why did my miss universe question get removed?
Where do you get ''fake'' color contacts?
Is there a casual way to cover self harm scars on your graduation day?
I live in Florida, should I buy UGGs?
hi, i want to look for any products/items that produce on 11 Feb 2006, am i be possible to reach it? thanks?
What should i wear?
What is the price of a loaf of bread in Hawai'i?
Should i buy skinny jeans (levi)?
I ask about the clothes for going out or party ?
Where can I get this? (Fashionistas HELP!)?
Masquerade/costume idea for my book?
is italian cotton good quality?
don you nthink these are inappropriate for a 16 year old girl?
where can i buy supra shoes in orlando florida?
What can i wear with this cardigan?
80's Outfit!!!!!???? For a party?
where can i find a nice tankini in manchester?
which shirt do you like better with this skirtt? picture?
I just ordered shoes from ""?
Would Blue pants & a navy sweater go togethier?
Prom Dresses:: Which ones do you like?
whats the most you have spent on a pair of jeans?
Dude, what can i do to get my thong to stop showing from out of my jeans?
Is this jacket cute? Fashion advice?
where did miley cyrus......?
Does anyone else sleep in the nude?
What can substitute a dress shoe?
How do I break in my Dr Martens SHOES.?
Where can I buy Calvin Klein clothing in Canada?
Are vneck sweaters..?
which of these cell phones looks better?
How to make a shirt darker?
I usually wear 00S/0S in AEO jeans, what size would I be in Pacsun's jeans?
Hip-hoppers imitating and copying this new skate-board P trend.?
where can i find this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What color of shoes can I wear with my orange sweater?
How are these glasses on me?
my auntie a bit ago saw a bible that was a purse (not a bible cover)but an actual purse. who makes them?
permanent marker on clothing?
you think this is ok for my daughter to wear?
Which dress do you like?
Do you think Primark should have on line shopping?
which color do u like better?
UGG question!??!??!??!?
Is this normal, what should i do?
Do u wear UGGS?
Opinion Question(:!!?
do they still make this north face jacket?
Where can I find cute boardshorts?
i am tired of every one making fun of me hoe can i make them stop?
painted on bikini?
Hoodie same/similar to this?
What to do when ripped jeans are too ripped?
I don't think the model world is fair what do you think?
cute purses that i can put my books and binders in?
please give me a good site for this?
Can somebody tell me the price range of the shoes at Payless Shoesource, Paseo de Sta.Rosa?
Please help !???????????????!!!!!!!???
What do you think of this dress?
I am a girl in Abyssinia, i want to try some Chinese clothes?
Does any1 know of any cool clothing stores with plenty of scene clothes close 2 flinders st station melbourne?
why is everyone wearing black and Jeff Sterling wearing a black tie on Countdown final?
What dress should I wear my boyfriends, friends wedding? (Pics)?
where in italy, can i get a BA in fashion?
Estimated Value of a Bucherer Pocket Watch?
hollister clothes (girls)?
what is good store to buy black nail polish???
GUYS- What kind of clothes do you like best for girls to wear?
Is it Ok 4 a 40 year old male 2 wear a Hollister t-shirt?
Is heatherette clothing worth buying? because..?
10points..How much are Nike blazer's in the uk?
need to find a good price on oilily bags???? real or not.?
What were bell bottoms originally called?
I need some help with outfits?
my cousin made fun of me (i'm 16) for wearing these lace-up slingbacks?? why ?? is not fair !!!?
What can I do to save my sweatshirt?
Can I return this dress to Ross?
What is the name of the colonge that they spray in Abercrombie stores?
dude in skool older but hott what do i do? How do i look better?
does anyone own or know where i can get a gem master its seen on tv so you can put jewels on clothes?
What are these shoes called and what do you suggest wearing them with?
i want to know a brand like abercrombie?
Do you like these shoes?
How do I do a cute side bun?
What is a good halloween costume idea?
What should I wear for a modelling open call?
What can I wear with red and white polka dot shoes?
Anybody know how to make a top out of a sarong/big piece of material?
Around your Waist Pants?
Paid £200 for FAKE bag on eBay...HELP?
Help me choose my shoes can you?
Do long Nike black socks look good with shorts and do they feel comfortable?
Where do you get cool clothes when you are small?
Can someone help me find shoes like this?
Urgent info needed on Manolo Blahnik's shoes..!!?
Are converse PC Primo meant for girls?
Where to buy women's shoes on a budget?
Should I wear a long prom dress?
where can i buy yellow skinny jeans for less?
From where can I Select Fashion Sporting Products Online?
Do you think it's gay for men to wear messenger bags?
Which designer made or makes this bridal gown?
why is my co-worker burns wearing a pink shirt?
What ebay website sells the sexiest women's clothes?
how do i get this costume?!?
Can anyone tell me where to find a Celtic design site for rings?
Which is the coolest of these shoes?
Where to buy nice, cheap, mens clothing?
I'm a 14 year old that is 5'8" and weighs 118 pounds. Is that skinny or fat?
What is the best method to determine one's correct bra size?
If its like snowing ALOT and I wear my ugg boots outside just for like car to it ok?
Victoria Justice high heels name needed?
Would You Run Through Walmart In Panties Bra And Heels For $1,000?
Black bowtie with yellow-blue buttondown?
Question about my little brother. 12 yrs old.?
I need a dress for an evening, summer wedding - any suggestions?
university hoodies?
my first day outfit, like?
where is a website is for acting / modeling for kids?
What are the biggest Fashion Trends right now?
