What kind of things do I need to be Kanye West?
Where can I find a glittery unicorn t-shirt?
What would look good with a white floral skirt?
Which girl do you think is the prettiest?
semi formal clothes!?
How significant do you think grooming, makeup, clothes and class or style is to your appearance?
If you wear a lot of black is it emo?
My daughter loves to design clothes. Is there and inexpensive dress design software out there?
Help me dress for school please!?
Is a red dress, white heels and a black clutch a perfect combination?
how would you where this kind of shirt?
cute stores?
What should I wear with my belt?
What Do You Think Of Hollister ?
What underwear is everyone wearing?
where can I purchase brand new Newstone Jeans in the UK?
Do you think this bag is cute?
What are some online stores that sell dresses?
What should I wear for this party?
what colour gilly hick t-shirt should I get?
does anyone know where i can find this?! :(?
Does this outfit match??
Would this outfit look okay??***PICS***?
cute messenger bags for school?
Can anyone help me in finding websites that may have reasonable or used plus size wedding dresses for sale?
Can I make anyone an outfit on Polyvore?
which should i use as my prom dress? or can you suggest?
what shoes shuld I get?
Is this a cute jacket or is it trashy?
what to wear with this hoodie?
How do you get stains out of Satin?
should i buy this???
A good outfit??
Where can I get transparent converse?
is there any tricks i can do to keep my leg warmers or knee-high socks from slipping/falling off?
what do you think of UGG boots .. (when worn in winter)?
Teenage girls: do you like this handbag?
What kind of dress (or skirt) should i wear to the dance?
what do you think of this outfit?
Rent Bapes betta den airs n jordans? Bapes are da shyt dawg u cant touch em?
How can I tell if my sunglasses are real Ray Ban or Imitations?
where can I find the new style capri jogging pants like they have in the victorias secrets catalog?
Girls do you shop untill you drop? and Why?
Anyone know good sites to get comicbook/metal or rockband themed messenger bags?
10 points! about winter mitts?
What outerwear is cool for a guy?
Yes or No?
Who is the blonde model in the recent bebe ad campaign?
Where to buy simple cold weather scarves?
which website do i find sneakers that looks like coach sneakers?
Which one do you like best? (Pics Included)?
cute Fendi purse like the one that Regina has in 'Mean Girls' , can someone give me a direct link please
Is it stupid to wear pink in the fall?
Outfits to wear for a skinny person?
I wear uniforms how can i still look cute in school?
ebay problems with designer items?
me and my friends are trying figure out if knee high socks are in style. are they?
ugly or cute (pics)?
What is the necktie thingy called that Cliff & Theo have wore in a few episodes of The Cosby Show?
Where can i find Vans?
how can i get new clothes?
What are some of the color that tops and bottoms match?
Best nail polish color to use on my wedding day?
abercrombie or hollister?!!?
Please help me find a cute prom dress online?
are these shoes i bought yesterday ugly?
Are coogi shoes cool?
cartier bracelets store?
Which do you prefer, jeans and a sweater, or the little black dress?
My boyfriend and I are going to the Bahamas next week. Which bathingsuit is better?
What shoes look best with wide leg capris?
POLL: How skinny am I, be honest?
What should i wear to my graduation? Confused i never walked when i graduated hs.. now i want to in college?
What is your opinion on this swimsuit for a 14yr old?
What to wear with black dress?
Do youthink this girl can be a Model?
Does anyone know the name of these shoes?
Is this dress appropraite for prom? Is it nice or not?
Do creepers run small or large? (the shoe)?
where can i buy a side less t-shirt?
Do You Like This Bag For 7th Grade?
Im a 14 year old guy and I want colored contacts? Is it gay?
how do i get sunglasses on my avatar?
Girls, which of these handbags for my girlfriend?
HELP ME!? To tall for hugh heels?
What shoes should I get?
where can i find a puffy sweet 16 dress?
which swimming suit?!?
whats a good store to buy a homecoming dress? im a sofemore?
Superdry Technical windcheater Jackets - sizing help?
What color of tights and cardigan to wear with a gray dress?
Semi formal; is this dress ok, or should i get something more fancier?
10 PT. :D Nail Polish and shirt matching for senior pictures today?
is this a good outfit/hair for tonight?!?
create new, destroy old?
Hollister or Aeropostale??
What uk clothes size does this female look? she is 5ft 3?
What is so appealing about abercrombie?
Woud we look good together (PICTURES)?
How do i keep my panthose from rolling down at the waist???
what's wrong with wearing slippers?
'Lets Get Excited' Alesha Dixon's outfit?
Clothes for a funeral?
What is a good website to buy face plates for your sidekick slide?
Average bra size for a 13 year old?
Which shoes should I buy?
Are these American Apparel shoes durable?
Leggings as pants....?
i am 13 and look 11, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
where do i buy quiksilver jeans for men?
Please Help FASHION HELP FOR DISCO please help i will give all points to anyone who gives a good answer?
Which shorts should I get?
are topapurse bags real?
whats your fave clothing store?
Do you like these shoes?
Who finds cool clothes at Goodwill?
Is it ever O.K. to wear knee high black leather boots, fishnet stockings and a mini skirt?
The Brown and Cream polka dot dress Hillary Swank is wearing in a paparazzi shot?
where to buy a dress just like the no 68 cloud dress by victoria beckham?
esbelt shape-wear is it as good as its supposed to be?
Which American Eagle jeans are longer?
Where has all of my underwear gone?
