are footie pajamas/onesies suppose to fit tight or are they loose?
Not sure about "Be Sneaker Head".?
Which shirt should I wear? (pic)?
Preppy look for less?
FIRST PERSON WITH A FAIRLY GOOD ANSWER WILL GET TOP VOTE!how fancy should i dress for the homecoming dance?
Can you get hollister and abercrombie clothing for less than 10 $?????
Do I look better with or without glasses?
Do You Like THIS Outfit..??..!!~PLZ HELP~<3?
Which do you like better?! GUYS AND GIRLS PLEASE!?
Where can I find cute & durable rain boots, but for cheap?
Any women out there wearing loads of gold jewellery?
Is this cute or what?
Is Lacoste and Crocodile the same?
Are they wearing..............................?
where do they sell cheap leather belts?
Ballerina flats a fad?
What Would You Think If You Saw Somebody Wearing A Lepoard Print Skirt & Leather Jacket?
What colors like pants and shirt would go well with neon shoes like these?
ear piercing?
Where to find black and white duvet covers and colorful decorative pillows?
when watches are indicated its of japan movement, what does it exactly means ?
do you like this outfit?
What are the shoes that are nike but look like griffeys called?
How to wear this red satin dress?
i need a dress or somtthing reallt good to wear for my boyfriends 18th party,i don't know where to look,ideas?
Teen Stores :] :D ? :] :D?
wear to school any suggestions?
Where should I buy my jeans?
Which purse is cuter?
What is the most expensive thing in your closet?
What is the hottest kind of bathing suit? and what color?
What's the best kind of paint to use on jeans?
Plz Help!!! 10points!!!?
What color do you like this Sweater in?
What do you think about this dress?
Is this prom dress elegant?
Do You Like This Picture I Edited....?!?
Ed Hardys or Converse ?
Has anyone shopped at
????rate these boots 1-10?
What to wear on my mini bday vaca?
Would it be appropriate to wear a leopard print dress to a formal 50th anniversary that I am attending?
What colour ruffle top should I get?
How to cover up a logo on a shirt?
High heels or flats?
Is this outfit cutee? (:?
Should I keep this dress or should I return it (picture)?
Would a gray hoodie look okay with chestnut ugg Australia boots?
I suck with colorsssssssssss. Help me.?
13 year olds and heels?
***What Shoes Are These?!***?
Nose ring and the business world?
what is the average weight of a 11 year old going into the 6th grade?
Is it fun to wear a dress?
Which party dress is nicer? (Pics included)?
am i to fat to wear shorts ?
Going to funeral on Friday?
Is Victorias Secret semiannual sale coming up soon?
Where are Rolex watches made? Switzerland?
in high school do u carry around a purse?
how much does citizen watches cost in egypt?
what stores do you like to shop at?
my date has a yellow dress for homecoming, what should i wear?
Which jacket should I buy?
Why do men buy us lingerie that rides up the crotch and stuff he likes us to wear?
What heels would go with this dress *Link Included*?
PLease help me! outfit help!?
When is expressing your fashion taste acceptable?
Which colours were in fashion this summer (for a dress)?
would this look good together?
Which Victoria's Secret swimsuit?
what do you think about this outffit. link included. honest opinions please!?
Is this top appropriate for a 12 year old girl?
For a 13 year old girl?
Please give me advice for Concert Outfit.?
How can you make a sweater on a round loom?
Which ONE?? *EASY POINTS!=)?
Anyone know a LEGIT/REAL site to get cheap nike dunks?
I'm wearing a navy dress...?
What if I'm a women's size XS (or S), what would a youth NBA shirt fit me perfectly?
Help!! I need to find a graduation dress!!?
White or Black framed sunglasses for a guy?
which has shorter inseam - petite or short pants?
Are jean leggings the same as jeggings?
(for you all fashion people)is it possible to sew a garment/even more in a day?and no, not simple ones!?
I search for but I can't find it?
What time should I expect my order from Hot Topic to come in?
What is your shoe size?
My freind is gonna pierce my ear...what is the best way to do this?
Style stealer? Copying outfits?
which is the best book with photographs of showgirls and canival girls in their sparkly costumes?
Where can I buy a onesie or footed pajama in Canada?
I have a hole in my Ugg boots.. normal wear and tear?
How do you organise the clothes in your wardrobe?
Outfit to Wear to School?
Where can I find the gio goi men's cadet jacket in charcoal color to buy online?
which of these two pieces of clothing should i get? i need to choose one?
Which is more annoying on a guy?
Do buckle jeans run big? or small?
Website w/ Directions on How to Sew Buttons On?
What do you think of this top ?
Do you like my prom dress?
Is there anywhere in London to buy Osiris shoes?!?
how do i make my friends really angry frm me?plzz?
where to get cowboy boots?
Where can i find the Black T-Shirt that Eminem wears in the video "Not Afraid"?
Who'se more beautiful between the two? *link of the picture inside*
Earrings :fake plugs/gauges are too tight?
Guys: do you like it when girls wear a hoodie, sneakers and jeans for a casual look?
what are t-shirt bra? are they different from normal bra?
Where can I buy new cheap skinny jeans?
How much do you spend on clothes a month?
Does any one know of any websites where I can find personalized photo purses at a good price?
Should I wear shorts over my pantyhose?
Why is everyone so in love with UGG boots?
do you think cowgirl hats look nice or weird?
Where can I find this mermaid jewelry??
If I measured my sister for a cosplay now, would it fit in March?
Which outfit is the cutest for Disneyland?
