$400 worth of gold from amazon fetching only $300 here?
My closed company owes me back pay. I have some of their equipment stored. Can I sell it for back pay?
maintaince and repair costs accounting problem?
Help! Please! Accounting Problem :(?
How much money is a 14k solid gold 3mm 24" inch rope chain worth?
Accounting Question: Charge to Payroll, credit to Revenue?
Why do men sleep with women on the first date and then don't want anything to do with her afterwards?
Ebay buyer won't get item from USPS?
how much do cashiers make with experience?
Do u like Galidator Movies?
If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?
In what states can you buy a full auto ak-47?
Value Of A 1969 F Series Star Ten Dollar Bill?
please answer this?
What books do jail inmates like to read?
how can someone win the lottery and end up going broke and declaring bankruptcy?
Initial Public Offering Question....?
if u get a letter that says RSVP...does that mean u reply if u cant make it?
What problems do you feel may arise out of this business idea?
How does a financial backer work and what percentage would they get?
how do you guys view police and why?
My parents have a lot of stamps to sell,so nd a trustworthy dealer/buyer pls?
Calculate the days in inventory for Oakley, Inc.?
help please?
What is the best way to send money to India from US. Who gives the best exchange rate?
In the import export community what does it mean when someone ask for "50,000 MT"? Or "20,000" MT of a produc?
Should the Fed put Bush on the $1 bill and Obama on the $10 bill and then print billions of them?
what is the accumulated depreciation ?
Should I work for Ross Dress for less or Best Buy?
How to have gold jewelry appraised by multiple people to find out who will pay the most for it?
What are accounting standards?
What is a USPS Bubble Mailer classified as ?
Which charities does the Entrepreneur Justin Etzin support?
Which accounting principle/assumption to use?
can my company stop my petrol allowance?
what could happen to a person when alcohol and meth. is combined?
What would you do!?
virgin or not virgin?
the post office ran out of regular envelopes should I have to pay for a more expensive envelope?
what can i do to avoid someone?
why do certain cable companys charge so much?
where can i find asistance,for emergenccy travel funding,in case of family death.?
What is the ideal frivilous lawsuit to initiate in order to start myself on the road to financial freedom?
How much does 10 lb scrap metal sell for?
Shipping from UK to US?
how can i make money online without paying any membership fee? What are the methods of online making money.?
what is
how can i get a free webpage?
how much does sixflags cost with a can of coke?
Pink or purple?
What does it mean when your boobs swell up?
do you know where you're going to, do you like the things life is showing you?
O.k. so you have all probably heard that you cannot drink a gallon of milk in under 1 hour.?
Whats a job for a 15 year old that has to do with clothing?
why are there only three letters in currency code?
Stimulus check question..?
If you had the money, what toys, books, etc., from your past would you collect?
I need prices US currency how much is a 1899 indian chief worth?
Write journal entries for the impact of this item?
Quick easy way to get money at 17 without a job?
How to make a lot of money as a teen?
The E-Lottery Company Inc. gives cheque for e mail lottery winnings. i.e for spreading mails. is it true?
Can i get a sample letter of certificate of employment with income?
Can a featured question be removed by the asker and appear at the same time at the Y! home page?
i need money help me plz?
hiw do i make an email address?
How does a Money Remittance company system works? ?
Returning an uninsured package?
Does anyone know of a site where I can make money?
non examples of mission statement?
i am looking wheat flour exporters/ suppliers in India. where can i find them?
about george muthoot from kerala?
name spelling?
Am I the only one shocked at how bad the £ is valued?
I want to sell online a villa with swimming pool in Tuscany... How and where I can do this?
How do I reach real people at via the telephone?
what is not a difference between a retail business and a service business ?
Yesterday I had sex with my girlfriend for the first time but without comdom, is there any risk(I am 18)?
How can a 12 year old kid make money?
Hugh Downs is so desperate he's pushing "snake oil" books on TV.?
have you ever bought something because of spam or a pop up?
Any ideas or tips for a Hollister group interview?
Is burning cds against the law?
how long does ups take to complete an insurance claim for damaged shipment?
Why do companies use the guideline of 3 times the hourly labor cost for billing their clients?
UPS Terms and Conditons of Ground Service "Acts of God" policy?
can you charge a contractor for using pictures of my home without a release?
Is it okay to buy and take creakic hardcore if the best buy date is expired?
how do i find out where jewlery came from, without asking the giver?
what are the symptomes of juvenile delinquency towards the family?
How much does a bank teller make hourly?
How much money a year is considered "good"?
Where can you get the cheapest rate for a domain name?
Can you buy weed at 18 legal without having a illness?
How much federal taxes get taken out of your paycheck?
Financial Statement Question?
Price per hour for computet?
Can i send cellphone via courier or indian post?
Why do PayPal conversion rates seem so low?
i've got four ideas for businesses. i wanted to know if any of them were any good or viable option?
1906 $20 Gold Certificate Star Note Value?
where can I find a sample contract for using space at a hotel for a wedding reception?
Could this be 4 real?
What do I wear to my lawyer boss' Christmas Party tonight?
Refund a buyer on Amazon? Do I have to?
what is the best day of the month to schedule a recurring monthly meeting?
What does "US Postal Service Priority Mail" mean?
Orange bill not paid, cut off?
can mathematics save our souls?
How do I, an African American fulltime student, get a house of my own. I am also a parent.?
what are penny auctions?
my companys bank account in habib bank ltd has been blocked with a code 92 i like to know what is code 92?
extrovert vs. introvert?
accounting to do this?
can someone else pickup a packet for me?
Where can I find a history of small ww ONE battles in France ?
Describe what you think is excellent customer service:?
I figured I would ask an easy one. How old are you?
how does this site make any money?
Is there really no stupid questions, just stupid people?
how do i get rich?
how does currency valuation affect export rates?
How to find percentage?
Do you save your loose change? I do.?
How do you not get nervous for a boyscout board of review?
I'm really confused...?
