Is Harry Potter Cool?
nobody answered this question since two week. can anyone help me ??????????
If you stole a pen from a bank then would it still be considered a bank robbery?
Valuing Bonds Using Present Value Help Please?
how has ict changed in business?
what would you do if you knew that you going to die tommorow ??
it as been said times without number that businss of businss is business. discuss?
Two related questions on gold standard?
Where can I find a good website that shows me the financial info of companies?
which state was not!!!one of the original 13 colonies?
Would anyone from another country like to become pen pals and exchange info about cultures?
Can you sell a product to a company without a working prototype?
what is a customer service representative?
The vast amount of all business sales are accounted for by?
i have 5 pounds from the bank of england. how much do i have in american currency?
how do u break up with a close friend without hurting his feelings?
What happens if don't ship something you sell on ebay?
What's the best way you personally found to make good money on the internet without scamming anyone?
i like my girlfriends roommate ... how do i pull off a switch?
in addition to format, style, and tone, what else is important in a business letter?
i am looking for glabal and technical compare between several anti virus enterprise solution?
if you won 1 billon dollars what would you spend it on.?
A customer is buying a $100 drill and two $15 drill bit sets. The customer uses a gift card worth $50 to pay f?
How do I get around school web blocks?
what is sky walker Ltd.?
How come people have to be so serious?
Will i get my ups package tomorrow?
during the civil war, the national banking system issued paper currency?
are we there yet???
Which UK bank has FREE cash withdrawls at ATMs abroad - Europe & elsewhere?
how much money cost to build 1000 seated stadium?
Management Consultant/Analyst?
How can I get Showcase Worldwide to stop calling me?
Who is the smartest person alive?
now which did really came first?? is it the chicken or is it the egg??
What happens when people bid lower than seller want to sell for on ebay and time finishes for bidding?
accounting Any profession similar?
How many u.s dollars can i get if i change in a jamaican 100 hundred dollar bill?
If im writing a formal letter to order things for a business & get it drafted, do i include typist initials?
Im 18 male and want breast inplants to give me a double d cup! should I get the implants? Why or why not???
how to contact bank regulators with complaint re banking practices on youth accounts.?
I believe in 15 years time there will be a world government, do you'll agree with me?
how can you tell the difference between being depressed or just being extremely meloncholy? - cuz I don't know
How do Canadian gas stations sell their gas?
how do you get a guy to like you if he wont talk?
I have a question about pay pal?
I'm 18, can I get a loan to pay my school fees?
Is it possible for a 14 year old to get a job at borders bookstore or barnes and noble?
Can someone help me decribe these trade-offs?....?
Finance-Bond Question?
what do you think about this ?
Can a 14 year old write a cheque? How?
Do you think that the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima,Japan really stopped the WW2?
What is the best way to learn the ins and outs of public relations?
How can I go about contacting a health inspector about a produce store selling expired products in the U.S.?
Which does not count toward GDP?
define a true friend?
if you where going to rob my house where is the last place you would look for money?
How many pound coins would it take to fill a wheelie bin?
Is it possibly to convert my bank account to hold a foreign currency, but can still withdraw local currency ?
Are all items NEW or USED in
How much would this be worth to sell?
What is the weekly income for a person who earns an annual salary of $45,550?
at what age is the stage that your getting old and the time is ticking by the way am 35 is that old?
Can I ask the UPS guy to drop off a package around a certain time of day?
can any1 suggest me about some free to join inter net jobs and their authenticity?
I was charged an overdraft for money the bank didn't lend? BB&T?
online surveys... HELP!?
What’s the salary of an accountant?
Is there a problem with CA unemployment checks right now?
Please help me about my little daughter.... oh , she hates me :((:((?
Philosopher's stone?
Directors/shareholders agreement...can you help?
I'm moving out in a few months. Budget help?
I need accounting lessons. how much are they?
I have been Direct Debited by my old Gym after I cancelled it?
How can a teen make 500$ a month?
what is the cause behind the ships and aeroplanes disappearing when they reach the region of BERMUDA TRIANGLE?
Does Best Buy do mail-in rebates on phones? ?
Should I ask the homeless people to leave at my shop?
what if your friend is gay and u know it and all his friends know it to but not him?
H&r block emerald card?
whats the best soda? tell me and dont get cute. none of the diet sodas or cream of someyounguy alright!!!!thx?
What does EMO mean?
2 UPS questions. Do they usually bring the package on the scheduled date & do they ship on New Years Day?
How can i find a deal with warner bros.?
What info does a company need to send u to collections?
what is the age group for models in Ford Modeling?
who is ur best singer?
why is my friend neglected by her parents?
Please please please help me with my future. Can you please give me some advice. Ten points to most helpful?
Has anyone ever been scammed with a company asking to send money to the Ivory Coast for a release of funds?
do i need a patent lawyer and what prevents him from stealing my idea?
I'm bored and I miss my co-workers, what can I do???
If I send a letter today will they get it by tomorrow?
why do women think it is good to show their bare private areas then get offended by unapproprite comments?
will i get pregnant if i will have an intercourse 4 days before my menstrual period?
Jobs For teens that are 14?
make money by doing surveys?
This question is not a question. Is that logical?
What if i return something but lost the debot card i used,can i still do it ?i used my pin on the purchase!!?
Should we believe in Google?
what does ironic mean.?
I have a question about a vacation accrual policy.?
how do i sell a gold bar uk?
If I paid you a dollar?
Why does it take so long when the Dept of Treasury is send you a check?
Free points!!! Come n' get 'em!!! Do you want them?
What's your favorite thing in life and why?
What do you think about this Advice?
to whom do i report of a person who drives her kids to and from school, under the influence of drugs?
I Ordered A Ps Vita From And I Used USA Overnight Shipping And I Ordered It Yesterday ( 8-16-12 )?
what age do you have to be to get your drivers licese?
How banks in India determine Rupees per US Dollar Rate on a given date?
should I break yp with my boyfriend because I like someone else?
how does an employer find out about previous employmet with asking you or calling references?
define demand schedule?
how much can i sell a sharp Zuarus in good condition?
