was the founder of victorias secret named victoria? who startd it? and y did they name it that?
Best way to keep clothes (mainly shirts) wrinkle free??
what colour dress suits for wheatish coloured girl??
Can I wear my hunters?????????
Is this too much yellow?
Need style help! don't know what to wear!?
I was wondering if I have model potential.?
Keeping up with the Kardashians-Laker ticket episode-Who designed the purse Kris gave to Khloe?
Tight lacing. Will my corset still have an effect if I'm bloated? an effect if I?
Cheaper UGG alternative?
Are you confident enough for wearing sexy high heels?
not sure what to wear ..?
how can I achieve the antique-brass look? do I need to plate it? how do I plate it?
whatt does it mean when girls take pics with their fingers shaped like a "V" and their tounges stick out?
Help choosing some Sperry Topsider shoes?
choose the best!?
would i look good with a septum piercing?
Can i wear my engagement ring and my promise ring on the same finger?
I need help!!???
What is this piercing called?
Where can I buy earring cuffs that require piercings online?
I want converse shoes that i can buy online, are their any cheap ones under 20bux zappos r lik xpensive?
How much are the following products in Primark?
HELP WITH PROM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Dresses help!?
What color fits you?
Does anyone know where I can find a man's short sleeve shirt from the early 1990's at Penney's?
What do you think of young women wearing just a shirt and leggings?
what do you think of these shoes?
Which sock set has better colors?
how can i dress punk or emo?
Which dress do you like?
What happened to "FCUK" did they go bust when all the chavs started wearing it?
How to loosen a knit blouse that is one size too small?
Sizing! Please help me.?
Forever 21 model measurements?
Headwear that'll hide my roots/protect my hair color?
Chain Price?
I need to find all the London branches of Peacock Fashion Store?
Earrings on Guys?
should i dress up for my brothers national honor society ceremony?
Can I sell my kidney?
Average number of hats, scarves, gloves, etc?
Why wouldnt parents let kids wear shorts?
Miss Me Jeans????????????????
How to have cool swag???x?
Do all button down dress shirts hang down to far in the back to be worn under a blazer?
what's the pop color in autumn&winter 2013?
Help! Need to find a dress!?
What type of clothes would look good on me?
Where can I find a dark red feather wig?
Girls: do you love this ring? what do you think about that ring? (link to the ring inside)?
Boxers, briefs, or boxer breifs?
what do you think of this bag for school?
How much does a silver amethyst ring cost?
What is spandex.?
How can i break my patent doc martens in?
How much should I spend on back to school shopping?
My 11 year old cuzin is EMO, she needs help with her "look"?
joe boxer mens sweat pants?
what would go good with these shorts?
Does anyone know where to get this sweater? promo codes?
Where to buy cute couples clothes?
in genral how far off the knee should a 3 quarter length coat/mac/overcoat be? "on a man"?
what can i wear with grey jeans?
Does a model or wannabe a model, need to have perfect nose? sharp and high? the nose bridge?
What would a dope logo?
where can i get clothes in the style of american apparel but cheaper? anywhere?
Is it ok to wear a purple cardigan with black skinny jeans? And what top should I wear under that?
where can i buy a cheap pair of black tights?
What to wear to a wedding?
What should I wear with this shirt?
Where to buy exclusive vans?
Where to find waist adjusters for loose fitting pants?
where can i get this shirt?! 10 points!!?
Which dress is prettier for my sweet 15?
Pick me out a bathing suit ! (: [Picturess]?
I really want to find a cute pair of shorts that aren't SUPER short:)?
what do you want to be when you grow up?
Should I get a bag from abercrombie for 50 dollars or an bag for 30 dollars from Target?
Are the housing lots in Mississauga going to get smaller?
What summer styles and colors are in and out?? Don't know what to wear to a dinner and show tonight!! HELP!!?
Should I????????????
Girls: Do you find boys attractive in speedos?
which outfit do you like better?
Should I wear flats or heels to an interview with a restaurant?
whats ur favorite piece of jewelry.?
What is an emo???????????????????????????
Are piercings trashy?
where to sell designer clothes in essex for instant cash?
Do any other girls get annoyed?
Stores that sell cute long sleeve dresses and shirts for girls.(like forever 21 or wet seal)?
Can you wear skinny jeans with flats?
