my vertical jump efficiently with out any equipment?
What is the wrong thing to do to make a guy think anything other than friends?
how long do it take to remove negative points from your liecense?
How can Facebook diversify so that they can get accepted in China?
what would you find in a knight's shopping cart?
where is playboy shoes manufactured?
I sold a 100 dollar gift card online; is it better to mail it in an envelope or use parcel shipping?
whats up with all this email from people asking me to help them with the transfer of large somes of money .?
Question about the sevice "Bill Me Later"...?
mayo or miracle whip?
can you help me?
I need Project Report with Projected Income Sources Cash flow stmts, Profit & loss stmts for Biz loan frm Bank?
what salary do you have to make to live a luxury life in your state/community?
If I put 32 dollars of change into a coin star change machine how much money would they give me back?
will currys give some money back on a dented appliance on delivery?
does anyone know where i can SELL my gentle used clothes?
How does best buy trade and save work?
Could I earn instant money online easily?
does any body like 2pac???
does anyone know how much 520 euros is??
What is the Minimal age to work at Best Buy?
need to find a software program for typing bulletins, brochures, etc. for church.?
nobody answered this question since two week. can anyone help me ??????????
Am I obliged to buy books I ordered?
How do you write a cover letter for a resume?
Accounting question?!?!?!?
How do I increase -$89,096 by 15%?
can a lab tell between girl or boy urine for drug testing purposes?
my fiance had a wreck involving a dairy, my question is what are the liabilities concerning the farmer?
What is an inefficient allocation of resources?
Should I wrap stocking stuffer gifts?
Will Centrelink make me spend my savings before payments?
is mark a sexii name?
I wanted to become a model but I don't know if I should go 2 a modeling school,because I heard they're scams.
I was expecting a wire transfer about 3 weeks ago but not yet arrived..HELP?
How will I encourage my son to study seriously? My son now is 5 years old.?
Where can I call to sell my furniture to?
What is a good website to sell comic books for british pounds?
What would you do with 22 dollars?
Do you think Angelina Jolie has smelly feet?Yes or No.?
Can there be negative amounts on the Accounting General Ledger?
i have this coin and would like to see if it's worth anything..i have pics I can email?
how do you get a 20 dollar skatebord?
If you could magically change your career and be trained and skilled in it, what career would you choose?
Where do currency fluctuations go on the income statement?
Chad has a bag with 3 videotapes, 4 pens, 7 books, and 1 apple. What is the ratio of books to pens?
How can I tell that selling my ebay item isn't a scam?
I'm 14, how do I make money?
Whats the sum of 15% + 899%?
$49.99 and I have a coupon 15% OFF, how much will my shoes cost then?
Can I write off items bought with grant money?
how much is 1953 five dollar bill worth?
according to the old testament what is the meaning and purpose of life.?
Received a letter today from a company in holland saying that i had just won a cheque for £47,500?
How much pocket money should i get? I'm 13 (From England)?
How you understand that a pesron (e.g. a girl) loves you?It's a relly hard question!!!?
Net sales are $1 500 000, beginning total assets are $700 000, and the asset turnover is 3.0 times, what is th
what does in Transit mean?
bob is a name used frequently in movies who or what is bob or who does it refer to?
If there is a single global currency one day, how would it be named?
whats tada mean ? =)?
When does the Canadian penny go out of circulation?
is the post office closed today because of king's birthday?
Accounting homework problem please help?
Does anyone want to take my Biostatistics final tomorrow? Its on SPSS system....?
Where would be some good places to volunteer bookkeeping services to gain more experience from?
Where can I find a LIST of ALL Independent Meeting Planners in Canada?
Help with currency? AUS $40 into AUS? please and thank you?
How does the ebay bidding work?
What are my chances of getting into a big four firm in accounting from each university?
what the heck does this mean?
I am very like pretty and popular,how do i get the boys to stop drooling over me?
How is any country's currency rate decided?
What should I buy first?
Does N E 1 the is the age requirement starbucks or gamestop?
would you give another chance if your loved one messed around on you?
ls math really imporant?
who is hitler?
Where can I find any private contacts for people from One Direction´s management?
1.“Business tends to be better off under federal systems rather than unitary systems”. Discuss.?
Is it ethical to offer "fixes" for the business cycle?
What information is generally included on a receipt?
How do i send PayPal a Tracking Number?
I worked at UPS 1989 to 95 But never transfered my Teamster Pension plan to my next job..How do i find it?
business owners; how much time did it take you to start making a profit??
Has anyone tried the website.....
what is difference between civil judgement and a normal judgement?
Do you have to be a doctor to own a houspital?
Need help with Accounting?
What is the most dangerous thing you ever made?
What is the conversion for 10K of gold?
How does instagram make money?
we are extremely poor, are about to get evicted, have no food, and i have to go to court soon. how can i make?
135 dollars converted in to pounds?
my mom searches my room all the time what do i do?
what age is right to have a boyfriend?
How much is the 1970 £20 worth now (2012)?
A customer is buying a $100 drill and two $15 drill bit sets. The customer uses a gift card worth $50 to pay?
need some help with business studies.....?
sent item to buyer who paid via paypal now they are saying it is a fake what can I do?
Is death the answer for happies?
Negative Real Interest Rate for 1 month Tbill?
do horse bits come in one standard size or do I need to measure my horses mouth?
How does my resume look?
When did they shipped it out , October 20 or November 6?
Why does orange juice taste so bad right after you've brushed your teeth?
My boyfriend and I can't agree on whether the toilet paper roll should roll over the top or down behind. help
how do i go about a girl i love but her mother does not like the relmationship?
travel money for fuel, should the boss be paying?
