On ebay, how/where do you tell the seller the measurements for the custom size?
Where can I find matching outfits for my 4 girls sizes 18 months to size 8 girls?
is it appropriate to wear this to school?
what is my Uk Size if im 34&32 in Jeans( what does L and R stand for?)?
Where can I buy nice cheap clothes?
Are shoes from real or fake?
guys do u find muffin tops attractive?
Are these real Converse Chuck Taylors? They look fake to me?
Desperately Seeking Grey Skirt ?
Does anyone know of any affordable women's shoe stores in the Dallas/Fort worth areas for sizes 10-12?
Is she a good site model? scale of 1-10 I NEED OPINIONs!!!!!!!?
when did you get your first pair of heels?
Where can I get this dress?
what do you think about these dresses?
What is in your handbag right now?
I have black leggings, and light green dress, and others posted, what should I put together for tomorrow?
Perfect winter formal dress suggestions!?
Skinny Jeans? Yes or no?
what is my dress i'm 5' 6"?
Who loves crocs shoes?
Back to school fashion for a middle schooler plz? ?
belly button piercing does it hurt?
what bible verse should i use ?
I am an attornet; i want to dress smart but sexy. Tips?
What do you think of this outfit for a nice stroll down the beach?
How much clothes do you have?
hollister question please......?
my stocking quicky bacomes holes near base of toes, how to do?
Do girls like preps??
Find the absolute min value of f(x)=x√(4-x^(2)) on the closed interval (-1,2)?
What should I wear to an interview?
Where can I buy a 100% cotton long-sleeved hooded top w/ Brasil football colours?
i was watch tyra show today she had a contest for large women models where can i get a form from.?
I'm going shopping tonight what stores should i go to?
Girls Only: Do u like it when guys spike up their hair?
What is the name of this stone (green and purple)?
its okey to wear a suits(mini ) at the dinner party?
Appreciate response re ring size. The tube from Wmart makes it too small to get on & off?
what goes best with slim fit jeans?
Do you guys think this is a good outfit for school?
I wNna be a hipster.?
I want my leather bags and shoes restored to its original condition, any shops/services in Singapore?
where is the best place to study hotel management?
Prom Dress Rental....?
What website can I find information on the Dolce&Gabbana shoe CA1936-A5892-80999?
Were would I find how to alterate my wedding gown's train my self, if you can help me please send me an e-mam
where can i find a "fashionable" respirator?
How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
does pandora have class braclets?
What can I do to make the smell of a leather jacket dissappear?
Where to buy colored Jeans *not too expensive*?
Good places to get cheap clothes?
What do you think about my style?
I have pink Revolon straighner and it wont hear up. What can i do?
what is better? the brown or blue one? that can match with everything (PICTURE)?
Is it okay to buy clothes from Wal-mart?
Why do some girls wear their school skirt really high?
Is American Eagle stuff immature?
Is this a lame graphic shirt for high school?
I have a pair of skinny jeans, what types of shoes (other than boots) should I wear with them?
D-cup bathing suit? (Guys, no wises, please!)?
where do you enjoy going shopping ?
i am really plain looking?
Does anyone know or nicki campbell on kijiji?
Need summer outfits not too expensive?
Could I wear white pants and a floral shirt to a wedding?
What type of clothes do you wear?
how long does it take the shpkeeper new stuff?
How to fix a band shirt?
What piercing should I get?
which dress do you like better?
Need a business or site where I can buy custom flipflops.?
What color prom dress should i wear?!?
Can I wear an orange shirt and blue shorts?
What to wear tomorrow? (options)?
Engagement photos tomorrow (Clothing advice-.s)!?
if we were to swap clothes right now what would I be wearing?
where can i get military issue aviators?
Which prom dress is better?
Where can i find a cute sundress?
Are all rings the same size?
Do you like these pants or no?
Is this outfit too fancy for picture day at my school tomorrow?
how much bigger should a belt be than your waist size?
hey girls why? Can you help me?
How do you make a dog tag paracord survival bracelet with side clasps and two colors?
Hollister vs. Abercrombie?
who can afford a REAL chanel?
Which dress you like better?
whiteeeeeee shoes! help please..?
Why aren't overalls popular anymore?
What are the benefits of using a wool mattress pad?
What shirt can I pair with this sleeve-less leather jacket?
Is it wrong to buy your girlfriend jewelry from jcpenny or walmart or kohls.?
What color tie with this shirt?
Fashion help and advice?
Halloween costume crisis [of course, i wait until last minute.]?
Should I buy my girlfriend a fake Fendi, because I can't afford the real thing?
Silver plated stainless steel turn your finger green?
what is the effect of watching Korean Novela to teenagers particularly students in the fashion statement?
why do ppl always follow fashion and not do there own thing?
What color cardigan would look good with this dress?
guys in tight lowrise skinny fit jeans?
I need this watch in my life!?
Where to get really fashionable, random, brightly colored clothes for cheap?
Fashion/ Shopping help needed!!?
Ruly Need Help buying clothes?
is this an ok dress for prom?
How are jeans transported?
are these bags good for highschool ?
Is this an authentic Gucci bag?
what do you keep in your handbags?
HELP! Does walmart sell clear nose retainers?
Should I go to Homecoming?
first day of school outfit?
Is a Victoria's secret in the uk?
Do you think its OK for a guy to wear a bra, even if he doesn't need it?
who is the designer for teyana's bubblegum pink Heatherette dress?
Dying my hair from dark brown to blonde.?
is this okay to were this for a girl?
