18 karat gold plated 925 sterling silver ring vs just 925 sterling silver ring?
Sizing question; Should I get regular or tall fit for long sleeves?
Is it OK to wear a....?
what's your favorite item of clothing?
What is most apropriate to wear for an interview??
Which dress do you like best?
What pants wud luk gud on a guy with a big butt..?
i need help finding a top for this outfit?
Which sweater is cuter?
Is this a nice outfit for Winter?
When You Wear Pantyhose or Thigh High Stockings What Color Do You Wear?
where can I order a customized hoodie?
Which outfit should I wear ? Pics Included?
Clothing under corsets?
what can i be with this...pic?
what is ur favourite store?
Can men wear women's skinny jeans?
suggest me some attractive name for my fashion jewellery store?
Which dress do you like better?
why do i like shoes so much?
Is my boyfriend a cross dresser?
Are these boots hot or not?
Should I get a luminox or a g shock?
Where can I get the knee high toe socks for me?
Where can I get a vintage suit?
Tailoring costs: blazers/suit jackets?
Do I actually have to hand wash these clothes?
You Choose: Nike Or Converse?
Where some places where I can get some comfortable athletic pants?
whats the name of a store like sam moons...?
do keen sandals look good with jeans?
school dress code help- Where can I find colorful polos without any logos, pockets, or decorations?
GUYS! Do u like blond girla more than others?
From what material is this shirt made?
How to become a male model?
What's a female character that I could dress up as tomorrow?
Yes or No on these tie dyed skinny jeans?
Is this a cute outfit?
where to get wallet chain?
Is this Chanel Cambon bag real?!?
Does this outfit look okay for expo?
GIRLS! do u like dis dress???
Should I shave before wearing a thong?
Does this dress suit me?
can i pull off this dress?(:?
Do you like this handbag?
In what store can I buy a pocket watch necklace in Canada?
What's the BIGGEST mistake plus sized girls make in fashion?
how do you clean converse high-tops?
How much does a henna cost? Tattoos?
are skinny jeans attractive?
I'm wearing a yellow dress to a morning wedding.?
Do you like this outfit? easy best answer!!!?
Custom 1 inch bracelet website with no minimum?
Do you want a Polyvore set?
Why do older guys stare at me?
could someone tell me what is the latest fashion for clothes for a 24 y. man ?
Answer PLEASE? I need to know your opinion?
We're do you like to shop girls clothes?
Why is so difficult to find cool clothes and shoes for tall women (over 5'9 ) in the US?
Has anyone ever bought anything from Anthroplogie. Do the sizes run big or small?
I am looking for fine clean pencil drawings of women, how do I find the wright link?
Which dress is better for prom?(pics)?
I need some help from the ladies~?
what is the most money you would spend on a pair of sunglasses?
Do you think think that a sixth grader is too young to shop at AE and wear the clothes to school?
Are over-size sweaters in style?
Are these sandals or flipflops (photo)?
spring/summer scarfs?? HELP plzz?
T-shirt ideas for a girly holiday.?
do you wear no show footies with vans!?
What is Casual Clothing?
Advice on shoes?
WHERE THE HECK can I find ZX/2 orange chacos!!!!!?
How should I go about making a super girl costume?
Ladies - would you buy tights or stockings on line?
skinny jeans on a 35 year old guy?
were can i find a celebrity wedding dress and hairstyle.?
Is it right to wear briefs under your board shorts?
How do you feel about this outfit for homecoming?!?
Name an item of clothing that both women and men wear?
Outfit 1, 2, or are the ugly?
Which pair of glasses look best?
What do you think about Crocs?
What do you think of size 16 girls wearing skinny jeans?
What shoes and jacket would you wear with jeans and a purple shirt?
How do you call a "rosary style" necklace without the cross?
Is it possible to do your own piercings?
What clothes have you bought recently?
can any find me some online examples of jewelry in the same/ similar style of russell brand?
Which bag for high school?
Can you order BAPE apparel online?
Which outfit do you like best?
How do I find a dress from Express product ID 42488 3/10?
girls: what do you think of the Coach sneakers?
Halloween Costume Ideas?
Does my hairstyle look good on me? **pics**?
Be honest.. Do you like this dress for homecoming?
What kind of clothes would look good on me?
i am loking for victoria secret franchise to open many stores out of countrey?
Putting an outfit together correctly?
What goes good with white pants/ white chucks?
Am I Skinny????????????
What should I wear with this skirt?
How many of you out there own uggs?
Is this skirt too short for clubbing?
Skater/hippie type LA clothing?
where can i find jeans likethese?
Can anyone find me a fancy dress wig that looks like this?
What can I wear with sea green tie dye skinny jeans?
Girls, does this outfit look good? (picture)? i a dumb blond?
what to wear to hawaii themed High school dance?
What type of formal dress is this ?
tell me whether you like these shoes?thanks ?
What happened to the flannels at Zumiez?
Is this a good outfit ? 10 Points ! :)?
I need help with shoe sizes!!!?
I accidentally stole a shirt! HELP!!!!?
Are uggs mens slippers the ****?
Are skinny black slacks okay for waitressing?
ladies is this a nice dress?
I am trying to locate a pair of sunglasses worn by Nicole Richie so that I may purchase them. Please help!?
Super pretty face/skinny body or tight and curvy bod/simple-pretty face?
Choose the Best? Need Help?
Which is cuter?
Am I Emo? Please help!?
girls! Who outgrew size 10 womens in shoes?
where do you think i could find this skirt?
how do u remove a ink stain from clothes?
Change of image?
Whats the actual normal hight for girls?