Western Union sent me an e-mail advising me tha IMF has sent money to me but Western Unions requires me to pay
What is creditt mutuel du senegal accounts department phone number and department head?
Think im a good rapper now?
what does hospitality mean?
Is now the time more than ever to stop complaining about work and just be happy?
Can I move to Cabo San Lucas and still be an American citizen? Or How do I do it?
How come I've been Black, White, a Chinese Dog lover, a Lesbian, and a Gay guy in 1 week?
What will happen to the UK economy over the next 20 years?
is there any chance for me to work in japan as caregiver?
Credit and Debit Memos -- financial accounting basis 101?
What are some ways I can make money?
Some of my ancestors were huguenots with the last name of De Auge. Where in france is this?Who were they?
I am receiving a package from UPS and the weight on the tracking thing shows its way less then it should be?
I got a Droid at Sams last night and do not like it. Do I have to pay $35.00 restocking fee if I return it ?
easy way for a thirteen year old to make money?
Earn $150 for a new phone? ?
If a woman is good in kitchen it makes her more attractive to men?
How much is this coin worth?
im looking for a store that sells diamond rings and the diamond is flawed so that i can get a bigger diamond?
did anyone place an id chief order by 8/10 and send the money but never recieve the ids?
Whats the most effective way you can think of to deter POTENTIAL child molesters.?
Wholesale Distributors?
ive always wondered what we do when we do die?
how do i go about an overdraft?
You know about The Amazing Race (competition TV)?
USPS express mail question please helpp?
Money to fix a car wreck?
when you buy something on ebay do you always get it??
If ABC Software simultaneously purchases and sells foreign exchange for two different dates, it is doing which?
i have a fixed term lease for 5 years for a coffee machine , done 18 mths. how do i avoid paying remainder?
How can a 12 year old girl make money? I need creativity ppl!!?
y do guys like to c girls make out, girls don't like to c guys make-out, i just don't understand?!?
Can a woman be successful in the carpentry field?
what is the difference between legal separation and divorce?
Google Inc. has a 10 year fixed-coupon bond with 8 years til maturity with a 5% coupon rate paid annually whic?
when will i receive my package via ups?
Where do you work?
anyone know how long it takes to get?
Postal acceptance Rule?
Nobody on answers knows that melting pennies is illegal?
How to calculate coupon, partial sale mid-month?
how can i check if my jordans are real?
what is the area code in Indianapolis, Indiana?
What does CEO stand for?
What should I do with my life?
Filing for Social Security Benefits, Disability?
differece between cheque and bankers cheque?
can you win multiple giveaways from the same company?
What shipping company (ex. USPS, UPS, FedEx) does Abercrombie Kids and Macy's use?
i wanna buy something online with a creditcard so whats the safest place to go to to do that?
HELP! How do you write a ten dollar check?
Bosses Son.. How do I handle this?
My husband and I are interested in information about sperm banks in the Madison area of Wisconsin.Please help.
Im finacially broke. how do i obtain instant cash to cover my living expences?
can u really make money with those google packages or are they just scams?
Why do people say 'break a leg!' when they mean 'good luck!' ?
my 15 year old daughter doesnt understand why she cant smoke in the house when my wife and i do?
do u judge a girl by looks or personality? what do u look for in there personality?
I'm gonna have a baby girl on April, Suggest me names with the letter S??
i have a 20 dollar bill from 1995 with a black and green seal is it worth money?
aply for job?
I have blue two dollar bill?
Why am I drinking over my problems?
Forget credit rating; legally, what can USDA do to us if we stop paying for our house?
why do we call women's underwear a pair of panties?
does this get on your nerves?
free durable power of attorney, California?
how do I become a millioniare?
Managerial Accounting Review Quesition?
How to solve money troubles? (serious answers please)?
How does competition lead people to innovate and serve others?
what is the average cost to get a domain name?
Does taking a shower really clean you up?
For professional purposes, I'm changing my last name. Any suggestions for a last name to go with "David"?
hatchko san is adog in tokyo japan any infomation about it?
what is an accumulation fund and does it have to be filed on taxes?
what are ACU's?
have you ever been a victim of a homicide?
what site has unusual and strange facts?
Is it legal to sell imported designer clothes in France?
what does 51% percent in FDI implies?
I need some help with my bills?
Ideas for fundraising?!?
By law does walmart have to provide h&r a copy of the w2 form or to the terminated employee?
can you believe emails about winning money?
Laurel Street, president of Uvalde Manufacturing Inc. is preparing a proposal to prWhat would you like to ask?
Does Fedex Dropoff At Your House Or Do You Have To Pick It Up?
Where could i easily get a $5000 dollar loan ....? ?
I wrote a letter and posted it but now regret it, how can I stop it being sent, can at all?
what is up with all this hatred toward the Indian people? someone please explain!!!!?
Sears sold sweater for $75 The selling price included a markup of one half the cost to the department store.?
who was xaviar hollander?
Calling all cashiers of the world to answer this!?!?!?
would you like to be a tree for a day,which kind would you be.?
How do I locate my sons NICOLAS and CLEMENTE PLIEGO LOPEZ? Last name may have changed to HOLLIS LOPEZ?
How can you LEGALY quickly & easily make a lot of money? Just for fun.....?
What would you do with a million dollars?
how to become rich ?
Does anyone know around what it will cost to convert from oil to gas?
my daughter was born in nov. 06 can i claim her on taxes?
rep yo city?
Holiday Bonusus?
Why is the shipping so expensive at the UbiWorkshop site?
Scammed On Ebay?
If you had ONE wish, what would it be?
describe a transaction that will cause Accounts Payable and Cash to decrease by $500.?
What are some good ways to get rid of the hiccups?
everyone has different point of views, so possibly no one can be wrong?
British currency for the American idiot?
My Girl Scout Gold Award costs?
Do you hve a ceel phone? what kind?
where can i buy jewellery at a good wholesale price to resell?
Am I being scammed?
who kill 2pac?
I WAS WONDERING for information about Zamora, Michoacan?
Do courier services like DHL require to pay the money upfront?
