Whar are some future challenges and opportunities for australia?
salary decrease due to relocation?
what is the website for south carolina results of all lottery games?
Does anyone know of any legitimate work from home companies. With no start up fee?
What country will start world war 3, if any?
where can i get site addresses for trade attaches of different countries?
what is a good gift to give a 19 yr old boy who has almost everything.?
how much is a ten pound note worth with 2 queens heads on its 10 years old?
How do I send a money order?
Which of the following statements is CORRECT? The present value of a 3-year, $150 ordinary ann?
I have $3000 to invest in Ebay. Any suggestions for wholesale merchandise?
koolaid and dog?
i shipped a ps3 out with usps media mail?
is it better a girl with a nice body or that doesn't really matters?
how much is a 20 kart 14.7 grams of gold braclet how much is worth in dolalrs today how much can i get our of?
The dentist broke a bone in my gum(?).What is next step?
How can Verizon charge Tax on retail price,not discount price?
USPS - how long does it take to ship a parcel from USA to Europe?
As a woman did you ever get into a bar fight?
What exactly is The Red Hat Society about?
Deceased mothers unclaimed money..?
I have my third interview with the GM at Best Buy Today . What should I expect? How much will they pay?
How do I check that a bank account belongs to the right organisation?
ever feel like that nickelback song "I want to be that someone that your with"?
did any one have finals in school this week???
Doctor sent me a bill which i was not made aware of, what can i do?
where can i buy korean stationery for the wholesale price in china?
what can i write for a personal statement for a cv. sensible answers only .?
what is the average yearly income of a Us citizen?
where did the line "Lets get some f***** french toast come from?
usually when people have arguments in the workplace how long does it take for things to gel over?
How can i explain of SWOT analysis of Tesco Plc (company)?
In Need Of Job Help!!!!!!?
I am looking at buying a bar in costa rica, and need help in figuring out how.?
What are derivatives, derivative instruments along with accounting policies and procedures for derivatives?
how do I thread a necchi 4575?
How can i create a PAYPAL account and can i transfer currency from my paypal to bank account (karur vysya bank?
Yesterday was my birthday and I had 16 visitors, who were they?
what are some fundraising ideas without selling products?
how do you vote?
what it mean by Price goes down by power one?
Has anyone used the help of a life coach to get back on tracks ?
How to obtain US bank account for non resident?
Would U rather suffer a painful death or life?
How much can I sell my 1965 to 1969 jf kennedy coin for?
Can i ship things i sold on ebay by wrapping them in brown paper bag?
What are some legit work at home jobs?
Is the Price is right not on today?
I have 30000 bolivares where can I get Canadian dollars for it?
how do i calculate the discount amount on a bond?
Is it worth apply online?
Does it bother you....?
a box of raisins used to cost $1.50. if the price increased by 14%, what is the new price?
How do you combine photos in Adobe Photoshop 7?
Does anyone know where I can get the readings for this sunday feb. 5, 2006 for a Catholic mass?
What is today's dollar value in Indian currency?
How much would a 1943 silver penny be worth?
Where to buy Return,overstock,bulk,by truckload merchandise?
How can a charity increase revenue by 10%?
Is 40k a year enough?
Do banks pay out money from deposits, in the fractional reserve banking system?
Is business administation a degree worth getting or not?
wot is a "occasional coffee table" the rest of the time?
whats your fav. color?
how to calculate how much PPI refund I am owed?
In Business Operation Mangement what does ITO mean and for what purpose?
a common issue that both service and manufacture sector firms?
what is electrolytes and how do they work?
anyone know the name of the (UK) company that organises charity sports auctions?
what type of people get on you nerves and what do they do?
How can I sell my used as-is if it has a few problems?
i would love to go to africa but do't have the money what should i do?
How much would it cost to send a package to switzerland?
where can I exchange 1 million eruo as indian rupee?
what's a legitimate way to make money online?
Getting homosexual is from birth or from your psychology?
Why does my year and a half son respect me, but not his mother?
Yeah this classic box set are rip off merchants. Is there anyway of going to anyone about it or tracking them?
Is there anyone who lives in Bath New York and goes to Dana L Lyon? Some cute boys maybe...?
Which bank is better for business banking? Regions bank or Centerstate bank?
how many hours sleep should a typical teen get everyday?
how's about happigo company?
what is tv game show host Bob Barker's real name?
HELP!!! Accounting Problem?
Which would you choose.. hunting with Dick Cheney or eating pretzels with George Bush?
i need money?
What are some solutions to cash flow problems?
How long can you have a check before you can no longer cash it? What is the cut off date?
how do i make money when i am 14?
Guys to do prefer a girl that is intelligent,respectable or ambitious.?
What's the address to jobseekers near TW20 0EX? I can't find it online & I need an appointment for NI #?
My package left via FedEx SmartPost from Chino Ca, I'm in Las Vegas should it be here Monday?
How to buy shoes off of
why did the movement for womens rights experience so much difficulty in the years before 1860?
How do u calculate how many times greater the current price of thing if let say compared from 1973?
Considering a future career?
HAS anybody eva mistaken fly spray or somthing else in a can AS DEODORANT?
How much should I weigh for air attendant? 166 cm tall?
which bank launched the first ATM in India?
What's the latest on refunds for UK bank charges?
could i tackle my dad for what happened 10yrs ago?
How do I get my money from the guy I babysit for?
UPS package??????????????
schedule budgeted hours?
Can i return something to best buy that i got for christmas?
Lol, would this be a good idea?
what does a unit mean in retail?
how to increase seller's limit on ebay?
I want to start a business....anyone give me a finance niche?
Which is better: Sonic, Burger king , or Mcdonalds?
whats greater than god more evil than the devil the poor have it the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die
a cabin in the woods 10 people dead how did it happen?
How much money does Bill Gates have?
How to make more than 100$/month online ? no scams?
what should i do if feel very lonely?
Islamic banking. In which site can i learn about the procedures, rates, comparison with the western banking?