Guys- What kind of clothes do you think girls look good in?
where can i buy the new striped skinny pants pictured in VOGUE by tripp for "trash and vaudeville"?
evertrue ring marking- what does it mean?
3 questions- short interview for a fashion designer (for school)?
Since when did guys wear flip flops? i think its not right.?
shoe label problem!?
Which dress for 8th grade formal??
Costume ideas for a party?
I'm looking for a monogram machine?
Where can I find this bag?
can any1 able to tell me where i can find duplicate /copy designer clothes like d&g/f.c.u.k in KARACHI. thanxs
what women wear some kind of hosiery, sheer or not under their ballet flats, or dress shoes in general?
what would you pick girls and have you ever done something like this?
could i take this shirt and hat to school?
Gay Marriage Shirt- Discontinued or still available?
If a girl ask about bra sizes and i know the answer? does it make me a perv to answer the question?
wat kinda outfit should i wear tonight for a casual dance?
Are you tall or short?
What happens if you put colour-renovating shoe polish on suede shoes?
cute tote bags? possibly patent?
Do people really notice when a woman is using a famous designer handbag or jewelry?
Grade 8 Grad Dresses?
LADIES...cute ideas for NFL game?
Which dress do you like best?
In US im a size 7 in shoes. So what size am i for the UK?
should i go Prep or Not??
there is a dance tomorrow. what do i wear?
How to shrink rubber boots?
i wanna dress up as sometihng cute for dress up as your favorite book character day..?
Do you like the store HotTopic?
Which shirt is your fav out of these ?
What should we wear for family portraits?
How to comment on this on Facebook ( super easy )?
Girls, do you have a thing for guys that wear ties?
Will sterling silver turn your finger green or turn to gold over time?
Where can I buy a satchel?
Which outfit looks better??? Pics included?
do you like hollister or abercrombie better?
Which shoes do you think I should get?? =)?
How to create a line of fashion doll's?
purse problem?
Where can I get these shoes?
Is it okay to buy a used jean jacket from ebay?
Is there any place I can purchase REAL Timberland Boots online?
Which cap should I buy?
my friend is 8 months pregnant and wants to pierce her tongue is it dangerous?
IS this shirt cute??????????????OR not?
What is a simple dog outfit for holloween?
can i wear jean shorts on my period?
True Religion Jeans?
What Are Some Good Reasons to Transfer Schools?? HELP PLEASE!!!?
VOGUE Italia Black issue?
When is the Volcom Stone Stop Slim hoodie being released?
Can you please give me brand name jewelry brands. the more expensive the better.?
id like to ask for an advice about contact lenses?
Where can i find the shirt with just the word 'stupid' written on it?
What should I wear for work experience?
What are you favorite stores to shop at?
what do u think of this dress?
Where can I get/find these shoes?
Is this bag cute for school?
WHICH ONE??!?!??!?!?!?!!?
Looking for a large, cheap purse!?
colored skinny jeans!!!! PLEASE HELP!?
Do Sweatpants look good on girls?
Should my canvas, vans slipons be fading already?
When selling on Etsy, do you ship the product directly to the customer?
Should men that have B/C cup boobs wear bras?
Which person looks the smaller uk clothes size, what sizes do they both look?
How I Met Your Mother: Robyn's Embroidered Coat?
Do you like these shoes?
What outfit should I wear for the first day of school?
What accessories can make a man look more attractive?
Grade 8 Grad Dress Websites/Ideas?!?
what do you think of these shoes?
which goes more with black hair blue,green(eden) or grey eyes?
Which jacket is better looking of these two?
any advice to make my school outfit more sexy?
fashion question??
If a man could fit into a bra should he wear one?
where did holly willoughby get the lovely bluish/purple lace top she was wearing in the look magazine feb 20th?
What celeb do i most loook like?
Can anyone identify this exact shirt?
Did Gemma Ward finish school?
What clothes work best with bare feet?
What do the colours of Mood Rings mean?
Is this a cute shirt?
First day of school
Shoe shopping. . . . . . . . .?
what do you men prefer??? natural blondes.dark or red?
What are some good websites to check out for shopping?
Where could i find a headband like this?
men in earrings,what do you people think?
do these True Religion jeans look authentic?
If I'm going to semi-formal event, what would be appropriate?
Why do i hate wearing trousers?
I'm wearing black bottoms with this top in the link, what color socks to wear white, black, or pink ?
Do you like my first day of school outfit?
Songs that will knock my socks off?
Cheap Clothes for Men?
I want buy jewelry for my best friend,her birthday is coming soon,but I don't have enough money?
Why do so many people ask these questions on ! answers?
Is this an okay outfit to wear to disneyland?
Do you think this bag would be suitable for school?
Which backpack for start of school?
What do you think of these outfits?
Is this bag old lady-ish?
Do u like this hoodie?!?
Billy Joel Style Help, Please?
What do you ladies think about wallet chains?
i cant really have a style because im a little bit "bigger".not to the extreme like 400 not that big
what do you think?
hi i would liek to know what jean brand and where i can buy jeans that wuold make my butt look curvier?
Is this dress a good choice to wear to a wedding?
next month am going for a biiiig shopping like wut should i buy ?
Where can I buy this?
what is my favorite film?
can someone make me an outfit for the first day of school?
What would match well with these guys shorts?
who knows of any good american clothes websites?
How much of a sock wearer are you?
how much money.........?
What kind of Shoes are these?
Robin and Batman Tshirts?
fashion crisis!!! need help styling a chiffon mocha dress with beading in the chest area and slits on the side?
Where can I find cheap heels?
James Dean Glasses design?
I'm opening a clothing boutique. Any ideal names? [details included]?