Which ring do you like better? (James Avery)?
Where to find cute sweaters?
Where did you get your most comfortable pair of jeans?
what is a perfecT prom dress color for a dark skin person?
fav type of underware?
What do you think of this bag?
What is LRG? What type of style?
Pajama day tomorrow, should I dress up?
What do people use to buy fake Chanel handbags?
which one's cuter?? ?
Breitling watch or not?
Can you wear a thong at 13?
Can I get your opinion on these clothes?
Should i get real plugs/tapers or fake ones?
just for honest plz?
Do you have straight or curly hair?
Do You Like These Sunglasses?
what do you think of this t-shirt?
Where do you get these?
why victoria's secret models don't have curves?
I have some questions about yoga pants. Help?
which is the best place for churidhar,salwar ,and other girl's wear shopping?
How do I win him back?
Any one know how to tell if something is real gold?
♥Back To School Shopping♥?
earrings HELP??!?!?!?
what do u think about boobs?
loking for very cheap vintage new or used shoes and boots. boho styles?
Anyone have discount or work for the Gucci store in manhattan, ny?
Can I wear a red dress with leopard print heels to a wedding?
Nike Sunglasses?
What to wear with these knee high boots?
Is it okay to wear jogging shorts to sleep at a sleepover?
Why do gothic boots cost so much?
Girls, I need your help. Which pair of earrings should I choose?
how do u change ur icon?HELP!!?
nice dresses ?
DESPERATE mid length denim shorts cheap Sacramento?
Which bag (Juicy or Coach..)?
going to be a freshman in 4 weeks help?
For 7th grade what's better a backpack or a tote/bag?
what shirt should i get ?
Do I get my abercrombie associate discount off of sale things?
where can i find a for real shirt like twitch's on so you think you can dance?
Do guys, young and old, prefer wearing cotton dress socks, as opposed to nylon type dress socks?
How to make my white lycra leotard look really white?
where can i get a.............?
What's in your pockets?
where can u get different Color jeans from?
Is this backpack too childish?
Clothing site with high quality men-like clothing for women?
do you know where i could get blink-182 apparel?
What's up with these shoes?
What kind of shoes should I wear with an empire-waist dress?
Where can I get a button down shirt made?
Where can i get this exact outfit? (Links please) easy 10 points! HELP!!?
What colors should I get for my sons outfit?
What do you think of guys gauging their ears? Also what do you think of girls doing it as well?
What is a real party outfit?
where can i find a dress like this?
Do you like the outfits I made?
Is there a way to put color back into your clothes?
Poll: Ladies don't you think it's weird when a dude wears a really low v-neck shirt?
Where to get a all over lace tank top at?
What do you consider as a priority when you buy an handbag?
Which white gown is prettier?
who think guys look terrible in skinny jeans ?
Does a fake Louis Vuitton have a square patch inside...?
Do I have a big nose pictures?
What do you wear if you're attending a quinceañera?
why do parents try to force their children to not wear tight clothes?
Would you wear black nail polish?
How do I dress like a goth?
Stores to go school clothes shopping?
Like skinny jeans for men anything wrong with that?
What do you think about my back to school outfit?
Emu Boot sizing? Mens vs Womens?
How do you clean American Eagle shoes?
If I wash a sweater that has a hoodie from guess alot will it loose color?
POLL: What size are you in jeans?
what should I wear Puff daddys party tonight. I have to be hot. Its a DIDDY party.?
What are good stores to buy jackets from?
What percentage of girls do NOT wear underwear when wearing a skirt?
Where Can I Buy Nike Macaroons?
Where to shop for clutches, purses, zip-ups, etc?
Where do you go to get cute leggings?
Should i buy this ring?Just look it or put it on my finger?
Earrings from days of our lives?
What is a good bra to buy?
is primark tacky like?
Would this fall outfit suit me?
cargo shorts with a nike jacket?
do people wear watches anymore?
If hollister sent the completely wrong item to me would I have I pay shipping back to them?
Anyone know about Peter Werth and Bronx shoes? are they good makes?
What is the proper way to wear your rings?
How long do you wear a piece of clothing before it get washed?
Why is it so dark in Hollister/A&F/Gilly Hicks?
Could I wear silver shoes with black tights or would it look stupid?
Who do you think is prettier?
WHAT should I wear? please help?
cheap triple soled creepers?
how do i ask my mum for a bra?
What clothes and accessories can I buy that Johnny Depp wears?
What exactly is the "inseam" for pants?
Does Christian Doir have a purse made in Italy ?
Would You want Buy this DRESSES i Made/Designed ?
where to find boyfriend jeans?
Is there Gucci Products in Sudan?
need summer money?
Does anyone know where I can find Skinny, Khaki pants with no pockets in the back?
Which swimsuite/bikink is cuter?
i want to do my hair as a jamaican hair but my hair stay smooth what can't i do to make my hair hard?
Is this guy a player?
Would you pay 900.00 for a handbag?
Do you think there is a belt of good-looking or other??
How do i get the rubber smell out of my bracelets?
Which Converse Looks better?
A skirt question? Girls only!?
am i fat? average? what?
Girls, where do you shop?
I need fashion tips please
When two women are speaking and one says to the other 'i like your clothes'?
Would you guys buy from this Online Clothing Store?
Help with jeans!?
Which outfit do you like best?
Dolce and Gabbana?
what kind of kimono would you classify as an "everyday" kimono?
Do you like this top?
