if you were given a blank plane ticket (meaning any country of your choice) what would it be and why?
partridge family 's manager?
Noble Lowndes & Partners Ltd
what jobs can you get with a degree in Business Management with Accounting ?
What are some good songs to dance to with your father for your wedding?
Accounting help please!?
Build House Or Invest In Business?
How successful would you say I am?
Does anyone know where I can buy large amounts of fabric on rolls for my clothing line?
Hello! How can I understand the Stock Market and FTSE etc?
bank tellers.. how much do you earn?
Accounting help? Average cost per unit?
Has anyone bought cigarettes from
What time is it where you are??? It is 9:43 am in the UK right now?
What time is the best time to show up to Best Buy on Black Friday?
Competitive Firms help is greatly needed! pls?
Any body out there from Norwalk,CT.?
What does the "No Hangers" symbol mean?
What is the meaning of the word "penelopise"?
Is it wrong I buy stuff from china store for 10$ and sell it for 30$ or less is that illegal? ?
how much oil is there in the world?
Who do you think is the ugliest celebrity?
How can gas be so cheap?
Ideas for guild name?
accounting question? :o help?
Can someone please give me a technique on how to answer 9 mark questions in business studies?
Can I get a good pair of combat boots for under $50?
whats the riddle of the sphinx?
I sent an application for petco online,?
phone number of Critical Care Medicine, 80 Seymour St, Hartfort, CT?
can you trust actual occk workers that come to your door and ask your mom is she wants to watch and old guy ne?
Why Germans are considered short tempered?
Why peeple?
I need a court appointed lawyer for an employee appeal with the vec?
I'm very unhappy with my life and I feel if I had someone to talk to I'd be able to manage.?
How much is it worth?
Disability benefits explanation? Need help!?
How much does my fireplace cost to run?
How much is 1,500,000.00 pounds from U.K. to USA dollars?
A man wants to sell a puppy for $11. A customer who wants to buy it has only foreign currency..?
anybody in military?
If you could do any thing you wanted to do for twenty four hours what would it be???
do animal rights activists go to far with some of their protests or not far enough .?
how do find out who is using my ss# ?
how much is a gold nugget the size of an adult fist worth?
how sell the e_market gold coin?
How do i journalize sold merchandise for cash $90,000. The cost of merchandise sold was $50,000?
what is the minimum salary for indian CA's in muscat with 2 years of exp. in india?
Calculate current yield and yield to maturity?
What is your favorite T.V show?
Does anyone know of any kawaii squishy suppliers?
were do you live ?
What are the disadvantages of hiring more staff?
How tall is the average door in decimeters?
What happens to me when I die?
What's the new light beer commercial where the mob members go into a store and offer the owner protection?
I Don't Get Paid Hourly But When I Don't Clock In, My Pay Gets Docked. Is This Right?
What are easy ways to earn money in a week for tweens?
Why is convergence more likely to happen now than 30 years ago?
How much is a 1 ounce 24k gold bar worth in uk ?
How can I act more mature?
How much do truck companies/gas stations pay for biodiesel?
Can I collect paypal payments from customers to my gCard?
Is it normal for a business to ask their potential employees to pay for their own backround checks?
What is the Best Way to Organize Meeting Minutes (chronologically or logically)?
How is the WHEATHER in your city ?
how much is a 1976 two dollar bill worth?
where did vincent van goh?
What's the best career for me?
child molester- Robert Huff in mossuri?
How do I get a girlfriend?
Hi, my name is Foxy and I am an Answers-aholic, what's your vice/addiction?
How would trade tariffs against China help the U.S.?
how much does it cost to make a dollar?
what can you do with 1 USD in new york?
I Am looking For a good And affordable BANKRUPTCY LAWYER in the west palm beach area. Any suggestions??
do they make cigarettes without nicotine?
How can I make money? 10 POINTS!?
Who knows how to make money?
how do we know if god really exist? what if the bible is a fake?
Business Decision? Please help!?
A fish tank is 1 yd long, 1.5 ft high, and 15 in wide.Determine the volume of water in the fish tank in cubic?
What kind of computer systems are used by banks?
What is the cost of a postage stamp?
Will being OSHA certified get me more money at a job?
How can I make a free call on a payphone if I have no money or calling card?
screen names?
Is shopping a sport???????????????????????????????????…
what is the purpose of an e-check?
Help!... I need a name for a new antique business!?
The "Better Business Bureau" has sent me an interview request for processing helath claims, should I go?
Can I be a birthday party entertainer?
who is the most reliable company for locating an old friend?
how can i stop from ing my knuckles?
Hollister or Jack Wills?
Who is a CA accountant? I'd like some info pls?
about kidneys/ can one become detached?
how do i make money living in such an expensive city like hong kong?
I ordered a game from and I'm havingit shipped to the store what do I need to present to get game?
How much does it cost to send a CD in the mail from MN to CA?
Why is it that no matter what colour of bubble bath you use, the bubbles are always white?
Is it worth going on Dragon's Den?
can i get lyrics to Sean Paul (tempture)?
please answer this?
An Accounting query?
How can I dig a hole to the center of the earth without getting hurt?
Who do I send this letter of proposal to?
how can i become a billionair?
What are some ways to boost morale?
What is the Average Electric/Gas bill for a Mobile Home?
Are there any health occupation that involve traveling? (im in high school, need help on choosing a pathway)?
How would I sell a Playstation 2?
why is that I've try to log on for twenty minutes and I still can't sign on?
How do i cash a cheque foe American25 000 dollars into British pounds and best place to do that?? ?
Who is stupid enough to call a girl gay when that's not even the right word to say?
what do you call some one who makes moulds?
Is there a way I can sell my Steam Account?
How do you change decimals into fractions?
Accounting Cycle! need quick help!?
I'm selling a dead iphone on ebay. Buy it now price?
if you found a wallet with 80 dollar inside ?
Tips on how to stay up all night for my new jobs.?
