Question about what not to wear
what are some shoes thats in "style" and there less than 70 dollars?
Which dress for birthday/homecoming
Can you tell me a store that has really cute clothing for back to school????
What are those sun glasses called that are like lines...?
Which shoes do you like?
Can these boots also be worn in the spring?
Where does Forever 21 ship from ?
Do you like these shoes or no?
Girls only. Are you comfortable in jeans..... or have you got a flat bum-bum?
where can i find this but cheaper?
Black or white skinnies?
Where can I find a similar jacket to Elina's on ANTM?
what are the best yesstyle brands/is it reliable?
when will aeropostale have denim/twill short shorts? after christmas sale?
What are some good clothing websites?
Do you like this dress/is it too revealing?
Where to find some cute sweaters for winters?
What is the best kind of metal to put in your belly button piercing?
i have a huge scar and dried skin in my legs, is it appropriate for me to wear mini skirts and shorts? help me
How do I not look so disgusting? Help!?
Is this a cute back to school outfit?
Where to find girls khaki pants?
I have big thighs and butt, with a small waist. what brand of jeans might I try?
What's the newest style for teenage girls?
which wedding dress should i buy?
shoes with the same design...(10 points)?
hot topic or spencers?
i have a watch with one of those swiss platinum square coins in it, is it worth anything?
Am I the only person that really...?
Answer Please ???????????????????????????/?
My girlfriend found my thong..?
are there any pictures of haifa wehbes daughter?
Am i a wuss?
Is this shirt cute and worth it?
what is the best thing a 13 year old girl, could buy with a 1000 dollars?
Which dress should I buy for my grade 9 graduation?
which swimsuit should i get?
I like both stores? Easy question i think?
Where can i get Cheshire Cat pajamas?
Why is it i can never decide what to wear or what to buy?
what do i do?
have you ever made a horrible fashion choice over the years? what was it?ie penny loafers,big bangs tie dye?
What should I wear for the first day of school?
Where could I find a company that prints tshirts in cute writing like you see on sorority shirts?
going out tonight what should i wear??/?
all girls please click this i am trying to get u some points?
Why haven't my order came yet?
are topapurse bags real?
How unattractive are jeans that are loose,baggy at the bottom?
Help!... My homecoming dress is too small.?
do you like these clothes?
What do you think of THIS outfit [[pic]]?
Is this prom dress too extravagant?
What clothing line is better: Gap or Old Navy?
I'm 23 yrs old and I never had my ears pier. does it hurt, what does it feel like?
what is the sexiest kinda clothing?
Tie Dye Colors Help ?
what size should i choose?
can i stretch my ear from a 1/2 to a 5/8?
Is this fashion necklace Cute,?
do u know any good online shop to buy japanese clothing?
are regular woman sized shoes the same as woman cleat sizes?
wat r the lest famous shoes???
What are allsaints sales like during the january sales?
where can i get his and hers shirts and tops in the UK?
Any Cute outfits for school?
Where can i get air jordan retro 6 black varsity red from?
Where are people getting leather jackests from?
where would i buy a real silver necklace that says my name on it?
What are your favorite stores?
Easy 10 points... pick my dress!?
Where can I find women's dresses in size 0 or 00?
What color tights and shoes should i wear with this dress?
undeliverable as addressed....?
My nose ring isn't coming off?
How much do you spend on designer clothes a month?
Ladies, would you help feminize a man?
What do you think of red nail polish?
What cities on the east coast have the best shopping for clothing and shoes? I need a shopping vacation.?
Will be visiting San Diego, What should i wear? I'm from Chicago so it like "cold" here. Please Help
I spilled a couple of drops of olive oil on my new silk shirt how can i get it out?
yes or no questions?
Girls, can your boyfriend, husband or partner undo your bra with one hand whilst you are kissing?
Where can I find cute wide width heels/boots/booties?
Which two colors do you like the best?
Comfortable walking shoes for teens?
What to wear to a haunted house?
how to clean and polish silver jewlery?
Wrap around shoes?
What do you think of these shoes (easy s)?
Style tips please!! :)?
Pink ladies costume HOT PINK jacket EXTRA SMALL?
Fashion Lovers & designers?
my girl Friend every day in different mooed !what can i do?
Where can I buy these shoes?
what color underwear are you wearing ?.?
Should I keep these jeans? (Pictures)?
which shorts do you like better?
What size I should buy (A&F Kids outerwear)?
Does black nail polish work with these shoes?
Girls,what do you prefer?
Where can I get a hoodie like this?
Is this a good prom look?
What should I wear on my plane ride? Jeans, sweatpants, or what?
See through Crop Top from Topshop?
Is it OK for a guy to wear a toering?
elastic pleated jeans?
Okay all you fashion experts! I need to know WHICH DESIGNER SHOES HAVE THE TRADEMARK RED BOTTOMS?
do you prefer American Apparel or Urban Outfitters?
When two women are speaking and one says to the other 'i like your clothes'?
What kind of shirt's are these called?
where online can i buy colored contacts for a good price?
what is a good name for a bridal clothing brand?
which should i use as my prom dress? or can you suggest?
which color is your favorite?
victorias secret bathing suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Time to make a simple shoe choice?
First Day of School outfit?
Girls, what is your predominant home footwear?
Where could you get skinny jeans in bright colours?
who is the better kisser T.I or Chris brown??????
What to wear with this shirt?
Why are vintage clothes so big?
Can I safety pin stretchy clothes, like leggings?