How to Set up a Debt Management Business?
True or false for the following statement?
Does UPS get behind with tracking updates during Christmas time?
How much does a off shore oil rig.desiel tech salary?
Accounting Problems! Need help! Need help?
Accounting Question, Please help?
Can i block a payment before it happens?
14 year old wanting money?
What are the functions of Information system organisational management?
Can someone explain Western Union money orders to me?
how to obtain a associate degree in banking?
what do you like to do when u go over to ur best frinds house after u get out of school or of work?
How can I make $1000 in only a week?
what is the meaning of term cheque wrongly delivered/not drawn on us?
How does generate so much revenue? I don't even understand how its founder is a billionaire...?
UPs leaves packages outside door!?
Sales growth at 1 percent a month profits are higher, why?
y wont cashiers stop talking to one another and y cant they just ring the customers.?
How do I get an antique egyptian silver bracelet appraised?
How do shows like Who wants to be a millionaire get so much money?
Where can I get name badges?
How to make a charge on my credit card that appears to be from a merchant but not really from that merchant?
What is the first step in starting a business, if you've never went to college, but you have the money.?
help western union checking the money transfer tracking?
Surveys In Mail For Cash .?
what is the present value of $6000 paid at the end of each of the next 54 years if the interest rate is 12%?
how do you know if someone put a lien on your house.?
How much money would I actually be making?
How easy is it to make good money investing?
did not get my package from ups--what to do?
If i send audio system upto 15kg through dhl from dubai to india,how much it will costs.?
do you know any good ways of making money without ever getting a job?
Is it worth paying a resume writer?
what is the best way to earn a large sum in one hour?
What can I buy for 1 dollar?
who is the oridginal singer of BLUE SUEDE SHOES..?
What is a good way to sell unwanted items?
What is the bravest thing you have ever done?
Is hanging yourself really as fun as it looks?
do i go for it?
how to check the amount of money on a bestbuy giftcard?
What would the likely impact on the US economy be if the dollar were dumped as the reserve currency?
accounting questions...need help?
What is your favorite music video and why?
How would you handle this situation- in Parties, Openings etc?
How much anual revenue does a bakery with 6 locations make?
Do I need a license to buy wholesale?
where can i get details for preparing project for new business?
Whats it like to be a boy in you know what?
How do you calculate the firms after tax profits without transfer pricing when:?
Superannuation is paid with the salary of the employee ?
If UPS transfers my package to the post office will it take longer than the estimated delivery time/date?
How will the world end?
can i post stuff on search:images?
does a father need a lawyer to have visitation rights with his kid if he pays support?
how hard is navy boot camp?
Is the Art Institute of Orange County California worth paying $90 thousand dollars to go to?
How can I make airplane models and ship molels from resin?
Is this site some kind of a sick joke?
Is there a way to "refuse" mail other than personally refuse from mailman?
im 14 please help me im desperate?
What is the current price/value of silver today?
what dose Depart USPS Sort Facility mean?
Does anyone know what site I'm talking about?
Has anyone heard of or done any kind of business with company called Berkeley Richmond Financial?
In Fort Worth, TX where can I sell my formal dresses?
what does the president do every day?
How much does the Scotman new paper cost?
how do you write a review of an online bookstore?
if u won a million dollars,what would u buy?
Can you send a letter from your house to someone in a different state or do you have to go to a post office?
Chat rooms, Message boards, myspace, or Y! Answers?
Can i put the post office for my billing address?
Does anyone know the law about accepting donations via a PayPal donate button for a non-profit website.?
can i exchange US money for UK pounds?
Online wage statement username?
Usps hasn't delivered my package.?
what is the meaning of life the universe and everything?
Discuss the Modified ACRS (MACRS) Method.?
Is it legal for a financial place to call you at your place of work?
How can I have a return address...without having a return address?
What should i do if my employer hasn't paid me for 8 weeks?
Has Any one done a dissertation on motivation at workplace?
I need government assitance but I don't know how to get it or if I qualify...?
what age likes what sport?
how long does usps first class package take if the place my package is coming from is 2 hours away (100 miles)?
How to calculate the total expense per month?
how much the us dollars now in the korean money?
What kind of non-babysitting jobs are available for teens?
Affiliate or Vendor in Clickbank?
Where to join Equity Trading Course? Which one is the best institute? What will be the charges?
what are the four main functions of the london heathrow marriot hotel? and who are their stakeholders?
My closed company owes me back pay. I have some of their equipment stored. Can I sell it for back pay?
where is atlantis?
How can a 12 year old raise money?
Work at home?
Please help me how to be able to buy a house?
can i get a faithful boyfriend soon?
What do I do if I'm on Deathrow?
how to sell a?
Need help with this PLEASE due tomorrow night!!!!!?
how to earn money from web, o.oo investing ?
does anyone know the code for no right clicking for mypace?
verify my TIN number?
2 cans for .87 how much for 3 cans?
How much is 1 and a half ounces of GOLD?
What does Hoity Toity mean?
Payroll in Quickbooks?
What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
Need help with 2 accounting problems. 10 points for the best answer.?
On what hand should you wear a thrumb ring if you are NOT gay?
Why is the shipment fee on Ebay so HIGH?
Where can I pawn my stuff for extra cash.?
Does PacSun ship to Canada?
finance- yield to maturity?
Is there aliens on Earth?
is it easy to transfer from Nassau Community College to Fashion Institute of Technology?
Where can I find financial data for UK convenience stores like Tesco Express and Sainsbury's Local etc?
What is the closing time for sams sub in sacramento ca,on fulton ave?
Business Assignment Help?
