How much would I get for 20000 Lego blocks?
I have an idea for a sandal for women and men. What are the steps to getting sandal manufactured?
Is it legal to cut someones hourly rate of pay without informing them?
Why are these advantages important? Explain.?
Compute the depreciation expense for the first three years using the double-declining-balance method?
Heard that "Daylight Saving" would be abolished from Canada from the year 2007, is it true?
If hyperinflation happens here in the US, wouldn't it be easier to pay off a mortgage with a locked in rate?
How to change name in india?
Are there resources to help one find housing at age 55?
can you sell ebooks without paypal?
Should I change jobs/ Go to another company?
how much would a sunbed cost on bill?
Do i need to take anything with me to the Hollister Interview? plzzzzz Helpppp?
characteristics of the dhow and junk that provide comparison?
is it a hard process to get ur name changed?
How much is a bar magnet?
who came up with the idea of an aquaruim museum?
Where can i sell my can tops and how much will i get?
How do I get to a site in which it will be easy to pay my bills online?
rise inequality determine globalisation?
how does a youngster affect my financial plan?
when my friend asks if i would recommend a school program to other kids is she saying im a kid?
How can a 14 year old make money?
$1= how much BD. currencies?
How do I find out if a check I received is fradulent or not?
Please can someone explain 2nd stage service cost centre apportionment? Thanks?
What does "emo" mean?
Should Child Molesters, Sex Offenders and Murders be released into our neighborhoods?
what is the equivalent of United Arab Emirates currency Dirhams in United States dollars?
buyer wants a refund?
How to open my safe? Financially important!?
What is a two dollar bill with year 1928 worth?
I'm looking for free forex buy and sell indicators?
Can I get Cash Advance from Bill Me Later?
how to be a legal fraternity?
i want to buy a boot . where i can get it for cheap and high quality?
How much deeper would oceans be if sponges didn't live there?
If I owe $122 today, how much will I owe tomorrow if I get charged 10% each day?
i am searching for my friends e-mail add. she is a fashion designer in india. goes by the name madhu jain.?
why does it take 10 to 20 days for a package to arrive from US yet the UK parcel arrives in days?
can I use glass cleaner to clean a diamond & gold ring?
how much fraudulant money will the bank call the cops on?
How do I price the following bonds?
How do you make a MILLION DOLLARS in 30 days?
What is the longest time someone has gone without sleep?
can i send a cease and desist to a creditor that covers?
Is there a web site where I can check to see if a home I am about purchase in Houston, TX is at risk for flood
What are some animals that live in egypt? (and some info on them.)?
accounting please help?
Who is the founder and current owner of Evike.Com?
the company using managing information system ?
How much U.S dollars is 81 Canadian dollars?
Can anyone tell me what the initials?
How many dollars are withdrawn daily from all banks in the USA? (Checks, cash, bill pay, transfers).k?
What other sites can I go to, to find more information on sex education?
how could i know if he is in love with me or not.?
Determine the inn’s break-even point in (1) number of rented rooms per month and (2) dollars.?
Where can I buy electrical or discontinued electrical items in bulk?
does anyone know how to get a hold of anybody at equifax?
girls! (or guys... i don't mind lol) whats an orgasm?
Who is Pedro?
what is the another term for coin collector,how are you called?
Do you love your job, or do you hate it? What do you do?
Who was the first Marlboro Man?
Topshop, What are the following..?
what is 20% of $854.49?
Where can I sell old books online?
How much money do things cost?
UPS Mail Innovations?
Excuse me would you know where I?
how much money does a single mom need to make each year?
anybody have experience selling on E
do you see any reason in the computer age, why banks should take any more than 1 day to clear a cheque?
Do you think my friend would have a chance of getting accepted by a model agency?
Jobs around the house (easy points)?
What is the best way for a 14 year old to get money?
How do you set up a signature?
If God made us the who made him( or her)?
What should I prepare for the accounting interview in the future?
what is the meaning of SalaM???
Is it possible to 'track' items on eBay?
who created the universe ?
I'm a writer on limited income. where is cheap, warm, climate to live on $1,500 per mo.?
Accounting help!! salvage value! plz help!?
How to increase memory power?
How much can I save in an 8 month period?
Accounting homework, please HELP!?
How much would it cost for a service...?
What I most to do to stop smoking?
What is rate of iron scrap?
A patent has amortization this year of $2,300. The journal entry would be?
Can someone please explain British currency?
In Accounting, how do you figure out the Volume of Sales?
my butt hurts. ive been sittin 2 long. just though id let all u peeps know.?
What's d process to collect amount if a person is giving me his salary cheque issued by his company (bpo)?
How long is a $1 bill?
do food product manufacturers have their own packaging machines that package their products?
negative reactions to the use of the controls in managment?
Is it time to turn city bankers into soap?
How long will it take to get paid by amazon trade in?
What is leadership development?
could I buy something from china and shipp it to dominican republic if I arrange it from canada?
I have a 20 dollars bill without a corner, does still have value?
i'm looking for aarons it is a rent to own store?
What is the difference betwwn a debit and a credit?
what is a GPA of 3.63 equal to?
What time does the UPS truck come in stillwater mn?
an item costs $30 and is marked up by 20% on selling price. what is the selling price. (show work)?
how easy is it to open a business account with lloyds tsb if you have an average credit rating?
why is the sky blue and why is the grass green and why is the earth boring?
I am looking for a company that hires contract Loan Processors to work from home?
What's the difference between poor and fortunate?
Where are the boat ramps in New Smyrna?
Does anybody know how much a best buy employee gets paid ?
Ihave At&t mobil service I want to get SMS on my phone how mayI do it on ?
what is another term for music emanating from miles davis introduction of "cool Jazz" with "birth of the cool"
What does Okefenokee mean?
need a list of pedophiles of picere country?
I need serious help please respond compassionately?
Aluminum price per pound?
How do I get my mind off of something very very VERY scary?
What do you mean by imperialsim?
How true are Murphy`s laws anyway?