What could I wear with this top?
What do yo uthink of this outfit? Pics included :) ?
Do you like it when people make fun of you when you wear dresses or skirts to school?
Is this a pretty outfit?
Whos is going to wear flip flops in the summer?
How Old do i luk in this pic?
Does this website look legit?
what shirt would match this skirt?
do you like this OUTFIT?
Best Price for DKNY Be Delicious RED?
Dodger, a character in hollyoaks this week is wearing a nice casual blazer jacket. anyone know who its by?
Do you believe your handbag should match your shoes?
GIRLS: do u like a nice not to big defined pecs.Cause i hear alot of ppl dont? Doesn it seem more masculine?
How do I make a ring that is to big fit?
Is anybody else starting to get tired of Abercrombie & Hollister?
I need help with an outfit for my shoes! s(:?
which hoodie should i get?
What are your most favorite shoes that you own?
does it hurt to get a piercing at the top of your ear?
wat r u waring???
can u wear jeans two day in a row??
what's your favorite color combination?
whats more comfy to wear?
Are there any stores besides Journeys at the usual mall that carry Diesel footwear for men?
Do you like american eagle?
Which bag should I get?
How do I buy clothes if I don't have any clothes?
I was in the mall and found a piece of poop!?
What dress shall I buy for xmas??
GIRLS: should guys wear their jeans at the waist or sag?
where can i find a 1920's style dress that wouldnt be that expensive?
do alot of celeberties have nose piercings?
Need to figure out a good clothing style?
Wha to wear under a lace top?
best site to buy plus size clothing with cheap and reasonable prices?
Is there anything wrong with ?
Is November's birthstone Topaz or Citrine?
Is this a good thong day for you?
Does my homecoming outfit look good?
Should I wear this dress to prom (pic)?
Can fake Gucci handbags do serious damage to the economy?
What type of shirt would look good with this skirt? ?
Is there a website where I can design a cheap custom t-shirt for about $10 or under?
Dress delima help please?
How much do you think my cheer jacket will cost?
Is wearing a shirt that says "Party In Your Pants" school approriate? ?
short sleeve sweater hood?
American / European fashion differences?
i got this tiffanys bracelet for $20 from a friend how can i tell if its real or not?
How to fix my brown boots?
Is it cute when a girl wears...?
Autumn/winter outfits?
What is your opinion on this jacket please help :s?
Where can i buy these sweats?
DO you wear jeans during the summer?
Are Osiris shoes cool?
rockabilly style?
Looking to buy Flag Boxer Shorts. I can't find any!?
theirs a party, and my mom wont let me buy a bikini, but i am anyways, do you think its a big deal?
i need a cute back to school purse...?
Should I get the pandora bracelet?
Would this look weird?
is the 70's like go-go girls?!?
Fave Fashion?
What kind of bikini is this?
Best places to buy graphic tees and bands shirts?
how many pairs of shoes does the average female own?
What do you think of this outfit?
what do u think of this bikini?
Are lulu lemon sweaters and TNA sweaters the same sizes? ?
what do you think of this outfit? does it make me look like a pear :( haha?
does ne1 no the website for the store samoon in dallas?
Do you think they accept 5'5 models?
Whats your fave dress?
Girls, I need your opinion on this pls! Hugo Boss or Versace?
SurveYYYYY! <3?
the difference between a medium and small?
Im Getting A Pair Of Polo & Ugg Boots For The Winter & I Don't Know What Color TO Get .... HELPPPPPPP?
All Star Converse or Adidas Superstar ; My style is HipHop and I love Rock'n'Roll little one ?????
******AM i TOO YOUNG 4 THIS??****?
How do you tie a hair wrap like in that cool bun style?
What should I wear out for my 22nd bday?
Last minute Halloween Costumes?
Fashion ways to branch out from what I normally wear?
best friends 21st jst want some ideas....?
if you were given a 5,000 shopping spree?
cute or yuck??
what style is the best?skinny jeans or regular jeans.?
Will my WHITE prom dress look bad with a WHITE tux?
greedy genius king of sneakers hoody where to buy?
where can i find this necklace?
What color shoes go with navy?
Fashion Designer?
Opinions needed: What colour shoe should I buy?
Is it me or his suit fitting is very TACKY?
What's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing?
how to get prescription put into glasses?
Does Anyone Know The Brands Of Lil Wayne's Jackets? Either the metallic one or the shiny black one?
Does Claire's Still Have The 10 for $10 Sale?
why does my bra strap keep falling?
How can you get a water spot out of a leather jacket?
Homecoming clothes match????
Where to find shoes from Zappos in Canada?
Where to buy a Boston t-shirt?
Is Fashion Going back to Classics?
Thongs and form fitted jeans?
Name my style :B?
Do you wear stockings under your heels to prevent blisters?
Do people really like these shoes?
I have a bulge in my pants whether i wear briefs or boxers!?
are express sweat shorts and an express button up shirt a good outfit?
need girls attention!!?
The seven for all mankind jeans, what sizes do they go up too? How much do they cost?
What do I wear with this sleeveless hoodie?
Would you wear these heels with jeans?
Would converse go good with these jeans?
My little brother wants a backpack for school?
How much are contact lenses?
BCBGeneration black studded tunic dress....?
do u think it's stylish to wear pants/jeans under a dress?
what is one accessory you can't live without & why/?
Pink Sapphire?
GUYS: what do you think of girls with smaller boobs?
Victoria secret scoop-neck bra!?