What would you consider to be a big nose?
What do YOU carry in YOUR purse?
Am I preppy?
can a guy wear skintight jeans?
I'm looking for a catalog picture for kenneth cole ruffle top original price $69. sleveless, wide straps?
Is it not truly atrocious when people constantly make slurping sounds?
Can ring made of hematite be resized?
What would look good with a gray ballgown?
What do you think about this outfit for the fist day of school?
is it okay to wear g strings if you are a 16 year old male?
Homecoming dresses. PICS. which one?
What do you guys think of Abercrombie and Fitch?
How do you ask for a cup bra without actually asking?
wearing heels to school?
PLEASE rate my costume submission a 5 on American apparelN PLEASE?
Pick me out a cute homecoming dress?
Do you buy this coat?
How many meters should a sari be?
What sounds like p0RN?
Bench sweater ? 70$ brand new ?
Should I wear this on the first day of school?
Do you like preps??
Whats the best underwear to wear with the American Apparel disco pants?
Which color dress is the nicest?
What do you think of this outfit?
I am going to theme park with my boyfriend,,?
What is the internet address for the ladies clothing store called 'Cruise' (they're in Australia)?
If a gold necklace has a burn mark, can it be fixed?
Boys in red skinny JEANS?
What do 'sluts' wear? Or not wear?... How do they dress!?
Hmm summer?? What do i wearrrr?
Anyone know where I can get a custom DC fitted cap made?
where can i get a good push up bra?
Girl wearing a beanie? (guys preferably)?
What is the teen fashoin trend for girls now?
ClosetChild (LOLITA) Question?
Emily the Strange in Adelaide, South Australia?
Best Place for Tuxedo Rental in New York?
which colored uggs should i wear?(ill answer yours)?
how can i tell if my movado watch is a fake?
where can i buy a mood ring in surrey british columbia without buying from the internet?
I have been selected to model for GUESS Inc.?
Ladies handbags?
where do i get a real pair of jordans or nikes for a cheap price?
Girls/Ladies : Which one is attractive? (pics included)?
How can you customize your hoodie?
Would you wear these stiletto heels?
What do you think is the ugliest trend today?
which top for the 1st day of 7th grade?
What color pants should I with with a dark blue/navy sweater?
Boxer or Briefs?
is avenue productions a legitimate modeling agency ?
whats a summer dress?
How do you dress up hip hoppish?
are these shoes too "loud" to wear with preppy clothing?
Is there a sort of inner wear jacket or under wear jacket in the USA?
Where can I find these boots?
When does Sports illustrated swimsuit come out?
What stores carry extra long pajama pants?
Which of these homecoming dresses do you like the most?
I have £18,000.56 at 21 year olds?
Is this hoodie really ugly?
Boys, what do you think of girls in bowties?
Hey, does anyoneknow how to resize the strap on a Fossil Steel & Diamonds analog watch?
Is this outfit cute?
how many times do you wear a shirt before washing it?
Would this look fine.?
Is homecoming that important..?
Why does my black nike socks turn blue?
Are UGG boots really that cool?
Where can I find an affordable white button up shirt for women?
Would u do me????????????
Which dress color is best?
How do I get my mom to let me get my ears pierced again?
Where is a good place to shop for cute clothes?
I purchased chestnut uggs with a white label for $200. Are they real?
What can be made out of an old fur coat?
How can I make my ring tighter?
Do you like this shirt?
how does this necklace look?
What's the next "nonconformist" fashion trend?
Where to buy a Che Guevara T-shirt?
Which prom dress............................?
Poll: Do u wear bracelets?
Bra and panties sizes and clothing styles?
Are leggings with still in???
why do girls have to wear a bra?
what color converse should i get??
Where can I but these clothes at (any fashion girls out there?)?
tj-maxx and ross?
I locked my palm pixi and forgot the passcode! HELP!!!?
Do you like this top?
How do I know I got Ivory?
i got my girlfrined a necklace outta the 25cent machine in walmart and?
would these shoes get damaged easily?
Which pants look better?
Is this too naughty for the beach?
what is your favorite winter clothing item :]]?
Is there an online dress shop that's cheap?
easy 10 points please help?
What should I wear to a 16th birthday dinner?
why do girls wear belts when most of there pants is already tight on them?
do you know where in the uk i can get a nelson mandela tshirt?(the 46664 one)?
Place that has cute Swimsuits?
what is a store that carries ed hardy shoes?
I Need help finding vans shoes?
Girls... what is your favorite bra?
Are genuine Uggs meant to be worn without socks or not?
Help On Coach Purse??!!?
What would go good with this?
Plus size clothes?
what should i wear to a interview tomorrow?
Any where I can buy some Batman tights?
Would this suit look good on me?
What should I wear with a camouflage coat/jacket?
Prom dress troubles, Help?!?
What can I wear to my brothers graduation?
what color is my dress ! i need to know for my date ![pics included]?
What do you think about this Juicy couture purse?
Do you think shopping is an addiction?
Comic book Underwear?
Blair Waldorf's shirtdress and red shoes in Bad News Blair and her red cardigan in All About My Brother.?
Which Outfit Looks Best? (PICS)?
Is this real? Too good of price?
Big totes OR Back Pack for school?
Where can I find a cute jacket for about $30.00?
Superdry backbacks?!?
what do you think of this outfit?
what dress do you like best?
where can you buy suspenders?
whats a good sports bra for 36DD?
Where can I find Angels 00 stretch jeans?
how do i look? (pic)?