Why do people not like Jews in general?
How long will it take a company to accumlate $2,000,000 in cash?
what happens if I didn't receive my orders from aeropostale?!!?
Making money with Ebay?
how much euro would i get if i changed 150 sterling.?
Pitiful in Pink? Or Pretty in Pink? Which are you?
Where can I find easy money?
Accounting GAAP Rule for Commission Expenses - Accrual Required?
How do I get on the list of people who will go to heaven?
my grandpa just died and i cant get over it can you give me ideas on how to get over it?
what is anti-money?
how do i get a a woman to relize her own buty even if she doesn't see it her self?
For the ladies what is the best/worst pick-up line you've heard?
buying through paypal help!!?
Where is the missing dollar?
Regulations about companies taking money...?
how much is my lane hope chest worth dated 1934 in poor condition?
How much money does one person need?
Where can i sell homemade crafts at a decent price?
In Sacramento, CA, can a water billing agency from Arizona charge a 15 dollar late fee to a CA resident?
What should I do for my friend's birthday?
do food product manufacturers have their own packaging machines that package their products?
How does Wal-Mart change the global economy?
someone send an email to me and convincing me to open an offshore account to transfer his money pay from the?
I'm 15 and I need a job.?
How much is Price: $16.89 converted in to uk £ pounds?
how can i get my anoying brother and sis to stop bugging me?
Is anyone buying on ebay right now? With the economy? I wanted to sell a few iteams but wasn't sure how?
Where can i go to get some old foreign notes appraised?
Am i going to get in trouble??!?
are you a good speller???
when the fed says that it is cutting interest rates, is it for a house morgage?
I plan to import guitar amplifiers into the US. What types of certification do I need?
A customer is buying a $100 drill and two $15 drill bit sets. The customer uses a gift card worth $50 to pay f?
Help determining accounts as debit or credit?
how to withdrawal a fixed term cd from the bank?
paypal didnt help me when the seller shipped the wrong item. is this the way it is?
Do you ever just want to YELL at the top of your lungs!??? I do!?
Does anyone know how to transfer money from a bank in Europe to a bank a/c in India?
If your parents leave you at home by yourself what do you do?
Should i tell my parents?
What are some books on business basics (investments, etc) for a 15yr. old?
what is the name of the agency that sends farm animals to developing countries?
What is the most worth bill (money) ever made in the world?
How to make money online?
Question with billing on
How do I pull apart a very old rolled up 50 pound bank note,?
What does it mean if a company has a polarized image?
How can you tell if a company is charging you "too much" on a monthly bill?
annuinty starting date what does it mean?
Do you have any business name ideas?
I need 20,000 dollars for college, where to go?
Wear & Tear?
accounting please help?
How can i become a manufacturer's representative?
Can anyone tell me topics for my presentation about application of psychology in business?
What is your favorite day of the year? (if you have one)?
How many businesses are there in the NYC metro area (not MSAs, but metro - 65 mi. radius from Manhattan)?
A job about posting ads on craigslist....scam?
i wanna find a girl &she is m.p. in INDIA . i have only her phone number.?
whats a cheap gold coin or bullion?
Why do feet work?
what are the coolest insects, i personally love beetles?
Is coinstar worth it?
Are USA Jobs No longer Moving To China Since Mexico Now With A Booming Economy Is 40% Cheaper?
Accounting Problem Help?
need help,please help?
how much is $375.00 exchanged into pounds?
Why do Lowe's and Wal Mart build next to each other, so often?
How Does Finance Work with other departments?
If you smoke cigarettes how many do you smoke per day?
what is the basic salary in Dubai for Indian holder?
was is a draft in regards to money?
Where to cash a check?
How do I get 1 million dollars for free?
how to tell the difference between a real million dollar bill and a fake one?
do you belive in god?
why do you drive on a parkway but park in a driveway?
·Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there?
How much do little ceasars pay for someone to hold the sign?
How to prepare a bank reconciliation?
What exactly IS daydreaming?
Where to buy wholesale electric product?
What programs are in Michigan to help people buy a House?
Accounting Bond question?
what exchange rate system type does the UK operate under? i.e fixed, floating etc?
Is Go Buy Buy Goods a good store on ebay?
mystery shopping, surveys is there a reliable site?
what are the typical prices of black friday?
The US National debt has increased dramatically over the past 3 years. Where is the money going?
Companies with no drops?
my son wont walk yet and he is almost 2. Is he lazy?
Is there any way to find an object that was manufactured in a specific place, at a specific time?
I have A very good invention I am looking for A backer or backers?
define the cost of debt for heckmann corp (HEK) nyse?
how do you get over being shy?
how do i tell a friend that shes over reacting and if she goes on i dont wana be her friend?
Company Name Conflict in New York State! What are my options? See details....?
Who would lend me 500000 to make a movie?
How much does it cost to change your first name?
What are some things to do at home to make time go by faster ...... please answer kinda desperate lol?
What jobs make around 300k plus a year?
What is “fair trade”? When a company chooses to engage in fair trade practices, what are some of the financia?
I am in 7th grade how do I get some money?
What should I do for a second job?
should we have one world currency?
where to download free financial and insurance kindle books?
Why do people pick their noses?
If you could give any gift in the world, what would you give, and to whom?
Managerial Accounting Question?
whenever I go on stage to deliver a speech but when i open my mouth I get scared. What should I do?
Who are the main costumers of Gold Mining Companies?
What is the best words to say to a sibling who is an alcoholic ?
i have a 1 million dollar .is it real?
Chase is no longer having free checking account?
how much money can you put in a duffel bag that's 12" x 21" x 14"?
Have card charges where can I find info to reclaim them?
How ti tell if i signed up for the post 9/11 gi bill?
How do u get perm. marker off ur clothes?
I am working in role of foreign banks in Malaysia.any suggestion?
where can i buy a 10 inch wood handle greban knife?
I want to make as much money as posible in my life, i am 14. Where do i start?
How do I stop telemarketers calling my cell phone fron India?
