Dressup my boyfriend for Halloween?
Chestnut or Grey Uggs?
Which dress is best for my 8th grade graduation?
Could these be worn with socks?
A trustful site that i could order jordan sneakers like for example is one?
Loose stones bought from GemSelect, can anyone suggest a good custom jeweler to set them in?
Is this bikini too babish?
Who Wants Me To Make Them An Outfit?
UK Clothing Store: TopShop?
What to wear with a baggy jumper?
I am attending a business training conference and the dress code is "business casual", what should I wear?
What do you think of this outfit?
What were bell bottoms originally called?
Which purse is more cute?
What's your favorite brand?
What should i dress up as for the school dance?
can a guy wear this jacket?
help?fashion experts maybe?
What should every 12 year old girl have oin her closet?
what color shirt should I wear with these jeans?
i have disco coming up and i want to go with a boy but i don't know who?
Can a graphic designer enter into fashion designing field ?
What is the most effective way to get my jeans tailored?
Is this Jacket too long?
Is this outfit incredibly ugly?
What color goes with teal?
Wedding dress help!!!!!?
why do girls like wear thongs so much?
Guys or Girls?
14 year old outfitting question?
Outfit ideas please, bonfire night gathering?
which outfit is better for a sschool dance ?
what type of shoes are sold at the nike factory store at gunwarf keys?
What is a significant historical or cultural event that has influenced fashion for 2012?
Is this shirt worth buying?
which color of these shoes r the cutest(pics included!) pick 1 color?
Where can I find clothes similar to Urban Outfitters, but less expensive?
CHEAP online clothing stores in the UK?
Where i can find this backpack? Floral print with gold zipper?
girls do u like to see boys in briefs?
black nail varnish,yes or no?
Should I get this jumper or would it clash with my hair?
Where can I buy this hooded plaid jacket?
What ring size am I???
what is the best steel toe work boots?
What can i wear with zebra print heels ?
Which is the better shoe:uggs vs converse :)?
which shirt do you like better?
What are good winter boots?
do you like this jacket? [easy 2 points!]?
Do you like this dress?
Looking for a place to buy Dippin Dots that is...?
what is the address for that clothing store Debb, its in the mall, plzz tell me?!?
Cheap fashion jewelry online?
hey what is h1b?
Would you rather be short or tall if you got to choose?
should i buy this???
What do you like better Abercrombie or Hollister?
What 4 words do you think of when you hear the word 'GOTH'?
slutty shoes?
What Should I Do About My Glasses?
can you steal bathing suits and hair products from walmart?
Anyone have an ugly bridesmaid's dress from 1980's?
My one-year anniversary is coming up and I have no idea what to wear!?
plz people dont and i repeat DON'T come here lol ok plz come here plz oh plz?
Where can you buy cute pillows like the ones from PB Teen?
Ebay dress sizing doesnt match?
What is ok to wear with purple uggs?
are nose piercings trashy or cute?
I'm 18 and want a new cologne. acqua di gio vs leau d'issey?
Do you remember madras shirts?
If it is 62 degrees out should i wear uggs or toms?
What colour top and shoes go with bright purple chinos?
Are these outfits slutty to you?
Girls do I look cute in this photo?
women socks black or white?
do girls like guys who arent gay..but dress in skinny jeans/emo/punk style?
Do you love pantyhose?
how old do u have 2 b 2 shop @ Victoria's Secret?? plz answer!! ;] ☺ ☻ ♥ thx & luv ya -xoxoxoxoxo?
I want a certain pair of boots.?
How to Apply job in Louis Vuitton store, Malaysia?
First day of school outfit? what do you think...?
What should a teenage guy wear with black skinny jeans?
What (gold) bracelet is this?! Please help!!!!!!?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
What types of jeans are there?
What do you think of me????
What kind of flower should i wear for this lovely dress?
Why does my Canada Goose fur smell bad when it's wet?
Do I have to spend many dollars to buy expensive designer sunglasses or I can get same effect from cheap one?
In your own words whats in style now ?
would tying a scarf over your knee look good?
I need help with an outfit?
what are some cool designs for bracelets?
who is the designer of the Princess Diaries Red ball gown ?
What color/type of dress should I get for 8th grade graduatin dance?
What's better, short or long skirts?
If blue jeans are black, are they still blue jeans?
Would this be ok to wear to a wedding?
how can i put holes in my jeans .?
What do you think of this bag?
Should I Get a Book bag like him?
What is IN for Fall Trends?
What kind of sunglasses are in the new faber drive video "give him up'?
Everyone whats your shoe size and the smallest foot u seen a person have?
What is your favorite color if you find someone who has the exact same taste as you then your a match!?
i'm going to a quinceanera tomorrow?
should i match my jean jacket and jeans?
Who thinks this outfit is cute?
Who's Sexier..What's Your Type?
Boxer Briefs! Which brand to get?
how long will this be?
How much money is a Lululemon remix hoodie? In Ontario?
Is this a good school outfit?
do you think im spoiled if i ask for this?
Reasonably priced hiking boots which also look cool (not geeky) ?
Where can i find 'The Body Shop' products in Ahmedabad?
wat is best outfit that suits for chubby ladies?
Is it ok for guys to wear girls clothes?
Where can i find these shoes?
what socks r u wearing??
Does Abercrombie & Fitch hire asian people?
Is it ok to have loose ripped jeans?