Eyebrow Piercings...?
Whats a legit website to buy colognes?
whats the glamourous costume? whats the sexiest dress?
where can I buy this whole outfit?
where can i get this bag in dark brown?
Are these Best True Religion the best ?
red tanktop and gray gauchos or denim skirt and blue abercrombie shirt?
What are European clothes? What are American clothes? What is the difference?
Fit Flops by Bath and Body Works?
Hollister or Aeropostale?
is it ok to use lotion when stretching ears?
Where online can I get this top from? as well as the bow?
Where can I find discount fashion?
What do you think of this bag?
Has anyone bought a dress from celebrity dresses 100?
How do I find heels that are appropriate for my age group?
In order from whos cutest to not so cute!(anyone)?
Why do people look at me head to toe when I wear Juicy Couture tracksuits to school ????
would you wear these to school?
Hmm. I need a dresss?
Does anyone own the zucca tokidoki bag?
to fancy for school?
What do you prefer? American Eagle or Hollister?
Cute Winter Sweaters?
what all to take care when buying a diamond ring or a diamond necklace?
Which outfit looks best for interview at coffee house? pics included?
is extra loose jeans for men still in fashion?
what shoes can i wear with skinny jeans?
Personalized Name Necklace?
What should i wear in present weather?
what is needed?
do you like girly girls or tomb boys?
DO you think my sister is pretty!?
would u wear these?
How to take care of Uggs?
where can i find cheap berets??
How can I remove the matte finish from my gold ring and will it hurt the jewelry?
Why do so many people hate Fox Tails?
Ladies, how do you pick the clothes that look the best on you?
hannah montana guitar or ugg boots?
What kind of top/shirt/cardigan would go with pants like this?
I just want to that you all OKAY?
Are DC shoes waterproof?
Where is a good juniors store to shop at?
why the bottons of men's shirts are on right?
where is your fav. place to shop??
What to wear to a promotional modelling interview?
What shoes should I get?
Why is it that kids with glasses tend to get picked on more?
where can i buy gowns for my 15 year old daughter in mumbai ?
How can I make myself girlier?
Where can I get a cute homecoming dress?
Would it be okay to dye a dress that is 55% Nylon and 45% Polyester?
What color should i get this hoodie in?
Catching up with a friend who i aint seen in 8yrs tonight, red or green top ?
anyone know where i can get a designer-inspired balenciaga city bag? for cheap?
what to wear to a birthday party ?
Short bridesmaids dresses with tuxes?
I need some fashion tips and what's in style right now!?
Thift stores?
where can i get the denim jacket with the hoodie terrence J from 106 & Park wore when mindless behavior?
ladies, rather be tall and elegant or short and cute?
necklace for me and my girl.?
How Hot and Sexy Is This Guy?
i need a back pack . thats way cute for school.?
what are these black dots in my diamond?
would you get this bag or does it seem like a waste of money?
Where can I buy Flower Crown materials and Friendship Bracelet materials?
Why do so much girls wear spandex?
can you give me some preteen stores again?
How often do you go "commando"?
where can i find this shirt?
What's the best fashion blog?
Is it time yet????
Fashion poll: What type of coat would look good on square shape body?
Should I return my combat boots?20 points for best answer.?
Where can i get a cheap cute white dress, to go under a graduation gown?
First day of school outfit?
a silly fashion question? Can you wear waist bags *the belt ones* on your shoulder?
What happens to t-shirts when you sleep in them?
Is this girl interested in me? 10 Points!?
I like to do custom costume jewelry. Is there a market for that?
what shoes to wear with hollister clothes?
510 skinny jeans sizing help?
How does GGL compare to other diamond grading companies?
going to be a freshman in 4 weeks help?
Where can you get a shamballa bracelet?
I was just wondering where I can find..? READ MORE?
Is this cardigan nice or not?
what should i wear on mi date thats coming up?
What do the colours of the mood ring mean?
do thongs hurt you girls butts, and other things?
Can Anyone Make Me A Polyvore Outfit Please??
I just got me a pair of uggs. Are they worth it?
Is 5 foot 6 in a half an okay height for a girl?
What do you think of these dresses?
Do you like better, Nike Shox, Converse Slip On, Sperry Topsider, OR Rainbow Sandals the BEST?
Out of these stores, which 7 should i go in?