Where Did You Find Those Fabulous Jeans?!?
would you ask a stranger where they bought their shoes?
halloween costume ?
Best off retail clothing store?
Drew Barrymore...What do you think bout her style? She has lot of issues bout this,..?
Which Topshop coat do you prefer?
I need help with putting in contacts?
Shops like American Apparel? UK answers please !?
Skater/hippie type LA clothing?
Where can I buy neon hats that say "YOLO" on them?
Would you wear this dress for prom ?
can you help me with this outfit?
What makes a woman sexy when she wears black pantyhose?
how do you use a zipper?
Poll.>how many piercings do you have..........?
How to style a black dress for a Halloween costume?
How to tie a fashion scarve?
Which one!!?? I have like 4 days til school!!??
Looking for Vintage in Vienna?
What do you think of?
I need some Namiss help! sponsers, faQ!?
Cute School Backpack?
Is there a smell to the Aquamarine?
Looking for the best SoftShell jacket...?
Do you like to shop at Wetseal?
Where did the idea of neck ties originate?
i saw my b/f in underwear?
prom dress question? plz answer NOW?
What shall I wear in bed tonight - the grey pyjamas or blue ones?
textiles;how do you turn an aline dress into a puffball dress?
<<New look for sophomore year.. help!!>>?
does anyone know where to get a reasonable Gucci or Coach purse???
Which bracelet do you like best?
Chestnut Uggs: Tall or Short?
Should I get Jeffrey Campbell lita?
how many t shirts do you own?
do you like this outfit??
About Victiorian Gashion and Clothing?
whats the piece called on ur ear. is it cuff? n where do i get one?
Is all white appropriate for fall?
First day of high school hellp choosing an outfit! Ahh... ): Freshman! So nervous.?
It's clothes again!!! Help!!! oh and some hair stuff too!?
Cutting Shirt On Sides?
Who's the Prettiest?
what are the shoes like from prodjey red?
Where can I find a cute quinceanera doll?
Has anyone heard of Dewar Studios?
is it ok to wear a skirt capris and a parka jacket?
I need help finding the website for these dresses?
Guys in skinny jeans?
Is this a good tote bag for school?
whats on your Christmas list this year?
what is most popular bathing suit for women over 50 ? Can they still wear bikini's ?
Being made fun of...?
where can i get "chanel" hair accessories?
fashion sence please help..?
What belts do you like best?
A skirt question? Girls only!?
My parents won't let me pierce my ears till im 18?
How do I find out the age of my vintage coat?
is this a cute polyvore outfit?
how do i wash my dress that has a noticable stain?
Should i wear my sisters underwear today?
what is the most recent thing you've bought??
does anyone know were zac efron buys his clothes?
What size dress am I? Please Answer!?
Girls, let me design an outfit for you!?
Nipple Piercing???
Where to Buy an Armani designer watches online at discount for my father as his birthday gift?
My shoes don't match my bag- Should I be locked up?
Need Girly advice. Girls only. Please help!?
Don't you think the names Luis and Lauren make a perfect couple?
which sister sounds hotter?
Shopping for boots, I need help? Pictures?
where can I buy military shirts for under 25.00?
Do my lip piercings look lined up?
Girls, why do you wear high heels?
Is this Juicy Couture bag pretty?
Ladies shoe scenario?
Where Can I find Purple Skinny Jeans?
Whats your favorite thing to wear???
Should I wear this on the first day of school?
Where did Miley Cyrus get her stylish riding boots in the Hannah Montana movie?
Is there any good information on the miss america pageant clothing?
Where can I find vintage style prom dresses?
forever 21 compired to aeropostale (re-asking form last night with more detail)?
Do you like Asian girls?
wht is the full name of kyle in america's next top model?
is it ok for a boy to wear sweatpants?
Does the gilet make me look a tool?
Sick hightop shoes?!?
When ppl wear shoes that r too small and their feet hang over the back what do you call it? Does it hurt?
which of these pics do you like best?
what r some gud colorz??????
I recently bought clothes for my two nieces at Old Navy, and lost the receipt for the 10% off?
Which dress is better for grad???Will choose best answer!!?
What should I get shopping?
Where should I go to get wayfarer glasses ?
Can anyone tell me what make these shoes are or where i could find them? Picture included.?
Would you recommend Abercrombie and Fitch to others?
I am heading to San Antonio in March, and I am trying to find out where the San Antonio Shoe Co is located?
Those TRENDY Necklaces?
is this too dressy for school?
Can I make you a outtfit?
whats ur opinion on these shoes?
do people make fun of u when u wear a hooters shirt?
Ive bought things from this clothing website a million times, and never been charged duty except for now?
Why do guys wear their pants so low?
What should I wear with these shorts?
Do you think these boots-cocktail dress-and hair look hot together for that...southern girl look?!?
Has anyone heard anything about
Chicago Boutique for homecoming dress?
most reavealing thing youve ever worn,women?
How do you like this shirt???
Black, Long sleeve shirt with SOME buttons going down the front HELP!?
where can i buy shirts with shoulder straps?
What is your favorite store to go shopping at???
Why are sheer tights so popular these days especially for work?
Please help me with my hair extensions questions :)?
Is it "fake" to want to dress differently?
Snowboard boots?
What is my body shape? 31-23-31?
Thong underwear yea or nea?
Would it be weird if a 14 year old wore this shirt?
what would you think of me if you saw me in a?
Where/How do i store cologne?
Charms for my Charm Bracelet?
is this a good first day outfit?