Can I convert a transaction portfolio BACK TO to a watchlist?
how much money do you get if you are a director?
i won money at casino and had taxes deducted, can i claim any as loses? if yes how? what do i need to claim?
What will happen to the workd's economy?
Should financial institutes allow employees to use personal laptop at office?
Why would God create homosexuals when they cannot recreate?
Merchandise Store Refunds..?
i have a twenty dollar bill that is torn but i dont have all of it what can i do with it?
Where can I sell things?
How can my cousin and i raise 60 dollars each?
what documents are needed to bring to ssa or dissability?
is anybody here a harry potter fan?
Please share your experience with me, if you have been scammed in anyway online?
When Do You Think my Package [UPS Ground] Will Be Here?
is there any chance for me to work in japan as caregiver?
What is the difference between Finance and Accounting?
my sister came on and said i was 9 sorry?
how do you not get fooled by fake pornstar positions?
Raising $1000 in one month? I'm 14...?
help please?
GUYS- your ideal woman is...?
CPA Exam...Who's taken it?
Any good online or software based budget planners?
employer changed me from salary to hourly?
Does anyone know anything about the company Harris Mystery Shop, and if so, is it legitimate?
what do people buy at garage sales?
What words make you laugh or giggle?
Background check? doesn't ship to Norway, what do i do?
where is the best state to start a new life?
Can someone give me a list of financing companies for high end musical instruments?
How do you set the price and shipping details on ebay?
When should my package arrive from UPS?
where were the first whale sharks found and what year?
bought goods of the list price of rs.6000 from khanna bros.less 15% trade discount and 2 % cash discount and p?
how much does the electricity cost for kilowatt per hour?
help in accounting! please. if I incurred?
what is the best site to study worship?
What is the most profitable industry in the world?
if i send cash in the mail from another country into the US, would the custom take it if they find out?
How wide is a USPS package drop box?
How much is petrol in America? (Gasoline)?
Changing card on Paypal proble,?
Is it any of a bank's business where your money comes from?
What does does this mean to you, "candy is dandy but liquor is quicker"?
Are you allowed to send Chocolate to America?
who are the top 20 richest people in the world now?
how do i ask these people for the money they owe us, without seeming rude?
Could I work at hollister?
what should you do if your goingout w/ someone and your parents don't know about it?
If you can choose 2 do a love seen w/who would it be male or female either one!!!!has2 b a celebrity!!?
What are the essentials to working with overseas business partners?
who has ever poo-ed in their pants because the nearest toilet was too far away?
i resigned from a co-operative dairy in 2003 after serice of 13 years but my employer has not paid my gratuity?
Is there anything I can do about banks bullying tactics?
Reselling a Coke (or anything of the type)?
How much is a 4kg ring usally worth?
lloyds tsb, and bank charges?
How can I make my question open to voting?
Is it worth doing an Accounting/Finance course at uni?
harga mangan di pasaran nasional & internasional skarang kira2 brapa ya????
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Managerial Accounting Problem: Direct Labor Usage Variance?
Percentage/Fractional change.?
Are the banks and Post Offices open today please?
Max is buying a home worth $250,000. He will pay 3 percent in closing costs and 12 percent for a down payment.?
What is the most depressing day of the year?
Do you believe in abortion?
How much would this be worth?
If you wake up 2morow morning and find yourself a Multi-Millionair what would u do?
Does the scale and mobility of finance undermine state capacities?
Bonds issued at a discount - homework accounting?
How open up an Airline company in todays world?
can I look up a license tag number and find the name of who owns a car?
how to turn 1 lac in 10 lacs?
What are options for $ recovery? Received $700 check that was returned in. suf. funds.?
Who has the longest hair in the world?
Standard Flat-Rate Shipping (USPS)?
How much does a $15 and $25 ebay gift card cost?
Has the US been living on borrowed money and bad debt for too long?
how to challenge my mind?
I am filing bankruptcy a month from now.?
Selling on Amazon what happens if the buyer never returns to you the item to you?
how to make an ABC BOOK about thirteen colonies?
Please Read Teens, Adults ,Anyone:Do you think my paycheck suck?
tell me a good reason to tell my husband that u guys are real people..?
Sound Check One Direction package?
Bussiness Technology Class Help?
Will someone please tell me how money works?
what can i buy for 400 pounds in the uk?
Sold items on ebay, form of payment through check. Does the buyer mail it? Help?
why are there minimum charges in managerial accounting?
What did I do today?
how do i make a complaint to usps?
i would like to download anti spy wear tool bar icon, I can't seem to find it?
How much does a will cost?
This Is about hurting when I poop?
How can I get my money back?
What animal are you most like? cat, dog, fox, bear, squirrel, rabbit, lion, tiger, panther, wolf, whale,shark?
Whr should i do to prepare for training in the army.?
who came first an egg or a chicken?
How much is £55.99 in american money?
If you went to court for a crime, the judge ordered you to pull 1 year in jail or prison.?
Im 13 and writing Emails to do leaflet runs and I dont know what to write?
I need 90$ in a week!?
Why did the french and indian war start?
Подскажите сайты трудоустройства?
Can a Co. have my SSI Check --garnished & $100.00 per mo?read on, please!?
How can I get my money back from those money theiving bastards?
What makes you sad?
Can anyone give me tips how I can write a blog about finance?
how much to ship a big heavy package to israel?
I need help...?
How do I stop my direct deposit from toys r us?
where do i find messager?
How to send a package without parents knowing?
what pizza is best?
Which name fits a moving company best, 'Good Deeds Moving' or 'Fixed Rate Moving'....?
is it true that all guys are the smae and will tell a girl anything to get her?
How would i go by finding the right bank.?
How is the business analyst course offered by Adaptive Processes Consulting?
How do you change checks in dollars to pounds?
What is Barclays Business plan?
I'm 19 and I want to move out of my dad's house. Can he legally keep all my belongings?
best non-Google Adsense revenue sharing site?
