New Start Loans, LLC?
where does all the money they we spend on gas go?
PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP. =( How to ship something that isn't supposed to ship to your country?
Non profit organization question?
anyone knows a horror movies?
Are the companies that pay for surveys for real or a bunch of scammers?
how to donate clothes and items to receive a rebate?
what time is it where you are?
Help with Accounting Question?
how many cubic yards of concrete do you have to purchase to fill a floor area of 128,000 square feet?
how do a 12 year old get alot of money?
What do brokers do in business?
I need more information on Nigerian money scams because it is effecting me can you help? (lotto & next of kin)
What is a good name for a soda company?
what is the four qualities of the market economy ?
what will uyou subtract from the sum of 47 and 38 to get 50?
Does anyone know Chuck Norris...I do?
earning $388 for35hr week.but had to work 42hrs.need to find hourly wage./total overtime wages.& gross wages?
If God created the Heavens and the earth,who created God?
Net gain from out performance certificates?
LAWYERS NEEDED: If Gas Station owners in a large town were to agree upon a price range to sell gas...?
why was it a sin to sleep with my exwife bfore we were married not a sin while?
How long is too long to leave up Christmas stuff?
Cheap or free therapy in the DC Metro/NOVA area?
help with my small business?
what banks received stimulus money?
Did you work as a teen? If so, did they ask you for a work permit?
can the police search the contents of a purse without consent?
how to call ghosts?
how much does a dime cost to make?
what time does Royal mail send redeliveries on Saturday?
Just when you have all of lives answers WHY do they change all the questions? tell me?
Do I need extra postage or do anything extra to send a card outside of the U.S?
has anyone recieved deposits from endeavor card?
How to transfer information from one sd card to another please help me with this info?
who else is getting sick of craigslist scams?
Where can i download consolidated financial statements for any australian group enterprise?
Is babe ugly?
Find two sources on the Internet that you think would be relevant to developing a team mission statement.?
What is the best free accounting and bookkeeping software?
im trying to find some information on recycling form a business aspect and how much?
What Should I Get For My Birthday?
Where can i sell my can tops and how much will i get?
Can I ask the UPS guy to drop off a package around a certain time of day?
A new invention to make?
Is paypal safe for online transactions for payments, and how do i get / join one?
USPS question. About priority mail package?
Is that true about the deutsche mark?
I want to try to find a better job. Can you help me, please!?
Please help to get advance technology to build theatre?
What is the difference between a ticker symbol and a primary ticker symbol?
Where can i earn money from net through answering surveys or cliking ads?
Is this too expensive?
Do you have to get permission to sell a product online?
where are you? What time it is?
Do you think after BUSH- Economic conditions of USA will be better?
Question about cashing a check?
looking for wholesale items for resale?
what are u gonna do if u knew dat u only have 1 day to live?
why dont i get in the best avitar?
impact of globalization on organisational behaviour?
I need help with my payroll card?
i have a 100 korean dollar is it worth anything?
Can i have all the amusement parks in south Georgia?
please help canadian disability and life insurence?
what happens when a person is caught countfeiting in mexico? a us citizan?
How much is a hostess at Olgas hourly wage?
Does Paypal ever refund both the seller and buyer?
When buying currency (euros) in the UK......?
impact of US recession?
can you get genital warts in your nose?
How much can circuit boards be sold for on ebay for gold scrap recovery?
Got any ideas to help me stay awake?
How do I find a canadian manufacturers name from the MFG#, Model#,or Serial#. I have a packaged air conditione
what does it mean if someone ends a sentence with all kinds of periods.........?
What should I do about my company bouncing my payroll check?
account help please could use the help?
how do i go about getting a website domain.....?
What should I call my Etsy jewelry store?
Are there any good sites that pay you to do surveys without having to pay money?
Would you rather...?
Does anyone out there know what in nomeni patri et fili spiritus sancti means?
What''s the best gift to give a guy?
Ferguson electronics uk?
Lost my job and am being treated for bipolar. Can I still get unemployment(MO) even if my dr says I can't work
how can i check where my iphone 5 is on pre order shipping?
Favourite Disney cartoon movie?
If you toss a cat out a window, is it considered kitty litter?
what is the average yearly salary of a teenager?
are there any decent humans on earth?
what is your 3 wishes in life?
What bank details do I give for a company I wrote for to make a transfer to me?
What is a power of attorney under English law?
I am owed money from working abroad... Where do i stand?
Meaning/ Origin of the name Croix?
Ok i have quickable app should i send it out even this buyer is sooo rude?
Do you know the company "Next" (mail order company)?
How to answer this question... Do you have any previous experience in finance?
Cry Cry..................?
what wasthe civil war??
Would you give someone 50% of your company if .....?
Is there really someone for everyone????
when can a girl come to my house? Today or Tomorrow?
Is it okay that i lyk stuff Kinky?
how much does coinstar charge per dollar? 2011?
Winning in the Cash Flow Business, Does this REALLY work?
Export computer and accessories to Africa?
How many sheets of TP do YOU use at one time?
how much does it cost to ship a package on usps from torrance,CA to the UK?
What is creditt mutuel du senegal accounts department phone number and department head?
Can you imagine seeing more colors?
Find the present value of a series of 12 monthly payments of $100?
Why this ! answer does not have "BOXING" as among the categories?
how do u drink alot without throwing up?
four digit activation code?
how tall is 5 feet in inches?
is there a santa?
What does one business day mean?
Is eBay safe to use to sell things?
Scammed by someone from Canada........?
Can an auditor refer business to a client in exchange for commissions? ?
What do you think of B.T do they offer good service?
Out source Company in India?
Ordering with Amazon and price changes.?
How do I buy gold,is it legal to own gold?
How much does it cost to change your name in the US?
priority shipping????????????????????????????????…
What should I do?
Can you return a item to John Lewis if it is not faulty?
on the statement of cash flows, the cash flows from operating activities section would include?
What would you buy with $10,000,000?
On January 1, 2010, the Ewing Company ledger shows Equipment $46,889 and Accumulated Depreciation $15,616. The?
discount cash flow?
what can i do after MBA with finance ?
