Can you receive child support for a child over 18 if they are a full time college student living at home?
u like 2 guys?
What kind of cartoon character would you descride yourself as?
How much would it cost to buy a smaller sized furniture company from an owner?
what are the different types of letters?
What is Toys R Us Buyer protection Plan?
what month is your birthday?
I am planing to open mc Donald's in dimapur,Nagaland. let me know how much I've to spent n minimum land requir?
Why do banks charge for 'insufficient funds' when they know there is not enough?
Is it a wise financial decision?
How do you change your ID and email address?
how much a $13k diamond worth if you sell it?
which is worlds most populated CITY?
What determines the value of one country's currency against an others?
how can i know my correct balance at my bank account?
how old do i have to be to pawn items?
how do you get gasoline odor out of a garage.?
My renters stole gas from the gas company...should I kick them out?
star delta starting of ac motor wiring diagram is needed?
Is 's Q&A service addictive?
I want to buy a Smart phone budget 20-25K. Suggestions please.?
Do you think people that work at the US Mint say they make millions of dollars per hour????
What time is it where you are....right now? What state are you from also?
I wanta get a?
i wanting to move to oklahoma city and seeking job as CNA can you please help me?
what is the coolest thing you wish to have?
Can anyone give me some help and info about affiliate marketing?
what is the best place to buy a cheap but a good laptop?
Why have God created us?
Can USPS intercept your mail and not tell you?
How to write a professional email?
I'm going to open up a record store but I need help with a name?
What jobs can a 15 year old get in the UK?
Ok I'm a lv50 warrior and I need help getting gold without instances or farmig items plz help! If you can help?
where can i buy mont blanc pens in the harrisburg, PA area?
I want the informations of Professional Quantity Surveying (PQS) companies NCR/Delhi India?
do you know that you are a girl?
If a change is made from straight-line to SYD depreciation, one should record the effects by a journal entry?
how much is 14.28 pounds in american money?
If something that is limited edition is sold out, will they get ever have more in stock?
answer any of the following?
Is the price of gold jewelry different than the price of gold bars?
What is the Salary during Training of SBI Clerk and duration of Training?
Accounting Help Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
what is the server ulr to get my e-mail with outlook?
a word which is read and spelt the same backwards, forwards and upside-down?
What Are Some Examples Of A Technological System?
How can i become a millionaire?
Can a company have two different sources of income and use the same books?
Is my avatar going to hell?
why do people ask stupid questions?
how can i patent an idea?( I am from India)?
Why did they name duct tape duct tape,it is not made out of ducks and tape?
how come i cannot change my keeps giving me an error message?
“If money could buy anything intangible (besides happiness), what would you be purchasing tomorrow?
What deems a sale "final"?
How do I get one of those cool faces?
WHO JUST LOVES YAHOO ANSWERS..if you do..say so?
Do any of those "send us money and you'll be on the fast track to success" things really work? ?
How do i skinny dip?
Recommendations to outsource 3D modelling, renderings?
what shall we do with a fake £20 note?
im in the process of buying a car and they want checks that will be on hold?
How is the currency value determined (e.g. gold reserves in the country etc.,)?
What should I do when I have to go to the bathroom in a public place?
Do you know where the demo tracks that got sent to record studios, how do we make one ?like the ones we send ?
Men always say they want a good woman, and when he finds one, he cheats on her. Why is that?
What % of the market does Apple have?
USPS tracking says "delievered" but i didnt recieve anything yet?
Does anyone have a job that you actually LOVE? If so, what do you do?
Do all items delivered by the mail stop shipping on Sunday?
Why do boys always think that it is cool to get in trouble?
how to be a millionaire fast?
Porn Industry? question please help?
what is the website address for the illinoiss lottery results?
What are you most afraid of in other people?
Where could I buy Jeremy Scott shoes?
Foreign Cheque Encash?
Do you believe on judgement day?
how much is my contribution?
where is Infosys head quarters and who are the owners and partners of Infosys?
Why do I drink until I black out?
How much does it cost to take the bar exam?
Do you think i'm hot far as my avatar?
I have 1000 pounds whats the very quickest way to double it?
what steps should i take?
Does Bank of Scotland have a link bank in Northern Ireland?
Accounting Homework Help Please?
A retailer buys goods at 10% discount on its market price & sells them at 20% higer than the marked price.?
An organization that uses special tax rates that treat shareholders as investors,but has limited liability is?
Has anyone ever won any of lulu's (clothing store) sweepstakes?
How to make £90 at 13 in UK, no dodgy websites or surveys please. Any suggestions?
Does anyone here know of a place called Potsdam, NY?
I am an owner/br of recreational investment property that would qualify as 1031 exchange where best to list it
Why does it cost more to mail a square envelope?
Why is it that criminals in movies and in real-life hide money in swiss bank accounts?
Filing for unemployment: your surname doesn't match your social security number?
has anyone ever heard of and if so how do they rate it to be legitimate?
how do you get your smily face icon to work?
When bailiffs come knocking what can they take?
Can they force mum to go back to work?
When do people start paying for taxes?
I dream every night and I feel tired when I wake up. How can I not dream so much at night?
What is Scheduled Delivery?
suitable name for an Real Estate Company?
What Do You Call a Machine That Exchanges Paper Money for Quarters?
How to calculate Monthly income?
Is Kids Management a legit agency and why do they need my SS#?
i need an escort stage name?
What are some true business issues today?
Is there any website through which I can ask for funding for a personal project?
Jeff has the opportunity to receive lump-sum payments either now or in the future. Which of the following oppo?
Which financial statement would best indicate whether the company relies on debt or stockholder’s equity to fi?
How can I get the approximate value of 24 diamonds with combined weight of 2.3 carats?
what is the best way to stay awake in the class?
Will the economy ever get better?
If you could travel back into time, what time period would you want to experience?
How to tell currency bill is genuine ?
benefit cheats?
where in dallas,texas can buy aluminum pull taps?