14th birthday ideas?
Would i look stupid if i wore hollister clothes?
Good place to buy leggings?
Girls a question about clothing?
girls do u wear the same underwear and bras everyday?
when buying clothes from the internet is it ok to give out your cash card number and do u get the goods?
i'm a fat big black guy.what dress will make me look better?
where can i buy cheap coach bags online?
which purse u like better?
Where can I find a cheap, white dress?
What is the best brand of Silver Polish?
My sister wants to dress me up as a girl because i lost a bet! what should i do?
What kind of shoes should I wear with a kimono style dress?
Are wrist watches nerdy on an 18 year old?
Guys only!! whats ur favorite style on a girl?
How do I get the smoke smell out of my bridesmaid dress?
What kind of underwear do you like to wear?
My mom won't let me pierce my ears?
how to put a 3mm stretcher in for the first time?
Will I be looked down upon if I overdress?
I want to make my own arm/ leg warmers?
How do i look sexy without looking skanky?
How to dress to make yourself look petite??? PLEASE answer!!?
GIRLSSSS:::do you like these boots? Hot or not?
Which country’s women are the most pantyhose wearers? Why?
where can i find a nice informal cocktail dress?
pink or purple?
how can you tell if a pearl ring is real?
why wont my mom let me wear heels to homecoming?
Where can I find a mesh or clear messager bag online for under $22.00?
Which clothing stores recruit workers?
Where can I buy a shirt like this?
Do you like american eagle?
How can I make a cheap Halloween costume without buying anything?
Is there a way to keep sweaters from peeling?
Wat color goes good with blue?
Any opinions on Agb Fashions in Sanford, FL? are they CD friendly?
What do you think about wearing leggings as pants?
Why are belly button rings considered trashy?
Wardrobe help, please? (;?
Hey! i need some dress help! Which Dress?
What should i wear???????????????
Where can I buy this?
Which wallet looks better?
Is this bikini approriate for a 13 year old?
Cute handbag???? Yes or no?
who won americas next top model cycle 8?
Combat boots in Singapore?
Business Atire, please help me!?
Where can i find a cute brazillan swimsuit?
where can i find a dress like alice from alice in wonderland without buying a legit costume?
What tight/sock combos will suit me?
What are opinions on nipple rings? On both men and women?
how can i get cute denim for less than $25?
best pair of jeans? pics included...?
Are the flare legged jeans still in style?
what are some cool new username ideas? 10 points(;?
Osiris is out of my shoe size?
do high priced clothes make someone more sexy to you? why?
Are Guess brand purses made in China or Italy?
What is that piece that you can put inside a ring so that you don't have to get it resized?
what should i wear tonight?
Industrial or cartilage piercing?
Are sleeveless tshirts gay on a guy?
What are the names/websites of pawn shops in the Metropolitan Detroit Area?
Is it possible to shrink your mid aection from the side?
does this outfit look .."frumpy" for a 16 year old?
Where i can find Ashton Kutcher Long Sleeve Tshirt he uses on What happens in Vegas?
how much money do you spend on clothes?
what to wear to my grandparents house?
girls when you are at home do you prefer to wear shoes socks slippers or just be barefoot?
What kind of clothes should I wear to the first day in 10th grade?
how far down your wrist should your watch go?
(Guys) Do you wear [khaki] cargo shorts? and Why?
Wearing a beanie to cover messy hair?
two part question?
Where can I get a strap for my shoes?
There is this store named papaya, does anyone know what website you could buy thier clothes online PLEASE!?
what do you say????????? in MUSTARD?
I will be going to London, England this summer with my uncle. How much money will i need to shop when i go?
What do you think of this bag?
how do i pierce my lip at home??
ok wat should i get??
Do you think the word prep is misused?
I'll make the first three or four polyvore outfits
Last minute costume help?
I need loads of new clothes!! help please :P?
Do you crave chocolate?
isnt this design freakin awesome???
Redo my room or buy clothes for school?
My Citizen watch has a tiny knick in it.?
wat is required 2 become a good male model?
Cute halloween costume for teenager?
what is a fashion merchandiser?
How to wear a tote as a guy?
Can I wear cream boots with a different shade of cream jumper?
I would like to purchase Elizabeth and James ankle boots online and I am wondering if they run true to size.?
Are your jeans tight?
soft grunge clothing shops?
What is this necklace?
which party theme do you like best?
where can i find the perfect going out dress in size 6?
Guys and Girls........?
any of you girls like the burlesque style of Dita Von Teese ?
if you order from hottopic does.....?
Help Finding a New Hand Bag?
Help with homecoming dress!?
What is the sexiest underwear colour?
What dress should i get for my grade 8 grad?
Girls: About how many...?
Where can i find a grade 8 graduation dress?
Would this be a cute dress for school?
if a shoe size in guys is 10 1/2 what will it be in womens?
Girls: do you think this outfit is cute or inappropriate for 13yo boy's age?
Shoes that are similar to these?
girls please help! what kind of shoes go with a mini skirt and those thick thigh-high (pop) socks?
Do people really hate skinny jeans that much?
In making jewelry, what is the chemical solution, called "pickle" that is used to make your new project shiny?
skinny or curves??...?
Fun and quick survey?
Where is the cheapest place online I can order white T-shirts in bulk?
please please i need help looking for clothes...what stores do u think are good for a thirteen year old girl?
how come this site doesn't give the same "look?" (the same dress?)?
if i'm a size 9 in womens shoes what size willl i be in mens?