Need help stretching nike soccer socks.?
Do they sell all gold barbell earrings?
Feelings or thoughts about letting my teenage daughters getting their belly buttons pierced, ages 13, 14?
What color dress pants should i wear with this outfit?
so yea i need to tips on how to make my clothes more "fun"?
What would be my clothing size in US and AUS measurements?
Have you ever had an 100 percent acrylic sweater that didn't get all pilled up after a few washes?
Which bracelet for wedding occasions?
Making colors duller?
latex free underwear?
Where to get sweaters for men?
im embarassed about going to the mall with my dad tomorrow?
do u think that some victoria's secret models have fake boobs?
Girls, do you like this jacket? It's for a guy?
which brand do you like better coach fendi gucci or louis vuttion?
Which 1 is a better brand juicy couture or pink by Victoria Secret?
Which color accessories should I wear???
Can I unshrink my silk shirt?
any1 got msn messenger and wanna add me?
What kind of shoes do you wear with this?
fashion statement...?
Is it appropriate to wear a tennis dress at a seaside resort casually?
Why are my black canvas Toms so different?
in victorias secret do they sell clothe to work out?
what goes with the color turquoise?
What should I wear with this dress? (photo)?
What's your favorite brand of jeans?
urban outfitters jeans?
What to wear to a cold beach?
What do you think of this romper?
If you have a lip piercing, the typical lip piercing, can you put a stud in there?
What are the different types of fashion groups?
Have i made wrong decesion by buying Garnier Facewash?
What are some stores like bustedtees?
do u like this coat?
What is the difference between a silver curling iron and a gold one?
What time period does the clothing in this picture look like?
hanes her way or frrot of the loom panties and why?
exposed midriffs?
What are you going to wear to school tomorrow?
Trousers doesn't suite me?
what does pd 925 mean on the inside of my ring?
Morning & Night Routine on Youtube?
what should i wear for the first day of fresman year in high school?
matching colors for my dates suit?
I'm 13 years old and I want to wear a bra!?
are there any fashion gurus in the house????
Where can I buy clothes in large womans sizes, in the uk?
where can i buy a rabbit ear headband?
Where can I but high silver shoes?
Is it ok to wear a one-piece swimming costume under everyday clothes?
what is the point of thongss and should all girls wear them?
I'm going to the pub tonight, but it's cold out. Should I go for the chequered tank top or the....?
Which would be the best for a year 10 formal that isn't really a formal but actually a carnival theme?
These boots cute, or not?
Who likes the store Hot Topic?
At what age could you tie your shoes?
This will only take three seconds, I swear! I need help!?
Guys: Curvy or Thin Girls?.?
I have an interview at Abercrombie, what should i do and wear?
I have a couple of questions...?
Which color is better looking of these flats?
Boots: Cute or Not Cute?
Where can I find sweaters like this (preferable online)?
Men in pink?
what place can i get the cheapest..?
Where Would I Be Able To Find Funky Suspenders In Manhattan lol?
Where can I sell my second hand cloths in Gothenburg, Sweden?
What dress should I choose?
opinions? [PIX]?
What reality tv show is better? The Real World or Survivor?
Jack Wills Gillet, Help for Ordering!:)?
What should my custom Chris Brown shirt say?
should i keep the shoes laces or just buy the normal ones (pic)
Is this a cute backpack for high school?
I have this dress. Do you think it would look stupid with a black t-neck and skinny jeans?
Ladies, which jacket do you like best?
Wat character can I dress up hor character day?
What matches with this varsity jacket?
Can my feet shrink if i wear tight shoes?
I need to buy cheep emo clothes ideas?
I'm looking for a cute messenger bag?
What goes good with white pants/ white chucks?
Do you think this outfit is good to wear?
why does everyone dress like this?
What kind of shirts are casual?
Best store to buy sneakers?
shoe laces length?
What do you think about these shoes?
How to fix bleach on black jeans?
Victorias Secret??
Do you or anyone else shower after PE/Gym in your school?
Are crotchless pantyhose better than stockings?
What style of homecoming dress would be best, based on body type?
10 year old black nail polish??
teen trend for summer...?
I am wearing pink fuzzy slippers - long day - what else should I wear to accessorize them?
Which are the best canvas shoes?
Clothes stores for overweight teens
Is this a good outfit ?! 10 points :)?
Is "HIDESIGN" a good brand for women's wallet?
where can i buy cheap g.h.d. sreaightners?
Do you like the Harajuku style?
I have just bought suspenders, how can i get my stockings to stay put and look sexy??
What is the history of 9 West boots? If it says "9 West" is it vintage?
Would you ever own a fur coat? (genuine fur.)?
Where can I get a nice, formal prom dress that is best for those who are slim?
how to wear clothes to hide my pear shape body?
Where can you get the Peep bunny necklace Paris Hilton has been wearing on the newest Simple Life Season?
which purse is better louis vuitton or coach?
Can you buy Lady Gaga polaroid glasses yet?
Where can I find a full hot pink trucker hat online?
how much are fake armani and prada t-shirts in istanbul?
is it okay to still shop in the kids section when I'm 14???
do overly sized women thinks it looks good to wear short tight shirts, muffin tops?
Where's the best place to buy Nine West heels?
where will i be able to find a machine that can create any name i want,using metal. using it for necklace?
Where can i buy some animal print pants for men? (check picture for example)?
What was trendy one hundred years ago?
What colour converses should i get?
Girls, would you ever wear a Playboy handbag?
where can you buy Proleva?
