any ideas on what to give a nine year old boy who i think has everything he could wish for for his birthday??
Should I take advise from anyone and everyone ?
what pays more vet or srink?
What can I buy with a $20 Best Buy gift card?
If to walk under a ladder is unlucky, is it lucky to NOT walk under a ladder?
Once you're in Heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?
I'm very sick and hot!!how can fight this?
Can you tell me the name of site which provides free Economical Statistic Data of India?
What are some good topics in finance to write about?
What of a young girl in love with a married man and he till u that he love u too!!!!!!!!?
i only make 450-500 a month?
Any help on how I can be successful?
The aging-of-accounts-receivable?
International Contract?
Is there a way to send a money order from s. korea to the USA or a bank check?
does anyone know about mystery shopping?
Where can you go to get Terms and Conditions wrote for you for a website?
Is it bad having two many boyfiends.?
How can I buy American Products in the UK?
How do I make this 1 unlisted co. stop calling?I have reported them for calling a do not call home,but nothing
Are there any coupon codes for Graisse de Canard Gold?
Can a 17 year old discreetly own a pre paid card?
who was the most papular man in the world?
What is GP?
how can i get the hiccups?
How do u use IM if u don't have any contacts?
i have just about a week to live due to cancer anything i should do with my last week?
I've been messing up at work more often..?
sprint users beware!!!! Fail to trade phone number over to new company?
what is out there for teenagers that is would be a good gift for Christmas?
Does anyone know a genuine way to make money online from India?
If you are over 70 years old and are still working full time, is the person getting their full Social Security?
Whats a $25 bond worth 18 years later?
what is meant by C and B certificate of NCC in garaduation?
How long does it take for a check to register in the bank? NEED TO KNOW ASAP?
Diff. b/w HR Mgmt. and Personnel Mgmt. & Industrial Relations?
how many 2006 dodge chargers have u seen?
how can i buy about 3000 cheap dvd players and 2000 cheap home cinema 5.1 from china?
I want to know the definition of the term "values".?
Is it an ADVANTAGE on accounting if you could input numbers fastly on a Calculator?
How could one cash in their cash for hundreds/thousands of pennies?
Will USPS Deliver mail Tomorrow? Veterans day?
how do i send money to another paypal user if it asks for an email?
I have a Ten dollar bill letter C serial number co9589027 anyone know what it might be worth.?
HELLPPPP ! HELPPP ! Does technology make pimples go away?
what is the right account title if the physical inventory shows 10 units have been lost?
Is there one person who can answer all my questions?
A question from Sales Management problem?
What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
penny is what decimal of a dollor?
How much is 5 centavos from brazil worth In U.S. Money?
How much is rotated 25 cent?
How long does a kangaroo live?
I want to make a lot of money what should I sell?
Where can I find the closing gold prices for the past 5-6 years ?
Accounting quiz 4. Please help!?
any suggestions for a coworker nickname that works in accounting?
how much is a 1958 penny worth?
ok guys i found this coin with an angel on both sides back in 07 with a friend and i need to know what it is.?
How long does it take for UPS first class to arrive?
What can I put on a resume if I got fired?
Vintage furniture and the value?
What are some good fundraising ideas?
what is the difference in and ativan?
Former employer acquired by a new company, what do I put on my resume?
Around what time should UPS deliver? (More info inside)?
What Can I do about previous owners mail, fedex and ups packages.?
how much can i sell 1000-10000 hotwheels cars for?
Accounts receivable turnover?
How to know i as Buyer did Transaction as Gift or personal on ebay?
any1 heared of APS FINANCIAL services ltd? with regards to loans?
How do we react so quickly wit our reflexes when we don't even think about it?
What Is A Trade-in Credit/ Trade-In?
who gets in trouble for selling food stamps the buyer or the seller?
Can you help me with this accounting?
Can someone explain this article to me please?
Unemployment for unclaimed weeks?
what all does a patent attorney get me?
I'm looking for the PUC website where you can change your electricity co.?
will we ever capture bin laden and if so will it be dead or alive?
I need advice? I owe over 2000 dollars, no job and no license.?
How long does a pre paid postage label take to reach its destination in the UK?
How much does a manager in training make for Radioshack?
how to make gym teacher angry?
how do i add 60% to a price?
what happens to your money if a bank goes bankrupt?
Tell me your best and favorite quotes?
How does USPS Priority Mail Work?
LADY_REDBOOK can you tell me the name of the celebrity using this site???
how is vonage 911 different from regular 911?
What is "Aisle Runners " , "Table Liners" , and "Tea Lights" ?
Need some inspiration please!?
How do I become an actuary? I am a finance major.?
My grandmother has passed does anyone know a poem that my cousin and I can read at her funeral something sweet
How much money would i need to make per year to afford a mansion?
what does dbt mean with accounting?
What is capital structure and how to identify whether the company is more on debt or equity financing?
Expecting a child and need more income, real estate agent?
do full time minimum wage workers get benefits in nj?
do you save your paystubs?
what is the capatilsation rate for East Midlands?
Can anybody help me with detailed information about Malcolm Baldrich Business Madel?
How can I find the final exam for spanish 101 at SDSU?
a project for school i have to grow mold on bread can you help me estimate how long it takes for it to grow?
How many jobs can a 14 year old have?
Business Finance Question - need help!?
find noncurrent assets?
Does anyone have gymboree coupon codes that are valid now (from 3/15/07)?
If sombody was found dead on your door step, what would you do?
Think of a situation (good or bad) when you where a customer. Discuss on the following points: When and where?
Does Jesus really care?
If i'm selling something on amazon do I need to provide my own shipping?
What are the main stock market names?
what is the current percentage of companies in the US outsourcing.?
What do you call someone that's responsible for handling all the finances for a small business?
i am in partnership in business with one muslim, but he is not honest with me should i break this partnership?
What would you do if you had million dollars ?
does anyone know where i can download Accounting for dummies & accounting workbook for dummies for free?