I am trying to find a cout date in baltimore county district court how can I do that on an individual?
I think I've had it....?
I have a Ten dollar bill letter C serial number co9589027 anyone know what it might be worth.?
how many types of paint are there?
Does a retailer have to honor this mis-price in their ad?
How do you find DIAMOND? Make or Find? Find out from your good big brain.Good Luck.?
Is there such a job: Pseudoscience Investigator?
i am a can i find costomer on internet?
10 Dollar Bill Question.............?
if i pay 500 dollars and it cost 220 how many money do I have to get back?
How much would pawnshop give me for a 14k?
When do I have to use Future/Present Value of Annuity due and Future/Present of an Ordinary Annuity?
Why are people going into high paying jobs just for the money?
how can an average student become rich & famous in todays extremely competitive world,which lack oppurtunities
How much can I sell it for?
Have anybody out there have here DRIVE N STYLE? or is this business good to open up?
how did sole proprietorhip develop?
Can I kick it?
i was searching for a site and cannot get there?
what is the word the most usefull in all the world?
list of the top ten considerations for developing an integrated information?
what's a good idea for a multi-million euro business?
what colour uniform do you wear to work?
How could I buy a profitable business with no money down?
what is your biggest pet peeve?
Is there any company/anything that would hire anyone?
is it weird for a girl to ask a guy out?
Purchase discount on financial statement?
How do I ask FOX about copyrights?
what is jericho rosales's e-mail address?
What is old faithful?
How many ways there are to make $100,000?
Is it Duck tape or Duct tape?!?
is there a god?
what currency is used in united kingdom?
How long do I potentially need to wait?.....?
Fired for scratching lottery tickets at work?
Why should we use toll free number?
About how much is it worth?
Has anyone ever gotten great lengths bonded extentions, thoughts? Price range? Good, bad? Thanks!!?
why do stain removers take out grape juice and how did it happen?
laura paid $ 219.45 including 5% tax, for all in one color printer. how much did the printer itself cost?
Have any ideas of how to raise $1,200 by April?
What is a good business for moms to get in and that doesnt cost much?
Whats the best way to send money to Nigeria from UK?
Why is getting rid of 1,ooo employees?
Please suggest good name for the company dealing with diecasts?
why don't real women look as cute as they do on their little avatars?
how to valuate company worth?
Free online uk surveys ?
A statement that shows the updated balances of all general ledger accounts is called a/an:?
Shopping Cart? Can anyone help with any info?
what is the average wage for outsourcing?
What do i need to know about accounting?
does anyone know of a bill ($) that has a non-president on it?
We're starting to get christmas stock delivered where i work, does that scare you?
What makes a successful outsourcing?
Why are imported products more expensive than locally made products?
Why can you not spell slaughter without laughter????
Any guys so good lookin' that they could pass for a girl if dressed like one? And, vice versa?
usps shipped to wrong address?
I am doing a spreadsheet financial ratio analysis project. Are these ratios correct?
Why are there very few black people in banking?
why do people come on here just to ask a question to people they don't even know?
could anybody please tell me where i could buy a suit ? price range between 300 - 500 pound?
I have a question about kohls cash?
is burlington coat factory and authorized dealer to sell michael kors?
What do I need to take to Jackson Hewitt for the HELP and how long does it take?
BAM!! Watch or i will eat your esophogus!!!?
i need money badly people!?
How much money is a real loubiton bag and were can I purchase one at?
Question about filing a claim on Amazon?
Please suggest good name for the company dealing with diecasts?
ive got somehing stuck...?
European call option?
Am I the only one obsessed with Sonic? (Pointless question, sry, I'm bored)?
Riddle: U r stuck in a ball inside u have a calendar a piano and a locked door what will u eat and escape with
used car cost $8357 with $357.00 down, payments are $274.22 monthly for 36 months, what is the simple interest?
How can I write a book with a little bit of money?
Brow Money From Montel Williams Group?
What is the accounting and financial management description involved in hotels?
I have a collection of MK+A books and I want to know what you would pay for them all.?
I need help with an accounting question?? dealing with journal entries.?
Can a tutoring company find out if you're simultaneously tutoring with another company?
why do boys go wobbly when girls are around?
How much is my two dollar bill worth with red writing and the letter a on it?
UPS? What should I do?
i just started at this resturant and i am so scared that i wont do very good anyone out there that could help.
How to download Pradeep Of Class 11.......?
what is a "subhauler" ?
can i e-mail people that isn't in my address book? if i can how do i do it? where do i go?
Leoni Co. receives $240,000 when it issues a $240,000, 10%, mortgage note payable to finance the construction?
Finance question in my homework please help?
shipping question. please help!!!!!!!!!?
Can someone please help me solve this Accounting question?
WHAT is your favorite smell mine is hot bread cooking
is equipment or supplies considered more liquid?
why is the ability to effectively delegated important to the company?
Is it a good idea to use Aarons or Rent a center to get furniture?
Who thinks I look good?
audit by ca in india?
Where is a tim hortons in the usa?/?
Do you find it strange in any way that we drink other animals' milk?
Can we drop SBI a/c cheques to personal banking braches of State Bank of India ?
What would gas companies do if we all stopped buying gas for a full month?
By accident I used paypal request money and invoice to a hacker for an item listed on craigslist.?
What is your favorite "thing" in the world?
Accounting: Gross Profit?
How much does food handler permits cost?
Accounting books an accounting hopeful should read?
What is the monthly price for xcelerate?
what is the difference between Ltd. and pvt. ltd. compny?
when eternity comes were are you going 2 sit somiking or none smoking?
Is iFree club 100% free with no survey qualifications or hidden secrets?
Consumer Electronics wholesalers?
i need accounting help?
sold my camcorder through ebay,is it safe to ship to nigeria,heard alot of scams over there,no disrespect?
in the later stages of a business that requires a lot of funding, the entrepreneur can seek financing from?
How is the Pune Hinjewadi Hafeez Contractor Construction Project for investment?
how can i see if my items have sold on amazon?
"How Do You Know That You Are Born Again?"?
youtube question how much money will i make with 124,017 views.?