How many pairs of jeans do you have ?
shape up figure with the help of silicon pads?
What is the name of the dress Rocsi wore on 106 & park on 12/7/09?
Whats your fashion style?
Where can I buy this hooded plaid jacket?
how do you like my bag?
What shirt should I wear with my v-neck sweater?
Does anyone know where I can find sequin blazers?
You guys know any websites to buy shoes?
Should I wear a thong today?
what is this type of dress called?
i'm going to the 7th grade and i want some purple and blue skinny jeans i can't find them. HELP!!! PLZ :)?
I need help with fitted clothing .?
Where can I find streeetwear in singapore,also footwear such as Supra, Nike..?
Which one SHOULD I GET?
what do you think is the ideal beauty?
Is there anywhere else I could buy this handbag?
What should i wear with a plaid shirt that is to big?
OMG!!Is this reallyyy Vanessa??♥!?♥!?
i need to find the website for 1 of the shop for rental of branded bags.?
Ok so i have a dance on Saturday and i need some fashion ideas.?
Is Tocca designer? For designer clothes?
Tinkerbell Underwear?
What do you think of my polyvore outfits?
What to wear with these skirts during the fall?
funky outfits?
where can you find fashion designs for ages 10-27?
what color leggings would look good with a hot pink mini "bubble" skirt??
Help: Jacket Question!?
Where can I donate good clean women's clothes and shoes?
vans or chucks on a guy?
What to Wear On The First Day Of School?
How can I stop my skirt from being static?
What colour do you like best for this shirt?
Do you like skinny jeans or regular ones?
EASY 2 POINTS: Is this a cute tote for high school?
Do you think this is a cute outfit?
Which UGG boots shall i get?
What casual look could I team with these shoes?
does any1 know any goth stores in st.catherines ontario?
What are some good clothing stores for a pre-teen?
Is Hollister appropriate for 12 almost 13 year olds?
I am looking for Tatty Devine jewellery in Windsor, Berkshire?
are skinny jeans going out of style?
why almost girl are lovely?
Should I wear this shirt and sweater together? (picture here)...................................…
Is it ok to wear gray jeans with a denim jacket?
where can i find long stretchy boots in difft colors? preferably zip-up?
Help finding glamorous dresses?
which store can i buy good low priced levis jeans? also i want to buy some Hollister clothes but they tend?
Where is Patsy Palmers jacket from in eastenders?
Is Franklin&Marshall 'Chavvy'?
what could i wear on top or underneath this dress ?
do i have enough clothes for the summer?
What to wear to the Homecoming Football game today?
Which city is the most fashionable?:New-York,Paris,Milan or London?
How short is a mini-skirt concidered and how do you know if i'ts too short?
I have a size 15 shoe size would these be good?
Tight Clothes on guys good or BAD??!!?
Homemade snooki outfit?
I am kindda stressed because i am going to my last year of elementry skool.i want to be cooler,HELP!?
i have a 7.5 inch pandora bracelet. whats the maximum amount of charms i can fit on it, roughly?
Brim of hat?
What's the worst colour combination in ur opinion?
What color are your toes painted.
When it comes to selling used gold jewelry, how much does someone typically get for a ring, bracelet,...?
do you look like your avatar, or are you faking it!!!?
What do you think of this dress for homecoming?
is this a cute outfit?
What to stuff my bra with? How to stuff it so it's BIG?!!!?
do these shirts look cheap?(pics)?
do creepers make you taller?
What size jeans could a 5 feet 3 female wear if she is 125 pounds?
What is your favorite shoe brand/s ?
help me find a hilarious costume?
Is it weird for couples to match when going out?
Should i get my ears pierced?
What should i wear my first day of eigth grade?
i really want a boyfriend! help me ! please!?
who here has an ipod?
what accessories should I wear with this dress?
After you cross your legs, do you get a warm and sweaty red spot on your knee?
what is an 'itgirl' for you?
Help! Ordered a costume online, doesn't fit at all!!?
Where's a good place to find a relatively high-quality iPod case?
What can I wear with this shirt/dress?
I don't know which Coach bag looks the best.?
which is better pumas or new balance.?
is this outfit cute?
How do you care for/clean a Platinum ring?
Fashion experts: Is this okay to wear on the first day of school? (PICS)?
Is it true that if you go to a shoe store that the price of new releases would be cheaper?
POLL: What color is ur t shirt??
where can you find the hottest pair of shoes this season (brandname)?
What is the name for this type of coat?
What is the top selling brand for women shoes made in Thailand?
Are these boots hideous?
i wanna buy a dress online im an australian size 10 and i have 10DD bust what size would fit me in american?
looking for african american clothing from the 1930's & 1940's?
What are some cute outfits to wear with a leather jacket?
Do you like this dress?
which ones do you like better ?
Job interview outfit?
Where can i get mens boots that are fashionable in England. Kinda like these one's...?
How to dress like an 80's girl without going shopping?
Skyfall scotland Scarf?
Can I return this dress to Ross?
Shoes..oh my
Does this sweater look too young for a 26-year-old?
Where to get 1940's style clothing for Halloween?
What is your brand/favorite type of shoe?
Is this a good party outfit?
I will make you an outfit!!(:?
What's the difference between men's skinny jeans and that of women's?
Are these real?
How to look for a modeling agent? please let me know!!!?
Does anyone have an exact link where I can find cheap boxers that are pink and black checkered?
Please help! I need to pierce my infant daughter's ears tonight and I am unsure as to how.?
hi girls any idea....?