Should a project be accepted if it offers an annual after-tax cash flow of $1,250,000 indefinietley-read more?
can i undo it, coz i dont know?
How safe is it to buy items from
How many years did Julius Caesar live.?
are post offices open on easter monday?
What is it called when a company has to raise it's price because competition raises theirs leading to prices?
How can i earn money from my computer?
Bringing an Invention to Production?
How much does it cost to buy a 10,000 ton per day sugar mill with ethanol distillery & cogenerator from brazil?
How can I have companies send my electronics for review for free?
[URGENT!!] Do I need a stamp/s if i've paid for a padded bag ?
Is it worth filing a complaint through Better Business Bureau? How does the process work?
who was made by?
A monkey behind the wheel of a runaway tractor trailer, What does this mean to you?
i want to write a story. what would be a good title?
Where to sell electronics ?
Http:// reviews?
Does the Miranda warning place the concerns of criminals over the interest of society?
Is there anyone bored and want to run my Business Strategy Game for me I just don't have the time...?
Is it possible that euro currency may collapse?
You like taters?
How do I make itching powder?
Is there such a thing as a stupid question?
are mary kate and asley ?olson identicle?
is spending 1000 dollars a month too much or too little?
What is the best Network Marketing company out there, and why?
How to find a coupon rate of a par value?
Do you think that the UK has an entrepreneurial culture?
where to change Mexican currency to dollars?
why get crapy clothes when we can get something cool?
Aging Detail in quickbooks?
Can a prepaid visa from Australia verify an United States paypal?
i need a set of questions which will enable me to conduct a quiz in india?
Break-even analysis, cash flow?
did you know this tactic of ebay sellers ???? EBAY?
Why does Gerry Harvey the CEO of Harvey Norman have an English accent?
what is the purpose of a cell phone?
Is '' a scam?
The US National debt has increased dramatically over the past 3 years. Where is the money going?
Is Marion a man or woman's name?
I am owed money, £800 and want to send official looking letter.?
What do I do with an invoice?
How does a foreign company establish a branch office in the US?
How to get a US visa?
What can I do with a $1000?
Ok names for a secured loan company!!!! new business!! anything thanks! (within reason!!)?
Is it safe to assume i didnt get the hollister job?
When you buy something online is it hand delivered or is it in your mailbox?
has anyone bought from ?? are they legit? was it ok? thanks?
Do yall like me better with the hat or without!?
How to calculate cost per unit 'post-automation' (overheads)?
Whats ur favorite feature on a guy/girl ??
how long is accounting program?
How & whom to approach to share my research work.?
How much should family restaurant supervisors get paid hourly?
Can I send my avatar to a friend on e-mail?
Which prepaid card can I send from the US to the UK?
canceling my e-mail account?
****Are they lying about the salary range ***?
lost my cheque.....plz help?
Just curious what would happen if I wrote "return to sender" on junk mail and sent it back?
discussion board?
Is this a rare 20 pence piece?
what is the most secure, and affordable way to patient an idea? where would i go to do this.?
Does anyone have an online job that i can do without paying any up front fee?
where s d best place to live in??
What can I make and sell ? Look below?
Help with resignation letter!?
What are the ingredients in toe jamb?
What are the process to get the Project managers certifications and who are eligible for this certifcations
where to hide a trillion dollar bill?
How to calculate shipping rates?
a) How can you pay your local supplier before the deadline for the funding given by the importer and prior to?
do you need to show proof of financial education when trying to attract venture capital Funding?
At&t automatically renewed my contract without my consent and won't let me out?
How popular do BestBuy openings get?
Accounting Question:?
Whether room is available in digha from 18.8.12 to 20.8.12?
What is the conversion of 27.90 canadian dollars in us dollars if the rate was .903261??
What part of the man has no bone, has muscles, has lots of veins, like pumping, & responsible for making love?
What is a great job for 13 year old boys?
Help me find her.?
Where are you from? Your age? N-e kids? male or female?
anyone who had applied for PO in Syndicate Bank in the recent past?
Ordered something last thursday with overnight shipping?
alright i need a guy's welcome?
How can I found out about sex offenders?
Money order question in regards to paying a bill?
do u have powercuts there.. in ur country??do u remember the last time when it was a complete blackout?
1.smallest,slowest,coldest planet in our solar system. 2.Natural sattelite of earth?
How to to read the minutes at meetings?
How do I get real christian friends?
true or false ?
what the hell is a catch 22?
Is there a database of all companies in the UK or in my local area?
Principles of accounting 1?
What would you do if given $1,000,000.?
What is the outcome of the salem witch trials?
advice on bad checks?
Paper checks? has anyone received theirs?
a check payable to "ABC Bank for the account of a depositor-borrower", who is the payee?
Where are they hiring now please help?
What is a good DJ name for me and a new tagline for my business?
Why are male cashiers........?
Any one live in indiana who likes to ride motorcycles?
where can I go to get my check cashed?
form where to download free ringtone?
how much is 1 monkey?
Best small town in Tenn. with low crime rate to live. Thanks?
Accounting can someone explain this to me?
Can my employer really make me pay THEM?
Why are German-made products and Japan-made products so nice and have high quality?
whats accounting is ?
What's the best non-fire-arm for self defense? Against multiple opponents.?
I am in CA, loaned a friend in OK $, how do I gt $ bk (nothing signed) she is avoiding me now?
I need an excuse to get out of my house....?
what does La Cima mean?
what is meant by "turn over" of a company?
Does anyboday actually make money online?
Is business econ with minor accounting a good major?
If you loan your friend speakers and they dont give them back can i press charges on him? ?
twin boy names - ricky nicky?
Social Work vs Accounting?
where could I to download film "9 songs"?
Where can I contact the REO dept of Wells Fargo?
I'm a girl, I can't get into the army. So now what do i do?
how much money do you make a month if you make 53k a year?
How much does it cost to buy a normal violin?
Making a Website...?
If a forklift truck tips over due to too much weight, but the load indicator wasnt working, whos at fault?