How fast is USPS First Class Mail from OHIO to MELBOURNE???! 10 point!!?
How can I find out how many Jack Stands are sold annualy? I've already searched like crazy for the answer.
How much does a cna make an hour/monthly/weekly or biweekly? has charged a subscription I never ordered?
How much money per year does a doctor make?
How to start an on-line business?
Is this site legit or what?
If I tape 50 cents on an envelope will it be sent?
how old so you have to be to cash a 15k check?
I have some postage stamps that don't have a value printed on them. How do I find out their denomination?
Who should bear the responsibility of coming up with the methodology of allocating costs in an organisation?
Career for someone who likes to buy and sell for profit?
can a company come after me if i sign a check for my boss and it bounced?
what do you do when you are confused?
What exactly is described by "The industry has a direct economic effect on the U.S.of $39 billion annually"?
why door is called door why is't called window?
Gamestop Transaction, help?!?
What is a Mechanical Turk?
what would you buy with 50 dollars?
Could I make money buying and selling things?
What some real ways to earn money online?
you buy 8 gifts some of the gifts are CD's for $12 each and the others are DVD's for $20 each.?
I need a court appointed lawyer for an employee appeal with the vec?
what is the relationship between the competitive forces model and the value chain model?
Accounting: Rent Not Yet Received, how to journalize?
Do you think that children get abused in homes with addiction present? why or why not?
I ordered two things from Best Buy and it got shipped on Dec.27, but never came?
Accounting quiz. Please help!?
PLEASE Accounting HELP Needed?
What is the top payor company in the world?
How can I make money online?
i need money [leas help i am ten and i don't want to here about stocks?
i wish to know how to earn money on net without payinng anything?
Describe an interpersonal are in which you would like to communicate more effectively?
Is the babyrus in bell garden open?
Could an establishment refuse a Where's George Dollar Bill?
i want to start a new business please help me?
Logos and Company Name Question?
can u get a viruis from limewire?
how 2 deal with managerial obsolescence?
real quick work experience question?
incurring an expense in the current period, which is paid in the current accounting period will require?
What was the economic situation like during the 1950's /60's?
I work At Walmart i am looking for the website that has employee information on it?
Business Question or Help needed?
flees and ticks bite my skin what can i use to keep them off me?
do you think tendulkars wife is ravishing?
Do you think the property market is improving in the UK or are we heading for another slump?
High gas prices?
how do I find a zip code for an address for a company that does not have it listed?
Please help in Bankruptcy doubt?
a check payable to "ABC Bank for the account of a depositor-borrower", who is the payee?
What is 20% of 32.00 dollars?
i have a 5 dollar bill of the 1913 series. I would like to know the worth?
What job can I do at the age of 16.....?
I wish to cancel my aol account?
Why do companies perform ratio analysis?
what are good websites to resale books?
How much do E-Commerce websites cost?
Is there God.Give Me Proof!! Science vs God!!!?
How to become a rich?
Help needed: Re: Negotiating on the purchase price of a new home?
define demand schedule?
Can I sue UPS?
is mysteryshoppers of america legit?
I want to write a letter to a kid that has no money and no food and do something does anyone know how i could?
Should I tell my company about a payroll error in my favor?
What is the hourly wage of a McDonalds crew member of age 18+?
where can i find a free access key for guild wars?
What do young people want in banking options?
Accounting Problem Help?
What are the exchange rate trends for Japan in the U.S.?
i am a freelance writer and i need a job offline?
Accounting: Journalizing Transcations?
why can i only log onto mail through my web?
Help Figuring Out Net Income?
Does anybody know if GNC workers are paid only with commission?
harassing bill collectors...?
what was the first country to get slaves from africa?
best way to make over a 1000$ a week online with my pc with low money down?
if you hsve soo much stress what do you do?
how do I know what my proxies are?
PLEASE HELP!? How much is a guitar worth!?
how many people live in ur house?
What is a great way to get money if your in middle school?
What are the main stock market names?
Help with Ebay Question?
IF you had found agreat sum of money in an old empty house, let say a couple `o thousands would you turn it t
is the vinayak mission university is fake or not recognised by ugc please suggest me?
Please Read Teens, Adults ,Anyone:Do you think my paycheck suck?
True or False: Clients are computers that are used to service many different tasks?
what's the best all inclusive cruise for adults?
I'm in a company for 7 years including training period 2year 2 month,am I eligible for gratuity?
What things sell fast on ebay?
I am preparing a cash flow statement. What exactly does the "cash flow from financing" entails?
Songs that are played at Hollister Co.?
Can anybody tell some thing that has happened over the last 12 years?
Where do lost things go?
Examples where drug companies could not recover the heavy costs of R&D?
i need to get a teem of teenagers together. how should i do that.?
would you give another chance if your loved one messed around on you?
wat is the meaning of anatawa... "it's a japanese word" ??? can someone help me !!!?
What are the main factors that influence led lamp price?
How can I get a form for lost birth certificate originating in Mississippi?
how do you gut a rainbow trout?
Is there any way to keep sites that I searched from showing up when I type a letter?
FedEx or UPS?
how much money in sterling is 103000 euros?
where can I fine u.c.t.i.e.i.u. local union 621-a?
What does UPS mail mean? I want to send a parcel?
Why do irons have a setting for permanent press?
need runescape gold,runescape money,runescape items?
Where can I find worldwide oil rig projections for the future?
how do you chose between to best friends when one of them talks behind your back and you don't know who it is?
what will make your life easier?
Wrong item hasn't been collected yet?
Where did the phrase "rule of thumb" come from?
Where we use Terminations?
how do i get points?
i'm unemployed seeking for a job,i got 2 center &/or the chance to go abroad to find work there?
Is this wholesaler safe?
Was it wrong of me....?
Can you reverse the return policy if the ebay buyer has already received the item you sold?
JC Penney song that goes..Colors of and gold..and swinging the world by the tail? What is it?
Has anyone ever done one of those money-making kits that you see online at night?
Cashiers check dated yesterday, but closing on house today?
how do you get employment records from a company that filed bankruptcy and no longer exist?
atm problem and bank closed please help?