Why do women wear those swimsuits high cut so the bottom disappears up their poosy?
How can I keep the sparkles from falling off my converse?
how do i get rid of pimples?
Yves Saint Laurent Bag?
Where can i get a belted elastic high skirt?
What do you think about this outfit?
survey !!!!?
how do i prevent a whale-tail?
Belly buttons: Do most people have innies or outies?
Has anyone seen underworld, I have got to know where I can get contacts to mach the icy blue in her eyes.?
where can i get the shirts that Jude Law wore in the HOLIDAY movie?
Will you still be able to use student discount at New Looks christmas parties that are on the 8th of November?
which bikini?
When is to much pink?
i heard that abercrombie & fitch discriminates asians & hispanics is it true?
Do you like my Polyvore sets?
super hero clan who wants to join?
Would this jacket look good on me (pics included)?
Bikinis for teens with big boobs?
Would it be bad to wear shorts to a school dance?
Where can i find Minnetonka boots?
How will you wear this and when?
How do you remove fingernail polish from a wedding gown?
What are some websites similar to Hottopic and Spencer?
What's in right now for fall?
What should i wear for the 1st day at school?
is blake lively fat/slim/skinny?
What do you think of Jeggings?
What looks nice with knee length (or longer) pleated skirts?
Where can I get a cute dress for Confirmation?
Is this skirt too short?
Does anyone know where I can purchase the shirt that butler is wearing below as the phantom?
what is the meaning/significance when a guy wears earrings on one ear/not the other or both.....or no meaning?
Is this a good back to school outfit?
I need help with what to wear? Please help?
What are the size measurements of the Printed Canvas backpack from Delia's?
What's My Dress size?
Gold 14 kt ring half inch wide price question?
Have costume related issues (best answer gets 10 points)?
Where can I get combat boots (for women)?
what color should i get this dress in?
is the reason some people dont shop at abercrombie & fitch?
Whats YOUR ringtone?
what color homecoming dress should i wear?
What to wear with a white dress?
where can i get this bag in dark brown?
what do you think of this dress?? easy points!!!?
what is fashion for 22 year old women?
Where can I find a Jewelery Box Like this?
What to wear to a football game?
Have blue, polyester jump suits come back into style?
Can a mood ring be set in white gold?
Why do girls think they are SO cute when they post pictures of clothes/shoes they buy? s?
where can i get free printable coupons for macy's department stores?
Is this outfit OK for prom night?
what can i wear with this dress?
I'll be attending a Christening this Sunday and I'm a bit unsure about what to wear.?
how can i get a bottle of armand de brignac aka ace of spades?
which one is cuter??
What is the first thing you think if you see a guy wearing a causal pink collared shirt?
Anyone know a brand of super-strong shoelaces?
i am a verry pretty teenager except that i hav not a very but quiet a big nose that is disturbing at times...?
If you went to a Renaissance Festival, would you dress up?
that one Papaya store?
I need a sweet cute fake name.What should i keep ?
What is the style of this shirt called?
Where to get cute heels? not too tall?
What's the best winter cologne?
if you judge people by first impression or looks and don't even know their personality then is it wrong?
Majorette Iniforms? Dont say AlgyTeam!?
What do you think of Karen Millen clothes?
What's a good shirt and pants to wear with a royal blue sport coat ( this thing is bright)?
I need to buy one of these for my little girl, but what is the difference between them?
What to get 16 year old birthday girl for under $25?
whats the deal with Moissanite?
A Sweet 13 Birthday Party!? :)?
Anyone know where to find Adidas Missy Elliot Remix 3-stripe Women's Boots?
Does anyone know where i can find a Ricky Hatton t-shirt sz. xl?
Do you think I could be a clothing model?
easy 10 points?
how should an 11th grader dress?
Guys: Do you guys like it when girls wear leggings?
what style do i have?
HELP!!! what shoes to get xD?
What kind of style do I have? And how do I amp it up a little?
I need outfit ideas for black skinny jeans?
Which jacket would you rather buy ?
which prom dress is your fav??? the theme is either masquerade or beach....?
Questions about navel/belly button piercing?
What celeb do i most loook like?
what are the latest teenage styles?
Do you think this is a tacky trend????
not trying to label people but what are those guys that wear tight jeans with bacpacks on their backs?
Where can i find jeans for some one who is abnormally tall,skinny and has no butt or hips?
can someone make me an outfit?
Is disco culture retro?
Which outfit for the first day of school?
What do you think of this coat from Topshop?
How do people steal from Hollister?
Were tube socks ever in style?
How much might one dandy lad be asked to pay for a fascinator for a fashionable miss?
What happens to the dresses Vanna White wears on Wheel of Fortune?
Any ladies here wear vintage clothes all the time?
whats your fave wedding dress out of these ..?
How much are Hollister t-shirts around size 14-16?
Could you help me find these flats?
What is the best clothes for a guy to wear out on a date?
What department stores carry Ralph Lauren Polo brand clothes for the cheapest prices?
When does GAP open stores in Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand?
What do you think of this outfit?
Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch?!?
How can she have two closets full of clothes but still have nothing to wear for a party?
would i look good w/ curly hair??????? (PICS)?
any cheap online designer sites for babies and kids ?
which dress?
how would i send my designs for my clothing line to a manufacturer?
Womens American Eagle boot cut jeans question?
Im a 13 year old boy who likes dressing in girls clothing.?
Where can I go too... find a designer for jewerlry I design ?
If you won 10 million tonight. Would you pay 50,000 for a pair of shoes?