What pants size is mine?
What size Victoria's Secret swimsuit should I get?
How can I convince my mom to let me get a new dress?
do u think that wearing headscarfs is pretty?
Clothes help! (OMG 20 LETTERS!)?
Am I too young to wear a bustier?
What do you think of this hoodie? Cute or ugly??
where can i get customized toms?
Abercrombie vs Hollister vs American Eagle vs Aeropostale?
I'm 13 and want to become a model?
Cant find my glasses help?
Does anyone know the best place in AZ to get?
How can you tell genuine ray ban sunglasses from fake ray bans?
Which bikini do you like better?
Girls, Do you wear thongs?
Same diesel shoe size, different in my feet?
I have an interview with Bookings model agency, does anyone know anything about them?
How are belts even able to keep your pants up?
Hey I'm kinda punkish and I shop at Hot Topic and I want to know what I should wear on the first day of school
Are these sick Nike's?
Who should i dress up as for Musical Fashion Day at school?
What color should I get this shirt in? (Link inside!)
what the name of bracelets that cut into the skin on the arm/wrist?
Question for people who work in clothes shops?
If you buy clothes online, will they smell?
I dont understand this guy?
Girls: do you like guys with boxers or briefs?
Girls!! What do you think about these earrings?
Which pic do I look best in(have to pick one for senior pic)?
what colour of shoes should i wear with a pink dress?
Where can I buy this sweater?
is this good work clothes for macys?
is this an ugly shirt?
what colour is your underwear you wearring now?(if you wear one)?
What are these shoes called?
How do you keep your feet from sliding to the front of stilleto shoes?
Please tell me how I can wear this pair of boots?
which one is cuter?
Graduation Dress?
How do you get sangria out of clothing?
What should I wear ?????????????????/?
Do van authentics run small or big? ?
Which outfit is cutest?
I'm Looking For Glow In The Dark Clothes. Any Suggestions?
I have a photoshoot for fall. Help me figure out what to wear?
What color should my date wear?
Can I buy a bra and return it?
60's Fashion Era?
where could i find these shoes?
Oprah's red shirt worn at the matthew mcconaghey interview wednesday sept 21st?
Should I wear heels tomorrow?
Hollister or Abercombie?
What would you like to see more of....?
What should i wear with these shoes?! HELP ASAP.?
I need Clarks Wallabees (Womens) size 8!!! Low Cut style only!?
Shirt design problem, Please Help.?
GIRLS: how much r u willing to pay for a swimsuit?
Do wmen really notice if a guy wears an expensive watch?
is this belly button ring real? it's a loop one not the other one?
A skirt worn over pants?
Which is a better type of purse coach dooney and burke, bcbg, chanel, or Juccy, my favorite?
chynna doll bathing suits sizing?
Do these mid tops go with these black skinny jeans? And can I even pull skinny jeans off with my bodytype?
Is this okay to wear? Ten points best answer. Please answer!!!?
Where can you get the dress with coral on it that Melinda wears in the Psych ep "Shawn and the Real Girl"?
I have big boobs.what to wear for party?
Where can i find onesies ( Pajamas) for adults in TORONTO?
Does getting your ears pierced really hurt? if yes wat does it feel like? Please be honest!?
Where did you buy your coat from?
what color shirt would you wear with a denim skirt and gold flip-flops?
Hot Topic, cool or no?
how much are the jordan black cement 3's?
what's a good outfit to wear to a concert?
should i get purple contacts?
backless shirts?
What do women think of guys wearing low rise jeans?
which one of these would look hot for christmas do? Maybe a club after.?
why are men such pigs notice i said men that means older then... 28?
Did you know Cross Jewelry is picking up in the music scene?
Wearing socks now? please ans...?
When going out--do you dress to look what others may think is sexy or what YOU think is sexy?
best pair of jeans for a curvy figure??? help! been searching and cant seem to get anywhere..32-28-40!?
i am 13 and im going out with my friend to flavourz (reastrunt) what do i wear?
During which fashion trend did spike collars appear?
What kind of shoes would match this kind of dress?
Where can I buy this dress?
how to become a fashion designer?
how many outfits are u going to buy for back to school?
Is the skinny jean trend taking off?
WhIs it hard to raise a child if your working in the fashion industry?at would you like to ask?
how bad does it look when a lady wears a short dress with bruised knees?
How much do u think u spend per month teens?
Which hoodie do you like better?
HELP! First LA premier, what should i wear?
How do you measure the height of heels?
what kind of earrings would you call this? If i was to go to a shop, what would i ask for if i wanted these?
i need red skinny jeans but idont no where to buy them!?
what do you think about this outfit?
This Shirt?
White dress help!?
why are white girls staright up and down and dont have curves like latinas???
where to get taylor swifts blue dress from our song?
Good website to buy custom/unique cases for Droid Incredible 2?
opinions on high waisted shorts or jeans?
Where can I find this vest?
Which Shoes do you like better?
How much money do you spend on clothes a month?
Which shirt do you like better? (PLEASE HELP!)?
Ladies: High heeled shoes or flats?
Is it possible to appear or look skinnier by this monday?
Which boots do you like better?
Where can I find cute, cheap black boots that are knee high or over the knee?
What to wear to my youth group?
Any well known UK prom dress sites/shops?
I am interested in buyin Baby Phat in Bulk?
Opinions on the bag I want to buy (pics)?
On black magnetic plug earrings what does imitation 0G meen..?
I have a brown jumper dress, what colour tights?!?
What should i wear with my uggs?
Also...What kind of bra do u wear under a halter dress (homecoming) thats cut low? Way low !?
Where can I order REALLY cheep cute boots?