Why online social network produces so little profit?
where do you cash saudi arabian money? how much isone riyal in u.s. currency?
How can you pass a urine analysis?
Whats the best job for a teen?
a company sent me the wrong item and now wants me to pay $300 to get what i really wanted?
Accounting Question, Please help?
Ebay 'Broken Item' Question?
How do I post/courier a large item of furniture?
how do u load photos to power point?
How do i claim rights for this invention?
Is Lee Model Management and Urban Angel is a good agency?
I have an accounting question... Please Help!!!?
Why lie to your kids about santa clause...etc?
How to find bad debt expense? Help with accounting problem?
what does it mean when someone says there is no premium when renting a business?
What are the worst things that you have accidentally dropped into the toilet?
How much would it cost to send a car mat?
when will w2 forms be distributed in NC for 2005?
Does anyone have the time in London right now?
Finance interests me. where to do?
What does Acceptance mean on USPS tracking?
Are exports and tourism the only real way to increase the wealth of a nation?
Should i go out with my best 4end?
are you sure that you are going to go to heaven?
can my company legally take a percentage from my paycheck?
how do i stay awake all night?
If all the nations in the world are in debt, where did all the money go?
My UPS package is supposed to arrive Tuesday (tomorrow) but the tracking hasn't updated in several hours?
during visitation battle does one party have the right to request drug testing of the other party?
where can i exchange pennies for dollars?
what kind of document i need to fill or processng opening a trucking company?
Has anyone ever gotten great lengths bonded extentions, thoughts? Price range? Good, bad? Thanks!!?
Provide a description of how your company is organized, as well as an organization chart. Describe the genera?
What two words, formed from different arrangements of the same seven letters, can be used to complete this?
Does USPS have next day shipping?
how can i tell my family that my friend hurts herself??
do you like candy?
What music are you into right now?
what is the current price for postal stamps?
Aging Detail in quickbooks?
So the rich banks (owners of the national debt) just downgraded the US to increase the interest rate by 1/2% ?
how can i make 200 dollars into a much bigger profit?
How do I find net income with the total assets, total debt, and net sales?
what would you buy (hollister)?
why dont teenagers get as many rights as adults when some adult are more immature.?
Recording transactions in the general journal?
Am i being scammed?
Which part of the day you like best?Why?
What business should i do with a capital of 50k?
if the local post office has not been performing well and refuse to accept any complaints, who can one address
what to write on my cv! i am 13?
Are US notes (currency) due to change/expire in the next year?
does t.j. maxx have a website?
what is the best way to quit your job?
how can a person be so happy in his lif?
what is the basic salary in Dubai for Indian holder?
say i found a child molester (its a guy) and he wants to come over and have sex with me he knows where i live?
Where can I sell my gemstones?
how do i get a 100% information on the dealings of trump organization?i need it for my project pls help!?
how has your UPS experience been?
I am going to establish an oil mill plant, which company can i trust?
Does anyone know where I can get some nightcrawlers for less money? I pay $32 for 2 lbs now.?
Leaving Present?
Which is better USPS or UPS?
How do so many people get by with parking in the "no parking"zones in front of hospitals?
Was Lady Bird Johnson ever involved with Southland Corp or 7-11?
Do actors get paid hourly or salaried? ?
What super-human abilities would you like to have and why ???
Jobs for a 12 year old????
Calculate Annual rate of return?
In Leapforce's "Statement of Independent Contractor Status" one part of it says...?
salary of a B.Com(hons.- Accounting) with MBA-Finance?
Cashcrate question, please help?
Please Click Here To Set A Record?
Can I ship eBay items through my mailbox?
A. Outline the investigation which a company should require to be undertaken before a decision is made?
where do i get those stickers from the postal office?
what are the possible strategies, models, theories that can be applied to "retailers"?
if i have been dating a boy for alomst two years, is it meant to be if i never see him?
I need help with a Legal issue?
How does a General Contractor find projects?
who invented english?
Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the unexpected expected?
i have a friend who likes the same peason i do what do i do shes not really a freind!!?!???!!?
whats the deal with ebay items for ebay items thats being sold for $0.01 and free shipping?
If there is a bench warrant for misdemeanors can you get arrested at jfk airport?
Would it be weird asking an ex-coworker for a letter of recommendation?
ive got lots of problems and i dont know who to go to?
how many days tell june 18th 2010 if it is july 16 2009?
i just found out my friend cuts herself. what can i do to help her?
The dress i wanted at hollister isn't on the website anymore. Will they ever put it back up ?
How do u get an avatar picture for this site?
Where can I sell my Engagement/Wedding Set?
What is the fee to buy something with Euros using a Visa Card when shopping online?
Can i buy a ps3 slim at gamestop and get a warranty for it from best buy?
What do you do when you feel like your becoming a Lost Soul. I am desperate to save mine & no where 2 turnur
What is an overheated economy?
what can i be when i grow up?
What is the daily mail reward number for today ?
I sold my monitor online to an online buyer. He sent me a check for 4000.00 dollars.?
Statement of purpose of Video Games?
How can u become rich? And no college stuff please thank u! best anwser gets 10 points!?
Where can i find unfinished invention ideas that needs an input or some zest before it is possible or viable?
What does ''laissaz-faire'' refer to?
What is the average amount of money spend on gas each month for a teenager?
I need a way to make money online?
Why did Sams Club buyers stop send DaVinci Almond Syrup to Sams club in Jacksonville and Orange Park Florida?
How much money do you make in a year? What do you do for a living?
does ups haverity?
Can I export transactions from one QuickBook's File and Import them in to a 2nd file?
what Color of eyes do you like the best??
how much does it cost to manufacture a hersheys chocolate bar?
Calculate the bad debt expense for the year?
Anyone could please tell me the best indicators can I use on MT4 for forex market?
Do investors in start-ups fund your initial payroll?
Copies of Death Certificates?
Has anybody ever seen this site? How good is it!?
What pictures do ur parent or someone have of u you'd like to tear up or burn?
how eBay manage to sell their product although there are different regional law in the world.?