What is the purpose of the Panama Canal?
Do you believe that money is everything?
where can I get a manual for my Bunker Hill Safe?
Question about website billing?
Organisations that sell at cost/below cost?
Do you like Jessica Alba?
Has anyone won a decent amount on the lotto? I haven't!?
If you accidentally break a part of a car? is it required by law to have to pay?
How much money does he make?
what does 'cut throat industry' mean?
When the shoe hurled on Bush is for sale, my offer is $ 1000=00. If autographed, one more Dollar.?
straight line method to find depreciation?
how to earn 30000 dollars in 3 years when i'm only 16?
Accounting help?
what aircraft did someome walk into on november 3, 1998 at memphis tennesse airport?
What is a mantra,especially the Hare Krisha mantra?
how to start simple interest finance business? suggest rule and laws before giving money like documents & etc?
If you could make $70,000 a year without working that hard and not feeling challenged would you do it?
I cant stand this guy I work with (Im a trainer) GUYS please?
does anyone actually answer a question without cutting and pasting from elsewhere here?
Are street lamps property?
If your ups order tracker still says origin scan, is that bad?
How much should I ask for babysitting?..?
what is done with a money order once cashed?
how does electricity companies raise money ?
I got too many pop ups?
Western Union?? Is it cheaper to send money online or in person at an actual location?
Do you think drug testing should be manditory for students in school, such as middle, high, and college?
What is the WORLDWIDE currency?
what do you do when you go to bath room ?
where and when does cvs sell baskets full of things that are 50 cents?
how to get rid of hiccups?
How old do you have to be to pick up a package at a Canada Post?
i wat to be a good staff in the company so what do i have to do?
what are common items you would find at a flea market or garage sale?
my house burned a few weeks back now i lost my job to downsize, where can i get emergency help for motel cost?
i am a 14 year old boy and like wearing high heels but can never seem to walk in them. any tips on how to walk
My odesk profile is not working right?
who could earn more an auto mechanic or a fitness gym owner?
What is a term for an office or society that relies solely on electronic files, with nothing printed off?
what is mariyana trench?
At what age is a guy able to get a girl pregnant?
is my husband cheating on me?
Accounting Homework and stuff?
Why isn't anybody answering my questions?I have asked 15 quetions and no answers?What is wrong?I want to know!
I just quite my part time job, do you think my mums wrong to do this?
can I go for compensation against solicitors?
On ebay when I sell an item should I expect the payment when the buyer gets the item?
Why do gas prices rise quicker than they fall. They can increase by nickles but decrease by fraction of a cent
question concerning financial statments?
Where is a good resource to find out how a company is doing in the market?
My friend stole my best friend. Help!!?
what is the difference between darvocet and wygesic?
Do those pay you to do surveys online really work or are they just scams?
Does it cost money to make money?
paypal dispute. seller sent invoice for service. service never received. can i win this case?
Why do people still believe in 'religion' when all they seem to do is bring anger/wars/hatred ?
Who likes this poem?
eBay seller stole my money and done the same to 3 other people?
what do u think of my Avator???
Who loves what they do for a living?
For efficiency of operations and better control over cash, a company should maintain only one bank account.?
Can you send a package directly to a UPS Customer Center for recipient to pickup?
Method Stealing Vending Machine?
Where can I find a used furniture dealer/buyer in Los Angeles County?
What is the saddest thing?
How can I transfer money online to someone I met online?5601012215001"> Why do you answer in
Where do i stand legally about a debt which has been cleared by one company and another company chasing it?
Why does the ice cream truck come by my house late in the evening-- after it is dark?
i have a tracking what do i do to track my order?!?
brown recluse spider pic and information?
What is meant by shri shri 108 & shri 1008?
Have you ever killed anyone in your dreams?
How much can a bank say SBI charge for a six month statement or say a 1 month statement?
What is your favorite seson?
How Can I file for unemployment and do I qualify?
If a person earns $55K, but wants a jump to $70K, can that person say he is?
Were there government officials convicted in the Enron scandal?
Has anyone used H&R Block online?
Business Law questions need help checking them?
how much money is 40%off I need to buy a book?
i have a boyfriend who borrowed 1600.00 from me last year. ?
Tips on how to get customers to open debit and credits?
first love vs. last love?
how shall i spend my money?
Whats the best state to live in, in the USA?
list words that rhyme with knife?
does lifelock stop id theft?
When a Government borrows money, how much interest do they have to pay back?
to what extent has IT contributed to the way how global business is done?
Can i buy/sell online?
do you ever get fed up with salesman?
accounting question i do not understand the solution please help thx?
What kind of government did the Articles of Confederation create?
how do I calculate linear functions using Microsoft Excel?
I got jumped by 8 guys :(?
is the 1950's vingt 20 canadian dollar bill still accepted?
What advantages does franchising provide to franchisers as well as franchisees?
Does a 50 dollar bill work after being washed?
Journal Entries question in accounting?
So I bought this item at and decided i didnt want it so i returned it (payed via paypal)?
how can i lose 60 pounds by the end of august..?
Is it mandated that I get paid for today's sick day because I'm salaried?
Could I securely wrap a pallet using normal cling film?
How make money......?
numismatic gold cion,how to sell?
How many times can you fold a regular peice of copy paper in half?
Help with USD to GBP exchange rates?
e bay help?
how much does it cost to post something for sell on craigslist?
What do I get my brothers girlfriend who I hardly know anything about?
Bond coupon of 8 % 9 years to maturity 6 % yield what is present value?
The end on my LUCKY BAMBOO plant is turning yellow. What causes this and how do I correct it ?
Do you work in the tertiary based services or manufacturing?
should I call a debit consolidation company to help me with my debit? if so who should I call?
What info does a company need to send u to collections?
Prepare the current assets section. (List current assets in order of liquidity.)?
Why is it that everyone's stopped taking cheques?
why did hutch india (hutchison essar) recently change its logo from orange to pink?