Where can I find a wholesale vendor for designer perfumes?
How do you know if your friend is really your friend?
What is the official journal of International Association?
how can you tell if a lawyer has switched sides in a civil case?
If f(x)=x+9, find the value of x if f(x)=15?
How much do bookkeepers cost?
Is a reliable site to buy from?
Are people who are payed in foreign currency at special advantage?
how come you drive on a parkway and park on a drive way?
How can i tell how many american dollars.......?
How could I earn 600 000$ in a next 3 month?
USPS steps and question?
how come you drive on a parkway and park on a drive way?
What are opportunity costs?
where can i find a SUMMARY of all the international standards on auditing?
USPS tracking problem please HELP!?
define minimum circuit ampacity?
What will happen after death?
How late does ups deliever?
Is there any kind of legitimate work I can do from home and make a decent income?
Do I have to accept funding from a bank not named on my new car contract? I'm trying to get out of it.?
Why am I being charged by a utility for "bill issuance"?
my boyfriend is lock up and he is goinging to so three years what should i do?
A company incurs the fixed costs of $4500. The variable costs is $7.65 per unit produced.?
How much is a GGD 01/01 salary?
What are the exchange rate trends for Japan in the U.S.?
I was just wondering if some one could help me find an investor.?
Anyone know how I can legally make 3200 dollars by tomorrow?
How did neckties become a common fashion accessory?
help please... i have to interview a manager of a small business for homework?
what made you laugh today???
How to get into the business world with no experience?
What is GRACE?
Is JIT the same as Lean Production?
What do you think about jail conditions across the nation?
Standard oil stocks ???????
What's it called when you want to prove you had whatever first so you send yourself a letter with all the info
How many dollars are 9.99 euros?
who is nsync and what where they ?
How can i give a hasband?
How much does an EMT-B wage is hourly in Trinidad and Tobago.?
Does anyone here have a real job or all of us just useless people taking up space playing answers?
how do i get my mom to stop smocking?
pass a drug test?
What does the US post office do with mail if someone moves to a different house?
should i quit?
who is Indira Nui?
Craigslist buyer asks for money back, what now?
do UPS deliver packages on the weekend?
how can a boss only pay 48 hours when I have worked more hours? is that right?
what is the best sites to make money online?
Can I sue if my item wasn't shipped on time?
Is it non-professional to call to confirm an interview? I seriously need help?
how much an engineer earns dollar in one month........... i think 100000$ in one month .AM I RIGHT?
Im 18 year old can I file my 11 month and self employed this year if how much u think ill get and its?
How do you get name brands to send you free products to do reviews on?
How do I insert this in the general journal (basic accounting)?
Does supervise realease test for fake weed?
1 Dollor is equal to how much cent?
My boyfriend is trying to help this girl I don't like she is on drugs is that a good idea?
How to Dr/Cr for this entry?
A customer uses a $20 bill at a self check-out register to pay for products totaling $14.50. The customer is c?
What was Napoleon's greatest battle?
were can i download music from?
Microsoft Lottery Thing....?
Inbox Dollar website - Any tips or tricks? Thanks!?
what is investment appraisal?&portfolio theory?
What is the official langauge of australia?
Is it good to be 16 earning £1000 per month full time?
What is Ben Ganger doing today?
How much should shipping cost for original paintings in United States?
How much does Visa or Mastercard Co charge banks for each card transaction?
Distinction between Cost and Net Realisable Value:?
What is the best way to increase prosperity?
how do i calculate the total variable cost?
About how much do shipping supplies cost? (Poster rolls, bags for clothes)?
What is a "two way?"?
im looking for black and white suede air force ones, where can i buy them at?
Difference between Economics and Finance?
how to fix scratches on eye glass lens?
Who conducts performance appraisal for managers in a organisation?
Returning an uninsured package?
I need a money for a transmission?
Is their a website where you can play games and chat with people at the same time.?
Ratemaking: Public Utilities Basing Rates on Customer Net Income?
UPS shipping question: scheduled and original?
toyota still use jit system?
Im 14, from a broken home and desperate for money.?
Ebay Question: Can you stop a package from reaching its destination through ebay or paypal ?
some sort of CRM tool?
which pay online survey is best? choices to choose from inside.?
how do you print grid lines on a spread sheet?
Ok so i just ordered a package! Will i recieve it tomorrow!?
address for citigroup in gray tn?
You can find the MRp by multplying marginal physical product by price for:?
what acct shld I credit when entering funds from a previous company to make it show as asset on balance sheet?
Where would/can I apply for a cash grant?
How much wood could a Woodchuck, chuck. If a Woodchuck couldn't chuck wood..??
Does anyone know where I can sell my mom's wedding china?
If have order 200 items on ebay , how will ups put all my packages?
Looking for a place i can go to see aN ACTUAL picture of my house from a satelite?
Is there anything along the lines of Avon and Mary Kay that men can sell?
don't you wish dragons were real?
How to you buy things from
what are words spelled frontwards and backwards using the sames letters (level)?
Any way to pick up mail before postman comes?
Accounting help needed...?
How do you buy on ebay with paypal?
Does a Gyno exam hurt?
What are some good million dollar business ideas?
If I feel I've got something worthwhile to say, can I blog and make some money at the same time? Details, pls.?
I used my home address instead of my P.O. Box address?
what annoys you the most out of life?
is it true? before becoming a successful business person...?
Why are there sometimes decent questions on here, and then other times (today), they're all stupid?
Do you need your social security number to register at a private school?
HOW AND I TALK TO A boy that is really hot and is POULAR andI not?
If USPS delivered my Amazon to the wrong address, will amazon re-ship my items?