What is your favorite garment when you sleep?
Anyone familiar with American Eagle sizing?
Hightop or lowtop converse?
Hollister or Abercrombie?
should i get this bag??
is BP by norstorm a good place to shop ?
i need an outfit for a dance!?!?(dress and heals)?
I'm looking for jacket...?
• HOW TO? Adding graphics To Air Force One's!!?
what do you think is the sexiest color?
best shoe brand evr????
what picture do i look best in?
what should i where tomato?
does antone know the current 10% off code for old navy? its the code that comes on the reciept.?
Can my necklace be fixed?
How do I replicate my shirt?
Is there a name for this kind of shirt?
Your opinion on this dress please?
Is this one Selena Gomez White Dress can be used for bridemades dresses?
Is it ok to wear a nice red top and black knee length skirt to a summer wedding on the beach,reception inside?
Who stilll prefers to wear tights, stockings, and pantyhose over leggings?
How to decorate my dress ,help?
Outfits For The First Ten People!!!?
isn't it stupid?
Do girls like guys who wear skinny jeans? mostly in the teen years?
can you tel me about talis watches?
i cant find anything on the internet about my Promado watch !!?
What clothes should I wear with these boots?
How to prevent my uggs from overheating my feet?
Which Coach Handbag is better...????
What can a girl wear with leather tights/pants?
What do you think of these shoes?
how would i make this ring? :)?
Where can I find a good costume store in Toronto?
What should I wear with knee high socks?
I'll make an outfit for the first 8 ppl :D?
What do you think of these shoes? How would you wear them?
Can you return to a different location at Urban Outfitters?
where can i find some band tee shirts..?
Where can I get a headband similar or exact to this?
What could I wear with a red blazer like this (see link)? And when could I wear it?
What make-up style would suit me best?
Where can I find a dressy, black, short-sleeved top?
Can Victoria Secret's hold items for you?
How long is an 10 inch tutu skirt?
Did you know Hollister only wants the "popular kids" to wear their clothes?
What do you think of this corset?
Can I keep my pacloot if I return the item?
Which dress should i get for homecoming?
why ballet flats have better traction than heeled shoes?
What do you honestly think of my night out outfit?
A quick girls fashion survey - need lots of answers, please help!?
Where can I buy a Kate Spade "Eat Cake for Breakfast" bag?
Other jeans like LEVIS 511
Can anyone find a cheaper version of this dress? (picture)?
Should i take my shirt off?
what color boots should I get?
I need a jewelry design.?
Where Can I Get Boots?
Question about VS Semi-Annual sales?
I'm looking for flashy suit suggestions. Is there anywhere online where I can browse gaudy ensembles? Thanks.
all the things you'd ever need to make clothing and style?
where to get becky bones shoes?
what colors can i wear with dark brown boots?
Is this ring too masculine?
where to shop 50's...60's inspired?
Is there any way i could get a Seiko sports 100 7a28-7079 watch band?
im a 14 year old male and i want to become an abercrombie model i have good looks how can i achieve this goal?
When you return stuff by mail , how long should it take to get your package?
Im going to Victoria Secret tomorrow what should i get?
Thong or no thong? ?
Do I need a bigger shoe size?
I need fashion advice !?
Wat should i wear at home?
which boots do you like better (uggs)?
One Direction TWITTER HELP!?
Why do people think stuck up people shop at abercrombie, hollister,amercian eagle etc.?
what do u think of the girls these days?
What mojor retail chain stores sell guy pants that fit like girl pants?
does anybody know were i can find the oxygen (clothes) website?
Would a gray hoodie look okay with chestnut ugg Australia boots?
Does this website sell real ugg boots?
How do you wear Vans?
what is gangnam style?
Medieval dance/ball.. which dress would be the best?
Can anyone find me a white rhinestone sneaker?
do my clothes fit in to the current trends?
What type of bags do people use more in college?
im 13 going on 14 and i really want to wear diappers?
Which shirt looks better (pics)?
MY mom won't let me!?
Is this shirt cute...?
Will u please stop wearing & buying UGGS to save the poor sheep?
My sleepmask keeps falling off?
Fabric Marker off of Toms canvas shoes?
how do women take their bra off without unbuttoning their shirt?
i need your opinion.?
whats your favorite color?
Which one of these bags do you like?
ever tried the Cadillac Shield water and stain repellent for your uggs?
im 19 and still am flatt chested enough to not have to wear a bra?
How do I clean a white gold diamond engagment ring?
I live with my aunt (I'm 15 ,girl) she just bought me sandals (were on sale) but I hate them,what to do?
Make me a summer outfit?
What clothes have you bought recently?
what shoes should i wear?
Would you return something that's 10 dollars?
what the brand "again l." it is?
Is this ruby goddess costume slutty?
What to wear to this concert?
short white dress with heels ??
what are your favourite MY BETTER, MY POWER, MY FASTsayings nike sparq?
Can I strink a thin shirt?
Ladies are skinny jeans hot on a guy?
Does anyone know where I can get these leggings? (or similar ones)?
Females only, what uk clothes size does this female look?
Where can I buy a jumpsuit like Ciara's Promise Video?
What to wear on first day of school?
Hair relxar,What is it?
What is a good online store to shop?
Where can I find these vintage earrings?
If I am 13 and have over 100 purses am I spoiled?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how pretty is this dress?
Are are these shoes real???
Does anyone know a website where i can purchace fabric.?
how many soufeel charms will fit pandora bracelet?
wearing some girl boots?