What should I wear to the 6th grade dance??
can you wear black shorts with a red top and black boots?
am i weird or strange?
Is AA a very small cup size for a bra?
Super Dollfie Clothes help?
Why don't I have many friends?
Is this an okay dress to wear to a wedding?
anyone know a mail order mens clothing company that sells cool clothes u cant find at your avg store?
Favorite Store to shop at?
Which metal is better for a ring? Sterling silver or stainless steel?
I need a sweatband that says sexy on it...?
Is this a cute dress for spring?
Will high heels make me look ridiculous?
Where is this dress from? Please help!!!?
What are some good songs for a fashion show?
skinny jeans....?
What is the best place to get fashion advice online?
What the latest fashion bracelets trending these days for Men?
Would ugg boots look good on a guy?
When you put an item on hold in a clothing store, how long can you keep it on hold for?
i have three prom dresses that i only wore once, where could i sell these?
Which prom dress do you prefer ?
Should I let him..........?
What would be the ideal bedroom fantasy outfit for your lover?
Which Converses should I get?
Is it ok to wear a dark brown shirt with a tie under a black suit? What color should the tie be?
Stussy sent me the wrong item?
if yuo like a girl and she likes you and then all of a sudden she doesnt like you anymore what do i do?
convert my jeans size to european size?
have you ever heard KHAMSIN brand women's boots&clothes.I need to find the original store or online shop? THx?
Today's fashion industry.. is it necessary?
Is this an ugly or cute outfit?
Should girls get eyebrow piercings?
Is this outfit okay for my first day at school?
Can you help me in deciding??:-)?
Is this coat too expensive?
ARe you a shoe ho?
Does anybody learn anything stylish from white people except carrying a bagpack and drinking from a bottle?
do you like these shoes or no?
Does vans skatepark sell merchandise?
do you like this dress?
I want a handbag which have hand stitched handles, removable shoulder strap?
what do you like wearing most?
girls, could you rank these jeans from hottest/indiest to worst?
Will this shirt look stupid?
Where to find everyday clothes for very tall women?
Men matching trousers to shoes and socks?
cheap volcom, roxy, billabong, oniel store or website? where?
what are your favourtie brand of jeans?;?
What do u think of this halloween costume?
where can i find jeans likethese?
removing my earrings?
where can I find a nice sterling silver / Gold plated Rosary chain to wear thats not cheap light plastic?
Alright, prom dress or pink?
Girls,do you like this style for guys?(10 points)?
Do you think a short pixie cut would suit my face? Pictures included? Pwweeease answer?
where is the cheapest place to buy toms?
What is your favorite brand of clothing and how old are you?
Is it more common for a girl to wear yoga pants with or without underwear?
Duck & Cover jean fits between straight, low loose, and easy fit styles?
Girls only!!!!!!!!?
Is is okay to wear a black dress to the races?
make my friend an outfit please?
what do you think of these high heels?
What one thing from the past would you like to see back in style?
What do teenage girls carry in their purse??
7th-8th Halloween dance:Don't know what to wear!?
Swim Suit size at Victoria's secret?
Fashionable Websites?
FYS Shirt. Where can I buy it?
Where can I find this tuxedo jacket?
HELP!! pretty please!!! just pick your favorite!!!! =]?
What to wear with these knee high boots?
What are other good mens clothing brands like armani?
I am trying to find a safe place online to buy a claddagh ring. Do anyone know a websit that's safe?
Do these wedges go with white skinny jeans?
What's your favorite? Red or Pink?
Wut color do you hate?
where can I find wifebeaters for females? (men's don't fit)?
Ladies: What do you keep in your purse?
How to pack shoes going through the post?
great clothes stores for teens !!!!!?
Does this outfit look fine?
what colour looks good with lilac?
Is it normal for a girl to check out guy's butts?
Its my 18th birthday party in 3 weeks, need good sites for a dress UK only!?
Fashionable women only - White pants????
Are the blue lenses for oakley sunglasses bad for your eyes?
Where do you buy button up shirt with buttons in back?
What year did American Eagle outfitters start?
would you ever buy or wear a fur coat?
What's it like to work at brandy melville?
a cowboy?????????????????????
I want to have some clothing made but I don't know how to go about and what to buy, please Help!?
Can you wear ruby red heels with a black dress..?
help me find this outfit? [cheap]?
where can you buy childrens clothes with larger waist?
I have to wear pantyhose to keep the swelling down in my legs, what brand and kind is best? i'm 6'2"/300 lbs!
can i make straight jeans into boot cut jeans?
What are the fall trends in clothes and accesories for 2006?
Dressing Me Up In Girls Clothes?
Where's a good place to get nice looking guy's hoodies? And if you can, can you provide a link or a picture
which is better for men in hot weather sandals or slippers ?
Which hoodie do you like better?
Should I model? Is this ideal?
Does anybody know any fashion-based songs?
would you wear this hoodie?
Which North Face(s) are made of soft fleece material?
shape up figure with the help of silicon pads?
what colour goes with red?
will this make me emo???
do you like these shoes for a almost 14 year old?
What shoe looks better to you?
What should a guy wear to the club...its so cold out!?
where to buy cheap jersey?
Whats In For The Male Winter Fashion this Season?
Delias interview ! helpp on outfit!?
I dont dress good(im a boy)?
Where to buy a rock paper scissors crewneck in southern California?
Long red dress for homecoming?
do you like this outfit?
Is it trampy or sexy to show your thong when wearing jeans?