Accounting question? Confused.?
How do i turn my life around ?
can anyone recommend me a really good book?
If you win 1000000$ What will you do? What will you buy?
Who listens to BOB AND TOM?
what shall i do if everything has no sense in my life?
Where can I can a Dr. Grip pencil for less than 6 dollars?
What are the best tips for selling on eBay?
I received a check and letter from S.F. Inc for a Mystery Shopper for $4998.00. I saw someone else had 5 days
Gas station cheated me?
is this wrong ?
how to get a jod at 15?
What are your weakness?
i want salary slip?
Quick books Reconciliation help ?
What is the maximum daily limit for answering questions?
How long until the iPhone 4S's price goes down?
If you could afford it would you buy an ISLAND????
what is project pay day?
Effect of Allowance for doubtful accounts on NPV?
Management Accounting Question about cost per unit?
Lemborgini costs how much?
What is the difference between an appraisal process and performance management?
I hate it when people remove their questions. Anyone disagree?
What does c'est la vie mean in English?
How do stocks and currency work?
EBAY. I am selling something & someone has requested that I make it 'buy it now' as they want it quickly
I filled out on application for best buy 46 days ago.?
what is my yuz bin turk lirasi 100000 worth?
What do you mean by "Business Intelligence"?
Which banks only use ChexSystems and do not pull your credit?
Where can I find a Legit Work From Home Data Entry Job that will bring in some extra income?
who is the best buissness at this time in the world?
What is the cheapest and safest way to send or transfer money from New Zealand to Mexico?
Who or what can I blame for this?
How much is a monthly bill for sprint?
What is your favortie Tv show?
i used to be susidal and i never got any help cause my mom said it costs to much, i have major problems in lif
Why does sometimes your life go soooooooo horrible?
fixed cost and variable cost for a retail store?
Looking for a safe but I need advice/help?
Need to find projected cash flow statement?
How much is 260g in pounds?
How much would it cost to rent a PO box?
why are adjusting entries necessary to portray a more accurate picture of a company's financial position?
how many mins. are there in a year?
Calculate the present value of an investment that will be worth $1000 at 5.9% per year compounded quarterly af?
Is this technically considered a resort or no?
Usps hasn't delivered my package.?
If you recieved it,Would you think this was Legit?
How much is the average utility bill for businesses in CA?
how jesus is son of god and god left him torture and killed by jews!!!???
whats better to go to for black friday circuit city or best buy? please help?
Good Paid animal jobs : help me!?
should i give a ***** if no one wishes me a happy brithday?
Is there a secret plan to make dollar currency fail in february 2009 and substitute it with Amero?
Which are the top business schools in Singapore that offer a Msc. Finance or Msc. Accounting?
how to get a refund from a laser hair removal place?
How many first class stamps would i need to put on a parcel of dolly shoes?
why is it so hard to find a learning center for a two year old???
Can you answer this?? (20 characters)?
is it okay not to include your last name when ordering online?
Who is Prophet Muhammad?
im having a hard time finding work. what about surveys online?
Is hollister a good store?
Multiple Choice,... Accounting?
how can i stop biteing my nails FAST?
world hope academy?
Accounting lil Question :)?
im 14 and cant get a job, how do i make money?
Can someone help me with a banking resume?
Is it possible that the credit crunch could lead to an Economic Depression?
How can i create a PAYPAL account and can i transfer currency from my paypal to bank account (karur vysya bank?
How many empty aluminum cans does it take to make a pound? I take these cans somewhere to exchange for money?
how much is 192,900 in uk pounds in us dollars?
why is nikki so gay?
what are indigo children and why are they important to the earth and how can you tell if you are one?
can you win some lottery through email without even knowing?
It is stupid i want this one girl but dont know what to do?
Need Help on Accounting Problem E9-7 ?
Q:Is there any service similar to E-Z Transactions but cheaper?
I am unable to access the website for auction Success RPT, of Provo. They illegally withdraw my money monthly
how can i make alot of money fast? anyone know please tell me im skint?
when ur a level 2 do u get 20 pts the same day?
how much financial aide well a family of 3 making 30000 dollars get?
when is vata purnima?
what is everyones goal in life?
Free checking is now everywhere - how are banks making any money without charging customers a monthly fee?
abercrombie kids or Hollister?
How much is 13 pounds in u.s currency?
Can I privately sell my annuity ?
is All Nations Express Courier a true company?
how do u make aperson instead of a smily face?
If you live in a company apartment with a coworker that doesnt let you sleep can you complain with the company?
placement of return and refund policies in calif. retailers?
what low-budget musical celebrated 40 years of new york city shows on may 3 2000?
Famous Banking Failures?
Looking for advice to prepare for MBA or Masters in Accounting?
Do you think the world will end on June 6 because look 6/6/06. i know you think i am crazy.?
journal entry for: ordered supplies for $200?
my friend and my other friend are faiting all the time what should i do to bring some harmony????????
how should i do my hair tomorrow?
discount cash flow?
what`s the santas deers name?
Is there anyways that i can do an exchange on something without a receipt?
What happens if a company says it can no longer accept a personal check from you?
What is a REAL and PRODUCTIVE way to make money online or using a computer?
how much do graphic designers get paid?
how can i tell if a guy is gay or bi???
what is world trade organization?
Do DLA and pensions cover parent for funeral expenses?
what would be a good job?
Why when you apply for a job, in the application asks "May we contact your employer"?
Why does my year and a half son respect me, but not his mother?
looking for a list of inmates names in the nevada prison system?
How do you know if a boy likes you?
Top 3 problems Black & Decker is facing.?
My boyfriend owns this house, and wants me to go sign some papers to have my name on it 2, sound like a scam?
how much is 40 kilogrammes of copper worth?
What is ukraine?
what is ERP?
how much will january benefits be?
Does we*ed really kill ur brain cells?
I paid with a check at hollister andd it was taken as an electronic check how long does it take to clear?
Running a pub/bar - any ideas?
Will the world be able to feed itslef in the foreseeable future?
If debit means left, and credit means right, then how do we know when to add or subtract?