I want to print a sign that tells my son to close the garage door, how do I do it?
what is happyness ?
A company has bonds outstanding with a par value of $100,000. The auamortized premium on these bonds is $2,700
can i collect social security?
Medical bill sent to collections?
Do girls like testicles better than other girls?
How can the USA do better with the exporting of gas and oil?
a person that thinks he knows more than the next person and takes advantage of it,what do you call this person
What is a penny prior to 1982 worth?
How much is $70.84 in euro approx.?
which is better Costco, Sam's Club, or BJ's Warehouse?
How much are gas prices really affecting your everyday life?
for how long should a man hold on to God's word?
Does anyone read their school newspaper? If yes, what is the paper's name?
From where to purchase exercise machines in Delhi at reasonable price?
I have no mailbox, what are some ideas where I could get 1-2 letters sent to?
what is sources of finance?
How does sustainability relate to either or both of Hayak and Keynes economic theories?
In deperate need of help with accounting?
I used to sample products and critique them but, then I moved. I would like to do this again. Any ideas?
under what conditions can a private citizen make an arrest in florida and montana?
What are the starting digits for mobile phone numbers in India?
Where would I take this ring to sell? Could I sell it at a pawn shop or a place that buys gold and silver?
Are accountants going obsolete because of accounting software?
what's the difference between this...and that?
what's the capital of illinois?
What is the cause for mass amounts of unemployment in countries?
hi, can someone give me a movie review on the movie called "ever after"?
Can people turn gay or are they born with it?
How to make an online business. (13 years old)?
I need to make some money and was wondering what items haven't been released in UK yet but are available USA?
How can I known Usa Cell phone Number?
Why do people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair?
It's 2010, I have a 2007 stamp can I still use it?
Where could you go to have alternative cosmetic surgery and have your ears altered to look pointed like an elf
When I work until close at Kohl's, they often keep us way past the time we are scheduled. Is this legal?
Is a relationship possible without drama?
Intermediate Accounting, can anyone help me with present and future values?
How much will my income support increase?
How can i make money without online businesses?
how can a congested room cause an accident?
This gurl thinks my bff is weird and i should hate her i tell her shes kool what shall i do to convince her?
Did Wilbur Have An Affair With Mr Ed?
Finding investors for an expensive company?
write the ratio of 301 to 70 in lowest terms?
how often should a company/organization review its policies, technology and otherwise???
is it illegal to put store bought items in a vending machine?
USPS problem, U.S. To Canada?
how can i find out if my idea (invention) already exists?
For a good internal control, which of the following duties can still be performed by the same individual?
I'm doing a projecton Malaria in Africa... any good sites?
What is the salary package?
I work for the usps. I am a rural carrier. I have lost my driver's licence?
Does anyone know how to make all the tracks on a cd into one mp3 file?
I would like to find my old friends?How would I do that if I'm only 15.?
Mecca, if your reading this email
how much is a montaya model#w-70 worth?
what can shareholders do if they are not happy with the percentage return?
Urgent help needed please!!Questions about the upcoming accounting exam!Explanation preferred please:)?
Currency-swap facility, meaning?
What are some easy ways to make money online?
Looking for song title from partial lyric as follows. If a picture paints a thousand words then why can't I p
what is someons ego?
liability accounts are increased by debits. TRUE/FALSE?
Could you people pease help me?
what time does the post office usually close???? four or five?!?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?
What came first-the chicken or the egg? :)?
USPS steps and question?
iforex currency trading , isa gambling?
How long does it take for UPS to ship an XBOX360 to Microsoft?
what are the effects in global economic condition regarding the bankruptcy of general motors?
At what point will the "New Iraqi Dollar" be viable in the open market?
Accounting Question...?
Do rude sales people in stores get u mad?
Fedex SmartPost question?
I am going to be alot richer than you guys !!!!?
T or F - Rent expense is recorded by crediting the account.?
do pawn shops have to send a notice to the borrower when the four month loan is up?
who invented the ice scraper?
what is the best web hosting company? and how do I get a deal on a premium domain name?
When will Bangalore roads improve on an optimistic time frame.?
How to contact customer support on ebay?
where is the best place to take a **** apart from the economy?
isn't it a shame that the USPS has so many holidays?
Should pay be equal or who should make more?
How does reserve bank of India brings its newly printed currency in to circulation ?
Ebay Gift Certificate?
where to find value of old coins?
what jobs can a 13 year old do??
what is the biggest fashion faux pas?
How do we do & calculate a foog GP sheet,please?
how much is a 1958 penny worth?
Describe step by step how we can Mao the field of a variable quantity?
I want to know legit envelope stuffing companies without paying a fee?
Are most people financially stable by 30?
Who is behind ?
how much do postage stamps cost?
where can I see an insert medal that can be engraved on demand ?
If I buy things online,and they are only priced in pound,does the price change to euro at the checkout....?
If I buy 3 things on Amazon from different sellers, will order come in one box?
Ways to send flowers without using a credit card?
How does PayPal or eBay buyer protection get there money back if you have to file a claim?
Some money in gas, some in cash?
1940s style nightclub?
why is it that for some reason paris hilton is so popular and why don't i think she's sexy in any way?
How do I make money fast?
is notes payable consider current liablities?
How do I set an appointment for an interview?
Paypal refund question?
does anybody no any good payday loans or any new ones pleaseeee?
Determine the issuance price of the bonds assuming a market yield of 8.0 percent.?
would you go to a school that has boys in seperate classes from the girls?
Unemployed for nearly a year? Is there any hope for me?
Anything better or similar to paypal?
Does fifo and lifo refer to the techniques used in determining quantities of various classes of merchandise on?
Offering Free Sub Domains?
Whats the best method of finding a job in this economy?
What if your husband has cheated in the past , is revenge sex ok ?
Can you send a letter from Australia using US stamps?
How can I know the person I`m looking for is still alive ?
whats an easy way to make money?
