do u like school?
If all my salad bowls say "Cool Whip" on the side, Am I a redneck?
Dividing office expenses in trio projects?
If you are an adult what are your views on piercings?
how can i get 30 dollars fast?
Can American based debit/credit cards be used in buying stuff in no-USD currency?
sss salary loan billing statement?
Can i track an order on USPS?
So i am planning to get my own Verizon, could i pay the bill by money getting taken out of my pay check?
is the sentence, no parking on both sides, grammatically and logically correct?
Cashing a check with no bank account?
My boss won't let me dance naked on her desk. Why can't she spare five minutes?
what effect does austerity have on interest rates?
Help with debit and credit?
Why use Earnings Per Share(EPS) - and not using Earnings Per Market Cap. ?
I want to earn extra income cuz my salary isn't enough for me... any ideas?
I have a question about Time Value of Money with expected return?
Questions simple about a cover letter.?
Do you need to read Angels and Demons to understand The Da Vinci Code? Is it a hard read?
Is there a way to report Chase (of JP Morgan Chase) for their bad business practices?
Any legitimate online jobs without having to say anything??plz plz no scams?
What is Steroid price in INR?
Accounting balance sheet?
If a ups truck comes by with a package and your not there do they take your package and come back again?
What is more expensive: gemstones (emerald, sapphire, diamond) or gold?
what is that thing called? kinda looks like a brief case?
How much is 56.99 GBP?
Sellers, what do you think about Ebay's changing feedback policies?
Anyone heard of a "bonded check"?
what is my best car now?
How long should a personal statement be for a CV?
how much are cast iron pipes worth?
does money gram have 9digits reference number?
offshore outsourcing benefits?
making money?
describe how environmental and culture of another country affects a business operating internationally?
how much is 50 pounds in american money?
when i boy makes fun of u jokingly, is that flirting?
Where does Donald Trump get his hair?
is western union a safe way to transfer money to anywhere over the world?
Can the eyes ever tell a lie?
Family member dies, who is responsible for his bills?
what should i do when hiccup?
how can i learn astrology from beginning as very much interested but not knowing anything at all?
How would trade tariffs against China help the U.S.?
Help with Business homework?
If the earth is shape in square....?
where the hell is tom cruise!!!??
Exchange Rate Questions?
On a topographic map what do the contour lines around hills and basins mean?
Can one do teaching after Mba(banking and finance)?
how can i tell if a boy likes me?
how can i know my correct balance at my bank account?
Need help doing pull-ups?
Dream job?
If a number has increased from 188 to 203 how to figure out what percentage is the increase?
can cashiers checks be fake? and what if the bank accepts it?
whats the price of one copper ounce at this moment?
can america's obesity epidemic be blamed on the internet?
I need help to write a statement to my boss?
Should I work for Ross Dress for less or Best Buy?
Where can I go to get a coin appraised and sold within California or possibly legitimately online?
blonds or brunettes???
How much does an owner of a catering business make per year?
Why do black people talk on the phone in the movie theater?
What is your favorite Star Wars episodes?
"BOYS DON'T CRY". Your Say on This?
Indicate a person in the business world that has had an influence on you?
Which 10 UK companies have the highest staff turnover?
Where can a 16 year old find a job?
I`m a hurrican rita victom and we live in a fema camper. looking for financial help?
i need help with a letter i recieved. i assume its fake but if not then i want to know!?
how to become a great seller?
Does USPS forward economy mail?
In share market if PE ratio of any share is less then PE ration of that industry Is it good?
Need help with an accounting problem please asap.?
How much can I sell my weed and hash for?
What does it mean to freeze funding?
What takes UPS, USPS, and FedEx?
How old do ou have to be to buy condoms?
Who are the 2 candlesticks?
Can an NRI repatriate (in US Dollars) rupee fixed deposit inherited from parents?
About how much money would a generator cost?
Ebay Shipping Basics?
A farmer had 17 sheep, all but nine died, how many did he have left?
i worte a check for $2500 at best buy that i know will bounce and im not going to be able to pay it.?
why is the sky blue ?
Can I work at Hollister if im over weight?
What color is a zebra?
What's wrong with the post?
What is your favorite book?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to sell 20,000 shirts by the end of the year?
Why do many franchisors not want franchises in Oregon?
how to send an invoice thru paypal?
How would I set up this accounting problem?
Have anyone heard about Chocolate Factory business?
managerial accounting question about direct material, direct labor, and overhead?
Can I get paid if I have surgery?
for my friends christmas/birthday present i burned her a cd of all her fav songs...?
i am moving out of state and have items (vases, pictures, books, etc) to ship?
Should I apply for a job?
home based business ,?
what does having 2 fingernails painted black mean?
Opened a checking account, how do i receive checks?
how to spot fake money when selling via craigslist?
Accounting Help ASAP!! PLEASE!?
Has anyone received a check from Chrome Fase Corp.?
Prep 1st Vendor Bid?
Is there a way to find daily implied volatility for the dow?
what is non-financial measure of efficiency?!?
Accounting help on using LIFO perpetual inventory method? (Already finished half..)?
Eddie's Bar and Restaurant Supplies expects its revenues and payments for the first part of the year to b?
Were can i trade pesos for american dollars?
do you need becoming a member ship?
Reasons why the South helped me in Business?
Why do people do bad things to other people?
Should i wear a thong with my mini-skirt?
Some Accounting Questions?
what is break even ,,,used in buisnesses and companies ?
How to find out an LLC company's earnings..?
Can BP pass the oil spill cost on to the customers?
Is there any free antivirus,antispy and antiadware that can be downloaded?
I am looking for information on Citizen Service Management IN Halifax Nova Scotia?
What is a good ref. for how to write a business plan good enough to obtain a loan?
I have an interview at Old Navy. Anyone Help Me?
In a pharmacy that realizes a net profit during an accounting period, revenues are:...?
What’s your greatest weakness?
What do u think is the perfect age to start your sex life?