Starting homeschooling. Want a school outfit. Anyone know where I can get one made?
How to make pj pants online?
is it okay if I like to wear thongs and other girls underwear ? im a 15 year old boy btw?
Teens: What is your favorite store? SURVEY....?
Which cup am i?
Do these ugg slippers look similar and an ok alternative?
What color does army green turn when bleached?
what is the best store for shopping for jeans?
What is your favorite colors??
What jeans are in style?
Does it destroy?
Where can i buy clothes and the money goes to charity?
Does this look good????
Hello, my left foot is 9 inches long. What sneaker size will that translate in to for Korean shoe size?
What to wear on this date?
help meh plzzzzz outfit descionssss?
what do you tell people when they ask why are your jeans so tight?
Do you know a good place for a cute dress?
What should I wear for my piano exam?
Cloths dying help, quick color fix/changr?
CHEAP online clothing stores in the UK?
which american eagle bag is cuter?
Do you like contacts or glasses better on a person?
Are Uggs true to size?
Its really hard to find my bra size?
Can someone PLEASE help me find this beanie?
where can i buy hair dye ?
Where in Bangalore i can go and change golden frame for aviator(RayBan) ?
How do you wear Vans?
who else loves express editors?
i'm looking for a polo neck knee-lentgh dress. Where can i find one?
What color bolero should my mom wear with her navy mother of the bride dress?
Which one is a richer looking watch?gold or silver?
Have question for the girls?
Where can i buy a fake juicy couture purse?
do you like this outfit? [easy 2 points!]?
where can i go to learn how to make shoes?
why do people wear hollister and abercrombie t-shirts?!?
what brand of jeans is great for women with small waists, full hips, and a big bottom? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!?
how to use eau de toilette?
I have only 3 pairs of shoes, Is it not normal? ><?
What do you think of shoes like these?
Could a 13 year old 5 foot boy fit in clothes at h&m?
Which outfits do you like the most, which one should I wear on the 1st day of school?
Which Dress do you perfer?
What are the exact measurements (bust, waist and hip) for a size 4 piece of clothing from H&M?
belsara7a a7la TV program on mbc channel?
how many inches is an American size 12 in jeans?
cute beadspread ideas?
Gothic style clothing stores?
Cute clothes?
dress fashion help needed?
Wich clothing brand do you preffer!?
Can you dye shoes made of 'nubuck' that have been waterproofed?
Men- do you think v neck tees are underwear?
Ladies, do you prefer. . .?
What color shirt are you wearing?
do u like preppy ppl why or why not????
Can i wear my engagement ring and my promise ring on the same finger?
Love this dress where can I get it?!?
i want to have my own 'style' any ideas?
What color tux should my date wear my my orange dress?
What shoes should I buy to wear a sheer top with ?
Belly shirts-(for girls obviously-at least i hope)-cute or skanky?
Girls what should I do........?
what type of shirt and shoes should i wear to a true religion interview for a sales associate?
Thoughts on guys with leather jackets?
Wallgreens has Leggs Pantyhose for 2 dollars a pair--how many pair should I get?
back to school outfit for a freshman?
do you find me cute? (photos included)?
how to convince my parents to let me get a nose ring?
What are fashion styles for teen girls on the west coast?
What is the best acne cream you have ever had??
Not sure if the colors in this outfit match? For school tomorrow?
What colours are popular for clothes this time of year?
Are denim skirts in style? Girls only please!!?
Will black footless tights go with ordinary brown ankle boots?
What kind of clothes that looks good in pear shape body?
does anybody here live in the southern part of reno? because i am moving there an i wanna know wat its like.?
First day of school outfit? Help please:]?
Does TJ Maxx sell swimsuits in October?
Do you like this outfit?
Don't you think it would be great if we could wear pyjamas and slippers at work?
Is this dress ok for a dance?
Menswear inspiration?
What shold i wear?!?!?!?
Do you like this outfit? pic included?
which magazine has better fashion: Instyle or Seventeen?
how to shape a leather hat?
what to wear with this skirt for nicki minaj concert on sunday?
what color of shoes should i wear with this dress?
How do I fray the ends of a shirt?
In how many different ways can I wear this plaid shirt?
What spectacles can i match with my round face? I have to look good for it!?
Does anyone know where to get good, inexpensive riding boots?