ROLEX (Submariner Date 1000 ft ) or OMEGA (New Coaxial Seamaster Professional 2000 ft )?
i bought a nice dark grassy green silk shirt, whats the suitable color pants or skirt to wear with?
Ladies do you perfer regular bras or underwire bras?
fake or real boobs???
Need opinions on school outfit!!! Please!!!?
wats the best way to clean your shoes?
Outfit ideas please (no girly stuff) 10 points?
How tall are you??????????
Where Can I get a new purse, handbag, that's durable and reasonably priced?
How can I wear these necklaces (EASY 10 PTS.)?
Where to buy cutee and cheap acessories?
What fabrics actually have to be hand washed?
Im 12 i just started my period n wat do i put in my handbag?
What Do You Think About The J0RDANS i Just Got????!?!??
what type of lingerie?
Wayfarer style sunglasses???
What should i wear in present weather?
would this shirt match these shoes?
When people buy good clothes, do they do it to show off their apparel or do they wear it for themselves?
where to get plaid flannel shirts?
PLease help me! outfit help!?
If I buy an armani jeans hoodie will it shrink after the first wash?
If I know my US jeans size is 42x32 , how would that be translated to UK scale written in xxW and yyL format?
Where can i get keds dolce skimmers in Singapore? If there is online, which one provide international shipping
what kind of shoes can I wear with cheetah leggings?
How do you tolerate leotards, 1 piece bathing suits, bikinis, etc.? Don't you feel really exposed?
Could you tell that these are girls pants I'm wearing if I didn't tell you?
i don't know what fashion designer it is... need help?
Where to buy cute over sized sweaters?
Which dress is prettier?
Have you ever lost a cuff link in the toilet while wiping your butt?
what is up with the color pink?
Can anyone help me with a first day of school outfit?
can someone help me to find designer shoes but cheaper on the net?
what are the best brand of shoes?
Do you like this prom dress?
wat kind style do u like?
How do I tie my scarf with a triangle? (Picture)?
hhmmm.....what clothes shall i wear for school to be more popular<?>?
Outfit help please?!?!?
What are some good clothes and hairstyles to wear tomorro?
is it okay to wear the same sweater to school two days in a row?
Which will the best wedding ring for my wedding,,please help selecting one ...?
Where can I shop for TOP NOTCH clothes?
Are these Uggs real ?
Where to get a Sierra Leone bracelet?
should i stretch my ears to a 12g ? is it safe ?
What Shirt from Hollister Should I Buy?
How To Fold Pantyhose?
Do you think this dress is too slutty for a high school dance?
do you wear glasses?
Best place in chandigarh for shopping a cheap and trendy clothes and accessories?
guess sahara tank top?
are big belts that are worn on the hips in?? answer quickley!!?
Can you buy Nat Sherman Fantasias in Australia? Or can you buy them online or something?
how do you get a photo on here help me quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do you say AEROPOSTALE ?
Can u generally tell how a person is by the way he or she dress( Hair, teeth, shoes ect..)?
what colours should i wear???
Is it possible to have pants altered to make the rise shorter?
Designer Brands like Juicy Couture?
When you buy a pair of gemstone earrings, for example 1ct diamond, is each earring 1/2 carat or one carat?
what to get for my 16th?
what is the name of a mall in dallas tx that has good stores tell me su mof the good ones?
Can You Wear Nike Air foces With Chinos?
What color shoe laces can I put in my adizero rose 2.5 all star edition?
Do you like this hoodie?
do mini skirts make your legs look longer or do longer skirts??
What the most girly pair of heels and the most girly dress?
Need opinions please? Which boot looks better?
Does anyone know of a business that buys jewelry? Not for gold value. say diamond earrings, rings, pearls .?
platos closet: help!!?
sparkly vans checkered slip ons?
is a legit site or scam?
what nail polish color will go well with a silver dress?
sewing tutorials?
Im looking for a hat!!!!?
Does anyone have a samsung E350 cellphone I can trade for a nokia 3100? Serious answers only please.?
What hollister hoodie/tee is better? *pics are included*?
what is the use of the marriage?
What is it like to wear a girdle everyday?
Which skater look, looks better?
What is my pants size?
how do you get a funny smell out of a leather belt?
Do they have Hollister outside of California?
Am i skinny??????
Forever21 jean sizes?
should i get these eyeglasses?
What size would I wear in this shirt?
Anyone know a good clothing store that is less mainstream?
what time is it where you live?
can you pleeeeeeeease answer???!?!?!?
Can I still return this to Urban Outfitters?
Hollister or Abercrombie??
Websites that sell tulip skirts..?
juicy couture or coach?
Could A 40 Year Old Woman Get Away With Ripped Jeans?
How do I appear thinner? ?
What should I wear for a job interview at Buckle clothing store ?
which should i buy? i need your help ASAP!?
What do I wear with grey cable crochet tights ?
what should i wear to a nicki minaj concert?
do you like this outfit for school?
Where to buy shoes like this?
Opinion on nightclub outfit?
What do you think bella swan looks like and what clothes she wears?
Why does wearing glasses make people look goofy?
how can i dress up a concert shirt?
do these shoes match this dress?
ladies please help me pick shoes to go with this dress!?
whats the best way to remove colour stains?
Where can i buy volleyball/booty/dance shorts?
how can i find new best,nice haircut styles &fashions?
Do you like this hoodie?
What outfit do you like best?
nina dobrev silver dress in commercial?
Love or hate af/ae/am/hco?
Surf Clothing Wholesalers?
daughter wants to wear thongs?
How are some girls able to wear such tight pants?
What do you think of this bag?