What are the most annoying questions you've been asked in an interview?
Technology what are the benefits and drawbacks?
Hi Hope someone can help me im stuck on these two questions :(?
How do I pay on ebay?
Can I privately sell my annuity ?
i wanna have more friends in my life how can i improve these situation?
I'm desperate. Please help? I need to find somewhere to live.?
Is there any way to get out of paying child support?? I am tired of working 60 hours a week for a gold digger
who here cuts themselves?
I am ahouse wife looking for a suitable job from home i reside in middle east?
Can you suggest a guide to American currency?
I am successful because ......................?
How are call options used by speculators? Describe the condition in which their strategy would backfire. What?
Where can I exchange canadian coins to us money in California?
Is it ok to end a business email in question?
what are differences between Accounting and information system?
How would you journalize this transaction?
Who called me from 763-670-7737?
Why are nearly all the most successful companies in the world American?
What does free shipping mean?
what is the currency of mexico?
virgin or not virgin?
What is the Effective Annual Interest Rate ?
Why is the Australian dollar so high?
i have won a sunseeker holiday for which we have to pay $99 administration fee is this a scam?
In Accounting, is this a RECORDED transaction?
3 ppl are among 19 12 will be picked how many arrangemnets possible and how many will those 3 ppl be together?
how much is a euro in american money?
hello anyone can tell me is there any market holiday for TUNISIA stock exchange?
what is the difference between general accounting and public accounting?
What is the banking hours in Spain?
How much should i sell my wow account for?
GM bankruptcy????????????????
Euros to Canadian dollars?
Clickbank affiliate program?
How does the billing address work for debit cards?
I didn't get my package from UPS?
can i set up a table shop anywhere?
What is the worst name someone has named their child?
I would like to learn of any user who would like to generate electric power from winery waste treatment?
finance- yield to maturity?
if i got married after the aproval of my refugee status but before the entry to the USA,Will I be in any legal
how to become a good talker?
why does it take so long for a cheque to clear?
Banking Problem that involves percenatge?
My rent rencently went up by £25 after three years, my landlord now wants to redecorate the house?
why is it so hard to get someone to like you?
Where can i find coloring by numbers for teen/adults?
T-Bill rates question?
Why is it that there's often a little splotch of blue ink on the edge of the u.s. 20 dollar bill?
My sister stole thousands from my parents, not sure what to do.?
If all the peopel in China died and their bodies were thrown into the sea, woudl it create global disease?
Can I get Cash Advance from Bill Me Later?
Do u believe there is a devil , and if so, have u seen him?
With ups what does in transit mean?
What r some bad things about Aries?
wat is the most important thing for a businessman to be successful?
Sperm or regular?
I don't know, what do you think?
How many xboxes will Best Buy have on Black Friday for their Doorbuster deal?
Have you been screwed by zeek rewards?
What licences do you need ?
why does a store thats opens 24/7 365 days a year have locks on the door?
how much is a gram of 24 carrot pure gold worth?
Im a bad liar need help?
How much would it cost?
where can I exchange 1 million eruo as indian rupee?
what is the fastest and cheapest way to find out who or whom owns a certain building?
do employers normally call all 3 references?
Paying with coins, is it ok?
Where can I buy GF Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine Drip Tray ){P/N 20352)? I moved from Austin to Dallas, Tx?
How do I do journal entry for stock sales for small c-corp business?
Should I send more books out since Royal Mail lost them?
how much will a cd take to arrive in the mail or by ups?
how do i sell a kidney/?
Advice on saving for and buying somthing?
I want to be a millionaire quickly how?
I'm having trouble searching and locating uniting couples. com - Is it listed in your search engine? Thanks!
Why is it illegal to end your own life?
Where to buy global knives?
5 questions about Accounting ?
do you think that people who have different principals can't get along?
Why bankruptcy? why not just let credit card company eat it since they make enough oncharges and fees that the
homeless in seattle sleeping in my car someone hit me and ran bust my tire\wheel have no money please help me
which of the following errors would be detected by a trial balance?
is payoneer payment company only for europe?
my son is in pelican bay state phone is blocked.I cleared this already but for some reason its block
what are the best things to sell door to door?
lawyers please help!!!!?
ADJUSTING for Depreciation Expense and Accumulated Depreciation. HELP!?
Where can i find a drop-shipping supplier for motorcycle clothing & accessories?
what is a certified bank draft/cheque?
Basic Accounting Formula Help?
Is there such a thing as "too many pork rinds"?
To all females ... how much do you like to receive flowers from your loved ones and friends?
Did they ever make a dress out of fruit roll ups?
How do you abbreviate "million"?
Accounting help-how do i do the following using Inventory costs under Periodic system?
Have you ever had to say you are sorry for doing a bone head thing.?
how do i keep noisy little sistersa out of your room???
Accounting help! Cost of Goods Sold?
What does this mean USPS?
How do I calculate my GPA in college?
how to valuate company worth?
What do Companies (Listed companies) do with their profits?
Management Accounting?
T Accounts in accounting?
what does net worth mean?
what is most hated thing in universe?
is the universe just a figment of it's own imagination?
any cut baby girl or boy what would u name them?
A gold neclace 11.2 grams is worth?
How much does gold jewelry retain its value?
How do you cancel Now TV subscription?
Can you address mail with just a first name?
Do you have to pay to get into Fright fest?
On January 10, 2012, Edmunds Co. sold merchandise on account to Jeff Gallup for $13,600, n/30. On February 9,?
i live on a fixed income, where can i go t get e free donated or discounted air conditioner?
What is the book Celia, A Slave about?
Are older quarters worth more?
Where people go after the death?
can i reclaim charges my bank charges?
i have 4 months left on a 20 pound a month 24 month orange contract how much will it cost to cancel early?
do sloths have species?
Can my work legally determine my body jewlrey?
Life West electronic products Where can I find it?
Donation for an enterence fee letter...?
Buying from Amazon <shipping to outside USA>?
do telemarkerters get paid hourly or by commission?
Can I cash multiples checks at one time?