GIRLS: do you like it when a guys jeans fit his butt?
Where can I find there lenses?
Where can I buy bindis online?
Cute affordable boots that could work as snow boots?
Asked for ID in mid 30s. Horrified or flattered?
What is a girly outfit you can recomend for a him?
Does anyone know of a business that buys jewelry? Not for gold value. say diamond earrings, rings, pearls .?
hollister or abercrobie?
How to get my Page out there?
arabic groups ?
Are tutu skirts out of fashion now?
Can anyone recommend to me Italian shoe makes that are non-designer?
Do you like this dress/What should I wear it with?
Anyone heard of "Fixo" by Steve Madden shoes?
how much should i sell my dress on ebay for?
Name for my clothing line?
I need to find out how to wrap a plastic headband with grosgrain ribbon and make it look neat.?
Does anyone know where I can find shoes like this?
Is it true that most women actually dress for other women???
Anyone know the brand of these shoes?
Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel...etc....Is there anywhere to buy less of retail???
Do you like hollister jeans..?
What color should I get this dress in? (pic)?
How does this relate?
girls ,i want to dress as a girl from head to toe halloween ,what should I wear?
forever21 bandeau tops links?
I need a bra for a low back dress and a v neck...?
is there anything wrong with wearing too many brands?
Do you have any online stores for clothes or accessories you feel is good and can recommend?
Would this be cute for the semi-formal at my school?
Do modelling agencies increase your height on the website if you're small?
what to wear in ninth grade?
Can you wear large dangling earrings and high heels when dancing in clubs?
Which outfit for first day of high school? (pics)?
Which handbag should I go with?
wat color contacts should i get?? i need pictures of people my color with cute contacts!?
90's clothing...What should I wear?
is this dress cute? (urban outfitters)?
Why do panty manufacturers constantly insist on changing the styles of their panties?
do you think this dress is cute?
what is the difference from AUS small and a CAN small sized shirt EASY?
Looking for a good online retailer of running shoes with quick delivery?
Does anyone know where i wud get this style..?
how much should my headbands cost?
Do you like this dress?
what are the best pants to run in?
Ear stretching questions...?
skinny jeans?
what is your oppinion of the color black?
I am 13 4ft 10in, thin, and i have no boobs at all. What should i do to get boobs.?
Looking for discounted authentic designer handbags in Toronto area....any ideas?
What color shirt are you wearing?
Good online shopping websites?
We have a Halloween Dance tonight..I need ideas fast!!?
what can i wear with yellow shorts?
wich first day of 8th grade outfit is better?
How can I jazz up black trousers?
what do you think of my prom dress?
my outfit? :)?
Does anyone know the closest match to goku's pants? Like baggy aladin type but not cheap material?
What is wrong with buying a knock off?
Is there a market for inexpensive all male cothing store geared for newborns to toddlers?
Which boots do you like best?
What do you think? (pic included)?
Pencil skirt, mini skirt or skinny jeans?
Is there any way to figure out what earrings are made of?
Which outfit is better for the 1st day of school???
Basic dress instructions?
What are some teen fashion style?
Where can I find dresses for tall and long waisted women?
will this look okay for clubbing ?
Cheshire cat costume?
Which outfit is cuter? (EASY POINTS)?
are these cute?
I am a guy and I have both of my nipples pierced do girls like that?
different types of earrings?
Never buy myself anything?
does anyone know how and what to use to pierce your navel?
When I go to a shoot, what should I wear to hide my ankles but still look cute?
Which of these bags do you like best for school?
i need gift ideas sorry for wrong category.................?
Do guys only go for skinny girls? why? whats wrong with being a little heavy?
Back to School Outfit???
Why do my jeans seams wear away in the crotch?
where are the best places to buy a summer dress?
Heels or no heels?
so i got these skinny jeans from pacsun and they are lazer blue and idk what color shirt would go with it?
report one of the three market structures?
what will it feel like?
gothic clothic....where is it?
stinky leather belt?
What do you think is the biggest style change from last decade to this decade?
Lip rings?
alriight... am i the only girl that likes guys in some tight skinny jeans?
Why do no-can-spell people get their grubby mitts on a computer?
Fabric dye from inside of purse stained white my silicone phone case.. How do I get it off?
Easy points. Do you think chuck high tops or low tops are better?