What is Clay Aiken's personal history?
Does a wage garnishment judgment include bank accounts?
Webmarketing Company in Buffalo, New York?
Why there is a silver thread in most (all) of the currency notes?
Do you know about the island of Mauritius?
How much is £499.00 in U.S. Dollars?
Here's a hard one?
What is the best crayola crayon ever made?
How Much Is This Life Style Roughly Going To Cost?
What is the meaning of financial implication?
do girls have cooties?
Proscout Modeling? True or not?
Amazon 1 Dollar Purchase Charge...?
is ************* legit?
What does a cashiers check look like?
Does turmeric have an insecticidal property or chemical? and what are they?
Are there any legitimate work from home jobs?
How to figure PV in Excel?
when will the world end?
Why is it wrong to show your real emotions infront of everyone else?
What happens when people bid lower than seller want to sell for on ebay and time finishes for bidding?
Has anyone worked successfully with a market timer or service?
What is the outlook for the CPA profession in this global economy, outsourcing of jobs, and changing World?
if you could travel in time and go to your past or presnt which one would you do ?and why?
How will a MoneyGram transfer show up in my bank statement?
if rent is $1050 does that mean its per year, per month, per week or what?
What does atyahu mean?
why is usps taking so long?
Direct Buy 30 day membership? Rip or good deal?
Why do we have to pay extra @ the Post Office?
If a package is routed to USPS at 3AM will I get it today?
How much does a Merchant Banker get paid?
Anyone know about spotting a bargain?
what does sears sell?
terms used 4 describing a company which does various kinds of jobs ex: solutions,erection & commissioning etc.?
Is my lava lamp fixable?
me and my mom are about to start a business in kenya?
What is the best way to find an investor for a new jewellery business start up?
lottery scam?
Do you think Cartman from SP would be a billionaire?
if an item is posted out Royal Mail 1st Class Standard on a saturday, will i recieve it on monday???
How much does an airflight to Pakistan from here cost?
My question is what is the answer to 4x = 10 x is?
i have old money my father gave me that are no longer printed but worth alot of money where can i find buyers?
How would you explain fiduciary decision?
How do i make the argument that dating or hiring a girlfriend is a conflict of interest in the company?
Whats the best place to exchange your money? USD to EURO?
green dot card?
Why did the judge throw out the examiners report in the washington mutual (wamu) bankruptcy?
What days do the Spanish take off from work and how do they accrue vacation time?
Was there a Texas Division in the US Army in WWII?
what are the trusted wholesale websites?
Accounting Question -- Please Help?
How much is a Euro worth in American Money?
What Would You Do With $7,0000 ?
How to transfer money from Australia to UK?
who has the best truck lease in the trucking industry?
how do these white girls get these big butts from are they buying them or what?
does anyone know any reliable uk drop shippers?
what now the gold price?
what is the difference from a POS to Billing to Inventory System.?
Describe the role that currency (the 100 dollars) is playing in the below scenario?
By law, 1/11th of Basic Salary per month is contributed only by the company to the Fund to the account of empl?
Is a £50 note No.AA1388.... worth more than £50?
Shipping package via USPS?
Hosiery hand gloves market in kolkata ?
looking for costco warehouse in santa maria empolyee application?
Do you buy from Costco or Sam's Club online?
What's the business term for "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours?"?
What are some foods in the southern 13 colonies?
accounting class help?
How do you deal with a promotion and new job duties?
How do i tell my family that i think i may be bi?
how entreprenuers help economic development in india?
where do i go to find out unsolved murders of lowell vermont? and the whole state of vermont?
Buyer opened a Case with me on Ebay?
How do I count capacity? (Operations Management)?
crr35 was using obscsene languarge and saying awful things where can i report him to ?
What do Computer And Information Systems Managers do and how much do they make?
wat is 1 wish u would want?
Children's Hospital Donation?
What are clerks looking for when they run that light wand over the $100 bill?
Understanding paypal limits?
what kind of financial statement should i use?
accounting questions?
How does this trade in work?
how do i now he's not cheating on me when he's 1400 miles away?
has anyone done on line jobs and actually made money without having to invest any money?
what are the three places scrooge visits in "a christmas carol"?
If i ordered something on Saturday will it come on monday? 2 day shipping?
accounting practice book suggestion?
What are the nicknames for the name Sarah?
How to write a grant? Is this appropriate?
is it possible to accept an offer on ebay that was sent by a question on the item?
i can't find my answer to my security question so i can get my password?
What is the best movie playing in theaters now?
How many active bank accounts do you think are in the entire world today at any given moment?
in a money order, do i write a check or can i send actual cash?
Why are Greeks the coolest people in the world?
what do i do after i printed out the shipping label?
Supermarket charged me too much?
How much would this cost...?
What are some examples of successful mergers that didn't include layoffs?
is Oregon the only state that you dont pump your own gas?
Can I ship this through a P.O Box?
Help! I made a mistake scheduled meetings with 2 different real estate agents from same company!?
I have two 2000 liberty gold dollars. How much are they worth?
What are the benefits of Outsourcing?
Should names be spelled with K's or C's?
What is ATM?
why do people have to piss me off and why dont cows fly?
Can money buy you everything in the world?
How do I write a query letter to a talent agent?
Tell me name of network of audit and accounting firms in all over the world, who are members of IFAC?
What season do you prefer?
Casual job...plz read!?
How do I protect my idea?
What, if any, is the restrictions on cashing a check of a sizeable amount in the state of Hawaii?
my wife calls my girlfriend alot of bad names and its making her feel bad, how do i make her feel better?
How to make money when there is no employement?
Who do I talk to about managing pension funds?
is a listed company?
Is 7.25 an hour, working 5 hours a day good for a 16 year old?
how much do terramundi money box's normally hold when full?
where are the payments done?