Why are popular brand clothing so expensive?
GIRLS: Do you like it when a guys jeans fit his butt?
can anyone find Asics Men's Budokan in white and black, white the main color, for 60$ or under?
What do you think of these jeans?
Which sweater do you like better?
Replica Sunglasses Store Near Orange County area???
what to wear to a summer wedding?
What are YOUR thoughts in mind when it comes to brand names, such as Hollister and Abercrombie?
do you know where i can buy this bag cheap in the UK?
How do I remove a bump behind my ear from where it was pierced and the hole healed?
just wondering?
What type of metal do forever 21 earrings have?
which color hoodie do you like?
Hollister and or Abercrombie and Fitch playlist 2010 ?
Any one know where I can find a really cool masqerade costume I need it by next week for my employee party.?
Where can I find this headband?
Can You Get Boots To Cease Being Squeaky?
Have you played with the custom NIKE feature at Did you buy them?
Which shoe is better? Bear paw or uggs?
How do Baby Phat jeans fit?
Very Easy Two Points!!!!!! Please Read!!!?
What won't u leave the house without.....well...Me.... it would be my Handbag with all the goodies inside?
QUICK help me choose between theese two tops plz.!?
Where can I get cute/different things?
What's your opinion on leather jackets?
Does wearing revealing clothes make me look slutty?
which one is cuter? please answer?
how is the greenville store rated?
Would you buy this bag for school?
Which of these eighth grade formal dresses do you like better? I need your opinion, PLEASE! :]?
are these goggles steampunk?
Which looks better, without glasses or with glasses or both?
I want to be a Fashion designer but im not very good at drawing people. Can I have a link for a female body.?
do long shorts look good on short girls?
would this be possible?
girls please answer!!!?
Wet to dry straightning Iron?
what should i name my clothing store?
What do you think of these shoes? Are they cute??
How much are North Face jackets, and where can I buy one?
is this a cute first day of school outfit?
how much would you pay for one of these? (pics)?
Is This Dress Cute!!!?
How to dress for a starbucks interview?
enrique iglasius????
Which Sunglass is the coolest?
alice in wonderland costume help, please?
How can I pierce my own ears?
Plain, cheap hoodies?
a good FEMALE celebrity/model?
What do you think about Supras for girls?
how to become a girly prep?
How big will my shoes get if i freeze stretch them?
Kinda embarrassed but....can you tell me if? (girls pls)?
Girls, would you wear these heels clubbing!?
Rate this outfit please!!!?
Using a Macy's credit card to buy a louis vuitton bag?
GIRLS, present for my girlfriend?
what is it called when guys.........?
"Whale Tail" - is it unladylike?
should i wear this on the first day of school?
do you think it would be too hard for me to make this dress?
Can somebody please tell me where I can get a pair of those sunglasses like the ones Howard wears.?
Hey I need to put together an outfit for a modelling agency?
How do you remove white-out from clothing?
Clothes from Cyberbully movie?
Who's goin to "The Clothes Show " this year?
What color in this Sweater is cuter?
What should I wear tomorrow? =O?
<3 what clothes do people wear at your school that you consider slutty?
What do Yall think about earrings on Men?
Girls have u seen a dress like this!?
i have fat under my boobs and its ruining the look of my outfit... how to disguise it?
best skinny jeans at still affordable price?
Contacts or Glasses?
Should I get this swimsuit? (Pic included)?
Where can I get this black shrug and necklace?
report card...all B's?
ladies whats the one thing you have to carry in your purse?
Victoria's Secret...?
Victoria's secret PINK jacket or leather jacket from EXPRESS?
Where can i buy a anderson silva spider knows nike shirt?
Good rocker clothes for teens?
Needs help shopping ?
Having a Candy party. what to wear?
Where can i find ultra glossy pantyhose/tights?
Do these shoes look khute??
skinny jeans......??
Whats a website to order super sexy club dresses?
If am wearing winter white from head to toe, what color shoes??
underwear advice/help needed?
Converse ... cute or too childish?
haw preatty are you people?
Are leather Fendi handbags treated with a protectant?
Is this ...ok for a party:)?
is this outfit cute?
Where's the best place to get a swimming suit?
What kind of clothes go well with big designer sunglasses, and man jewelery?
I LOVE BRANDS! can you help me?
Is it appropriate to wear black jeans to a funeral?
19th Century Fashion Designers ?
How do you fit-in in college, yet remain yourself at the same time?
best sneakers ever?
is this a cute dress?
My girlfriends birthday is July 5th. Did I spend too much on her present?
what color shirt are you wearing?
Info on training corsets?
do you like this?
Which dress should I buy!!?
Is this dress and heels appropriate for clubbing?
Did you go shopping today for black Friday?
Which Victoria's triangle swim top gives the best pushup effect?
Ladies, do you like this belt for guys?
where can i get some good skater shoes for cheap?
which outfit for school?
Where can I buy a pair of skinny jeans?
What does the xxx mean in shoe sizes?
Which is a better gift for an anniversary?
What shall I do with my ear piercing?
Where is a good place to buy jeans?
what color shoes do i wear with a purple dress?
halloween costumes...i need suggestions??? im a boy?
What can I get my mother for Mother's Day?
how do i tie up a vlados spectros 3 low tops?
Is this an ugly shirt?
how much are fuzzy nation hand bags worth?
Cheap formal dresses?
How much would you have to weigh to fit into a mens 28 jeans?