Wearing this to a wedding?
get .s immediately?
do girls like it when guys wear what?
Do you think ballet flats look good on people with big feet?
cute outfit or not (pics)?
What is your favorite designer? why?
What are the top 5 things that you have to have in your purse?
What color shirts go with a gray cardigan? ?
what decade are polka dot dresses from?
Would it be stupid looking to wear one of these to school?
What do you think is an appropriate age to wear thongs?
department stores that sell chanel wallets?
Ever Seen a Dress like this in a store? (10 points)?
The clothes that Hollister models wear on the website are not sold in the store. Where can you find them?
If a boy's shoe size is 9 1/2 what would that be (sm, md, lg)?
Do I look fat in this?
How do I dry my boots? Please help..?
Girls - do you think girl jeans look good/bad/sexy/ugly on a guy?
What do you think of my prom dress?
What are the best jeans?
Where can i find a plain black and white raglan shirt for under 10 bucks?
how do i keep my shoes from getting dusty in the wardrobe?
Is it a sin for a boy to wear thongs?
Looking for a unique children's clothing store/ boutique in Corpus Christi, TX?
Which dress do you like better?!?
i just bought an 80% wool coat. will it get damaged if i wear it and it rains or snows?
whats the one expensive thing u brought for yourself?
What sterotype and I?
So, does anyone know who valerie stevens is?
What colour ruffle top should I get?
Tips to be different and origianal?
Where do you buy your pajamas?
Anyone up for a dress hunt?
what's this fashion item called..?
What is "the style" these days?
How to look like a hippie (tie dye shirts)?
where is your fav place to get clothes?
Any suggestions for tumblr urls about fashion or partying?
How to match a pocket square?
do you think i would be able to model?
What should i wear as a redneck outfit?
what do you think of skinny jeans on skinny skinny girls?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
should I still wear this?
can i dye black slip on vans?
what do you think about the people who work at abercrombie and fitch?
how would you described these pair of sunglasses?
Where Can I Get These Pants?
Do you fit into many different categories when it comes to the sizing of clothes?
Is there anything wrong with ?
how can i do my makeup and hairstyles like debbie harry?
Where Can I Buy A Strap Back Hat? (Link Available)?
Whats the best way to get rid of a bulge when wearing tight jeans?
What do you think of this outfit?
Which feels better to you silk or satin?
Where should i buy my school clothes this year?
where can i buy nike free run 3's in hot punch or tropical twist?
I'm almost 21. How much longer until American Eagle clothes don't look good on me?
miss guided promo codes ?
Which shirt do you prefer?!?!?
can anyone suggest a perfume for a girl?
Great Jewelry, Check Out the link if you have ebay?
How do U keep Creases Out Of Shoes?
where can i find emo clothing shops in richmond?
Where can I get these shoes/What are the type?
who cant go with out designer clothes like Baby Phat , Rockawear or Apple bottoms?
How hard is it to lift a 150lbs girl?
who has a cell phone?
What do i need for a trip to the beach ?
what is 8+1.2+3+6?
Does a bow tie work well with a point collar shirt?
where is the best original 80's styled clothing sold at?
Do you like wearing belts?
do i look fat in this dress/is it okay to wear to school?
which of these 3 outfits should i wear on the first day of school?
Is black people the only people who wear name brands like Roca-wear and baby phat?
do you kno any good sites???
what should i wear if i dont have any good clothes clean i need help please?
What item of clothing could you not live without?
What's the best remedy for the 'dark circles' around the eyes?
Your favorite clothing/accesory store?
I'll make outfits for the first 3 people!?
what are the three main top fashion trends this season, thats the question on my topshop application form help
what's color underwear can you wear underneath a white dress/skirt?
Which dress should I wear to fancy dinner party?
would a guy look good in this?
Anyone love some couture fashion out there? Holla!?
im always nervous at school?
which currently are the most stylish jeans labels?
where can i get this cute scarf?!?!?
do you have 2 cute yourself to be emo?
whats your favourite item of jewellery?
what will happen in 2040?
Where to buy Relaxed V Necks like this?
what is good to keep in a purse?
What shoes goes with bootcut jeans?
is it okay to wear a fanny pack?
where can i get a cheap but unique prom dress?
my boyfriends birthday party ..which should i buy ?? i wanna look extra nice..?
When is the annual Tommy Hilfiger outlet sale?