Does Bret Jackson Sullivan (BJ Sullivan) have an aol address listed? Thanks?
one litre oil = ? kilogram?
why can't my paypal account accept money?
Does it matter if a person is kinda big and wants to get their belly pierced?? or do u have to be skinny?
how many millions make a billion,many people i ask gve me different answers....?
Bank says I have no money when I've been working?
How much would a singed picture of Audrey Hepburn be worth?
Why do some people call accounting the "weed out" major?
Finding Net Present Value?
Accounting homework problem please help me?
did the german me 262 ever enter in combat with any allied jet [only probability british meteor] john b?
So, What do the letters "i' and "e" stand for in "i.e"?
business/finance question?
Does depreciation set aside cash to replace asset?
How Much US Dollars Does This Cost?
where can I find a templete of a notice to inform employee about company closure? Thanks.?
HELP PLEASE! who do i sell my annuity to?
how do i apply the study of physics and chemistry to nursing?
Person paid me 600 dollars for an item on craigs list through paypal, how can I protect myself?
Why do some people get avatars of the opposite sex?
are all numbers starting in 09 premium numbers?
How do I contact somebody from Answers?
Can a tutoring company find out if you're simultaneously tutoring with another company?
where can i find ecards that jump out and scare someone?
Is there a way to restrict benefactor access to my safe deposit box while I'm alive?
My water company allowed another to close my account and pay my bill. Am I obliged to repay them?
Do department stores take starter checks?
why islam?
How can i make money?
Is it safe to BUY if the seller is willing to ship on craigslist?
Accounting (Hi-Lo Method)?
Dollar bill..?
Please name companies that makes Cone Beam CT Scanning Equipment?
Is there money is brokering foreclosed deeds?
I want to be a billionaire?
What size shoe do you wear?
where can i find coupon bookletsand have them sent to my home?
What's better and why? Germans, the irish, the scottish, or Mr. Bean?
whats the best way yo get rid of pimpels / acne?
how to turn 1 lac in 10 lacs?
# keeps calling but won't say who it is and i want to know they never leave a message the # is 800 635 3743
I am currently designing my company's web page on geocities. Can I use clipart downloaded from the web?
who is the most famous billionaire?
Iron Money (british)?
what is the real value of $1 in America ?
Why is the honeybee the state insect of New Jersey?
common reasons to dismiss chapter 13?
who like harry potter fanfiction?
Why is it guys cheat?why dont you just dump the girl.?
what does the number 21 symbolize?
what is the best Avery label?
Do billionaires exist with the British number system?
Are there any other shipping companies besides dhl, fed ex, and ups?
Just started my new job and am totally confused by the cash register.?
how can a teen get about $50 a month?? fast-ish.?
why do people wear monacles instead of regular glasses?
Help with Accounting Question Please?
Are there any survey websites that truly pay out cash?
How to calculate change of accounting date?
How much money do you make working at sunglass hut?
how do companies expand so quickly?
What did the Japanese call roving samurai, who claimed allegiance to no master?
Pop star jojo has 500.000 pounds and today's aol edition says that shes rich?
What should I spend my $500 on?
where can i find a SUMMARY of all the international standards on auditing?
What company deliver to home(uk) packages that come from Israel, Israel post services? 10 point?
What's involved in a dispute from a bank?
Please help organize my resume I need help fast?
Partners Current Accounts?
How is your sex life? Does it consist of fast loving making or slow sex having?
how do you make the smile face next two the answer on the top of the home page for this?
How much is it to ship an iPhone 4 with ups or USPS?
Unclaimed Money???
What if I still havent loss my virginty yet and i am still shy to talk to boys?
what do you do for life? ( what is your job?)?
Ebay : print a shipping label? what's this mean?
what is a good way to make money?
Is C8 dum?
Help estimating a salary?
Ok guys, which is sexier blonde, burnetts or red heads?
Where can i find final expense leads for cheap?
How do I get rid of my hicups?
How much should I charge for dog walking?
How to work out a profit and loss account when given the trial balance?Would be very grateful for help please.?
Who owns Rocawear and sean john the brand company?
ever met an indian girl in chat and met her in person?
List 5 ways we use statistics in the tourism industry.?
A company asks for another company's offer letter, is that ok?
what is internet 2?
My dog's medicine costs $100 but,there's this doll I really want for the same price.What should I go for?
I need help with slogans??? Please help!!?
Do you want "In God We Trust" taken off the U.S. coinage?
I'm trying to find information about my mother's mother.What site or sites are the best?
My papercut won't heal, what should I do?
what is 20 percent of 800 dollars?
I have trouble with the following macroeconomic exercises? Can anyone help me?
What would you do with a billion dollars?
what is DHL post?what is TNT post?
My friend stole my best friend. Help!!?
I need help finding a garment factory?
Found a 1 dollar coin dated 2000 while cleaning out a storage does anyone no how much it is worth?
Do you sometimes want to escape out of yourself?
Name something people feel before purchasing it?
Problems with my Visa Debt card.?
Question about interest rates!!!!?
Should I do it?
Has anyone ever felt like they don't deserve what they go.?
Im finacially broke. how do i obtain instant cash to cover my living expences?
moving home?
The lab equipment cost $250,000 and requires $20,000 anually to maintain. Equipment will allow annual savings?
what is the best car to buy?
Writing novel, how do jewelry thieves sell the jewelry they steal?
Identifying coin obverses. Experienced coin collectors or numismatics only.?
Need help with the starting sentence of a business proposal..?
How come Medicare increase was not included on pension checks?
how do i get free information on old death records,is thier a site i can go without paying.?
I'm g8 fan of japanese animation. I simply love 'em all. If anyone share the same passion. Do, answer?
How can I buy American Products in the UK?
Is the Japanesse culture more reserved or expressive?
Can anyone tell me a working paid to click site from which i can get atleast 5-10 dollars in a month?
What kind of process was used to change Michael Jackson's skin color? How much did it costs?
What is 15634 multiplied by 23?