What question should I ask?
what is albany ny biggest mall?
Can I still Exchange this?
has tyra banks had a nose job?
how to avoid sears restocking fee?
I recieved an email from a lady from nigeria who says she needs help claiming an inheritance from husband an t
how much money a person must have to consider wealthy?
I recently bought an item on ebay and no longer want to purchase it. What should I do?
If you have a 5 gal. bucket and a 3 gal. bucket, how would you get exactly 7 gallons? There are a few ways .?
People says tans are bad for you . Is that true?
where is a good place to get some skating shoes?
Entries for notes receivable, including year end entries (accounting)?
What role does statistics play in having my own business?
Why do they call it taking a dump, when you are really leaving one?
Anyone know any good jokes?
How can I get a personal assistant?
The $2000 check I gave my accountant to send w. my ext. request never cleared?
what is the bag for in an airline seat pouch?
What would you like to see invented ?
What's a good gift for a 13 year old boy?
What is Friday's Clue on Regis & Kelly's Out of Control contest?
What would you do....?
Best Way for teens to make money online?
How do I clean a trumpet?
how much file size can mail hold?
Can you get written up at work for not taking a break?
What is the cheapest wat to send money from Uk to Nigeria?
Can I send a pocket knife by usps?
Have anybody tried any system to make money online and really has made any money with it?
how do people that start their own business turn it into a franchise?
5 factors that lead free monopoly market failing to achieve moral value?
Is this considered a postage stamp?
From Iran !? Persian Or Farsi?
Finance Management?
I'm trying to find out if this is a legitimate business or a scam.?
how can i be rich (not very) without any hard work?
where can i find a specific monochromatic photo print/poster depicting a young girl walking down a dirt road?
explain the final account adjustment with suitable example?
What are some methods of earning money online?
What is a professional association and what is the role or purpose of a professional association?
if she is on birth control but its for 17 year old girl. the girl im seeing 22 would it work on her?
What are your turn on's and turn off's?
What is something that you would definitely buy online?
Any trusted UK websites where you can send flowers and gift card directly to someone?
what happens when dont make a will?
where in the bible does it say spare the rod spoil the child? thank uou.?
what is my birthday?
currency exchange rates Pak rupee?
What do I do if I am a looser and don't know how to have fun?
Can I put another person's check in to my checking out, she already has sign it.?
I sold something on Ebay, am I being extorted? What can I do?
Do i need to file an account if i only trade 2 weeks in the new -Ltd company?
Are you friendly?
What do you do after you pass the wal mart assessment test?
what kind of business can someone start with $5000?
How much would fees be?
What should I ask them?
tell me 4 different product with cost price & location price,with exempel?
How to tell a customer not to come back?
What is the easiest way to sell my home without using a real estate broker?
How to buy goods from foreign company?
I need to get a job, any ideas?
How to make someone junior master in a maplestory guild.?
How do you make out a package to a PO Box?
How much is 930,000 Great Britain pounds in American Dollars?
What is the cheapest way for a husband to send money to?
How does walmarts site to store work?
What is the best postal/mail scale you have used?
Need help on Accounting?
Is it true that M&S, TESCO and John Lewis donate a set amount of profits to isreal???????????????
phases of themoon?
Incorporated a business, and full of questions...?
What is fixed diposit in accounts?
Why do they issue gold coins worth over a thousand with denominations like $50?
How do I get in touch with God as the person Krishna?
Is it possible to love at the age of 12-13?
Could I work at hollister?
What are ur gulity pleasures?
what is the meaning of life?
where is a good place in colorado to sell and buy bullion?
where can I buy wholesale cell phones at good price and originals?
How to make good money as a 14 year old?
I cash a chek from someone who is asking to cash it and send them cash via western union.?
what is the best way of paying bills for a business online?
what is basic difference between hotel & motel?
What is feudalism (10 points!)?
Is there good money making potential in Finance careers?
why's my package taking so long to get here?
how to handle employee situation ?????????
Scammed by someone from Canada........?
do aliens really exist?
Is American currency still valid/usable if you write on it?
what is the difference between human resource management and administration?
is it right my boss pays me late in the day?
Accting Question Help?
can american checks be cashed in lagos,nigeria?
i cant get to profiles how can i fix it so i can get to the profiles.thanks .pink2lipss@.
How to write a business plan?
TWINKle twinkle littleeeee.....?
Do international brands and companies usually look for an intermediary company to help choose an outsourcer?
can they really take money from your check?!?
Where Can I Get Visa Gift Cards ?
i am looking for stickers to put on envelopes that say seasons greetings or merry christmas or happy holidays.
Why Is eleven spelt starting with ' E ' ?
various controls use by firm to reduce the risk of bad debts?
Where to find Indianapolis vital statistics online?
Must a notarized document have the notary's stamp, to be legal?
Do you beleive in God and jesus? If not, why?
Critically discuss the view that quality control is the responsibility of al members of staff within a company?
Converting historical USD to UGandan Shillings?
Want to buy a book from uk they accept only cash or postal orders I can't do that from here ?? Is there anyway?
How Could Win This Bid On Ebay?
making a profitable website???
usps pick up question?
Why companies prepare financial statements in different standards?
to find my family going on line?
i would love to go to africa but do't have the money what should i do?
What kind of surgeon has the highest annual salary?
How can I make 9 thousand dollars by the end of the year or, March 2013?
How much interest should I charge my brother?
What do I need to know about buying a house? I know about inspector, but can I trust realitors and morgage co.
how can I find the Irs-largeprint books?
Bank Transfering for receiving payment?
Does anyone know which shipping method is cheaper...?
What day of the week was the 19th July, l977?
Where to find a debit card that banks will deal with for loans?
Is anybody else having a bad day?
How much money would I get?
what is love?
can any one suggest consultancy firm for government clearance for setting up new project in India?
how do you view e mails that contain pictures when there is a red x in the upper left hand corner?
how much is ravella watches worth?