Which is the season when people start to wear hoodies?
What are these shoes called?
Im a self concious gurl that doesnt know how to dress. Little help?
Whats better Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, or Pack Sun?
how can i get into site modeling?
Ballet Flats love them or hate them?
GIRLS: What do you like to wear to school? What's your clothing style?
What to wear to a ballet in a small town?
what's your fashionable style?
What should I get my parents for the holidays?
whats the perfect store for maternity clothes?
Would this be considered a boys or girls belt?
Where do they sell North Face windbreakers?
Where can I get the stuff to make a organization 13 hoodie?
where to buy rockabilly clothing for girls?
From Davids Bridal. I would like to find item no. T8280. Where can I find it?
Are these underwear too young for a 14 year old?
what outfit can i wear if...?
How do I knit a small purse?
Dress Question?
help need sites that sell really cute leggins with designs on them?
these 4 girls??? help?
How to get dye out of shirt?
Which leather jacket should i get and why?
help please answer!!!?
Fall fashions for middle school-ers?
Converse shoes do you have to go a size down?
What and where can i purchase these ascis shoes ??? ?
School bag for the upcoming year????Which one?
Do you think the rest of the world should follow Spain's example and ban waifs from the catwalk?
Cool things to do with T-shirts?
How do I pierce my septum when all I have is a safety pin?
How should I style this?
choi seung hyun T.O.P out fit?
Ladies, this is the wedding dress my daughter picked out, do you like it?
where is the best place to buy and view jewelery on the internet?
Which Vera Bradley Turn Lock Wallet pattern should I get?
Which pair of shoes should I get?
how should i wear mi hair tommorow? ( first day of school help!!!!!!!!!)?
anyone know where i can find a white touque with a red stripe and pom pom on top, like Waldos hat?
What are the signs of an ear infection due to pierced ears?
Men's fashion tips #2!!! Help!!!?
where can i buy ateneo shirts?
Which color is the best looking of this iphone case?
should i wear a cardigan?
Outfit ideas for 19 year old girl?
What age were you when you were exposed to brand names and designer wear?
how can i dress to be noticed?
Where to get fake headgear?
do you like these jeans?
Specific cotton "base layer"?
what do i do if i dont like the gift?
I have a watch question?
questions about corsets/bustiers! HELP PLEASE?
Best place to buy a michael jackson t shirt?
Bra Problems?
hard time trying 2 find wut 2 wear!?
Stretched or gauged ears, 2"?
what outfit goes better?
Are my sunglasses UV protected?
Would it be weird...?
Why does everyone think Hollister and Abercrombie are such expensive, fashionable stores?
What store do i order these backpacks from? ASAP?
Any ladies know why?
What should I wear for my senior recital?
Why do girls wear UGG boots?
I need some creative homecoming ideas?
my friend wants to straighten my hair and put makeup on me. i never use makeup or hair down. should i let her?
leather coat?
LL Bean Boots for Women?
which hoodie is cuter?
do you like these outfits? maybe for back 2 school?
What men or woman's fashions make you cringe?...I hate to see ladies in white shoes wearing black tights,?
Do women ever "enjoy" wearing sexy lingerie? Why didn't I recieve my order???? What do you think of them,?
Help! Which Dress do You Like Best?????
How do I wear these tights?
Where can I get really cheap clothes?
Do anyone know if Debshops Sells a Coat that look just like this one.?
am i rich?
Where to mass order metal tunnels?
I'm going to the store..what do u need?
where can i find pictures of outfits like this one?
Where can I get cute totes? ?
where can i find a dress like this one?
is a legit site that sells joradan retro 5 shoes?
Do you think this bag is worth it?
Do you like these boots?
Victoria secret yoga pants problem?
Can someone tell me where can I get Louis de Funes movies pls?
Where would I find a guitar fret belt?
Do Women still like wearing gloves?
wear can i get the clothes tulisa is wearing in her new video Sight For You?
Where can I fin a pair of sequin hot pants cheap?
How can we make uniforms look good?
why do women carry handbags?
Is 5'6 considered tall? I live in El Paso where everyone is short. Am I tall?
How much do Cadolle custom-made bras cost?
Converse, Vans or DCs ?
My bra size is 40a and i cant find my size anywhere?