California labor code for salary employees?
is it fair to have racist judges for L.D. Debate at TFA competitions?
should i get a job?
Found this strange penny?
What is the most unique website name you have seen? ( It must be a working website)?
What is a P.O. box????????????
how to make my pc faster..what setting to be done?
Highschool screw ups?
Do girls really care where guys' you work?
what is the simple intereston a loan of $14,256 for 3 years at 5% per year?
Western Union Max Amount?
Are prepaid cards good for virtual goods?
how to find out some ones debit card pin with just the debit card?
Best Buy 10% coupon off but I cannot open the coupon? Here the website but say it I need what, Help please?
Why would God create homosexuals when they cannot recreate?
How to become & how much money is made for Ultrasound Technician?
I need to exchange foreign currency for US Dollars. How do I go about doing it?
is take a registered company to sell tickets? I bought 4 this morning but now worried as not?
what is a totum pole?
We gave our tenants a 30 day notice for violating the lease terms. They did not pay rent and we had to file a?
How to find the dividends delcared for the year?
How long should a mis sold payment protection claim take?
which option strike price is the best?
T or F the organization's vision must regularly change to adapt to changes in the environment over time?
i need to find my grandfather who was in the ww2 can you help me find some info on him?
I have paid using my debit card and the funds have come out of my account?
Simple Questions on Banks?
how much money is it per child at center parcs?
What is that website called where you can sell provided products from a big warehouse and then get paid?
I am looking for a job in being a security officer in the reedley area.?
UPS?? 2nd day air........?
What is the solution for Problem 4-7A in Accounting?
Where can I get good used jewelry metalsmithing tools? I can't afford to buy brand new.?
Can i order a product, have UPS grab it, re-label it, and then ship it to a customer?
Experience in using USPS Priority mail please?
do ppl that get suspended fromY!answers ever come back?
how do i find a old movie about a traper that was base on a true story on some guy?
does ups deliver on saturdays?
How Should I earn $200.00 more dollars? And I'm only ten.?
I started pinching myself recently and now I can't stop, what should I do also what is your favorite food?
where to I go about to become a sex toy tester and get paid?
Could I get an ebay account if I'm under 18?
I just got a check for $470 and I want to do something fun other than paying bills. Any suggestions?
What is a good business topic i can write an argumentative paper on?
how much money ..............?
Should I become a 49% silent partner in family business?
How Do I get Parent Controll?
What to do? I need help!?
Free Money from the government books?
How can you tell if American currency is more valuable then foreign currency?
Where is the best place to find cute pictures of skandar keynes? At or .com? which one????
How to write a grant? Is this appropriate?
How much should I charge per article?
do u generally get more sick or annual leave each year?
Help with stockholder's equity and T accounts?
moving, locksmith jobs near saint louis mo. 23 years expericence?
am i being paid correct wages?
what is your aim of life?
Accounting problem help!!?
If you had one wish what would it be??
what is a good store to buy electronics besides Best Buy?
whats your idea a bout cartoon of mohammad (i am so angry)?
what is your defintion of a good friend?
how much is my bill this month?
what is a dollar check?
How many island in the Philippines?
What is Debt/Mkt Cap?
I have exactly half of a ten dollar bill. If I take it to the bank, will they give me a new one?
Any USPS mail today in california?
Is Onecard available on Playstation stor in egypt?
why are pennies still in circulation?
Best places to build your home?
What do you call those guys that hold up signs for minimum wage?
Accounting Homework Help!!?
Does penis size matter?
identify the accounting assumption, principle, or constraint that matches each description below.?
should I quit my job that i hate?
What is something YOU pay someone else to do.that YOU could easily do for yourself, personally, not in general
If all of my items on an invoice are not received, what do I record in my purchases journal?
What is the meaning in business of short time finance?
The worth a 25000 dinars in the USA?
If you could "re-live" one day of your life, what would it be, and why?
Private Investigator Costs?
Find the wrong statement among the following that are true for more than two alternative forms of a single gen?
What is Accounts Payable to accounting software features ?
i want to know commodity's trading about metal and bu lion sector please let me know the sight?
If Wall Street was to get bombed destroying the entire New York Stock Exchange, what would happen?
What is it about WAL-MART that attracts hillbillies and other toothless individuals?
How much would it cost to ship a PC from the USA to the UK?
Is it necessary to wait for the iPhone battery to get 20% or below then we can charge?
Help with gum company names?
How much is 13 pounds in u.s currency?
Is there any way to remove uncancelled stamps from envelopes?
who said "u cant shake hands with closed fists"?
Do you know your accounting stuff?? Let's see with a fun problem!?
LOOK BELOW for the question?
i love my bf but we have so many fights & sometimes he makes me cry with his word, wut do u think shoul i do?
What does Accounting term, pcm stand for?
how do i find out if a e-mail address is still good?
Should I double major in accounting/finance?
International Finance Help?
Accounting Question (Yes or NO style questions)?
cashing a check at wachovia?
Are you allowed to ship replica items over seas?
maid and nanny under table?
Should I Buy My Childs Photos From StarSnappers?
is the ''yellow fever'' still existing?
is the use of cpr bad for a terminal cancer patient suffering from a cardiac arrest?
Question about patents.?
whats going to happen if don't pay my bill?
Homeowners that are struggling?
account help please could use the help?
Should I take a job that I am over qualified for or keep looking?
Accounting Question Help Please?
I am in desperate need for assistance with a finance question-missed class and info not in textbook?
Can I put 1000 dollars Down on a 6000 dollar car?
For Valentine's day, do women prefer roses or rosebuds?
How to get started with storage auctions?
i have been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 months and i havent been able to, is it something bad?
I'm A Vampire-Can I Suck Your Blood?
Perfect money exchange?
how much money does autotunes have?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
who first ed open an egg and said "Mmmm I think I'll eat that!"?
Why do birds suddenly appear? LOL?
If a company fails to send me a bill for two years, do I still owe that debt?