What are other advantages or disadvantages to being 18. Like besides opening up a checking acct n buying cigs?
What accounts are usually closed monthly by journal entries in quickbooks?
Which musical keys (a,b,c,d,e,f and g) correspond to the seven chakra's and what is the source of your info.
modeling agencies for 13 year olds and up?
$240 for 84 days, so how much is each day worth?
I keep getting a mail not delivered notice from the Postmaster to someone I don't know - what do I do?
Need DESPERATE help please?
i am 14 and im a very hard worker i can do anything from baby sit to farm work.?
Does any one have the lyrics to a song called "I Saw Love", it talks about what Jesus done for us on Calvary.
how to calculate your age in years months and days?
i am planning to move to new york when im older...?
Does the Gratis Network have a telephone number?
I visted a place where I never been in all my 56 years yet I knew every thing about the place how can that be?
If someone is dyslexic, is it alright for them to sell their soul to santa?
can i ship an item i sold on ebay using the money i got from the buyer on paypal?
How much would a 1943 silver penny be worth?
5 points who can answer this question!?
is myspace not working? :(?
Ebay, is it a money maker?
does paypal call to verify transactions?
On a banking context, what is clearance and what is settlement, and their differences?
Is it better to liquidate a 401A or 401K?
How long does it take for checks to be deposited?
issued 700,000 bond 10% coupon rate 10 year maturity yield 8% semimonthly payment whai is the pv of the bond?
is it secure to pay by paypal?
what is the best state?
Should there be any bailout of aything?
What is higher than Series 7 license?
is the following money making is true?
will my international letter be stopped and held by customs?
The Disney director told me to send my CV and photo. But what does CV mean?
hey, what does the saying ''ignorance is bliss'' mean?
Ur at a party & ur friend gets drunk and starts to flirting with every guy what do u do?
Accounting questions?
In Australia I see aluminum cafe chairs with coca cola written on them, anyone know where to buy?
i have a warrant for my arrest for 4000 dollars worth of bad checks, what is the punishment?
Where is the best shopping place to go in vegas?
moving out- What expenses will I have??
Anyone knows if "expenses increases" or expenses increase is correct ? Thanks . ?
Will a Auto Dealership finance me?
Anyone have any ideas on how I can sell my handmade jewelry?
what's the best paying job i can get while i'm still in high school?
If i make £16.500 per year, how much is that a week? ?
what is the treaty of paris 1783?
If you're moving states as a college grad, is it worth it to move your stuff or sell it and buy new?
"The whole world is a stage"?
Should Size Matter?
who can i contact about my problem,how much will it cost what channels would i go through.will the invoices of?
What course of action can i take if a person's check bounces and they dont reply when i contact them?
'mystery',read this.?
How much would you be willing to pay for...?
Iv got a great invention. How do i get started?
when i was on a swing; i closed my eyes and when i opened my eyes, i was on the ground ...?
i need help with accounting 1 homework plz help?
Can anyone give me 100000$ please?
What is a good thing to do for a mid-life crisis?
$5,000 reward! What is the name of?
How hard is it to start up your own web based business?
Nike China employee's salary?
Can you send money on paypal without an account?
Does usps priority mail require a signature?
How many CDs has AOL sent out, world wide?
Im 15 yrs old and would like to know what kinds of businesses hire kids my age.?
Coins: How much is this coin worth?
Why is yawning contagious?
Has anyone ever worked for a company called STATCO Data Entry and Information Management Company?
Has anyone ever used Ingram for an Online Bookstore Distributor?
aspects of financial mgnt?
what do i do about mail that causes fraud?
I have heared of people coming back to this earth after death,how true is this?Is heaven and hell here?
Why doesn't Kohl's department stores' bathrooms have hand dryers?
why is it so important to be beautiful?
How do I hi meet a girl I've tried everthing can't seem to anyone please help?
how you can change your habbets without loosing alot?
2009 Macbook air pricing?
How can u make ur hair so straight without even using straightener/??
what is love?
Accounting Questions: What type of asset is animal (livestock)?
Costco Question????????????????????????
who did the song during the all my children mardi gra explosion?
How much is this worth.?
what year will it be in 2,525 days?
Who is smart here? ? Xxxxxxx (just needed extra letters )?
Best stores to buy school supplies and save money?
traing helicopter in Malaysia?
How do you create a six month sales plan?
Why can't I get a credit card?
What is 'Federal' when it comes to money?
Looking for a business that has undertaken system development?
has anyone ever heard of or gotten a loan from mr ang geck?
why hogtied, bodage, bdsm concepts gone so familior....?
How do I send a letter by certified mail?
How to confirm and verify on line job opportunity?
Accounting Question (PLEASE HELP)!?
How likely is it to lose money in a Cashout envelope?
at what age is the stage that your getting old and the time is ticking by the way am 35 is that old?
How Do You Work Out This Average Cost Question?
Is one source legit? Are they any good? Are they for real?
what's the stupidest question you've seen or asked?
Hey...looking for the guy on here called PSYCHOLOGY...?
Why is that most people find it necessary to get drunk and act like IDIOTS on the last day of the year?
what can i do if i do not have a social securety card and i need to have a secure credit card.anything?
what's the capital city of palastine?
About leaders ........?
Opening a new bank account after overdraft?
Whatsthe best way to get rid of roxi withdrawals?
Entries for Accrued Salary?
Why do we love HOME so much?
Can i report my former lawyer to the Better Business Bureau?
My wife used her discount card on her parents and can get me in trouble!!?
what is the best way to gain some weight using some natural enhancements. don't wanna use drugs coz of effects
What are quality standards?