Where can I find a 1099-G form online?
what is the deal?
theres one job paying 3500 dollars a month.?
Getting a head at my job?
What are some liquid assets for Bond Surety Recovery in Missouri?
Where will Bill Gates' money go when he dies?
Why is the US Government bailing out another company using our tax money? Where I live the roads are awful !?
how much do you tip a delivery pizza person?
How do people make money on by selling things (like books) for 1¢?
How much is 50 percent off 20 dollars?
what do it mean when a boyfriend ask you would yiou ever cheat on me and when he ask did you cheat on me.?
If you are comparing the 2010 income statement numbers with the income statement numbers from 2009 and 2008, y?
Looking for Thimbleberries quilt patters called Hugs& Kisses.Can you help find what book it is in?please.?
Childcare setting names?
GIRLS- Which best describes you?
License to lend money to public in California similar to "Cash Advance"?
can you help me????
Where can I learn about buissness?
What would happen if gas price went down to $1?
loooking for a web sight for a eric chestfield?
if someone is making $28,700. per yr, how much is his hourly wage ( full time status)?
What is price of iphone5?
Presentation for Banking Operations Coordinator Project to communicate to coorginate the mangement.?
How much profit shall be kept while exporting goods from Pakistan?
Is Abortion Murder?
Who was Friedrich Nietzche?
Who are the best Regalia products Suppliers in uk?
Do you think its ok to forgive someone who molested you?
Is 2,000 dollars a month good for a manager in North Carolina?
What crap is this email, has anyone else recieved this, and where did he get my email?
How do american express charges appear in a statement?
hourly wage at charles clinkard?!?
Wage for make up artist?
how much would it cost in post if i post an elec guitar[ibanez] from US to India i know the cost of gig?
what do i need to type in 4 the
rates of cement bag, steel rod?
How much can i get for my guitar if i sell it to guitarcenter?
Any unamortized cost of a patent should be expensed if the parent is determined to be obsolete.?
Is there a way to find out what company is calling me with just the phone number?
Cash sales in accounting?
Do you support the striking postal workers?
what is the point of racism?
How do I find the yield on a 7-year Treasury note?
what steps should i take?
Who is your favourite artist?
I need some help on homework.?
USPS mail hold question?
Can a job dock your pay for not "dressing up for Halloween?"?
How long after paying off a bankruptcy...?
How much anual revenue does a bakery with 6 locations make?
Can someone help me with this accounting problem?
how much do i have to wait after applying at a bank for a job?
What's the best way to get rich quick??
how do you clear the search bar?
Accounting problem. Please Help?
how can I add something from to my site? something like I am online on Messenger... :)?
why is yucca mountain bad ? why dont people want it in nevada?
How do you approach your boss about an uneven work load?
How much money does the government make per year?
Javier is comparing two checking accounts. One has a monthly fee of $10 and a per-check fee of $0.10, and the?
If you work 45 mins and you get paid 8/HR, how much is that?
how to report hidden income and hidden property of a influential person with extremely large income ?
if i buy a green dot card and put 354 dollar can i go buy something from apple retail stores ?
Can one come out of Close ended MFs before the term ends? If yes do we pay exit load?
Does anyone know a cspire promotion or coupon code?
facilitating agency define?
i need to ship my car but the bank decline my request?
What is the importance of professional behavior in the IT enviroment?
Help in Accounts, please?
who is buying csc?
Help Figuring Out Net Income?
Affordable Transcription services?
starting exports business?
what are your views on pyramid systems?
How much is a iphone monthly bill ?
What is the most unique thing you've done with duct tape?
How to calculate long term debt?
Are we all really from heaven? If yes,why don't we remember anything of up there or were we brain washed?
how to get information about retired senior executives from Commerce Bank?
Accounting HELP! -Depreciation?
How does a debit card work exactly?
How do I hang christmas lights?
If the company wants to make a profit of $250,000.00, what is the sales volume that must be achieved by the ma?
how is the best way to get rid of homesickness?
Have you ever shot anyone?
When will my ups package arrive?
Do you think these make money online websites are really for that?
how much is my gold neckles worth?
What are the works people want to do by sitting and get profit, lazy way?
From where we can get details of L1-Visa in chennai?
school sports program starting question?
I'm looking for an electronics supplier wholesale in the usa "new items"?
I need a phone # for Hubband to check on clothing I have order!?
How late does ups deliver? please answer?
"supplies used to label goods at retail price" is it included in the cost of inventory? Why? Why not?
am I goth?
why do some people hate to shop?
do i have to sign the back of my jury duty check?
How can I make $50 dollars an hour?
Can you send birthday cards through the post box?
any my chemical romance fans here?
Is this website legitimate?
Does anyone have a story relating to the paranormal?
inventory that cost $2200 under terms 1/10, n/30. The merchandise was delivered FOB shipping point.?
What is your favorite type of a?
An Internet retailer charges $4.99 to ship an order that totals less than $25, $5.99 for orders that total mor?
Ways to raise money to buy a car?
Do you like the ankle socks,or the ones that go almost to the knee?ankle for me!!!?
Bailiffs Problem... Help and advice Urgently Needed?
poor accounting at apartment complex.?
Names for submissive males?
Is minecraft worth the Twenty Seven Dollars?
Can I write off items bought with grant money?
What is your strategy in solving a sudoku?
Are there any internet opportunities where I can make a lot of money doing practically nothing?
Hey Charlie?
Accounting help s!?
Why Do Women Touch Themselves?
From where can i get vtu 7th sem EEE model question papers with suggested scheme of answers......pls help me?
Ways to make money with 1-ton truck?
I need To Write A Letter Of Support For My Roomate for The Hospital.?
Hi, I found a penny from 1913 and i wanted to know how much it was worth?
How do you break down an arguement into a prepositional based number tree?
is alchemy possible?if yes,how to do it?is it an evil doings?is it against the will of God?
what is a 12 month lease?
How do I get data from the corporate accounting system into my local desktop database system?