Any Body Wanna Buy Some Prom Dresses???
Septum trouble need help?!?
fat girls: why do u wear tight clothes when it doesn't make you body look good?
How much would it cost to get this dress made?
What to wear on a date at a corn maze?
where can i get fake uggs that look real? websites would be great?
how do i tie up a vlados spectros 3 low tops?
Halloween help? Being a harujuku nerd!?
What to wear to a concert?
cute or not?
Classy shades at a club. What do you think?
I have to get a large at american eagle.. am i fat?
why do they say that you can't ere white after labor day?? Or that you can't?
Does this match?
Outfit for tonight..?
Guys do you find nipple piercings attractive?
What is the best girly store that has very cute clothes?
Does Anybody Now what sight this dress is from ? or the designer ?
Converse sneakers, yay or ney?
Is this outfit cute?
where can i get this ride/black/white flannel?
How old do you have to be to work at PINK?
birthday outfit ? picture is included :)?
Unisex Clothing help?
which costume is cuter ?
Christmas Shopping Help...?
Buying Something Online and Returning do they pay back my shipping money?
What kinds of glasses will never be out of style for a man?
triple button shirt cuffs and double button collars?
How to find the correct bra size?
What should i wear at my new course?
Do you like this hoodie?
How is 19 to young for heels?
How Often SHOULD You Go Shopping?
Where can I buy Michi Jeggings and/or Beverly jeans?
For shoe fanatics or someone that can help me?
Should I wear this to a job interview?
Guys! and Girls! What do you think of this outfit for a cocktail party no 2! PICS!!?
Do you wear glasses ?? ?
Can you give me ideas on how to put my Halloween costume together?
Can't find this shirt?
popularity crisis. READ AND HELP!?
what shoes go well with this shirt?
griffey air max 1 (blue)cheapest site?
GIRLS: What do you carry in your purse?
60's-70's inspired outfit?
Are there any stores in South Carolina that sell REAL corsets?
What should a girl carry in her purse?
can any find me some online examples of jewelry in the same/ similar style of russell brand?
Am I considered "skinny"???
hip hop funk??
Which brand do you prefer: American Eagle, Abercrombie and fitch, Pac Sun or forever 21?
I tried Ray-Bans on at Sunglasses Hut, what size is standard there?
What do you think is an appropriate age to wear thongs?
Which do you like better? Need all answers!!!!!!!?
What is your favorite shoe brand?
Would you ever compare Guess to Lacoste?
where can i find cheep skinny jeans?
Is this dress too sexy for a dance?
Is this ok for the 2nd day of school?
Can I wear this to an interview? ?
What to wear tomorrow? (options)?
i want gauges!?
Girls, what do you like?
Cnai put my hottopi sexy andi know it bracelet in water or will the paint fade?
Any girl with jollister jeans ?!?!?!?!?
Where can i buy suites sharp like Bill Maher's?
Where can I find a skirt like this online?
Where can I find a great pair of jeans!?!?
Which bag is better?
Girls: Shirt for men?
What uggs should I buy? really easy I just need your opinion c: ?
What do you think: Are these Ugg boots HOT or NOT?
How to deal with the fact that I am always the best dressed man in a room?
Where can I find a similar off-the-shoulder top?
Coach or Louis Vuttion?
Does anyone know of couples' "forever" bracelets?
which brand of shoes do you like to wear?
I need help finding a Cute summer swimming outfit?
shops selling all star xx hi?
What color shirt is my friend wearing?
would you wear this to school?
do u like these shoes.?
what style do american girls wear?
looking for goth clothes sold in or around san jose ca. any help???
Is wereing brown girls boots that i look goid in ok?
Which is the best online shopping site to buy foriegn dresses in india?
What color of this shirt do you like better?
would an orange flannel with a cardigan or sweater be a good match with fitted blue jeans?
Which dress looks the most beautiful and why?
hi, i'd luv some fashion advice from any girls that are a little older?
Can u wear a red bra with white tee over it for me ?
ok cinderella dress...?
How to make my uniform look better?
Trousers and skirt which looks better ongirls?
Where can I purchase mens namebrand work jean called USA Brand?
what should i do with my jeans?
Where can I buy piercing needles?
stuck between two wedding dresses? which one do u like most?
How would a child feel about being born on halloween?
Do you thing these sandals are pretty?
kwik questionnn.........?
clothes 4 school?
Wheres the best place to get a sweatsuit?
is this guy wearing leggings?
What do I wear with running shoes...?
Help with American Apparel Easy Jean sizing!!!?
Why do women always were sandals, even when they have ugly feet?
Do these shorts look okay ?
What do u think of this semi formal dressing style?
what is the average price of gold in grams 14k and 18k?
Where was the necklace Diane Kriger wore to the Inglorious premiere from?
Does Forever21 ever overwhelm anyone else?
My daughter picked out this dress for her high school graduation. Should I let her wear it?
Which shirt do you like the best?
How to have swag????
Do guys really like pantyhose on girls?
Does anyone wear moccasins?
What are the cutest shoes you have ever seen?
Who do people think Hollister is fashionable?
I NEED YOUR OPINION!!!!(guys and girls)?
dose someone have done or get a makeover?
what do you think of papaya clothing?
PLEASE HELP!!! I Need help thinking of a way to ask a guy to homecoming dance!!?
would this look cute?
Has anyone had an interview/group interview at Zara?
Where can i find some cloth, over the shoulder hobo bags?
How much does a 18.44 carat diamond weight?