Mens Clothing ideas ?
Umbrellas: Ladies, do/did you have a favourite? Do you remember your first one?
What Shoes Should I Get For Winter?
what's it like working for topshop?
Long, thin symbols? Maybe a tribal print? Anything? Help me out?
Dying Nike Elite Socks?
where do i shop for size zero clothing in chennai?
how much would it cost to have all these clothes altered?
What Should I wear?! Pick an outfit!!?
I need help finding 7 gothic outfits?
gray or black tights with this dress?
Polyvore? First Ten People To Answer I Will Make An Outfit For.?
where to get cheaper Troll Beads?
Do teenagers wear toe rings ?
If a ring has 9 diamonds and the ctw is 0.27?
Who designs this wedding dress?
are these ugly?
Where can I buy this top online?
Nothing will add to my tommy hilfiger cart!?
What do you think of these shoes (easy .s)?
Please pick the color!?
What does every girl need in her closet?
What's your favorite clothing store?
Help me pick my Dooney & Bourke?
Where can I buy skinny jeans?
do you like my outfit?
Shrink my TOMS shoes?
looking for a designer to design a product for me.?
My girl friend wears size 5 in most women's shoes, but converse does not make it. what kid's size will fit her?
Question about my ring!?
What's a good brand of hat?
are these cute? thanks?
does this picture look stupid ?
Best brand of tennis shoes for school?
Do you think wearing a see through shirt is slutty?
Which outfit is best for back-to-school?
how to make sandals more feminine?
What should I wear to these events?
Fashion Advice for Black Skinny jeans?
What do you think of me?//////?
What to wear with a black scarf?
Were can I buy a necklace that wont turn black after using it?
Undecided about sizing.?
What are your fave screen tee sayings?
Wanna an outfit? I'll make you one! :-)?
do you think this is a nice outfit?
Converse stores?
what top will go with 3/4 Jeans and trainers?
Where can I get cheap band T-shirts?
How could I dress this sweater?
Would i look gay in these?
Do Black and Navy go together?
Where to buy vintage-inspired grad/prom dresses?
Backless mules?
Do you like these bikinis? (Pics included) Rate please?
Does anyone realy understand?
do u kno any good sites on the internet what r they?
What are your favorite perfumes?
Should I keep these jeans?
should i be wearing skinny jeans>?
Wearing my homeoming dress to a choir concert?
Buying Something Online and Returning do they pay back my shipping money?
Could I be a model...?
what is the worst fashion mistake a women can make?
wat shuld i wear the first day of school?
Back to school clothes?
what are good colors to wear in a family picture besides white shirts and jeans?
Suggest me some one piece dresses with keens length.?
how big is 45d boobs?
Where can I get purple skinny jeans?
I want to have Jewelry custom made?
Is it weird I still dress in kid's clothes?
POLL: How important are labels/brands to you?
what do you think of this outfit?
What can i do to my hair? I want the scene look (photo)?
What is Your Fashion OBSESSION of the moment?
Can anyone find me a dress?
Which bikini should i get?
High heeled flip flops, what place sells them with really high heels?
are dolce & gabbana sunglasses gay?
fill in the blank:: polka dots are _____?
Has anyone worked with InterFace Talent Network? Are they a genuine talent agency?
Are Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters owned by the same parent company?
a beanie? or a hat for my hair?
Are Converse All stars only worn by the "In Crowd"??
Good, bad, ugly? Be honest about this suit.?
What's a good backpack for 9th grade? Suggestions please?
What's a stylist ?
give me ideas?
cant decide if i like doc marten style boots-opinions?
What colour and type of underwear are you wearing right now?
How can I find an old t-shirt design purchased from Pac-Sun around 2001?
Are the lenses on 9five eyewear completely black?
What colour heels to wear with this dress? (Link in description)?
where can i find Dr.Martens stores in manila?
which outfit do u think is cuter? (links included)?
who likes hollister i like hollister :) :) :)?
Ladies: Are thongs really comfortable??
What to wear on a Color Me Rad 5K?
Where can i get this shirt?
cry baby cry for who is this song?
When will American Eagle have its next sale?
My mom wants a juicycooter bag. What should I buy?
What do you think to this dress?
how should a guy dress in your oppion? (girls only)?
[Girls Only] WHat do you think of these clothes?
What do you think i should wear with this?
What to wear with this necklace?
cute shoes for school!
Which prom dress?
Do tube tops look okay on skinny people??
does ur mom let u wear short skirts/shorts?
What are teens whereing nowadays ?
i cant decdide about uggs?
What is attractive for a picture of a man on tumblr? Skinny?
How have the American media influence the fashion trends in Singapore?
do you think the jeans are cute ????
Should I Wear This To Her Party (READ DESCRIPTION!)?
Relic: is this a good brand name? info plz?
Fashionable Outfits For School?
My cousin is starting high school and she doesnt want to carry around a backpack is this good enough?
Should I dye my hair? (pic)?
Is this prom dress slutty? Girls Only Please?
Where to get some inexpensive sweatpants/ sweatcapris ?
Where can I buy this jacket?
are dimples cute??
why do girls dress super sexy with tight clothes when they go to the gym?
Do you like flip flops?
what are you wearing for the first day of school?
Should I buy skinny pants?
LADIES: High Heels - what's the best way to walk in them?
Do they sell 'Girlfriend' Justin Bieber's fragrance in New Zealand?