What should I ...........????????
Looking for cheap good boots(for a guy)?
Swimsuit's??? [Pics inside] What is flattering what is not???
Would this be appropriate for a 13 year old girl to wear to an afternoon summer garden wedding?
how many bathings suits do YOU own?
What do you think of these girls' looks?
Group Costume for 2 guys, 3 girls?
Can I wear a light colored (pastel blue) shirt and khaki pants to an evening event?
another lip piercing question for guys....? and girls if you want?
♥ Do you think this top is cute? ♥?
what wear to debutane ball?
stretching out field hockey shirt?>?
Which color northface jacket should i buy?
Has anybody shopped on and
Make me an outfit on polyvore.?
Is a 32C small bust size?
Where is a reliable place to buy a wig, 6:00-8:00 @ night?
How Much Would You Pay For This T-Shirt?
Do purple aliens wear hats?
where can i buy a sale tshirt?
girls, help me!!! Fashion help!?
what do you think of guys with their ears pierced? ?
What do you think of this handbag?
should i buy a iphone case from here?
Where in England apart from London is the best place to shop for cool clothes?
Ideas for fashion disaster day?
aeropostale sales associate attire!?
How do you zip up a hoodie that zips up over your face?
Ladies, where is your favorite place to buy underwear?
need outfit for tomorrow any ideas?
Radio Disney Station in iselin, nj?
Where can I find a list of all Hermes scarf patterns from the past?
What T-Shirt Material is good?
are these outfits cute? easy .s! takes like 10 seconds?
what is the best bag for high school?
how i can Send a Gold Ring to USA from PAKISTAN?
Winter '06 fashion!?
Who designed American Idol Jordan's dress?
Nic Donovan (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black) portfolio prices and details?
Where can i find these shoes?
Which senior prom dress?
Where can I get a cute cheap circle scarf?
what do you think about jumper suits?
Where can i find this prom dress?! Who makes it?!?
Do you think I'm to old to wear Hot Topic clothing if I'm a 21 year old guy?
Should I wear a speedo or a bikini to the beach?
do you like this outfit? [ pics inside! ]?
which of these tops are the nicest?
should skinny girls wear skinny jeans?
What should I wear with this?
Jordans , Nikes , Shoes ?
Quick Aviator Sunglasses Help?
If one of you girls will be my Norah Batty-will you wear wrinkled stockings for me?
Do you know of a good source for blank wholesale organic kids tee shirts?
Do you like my swimsuite?
Who designed this blue dress Dita Von Teese is wearing?
Can i wear a pink dress to the Renaissance Festival?
What are these jeans called? Where can I get a pair like them?
what to wear for a Jenna Marbles costume?
how does TJMaxx get their clothes?they had the same $85Polo shirt i saw at Macys on the same day for 34.99?
I want very old vintage jeans.?
American Eagle vs. Hollister vs. Aeropostale vs. Abercrombie?
Baraka Jewelry Help??
Everyone whats ur age and shoe size.?
Is it ok to wear sliver shoes with a red formal dress to a Christmas party?
What do you think of this dress?
Adult clothing?
Does Marshall's sell fake Levis?
Does any one know where to find a vintage prom dress that's relatively cheap?
Matching pant or trouser for a chocolate colour shirt?
Will this persuade my dad? Or if your daughter wanted it pierced, would it persuade you?
Any guys recently switch from boxers to briefs?
Where is this bag from?
Do I suit Glasses? Just wondering?
What should I wear.....???
Who thinks this shirt is adorable?
Is it strange that I like to wear skirts on weekends?
How come girls want "nice guys"?
what color shirt goes good with Purple pants?
what should I wear for clothes and accesories and how do I make friends in high school?
Does this sound like too many bras? .....?
Does this reallly suit me?
what color shoes should i wear with light aqua ?
Can anyone help me find a moustache jumper/pullover?
where can i find a dress like this?
im super bored anything to do?????????????????????????????????
which flats are prettier?
where did lorraine kelly get the black peep toe shoe with the clear heel that she wore on celebrity juice?
Poll: Leggings or jeans??????
Is this sweater cute?
Classy Clothes for a Freshman?
What type of sunglasses fit my face?
I need some ideas? easy 2 points!?
What stores sell tank tops for men made by the brand OBEY?
What do you wear with mint green heels?
how do i make my shorts bigger?
lanyard vs loop keychain holder?
I need a outfit for the first day of school.?
Do you like to wear hats♥?
Corset help!!! FASHION PEOPLE !!!!!! REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What could happen if I pierce my own ears?
School Halloween Costume Help?
Pieced ears - stud removal?
School clothes shopping this
Does this outfit look alright?
I'm short (5') Should I get tall Uggs or 'classic' Uggs?
Guys and Girls, Boxer Briefs?
What are you wearing right now?
where can i find a dress like this or similar to?
Do know know of a leather handbag designer from Spain whose initials start with C or G and have T at the end?
Do you think I should pay $16 dollars for this necklace?
Is my septum piercing wonky? i got it pierced today at a shop and i dont know weather it is wonky or not?
Which website is the best to buy watches from?
Why can you wear a bikini in public, but not underwear?
does anyone know what fonts Hollister, Abercromibe and Fitch, and Chanel are?
Does this outfit sound cute?
Does geek glasses look good on the square faced?
where can i find these cute back packs?
Isnt this juicy dress cute?
what are you wearing now? ?
Looking for cheap good boots(for a guy)?
Which bag should I buy?
where is there a store that i can buy vans?
even if you don't like hollister && abercrombie, everyone can agree that they have the BEST pants/jeans.right?
Favourite brand of sneakers?
