When should sales be recorded when there is a downpayment?
Which type of business has the easiest time borrowing large sums of money?
Macro Ec. Questions! HELP!!!! TIME LIMIT!?
Income Summary has a credit balance of $12,000 in J. Sawyer Co. after closing revenues and expenses. The entry?
how can u become a billionaire?
You're in a race, lagging, you get a burst of energy and overtake the person in 2nd place!?
what is the easiest way to make money being your own boss with no money to invest?
Rare Ebooks ?
Friend won't pay back loan to him?
what jobs can a 13 year old get?
Has the recent economic stimulus package signed by the president begun to solve the depression the USA?
An item is regularly priced at $80. It is on sale at a discount of 75%. What is the sale price?
what is the state flower of new york city?
what is CFNM?
Tyrone is comparing two checking accounts. One has a monthly fee of $5 and a per-check fee of $0.25, and the o?
who is the smartest person in the world?
question about housing benefits?
Using a Credit and Debit Card abroad question?
I'm looking for a free internet site to post my room for rent one that gets the most hits i'm in Toledo
Do you think it is ok for people to come to this country and not pay taxes for so many yrs?????
how much is a wheat penny?
Why are there so few people who spell things right in Answers, and on any computer thing?
Does Best Buy price match Amazon?
Accounting bank acccount problem?
how to build a chopper?
How does one become more social?
accounting questions?
I'm a us citizen. What type of papers would I need to file with the UK gov. in order to open a small business?
Can a vendor refuse to accept payment by cheque?
where can you get the envy cell phone and give me an estimate cost please!!!!!!
What's the difference between religions?And why do you not like some of them?
is tescos own soap any good?
im trying to save up for an ipod touch,how do i make money if im only 13?
Can packages be sent through USPS Parcel Post internationally (US to non-US destinations)?
Frenchy’s Fast Fries?
people are staring to get on my nerves in general. what do i do about that? what should i think of ?
Which compunding period yields smallest present value given stated future value and APR?
Are you sober right now and where are you ,do you know,I in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a great holiday gift to give to your co-workers?
which is better than ebay?
What do I major in if I want to become a financial advisor? Business or accounting?
How has retirement affected your present life? For Better or For Worse (list M/F) writing paper thanks?
I was invited for a ViSalus meeting...?
Using an idea you helped form but did not initiate.?
How much is a 1847 seated liberty silver dollar worth?
How a 15 year old can get money?
more annoying, a know it all or a clueless idiot?
How much money would i make in a year?
Looking for information about packing list envelopes?
Why won't American Ebay sellers not sell to Canadians?
how can i get organized?
question for disney employees please?
I am after information about ''Summit Queen Limited'' i see it as pyramid selling am i correct or wrong.?
How much are thease coins worth in USD?
any Rn's out there?
iam site engineer work in fiber optical fields and i want to make performance table to evaluation my 2 teams ?
what is symbolic racism?
Unique product for college students....?
Present discounted value and bond's maturity?
How to find the invert demand function to obtain the equation of the demand curve?
how to Make Money with click bank (best way to promote)?
What is an alpha male?
How does a 7th grader earn money?
A free service that could send a message to a list of numbers for my business?
Accounting Help Lease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! s!!!?
Making money for a 14 year old
lookin 4 a cottage that has a lake at the front of it , 1 rm, uk romantic , & u can swim in the lake any ideas
moving home?
if i want to get money on paypal, to donate it, do i have to create a premier account? or can i use personal?
If u had $1,000,000 what would u spend it on?
expected reutrn on your portfolio. ( financial )?
Finance Major Question?
How to find payback period?
Is it cheaper to buy in bulk?
if i invented something how long would it be before someone could copy my idea?
Does anyone have any sensible advice on how to get out of debt?
i need help with accounting 105?
when did mexico gain indepents & how?
I'm trying to download free music?
5 Day Shipping? Whenn will my item arriveee?
How many hairs dos the average person loose in one day?
What is a P.O. box????????????
is there a product, that is legal to buy (over the counter), that would show positive for aphedimines in a U.A
how much is $35 (dollars) into pounts (£)?
What do you call those guys that hold up signs for minimum wage?
Cell phone bill issues...?
which are the main(basic)difference betwen USA and Europe in economy?
How much notice should you give a landlord before moving out?
Banned from a store question?
Vintage furniture and the value?
What are some foolproof ways of making money online?
Dishonored worth buying?
Is their anything you can do besides loose weight..within a month?
What monetary currency is used on Mars?
if you won the bid of item, but you do not pay for it, what will happen (e-bay)?
Finance help! please!
80% off $5 and how did you get that answer?
USPS Return to sender - Help?
I invented something great, what should I do?
General formula to calculate retail price?
Is reliable?
How much is this coin worth?
Finance Question?
Sould I save Elfin? He looks so sad...?
What should i learn to run a retail store? marketing,logistics,economics,… chain,etc....?
I want to make foreign trade?
What exactly is 'satori enlightenment'?
i got this german phrase book from an old/rare bookstore. selling on much??
What can i do to fight depression without medication??plz HELP:'(?
If you had extra arm and hand, would you crime fight, or pretend to have alien in shirt?
Can you please suggest me a name for a new (quick) Market Research tool my company plans to launch?
Tips on how to stay up all night for my new jobs.?
Whats your favorite line/brand of clothes? Oh, and what color, what style?
How much should i sell this for?
if tomorrow you would wake up as a member of the other sex... what would you do? how would it change your life
Price for Registered Mail USPS International Packages?
My 7 year old son is afraid of clowns. What kind of phobia is this?
Cashing a Social security check of a dead person.?
How long will it take?
If application declined by 7% to 1,625,415 what was the previous total?
What service would make your life easier?
Are there Dollarama's in the US?
How to make cheque payable only to payee?
why do countries import and export goods all over the world?
during a sale a jacket costing dh 240 is reduced by 20% what is the sale price?
Is it possible to get the hdfc gold card statement transaction and date wise if so pls give me step by step pr?
does any1 need help on gangs?????????????
What is it called when someone has multiple personality's, but the two can speak to each other?