Where can you buy cheap miss me jeans?
What kind of watch is this?
Do you like ripped jeans?
Why does silver look better on me then gold?
why do people wear heels?
Clothing under corsets?
What do you think when girls wear colored/printed pants?
Can you please help me find this dress or one similar to it? Thanks so much.?
How should I revamp this old dress?
Fun little survey!!!!?
Do you think spending 1,000 dollars on a purse is too much?
memorized do you know any nice Arabic henna designs?
i've been looking for flip flops..what do you think of these? (:?
Skinny Jeans & high tops?
What are some good websites to buy vintage clothes?
cute backpack? wher to buy? best 1 gets s!?
has anyone every ordered from wedding dress if so is it a legite site and safe to buy from?
halloween costumes anyone?
how are you supposed to wear these?
where can i find cheap yellow work boots for a size 9 or 10?
How to dress like a hipster?
what kind of jacket is this?
What do you think of my first day of school outfit?
can you hem pants so that to flair isnt to big?
What shoes does Danisnotonfire wear?
Where can you get the sleeveless Metallica basketball style shirt that the bassist Robert Trujillo often wears?
Wear can I get cute scarfs?
i can't stand my nose!?
how to you put on a tie?
I need a (cheap)new store?
How many people like Stockings on a ladie or just skin?
Good graphic tee's for a 13 year old?
What's wrong with just wearing a cross on your neck?
Prom dress help, Please answer?
Will Wal-Mart do my cartilage piercing?
Am i really as ugly as they say i am?
does wearing all black and being able to sing like ur part of a death meatal band and sing pretty scare guys?
I need a turn of the century band leader's uniform. Hook me up!?
How would you best describe your Style?
What should I buy? Teen girl? $50?
Have you seen our website for Petite Lingerie?
What should my family wear for our family picture?
do i look edgy enough for this?please answer?
What brand of jeans should i buy???
I need to find some cheap silver hairclips! Help!?
Which Pandora bracelet?
how do i wash my dress that has a noticable stain?
What r some cute cloths?
do you think 13 year olds should have acrilic nails?
Are there any other good stores similar to Urban Outfitters?
Where can i buy a fake juicy couture purse?
How to remove hair dye stains on grey high end jeans?
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the July issue of Vogue Italia?
How to properly stuff your bra?
In order from whos cutest to not so cute!(anyone)?
Please I would like to know your opinion on this site!!?
Emo/thick-horn rimmed glasses?
What accessories should I put with this dress?
Which One?? Need help!?
girl issues?
Where can I find hair cutting shear bracelets?
What to wear with off-white khaki pants?
Picture idea????????
Can I color my hair Blonde from black......?
Girls, what colour nail polish would suit a boy?
anyone need an outfit?
if ur not Indian or from India, can you still wear indian clothes?
is this a good deal?????????
What do British girls think of a Goan boy from India?
Is it acceptable to wear heels in highschool?
This is a double fashion question: 1. how do you tie the "the Rosie the rivetter" hair tie look from the 40s?
whyis it that some dresses / skirts make your bum look absolutely huge?
good outfit to wear to a park with a guy i like?
How tall are you?????
Any stores with inexpensive clothes..?
how old to sell gold watch to jewlery store?
Which dress do you like?
Designer frames?
catwalk Dress up judging?
Target!!! :]:]:]?
Is it tacky for couples to wear the same clothes?
has anyone used
they wont give my clothes back!?
My cousin is looking for the cute, striped thigh-highs in plus sizes?
Would you rather wear a hearing aid or glasses?
is this a cute outfit?
Can anyone recommend me some nice mens clothes from River Island?
which shoes?
Is this a good website to shop at?
how to put a 3mm stretcher in for the first time?
can you give me examples what kind of shoes can i wear when i want to wear leg warmers?
which shirt do you like more from wetseal?
My aunt's taking me to an outlet mall this weekend; I've never been before, so what can I expect?
supertarget hours of operation in orlando, fl 323828?
Can someone help me with some smart/smart casual outfits?
What Do You Think Of Outfit?
Do I have too many shoes?
Backpack and purse??
What are some good, inexpensive places to shop online?
How to match navy blue shoes?
Is This Fleece Ugly? Best Answer Gets 10 Points?
what is the Clothes Show like, is it worth it?
what store do u like (it can be any store)?
Do you like this?
What are some good (legitimate) websites for freebies and free samples?? ?
Are the purses on real?
were can i buy vintage clothing in minnesota besides online?
Why do people wear shirts that say the store name on them?
Is this outfit stylish for a guy?
Black nail polish op?
Does this outfit look alright?
Snake bites or studs? :)?
i need to know what the best socks are in term of durability and comfort. i need white crew socks.?
What should I wear on this double date?
i want to get my ears pierced again?
What is a good pair of sport sandles ?
do you think i will look good in a nose piercing? pics included:D?
how do i shrink a pair of jeans?
How do I start dressing more girly?
where's the middle of a man's crotch?
Which pair of shoes do you like the best? Easy 10!!?
What to wear in a hot day ! ;o?
Where do I find this pair of Nike Eclipse shoes?
Charlotte russe clothing doesnt last long?
Which Ugg do you like better?
Help me find a red skirt with white polka dots?
Are these boots the next UGGS?
What shoes look the best?
Is contact lenses comfortable and good for you?
Do you guys like Mexican actors Kuno Becker and Gael Garcia Bernal?
Which colors do you like?
Cute rocker outfit for decade day?
Is 28$ pricy for leggings?
What Suit and Tie combo???
do u like this purse?