How short can the objective of a resume be?
How would you change the site;
Accounting question?????????????????????
how can i find a job in canada?
Hi how long does it take for my refund from paypal to show in my debit card?
Should Germany help Greece to save the Euro?
What is the concept of Environment?
How wireless fuel management works?
Why do people think they are more popular than other people?
Are there any online, "work from home" companies that are actually legit? ?
how much is my piano worth?
How do refunds work on paypal where does the money go?
What are different forms of money?
Eight Hundred Dollars In A Week?
Advice on who to contact or what to do with rental home with RATS AND MICE!?
where can i sell used books?
how to reduce electricity consumption?
when I go out with my friends and we dance , guys are always trying to grab my butt and boobs. why is that?
Explain why firms in an oligopolistic industry have an incentive to collude?
Some names of significant accounting policies that companies use?
I clock in 20 minutes before work and 15 minutes after because our employer requires that. Should i get paid.?
how do I buy a certian word so that I own it?
How do you feel about the 700 Billion bailout?
Are there people who make more money than countries make?
What type of shipping is it called when i ship on ebay with envelopes?
I need a program to keep tracks of my customer?
I need help! Desperate help!!!!?
Why is it still legal for people to drive and talk on cell phones?
Why can't the President send workers out and give every house a little money for their household?
I need a job help!!!!!!!?
is it better to get a degree in accounting or in business with a concentration in accounting?
wholesale item? Art/gafitti items?
What is the largest denomination of U.S. currency in circulation today?
A good profit sharing plan would include all employees. All monies, minus those needed yearly for R&D?
What are the best topics for research project for my Final Year Project in MBA?
Would it be right to leave everything I have ever know to grip my dream?
Can I but anything on with my trade-in money?
how old do you have to be to drop out of high school in illinois?
Need Help!!! Tried several times.?
What day/time does mail(USPS) get shipped?
Is it my imagination, or are 99% of the users of this site under 18 years old?
Prep 1st Vendor Bid?
wat does it mean when a guy hits on you. explain please.?
How do i (delicately) remind my employer that he needs to pay me?
Give some brief examples of Time Management?
Financial Statement Question?
eBay buyer troubles! Help needed!?
if you have an account with santander and a direct debit payment is requested and there are insufficient funds?
How does an American find and qualify for work in the UK?
Ideas for guild name?
Do braces hurt?
Has anyone ever used
When will my UPS package come?
Do you know websites that offer accounting jobs for people with no accounting experience?
How can I get A visit visa to the USA?
Can you offer ideas on how Information Systems contribute to ...?
What Does a contracts Manager do in the construction industry?
When you are hired by a company to work for them whilst studying a University Degree whats that called?
Where can I find a no 3 pencil?
types of kindness?
Are there any "Get Money From Online Surveys" sites that definitely aren't scams?
How do I become a billionaire?
what species is big bird?
Where did the Jeep Avatars go?
Why do horses have to be shot if they break a leg?
Does anyone think that Customer Service in general these days is getting worse?
IS this sentence true or a lie?
Hollister playlist (august)? 2011?
Anyone actually win off a penny auction?
Should I hire a lawyer to sue people that steal my personal information by tapping my phone/email?
How to make $80 in middle school?
Kindle books billing address?
Why do some people have no conscience at all?
circuit city return loophole? help?
Can Mobile Allowance given by a company be calculated on prorata?
how do you cure Hiccups?
Can I become a Management Accountant with a Chartered Accountant license?
Aluminum is worth how much a pound in iowa today?
¿Should the UK give up the Sterling-Pound and take the Euro as the official currency?
Can you help me with an idea?
Why is that I can fight an addiction for 2, 3, 4 months...but then it becomes overwhelming and I fail?
What is the best book or internet site where I can learn how to incorporate in Nevada?
what should i do about my bully boss, besides quit?
Where can I get practical guidance on Auction Sale, Purchase and Auction Houses in India?
I have a Book that was written in 1842 in germany but it is in the mother can i find out about it
Will Walmart let me return/exchange this?
Where can I get custom printed pocket knives in bulk?
Do situations exist requiring a person to possess currency with consecutive serial numbers?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
How to Cancel A Item on Ebay?
y do white people say taco bell is authentic mexican food?
How Much Should I Be Paying?
Ii have silver dimes interested in selling what is the price per ounce and is it better to sell indiviually?
how to track a shipment without way bill number?
Types of accounting positions?
stop the verifications character strings NOW?
Why can't I use my UK debit card in the Online apple store or shop?
Where do you find the forward rate for a US Government bond (I year)?
Where can I exchange British Pound Stirling for U S Dollars in Gaithersburg Maryland?
i see i get a mails from uk telling that i been winner,by selecting emails it seems and they say to pay charge
How much it cost to get creamated?
I really cannot decide can you help?
What does a chief technology officer do?
what is the mission of the human being?
How much is $690 US dollars in UK pounds please? Thank You?
Why can I not order anything on Amazon?
highschool student jobs??
csa case closed, can they re-assess and backdate?
is anyone else mad about these bailouts?
were can I find good codes or coupons for hollister?
It is recession period. V shd save on all fronts. Pl write ur tips to benefit others.?
Is their a non MLM Alternative to the Gold Canyon Scent Pod Warmers?
How to collect wages served in Ohio?
non paying buyer ebay?
there are many messages come to me say that i win millions$ how i check that?
Accounting Homework Help Please?
am 14 years old can i work at safe way. if so how much money do i get for an hour?
i need a party planner in the Bayarea?
how do i check a phone number without paying a fee for the service?
Making money with Ebay?
How many of you can't stand...?
New to ebay, account suspended?
Calculating dividend and shares?
where do i find a receipe for cornbeefandcabbage ty?
Help with previous question?
how do I change a email address spelled incorectly?
If I have to ask for the time off work how do I do it?€?
USPS Priority Mail Help? 10 points?
how can i save up 1000 dollars?
If something is considered 'priceless' questions?
how to do rtgs through cheque?
can you pay a cheque into your NatWest account with out your card, or a paying in book?