Do you have to be a doctor to own a houspital?
will you die if you fart,sneeze,hiccup and cough at the same time will you combust?
Is everything made in china?
Does anybody know about venetian teeth??
What should i wear to a metal concert?
What USA satnd for?
worth of these websites and companies?
Stuck on departure scan for 3 days now?
if you signed up to those things to make money online which one was it and how much did you make?
After I reach level 5, then what?
why are guns so easy to buy in america.?
Whats your favorite book?
where does the money that companies like G.M or A.I.G make for years, suddenly goes when bankruptcy comes.?
What came first ...the chicken or the egg ?
shipping help?
Am I a gay man?
USPS Mail shipping rates?
What is a billing address when ordering something online?
How to calculate this cash balance?
where do you go to do a back ground check on people?
Are we all smart?
Are there any "Legit" part-time online sites/businesses to make money?
why cant I chanhe my ebay category to relist an item?
i wanna be a billionaire! help!?
how to clean rain gutter by yourself?
How does the debt ratio deffer from the debt to value ratio?
what is your birthday number the day.. not the month or the year.?
Is an Operating System a Good or a Service?
how to calculate ss benefits?
Urgent question about my bank account!!!!?
how can we make gas price go down?
Why do I get different points on one page, it shows different number?
my son has high clestrohol what can i feed him?
I'm a good Husband & Father:How to face my wife complaints & Nerviness?
I need accounting help...?
How do i check if something is authentic off ebay?
how to buy a fridge at bestbuy?
which amounts could affect or not the bank?
What does it mean by "big four trained accountant"?
I'm 14 years old and need a job?
How to stop sending money for someone else through western union?
does online payed surveys really work?
What sort of pet do you prefer and why?
where can I find money?
How will my iPad help prepare proper presentations for work?
If a man is drunk and a woman is drunk and another woman is drunk and there in a hot tob?
Does it cost money to sell stuff?
is there such thing as a 25 dollar bill?
How many St Elizabeth Hospice's are there in total around the world?
where are the highest paid lumber inspectors located?
So now we get a minimum of $600???
Does UPS delivery times depend on your last name. ?
Can Money Order Receipts be used to claim unemployment benefits?
How much funds do you require to get distributership for asain paints in delhi?
How much is that company worth/value?
In what kinds of stores do you feel tip jars are appropriate?
How can a 13 year old boy make money?
What's Newton's second law?
Is this Western union money order email confirmation fake?
Virtual University of Pakistan suddenly needs a broadcasting equipment to efficiently manage the broadcasting?
Help finding the total amount of revenue? Accounting problem?
value of a chair is projected to appreciate $60 each year,if will be worth $650 in 2 years,how much in 10years?
How much is the recent payment on a house that's worth $760,000.00 , in Daly City , Califonrnia?
What stores sell paintball guns and equipment like masks and etc.t?
Accounting Question!!!?
How do you create a six month sales plan?
tila tequila naked?
What is the meaning of life?
Cashcrate question, please help?
Where can I find steel containers for offshore jobs in the Gulf Coast?
what should be my income in US to have same standard of living as with rs 3.5lacs/year in india?
If USPS delivered my Amazon to the wrong address, will amazon re-ship my items?
Need help with Accounting homework!!! FASB or IASB?
What is the purpose of "The Environmental Protection Act"?
when Jesus comes back what color will he be?
is working for this company reliable and secure {Cosmos InfoMedia Pvt Ltd}. ?
what is the translation of this from Latin to English? Please asap?
please give three key consideration when deciding between raising debt and equity finance?
Banks Positions?
what is life?
What are some cool ranch names?
i hae gold jewelry to sell where is the best place to go?
anyone can answer my question?
If I send a letter to an address that isnt real will the mailman send it back to me?
What is an E-check? Is it a safe method of payment?
Ebay Shipping Basics?
what is a good online business?
how do you complete this accounting problem?
what happens if I mailed a letter with a 39 cent stamp?
what is and how I can get Silver Certificate?
Balance sheet Help Plz?
The present value of $40,000 to be received in one year, at 6% compounded annually, is?
Where can I find/buy Tomy Gacha Bulk Vending machines & TYC Toys?
Is using condom a 100% sure your safe???
half brother didn't know existed?
Is $1,000 a month for pay considered poor to raise three children on and pay bills, etc?
Why do bulls hate the color red?
is it that impossible for non US residents to find a simple online job that provides 10$ per day!?
You buy a $100 face value, 8-year par bond that pays an annual 8.5% coupon.?
i moved to canada and i managed to open a bank account?
What is the difference between a credit union and a bank?
what is the current price of white gold?
how to remove a power steering pump from a 1989 ford tempo?
Can a limited liability company issue issue/sell stock?
how should i do to cancel one accont, msn menssenger. Thanks and sorry for de inglish :-)?
Do you believe that there is life on other planets?
Does Wells Fargo offer internacional money orderes?
Are you allowed to do this?? please read!?
what is junk jewel or junk jewellry?
I need a jewelry box !!!!?
Is there a Fee For paying Online By PayPal?
Are their any sites that sell cases for brass instruments?
i have had a letter from customer compliance giving date of interview?
how do you feel about the unexpected, magic or supernatural?
Buying an AT&T phone at walmart?
Where can I find an explanation of Porter's "Four Corners Analysis"?
i have some old and older comic books.what should i get[$]for them if i sell them?
Where do I go to see if money has been paid into my account?
Could you kind introduce some high-quality cooling fan suppliers in China?
geography> What is one kind of movement that pertains to south america?
Who do I complain to about sales calls?
How BSE or NSE sensex calculated?
Is Hollister California a real place?
accounting questions?
Are self service moving companies reliable and safe?
How much does it cost to ship something courier from china?
If i am gothic is that bad? But i believe in god.?
How much weed do dispensaries sell everyday?
Does anyone here read the last book of the bible? I do.?