Where can i get Uggs in the UK?
Are Timberland Boots in Fashion?
Which prom dress? =D?
What hair colour do you like best?
How to tie dye a t-shirt with a design on it?
Please give me your honest opinion??
Where can you buy a copy of Seventeen magazine?
Is my stomach flat enough for a belley button piercing?
Why do girls in chestnut colored uggs look so dang hot?
am i fat?!?!???????????????
What size hollister jeans should i get?
Do I have the potential to be an abercrombie kids model?
Men who wear tight pants?
PROM! this polka dotted dress.white with black dots?
Do only girl jeans have a zipper on back pocket?
How do I stick a big Pin on my shirt without piercing it?
Which shoes is the most awesome? Scale from 1 to 10?
where to buy a dress just like the no 68 cloud dress by victoria beckham?
The latest trends??????????
Where can I get this hoody? It says supreme but I can't find it there and want to know if elsewhere has it?
Poll: How many hats and shoes do you have in your closet?
i am 19 and want to go on a sleepover with my boyfriend, what can i do to look pretty?
Where can i get a Black New Era fitted NY Yankees hat with white writing?
Do you shop at thrift stores for clothing and shoes?
what is the best way to store and organize purses/handbags and bags?
Is it ok to wear long skinny jeans for boys?
Where can I find a dress similar to this? (link included)?
Which dress is cuter?
Do girls dig guys who wear skinny jeans?
Does this shirt show my boobs too much?
Opinions for the dress below for homecoming?
If wearing an apron is meant to protect your clothes, why wouldn't you wear one if you have on nice clothes?
Will this shirt look stupid?
I'm looking for someone that knows the RIGHT and possibly un-preppy styles of Goths.?
Am I very skinny or skinny?
where i can find active coupons for
What color pants and shoes go with this shirt?
What should I wear with a cream scarf?
Best strapless bra for D to DD cup size?
Are you a gimp who sits at your comp in a black leather mask?
Lingerie-cute bras etc.?
what kind of shirts go great with skinny jeans?
Jeans Poll: Yes Or No?
Do you love, or hate Forever21?
Do you like this dress?
Your opinion which is better a bomber jacket or biker jacket?
Where can i get a modest homecoming dress?
i need a skirt like this, please help s?
how long is this skirt?
where is the Global Shoe company store located in Ontario??
I need a cool, cute and creative twitter name for my friend! Her name is Britney E. Help please!?
Girls, is it hot to see guys with their boxers showing?
Do you know ZARA?
Black Converse or Navy?
Is this dress fine for a school dinner?
Wearing this to a wedding?
which outfit should i choose? 6 option available!?
Who would buy these Air Jordans?
should i keep wearing my yoga pants in public?
Is this dress ugly????????????????????????????????????…
I need help deciding on a animal for my Clothing Brand logo?
What do you think of Abercrombie and Fitch clothing?
I'm very stressed out on what jean to wear?
What is this type of bow called? And where can I buy the same?
How do u clean off pencil, colored pencil, and pen off of a Burberry pocket book??
Where can I get a pair of jeans that will fit me?
How do you keep the collar on a polo shirt from curling under at the points?
are jordans Unisex?
which dress?
Why do people say "you need to waer heels" if your like, 5'1?
I need help with american shirt sizes?
Where can I get an infinity ring in Toronto?
Do you think this is cute?
What would you like to see guys in?
Do you like these shoes?
I have a small attached earlobes, can I still pierce my ears?
help outfit? PICS INCLUDED?
hows this outfit for the first day of school?
maltese nose turning brown?
black suit and brown shoes - ever acceptable?
How can I be like a Jersey Shore?
what should i wear with black skinny jeans?
is this a good name for a fashion line?
Which is the BEST Perfume to impress girls?
in your opinion.....?
How bad does this look?
Is this gucci belt authentic?
Wheres the best place to buy Etnies or Puma shoes?
what is the perfect body for girls? curvy, thin, skinny, chubby, fat, anorexic ect (guys can answer too)?
which one's sexier?
What types of tank tops will be in this summer?
Is this cute? pics! best answer gets 10 points!!?
How do you remove paint from clothing?
How many suits do you think that a grown guy should own?
Poll: What is your style?
How to dress like a football (soccer) player, off the pitch?
how do you say AEROPOSTALE ?
Would denim shorts, 3/4 length black leggings and Converse shoes look good?
women: why do you wear tall boots in the winter?
please help me choose!!!?
Which pair of flip-flops?
What's the best piercing to get at 13?
Where can I buy old school air jordans and air force ones? Dont want to go through ebay?
ladies at home are you always barefoot or do you wear socks or slippers?
Which is better The North Face Denali or The North Face Denali Thermal?
i need fasion advice. can you help me?
what do u think of people wearing sunglasses in the winter???
Dream out loud question?
Which is better when getting dressed? Do you go sock sock/shoe shoe or sock shoe/sock shoe?
How old would you have to be to be able to work at a Louis Vuitton store?
i got uggs and i spilt GRAPE JUCIE HELP?
SEMI FORMAL SWEET 16. What should I wear?
What watch do u wear?
where to get Abercrombie And Fitch Hoodies..??
know of an online store to find mesh back flat caps?
What are some fashionable (cheap) stores in Indiana to shop at for back-to-school clothes?
Is it okay for a teenager to wear a sari?
Is this a bad outfit for high school?
What color vest should I buy? 10 points best answer?
who are the best bikini models in the world?
What kind of brands are sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls?
Im so scared im shaking...?