What does ''laissaz-faire'' refer to?
i need a work.. im from mexico... somebody is interesting?? i can do anything?
Guys ONLY..........!?
accounting question that i need a answer to?
how fat is fat?
how to convince a any seller or salesman/lady?
Writing a check with not quite enough money?
Does FedEx 2day air shipping ship on Saturdays? Package ordered Mid-day thursday?
Is akshaya services,bangalore a trusted data entry provider?
can you transfer US dollars to euros online ,and where would the money be kept?
I cancelled Amazon item but having second thoughts?
What does everyone think the special prizes will be?
im looking for some..........?
How can I make some serious cash right now?
Is this a good way to advertise for capital?
how do you get money really quickly without the labour?
Has the minimum wage gone up in the UK ?
Setting up a freelance "business" help please!?
Is there any one who works with Kavitha mahra's "online profits" and are those claims true?
Phone company didn't cancel my contract and they have sent me another bill?
Plz someone tell me Wht is the current market price per gram of saffron in india?
Friend had surgery today at Johns Hopkins can I find her room number?
Price of Used Export Series Pearl Drums?
I am doing a report on Workplace Sabotage, what have you done to "get back" at your managers, owners.?
How much is an 1887 silver $10 worth?
How to get information about companies located in particular area?
i always wonder where do 99 cent stores get there merchandise?
What have you lost due to the economy?
i have a oster carousel rotisserie I am missing the handle/spit where can i get parts for this?
Where can I find worldwide oil rig projections for the future?
What's the best and highest paying jobs that are in the US?
I have this friend,she always copies me,and she can get annoying,should I stop her friend?I told her this b-4.
Who can lease me a photo booth for my bar?
Here are five different transactions for March that may be revenue or expenses on the income statement. Please?
how much is a wheat penny?
My job at taco bell?!?
What is a money order?
How Much do ultrasound tech make?
what am i supposed to say when u call i guy u like and he likes u too?
Its a riddle - If you speak my name, I dont exist. What am I?
135 dollars converted in to pounds?
sold some land.buyer is not making payments.what can i do/?
What's round on the ends and high in the middle?
how do I get my mind to shut off?
You are analyzing the value of an investment by calculating the present value of its expected cash flows ?
What are the business & political challenges that are likely to occur in regards to Information Technology?
what are the seven wonders of the wotld?
who else is supposed to be working right now?
How Long Does It Take To Get A Call For A Interview?
Who are the stakeholders for Yellowstone National Park, USA?
what is the first steps to opening a scrap yard?
how does someone stop addiction?
Owen wilson or jim carrey???
I am planning to do network business. Any resources?
What is Tanşu?
What is a good way to save money?
what is a channel fold for sewing in drawstring bag?
Should I buy a car before or after filing bankruptcy!?
If you gotten a degree in finance.?
IF SHE sells sea shells by the sea shore. what did she spend her money on.?
How much is a silver coin worth?
Establishing a center for development projectson European funds?
my parents are driving me crazy what should i do?
Can they sell my house cause of my lodger? advice please?
Are prepaid cards good for virtual goods?
Does anyone know REAL links to search for unclaimed money in L.A. county Calif.?
Who are the killer of Kenedy death?
what are the advantages of opening a factory in a less-developed country?
What is the name and birthdate of the father of my g-g-g-grandpa, Samuel Russell, born 4-15-1789 in VA? Thanks
Where can I find a large gym mat?
I received a letter stating I had won a money sweepstakes. How do I find out if it isn't a scam?
Selling with PayPal question?
Registered USPS International Mail Question?
debit card questions continued..?
was hemp ever used to make paper for united states currency?
Hi, Im in the UK. I have alot of unwanted and unworn jewellery to sell. How can I find out what it is worth?
Is there a way for online businesses to accept debit and credit payments into an Egold (or similar) account?
I want money from around the world!?
where to find model place that....?
Does Unrealized holding losses included in assets?
FIFO valuation of supplies?
Can ever the sons/daughters of government employees be successful in business?if so how would it be..?
When Amazon sends an E-mail saying your order has shipped how long does the item take to arrive?
Can Dr's. send my account to collections if I am paying $20 per month even though they want $50 per month?
What hours do ups package handlers have?
Financial Statements for accounting?
How do some companies only charge $1 for international shipping?
i want to know wht is the meaning or defination if harmonisation?
What is the relationship between a community and a guild?
mm21fashion scam? Has anyone buy from wholesale site? Are they reliable?
I'm bored.......what can i do?
How old are You?....and what part of the world do live at?
i have a lot of friends and they all ant to be with what do i do?
A question about social security income for disabled adult child?
How Much Would It Cost To Ship Something From California To Nigeria?
What can I offer as reassurance, or a sort of 'deposit' when taking something valuable from a stranger?
If technology wasn't around, how many people would have jobs putting price labels on products in the stores?
Can someone explain the best buy 18 month financing?
What are the best ways as an individual to avoid paying retail prices?
how much does a course in medical billing cost?
If I worked at Target, how long would it take me to save up $10,000?
What Can I Do Concerning This?
need help with my accounting class?
Which communications technology used by the Internet delivers content to users when they specifically ask for?
What would a journal entry look like for clinical fees received?
What irrational fears do you have?
Discuss the factors that determine the appropriate discount rate to use when calculating NPV.?
What can you buy with $100?
rates of cement bag, steel rod?
What do you think I should make?
ups buy out for 30+ years at 60+years old?
is there a program i can use to charge someones credit or debit card?
going from bi-weekly to bi-monthly payroll. Please help?
What are some good fundraiser ideas?
Cash Basis and Accrual Basis of Lazirko Company?
How much is $37.99 Canadian worth in the US?
Accounting Question Help?
what if i go to france to bya a cricri aircraft from the owners if they agree? is any owner is ready to sell?
Accounting question on Journals?
Where in can I create an avator?
Does anybody know about e-currency trader in Manila, the Philippines?
is aids real?