When is a note payable considered long-term?
pinecone research?
why i cannot find the lady of my dreams?
Why do I need a Payee?
Skeletons in your closet? Any you want to share with strangers that will never tell? Hmmmmmm?? ;)?
Does it annoy you when someone picks your answer as the best answer, but...?
what software do banks use to do basic jobs? ?
I need a collector for my WW2 Coins & My Foreign Money . .?
How can i track a UPS product if i was never given a tracking code?
If this is the Price per pound $3.3585/lb for copper, How do i convert it to Metric Ton?
Is it legal to take pictures of houses as they are being built and later sell the pictures?
What is the best way to come up with a couple thousand dollars by the middle of September?
How long does it takes to process an pre ordered iphone 5?
Tips from successful business people/ millionaires?
Recruited by Hollister..?
accounting question?
currency exchange in the philippines!?
i am only 22 years old?
How much of a discount can a Best Buy employee get on electronics?
How do I retrieve message boards for a company? Who do I contact?
The sales tax rate in a certain state is 8 %. Find the total price paid for a pair of shoes that costs $41.?
$500 francs=how much in US dollars?
How/where i can extend my finance knowledge ?
what is High Value Alert Clearance (HVAC)for banking account?
Does this offer seem legit?
if i buy shares online then dont sell them do i get money paid to me every year?
Fixed, Variable and Mixed costs?
online data entry is real or its fake can i earn money in this?
What should I choose between my studies and my boyfriend since I can't get both?
help me Please!!!!!!!?
I am going to sleep soon, what should I think about while I am lying in my bed?
Does my FedEx package need a signature?
How do u Coap with Cold. (Winter Cold)?
What do you think about this say on pay plan?
If I order a package on Saturday and theirs a three day waiting period when will it be here?
How can I change shipping price on eBay?
We have sold some lorry model bits and pieces on Ebay and stated in our listing?
Who does the money go to when u make a wish in a fountain?
Would you still prefer chinese goods amid their quality issues? yes or no?
Best place (shop or online) to sell used books quickly?
For those of you who use PayPal on a daily basis...?
if you have a decent life, place to stay, food to eat, should youcomplain about anything?
EBay false buyers from Nigeria?
how to program, conduct and report on an organisation design?
where in the U.S. can i tourn a plantation house and slave quarters?
Selling on Craigs List with PayPal?
Are there American alternatives to Oriental Trading?
Where can i cash coin for free?
what is the world's largest selling brand of bottled water?
How do I thank a recruiter if I do not have their email address?
If you got into a taxi and he started driving backwards, would the driver end up owing you money?
celebrating birth day _why?
Can someone really make money online!! How?
Need insite on old books and children's records I have to sell.?
Does anyone know how to get an entry level job in the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta?
How long will it take for this to come in the mail?
What do you do if somone wants to be your bestfriend but you dont like them at all?
How can a 13 year old make money?
How much money does the guy in the mall make?
I need a small garage - I have no construction experience. What type of structure should I be looking at.?
I joined some raffle entries, (any good fortune teller) or any one who could tell my lcuk here? Will i win?
how much can i get for an american eagle gold coin?
my chick just told me if i don't help her clean the house i'm sleeping on the couch doesn't that suck
What are some things to do at home to make time go by faster ...... please answer kinda desperate lol?
Why were schools made?
What Do You Think of the New $100 Dollar Bill?
is starting up a business easy?
Why is that my serious and"intelligent" questions don't get answered but...?
is there any jobs online with out paying a start up fee?
How much do ppl pay to buy calling cards in IRAN?
Do you believe in GOD?
how i find a good space for opening a restaurant in zurich.switzerland?
Hostess has filed for bankruptcy ! They offered the employees a lousy plan .?
If I pay online to ship an item?
how many stamps are needed to send an envelope from chicago to indianapolis?
i heard that they are sending out a second stimalist checks?
3rd president of the philippines?
What kind of companies were hurt most by yesterdays market fall?
what was the banking act of 1935 about!!!?
What is the purpose of a Medical Chart Audit Committee?
What service sell ?
Fundraising ideas anyone?!?
Need Help with Financial Accounting..?
i received a check from The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.?
Accounting as a Profession?
Writing under a pen name, how do I cash checks?
What is the relationship between present and future value?
How far away is heaven?
how does paypal deal with a buyers claim for a refund?
please help, how can i do this?
If I am shipping a heavy textbook, what is the cheapest method of shipment: UPS, FedEx, or USPS?
How do u get alot of points on this thing .?
how do you get a listing of all telephone numbers dialed on your cellphone from verizon wireless?
Would you lie under oath for your best friend?
if you find a 20 dollar bill on the street the same time somone else does and you both see it, what do you do?
Help on accounting bank reconciliation!!!?
what is the exchange rate for the dinar?
what is life?
how do you know which old x-box games play on the new x-box 360???
Accompanying the bank statement was a debit memorandum for an NSF check received from a customer.?
What will be a scientific/philosophical answer to the question: which came firs, the checken or the egg?
Do both male and female cows have horns?
Salaried Employee Scheduling is a nightmare, any suggestions?
If The Kodak Company invented the digital camera, why did they suddenly fall behind in that market?
Does anyone here read the last book of the bible? I do.?
how to write business message ?
where can i get the information on countries and their stock exchanges.?
How much would each of the following add to my earning potential?
littlewoods order delivery due tomorrow?
if you like a girl but she dint like u haw do u get her 2 like you?
Complete this phrase?
what fundamental question was brought forward when puritain settlers were taken captive by the indians?
Where are cigarettes made?
Can someone help with common stock in exchange for land accounting problem?
what a best business to do from home?
How to drive to 110 avenue in Surrey from Broadway in Vancouver?
Can a self storage owner keep items inside a unit if the bill is not paid?
value of a consol bond before first payment?
Financial help after death?
I need some advice on an invention and patenting.?
which banks are offering sign up bonuses right now? August 2009?
I'm trying to figure out if God is opening or closing a door for me.?
What was the worst day you've ever had?