Are gold shiny purses still in?
Who owns "Eighty Eight" clothing?
Do you like this top? yes/no answer.?
What shoes do you regularly wear?
Ladies Please...I have heard that women find men in uniform sexy. But which uniform do you prefer the most. .?
duke energy sunglasses
Why in England are trousers not called pants?
Can YAI get me a job in the fashion industry ?
what are the top brands to buy engangement rings?
Riding a bike in bare feet or flip-flops?
How many cleaning ladies have been raised by fashion gurus?
Girls Only Please!!!!!!?
What can I wear with blue and white lounge shorts to the pool?
Where can I get wholesale clothing, like Air Force 1's, True Religion, and Rock and Republic?
Where can I find a trenchcoat like Sherlock's?
Where can I find extra long Muscle Shirts? I have been searching around for 2XLT but all I find are 2XL.?
What did teenage girls wear in the year 2000?
lil wayne clothing????
Does wetseal have a store?
how do i know if the earrings i bought are worth giving her?
How to customize black leggings?
What to wear with a cropped jean jacket?
Can men wear something like this?
tell me about something karmaloop coupon?
is there anything wrong with a faux hawk?
why are some fresh water pearl necklaces more expensive than others?
when do boots on Aeropostale go on sale?
what is a good mens jacket to travel with - easy no care - no iron - looks nice with dark jeans - to the point?
which outfit to wear on the first day of school?
can anyone suggest a perfume for a girl?
How do you prevent blisters, while wearing flats?
Should fat birds be banned from wearing skimpy revealing clothes? it looks disgusting and makes feel ill?
survey for all?
Why do people like old navy?
Pink or Brown???
how can I find yesterday's articles posted on home page?
Do you like this prom dress?
where can i find the cheapest uggs..?
Is this ring too masculine?
Do you love this skirt?
Is this a nice bag? Is it appropriate for school?
which dress do u prefer for prom ?
Seersucker shirt help!!?
Do you think black leather knee high boots are slutty?
How do you get print off a bag ?
civil war day outfit for a young lady?
what do you think?? :D (outfit help)?
What's one thing you never ever wear?
ahs anybody ever heard of paris blue jeans stuff?
Is there a way to tame Ferrari Yellow High Heels?
What shoes look good with skinny jeans in the winter?
Nike to Vans shoe size?
Can I make you a outtfit?
im looking for like a baby rasta beanie. what mailorder website carries them?
If I get gauges/plugs in January could I be at size 3/4 by December?
designer watches please help?
What to wear with the black classic blazer?
Clothes that are over-priced. Worth it?
can someone name a good punk outfit for a girl (its for a reason)?
What is the best cologne to wear to attract girls?
is is ugly to wear ballet flats with tights?
Do you like the new style of the VS pink jackets?
Will I look stupid wearing a jean jacket in August ?
what do u these of this dresses? x?
Do you wear thongs or granny panties?
do you like girls wearing big midecal glasses ?
High heels ???
Cam someone find these uggs for me?
what color shirt would look best?
which dress do u like better?
new outfit?
Combat Boots or Winter Boots?10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!?
How many pairs of shoes do you own ?
help me with this plzz?
How do i find a modeling job for my 12yr old daughter?
why dont they sell nike sweet legacy's anymore?
which colour of shirt should go with a lemon green tiefor grooms men?
what is fashion in your point of view??
Would I be able to work at Hollister? Pics?
Do you think this is fake?
can pen marks come off white shirts?
Is safe for international orders?
If you could get a £100 gift card to any retailer in the UK, which would you want?
which is better casio edifice 328 or casio amw 105 outgear ?SEE them in google images?
What would you wear with this ...?
What are those white undergarments you put on under skirts and dresses to make them poofy???
Jeans help!!!?
Fashion problem in australia plz help?
OPINIONS ON THIS OUTFIT? [polyvore] easy points!!!!!?
I know its normal for your feet to hurt with new shoes but?
Which dress should i wear to my school dance?
are UGGS with a short skirt still in style?
Which backpack is better?
Black wedding dress?
I need a kick *** sweater?
Do you find that a guy could wear this?
where can i shop fpr clothes cheap in south africa?
is it ok to wear black nailpolish?
ideas for what to wear to my winter dance?
Commonly Used Dress Fabrics?
clothing help please!! 10 points!!?
Are 3.5-Inch Fornarina Boots a Complete no-no for a 5ft10inch person?
what should i wear any ideas?
any chicago area payless shoe stores have size 12 hilt pumps in stock?
Are these wedges trendy and cute? How to dress them up?
Do you like this outfit?
Looking for a peacoat similar to this
Reliable Shoe Website ?
Does anyvody know which jordans are coming out between today and the first week of august?
should i get my ear pierced? Hmmm decisions?
Where can I get this shirt/blouse?
Help me put this outfit together?
Do you guys like this bracelet?
who sells cheap juicy purses?
Would and 8th grader using this lunchbox look weird?
Has anyone bought anything from, is it legit?
how can i make my own suspenders?
I went to London David and Goliath yesterday?
My girlfriends birthday is July 5th. Did I spend too much on her present?
flat ballet shoes for prom??? HELP!?
Anyone want an outfit :)?
How much are these Colehann sunglasses worth?
What shoes should I get?
any good ways for getting in double flared plugs?
Why I can't bleach my pant?
Viktor Krums coat in Harry Potter?
what ankle should i wear my braclet on?