How do I write a security contract bid?
Any Single black, 6 ft 20 year olds on here?
How much do phlebitis make an hour?
looking to retire @early age, need good advice. pleas help?
continous names needed?
On a job application when it asks you reason you quit what would you put because i cant really say why i did?
How do you get rid of a very annoying mother-in-law?
how could i take an alarm of a tracksuite in order to nick it?
What strategies has Proctor & Gamble used to grow?
What should I buy lol?
Are UPS trucks on the move during the weekend and Veterans' Day?
Accounting Help, income from operations ?!?
Can someone tell me where I might find a small, battery powered rotating hook to hang a mobile on?
Are assets a good measure of liquidity?
Selling on ebay - taking pics - question?
What do you say to your friend who has just had a friend or family member pass away, but you didn't know them?
Help! I need to make 300 $ In a MONTH!?
Big Increases in Equity...?
How improve my typing speed?
What do American guys think of African women...?
my girlfriend says we come from monkeys, I say I came from a bird. what is your view of evolution?
Is there any third party small company in Bangalore to pay my invoice bill in abroad?
How do I stop buying things on impulse?
Hollister interview question?
do you use regular pencils or micanical pencils?
what does it mean when it says error on page and i cannot send or delete my e-mail?
Need help finding net cash flows for operating,investing,financing activities. Accounting help?
Why is a clear management structure important for a business to be successful?
Is happiness all psychological?
How to send money to Peru from India?
Beside salt to melt snow, what other product can be used?
Is BARCLAY.COM related to company have almost the same name.?
What is a Recovery Department?
What Is A Billing Adress?
who is on a 20 dollar bill?
first love vs. last love?
how do i find out how much is on my pepaid visa card?
I was sent a cashiers check for $4760.00. Where can I cash it?
How much is it for a Solid Gold Bar in the UK?
What are the normal timings for a newpaper company?
standard variable rates?
Hot Topic cancelled my order?
Accounting - Statement of Cash Flows -31?
When will my package be here by?
Can I finance a guitar?
Is becoming a Finance Director hard work ?
How does one get a flag flown over the White House for an Eagle Scout Ceremony, and how long does it take?
What percentage of the price of gas is federal?
what can you do if someone whom you love dont wanna listen you?
Has anyone ever had a out of body experiance? what was it like?
How do i find when my item will be shipped to me.. meaning on what day? It's for UPS?
who wishes this was true?
I would like to know if anyone has ever done some virtual bookkeeping or secretarial work.?
Why Developing a dashboard by linking metrics to HR and business strategies could be useful?
$200,000, 3½-hour flight, six minutes to float around in weightlessness. Is it worth the price?
Is this a fraud letter ? (NOT in email)?
any ways a 14 year old can make $700 over the summer?
what state would u get rid of if u could?
Can a woman get pregnant while her man uses drugs?
how do you get rid of the toolbar searches that save on the search bar?
Is it wrong to be a boy with long hair?
Help Finding ending inventory using FIFO?
One world currency: Good or bad?
What invention is the phrase "the Real McKoy" refering to?
purchase in 2010 was US$1,750. With 2000 as the base year and assuming price deflator of 1.75 for 2010.?
Accounting processes help?
Why is my debit card declining for a certain company?
Does anyone know which bank is better to have a checking acct with bank of america or capital one?
straight line method to find depreciation?
How does a 7th grader earn money?
How much do you get paid at Superdry or Hugo Boss?
i have some rayban aviators how much should i sell them for?
what happens with the third offence as using ecstasy as an adult and juvenille?
Where did the word abercrombie originate from?
How would you live your life, if you had it all to live over again?
do you have any brothers do the get on your nerves!?
How can to be a commercial representative of some in Guatemala country?
why do men have to be with more than one woman, why not be faithful?
How to defuse electric taser "t wave gun"?
how much is nickel silver spoon?
Get paid to take Surveys Online?
what makes a good mother ?
How much is 170 in pesos?
Ok, so banks, open or closed?
Has anyone dealt with Global Timeshare Sales- or can you recommend a decent company for selling my timeshare?
Accounting Assistance Please?
What would you die for?
do you have a place where seniors can talk or converse with questions that are not inane? or it there some wa
how do I increase my height?
What do you do when your mom gives your sister what shes always wanted and your mom just gives you what she ha
Does anyone know which websites are the best for printable coupons and free samples.?
During the last year of operations, accounts receivable increased by $10,400, accounts payable increased by $?
Non disclosure agreement, help please?
do I have to attach a stamp to a letter that will be delievered in town?
why do we get taller?
how much would a mgr get paid yearly like 25 to 45 ?
does the good guy really finish last?
when is the world going to end?
Accounting Question??????
where can i find dollar stores.i need doller.i have to buy it.tell me if you could?
So I bought this item at and decided i didnt want it so i returned it (payed via paypal)?
what do i say to a friend who is about to die of cancer?
How do i respond to this email from a potential employer?
Is there anything exist beyond matter and time?
why do parnts think we are to young to have my space and to go out places with our friends?
Why are children under 18 the number one cause of arson?
Ways to earn money?
how much is 1,000 dollars in 1950 korean bills worth in american money?
Can I pick up royal mail parcel (standard delivery) before they attempt to delivery?
USPS Mail shipping rates?
how much is 1 gram of .999 silver worth?
Is a voided check necessary if I have my account number and the bank routing number?
How much does Hughesnet internet cost per month?
How much would it cost?
I have a great invention that can be huge. How do I make it possible?
How to get out of early termination fee for AT&T?
i had a wierd dream, and i need someone to help me figure this out?
how to find break even point for a given data sales = 2,00,000, variable cost = 16,00,000, direct material=6,?
Don't you hate it when your life consists of doing what you HAVE to do instead of what you WANT to do?
Do You Think Boy Scouts are gay?
How much would it cost to ship one item from one end of the Toronto to another end?
Flow/activity vs Position Reports?
are all electic company tdu delivery charges the same amount?