If a rooster laid an egg on the roof of a house which way would it roll?
what do you think about jamaica?
+22 is phone code but for wich country it is?
how do i get detailed maps?
How can I make a complaint on an Arco gas station? Where do I go or who do I call?
guidelines that can help meet food's requirement?
How do i journalize accounting?
What if a company name is preceeded with"The"?
how much a year does a hvac technician make in pittsburgh, pa?
Do sound engineers/ record company owners Make as much as the talent they work with ?
how can i change my avator for female NOT male??
is there any people here from england?if so where?
I got assualted by an beautician Please help?
which bank can i go to to exchange euros to u.s. dollars?
how to use tally opening?
What was Captian Hook's name before he had a hook for a hand?
What do i do i keep missing my ups package?
What are some ways to buy used items at the lowest price to sell for a profit using the internet?
anybody know any good wholesalers? please?
Do you believe in gambling such a the lottery?
Please, I need more clarifications on journalizing factory overhead during the end of accounting period?
Book shop or game shop?
Do I deserve a Raise?
Was I acting entitled?
How do I find out if a company is publically held or not?
Kmart employees discount?
western union service charges?
i need help with problems on my accounting with t accounts?
Multiple Choice,... Accounting?
I don't trust any guys, because of my experience with them. What can I do to make myself trust guys?
Can Thrift Stores Sell Used Mattresses? ?
what do you include in total debt?
Are Americans being overcharged?
What is 1,000,000x1000?
how much money can i withdraw from an atm machine?
Top Blogspot?
if murdering someone was legal..SERIOUSLY-would u do it?and who would u kill?
i paid $4.50 to send a parcel to AT&T 1st class certified & received a tracking #, but i can't find the parcel?
what do u think I look like ?
where the best place that i can follow Cedar Point thats not
USPS STATUS: Acceptance?
who carried chocolate with him on his military campaigns?
what are some good jobs that make alot of money?
wat wud u answer when u r asked about ur aim n u haven't decided bout that. The que wud not b official but sti
do u belive god? y? how? if not ?y? plz tell me?
• What are some examples of fixed and variable costs in your workplace? Which costs may have both components?
is there a way for the world to be less relient on USA gangster wall st casino ponzi banks?
can you use a simon giftcard visa to set up a paypal account?
what is the most pointless invention/product that you have ever seen or used?
Accounting: Calculating payments to suppliers in statement of cash flow, HELP?
Is there still a chance to get back to the old times when there were no cell phones?
How much should I sell this for?
Where can I find help with clearing a criminal record without having to hire a lawyer?
anyone know how much this is worth?
what percentage is it? when you get something for free then sell it at price, say 500?
Has anyone became successful from doing this? (link below)?
What's an idea that will make me a billionaire?
What influence does the Fed. Reserve have on the U.S Banking system and economy?
If I got a bond worth 10,000 dollars about 8 years ago.?
Were can i make money online?
What is the combined journal in accounting?
Managerial Accounting Question?
anybody having experience with ATO Cowhide Sneaker Gold , where i can get it ?
What is the services of Vidhata Agritech Pvt. Ltd. noida?
Do you believe money can buy happiness?
Accounting Journal Entry?
Does Pepsi Offer Any Contracts To Consumers?
Managment accounting or staff accounting?
question about a bank reconciliation statement?
Who listens to BOB AND TOM?
Where are some good places to write?
what is the purpose of using primary source in acdemic reading?
Hey YOU, yeah YOU, YOU got a problem?!?
Is it legal to sell imported designer clothes in France?
Principles of Accounting I *QUESTION* Please help!?
how can u telll if u got herpes?
Bay Trading hourly rate of pay?
In , 3,000 coupon admission books were sold at $80 each. They could be used for admission any time aft?
Whats the average wage for a gas fitter first year apprentice?
How do I find out what the 100 year floodplain is for a given city.?
what does it take to become a model??
I work at subway...?
name something that you use in science class?
How much is a 1977 10 new pence coin worth in usd? We did n?
im 12 and im live in Perth wa and i want a paper route but they are all saying that they want 14 yr olds help?
If you are co-owner of a business and the business is in another state?
poor accounting at apartment complex.?
what does bid rent mean?
Accounting help with adjustments?
Whats the fastest way to get a phone bill?
how can i send a mail to someone in this site ?
can i tell a bank that one of their customers is fraudulently scamming people?
What is the conversion for 10K of gold?
Where can I find Fiber optic installation bids online without paying crazy membership fees?!!?
Catergorize the accounting tasks performed by Urlacher?
what is £9.99 ????????
If you make 100,000 a year how much do you make per month?
My boss is trying to make me quit because she suspects me of "whistle blowing"?
how much money does government make off of purchases?
i need to know how much does 200cym convert to us money?
where to get a job??
if you could only listen to one singer the rest of your life/ who would it be?
Confused about the difference between economic cost and accounting cost?
seriously i need some help on how and where.?
How do I stop cold calls?
what would you do here?
How much should i charge per hour for after school care?
Code of Banking Practice?
how mod a laser?
are E Machines reliable?
I accidently bid on an item on eBay (im not the highest bidder) so how could I delete it from my current bids?
What is the pay for cashiers at Abercrombie and Fitch in London?
is it good to feel bad to be a 2- face sometimes (meaning be nice to somone but talk about them behind back?
If ur given a million dollar to spend,what will u do?
What are some guidelines for establishing quality objectives?
I lost a $20 bill, has anyone seen it?
Who are you?
how do i clear my search history so when i type a letter not everything shows up ender the search?
how do i write a good cover letter?
What is the best source of finance?
USPS express mail international?