Can someone tell me what a CO payment deduction means on a pay slip. Thanks so much.?
Where can i get paid to take surveys online? the legitimate ones no scames?
Present & Future Value?
Shreno ltd had mulled a meeting on 27th of september to mull issue of bonus shares. Any idea what happened?
can you ask people to mail you the money to buy something from you on craigs list?!?
Im desperately looking for information about money changers, please help!!!?
What is the most imported thing in the world?
what are some good ways for me to make some money?
Non-voice back office support agent?
My friend Meghan whants to know if men like big boobs?
How do i make $30.00 in 2 days?
name the longest river on earth.whats a river and its tributaries?name the starting pointe of a river?
Has a bank owner ever stolen funds from their bank?
Hi...I need a loan shark IMMEDATELY...LIKE TODAY?
How do i deal with my money better?
Howuch is they average cost in California bay are bankruptcy?
Can I start the program to become a CFA without knowing the finance language?
Bankrupt consumers effect on the economy?
opening up a bar ? good idea?
Being charged twice on bank statement while paying off Ticket?
is direct deposit safe?
So i have a job and i dont know how to price it!?
Why is race an issue?
I have to bring in 2 forms of id to my workplace, what are some examples?
how do i find interest revenue on this ?
How come we forget childhood memories ?
Reduction in a receivable or payable if it is paid within the discount period.?
what does a unit mean in retail?
What is the most exciting fastest growing online business today? ?
Do gay midgets come out of the cabinet as opposed to the closet?
Why can't you use google instead of
How to adjust Ebay Price for One Person? 10 Pts?
How to make a charge on my credit card that appears to be from a merchant but not really from that merchant?
when did pogo?
Reporting employees that steal? ?
Are women like Pam Anderson attractive or ridiculous?
What will my salary be according to the the 6th pay commision if my present basic pay is 7400?
how much petrol money should i pay?
What is the value in year 4 of a $1,500 cash flow made in year 14 when interest rates are 7 percent?
how do i become an assassin?
What are some good sites to search for jobs?
what does status:closed order fully shipped mean?
How long does it take to send receive in the mail?
how can i stop being so emotional i a nervous reck and cry over such stupid stuff why is it?
Does anyone know of a scam free way that i could make some extra money at home online?
To all Psychics where did I lose my keychain?
What is a US Twenty Dollar bill Series of 1934 A Serial # B43868496A?
how do i start a business with out money to put dow to start?
Managerial Accounting Problem!!?
Who has it easier: boys or girls?
ok well my best friend is going out with my ex-boyfriend though i still like him she nor he knows what do i do
Jesters: What do they look like?
money making ideas??
How many people are in the world?
can you help me?
where can i go to get help for my bedridden son who has no income and needs some money?
What is the strongest currency in the world?
What is the phone number for interpayment services, Ltd payable in New York, USA ?
how can i get a company to give me a discharge letter on something that was paid off in the 1980"s?
Centrelink Letter Question? Very Worried?
Can you get you're own birth certificate if you and your mother our born in different places.?
how do you fade cowboy boots?
if interest rates go down does the value of the currency increase or decrease?
copy of death certificate for david epps, miami, florida, april 1994?
what grade did you go to .was school good for you.?
Im scared that debt collectors are gonna come to my house...?
Has anyone ever used a service like
Do I have to enter a tracking number?
How much to entry level employees make at ballys total fitness?
Why do we say "Gas Station" ? why not "Fuel station/Petrol Station" ?
I'm comin straight out of the 'HOOD! I never sold drugs, and i don't have a criminal record,how can I get rich
i have an accounting question?
Price of Gas around the world?
I applied at Hollister? Questions? Pictures?
How Obama victory affect Indian markets?
I received a purple heart but no letter telling why?
During 2009, company XYZ Ltd. found that certain items had been included in the inventory at 31st Dec, 2008, v?
Accounting question, HELP?
exchanging items at best buy?
What should I do for my friend's birthday?
CFA curriculum difference between 2010 and 2011.. can i use 2010 scheweser notes?
Credit cards should check credibility of Companies active in recieving payment of supposed services rendered.?
Are there any good way to solve multible data source on interactive computing?
what is the price of platinum per gram in india 31/3/2012?
Could i bring Euros to a bank and turn it into USA currency?
I am 12 and don't know how to earn some money?
Did you realize that there is a lot of info about you on YA?
Accounting Help Clark Company’s ?
5 questions about Accounting ?
im resigning due to medical issues is there a penalty for cashing out my cal pers retirement early?
Anyone know where I can sell itunes cards online?
I am buying a 63,000.00 house. How much do i put down?
i want to know the current us dollar currency exchange rate in ethiopia?
Can the commemorative euro coins be used as legal tender?
what skills/qualifications does a ceo/managing director need?
How can I raise money without a job?
Why is my iPod Touch taking so long to arrive when the Fedex site says it is 5 hours away?
How much is one peso worth?
onoknow, is it really true that I can find cosigners that have the same religion as mine? I am Catholic.?
how do i tell if i'm really a dumb blonde or not?
If you've been scammed, is it wrong to release that person's name and address on a medium such as youtube?
What is something you wish could be invented? Preferably a cosmetic product or a household product!?
As ideas and information become the new commodities in the global marketplace, what issues tend to arise?
Accounting help please?
why does ! not let the screen names that has been deleted let other people have them,,?
How can i get out of a verizon contract without paying full price... Im willing to pay around $250?
buyer put a wrong zipcode USPS?
When should you change a decision?
If I searched your room, would I find something embarrassing?
How much money does busking make you? ?
how do i lose weigh around my belly?
Where to Buy Wholesale cups and mugs?
What are some services you would need done around your house a 14 year old could do?
Is this against the law?
What are some tips for keeping up small talk with customers?
How can I find my missing 43 year old brother without hiring a private investigator?
What is your favorite thing to do on your day off?
How could I find out how much a commemorative beer neon is worth?
About how much money would I make?