Women ,and shoes?
What colors match navy blue?
Has anyone worked with InterFace Talent Network? Are they a genuine talent agency?
What do you consider as a priority when you buy an handbag?
I just bought these boots...what can i WEAR WITH THEM?
What are some examples of business casual?
How quick is urban outfitters shipping in the UK?
NEED VOTE ASAP!!! which outfit 4 tomorrow......cant decide? pic inside?
What are some fall trends for this upcoming fall 2012, what trend will you be sporting this fall?
What do u think of my outfit for 1st day of high school?
What color blonde is this dont mind the pink part?
What would make you consider wearing this?
Is my Louis Vuitton Alma real?
how can i get silver jewellry sparkling again without buying expensive cleaner?
I really want to buy a pair of heeleys (those trainers with the wheels in the heels), but I'm in my 30s?
How can I dress in a steampunk style, but in a subtle way?
What casual shirts can i wear with jeans?
Are skirts in style this summer?
What is this sweater called?
So if i'm a 9 in shoe size, should I get a size bigger or smaller when online shopping?
Which dress should i get?
how can i get cute denim for less than $25?
Sweater Vest?
Where in West palm beach Florida can my wife buy a dress to attend a wedding?
How Do I Take Scratches off my glasses?
Skinny Jeans...your opinion?
Back to school clothes?
Do you like this outfit I made?
What kind (color and style) of jewlery would be best to wear with a black tube top?
I have to wear this dress tonight.?
What do you think of my dress?
Where to find natural fibre clothing?
What shoe size are you? I'm an 8 1\2 -9.?
What's some really good brands of nail polish?
does this outfit look stupid?
Would this be a cute outfit?
Does WalMart offer ear piercing?
Does anyone know where to get this bikini from sydney, australia?
Does anyone have a cool store where they buy their clothes from ?
Ideas for sweatshirt design?
Where can i get really cute inexpensive combat boots?
wats better for men sandals or flipflops ?
How can I get the wrinkles out of my jacket without ironing?
What should my t-shirt design look like?
Whats a website to order super sexy club dresses?
help with hollister?
Guys: long or short shirts?
Which Diesel sneakers are gray, black, and white. They have DIESEL written largely on the side.?
Girls, what are your favorite stores to shop at?
does aeropostale ship to ireland?
Places to get custom basketball shoes made?
should i wear a thong ?????
anyone ordered from
Guys only!! do u notice when girls take care of themeselves all for u or do u not care?
Which kimono should I get?
Is this sweater cute?
I am looking for pictures of contemporary Chinese clothes?
where do you get new watch batteries?
Is this a cute wedding guest dress?
Am I too skinny?!?!?
Help with clothing choices please?
how can i find my hollister club cali coupon?
What jeans to wear with converses?
Where are there shirts like this? I've looked online and I have found nothing, help plz? They are these kinds?
Where can i buy really cheap sunglasses?
If you don't have class or style than what do you have going for you?
If i pierce my ears, when i take the earings out, will the holes be visible to anyone?
Hollister or Abrecombie?
Which purple pump/boots look better?
Has anyone ever been to the 02 arena before in uk (bars and clubbing bit)? do girls dress up there?
what would be a good back to school outfit for a bigger out girl like me?
Problem with Platform Boots.?
How often do you wear high heels? Do you wear them for work too?
my friend weighs 260 and she is 9th grade... about 5'4... should i tell her anything?
Do you like this outfit on me? Be honest? (pics)?
How much does a lower back tattoo usually cost?
Why do women wear tight jeans?
which dress do you like better?
Anyone know where I can find this shirt to buy?
Do you like this outfit for a dance?
Does anyone have a pattern for infants leather mocassins?
Toddlers and Tiaras costume!?
I am going to inform my wife that I no longer love her. What should I wear?
Where can I find this shirt?
What do you wear on your head in the winter when you have no hood on your coat?
what is the difference between professional attire and business casual attire? How do you know the difference?
are thong bikinis making a comeback?
Hi ..I want to ask ..Is this a reliable sites ? Can Buy safely?
How can I make a size 7 shoe into a size 9-11 shoe?
Which do you perfer skirts or shorts?
What you don't like about Abercrombie and Fitch?
Puma Satori Alto Boots?
MY leg is in a cast and I want to go shoe shopping, esp. after reading the fashion items on Answers.?
Anyone want an outfit made?
What kind of shoes with this red dress?
how is creative recreations size compare to nike sizes?
Where Can I Find These Shoes?
Is it worth my time to sell all my unused shoes on e-bay?
How can I cancel my 360 account?
Wet n Wild Megalast Nail polish?
Do brown shoes go with grey trousers?
Girls, I need your help...Which hairstyle looks better on me..(Pics included)?
Why do my converse side bump out after wearing them for a while?
What stores sell graphic crewneck sweatshirts?
Where Can I Buy Cheap Clothes for my daughters ages 10-14 but are in style?
designing clothes?
Why does it seem like I'm stuck at a big pant size?
can you wear a tux to a movie theater?
what are you wearing right now?
What is the background and case on your phone?
Which sweatshirt do you like better? (links)?
Does man-made polyester silk feel different to natural silk?
how do people with clothing lines to this?
can i try on my color lenses after i have opened them?
Do adidas shoes run small?
Is there a way to stretch clothing?
Where can I find shoes kind of like this?
yep..again...I got 3 answers last time?
I want a Cell Phone?
Dose anyone have any advice for selling jewelry?