Contract has been terminated. Company wants me to train someone else. How do I delicately refuse?
what is the best military branch in the US?
If i were to put about 42 dollars into the coinstar machine how much would i get back?
what makes you love someone who only lies and cheats on you. but to your face your the only women he loves?
Who can tell me the top five most prettiest women alive now?
Accounting Homework Help!!! :(?
Do's and Don't of social behaviors?
Does anyone know where their encyclopedias and dictionaries are since the computer took over?
Interview Question What do you think makes great customer service?
If a bird can fly, can you?
why cant my messenger screen pull up. When I try to open it, it flashes up and closes right back out.?
Is it trademark infringement to use the Google name to name a new product?
Regarding the ACCA professional qualification?
16 and dont know..............?
Okay, my cat is losing his hair! Any suggestions on what is going on?
selling a item outside eBay, my item is only listed for (USA only), but somehow someone from Germany?
Should the BBC go on being funded by viewrs through the licence fee?
how much is 50 paxmai worth in american?
If interest rates rise bond prices rise. True or False.?
Does exchange rate effect online purchases?
Who Do You Wish You Could Kick In The Butt For Being An Idiot?
Searching for David Jones. Year of Birth 1942. Can you help?
i would like to know that i will get best student of the year or not?
Where can I download some literature about management and leadership?
bank of america cashiers check froud?
How can a 11 year boy raise easy money?
How many poeple live in Lithuania?
where is apple from, US or UK?
How can I Raise Money?
what can a 13 year old do to make money?
Calculate markup cost and selling price.?
What is a 1935g silver certificate dollar bill without "in god we trust" worth?
What is a good way for 15 year olds to make money?
what free website can i go too check counterfeit money?
Being charged twice on bank statement while paying off Ticket?
i would like to get free sheet music for beginners for piano?
What are some issues and trends in global socio-cultural issues?
What would happen if everything cost £1.37?
Who do I contact for long lost money?
you meet someone that could make your wish come true how much would you be willing to paid for your wish?
What do u think of redheads?
awaiting release clearance government agency. shipped back to sender. UPS. Help?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a factory or in an office?
where can you get that $2,500 ?
Do I need to reprint this Ebay/USPS shipping label?
Mega million real deal or not?
Need help with business accounting?
How do you know if a dollar bill is real or not?
How will I go about getting my own two bedroom apartment. Utilities included.?
NEed accounting help?
I want to know why material usage variance is valued at standard price and not on actual price? ACCA PAPER F5?
What's the cheapest way, method, provider or service of sending a parcel (clothing) from USA to Australia?
Should the developer reduce the price for us too by common practice or by law?
I need $500.00 this week!?
can a company promise to pay 12-13 dollars per hour change to a commission based pay once you are hired?
To what extent do you think that a successful entrepeneur depends on luck rather than his qualities/skills?
UPS "exception" status question?
I want to start selling shoes on Ebay, strictly with paypal. Any tips? I've bought, but never sold.?
i got an sms telling me i won 800.000 pound. is it real? what shal i do in order 2 get it?
well its that time in life i need to know how to file for bankruptcy and how much it cost i live in michigan?
What are some Finance and accounting jobs?
Where can i work when i'm only 13 ?
If I get a job, what would be good tips to get ahead?
how can I make the most of my 401K?
How does a black light work?
Accounting homework-carrying value of a bond using straight-line method and amortization?
Calculating dividend and shares?
how much will i have after i use coinstar?
What does the "No Hangers" symbol mean?
is there investors in jasper tx that buy mobile hms?
What are the total fees for shipping imports?
What's the Interac e-Transfer equivalent in the US?
where can i buy phone cases in bulk?
What does "In Progress" mean when you ordered an item?
How much does an administrative assistant make monthly?
Where do i go to ask for old Federal tax forms to be mailed to me?
Is there a way to make money online ?
How many people are supposed to be working right now.?
what's your favorite part of your body that you want others to notice btu they probaly don't? why?
Costco Question????????????????????????
USPS says departure scan but the Expected Delivery is By: August 17, 2012?
How do you get your friends to stop out smarting you?
Is there any way to un-enroll in online banking?
What advice do you have for organizing the best 10 year class reunion?
For Professionals only, that deal with Audits?
Is there any way to find a specific person's salary?
How much would a $200 Bond be in 20 years?
are there any good jobs online without hidden fees or scams or anything?
are there any benefits to selling mry kay or similar?
what are some jobs for a 14 yr old in oklahoma?
companies offering loans to businesses who accept credit card payments?
Is there a legal requirement for limited companies to use the accruals basis for producing their accounts?
What is the relationship between free cash flow and the statement of cash flows?
where can i get 37 million dollars?
Intermediate Accounting Question?
Is it better to start a babysitting busines or dog sitting business?
It is possible to solve our debt crisis if we would stop policing the world.?
What will Disney's next big purchase be?
i've got a million dollars, who wants it?
ithe website of sprint wont let me pull up my invoice .why?
I'am Collecting used fifty, twenty, ten and five English pound notes. Will you send me yours?
Why don't people remove their hats when dining (in or out)?
What are OSHA requirements for employees who are forced to work in subzero temperatues?
Am I getting ripped off?
• What are some examples of fixed and variable costs in your workplace? Which costs may have both components?
What deferred tax assets or liabilities will result from these accounting practices?
what is a pursuasive essay topic related to nature?
please help.I need to know how to close my account. Its important! :(?
in wrestling do they really hurt each other?
Has anyone tried the Vinitti cash flow system?
Help please ~Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables?
why isnt ups tracking information not updating?
i have a 1950 ten dollar bill . how much is it worth ?
Is a scam like all the other oline work sites?
my employer sent me a termination letter by certfied mail what would happend if i refused to sign for it?
what are the advanges of using steam turbine against electrical motor in driving rotating machinery?
We got a letter in the mail from an attorneys office, I looked it up and it's a bankruptcy attorney...?