How much is this item?
Any information on Alco Transactions? Anyone used it and got a good service out of it?
How to calculate percentage?
Why don't I ever remember my dreams? I have only ever remembered a few, ever.?
How much is napster worth?
Does anybody know anything about selling plasma?
How do I know if someone else bid on an item I bid on in eBay? ?
When will i get my package?
I have two gold American Eagles, but one is darker then the other? (bullion)?
where do I find a report on manufactures who have left Florida or closed their businesses?
Coupon: buy one get one, Store Promotion: buy 4 for $5. Can I use the coupon?
how do you get your unclaimed money?
During the 2001 recession, what effects did the Sarbanes-Oxley/McCain-Feingold Acts have on the economy?
How long does amazan take to ship ?
do you feel the govt. should have to give people rebate cards just so they will switch to digital?
what's the fastest legal way to make two million dollars u.s.?
what is feltching?
Where can i find the market share of a company, and also information about an industry?
dos anyone think that age should matter if you care forsomeone very much?
i work at dollar general..?
How do you trade on
What was the most significant factor causing changes in the price of oil during the last 12 months ?
who can/do i contact if i got an invention?
Is it okay to think a girl is pritty and not be a lessie?
which is beter LTD or INC?
As a bartender do I have the right to refuse service if a customer is getting on my nerves?
where can i find a BT60 MOTOROLA Battery? any stores that sell them so i don't have to order it?
what are the elements of a business system?
How much is the paypal fees if i wanna send 400 USD via paypal?
what do you people think about gay/bi/lesbian people?
Who's buried in Grant's tomb?
first substantive answer is best answer?
Can your phone company stop you from receiving calls aswell if you dont pay your bill on contract ? ?
what is american dollars in pounds ?
how do you wire a fluorescent striplite?
"Name a word or phrase school children love to hear."?
what are the effects of soil moisture and wind speed on wind erosion?
what is matrix?
What are you addicted to?
How can I get rich overnight?
Do You Like Pon De Replay By: Rihanna?
Book recommendations for Accounting and Finance degree?
If I make 9 dollars in 60 minutes, how much money do I make in 23 minutes? ?
I'm looking to do an on line business coarse on line. Has anyone had good reviews from any where?
Why would an organization want to be Additional Insured on auto policy?
How do you pay a freelancer?
Why haven't my food stamps reloaded yet?
Walmart's early layaway question?
(uk answers) please advice, my sister and benefit fraud?
how can I enroll in the delivers promotional program?
If you bought something for $10, which was worth $100,000 & you didn't know & neither did the seller ....?
How much money does the USA make on taxes per year?
In what month is your birthday in?
Cost Accounting question?
How long dos Amazon take to ship?
how old was jesus when he died?
Does Anyone Know Of A Good Credit Card Processor For An Existing Business?
Why use technology? everyone relys on it so much ive been thinking on dropping all technology i use ?
is limewire illegal?
What is your fave animal?
I sent a package from Tyler to Dallas on Aug. 15, the tracking shows it shows it processed through USPS tracki?
Waiters and Waitresses, how much do you make in tips on an average shift?
Iam In A Wheelchair Will You Go Out With Me?
Equipment costing $100,000 with a useful life of 10 years and a residual value of $10,000 has been depreciated?
Dad experience shopping?
will a stay in my system after a one time use after 15 days ?
how can i find my biological father who is from another country?
How to transfer $100 from the US to UK?
How to get money as a 15 year old?
What do you think the value is 4 old Kaptain Kangaroo Doll ?
What is the meaning of life?
50 euros in Us dollars. ?
Who is younger than 14 years old and has a instant messenger?
What type of jobs that could make a lot of money but is not medical related?
Minecraft purchasing ?
whats the best way to loacate someone?
How does your electric company figure out your bill?
What would you do if...?
Is there any website through which I can ask for funding for a personal project?
Im 14 and i need to come up with 900 dollars over a period of time any ideas would help?
what benefits/entitlements do apprentices on low wage get?
Think of a situation (good or bad) when you where a customer. Discuss on the following points: When and where?
Question about delivery from amazon?
How can I become a gay escort?
My daughter is 13 and pregnant, and has already had sex over 19 times with men up to the age of 22. What doIdo
can a store quote you a cash price only to tell you that to layby it, it will cost you an extra $200?
How do bank employees sleep at night?
Before u go to trail for anyhing isnt the officer suppose to read u ur rights and place u under arrest?
Does anyone know how to get 500 dollars worth of single dollar bills?
hey has any one used CLICK BANK b4 to make money?
I'm 14 years old and need a job?
Can someone help with Capital Asset Pricing Model question?
Accounting Questions-- Please Explain?
how long can can my leasing office not give me a mailbox key?
If two or more join together and establish a charitable organization is that a partnership?
How many brothers and sisters do you have? Which one annoys you the most?
why do i keep going from EB benefits to eeuc benefits?
You still didn't answer my question. Why am I unable to delete a Bulk mail item. I have tried repeatedly.
What is the company address and email address of Union Thread Company in Bangkok?
how do u know if u really love someone or not?
I need about $2,000.00 to pay an attorney and I just paid off my car. Any suggestions where to go in Las Vegas
how do i make a billion $ from the Internet?
y i'm i the only 1 who know's how 2 drive right ?
what is 25 percent off of fifty dollars?
checking account with bad credit locally?
How are computers used/applied in a finance department?
Have morning (9am-12am) dreams have other meaning then the others?
Is money invention a good thing?
what is accounting comparability?
how to make money fast?!?!?!?
What is the "Limitation Act" with regards to an outstanding property charge?
How much does it cost to send a letter to Haiti?
List and describe the three principal financial statements with an example of these statements?
What are some things I can buy for $80 or under?
Is it easier to make a profit with a product or a service?
I Have A Guaranteed Income, Will I Benefit From A Recession?
When people call my office, and don't speak English, do I have a right to hang up?