Anyone heard any good/bad news regarding a company called "Coupon Converters"? Is this company legit and safe?
I want to identify a pain medication by description of the tablet.?
How much money do you need to make a week to support yourself and live im decent apartment in downstate ny?
How do you heal a broken heart?
How do you say "i love you in french" How to pronounce it?
Excluding rent/mortgage, how much does a person spend a month on everything else?
How do you know if someone gay?
am too old for a sex change I am 65 sex change male to female?
erdication poverty Suggession needed?
What's the most expensive city in the world to live in?
my family did apply to buy a house through the Habitat for Humanity in Virginia?
Optionetics, does it work?
These words are phrased in the form of a question?
Why do 7-11s have locks on their doors?
Does Dividends fall into a balance sheet or income statement in basic accounting?
Did you have anything that made you completely comfortable or gave you a since of security growing up.?
How does this work when I order something online?
How much money do you got in your pocket right now?
How much should i charge per session?
how much is a 1924 wheat penny worth?
where can I find the lost part of my heart?
why do scientists believe in the big bang theory?
Felony vs misdemeanor?
What is a "Private Equity Firm"?
where does the 15 percent gratuity go in a resteraunt?
Accounting methods help?
Is project payday a legit site?
can you pay for gas with a check?
Accounting question!?
How old are you?
Can anybody tell me about official websites for freelance writing work?
I'm under investigation by HM Revenue and Customs?
Who is the richest man on the face of this planet???
what does it meen to trick somebody?
Rank the following assets from the most liquid to the least liquid?
What major to choose,Accounting or Finance?
Is there such a job as a pro sports bettor?
Cost accounting spoilage problem help?
How to write a 500 dollar check?
Can't sleep! Should I take Lunesta?
Do you buy from Costco or Sam's Club online?
what is Jim Carrey's address?
Has anyone ever had a out of body experiance? what was it like?
Is my friend Mithul a fool...?
Starting A Fundraiser?
How can I get deposits from clients?
Amazon 1 Dollar Purchase Charge...?
how much is a penny from 1909 worth?
Ebay users: What is the most unusual thing you have ever seen for sale on Ebay?
How to write a grant? Is this appropriate?
I got e-mail that I won a canadian lotrey n had to confirm to Abbey National Bank. Can I trust it?
How much do Wal-mart overnight stockers make?
is a 17 year old allow to adopt?
I got suspended on another acount for asking quizzes.... does any 1 know why?
was given a KLM yagi 13elements.Pls furnish me with its specs.thank you?
Has anyone dealt with or heard of Ray Clarkson investments?
hi i need ur help guys....plz do read this n give me ur suggestions........i need it serusly?
Do you have any recommendations for a tax accountant in San Diego County?
whare is properties on this website so you can change your picture?
In a mailing address, what is "comp" the abbreviation for?
im 14 and want money but ma mum n dad wont give it me?
how do i get rich?
How do i ship my ebay item to a buyer who bought two items from me.?
how much, on average should a coat check person make?
what size speakers are in the door of a 1992 ford crown victoria?
How much is a 1957 series silver dollar certificate with blue ink?
What are Hotel manager's duties?
where and when does cvs sell baskets full of things that are 50 cents?
Am I or the owner responsible for paying for this?
Accounting Question Help?
Can you tell the difference between my serious answers vs. my sarcastic ones?
has anybody had a bad experience with homestyle kitchens from cumbernauld in scotland?
where are their goods produced ?
How has technology helped the restaurant business?
how many negative feedbacks on Ebay would earn me a complete ban?
My electricity company wants me to pay up without them sending a bill. What should I do?
Where can I buy Cadbury advent calendars in bulk?
what does RSVP mean.?
What can I get for $1 at wal-mart?
what does re: on a letter mean?
I want to have a true online-friends. How to get one and anybody can help me? Thanks a lot for answering.?
Is Amazon's return policy still valid if you get something from their warehouse deals(used)?
How many commercial vessels are there in the world?
what country/or us,state do u want to visit?
A question about a $20 check?
What are the technologies already employed by banks and new technologies that could be implemented.?
How do I make extra money?
i had a wrenck and cant go back to work and would like to know who can help get christmas for my kids?
Where can I find the funds invested for Cash & Equivalents?
Another way to say "possibility" using six letters?
Have the Royal Mail Postage Charges just gone up? I didn't hear anything about it!?
Need help with accounting problem?
how to clear the history of pages I visited?
how is lincoln electric doing financially?
how much can you make as admin in a non profit?
How many mega byte equals to 1 kilo byte?
What do you do with a dollar bill that is ripped in half?
Hi, Im in the UK. I have alot of unwanted and unworn jewellery to sell. How can I find out what it is worth?
Should I let a TV station broadcast my student work – copyright question!?
Is My Space profitable ?
is it boring to work at easter seals or sams?
What is your fav color?
How do I buy these on e-bay?
how i deal with customers?
what do you call a person who goes door to door to seel candy bars?
how can i enter a poem contest?
sounds like money transfer agent-like job.. Is this legit?
Does UPS deliever on Sundays? How long does Standard Shipping Take?
When you mix blue and green what color does it make?
What size of power generator is suitable for a 100-seat movie theater?
How much money would i receive for this amount of gold? (MAX POINTS)?
Do you have to be a CPA to become a banker? movie: SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION.?
Why do students fear being a homosexual?
Has anyone flown British Airways Club Class?
Is there a way to download pictures to your lap top if you JUST have the memory card but no software?
how to prepare a petty cash.?
How old to order off the internet?
USPS tracking problem please HELP!?
How to get $50 or more dollars easily?
How to adjust inventory? Accounting?
how do i delete a account?
Risk management process used to reduce or transfer risks to your company?
Is it free to apply for an overdraft?
i wanna sing very badly and i want people to know me how can i persue this dream?
how much money is this necklace worth?
How to get work online?
What does "have you been teased" me? And I know not the way of joking around.?