Clear bra straps and tube top? Good thing or bad thing?
your opinion?
where do you buy the good backpacks?
how does this necklace look?
where to get cults jeans, like 7 for all mankind, blue and true religion, for a low price?
Are there any cheap good thrift/op shops in AUCKLAND?
does any one know the proper name and the web sight address for the female shoe store i think it is D&W .?
What kind of clothes should I start wearing?
pierce with a gun or not ?
what jacket/fleece was rory mcillroy wearing at the open championship (it was gray and an oakley)?
Do you have to wear a school uniform??
just for fun, tell me you height and shoe size?
Do I have to wear a suit to my interview? If I do, do I have to tuck my shirt in?
i am looking for a prom dress. i've already looked in nordstrom, bloomgingdales, lord and taylor, etc.(online)
What do you wear to a club in hollywood?
Need help finding a large green hobo bag from Hype?
Whats your favourite clothing store?
Do you like shopping doing lunch hour? What the thing do you like to buy at this short time?
Where can I buy those Wild Fox sweaters for cheaper prices?
what stores should i visit in new yorks fifth avenue and madison ave?
Where can I buy pretty hats?
What is this look called?
Should I buy Hollister clothes a size bigger?
can you give some proposal for the pearl choker I will buy?
What are you wearing right now?
What do you wear with grey pants?
8th grade must haves??? 20 answers??
what kind of clothes would you pick?
Pantyhose? Is it still in style?
who won americas next top model cycle 8?
Prom dress help???
how do I look on scale of one to 10?
What to wear???
Beanies with bills ugly?
What style is Baby Phat?
does any one know where i can buy??????
where can i find skinny skinny jeans (neon and denum)?
Help!! Which dress is the best?
i want to buy tahitian pearls. where can i get them. i live in india?
Girls! what do you think about guys who wear Tight pants & Skinny Jeans?!?
Where can i get plain hoodie like Jax from Sons Of Anarchy?
How to clean polo ranger boots?
What Shouldd I Wearr.?
Everyone seems to own a pair of these shoes. Do you?!?
Girls, which type of jeans are hot for guys?
which one looks cuter?
is Liz Clariborne a good brand for purses? are they expensive?
Leggings with shorts?
Wondering where Dallas from Rock of Love got her long grey halter dress with the skulls?
Do you like this skirt?
Girls are moccasins cool on guys?
what is considered nerdy?(nerdy hobbies,clothes,shows,decor,songs,etc...…
will polyester and spandex become small if u dry it?
I want a different style. Any help?
where to get plaid flannel shirts?
What Kind of shoes should I Wear for Graduation?
I have a 10 year old daughter, her mom left us, and she needs a bra.?
Which outfit should I wear.............IMPORTANT!.............…
Do you think guys should wear skinny jeans?
Where i can find this Adidas shoes?
(Teen Girls) Where is your favorite place to buy clothes and why?
What size is XS in hot topic jeans?!? read discription?
Ladies: who uses Ben Wa or other stimulation when at work?
What to wear to my sleepover?
Are these cute.....?
Do you need a suit for a "Party Attire" bat mitzvah?
Ladies: Mens Cologne?
What should i dress up as for the school dance?
I need another pair of Gucci 1181 eyeglass frames. They are discontinued, where can I get them?
please answer if you live in San Diego?
Husband and I are going to a Mediterranean theme party .What should we wear??
Do any girls like wearing tights?
Is my justification for wearing these sufficient, in your view?
What do you think of conservative-chic/preppy style?
Does wearing skinny jeans lower your sperm count?
What stores sell Brass Knuckle Necklaces?
Do women dress sexy for men ,or is it mainly for your own satisfaction?
Are bear claw boots good enough for winter?
crossdresser body art?
How to clean my coach purse?
How can I get my new jeans to fit like they did at the store?
my slouchy boots barely stay up?
Has anyone bought hand crafted jewellery from catherinelouisedesigns? Are they any good?
Has anyone ordered from Yes Style UK?
which dress is cuter for prom?
Does sell authentic coach bags?
Want to lose 2 Jean sizes or 4 inches by beginning of March? iMPOrTANT!!!?
Online shops for teenage girls?
Where can I go to have my prom dress sequenced, in Arizona?
Where can we buy dresses to attend a winter wedding?
What should i do to look preatty?
Do you think that I look good in a bikini? (I know that I already asked)?
What color shirt, tie, and shoes for my new suit?
Looking for charmeuse silk fabric. Need to purchase bolts in bulk at discount prices. Know of any websites?
am i spoiled? i am totally serious!!! <will choose best answer>?
does it have some benefits whearing sunglasses & what's the most protective types against uva,uvb etc...?
How often does restock because i want the nike dunk santana editions?
what to wear in nyc?
what place that sells the coolest clothes ?
Do you like this shirt?
Where can I get a No Fear Flipside Louie V Jersey?
where can i buy women overalls?
answer this?
which one do you like the best?
how long does it take for shoes from to shipped?
X factor MK1 Charlies leggings ?
"I need a pair of leaver shoes for school my feet are really thin!! HELP?
what do girls think about guys that where ambercrombie/ hollister?
Is a belly piercing sore when you first get it done?
What to wear with these type jeans?
i am buying branded clothes so where do i buy?
what should i wear to school tommorow?
When purchasing winter gloves what do you look for?
Who would wear these leggings?
What age should a girl get a cell phone?
What Color Shirt Should I Buy? *pic included!*?
What is it with these HIDEOUS plastic SHOES?!?
do you think it's weird to wear heels to school?
Where can i get a good price on a homecoming dress for about 50 dollars?