How to Dye this piece of clothing. Help/tips?
to all the fashonista boys!! i need your help with something.?
I need address of wholsalers for polyester bags in united states.?
Is this outfit stylish for guy?
St.Trinians clothing?
What to wear with a tight blue dress?
What is WFG?
Do I have male model potential? I'm only 19?
Where van i get platform vans like this?
Where can I buy an Adult size Mattel "Hot Wheels" Jumpsuit?
What would go with this dress?
Do Crocs come in wide sizes for women?
Is this purse worth the money or just flat-out ugly?
14 year old daughter wearing short tight fitting skirts?
What color vest should I buy? 10 points best answer?
Is Express a preppy brand?
Do You Have Alot Of T-Shirts?
I am in need of shoe help!?
What are good manly smelling colognes?
Earings that I won't have to throw away after 3 months?
where do i find ed hardy shirts in juniors in arkansas?
What is this fashion called?
Why do Ginos wear gold chains and track pants?
where can I BUY LEGGINGS?
How do u take your shoes off?
Best Brand in Watches?
does this mean im poor?
Answer and i will make you a back to school outfit?!?
is anybody like gothic stuff?
How to make yourself look happy?
Homecoming dress opinions?
What would you call this outfit?
vintage? pictures of outfits for middle school?
Would you buy these Hollister/Aero Clothes?
Who Created Those Brooklyn T-Shirts.?
How has teen fashion changed since 2007?
Good winter coats for women?
How do I correctly remove gum from underneath my shoes?
Do you like these clothes ? What do you like the best ?
wear do i find a dress?
Where can i find a gold st.louis cardinals charm bracelet that has diamonds,it was advertised in newspaper?
What do you wear?
Help me make my Halloween costume more flashy?
Where can i find CHEAP clothes websites?!?
how many of each do you have??
wut kind of cool clothes do preteen wear ?
What is the perfect dress to a private secretary?
Is it ok to where two necklaces at the same time?
JEANS!!! any suggestions?
Where would i get a prom tux that looks like the riddler suit?
What to wear with purple tights?
im looking for a cheap full circle coat?
clothes shopping?
Where can i get some cheap reflective aviators?
What would be appropriate attire for a volunteer interview?
why is men's vest straps broad and not like women's camis?
is this a cute jacket for a guy to wear?
Jeans for slightly narrow hips?
ideas on how to create my own style ?
Are womens shoe sizes the same as mens?
I have two crushes...?
do you think im too skinny?
Which shoe do you put on first? ?
Does any one know where to find the dress shes wearing? Victorias secret doesnt have it! Thanks!?
Which do you like the best out of all?
If an event calls for no gym shoes or ball caps are timberland boots appropiate?
is this normal for girls to have thick thighs and skinny waist?
How should I wear these boots?
Indie Dresses? UK question Only please.?
does RK collections in little rock arkansas have toms?
How do you make a petti romper?
What is 417 Italy gold?
Do you think flip-flops are attractive on a male?
What shoes should I get please help?
Is this a good back to school outfit or what?!?
Are Silk/Satin Panties comfortable ?
nerdy/big eye glasses?why so many kids wearing them!!>?
Is it weird when a black guy dresses "white"???....Just wondering..?
would you be sad sorta?
What size should I go for with Urban Outfitters?
Has anyone ever order clothes or accessories from, Do and Be Clothing or Mustard Seed?
Do you love purses and shoes?
70's fashion?
Could I wear heels everyday?
Do these look hot?? For blacks only!! ( No offense)?
Money, Keys and Snacks..what else goes in a pocketbook??
were can I print out a copy of tge michigan scanning law?
Pretty boots????????
Is tucking your shirt in really lame?
How to get my own style?
do yuo think he is cute??(girlies only)?
What do you think about this for a semi dress? plz answer.?
where can i find a three piece heart friendship necklace?
Pull off wearing a bathing suit? (am i fat?)?
Please help me which one of these polos should i buy?
What is the easiest way for a gurl to hide her chest when attempting to look like a guy?
which scarf is better??
Can anyone suggest me what would look good in a ring ceremony in a disc lounge a gown or a stylish suit?
are there moldeling stuff or beauty paggents for teens?
8th Grade Graduation Dress?
........Do You Like This Skirt?
Where can you find a dress that has a removable bottom?
I have jury duty next Friday for the 1st time and not sure what to wear with this?
(PICTURES-LINKS WORK)I need a lot of opinions!!!?
Do you think this guy looks hot wearing these clothes...?
what color converse should i get??
What is the e-mail address of Hilary Duff?
what do u think of this dress?
do nerd glasses look good on guys?
Can I wear a polo shirt for a job interview?
learning about fashion designers and sketching your ideas?
What outfit should I wear for the first day of school?
Why do teenage girls wear sandals in the summer?
What does the Multi colored bracelets mean?
Is there a clothing brand called VINCI?
What is your favorite sneaker brand?
Do you think this scarf would be okay to wear to school?
What kinda fashion do you like for girls in early 20s?
What do you think of the new trend of guys wearing pink color?is it cool?is it cute?or is it just gay?
what is a better color orange or pink?
Going to the mall for shoes tomorrow?
Gypsie costume question? help plz!?
cute outfit for school tomorrow?
what should i wear to this outdoor bbq??!?
Is this the same?
do boys still wear cut off jeans?
Christmas List for Future Teacher?
What is your favorite color of clothing to wear?
Are these shoe legit or not?