UPS shipping question?
how do i turn my 80 dollar best buy gift card to an 80 dollar ebay gift card?
Help needed advise please?
accounting please help?
From a business's perspective, are credit cards and debit cards the same?
am applying for a position with another company that is in the same field i was fired from how to explain why?
My foregin & all of my cash money has been captured by my can i take back?
how much should a seamstress and a seamstress assistant be paid if it's hourly work?
How do i edit clothes and equipment in 2k13?
Have you ever kissed a teacher?
who in !answers is under 29?
How does one go from knowing just enough to pass the Series 7 & 66 to being able to work in corporate finance?
How can I join the dark side?
How much is it worth?? REPLY?
which is more important looks or personality?
How to check authenticity of placement consultants in India ?
I have a buy two get 1 free coupon?
verify my TIN number?
What is the expected payment of a claim?
If your pants catch on fire, does that mean you are lying?
I have heard of recession-proof industries, but is there a recession-proof location in the world?
Why do people Cut & Paste their answers from, or
is there a way to find out peoples personal salary for people working for the government?
how to i make millions as a petroleum engineer and welding expert at the same time?
my sister has suddenly betrayed me and told quite a few lies regarding me. This has never happened before. why
What do you do when you lose your homework when you are a homeschooler like me?
Does anyone have back issue of the Sept/Oct 1985 Premier Issue of BH&G Cross Stitch & Country Crafts magazine?
Besides me, who is your favorite person here?
how is it possible to take a photo in the dark?
Does tion have any side effect?
Accounting-How do I calculate bad debt expense?
i mastuurbate 5 times a day and i am 33 years of age. Is this OK?
How can I keep my cattle safe on undivided land?
Journalize the following adjustments. (Help please)?
Has anyone found a good program to remove spy falcon?
Best place to buy cheap hollister stuff online in Ireland ?
How young is to young for a cell phone?
Does the following business exist: Ski Bank, 716 14th St., Beaver Falls, PA 15010?
What is shipping rate?
How to compute payables to suppliers?
does anyone know who or where i can get free money from?
how do you do a resume for work? for just 15 years old what im will say?
How to get foreign currency exchanged as a minor?
Do I include depreciation expense of equipment to fixed costs when calculating breakeven point?
What is that website called where you can sell provided products from a big warehouse and then get paid?
Can I write on a cashier's check?
You buy cards at a rate of 4 cards for $5. You sell cards at 3 for $5. How many cards sold make profit of$100?
where can I find a Free criminal/Backgorund Report?
Best Buy Employees? I need help..?
What is a good way for kids to make money???
Accounting Question: What would the journal entry be for the following transaction?
paypal money has been seazed by authority?
If i got charged twice for a transaction, how long does it take to post back on my acct?
How does one get a job as a doorman? Where do you go to apply?
What would you do with $800 Dollars?
Does Economy shipping come with a tracking number?
Why are people completely stupid?
If gold is so much of a "good thing to own", why all the ads on TV trying to sell it?
What does "Package out for local post office delivery" mean in UPS?
I am tired should I go to sleep?
How do I make transfer charges to another country?
Can we take VAT input credit on Local purchase of Pallet truck,Printer for warehouse use?
What is the incentive for lending institutions to lend?
Where is a good place to get wholesale air jordans thats not a rip off site?
Financial Accounting question: How do I compute outstanding cheques?
How to properly send a flat rate package?
I received email that i win free lotto on 24 nov 2006 but i dont remember the full entry wht i have to do?
suspense account problem ?
Has anybody Been to Uranus?
How much money does Michael's charge for their plain t shirts?
What are business days?
If you are a Christian what did you do that made you a Christian?
What happens if i dont send this item on ebay?
Will Amazon Know Where To Deliver?
I need help with this accounting problem...?
What is the best place and prices for jewelry ?
a process of bringing about improvement in knowledge,skill,habits and attitudes of employees?
Is a net with of 1 million dollars considered rich or poor?
Can someone explain lifetime membership to me?
ACCOUNTING: how do you journalize this in the cash payments, general, and purchases journal?
what is a secret incentive?
where was god when the earth and heaven are not yet created?
how many sets of father son presidents have their been?
Productivity and Costs of Production for Laptops?
why do people use abusive language in normal everyday conversations when understanding is all that is required
Is there a charity that receives old bras?
Is this a scam on craigslist?
how much would this yatch cost?
how do u feel about interacial relationships of black and white?
should i be mad if a friend talked behind my back?
How to create a christmas tree bow?
who is the founder of distribution?
How does dating 50 years ago different from dating today?
how do u organize the portfolio for the cda?
How do I remove my e-mail account from ?
Arithmetic Average Return - Annual Returns Finance I Questions?
How do I find a real, valid managed buy-sell bank forfaiting program that works?
How much does my fireplace cost to run?
if you have a budget to buy something of ebay do you include the postage in the budget?
i ordered a jersey from new Jersey ha ha k but i have a question?
Can someone explain ebook sales to me?
how much on average does an accountant and a financial consultant make per year??
What goes into a legal cause of action? Specific contents and layout?
CDOs with mortgage bonds underlying them?
Idea for helping fix the economy will it work?
How can I increase my sales in the market as I am managing a magazine, guys I need new ideas & creative ideas!
how can I lose 40 pounds in 2 months?
why dose the USPS offer priority and 1st class international shipping when they get there the same time?
what are some good "buy and resale"' items?
USPS issues?-Order was delivered in NJ but I live in KS.?
postal orders how much would it cost?
Can a 15 year old work at sweetbay?
Should I be fired for not checking to make sure that a foreign agent received an email?
What is the worst thing you have said to someone?
Is 'Best Buy' a good store?
were do i find dail up messanger to download?
Shipped priority mail without label?
One employee selection tool is the interview. Pros and cons?
whats a good gift to get a girlfriend?
Does USPS deliver packages to your door?
Whether I can find the actual realization (cash+bank) from the P&L or Balanace Sheet?
i am looking for a wanted website.I need to find a wanted list with charles mckinely lewis.?