Is Abercrombie sizing the same as American Eagle in guys pants?
What do you think about these shoes?
How can I make a size 7 shoe into a size 9-11 shoe?
Which top is nicest? (pics)?
How do you figure your belt size?
What are you wearing on the first day of school?
Are consigment sales, taxable?
Is this bootie hideous?
what do you think about this backpack?
How tall are you? your parents?
Is it worth buying all my clothes at abercrombie or hollister just for the name?
which tote bag should I get?
Are my feet considered big?
Which color do you prefer?
ugly shoes?
What kind of skirt is this ?
what is a good website with free tutorials/ directions etc. to make THICK (or normal) hemp jewelry?
Ideas for a swimsuit this summer?
how old do you have to be..?
Latest fashion ideas? For a teen? ?
Would this haircut go well with diamond earings? For men?
Is this outfit cute for a Beach Party?
Is my style badass, chic, or emo?
guys, how to wear a skirt without being indicate as cross dressing?
where can i find really cheap clothes and shoes that are good for a 7 grader?
A little help about watch please?
Who do you think the TOPMAN customer would consider to be a style icon?
how to dress like an 80's black or white male ?
How many often do you go clothes shopping, once a week, or once a month?
where can i find some really good lookin pants and jeans in chicago or palos heights ?
How much is my diamond ring worth?
how to get my shoes made?
Do you like this shirt?
Do anybody know a good clothing store to by prom dresses from?
Punk look with overalls?
Where can i Get A Cute Sweater?
Has anyone been to the Nike outlet in mcartha glen recently?
Which shorts are more in style?
Anybody know a good place to find a homecoming dress?
Question about shoe Sizes?
What color belt is appropriate?
Help me choose.........s...:)?
what shoe size do you wear?
Sparkles on shirt? what can i do?
What should I wear to an Indian wedding?
What style/piece of clothing do you wish would become out-of-fashion?
oatmeal peacoat and brown steve madden troopa boots?
What happens when I put my waxed jacket in the washing machine?
i'm thinking of changing my style? please help!?
Valentine's Day Dance 2009? Is this outfit good?
Who is the band doing the music for the new GAP ads?
Are suede shoes warm?
Which looks better with skinny jeans?
are shorts a good thing to wear in the winter?
Levi Jeans' Stores In New Delhi?
What would you wear with this bag?
What does it mean when a women wears black nail polish?
what does a sweet 16 court do/wear?
What are the best female clothes for hiding a male body?
Is this the correct clothes for Mock Interview?
Do you ever need to take off your boots?
where can i get a varsity jacket in nz? plz list the shops names?
If the nipples are outside the bra does that mean it is too small?
Where can I find a nice site for retro fashion and culture? ((50´s, 60´s and 70´s))?
Chanel accessories ? Fake?
HELP! opinions on my dress please...+PICS!!!!!!?
Is this a good outfit ?! 10 points :)?
Can somebody please create a polyvore set for me?
Why are people saying I'm too skinny?
What Style Do You Think Is Cooler?
Am I ugly? Plz help!!!!!!?
Where would i buy a yellow flannel like Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low?
"bralette" from Urban Outfitters?
Is this a good hoodie for an 18 year old male?
Should I wear a rolex on a date?
how to cast as a model at abercrombie & fitch?
does anyone know the name of this male model?
is this cute????????????????
Where is your favorite place to buy jeans?
Which shoe?? (there are pics of the 2)?
Pink skinny jeans .?????
Where can I buy a feather dress in stores?
Will this coat suit me?
Where can I find a Choker necklace?
How to avoid pantylines in leggings?
Who wants to win an aeropostale giftcard?
What are some GREAT affordable places to shop?
men's suit advice for a first timer?
people do u find these shoes cute ???
What about a white tux with red accents?
What do you think of this outfit?
Can guys wear school sweatpants with writing on the butt to school (Picture included!)?
What are you going to be for Halloween?
Who makes the best panties for small butt girls?
in the seventh season of ANTM, the models have to feminize a menswear outfit. what was the designer's name?
is this a cute coat ?
how to be original?
What are the slippers called that are really big and laced like shoes?
do you prefer bare legs or tights better?
Where can I buy this blouse?
Ok i want to change my style!!!!!?
which scoes do you like better 4 school? (pics. included)
Which color sweater is cuter?
What do I wear with this skirt?
Is my son in a satanic cult?
On the Fashion Bug online site, what do the red, blue, and yellow fits (of womens' slacks/jeans) mean?
I was wearing See through yoga pants?
Where is a good place to shop online for clothes, for a female in her 20's?
What do you think of this swimsuit for a thirteen year old?
Looking for an apple bag?
Is it a good idea to pierce you lip yourself?
Is this dress too short to wear to a wedding?
Women's question: Do you find wearing thongs uncomfortable and do you wear them?
customade tshirt half german/half spanish?
trying to make some clothes...but how?? my goal is to make a "visual kei" dress?
Which Sweater is Cuter?
Could you tell these we fake?
do u know of any books or sites i can go to, to look at MALE MODEL POSES?
Which person looks the smaller uk clothes size, and what sizes do they both look?
What should I wear with these tunics?
Whats the name of this model?
how i wear designer lengha saree?
If you dislike Abercrombie and Hollister, what stores do you like?
Would ypu wear my new fashion accessory?
Best place to shop for clothes?
What do u think about these outfits? EASY TEN POINTS!?
does anyone know where i can get skinny jeans that dont cost too much money?
what shoes would go with this dress?