What should I wear to the theater at 2pm?
how can i make a tie skirt???
Is this a cute first day of high school outfit?
I'm Going to a Ken and Barbie Party, What's a clever/funny ken constume?
I NEED HELP FORM PEOPLE FAST!!!! With REALLY good taste in FashioN!!!?
Is Pastry giving away 1000 pairs of shoes away?
What do you think about namebrand clothing?
Does this jacket look cheap or stylish?
Which bangle should I get?
Boy problems.. haha help? :)?
what should i do for my sweet sixteen?
where do you love to shop at?
which coach bag do you like and men watch out of these?
would i fit ?
what should i wear for the 7th grade dance.?
where to a cute military jacket?
Name brand jeans?
What are good Stores to buy clothes like the Girls on Tumblr wear.?
do you like this hoodie? im a 14 year old boy?
Would I look right with a lip ring?
Girls: Would yall laugh If yall saw a guy in a denim jean mini skirt?
I am looking to start a career soon, and was wondering what short hair cuts are stylish and?
What are flattering cltohes to wear if you are a girl with a slightly big stomach?
Fashion ugg shoes and boots?
Whats better cornrolls or waves in your head?
What can I wear on a date?
does it go?
whats a really cool and unique fashion style?
should i get eye contacts?
how can i convince my parents to let me wear black nailpolish!?!?!?
Do you think its okay for a guy to wear pink?
What kind of jewelry can I make that people will buy?
Do you like this dress???
how to remove nail polish from clothes?
Tips to look good so I attract guys?! PLEASE HELP ME!?
where can i find seersucker skirt sets?
UK: Have you noticed shops dont put price markings on some products?
Any good Ideas???
which outfit out of these three is bestttt?
What's your opinion on these ?
Where to get this dress (desperate)?
GIRLS: What would be your impression of a guy who did this...?
how to dress boho?????????????
Vintage clothes ideas for the winter?
does anyone have any ideas how to make loads of money in making clothes even if you don't have a capital?
what material is used to create safety vests?
Would this be considered a boys or girls belt?
fashion tips for a gay male ?
Brazilian WAX??!!!!!!?
What do guys think of girls who wear sweatpants?
Where can i buy a long strap bag around LA?
dresss&newyorkerrrrs :)?
What do I wear to the holiday dance?
I need to buy one fancy watches for my sister..Can anybody suggest?
How can I convince my girlfriend to try the really tight fitting camo capri's..I love her in tight fitting...
Ladies what kind of shirt do you like to see on a guy?
Do you guys think this shirt is cute?
what can I wear with this blue/navy skater skirt?
girls whats your shoe size in flats?
What can you tell me about these shoes?
My watch wont keep time!?
Looking for old James Avery gold ladybug charm. Made about 25 years ago, maybe?
What Do You Think Of Girls Wearing Mens Clothes?
Help! Have a dress for a date, don't know what to wear with it!?
who created argyle?
Is leopard print for boys?
Crocs vs. flip flops which do you like better and why?
Thoughts on men wearing jewellery?
Do u think this is a cute outfit?
What clothing stores sell striped jeans?
How do I make t shirts fit me better (guy)?
What Do you girls think of style?
what color of dress?
do u love hobo's XD i do !!!!!!!?
Armani Exchange Phone Test?
what course i should take in pg courses to get modeling job?
Which dress should I get?
okay ladies..would you sit on a real human skull for 100 thousand dollars or pounds?
Where are these shoes from please help?
does anyone want an outfit?
Any good clothing sites ?
what do yu think of this bikini?
What would go with my ankle boots?
Help me find shoes please?
How to wear a scarf properly?
Which heel should i purchase?????! can't decide!?
I will make outfits for first 5-10 people?
Where can you get best formed fitted women's coats?
where can you get rihanna yellow polka dot leotard outfit that she wears in the s&m video?
How would you wear this shirt?
How Do You Become A Girly Girl?
where can i buy this birkenstock in brown?
specific keds style/designs?
What is your favorite clothing style?
Girls, is this normal?
i have a lot of ideas for t shirts that i want to make but were do i go make them?
Is brown ugg boots, black pants, and a red-white striped shirt..bad?
Hey ladies, would you wear your UGGS again this winter?
Is Topman jeans sizing accurate?
Why youngsters prefer 'black' color to wear?
Does anyone know of any good websites where i can find good quality replica designer purses from china ?
help pleaz?
where can i find this lip piercing?
When is the Victorias secret fashion show this year?
how do i tie the shoelaces of these vans casuals?
I want to buy a pair of Nike shoes is u know, OK?
What does chunky knit mean? For clothing?
How do you take sharpie out of clothes like a jersey! Plz Help?
what is the best website for buying t shirts?
Would you think this outfit is cute?
What do you think about the beenie this girl is wearing?
Decorating a teen notebook, any ideas ?
Ladies, do you like to buy and wear clothes that are...?
Which color is best for my marti-gras dance dress?
Nike Mens Janoski Black/Mint Size 9?
My Wool Coat is too long! HELP?
Where can I find a necklace with cross and angel wings for my boyfriend?
where can I find plus size clothing for special occasions? Either online or a store.?
Ok, what's just totally wrong about today's fashions and hairstyles?
If a guy has a nice butt do girls prefer boxers or boxer briefs more attractive?
does anyone else LOVE this dress?
can anyone help me pick my size for this tank top ?