Why do christians always answer questions with a verse out of the bible?
Layby cancellation fee, please help :(?
how can I run a success brothel ?
How much would a 14 white gold 20" 5 mm sell for?
Apart from Sri Lanka and India, where do large Tamil Population live?
who are the main characters in the Odessey?
Should the Royal Bank of Scotland change their logo to a clenched fist with the middle digit extended?
does brian wagner have a warrant issued for his arrest in sherwood arkansas?
Does creating a website cost money?
I got a delivery slip thing for a package and it says "postage due"?
How much money do you need to make annualy to live with a family of 7 in bakersfield california?
which actor from bollywood u consider b outstanding both wid his performance n wid his charishma?
how much does bill gates make a year?
can i sell my used books to barnes and noble?
Hi there, I have a quick question.. anyone know of a payday loan company that deposits money to a debit card?
Is Scottish money legal tender in England?
where Ia ta exam has been conduct?what minimum requirenment to start a travel agency?
Business forms/documents to offset Accts. Receivable to Accts. Payable?
1979 us penny with ND?
What is the best way to come up with a couple thousand dollars by the middle of September?
what would you find in a knight's shopping cart?
Can you fold a piece of paper more than 8 times?
how can a retailer max their cash flow?
If i only made between 5000 and 6000 dollars how much will my taxe return check be?
Is the idea of a mid-20's crisis true?
paypal didnt help me when the seller shipped the wrong item. is this the way it is?
What are u buying on black friday?
Who you think is better Mickey Mouse or Winne the Pooh?
where Ia ta exam has been conduct?what minimum requirenment to start a travel agency?
why is it management is essential for any Organization?
Help me to suggest to the price?
info on tungsten filled fake gold bars paid to other countries?
How to manage a good cv/resume? please help me?
Finance Homework, PLEASE HELPPP!!!!?
what are the best kind of businesses to invest in?
How would you feel in this situation?
I need to write a Business Income Statement... What can i put under Expenses?
How do you stop these kind of people from calling your home?
can anyone tell me histories of 6 different businesses??
Ebay...Do I have to sell my item when the lasting time has elapsed if the bid isn't high enough?
what is the lowest bank mortgage rate out there?
My daughter resents me..she is newly married and expecting her 1st baby...I am beside myself...what can I do?
What animated character are you ?
I need help with an accounting question?? dealing with journal entries.?
i need to convey my boss that one my team member is going on maternity leave, can anyone help me writing a mai?
Why are women obsessed with jewlery and their physical being. Jewelery is expensive and only shiny.?
who is the most richest person in the world?
Do you think my avitar is pretty?
Prepare a journal entry(short)?
Would you prefere (higher salary,no overtime) or (lower salery, unlimited overtime)?
When Will Abercrombie & Fitch Put Perfumes Back in Store?
What is the best way to tell your boss he has horrendous breath ?
What does the phrase:if i told you once i told you a thousand times! mean?
what comes frist the chicken or the egg?
7000001 error code on lloyds Internet banking?
what site should I go to find free word searches?
What is the value of a $2 bill?
My parents put their home in my brother's name in 2001 and he died in January without a will what will happen?
the price of gold 22kt?
how to use western union?
I need a name for my company (technology)?
I have capital loss of lets just say atleast 5000$, how much can be claimed for this year as a loss?
How do u deal with your enemys????
Who know Jiangsu Yaohua Medical Devices Technology Company?
ok i suport our troops and when do our trops come home?
Why online social network produces so little profit?
Is it true that lightning has already hit the ground before you see the flash or streak?
How to calculate current yield for bonds?
How did these software engineers become rich?
What talent do u have?
What products, besides oil, does the US import from Venezuela?
What is a good present to give to a great grandma?
from where i can do icwa ? please name the institutions.?
What are some good starter jobs for stutters?
wat happens to you if you take 5 extra strength tylonos?? at one time?
Have u received mail from a dying person with no children that wants to give u 65million dollars?
what is the price of copper today?
is a 1929 fedral reserve bank doller bill that is 20$ still useable?
whats 1/8+2/3?
Do you think I will get a good grade on my Ancient China project?
please help i got an e-mail to day from a Nigerian prince asking to put 7 million dollars into my account?
Is Brach's still making chocolate covered cherries and if so where can they be purchases?
why managers do not deserve a higher pay compared to non-managerial ? what are the reasons ?
My friend got caught with my bag stealing something at cvs.i took a lipstick 3 weeks ago from the same store?
how do you transfer money from bank of america to td and how long does it take?
I really want this.. Please help.?
what is your favorite instrument?
Which one is a primary industry?
Accounting Homework Help Please?
How much will I make by selling these?
What are high paying jobs associated with these key words? Best Answer?
I need help with my Finance HW please!! its multiple choice.?
Does my work have to reissue me a new check?
Please help me with the groundwork........?
how much western union charge for collecting money from uk?
Any one need to Power point presentations, Logos, posters, Brochures, Flayers, Newsletters with good Prices …
Can I get 125 answers to this question please?
How to file a complaint to USPS?
How does paying out a dividend impact the balance sheet and income statement?
Do guys like it when girls let them touch them?
crude oil price data for the year 2005?
Who was the first human on earth?
Is it illegal to buy things online and re-sell them in a store?
How do I change my age on my profile?
how to download massenger from internet?
Does going to market first cancel out inventor's claims to patent pending applications?
Is it too late to claim a tax deduction after a charitable donation?
this girl keeps messing with me she keeps hitting me and when im off tasks she bugs me to get to work whats up
what does raw materials mean?
How can I make 1 grand in one day?
How dodgy are independent, local shops?
How much is 1 carat of gold worth?
click for qwestion please!!?
I need accounting help.Why some organizations use Bank Cash Books instead of Cash Book?
Does anyone find bad breath sexy besides me?
Does UPS deliver on Saturday?
you must analyze two projects, X and Y. Each project costs $10,000, and the firm's WACC is 12%.?
How easily is it to buy an item on eBay and then claim it was an empty box?
if I answer will I get points & what should I do with those points mean any monetary benefits?
what does is actually mean when someone earns 6 or 8 figures?