What's the most beautiful place in the world?
Are Discounts Allowed posted in General Ledgers? if so where? what about discounts received?
Selling cell phone on craigslist being sold buyer wants to send money through western union?
Hey guys, anyone please help?
I need my wholesale company to finally pick it self up and grow!?
How much would this dollhouse sell for? (pictures included)?
i need a name for my investment company?
Sell will call tickets or get money back...?
What can you tell me about Tang Soo DO?
What is the value now days of a 1974 aluminum penny?
the mystery of bermuda triangle, is it real?
What features should we add?
i have a whole heap of scrap copper which is the best way to flip this?
What is a good thesis statement for a paper on school shootings?
What is the selling price of gold today?
Two related questions on gold standard?
How Do I Interview A Banker?
Which South American countries, if any, can still be considered economic 'frontiers'?
say im in landscaping and i need to add 8 %profit margin to either sod cost or labor where would i add it?
What do you think of this dream?
Who buys SCRAP METAL???
how long does it take for mail to arrive from the UK?
How much is my gold chain worth, and where should i sell it at to get the closes to its value?
how should i start my business?
Whatever I buy off Ebay, am I able to send it to a certain address that isn't mine?
hair curl dilema?
eBay maximum bid question?
Name one thing that bugs you everyday that you wish you could fix ? Something annoying ...?
Should a charity become a ltd company in order to protect the committee members against personal liability?
r u a early bird or do u go 2 bed late like me?
When are you going to make it? (in life)?
where can I find electric utility companies for zip code 49096?
how do i locate the owner of a cell number in ghana?
What is the annual payment (to the nearest whole number) necessary to meet the projected cost of the stadium?
Blu-Ray wholesale suppliers/distributors?
Why is "off" positioned next to "high" on fans (instead of the "low")?
wat should i do about an ex-girlfriend who is telling my girlfriend lies about me????????
I have an idea for a sandal for women and men. What are the steps to getting sandal manufactured?
what is a really good site for looking up world war 1 and 2 weapons and equipment?? plz HELP!!!?
Difference Between Subsidised Funding and Commercial Funding in the Arts?
how much is a 20 dollar mexican coin is worth?
Why should I study law as a career?
Legit Ways to Make Money Online?
Help!Help!Boy urgency!?
What kind of questions do you get asked when you call social security about setting up direct deposit?
im looking for an investor in interact children's game that combats obsiety.?
How much is this worth?
How long does it take most people to fall in love with someone?
How can I stop a debt company calling me...?
are 17 year olds alowed to operate dangerous equipment ie a sliceing machine or industrial blender unsupervise
finance class question (Finding Costs of Goods Sold)?
what is the annual dollar value per year?
Does anyone know how much the Ziggy Stardust print is worth?
Is it ok to buy cheap items from the clearance section of a catalog and resell them on Ebay for more?
How to tell if a company is legitimate?
tell me the basic happiness of married life?
Where can I find market and cost information for major pitch and yaw suppliers?
UPS Help? My package is declared undeliverable?
can a person really die from an overdose of THC?
FINANCE!someone please help me! no one answers any of my questions when I really need help! did most?
how much is 250 uk in america dollars?
Accounting Help Please.(Multiple Choice)?
if 6 is 1/4 of 40, what is 1/3 of 20?
how do i start my modeling carrer?
a synonym for the word small would be?
Is there a safe way for a teen to make money online in Canada?
It's 2010, I have a 2007 stamp can I still use it?
i have a 12 volt 4 amp power supply, made or sold by cpi of houston texas.the #is unc 4000. need schematic or?
i have a 1941 penny and i heard it was worth a lot and i wanted to know if it was true and how much it's worth
Will the Tigers ever get it together?
Why is it that on your last day of work you have to go in?
When people ask questions or just write something, why do they not check their spelling?
does anybody know about yogam bpo?? is it worth joing there?
Is there a way to pay people besides using cash or checks?
would like to post complain letter about a business how do I do it ?
Who is at fault for a package stolen? Seller, buyer or USPS?
If a business owner invests cash and supplies, can the supplies be listed in equity?
If you had to chose between your spouse's life or your child's , who would you choose to live?
where r the most beuteful girls come from?
Am I truely being paid salary?
how to calculate fixed cost?
is it possible to get an online loan to startup my online business cos i dont have capital to do so?
Gambling-BF has little if any money due to the economy but goes to the track 4 or 6 times a month.?
how much loaf of bread coasts in your country?
absolutely no mail on Sundays?
How can a kid of 12 make money?
Are there any similarties between China's crisis to the US crisis?
I have a cuz that likes a boy but he never even notices her. Does he like her?
Who was C. Hoppe?
How can I make some quick money?
does a 2'-10" door meet ADA clearance requirements?
What is the best gift for an 8 year old daughter.?
what should i do 4 my science project?
Are indians still hated around the world?Especially london&U.S?
GET hired by Comcast?????
is there any web site, free and can provide job in african nations in soft drink companies?
Want to write a letter 2 Gas Agency for reconnection?
wats the big asset to human being?
This is for anyone that knows or follows Sociology...?
what does 2.5 million dollars in UK currencey convert to in US currency?
Alright I'm wondering how much a UPS semi truck driver makes a year in Canada?
Isn't Disney World just a people trap operated by a mouse?
is there anyone there that can help with an invention?
where is God?
i need grant money to start my job?
how to write salary status request mail?
My boss owes me money...what should I say about this?
i am looking for a site with scripts that you use to build the site! can you help me??
How much would a box or crate of pocket bibles cost?
Accounting: Does the purchased parts of the equipment that are not used under the account of rental equipment?
anyone know how much this is worth?
Why am I having a hard time bringing up a friends address and phone number?
what is a term that is used for the people who want to buy a product?
paypal negative balance?
Gr 11 accounting help?
jewellery designing prospects in india and aversees?
Do you Americans know anything about Canada?
Can any one help me to find a room for around 60 pounds per month in the UK?
Have you ever found a good deal on ebay?
What time is it ?
how much will a cd take to arrive in the mail or by ups?