Can someone estimate how high the bid will be for this in 5 days?
what do you want to know the most?
I signed up for A Hot Topic+1 benefits card and ....?
over 50 and need a job, can anyone help!!!!?
How to develop an intelligence/intuitiveness, able to discern what's real and not real?
are there any legit work from jobs?
How long will it take to receive my tax refund if I do it myself and use regular post office mail?
For those of you that know what I am takling about, what is the dumbest question you have seen here.?
UPS shipping problem?
Can you buy weed at 18 legal without having a illness?
Hannah 4 U?
Is a classified income statement (multiple step income statement) balanced the same way a regular one is?
my brothers phone has on it and he forgot his password and now he can't get into what should he do
Where can I find this website?
what is the most comonly used name is this planet?
Do all guys "self satisfy" themselves?
what is Firearms?
If i sell my 3ds to gamestop how much will i get if i ask for cash?
how do you get a virus off of your computer?
My girlfriend is stuck in the elavator, what do I do?
if i wear a size 6 in womens shoes what size would i wear in mens shoes?
The below message I got yesterday. What can I do with this?
What is cambodia's state flower?
business question need help asap!?
What are some ways that organizations can help stop negative impacts of tourism?
calculate total asset turnover?
If your friend ditched you on a night out for a guy, how angry, on a scale from 1 to 10, would you be?
Where to get checks/checkbooks?
How much are 8K - 24K Rings worth these days?
Here in the United States does anybody live in a state that doesn't use Daylight Savings Time?
Steak costs $3.85 per pound. if i buy a three pound steak. how much?
Is there really a lochness monster?
how much does it cost to manufacture a hersheys chocolate bar?
Can you recieve SS money on Saturday for retirement?
Help with cost of quality?
Why is it considered impolite to ask a girl her age???
A machine that costs $8,000 is expected to operate for 10 years.?
What is your favorite day of the week?
what is implementation and why is it important?
Determine whether each of the following would increase or decrease the opportunity cost for moms cont.?
Do I have to cash the check right away?
what is a letter of authority?
what would happen if i drank 5 monster energy drinks in a row?
is there any way to restore mail that has been deleted by mistake?
how can i find the turn over of a company?
Exchanging pounds for dollars?
how much does this cost in US dollars: £22.95 sterling +£7.95 p&p?
data protection? can anybody send me a link to help me with the following question?
How much is 240 US money?
I need $500.00 this week!?
i have got a letter saying i won the australian sweeptakes, they have cent me a check to cash iis it true my
how long does a mail-in rebate take to process?
If the bearing of x from y is 196degree, calculate the bearing of y from x?
What is satisfaction?
can u help me?
Did anyone hear about whats suppose to hapen in 2010. I heard we're guna have a new currency of money!?
What is 40% of 11.3 million?
How do you write "$20 dollars" or "20 dollars"? or both?
Is this a good resignation letter?
Is there a way to require UPS to obtain a signature during delivery?
UPS postage help please?
What happens if you forget to clock in at work?
Accounting Problem! 10 points! Help!?
which is cheaper: granville towers or UNC chapel hill housing?
Managment accounting or staff accounting?
What is a flexible budget?
ebay question?
What is the defination of Room and Board when paid to a boarding house.?
Updated acceptable 5000 dollar Cordoba bill?
How do I find out who owns a house?
Need help with accounting question?
How do i order something off somebody in Dallas by using wells fargo?
I discover that there are terms like "white hat" and "black hat". So what are they and what are the difference?
ceiling tiles what is up there and why?
21 is prounounced as twenty one , so in 31,41,51 etc but why 11 is eleven and not onetyone?
Ebay Seller Question Help Please!?
voice over jobs in minnesota?
Accounting Pro Help pleaseeee!!!!?
what can i put for a cover letter for a footlocker application.?
Can they sell my house cause of my lodger? advice please?
how to calculate closing stock?
how do you ''manage someone out'' of the business - retail. In other words make them leave in a fair way?
how to get rid of my books and make some money?
Do you tip when someone delivers flowers to your door?
Bill Collector help? What to do?
Where do waitresses make the best tips?
What would you do if you found out you have cervical cancer & you didn't get accepted to your choice school?
Should i fake a written reference?
CHINA: After 2000-years, how come workers are making 50 cents for Apple INC. Wage are 25 cents to $1 dollar?
what does it mean when a coupon says its cash value is 1/100 of one cent?
Ogletree Enterprises purchased an 18-month insurance policy on May 31, 2008 for $3,600. The December 31, 2008?
which is better? working in a Well known company or the salary is doubled in another company (not well known)?
Question about maximum CA unemployment benefits & extensions?
what is a good website with information about kick boxing?
Why do parents spank kids? it isn't neccesry only if your kid dosent listen . But still what spank or talk
Why does it seem that when ever a bank or some company does something wrong derivatives are always involved?
where can i get an american accountant?
can someone help me word a letter to an ebay member that is taking ages to send the item i have paid for?
what will be my feuther,can i own a house,will my husband come back,will i lead a happy family life,wt will be
if you got 1billion dollars right now.....?
Where can i buy salvia online and not get ripped off?
How do I go about selling my grandfathers antique printing equipment?
Is there hope?
How do I exactly write a HACCP plan?
how to be finish my debts?
which petrol stations accept cheques?
What is a concept that takes a total system approach to creating efficient operations?
why can't i find myfreepaysite?
My mortgage is with WAMU, so if they "fail" what happens to my mortgage?
How To Make Money Online?
Ergent need your help please :(?
If i sell stuff on craigslist, how do they pay me, and do i ship them the item?
What is the Canadian equivalent of PPI?
how much do you think my gas bill is?
is cashing out a CD considered income?
what do elephants and flies have in common?
when your answer is picked as the best how do you know it?
Where do waitresses keep their tips?
please help me!!!thx?
what have you done now that will make people remember you?
Can I sue if my item wasn't shipped on time?