What clothing would suit someone thats 4ft 11 and size 16UK(top) 14UK(bottom)?
Where I can find some advice on how to be elegant and fashionable?
which bra is perfect fit for gals?
Taylor Swift inspired Dress?
hey girls!!?
Where's the best place to get clothes that are in style right now?
I have Fair Skin, Blue Eyes, and Blonde hair, but im not very girly girl-ish.What are my best colors?
Where can I buy cootie pajamas(blanket sleepers)??
Which dress should I wear?
What are some cheap nice clothes to shop at in canada ?!?!?!?
Do you like this outfit?
tell me how i can always dress that i will be respected?
Does anyone know where my white lacey babydoll shoes are?
How to wear this denim jacket?
are these cute?
Which do you like better?
how do u like this shirt?
What do you think about the customer service and Frankie and Benny's?
where in winnipeg can i get a flapper costume?
where can i get these dresses?
How to tie a bandana like this?
Would you wear these T-shirts?
what hair styles should i do for farewell its like prom but for 8th grade?
Where could I find jeans for around $20? I would love skinny jeans if possible too.?
How can I personalise my school uniform?
Where can I get this plaid shirt?
Where to find a crochet cropped top swimsuit cover up?
The black lace pencil dress that holly willoughby wears on surprise surprise?
I need help! New styles for super cheap!!!?
Cummerbund with a Suit?
my watch is scratched will polish work or anything else?
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS?? HELP ME PLEASE. My niece is going to start public highschool for the first time she doesnt
Best nail polish color for a red prom dress?
DO YOU prefer BIKINIS, tankinis, or ONE PEICES?
where do i go to get custom made shoes?
who hates abercombie and all those (like hollister)?!?
Do You Have To Take Out Your Starter Earrings Or Can You Leave The Same Ones In?
what kind of winter coats are in style this year?
Where to find scarves ( SCENE KIND )?
what kind of shoes do you wear?
Guys, do you consider it attractive when girls pop their trench coat collar?
what do you like better?for a party?
If I wear light brown pants and a cream colored sweater, should I wear dark brown shoes or camel color shoes?
why do women wear pantyhose?
What in your opinion is the gt to have piece for this season??
Is this ...ok for a party:)?
What are you going to be for Halloween?
Are these clothes considered expensive?
Does anyone give me few web addresses where i can get lots of information about fashion?
What shoes would you wear with this? [halloween]?
what shoes should wear with this dress?
How can i be one of those pretty girls all the guys like, without beign a sl*t?
how old would you say i look?
Which side should i get my lip pierced (left or right)?
girls ages 13-25, what would you wear to disneyland?
what youth size shirt is like medium on adult size ****?
What Website Can I Look at Jordan's Before they come out in stores ? (RETROS & HIGH TOPS ) ?
What to wear to a Halloween party?
issue with clothes for college?
So, there is this handbag moker who I have only seen in germany and i want to find the website to order on but?
When can I buy a tote bag in CANADA?
Do you wear flip-flops?
What are some good clothing websites?
Anna Wallner one of hosts of The Shopping Bags Tv show birthdate is when?
Rose from titanic dress? Read below?
what shorts to wear with big thighs and big butt????
Which shoes should I buy? Which do you like? :)?
Where can I buy true religion jeans, uggs, from china?
army green top go better with red or purple jeans?
Is it normal to wear urban combats to a club?
Which one's prettierr? and why.?
Skinny Jeans My size?
Where do you shop for your kids school clothes?
I have a silver ring with a garnet stone on it. In which finger should I wear it?I'm a cancerian(01/97/88)
How do I tell my mom that I want to wear a bikini?
Where can I buy Kanye glasses like this?
Where can I find the green shirt worn in the tide commercial?
My tongue web piercing?
the most important thing you think about, is what you think about when you think about God.?
what is the range for vera wang cocktail dresses?
How do I get a pen mark off my cotton t-shirt?
what do you think of this dress for prom?
what fashion will never come back...?
Should I get this dress? Please give me the reasons.?
What is your favorite color?
What do you think of this Dress?
Does hollister's 1.7 floz ryder perfume give a free gift?
Can I shrink a shirt?
Which dress is more beautiful and why?
ties that go with dark grey/charcoal shirt?
How do you become a plus size model in New York City?
What do people think about boys wearing girls underwear?
does anyone know when stella mccartney's new season/line of handbags come out?
What would a medium t-shirt size in women's be equivalent to in men's?
Fashion is all about making a personal style statement, but how important is it to follow trends?
I just spilled baby powder all over my jeans, how can I get it off quickly?
Which top is cutest?? .s?
Why is every dude wearing skinny jeans these days?
what to do if you're under dressed at a party?
do you like these shoes?
what top would go with this outfit? - men?
Is this Louis Vuitton purse and wallet set REAL?
Do I look emo??
wat fits of clothes should a skinny man such as myself wear?
why does everyone love hollister and A&F?
what is your favorite quote?
Hollister boomer low rise slim boot?
hollister...HELP. !!!!?
this might be a stupid question.. girls only!?
What is the difference of " vintage" and "old"?
Customize fleece jackets ?
Different earring types?
ill make u an outfit !!! first 5 peeps?
What kind of friendship bracelet is this and how would you make it?
I Make Outfits!?
Can I wear chesnut colored UGGS in the winter?
What do you think of this Swim Suit?
How big of a fashion emergency is this?!?
How do you keep your high heels from slipping off your heel while wearing stockings?
Where can I find nice luggage bags?
What color is the juicy couture razr and how many did they make?