Why does the pretty girls and the ugly girls always want to hang out together?
Accounting Helpppp!!!?
What is the best way to be more outgoing?
How to calculate Working Capital Requirement from historical data?
has anyone tried profit lance wealth course?
Can I ask about the company benefits during an interview?
the posterior opening of the alimentary canal was meant as an exit, why do some people use it as an entrance?
how many candles do you have in your home?
How can I become a rich man?
tenants do not want to move out of home. Gave 45 day notice. They have two kids, what can I do?
Where can i buy missha bb cream online? Uk shipping?
i want to know white color what represent?
ebay refunded me for item then it eventually turned up, what should i do?
Is it possible to pay by cheque?
What is the effective return?
Accounting-Adjusting Accounts (Accrued Interest)?
Do you like my wolf pic?
What's the delivery time for a car ordered from the factory?
Do they have the capability to make a light bulb that lasts forever?
Payment with my visa debit card......?
What would you do!?
Ebay Scammer - Paypal chargeback??
PLEASE ANSWERRR! i need ideas to earn money!?
what is the hourly wage at sephora?
today the company I worked for burned down. total loss. What kind of benefits can I draw to support my family?
if u were to choose to die shot or stabed witch would yo u pick?
grade 11 accounting: GST question?
How do you write a bid for a cleaning job?
Buying a copy of guild wars 2?
I lent money and now 14 months later still havent got it back?
how much is £2.82 GBP in U.S dollars?
i need to convey my boss that one my team member is going on maternity leave, can anyone help me writing a mai?
who can give me info on how to drop in on a half-pipe on a skateboard?
how companies hire employees from internet?
where can i get list of ayurvedic homeopathy unani dispensaries in andhrapradesh?
one day shipping with ups?
Dividend Effect on Financial Statements?
how much is my opal necklace worth?
I need a busines partner or organisation whu have interest?
Bankers life and casualty company is giving me an interview , should I go?
do you have any irrational fears (phobias)?
Are these journal entries correct (periodic system)?
Having a hard time putting this together. Anyone can help?
How long does mail take to go 700 miles?
what is the price of water?
Please Answer!!!!!Is it a scam or not?
can I trust
What is trial and error method?
is there some place to send damaged bills to get a refund?
What is the real answer to the classical riddle?
Why do they say "sit" for CPA exam?
How much should I charge to create Excel Spreadsheets?
help with my project financially.
I need investors for my company, how can I get them?
While I'm at college, what other steps can I take to get ahead?
How to write mail to HR about probatation period completion & salary hike?
Quick question about accounting?
hey do any of u have orlando bloom or johnny depps phone or e-mail?
Business Statistics Help!?
How much would gas have to cost for you to stop buying it?
What form of business ownership should you choose and why?
is algebra really that important???
Lose Your Sight, Sound, or Speech?
What are your views on this war? IS it just or UNJUST? Should we be there or not? PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY?
What causes spurs on your heels? Can you get rid of them, or just ease the pain?
what is the name of a sheik's clothing?
how do you define upper class or middle class? it is by how much money you have or the job you do?
What do you think of my avatar?
How tall do you have to be to be a runway model ?
why say no when it feel so good to say yes ?
can i sell my used books to barnes and noble?
Telephone Calls?
Sold something on paypal but have to mail it to him. Where is his address?
why is at an advantage for brands to be associated with other brands?
accounting help ! im lost on how to figure this out ~?
What is the outlook for the CPA profession in this global economy, outsourcing of jobs, and changing World?
What does it mean when a yield curve is shapped like an "S" or "Z"?
how many breaks are we allowed in a 12 hour a day work schedule, and how long each break?
Can will be changed to "per capita" from "per stirpes"?
what is west viginias police phone number?
What are some good items that i can buy cheap and sell high on EBAY?
what do u do when a guy tells u he love u and he known u for like a day or two?
How do I stop telemarketing calls?
Where exactly is the north pole located?
What is it called when you rape someone untill they die?
Whats the simplest way to count a cash register?
20 bill ripped into pieces by niece. Can I tape it back together?
how would you handle your boss taken credit for a great ideal that you presented to him/her?
Get rich quick schemes for a 14 year old ?
Why use technology? everyone relys on it so much ive been thinking on dropping all technology i use ?
How to find the NPV of a cash flow with varying interest rates?
what is sources of finance?
how meny gold one dollar coins are in a roll?
Does anyone know of any good Guild Wars 2 Exploits?
What is the minimum wage rate for 15 and 16 year olds in alabama?
My boss started a new policy where overtime pay is taken away if you use vacation or sick leave. Is this lega
Is it possible to patent an idea or do you have to have a product that is ready to use?
how do i get employment at the britsh embassy.?
What is the best way to make a soldier comfortable again when he returns if he is the only one you ever loved?
whats kelly clarkstons latest song on the radio besides sense you've been gone and because of you??
What does the little red x mean in the upper left corner of a blank box mean? on a web page?
how to get dried up crayons off of clothes ?
Have a friend flying in from nygeria needs $225 travlers fee how do I know if legit?
Can a 13 year old sign when UPS delivers something? ANSWER ASAP!?
it costs 7.20$ to develop a roll ofa film and 0.28$ for eachreprint.Indollar,howmuchwillitcostto…
Questions regarding revenue recognition principle?
how do i tell a co-worker that she is rude?
How to make money in a film industry?
what is riskier: a short term investment or a long term investment?
Customs number for shipping(USPS): LJ 020 465 975 US. can somebody help me to track this item in india..?
how much should i sell this for! please help?
Why a woman candidate called as Chairperson instead of chairwoman?
What is too much money?
where can i buy a George Best £5 note?
Did Jesus Christ have a wife?
can i take this to HR or not worth it.?
Accounting Questions?
What's a good way to make fast legal money?
Do you like reading or not?