How would I set up this accounting problem?
how can I get 40000 dollars?
How would you test for the equality of debits and credits?
What if someone wins a bid on ebay?
what dose the name serra stand for?
How do I know if my eBay buyer is a scam?
What percent of fat people do you think have some legitimate "medical" excuse?
cant get messenger to come up. keep being told to disable popup blocker?
what is mercury(elements)?
How to write a check of $607.50?
how many pennies make up a dollar?
Buyer on ebay says he didn't receive item but I know I sent it what to do?
How do you apply for true value?
Why have people stopped loving God?
how to calculate Groass Pay from the pay structure. My current pay structure is 8000 - 13500?
What is a secure way to ship something and get money in return?
I need to raise around $500 in two days!! And I am a teen so I can't work anywhere help!!!?
i need help with accounting?
How do I stop my children from entering in certain chat rooms on messager?
How can i determine how much money i make an hour by looking at my check?
Mattress tags question.?
If i bid for Ebay Item but not Paid for it....?
How to sell a used college textbook on
anyone ever sell anything on ebay?
Simplest Bankruptcy Question?
oh man oh man what do i doooooooo?
why is pam andersons boobs so big?
how can I adopt my 15 year old sister?
why we cant meet god in life?
Ok I've herd aliexspress sometimes will scam you and I want to buy a fake lifeproof case?
How would u kno if ur boifriend is losin intrest in u ?
I use my personal vehicle and gas to give estimates on work. Im comission based can i write off both?
Treasury Bill Rates Question?
evaluate how cash flows and financial recording system can contribute to managing business finances?
wat name will i place?
Has anyone else in the medical field lost benefits "due to the economy and overhead costs"?
can sams club fire me if i have been arrested?
How do you calculate the firms after tax profits without transfer pricing when:?
Can Direct TV charge me cancellation fee if I never signed the contract?
who is the chairman of TCL?
What are your chances to become a billionaire ?
How to get $26 dollars in 2 days?
How much is this worth?
what is your fav. color and why?
How debt friendly is texas?
What is the weirdist thing you have ever seen?
how can i improve my self confidence?
Need help with financial accounting question?
Why not sell audiobooks to all nations?
Where can i find a torrent for 'Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading DVD Course ' by Yoke Wong?
what is insentience?
deposit 5 dollars to pay bill?
How do you usually use post-it notes?
free pittsburgh steelers songs?
Is the babyrus in bell garden open?
How does international trade impact the key Canadian economic indicators like the unemployment rate...?
Finance: annuity question?
Rogers scammed us with phone bill?
Can someone explain ebook sales to me?
I got 1 mail from U.K western union money team,that i have won 250,000,00, is it true or flase?
meaning of non verbal communication, it's importance in t he communication process, itr's cultural implication
if i sell something on ebay how much do i have to pay when someone buys the item?
Current assets? help?
my 17yr old daughter works for mcdonalds after 1 1/2 mths there they told her not to report to work as her?
Why is the sky blue?
what is a good way to make millions of dollars?
How do I politely decline a business offer?
i need some help plz?
What should you do with a gay boss who picks on you because you're straight and the opposite sex??
find the address or phone number of a person totally free?
Why I am good at finance but bad at accounting?
What is pi to 45 decimal places?
What are the depreciable and non-depreciable assets of a DRESS BOUTIQUE STORE?
► What do you buy at Wal-Mart ?
£50,000 in 60 days mailing list business!? has anyone heard of this - sounds like a scam but I don't know how
what kind of entry mode of reebok use to enter into Australia?
This is really humorous but true... I need an honest answer?
What type of shop could i buy paracord, parachute cord, 550 cord, and yes i know they are all the same?
What is the best way to find a cheap apartment share ( under $280 per month ) in the Boston area this summer ?
what is a better way to talk to a manager?
Is it legal for a financial place to call you at your place of work?
Notes Payable question?
What does a pound equal to American monies?
Trouble looking something up, can you find.?
there is this girl i like but i feel that she will just reject me, but i like her a lot please help me.?
what are the ethical issues that a manager should be aware of?
How Much Money Are These Lladros worth?
Is this some sort of scam or hoax?
library help?
What Jobs Make The Most Money?
how to write a email to a job recruiter?
I like this boy and I think he likes me but we don't go to the same school. But we live a couple streets away.
How much would this tattoo cost?
Shipping outside USA on ebay? Am I still safely covered by seller protection?
why can't people on here comprehend the concept of spell check?
i want to ship an item but do you need to have a certain age to ship items at the postal office?
Do I need NRI a/c in India to send Money thru ACH(remit2india, quick remit etc) or Western Union/Wire transfer?
Can a Company Legally With Hold Pay For 3 Months?
how much money $1 dollars = chines money?
What do you think the future of investment banking institutions will look like?
Does it cost to switch electric & cable to a different location?
how to get a jod at 15?
I'm against to gay and lesbian marriages. I think society should show strong resistance instead accepting it.
What is the profitability index for the following set of cash flows if the relevant discount rate is 10%?
Who can help guide me through all the licenses that I need for my business?
What is the highest denomination £Sterling note in the UK?
Does anyone out there can share any experience with The Loan Consultants? (that is a business opportunity)?
Need Help Accounting Plzz?
What day can I expect my package to arrive if I mailed it Saturday morning through USPS?
how long does it take to ship?
Solutions to poor liquidity?
Who is right: USPS or Amazon?
Is it always worth collecting data?
You win $1000, what do you do with it?
creating a website to sell stuff?
can you believe emails about winning money?
i am from turkey and i am a student at the üniversity,english language teaching,how i can visit usa?
where can i find website that charges $10 per year?
Got an unlimited visa card in the mail?
Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities minus Capital Expenditure = Free Cash Flow?
On Black Friday, can you buy the same items online at the same price at Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, etc?
accounting help for a dummy please!?
does any one good jewellery wholesale company with good quality and fashionable jewellery?
what dose the dc in washington means ?