What is the difference between expensive clothes and moderately expensive?
How do you find the size on a Men's Burberry Coat?
Is this a cute outfit? (pictures)?
where can i buy cheap clothes off the internet with free delivery?
J. Ferrar suit jackets machine washable?
from these three costumes which would u choose a fluffy pink cat a sexy pirate or a heartful angel?
I don't like tight shirts?
does anyone know a nice-looking, good brand for men's wristwatches?
for people familiar with designers: where can i get this sweater?!?
Should we all go back to wearing hats like our grandparents before The War?
Anybody know anything about black pearl necklaces?
Girls: should guys sag their jeans?
What's the animal highest on the food chain that you'd kill for a mock turtleneck?
I need help looking for a dress?
How do AmericanEagle hoodie sizes compare with Aeropostale?
EARRING question for those with gauged holes?
honestly, which dress do you like better?
Is This A Good P.E Outfit??????????
i need good 60's designs and info.?
When you buy underwears from stores, should you wash it first or just go ahead and wear it?
I am making a "Drink Me" vial necklace, need suggestions?
do you think wearing fashion scarves..?
how many shoes do you own?
Where does "Old Navy" get all of the old trucks that are in their clothing stores?
Why hasn't the modelling agency called me back?
guys!! do u think about sex 24 hours a day even at school?
is this fake????????
Which store has cuter jewelry?
How much does Marshalls Aztec booties cost?
What do you think of this dress??
women, which are the best tights for?
can you give me good site for prom /dance dresses it would really help? preferebly black and pink strapless?
Guys what kind of underwear do you prefer for your partner? What type and what color is sexy?
Can a hoodie meant for men fit a "medium" sized girl?
Do you like my hat????
Teen Clothing Stores?
50's fashion ideas?
Where can you buy Nike Yeezy 2?
do they make clear bape shoes???
is this a cute outfit for a wedding?
What to wear for 70's / 80's day ??????? any help ?
Please can you fill in this questionnaire!!..thank you!!?
Where to get Santa Clause outfit?
business & beauty style?
Are converse the shoes in this photo?
Where could I find these type of button up shirts?
I need to find a dress! can someone help me?
Help me find a Rockabilly/Vintage style prom/ball dress?
Where can I buy One Direction wristbands or badges in Singapore? (shops)?
Girls, do you shave your arm hair? I Need a photo of a shaved arm?
What is the style in sixth grade?
how to make the way i clothe more feminine?
I need some advice on spiral perms.?
clothing stores please please help.?
How much money would you spend on a pair of jeans?
Where is a good place to wear a smoking jacket?
I Need Rain Boots!!!!!!?
which pants for my groom?
Which wedding dress do you like best?
Is this dress pretty?
Chuck Bass Scarf 2009 J press 250$?
Girls only, what prom dress would go good with this face?
Is £18,100.89 alot at 21 years old? in saving at 21 years old?
Does anyone know a website where I can buy rosary locket centerpieces that are silver plated?
Is 6ft too tall to become a Model? ( Im Female )?
How to shrink a 50-50 preshrunk sweatshirt?
at what size should people stop wearing mini skirts?
Need help sizing a pair of boots with no size tag to sell on ebay? Please help!?
Which leggings would you wear in public on a regular basis?
what should a 20 year old women wear to a wedding>?
Where can I find online size 18W shorts?
Some one help me to find a a-line wedding dresses!!!a white one!?
Where can I buy this ring from? Pink dice rings?
My mum's going to the USA & is going to buy me some jeans but I don't know any American brands to ask for!!
What to wear on sprit day?
I'm 5ft 7.. is this too tall for heels?
Girls--are you good at walking in heels?
What colour belt should I get?
Okay dress for school formal?
How the hell do ya wear stilletos?
what's your favorite store?
We have a Babie , with a U.K. cheerleader outfit , any value ?
Should i put this name on the back of my t shirt?
What color dress should I wear if prom colors are burgandy and peach?
if you get a job at at abercrombie?do you have to stand the whole day on ur feet ,i mean at the kashir's desk?
A question for fashion buffs out there: is it ok to wear a checked shirt on a pin stripe pant?
How do I hem a dress that is 92% rayon 8% spandex?
Does this look like a dress?
School survey question?
where can I find a Fallen purple and black striped zip-up hoodie?
What to wear? (tomboy girl-formal occasion)?
what should i take in my purse to school?
These jeans are unisex arent they?
Anyone know where to buy a diamond g-shock in the UK?
How to compress/shrink my afro wig (preferably without cutting it)?
nike or adidas?
What kind of shoes should I buy?
Is this hoddie cute or not help please?
How do you walk in high heels?
do you like this outfit?
Is this look to mature for my age and the way I look?
Tennis - skirt or shorts?
outfits anyone?
help on spray painting my clothes..?
Decorating my own dress? Need help finding a cheap one online. Easy points!?
Is there a list of victorian stores that stock Mr K dresses??
Would you wear a shirt that says...?
where can I get Vans "Lacey Chex" shoes?
HELP ME if you do you'll be best answer?
Where is Mya's Fashion Wear in Oak Ridge TN? Or does Mya's Fashion Wear have a site?
What do girls think about men in pink shirts?
Is this too casual for a homecoming dress?
ok. does anyone know were i can get this style blazer, only cheaper?
does layering tee shirts look stupid?????
what dress do you like better for homecoming 10th grade
What color of braces would look good on a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes?