Lace Wig!!! HELP PLEASE?
oversized hoodies or tight fitted hoodies?
do you think these sneakers are nice? cool? cute?
Which pair of jeans matches best?
haloween costume help!?
Where can I get a pair of leggings like these?
Some help would be extremely appreciated!?
What does the color purple bring to your mind?
what to wear with a white cardigan?
should i keep this dress??? i paid 190 for it the other day.....?
where to buy a skirt?
What piercing should I get?
Is it strange for someone to never wear shoes or socks in their home ot yard?
Does anyone have a 579 coupon?
Tops for this trousers!?
where can you find a cardigan?
i dont get whats wrong with naming my kid Promiscuous Devil or Giant Banana!?
What colour tie should I wear?
I can't find any clothing that is cheap and fits me?
Is a size 6 in jeans is considered heavy/big?
I need an opinion!!!!!?
Would it be okay to dye a dress that is 55% Nylon and 45% Polyester?
What nail polish color is in right now???
where can i get dr martens aggy strap boots from?
Girls, which seasons (between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter) do you think brings the best out of fashion?
Should I buy an I color diamond vs an H color diamond?? Is there a big difference between the two??
Can anyone help me??? i need this shirt?
HELP . Sweet Sixteen V.I.P. girls' dresses ?!?
Are there flea markets here in New York?
Is this a cute bathing suit?
red or black?
Which one????
What do you think of Hollister and Abercrombie?
Where can I buy clothes that HaNa wear in love rain?
Are 'HUNTER' Wellies still a fantastic brand?
can you use a flat iorn on bearpaw white fur boots?
does this make me look skanky?
can you use hollister co gift cards at abercrombie and fitch?
i need help because ima buy some jeans and i need to know how much they are going to be with tax in total?
what do you wear on a first date?
Handcrafted earring starting kit?
where to find this prom dress?
Generally, how expensive are Donna Morgan dresses?!?!?
help me to pick!!! boots! pics!!!?
Where can I find classic strap goth boots?
Is there anything canada based or at least cheaper shipping that is really close to
which one should i wear on the first day of school?
Do you think uggs are cute?
Where can I get a bracelet like this?
I am thinking of wearing this tomorrow cute?
which should i get?
What do you think of this dress to wear at my friends sweet 15?
What color backpack should I get ?
Is this too expensive?
I need full design graphs of two dresses?
How do I get scuff marks off shoes?
Where Can I get. . .?
Should I Buy A Diffused Sapphire Ring?
What do you think about these outfit?
how can i dress hip hop with regular clothes from ur house?
My foot length is 24.0cm, will US size 6.5 fit me well?
Make my style cute, help please.?
Do you like?      ?
Do you wear a clean pair of pantyhose every day?
where is the best place to buy skirts for a really skinney 10 year old girl?
Back To School Outfit!! x-) tell me what you think!?
How do I make a ring that is to big fit?
Good places to shop at for clothes for Juniors? :)?
My bf saw me wearing glasses :(?
Which are your favourite brand of shoes?
Winter dance is coming up, maybe some dress tips?
Love or hate af/ae/am/hco?
does anyone know where i can get the skirt that JLo wore on American Idol on New Jersey auditions?
who invented thongs for women?
What make is this hat Megan fox is wearing? And where can I order one online?
Nice jeans please!!!?
Where can I get customized apparel really cheap?
Which do you like better from aeropostale?
can the dry cleaners make me a customized jacket from scratch?
why do we were clothes?
Where can a woman buy a nice suit?
what do you think of girls with theyre nose pierced?
Where can I buy Bono sunglasses online?
The ink filled creme colored object placed on clothes that is a security feature for stores what is it called?
Is this phone too horribly ugly for a 14 yr old girl?
Should I wear this to school tomorrow?
How much do Aeropostale Jeans cost in stores?
gold 14K* markings... What does the * mean?
What should I wear to the CMAs? (seat description below)?
Where can I buy clothes that HaNa wear in love rain?
SURVEY! Opening a clothing store. All ages, PLEASE HELP! :)?
Were can i get the jordan metalic silver 2012 editon in i size 7.5? I tried flight club and ebay already!?
Isn't this outfit cute or what?
Where can I find khaki Skinny Pants in San Francisco FAST!!!?
Girls Only. What do you prefer more? Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
Is there any way to use materials at home to make heels that are too big fit comfortably?
Please Anwser : where can I get cool Disney jumpers from?
u like to look at tv?
How Much Does a nose piercing cost? ect.?
Which shirt?? Come on people simple quesiton?????
Where can I find a really high quality Ascot (cravat) online?
what is a good place to buy a dress for a school dance in the mall for cheap-ishh?
What is your favorite store to go shopping at???
What is "in" right now?
I suck with colorsssssssssss. Help me.?
Where to get elegant, vintage-inspired dresses?
What do the symbols on my carpe diem ring mean?
i want to be emo, how can i be emo?
where can i get a louis vuitton backpack for a cheap price but real not the fake ones?
Online store that sells active wear?
if i am a size 8 in womens, what would i be in mens? would a size 7 in mens be too big?
where do i find a mink jacket for a kid?
Where can I find this jacket?
About contacts?
Who do you think i should cosplay from hetalia?
are these some cute rings?
At what age can i start using a purse or bag?
T-shirts on line?? Good ones!!?
Does anyone know where I can find purple skinny jeans like these (pictures included)?
colors of clothes?
do you think victorias secret is expensive?
OMG! whats w/ all these replica tycoon and latestfashiontips people! on every question they have an ad!!!!?