What's the official term for a check that is good?
Where can you get money from doing easy stuff. Like playin games or answering questions.?
Accounting Help Please?
y i'm i the only 1 who know's how 2 drive right ?
I need a face. How do I get one???
Are there any online jobs or ways to make money for teenagers?
How do I calculate dividends given to a stockholder without a cash value?
If you had the power to change absolutely ANYTHING, what would you do?
Was I ripped off by my Bank ?
If stranded on an island...?
What service do I use to send something from US to Puerto Rico?
what should i do i have a girlfriend and my best friend who want me to do something?
Forex Tracer Review?
i have a 1950 ten dollar bill . how much is it worth ?
fake 100 dollar bill??? need help please.?
In desperate need of an income, any ideas?
Where i can get address list of american companies which operating in Qatar?
Del Co. has fixed costs of $100,000 and breakeven sales of $800,000. What is its projected operating income?
how do you cope with fat jokes?
Reporting a drug user with childen?
How would I post these transactions into a journal?
Is it really possible to make money online? (please no scams)?
Where can i sell my phone?
depreciable cost or depreciable base?
Where Can I Sell Used Books?
i have an octagonal gold token, 3/8" with cali-fornia gold obverse, indian head reverse, 1852. info?
How much do a plan b cost at walgreens?
if american only purchased domestically how would that effect U.S trade balance?
Meaning of the name "Ryker"?
I Have a friend she's a really bad friend but everytime I stop talking to her I start again,Help Me Please!!!!
Can I file a case against an online seller who promised to return my money but she didn't, actually?
my package said it was delivered yesterday?
Some people on WEB make more money with less effords than answering questions on ? Are we used by ?
What are words that start with "x"?
Why are people rascist?
what percentage of people don't have enough money to buy essentials during colledge?
Where do I find a conversion chart grams gold to karats?
ordered on 5/2/09. when wiil it be shipped?
Why is being ateen ager so depressing and why does it seen like everything I do is wrong?
how comes cheques take so long to clear yet just about every other transaction is instantaneous?
how has the marketing and competitive environment for hospital care changed in China in recent years?
How long does it take for FedEx to update the package tracking information?
what it mean by Price goes down by power one?
Sky - are they allowed to do this?
Why is not everyone buying from the US stores?
What is a top insult to call a guy?
Did the road like being crossed by the chicken?
Increase confidence?
Is the price of gold jewelry different than the price of gold bars?
looking for rubbermate clean supply?
Is President Bush doing the right thing with Iraq?
How would one go about analyzing a country's international financial status?
How much in fees would it cost to sell a $300 dollar item on eBay "Buy it Now"?
Asset and Liability 0 as new year balance?
Do stores at the mall like hollister/american eagle/icing check their cameras frequently?
Is a Cashiers Check the same as a Personal Check?
Where can I purchase one of those 'USA Time Zone' clock sets?
Purchasing from amazon?
Can you help me figure out net income?
If you could magically change your career and be trained and skilled in it, what career would you choose?
what is the size of an A3 paper?
help me with this address?
I was wondering where I can find free samples (legit ones) of all sorts?
Whats wrong with my brother...... please help me.?
What would you choose?
How much to sell iced coffee for?
im bored and i need to read a book any recomend ations ¿¿¿¿?
How do you convert US dollars to pounds?
How much would custom charge for shipping (China to Canada)?
has any one ever used or heard of transmatic heat press? pls help?
What is a common phone number that works at lots of stores?
Do you think the end is near?
How much will it cost to build an auditorium with all new high technology and advanced features listed bellow?
my visa gift card wont work at bp gas stations and only sometimes at other gas stations?
Can I get a better looking girl by bieng rich or being some kind of power hungry freak?
What do you do with e-mails that are trying to con money from you and you want to alert other people?
rooster joke?
I took 20 dollars from my mom?
Why do people think Jesus was born on Dec. 25?
how did the u.s. accuire the 13 original states?
how to get a none stop money or income, a real one..only by online..?
I am having a hard time accessing my account, I was wondering why?
please let me know about French freeze machine.?
Help with Accounting/Adjusting Entries?
where is the best cost effective place to get t-shirts printed in the uk?
BS in Finance or Accounting?
lets see how many people can enter.........?
How many quarters does it take to total 5,000,000 million bucks?
how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
how to contact disney hyperion?
What is a T.P.S. report?
where do i go in north carolina to get a work prmit for my 17 yr old?
should i be a stay at home job?
Would you rather burn or freexe to death?
what i s meant by cloud no #9?
Has anyone ever bought anything from BIDZ.COM??
if my checking account is over drawn, can i cash a check at a check cashing store?
best way to remove tree stump?
I don't have a stamp but need to send my rent payment. Will I get in trouble if...?
Is a legitimate supplier?
What really God is?
on ebay if theres a buy it now thing and u win highest bidder do u pay what u bid or the buy it now price?
accounting question, confirmation?
USPS lost Certified Mail?
whats the salary or pay rate for a deputy sheriff in emporia va as of 2006?
What's the truth behind TOMS shoes?
what is the difference between home & a house?
How much money will i need to save up for holiday+school trips?
i want to try ecards for 30days i dont want to pay until 30 days is up why would i pay now if its free trial?
Where can I exchange Ghana Cedis for Pounds in London?
Does anybody know the rules of cigarette breaks on the job site?
tracing my family who have moved house?
Is there any way on the net to find someone(that doesn't have the net)for free?
What is a time machine ?
If am the founder and wants to be the CEO, is academic credential what matters here?
Where could I find a wholesale bamboo shirt supplier in India? (willing to ship to the US)?
Can you remember your favorite childhood game,(board game or other)?
how can i earn money (about $400)?
What's an easy way for 9-10 year old to make money?
Can I over charge on AT&T prepaid 25 dollar plan ?
What is a functional capacity evaluation?
looking for nutrena feed co in coral gables?
My 14-year-old son needs a job to pay for his trip to France in 2013.?
how to buy replica watches?