Where can I find Nikki Reed's (Rosalie hale's) shoes fro the twilight movie?
Okay major need of ideas.?
Were could i find a uk size 5 in these shoes Nike SB | Blazer Low SB?
Is there a Dr. Martens store in Covent Garden in London?
Is this hoody okay for a girl?
Would Any of You Pay $16,000 For A Purse?
Which vera Bradley pattern is better?
okay I need help choosing......(pics)?
Abercrombie and Fitch or Holister?
Girls only. Do you think a belly button piercing looks okay on a guy?
I've got new ear piercing yesterday..and i've got some questions help?
Are These Real Jordans?
8th grade graduation dress!!!! PLEASE HELP!?!?
Jacket like Aria from Pretty Little Liars?
Do guys like girls who are really thin or that have curves but not fat(athletic)?
I am looking online for womens dress shoes in size 5.5 extra wide or 6 wide.?
How to stop wearing down my soles so quickly?
Girls, would you wear Baby Phat stuff?
Is it possible to shrink a 5o% polyester adult extra large sweatshirt?
How do I stop my fine white gold chain from twisting and kinking?
Why do people always make fun of the way I dress?
How to make oversize shirts look cute?
How can I dress for a colder climate?
What time is it where u live?
What do you think would be an appropriate age for...?
is it wierd to make your own t-shirts at age 14?
What would be a good outfitt?
questions about corsets/bustiers! HELP PLEASE?
What do you think of these dresses I designed?
Is this a cute outfit?
Has anyone got any promotional codes for
I am unable to access the website, any suggestions?
♥which swimsuit would be best for me?♥ (u can get 5 point for the best answer)?
Where can I find these?
make 5 outfits please?
where can i buy so punk necklaces?
are these capris cute?
Just got some new Steve Madden booties- what outfits would be cute with them?
Is this an ugly dress?
is it sexy to wear oversized sunnies or not?
Do you like wearing high Heels?
What the heck is considered a smooth sole on shoes?
wear to school tomorrow and my girlfriends house?
good outfit to wear to a park with a guy i like?
Will stockings stay up without the garter straps?
where is the best place to buy a nice tankini online in the uk?
Ladies, what is your favorite piece of lingerie or fantasy outfit? I want to try something new?
do you like these slippers?
HELP: Do my glasses look nerdy? (pics included)?
Should I or should i not? (nose ring)?
Am I very skinny or skinny?
What is the difference between 30 dollar jeans and 300 dollar jeans?
Does my nose ring look o.k [picture]?
Which Outfit Looks Best? (PICS)?
How long do you wait to wear something again?
what colours are in now a days specially in summer?
any good dresses for 13 year old?
where can u buy polo shirts?
help finding high heel shoes to buy?
problems with bra size?
Suede Boot Protector?
Where Can I Buy Skinny Jeans with a Slight Flare??
Where can you find really cute bras for teens?
how many months for a new no stank you shirt?
are uggs still in fashion and where do you buy them ?
Make me an outfit with these shoes?
Chucks (Converse) Sizing?
Do you like this outfit for back to school?
Good Sites to buy body jewelry?
what do you think of this dress??
How to make school uniform look nicer?
Which one :) [fun poll]?
the product name of this forever21 jeans?
Which watch is better looking?
What size in Italian measurements is a woman's coat if the tag is USA size 10? Thanks :-)?
Where can I get a pair of pink skinny jeans?
what ankle does one wear an ankle bracelet on and why?
What to wear with my new gloves?
Do all Nike shoes fit the same?
Trying to find green plaid gatsby/news boy hat?
does anybody know where i can buy a bape or bbc hoody 4 cheap?but still real?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
Where can i find a Black Leather Jersey Jacket?
whenever i look at a pretty girl, y does my heartbeat goes so fast?
Do you think Abercrombie and Fitch is overpriced?
Where can I find the actual website for Manolo Blahniks shoes to purchase?
How can I pull off tights?
Do you think this would be a cool t-shirt idea?
could i pull of skinny jeans?
Where is the best place to buy a fake "grill" to look like Flava Flav's?
How do I get blood out of a white shirt?
Is this tacky (EASY 10 points)?
[Do you like this outfit] ANSWER♥ [easy, easy 2 points]!!!?
What celeb do i most loook like?
Fashion: Long thin black.......?
What do you buy for the girl who has everything?
what top should i wear with my topshop american flag shorts?
does fabric paint work on denim?
where to get cheap genuine womens 6inch premium timberlands?
WHATS the big deal about fur?
Is it ok to wear pink panties, with a pink bra, with a white skirt and blouse?
what are ur opinions on white contacts?
How many Dirhams do a Claire's Nerd Glasses cost …?
Anyone know where I can find this?
I want to design my own clothes?
How do I cut a t shirt like this?
where is a good place to get my ear pierced?
What colour converse?
where to find some cool graphic t-shirts?
Purse with logo of CC over OO, polka dot interior?
GIRLS I need your fashion advice!?
what to wear?
hey girls and you like micro minis?
I need a unique name for my store?
Im going to a One Direction concert. what should I wear, shoes, accesories, makeup, everything!!?
Where online can i buy really cheap, cute knee high socks for girls?
What should i wear with these boots?
Which dress?
Fashion help is boy london gay?
Is this shirt cute?? BEST ANSWER!?
What should i get with my money?:D?
Do i have the looks to be a model?