If you have ever been to Plato's Closet please answer any or all of these questions?
Is Forever 21 a good store?
What do you think about this outfit? Part 3?
which shirt should i wear and with which pants?
How to wear a jumper?
i would like a suggestion on jeans from hollister or ambercrombie?
plus size grad/prom dresses in vancouver?
Why wear pantyhose?
What were u when u were in 7th/8th grade 4 halloween and what did u go do?
Does big w sell skinny jeans?
If you had the money would you be spending thousands of dollars on designer clothing?
Where can I find a couple of puffy pirate shirts, bloomers, and the big belts that go with the outfit?
What should i wear to my friends sweet 16?
Where do I apply Head On?
What do you prefere to buy, brand name clothing, or just no name?
DO you wear Crocs or flip flops?
I'm going for a bunny for Halloween and I've got these shorts, what will go with them?
who makes the popular clothing with the number 9 all over?
Which one is hotter?
Can anyone tell me where i can get a pair of old model kobe shoes?
Girls does this shirt look too tight?
Do I look fat in these leggings?
Where can I find lolita styled clothing in Phoenix Arizona?
i need demonia stomp-08 platform sneakers in 4 days, where can i buy them besides online?
Is it normal that I feel uncomfortable wearing tank tops or camis?
do you think im fat? (picture inside)?
what do u think of this dress for 8th grade graduation?
Which dress? Help me choose for my 15th birthday party :)?
Can You See Eleanor Calder Wearing This?
Cheap jumpers for a boy, men's sizes?
What color shoes go with a sapphire dress?
Dose anyone wear leather gloves in the winter?
i need some punk rock clothes?
Hollister Co.???
what's your favorite color combination?
Which pair should I get?
Do u like this outfit 4 my 1st day of school?
Why was the "Love Pink" hoodie at Victoria's Secret discontinued?
What Necklace do you like best.?
Do These Shoes Really Look That Ugly?
Good Online Clothing Sites.?
In what year were suspenders so called "cool" ?
For the ladies?
If you had a magic wand, how many times would you mend a pair of socks before chucking them?
How could I get my boyfriend's ring size without asking?
Urban outfitters shipping, please help!?
HELP what should i wear to a Rizzle kicks concert?
Spongebob sweatshirt?
Is this choker necklace pretty?
where can i find ADIDAS GRACE MID SHOES?
is there a website that sells real Jordan for sure under $100?
UGG boots, like em or hate em?
Cute but comfy shoes?
Why do some people think that nose piercings are ugly?
Is it okay to wear a sport coat and jeans to prom? ?
what time is it where you live?
Where can i buy clothes that are in style and aren't really expensive?
do people wear watches anymore?
What color/type of shoes for this?
Cute teen stores that are off the grid.?
Rinse wash, is it black jean?
Can you guys help me pick out some shoes for my dress??? Pic included!?
Where can i find these type of shoes? (link for the picture)?
Nike+ Help Needed Quick!?
This is really embarassing?
Girls:What do you keep in you purse?
where can i get name brand clothes like aero and stuff, but for cheap, cuz im broke:D?
is it possible to take off your bra?
Where can you get loose sweaters like these for under $20?! Exact links please..?
I hate jeans, and I need to know what type of pants to wear to this occasion.?
im embarassed about going to the mall with my dad tomorrow?
what top goes well with a red and black plaid mini tennis skirt?
What Is YOUR style right now?
what should i wear on the first day of school? i just wanna know whats hot this year!?
What are 2 examples of a fashion trend?
women with shoe collections, were they millipeads in a previous life?
Help Please fix my shoes :(?
What are good brands for hoodies?
Anybody know where I can find a vest like this?
What color vans go with almost everything?
hey whats a good halloween costumes thats a lil sexual?
gents showroom captions?
I want to have my own clothing line. How do i start one???
Stinky Feet?
How to make (or where to buy) a blank jabbawockeez half mask (bottom of face)?
do u like this backpack?
What do you keep in your handbag?
Ideas for a halloween costume for a 13 year old girl?
What glasses is this?
how do you turn a regular t shirt into a cute halter top??
What do you think of this "Mixz Collection" piece?
What Are Some Great Things That Go Good With Skinny Jeans?
I need to find the fall out boy all-star converse shoses .....does anyone know where to find them?
how can i say hi to him?
I am a teenage girl who wants to get some great vintage clothing for less...should I go to a thrift shop?
What should I do about these leggings I bought?
Need a across body bag!?
Do you like this outfit? Honest opinions?
Will I get in to nightclub with g-unit reebok?
What should i add to my costume for a fancy dress party?
Is this music video that i made good?
Does anyone know where I can find this dress? Pleaseeee, I'll love you forever!?
Is it ok to wear a Rust colored dress to a wedding reception?
what colour goes best with grey?
Whats the best style?
I have an old pair of jeans that i really love, is there anything else i can make them into?
Where to buy Gladiator sandals?
So I hate wearing flip-flops/sandals. Any ideas on what shoes go well with shorts? Female styles only?
Who were those A&F models lying on the beach on the A&F website?
does anyone know where i could get an ed hardy specialty geisha cap in brown velvet?
Hannah Montana Earrings... where are they? (Episode "Hannah in the streets with diamonds")?
should i get a cell phone?
What is the difference between dress casual and formal men's shoes?
can you wear navy blue with black?
Can you be too tall for heels?
Price Adjustments at AE?
Where can I find a raincoat?
Where to buy pearls in Singapore?
prom dresses?