What kind of jewelry goes with this outfit?
Does electroplated jewelry lasts long?
Are these earrings tacky looking?
Where do I find this sweater?
Where can I buy maternity tights in colors other than black, brown, or grey?
High School Clothes - HELP!?
Polyvore? First Ten People To Answer I Will Make An Outfit For.?
What shirts match what short/pants colours?
how do supra skytop 3 run? (shoes)?
How can I keep my glasses from constantly getting smudged?
What to wear to a casual/ outside black and white theme party! Going to my friends surprise 20th bday party!?
european vogue magazines: are these more artsy & less about celebrity weddings & makeup?
Does these red mini dresses made of rubber look good or weird?
when can you wear fall/winter boots?
What is Your Favourite Clothing Store? Mine is Hollister!!!?
how to start a modelling agency?
members from chicago answering questions do you know a person who designs dresses can you refer them to me?
How about sending this as a gift?
what type of watch is this ?
I am getting Doc Martins so should I go with black, yellow, or pink?
What are "tighty whities?"?
Which pair should I buy?
what is your favorite clothing website?
what is your favorite store?
Would you wear this?
Has anyone read"the bra book" by Luciani?
What should i wear for a meal?
How much is this in American money £16.00?
what elements of victorian and elizabethan fashion influences nostalgic gothic clothing?
should a 22 yr old dress womanly?
What should I wear to school on Monday?
I need help on a Halloween costume?
How to put a tie on a suite.?
Not good soggy Prone to over-heating Eye-catching Definately an item that stands out from the crowd Have a poi?
i am looking for One piece girls swimwear?
Would i be able to ware these UGG boots with bare feet?
What fabric is used for these headbands?
what is the best material in clothes that last for a long time?
What should I wear with this?
cute winter boots for the coming season?
Do you think that all girls that wear Hollister fit a certain sterotype?
if a guy wanted to have his ears pierced, what side is the non-gay side?
where can i buy a 1980's classic nouveau denim jacket with greyhound on the back, size xxxl, other than ebay?
H0W CAN i D0 tHiS????
What places should a 13 yr old girl shop at?
Skinny jeans or straight legged jeans?
I work in an office and I usually wear a dress/skirt and sheer pantyhose to work.....?
What should I ask for 4 xmas?
Is it okay to wear a tea-length dress to prom (knee high)?
Clothing Prices?
which dress? (pictures included)?
which shoes r cuter??? (links)?
London college of fashion?
What color of leather dress boots should I get.?
i want to change my dressing style?
Do you like these shoes?
Help, I need to find some cute tops!!?
are my jeans genuine gap label?
does my boyfriend really love me he thinks im unfaithful but ive never cheated on him?
What item of clothing would you be lost without?
Is this a blow out???
hello, is a2zshoes a safe and authentic website?
What other shoes are there besides typical boots and flat shoes and heels?
in your opinion...?
Cheap clothing stores for teens?
Help me find this youtuber!?!?
Where can I get some cute moccasins?
what should i wear (as a bridesmaid) in my best friend's garden wedding-party?
What do you think of this outfit?
what do you think of these shoes??
I am trying to find information about a Yanka 17-jewel enamelled watch?
1 caret diamond ring from tiffineys woth 800 dollars 50 yrs ago whats worth today?
I need to find out how to apply for a job at Zumiez on line?
What is a good place to buy bathing suits for cheap?
Where online do I find tank tops with hot girls on them?
Where to buy gold piercing jewelry in Vaughan, ONT?
What does this mean 3/8 Carat t.w. Diamond Bridal Set ?
How is my 1st day to school outfit? (Pics included)?
what's the attraction about OVER sized pants worn below the butt?
Where can I find this headband?
Whats your favorite fashion accessory?
got a dallas theme party to go to what does a girl wear for fancy dress?? i never watched it!!?
What is the average hip to heel length of women in the U.S., Europe, England, and other parts of the world?
which bookbag is better?
Which one do you think is better?
Huge bags that Keira and Mary-Kate are sporting lately?
I want to pierce my own belly button how do I do it!?
Where to get jewelry custom made?
Can you really tell if someone is wearing a lace front wig?
what will it feel like?
what do girls think of guys with earrings?
Does hollister (in britain) have january sales?
Do you like this shirt?
what are some good american clothing stores?
Where can I find the backpack version of these bags?
Can someone give me some links of custom clothes designers?
Any ideas for spirit week the days are...?
Do you know your Bra Size accurately?
Whats the new back to school 2006-07 style?
Men's watch from the advert?
Does Tee Co have a website?
Which necklace is nicer?
How to wear a blue polo shirt?
Why do people wear American Eagle? Lolz?
Where in London can I print picture from CD on my t-shirt?
where can i buy a nice bikini?
My earrings are stuck!! Help!!?
Do you think this purse is cute?
How do i sew up fishnet tights? They got a big hole by accident.?
what color would go good with pink and black?
Where can i buy Scruples Urban Shock purple please i need it in 2days?
What is this fashion called?
Has anyone used one of these beautiful, new water bottles?
I am extremly short. where can i find shoes that will make me 6 to 10 inchs taller?
What should i wear to san francisco today?
what color shirt should i get?
Fashion Design?
What colors go with purple?
Good places to Get Cheap Bathing Suits in SF, CA?
Would this top look horrible in a size 16?
If if have the frames of an old pair of sunglasses can you get prescription regular lenses to fit in them?
How much does a single pair of vans socks cost?
old t-shirt comp. that had movie scenes on them called "serial killer". where can they be found now?
Where should i buy my jeans: Old Navy or Walmart?