I'm VERY skinny, where can I find clothes that fit?
what is the website of the manufacture of choco shoes?
what should i wear to a school dance but not a social?
Is This Dress Cute??? ♥?
What is a good pair a footwear that is both casual and dress?
What color shirt should I wear with a dark brown suit?
Will this look tacky?
What should i wear my first day of eigth grade?
Do you like this shirttt??????????
Which outfit is better?? :)?
Why do women try to look taller?
which sweater do you like the best?
what is the best suit for a black man?
Girls: How many buttons do you normally do up on a polo shirt?
Are there any good looking, durable skeleton watches for men for around $300?
Any advice for a more modern gypsy/bohemian/hippie/tribal look?
where can i find the love part of the bible?
Where to buy fake kicks (shoes)?
What kind of shoes sre these?
do you think its dumb to buy a $400 purse?
Is returning things a lot bad?
How do I get her to understand?
What shoes is he wearing?
What kind of underwear can I wear under white capris?
What outfit should I wear to a museum date?
Which wrist watch should I buy? Guess, Fossil, Seiko or Bulova?
comfortable affortable high heels?
Buying Something Online and Returning do they pay back my shipping money?
Will gold vermiel tarnish or turn my skin green if worn every day?
A question for the girls, does this necklace look good?
Do you use a sanitary belt?
What shoes would go great with her outfit?
Which is easier to make: skirt, shorts or waistcoat?
Where can i find this?
What Should I Get Pink Foamposites Or Bred 11?
Do you wear really big earrings?
Where can I buy cute skinny jeans?
´What could i wear with red skinny jeans?
Do modeling agencies provide a place to live for new clients?
What are the best brands/cuts of jeans for a guy with wide hips?
how to wear tie clips with chains?
WHAT should i wear?(pics included)?
do you iron denim pants before wearing?
where can i find a really cheap black coco chanel bag with the two c's on it in white?
I love St. John Knits! How can I sell them on ebay? Where can I get pre-owned pieces? I have many clients.?
im planning to buy Louis Vuitton Watch, i only found, is there other site?
trousers, dress or skirts?
Help! Dance tomorrow!?
Where do they sell cool graphic t-shirts?
So what brand of jeans are good.?
does anyone know where i can buy these from ?? plz?
What in your opinion is the gt to have piece for this season??
How can you tell if the Coach purse is a knock-off?
what to wear with these sandals?
Do you like my Girl's night out outfit?
Which pair of shoes is prettier?
red or blue phone?
Question for the Ladies, How do I tell my girlfriend about this?
ear stretching help?
Jewelry Staple Items?
Any good halloween costumes for an 8th grader who wants to look cute but not slutty?
Helppp I need an answer to a funny question. Is Arizona jeans just as good as Ecko jeans?
Does this type/style of shoe have a particular name?
What do you think of this outfit?
I need a t-shirt sewing pattern that fits like an American Eagle or American Apparel shirt?
should i wear this dress to school tomorrow for my birthday?
Where can I get preppy clothing? (U.K.)?
What do you think of this prom dress? Good or not?
Which outfit should I wear for my first day of high school?
I have some clothing made from recycled plastic bottles that are great. Why don't more manufacturers try this?
Would you wear pink?
question for someone in Oveland Park, KS?
opinions please! urgent!?
Help with hat sizes? please.?
Best clothes to wear with ugg boots?
What colors should i get my braces??
do you think that girls that wear high heels when they go out want to be put on a pedestal?
Has anyone seen the converse in teen vogue?
Does wearing a polo shirt over a polo shirt look nice or does it look gay?
is this a nice style for a guy?
Good wholesale beads?
What kind of dress is this?
What glasses fit an oval face?
Where can I go to sell my engagement/wedding ring?
UGGS cardy pick which1?
Do you like this Megan fox dress?
guys opinion, what do you think of?
high school bookbags/?
Are these heels too fancy or are they cute and sexy?
i want to add gems to my phone case ! DIY?
where to find a Jamaican clothes store?
What do you think of Uggs or the fake Uggs?
I found a web site sell cheap & authentic LV but I cant asure that they sell authentic,can any body help me?
J. Ferrar suit jackets machine washable?
do you like this sweater?
Where can i buy clothes on a 50$ budget?
My goldtone jewelry (costume) has lost its luster.Any suggestions on?
Can you wear a jean jacket with black jeans?
How can I label myself I am a punk-rocker but everyone calls me a goth so what am I?
What do you think of this cardigan?
Dress for decade day?
What is your back to school look?
Which hat do you prefer?
i have to imagine that I am a pair of shoes and write a story about a most memoable experience as the shoe?
does anyone know if there is a store in Chicago that buys wedding dresses?
whats emo?
I draw dresses and I wanted to start selling them how to I get started?
Whats a cool style of clothes?
Where can you buy cheat jordans at?
what brand of shoe should i wear in middle school?
Which type of lingerie is sexy for a grown and sexy party?
Which is Cuter?
Matching a tie with a sweater vest and shirt?
Steve and Berrys?
Can anyone suggest any good designer men's wallets?
Guys- Opinions on girls in beanies?
Back to school outfit?
Looking for clothing, hard to find what I like?
wat name brand do u wear the most?
Is it possible to change the color of the tongue on an Air Jordan Retro 7?
is this swimsuit cute?
What size would I be in miss me jeans?
What kind of bra is this?
What should I wear my new almost knee high minnetonka boots with?
8th grade dance dresses?