Which outfit is cuter for first day of highschool?
Does anyone know whether Primark do large sizes in ladies clothes in the UK?
Around how much does it cost to customize Oakley Radar Range sunglasses?
Hey i'm a guy and i think id like to get an earing. Good Idea?
Where can I get my jewelry customized?
where can i get michelle rodriguez' bikini in this picture at the website below?
i want to be skinnyy !?
wear can i get really super tight jeans at?
Would this outfit look okay to wear to school tomorrow?
What colour shoes to go with red prom dress ?
can you roughly guess the inches of these heels?
Where can I get hoodies like Jesse Pinkman's?
Is there a immitation Longchamp bag brand?
Tie dying T-Shirts using rit dye?
What is the contact number for
Need Help! I'm really skinny but have huge breasts cant find clothes!!! What are some stores?
I have some old clothes and really need money?!!!?
belly piercing?
ordering jeans online?
What is that hairstyle in prince´s music video diamonds and pearls?
Tucked in or not?
How to collocate this scarf to look perfect?
Where to find corset like crop tops?
What comes to mind when I say:?
What is the common bra size for a 13 year old?
Do you care whether someone wears converse look-alikes?
What piercing should I get next?
Help! 10 easy points, yes or no!?
What to do when you feel you got overcharged for an item?
What do you think of this jacket?
Do you like this shirt i bought from hollister?
Do these clothes match?
Are these sandals ugly?
Brouges???,anyone else got a pair?
I have a shoe problem...?
Would you pay 70$ for these shoes?
Where can I find clothes suitable for going from casual Friday at the office to partying at the club?
Where can I get those tie up sandles for cheap?
What brand name do u think is best?
Do you think if a guy wants to wear leggings should he be able to do so?
Watch Victoria Secret Fashion show LIVE online?!?
Catchy name for an accesory store?
What to wear for 6th form?
Websites that help find clothing style?
Do you like Uggs?.........=]?
Which color shoe is cuter??
I have my belly button pierced, and recently decided to change it to a different ring, but it wont unscrew?
Why no white after Labor Day?
Whats in style now since emo has faded?
Am I Sexii?
Who is your Italian favorite fashion designer?
Need a cute but casual back to school outfit, but....?
What should i wear to my 8th grade Dance??? Any Ideas?
About how much is a pair of graded contact lenses?
How old do you think I look?
Hunter boot tall question?
Where can I get these heels?
NOSE PIERCING. yes or no?
is this outfit fab or drab?
Does anybody know where I could buy or get made this Robbie Williams outfit in the UK?
help im freaking out?
If you had to pick, which dress would you get?
Was it just me or did Miss USA NOT wear Kane from Project Runway's evening gown?
what should i wear to the Love Festival?
What color nail polish is in right now?
What do you call a tank top but with only 1 strap?
Can someone make me an outfit?
is this a cute necklace?
Would buying gucci sun glasses be too much? 10 easy points?
where can i find the coach haptond weekend tote not that much money but i cant get it at the store because the
nike jordans 2 sizes big?
Any places in Des Moines, IA that can make a bridesmaids dress from a pattern?
Is this backpack too childish?
where can i find this lip piercing?
which watch? (pictures)?
Which outfits do you like the most, which one should I wear on the 1st day of school?
Could I pull off wearing shorts without my parents knowing?
I wanna look like Mac miller in get up?
what are some things that you will be taught in gymnastics, no competeitions, just a class?
Love Actually necklace - where can I buy it or one similar?
What are these hippie jackets called?
Where should I buy my jeans?
Where can you find green Nike Dri-FIT socks?
Contacts or Glasses?
Is there any stores for young teens that sell longer skirts other than mini skirts?
where will i be able to find a machine that can create any name i want,using metal. using it for necklace?
What kind of pants are good for a guy? Straight, slim straight, or skinny?
US vans shoes models vs. Japanese vans shoes models?
How do you get a giant stain out of a white shirt in a short amount of time?
A great opportunity???!?
What shoes should I wear with a red formal gown?
Will grapefruit stain uggs?
Does anyone know a company who makes personalized shopping baskets?? like in large quantity...?
oh!! my gosh?
Is this dress ugly????????????????????????????????????…
which one is you favorite shirt ?
Leisure suits: weren't they the tackiest things on earth ?
Are you wearing your pajamas right now? :P?
What do you think about this outfit?
What's the average clothes size for women in the U.K.?
It's bonfire night tonight and I don't know what to wear!?
Teens,where do you like to shop?
Why do I have such a real taste in sunglasses right now?
Why do some girls think pants are more comfortable than skirts? What makes them more comfortable?
from when did the word 'wardrobe malfunction' started coming 2 use?
Popular girls, help?
I have a navy jacket and lots of navy tops but dont want to wear them with jeans what can I wear on my bottom?
How to hide my plugs?
How much of a sock wearer are you?
Is it okay to wear a fitted cap with a collared shirt and vest?
Shutter Shades (kanye west sunglasses), I need to know where I can buy them.?
Do you like this prom dress?
What jeans would be best for me?
what color iphone 4s case should i get?
Rock boots?
how can i be lady like if my mom want help me to change the way that i am?
fashion advice..?
Which of these 2 bags should I get for college? (Pictures Included)?
should i get these geeky glasses?
what are three facts of 1960 fashion?
Which dress for Junior Prom?
I am 15 almost 16 and i where boxers, boxerbriefs and briefs,?
What clothes should a skinny girl stay away from?
what do you think of my binder covers for school this year?