Does cancelling transaction removes the listing on ebay. Please help?
What is the most important thing to you?
USPS Tracking Question!?
The reward for entrepreneurship.?
How much could I get for my dulcimer?
How can I make money off my Website?
aking or answering?
help with accounting?
Can you make money doing research studies?
if i buy 19 items on amazon that cost 1 cent each would the shipping be calculated for every item?
To what extent do you feel entering a new business organization is similar to entering a new culutre?
how do you learn to walk??
how much 3.0% increase from $10.85/hr.?
Is any of this possible?
batu mountain?
i need help and a serious answer?
i cant decide whether to buy a desktop or a laptop i am studying in college and my budget is 1000$?
How much do you talk on the phone??
Help with business class project (has to do with car loans)?
Why is it whenever I call a help line it's someone foreign speaking very poor English?
Would I get a better deal converting euros into US dollars or pounds?
home depot associates sales promotions for Verizon Wireless?
Why is there always a jackass out there that gives stupid, unrelated answers? I guess they need a real life.?
Dan enters Ed’s antiquesstore and sees ten classic coffee tables some of which would be perfect for his?
Where to get SkinStore Coupon Codes ?
i have just purchased a skilsaw model 825 seriel #243667 i am asking what year it was manufatured for my recor?
Want to cancel Amazon sex toy order, scared Parents will find parcel!?
What does a leasing broker do?
ATM machine seized when it was left in the machine for too long !?
where is bill in goldenrod city?
does anyone want to increase export sales?
What is the salary package?
What does Capital income encompass?
Has anybody used xcoin when buying goods on the internet?
define queef?
How to deal with post-divorce depression.?
Where to start my business?
What information a stackholder requires about the business?
Accounting Question - Need help fast!?
Company purchased a new machine on October 1, 2012, at a cost of $90,000. The company estimated that th?
I'm writing a resume and the company i worked for was closed.?
Can anyone recommend a debt management company with low fees?
whats the difference between a dv camcorder and a dvd camcorder?
What is wrong with people named Paul?
should accountants learn about chemistry?
can my company do this?
What do you feel when you think about the first person you made love with?
edd sent new "award letter" then few days later an "invalid claim"?
how can i resolve a money issue?
Is it okay if a girl works at a scrap metal business?
Does anyone watch the Super Bowl for anything besides football?
what is a better buy in terms of quantity and price?
what will happen if operating cash flow is negative?
Need help with Accounting?
i wana read a book, so tell me what is your fav. book, let me explore your fav book?
What do you think of abortion?
how do i make money living in such an expensive city like hong kong?
Is onyone here a rapist?
i just finshed schools so i want to make money.what type of business is best to make fast money?
is was looking up an item on the internet and it said it sold for $15,000 c/u what does the c/u mean?
Help? ?/?
Statement of Cash Flows: what indicates property/equipment growth?
Been told it's not convenient to save EUROS(from uk pounds)now.WHEN should I?
How do you keep a secret from your boyfriend?
What protection do business owners have if a customer tried to reverse charges on there credit card?
Has anyone worked for Datapcjobs, is it worth it?
are sanitation companies responsible for landfills?
How do you get an actress audition in Hong Kong for a Harry Potter movie?
How do I find out how much my business is worth?
How to calculate overtime when getting paid hourly and pay periods of 1st and 15th?
Do mortgage companies get to write off foreclosures for their taxes?
can anyone help?
Help with a resume career objective?
POLL: Abercrombie & Firch, or Hollister?
Am I the oldest person on this damn site, I wonder...(28 and a half!)?
what are the best metrics to measure efficiency (cost) in an inbound environment?
How to verify paypal?
How does the world end?
Please help me!!! 10 Points for best first answer!?
i have 8 brothers and sister and we have a really big gas bill but i need help paying?
How can I patent my invention?
Do you need someones full address in order to send them money through western union? ?
hollister interview tomorrow!?
why bother to make calculations to depreciation when it is based on estimates?
Do you pronounce "negotiate" and "negotiation" in different ways? If so, how?
Is it legal to sell products on the price which is higher than MRP in India?
I opened an account on eBay, has anyone else?
microeconomics-----------fixed costs variable and marginal. check please?
How can I make extra money?
How can I start a business of renting shitholes to scumbags?
fun, cool, creative fundraising ideas?
Bond X is a premium bond making annual payments. Finding bond prices?
Can I raise money by selling raffle tickets?
Method Stealing Vending Machine?
Is cash flow and free cash flow the same thing. ?
When taking out a bank loan, does your CASH FLOW financing section increase?
Who has been a victim of gift certificate fraud?
were can i get help in youngstown about my gender idenity problem?
Is anybody here totaly into Creative Memories ( Scrapbooks)?
How Do I get to maleficent from the Lift stop or where do I go to get to the lift stop another way?
What percent of 800 is 96?
how can i start enjoying life?
How much is a GOLD 2000 virginia quarter. The back says jamestown 1607 2007?
is molasses honey?
Do outgoing packages have their shipping price on them?
Customs number for shipping(USPS): LJ 020 465 975 US. can somebody help me to track this item in india..?
african word for "my first born"?
How to find variable cost per unit sold. Accounting Question?
Am I getting scammed through craigslist?
Why is this at such a high bid price on ebay?
Currency Question...?
i am a sap basis guy and lookingfor clients with company and projects . plz tell me the information abou
please help me with accounting, I'm struggling with this question?
why don't banks just write off all their debts?
content licencing fees for companies like Netflix?
example of a liability that goes down when an asset goes down?
Any ideas on how to make stable money fast?
How can i find sales statistics of mint tablet manufacturers in pakistan?
Need Help with business card mistake!?
What's wrong with my order from hollister!?
How much is a fifteen pound postal order?
if i went to a store in 1930 and bought a necktie how much would it cost?
does anybody know scary websites like when a scary image pops up?
moved from bt to talktalk landline.?
Anyone used Cash Crate before?
how to withdraw money from bank without atm card & cheque book?
what is your birthday number the day.. not the month or the year.?
what does overcast in weather mean?
Do any boys on right now like me?
the value of currency to current gold standards?