Can I purchase physical wheat from Chicago Board Of Trade and then sell it in the supermarket?
where is circuit citys corporate headquarters?
Are their any sites that sell cases for brass instruments?
Is this true?
How can I become one of the sponsers ?
Cost of goods sold problems?
trust women?
I am a 14 year old girl and need to raise 1400 pounds, can anyone give me any ideas? :)?
how do i get my invention up and running?!?
how can i make 600$ by June?
Do you like Wednesdays?
How much money do you make in a year? What do you do for a living?
Bank transfer from nationwide to natwest long ?
How much should I charge?
Who's on a 500 dollar bill?
how much is the US 2 doller bill worth?
how do u cut hair man?
its Urgent for me about my DD which i took in bank is wrong.. what to do?
A question about council tax bills (UK)?
How to raise 600 dollars for a trip?
Does anybody know if shops can obtain grants or funding for making it accessible for wheelchairs?
if you found a $100 bill floating in an unflushed toilet (with poo, or pee), would you take it?
what does naive mean?
I ordered goods on 3rd Sept and money was debited on 4th Sept but I have not received goods..........?
Has anyone ever heard of this job that sounds illegal?
is there any one else that would rather listen to the radio / music than watch tv ?
Some people belive that Australia is dealing with koalas in inhumane was What are these ways?
Would it benefit a business if they tracked items that are ordered together by and individual customer?
I have been receiving unwanted e-mail from There page will not let me delete. Why?
If I went to the bank and exchanged 19,000.00 Euros for US Dollars, how much US dollars would I get?
What cutbacks have you noticed in your workplace due to the Global Financial Crisis?
what is west viginias police phone number?
where are most baby boomers in the usa?
Do you beleive in God and jesus? If not, why?
What are the best business manuals?
What college, math, etc. do I need prior to getting certified in Six Sigma?
What does "castigated" mean?
Has any one used the services of Grant Finacial Network Inc. to obtain a business expansion type grant?
What stores sell netbooks?
need to make some cash from home?
I think my package was shipped Media Mail (USPS)?!?!?
Where can i get cheap Dvd cases from in Doncaster, Rotherham or meadowhall please :-)?
What is a good way to save money?
Can you work out this currency conversion for me plz?
ebay question refund?
Where can I buy a copy of Unrestricted Warfare by Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui?
I have a bad husband he is aggressive ,he drinks a lot everyday .what can I do?please help me?
Accounting Help?!!???????? Due Tonight!?
What searcher is the best for you?
what is 24 duvide 2=.?
Do you believe in god?
Question on Mailing postage?
How deep is the ocean?
How do you put up with someone whom you can't stand, especially if he's a know it all?
Canadian & American Currency Question?
how much would a used tiffanys necklace sell for?
help me please i don't know what to do ?
Would an expert expect that the price of Gold will decrease if the economy upturns ?
what are some good paying jobs?
Do you know where you will go if you die today?
Pay me Money?
I have a great idea for an invention...?
Do you think this is a scam?
What strategies might you use to communicate the use of data effectively in written business reports?
So, who's your latest crush and what do you intend to do about it?
eBay, Canceling a transaction without losing item?
An increase in the value of one currency relative to another is referred to as?
How would I go about making sure my idea for a national system doesn't get stolen?
true or false? ........ eating carrots helps you see better in the dark?
What is ur biggest turn-off in anyone?
EBAY: Is my package lost or is delivery just slow due to holiday season?
is it ilegal to be charged a debit card fee at convinient stores or restaurants?
If you could be a "God" of something, what would you be?
How do I approach this? Finance question please help thanks and god bless?
Dyed bank notes , will the bank replace them?
For anyone that has worked/works for UPS, can packages be delivered on the same day it arrives to the city?
wholesale store buying? fabric? jewelry? etc...?
How do you get your friends to stop out smarting you?
When is the world destined to end?
What is the point of this?
Balance sheets and cash flow statement help!?
what is a time line of pepsi? where do they operate in?
where can i buy synthetic diamond making machines for a factory set up?
Where can I find a person's cell phone number for free?
having a rough bill on buying gold found to be fake later on, could be challenged in consumer forum?
How many answers does a typical Q&A question get?
Which of the following is CORRECT?
What are "protective assets"?
What are some jobs for teens and where are some cheap cute apartments?
Accounting homework help?
How much salary do you like?
How much would you pay for a housekeeper?
Is there any kind of legitimate work I can do from home and make a decent income?
How much is two US dollars worth in the phillipines?
Is it legal for a dealership to lie about your interest rate?
Question about Accounts Receivable Turnover?
What is the estimate water bill? In Masachussetts?
Why do men always have to prove us women wrong? Well try to at least!?
does anyone know how to make money on the internet?
what is the meaning of life?
Is it ok if I bring my toddler?
When will my shipment from USPS come? Please Help!?
Do you like Bush?
What is this New LYF.COM About ?
Hi! I am 42 yrs old, I have observed lately that I've been gaining weight, despite of my less food intake.
where can i buy clear cello wrap or roll? for packaging souvenir items?thanks?
how many sex offenders are there in Oakland California?
Why is the sky blue? (one of the 412 questions of this on here)?
How do i cancel someones bid after an ebay auction has ended?
I have seen a lot of kids on here asking questions and talking about sex ,where are the parents to these kids?
somebody owes my dad 200 pounds what can i do?
It's my birthday. Can you sing me a birthday song?
How long do amazon sellers usually take to ship?
What's a reasonable price to expect when selling gold?
How to reduce costs efficiently?
How long does 1st class recorded post take?
I am 5 ft 4 in. I want to buy jeans. Am I a "petite" or an "average"?
what should I do in my intervie to make sure I get the job?
what type of gum makes a bigger boubble winter freash double bubble or jucy fruit?
Accounting question about financing and investing?
What is the deal about walmart making produce cheaper?
FEDEX delivery date question?
If I traded options on currencies and used straddles every time I traded could I win every time?