WHY is it called a DOLLAR STORE when everything isnt a dollar?
I am so far in debt and i am thinking about filing for chapter 13. i am only 26. I have so much medical bill?
What will happen to Portsmouth if the winding up order is upheld?
I'm a us citizen. What type of papers would I need to file with the UK gov. in order to open a small business?
Jobs for 15 year olds.?
What is Minimum wage in Nova Scotia?
What is the best source of finance?
What is the difference between accounting and banking & finance ?
Is there a good way for a 14 year old in 9th gread to make some money?
how many british pounds equal $100.00 us dollars in 2009 ?
What do boys look for in a girl?
What are some good million dollar business ideas?
I have a wood working project that says I need boards 72"x4"x8' is it 4" wide and 8' long
who died recently in Puerto Rico?
should I get a gastric bypass?
Is my neighbor responsible for damages as a result of his DEAD tree falling on my home during storm.?
What is the best way to sell books online?
how to successfully export goods?
Jobs for 16 year olds.?
How is success measured in a company?
how much money would i get if i sold......?
How do u deal with someone who lies ?
Assets and Liabilities?
Name the type of power (Bases of power) exhibited in each of the following scenarios. No explanation is req?
How far would the US dollar fall againts piso?
The worth of confederate bank notes issued 1864, $100, 50, 20, 10, 5 1.?
How do you put your question in the undecided part?
Closing entries are prepared to close the?
Where can i keep a large amount of boxes seceretly?
where can i find info about lizzy gram current lawmaker?
What is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to get to heaven?
SURVEY: What is your preferred method to pay for purchases? Why do you prefer that method?
Accounting Journal Entries?? Please Help?
Who owns
Can someone please help?
Hasn't studying finance screwed your life yet?
Help! Cost Accounting E1-5 Cost Classification?
The contour core belt I ordered is on back order and hasnt shipped? Whats that mean?
Where did the word "Dagnabit" come from?
I need to exchange foreign currency for US Dollars. How do I go about doing it?
Should family calls be allowed during the workday? If yes, or no Why?
Is America moving toward socialism under Obama-Biden administration ?
Finance review question help?
Discounted value of an annuity?
I received a letter stating I had won a money sweepstakes. How do I find out if it isn't a scam?
I use to work at hollister and the manager told me I get 500 bucks on taxes just for working is this true.?
Bartering websites help?
The tax rate increased and my pay dropped $11.00. Should my boss compensate for that pay loss?
Where are You and what time is it there now?
when i ask a question on here why does it deduct 2 points from me?
Why does a new $50 dollar gold coin cost over $500 dollars?
Mega Bank?
Do you think a business degree is worth it?
confused about ebay- bid on too many items?
Accounting Problem - computing net sales?
How much is this worth in usa Foreign money?
Moving averages help!?
Is Employer contribution to PF admin charges are part of CTC?
I filled up gas, I want to return it. How can I do that?
Barclays branch recovery unit on statement (urgent )?
Online Surveys for Money?
where should I contact to report sale of pirated dvds and cds???? for europe!?
Good names for a Glass company?
if i pawn my title and fail to make the payments, will they just take the car.?
How can I raise money?
how do I become a male pornstar?
How does one deal with PayPal if there is a dispute with them.?
Don't you wish you were cool like me?
Is $230 us dollars a good price for a used 16gb iPad 1st gemartion?
What to do when written up at work?
Any one out there help me by inviting me for a gmail account?
Why are the portfolios and currency converter information not showing details?
how do I become a millioniare?
why is tiffany dumb?
How to deal with a girl whom I like and she likes me too. But I am very shy.?
who's the richest man in the world?
is it easy to get disibility?
how many people have died trying to cross into Tijuana in the past year (2005)?
Money order question?
My friend's Father passed away this week. I was thinking of visiting her and bringing her something..?
What you have that money can't buy?
who was the first emperior of china?
Negative funds on debit card?
Who handles hard-to-finance mortgages; works with 501c3s?
swinging - good or bad?
Do all items delivered by the mail stop shipping on Sunday?
What is the most professional way to attach a resume and cover letter to an application?
Lost my wallet, what could happen to me?
i have two 2.000 spanish pesetas notes anyone know where i could exchange for sterling or euro ?
Is it wrong to get mad at an ex (who you try to maintain a friendship with) that forgot your birthday?
Did anyone know that Chuck Norris can count to infinity?
How has the financial sector evolved in Mauritius?
15 80070057 I keep getting this answer when I try and watch a video can you help me with it please?
Is ashanti and nelly really dating?
if you have 2 accounts how do you cancel 1 account?
How much would it cost to ship a DVD in a bubble mailer?
How much is Price: $16.89 converted in to uk £ pounds?
making money???
how to prepare a purchase plan/buying plan and sales budget forecast report for a retail store.?
use the double declining method to compute the depreciation expense to the nearest whole year?
yiwu stock shoes cheap price kinds of design?
find moneygram?
If someone dies and leaves their home to you in their will (but you are only 15) then what would happen?
new year greeting cards?
Put and call options with same expiration date. Where is catch?
Should it be called a "Christmas Tree" or a "Holiday Tree"?
Do you have to print coupons?
accounting questions!!!!!!!!!!!?
I need help writing a business letter to set up an appointment with client!?
What does a ton of feathers wiegh?
does any one think if mike vick got fired or hurt or quite the falcoons would do better, i do?
does ups throw away mail?
pine or birch furniture which is best?
Finance Ethics Question?
Is legit?
Management by Objectives?
How much will it cost to?
Why are collared shirts more professional?
How do I block new eBay users to buy more then 3 items in 10 days from my store?
How can I make some money online?
bill me later cd club?
Dose any know a chat room where I chat with poeple.?
When you are feeling lonely and sad, what can you do to cheer you up?
Moving averages help!?
what does rsvp stand for?
List of Key Board Commands whcih can be used in MS Word, MS Excel, and Control Commands?