What is your favorite store to shop in?
Where can I buy a Bon Jovi t-shirt, from a store, in NJ; not online?
do you like these shoes ?
coat sizee conversion?
What Jewelery Matches Better?
whhyyy is ittt?
what do you think about this outfit?
What's a "cami top"?
POLL: Who did you last help with their shopping bags?
What other stores are similar to Wet Seal, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters?
Should i wear this to school?
Which photograph is thee better one?
Does anyone have a Chanel bag?
Do you like this beanie?
which of these mirror pics would you choose?
MY Janome 3050 is not working?
Who is the hottest person in showbiz right now?
Business casual attire for new business?
What color shirt should I wear with yellow shorts?
Where can i find these pants?
What do you think about these shoes?
Is pink the prettiest color?
JEANS!!! any suggestions?
Lets swap clothes this second what would i end up wearing?
find a size 4 engagement ring. I've looked everywhere does anyone know where I can find one?
A site for custom designed clothes?
where can I buy a silver rollerball bracelet, patterned, for a man?
do ya like these shoes? i do!?
Where can I find Union bay frog sneakers?
Lingerie photoshoot! Advice please?
im going shopping tomorrow ?
What kind of underwear would you like your boyfriend to wear?
Which ones are cheaper? VictoriaSecret, Hollister, Abercombie and Fitch, Delias, Aeropastole, Old Navy! TEL me
Where do you breath from when you wear such dresses?
Shirt of Brenda Song on the suite life on deck?
Why can't plus size teens have cute clothes like the skinny teens?
Is this the perfect prom dress????? (pics included)?
Where can I get order these at?
How do I wear fishnets without looking trashy?
Are real uggs worth the money?
where can i get a personalized nameplate made in miami or greenacres?
Would these two sweaters look baggy?
Where does elastic come from?
which do you like better from aeropostale?
How can you make your feet not wide?
Ralph Lauren Wallpaper?
what would you wear with this dress to a wedding?
where can i find a bathin ape hoodie in atlanta?
Where can I find these shoes at a low price?
Where can i get custom vans slip ons for cheap in T.O.? or normal checkered vans for cheap?
where can you buy an cullen crust pendant/necklace exactly like alice cullen?
How can I convince my dad that belly button rings aren't "slutty"?
Where can i find this dress?
Cheapest place to buy vans shoes in the uk?
Does this shirt make me look fat?
I can't find certain zip up hoodies?
Do you think wearing University hoodies/jackets is showing off..?
where i can buy a cheap New Era Hats?
What to wear for a game of stip poker?
Joules wellies sizing?
I need some ideas? easy 2 points!?
What is the best wonder bra ? good and must be efficient? what is the cheapest?
how can i put holes in my jeans .?
What is your favorite place to shop?
Is this a cute outfit?
is this cute for the first day of high school?
How to find a good pair of sunglasses?
Where can i find these sunglasses/what are they called?
What Top Would You Wear With This Skirt?
Where do I find these UGGS?
My Cartilage Ear Peirceing?
What is the best type of Spanx to wear under a dress?
How do u pronounce "Bolero"?
Can I Return Designer jeans to Nordstrom without a receipt or the tag?
what's this clothing brand called?
is 6 foot too tall for a woman?
do u think???
How do I tell my mom that I want to wear a bikini?
my first time that im going to buy thongs.?
where can i buy Audrina Patridge Divine Rights of Denim?
hair bands?
whats your opinion of Gap?
What looks good with these shoes?!?
how can i cover or paint something on my shoes and wash it off later?
How long is a piece of string?
what to wear to a wedding :)?
Can I wear this 2 church.?
What Are Some Cute Teen Clothing Stores?
Where can I find short black slouchy flat boots?
What shoes would you wear with this dress?
What would be a great design for our class t-shirt?
Which of these black heels look better with this skirt?
What kind of flower should i wear on my wrist for this lovely dress?
which perfume do u adore?
Which colour pant suites beston to a brown or chocolatecolour pant?
if a jacket is size 38 in EU, what is it in american size?
I had my sister put an outfit together for me lol what do you think?
Anybody know of a jewellery maker in the UK who could solder the end of a necklace which I broke recently? ta!
Does this American Apparel outfit seem offensive?
Girls wearing band shirts- attractive or not?
do u like these outfits that made?(pic included)?
Valentine dance dress??? help???? please? most effective= 10 points!?
should i use a bag or backpack this year?
Can short curvy women pull off skinny jeans?
Where can I find some rock n roll womens' pants?
where can i find a cheaper prom dress?
What do you think of these shoes?
Why boys are Like to dress like girls and Girls like boys?
Matching blazer with slacks?
What should I buy next so I can fit in at my new school?
More on the Question about Bikini Padding.?
Question about wearing a wig?
What do you guys think of my homecoming dress?
does macys men sizes fit kids?
small online stores? something that not alot of people know about?
Where can I find cool goth/pagan clothes at good prices on the net?
Do you like the tappered leg "skinny Jeans" they have out for the fall?
Is it appropriate to wear a tie with a short sleeve dress shirt?
what do women do with their old tights?
abercrombie is a ripoff?
What do you think about this top?
are these cute?????????? (VS PINK and ABERCROMBIE)?
How do boot sizes work?
Do you like this jacket?*link*?
Which dress?
what do you sleep in ?
Is this a good gift for my dad?
do you like this dress?
what do you prefer on a young lady ,a knee-hight skirt or tight jeans?