I need a $5000 loan for artist development?
will the pound keep riseing against the US dollar?
where can i buy a violin at a cheap price but good quality?
what about KHFAGY FAMILY?
whats the best way to make money from your junk?
Supplies should only be ordered once a year, never more. Is this true or false?
What is the FDIC's slogan or slogan related to the FDIC???
Can YOU show me the way to San Jose??
How can i stop the govenment making my mother sell her house if she goes in a nursing home?
What is the weight limit and thickness limit i can put in a standard envelope to mail?
Can someone help me with basic accounting general journal please?
Am i using the correct business terminology: first mover?
What are real jobs a 14 year old can do?
Ebay buyer is asking for a return and a refund?
In general how long does it take to ship an online order?
It just said my hollister order has been shipped. How long will that take now to get to my house?
Why do people insist on answering my questions with questions???
Inboxdollars has anyone actually received a payment?
Is hollister cheap in california?
What State are you from?
How to find revenue? Given transactions, please help!!?
What is the meaning of Business Vertical and Horizontal in Business World.?
T or F: The link between the income statement and the statement of owner’s equity is net income or net loss?
Whats the dumbest things u ever did on a dare?
What information should I include on a business card for personal reference?
Do genies exist?
A Little Accounting Help Please?
Are you in denial?
What happens if they find out I am under 18 when i order online?
Is there any one out there that works from home with an internet based business and takes home decent money?
How does Wal-Mart conduct drug testing? What method(s) do they employ?
im taking accounting 1 plz help?
HELP!!!! What's the difference between executive and marketing management?
I need $1,000,000 can 100,000,000 people send me $0.01 EACH ?
how much money is 1121495?
Is it worth for us to do it or its just one of those scams?
time value of money / notes receivable help?
Are those surveys online legitimate?
which country is having strongest economy in the world?
What the proper gas money I should give?
How do I apply for the digital convetor box the goverment is offering the $ off coupon?
What currencies are no longer exchangeable?
how can you enhance the quality of a by dipping it in liquor?
Overdraft help with Wells Fargo?
What continent has larger land area, South America or Africa?
what is yuor lucky number?
can you tell?
If 1 gram cost $50 how much is 1.7 grams cost?
Accounting Journal Entry Help?
Difference between a £ and $?
Bringing an Invention to Production?
Where do i find this stuff on my bank card?
Why is the latest booklet sent to me re saving & cutting costs showing a pair of scissors the wrong way round?
What is the best or correct way to write a letter of resignation?
a gag gift.?
How does it take USPS Priority Mail International && USPS Express Mail International?
How much are trade dollars from 1798 flowing hair coins worth.?
Are there any lagitamate ways to get Gov. grants for struggling single mothers?
If a company purchases a truck and overhauls the engine, is that considered part of the asset cost?
how much sal.does a person get who's working at front office in hotel in india?
Is it possible to get Sponsorship for a world tour on foot. Just a sustainance wage, a small sum?
I need to buy chairs for my office by the bulk?
how do the GAY and ' UNDERPRIVILEGED ' immigrant communities have money for small businesses?
were can I buy uranium by the pounds?
what is meant by "turn over" of a company?
Transferring debt collection to another company?
How often do you report people that...?
about PPI and how to claim?
What u think about the war?
What are the importances antivenoms?
whats the air speed velocity of a laden swallow?
Where to find an iPad mini stand?
Buying Lindens for Second Life?
how much money does english people earn every month?
accounting help! after general ledger, trial balance isn't even?
How mant stamps do I need?
where can i find indian head pennies for a cheap price?
i need to make $ 4 school shopping and i can't baby sit and i can't get a job cuz im13 wut should i do
i received a cashier check in the amount of $4998.00 to be a mystery shopper. is this possibel?
creative money?
Using A Debit Card Abroad?
My friends email id has expired and there is no way i can contact him what do i do?
How do I move a picture from Acrobat to a word file?
what sould do for the first date?
what are som e good ways to relieve stress?
whats the difference between my dad and a monkey?
my sister has cancer and i am scared wut do i do?
I was seeing the tips and i never thought i was mining gold for rails and i saw redstone leeding to a figure?
How to stop the chinese to bring money here and bid on the properties? We Canadians are unable to buy ?
Advantage cards for 13 year olds?
Does anyone else hate cleaning? How do you motivate yourself to do it?
How much can I expect to get selling 56 grams of 14k gold?
where can i find how to estimate my tax refund with an income tax credit for free?
Game or App developing on iPhone. Which is better ?(Financially)?
ever been eaten by a shark?
Which professional organization monitors entry into and current practice in the of psychology?
finance homework help?
Why do all members of the animal kingdom have two nostrils?
How much are 12kt gold filled cross pens worth?
is it true that a personal cheque can be written on any piece of paper as long as all the necessary info is?
Human Resources - Should I write a thank you letter for feedback?
What is difference between gelato ice cream and just regular ice creams?
How much money i can take out of emeral hr block card?
what is good x-mas present for a mother that is picky?
accounting please help?
how to change my boring life???
which is the most probable business sector in bangladesh?
Can anyone give me a Question which has no answer or an answer which has no question ?
what are the components of business market?
Filing for unemployment: your surname doesn't match your social security number?
Is there a wilhelmina modelling agency in the Uk?
Injectable method and its negative effect?
I forgot to sign a third party check for there any chance that the bank will deposit it anyways?
what does registering a check mean at a check cashing place?
Where can I write a negative review online about an attorney?
one of my friends is trying 2 steel my best friend away from me what should i do PLEASE help?
Whats a good come back?
Jobs for a woman you can get with (or without) certification that's not food service?
Any way to make 200$ in under a month?
How can a university reduce their cost or increase revenue?
What features would you like to see added to ! Answers?
why do boys tell you they care about you but don't show it?
why is that?
Is It Illegal To Sell A Faulty Product?
Have you had a negative experience with the Ebay seller WWW.PEANUTSCHARMS.COM?
Company posted to wrong address, what to do?
how do i clear serach bar?