If you fall in a dream and hit the ground, can you actually die?
on ebay if I bid 18.00 on an item why would it only say the bid is 1.80 it just says my max bid is 18.00?
Ordered clothes from Hollister help?!?
Can someone please give me links to where I can find handicapped dating site for free or for cheap please.?
who invented the porta potty?
who all on here thinks i'm weird dating a tiolet?
Is the US debt fixable?
what kind of women do men love? do they still like 200 pounds women?
I need help figuring out this problem..?
does anybody have any experience with forex?
How do I send a message?
how can i make 400 dollars quickly?
do NOT OPEN!!!!?
What does pending transaction mean?, im worried about my money?
what are good (and practical) time management techniques?
How can I get an address to send songs I've written to Carrie Underwoods writers for possible consideration?
Does anyone know if Amway Diamonds Rob and Nerland Robinson are alive?
What County Jail has this number?601-483-8470 I'm sure it's in MS.But I want to know what Jail it's coming 4rm
Need help on this cash receipt problem (Very short)?
What are some good drop shipping programs/stores to make money?
what is "the banknote"?
I Have some old Hitchcocks, are they worth any money?
Where can I find a Furbie??
Is it too late to claim a tax deduction after a charitable donation?
how to spot fake money when selling via craigslist?
Should a company send you a statement before they see you owe them something?
Which nation is the next SUPERPOWER ?
How low can I bid on a short sale?
why do u hate work?
do you have a collection of anything? like baseball cards, dolls, stamps, shot glasses ect..?
young aspiring entrepreneur needing help :/ thanks :)?
In the uk, what is the must have thing at the moment?
Has anyone seen God?
can my wife sign a joint account(we both are added on accnt) cheque even if her name is not on cheque?
its been 2 months since i had unprotected s*x.....?
Dr. Pepper or Coke or Pepsi?
Why do women live more than men on average?
What are some natural ways to stop bees from stinging me?
Has anyone ever tried the National Student Advantage discount card?
the best song to play for champions?
if u could bring back to life a famous inventer who wld it be and why?
How do i make $239 by Friday?
narayan murthy speech video or audio pls...?
Does my avitar look like Mia from PULP FICTION?
what is the legal distiction between selling a product and licensing it?
USPS - Destroyed Package - Anything I can do?
Does anyone know of any really good no-fee sites to sell used/unused items on?
Where can I get a loan for a couple of months till taxes come back with no bank account and bad credit?
reccomended cattle crush manufacturer?
On Black Friday, can you buy the same items online at the same price at Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart, etc?
is it possible to pass a residential address off as a business address for shipping savings.?
How many of you think answers is cool?
Accounting NPV problems?
what store is better wal-mart or 99 cents store?
can my employer fire me for having affair with another coworker?
In Fort Worth, TX where can I sell my formal dresses?
How much money is 3.5 karat emerald cut diamond?
How do those "bomb bag" novelties work?
How long is it to get a letter in the mail from housing stating your number on the waiting list?
Is it worth it to go to a business school?
my grandfather died yesterday how do i comfort my father?
Does any one know any scary storys?
Is this weird?
how much are you paid with a job that cost minium wage?
how to get 750 dollars by the end of summer?
i talk a lot in class and i dont know how to stop i am getting in touble?
Accounting help!! Average inventory cost method...??
Why was my suggestion I put forward rejected?
Buying a book from Amazon US, having it shipped to UK, any additional customs charges or the like?
How much does best buy charge for ed iphone 3gs ?
Is the iPhone worth all that money?
what is ugadi?
What's the best way to get started in the Stock Market?
Is this scary enough to threat someone to you?
What is annual turnover in business?
hi.i m using moneygram service from last three years and i want to find all my transaction that i been made.?
If you won a million dollar, what would you do with the money?
what does the iPad cost per month?
Ebay Seller refunded money, Do I ship back Item?
whats the average price for a speeding ticket?
Is deception ever acceptable?
What the Heck....................???
Present discounted value and bond's maturity?
Why do u hate kiyo?
How do you get the billing address to visa card?
In your opinion,what is the most popular things from China in your country?
Accounting problem! please help!?
I have purses I bought wholesale for resale how do I go about asking if someone would sell them in their store
Where can I go to find "Homies"?
find the irr and mrr of a project?
What about Bill Gates during the economic problem of US?
can anyone tell me how long the side affects from 1 83ml oxycontin last,nausea,vommiting? was hopeing a few hr
How does it feel to be millionaire?
i just bought a 2005 holiday barbie and it looks to be defective... how do i find out what it's worth?
If ghosts go through walls, why don’t they fall through the floor?
If your so called "best friend" is spreading rumors about you at school what should you do?
Should I call customer service or wait a few more days?
stock aging?
do you think the opposite sex have it better?
Is PEIS major a potential major that could lead to accounting jobs?
Need service to deliver documents?
Its 12.11am in Australia.What about the rest of the world?
How do you know if a site is reliable to buy something from?
Are the economics of electronic equipment different for companies versus hobbyists?
how often do you check your e-mail...??
Calculating Annunities?
Mis pinted money question?
finding it hard to write a business plan, i have all the books and tools but am struggling. any suggestions?
how does one make large profits?
how much is this gold bar worth?
Impersonating another user. Does anyone know?
Is there a law for Sick Days for full-time employees in the state of California?
Does burninig money help the economy?
why would you pay more than what a gift card is worth on ebay?
How do large retailers like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. find products to sell in their stores?
why nature became against to human?why so many natural disasters are appearing?
can you transfer US dollars to euros online ,and where would the money be kept?
should I be ashamed of benefits?
What is the heaviest building?
What's role as Project Manager in Charity Fundraising company?
Free Materials on the basics of business?
whats the best way to live life?ideas please!?
does amazon transfer money directly to a bank account or...?
Why do I have to go to work everyday?
I passed the USPS with 75 percent is that good?
Shipping tools from us to uk?
im 13 and i need to make $30 in 1 week?
where is my other sock?
Annually, how much would an accountant cost who does the accounting for your business?