Favorite colour nailpolish?
How do I go about getting into modeling?
Ladies, if you could get a Louis Vuitton Speedy Vuitton 25(w/ strap) or Ipad 2 16gb for free what would ya get?
Is it wrong to wear off-white to a wedding?
Do you like Abercrombie or Hollister?
anyone know were to get leopard print clothes?
After taking body measurements, how do these measurements may be applied on a cloth to be cut for a dress or?
What's a good brand of jeans?
What is something that you would never wear?
EASY POLL: Do you wair shutter shades?
What is the impact of Jewelry on both man and woman?
Is it okay to wear brown corduroy pants to a job interview?
A dress similar to this one? Help please?
what to wear on first day of school....and its cold outside?
Where does Taylor Swift get her clothes?
What's your opinion on "Little Black Dresses"?
Are pantyhose (stockings) required at a BlackTie event?
Sizzors for clothing?
Girls wearing ties!!!?
Jealousy over this girl? what should i do?
What are some popular shoes that all the teenage girls wear?
Is Aeropostale considered "preppy"?
How to Convince My Mom That This Shirt is Fine?
How do you change your picture?
clothes size.. clothes size we have .dress sizes ,panty sizes , pants sizes,?
So if i'm a 9 in shoe size, should I get a size bigger or smaller when online shopping?
Is This A Cute Outfit?
Poll: American Eagle or Hollister ?
Anybody ever buy fake/replica Ed hardy tee shirts off the internet?
Suggest me a good Sony Ericsson Phone Under 10K?
What to wear on a long flight?
What is 5'6" considered in height?
What do you think of this outfit idea?
why does there have to be atleast one kid who just hates hollister :(?
How to make a cardigan work in a grungy outfit?
Where can I buy invisible designer clothing?
80s party - male costume, not too difficult. Any ideas?
Help on broken procelain doll look and clothes?
what is better hollsiter or abercrombie and fitch?
Where could someone buy full bodylong johns in vancouver?
which part of this outfit would u buy first?
10 points!! which peacoat?? and why?
where can i find the best baby clothes??
Which color dress do you like better?
What colors should I get on my braces?
Help I need to dress up as something "blue"!?
Should i color w/ sharpie on my white converse?
How to spot a fake Calvin Klein Tote?
I read that it's not cool to wear jeans with a denim jacket, so what do you wear instead of jeans?
Who is this designer?
What exclusive online stores can i find extra large clothing?
What do you think about UGG boots?
Is This backpack Unisex or is it for females ?
where can i find really cool skin toght pants for men?
Uncomfortable fashionistas?
what shoes are in style im going to 7th grade?
ahhh totally in love <3?
Where can I find a brown bear bodysuit?
how to shrink clothes?
where can you buy cheep fleece in the uk ?
Is it femanine for a man to wear a braclet?
bikini color- red or green?? :)?
Is this wallet actual leather and why is it so cheap?
How much can I get out of $60 in Aeropostale?
Ways to look cute in a private school with uniform?
What is my outfit on a scale of 1-10?
Hoodie with the ears?
Is My Dress Too Short?
When is Hollister's next big sale?
Which is the most famous fragrance for men?
Which colour wedges should I get?
clandestine industries hoodie help?
What bathing suit is cuter? Help me choose!?
where in ireland would i be able to get miley cyrus look alike clothes im a teenager 14 size 10?
HELP PLEASE ! Would this outfit be good for school tomorrow ?
Do u like it when guys wear flip flops.?
Are North Face jackets worth the price?
Were can I buy a necklace that wont turn black after using it?
what r these shoes called? please help?
Help withh Quinceanera costs ?
Does anyone know the lyrics to "Hero" by Mariah Carey?
Which outfit looks best?
clothing brands that are sold at myer!!!!?
when is the debenhams mega day winter 2012?
How can I be girlyer?
Anybody been to Cancun? What do I wear?
how to take off a dress?
Where can I buy a male onesie?
where can i buy voss water?
Is Limited Too turning into a plus size store?!?
where can i find lanzoni shoes?
what does camouflage mean in a advertisement of jeans?
Can you tell me what you think about these pics of mine (sent from modelling agency)?
how do you make dresses?
Do You Wear Your Sunglasses At Night?
Why do woman get to wear male clothing and men can`t wear female clothing?
Where would u buy if u won 5000 dollars for a clothing shopping spree?
How do you be MORE popular and MORE like a prep?
what is the name for a pink jewel?
How old is too old to wear skirts like this...?
What do you think about this hat?
Could you be friends with someone who doesn't spend all their money on designer clothes?
Are skinny jeans acceptable attire for golf courses?
what color shirt goes with brown corduroy pants?
HELP!!! i am going to six flags tommorw andddd?
I Need Followers On Polyvore!?
Chocolate, grey, sand or chestnut Uggs?
Would my 16 yo niece like something like this?
Is this dress too sexy for a dance?
what do you think of this outfit?
Can I wear sandal heels in Houston,TX for fall?
I am in a pageant but i don't know what kinda of dress to wear since i'm very tall help me!!!!?
who design blush prom dresses?
Girls Please!!!! I need Fashion Help!!!How should I put pink into my tux?
Does delicious from the flava of love have a clothing line?
where I sell precious multi colour necklace?
does it hurt to get a piercing at the top of your ear?
love or hate this shirt!!!! :)?
About my hair color...?
What kind of top would match with a khaki skirt?