Would you dare walk into a store three minutes before closing to do fifteen minutes of shopping?
what is the best name of financial firm?
Does anyone know how to make a.m. radio reception better?
how much can webmoney account hold?
What kind of disputes happen in the workplace?
need an easy way to make some money?
Hi can you help me. I own Maui tan salon in renton, wa. when I look at tanning renton my address in under diff
how do I find the middle name of someone?
terms used 4 describing a company which does various kinds of jobs ex: solutions,erection & commissioning etc.?
I really need to make 490 dollars every month, please help!?
what if a buyer does not pay for an item?
how should i stand up to my mother, without causing her to react HORRIBLY?
Are there any internet opportunities where I can make a lot of money doing practically nothing?
List of all M&As of Indian IT industries?
how do i clear search history on internet explorer?
I found 5 pesos, is it worth much?
how many stamps do i need to mail a package from baton rouge to sacramento?
How much do FedEx and UPS drivers get payed in One week?
where can I find the solution manual for Principles of Managerial Finance 12th Edition by Lawrence J. Gitman?
What is the name of the witchcraft/Wicca shop in Dayton,OH, on Watervleit Avenue?
Do you sleep better or worse in a strange enviornment, like a hotel on vacation, etc?
How much would 100lbs of scrap lead be worth?
Do I have to be a citizen of Scotland to be able to get a loan from Scottish bank?
real 100 dollar bill, but unusual?
where can i find #2 pencils for a penny each.?
what happened to the person that played michael evans on the sitcom good times?
How long do you think it will take this phone to lower in price?
Write a short note on liberalization?
Why can't we say Christmas? like in stores Why can't we talk about religion in schools? except for private?
accounting journal entry : $10,000 6%, 5 month note payable dated December 11, 20xx?
What is the annual operating cash flow?
What kind of industries/companies include hitech sector?
I sent a package with wrong name in Fedex?
What is the web site for "No Boundaries" company? I am looking for the company to special order shoes.
Do you know where to work online for all of age like "Project Payday".?
Do you tend to walk faster when someone you don't know is walking behind you?
how much is a mule 20 dollar bill worth?
how have travel agents and tour operators coped with the impact of information technology? please help?
Will somebody give me embarrasing moments too?
Were can I find the evacuees that are still in Louisiana that are in shelters.?
i've won 500,000$ in the lottery, what's the best buisness to start with?
Fixed or Variable costs?
how do I know if I have strange powers?
how do I delete the most resent web sites I have checked out?
Just qualified as a First Aider at Work, should I be entitled to any more money for this role?
I have a $5.00 bill with series 2006. in back of the $5.00 bill it shows a large number 5 in color' is it wort
what happens to the assets and liabilities if you purchase inventory on account?
I bought and used 2 coin operated phones for my salon. They are in good condition.?
How much do you get from the gi bill?
i need help on how to make money at 14?
how much is it to ship overseas? really appreciate answers pleaseeee!!!!?
a guy is 3 yrs. older than me and i like him alot but my family says he only wants sex is that true?
How do I find SEC filings for fourth quarter results?
Why is apprentice wage so low?
How much does it cost in electricity for a mini fridge?
Did I get a good deal, or did I get ripped off?
If your salary is $40,000 - $50,000 a year, than how much are you getting paid per hour?
Questions about mailing from UK to USA?
What time does UPS usually deliver a pre-ordered game?
how much is a half ounce of silver worth?
why cant i log in to ( p f g )?
How to work out a price from a size?
a fashion model's salary/ amount of $ per job?
Has anyone heard of a company called American Capital Ent?
Do dominicans like to be paid in dollars or pesos?
should i have sex with a boy i met 1 month ago?????
Does anyone know of any day care centers that offer financial assistance towards tuition in Montgomery Co. PA?
the price of a packet of romantic sweets increases from R16,80 to R19,32. By what percentage has the price inc?
Will I continue to get my check if I switch?
Whats your favorite book?
Can one man destroy the economy of the USA?
how to make a living online no scams or fees?
No matter how carefully a company chooses its credit customers, there will be times when a bill goes unpaid an
if american only purchased domestically how would that effect U.S trade balance?
How much does it cost depending on weight/size with ebay to ship?
I filed for unemployment insurance?
is this a crazy idea?
My package was shipped on Saturday, what service was used?
Question about receiving money through paypal on ebay?
International Contract?
If 1000 is 1k and 5000 is 5k what is 1 billion. Seriously I would like to know.?
A fair coin is flipped ten times. The expected value for the number of head is:?
a little help here.........................?
How hard are the computer cashiers to use?
where can i find help with depreciation and amortization?
How do you change the avatars, if you don't want the guy/girl anymore.?
how can i make loads and loads and loads of money?
How can i make heaven.?
Is this good for my home security...24 hr monitoring, cell unit,?
Will Centrelink make me spend my savings before payments?
If you had a million dollars you would?
im on t-mobile and i havent got any money at all and alls i need is a five pound top up can some one help?
Is a $50,000 entry level salary good?
How do I print priority postage online (USPS) for a regular box?
how can i get a guy to like me?
How much is a shipping service?
is it wise to buy a house now in naples florida?
How long would it take to wire money?
what would you do if your husband was like this ?
I have 27000messages in my in box. How do I delete them in mass?
No debit company india?
How else can I earn income (legally) using the internet besides typing ads, doing surveys, etc.?
how can i make a real good resume?
How To Find Your AMERIQUEST Check Amount!!!!?
Where can we find capital expenditure of a company? As we know Cash Flow Statement of a company does not give?
is there a way to make money from twitter? I have a lot of followers?
Where do I get US Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard / Visa cards?
Is it smart to export lumber from Canada or import lumber to Canada to/from Asia?
gold pricing white yellow 10 q 14 q 24 q
The sales of a brand of shoes rose from 6,900,000 to 7,4000,000. Find the percent of increase in sales.?
if a girl farts in class what should she say?
What is largest boat made, and how does this compare to the titanic?
Can you mail a letter from a different address you don't have?