Beyond what height in the sky do we start floating / losing gravity? What is the gravity at various heights?
Will a loan company be lenient or understanding if the car I have financed is completely broken?
I'm so down, so worried about many things... how can I cope ? how can I light up?
How do you tell someone no in a nice way when they asked for alot of favors?
how to get to know the Demand Draft no.?
Did Disney Pixar's 2009 smash UP make a lot of money?
Who makes the best ice cream and what flavor is it?
Accounting homework help, Complete the statement of cash flows using the indirect method?
How to make 20 dollars in 3 days :D?
How much will it cost?
given that 47 x 237=11045 write down the value of 1104.5/0.47?
How much money do each of these computer parts cost on average?
On March 1, Cooper Company borrows $90,000 from New National Bank by signing a 6-month, 8%,?
How much are you paid monthly to work at McDonald's?
where can i find furniture wholesalers in the usa?
There is a song that has the lyrics i know i love you but i just cant help it im playing for keeps who sing it
where is the best place to sell silver dollars that are not antique for their silver value?
Making Money As A Teenager?
how come i can not play on games. the room window will not load?
Where buy USA iTunes gift cards from outside the country?
What talent do you have that you are proud of?
T Accounts Question- holding money for a client.?
What are some terrible things that have happened to in your life?
Bank charges - Help?
percentage change in price and bond?
how long does weed stay in your system?
who is a good town planner on the Gold Coast?
Does anyone know of any snowmobile night tours around PA area?
Why do kamikazi's wear helmets?
Direct Method Cash Flow Statement. When to add or subtract?
1976 Calendar?
I need money by tomorrow does any one know how I can make hundreds by tomorrow?
if a family of 3 makes 26,400 a much of my college would financial aid pay for?
apparently my visa gift card is not usable in NY....?
How much to license "Rite of Spring?"?
Discount price- do I have to put VAT in discount ?
How do u cure a Hangover?????
I need 90$ in a week!?
Do malls accept 50 dollar bills?
New here, Why should I stay?
Any way to get $5000 by December?
what does this statement mean "a highly illiquid domestic securities market"?
Is 45,000 pounds sterling per annum a good salary in Yorkshire, England?
How do you find out who owns a domain name?
i need help with accounting?
Who is Albert Einstein?
I have an awesome idea for an energy drink, but i need help getting started.?
my little sister won't stop singing songs terribly how do i get her to shut up?
how much does it cost to send money western union
should I send money?
I used to deliver papers and i havent got my last paychecks?
Cash flow for Cooper tires?
What is indie bookstore?
How would i patent a band name?
How to get out of early termination fee for AT&T?
Accounting--Special Order?
What happens when a business gets a rating of F from BBB?
What are some gifts you make payments for?
5" VINYL Dolls called tinytots?
Do people live on Antarctica, I am not sure?
What are 2 current ethical accounting issues?
why would someone need phone number for check cashing?
what is the average electricy telephone and gas bill , seperate?
Do you need to sell so much avon a month in order to stay with the company?
How does receiving and cashing an auto loan check work?
What happens if i write a electronic check that bounces to timewarner?
How can i tell my parents i won a $1000 on a reward website?
Is there something someone you love can do that you CANNOT forgive?
What is the essence of a woman?
Technology disadvantage !! and advantage?
Buying from in Canada?
Accounting help s!?
Is it true that 1 U.S. dollar = 1.09601052 Australian dollars?
How much does a used violin usually cost in California?
Where can I buy lunch bag?
How do I find the direct labor cost for the year? ?
Is it worth it to go after a masters in accounting or finance, currently having a BA in business?
What's the new light beer commercial where the mob members go into a store and offer the owner protection?
Buying with debit card online....?
USPS parcel-one item inside is missing?
WHERE CAN I CHANGE OLD 20 POUNDS IN NEWCASTLE??? THANK YOU!!! I mean the old one which isn't appropriate?
which brands called global brands?
which is a better profession, cost accountancy or chartered accountancy?
Earning money online?it is true or fake.?
Is the black box in a plane Black?
Is it ok that my daughter was punched in the arm by her school van driver,after turning off radio?
When i get drunk i am always mean and want to fight people what should i do?
what are charity shop prices like for things like books? (uk)?
tell me where to get coupons or codes?
whats the easiest/fastest way to get famous without crime?
how much does a aerospace engineer make and what do they do?
I wonder why someone can't add money in his/her paypal account using a paysafecard?
Slumdog Millionare" had a production budget of $15 mil, it has made $326 mil world wide, who gets all that $?
"A woman without her man is nothing" ....where would you place a comma ","?
What does it mean for Ireland to 'default' ?
I returned something I bought online but still haven't received a refund?
I am looking to customized certain products such as mugs, keychains, planners, etc?
What is a patent and how does it help a company?
Will my parents know I used there cheque for money?
Can some one please explain to me debits and credits in managerial accounting. I am confused?
i need to see a picture of an iv set and solu-set. it is a kind of hospital aparratus?
Journalize the transactions using a perpetual inventory system.?
How do you get people to know that you need a baby sitting job?
I hate my mom! What shuld I do?
what have you done to improve your leadership skills?
Please, I need some clarifications on accounting for actual and applied factory overhead?
A friend says that she has pictures at her website, but I cannot access it. She says its**** ??
Is any of this possible?
does anyone think that global warming is happening?
Where would you put a million dollars or more if you want to keep it safe in the us?
I am starting a consultancy firm .I need to know basic things on consultancy.?
how do you stay calm during a wind storm?
i bought few domains names of names of founder of countries?
Is it possible to find financial summaries for the past few years on a certain industry?
Why do stars twinkle?
i am looking to try to get ahold of tribute master card does anyone know how i can call them.?
What do Companies (Listed companies) do with their profits?
How come he doesnt like me?
How much time i have to buy a garaty after i bougth my phone?
what is the price to sell a item on ebay?
split ac LG ,SAMSUNG,DIAKIN??please advice me..?
Hollister model advice? reviews?