Can you explain CDOs in simple term for me? Thanks.?
Im scared to use Indiegogo?
Parked car momentarily (BC of my old mother-in-law) in Handy-Capped, Got a Ticket! What to do?
If you order something that's coming by first class mail, will it go straight to your mail box?
just got anew roommate at work and share my office,BUT he have a bad body odor,any ideas how to handle this?
Does anyone actually make a profit / money on Ebay other than powersellers or people with shops?
Why do we get headaches?
I am trying to find out some information about "see through" rocks that are found in Iraq.?
What are the benefits of Outsourcing?
Why there is variation in petrol and diesel prices in India?
How many parcels can fit on a fedex or UPS plane?
Name 15 historical events in California?
Need help doing pull-ups?
UPS arrival scan taking forever?
Known my best friend for 25 years! Our whole life! Now she's back with her ex. READ MORE! ADULTS ONLY PLEASE!
what is the best part in an relation ship?
Does anyone know the ONE (currently) most destroyed toy in all the world?
can sm 1 help me in making financial statement and accounting equation for the following transaction....?
Where can I find reliable statistcs on the actual production costs on a pair of Nike sneakers?
Which is better... peanut butter or jelly?
I need help with this accounting question?
breast cancer fundraiser HELP ME PLEASE?
where can i purchace the 2002 movie of the red shoes ?
ways to outsmart a teacher?
I am 12 and don't know how to earn some money?
Who is handsome?
History of the philippine literature?
How can I remove mold from cotton?
Is Madoff now a toxic name to have for business people?
How much should I charge?
A crown of what awaits thee?
how do I determine inmates debt to enable care package use on line?
where can i buy vampire diaries merchandise in india?
What does "Processed Through Sort Facility" mean in usps tracking?
I a trying to find out if someone is legally married in Marion County Alabama?
what is the weather in buffalo, ny now?
My husband left me in India and ran away to Ireland where he works for a big can i punish him?
What would you like to buy from a vending machine that you currently can't?
Is my package spinning in circles?
Can a happily married woman with a family be controlled by another woman ?
Is it likely that a major hotel would give me their financial data or sales history for my college project?
What do I do with the points I earn answering questions?
Housing & Council Benefit Starting April 2013 in the Manchester Area. Can someone help.?
how can you get good grades?
If my business hasn't been using the double entry accounting system, what's the best way to start?
Is there any time frame a seller has to send the buyer the item they have bought on eBay?
If I sent a cheque to Australia from England would I write the amount in $'s or £'s?
could somebody buy fedex and UPS and put them together?
Favorite store at the mall?
My ups shipment says its on truck for delivery but hasent arrived yet?
with intrest rate rises who gets the extra money the banks?
Do you sleep on the right or left handed side of the bed?
why do peple hate rednecks???
Trouble converting Argentine pesos?
can you take me to pogo
Is GOD real, and if so is it ok to question him ?
Delivery time of ordering used items on
How old were you when you believing in Santa?
Am I the only one shocked at how bad the £ is valued?
Available goods for sale? Managerial accounting?
What does Demographic Change Mean?
whats the website for Legacy Visa?
i would like to meet young girls on line how can i be in contacts to make good friends?
Where can i get a state idea and how much does it cost?
today's weather in Bali what is it?
how do i get my 18 yr old son to move out?
What things can be cheaply bought then repaired then sold on for more, p.s i am 13?
when interest rates rise, bond values rise.?
i request to find my brother ?
how much is grade a scrap copper worth per pound?
What does this mean on
The chart of accounts makes finding accounts in the ledger easier.?
I want to apply for a job at a candy store, what are some tips you have to help me get the job?
What's your fave colour?
i am 15 and want to put in a online application to meijer dairy queen or foot locker?
What's wrong with my order from hollister!?
Is there any way to find a specific person's salary?
Pressing charges, whar happens?
automatic bidding on ebay?
did anyone send an email from central bank of nigeria?
What is the difference between Regulatory and Competitive Pressure?
trying to find the registry for sex affenders?
who is the best pop star?
How do I find out if a company is legiimate?
how would you record in accounting records the donation of land (a capital asset) to a city.?
Finance help! please!
whats the best way to sell my invention?
My ipod is not playing some songs help me ?
How to make money at 13?
To return shoes at footlocker do u have to be the person who bought them in order to return them?
As a principal in the consulting firm where you have worked for 20 years, you have accumulated 5000 shares of?
Is gold cheaper in Europe?
Help writing a proposal?
what happen to Jermy Dang and how did he die?
why are Avatars...........?
How much an associate software engineer get paid in india as a fresher ?
Where to Buy Backpacks With Harnesses and Leads?
How many of you have done dope?
what are the British Standards for packaging t-shirts?
If I had one leg, what awkward nick names would you give me?
Who is the ugliest male actor of all time?
Helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp… me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do you think i'm stupid?
Does anyone know where to find info. on mobile Datatration rates in europe? UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark
I resigned from a company, am i entitled to a13th month pay?
is there....?
What's the song playing in this VS commercial?
can someone alter dna testing to make it come out there way?
Discuss the cause of fuel refinery in nigeria?
Is there a website that can help you write a business plan?
how do you make edible candy arrangements?
Where can I find a report for how many people earn over 100,000 dollars / pounds / euros in US/UK/Europe?
Can you help me with an idea?
What's it like to work at Walmart?
What are some physical signs that a person is lying to youi?
Question about McLane Distribution sale?
could anyone plases tell me a website or phone number to express gold credit card?
Any suggestions on how to earn a 2nd income?
When were the egypt pyramids built?
Can you write me a rough outline for an email to my old boss?
Supply Chain Management? Does anyone have any information about this field?
Is there a bank in the US that does not charge overdraft fees?
HKBC laundered drug money and received a huge fine. Shouldn't they lose their banking licence at thevery least?
Can we contact the people who answer our questions?
Partial GRN / GRN Pending / No GRN?
why government should not bail out the auto company? Write as much as you can.... please write very long......?
how do i get screensavers?