How will a MoneyGram transfer show up in my bank statement?
Can someone check my journal entry to see if I'm right (Basic Accounting)?
Transaction Analysis?
How can a teen make 500$ a month?
would a stopped check get cashed at a checking facility... or would they know the check was cancelled?
can someone help me word a letter to an ebay member that is taking ages to send the item i have paid for?
Guys, i need advice gained from working with offshore development resources!?
Do you think female Sumo wrestling will ever be an Olympic sport?
An incident when you were really frightened?
Please explain finance question?
Affiliatize! Can you guys get me some reviews on...?
How long does it take for a company to emerge from bankruptcy protection?
Accounting homework help?
what day was elvis born, what day did he die?
does anyone out there know of any inheritance scams?
Is legit? Other websites like and Adfly?
How do you make money trading currencies? Please explain as if to a first grader....?
USPS Priority Mail labels format change June 2012?
Why are we becoming addicted to this site?
how can you check if a company has gone bankrupt in scotland?
How do I send mail at discount rate (3rd class mail aka standard class)?
How To Calculate Increase In Value By Percentage?
my grandmother has just been ripped off by CCA, what can i do?
Salaried Employee Scheduling is a nightmare, any suggestions?
accounting transactions?
can anyone tell me how to find a vocational mechanic course for 6 months or 1 year please.?
An Ebay user is asking me to basically 'end' my auctions to do a direct sell to them?
Do you think there's a devil?
how can i get money fast in a LEGAL WAY ????????
How can I make money online? no scams please?
I am thinking of moving to Druid Hills/Briarcliff, Atlanta...?
denied social security?
Can someone please explain what does it mean by predetermined Over head cost in simple words?
It's my birthday what do i do?
Is dividend income the same as cash dividend and dividend paid?
Are these people getting paid too much?
Where can I find the closing gold prices for the past 5-6 years ?
For what type of companies is the accounting equation relevant?
i work at a salon and 2 friends i work with quit but im happy cuz i'll be busy, is that a bad friend?
Does anybody know anything about selling plasma?
How does Campbell's Soup survive with a negative current ratio?
Do USPS or UPS deliver the package if its being delivered internationally?
Where Can I find a place to write?
How can I get rich fast?
Does my UK employer have to pay me the same exact amount I made in the states?
for the rebates, how early are they gonna send out the rebates for the people who recieve it by mail?
Where would I get a replica WoW sword?
i got terminated from costco before my 90 day probation,,can i re-apply at the same costco and get re-hired?
where to purchase A1 steak sauce in single serv packaging?
do u lke to swim?
this is my first business transaction guys....please help!!!!?
I am trying to find the page for the LA County Sheriffs Inmate Booking Information?
Where to buy Tremonti SE Guitar (That isn't black, silver, or natural)?
does your chewing gum loose its flavor on the bed post over night?
buyer leaves unwarranted neg feedback on ebay can i do ANYTHING?
£72.00 , £4.99, what r these in us dollars?
western union first timer?
was the Olympics in UK profitable for the economy? {state your facts and sources}?
how much is my workers comp case worth?
what are some decent paying in demand jobs that don't require a specific degree?
UPS Help? My package is declared undeliverable?
How much could i sell a 4 1\2 ft. long knitted hat made out of hemp?
if this was your last day of life for you what would you do?
Currency Conversion for pseudocode?
How long does standard ground shipping take?
What do you think of these products?
how can i make 5million dollars in 5days?
How can you make a C.V stand out?
Bringing an Invention to Production?
How can I prevent past searches on the search page from being displayed?
If I write to these companies...?
Their is this boy and he reallys nice to me and carrys my stuff does he like me?
whats the best way to find a brother with only his first name and state?
How can i ship my gift baskets?
Cash flow equity question?
will i get a girlfriend?
How much would a accounting job make a year..?
Who would you rather get in a trade Welker or Decker?
HELP!!Where do I find the average industry for McDonalds and Burger King?
If smoking is bad for us why do they still give them to us?
parental obligations to a 18yr old child?
Good, fun job for 16 year old girl?
Can a 13 year old be a mystery shopper?
what is the $19.99 fee for, I would like to cancel this whatever it is, how do I do that?
Has anyone used website CD/DVD re-seller
what is the mean of international marketing?
how do i get two hundred dollars fast?
How much gold to buy?
Can anyone explain what a "hedge fund" is in simple terms?
Will my order be delivered to my mailbox or door?
Can I sue this company for money scam?
If 2 people with braces on are kissing, can they get stuck together by the braces?
How long will it take for my deposited money to show?
solicitor has closed, where do i find...?
what was the most retarted joke you've ever heard?
Best business Type please?
How much I can ask for as an agent?
I sold something to a guy on craigslist now hes threatening me?
How long does shipping take?
How do I give my 2 weeks notice?
why did they filibustered on march 26 1964?
what do u understand by the term "branding"?
whay ish the history of demin?
What is Walmart's Secret?
What is Basic Bond Valuation?
What fast food restaurant do you like the best?
ok i got a huge problem....?
hi does anyone know about the kenmore tri span 88 model automatic zig zag sewing machine?
UN Security Finance & Firm of UK?
How much is 1,200,000lbs in us currency?
I ripped a ten dollar bill, is it still usable?
How do i find out how much a still bank is worth.?
Where can i get products? Like candy, chips, and drinks for a cheap price?
Why does the price of oil change so frequently?
does anybody have an abercrombie 20% or 25% off coupon?
Overall,the best means for obtaining primary data about consumers is.?
About international wire transfer .?
Describe a time when you experienced pressure on a job. How did you handle it?
why do we have to even go to school?
Is this an inappropriate gift?
When you overnight something at the post office, can you just put stamps on it or do you have to pay in cash?
Payroll in Quickbooks?
if 3 guys each pay 10 dollars for a hotel...?
why do guys cheat?
What's the best thing todo with $420?
is there a site to find driving directions for truckers?
Calculate the inventory turnover ratio for Oakley, Inc.?
What does everyone think the special prizes will be?
How does oprah make $260 mil a year?
how do u get a lot of $ for a littl chore/job/task?