Question about cashing a low number check from an out of town person..?
hey u guys out there...?
how would i sell my piano?
I wan to start a Pvt ltd Company IT Company, please tell me How much cost to register it, & take A VAT NO. TIN?
what whould you do with one mollion us$ ?
put these WORDS.......... into a poem....?
Should products sold worldwide should be the same price?
can some won be my wif?
Can I exchange my jacket at DickSportingGoods without a receipt?
My package is in tansit cuss they send it to a wrong address from USPS but iwanna kno how can I get it buy ups?
Accounting problem concerning fixed, mixed & variable costs?
Where did the term "Bless you" (used when a person sneezes) come from?
am i about to be scammed with a company that uses
bar b q chips ,or regular?
Can you put in a coupon code for buying single single tickets at
Can I cash this check?
Really Need Advice BAD!!?
meaning of plixstock?
Can you spell supercalafragalisticexpedalioshis without looking at the key board? try it.?
are all snow flakes really different?
address for John Harris high school in Harrisburg PA?
how do i locate a person who has a web page with ?
How to send an international letter without parents knowing?
Land Advertised for sale at 90000 was purchased for 80000 cash by a development company.?
What are some examples of silent stakeholders?
If I ordered a package that's expedited, what time should it get here?
what's the first (sleeping) dream you ever remember having, also, occupation if you don't mind.?
Can you buy things from Worth Point from a Price Guide if you hit the trial button?
I am new to ebay!! I have recieved an email that I dont understand?
What was your first job as a teenager?
Is there a Legislation or a Act that a company joins to show they are bilingual?
can a Citi rebate visa debit card get refund back on the card?
How to ask for my own office?
what can i do for my extended project?
Has anyone used the wholesaler "Dinodirect"? I have read mixed reviews?
the english pound and the us dollar are now so close in value...why should england not drop the pound and join?
What about selling paypal funds?
Can I buy more data for my iPhone before My billing cycle?
Explain the meaning and significance of the following concepts?
Why is the USD to GBP different?
how many cigarettes do you smoke in a day.?
Does anyone know any legitimate ways to make money on the internet?
Discuss the evolution of public administration?
Youview box's wholesale?
world hope academy?
What are the best women wholesale shoe brands?
How much money has Bill Gates actually given to his foundation - Bill & Melinda Gtes Foundation?
Endownment trouble would I be right in cashing in two policies?
Have you had an email from Abbey National...?
why dont we all help each other out, instead of being selfish?
is it true????
how can i get paint off of my leather purse?
Do nationwide offer a good exchange rate when withdrawing money abroad?
Venue rental prices? can u help me plz?
A relative of mine recently died and left me approximately $5 million where should I put all the money?
Why are some steel companies more successful than others?
workout for women's chest?
Buying a home vs renting. What do you think?
Which would happen first?
I hold British passport,do i need apply a visa before i go to south korea?
Are merchants allowed to impose a $10.00 minimum on credit card purchases ?
What is the best thing that happened in your life?
How much can I charge if I wanna change to volunteer to pay?
if i go to wallmart and cancel my online order there... HELP?
reason why to choose franchise over starting new business?
UPS Tracking told me they delivered my package but they didn't?
how much money is barnes and noble making?
help me decode this accounting stuff for my business project.?
How does theft affect stakeholders?
HELP! I just swallowed a fly, what do I do?
Paypal: how long does a buyer have to file an unauthorized claim?
What would it cost to send a small padded envelope to France insured for $200?
Isn't it embarrassing that is cost companies less to manufacture products outside the U.S.?
Is it possible to become a Millionaire by owning a Management Consulting Firm?
If my air Jordans are defective will i get a new pair if i send them in ?
how much is 4000 columbian pesos in american dollars?
Runescape membership phone bill?
What colour is the US dollar coin?
do blind people dream?
How to ship clothes to France cheaply???! please?
How do I go about mailing something that is required to be "certified mail/ return receipt requested"?
Price of gold in india today?
admin forms to keep records of office equipments?
Should I take this offer, or does it sound risky?
what can i do with half of a ten dollar bill?
What is the purpose of " Answers"?
If you messed up the sex of your avatar how can you change it.?
which security company pay more than 12 dollar an hour in nyc?
is area 51 REAL??
what are some ways to make money?
A new proposed project, with a life of 5 years, has following per year estimates...?
gold and oill price between 02/03/2012 to 18/05/2012?
how much is my watch worth?
benchmark a company that provides a range of cleaming services and solutions and become a major avenue of sale
Any way to track a USPS package without any added services?
Hollister clothing (sorry this needs to be at least 20 characters long)?
What is the exact process of sending a package with USPS?
what is yakzu?
Prepare the necessary adjusting journal entries for items are made only at year-end.?
How much would it cost to ship one item from one end of the Toronto to another end?
What is a site that I can go to to find printable coupons without a bunch of spam?
does anybody know what nis stands for and do they go to that school?
Along the lines of my first last question - do you think that the oder you get the dumber you get?
How many people are looking to make an extra $300+ a month 3-10 hrs a week?
Where is the best place I can put my 70k to grow?
How to make 1 rupee to 1 crore?
Excuses for skipping off work, anyone?
Can you return purchased but yet undelivered furniture when the store has "all sales are final" policy?
How to convert a recurring decimal to a percentage?
Shipping and Delivery package time?
What does market mean in LCM? Need english translation....?
Do you agree that electricity from nukes and fuel cells will lower gas prices?
Accounting question,please help?
What are some foolproof ways of making money online?
How can I make 800$ quickly?
Accounting Question.?
What Is Something People Bid On A Lot On eBay?
if I ruled the world, what should my title be?
How to find Gross Profits?? Accounting problem?
How do banks make money?
How much is 20 cent worth?
Can I return back shoe laces to target?
If your salary is $40,000 - $50,000 a year, than how much are you getting paid per hour?
is there a legit job that you can work from home without an investment or any purcheses?
I put my niece,nephew and ny uncle grave photo's in , but I can't find it. How can I find it?