English Pounds into Australian Dollars.?
WHO was your favorite NINJA TURTLE...?
Can I guy wear small T-shirts without being Gay? Can a guy also know about fashion without being Gay?
has anyone ever had any spooky encounters with a weeje board?
How to write a 250 word Essay ?
how do tornadoes form?
But is they no other way i can send the money?
what is your ciggerate brand?
real quick work experience question?
What can I do to stop the physical karmic forces? Please I'm desperate!?
please help me ill give 10 points?
is it every guy also willing to have sex with their girl friend even they haven stable?
Expected portfolio return ?
Is educational institutions vpn technology?
How do I find out for free if my boyfriend has an arrenst warrant?
staff list of credit suisse (ltd) uk?
What shold i do if meet a boy that is gay like me and we really like each other?
What to my order in amazon.?
How long will this take to ship to my house ?
what is the best way to make money on the internet?
What is the cheapest way to ship a ring, or any other small piece of jewelry?
what are some ways for a 13yr old to make money?
So im gunna shovel driveways with my cousin this winter . do you think asking $10 is too much ?
What would you like to ask?if CRR cut to infuse 17500 crore into economy.what doe it mean?
How do I print priority postage online (USPS) for a regular box?
why is usps taking so long?
How to properly send a flat rate package?
If i buy a prepaid phone is there a monthly fee?
How to calculate opportunity cost from production possibility curve/schedule?
Best Way for teens to make money online?
answer this ???????????????
lion V tiger which would win.?
Show how a 33% discount on coffee beans is a better value than 33% extra beans for free.?
Is there any middle school or high school kids here?
I don't have a stamp but need to send my rent payment. Will I get in trouble if...?
how can i find catv equipment whole saler and distributor saler?
check this.i bet 1 from 100 will be able to do this?
If i where to get financed, what would be a good business?
Omg I don't know what I'm doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do I need a patent or can I find a company that will run with my invention and give me a cut?
Yummy Foods is considering a new salsa product whose data are shown below.?
do you know any cites that are offrering to send you something,anything?
How to prepare a statement of cash flows using indirect method?
Why are there so many electronic parts companies?
How many quarts go in a litter?
i want to know where to find this house it has lights that goes with the rythem of the music i cant find it.?
What are the 5 haracteristics of culture?
How should you handle this situation?
Is "Easy Money Made Online Data Entry" a scam?
How do i know if i need more than one stamp to mail a letter?
what does white smoke mean as opposed to black smoke? the fire is hotter or colder?
What type of business did enron operate?
How can i send money to my parents in India for Diwali?
Is the U.S. economy in full recession?
How much is a gram of 14k gold worth?
What company has fast cheap reliable internet?
How long does a 2nd class stamp take?
10 POINTS! Identify 1 product which is well known in your community. How important is it to the local economy?
what is $16.80 in pounds?
what do u mean by receptionist n they responsibilities at much package ican expect.?
How do i ask my parents?
Whts worst starting a rumor or listening to them?
Find the value of 14x0?
can someone tell me how many indian vedas are present and what they really stand for?
How to start an online business?
Which are the assets?
Results from Choosing the Wrong Cost Driver?
The company I work for is interested in using solar panels. What are the best resources on the web for info?
Does anyone know some good jokes?
What is a Good Example of Competition Working in the Business World?
what dose pms stand 4?
How much is £ 9.98 in us dollars?
Why do internal mail envelopes have holes in?
Online jobs that aren't scams and make money?
Will the sun come out tommorrow?
How can i gain business experience?
Have you a old camera to give me?
What is the secret to India’s growing economical success?
Can getting a degree in industrial elctronics technology allow me to work installing internet equipment...?
Who governed better, Clinton or Bush?
What is the amount of income that you cant go over to be eligible for NY Food Stamps, PLEASE READ MORE?
a reasearch proposal on project management?
what should a bid sent to a company to perform a service look like?
for how may years this resession will effect the indian IT company?
business - research - report?
Did the Indian government so far launch any (SPV) for overall infrastructure development for the country?
Cancelled order from Hollister?
What account information do I need to transfer money into a USA bank account from a UK account?
Best Buy meeting?
who was the first person to get the nobel peace prize??? and what year was that?
I purchased a new ipad2 using Bill Me Later ...?
do i get money back when bank sells my home do to forecloser?
how to smooth talk prices of items in stores down?
sixth pay commission reports?
Accounting Question?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
has anyone heard of ebays buy protection plan?
Hollister or Jack Wills?
In what states can you buy a full auto ak-47?
Someone who knows about trademarking, HELP ME?!??!?
How much money (TEENS) do you get a week?
Why does my email address appear to be invalid?
Try to figure out this riddle?
Why haven't gas prices kept up with the price of crude oil?
Why is Martha Stewart a facist dictator from Thailand?
does anybody know how to set up GMT offset on fap turbo/meta4 platform?
does anyone have a build-a-bear?
H&r block emerald card?
Is 20 dollars enough for getting straight As?
buyer is looking for product retail for $230?
Do you think religion is fake?
Question bout pay check?
where can i find 2nd chance banking?
How much Interest would be earned on a 25K CD from 1978 til 2011?
where can i find daily scrapyard prices on scrap metal?
Where in Orlando is a bowling league for peopke with disabilities?
Can I sue my bank for mailing my statements to another customer that has the same name as myself.?
Should there B a law for swearing in public when kids are present?
what do you understand by capitalisation of earnings? how is the value of a firm ascertained with the help of?
How do I change coins into bills in the UK? Are there any machines for this?
What brand & model of camera should someone who is starting out in photography purchase?
how many steps in a accounting worksheet?
Does anyone know a way to get money by filling out online surveys?
Is it worth paying out of state tuition for..?
What is it called when a business owner keeps making you pay more money after they told you a set amount?
how do you get your question to be a featured question?
Order delivery overnight?
Who is stupid enough to call a girl gay when that's not even the right word to say?