What do guys wear under sweatpants?
if a girl keeps slipping her flats off her feet, what does that mean?
where do you go to buy clothes and where would you recomend i go for good quality things?
where can i get cute cheap clothes for back to school?
What type of piercing jewellery metal is this? (pictures)?
What should I wear tomorrow?
is the fashion industry all that bad?
HELP?! I'm a shopaholic?!!!?
Is it ok to wear mini skirts at age 13?
Do you think skinny jeans are going to stay in style for a long time?
What footwear is available to add height for men?
What are some good places to shop for teens between 14-19?
Are there any japanese/korean fashion designers that use recycle materials or organic fabric in their design?
I am looking for a pair of brown leather mens ankle boot in the style of the suede dessert boot.?
which dress do you like more for homecoming? i cant decide!?
Whats are the best bargains you got in the January sales this year?
Where can i get cheap stylish black skinny jeans?
gurlsssss pleasee! yu think thissss cuteee 4 school?????????answer plwease!?
where can i buy those sunglasses that cops have that are reflective so you cant see thier eyes?
Do you own any Disney Wear? Where can I purchase some on line?
How do I look dressed as a girl?
Is this girl interested in me? 10 Points!?
Guys: For how many days do you wear the same shirt to work?
why do my new boots squeak?
I need help finding a homecoming dress!?
DO you wear jeans during the summer?
Pick one brand of jeans.?
anyone who owns a pair of boots?
Are Gators still in or are they out?
Do you ever just go to sleep just cause your bored?
which one should i wear to first day of school?
Do you wear a watch or not?
Vera Bradley summer tote???!?
What are your favorite brand of jeans?
Earrings from days of our lives?
what is your favorite jeans brand?
Just a little quick all around question i have.?
EASY QUESTION ! which shirt do you like bettter?
I m planing to go to sweden and i want to buy a hudson jeans there, anyone knows a place to buy it?
Is it cute for a girl to wear an oversized top with leggings or skinny jeans?
Do you think that UGG boots are ok for guys to wear?
Does this look alright?
What hoodies/jackets are in style for Teen Guys?
What kind of hats does Ne-Yo wear?
Is there any such thing as over dressing?
Hollister jacket NEED HELP GIRLS!?
Is it possible to get a nice engagment ring for under $1,000?
where to buy cheap mackage puffer jacket?
Who is she ? a model on vogue italy?
Fitted or Baggy Hoodies on guys?
What shoes to wear with this dress?
What for heavens sake are "sneakers"?
i'm going to a new highschool everything is dress code but what can i wear for accesories 2 help stick out
Do you like this jumper - which one do u like better?
How can I get a knot out of my wife's new gold chain?
Should I get these guess shoes?
What should I wear to a bat mitzvah?
where to get a cute scarf??
Best way to wash Rock Revival jeans?
What are the best shoes to wear with a little black dress?
Are these Weird or cool?
what TOMS should i get??????
Girls ONLY Pls - Stealing Panties?
what should i carry in my purse?
Costume ideas need a theme for 7 college guys?
LADIES WHICH BRA??!!!!!!!!!?
need mobster like outfit..?
How should I wear my rings?
Girls:Which finger so you put a ring on?
Which UGGs Are cuter??
What is the best brand of wool socks for construction workers?
Does anyone know where I can find a fitted, long, white collared shirt?
do u think wet seal and hollister tees would fit me if i got xs?
Can i put an Iron on transfer on a nylon leotard?
Clothing stores policies and procedures?
prommmmmmm so cuteeeeee?
What hair colour suits me more? Pink or brown?
Sweatpants from Honey 2 Movie?
okay guys im six fat and ugly will boys like me if i dress in tight revealing probably leather clothing?
What are these Adidas trainers called?
What store could can I buy a "The Flash" t-shirt from?
do you like this dress?
Where do I Buy beads for a bracelet?
Any Cool or weird hairstyles..?
Where's the best place to buy an Engagement Ring?
Zodiac necklaces?
about what age do you think girls "should" be wearing the teen store clothes i.e abercrombe, areo, hollister?
Does anybody likes to shop at Kohls????????
I need help with an outfit?
What color is brown?
School Trip Tomorrow what to wear :S?
summer clothes ideas!?
Why do women wear thongs and then flash it all the time? Wear proper knickers please!!!?
Sales of sanitary belts to hold a maxi pad have trippled in past 3 years to younger women. Why?
Ladies, is this hat hot on a guy?
do you think ripped jeans are still 'in' or hot for fall 2008?
all the things you'd ever need to make clothing and style?
what colour shoes with this dress?
Girls: Do you wear boot cut jeans or skinny jeans?
Where can i get this?
Today i got some new clothes for a party tommorrow do i look like a goth?
i have a pair of THB368A zrtonix bluetooth sunglasses i need the pass code to use them?
Do the jeans i wear have to be the same as the jean jacket, or is it ok that they are differnet color blue jea
Some good stores for juniors?
anyone im i highschool im going back to school on the 6 and ive been going school shoping ive been looking.?
Are my Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers too worn out n old? Do u think they still look wearable?
Where can I buy my thirty-five y/o wife clubwear?
Does anyone know how to make an Infinite dress?
Cheap Bikinis!?
Black dress with white polka dots - red shoes?
How to fix a zipper that has a tiny part of the surrounding fabric frayed?
?I want to find a real website to buy a REAL dress?! Any suggsstions?
what is your favorite fall/autumn clothing to wear?
Is this skirt supposed to go around your waist or your hips?
NOSE PIERCING. yes or no?
Does Hollister and Gilly Hicks know when I'm broke?
What Trainers/ Sneakers/Kicks should I buy?
Which coloured tights do you wear the most?