Is this bag for men or women?
how can i get this style?
Where can I find Bjork type clothing?
Is this Halloween costume okay?
h&m stores?
where can i buy wholesale of children's place clothing in california?
Shoes to go with teal dress?
Girls, do you think this jacket is cool?
which do boys prefer blue, brown or green eyes?
Do you like the underwear I picked out to buy?
Can Someone Help Me Find These Kind Of Sandals?
is a swarovski diamond a real diamond?
Which riding boots should I get?
Does anyone (boys or girls)?
Will this jaket work in winter or in snow?
who is the best clothes designer in your opinions???
Is there a t shirt printer in the UK that will do a one off logo print onto a tie dye t shirt?
Where find mesh camouflage shirt for ladies?
what is it with fat people and wearing tight clothes?
Do you think this dress is pretty?
what is the color mulberry?
How can I pull off a neon pink?
what do you think about this outffit. link included. honest opinions please!?
does anyone know where i can get these asain clothes from?
Can I get my ears pierced at Claire's accessories?
Where to find replica hand bags in New York?
i like this guy?
RING HELP?!? (Demi Lovato- Valou3cap)?
platos closet: help!!?
where can i buy online, or where are the uk stockists of the fashion label Aganovich?
The clothes and outfits that are worn on MAD MEN?
Do anysunglasses change colors?
Girls Only: What is your opinion on cardigans for guys?
Poll: Do you think this is a cute outfit for an event/concert, should I wear this!?!? (Picturesss)?
do you think this dress is pretty?
People who own GENUINE ugg boots answer please!?
Where can i get a cheap Coach purse?
im a 33 yr. old manthat converted into a woman should i wearbikini,gstring,string bikini,or thong?
Which color is the best looking of these boots?
I'm trying to figure out if I can wear my maroon cardigan over top my dark purple shirt. Thank you.?
Where can I get specially made leather gloves?
What size jeans would fit me out of these three?!?
What goes with dark brown skinny jeans?
where can you buy t-shirts with your favorite bands on them for cheap?
HELP ! Which pair of these eyeglasses are the COOLEST and SEXIEST for me to wear ? PLEASE LOOK & VOTE ?
Where can I get formal nice clothing from on the web.?
what is your favorite song?
how do i get my cloths back?
cheap handbags in dallas?
How to be the girl every guy wants?
My sixth form states that you cannot wear 'stretch cotton', is 98% cotton 2% elastane stretch cotton?
Which backpack looks the best? (Easy 2 points)?
What is the name of this type of bracelet? (Pic inside)?
Which Necklace is better?
Is this outfit to much for school(im a senior)?
Okay winter is coming and I need to know where to get eskimo boots from in NY? Please and thanks!?
what could I wear with this jacket?
What do normal 14 year old kids wear?
Do you think I could be a model?
What Should I Wear To My Friend's Birthday Party?
How Do You Pierce Your Own Septum With A Safety Pin?
Is this top too low cut for big boobs?
Fashion problems! help?
Will people be able to see the studs on the bottom of the bag?
I need a list of brand names in clothing/shoes?
how do I get pictures on my iPod?
What do you think about 'beige tapered trousers'?
Am I a little chubby? *picture*?
do you know how i can get clothes from stash house with sayings like "get bread"&"flipping birds"
Do stores such as Mervyn's do alteration of jeans, mainly length alteration?
What is your opinion on..uggs?
im havingg a sweet 16 and ineed help pickingg colors, pleasee helpppp!?
How do i act and look like a girly girl!?
Rate this sweater! - easy points!?
Ladies, Do you like this Engagement Ring I bought for my soon to be fiance?
What is the REAL difference between PU leather and Faux leather?
which boots do you like better?
online stores that sell cute winter clothes?
Sexy or slutty?????????
does green and orange match?
where can I find the new hair trimmer with the vacuum attached...who makes it?
OMG ive been up all night! please tell me what this is!! its so basic but i dont know what its called!?
What's your favorite design on a jacket ?
Can a guy try on girl clothes in marshalls?
my boyfriends birthday party ..which should i buy ?? i wanna look extra nice..?
Which color Minnetonka shoes do you like better?
Does this sound likr good mens fashion?
American eagle Artists jeans?
How to sew a giant scorpian on the back of a jean jacket?
Nordstrom return sticker?
add me on msn because im bored xD?
How much does a belly button piercing cost in Cali?
How long do real UGGs last?
question to all women who see this?
is there a website where you can buy nothing but fake piercings?
Cool coat but rude shop owner, do I buy the coat anyways?
Can i pierce my own nose? ?
first day of school outfit?
Best way to wear ugg boots?
Opinions on this dress????????
What would you wear with this outfit?
Am I a "Sneaker Freak"?"?
What kind of shoes should I wear with skinny jeans?
which color is cuter in this shirt?
so im afraid to wear shorts to school:/ ?
Out of these three stores which one is your favorite???
What are the essential clothing items for a wardrobe?
what do you think of this dress /top? manythanks (:?
Casual "horror"outfitt..!?
What would you do for a Klondike bar?
I just bought some $295 True Religion jeans and I love them but I don't want to fart in them and I wear them?
Can you get a job at clothes store at 13?
end of day jewellery?
is there a place where i can find clothes like the ones panic at the disco wears on stage?
What colors will be in fashion in Fall '06?
what is the us ring size conversion if it is ring szie 17.8 cm?
Would you rather wear a strapless top or a halter top?