Shopping Online -- How to Pay?
How much does it cost 2 send 65kg of gold bars 2 th US?
How much more time is needed to fulfill the?
Using the following balance sheet and income statement data, what is the earnings per share?
How you guys feel when your boss scold you in front of your colleagues who are girls?
how much is 130,00 € in US currency?
How can i get out of my mobile phone contract with out paying much!?
How do I make 200 dollars in a week?
do u believe in ghosts?
what are the industry that generate the most money in the usa today?
can you guys explain me how to sell in ebay please?
church busted for dmt?
How to collect payments without fee?
why do poeple hate helping other people?
my company was bought out by another and wants me to stay for 6.00 less an hr.if i refuse can i collect unempl?
Anyone live/lived in Middle River MD?
who sells currency(bill) counting equipment in Amsterdam, Netherlands?
where is halfway between knoxville and houston?
Why is downloading music from the Internet illegal when recording from radio is legal?
Why is my computer so slow? I have hi speed internet?
how can the president check on the congress?
What are some reasons for buying and selling shares on the market?
good fundraiser ideas for church trip?
Re:Sopranos.Why was Arty's first restaurant torched? By Tony?
Can you check your interent history on phone by the company when the bill comes?
How much per pound can you make off of copper?
How do I get into the pornography industry?
Whats dose the letter "R" stands for on my payslip ?
what does statuesque mean?
How do i get my package?
What is the net income using accrual-basis and cash-basis accounting?
How much is a "few"?
what is the meaning of 666?
i need to know the email id of Carmel School,Kuwait.?
what business is connected to the number 18668280145?
I am 15 years old and in desperate need of money!?
What makes present day U.S. debt so serious?
How to bring down an overdraft on a profitable business?
Bond Yields finance question?
regulations on having a fuel tank on our forecourt?
when i guy is always wathcing you and even watches you when you practice sports wht does it mean? good or bad?
jack or beam?
How can you make this equation correct without changing it?---8+8=91?
I Need a very polish words bank letter - asking bank to reduce the facilities?
Exactly how much money is this?- 39.99 €?
i want to start a new trend at my school to stand out anny one no what to do?
I am doing a presentation on how to review current loan software for a bank. How do I get information on that?
How much money of piñatas are sold?
how do you describe yourself in 1 word?
About how much money will it cost to go to a One Direction Concert?
Who here likes Reggaeton or know anything about Reggaeton??
how much is nickel silver spoon?
Is Best Buy going to close more stores?
How can I stop procrastinating (for good this time)?
Where can you buy precious metals face-to-face?
Is it illegal for an employer to make it mandatory to meet with people selling life insurance in the office?
My daughter is 13 and pregnant, and has already had sex over 19 times with men up to the age of 22. What doIdo
Selling on craigslist... Is this a scam?
Trying to solve the cost of ending inventory with fifo ?
where can i get a professional cv written at an affordable price..?
Are discounts for oil trading legitimate?
how much should i get payed for a roof as a sub?
: What are the factors affecting the performance of fund management industry?
What price comes to your mind when you think of a cheap hooker, I'm getting in the businnes?
How much do beginning HVAC technicians earn per hr. in Florida?
how can i become rishest person of the world?
USPS Money Order Question?
Merchandise with a sales price of $500 is sold on account with term 2/10, n/30. The journal entry to record t?
if you were born on february 29th, what becomes your birth date in leap year?
can anyone think of a book with a creature/monster in it?
Is my Ups package lost?
Is it free to sign up for P&G Saver will they eventually send you a bill..?
Easy money help quickly?
What is the difference between run-rate and pro forma?
Does take debit cards?
What are you? A pretty cat, a mean dog, or a nice, fun, bunny.Why?
How should one secure his own interest when doing business with the devil?
Do you regret every minute you waste on sites like these?
Where can i buy replica breitling watches ?
Buying From
I’m working in a software firm where most projects are running longer than deadlines.?
what do saturday girls in hairdressers do, and what is the averge wage?
state the items shown under non cash expense other than depriciation?
Who was Ulugbek?
Does the company have to pay back more or less of the face value if it was discounted?
How do I exchange Australian dollars to American dollars?
Is there a business with the number 866-939-9532?
Are there any similarities between online shopping and traditional shopping?
USPS "sorting complete" but not "out for delivery"...will i get my package today?
Question concerning the Accounting Information System (PLEASE HELP)?
Do you think there should be a place just for adults to talk in the Questions and Answers?
Need some help with UPS ?
How would a decrease in social security benefits affect the economy?
Why do people think Abercrombie/Hollister is for rich people?
How could i make $200 by September?
how many keys are on a key board?
once i'm done asking a question or answering one how do i check my spelling like a spell check?
How much would a beetles lunch tin in good condition cost?
If I searched your room, would I find something embarrassing?
I am filing for bankruptcy, and my lawyer won't call me back. What can I do?
can a postal order from australia be cashed in the uk?
how much is this worth?
How do I buy a domain with paypal?
Do girls care if a guy has a "small one"?
I think the salesmen from ralph lauren polo has used my debit for hotel??
Has anyone ever worked for Acuity Brands? If so what does the transaction agent actually do?
Can i buy Dollars with Argentine Pesos in USA?
Is forex trading worth the investment it requires?
which specific things did middle east countries can't produce ?
How much is a 1962, and a 1955 penny worth?
who is hitler?
Hy beautiful guyz nd girlz... Suggest me a lucky and good name for an interior design company... ?
anybody else feeling a little bit like, "Giggity, Giggity, Goo,!" tonight?(I know I sure am!?
Why does the time seem to go by so quickly in the day, and drag so slowly by at night?
house rentals in sanberdino county?
Time has come for India to introduce new currency in place of Rupee?
what is pi?
How many Habitat for Humanity stores are their in Kansas and what are there locations?
What is the full meaning of bauer?
Where can I find someone to email and coach me in making money online?