What can you do with a business degree?
another question...???
somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!?
where is area code 656?
where is the new hope christian high school?
Why is my boss late?
Budgeted purchases in accounting?
why cant people say merry christmas?
What is the capital of Egypt?
What will happen when staff in organization is lack of training?
what carreer should i choose?
Looking for employment answering phones from 4pm-12am or 11pm 7am in Ft. Lauderdale area. Any suggestions?
what are the leagal guidelines for DOT drug testing and confidetialality of imformation?
is tipping 10% cheap?
What kind of jobs pay a woman good money??
Is NYC a good or bad place?and y?
What do ypu think of teenage runaways? have you ever ran away? what happen?
How does one protect an idea?
Is there a website like Paypal that I could use to store money online except without a bank account?
Journal Entry Question- On June 22 hired a park Manager at a salary of 4000/month effective July 2?
I have several antique books and I would like to know what's their value and if I should put insurance on them
i recived a message & tell that i won a australian lottary programme i s it corect?
Arent the members with more than 2000 points bored to answer?
Need Help Accounting Plzz?
Can a bankrupt business collect debt?
how much is 150,000 peso in English pounds?
why is there more overtime in retail jobs in the summer?
how much does an Actuary cost per hour?
what do you do if your friend is annoying?
Has anyone ever heard of Debt Solutions (Military Debt Management)? They are helping me with my debt.?
i have a family member who is in heavy debt with their gas and electricity suppliers- n?
can i trap dust bunnies and sell their pelts for cash?
Depreciation question! About units of activity? ?
do you like playing with yourself? I do it all the time and i love it !!?
Need some good ideas?
What time does UPS deliver until? PLEASE READ?
Is Islam a terror?
Can I use my school ID to pick up a package at the post office...?
Does hard 'selling' really work?
what is a good 30 to 40 dollar gift to give my sister?
How much will my unemployment checks be?
how do i know this guy is legit and not fake?
in 13 years my mom got no $ for my little sis from her dad. she is now with him. I support my mom what to do?
Why do fools fall in love?
Unemployment related question?
Is it true that Obamas spending plan is equivalent to 1m per day for 2000 years?
What is cyberslacking?
better made or lays?, A legit website?
How often is your "gut feeling" right?
What does this mean about craigslist?
Calculate the inventory turnover ratio for Oakley, Inc.?
What would you do if someone gave you 5 million dollars?
mm21fashion scam? Has anyone buy from wholesale site? Are they reliable?
e-bay is real vague on how much seller fees are, more so i dont see it anywhere,can some one help me thanks?
My friend thinks I'm gay. I know he's gay. What the hell do I do?
custom chopper biycle for a good price?
How many GBP dollars are in 1 US dollar?
European currency called the Euro, is much better than the dollar?
Calculate Annual rate of return?
How do you calculate the Depreciation Expense on a Cash Flows Statement?
Where can I find a cheap Sanyo MM-8300?
What are some quick/legal ways to become a millionaire?
i need to find a broker that has pay per share stocks?
What could I do about finding a house for rent to own with bad credit and being a single mother?
Something is 15% off. With the sale, the item cost 3.19. What is original cost?
I'm gonna have a baby girl on April, Suggest me names with the letter S??
why the bloody hell?:(?
Does anyone have a friend who's well, preppy? How do I tell her w/out killing her mood?
what is the best way to screw over your boss?
How to calculate the surface area of a CD case?
How does Mexico's aerospace industry support it's automotive industry?
factors of production vs four era of businesses?
what's a good quip to say you are leaving/departing???
Sent a letter, mail help please.!!!?
in order get pregnant how would i know when i am ovulating?
what is negative equity? (in simple english)?
Where can i find fun and humorous printable quizzes?
If you won $10,000 would you spend it or invest it. And if you invest it, what do you invest it in?
If I have more than $25000 to put into a savings acct/cd who is offering the best rates/bonuses????
how many of you are teens and how many are older than teenagers?
is it right my boss pays me late in the day?
Websites That pay you money for taking surveys Best AnsWer!?
I need a letter to write to fire somebody with tattoos showing...please help?
Can someone refer me to an electronics wholesaler in LA?
my company isnt giving me work.?
Help! I shipped to the wrong address!!!?
why doesnt my messenger want to upload?
Which of the following is a basic assumption of target costing?
Companies providing a "Financial Analysis" / Background Check of companies you might want to work with?
How can I design a free website and free hosting?
631 whar area code for phone?
How would you fix the economy? Please include specifics.?
Whats the silliest name to name a child?
Jan. 1, 1993, the cascade company purchased for $657,000 snow-making equipment having an estimated useful lif?
The company I work for is in serious trouble and may fold....?
Free free free...........?
How to make money online as teen?
How do you sell items on Ebay?
What do I do with an invoice?
Is there a word that rhymes with ORANGE?
Difficult first year in business?
how do I make money on the internet?
What are some legit, free, online jobs?
How do I exactly write a HACCP plan?
QUICK! COVER LETTER QUESTION! Is this okay to write? (need to send soon)?
I am looking for my best friend Lorine Hovaneck in Campbell ohio, I am very worried, .?
Where do you keep your spare change?
i had textile shop in my town,i had an commitment of one crore to the suppliers,my stock is 50 lacs how could?
Can I mail helium balloons for free?
Accounting Help-- direct materials used?
engineering or accounting?
Public Financial Reports issue dates????
Identify and describe the different components of a viable business plan?
Why are British pound written pound "Sterling" what does sterling mean?
how much is £9.00 in US?
what is the best way to study for social studies?
who is stan laurel related to? any famous relations?
Why should I wear a suit at work?
how to calculate the price per square foot on a cleaning service?
Why this ! answer does not have "BOXING" as among the categories?
PLEASE need urgent HELP!!!what is LIFO reverse? FIFO reverse? and Inventory reverse?
Why after I asked a question, did my LEVEL drop?
A dress decreased in price from $431.89 to $375.74. Find the percent decrease. in the price of the dress.?
Where can i find information on my grandfather who served his country in WWII?
slushie machine repair?