Where are the best freebie sites or forums on the net?
whats the best diet?
journal entry for addition to the cost accounting?
How do you politely tell a surveyor or telemarkerter to stop calling?
what is long beach, CA known for?
how do you deal with a coworker with poor self esteem and they constantly want me to pick them up?
how i can add my photo image?
Where to buy bailey button ugg boots online with low price?
where to Sell my used boooks?
If my accountant asks for financial statements what do I send him?
Do I Have To Use A Special Stamp To Send A Letter Overseas?
Let me get this straight...?
Ok i have quickable app should i send it out even this buyer is sooo rude?
what can i do to find him work while I play as his contractor selling him those jobs.?
Why India Is a hot destination for business?
who killed magellan?
Is 40k a year enough?
my husband has another woman pregnant it is causing alot of devistation how can i deal with this?
How many people think age is just a number ?
what is the biggest industry in terms of its monetary value?
What are some of the social issues associated with inequality among the classes?
what do you need to have before you can get it?
can employer treminate job for seeking help for drug abuse?
Need some Accounting help?!! Please!?!?
what kind of website could i make that could bring in money if set up right?
accounting help please?
what does it mean if something says "social security number fraud?"?
"Green Shoots in India": Will we be able to see the full crop soon?
in what year did canada become a country?
When a business that is for sale lists it's "cash flow" is that gross profit, net profit, or something else?
Does the memorary card come free in motorola roker e1(starhub user)?
how much math is required to know in order to take the 3 cfa exams?
why don't they get rid of day light saving time?
I'm looking to exchange a 20GBP for US?
Bank of america visa problems?
I have a fear of doing the dishes and can't remember what that is called, should I dial 911?
Straight line depreciation on an income statement??? :S?
where can I sell a child's wheelchair that my child has outgrown?
What time does USPS stop delivering ?
looking for pitchure with open hands holing a baby in the middle?
I want to be a professional baker when I grow up. How do I get started young?
I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck! How do I budget my money?
where can i get a free construction contract sample?
Did O.J do it?
bussiness statistics?
what adjustments did starbucks do to permeate the japanese market?
how much will it cost to ship a box that is about 5-10 lbs?
where could i find out how much it would cost to manufacture a combined toilet and sink or even a toilet on it?
How do you think globalisation has changed the process by which goods are produced today?
Anyone ever been called by CapQuest Debt Recovery Ltd?
describe emotion?
why do guys cheat?
Is your name Darrel Wayne Davis???
just out of curiousity what's the difference between a bank and a building society?
How do I stop harassing phone calls from bill collectors for senior citizens?
accountin questions brain TEASER?
What can you buy with a trillion dollars?
has anybody had an ebay dispute settled by paypal and is it efficient?
how did the Irish come to louisiana?
Can somebody tell me a very good site were I can learn to draw manga online?
how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? what if he had a chainsaw?
Ken, a salaried employee, was terminated from his company in April of this year. Business had been slow since?
Why Doesn`t Harley Davidson Screw The Unions & Move Operations To Mexico?
why does the superannuation industry need regulation?
What does open amount mean in statement of accounts?
Please help me how to be able to buy a house?
Should i report a coworker bad behavior and poor work ethics?
What is the change in productivity?
Whts worst starting a rumor or listening to them?
Paypal, Crazy FEE for issuing Refund?
I like to start a small business any suggestions?
I wanna sign myseld into a crisis center. Anyone knows any GOOD ones?
How to get my money back?
what would be a cool big brother present for his birthday under 50 bucks?
Where can I exchange single dollar bills for fives, tens or twentys?
I recently got call from american publishers and said i had won a thousand dollar shopping spree. Is it legit?
r any 1 of u saudi?
In Sacramento, CA, can a water billing agency from Arizona charge a 15 dollar late fee to a CA resident?
news-Health Section. An article about paying addicts to stay clean?
What is £3000 million in American dollars?
MILLION Dollar Question $$$?
Is there such a job: Pseudoscience Investigator?
u r a bus driver u pick up 5 kids at one stop then go t the next 3 get off 8 get on what is thebus driversname
Buying our first house, have no furniture - bad credit - should we rent to own furniture?
which you prefer?
Does anybody work? How come so many people are here? How do you do it?
In what circumstances would you ignore the price on a product?
I have a 1.8 litre car, when a use my car for work my employer gives me 24 p a mile. Am I being stitched up?
what can 14 year olds sell?
Anyone know where to get wholesale supplies that are cheap to start a business ?
Ebay: Sold my first item, need to refund $20, but cannot even find a payment and I'm at the deadline for ship?
Should I send a "thank you" letter for an interview on a thank you card, or a business letter?
What do you think are the most important attributes needed in getting and keeping a job?
Find the expected cost of performing the inspection?
i have 90 shares of general motors corporation stock?
why postage and delivery charges on digital download ?
What is the best site on the web to find old friends?
our poll tax has been given to civil enforcement agents and we cannot pay their weekly instalments. What can w
how do you make someone aknowledge that they have drinking problem?
Would like to register into my account?
I was looking for cookie cutters shaped like frankenstein or zombies or vampires or wolfman. Something unique?
google and ....?
Real US 1 Dollar Bill?
I'm 14 and need a mowing job for summer cash.?
how to make a sample cover letter for resume?
When was Thomas Edison born?
Is there any job opportunity available in dubai for commerce graduates
I am on Social Sec, had to Draw $13,000.00 from my mutual fund. Will this affect my Social Security payments??
how much would it be to send a shoe box about 3 pounds to sweden?
Green Dot prepaid debit card won't work online?
How can I make fake fangs???
Can I send certified mail without giving out address?
how much is 93.80 euros in uk money ?
Should I stop showing up?
are any of the pre-euro currency notes collectibles?
need help ACCOUNTING?
How is a CD different from a savings account?
how can i make money online?
How to obtain a business license or permit?
where is the view button?
Would you buy....? ?