Best buy peo order price match?
is it safe to do business with
Am I obligated to pay this invoice?
Card declined after a certain number of orders per 24 hours?
are there any websites that are not scams where i can make some money using the computer?
how can you find gross profit ratio (%)?
what is at&t phone number to hr for employment verification?
what is the best way to quit your job?
anyone used GAUK?
How do I contact someone who has answered my question to thank him/her for the answer?
looking for information about GOT figurines/brown fawn and a brown wolf with a red stamped made in china?
iam not mexican i'm an white american and i was just wandering wasn't being races.?
Is this against the law?
What five things would you never do?
I got messages from coco cola that I. won british pound by selecting a number in draw so this is true or fack.?
Royal mail prices, bit confused?
Mt. Carmel Hospital in Pittsburg, Kansas, where is it and how do I get them on internet?
Does anyone know much about shipping with USPS?
What does Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) mean? if clothing comes from OEM factory is it authentic?
I am looking for investors for a Craft Beer cafe in NH?
Can I buy gas from oil factory directly?
what is a franking machine used for?
where would we be without computers, phones, or electricity?
How many gallons of gas do you get if the price is $4.40 and you pay $20?
Help with selling shoes?
i have dollars i want to exchange to pounds in the uk?
i want to work from home using my computer and internet where can i find work?
What are the benefits of IT Outsourcing Services?
how to make £400 easy?
If you own a cemetary plot, can you dig your own hole?
what is the correct spelling of a bank cheque?
Have you ever had your palm read?
what animal do you like?
how much does an average 19 year old make a year?
how can I locate an ex-husband who is thousands of dollars behind in child support?
y r men so stuped these days?
where can i get one is the money i put on the card can i use it now and do the companys have to wait days befo?
Can I get discount fare on a beauty course if im unemployed?
I am doing a paper on business ethics and decided to focus specifically on environmental issues. But?
what are some great paying non desk jobs?
Was John Boy Walton Gay?
why do people look for dates on here?
How do you look at inmates proflies to see how many years they have.?
Is there anyone who knows what companies are buying bulks of coconut husks for industrial purposes?
my freind told me she can kill her baby by punching herself, so she won't have the baby, wat do i tell her
Why are some people so stuck on their religion that they make fun of people with other religions?!!!???
How to get 65 dollars?
Need help from an accountant?
quick question what would u do if your boyfriend spread bad things bout u?
urgent accounting term: please help?
Is being a gay or lesbian against the Biblical Law?
Accounting Help please verify?
I'm a writer and I need ideas for my story. I want you to help me decide. It has to be a fantasy; need ideas!
Does anyone know anything about the company Harris Mystery Shop, and if so, is it legitimate?
If i earned $947.00 in 2006, is it right for my refund to be $370.00? I have 3 children.?
Ketchup or Mustard?
whats a market map in business terms?
how many songs go into 512MB.?
Have you ever tried walking in slow motion?
How many pennies make up a dollar?
what is diffrence between savings and current account?
what is solution for this barclay issue?
Why do parents lie about santa?
what do you do if your girlfriend is instant that you pay her bills, because she has no money and never do you
how can you tell if a girl likes you?
what's a jeak?
do you know me?
My friend received an email from unknown foreigner regarding business proposal.Please read full question.?
are my pesos worth anything?
Whats the best way to terminate your own life?
is it rape ?
Is it legal for a contractor to cash a endorsed check ?
How do I grow a Social Networking Site?
how gold value fix in india?
I cannot find info on Festaller Co. aside from which is vague. I have received a job inquiry?
If I were a billionaire what would be the safest country to live in?!?
I want to buy air yeezy's from Im kind of blah but im desperate for these shoes! ?
If one project has a higher standard deviation than another?
How much is a iPhone per month?
where to get free legal advice?
How much would you pay for a GOOD babysitter?
Items dont show up in ebay?
How and where did Christopher Columbus die?
I accidently sent an item to an eBay buyer with payment pending... Can I cancel my USPS shipment?
How much is my 2$ bill worth with the serial number j20448126a?
How much money would I make if I worked Tuesday-Friday from 10am - 4pm and I made $9.50 per hour every 2 weeks?
If you were down to your last 50 bucks,what would you buy,before you died?
is a scam?
i have old money my father gave me that are no longer printed but worth alot of money where can i find buyers?
im trying to find an obiturary for someone i dont know when they died but i know name and where the they lived
Where can i find a torrent for 'Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading DVD Course ' by Yoke Wong?
If gold is so much of a "good thing to own", why all the ads on TV trying to sell it?
Ican't help it.I been fighting with my sisters everyday!!What should I do???!!!?
Hi i wonder if somebody can please help me as i am in a really tough situation...?
Are banks opened tomorrow?
what does a tax levy mean?
how to buy and sell online?
is it safe to ship cell phone to malaysia through UPS?
when it rains, what you spend your money on?
how much is a 1924 wheat penny worth?
Why do they put Braille on the number pads of drive-through bank machines?
Do women like their men shaved or unshaved ?
why is Voldemort creeping on me?
Where to find cheap copies of Chinese medical qigong therapy volumes 1-5?
Too much money isn't good money?
Is it true?
Please help with this Accounting 101 easy question, due tonight, cant figure it out...[s]?
Scammers keep buying my Ebay posts?
Are all bank's online bill pay about the same?
Is a check still good if it got wet ?
How can you make money fast and easy and quick and get a lot of money ??????????????? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!?
Who is God?
How to make money fast as a 13 year old?
Something shows on my supermarket receipt that i didnt buy?
Has anyone been scammed out of there money?
Think I've been scammed?? :'(?
If the world was ending, and you could choose 4 people to put on a space ship to continue humanity...?
Were to buy these items at wholesale prices?
Is the money worth the travel ?
ARCOT FISERV EFT SUNNYVALE CA showed up on my bank account, did I get scammed?
what is the chinese letter for grandmother grandmother?