Are there any other websites like Threadbanger with video tutorials?
Does anybody know Burn'n'Violet, Punk Royal, or Religion clothing brands?
do i look fat in this dress/is it okay to wear to school?
How come magazine models do not wear bracelets?
hi what do you think i should wear if i am going to babysit at laguna beach?
do i need a contact lense case?
what are these mini sweaters called?
How many of you out there own uggs?
is this a cute out fit for back to school?
Do plaid shorts and striped shirts a fashion no-no?
is red or black sexier?
Which pair of shoes should I get?
Who likes myspace? Whats ur email on there?
A skirt question? Girls only!?
Gapkids jeans...?
Can I wear a black dress with small brown boots?
POLL: 3 colors of shoes?
How do you find out some ones ring finger size?
can you wear this as a top with skinny jeans?? please help!?
how old do you have to be to attend a fashion show and fashion show after paarties?????
Does this backpack look ok?
Which bag do you like best?
Can a person wear nylons/stockings with the new peep toe heels that are being shown for fall?
Which converse looks better? Will answer yours?
what color is my shirt right now that i have on?
Please help!?
Hollister or Abercrombie??
How to choose dresses matching with body?
Please give advice on buying cashmere. Thanks.?
Is this dress appropriate for homecoming?
What are somethings that every women should have in her purse?
Guys do you like these boots?
How to shrink a hoodie?!?
What kind of top should I wear with this skirt?
Woman size conversion?? Im bought a 3.5 nike dunk high in men size so what would that be in women size?
What colour chinos would look nice with a Mickey Mouse hoodie?
even if you don't like hollister && abercrombie, everyone can agree that they have the BEST pants/jeans.right?
What matches a zebra skirt?
GIRLS: Nose Piercing on guy?
Has anyone ordered shoes from omars kicks or Even if they are fake, as long as they look ok.?
Hilary Duff, and Ashlee simpson did you like there....?
can I ask you something about your style (I'm Italian)?
Are scarfs in or out? Is it worth buying one now?
i need basic silhouttes of indian and western couture?
how do u like everything i got for christmas? ten pts best answer!?
Can I hung a knitted dress? Or should I just fold it?
my friend lost a bet and has to wear what i tell him to?
Help or advice for Forever21 shipping?
Which of these shoes do YOU prefer?
♥Where can I find a cute tote bag?
How do you feel about Holister?
How do eliminate camel toe?
Which do you like better?
Where can I get jeans that fit good?
What to wear to an interview?
In the fruit of the loom commercials, what is the guy dressed in the yellow costume supposed to be?
What do these measurements mean: Bangle diameter: 21/4in/51/2cm?
which outfits better ? ?
do girls mind when guys wear their pants low?
what is a better color orange or pink?
is this bag kinda gay or not very cool or manly for a guy?
Ugg bailey button vs classic short?
What is the best hairstyle for a skinny teenage boy?
How do you dress in a socially acceptable fashion that will not require frequent buying?
do uthink that wearing specs is a fshion nowadays?if yes pls justify it.?
what are the cons of body piercing?
i am work in outdoor,can you help me to choose which one the better costume i wear in this summer?
What type of Food should i be for Halloween?
is this sweater cardigan from hollister cute?
which bag should i use first?
would these shoes look good on a guy?
Is there any fashion item worn by the opposite sex that makes you cringe...?
Are 50s type clothes in style?
Where can i buy the new air jordan Spizike for cheap?
What will happen to my yellowed rubber soles if i put clear tape over the rubber part of the soles?
How are clothing sizes determined?
What sort of shirt would go well along with?
Can I wear leggins with a vest top that covers half my bum?
I design colourful funky contemporary jewellery. What colour would you like my next range to be a why?
What do you think of my wellies?
Linen Jacket/ casual shirt or sweater underneath?
HELP! I have a pair of earrings;don't dangle;they run the course of the earlobe. What style is this? Where
do alot of celeberties have nose piercings?
Should I get the photo blues or the kilroys???? Jordan's?
I need a "new" scene name?
Too early for summer clothes?
does anyone know where i can find coach scribble Barret sneakers 4 under 60 dollars?
cheerleading IS a sport. (picture proof)?
Will i look to tall if i wore heels?
Where is the cheapest place online I can order white T-shirts in bulk?
Next week,i have a casual day for school but i don't have a clue what to wear?
what celebrity do I look like?
im looking 4 a rele cute bikini but not too much money?
pls dont answering this question for points?
how many pairs of uggs do you have?
where can i buy this birkenstock in brown?
Poll for girls: Which is your favorite kind of underwear and why?
Do people have foot or shoe fetishes or something?
do u like these converse shoes?
Do you need a watch winder to start using a mechanical watch?
Which backpack is better?
Are leggings "in" or "out" of style?
Are vests cool ?
Asos sizes - should I go up one size?
Where do vertically changed men shop for clothes ?
what is the meaning of number 3 in polo ralp lauren shirts?
where can I find a nice, cool, cartigen or sweater to go with a longish dressy black skirt? urgent!?
Do many men work at H&M clothing stores?
What should my girlfriend and I wear to an 80's themed party?
What are your favorite color of clothes to wear???
Is this normal with new shoes.?
what options do i pick if i want to be a fashion designer ?
Can you buy Lady Gaga polaroid glasses yet?
embarrassing situation if you are a girl?
Do these shoes go with this dress?
Would most men consider a woman who is 5 feet tall and 113 lbs "chubby."?
I need answers from more than 10 ppl. Do you like these shoes or not (pics)?
right club outfit for birthday? (guys)?
What size timberland boots should i get?