Were are the movies in Dish Network Pa-Per-View?
i need some serious cash help =/ someone help?
I am looking for a cam lens. Every time I click on an entry it ends up being e-bay no matter what the URL?
If tomorrow never comes, what would you do today?
I am analysing an IT company where I have its Consolidated P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Ratios.?
what elements can be found in a pasta?
whats your fave rock band?
please help, how can i do this?
i got a freind that wants to know should she spank her 15 year old son because he will not lesson to nothing.?
how are dogs mouth's cleaner than humans?
Where & how do I report a cheating currency exchange?...?
who is the prison of the FCI prison in El Reno Oklahoma?
Why girls walk diffrent from men?
how to verify a school certificate fake or original?
fave happy bunny saying.??
what is the highest denomination that a us curculation bill has?
What's the Volkswagen strategy for the next years and the probably future performance evaluation?
Why is the building industry so hard?
Do travel mugs/thermoses wear out, buisness people?
I receive a E-Mail from swiss lottery: I won 4,000,000 Euro .IS this REALY!?!?
Where do I find a list of potential investors for free?
can someone who speaks both spanish and english please translate this english essay to spanish for me.?
Are the economics of electronic equipment different for companies versus hobbyists?
What is the definition of a "write-down" in business terms?
whats an easy way to make about fourty bucks?
Why is paper white?
What is the full name of CNN?
Company asking for p60 or p45 for interview to proceed but I dont have these, is it vital?
how does my objective for my banking job sounds need help?
How much should I be charged for selling a $60 item on eBay?
how much money would i make?
i have a mortgage with my fiancee shes kicked me out?
what kind of business make u famous and you have to travel all oner countries for business deal?
If you had a day to spend a billion dollars, how would you spend it?
What are some legitimate paid survey sites that pay with cash?
where can i get xbox for free with out preticpating in any promontions?
periodic inventory, cost retail method accounting problem?
USPS pick up question?
For a lawsuit without a lawyer, which forms do I need to send to court.?
Central banks are responsible for:?
Why do internal mail envelopes have holes in?
why do ppl do this?
How much money does the average teen has?
find moneygram?
i want to find my one lost friend in America but i dont know the state. can i find?
i found a 20 dollars USA coin?
When working on finance problems is it better to know how to do them on excel or on a calculator?
How much is this in American Dollars?
list 3 types of decisions where the division beteen fixed and variable costs is importants.?
In England, can you pay using pounds issued by the Bank of Scotland?
what job would best fit me?
merchandise sold on account, discount problem?
can someone please help me? im serious...?
Why is February a short month?
Do you have to be a doctor to own a houspital?
Financial Management Help!?
What was popular,food,toys,clothes,music, toys in 1966?
What are some reasons for a lateral move within a company?
UPS shipping question: scheduled and original?
powerball numbers 12/09/05?
Two ebay accounts linked to one paypal question?
Travelling for work on a budget?
anyone know how much this is worth?
What signs of the zodiac.............?
How much is scrap steel worth per pound?
How much is it to ship just one container with MAERSK?
Does points2shop use a UPS truck to mail things?
When we eat eggs are we actually eating the embryo of a chicken?
apprentice electrician help?
i want to inquiry for my usa file status so tell me what is the status now?
If a driver decides to cross New Mexico who is responsible to pay Port Entry, Driver or Carrier?
What can i do to use my time wisely?
Should I worry about the USA economy is it good or bad or has ups and Downs can be be good again?
I recieved an acceptance letter and a check for $4967.29 to become a mystery shopper but is it a scam?
how to calculate total revenue?
Stay in a job you hate just because of the current climate?
do you find it strange that you can set your avitars mood to "special" and when you do, he looks retarded?
Question about imports and exports?
UPS SIZE AND Weight help.. Please....please ....thank you.?
Who called me from 763-231-6755?
Why is Nakid Industries better than Skin Industries?
where can i get a cashier's check? in a bank or in a store? do they charge? how much percentage? thanks?
accounting and financing terms????
Does anyone have trouble getting there teens to sleep at night?
is there a law against deaf people? can they drive?
PLEASE HELP!!!!! Accounting question Ex 22-17 (Warren, Reeve, Duchac Accounting)?
What's the most precious thing you've in your life...Describe in one word ?
Anybody else experienced problems with name brand products from Wal-Mart?
best non-Google Adsense revenue sharing site?
What jobs can a 15 year old get in the UK?
If a country doesnt have enough money, why cant it just print more ?
How to find ending stockholders' equity?
Where can i sell an cape cop collection dining set by avon?
eBay buyer troubles! Help needed!?
need a picture of a great white whale?
what can baillifts do if you have no possesions?
What is a reasonable price for earrings?
Can I start working on the internet right now and start to make money?
mybestfreindlikes my boyfreind and lives by him and my boyfreind kindalikes my bestfreind?
Can I convert my Euros back into american dollars?
Shipping cost for 20 pound large package 88 X 13 X 13?
what's the cheapest way to find a long lost person?
I know it's still March, but what are you going to be or what do you want to be for Halloween?
IPhone 4 information and costs please?
whow much does a 1909 penny is worth these days?
Does anyone know Nike shoe company email???
Question for you A-Team fans.?
when do you think the world is going to end ,eveyone has something diff to say?
is mat entrance not that much effective than cat?
how to make me grow taller..? im 20 and 1.62?
What is Accounts Payable to Accounting Software Features ?
Why are mobile homes so promiscuous?
When you sell something on amazon how long for payment to reach bank?
This is a very serious question that i need to solve?
Statement of Stockholders' Equity homework help?
Am I gonna get dumped today?
where i can download free ERP software for any industry related?
When you buy something online is it hand delivered or is it in your mailbox?
What is the closest you've come to death?
How to Make $100 in a day?
i don't get it,please help?
Who hates those plastic packages that are imposible to open?
What can I do? provident agent is harrassing me?
If a company sells items with a percent margin of 18%..What is the equivalent percent markup?