Does IBM Southbank have a GYM?
i got a 100 dollar rebate card coming in the mail on the status it said redemed 1/22/10?
Is euros worth more here in the USA ?
what two accounts are affected when a business recieves cash from sales?
How do I know I'm not getting ripped off on Craigslist?
Have card charges where can I find info to reclaim them?
Are there Ghosts/spirits actually out there?
Should I get paid for this?
Anyone know of any reputable and reliable phone sex companies?
if the interest rates on a cash flow increase does it mean that the present value would be less in the future?
i just got into this car accident and the officer didn't?
can somebody explain what the mile high club is? i never got it!?
How to work from home!?
Please help me finish this accounting problem.?
True or false for the following statement?
where to sell machinest tools?
can you trust those companies that offer online jobs like doing surveys ?
how much money does autotunes have?
how much money in change can culligan jug hold?
How many of you are at work right now?
Why can't they make chewing gum's flavor last forever?
can medical card be used in us?
How to ask for a raise, when you know what your boss will say.?
When making a business phone call is it appropriate to not leave a message if you reach a voice mail?
how much money would cost to get to abbey road?
What is the point of people commiting suicide when it won't solve anything???
What is better finance or accounting?
any 20r toyota engines for 1980 truck 4wd 4spd?
what does it mean when a company hires an employee for "One year contract on 3rd party payroll"?
Does the Canadian government allow minors to exchange US currency at a Canadian bank without an adult?
How did Americans live during WWII?
How much risk is there in sending a personal check to a stranger for a purchase?
Should I take a job offer in Louisville, Kentucky?
How long until the iPhone 4S's price goes down?
Bill collectors keep calling for my brothers debt?
is ups just stupid or is my package shipped wrong?
Where is my package USPS?
Lying about work experience. Will this work?
What is the main conflict in the story "Little House in the Big Woods"?
Ur cleaning ur 12yr old child's room, you notice n the closet things u know u or u hubby didn't buy what now
i have propritorship firm now we wish to make it pvt ltd. so from where i can find list of name?
im 13 and i need to make $30 in 1 week?
Why do people have to be economically poor?
Assume electric water heaters and gas water heaters are interchangeable, and assume the price of natural gas r?
How can a qualification or card benefit a plant operator?
Who are some talented pros in investor relations?
How do i return large gas canisters?
Shipping tools from us to uk?
my grandmother passed away from cancer in 2004 and i miss her terribly?
Why are organizations formed in our society?
What should I do, I ordered something & it hasn't arrived & the only phone is premium rate customer services?
what is a 50000 cincuenta mil peso argentina bill dated 1984 worth in US dollars now in 2012?
Where can I verify the authenticity of a Hong Kong company if I want to purchase products from them online?
I am a student,iwant to buy a laptop in finance please tell me which company provide for student?
how much stamps do i need to mail a letter within the u.s.a?
Getting paid time and a half (over time)?
How much iz bf3 trade in vaule?
Can my former employer go into detail with the unemployment office over why I was fired?
when is hanuman jayanti?
What is name of model in saffola gold advertisement?
I have a new computer and I need to redownload McFee Virus Protection on it that I already purchased.?
Is it worth it for me to keep working?
What's your best negotiating tactic?
Have you ever heard of the website 9959 shop?
Is it still considered rape if you enjoyed it?
Is oceanic express courier services a real genuine company?
I wish I could eat right, but it' s hard....can someone come up with a good plan for me and my body?? PLEASE!!
How can I earn 200$??? Please help im desperate for some ideas?
whats ur impression in my country...(Philippines)?
I went with my girlfriend to the addy's and she didn't introduced me to anyone. What does that mean?
can someone tell me a home made way to clean pennies that have rusted and other mineral deposits on them?
Should i avoid people while i am unemployed?
Earnings Per Share and P/E Ratio?
How can u tell some1 annoying 2 stop calling u?
What company is this logo?
Does retail forex traders suffer from similar biases from Forex brokers?
What are some reasons for a lateral move within a company?
How much are my pennies worth?
how would it be posable for me to make 200 dollars before june 5th?
Petty Cash in QuickBooks?
distance from Dubai, UAE to Houston, Texas (as the crow flies)?
How do I get the dates that I worked for a company?
help please!!?
What day/time does mail(USPS) get shipped?
Issuing common stock for cash is considered which type of cash flow?
how can i sell something on ebay as "buy it now" and not a bid. i cannot find that option. please be specific.?
I left a job program that help me find work?
2010 Black Friday Best Buy Question, Help!?
I was interviewed for a job and my criminal background was checked but the employer never hired me?
how much would a pawn shop give me?
AT&T keeps ripping me off!?
if you and you bf are on long distance relationship will it work?
can someone explain discount rates?
Discounts you get when working for UPS?
Ebay buyer protection from craigslist?
"VISA debit card for local currency accounts" ?
what does it take to be a hooters girl?
I need to find some history informatin on Harry Stack Sullivan, M.D.?
is this a good way to get alot of money?
how to make 1000 pounds in 2 months?
Do all packages come with tracking?
Whats Your Job And?
what it does it mean to say that an asset is liquid? Provide one example of liquefying an asset.?
What would you do? Would love to hear your input!?
How do I get the Memo description to print on my check stub?
what should i tell my mom if she is mad at me?
is there a god somewhere over there and if there is why are we created then?
Do you think this is appropriate?
how could we earn money through website?
Would whole foods sell herbal diet pills to a minor?
what are better to wear boxers or briefs?
Has anyone worked successfully with a market timer or service?
why is the price of oil rising? and how long can it go on for?
On September 1, 2010, Drill Far Company purchased a tract of land for $2,300,000. The land is estimated to hav?
definition of a woman?
making money???