2 Multiple Choice Accounting factor?
if u had one wish what would it be?
Looking for nude models.?
Accounting Homework Help!!! :(?
Anyone know any good jokes?
Identifying Accounts on a Classified Balance Sheet .. HELP?
Why do people call large plumbing companies then complain about price?
European markets?????
How can you make money as a 13 year old girl?
Are people really living?
How does buying dollars help to keep the Chinese currency weak?
what animal pukes its guts to escape from predators?
question about bank and checks?
How Much Money Would i get?
How can I make 65000 American Dollars in one single week?
This is not a question but an observation: I think this site is useless. I have tried to find 2 diff. articals
How do I sing up for $100.00 reward?
a penny saved is a penny earned?
ok answer my questoin serously!! plz?
What's the purpose of balancing your checkbook? O_o?
Cancelled order from Hollister?
Suspicious money transaction?
where does the 15 percent gratuity go in a resteraunt?
have you ever...?
how long does it take for you to reply?
can a lawyer write me a sponsorship proposal letter?
Virgin Media have overcharged me by about £200 but they refuse to refund me the money they owe what action can
Why are items so inexpensive when they are made in CHINA?
Are you participating on May 15 by not buying any gas for the whole day?
how do I solve these problems?
need some advice on my situation right now thank you so much?
Accounting Question Help!?
My friends are always ditching me,I want to leave them but I have no 1 els to hang with what do I do?
how can i remove white rust from galvanize sheet ?
Is this genuine or a hoax?
Can my employer fire me if I was recently diagnosed with Asperger? I was on medical leave prior to the diagnos?
Can I claim from my employers for damage to my private car while on company business?
How much can I get pawning a nice violin?
What are som literary devices found in The Canterbury Tales?
y can i not get over this boy?~?
this is kaela asking do you believe in God?
why do women play games with mens hearts?
How much would you be willing to pay...?
I need Accountant or bookkeeper help on sales tax % discount?
$1000 Best Buy Gift Card?
what is national integrity?
CA unemployment? Please help?
can my bank do this ?
why do people lie?
Does size really matter?
Do I take any responsibility of getting money from bank certified check?
whats the fastest way to send money or transfer money?
When people say food costs should be kept to 30% for a business is that 30% of the sale price including VAT?
does anyone know a way to make money online?
how do ocean waves form?
What are 2 current ethical accounting issues?
What are the odds of collecting $1,000,000 in a savings account by putting aside $500 per month?
should i do my ca or cfa?
If more people knew how to make money online, would it generally be easier or harder to make money online?
what are the functions of your human resource department at work?
how long does a stay in ur blood system?
Debtor’s conversion period?
could you wipe your bum with sand paper and live to tell the tale?
How to send Money Order?
Transfer of old PF account to New PF account?
My friend that lives close to me is so bossy.?
can packages go to a usps p.o box?
what is gel nails?
The trumpet company units of a product that required 3.25 standard hours per unit. the standard fixed overhead?
What is the best State to live in and why?
how much does will it cost me to import a pair of shoes from US to India?
Where to buy a very warm, very long men's overcoat?
Is there any envelope stuffing jobs that are legit in the uk?
is the scarp metal a good business and how much money?
have you received your first failing grade in your whole life? what did you do ?
what are the types of counseling in human resource management?
I can't beleive some of the questions that are being asked on here. Is this some kind of a joke or what?
So this is capitalism- you do whatever you want?
Which jordans should i get the toro bravo spizike, bred 4's, or fire red 5's?
about who has the means to lend money to whom?
Help with a corporation finance question...?
How do I increase -$89,096 by 15%?
mould coining?
Paying off a mortgage with a personal loan ?
does any one know "why" they invented darts?
Why does a new $50 dollar gold coin cost over $500 dollars?
If you tried to fail, and suceeded. Which have you done?
really need help on my accounting!!!!!!!?
how much does salvation army cloths cost please answer?
does anyone know of any home business that works please tell me about it?
payday loans.what is the catch behind them?
Where to buy an AK-47?
Cheapest way to package and mail a book?
If the regular price of jeans is $59.00. What is the sale price if they are on sale for 15% off?
How to make money online ?
In a "Reasonably" Diversified Portfolio, what Percentage of it, should Cash Be?
when result were issued he scored 65.In the previous term he scored 70.calculate the percentage loss?
Questions regarding eBay?
Gamestop trade-in estimate?
Getting my first apartment. What should I look forward to and how should I prepare?
What information is required to be on checks?
What's the latest that I can ship something I sold on ebay?
what effect of ozone in water treatment when dosed in high concentration.?
Finish this quote (wit will be the win ): "cold hands, __________?
can u recommend any good books?
How much of a percentage,a commission does a fuel broker make on sales to a refinery?
A bond has a coupon rate of 6% paid annually and promises to pay out this coupon every year, indefinitely. If?
Is there a work at home computer thingy that isnt some scam? Has anyone had any success with one?
What does Electronic Shipping Info Received mean in package tracking?
What is pci {per capita income}' how can it calculated? ?
guys get together to play a weekly game of cards and one throws in the keys to their house is it binding?
Im desperately looking for information about money changers, please help!!!?
has anybody ever heard of american financial home loans and if so are they legitimate?
who is the second richest guy?
Help with Interest Rates Business please!?
How do I ship something I sold on Ebay?
What subjects do you need if you wish to be an accountist? What are its salaries?
Anyone come from a divorced family where your parents do not get along and have kids of your own?
A job that requires you to learn new languages?
how much money do banks make on credit cards per customer?
How many of you think answers is cool?
I have a check book where can i buy syuff online with my checks?
i got mail from and he said that i won 500000 GBP in lottery it is true or fake??
Can someone please explain to me what a ponzi and a pyramid scheme are?
what is the price to sell a item on ebay?
How much can I save from 8190 SAR salary in Jeddah?
Does anyone know any ebay paypal coupon which are current ?
a good national bank to have?