Where can I get replacement lenses for my Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses-DG 6035?
Where do they sell pink men's cardigans?
how many outfits are u going to buy for back to school?
what color is acceptable to wear besides black to a funeral?
what is a good color that i should wear, to complement brownish colored hair, greeninsh/grayish eyes?
My little sis keeps taking my shoes?
Do you like this bathing suit?
I want a handbag which have hand stitched handles, removable shoulder strap?
Does this match? Help!?
what are you wearing right now while your on the computer?
is this outfit slutty?
How many girls have to wear a school uniform? Our school made this a requirement starting this fall.?
Washing A signed shirt?
What stores sell Paris Blues jeans? How about Ralph Lauren jeans?
commercial modelling do i seem the right sort of material heres a picture below?
Homecoming Outfit Help!!!!!?
Where can I buy Kimonos?
what to wear in nyc?
What is on YOUR Christmas Wish List?
Do you like my homecoming dress?
How to dress from the 80's?
What is wrong with my monroe piercing?
whats wrong w/ hollister?
What should I wear to homecoming?
I would like a we bit of help I am 25 and have a size one feet. I need a new pair of nice heels.?
dose anyone live in grafton, if u do do u know the kohls in grafton do u know if thay sell the name brand roxy
men only! Which outfit do you find sexier?
what age are you supposed to be wearing a size 0/00 in juniors?
Is this outfit too slutty and ugly? (pix included)?
what do girls think about guys that where ambercrombie/ hollister?
need some help with a real cute outfit?
What colour panties to wear ?
i am male, if i am on road, do i want to wear underwear or do i want to go without underwear front girls?
okay so i got these new denim shorts.....?
Where can I find some high waisted shorts?
skinny jeans?
Should I wear a skirt to my Orchestra Concert?
If we switched clothes right now, what would i be wearing?
where can i buy these shoes?
I am thinking about getting my nose pierced tonight.?
Which on is the cooler/ more stylish choice?
Where can I get my own custom design Embroided onto a fitted cap?
Project Runway Is it ironic that Laura's mom and Jeff's mom are friends?
anyone know where i can get free pantyhose or tights ?
What is the history of the necktie?
do u think these are cute?
website or local store with cheap 3/4 sleeves shirt for men.?
How much do you spend at victorias secret?
whats your favorite clothing store?
why don`t you guys like this short :(?
Is Simply Saline nasal mist good to clean my nipple piercings with?
question about perfumes......?
what do you wear to get baptised?
Where can i get ed hardy sweat pants and there cute ugg boots?
Pleeeease have a look,what do u think about these wigs,I dont know which one to choose!!?
Is it a foot fetish to ware Ugg boots with bare feet?
Where can you buy Chanel key chains?
Difference between a frat hat and trucker hat?
where can i get skinny jeans with neon colors and shutter shades?
what is the cooolest thing anyone did all day?
Opinions of this dress from Asos, please?
How do you get a ink spot out on a casimere sweater?
Everyone thiks im rich ( no negative answers plz) ?
Where is a god place for teen girls to find clothes if they are skinny?
How to be a prep-Can someone help me?
do i look ok?
What do you think of this outfit idea?
Eh, I need an outfit, 10 points for best one :D Help?
Which Prom Dress is Best? (Pics)?
Who knew that asking about Old Navy would cause such a ruckus?
What kind of bookbag is this?
What is the best store or brand that is affordable and different?
How much does Marshalls Aztec booties cost?
How to describe this style of hair?
What's yours? FEMALES ONLY!!!?
Characters that involve flowers?
how to be a prep in highschool?
what color bag is the best for Gaynor Minden point shoes?
where do i get jeans???
How can I look pretty in paint clothes?
I cant find my style of clothes?
Help with this skirt...?
Is it bad to re-wear a shirt within a month?
Would you wear this to highschool?
Puma shoes?
good exuses not to go to work?
Where can I find flat prom sandals?
Teen Clothing Catalogs?
How do i dye my hair from dark brown to dark blonde?
why do chavs?
Homecoming help for a freshman?
List some sweet and cool names for a boutique ?
I am a 17 year old male.if i have $1500 to buy a whole wardrobe that isnt too flashy, what do i buy?
Is this official or fake?
Question about body measurements...?
can someone please help me find a dress similar to this one??(:?
Trendy or tacky?
How much is my ring worth?
Why doesn't anyone sell the Birkenstock Papillio Marakesh sandal?
Radio Road?
Do you think these are nice boots?
Is wearing J. Crew gay?
How to tell if air jordans& nike blazers are original?
Where can I find a jacket just like this one?
Wear is a good but cheap men's jewelry store in scottsdale az?
Is wearing baggy cargo pants a flaw for a guys fashion?
what are some good magazines about men's fashion?
What is the best clothing store ever!?
what sleeping attire do you mostly sleep in? i am a wife and mom.?
any tips on how to make thigh hi stockings stay up?
Will skinny jeans still be in for the school year?
Could there be a barber shop, beauty salon, or beaty supply that will hire me at 14 in Atlanta, Georgia.?
What should I pack for a week in hawaii and one in florida?
Has Primark got an online shop? if so what's the web address?
Which Dress do you like best ? ? ? ?
I'm looking to have a makeover done pretty soon, what look and style would work for my good looks?
Why are there white streaks on the side of my shirt?
how much is it to get the industrial bar done (in my ear)?
How much are the Mulberry bags in the Bicester outlet store?
Selena Quintanilla Clothing line?