Do i fit this skirt?I'm very thin and not tall.?
what should i wear for a concert?!?!?
Is it safe to use wool felt to make clothes?
Leather coat care/repair?
what is the most expensive designer item you have ever bought?
Where to buy khaki and black skinny jeans?
Is this a trashy outfit... read below.?
I am wearing a purple and white shirt (mainly purple) and i was wondering if red would go with it?
What are you wearing right now???
HELP!!! I'm going to dinner for my thirteenth and I need a dress to wear!?!?!?!? Xxxxx?
How do I convince my friend not to steal/copy my clothing style?
Need help finding a zip up hoodie?
Summer sandals?
top 20 autumn mens clothes?
Do you think this is a nice dress for a wedding?
How to express myself when I can't?
IN CANADA, where can I buy a black dress with laced sleeves?
I want to customize my Vans, what paints and supplies are best to use on the shoes?
What Should I wear for my Flight Attendant Interview?
Who would buy these Air Jordans?
Why does he dress like this?/?
How should I accessorize my homecoming dress?*Pics*?
What should I wear to a party I'm hosting?
Where are some relatively inexpensive places to get good fashions and vintage in New York City?
Why does it seem like I'm stuck at a big pant size?
Teen girls what clothes do you like on guys best?
so wuts the latest trends!!!!?
Could I model (FACE) ?
What bikini bottoms would look good with this top?
What would go good with this coat?
Which charm necklace do you think is more original?
Which shoes are cute? do you have any other suggestions? (links inside)?
do you like these sneakers?
Do you think this dress is appropriate?
what is eye degree/power mean?
Can someone please help me!!!
anyone know the SIZE CHART for coogi hoodies?
What Color in the Shirt do you like better?
need help finding a cute bag for school?
Good stores to buy dresses?
Finger length and height correlation girls only?
What would you pay for used Aeropostale shirts online?
What is the best way to add "poofiness" to the skirt of a formal dress?
I ordered a dress from wetseal today & I wanted to know will it be back by Friday, October 7th?
How do I get Jessica Simpson's style???
What to wear with a long jersey?
Do any of you know where I can buy a cute purse?
10 POINTS!! How would I go about being a designer?
What can I wear for my graduation.?
Do you think this shirt is too small?
Where can I find a dress like this one!?
Why does wearing glasses make people look goofy?
Why the women need purses? Are them symbols of feminity?
Would this work as a Halloween costume?
Is the Abercrombie Chase Cologne good ?
Does anybody know what Coach purse model this is?
Girls ! would you wear this to the club?
what do you think of this dress??
What should i wear help me!?
What top to wear with a knitted skirt?
What Jordan's to buy?
Where could i find a headband like this?
where can i find these riding boots online? I found them on pinterest and i forgot to save the website.?
What is a halter top and when did they first come out?
How much do you spend on designer clothes a month?
Outfit ideas Please 10 points?
what kind of steampunk hat would match this?
what do you think about a girl going to the swimming pool with these shoes?
does the weather effect your mood? why?
what color shoes should i wear with this (pic with me in dress)?
is this dress unappropriate for church on easter?
Are these dresses cute?
White skirt...cute or not?
What size clothing are you?
which is better to go to for good jewerly: claire's or iceing?¿??¿¿?
Do I Have Enough For Middle School...?
how can i convice a girl to wear a thong or a g string bikini without asking her in front of us skyping?
My mum dresses young.. Any suggestions why?
What movie makes you cry?
how old do you have to be to wear contacts?
Which Dress Is the Cutest?
Whats a good clothing brand for a college senior who want to look more mature.?
People who own GENUINE ugg boots answer please!?
personalised jewellery?
where could i get a jacket just like this that ships to canada?
Is it true that Kimora lee Simmons said: I’m rich and when people want to fell rich they wear my clothes but
i have pink jeans! should i wear them?
I'm 6 foot... too tall for heels?
Where can I find a very cute, not too expensive, teen swimsuit?
Which bag do you like better?
I wear a women's 8.5 US in shoes, should i order a UK size 6 or 7 when getting Dr. Martens?
lebron 9 summit lake shoes?
How to stop a high heel from going to te side?
Which shirt looks better?
Is this dress appropriate for a Christmas Military Ball? ?
If I order a replica Tiffany bracelet online, how long will it take until I get it?
how to get rid of discoloring on white gold ring?
Platos closet questions?!? Please help!?
If you could only wear one type/clique style of clothing, what would you choose?
mens or womens jeans?
ok im 13 and i want to get a lip piercing but my dad wont let me so i respect that so where can i get a fake 1?
Do u like my new bag?
What is the fashion colour or colours for 2006?
do preppy boys still wear tighty whities?
Which store do you prefer???
is there a purple I <3 boobies bracelet?
how can i get my girlfriend?
I have noticed that most female beauticians wear tight clothes, miniskirts, ect...and most of them also?
Where can I shop smart?
im going out tonight what do you think of this top(picture included)?
i am civil engg student.plz suggest me design for the sweatshirt for civil engineers (quotes ,logos,pictures)?
I need to get glasses, any suggestions?
where can i find a yale sweatshirt that is not more than 20$ preferably?
What happen to all the Gloria Jean's Coffee stores? Can I still buy their coffee beans in San Jose?
Is this a trashy outfit... read below.?
Cute Couple Jackets!?
Where can I find there lenses?
In 52-69 degrees should I wear jeans uggs and sweater?
liar liar there faces are in fire?