How can I make $42 in 3 weeks?! ?
Boyfriend has an interview at UPS as package handler. What does he need to do to prepare?
If you could move to either Germany or Colorado or stay in Hawaii what would you do?
what does it mean to be the William Nelson Cromwell professor at Yale University?
How do you avoid people you do not like?
o man this is scary! how do i prevent it from happening?
whis one do u think is better?
Does anyone know the answer to this question?
What would YOU do in this situation?
i am getting something notarized?
how much money do record labels owners make?
why does a coy in oregon not reply my inquiries about xporting their fertilizer to africa?
Can someone help me with accounting?
I need Santa's address.?
Is there any way I can find out how much a certain company grosses per year?
Would you accept this job?
If I'm sending a game/DVD by posting it in a letter box, how many 1st or 2nd class stamps would I need on it?
what's your boss' first name?
360 will not let me join because it claims that I have to be 18 to enter. I am way past 18... help?
How can trade union secure wage increase for their member?
Do you agree with the limit to answer questions o n this thing?
auditing companies names?
for medical transcriptionist. how much is the minimum payment per line.?
Is there a app or online site for Price checking? For small items, groceries toiletries, etc?
The following information is provided for Steinberg Company:?
how do you catch a thief?
If I put in a sell order for a mutual fund during the day do I get the price of that day or the day before?
Is Mamata Banerjee trying to play gimmick in politics?
How to fill ASR form to claim the returned cheque from PF office ?
can a 16 year old win the publishers clearing house contest that awards you with 5000 dollars a week for life?
How are directors appointed and removed in a company?
how can i raise a million pounds for charity?
Customer Relationship Management and Help Desk Software combined?
Can My Mom Cash My Check For Me?
US postal stamps unmarked, can I use them again?
Is someone trying to take over Marks and Spencer?
Where can I find good safes (not online)?
What are the secret advertising techniques used in this commercial to make the product appealing?
Where can I track the price of crude oil?
how do i get a web page to come up when i do a search?
If a business owner invests cash and supplies, can the supplies be listed in equity?
can someone help with accounting problems?
What is the best postal/mail scale you have used?
Accounting help with bonds?
help with accounting 105?
Did Disney Pixar's 2009 smash UP make a lot of money?
I think a buyer is trying to scam me on ebay?
How to have more confidents on the phone as a receptionist?
is lease agreement enforcable from trucking company to private contractor.?
will things i order on deliver to me, in the us?
If you don't pay for UPS Shipping bill yet, will they disconnect or suspend their service?
ET does exist?
when you cash in your bonds about how long does it take to get the check in the mail?
what is 1+2=?
can wal-mart employees get discounts?
Can 'shipping and handling' pay to manufacture?
How low will FACEBOOK go?
Is it safe to buy things from
Should I Pick USA Value Shipping OR the Most Expensive Shipping? ?
Could I use all natural ingredients to make a moisturiser or Skin creams?
Are there any comprehensive instructional videos on Women's Nothern Traditional Style Native American Dance?
who said "what america needs is a good 5 cent cigar"?
Does ebay buyer get sellers information?
How should a wife (25) react discovering husband (27) masterbating with lesbian porn? (2 yr old marriage)?
How can I money? but I cant do chores cuz my mom wont let me!!!!!!!!?
How long does it take a cheque to be cashed in Lloyds TSB?
Which is the cheapest way to wire $100?
My uncle is taking over the familey's business? ?
Does "airborne" supplements really work?
What information does the PayPal give to the buyer about the seller?
Isn’t it time you had a Double Decker Exhibition Stand?
i want to start dsa for funding with icici/dsp /kotak/birla ?
My husband just lost his job, I knew it was coming, saw it in a vision. What do we do now?
i need to buy a money order from wal-mart. Can you do that in the check out lane?
A customer is buying a $100 drill and two $15 drill bit sets. The customer uses a gift card worth $50 to pay f?
What should a woman never, ever fake?
Accounting Solution needed!?
Do you think George W. have to abandon his no-tax hike policy like his father's "read my lips" recant?
was princess diana's death really an accident?
Divorce/financial disclosure.If spouse did not list any debt and you have found out of numerous debt who owes?
If I owe $122 today, how much will I owe tomorrow if I get charged 10% each day?
Can someone check my journal entry to see if it's right (Financial Accounting)?
What is the difference between classified and shared information?
What's your mother's name?
How do I get an answer from .?
what is the website of u.a.e embassy?
Will my friend's mom get caught?
what could the US do with an extra $3 billion a year?
If you mail a payment to a company through a money order, and that money order is lost, stolen, thrown away...?
Is it possible for women to have pornography addictions?
What is a great way to get money if your in middle school?
Why USA annexed most of Mexican teritories fallowing Mexican far? Compare it with Gulf war?
Do you find that answering questions and aksing questions on YAHOO! is addicting?
does anyone want to increase export sales?
My employer ran off without paying me when they closed down. Help?
Principality account?
beginning inventory list for mcdonalds.?
A 64.0 kg box hangs from a rope. What is the tension in the rope if: The box s speeding up at 4.80 {\rm m/s^2}
Should companies be allowed to market across international borders?
I am 90% sure I was scammed, how can I best protect myself?
USPS stop my package? Or is it lost?
Why do people push the buttons on the elevator even though the button is already lit up?
Why is it that the new ten dollar bill the only us bill that is not green?
Answers shows I posted a Question to a category, it even took my points away, but when I go to the catergory..
Why Do Ladies like Hairy Chest?
What are twist ties?
WHY do girls wear lipgloss?
Best way to send an item to Nigeria?
Define Normal.?
why is it that wealthy business man are the miserable once but they still keep themselves busy and call?
Has anyone else received a Signature Series and local dealership mailing with winning #s for a $10,000 debit?
will buying something from a website using paypal will that show up on my debit card bill?
Getting volunteers for a profit project.?
Is any1 else getting emails from african banks managers?
why is friday the 13th an un lucky day???
Should I stay at work even though Im bored out of my F ** Mind?