What do u think of this..PLEASE READ?
shopper discount warning !!! please read?
how do i delete things iv already searched for from the search bar?
what is 5064 + 58445?
Where can i get 1000.- so easy ? like in one or 2 weeks ?
Does a movie ticket stub from New Jersey count as an tourist attraction?
What is the effect of the medicane wheel?
what is the monthly income of Bill Gates?
Could my check come in the mail by USPS tomorrow?
Paid for art by sending a check via mail, but never received anything back!?
Cher or Celine Dion?
Where can I download the California Preliminary notice excel format for free?
How much is my 9ct gold ring worth?
what is the easiest but legal way for anyone "man or woman" anywhere to make $100 to $1000 in 24,48,or 72 hrs.
how much is 10% off of 9.96?
I have an interview at Hollister?
assembly jobs at home?
Dubai - and dealing with recruitment consultants?
I just got hired at a Bank..How should I dress?
is there life after death?
Can eBay seller add mandatory fees onto final price?
Which account classification contains both a permanent account and a temporary account?
Does anyone know how to avoid replica Gucci purses? They seem to be everywhere on the net...?
Accounting question please help?
Where can I exchange Ghana Cedis for Pounds in London?
What is the bravest thing you have ever done?
How much would this be worth.?
looking for bus trip to nyc from harrisburg, pa?
Is every lock/key different on every single files cabinet, small safes, etc - or could one go buy a duplicate?
is it wrong to read all the time and have few friends if your enjoying life?
Should the Pope be sued?
my boss constantly targets me,why do you think??am i crazy for staying?
Can I call the title loan company to come pick up my car if I dont want to make any more payments?
dr friends, is ' is legit?
Is a 180000 dollar salary a year alot of money?
What happens to all of your debit if you pass away before paying them off?
what is the prime rate?
When's gonna be the best time to change up my sterling for us dollars ?
i ordered some shoes from zappos saturday around 9:00 when will my shoes arrive?
someone send an email to me and convincing me to open an offshore account to transfer his money pay from the?
where is hoover located?
How Do I Compute Ending Inventories For FIFO & LIFO - Can Someone Help?
why are guns so easy to buy in america.?
I bought a phone from AT&T last night (Wednesday At 9). It had UPS 2 Day Air shipping. What day will it arrive?
won a lottery from stouffvillelh and need to no if it the real thing the check came from affiliate fuel?
How Do I clear a Cheque? (UK banks)?
Is the price of a pack of 20 king size cigarettes the same price of 25 regular size?
How much mAh is 1.5 volts?
What are jobs for 15 year olds ?
Wats the price of gold?
Should Wal-Mart be held responsible for the bankruptcies of Eaton’s and Kmart?
Is there a program where you can do a staff roster and at the same time can calculate each staff wages?
Ebay Question: Can you stop a package from reaching its destination through ebay or paypal ?
what is the difference?
How can I locate a veteran of the Korean War, James Breedrich?
How does an ATM machine make money?
im a photographer, i made an album for a client and my vendor created it and sent it to her she wasnt happy...?
who is the rich person tn the world present?
Student Cash Statement Receipt says Two disbursement checks were sent out on 7/24/2012?
how do you stop a argument between two woman?
who likes spongebob?
Is there any company/anything that would hire anyone?
who invented pie?
Can anyone explain why the value of the dollar has been plummeting since Bush became President?
where? how? do i convert usa dollars to?
How to get back my money, i dont want dat cheat 2 get away wid this?
We do our country need boundries ?
why would anybody want to sell a non-renewable resources?
When ordering merchandise online, why cant you choose what company to ship the item?
How much money does it cost per square foot for residential construction?
Where can i find a master list of all clothng brands?
im in the process of buying a car and they want checks that will be on hold?
More Accounting help, please (adjustments)?
I was laid off halfway through the year and a big percentage of my salary was supposed to be from bonus...?
overbearing lady says more?
How do you work out gross profit WITHOUT a closing inventory figure?
is one pound equal to a us dollar?
Who is the best energy suppliers in the uk?
Can USPS 1st class packages be put in the blue street corner mail-bins?
Accounting question about financing and investing?
If have a lawn care business,,,what advantage it would be to pay 3 x more for a mower that mows 2 x faster?
i want to know about 10 bigest cities of the world?
what is the best paint for a commercial kitcken ?
what is a good way to make millions of dollars?
yield curve............................?
How much money do i get paid at kmart?
What is best? Technology?
How should one estimate the cost to ferry an airplane coast to coast?
Y electronic s price are going down and prices of food items are increasing?
What are those money things called?
Found product on shelf, wrong home location. is it to be sold for wrong home price?
why managers do not deserve a higher pay compared to non-managerial ? what are the reasons ?
can anybody mentor/ teach me how to trade for a profit in the forex market?
Describe a simple process for using rates and unit prices, give example.?
why do we drive to work everyday, just so we can make money to buy gas to drive to work?
how about another stimulus package for us hard working folks anyone hear if we will be getting one anytime soo?
Whose the richest man in the world?
It is Saturday And I ordered my Mlx Gold 35 Microphone (Next Afternoon Shipping) Will it come tomorrow?
Is there a bank that lets you make cd accounts with a minimum of $500.?
what are some ways i can get money?
how do i make money at age 13?
how do I cancel juno?
Whats the difference between a business and a company?
If it itches...should I scratch?
Would it be possible to drive to the UPS store to pick up package instead of having it delivered?
Accounting Net Realizable help?
Do you think a 15% service fee in restaurants is acceptable compared to the traditional optional bill?
credit question?
I Was Scammed By An Online Cigarette Company. Help!?
does anyone know where the designer replica warehouse is in manchester ?
how can i lose weight quickly as possible?
Can I sue a shoe company for this?
What does Intransit mean specifically? where is it?
i'm looking for colored turquoise jewelry. orange green and blue. where can I find them?
What/who influnce people to turn to illegal drugs?
Is a safe site for ordering products, or do they only want my money?
If i had a 1 pound how much would it be worth in the victorian time?
what is ceo?