What color accessories should I wear with a cobalt dress?
what shoes go with skinny jeans?
is this a good outfit for first day of high school?
Do you like these sunglasses?
Which dress should I pick?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
My mom wants to make me wear hideous boots please answer?
Is buying jewlery from walmart okay?
Questions about earring allergies?
i have slim, average length legs, what style of jeans would look best on me?bootcut, regular, skinny, or flare
Sexy YET covered enough not to freeze outside for Halloween costume ideas?
Is there like a way I could order online and pay when it gets here?
Contact lenses / Glasses?
how should i accessorize with this dress?
where can i go on the internet to find a time line of the styles of fashion in england?
Where can i get this accessory? :)?
I need a new style for school?
Heel's 'clucky' noise?
I need ideas for my sisters birthday party?
so what are you wearing right now?
Who Knows the words of the song S.E.X?
Where in TN?
shouldnt people wearing flip flops be fined??
What to wear for prom? im a skinny girl?
Itouch or UGGS??!?! ♥?
What should I wear boots with this season?
is this purse cute?
My husband has been wearing my underwear and shoes when im at work?
what would make a ring fade? when worn.?
where to buy an everyday coat?
How would you style this shirt?
Why do teen girls buy Uggs?
Aren't these just the most disgusting jeans EVER?
which clothing material do you find sexiest ?
which of these shoes do you like best??
ineed more ansers no ones answering!!!!!!!!!!!!?
help!! what will i wear?
Would you ever go to a lingerie/underwear party? what would you wear?
Speedos... or trunks...?
how can i prevent my nail polish from chipping?
Can I wear uggs to work?
best way to shrink yoga pants?
how many soufeel charms will fit pandora bracelet?
What's your fav clothing store?
What's in style for 13 year old girls?
Is this too revealing for an 11 year old?
What Colors Go with Brown Shoes?
Ladies if there was lingerie that was affordable and made from Alpaca Fur, Would you wear it?
victorias secret panties your thoughts?
Girls! Fashion Help please?
How do baby pink/ baby blue polo with overdyed black jeans look on a guy in highschool?
seeking luck!!?
What can you say about this prom dress?
Do you like this outfit ?
Would this make a cute outfit?
What do you think of this sweater?
Men wht u wear trunks, boxer briefs or briefs?
Where can I get reading glasses that are shaped like ray bans?
Is this good to wear in an audition?
what to wear for back to school...?
Being A Fashion Major, is this weird???
Lost a bet?
How can I accessorize this?
how can i stand out in my uniform?
Suggestions on celebrity product placement?
Converse vs Vans... Which is better? I can't decide what to get.?
Do you think this is a cute first-day-of-school outfit?
Do you like me with or without glasses?
any nice women wanting to chat to a 44 year old guy whos disheartenened with
Ladies...What are the sexiest clothes on a man?
What colour of shoes would go with this dress? Details inside?
abercrombie or hollister or forever 21? and why?
do girls like pockets?
whats the difference between sterling silver and silver.?
help outfit? PICS INCLUDED?
What are some online stores that sell cheap swimwear?
Help me with a list please???
Who are the fashion police, really?
Is this a babydoll shirt?
Wardrobe help for 13 year olds?
I need to replace my socks. Which company is better: Nike or Under Armour?
girls only, do u think?
What can I use as Substitution?
Do you like this bag?
colors for prom purple and gray or pink and gray???
Do you like fashion?
where can i get jeans for my figure?
My thighs don't touch but they don't look skinny?
Tinkerbell Underwear?
my mom gave me a wedgie today?
which jeans do you like?
Should I get a black or white northface jacket?
are pointy toe slouchy boots in or out?
How much does it generally cost for alterations/tailoring?
what are you wearing right now?
Guys- what's your favorite kind of underwear on women?
swimsuit helpppp please?
So I have to wear business casual for a dinner...?
Should I wear this? Yay or nay?
Outfit help for homecoming dress up days 50's and indians?
Nice but Cheap?
Survey: Where Do you Shop For Clothing at?
How old where you when you got your first piercing?
Help with sizing on a dress from China..?
where can i find reallllly tight skinny jeans that arent too expensive?
What is a "Chrono" Watch?
Are there any dress codes for attending a catholic church wedding? can one wear a summer dress with prints?
how can i fold a t-shirt in 3 steps?
Is this dress too short for me?
DO YOU THINK IM PRETTY? or at least have pretty potential?
where can I get a good quality cosplay outfit for $40 or less?
Do you like these jeans?
what should i wear to a dance...a long,flowy dress or a simple skirt?
What kind of clothes should i were?
Is this shirt. Cute..?
which pair of jeans do you like better?!?!?
Do long Nike black socks look good with shorts and do they feel comfortable?
which sunglasses look better on me???? pics?
Is this shirt cute?? BEST ANSWER!?
Is it okay to wear last school year's jeans into the new school year?
I am looking for the hat to match the John Charles outfit number 25307. Looking to buy for about £100 2ndhand?
is this cute?
I have very little money and was wondering where the best place online to buy cheap (fashionable) clothes is?
Tracking Adidas Online?
How to look good in my school uniform?
Have you gotten your Christmas outfit yet?
only for girl teens - what is ur fav. brand of jeans?
Do you wear thongs or granny panties?
what ones do you prefer? black or grey school trousers for a 13 year old boy?
Thoughts on what i should wear ?
I'm 18 and want a new cologne. acqua di gio vs leau d'issey?
should men be allowed to wear mini-skirts if they have the legs for it?