Are the 2001 gold Sacajawea dollar coins worth more than $1 yet? What about Susan B.'s or big sivler dollars?
How much is this nickel worth!?!?
was this a mistake or was I cold called?
how much money does a architect make in a year?
I supposed to receive $1,800 US Treasure refund, but how come I only receive $1,452 deposited to my bank?
in indian mythology did lord hanuman had a son?
How can we calculate woven fabric gsm?
Going concern concept and Solvency-FRS 18??
I have received a check for 4900 dollars saying that i won the european lottery for 250000 dollars?
What is the average Business per employee in Banking Industry?
how do you tell a clean and sober person who is 9 months clean it is time to get a job?
I followed the experts' financial advice. Now what?
is the price of gas going up OR is the U.S dollar going down?
Question About An Inheritance?
please help : billing address?
Referring to one or more relevant theories, discuss the concept of “leadership” in an organization.?
Is paying 6000+ dollars a year a family phone bill bad?
Has anyone reached Level 2 and got the Special Thank You? What was the Special Thank You?
Grand Prize Draws - do they call back?
Does anyone know which sites publish the GDP forecast in Australia for the next ten years?
what if your owwwnnnnnnn friend hurts u toooooo much? and one feels worried ?what can be done?
What is a cheap way to ship textbooks.?
What element would YOU be?
Where do I start if I dont have any money, to start a business?
Where can i find these shoes?
How much pounds can an Indian earn in Southall?
Who sets the CEO salary/pay?
How much is a 1921 S Morgan Silver Dollar worth?
How do I avoid getting nervous during interviews!?
What is the difference b/w XXXX "Solutions" and YYYY "Pvt. Ltd" ?
how much do vets get payed?
Herman bought 8 pounds of ground beef. He saved $6.96 by using a store coupon. How much did he save per pound?
how are you?
reports on fairways courier services?
who was the basketball player madonna dated in the1990's?
what is What is happiness, where we can find it?
what would be the steps to starting a small childrens retail store?
Is the YMCA a not-for-profit organization?
How much does it cost to ship 3 pounds to someone within the US?
letter of lateral communication?
Do any of those "send us money and you'll be on the fast track to success" things really work? ?
is it illegal if i buy something on e-bay and resell it on amazon for 3X's more?
What should i do with my friend making fun of everybody on answers, he says we have no lives.?
i need to write a letter to a company requesting for a project for my final year.i need a template for that.?
what does an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure mean?
in addition to format, style, and tone, what else is important in a business letter?
how do i retreive my windows login password?
is chealsey in the wrong she told on all her friends qand her mom called the police on us??
Who owns 1800 auto parts company?
Why is 6 scared of 7?
solve using the five step problem sloving process, A salesperson has two job offers. Company A offers a weekly?
Where can i go to find out how much my crystal worth?
do you love harrypotter?
When do I receive a refund once I cancel an order on Amazon?
Where can i buy replica breitling watches ?
Standard Mail Question?
Why would you say there is or isn't a god?
Is there an online summary of the of current "health" of the major financial institutions?
Promo codes for
what is a good way to make money in the summer if u are under 18?
what store do u like better Best Buy Or Circuit City??
what dose U R A Q T P I mean?
Why is everything you lose always in the last place you look ?
where is the horse of troy located?
how much money a month to get food stamps for one person?
1984 quinientos pesos currency exchange?
What if Americans boycotted the ads that sponsor the Golden Globes? Would that get the studio/producer's attn
Why should I study law as a career?
Was the lack of medical technology in the 50's a result of a free market economy?
September 11, 2009 marks the 8 year anniversary of 9/11, will you make your voices heard?
How much is a 1982 20 pence coin worth in today's market?
what site can i find info on tides?
How do I find various wholesale mortgage lenders daily rate sheets?
About how much is 123 British pounds in American dollars?
I need a telephone number for Dr. Pendagrass on Lawrence Street, NE in Washington, DC?
I received my Stimulus check but it was the wrong dollar amount. ?
I need help convincing my job to purchase a company camera?
what acct shld I credit when entering funds from a previous company to make it show as asset on balance sheet?
If I make $60,000 a year how much will I get paid for disability?
$0.226 = howmuch is this??!???
How can Sears offer unlimited shipping for $79 per year?
What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
Does National Rifle Association offer PPO plan for members.?
how much is 10 euros in american money?
I love the sea/beach, What jobs are available?
how do i cancel bid on ebay?
How much does one American dollar transfer to a British pound?
How can I send money to a friend?
Would you buy a free sandwich for a dollar?
Should I ask how much money I make an hour?
infected piercings??
I live in a leasehold maisonette. If I die is my son entitled to still live in the property?
what will you do if youre boyfriend still have comunication with his x girlfriend?
i have a bill showing a negative in front of the amount due what does that mean?
How to write a letter to bank manager regarding due amount after my mother death?
Is down? or is it just me?
Max is buying a home worth $250,000. He will pay 3 percent in closing costs and 12 percent for a down payment.?
Can someone summarize what is Buy, Sell, Sell Short, and Buy to Cover for etrade?
Invention ideas help?
another Which is Worse?
which is the best,moral,legal,way of getting a life?
What is the real difference between Realist and Idealist?
How do I find out the value of a "1934 A" $100.00 bill??
a guest complains about the laundry attendant about burned her LOUIS VUITTON gown.?
how do i make $500 in one week?
how to calculate this expense in P&Loss statement?
local atm for 76108 fort worth tx to get a max daily bal.?
What do u think of when u hear "Springfield IL"?
Poll: If I payed you a million dollars would you...?
I want to buy a hollister jacket (Imma large) would size would that be in females ? ?
Are Dollar Store profitable?
how much time does it take to complete an international bank transfer frm HDFC Bank, India 2 NATWEST, England?
Want to buy a book from uk they accept only cash or postal orders I can't do that from here ?? Is there anyway?
Iv gt 88% in mat,sugst sum gud coleges 4 mba in mrktng n hr?
How come cows can't climb down stairs?
What are some "credible" different sort of avenues for finding an angel to fund or project?
i try to get maxis caller ring tone?