HAVE YOU EVER. had a broken part of your body like a leg ect..?
How Do I Interview A Banker?
have any of you answered one of my sister's questions yet?
what is a customer service representative?
How can I make a quick 100 dollars in 2 days?
Is a fun site?
Can someone please bid on my ebay item?
How does our perceptions of time affect how we justify our day to day actions?
Does anybody know if shops can obtain grants or funding for making it accessible for wheelchairs?
Can a bank just close your account for no reason?
I need more money, and I'm a great person, so can I create my own personal currency?
Changed mind after signing a bill of sale?
What in the world can't you really do without? And why?
i need a java code of creating a banking and finance transactions?
What are some good eco friendly stores or products?
Which is a better way to not waste electricity?
How to make $100 in less than a month?
Should I take the job?
What's a famous recent acquistion?
if you were another person, would you be friend with yourself?
How would help us any idea?
Would you consider this expensive, Im Irish and I'm a teenager, some of the prices?
Can you deposit money in someone elses checking account?
what is the name of the bill that was just passed that is giving people money to help the economy?
is this a good ebay deal?
What is it???
Accounting-help with journals!!!?
Can i make payments on my early termination fee with verizon?
Why would the fraud department from wells fargo call looking for my brother?
Does God worshiping as told in old books is relevent at present day and also Does God ever was or is?
ok it didn't work let me explain better. i have an internet explorer address bar and then i have a se
how do u know if someone likes you?
looking for a templet of a food costing sheet?
Why would a firm use a balanced scorecard in evaluating divisional performance?
how should i apply for phone banking?
how long can it take for a transfer from co op bank to natwest from phone?
What protection do business owners have if a customer tried to reverse charges on there credit card?
Where can i buy legit tickets?
A young Fashion designer?
Why am I being charged by a utility for "bill issuance"?
How do i write an excuse letter?
What is the cheapest way to mail a book?
does the eBay's Final Fee Value include shipping?
Have anybody of you have a ID for the messenger?
Have you ever shot anyone?
Why can't I track my UPS package?
How can a 14 year old make $400 fast?
H&M shopping help (late payment) URGENT !!!!!!?
Holiday costs increase due to one person cancelling, who is liable for the increase?
A fixed asset with a cost of $55,000 and accumulated depreciation of $36,500 is sold for $20,000.gain or loss?
Was I just fired or laid off?
Would you help me out, please?
why do people seem to think they can get whatever they want for free on the internet?????
401k Company says we were overpaid?
Net income and Operating Cash Flow?
Unemployment related question?
bachelor's in business management or bachelor's in accounting is easy ?
What is your favorite restauraunt?
Can the Royal Mail be trusted?
What is the US equivalent of a UK pound?
anyone know how long it takes for something to come from arizona to ohio?
what is riskier: a short term investment or a long term investment?
How to be positive and impress people around me and supress negativity.?
Does anyone know of government or private programs that help female farmers?
UK Recession?
I sold on Ebay for the first time- shipping issue?
What to do with $1000?
Suggestions on how to answer some questions for my first appraisal.?
What's the cheapest way to ship a package to the U.K.?
accounting 2 question?
why do new firms usually have negative accounting profits?
Is it legal to cut someones hourly rate of pay without informing them?
do u all have trouble thinking of good questions to ask ??
Purest owes $1 million that is due on february 28. The company borrows $ 800,000 on February 25 (5-yearnote)?
economic social political or technology trend that significantly affects financial institutions?
how much would a payment be a month?
what is a reasonable price to sell this for?
Buyer's reaction to a product if the price increases & dercreses suddenly?
can somebody tell me some examples on metaphors?
I need help in geting employed and I want to know how do I get a good paying job without the background check?
12.50 is to 1/8 as 20 is to?
Am I eligible for unemployment?
accounting help with practice problem?
Paying survey websites for kids?
I am doing a research paper on sex, violence, and music and I don't now where to start.?
Does suggest any online site where I can buy office equipment at discounted rates?
Critically analyse and explain whether HRM can help a company to gain competitive advantage and if so, how HRM?
A Nigerian company is placing a very large order for my products, say over one million US dollar?
How banks calculate the interest rate?
has anyone ever heard of steven avery in here? That is not from Wisconsin?
My name is Cindy, what does it mean?
was this ebayer trying to scam me?
Please help me how to reply whats written below.My boss sent it to all the employees.Thanks?
what is insolvency, please describe fully?
Does it take longer for a double paycheck to come, or?
Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor, when you can't legally drink and drive?
Is letting someone die,murder?
What do you think of this hourly wage?
Info on Business Etiquette?
What famous person do you look like?
When paying through Paypal, can the person see your address? Look below?
Do you find that you tend to look at questions with people who have avatars, rather then the grey faced people
What's the Interac e-Transfer equivalent in the US?
Forming a business with someone who has really bad previous credit rating?
wat a bid look like on paper?
What's going on with Canadian and American economies?
Does anyone have a deferred billing code for Chadwicks for 2011/?
can anyone give contacts addresses where to sale my antiquity that dates hundrends of years.Handsome rewards?
If I were to start working at Tim Hortons from 3-8, what would the amount I would make be per hour?
How much is 3.5% of $674?
if cost of alluminium used by soft drink companies increases, which of the following describes the effects?
Would this sell for a good price on E-bay?
how to determine if my child is showing adhd characteristics?
how can I make some quick pocket money for travelling?
The US National debt has increased dramatically over the past 3 years. Where is the money going?
where can i go to recycle steel and get money for it?
Is best buy a good place to get things?
can any one provide me list of industries in madgaon?
cashing a check?
What is the next thing you're saving your money to buy?
where do i go if i missed ups delivery, and he didnt leave a note ?
A need a copy a limited company's employee rules and regulations?
how much are gumball machines?
who is the most famous billionaire?
Accounting help please?
I had a very interesting dream, do you know what it means?
Do you get reported more by men or women?