Where did the statement "Dressed to the Nines" come from?
What is long term debt to capital really mean?
Is gold bought and sold at the international price in India? And what is the price in rupees for an ounce?
Idea jobs for high schools of all ages and grades?
contingent immunization strategy, true or false?
How can I make at least 5 dollars a day online?
What does this even mean?
I have a question about incentive?
What is ATM?
Why does gold price rise and decrease?
need help please please!!!!?
who is the best?
How will my iPad help prepare proper presentations for work?
What is the best tv show in the whole entire world?
why do people use western union bank for online cheque scams?
What would happen if gas price went down to $1?
Do you know of anyone who makes fake malaysian IC cards?
I'm very lazy today. What is the best way to get work done?
USPS Casual Mail Handler Position....Please help?
how many total gloves are in one dozen pairs?
Are you running out of questions to ask?
where can i buy the jordan shoes?
If you had an idea that could be worth billions.. how much would you sacrifice to persue it?
i want a brand name for my jewellery showroom?
Calculate the profit or loss on 12,000 bags and on 25,000 bags.?
What is 80% off of 159 dollars?
why didnt the skelton cross the road?
If I sold a shoe and accidentally sent the wrong size do I have to both refund the original & return shipping?
What does it mean to be "in the black" or "in the red" when it comes to business?
Pro's and Cons' of technology?
How do I find out whether a person IS actually bankrupt?
oh my , i see they changed the points , should do this to us?
Difficult first year in business?
how do you copyright your work?
What's the difference between signature confirmation and restricted delivery?
how much does a medical assistant make hourly near los angeles ca?
why do we have to wake up so early in the moring to go to school?
help needed on business project!?!?
who seen, six sigma answers?
Anybody have ideas for a homemade gift?
Where can I find an independent investor for my latest invention; based on patent application10/021,656?
Why are white women so damn beautiful? Is it the thin nose? the deep-set eyes?
Ways for a teenager to make some money? (please read!)?
borrowing 70 million pounds?
how can kids make a lot of money?
the process in a flow chart of what to do before the manufacture of bread?
Can I put 1000 dollars Down on a 6000 dollar car?
Why do some people not shop at Wal-Mart?
how to get the government to pay off my mortgage?
notes, articles in changes in operations management due to information systems?
how to shop from international websites which ship to india?
Why are ppl so rude online gaming?.....Why is everyone about web cam this and that?
it takes 5 days to produce 5 clothes by 5 many days are needed to produce 7 clothes by 7 people?
should i sell my kindle fire?
I have problem understanding how cashback works?
can you reall blow up a car by arcing the tail light wires in the gas tank. i dont believe you can?
what are some good wholesale websites?
Why is market research important to businesses?
how to prepare a purchase plan/buying plan and sales budget forecast report for a retail store.?
How much would it cost...?
which country is having strongest economy in the world?
what pays 10 dollars an hour?
what computer business's are in Kent?
first sexsual experience,was it what you`ve been expecting or not?
how to get rid of lazyness?
Do you think Cartman from SP would be a billionaire?
am i ugly?
how to write introduction letter on your course?
Which is the richest country in the world?
Accidentally signed the magnetic strip of my card?
The qualified applicant pool for two management trainee positions consists of four men and six women.?
i want to loose weight bfore my wedding and its hard with 3kids..?
What is the US equivalence of the UK's one million pounds sterling?
HELP. How do i get off this site and go to work?
In this current financial crunch situaton, why not each country release more currencies & LIQUIDITY issue?
Indicate a person in the business world that has had an influence on you?
Is Stubhub a trustworthy site to buy tickets?
What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Music And Why?
what would the robut do?
What jurisdictions to modern criminals bank in? It used to be Panama & such. What are they now?
say i found a child molester (its a guy) and he wants to come over and have sex with me he knows where i live?
which adult toy company is best to work for?
what is this all about?
ok.......i need money?
I have series 1974 $1 bill with the entire front (george etc) printed on the entire back. Excellent. Worth?
Does anyone know a good website where I can sell products and make money?
why wre the goats to look at spotted sticks in gensis?
scaffolding renewal application?
My female boss is wanting sex with me. Please help me!?
do u provide incentives to your employsees?
do you think Bush deserved to win the elections?
Dear friends. i got an offer from sun oil and gas comapny with offer of huge salary,they sent me offer letter?
how do you transfer money from bank of america to td and how long does it take?
how to sell a condome to a person who is nt intrested in saying what we shuld make him to buy dat con?
what does managerial economies of scale mean?
does anyone know where to buy used mobile phones in bulk quantities?
are comments from customer recieved by the website?
Accounting. Meaning of impairment?
the post office ran out of regular envelopes should I have to pay for a more expensive envelope?
What would you do if you have a language abusive husband?
what do you need to have before you can get it?
how can i do this problem and do the accounting circle?
How to deal with a girl whom I like and she likes me too. But I am very shy.?
The Age of the language "telugu" ?
What are some 8 letter words for rushed?
Most ask questions. I ask statements.?
has anyone tried GoldPal USA to send in they're jewelry?
great...just to make my week even better...........SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!!!!!?
how does disney channel make money?
is 1100 GBP enough for a good life in UK?
What do you put on the outside of an envelope to forward mail on?
Has anyone gotten the H & R Block Emerald Advance without being a client?
Compute the required sales in dollars needed to achieve management’s target net income of $69,764.?
accounting help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Ok my tattoo has begun to peel! Now i can see little tiny white blotches underneath the peeling!?
Will hollister fire me ? What to do ?
Is this stupid? Please answer!?
Do men like when women are hairy on the private part?
What is local and regional stationers suppliers within a distribution channel? Retailers or whoselares ?
Anyone out there filthy rich??
will 180mph winds blow my house down?
who decides the price of a house?why have majority of people been priced out of market?is this corruption?
Have u ever touched a dead person?
Where could I find these type of button up shirts?
what is the first thing in the world that bring the currancy?