How much would it cost to ship a LARGE box of clothes to my friend who lives 6 hours north of me?
Has anyone ever experienced a miracle in their lives?
how do u change password on your email and answers?
Where can I find a web site that has free mugshots pictures?
ten thousand pounds job?
what are 60 US Dollars approximately in British pounds?
Visa Prepaid Reloadable Card advice!?
Should I get my US currency in the UK or USA?
The company I work for is covering 50% of my tuition expenses, how much can I write off in my taxes?
what is irvine bankruptcy attorney ?
how do you help someone who seems to always be depressed?
what is the value of a 5 dollar silver certificate 1928 series ?
If a very good friend of yours had a serious drug problem, how would you approach them to try and help them?
Does anyone else hate cleaning? How do you motivate yourself to do it?
how does sponge bob lite a fire under water?
Can I pay for this item off eBay?
What does pending transaction mean?, im worried about my money?
How can i get 4 dollars using 14 coins?
What came first. The chicken, or the egg?
What kind of job could I get?
Does anyone have the name *Jodie*?
Who invented the toilet?
Can you create and sell somethingthat is made out of US currency?
is this how you spell room rators?
Pls i need help of 5000 naira ?
Question about finding a good refinery for a descriptive study?
what is hepatitis C treatment?
I got a Droid at Sams last night and do not like it. Do I have to pay $35.00 restocking fee if I return it ?
Did UPS lose my package?
where can i find girls softball rules?
What are the activites performed by bussiness organizations?
I keep getting trouble at work...?
I am with my boyfriend, we are in Philedelphia looking for something fun to do/go. It is 8:30 on Sun. night?
can somebody kindly explain the financial situation in the uk please?
hey everybody! i just recvd a letter that i am the winner $92k from nwestern valley financial is the legit?
Accounting Journal Entry Question?
how much would it be to send a shoe box about 3 pounds to sweden?
How do you write $1,005 out in word-form on a check?
I need the course details of CMA & CFA (Institutions, Course Details, How to Register, Fees etc.)esp in UAE?
should i get an AOL email address or stick with ?
Ups delivery I wont be home? ?
How much do waitresses get paid?
What's the best way to convert kronor to dollars?
want the date of board exams of class 10 for the year 2006 of cbse board?
On ebay how do you get your money?
Age of Choice?
Sold phone on ebay. after 5 days of her having it she says trackball on blackberry doesnt work?
How do I write a thank you letter to a restaurant?
Ups sent package to non existant adress?
Is she alowed to do that!!!?????????
Annual Report Disclosure? Footnotes required when using FIFO?
How to check company registration?
What was the last product or service you wanted to purchase, but then found out it didn't exist?
how to get money from online jobs?
Is this worth the money?
Who is Howard Stern?
no sooner spoken, than broken. What am I?
what is the best way to tell my friend sorry on e-mail?
50 euros in Us dollars. ?
Paper or Plastic?
am i the only 1 NOT effected by the financial crisis ?
How do you fix a "Double consolidation" on your student loans?
how aplly visa by post?
What is that white wrapping paper that USPS uses? Where can I get it?
does sell authentic shoes?
was the investment of the company for employee lounge productive in employee-employer relationship?
do you think that the euro will become the new world currency?
Jobs at hollister? Help! X?
So i have a job and i dont know how to price it!?
Who much money do you get per month or year? what's your job and how old are you?
how do i know a phone call is legit or a scam?
How much does it cost to buy a normal violin?
what is a trainee ship?
Understand the essential elements of a valid and legally binding contract and its role in a business context ?
What was the total time Jesus Christ was "dead" on earth?
how to apply to dm for annexure f?
Entrepreneur funding for Rs. 5 lacs India, where to apply?
How does the increase in gas prices affect student discretionary spending? How about a soft economy?
Whjy is when you touch extremely hot metal, you have a sensation of cold before you get the sensation of hot?
how often do they stock up?
what does annual cover price mean?
Accountancy... What is the best approach?? Take "certificate in accounting" at OU?
What is the first thing that you do?
What would you buy for one pound?
What’s your second language?
how to be a millionaire fast?
how can I patent an idea cheaply?
Anyone knows if "expenses increases" or expenses increase is correct ? Thanks . ?
I NEED TO clean my room but i never fill like it what should i do?
i want to make business on internet buy and sell how can i get it?
How can I make a million dollars?
Do you believe some people can speak to the dead?
Determine net present value?
if you were to live again what era do you want to be born?
so i want to send a 100 pound care package from america to africa about how much am i lookn at?
Could I cancel a bid that I did on Ebay?
Do u Sleep with your Watch on your hand?
if i had really bad credit, who would be the best credit card for me, or who would give me a credit card?
need genealogy on celia patterson place born and date and where died and if she got married?
Why is paypal so slow at transferring money?
How does one approach ForEx?
explain how a bank can create money?
Who is the best Entrepreneur ever in India.?
USPS Delivery attempt?
Should I form an LLC?, if so how should I file income tax?
do u ever imagine a world in ur head were everything u want happens and its like a second life and its so cool
what else do i need to do?
Where Can I work at the age 14?
How do I find an attorney, when I'm broke an need one on very complex Habeas corpus issues?
why is he so nice?
what is the basic salary in Dubai for Indian holder?
Are there more websites like or
I was contacted by a Barrister with funds from dead relative with the same last name as me. What should i do?
How do I know if a particular term or phrase is copyrighted?
What is the closest you've come to death?
I need to delete a profile off personals. How do I do that.?
Fraud bank draft??
Which of the following bonds would have the greatest percentage increase in value if all interest rates in the?
Can I get reimbursement for damaged clothes as a Lowes employee.?
If you saw someone with a "Bush/Cheney in 2008" shirt walking towards you on the street, would you run?
where is the best place to live?
Good WholeSale Websites for UK?
what are varibles in math?
how much allowance should i get (age 12)?
How much would a pharmacist make 20 years from now?
Best Buy!? AAAGGGHHH!?