Teen an old lady out?
am i wearing too much make up?
where to buy indian traditional dress for 3-4 year old girl in san francisco bay area?
what is better hollister or american eagle?
Where can you find green Nike Dri-FIT socks?
Pink shirt and creamy trousers what colour shoes?
would you be weirded out if your 35 your old dad came home with both ears pierced?
Could I wear ballet flats with a skirt suit?
Which would you wear?
Stupid question? EASY 10 points?
strapless dress'?
how do i know the value of my coach bag, which i want to sell?
How do i look?
which bag is cuter for school???????
Does anyone know if the fall sale at abercrombie is in the London store?
what color sweater should i wear with a hot pink tank top and dark jeans?
What will be the new fashion trend in the next year for men?
Where can I find mens Diamond shaped earings in gunmetal black?
Can you show me a website that has a great selection of beaded necklaces, ect?!?
Is this outfit cute for a Beach Party?
Do I have the potential to be a model? (Pic included)?
do you like these boots?
hey do any of u guys have?
Is it racist to seperate clothes by color?
What color should I get this dress in?
What tie would match this dress?
This ones for ALL the girls!!?
What to wear to a casual house party?
Where can i buy balenciaga bag in Malaysia or Thailand?
Halloween costume?!?!?
Is this a cute prom dress? and what shoes would look the best with it (color)?
What skin tone looks good with pink?
does anybody know where i can get city queen stay up stockings extra wide extra long in the doncaster area???
Does anybody know where to get this top?
Whats with these lil tweens getting Designer stuff?
Where can I find army print leggings?
what do boys like girls in? leggings, jeans what kind of tops?
what would i look bast as... a, goth, emo, scene, pink, or just sorts edgy?
Where do I find dark green round shoelaces?
what website has extreme prom dresses?
how do i get more curves? and bigger boobs? a higher bum? and skinner?
Which color T-shirt is better? (Pic included)?
My daughter is 13 and i wanted to know if the piercers allow thirteen year olds to get there ears pierced?
Can you help me shop for a shirt for a wedding?
Is this dress okay?
what 5 stores do you go to everytime you go to the mall?
cutest outfit in the worlddd....!?
Girls, would you wear this outfit?
Where can you find top brand clothes but not really expensive?
any cute clothing stores online that accepts money orders?
What should I wear out Wednesday night?
What do yo uthink of this outfit? Pics included :) ?
are thongs too slutty for a 13 year old?
should i wear high heels?
Who likes the store Hot Topic?
Where should we take a 15 year old shopping for "COOL" clothes?
Joules wellies sizing?
girls- i wear tight pants and im a skater.hott or a turn off?
Which dress should I get?
please help! what do u guys think about about this outfit for the first day of school...?
POLL: are your socks matching?
Shirt in pitch perfect?
Need a name for a lingerie/swimsuit line.?
what would u dress a guy in if he asked u to dress him as a girl give a lot of detail?
where can i find nail salon just for the basic manicure & pedicure?
name of this clothing brand?
Should i ask my mum for a bra?
Do young white kids know how ridiculous they look when they emulate the styles that blacks have made popular ?
Ladies if you had to pick out your favorite pair of underwear, ________?
I want to dress up like "Kim Jong Il" for Halloween, any thoughts on how this would work?
Can anyone (preferably women) give me some advice on shoes?
makeup! i dont know what to put on! help me please!?
which do you prefer blue or brown eyes?
how is this dress?
any teen age boys still wear them tighty whities???
What do you think of this outfit?
Can a 15 year old girl get organ damage from wearing a bodyshaper?!? pics*?
Do people really notice when a woman is using a famous designer handbag or jewelry?
age for thongs?
What top could i wear with grey shiney topshop leggings, and what would be the best colour?
What stores sell shoes that would go good with a gold dress??
Where can i get designer prescription eyeglasses from, UK?
what do you call this kind of shirt ?
Could these moccasins be worn outdoors?
Educate Dr. Education: Who all don't wear underwear?
What to wear for a dinner with the family? (options)?
first day of skool outfit????????????
What to wear on a night on the town with my girls!?
Hello, are there any reasonably priced online stores that cater to tall men?
what can i wear to a ball?
Cute Dresses for Homecoming??!!?
need help with my clothes?
i cant fall asleep, is it ok to wear girls stuff to bed since no one knows anyways?
Would these dresses be appropriate for a wedding?
Why do teenagers wear those stupid kiddy backpacks?
Is this good for my back to school shopping?
High heels????
where can i find a batman hooded onesie?
Where can I find a necklace/pendant/bracelet with this symbol?
Where is my Kermit?How long do these thing take? Seriously?!?
What should i get?????
Does Abercrombie and Fitch run small?
which dress do you like better?
Are straight jeans for women the same as skinny jeans?
Are all Uggs out?
Do you like this dress? PICTURES!!?
Spring Styles?
girls only......r ur ears pierced?
Shoes ???? Help please !!!!!!?
Garters !!! do you wear them for yourself or only for special occasions - Please share & elaborate !?
Hand Making Jewlery (earrings,bracelets ect...)?
Will someone please dress me up like a girl?
how do you get ink out of jeans?
Victoria's Secret Lingerie Urban Myth?
if any girl who's a fashion expert help?
With women catching up to men in height, will high heels still be popular?
Any good websites for teens?
What should I be for Halloween?
When do the new Lilly Pulitzer Sorority Prints come out?
What kind of sunglasses will go good with my varsity jackets?
would u rather be girly or gothic ???
do ae all access points expire?
Would this be a good bag for school??? HELP!?
What is the deal with
Do womens sperrys look good with Nike tempo shorts and a t shirt?