What Can I Do Concerning This?
can i use california ebt in PA?
I'm winner of australian international lottery and i need information abaut that because i don't know to do
was my disability application received for processing?
how can my 11 year old daughter get rid of breakage in her hair?
if i return something for store credit, then buy something, then return THAT...?
this JY-MCU Arduino Bluetooth module worth to buy?
How much do.i need to open a checking account?
How old do you need to be to work at mcdonalds?
Genesis Company pays a $425 invoice for supplies purchased the previous month . This transaction will affect?
do i have to pay income taxes on a settlement?
What is a good way to save my money? I only get $15/week?
Calculate avrage cost and marginal cost?
how much money does a half ounce and a quarter ounce of weed cost?
Is it expensive to give my boyfriend a BJ?
$500 francs=how much in US dollars?
how to write a cover letter?
Bank Teller Error - IT/Banking Advice Needed?
All Access Visa Debit Card INFOOOO
Looking for someonein in the world?
Where do I go to learn more about turning cremated ashes to stone?
Stages involved in the Exposure Draft procedure?
Who else is happy to be going home from work soon?
Which certification values more, NSE's or BSE's ?
If quiters never win and winners never quit who came up with quit while your ahead?
I hate it when people aks stupid questions dont you!!!!?
do ladies think the samething as men think when they see a good looking man?
Using the gross profit method what did the auditors estimate as the amount of the inventory shortage 12/31/10?
What is the word that describes words spelled the same backwards or forward such as madam?
Please help with this accounting work :)?
How can we get email addresses and contact details of companies importing furniture without paying for them.?
Would two single people living together collect more from social security than if they were married?
Shipping cost for 20 pound large package 88 X 13 X 13?
What time is it?
Is there any way to make 20lakhs indian rupee?
cheerios dollar?? how much????..........?
how old do you need to be to become a hollister model?
How can we get people to quit playing the credit game and start relying on personal savings so that our nation
If i sell my furniture to goodwill will they pay me?
Affiliate Credit Card Program for non-profits?
How Can I get a $60,000 Dollar loan in GA with No Collateral?
who made the wreath?(invented)?
What does it take to become rich? Hardwork,smartness or both blended?
im 2 pretty to be mad?
what are the stars wars books after jedi written by mr lucas?
What do I do with 200 ties left from a deceased 67 yr-old? He was very special.?
Is it rude to call the employer after an interview?
I have a book that was sent to me and I didn't order. But got a bill. Can I send it back and not get charged.?
Should you care about what people do to you if you don't know them? Is that harmful to you?
If you could be anything...what would you want to be?
do you believe in god?
phone number for tc technology?
You buy a bond that will pay $5000 in 20 years.What is it worth now if in flation is running at 4% annually?
What is a easy, free way to earn money?
Does USPS make you sighn or just drop it by your door?
how do i set up my paypal account so that my address isn't shown to the person sending me money?
Finding Financial Errors?
When taking out a bank loan, does your CASH FLOW financing section increase?
How much should I charge for babysitting?
What can make me keep going plz help?
what is a legitimate quiz for money website?
Is the envelope a bill comes in needed to pay it?
Where to buy skateboards onlin for a good price.?
Was Lady Bird Johnson ever involved with Southland Corp or 7-11?
T Accounts Question- holding money for a client.?
Has USPS lost my mail? If they did, what can I do?
My SBI gold and more card six digit code how to get it?
What am I worth on the black market?
detection of chicken pox?
What person in your life do you appreciate the most?
What day is it, can you please tell me, waht day is it, Im confused you see, Is it Sunday? NO Monday? NO?
Which state currently has the highest average price for a gallon of gasoline?
why my mother likes my sister better than me she talks bad about me and talk good about her im very unhappy?
Thi biography of Randall Shughart?
authentic wholesale sites?
evaluating the value of an asset?
Bulk Wholesale White Pillow Cases?
How can I bring HSBC to small claims court?
Is it true that there are no such things as ghosts?
What stores sell good knives, and what are some good knife brands?
how much money would it cost to put together my own drum set?
Do U Think That B NNN ing Retired @ Six I Totally Out Of Control?
Do you think its a waste of money to collect lanyards?
Should i quit my job?
Ware Genealogy?
why do countries import and export products? s.?
How I can get back my money?
What is Industrial Analysis?
I need a short term loan of about $1000 dollars. I have bad credit. Has anyone tried any of them?
where can i sell my uni books without a fee charge?
Whats 100 pesos converted to American money?
I put up my used copy of guild wars 2 on amazon for £30 and someone actually bought it?
Who is responsilbe for debt for an unpiad bill?
Jounralizing Accrued Income Tax Expense?
If I traveled to a place 12 hours from my home, would I still have insomnia?
Quick Financing Please help Really appreciate it thank you so much god bless?
trying to find info about some one so can get ss card?
i don't understand the accounting question?
what can make my hair grow fast?
are there such things as pheromone candles?
How can I package & mail an authentic jersey without making creases?
Why do U.S. banks charge a 6 dollar maintenace fee?
Help in Tally Accounting?
how old do you have to be?
what category would a check go under for accounting purposes ?
can a company transacting business in ca operate on employment policies in ga?
In Fort Worth, TX where can I sell my formal dresses?
how do i start a business with out money to put dow to start?
Accounting problems?
what are the benefits to the American Express Black Card?
is there a card i can send away for & i add money to it by going to the store and then buy things on the net?
What should I do? My friend called me a piece of crap after he told me that we were going to be best friends!!
getting revenge on my hair dresser?
Accounting principle and auditing?
How much does a Management Degree help to suceed?
Can lenders come after money that was willed to you if you're property is in the process of being forclosed?
What is the statute for collections in California?
what is late fee of intkal?
where can i find free latest balance sheet of indian companies?
Proper separation of duties and physical safeguards to protect assets from theft are a company's:?
what are some jobs you don`t like to do?
I bid on an item without reading the description?