Adjusted trial balance?
Follow up phone call to a customer?
How to raise 600 dollars for a trip?
What looks good on a job application? (highschooler)?
How to start a bestbuy retail store?
Amazon purchase sent to wrong address?
Parker Company using perpetual inventory system?
Does T.V. have an affect on children?
What are some things that you cannot live without?
How to convert world currency?
Is it wrong to miss a friend (dead) more than a lot of other people?
Why do women get tatoos on the small of their backs just above thier booty?
Would you buy this bond?
has anyone used Markson Finance Company to secure a loan? Is this company a scam or legit?
Why do people ask questions that could easily be answered with one Google search?
why does technology prices drop over time?
what is the coolest place in your city?
How to get started with storage auctions?
If I wanted to buy the pyramids in egypt how much money would I have to hand over?
Where would I get a 1933 penny verified ? ?
Can local authorities literally watch citizens with virtual cameras at the actual time?
I have euros and I want to exchange them to usa dollars where do I go?
I'm 13 years old, How can I make a bit of money?
question about getting a refund for my hollister jacket, no receipt?
ShOuLd I dO iT???
Can I send a money order to Europe to order something?
Sold items on ebay, form of payment through check. Does the buyer mail it? Help?
Cash flow concepts are ____ but generally accepted accounting principles are ____ in the determination of a fi?
i live 3 hours from my fiance and her parents dont like us talking on the phone as much as we do but we both?
What is the rate of employment in the UK manufacturing sector for 1995 to 2009?
What do you guys think of ebay??
Finance problem, pls help!?
which disney moive do u like on disney?
I've heard a lot about Treausre Trooper (you get like a dollar per survey you take, rebates, etc) does it work
How did Americans live during WWII?
Can I cash a handwritten check with a student ID?
what can i do today???????????????????????????????????…
Worked at BK for one day, should I get paid/income taxes?
me and my mom are about to start a business in kenya?
Is there a easy cheap way to cover up used boxes that has sprayed on ink labels?
How do you use ratios to answer these questions about a company?
where do the sell pre-paid vanilla mastercards?
Do you believe anything is possible?
Being sent a more expensive Tv without knowing untill the company shows up asking for it back?
Is educational institutions use vpn technology?
Can you tell me all the different names God is called in the Bible?
I have a Etsy question? Help a noob?
If you found out something that you relative did that made him go to jail would you stay away from him?
accouting please help?
how do you become rich without working?
how much is kronor worth in english money?
what it mean by Price goes down by power one?
we have to write to a company in my class....?
Phone bill balance question...need help!?
How can I make 1 grand in one day?
Arrival at unit USPS?
What do you do if you want a person not a smily face anymore?
Ebay customer claims package was empty, what can i do?
Is it safe to give someone your bank account number?
Personal business card questions?
Whats the best track to becoming a CFA?
Would Western Union Charge Me Or Apply A Fee?
what are advantages of outsourcing?
how much money would i get if i sold 5 bags of cans?
i need a job?
how can i mae more money?
What is the cash value of lead per ounce?
Is there any way to prove the royal mail has delivered an item?
is there a web site with free legal advice?
mail forwarding order expired but mail might go to new forwarding order that isn't mine?
How to calculate unit cost?
what is the best way to track individual brand names? How to I get RSS feeds on individual brand news?
is this a good money making idea?
How Can I send a package from Colombia to USA? (without using Fedex, UPS, DHL)?
find the missing value, if the marked price is 18.90 and the rate of discount is 15%., what is the discount?
How would you deal with convincing cynical people of the value of having librarian/information specialist in t?
Is there a website that compares the value of today's U.S. Dollar from the past?
Hi friends, I get an email from coca cola company they describe i won 500000 gb pounds. I wanna know.?
How many hours a week can people under 16 work?
ok so like how does this thing work?
how does an 11 year old make mony fast?
how long does a mail-in rebate take to process?
My first question! any wise words of welcome for me?
Using PayPal to get paid?
why did the boy throughthe clock out the window.?
How are computers categorized at scrap yards?
Cheapest Web Hosting Billing and Client system?
quick way to make $5 or more?
What should I write about in my scrap book for school?
can i make money online?
my name is g gupta,dob 17/07/1975,time 00.05 am,place of birth varanasi,when will i get success in my carrier?
is money supply a leading variable?
Given your choice on one of the following inheritance items what would you pick? Why?
Can you shop the internet with a debit card?
I have 2118 Ukraine Hryvnia. How can I change this to sterling. Tried banks and Post Office.?
What kind of trust or foundation can I/should I set up?
What is a LIGER?
How can I money? but I cant do chores cuz my mom wont let me!!!!!!!!?
does any one like inuysha?
What is Gross Profit Margin and What is Profit Margin?
how do I start a non profit organizaton?
how do i make money online with $0.00 investment?
Who's your enemy?
Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries for items are made only at year-end.?
Management Accounting?
How much is it to post packages to the United States from the UK?
term used for a company doing various kinds of jobs?
I asked 118 118 the meaning of life & they could not answer...?
where to sell machinest tools?
I got a call saying I won a contest?
What do I do if I sold someone something on eBay and shipped it and they say they havn't got it?
How do u dress like a pimp?
Shops in the uk where I can sell my items?
Exactly how much money is this?- 39.99 €?
Which Is better Costco or sams?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an I-Phone?
I have some IDBI deep discount bounds purchaged in 1995.If i want to incash it what is the right procedure?
How much money would I get for 8$ the hour in two weeks?
Can I do this????!!!?
Good names for a Glass company?
I got scammed on Craigslist what do I do now?
Equal work, equal pay? Not associated to man vs. woman, just in general?
Does WorldVentures actually work?
Can under 18 year old get a bank account?
why must ac units be grounded?
where i can download free ERP software for any industry related?
how to get money from online jobs?
Accounting help please! I'm not sure how to calculate this problem to record an interest expense?
Entrepreneur funding for Rs. 5 lacs India, where to apply?
How to write a nomination letter to our company?
do i need to provide a refund legally?
Appropriate Nickname?