How safe is the Bank of China?
Should I grow my hair out or leave it short?? How long should it be?? What do girls like better??
Staff damaged my property?
What are the factors that effect a brand preference?
How do I get my wife over the edge to have that threesome that she's considering?
How can I obtain a voided checks if I don't use checks?
why do we have to breath, drink and eat to survive???
Writing a check to yourself? And cashing it?
If a guy groped you, what would you do?
Do anyone feel bad for the rich oil natios and companies now that oil has dropped in price?
you sent an email, but no answer to my question ?
Do you really think we all come from monkeys?
what do i do to IM ssomeone?
priority mail from texas to georgia?
If tarot cards, aura readings, and fortune tellers worked, why do people still die in car accidents and stuff?
do any one have bold prediction for 2006?
Bank of America overdraft?
How to check postage rate? From USA to international shipping?
Use theories of motivation to discuss how reward systems can contribute to the motivation of employees?
Is this a scam?
is there gold prospecting near jamestown, N.Y.?
Can you address mail with just a first name?
what divides the earth into northern and southern hemispheres? what continet is brazil located on?
Why is this showing up ?
Do you pefer my avatar or my horse photos??
Is there a website that checks the for complaints or authenticity of other websites?
how much are court fee for retail theft in port st lucie ,fl?
Where would i go to patent one of my own ideas?
what's resolved mean?
hey, what does the saying ''ignorance is bliss'' mean?
How long does it take for mail to go from one state to another?
what are the iroquois tribes?
whenever I go on stage to deliver a speech but when i open my mouth I get scared. What should I do?
Which of the following would not cause the break-even point to change?
where are their goods produced ?
Whats with the funny looking square graduation hats?
I need help to solve this exercise about cash inflow?
Why are Apple products more worth cheap in us than uk?
if i quit my job in arizona how long does does employer have to pay me?
What are the words you misspell always?
TVM Solver on Calculator - Present Value of Money?
i want to know commodity's trading about metal and bu lion sector please let me know the sight?
How much money has David Icke grossed over his recent world tour and what does he do with all the cash?
If have a lawn care business,,,what advantage it would be to pay 3 x more for a mower that mows 2 x faster?
I have the house to myself tonight. No school tomorrow. What should I do?
How much does it cost to have messenger with voice?
Can any suggest me Certificate Course or Exam related to Management,like how we have CA,ICWA,CFA for Finance?
i feel like no one likes me at school. what should i do about this? HELP!?
I left a job program that help me find work?
What do I wear to the christmas party?
do you have beautiful beach(es) in your place? what is it called?
Help! Getting sued by French bank!?
what is IQ?
what time does the post office usually close???? four or five?!?! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?
If you buy a blackberry on full retail price, but your current 2 year contract for your other phone isn't up?
Why do we have to use the character string verification?
ishop america closed?
what does project management have in common with organizational change?
question about unauthorized transaction on my checking account?
how can i send money to a tdcj inmate?
Does ups ship during the weekend?
How many numbers are there in usa medical card?
I am looking for a motel at a good rate, I am having trouble with priceline, travelocity where else can i look
Accounting Homework Help!!! :(?
Does anyone know where I can find South Koreas national debt and trade deficit?
The straight-line method is the simplest and most commonly used method for calculating depreciation?
if a guy is straight,but experience a physical sexual relationship with the same sex,could he become gay?
Is it wrong to fall in love with someone over twice your age and your 15?
how country currency works?
why are US Banks refusing to exchange US dollars for Argentina Pecos?
How do I get rid of the hiccups?
Why Auditors are using green colour pen?
Why can't people stop being lazy and give simple, risk-free things a go?
My debit card won't be accepted on iTunes?
Accounting question problem help?
I'm not...(what).....Fill in the blank.?
kite capital of the world?
How old is Hillary Duff?
What is 'no frill' account and what is use of it?
if i pawn my title and fail to make the payments, will they just take the car.?
Form company's budget data what are ratios and situations. Generate a set of numbers that fit?
who can tell me who is the real man we should be praying to,because remember that god gave his only child?
Who knows about drake bells accident?
What is the healthiest fruit?
Shall I trust this seller? Heres the info:?
please help me find a weakness of this statement and fix the problem for me. Many thanks!!?
What about age?
How do I get the post service to reimburst me for a stolen package?
Ive gotten a letter,and a check in the mail for 8,000 i want to know is it real?
Direct method cost of goods sold - managerial cost accounting?
Do you think I am going to do the right thing ?
if the price of donuts were to fall what do think would happen to your demand for coffee.Rise or fall?Why?
How do I do a resume?
Does anyone know of a place that buys Crystal Jewelry?
last question....i always find a guy (no problem with that) but i don't like any of them....?
Are valve (vacuum tube) radios still manufactured ? Where am I to get one in India ?
Allowance.I get 20 dollars a month:( is that poor ?And im 14?
Random samples of 12 young car drivers, aged 20-25 years, were asked how much they pay for their car insurance?
My service business has had a 70% profit margin for the past few years, 450K Gross 315K Net. Is that good ?
am big "Little House" fan and wonder if there really was an Albert Ingalls adopted by Pa and Ma Ingalls
Why are gold prices going up?
Please answers the following questions of finance for me ?
What is this area 51?
What is the value of a Brass mechanical National Cash Register from 1930, Model 1064-G, Serial # 1340766?
How do you convert runescape gold to USD?
UPS Tracking told me they delivered my package but they didn't?
If jesus died for our sins, aren't we techically saved, therefore we all sinners go to heavens when we die?
I'm looking to exchange a 20GBP for US?
Can you make money selling used name brand clothes from the Salvation Army, on eBay?
how can you figure lineal footage of coiled up conveyor belting?
how much does it cost to mail a letter from bloomington, IN to Howard Beach, NY?
Is the salary/income/fortune/net worth highest for a stockbroker or a ship broker?
when a friend gets drunk she always says things that hurts ur feelings?
what is your favourite TV show?
what exactly is a bank disclosure statement? and how do I get one?