Hollister, Abercrombie, Tilly's, PacSun, Forever 21, or Urban Outfitters?
trying to find the show about phatgirls modeling for the lady from the show called the parkers can you help me
How do u wear your cardigans (BUTTONED or UNBUTTONED)?
i want to design my own dress?
Has anyone shopped at
Who is your fashion style icon?
what do you think of this jacket?
Yes or No ?
Coah Replicas?
Should I wear socks with flats?
What color goes with navy and lime green?
Whats your favorite clothing store?!?
Should I just tell him I miss us flirting?
Anyone know where I can buy mens jeans with a similar fit to Gaps worker jeans?
I'm going to a semi-formal dinner, what should I wear?
Where can I go to get a nice pair of black or dark denim jeans?
How do you make a fairy costume?
Girls, what is the sexiest, most revealing outfit you have gone out in?
who finds skinny jeans attractive?
What do teenagers wear to a wedding?
what is the shortest crop top you have worn?
What are John Galliano's most famous designs?
Pull off wearing a bathing suit? (am i fat?)?
What uk clothes size does this female look? she is 5ft 2?
Quick Question Easy ten points..Okay I?
GIRLS what do you think of these necklaces?
How come when you find one sock out of a pair, you always assume you lost one?
When you go to watch a fashion show what do you watch more The model or the clothing?
How to style a Blue Floral mini dress? (for fall)?
I have no idea how to make this type of uniforms look cute?
where can i find womens pumps- 4' heels for a good price? what stores or what web sites should I look at?
Why does my Dad have to act like this?
I need help finding a Cute summer swimming outfit?
Would a belley button piercing suit me?
easy s :]] converse with dress?
OMG this is so annoying (only girls ages 10-16 answer)?
Silk screening t-shirt companies (San Diego or Los Angeles).?
what are these mini sweaters called?
Are Uggs out?
What do I wear to a slumber party?
work attire?
Where can i find the older style green day hoodies?
Fashion show help me please?
OK i have a strange question why do people have to wear underwear?
What do you wear on New years eve, something new?
Should I get my ears pierced?
Forever 21 and For Love 21:Headband?
What do you think about Hollister?
Can I wear a Peter Pan collar top tucked in?
The wear your pants falling down & underwear showing (a good 5-6 inches) ?
My friend's going to look like an idiot, isn't she?
DO I HAVE BIG FEET I AM 13!?!?!?!?
What kinds of styles do you HATE?
When a girl buys another girl a gift, why do they like?
what kind of cloths should i wear to get his attention that i can wear to church?
what do you keep in your handbags?
What do u carrry in ur school bag?
Is it ok to fold your skinny jeans IN?
Shirt is huge? HOW TO SHRINK?
Is this shoes too boyish?
Am I too old to wear Abercrombie & Fitch?
What are some clothes that every girls needs?
Are girls still wearing UGGS?
who invented the first pants pocket?
Why do I ask a question on here and people tell me I'm spolied?
Help with compression tanktops?
Is this a good interview outfit for my senior interview?
what is your fave color?
I want to buy a multi-way bra from victorias secret?
Should I buy sunglasses or clothes?
is this a good first day of school outfit?
Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister,or Abercrombie and Fitch?
how many of you women are satisfied with the way your jeans are sized?
Hi, I;m getting married and so I was wandering what you thought of this outfit for the bus girls.?
where is the best place to find a cheap cheerleading outfit?
What do you think of these tights? PLEASE GIRLS ONLY!!!?
Is it ok for guys to shave their legs?
where can i buy plaid skinny jeans?
is it inappropriate to buy your daughter of 12, playboy earrings?
Who Is The Most Handsome and Sexy Guy Out Of The Three? Part 4?
Can you help me find pieces for my Katniss costume?
mannequib used in project runway?
i bought this cardigan from forever 21 and i really like it but im not sure what to wear with it any help?
What brand gym shoes will be in style this fall?
Does anyone know the Nike Foamposites sizes are bigger than listed?
What are you wearing?
Am I Chunky or Thin.. Rate Me?
I need help finding this dress..? (Link included)?
TEENAGE GIRLS: Do you PAY FOR your own bras or does your mom?
Does Prada have a website? I'd like to order some merchandise.?
What color heels should i wear with a white dress?
Where can I find swim-trunks like Elvis wore in the 1960's movie "Blue Hawaii"?
Do you think its ok to wear zebra leggings with a black skirt?
Sherry Coutour Dress 2757120?
Do u think this is pretty? :)?
What's your favorite designer jeans?
Is a fitted shirt too formal for a high school party?
how much is a 14karot gold ring with a diamond worth?
who makes you....?
is it ok to wer fish net stockings and a skirt to a bar or is that too skanky?
How to wear this sweater?
Do you like to shop at Wetseal?
what is the main COLOR that you wear in clothes.?
ok i need LOTS of opinions!?
what is xoxo?
What are some T-shirt ideas?
Looking for a good pair of mens boots. Any tips?
Where to buy a fedora?
Where can I get an adult medium Dr. Dre t-shirt?
What are some of the styles of the '80s?
Where do skaters get their tight jeans?
Shoe Survey?
Ladies! What cologne do you like on a guy?
Is 34D - DD small or big ? Isit a nice size ?
My girlfriend says Lets Make a Deal!?
What are some cool shoes for guys?
Why do people get upset when they see a white girl (me) wearing a snapback and jordans?
buttons anyone? I need some help finding cheap pictureless buttons.?
When it comes to pawning gold rings/necklace, how do I know if the pawn shop is making me a decent offer?
What to wear with this jumper?
which ear do gay men have pierced?