Just bought a laptop on Ebay; how long do I have to go through with payment?
How to confirm and verify on line job opportunity?
Best Buy USPS Delivery?
How do I transfer money from my paypal to my credit card?
Security Work Expenses?
Need so much help with my finance HW. It is the first course in finance :(?
how to buy the basalt segment?
You find a wallet. Do you keep it or turn it in?
Where was Bill Starkov born?
price of a 2 year contract with AT&T?
what is the most demandable course in finance?
does anyone know where I can buy trade scales? not in the internet?
I'm looking for Gold in the england, can anyone help !?
ACCOUNTING. Please help!?
Why are interests rates in Australia still relatively high compared to the US and UK?
why is there no cure for or other viruses?
how to calculate price increase in order to cover current expenses?
USPS lost my package - what should I do?
Accounting help with adjustments?
hey i m working in a rest and all the tips r kept by the employer where to complain?
What is a great way to get money if your in middle school?
How much is a 1 ounce 24k gold bar worth in uk ?
Why do I feel money is worth less online?
What happen to the aggregate demand and supply curve if the interest rates are dropped?
Usps hasn't delivered my package.?
Someone stole $700 in checks from me. Who is responsible for giving me my money?
Sketchy dealership? Friend needs opinions.?
what would u spend 2,000 dolalrs on if you can't save it or give it away?
Is the number of parking spaces a commercial building has mandated by building code?
is god real?
Hay, how ya doing? Can you tell a good, clean joke? Talk to me. Ok, you don't have to talk just smile.?
Am i wrong for listening to my b/f's voice mail messagea?
I think I have been ripped off by Wowcher!?
Identify and state two generally accepted accounting principles that relate to adjusting the accounts.?
lacs conversion. 1.6 lacs equal to 160,000, is that correct?
(Accounting) Statement of Cash Flows?
How do I get funding for my Electricity business to expand the company?
How to destroy bank statements and payslips? HELP PLEASE!?
Having trouble finding correct info on opening a tavern.?
what's the best way to get rid of a cold?
where there american snipers in the 101st airborne during world war 2 ?
why does the drivers side windshield wiper undoubtly freeze within your line of site?
Why we study ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ?
Where to go on holiday- Croatia or Italy?
minimum wage worker in USA -- total cost of each to employer?
Where can I find "cd" or "dvd's that are gift certificates.?
electrizity prices!how much do people pay per month for there elec?mine has gone from £40 to £140! :(?
do you believe in monsters and ghosts???
I have this friend and she tried to killl herself should I tell our school councilurer?
What brings you true happiness??
Where are the petronas towers?
How do I become a full time package handler at UPS?
What is a Kiwi?
Calculate cash flow pre working capital, please?
why is that 20 percent of americans do not have bank accounts?
Can a store legally call a coupon a "gift card"?
What would the Independent and Dependent Variable be?
post office told my friend not to give out tracking number?
ET does exist?
Tips on how to get customers to open debit and credits?
How can a 14 year old make 375 dollars in 2 days?
how much does a surgical tech and architech make a year?
What Is The Meaning Of Life?
who is Dante?
What is an important event from squased by Joan Bauer?
if i were to make a vaporizor would the thc condenensate in an air pump?
how can i find my sss monthly contribution want to know since 2009 to present?
What's faster; UPS or USPS?
what does in Transit mean?
I know this may sound silly: does anyone know where you can get those pretend online marriage certificates?
Is 1000 thousand dollar bill less or more then 1200.00 hundred ?
How do I get a boy to like me?
I have a ton of state quarters and was wondering if they're worth anything more than 25 cents?
Why does iturt less when you pinch yourself as compared tto when someone else pinches you?
Who sings the country song "Honky Tonk the Donky Donk"?
definition of turnkey in relation to industrial machining?
How to convert a recurring decimal to a percentage?
What jobs can a 15 year old get?
if you had a million dollars what would you do with it?
How do you measure the size of a trade conference, and what would be considered S, M, L or XL by that method?
Will you be buying the new gold $50.00 coin?
I am looking for chocolate night club in atlanta ga. web site?
How much is it to send packages and how?
Uhhh, I need u guys' advice here...?
Help please!? Desperate! :)?
what size jeans do guys 5'11" and 185 wear?
how to make money online im 15?
my two friends keep on back stabing me by startin romers about me they says there sorry but they keep doin whh
Can i trade my phone at&t?
what are the three most Efficient ways of reducing your chances of getting breast cancer?
HOW can i ask about usa?
What can i do with 200 pounds?
Banned from store please help?
Have you ever, or would you ever, be a customer at a used bookstore?
what are your views on pyramid systems?
I bought some fake shoes from ebay.?
Has anyone else gotten a loan from companies posting loan programs on The Alternative Loan Machine?
What exact date will i die?
legal qualifications for domestic appliance repair service UK?
how do you make gold?
What is the best prepaid debit card program to use today?
Can I trust
Ebay item damaged and seller wants me to return the refund?
Do bank holidays count towards your 4 weeks of holidays?
how many people are in the world?
wher are some ads for acting careers?
Barbie and Ken?
I purchased an item from Ebay and I have to pay the seller so I can write a check and mail it to him...right?
How do u feel about Taiwan?
Do people take you serious?
does Wal-Mart have a on line complaint site where customers can air their dissatisfaction with an employee?
Why are we having to pay for theft protection?
Does anyone know a good website where I can sell products and make money?
Any store for business promotional products?
Canadian vs American currency?
I am earning 20,000/- per month as a consultant/contract employee and the company is deducting 10.3% from that?
pls teach me some ways 2 cope wif stress.i really cannt cope wif my sch work.i feel so stressed.?
How do I get messenger names of other people on in my area?
What's better: $5000 a week for life or $260,000 a year for life?
Accounting problem question?
What is the Variable cost per unit?
in movies why do the bad guys always try to take over the world??
how do you know when its the right time to lose your virginity?
What is the most boring state to visit???
Help on Commercial Cleaning Bid?
Using Paypal for Craigslist sales?