Are cardigans in again and where can I find one that isn't too expensive?
I have a pair of cheerleaders boots (same as in photo) will they be OK for regular streetwear?
Which Adidas Perfumes is Best for a 19-21 years Old Guy ?
How many pairs of jordans you got?
dakota ugg's question about the bow untying?
should i give into the temptation to cross dress?
Should I buy a jacket for winter or go without one?
How old do I look?
Who would ever purchase a replica Gucci purse?!?
What is a cute top to go with these boots?
Can you dye a prom dress with beading?
where to find very small juniors jeans?
Help! Vote for my entry, please..?
Help! Feedback on image consultancy needed!?
Where can I buy Heely`s Shoes?
Which of these Calvin Klein Shirts is nicer?
Jeans help!?
Where can you get Pauls Boutique Doctors bag in black?
Where to buy John Cena back pack & sneakers?
How Hot and Sexy Is This Guy?
Does anyone know where to buy a cheap beatles t shirt?
How can i make myself over and how can i keep the look?
Looking for a dress.........?
Do u like my avatar? check my 360 2 c all of it.?
Do u think I can pull this off?
How can I make a skirt like this?
How do the AEREWARD$ Cards work?
Where, besides Macy's, can I get Green Dog clothes?
where can i find a red....?
Which celebrity do you think I look like?
Is this dress cute??!? your opinion please!?
Where can I find Gold Jeremy Scott sneakers in new York ?
Do you think my feet are big for my size and age?
I know everyone is asking this but what should I wear on New Years Eve?
where can i buy big hair bows besides american apparel?
are these jeans cute?(pic included)?
Watch got wet and has slowed down?
What to wear?? Please help me!?
Please explain ??
Can I Make You An Outfit On Polyvore?
What do you keep in your handbag?
why do goths dress the way that they do? is it because of the music or is there a statment?
DIY Halloween costume ideas?
Which dress is the best...?
where can I find Coach handbags in Montreal?
would these look okay to splatter bleach and make into 'mermaid shorts'?
Could someone please tell me if it's possible to remove bubble gum off of clothing?!?
are jordans still in style?
whats a good website for clubbin clothes thats cheap?
im looking for a website that you know when you do fashion designs how they have the little dolls you can use?
Are gladiator sandals still in ?
What to use for navel piercing?
Where can i get a leather jacket (for a girl and can be fake) in Chesapeake, Va (Or a store like walmart)?
Which one for back to school? Pics!
Cross country fashion advice please?
Could I model clothes?
What to wear to the clothes show 2012?
Do you think this is a good signature?
What age is it right to shop at Victoria Secret's??
where can i get this shirt?! 10 points!!?
How do I be gangsta? (Dress, act, etc.)?
Can i wear floral tights to school?
What kinds of Footwear goes great with skinny jeans?
HELP - Casual School Dance?
What type of glasses does taylor swift wear?
I need to find jeans....?
make outfits please....using THESE items...thx!?
What should I wear to my 8th grade dance?
Do I look good in skinny jeans?
Does anybody know where I could buy or get made this Robbie Williams outfit in the UK?
High End Designer brands?
too skinny ? ugly ? help me?
Survey (for men): what kind of shoes go best with jeans..?
What is a bathrobe dress? Does it resemble a wrap dress? What body type does the bathrobe dress flatter?
What kind/color of dress would look best on me?
Where can I buy Giambattista Valli shoes in the UK?
can a 15year old kid wear colored contact lenses?
QUICK!!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK of this comforter???????????????????????????????…
What do you think about these dresses? Which color looks the best?
How do I turn into a girly girl?
do you wear high heels to school?
Need help, what would you think would be the perfect outfit? With beads? With Sandals? HELP!!!!!!!!!?
what should i wear??????????
did the kobe 7 invisibility cloaks release this morning?
Where can I find a cute quinceanera doll?
Do you thing these sandals are pretty?
Ways to look cute as a cashier?
what is the average cost to get your nose pierced?
girls, what do you think of earrings like this on a guy?
Where can I find a dress similar to this? (link included)?
I forgot to wear a bra today!?!?
What size shoe do you wear?
Do u think crayons smell good?
do u think she is spolied?
Where can I buy sew on patches?
What hollister looks hoodie looks hotter?
i want to look preppy?
Choose your favourite shirt?
Girls Only: What is your opinion on guys dying their hair?
What size in Italian measurements is a woman's coat if the tag is USA size 10? Thanks :-)?
Dr Maten retailers in the south shore of massachusetts?
Is this a pretty dress to wear at a school dance???My friend made this dress...Is it pretty?
French Knickers, Thong or G-String?
What is your favorite perfume?
Where can I get this top?
do you like these jeans?
a question to fashion conscious people?
which dress do you like better?
if you judge people by first impression or looks and don't even know their personality then is it wrong?
Does it affect you knowing that primark clothes are made by young children for small money ?
Are these Dresses are to Slutty for a 16 y/o...My Mom thinks so :S?
Where is a good place to find a teenage semi-formal dress?
$125 for a gold necklace, 10k.. Good deal?
Do you believe in always in "always looking your best"?
What shod i be for halloween?
Girls...why did you put on the particular pair of panties you did today?
Do i seriously have a problem?
Trick to getting pierced earrings in?
Where can i fing plain sketches of people to draw clothes on?
Do you care if your clothes are name brand or say, Walmart brand?
How Do I Clean My Nike Shox?
where online can i find good vintage wedding dresses?
chinese clothes sizes...?