I'm working in MNC and i need to know about the salary increment producers...?
How do I list my degree on my business card?
What is the value of $25 in 1923 worth today?
How to check my Best Buy Work Email?
net income and operating cash flow?
any ideas on how to pass a drug test ?
How much is 20 GB pounds sterling translated to American money?
how much money to spend to transfer a land title?
Is USPS shipping really 15$!?!?
What is Ambar ... How is it obtained and what is it used for?
If you won £5 million on the lottery, what would you buy ?... NO donations to charity...i dont like liars.?
which category does these items goes to income statement?
I used to be the youngest person in the world. (only for a micro second) What is your claim to fame?
Is the life of a stray dog more important than an life of an infant?
What do pawn shops usually offer for 10k white gold wedding band?
How much $$$ would you take to Vegas with you for a weekend? Not counting flight and hotel,?
I sent a package with wrong name in Fedex?
Say you send a letter and you forgot the stamps, and there isn't a return address.. what happens?
Telemarketer Lawsuit Call?
I dicontiued my service with AOL IP because I would pay for a year and they owe me for 3 months and have take?
they need person who can balance management and employees… Can I take 3 rd chances to put right path ?
why is it so hard to quit smokinggggggg?
how many types of squirrels are there?
I am also having problem with the colo company comprehensive problem please help?
please help how can i do this....?
Is the email I received (as below) is true and officially sent by Citi Bank London?
I need examples of disabilities.?
Do you like going alone to dinner? Do you like going alone to the movies?
How much is £45.00 converted to U.S. dollars?
Does anyone know a sure fire method of how to get rid of Fruit flies (in an apartment dwelling)?
how much is 20 dollars in pesos today?
How many stamps are needed to send a letter from Cincinnati, OH to San Antonio TX?
How Do I Make A New Website Free?
How do I get rid of all those bulk mail msgs I receive.I got into something unexpectly on my new computer?
Where and how can I find information on market shares?
Texas I qualify?
USPS taking forever....I paid for this service?
What is the item on top of your Christmas wishlist this year?
Would you be intrested?
In the theory of constraints, the only direct costs are:?
30000 doll hairs quick?
Can my company extend me an offer for another position and then revoke it after I accept?
Shipping address the same as billing address?
Help with first order sold on amazon?
How to get $50 or more dollars easily?
I need advise on sex?
I have this fear of this particular teacher who is the meanest of all.have to face him for me?
Doing a language major at university?
who is on the 5 dollar bill?
Which investors tend to invest in start-ups Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists?
how do i generate mail on hte web?
What to bring to a conference?
Asking a manager to not work you with someone else?
cost of natural gas vs propane?
How can a 12 year old save $900 or more?
how to write a letter complaining about long pending work?
What kinds of things do I put into a 40-year old gag gift basket?
Am I likely to get ESA?
When will my UPS package come?
How much are these worth? this is a question about gold. Desperate college kid!?
Who owns all htc products in india?
How do I get rich.... FAST???
Whats your favorite poem?
One item with 2 different prices, which price applies, the right one or the lowest one?
Should I call customer service or wait a few more days?
In accounting, what is a backwards adjusting entry?
Compute the missing amounts of the Cost of Goods Sold Model?
How can we get rich without working?
where does the soul of your shoe go after you wear them down?
the company i work for doesnt have a union, does it mean we cannot have one?
Accounting: How do accumulated earnings affect statement of cash flows?
how can i fly in the plane without fear?
can we request for duplicate receipts if the original is non-readable?
im in the process of buying a car and they want checks that will be on hold?
What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
How many hairs dos the average person loose in one day?
How do I write a security contract bid?
which is a better stream for TYBMS? finance or marketing or HR (most urgent)?
If everybody flushed their toilets at once?
Is 10 people in a car considered too many?
What does "All your base are belong to us" mean?
Economics question: How to compute the rate of Inflation?
Worksheet for a Periodic Inventory System?
Enonomics help will give best answer to first correct response.?
how much stress can you get for 20$ in california, 2 grams right? which is 2 dubs?
I've got a package coming to me via UPS.?
I am wondering what I can do to get more people in my bar? The bar is located inside a family orientated hotel
What time does ups deliver in addison circle?
Where would a gold medal be listed under in a medical resume?
How do I get rid of a bill collection agency?
banking question Help!?
How do you start to be independent?
is a listed company?
how much is average babysitting fee?
What is the first thing that you notice?
who likes mr potato head?
Who's name(s) are displayed on an invitation to a baby shower - the mother only or both. Unmarried people esp
It's a pity you are so far from me?
What is closing based stop loss order?
On January 5, 2010, Hall Company purchased equipment for $280,000, having an estimated useful life of 5 years?
What is a good way to make money in the summer?I have a daughter who is 10 years old and need money!?
What Courier Company should I use?
How old do you have to be to work at Hungary Jacks in Australia?
Is it good to put spinach up your nose?
How many ounces are in a pint?
If you had a super power...what would it be?
How to organize my money?
is grafitti a crime or is it art?
how do i pick colors for painting the rooms in our new house?
How much is a 1981 half dollar coin with J.F.K on it worth?
"DATSUN PARTS" GTX 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977?
how to write an apology letter for my leader, please send me a sample.?
What about electrical Distribution automation systems?
What is cheque????????????????????????????????
I found a diamond ring, is there I any way I can check the net value on it?
Can I sue a courier company who scammed me?
starting capital of 20 thousand USD good Business?
what type of animal represents you?
I am looking for decorative door stop?
How much is this Twink worth on us $?
what should i do if im not getting what i got from ebay?
What stores sell these shoes?
"How industry can recover from current Situation of Market"?
What does this mean (English problem)?
How do I start my own business?
Seller refuses to contact me after faulty goods?
Do you sometimes feel like saving animals?
Hi i have some shoes online i would like to sell online. I don't know how?
What things are valuable that people don't usually know are valuable?
Will best buy be the most packed store for Black Friday?