Where can u change pesos into dollars?
What was the Power Ball number for 2/11/06?
how long does first class mailing takes?
Drawee bank in case of cheque?
who is more jealous?women or men?
what is junk jewel or junk jewellry?
Do you think there realy are spirts that watch us and hang around?
Can I use a different return address when sending a letter?
If I ask for a replacement item from, do they ship the replacement right away, or do they wait for?
If I open a case on ebay about an item, can I open the same case on Paypal?
UPS tracking not updating?
How do I find out how much some diamonds I have are worth?
Does anyone know what the first barbie ever was made of?
I'm looking for the U.S. Dept of Ed Rehabilitation Services Administration's Office locations and phone #'s
Why won't anybody bid on my guitar on ebay?
Should I take a job that I am over qualified for or keep looking?
how much is 40 dollars in pesos?
I would like to know what you all think..?
how can I speak with a customer service agent?
Hey did the bbb formula work ?
Bad customers? or Bad cashiers?
how to become a billionaire?
should I quit may job and stay home with my kids while my husband works?
Has anyone used a professional moving company?
How do you make those little tear dots/holes, that companies use for checks and invoices and stuff like that?
Does anyone know of a credit card company that doesn't outsource customer calls out of the united states?
the stimulus package was 787 billion, so my question is where did the government get that much money from?
What are some legitimate ways to make some good money?
where can i go to find out information about a finance company out of state??
what is the value of 85000 pounds in indian rupee?
what isn't pot legal??
how do i find work with the katrina hurricane cleanup?
Bagaimana cara mengerjakan ini ?
Does getting to a store 9 minutes before closing justify denial of service.?
Workplace Trade Union Reps (UK)?
What business can make you $2000 commission per sale?
worker response to write up?
how much is 4 and a half tons of gold worth in money??
Purchasing supplies on account increases liabilities and decreases equity? true or false?
If I like someone should I tell them?
Where can I find a AK 47 gunsmith around Detroit (Downriver) area ?
Which is better? Good determination or good talent?
does anyone know if target is coming out with the 2005 snowden snowman?
somebody refuses to move out of my best friends apartment and he is not on the lease. What can she do?
How much does a postal clerk make?
How much is a 1946 Us penny worth?
which of the following is nominal account and which are real accounts?
Exercises that require NO equipment?
i am 21 and i have come in too a bit of oney how should i use it to make a better future for myself and have..
wat is my future?
Shpuld i use a blog or a website?
if company will not pay pf employes have to pay pf with them own money isit posible?
Whats traditional in your family?
What is one if the main purpose of a tariff today?
i want messinger 6.0 back,not 7.0?
depreciable cost or depreciable base?
How to write a check for $1,055.00?
whatt is the largest handgun ever made?
present value homework help?
A major store lost 80 slides that were 30 years old. How much should the store be expected to compensate me?
What is the answer to life, universe, and everything?
list all employee who draw salary < 2000 more than 5000?
Are there or are there not U.F.O. s?
What does btb mean?
I cashed a $12K check at the bank and the teller had to fill out a form. Any idea why?
Does anyone have a deferred billing code for Chadwicks for 2011/?
i found 50,000 dollars in a suit case . should i turn it in?
Did I get ripped off on ebay? 6 digit usps tracking number?
what does a research and development chef do? & how much do they get paid a month?
Anyone been or is on the birthcontrol shot? Can you still get pregnant?
where can i find or make balance sheet of a company with sales of 50000000 INR?
How do you Tell a Company that their Job Offer sucks?
How much does a television set that its price is $1000 at the market, costs to the factory, to produce it?
If you could give me one piece of advice...what would it be?
What is the fastest-growing grass in the world?
What to expect in an interview for promotional modeling...?
im not gay, but i start to see porn and if the only show the boy or the girl, y get exited.... why????
if u have one life too live what would you do???
Overtime for company meetings?
My husband wants to record us having sex.?
I bought some ice cubes on E Bay but when they arrived they had melted, is this grounds for demanding a refund
How Do I take $100 and make the biggest possible gain in 30 days?
If the price of any product increases or decreases after we book it and pay advance,should this affect us?
I have $155...?
Is it possible to have amazon notify me if an item goes to a certain price?
how do i get a bill of sale for a truck that i bought from a dealership that went out of business?
Accounting question............?
Anyone know about a company in PA that turns plastic into petroleum (please read)?
what are the four oceans called???
how to reduce anger?
What are the legal definitions and the difference between a global supplier and regional supplier?
Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities minus Capital Expenditure = Free Cash Flow?
Guys- If you had to choose between $1 Million and...?
Was Freddie Kruger a real man?
How many 100 US$ in the Lac Indian currency?
Need Help with Financial Accounting..?
If i am gothic is that bad? But i believe in god.?
Nus code for asos 25 percent discount?
What do you think about crop circles?
Why can't we play the radio in our retail environment?
where from i buy rw4 professional key duplicater in india or selsmen cell no.& what price this time?
What is currently the highest earning MLM company in Malaysia?
Where can a 14 year old store his money for online use?
how to allocate salaries to construction project?
Explain what is meant by business and financial risk.?
How long does "Return To Sender" take for a first class letter from Georgia to Florida?
Ebay book item not as described? help?
How do you LEGALLY coin a word or phrase?
Got a package in the mail?
How to Calculate the Cost of Capital of a Company?
job interview today, they already reviewed my resume but told me to bring a copy, can i make corrections?
how much do you get for allowance?
does gamestation send pre order games by royal mail or do they use a seperate company sender?
how many 2006 dodge chargers have u seen?
I'm planning to work at a retail store for minium wage but how much money will I REALLY be making?
How do I find out if someone is cashing my personal checks?
Ive seen people put hearts in there answers, how?
Is there any correlation between adoption and learning disability?
why is using coins as money more easier than using gold bars?
should i be a stay at home job?
What are your predictions for the US Dollar vs Euro in mid-late 2010?
im having touble working this question for cost accounting can any one help me?
whats a good revenge tactic for a guy who tried to sexually humiliate and have sex with my wife?