Help! No money, no job, credit card company keeps calling and sending letters about collection.?
best excange rate for pounds to euros?
i shipped an item to USPS today after someone purchased my item on ebay, how come it says pending funds still?
Where can I buy bakelite?
How do I get something Patened or copyrighted?
Do you prefer to Serve or be Served in any relationship?
what opportunities for growth exist for employees assigned to accounting type positions?
who is the mail comedian famous for Leadbetter family jokes, maybe from the 40s-60s?
I have two quarters, a dime, three nickels, and seven pennies in my pocket. How much would you pay for them?
play some ------- ------ ---- ----- music....?
Where should I go online to find information about a key?
I have a HELOC with TechCU currently. I got a call from them asking me to refinance at the same rate.Benefits?
how do i get a 100% information on the dealings of trump organization?i need it for my project pls help!?
Is Simoniz Glass Coat Paint Protection worth buying?
What is the best way to deal with employees that are having an affair?
What is good pay?
where is the best site for legal advice?
In business what does analyzing at a 360 perspective mean?
what is the reciprocal of 5677?
From where I can get the historical data for forward exchange rate?
A 15 year zero-coupon bond has a price of $548.34 and a yield of 7.8%. How many years until this bond matures?
Will my Ups package arrive on Saturday?
I am looking to rent a home in el cajon ca. 2 bedrooms. what is a good website to go?
What are tonight's winning power ball numbers for Tennessee Lotto.?
UPS Throwing Package?
Should the rules of this Dell sweepstakes be something to worry about?
where can I sell wooden swords and how much could I get for them.?
Why do you laugh when you hear something funny?
what is basic reason for shared service in an org?can shared service model be adopted in mergers and aq?
how does one make large profits?
im 14 years old, and really?
Will I get my mail in time for Halloween?
where can I cash a check on a Sunday?
How can I save 800 dollars in 7 months?
What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
when you buy products on ebay,is it just a gamble?
How to make alot of money, fast!!!!?
Where can i buy fake items online!?
When was the first nike shoe created and who created it?
Could i legally move out before i'm 18?
How can one define what is "Good" and What is "BAD" ?
What happens if you have a mortgage, no insurance, and your home is destroyed?
What rational a legitimate business usually have for closing down?
How much usd is 2,500 pounds?
Double-Declining-Balance Method in accounting?
Finance or Economics for first year at university plus a third subject.?
what is pro-rated vacation?
are u a nerd?
I am inteligent lady,computer literate i live in nigeria.can u employ me to do anywork overseas?am single.MARY
A Further Look at Financial Statements: Accounting (DESPERATE FOR HELP)?
How much you tip a barber?
im an extremely offended: i am appalled and shocked by the way people have commented on asian guys?
neeed help really and soon pleaz?
what do you think of the homeless?
How can I make 50 bucks quick w/o prostitution?
where is the walmart located exact address please?
Whatis your favorite kid TV show?
please help you smart people?
why am i so sleepy while i am working ?
Behind...(My POEM)?
you can call anywhere in the world for free other than the $20 yearly fee you would pay with magic jack !?
USPS parcel-one item inside is missing?
i am going to export granite, marbles how should i decide price of my product for deffrent countries?
where can i get a 20$ columbia jacket available in variety of colors, and please give me link to the stores?
Do you believe that astrology and horoscopes are of the devil, that those are parts of the devil's handbook?
ups recently sent me 3 packages from akademks clothing company but they shouldnt have. what do i do?
independent contractor question?
why can't we find red pistachios?
waht do you do when you feel like you are breathing underwater?
what is the age group for models in Ford Modeling?
Record Label Needed??? Look No Further?
Who know accounting, Please help this, I am consfused and don't understand how to do it.?
why cant a guy get pregnant???
canceling a bid on ebay?
Need to cash check! No Identification! *s.*?
What are some jobs a 14 year old can get?
What Is The Time Limit For A USPS Money Order Replacement Request?
Can my boss take money out of my paycheck for something non work related?
Who are reputable online trading companies who can handle non-US resident individual?
Import and Export related questions?
What does adidas mean?
how much money does a accounter makes per year?
Does the amazon shopping cart price include shipping?
if i shave my head will my hair grow thicker and faster?
How much are the Pink blackberrys in carphone warehouse in UK, Walsall?
Did you aks for a novel?
how the cost accounting department assists the financial accounting department?
Around how much does a neurosurgeon get paid?
ebay maximum bid question?
I want to know why material usage variance is valued at standard price and not on actual price? ACCA PAPER F5?
Between 150 - 250 words, Discuss the factors that make supplier selection and evaluation difficult.?
Why are we here? Is it really just to ensure the continuation of the human race?
I am truly looking for work that I can do from home, 3 college tuition's are getting very tough to handle.
Does anyone know a home buisness thats not a scam, need to work from home?
how much american money is one frank worth?
What do you think to this (benifits in the uk)?
Are you psychic?
How much does it cost to trademark or copyright Logos/Names?
I found my keys!!?
How old do u have 2 b 2 get ur tongue pierced?
Want to sell fittness equipment on line?
Can someone issue, single dad here..need to move out of state, with 14 yr old son..emergency?
If someone cut off your left arm, your right arm would be left, right?
who is richest person the in world that he is on first number and where he from?
Accounting 101help please?
How do production companies know what audiences want?
Where can I find clothes that are Attractive to women?
Is binoculars good product to sell online?
What is the whole nuber of pi?
Is ups bad for shipping and/or tracking?
Can a 13 year old be a mystery shopper?
magine that you purchased a car recently. Describe the different stages that you went through in the process o?
how might the process of stategy formulation , implementation, and evaluation differ for not-for-profit organi?
For a multi-step income statement, where would unearned revenue be found?
Why is it that I can only post 10 questions a day what if I had a major emergnecy and I needed help?
which disney moive do u like on disney?
what is the best christmas present for a girl in 2005?
I used to have an AMEX Business card. The company is no longer operating and I'm getting collection calls.?
For you, Why is it that there are such people here asking such a VERY NONSENSE question???
Competitive Firms help is greatly needed! pls?
How to avoid mystery shopping scams?