Whats the best testing process to get purity of Carbon Dioxide?
where do china export their plastics?
do you have teeth?
How much is £3000??????????????????????
what is the biggest obstacle that you have to face?
Why is it that Western Union isn't held responsible to get a copy of the persons drivers License, or I.D. ?
A cheque came for someone who used to live here. How can I cash it?
Bond Valuation homework help?
is college for everyone???
are all buisness allowed to accept cash tips?
what are the penalties for conducting special inspection without certifications in the construction industry?
What does this mean in UPS tracking?
Funeral home practices?
Ups shipping (why does this have to be 20 characters long?)?
can i get my id account recovered if i deleted it?
please tell me difference in NETWORK marketing , binary plan , MLM, and which one is better plan?
Why is it the US has so many giants?
Where to buy affordable brand name jeans/hoodies ?
Do you send a "thank you" email if you are hired?
is there such thing as a weather maker that makes snow rain mixed precip?
Ltd means?
where can I get a used grand piano?
What would 2006 FY mean?
For which of the following would the use of the straight-line method of amortization be acceptable?
What animals are eaten that you think shouldn't be?
Shorts Accounts Questions that's worth a look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Can I open an international bank account?
who are the three credit reporting co.?
who is the richest actor/person??
what makes us want.......?
My mom died about a month ago and I was really close with her. I'm only 23. What helps to cope with the pain?
is this how you spell room rators?
what is the average percentage rate for a $5000.00 CD?
The following information is available to reconcile Clark Company’s book balance of cash with its bank stateme
Do you need a license to offer free online counselling (UK ONLY)?
Any tips for raising money?
I have a landlord that tells us how to live. All tv's off by 11 pm and no radio on weekends?
accounting question that i need a answer to?
does anyone know a mark kunselman?
Managerial Accounting- Equivlaent Units Weighted-Average Method?
How much money did Motorola pay for Zecter?
ok i suport our troops and when do our trops come home?
Accounting Debit Question?
How to make $300 as a teen?
How to report a business for illegal practices?
Commercial fishing question?
Should I Quit and Tell My Boss Off?
How do I return something that I ordered online from
Can you be fired for listening to you're Ipod While collecting shopping carts for a supermarket?
Can 2 waitresses afford a $600-700 dollar apartment in california?
I need stats on deaths caused by drivers that fell asleep at the wheel in montana?
how can I put a picture in my empty box where some of you guys have faces?
What company can i go to to helo create a resume?
do consumers actually benefit when buying 2 for 1 products?
how to calculate TC'S on Coal?
why did Jesus die? why did he do the sacrifice?
Human Resources - Should I write a thank you letter for feedback?
How much is this worth?
Adjusting entries are required?
i have a giro slip for my 3 phone wont accept it.which other banks can i use?
Who has it easier: boys or girls?
Whats the best Sarbanes Oxley compliance site where I can get information ?
home based business ,?
How can i convince my parents to go out with a friend to a party?
how do u stop your bid on ebay?
where would I find a supplier for restaurant furniture made like an animal?
What Does No Interest Mean? (Read Details)?
What is the expected payment of a claim?
How Can I block A bad debtor from doing this to another busness?
Can I trust a seller through cash in mail/money order?
Do you lie? Which cases?
Help! Hollister online order . . .?
why cant the world be a peasefull place ?(?
Should one's rights or freedom be compromised for the sake of national security? And why?
who is kate garraway?
why i cant break the walls i put for me, and get a breakthrough with my life?
How to manufacture a new design condom?
How to get ATM card in SBI for 1st time ?
Can't sleep! Should I take Lunesta?
how can i get a civilian job coming out of the army?
what state is Santa Clause the city in?
how to exchange us dollars to Canadian dollars?
What are some words with out vowels?
Name for my business?
how much old indian coins worth i mean i had a great collection of those (coins from the chalukya period)?
In this day and age, does "normal" mean anything anymore?
when will my USPS package get to my house!?
who do i report them to?
Sir pls give the tips of the increase the 6 kg on 1 month?
what colour does a smurf go when you suffocate it?
Re-post: Accounting II help please!?
Help with Paypal fees?
why education on management is important for me as a competitive advantage?
what % of taxes do you pay on casino gambling winnings?
Should I Give A Refund On Amazon?
What kind of business do you think really needs computer?
Do contribution cost is equal to fixed cost?
Help! Need More answers. Would You Give Someone 51% of your.........?
What is the purpose of Wallstreet?
Friend won't pay back loan to him?
can a company refuse to license a patent?
How old do i have to be to...?
Give a example on a business transaction that has increase an assest & increase a liability.?
My boss won't pay me my holiday pay that I am due...?
how to figure out fake 20 pounds' note?
How much is it to send $7,645.61 by Western Union?
when will god sends an angel to solve all my problems?
where can i get a professional cv written at an affordable price..?
How many dimes make up a dollar?
im experience with customer service and receptionist jobs, how can i name/ title my resume?
Companies that provide computer services?
How do u think about George Bush???
What is wholesale price of greeting card?
Could you tell me the way to make money or do business online?
How do u deal with a bully at work? Management seems to sweep it under the carpet. They are so valuable!!?
What are new and different ways to make money?
EBAY. I am selling something & someone has requested that I make it 'buy it now' as they want it quickly
what is a good way for a 12 or 13 year old to make money?
TAX RETURN....If i made $20,000 in 2011 how much will i get back and/or will i owe money to IRS?
So I'm looking to sell an ipod nano in its crystal container on ebay and just wondered how to package it?
Accounting Help Lease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! s!!!?
can paypal stop a shipment?
what if you loved someone and before you got to tell them they moved how would you ever see them again??
how do you clean the carbon and grease off of all clad non stick pan?
what is cpu?
which is a good bank to open a business checking account with beside bank of america?
How much would a pound of 24k gold cost in the united states and how many grams is in a pound?
If God created all things in the universe, then who created God?
Am i the youngest box truck driver?
What is a good reason for being late to work?
Where can I get my jewelry evaluated for free?
How do we make a Donald Trump (Celebrity or other) Apprentice recommendation?
Problem with other employees?