Is it illegal for a business to sell a magazine for more than cover price?
Is it possible to buy or build the actual machines that make money?
how do they calculate payroll checks?
where do I find a price guide for x-men cards that is free?
FALKENBURG ROAD JAIL contact inmate info?
How much is this Worth?
how can i get a company to give me a discharge letter on something that was paid off in the 1980"s?
what is a ocean bill of lading?
Ex-boss *refusing* to pay!!!?
Order cannot be processed due to a DTC chill restricting the ability to transfer a security and settle trade?
Update on Ameriquest Settlement please! Does anyone have any info? The 28th is nearing and all is TOO quiet.
I'm a teenager and I was wondering if there are any ways to make quick money online?
Any ideas for winter jobs?
Why do our parents lie to us about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny?
Who were the Lehman Brothers?
Sage Accounting question?
How long does it take $1 to triple if money grows at 10% compounded annually?
What shouldi do my son is on drugs?
what is the best online site to sell rare coins?
Is there anything to do in West Plains Missouri?
why does my mean ex boyfriend be, well, MEAN!!!!!????
If you had ONE wish, what would it be?
What is the increase or decrease in owners equity?
something about saco y banzetti?
How much does an accountant make?
How do I change the screen on my broen PDA?
Mangement/ Accounting Question!! PLEASE HELP!?
How do changes in current yields on bonds actually influence the cost of funding?
Where can I find cheap used Medical Equipment?
Does South Coast Plaza has Hollister?
how paypal works, money transfers, card?
cheque written out wrongly?
Should I use USPS or UPS...?
What if jesus was gay?
where can i change forgein money from irak?
what is the latin derivative for the word contra?
How do you people get such nice and creative profile icons?
How do i return my Beats by Dre Solo HD to best buy?
All my retail on line applications in the UK are getting rejected?
Does anyone know a 40 year old Donna Lussier of the State of Washington?
Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries?
Difference between FIFO & LIFO?
How do I get rid of a bill collection agency?
Fund raiser ideas for my cheerleading team?
I'm looking for information about paying for a Care Home?
I have $300 burning a hole in my pocket!?
managerial accounting help!!!!!?
have antique avon collection and need it appraised?
what do the letters SOS stand for?
I am looking for a website with printable cards?
What would happen to me if my mother died tomorrow ?
Why should students be exempt from taxes?
anyone ever been in jail, even for a day or so.?
how do you write $263,485.13?
Who gave names to the days of the week?
Is it bad to spend 800$ at once out of credit card when...?
whatdo chinese people eat for breakfast?
Ordering from amazon, shipping question?
Access Bank of Africa says I won money is this true they are asking for banking information that wil access?
USPS Lost my package?
If someone just answered your question and you want to send a thank you note can you do that?
Acquisition Cost Prince's Pipe Co. purchases equipment w/ a list price of $22,000. Regarding the purchase,?
What is market value of bond?
Does anyone know the Bloomingdales return policy on items purchased in stores without the tag but w/a receipt?
An exporter in india forged a Bill of Lading to satisfy the requirement of Letter of Credit.?
How would i record this transaction? Accounting help?
are gas prices going up?
How can I be a rich man?
Why do people really care what other people think?
Does usps ship by air from california to new york?
Competitive Firms help is greatly needed! pls?
What is annual turnover in business?
how do you send mail? (in an envelope)?
Why is the oldest child the most neglected?
what is the purpose of finance?
please need help new internet business website?
magine that you purchased a car recently. Describe the different stages that you went through in the process o?
is there a way that i can get my fingers fatter.....i have a $250 ring but its a little bit to big?
Do you like friends??
Can Anyone Give Me Some Detail About LG Company(Life's Good)?
who luvs sunset ?At seaside?
How much is a bar of gold worth?
How much fuel is used in a commerical airplane?
What is 5 pounds of england money worth in us dollars?
info on ann frank in the holocost?
What is the significance of money in your life??
wat is randy paula and simons last many judges do they usually have.(american idol)?
Do I have to put my full name on shipping info?
How do changes in current yields on bonds actually influence the cost of funding?
If I trade mark for example SWEET SAL'S, does this also protect me for SWEET SAL?
typical fee for reconnecting electric?
Where on the paper do you show that the dividends have been paid? On an income statement?
need some suggestions, advises and guidance too & how much capital would i need?
What percent of people over 70 get scammed online yearly.?
Would you rather work for money or satisfaction?
pa police followed driver 4.5 miles before pulling her
what do you think?
how many hrs should i work to make the most money?
When people say food costs should be kept to 30% for a business is that 30% of the sale price including VAT?
A Vending Machine Business?
what are the Most famouse and the highest class brands of shoes?
How to calculate the knee point of the current transformer?
what does a 1" thick cold rolled carbon steel plate weigh per square foot?
is this shipping fee too much?
The company i used to work for has accidentally paid me (HELP QUICKLY!!!)?
How do you replace front struts on a 2000 pontiac montana van?
I'm really bored today-what would be a fun thing to do?
Hollister employee discounts?
What does PDA mean?
How do I stop telemarketers calling my cell phone fron India?
Can I add that I can bench 25 pounds on my resume?
When will gas prices stop dropping?
Do you think people would be interested in this business?
Tell me what you think......?
what is a group of astronomers discussing the sun called?
Where is the best place to exchange currency?
Is there any way I can get the names of who is on the deed of a house?
serious question, how do you know or find out?
jobs for a 16 year year old?
Is it worth refinancing if interest rates are less by 1 percent?
how much is 8 dllars an hr.?
how to compute acquisition cost ?
What is the value of military/aafes pogs?