Help with snow white!?
Can I wear this carnt find cheap mans coat?
Random Guy-Fashion Questions?
s BA! I saw these shoes on sale for $100 originally $350. Do you think they are nice, should i get them!?
what color do you think this dress is? Is it burgundy?
Should I get Rocks or Miss Me's?
Argyle Sweater + Striped Tie?
should i get rid of my clothes i cant wear anymore?
do you wear pants???????????????????????????
Hoodie jacket for men.?
Striped thigh high socks? Are they okay to wear with a regular outfit, in your opinion?
Should i Buy this necklace?
what color goes best with calypso?
What goes with grey wedges?
what is the name for the 'french artist in beret' fashion style?
What gross things would you do to ruin my fav jackets slowly?
hey if u r ghetto , help me please. i just want to know where i can buy sum jeans and sum shirts (name brand)?
what do u want right now?? =) (hair products, clothes , accesories, shoes etc.)?
what do you think of this outfit (pics included)?
Will toms online be on sale for Black Friday?
Can you wear bangles and dangling earrings when bowling?
Gold or silver?
what stores are like hollister and abercrombie and fitch
Advice for a unique first date?
Which color, pink or blue...?
Like what times do you change your avatar?
Any realiable website to shop on dresses?
Really skinny?!?!? (PLEASE answer)?
Hollisters or American Eagle?
Shoes that go with Khaki's and jeans?
Brother embarassed me!?
what do you think about this swimsuit?
Do girls mind it when guys wear their jeans low?
Which shoes should i get?
Does anyone know what brand of board shorts have an american flag tag on the back?
I want a turtleneck swimsuit. Why is it so bloody hard to find? Can you help me find one?
What do you think the future is for women's waist lines....right now it seems ridiculously low?
are 32A size boobs too small for a 13 year old?
Where to look for PROM DRESSES?
Where can I find cheap clothes online in Europe?
What are some cool affordable durable jordans to buy? ?
Tan, vinyl stacked-heel go-go boots on a 34 year old woman...cutting-edge or pathetic?
can i wear a "bedtime" playsuit out during the day?
Should i wear a thong at this age?
how to make shorts bigger?
help for interior deisgn projecttt/poster?
Is Champion a name brand clothing?
help me.........?
What brands are 13 year old girls wearing?
What are you're favorite colors?
what do u think of my avatar?
Uggs stained from snow?
i ( heart ] dr shirt ?!?
Which side should I get my lip pierced (left or right)?
ok i need quick good help!?
What do you wear if you're attending a quinceañera?
which pair would you choose? (uggs)?
Which dress is prettier?
How do i make jeans destroyed?
ideas for fancy dress!?!?!?
unique or unheard of clothing brands to be suggested for a guy?
am i wearing two kinds of socks?
Do you think this coat is cute?
Which plaid bathing suit do you like better?
Does the Gilet make me look a tool?
what should i wear on a double date to the mall?
what is the name brand of Hugh Hefners robe?
Where can i buy a cute, CHEAP, BROWN leather cross-body bag?
what kind of color converse shoes is not too girlish?
how to make carrot bottoms or joxx from normal grey trackie botttoms?
Do you like these swimsuits?
i wanna caterpiller shoes can someone dear tell me some stores name in chicago?
why do thin people make out they're a bigger size and bigger people make out their smaller?
Where can i Get Bengi Jeans Cheap ? Lower than the normal price?
Can I wear nice half boots with a suit to work on wall street (on Friday?) Brown boots navy suit.?
Sweats or jeans on ur girlfriend?
would i look foolish going to school wearing this?
back to school outfit please?? *pics*?
What can I do to prevent counterfeit Chanel bags from being sold?
My friend and I want to start our own clothing line.....where do we start?
Where do Chris Brown live? What is his address? What is his mothers name? Where can i meet him at personal?
What can i wear for school.?
Is this a good first day of school outfit for 9th grade?
Which dress would be the best for me? (Pics included)?
For how much would you sell an 18k white gold ring with 20pts diamond?
Where to put a bow tie?
POLL: What Do You Sleep In?
Where can I find a free city jacket for only $40?
Tissot or Seiko watch?
Should women wear panties to sleep?
is anyone familar with miu miu (ladies) shoes sizing? i'm usually a US37-37.5, EU38. What size should i buy?
I am a size 38 R, the style I want is a 40 L, is there any way possible I can get the suit to my size?
Which is better:Polo by Ralph Lauren or Ralph Lauren?
Is this a cute wedding guest dress?
where to get a floral/nice bumbag UK?
How do i make my uggs fit around my leg tight?
Do you think that knitwear looks nice?
I need to find a prom dress like this one in a store in the US?
what to wear to an 18th party?
What do u think of this dress?
How do I design a prom dress online?
can u tell how old i am by reading this facts??
i will make you an outfit!!!?
Does anyone know where Tigger from BET's 106 n Park get his shoes? He has a mean shoe game.?
Which dress is best? (Pictures included)?
Does it look alright for a young guy to wear sandals with Jeans or Khaki's?
Which type of shoes is the most sluttiest?
why do ppl wear thongs?
What do you think of this watch?
What style of shirt is this? Where can I find shirts like these?
So, I liked this juicy couture backpack but...?
Which Sweater (Pics Included)?
Why kind of style is this?
in how many seasons fashion have been divided?
Rayon-Nylon Blend Sweater Good for Cold Weather?
black light (Black hatters don't read)?
flip flops or clogs??
Where can I buy greenish aquamarine jewelry?