Does this sound like a scam to you?
the pentose present in the DNA is __________ and that in an RNA is _____.?
What famous song does EVERYBODY love, but you just hate when it comes on the radio?
Where can I find a list of all UK businesses?
And the answer is...........?
I have a 1963 and 1977 to current proofs sets including gold and siver additions.what r they worth?
Can i expedite my profit sharing check?
When will google's stock price fall?
What is the point of subtitles on eBay if NO ONE pays attention to them?
help me Please!!!!!!!?
were should i have my b-day at im turning 11?
if i make minimum wage how much will i make a month?
define the word "price"?
what does it mean when a coupon says its cash value is 1/100 of one cent?
What is the best way to wire money to Nigeria?
what is the meaning of life?
Accounting HELP! Calculating Interest.?
is a spider a omnivor or carnivor?
Is it bad that I accidentally put the wrong expiration date of the credit card when buying online?
Does anyone know a good historical money converter?
hmmm, i want to be something when i grow older... but i dont know.... can someone help me? throw out options?
How difficult is Accounting?
What can i do if the UPS guy deliverd n left my package at my front apartment door and somone took it.?
Will a Masters in Accounting increase my starting salary at all in public accounting?
How much time i have to buy a garaty after i bougth my phone?
Under Cash Management, what sort of charges are applied for collecting payment on behalf of companies?
who is suitable for hr job?
Where can I sell my DVD's and junk?
Total how many countries in this world?
Accounting ppl- Help with bond journal entries?!?
what should i say to an employee who licks his face to impress the manager?
Percentage growth?
when this "BETA" tag will be removed?
USPS Tracking not Updating? Expected delivery was today?
A video store charges $5 per game rental plus $12 to rent the game system.?
How much did IMF giving Israel 50 trillion to rent land short time contribute to credit crunch ?
Any tips on taking the Series 63 Test? Any certain things to key in on?
How much in Onix worth?
Does a US dollar bill still have value if it's been torn in half?
How can i begin my business personal statement?
bantu aku dalam akuntansi kawan?
what is DOB ?
What jobs are there to do in the dance industry that don't require you to go to university?
Can I stamp 'PAST DUE' on envelope?
how to make a good project on partnership firms?
Who do i call about getting on disability?
Whom do you think will win? Ninja or Samurai? and What advantage does a ninja have?
josie bought a mother's day gift that cost $26.79. how much change will she receive from a $50 bill?
Accounting Help HW Journalizing Transactions?
How much would it cost me to ship 2 pages in a tube?
If you make 140000 per year can you afford a 500000?
Accounting or Finance?
What if a letter was sent to a mailbox and it was then returned to you unclaimed?
Capitalize a bumper to a leased truck?
What is the difference between a therapist and a shrink?
where can i trade in my pesos for US money?
How long is the online order wait?
How could one go about building a library; what are the requirements for creating a library?
I have received an appointment letter from Virgin Mobile UK, can any one help and confirm if it true or fake?
How accurate are the entitled to sites? ?
why do some people ask such stupid questions?
Asking a manager to not work you with someone else?
What would happen if in an economy everybody suddenly stopped spending?
Do guys ever think about cutting their things off?
How much could artificial intelligence specialist earn?
What is the best quote ever?
what is 249.99 in uk dollars?
Would you buy from an eBayer with just 7 feedback? Or use an different seller?
If euro zone collapses would euro banknotes would suddenly be invalid?
Could I activate my CCB license if I haven't used it for over 20 yrs?
I passed the USPS with 75 percent is that good?
how to mange money?
Where can I sell my iPhone locally?
Is smoking pot a sin?
The company I work for is interested in using solar panels. What are the best resources on the web for info?
In d construction industry, what is d estimated time to complete a 5storey podium, 40storey tower of a hotel?
Can someone help me with this Accounting general ledger?
Can you figure this out?
I have a hollister interview on saturday in the UK, but i thought the interviews are only on tues/thurs? help?
why do they call it taking a dump when you are actually leaving it?
Get checks from a grocery store?
What is this worth? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Will I get an overdraft fee?
how much money do you think i would get for selling tall chocolate Jimmy Choo uggs worth 800 dollers size 6?
How much is my necklace worth?
0.49, 0.47 and 0.51 round to the nearest dollar?
Is this the normal amount for a 12 year old to have in her bank?
what does 'liabilities' mean in accounting terms?
Can a vendor refuse to accept payment by cheque?
Do You count your change? noted that I should be making $75 -120 a year for what I do in my location. I agreed to 28,800.?
role of entrepreneurship in economic development?
What equipment is needed to start a band?
i'm 13 can i own a company despite the risks is it legal?
Is Assist Safe and Reliable?
In the import export community what does it mean when someone ask for "50,000 MT"? Or "20,000" MT of a produc?
Disadvantages of price stability?
How do i calculate seconds to munite conversion?
what are the problems encountered by the children in facing the reality of life ?
Where to find online payslip? NANDOS WORKERS?
I want Black Ops 2 to be delivered to me on the release date, but...?
Accounting Liquidation Question?
How did the word "blog" come into existence?
how are first impressions so critical?
Is it any of a bank's business where your money comes from?
Is it socialism for the government to favor and promote certain businesses?
what is the purpose of pre-employment surveys?
Can textile exports be made in Indian Rupees?
is florida treasure hunt a scam?
I want to move to Texas should I?
Acid Test Ratio Question?
how do you keep from looking at dirty photos on websites?
I have an America$10 bill printed by Claremont National Bank, Claremont, N.H., series 1929.
If the stock market became worthless, would the financial reporters be without a job?
what should i buy for 400 pounds?
i like a boy and he likes me but i just cant go out with him. what should i do?.?
How To Earn Sony Points?
Don't you just hate it when..?
what is the population of omaha nebraska?
Which is the largest patent-holding company in the world ? (those that buy patents but not invest in them)?
what is the formula for calculating discounted cash flow?
How to find a strategy for the company?
who's the first lady on a dollar bill?
Wells Fargo wouldn't cash a check written on Wells Fargo account!!!?