Where on the paper do you show that the dividends have been paid? On an income statement?
My kid is becoming 12 years old.What physiology and body changes will he face?
Can I go to Wal-Mart and get a receipt from something I bought a couple of months ago?
Financial Accounting Problem?
Can a non-US citizen take the CEO and directors role in an American company?
shipping things overseas?
How can I get better at doing pullups?
How do I get intouch with a business from online if they wont return my calls?
paypal has limted my account i cant do anything?
How many GBP dollars are in 1 US dollar?
what kind of school or programs to you need to take to learn to design and manufacture pistols, and rifles?
When people lose weight, where does it go?
pick a # 1-100?
When does a project breaks even?Is it when it starts earning profit or when the project cost is recovered?
are gilly hicks sweatpant worth the money?
What are some creative ways of selling things to people?
address for Temple, Texas , chamber of commerce?
Why do people often feel the need to be so insulting in their answers?
does currency affect the expenses?
how many card games do you know and which one?
USPS Tracking information "There is no record of this item"?
Business, Sex, Relationships, Health: in which do you base your life the most and why ?
How to deal with the office ****** - advice please!!!!!!!!!?
If i earned $947.00 in 2006, is it right for my refund to be $370.00? I have 3 children.?
how much would my check be?
Why are so many of the questons here repeated over and over?
How much does a pound of aluminum cans cost in Pennsylvania?
What type of business model is Ryland Homes construction? PLEASE HELP?
50 dollar rebate on upgrade ?
where do accountants operate?
FUNDRAISING IDEAS- pleaseee help?
Are there any adults on here? and is there an age requirement in order to join?
Is it cheaper to send Rent money w/ Paypal?
Can someone tell me about All My Sons Moving and Storage in West Palm Beach?
if a merchant says 3-5 days to ship?
How do you get more points? I answered many people's questions and stuff, but I"m still in Level 1. Help!
Need help doing pull-ups?
Mettler moisture balance analyzer- price?
Please help me with this question. ?
Is Kids Management a legit agency and why do they need my SS#?
What it takes to be a vice president in a company?
Does anyone know of a good paying work-at-home job?
Statement of Retained Earnings?
How do I get paid using PayPal?
G/f and Bf break up, had a joint banking account together.Long after they part he cashes $1000check. Fraud or?
what are some items imported from japan to america?
Which is the best photocopier for commercial purpose?
i need some information about pc protections?
how do i get the new invention so called "internet"?
I wanna have a handsome income working from home?are there any sites which pay a big ammount for working part ?
UPS tracking problem?
Customer having 2KVA Online UPS 96V DC with 8 Nos. 100Ah SMF Batteries. Need to have solar panel with MPPT Ch?
Why would a meeting be inappropriate in a business situation?
i would like to know how much 5,000 pesos would be in US dollars?
How much child support should my husband pay on his child, the mother makes more than us?
How much is my time worth?
how do i get money out of my cheque?
Can I profit from a small bar? (Managers, Bar Owners Please help)?
How do I explain in a letter to a client that I done work for that I can not accept less money?
What is the chances of me winning amazon a-z claim?
factors to consider in Logistics Management before making final decision?
Hey anybody know where vicky Don is?
Click here to read the qwestion-- its too long to fit here?
how much is RS.750 in US dollars?
Do you know how can I contact disney?
How much should I ask for babysitting?..?
How is $108228.38 is written in words?
Where's Waldo?
if a bill is due on the 15th of the month, postmarked the 15th, is it late if received after that date?
where to buy cheap, surgical steel body jewelry?
if you had 80000 pounds to invest or save without risk where would you put it?
can you have a minus percantage?
Are all paid surveys online scams? Is there any legitimate also?
wats the best way to get someone in bed?
Overdraft protection?
Questions about Ebay...?
is their a one million dollar bill?
How do I prepare a bank reconciliation given this information?
whats the fastest way to make money without a college degree.?
How can I join a coupon train & is it worth it?
what are boogers in ur nose for?
If a church owes you money and don't want to pay you. how do you proceed to get your money. court or what?
what is riskier: a short term investment or a long term investment?
I waaant to receive message from my husband phone we are with the same company plan, how do i go about doing t?
What is the cheapest way to ship less-than-an-ounce items?
words that rhyme with beach?
How do I find out if an online retailer is reliable?
what are shingles ? and how do you get them ? Is there a primary cause?
$0.234 = how much is that???
what jobs are available with a major in business administration and minor in pre-law?
How much would this film cost in American dollars?
How much will apple's iphone cost, and how much will the monthly bill be?
Is ir posible to get a saftey transfer with in 4 weeks in h.s?
What is the minimum price per mile my company should pay for traveling for the company?
Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?
financing for a business?
Charity money-transfer webpage?
What type of flowers do you like to receive the most as a gift?
Help Help Accounting Problem!?
An Ebay user is asking me to basically 'end' my auctions to do a direct sell to them?
Any Lebanese ?
is it possible to sneeze with your eyes open?
What is Blatting?
legal help with money.?
how gold value fix in india?
paypal money has been seazed by authority?
what jobs can I get with a master of science telecommunication networks degree?
Need help finishing this accounting problem. Please Help?
If I buy items that cost £263:96 and take away 12.5% of the total , how much is left over ?
How do I get 25K to pay off my ex-wifes credit card debt FAST?
what is the best way to fall asleep?
paypal didnt help me when the seller shipped the wrong item. is this the way it is?
Should I make this kind of website?
What are Pershing Rifles?
how many poins do you need to reach level two?
Is it great to name a hotel ' Luxury ' ?
How much is your Salary?
how much does it cost to make a dollar?