I have a foot growing out of my leg. What should I do?
Forex Tracer Review?
How did you manage to gather initial capital for your business?
Is true friendship exist?
What is GPRS in mobile telephone industry?
Ruble and Dollar Exchange Rate - a forecast, perhaps?
Call options closing price question?
How are fingerprints taken at a crime scene?
trying to find wholesale childrens clothes like they sell on ebay?
what is the value of bi-centential quarters and halfs?
Anybody know where I can get the iPhone 5 on weekly payments or monthly payments but not on contract?
I am living in tamilnadu.I need ration card.How can i get ration card.What is the formulaties.?
Are you allowed to do this? please read?? (this is a re-post)?
how much canadian dollar does one solidi worth?
How is the income statement affected when a company depreciates a noncurrent asset?
how much is my contribution?
Where can I go to get the jewelerry valued honestly?
What to do if you find a lost boots advantage card?
did shell petrolium development company conducted a contest on selecting mobile no?
What is the banking hours in Spain?
I'm getting a certified business check....?
Are more products being made by your own manufacturing equipment or other companies equipment?
Accounting: Accruals and Deferrals Explanation please!?
will the pound keep riseing against the US dollar?
Did marilyn monroe have endometriosis?
how do i get messenger without voice and is it free?
does anyone know how to make money on the internet?
what is dedication?
Can anyone tell me pricing?
]Describe how the various account types interact with each other to form the accounting equation.?
I know USPS don't deliver on Sunday but I'm asking if my package will move/transit during Sunday.?
I just bought something off ebay, but I don't want it anymore??
what is 240x530=?
Explain how maps are used to show ocean currents and temperature or the oceans?
krist oil locations?
Does the Victoria Secret coupons for 10 dollars off any purchase work on a 9 dollar purchase?
why are most products made in china?
How does the ethical policy of Primark compare with that of Gap?
what does %shortaliasd% stand for ?
What is 330 pounds in US dollars?
How is it that the U.S.'s collective Net Worth can all increase after a slump since 2009?
why is protein good for you?
where can i buy a easycap for 3 dollars inc ship?
besides Xmas what holiday do you think is the most fun?
Why do people post questions if they don't know how to spell correctly?
how to earn money in online from home?
Is there a class action lawsuit against anacott finantial?
What is teh site for north carolinas local sexual abusers?
Should I attach my photo to my resume for bartending?
explain this bumper sticker to me: "i'm straight but not narrow."?
Does anyone know what Jasmine is in Japanese? So far people say Sunosuki and Jasumin were the two main names?
How long do I have to put a cheque in to the bank?
How much do car dealership salesmen(women) make per year?
Australia coupon bond?
What makes a successful cover letter and resume?
Can u get the new nexus 7 with android 4.2 at best buy?
Is down for anyone else?
Im going to be in Orlando area next week-where are the best shopping centers?
How do some people get so many Best Answers here?
how long will it take to deliver USPS letter when it says BETHPAGE, NY 11714 and i'm in california?
Depreciation on cost of Bringing machine and increasing capacity.?
Where can i buy an ak-47?
what did you get for christmas?
money making????????
A supermarket pays its suppliers after 3months from the date of supply.If the interest rate is 5% per annum.?
What kind and how many stamp do i need if i want to sent a letter or payment from Massachusetts....?
Help with Interest Rates Business please!?
what is the weakest point of a man????
Is this true about interest......?
I got assualted by an beautician Please help?
Where can I sell my books and textbooks?
which is the biggest shopping center in the world?
how to get monthly income for 10lakhs in india? pls help urgnet?
What are all the steps involved for a company to create a purchase order?
using vacation / sick days?
How can I find out the worth of jewelry without?
How do you become the richest man on earth quickly and legally?
Cashing a check question?
Where do you put "wages due" on final accounts for business ?
how do savings bonds work?
Where's a good place to buy a skirt for beneath the Christmas tree?
SBI net banking money transfer - money debited but not deposited in received account. What to do?
Whats a GREAT way to earn money FASt and soon! Not 5 dollars!! and other than baby sitting. Im only 12 too. (:
when is a persons life successful?
Why does New York City do this?
When using the search engine is the category count the same as the site count.?
Can anyone help me with Accounting questions?
Who is the patron saint of job seekers?
How can i tell if my 1799 dollar coin is real?
how do you prepare accounts to record increases and decreases of bad debts?
First ebay sale: ebay says payment initiated, but i see nothing on paypal?
Where can I get more information about working with the Disney Company?
I have $1,250 dollars, I am 13 and I don't know what to buy?
Where can i buy american eagle, areopostale, holliester, and abrecombie at wholesale price?
What can be done legally to protect a person from a mental ill person sending them threating mail?
I am in. U.S.A . I have one thousand kyats,but I don't know how much is worth ?
My husband and I are going to the bank to apply for a home loan. Any advice?
I would to like to know the role of a demand planner and duties carried out by him in industries ?
How long for ems shipping ?
7. Over a two-year period, the price of TVs went up 5 % and the price of all other goods rose by 12%.?
What is the usefulness of Return on Investment for measuring SBU's performance?
Do u live in Idaho?
How to use FIFO method in this Accounting Problem?
How does ebay buyer protection work?
What is warrant?
how do you unlock extras by villes head? the code with symbols to unlock it hoe
where can I chat with japanese friends ?
I live in a leasehold maisonette. If I die is my son entitled to still live in the property?
UPS store pickup request?
I am owed some money from a ltd company. Can I take legal action? If so, what are the implications to them?
With Microsoft Excel, how do I make statistic on specific data calculate Maximum, Minimum, and dominant Value?
Do you believe money can buy happiness?
I like this dude in class, but i'm so nervus to ask jow he feels, what to do?
when i can read this arabic book : الإشراف على مذاهب أهل العلم " on an internet ??
Does anyone know a farm investor?
is my best friend caitlin or brittany?
Bank Charges?
i get confused with billing and shipping address?