How Do I play Up My Boyfriend's Shirt?
Formal Dress Crisis?!?
Are Ceramic Watches good?
No Panties - Is it ok?
Where can I get a Squirtle (Pokemon) onesie/all in one?
girls, if you own any AE hoodies, please answer?
Where can I get Ashton Kutcher's shirt?
Will GUCCI leave my parcel with a neighbor?
teenage girls: what is your dressing style?
rate this shoes please !!!?
What new t-shirt just came out?
what is a site that has fashion drawings contests and you can win money for them?
Learning to walk in heels?
has anyone ordered anything from
where can i get Clear Earrings?
Do guys look good in skinny jeans?
Is this a cute school bag?
Which diamond earring is a better gift for my girlfriend of 3 years?!?
what do yout hink of short shorts?
wher do they sell SEVEN brand jeans? are they called 7 for all mankind?
What are some cute symbols I could put on a shirt?
Why are clothes so drab in the UK?
What stores have really girly clothes?
I can't find a cute pair of FLARE LEG JEANS. Where can I get some with an 8in flare when laying flat?
do you prefer nose studs or rings?
Has anyone bought any clothing, particularly dresses, from Papaya Sun?
How to look pretty at your 8th grade graduation?
How pretty am i on a scale of 1 to ten?
What top should I wear with dark skinny jeans and dark flats?
Where can u find Taylor Lautner sneakers?
are we a cute couple? i dont care what people think i just like hearing your opinions [: (picture inside)?
Where can I get japanese cloths/ accessories?
Fake purses at flee market.?
Are ugg boots even cute anymore?
Do most 21 years old at uni have £18,080.92 in savings?
Does anyone know where I can find abercrombie and hollister clothes at cheap prices?
Why do girls buy expensive things?
Is the site legit ?
Can men wear women's bikini?
Fall trends! i need lots of help :)?
Can you still wear dangly earrings in your first lobe piercing when you've just had your second done?
What's the best simsuit for an hourglass figure?
where can i get schott clothing from near or in leeds?
how to dress up my black dress?
What is the website to the three stone ring advertised in Gothic Beauty magazine?
YES or NO: Do you wear GLASSES?
Popular shoes for men, Nov. 2012?
What do you think of women pulling their pants above their belly button?
Who makes your favorite jeans?
Essentials for this winter??? What things do I NEED to have this winter?
Random question: What size of jeans are you?
Which outfit should I wear for the first day of school (pics)?
Is there any way I can post a picture on this?
Am I too old to wear briefs?
Would it be alright if i had a black prom dress?
Can a 32d wear a 34c?
For Vera Bradley fans..?
Is this dress interview appropriate?
What Shoes Should I Wear To Formal?
Abercrombie: What do you say?
How to convince my parents to let me get colored contacts?
Guys' Low rise guys jeans and boxers question?
What is your jean style?
i need to find really unique and sexy panties. i want something cooler than fredricks or vs, and online too!?
is it cool for guys to wear toe rings and ankle bracelets?
Kinda weird, weird question... girls answer...?
Is this bag cute!!!?????
do you like these shorts?
Whats a good place to buy a purse for an 11 year old?
Which Costume should I get? Picture included?
Where can I manufacture a backpack for my clothing brand ?
Can love be real if you make it?
how old do you think i am?
where can you get cute skinny jeans that are cheap?
Outfit ideas for the Autumn please?
Do any one knows the brand name of shoes used by Mattyas missing you video?
what do you think when you see such a fitting on jeans?
Does liz lee ACTUALLY buy clothing from thrift stores?
Does anyone know where I can find cheap coloured chinos in NZ?
Hair cut and facial piercing?
I don't have any fashion sense....?
Could i model? (be honest/ pictures)?
Anyone know where i can buy this purse?
do you like these jeans?
What looks good on this? (skinny jeans ...see picture)?
Would this be cute ? : )?
Why do women wear low cut shirts?
Why do I like fake boobs so much???
Im a 16 year old guy, can i wear flip flops w/out being gay and are rainbows gay 4 guys?
What do you think of my first day of school outfit?
Should I let her know... shes not pretty..?
What size of clothes would i be at hollister and american eagle?
we would like to bring big fashion brands franchisee in india?what are the legal formalities?
who knows where to buy Donney&Burooke bags for less????
Hey, do you know how can I dress myself? A man like me?
do you like these jeans?
What would be better 'black outs' or 'white outs' contacts?
How tall are guys who wear size small shirts?
Who is sick of these kinds of tops....?
i bought a dress and dont know what i should wear with it ?
What clothing brand is the one that has a "F" then a star as the logo?
What outfit should i wear on the first day of school? (pictures)?
Can somebody advise about Indian hi fashion store in USA to buy Kurti, Tunic, Salwar Kameez made of Silk?
Do you wear clothes from all departments... girls, juniors and misses?
What is your most desired style of jewellery?
My pocket watch's second hand sticks!?
LADIES!!!what are your favorite fasion accerssories???
My Prom next summer but I don't want the 'princess' dress any suggestions?
what is a merkin?
I got water on my new uggs HELP?
Do u have a designer bag?
What dress should I get?
ill make you an outfitt :)?
what is your favorite store to shop at?
What do I wear over this dress?
where do you get a good graduation gift for your 8th grade graduation?
How many winter coats did you buy this year?
what color of this shirt would look best on me? {fashion}?
WholesSale plus sized clothing?
Have there ever been any shoes uglier that Crocs?
what kind of pants are those in kelis' new video bossy?