Is 240€ allowance for an Au Pair in Italy enough/reasonable?
Should I buy euros before I leave the US?
Where can I find the jobs people don't think much on?
what is your fantasy?
I am going to establish an oil mill plant, which company can i trust?
what is delegent mean?
Balance Sheet Not Balancing?
how does, ect. work as far as making money online for surfing goes? sounds 2 good 2 be true.?
if a lottery winners identity is kept secret and the winner discovers the information,how to claim the jackpot?
can your previous employer block you from collecting unemployment from your current employer?
wholesale gold jewelery suppliers?
Will a right isosceles triangle produce a reptile ?
i heard mosler safes had a problem with cast hinges im trying to sell one but dont know how much to ask now?
What is the importance of control accounts?
i am trying to find a good friend who is currently incarcerated within the california department of correction
A friend of a friend is trying to date her man what should?
where can i make money online like how hard is it?
I'm 15, well how can I do this?
why don't they get rid of day light saving time?
listen to hero by mariah carey?
How to use paypal for online shopping ?
bill collectors and there "lawyers"?
I am being harassed by a telemarketing company even though i requested to be not called. Help?
whos gonna win the super bowl???
Ok so I just sold my amp on ebay and paypal balance is missing a few pounds?..?
what is the different between islamic and conventional banking system?
How much is a John F. Kennedy signature worth?
do accountants just write statements or is that just bookkeepers?
how can i email someone on answers to tell them thank you?
how long does it take for some one to get an e-mail?
Plzzzz Money Q about EUR and American money?
why have charity shops started asking such ridiculous prices?
Will ever get back to normal, like it use to be??
why do new firms usually have negative accounting profits?
how can i earn passive income?
What are the gas prices in your area? and does it piss u off that it keeps on going higher??
while baby-sitting , how can you calm down the kids?
Cheapest exchange EUR to USD in US (which bank?)?
What Does FDES NTX and FDES NEA mean. They were on a BOA bank statement?
Accounting True or False Questions! Please help!!?
Could you help me out the Accounting ?
Im 14 years old and i need to.....?
How to make PayPal dispute with PayPal receipt number?
do you believe in miricals? and if you do please say why and what happend to you.?
What does F.O.B. mean when dealing with a vendor?
Who knows how to operate an old Dos - Datatrend Management for water bills?
Is my USPS insured package lost - I'm an Ebay seller?
can saggitarius and virgo have any chances to get along and get married....?
will Netflix raise its prices on my new account after a couple months?
why were monasteries built?
How do you record this in accounting?
The company is talking about shutting down without pay - am I eligble for unemployment during that time?
need 1000$ and im only 12?
How do I Transfer Ownership of an LLC?
Is being old awful?
What and how many materials were used for the construction of the Woolworth?
3 examples of change that has occured due to the 20th century technology and social development?
can someone give me advice on how to ask a police officer (best friend) for his email?
Is goth a religion?
why dont the bank of england just print loads more money and solve all the problems that way ??
TVM Solver on Calculator - Present Value of Money?
How to make £700 by December?
What workplace culture characteristic would make you say YES to a new job?
havent received my statement?
Can you acquire a lease if you don’t have credit history?
Some random fee took away over 200 dollars in my debit card?
Airmiles reward miles?
how do i get rid of an annoying little girl.?
Do you think business degrees are overrated?
Did you notice the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo before it was pointed out to you?
Don't you just hate it when..?
If 31/2 pounds of bananas cost $.98, how much would one pound cost?
What info does the buyer need to do a bank transfer?
UN Security Finance & Firm of UK?
Can someone help me locate a book called "pickle"?
How long do we have to keep our bank statements as a back up, before being able to shred the pile away?
why do your ears hurt when you fly on an airplane?
What is the capital of the Philippines?
Where is the best place to exchange 600 euros into pounds?
plzz help me soon.......its about currency........?
why do shops in england refuse scottish money?????????
What are the matters to be considered in the preparation of accounts of manufacturing companies?Company?
Were to buy these items at wholesale prices?
is it rude to take notes on a laptop when interviewing some one?
osama bin ladin is still alive?
What's teh CBP (Customs and Border Protection) has to do with exporting items from China, anyone knows?
Where do I get currency exchange?
Not Getting A Break At Work?
Determine the contribution margin in dollars, per unit, and as a ratio.?
Can you lick your elbow???
How much is £4.00 pounds in American Dollars?
why do humans see dreams during sleep?
In Accounting for a merchandise business is merchandise inventory and perepaid insurance a current asset?
Where are dollar bills made?
I have a question about a vacation accrual policy.?
what is a flight to boston mean because boys at my skool say this all the time?
how can i earn money online?
do any of you watch the korean drama "Bizare Bounc" in chanel wybe 35?
How long does U.P.S First class shipping take?
im looking for a store that sells diamond rings and the diamond is flawed so that i can get a bigger diamond?
Accepting credit cards for free or cheap at a small nonprofit business?
do u think this is a cool cat?
How high do you believe gas will be by the end of the summer? (per/barrel)?
does a child with a mexican father look like a mexican?
if a shop/internet shopping site marks something cheaper by accident..?
Resolved Question: how much price of gold per gram in bangladesh now?
Which accounting principle is being applied when developement costs are capitalized?
IS orange cargo a real company i have been shipping for them but want to know if its legit?
Can a bar operate as a 501C3?
who id the best usher or bowwow?
How do I measure a roof to find out how many squares I need?
People's whose names contain the word green?
What is What services do they offer?
some quick resume help?
How many people are making a living doing something that was only a hunch?
what is Jainism?who was it's founder?what are its beliefs,principles,doctrines,religious rituals and "taboos"?
How, when, and where did the phrase "web surfing" originate????????
Question about receiving money through paypal on ebay?
Would you quit a job?
Failed Accounting 1A 3 times; What is there to do?
what's 10% off of £99?
What is the most successful franchise in the world?