Anyone know how to exchange clothing bought online?
How much would a used ginune Dolce&Gabbana leather hand bag cost?
What is the most expensive piece of jewelry you own?
what makes hollister and abercrombie so great?
How do you shrink jeans ?
Would it be a good idea if I wear this today?
A girl at school told me I should wear tight jeans or a short skirt?
What to get at Abercrombie and Fitch?
What color shirt would go best with this skirt?
Which pair of flats do you prefer?
If you were a fashion designer, which bollywood star would you select to be your show stopper ?
what country makes supra footwear?
Girls: what are your favorite clothing stores?
clothes sites apart from ebay, girlbits, additions asos?
anyone no of a lipsy voucher code?
What are acrylic nails? And what are silk wrap-thingys?
yes or no question! come on-easy s.?
Do you enjoy wearing diiapers and plastic pants like me?
getting a job at american eagle, hollister, abercrombie etc.?
How good are Daniel Steiger mens watches?
What can i wear for a twin lap?
Will you make me a Polyvore outfit?
Which shirt should i wear on the first day of school tomorrow?(pix)?
Is Hollister(clothes store) only in California???
Girls: what do you find attractive in a ring, what makes a ring good and not so good?
What type of "jacket" is this???? (1940s?)?
Poll: Do you have a signature piece of jewelry that you wear all the time?
On average-how much does a lip piercing cost.?
Which shirt do you think is cuter?
When is the Volcom Stone Stop Slim hoodie being released?
Abercrombie and Fitch?
Where can i buy some cute party dresses?
What Kinda Shoes Do You Think I can Wear With This Dress???
What's a good UK site for bras?
what do you think of this bikini?
what kind of style do I have?
Which necklace should I get my mom?
What to wear?
Do you like this prom dress?
Help!!!! Short Asian in need of Height?
Can you help me find a dress?
Furry short boots with a Button on each side?
Whats an easy way to make a cute 3in cheer bow?
Do you think these shoes are cute?
do you like this outfit?
can you wear new era hats in water?
Where do you buy a 14 gauge piercing needle?
What color shirt is best to wear with Khakis!?
what clothing store do you like better aeropostale or american eagle outfitters?
2009 new fashion trends?
Which necklace should I buy?
????What is Pac Sun???
What do they call that little plastic thing at the end of your shoelace?
Prom dresses...which one should I go for?!? :D?
It is time to buy prom dresses?
where can i find a dress like this?
how old do u have to be to buy a push up bra?
Need Black Suede Wedges?
where can i find the best deals on men's clothing in new york in february?
Are my Converses real ?!?
How much does the boy bell bottom jeans at walmart cost?
most expensive clothes?
Is this skirt too short?
who know well with replica and original Nike air force 1 clear shoes?
Does anyone know where I can find a dress like this?!?
Are older women dressing way too sleazy?
Give me some good dress-uo sites!?
Do you like my outfit?
Hey...guys! Do you prefer boxers or briefs?
Does Modells sell Adidas sandals/slides and black Adidas Layup Pants?
Is my Tiffany bracelet real?
DIY: How do I do this type of tie-dye on a shirt?
If you were only aloud to buy clothes from one store, which store would it be and why?
Do you like guys that show lil bit of their boxers when they wear their jeans?
Could someone help me find perfect jeans, please?
Would a SnapBack cap suit curly hair?
What to wear with a plaid skirt?
Black nylon messenger bag??
miss guided promo codes ?
Should i wear this type of shirt?
Where does Jasmine Villegas shop?
Where can I find a dress similar to this? (link included)?
American Eagle Jeans what size?
How can I make a uniform stylish?
Does posting this picture make me seem like a whore?
which movado watch is better? please help?
Girls, do you like this shirt?
Do you like this jacket....?
How would you describe Korean fashion?
My little sister loves to design clothes?
What Kind of Womens Sneakers Are These?
Where can you find good cashmere for cheap? Some in regular sizes, and plus sizes?
What brand are Aaron Lewis's shoes?
which dress do you prefere for prom?
I'am i like Spoiled or avergage?
What kind of leg bag/satchel is this?
I am looking to buy customized rubber bracelets similar to livestrong bracelets. What is a good saying?
What to wear to a semi-formal homecoming?
Where can I buy a Ao Dai (Vietnamese Long Dress) in or near Los Angeles, Calif? Is there a store I can go to?
Who supplies Tomato watches in the UK?
Girls Only: What clothes do u like on a guy?
Is the "emo" genre just a byproduct of the circus clown movement?
my daughter aged 11 would like to get her belly button pierced?
Do i dress normally or ok?
Can you tie dye a white t-shirt that has a print on it?
What do you think of this dress ? Or does it look better in brown ?
Is a black and white dress appropriate to wear to a wedding?
Which outfit is the best? PICS?
Which designer has the best small purse?
Is their any genuine online stores that sell great clothes?
Which one is better?
Ear piercing on men?
what is a good costume for a 12yr old?????????????????
Fashion for middle school?
pointy toed boots?
Question about snapbacks..?
HeLP!!!!! [pics included]?
How much is your closet worth?
Need an Armani replacement watch strap.?
what do you think of this outfit? (:?
what would go with these shoes?
How do i clean my White Vans?
So tell me... Who has a tattoo, what is it, and where?
Should i buy PF Flyers or what?
when will shoe companies start making bigger trainers?
can we wear converse shoes with ny type of jeans?
what are the advantages and disadvantages of onsies?
where do I find ladies shoes in a size 5 or 6 wide?