Where are the clothes made that are seen in Kohl's department stores?
How can i be artsy but elegant at the same time?
I need to know what size North Face Jacket I should purchase.?
Sixtyish and stylish?
What color is better pink or purple?
I've just bought these boots, what can I wear with them?
Burberry Shirt-Size help?
Girls is it so bad for a guy to wear Uggs and why are they seen as girly?
Skinny Jeans??????????????????????
Anyone know where I can buy a leather jacket like the one the guy wore on Chasing Liberty?
Is this dress too young for me?
Would I look okay if I wore these guy shirts..since I'm a girl?
are coach handbags worth it after you spend alot ?
Would this be a cute outfit for a 14 year old?
This dress... for the races? Pic included?
who wants a back to school outfit?(:?
good online clothing store.?
tell me whether you like these shoes?thanks ?
Is this wig TO curly?
Ladies, is it ok for a guy to let you know he'd like you to wear pantyhose or stockings?
do you like abercrombie and fitch or hollister?
Costume for charity day?
Anyone like this belt?
bracelets on young teenagers?
Why woman wear hardly nothing and if we look we are pigs?
I frequently wear an anklet and someone recently said it looks "slutty"?
How does one go about getting grillz?
What do you think - Easy 10 points!!!?
What is this called? Help please!?
where can i buy clothes like forever the sickest kids (FTSK)?
How do I ask my mum to buy me a proper bra?
Are wet look leggings stilll in?!?
If you were stuck between sizes Medium and Small, which one would you choose?
does washing your pants make them smaller or bigger?
What Age Or Grade do u think its ok to ware make-up?
sqaure ties/ flat bottom ties anyone?
can I wear my red sweater with blue jeans?
How can I shrink a pair of jeans without ruining them?
Is buying a fake G Shock watch a bad idea?
Super Baggy Jeans that are about to fall down?
what style of outfit should i go for for the first day?
Dress shirt collar for men?
What are these shoes called?
Which outfit is cuter for 8th grade?
help! where can i get good clothes?
would you wear this outfit?
going out with family, does this sound good to wear?
Where can I find triple button uggs in leopard?
what's ur best outfit, in which u feel cool amd comfortable?
Where can I find bigger cloths?
What's the best compliment you ever recieved?
Any good Birthday Ideas for a 14 year old girl?
How do you make your own sharp teeth for a cosplay?
Where can i find a white and gold s hoodie?
i have same problem as the other girl... a lot of guys just get hard *****...cuz the way i dress..I get hit on
Clothing ideas for slightly chubby teens?
UK to US shoe size question?
What do you think of these shoes?
How many pairs of panties do you own? I own over 200, 99% from Victoria's secret!!?
Pink jeans or orange shoes...?
my bracelet?
What do you think of this prom dress?
Where can I find the clothing on pinterest?
place/store to get this kind of belt?
Am I the ONLY one who thinks this "SWAG" thing is retarded?
is wearing over-the-knee socks a good look?
Will soeone make me an outfit?
Do you think it is wrong to throw away perfectly good clothes?
what is a skater outfit?
Yoga Pants w/o undies?? girls!!?
Do you wear heels everyday?
Do these match?
Where Can I Buy This?
am seeing my ex for the first time in a year..can I wear this?
Where can I take a lot of clothes some never worn others in perfect condition.?
i am a 16 yr old male and got a hairdressing interview what should i wear and what will they ask?
Shrink my TOMS shoes?
So, there is this handbag moker who I have only seen in germany and i want to find the website to order on but?
What kind of flower should i wear on my wrist for this lovely dress?
Does Prada have a website? I'd like to order some merchandise.?
What is your favorite nail polish brand? What color do you have on your nails?
Why Do people wear clothes?
is abrocrombie the best place to shop or is hollister?
Does anyone know where to find the Fear Not branded merchandise?
is it sexy for a man to cut himself?
What does it say about a man's personality if he is in his mid-30s and wears quite a bit of silver jewelry?
When should i....?
What would i call this color? Pic included?
PLEASE HELP. shopping?
What are these bracelets called?
Catholic school to public school? Style? How to dress?
Girls - How do you feel about frat-guy type of tees? ones with dirty quote/joke type?
what is a brass knuckle and what dose it mean?
Opionions on this dress for Jr. Prom?
How can I be Popular?
Hey, please help me out. I am going to a pj/lingerie party and I have a corset and sort of bloomers and high s?
Why do guys wear suit pants with the legs folded up? Serious answer, s?
When you put an item on hold in a clothing store, how long can you keep it on hold for?
Where can I get a torn leather jacket repaired in Dallas?
do you like these shoes?? can they be worn in the spring/summer?
Which of these two girls is model material? Pics given!?
What are some Spring 2012 fashion trends to look forward to?
Sweat pants,sock with sandals and a plain shirt for fist day of school yay or nay?
Pajama's To School???
any one own the newest issue of 17?
does anyone want to buy a Tag Heuer Link watch, serial numbers WJ1112.BA0570?
How can i shrink my pair of jeans?
Why do men find blonde girls more attractive?
where can I find a place that sells these?
Do true sk8rs wear hi top converse or low top converse, or does it depend on the pants there wearing?
What do you think of this dress for a birthday dinner with friends?
Who do you think id more stylish?:Rianna or beonce?
{{{EASY QUESTION, WILL Pick a Best Answer!!=]}}} Is This All I Need 4 Spring/Summer!?!??
Best dress for a wedding?