Accounting ppl- Help with bond journal entries?!?
Why are the Jim Crow Laws Important to the Civil Rights Movement?
what would you do your mom was making you move to a different school and you don't want to?
what houshold things can u use to make SMALL nondestructive explosions!?!?
I have been unable to contact a company called Vistaprint they are taking payments out of my bank can you help
How do I invent my own language?
what is a bank teller salary?
Why do you think is the best reason why people always wanted to go to America?
who gets the bill of sale buyer or seller?
Hey folks..............I want to know about the jobs in US that give a million dollar salary ?
Evaluate how the functional areas how the functional areas contribute?
who on 100 dollar bill?
how long does it take for a backround check to go through dollar general?
Can I privately sell my annuity ?
I have a california collectors pin from my grandmother...?
Can anyone think of any names for a common currency for North America besides "Amero"?
post Agreement on Textile and Clothing condition of towel exports of Pakistan?
how can i send a mail to someone in this site ?
how is listening is benenficial to the workplace?
Do you like to write?
accounting help??????????????????????
How do you determine value of a company on the tv shark tank?
Finance question!!!! HELP I cant figure out how to solve this problem. Please Help?
why is the sky blue?
what are we doing about the threat of global warming?
How to solve problems with rebates?
Bond Valuation with Semiannual Payments?
I am looking for the list of all top builders in Delhi/NCR if any one have the list pls send me?
Can a girl prove that she is a virgin even if her hymen is broken?
A customer has requested that Inga Corporation fill a special order for 2,000 units of product K81 for $25.00?
workplace bullying - Need to send a resignation letter?
are one pence coins with new penny on them worth anything?
my friend sells drugs, what should i do?
what is the minimum salary for indian CA's in muscat with 2 years of exp. in india?
I found a bunch of old checks dated around march 22,1922 how can i find out how much they are worth?
Where do you go to report online sexual predators?
Classic Jewerly home job, Is it a scam?
what time would it be in french?
Can america stop the trend of outsourcing jobs?
where can i find my RTN NO.?
how old do you have to be to move out in souther california?
Can any one tell me that which degree has worth and will help in future by getting good salary jobs?
any great ebay tips (im REALLY new) ??? trying to buy and sell, make a little cash :-)?
Who is the most famous person that you have ever met.?
What is the most horrible rancid smell on earth?
How much should I sell 49 Sacagawea coins for on ebay?
How much is it for a Solid Gold Bar in the UK?
Why does the mailing fee in Hong Kong is much lower than the US?
where can i look up celebrity addresses for free?
what is mercer's cost of goods sold under the accrual basis of accounting?
what is the job title for someone who imports stuff and then wholesales them locally?
How much do little ceasars pay for someone to hold the sign?
What to wear at my hollister interview!?
Are Asian men attracted to white women?
What should you do if a company you worked for accidentally sends you money?
Connecticut overtime payment for commission based salesman?
need some advice on disability claim?
how do you post depreciation in cash flow statement?
How's the Alertpay system?
Telecommuting companies?
How long does it take for a letter to go throught the mailing system if you live ten miles away?
what does $45 USD look like in UK money?
moved from bt to talktalk landline.?
Help Figuring Out Net Income?
Anyone have any experience with DHL and clearance delays?
Can I use this question to tell my boyfriend that he's the best, and that I love him bunches??
What does it mean if a company has a polarized image?
Question about out of state checks and weird overdraft charges?
How much time do I get once my home is sold at auction in Calif?
Where can i go online to find people that need websites?
What would it be like if men menstruated?
Lagrange Functions ?????
Bailiffs Problem... Help and advice Urgently Needed?
Is there a way to change shipping method on ebay?
How can I make money in 24 hours into my paypal account?
what is your fav. color and why?
How would increasing the miniumum wage for Illinois $1 (Up to $7.50) help the economy in Illinois?
what is needed statistic for business?
The purpose of recording depreciation on productive assets is to?
What is your favorite saying?
What is somthing you use everyday but can't see?
Internet hunt?
What is the name of the richest man in the world?
Have you ever truly hated someone?
how logn does it take to send a letter from louisville kentucky to Pittsburg, PA?
what is your fav. breth mint?
First Investors Internship?
Finance question in my homework please help?
in which website i can find chandlers made of copper in china?
How many of you have a myspace?
why do men take advantage of what they have and dont realize it til its gone?
school supplies where is the best place to buy them?
Does anyone live in Arkansas, and what do you think of it?
I received a check in the mail. If I cash it at Walmart and it's fraudulent, what will happen?
How can i make 100k quick?
is it possible for me to work in uk without knowing english at all?
What is Suspense & mispostings?
If you have posted a business letter but the recepient claims they havent received it, are you responsible?
Why online social network produces so little profit?
How much does it cost to be a distributor for E cigarettes?
I have been trying for days to connect to Messenger. How do i do it? We are with AOL, and have a Mac OS?
Selling Summer reading notes...can I get caught if...?
Accounting Help Please, for my final project!?
who likes spongebob?
Why is paypal so slow at transferring money?
if u cut off your nuts will the y grow back?
Why does the price of stamps, books--everything--keep going up?
canI use my A# instead of my SS to work?
If I worked at Michael's and had a 25% employee discount, could I also use a, for example, 40% off coupon?
where i can find website for printable coupon money maker?
What does "Take care of TCB" mean in the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T?
What is Bill Clinton?
Letter from car loan company?
if every rich person had to spread their money evenly around the world how much money would each person have?
How long can a bank stay close for?
In scotland how much is the salary of a foriegn worker?
For a school project, we are doing a Stock simulation game, and I need help plz!!!?
What does Crunk mean?
you stay in a room in a hotel by yourself under 18 but with your parents in a different room?
Why is England connected to the United States?
When do you obtain your tracking number with UPS?
How do I find out the value of a "1934 A" $100.00 bill??
How much will I get in SIP?
Why do people ask questions that they could just look up online? Are they stupid?
How do you find out where someone is buried?