Do you think after BUSH- Economic conditions of USA will be better?
IFRS 118 Revenue?
what are the main components of international business management?
where can I go to get my check cashed?
Accounting - How would I do this in the Ledger?
western union confusion. PLEASE HELP!!!?
Does anyone know how the process of grant writing goes?
I shipped my package with the wrong service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Jobs For 14 year olds?
can i claim back bank charges from natwest?
Can someone tell me where to find clothes for my overweight son? He is 7 and weighs 92 lbs.?
at what age was George Washington completly toothless?
how many british pounds equal $100.00 us dollars in 2009 ?
Is it possible to become a Millionaire by owning a Management Consulting Firm?
Help!I ordered diet pills on the internet two weeks ago and still havn`t received my order.They took my $185.0
What does it mean when your nose itches?
Which countries rely upon one commodity to export?
How should I react to my former bf who stopped being friends by avoiding me? Do I tell her off or ignore her 2
If you could get another sibling, would you rather it be a boy or girl?
My Market Tracker is not working - for about 2 weeks THIS TIME.?
How many points on questions do you need to get to level 2?
What is the best and most high recommended book to read in this world? cancled my order? why?
What do you call the head of a syndicate?
How do items get sent to your house when shopping online . how do they find you by address or by code?
if i wanted to buy perfume from Amazon and ship it to Malaysia, how much will i be charged?
why does sugar make soda fizz?
Is wanting to have money the same thing as "loving money"?
How do I print priority postage online (USPS) for a regular box?
how many of you still love your first boy friend or girlfriend?
Can anyone tell me what 'shrinky dinks' are, please?
How to calculate material purchased when opening stock and material usage is given?
if 5% more is gained by selling an article for Rs350 than by selling for Rs340,the cost of the article is?
If your kids don't behave right is it approiate to spank them or slap them in the face?
Accting Question Help?
When you claim benefits for unemployemnt over the phone, how long does it take for the check to be mailed?
Getting paid a dollar less? fair or not fair?
What shows up on a background check?
I have a bully and i cant beat him up but i just cant. any advice?
What would it be like if men menstruated?
What is the best type of defense attorney to get when someone commits a crime against a child?
Why does B&H charge tax on items you buy in-store?
Secrets to making money?
How do I ship small items cheaper?
How can sellers increase profits when they face a price ceiling?
Am i entitled to a refund?
Is there a way to buy something on-line and then have it sent somewhere else so they can send it to my house?
what does the q stand for in q tip?
which gang is more cruel crip or blood?
What is foreign currency?
how much is this Oxford clarinet worth?
123 is what percent of 450?
ok so how do u add info to your nickname , or am i completely computer stupid?
I will be graduate by march 2013 and want do a business of my own in a shop which i have in Mumbai?
Looking for NABOB coffee company information...particularly price lists for collectible merchandise?
what is considered a business day?
Payments charged to phone bills.?
if there's mucus coming out of vigina,what is that???
How to calculate FWT and SWT?
How can I pass a drung screen by tomorrow?
How much would 21 pounds be converted to dollars and inflated from 1912 to 2012?
I am selling a diamond, does the potential buyer sound like a scammer?
A retailer buys goods at 10% discount on its market price & sells them at 20% higer than the marked price.?
Should I quit Publix for Target, or should I try to work things out (and if so, how)?
Is there something wrong with getting new toilet seats?
What happens at a Hollister group interview?
modeling agencies for 13 year olds and up?
Will I get a refund on my shipping from UPS?
Why are non chevron gas stations affected by a refinery fire?
Simplify: -8[-98-(94-89)]=?
Where can I buy rubbing alcohol in bulk? Wholesale Prices?
What are those shoes called with a wedge all of the way down the shoe?
where is Ledovakrasa?
how do i calculate this percentage growth?
got a txt for the $1000 best buy gift card! is it for real?
How can i remove my bid on e-bay?
hey guys I want to know that we pay the bill by cheaque on flipkart or not?
how to track a shipment without way bill number?
What organizations have the responsiblitty for overseeing, evaluation, and coordinating Medicate Part D?
i need help in looking for a home based online job.?
Bankruptcy or no bankruptcy?
What was the scariest thing you've ever been through in life?
Hollister Paycheque Question?
how can we send message on mobile phone?
The postal employee made a mistake and has my package as "delivered" at the time and location I shipped from?
do you believe in what people tell you to, or what you experience?
who is Sheik Mansour?
DO TIGHT BUTTS DRIVE YOU NUTS ???? If so, who has a NICE TIGHT BUTT ? What is it about them ??
could an h&r agent in a walmart store obtain a walmart W2 for a terminated employee who needs taxes done?
UPS Shipping Questions?
When is you birthday, Is it on OCtober 10.?
Can I get pictures of the gay porn star Troy Punk?
Why do some cashiers ask you for your zip code?
Set up T-accounts for Merchandise Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold?
Where should I go to get a 20 dollar bill for 20 dollars in quarters?
Is it great to name a hotel ' Luxury ' ?
if u had had asven hundrend billion dollars what would you do with it?
How to dress like a Chinese FOB?
Gold price in dehradun, india?
The most expensive watch in the world costs over 2 million and 4 years to make, Who makes them?
Riddle? Reletivly Easy?
what are some good "buy and resale"' items?
Accounting and Finance III?
Does the memorary card come free in motorola roker e1(starhub user)?
Who else thinks "salt-n-pepper" hair is sexy on a man?
I have a wells Fargo cashiers check how can I verify that it's real?
How to determine PRICE PER SHARE if Stock price is given, EPS, Dividend per share, and number of shares?
What is the longest road in the in world?
There is a private investigator in Manhattan NY called "Parco P.I." i need to know how ti find hem.?
What are the best export pricing strategy method that FMCG company shall follow?
I have purple and black hair, will the colour put employers off hiring me?
Is a pink buttondown shirt in style for a man?
UPS Shipping options from US to Canada delivery time?
How much in U.S. currency can I get for 2 Canadian pennies and a Canadian dime?