How do you feel about Abercrombie having half-naked boys as store greeters?
ok i a have facebook and myspace but i want something different where guy dont try to get in my pants help?
Is this sweater immature?
How To Dress For Career Day?
What jewelry to wear with this bridesmaid dress?
I want to buy a quality diamond engagement ring VS1 H color or better --any ideas where to shop?
Aren't these just the most disgusting jeans EVER?
Where can I get a nice purse?
Victoria Secret PINK?!?
can a guy wear these boots?
what should i wear for a homecoming 2008?
My boxers show at the back coz my skinny jeans ride low - is it a problem?
Where can i buy a cheap pair of michael jackson replica shoes?
Can your legs shrink?
Is this a good outfit ?! 10 points :)?
Bathing suit question?
Need an opinion on these??
Glasses - Does anyone know where i could find these?
y do people keep callin these shoes bedroom slippers (pic included) theyre not slippers JEEZZ!!?
are theese shoes cute to you?
What's a good website for buying cool socks?
where can i buy those dickies bermuda shorts for juniors? would mervyn's have them?
Where can I find a trenchcoat like Sherlock's?
How to be like ariana grande?
What should I wear with this?
Where can i get CHEAP Real Uggs?
What colors are good for me?
Is This A Cute Outfit???
where can i get a shirt like this?
Do you think leggings are fashionable?
What Should I Wear With Red Denim Pants !?
What are some good fashion blogs on tumblr?
How do I open this snap closure clutch? link to the pic below?
I have an abercrombie & fitch interview. . . what should i expect?!?
can guys wear baby blue?
What should I wear on my 21st Birthday to the BAR?
Favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe at the moment???
Do you like these sneakers?
What clothing style should never be allowed to happen again?
How can I clean my jewelry without tarnishing it further?
Fashion crisis in need! (If you love hollister say "YEEEAHH!")?
Do you think Im ugly, average, or pretty? Help me out.?
Have you ever seen a black emo?
is it normal to try to look up girls skirts as often as possible?
If im going to buy fringe boots what color should I get them in?
does this actually work?
What color of converse sneaks should i get?
in what store can i buy crocs?
is nike shoes from " fake?
What color pencil skirt would go best with my light blue sleeveless button up?
Fashionista's! Would you wear these shoes?
Do brown and black match?
What kind of glasses should i get?
Fashion help?
What top to wear with these shoes and pants? (pic)?
Please Help, looking for a Bracelet for a friend.?
Yellow Outfit Help?!?!?
How to became a model?
when girls buy new panties what do you base your decision on?
where can I find a dress like this?
O.k so i found Alice's dress but its out of stock so now i need the EXACT or a VERY SIMILAR dress?
job interview?
Where can I buy earring cuffs that require piercings online?
What side do girls have their noses peirced on?
I was wondering if this is a good outfit to wear?
Would light brown hair still look goth?
I am thinking about getting my nose pierced. Who out there has done so? Did it hurt a lot?
Does anyone have a review for
Any Good Grunge Fashion Websites?
which color would you buy this shirt in? (:?
What do you think of grad outfit (PICS)?
How do I convince my mom to let me get my ears pierced?
Where to Get Something Like This...?
Which Shoes are Nicest?
new years outfit???
Teenage girls only!! where do you usually shop at?
where can i find good hemp jewelry to buy online?
Please give me you opinion am i too big to be a model?
What is a cute hair style for me? (pic included)?
Im Starting A modelling agency who can i get to book my models or who can i have as clients?
Have you seen any cute tennis shoes that are lightweight and not clunky?
skinny jeans-- cute or ugly?
why do teenage girls dress horribly?
Can I wear this dress to a friends bday dinner (pic)?
Shoes to wear with Skinny Jeans???
I'm Going to a Ken and Barbie Party, What's a clever/funny ken constume?
Does anyone know where they sell the thing that tightens your stomach?
How to wear leggings without getting VPL?! PLEASE ANSWER NEED FOR TOMORROW MORNING!!!?
Do you think it is important to wear fashionable clothes?
AA size bra doesnt fit?
I wanna look good for under eight dollars. What clothes to buy?
i want to become a prep ?
Which prom dress should I wear?
which color boots do u like? (pics)?
Where I can find Ugg Boots in London?
trying to find a mesh top/dress?
Do you like this sweater?
Are straight jeans for women the same as skinny jeans?
Where can I buy Supra shoes in NewZealand?
do you like this shirt?
What is the BIGGEST fad in your school right now?!?!?!?
How to make black canary costume?
Sexy or trashy?what do you think?
What to wear OR How to style a leopard print Cardigan?
Collar from 50 Shades of Grey?
who are the models in thomas burberry autumn/winter 2008/09 campaign?
Is this outfit appropriate for this occasion?
is silpada better quality than lia sophia?
Does anyone know the brand or designer of the strapless baby blue and white dress Carrie wears in Season Six:?
help tucking with tucking my shirt in?
Where can I get this hoodie? (Navajo)?
Questions about my eighth grade formal?
Fastest way for a girl to gain a lot of weight?
Do any ladies in Laredo, Tx wear stockings or pantyhose?
Men's swim brief with a high sheer rating...?
Shoe help...?
finding men's clothing that fits?
Where can I find short sleeve hoodies in Singapore?
How do I hire a model for cheap? Need pics for my clothing website.?
what do they pierce your nose with?
Has anyone ever purchased sneakers from
Am I Pretty?? [[Pictures]]?
What's the newest style for teenage girls?
what do you think!!?
Bride in black?
Does anyone know where to find super cheap lululemon headbands on the internet?