What is the allowance method it terms of the accounting equation?
Can you still spend £1 notes?
What can I buy from the US to sell in Mexico?
Why when I write in English to solicitors in France do they reply in Frence?
can you give advice on what to do when you have a drug problem?!!!?
Some money in gas, some in cash?
What is a product that has elastic demand ?
where i find usps in canada?
Can someone tell me what the letters "AM" and "PM" mean as relates to time?
Getting a $5000 lump some death benefit?
Have you ever farted during an important business meeting?
how much are beany babies worth?
Chocolate Box Company is going to make open-topped boxes out of 7 × 12-inch rectangles of cardboard by cuttin?
Bank of America screwed me with its damn "debit" card. Can I get my money back?
Accounting - Statement of Cash Flows -31?
took my money and ran?
in UPS investigations do the investigators come to your house and ask you questions?
What Club in Houston is good to go to for a first timer?
What's the best kind of drum set?
Today is March 24th, MY BIRTHDAY!!!! 2 points for everyone who sings me the Happy Birthday song!?!?!?!?
Oneida Furniture Company deposits all cash receipts each Wednesday and Friday in a night depository, after ban?
what should i put for the box "desired wage"?
Is the Cost Of Goods Sold considered a liability?
Can one kind of forecast serve at all levels of planning and control?
How can I make money?
Is there such a thing as a stupid question?
Who is the luckiest man ever? Of having been lazy and yet becomes a billionaire?
Who does the voice(s) in your head sound like?
if a person is not divorced, can they claim common law marraige or informal marraige to someone else in Texas?
What kind of jobs should I expect with a General Business degree in something like accounting?
I am bald. This idiot at work every day keeps saying 'can you explain your baldness please' what should I do?
Company name suggestions please?
FedEx remote pickup question?
Who can solve This accounting problem for a bond with a lower market rate?
where in the bible is agape written?
Discreetly spend mothers money?
what some good ways to make lots of money when your 14 & 15?
Which cereal is your favorite to eat at breakfast?
Now suppose that you go to your bank and write a check on your account payable to cash for $500. The teller gi?
Accounting fair value method question?
What are the Pros & Cons and which is the best to work for?
how to handle critism from other effectively ?
Why do you think you can answer people's questions? I hope you don't mis-quide them.?
Where can I get practical guidance on Auction Sale, Purchase and Auction Houses in India?
How much will Paypal charge me to send money to my sister?
Where Can I Buy Wholesale Candy?!!?
What evidence do I need to win my child custody case?
Why do people think I'm so spoiled?
Can we call someone on the other side of the international dateline and get tomorrow's winning lottery number
i'm getting married, and i had a dream that got make up all over my wedding dress. what does this mean?
Going loco for something or someone right now?
Who believes in Christ as there personal savior?
Problem 6-9A Accounting/ LIFO, FIFO, AVG.?
what is the code p0133 mean for a 99 dodge ram mean?
Define management and its scope.?
how long does it take to flush out a in your body system?
Does anybody know a job a 13 year old can do that isn't babysitting?
how do you calculate $125+35% fuel surcharge on a calculator? please advise step by step, thanks?
Did you feel sorry for Ken Lay?
Which accounts do you debit and credit?
I have to get a letter somewhere by tomorrow and the post office is already closed.?
How do you confirm that you shipped something on eBay??!?
Is it required to have a bank account for PayPal?
Hey Charlie?
if you found a wallet with 80 dollar inside ?
Why is there often a mirror in an elevator?
Why are business ethics important?
exchanging pesos for dollars?
If you had one day to live what would you do?
How to get unclaimed money free?
What is the best sites for free download?
Target or Wal-mart? Why?
where do words come from when you talking with a girl?
How do you properly pronounce "ramen", as in ramen noodles?
What is the first most important question to answer when creating a business plan for a new product?
how much money is there in 1 euro?
Why do americans celebrate St Patricks day with such pride?
How can I get debt collectors to stop calling me?
What are the best paid online survey sites?
Is it possible to have out-of-body experience without taking drugs?
How much meat is there on a cow?
Will employers care if my resume is short?
free gov cell customer service?
Which of the following represents the best profitability for a hotel performance?
How long the port is normally iced over in the winter like in Nampo, Korea.?
How to buy stuff online "shipping"?
how do you get one of those pictures you all got by your names?
How much will blue man stage used drumsticks be worth in 10 years?
Are you getting the $13 bucks stimulas check thur your work?
Gamestop trade in value?
Would a fly without wings be called a walk?
Word Problem and oppertunity cost?
what would cause you to be sick to stomach after eating eggs?
Has anyone got any good ideas of how to make money very quickly?
Why is it that no matter how many socks I buy, I never have enough?
how to find out if swimming pool contractor is not a fraud?
Suggestions for incorporating Value Added Service for Mobile Software which is in development stage.?
accounting major or business management?
How do companies verify age for online orders?
Where can I buy this.?
How much pounds is 65kilos?
looking for colored elastic 2 inches wide?
How do you write out $1.25 million? Is it not $1,250,000?
How much is it worth?
Accounting Problem HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Accounting Question??????
what is a good words per minute typing speed for clerical work?
Names for a personal training company needed?
What percentage of all australian trades go to Europe?
How much is a Canadian 2 dollar bill worth?
Preparing an Income Statement... Accounting class?
accounting question please help?
Coupon rate (accounting)?
Assuming that a periodic inventory system is used, what is the amount allocated to ending inventory on a LIFO?
I sold something on Ebay, am I being extorted? What can I do?
Called or Driven? What is it that motivates you?
I am moving into a council flat on Friday and need some help getting furniture etc. what support can I get?
How can you change OZ. into tsp?
religious questions....please help if u can.....?
Im an independent contractor, do i qualify for maternity or disability paid leave?
what is the best gift for your best friend? Other than a bracelet or a necklace!?!?
Can you return purchased but yet undelivered furniture when the store has "all sales are final" policy?
what is your biggest pet peeve?
Are you allowed to do this? please read?? (this is a re-post)?
Help! I need to know if my bank is closed tomorrow?
Why 18 at the Apple Store?
what that's so raven is the best episode??
i need some info,,, on what a 2 dollar old u.s.a large note is worth ,1953,?
Does anyone received an email like this? this sounds to be true, please help!?
is majoring in BBA Finance worth it?
Is best buy a good place to get things?
can make local calls but not international calls?
How much do make An hour?
is capital structure important to increase the value of a company?
what is the criteria for measuring the effectiveness of a successful marketing organisation ?
Is the child of my cousin my 2nd couin?
where is crispin gollena reyes?
eBay selling error, much help needed!?
what do you when you're bored?
How do I get paid using PayPal?
How can i make 100k quick?
Can I press charges if someone used my bank account without authorization?
What is a real good way to learn how to cook?
how many stamps do i need to mail a 1lb item?
How much is a postal money order for $30?
Is it true China and Mexico won't allow importation of CDs or DVDs?
Looking for a private investor!?
If economy was bad why DJ Stock market shoots up from 8300 to 13,400 in four years?
Any lenders that refinance during a chapter 13?
What is the whackiest gift you've ever given or received?
How to make a lot of money as a teen?
why there are large increase in mortgage default?
What is a non-chase ATM without a fee?
sky outstanding bill Since 2009? UK Folks Only Please!?
How can I cancel my contract for kitchen installation?
scammed on ebay?
how can I find a project manager for a fundraiser?
can you send coins through mail (envelope)?
Bank safety deposit boxes made out of...?
How can I have USPS ship my item for me?
how much would a pawn shop pay for a 2000$ Range Top?
does anyone know the minimum payments from the standpoint of the lessee?
how far back do companys check on backgrounds checks for employement?
Do you know the muffin man?
Does it cost more money in shipping to refuse UPS order?
how to manager?
What's Europe's longest river?
Whats 1+9+99+55-900+3,000+600-500 x 250 = ?
Do you believe in GOD? Why or why not?
can i buy a money pack card online?
Is it legal for your phone company to charge you for technical support?
how do you use & read a compass use for camping?
How much can I get for 36 grams of 10k and 14k gold?
Is it funny to hit an Emo just to watch them cry?
For a lawsuit without a lawyer, which forms do I need to send to court.?
What is 'utilization' and what is 'efficiency'?
What is the F word ?
Is it snowing by you?
if the company that denied me unemployment benefits goes out of business before my appeal date, do i win?
what are advantages and disadvantages of help desk for a business?
What happens if I paid for an item on Craigslist with a money order and they dont send my item?
how do i go forward with my idea? to copywrite,form a business,etc;what direction do i go?
What is the best cheapest way to receive secure online payments?
I need a list of Domain Selling Company's that accept PayPal?
Will they ever make a new design for the 1$ bill ?
How to sell mobile technology assets?
how currency is generate every year?
where store i can buy refine paraffin wax?
can i leave instruction for UPS mailman?
Is there a easy cheap way to cover up used boxes that has sprayed on ink labels?
Is ! Answers a good service?
I recieved a letter from a company telling that i had won 45,000,00 and sent me a check for 2,596.31 for fee's
how did u do that?
what is the average of 73% and 47%?
is john cena hott?
Accounting Homework-Calculate Earnings Per Share?
how do you pierce your own belly-button?
can you predict my future my date of birth 30th december 1981?
Is calling yourself "family owned and operated" really a good thing in fabrication & machining?
Is the question below an "offer" or an "invitation to treat"? (and is it binding)?
How can I determine if an employee has fraudulently used a company credit card?
where can i change forgein money from irak?
Hoow do i make my boyfriend know i love him more than anything?
What is a country iran?
what are stated income mortgages?
What is your definition of "CLUSTER*UCK"?
Accounting Questions Basics?
Do you need a co-signer if you are a first time car buyer and 19 years of age?
how to safely make a craigslist transaction?
to earn more money nowadays, is it just down to luck?
Plz someone tell me Wht is the current market price per gram of saffron in india?
how do you get your money from taking online surveys?
who is the highest paid model in India?
Can i ship things i sold on ebay by wrapping them in brown paper bag?
how much do accountants make an hour?
is 19 debit and 25 credit...?
Do you like Paris Hilton? Yes or No (why?)?
Trevor Price bought 10-year bonds issued by Harvest Foods five years ago for $928.57. The bonds make semiannua?
If a form says everything is "in millions" how much is 2,782?
Is there a way to make money online that isn't a scam?
What year di they stop making solid copper US Cents?
Can you write me letter please to show interest in buying business lease?
Is the penny worth anything?
compute corporation's net income and comprehensive income?
Creation of life?
I bought something and it says it has been shipped.. How long will it take to come in the mail?
UPS Delivery Question!!!!HELP PLEASE!?
looking for some new things to buy on ebay?
Do you know any site or business they sells legal imitaions/ replica?
a quick job interview question?
I Have A Guaranteed Income, Will I Benefit From A Recession?
Please help with accounting!?
What religion teaches the true meanings of the Bible.?
Am i getting scammed? or is there anybody doing this and legit making money?
How much is 10% off $9840.00?
How long will it take for me to reach Q&A level 5 if I post and answer everyday?
What can I do? provident agent is harrassing me?
Does any one knows how and where to buy Euros for CAD other than bank?
I want to get into leverage business, where you sign up more people and make $, is anyone doing this?
Dying of boredom?
Expected real interest rate?
Private transportation?
if you won 35 million would it change your life?
Should i worry? what should i do?
where do i apply for a job at fedex and ups?
Where can i sell my t.v and how much?
Do you get annoyed when people chew with their mouth open?
Who would pay for the associated collection costs?
good way for a kid to make money?
How much could I sell my iPod nano for? ?
Can I re-use a stamp?
what's skills needed to work as a software engineer in banks?
Is there a cap on one's salary?
does any 1 know cheat codes for lord of the rings battle for middle earth?
how to conquer fear of flying?