How do you understand the dimensions of a round cut earring?
kirsten dunst blue dress?
Is this a cute backpack?
sticker pins on messenger bags?
is price of the ralph lauren jacket reasonable ?
Do you like any of these??! very easy best answer!!?
Facial piercings and professionalism?
Has anyone ever heard of this? Men wearing shirts that are far too small being the "fashion"?
what is international deep silver?
Who wants an outfit? first 12 ppl:)?
Walmart Scrubs?
Do you think this dress is nice for a first date?1 2 3 or 4?
tailoring jeans?>????????????????>?>?
does anybody know where i can get an affordable cute backpack/purse for school?
Do i have a good enough body to be a male underwear model?
My friends want me to wear a mini-skirt bowling. Bad idea?
Would it be cute for me to dye My Blonde bangs pink ?
what color shirt would you wear with some light gray jeans.?
Where can I buy silver paint for fake jewelry ?
Do you like this outfit?
Is 30 to old to become a male fashion model?
why sophia latjuba telanjang image can't be opening?
I plan to buy a r├ęplica 1969 world series ring in 14k electro plate gold.?
where do i look like im from?
do you like this skirt?
I need fashion advice !?
Im 11 years old I need a dress ?
Do yout think girls who are 5'10 in height should wear heels still or not?
Should i be more girly?
should i wear less make up?
Hai i am a 24year old boy my problem is a 32 year aunty give me a suggestion?
Men UGG Butte Fitting?
Is it normal for new cologne to have sediment floatiing around?
Historically, why don't guys wear dresses and girls do?
what are some good exersizes that WON't mess up my back?
8th Grade Prom Dress?
where can i find popular clothes for cheap prices?
At what age can a girl start wearing thongs?
Would you return something that's 10 dollars?
Specific cotton "base layer"?
What shoes could I wear with boot cut jeans? IM PICKY?
What sort of shoes do you wear with skinny jeans?
Name of a particular urban streetwear hoodies?
Men, which wallet would you prefer?
Im I pretty? rate me 1-10 [photos]?
Where can I find a cheap Northface jacket/fleece?
what am i and am i really confused?
What stores can buy thongs with more than one strap?
HELP!? Taylor swift concert outfit and poster?
Has anyone bought a diamond from Blue Nile? rip off or fair deal?
What should I wear? It's gonna be cold. Pics!?
Should I get this hat?
What's the song title or artist that is first played in ep.2326 of Fashion Television in the Missoni segment?
How much of your wardrobe do you actually wear?
what does the phrase 'as legitimas' mean in the havaianas website,
do you think this dress is pretty?
What are some websites that i could buy barebell earings?
We are Jewelry Manufacturers & How could I decrease video file size but keep high-quality?
please help me with this forever 21 question!?
Where can I find this vest Help?!?
Legit clothing websites for nice dressy clothing?
What do u think of a girl with a fake butt?
Where can i find a cute dress for cheap that i can wear to a formal party?
Is this fashion necklace Cute,?
What is it like to wear a thong?
Who likes Southpole clothes?
What should I get my parents for the holidays?
I am going to 6th grade r these necklaces cute? PLEASE HELP
Sould I Buy These Shoes?
What are some good websites to sell Oakley sunglasses?
Help finding purse? Anyone know any good places or links?
Is Express a respected brand?
So do I need to take out a second mortgage for shoes?
Are leather Fendi handbags treated with a protectant?
for girls! bra questions?
Where can i buy navel rings?
do you think these are ugly?
As a waitress in a French restaurant, what should the length of my skirt be?
what is your favorite store in the mall?
girls? do you bring a backpack or purse to school?
Did I change in how I look?
My cousin's sweet sixteen party..?
Does polyester shrink when it is washed and dried?
What to wear to a school dance?
Anyone help with a name for my new womens trendy sportwear fashion apparel line?
Is this costume okay for school?
Would you wear these heels out for clubbing?
Swarovski Crystals?
Can you find a similar bag?
how many tops do you people have if i say i had ten would you think im poor?
Jeans for 13 year old?
What does love mean to you?
would these 2 shirts be cute to layer together?
where can i find havaianas in San Pablo, California? i went to Macy's at hilltop but they don't have.?
My mom doesn't want me to buy a collar?
which shirt do you like better?
Can you get rid of a water stain on an ugg boot?
What if my brown shirts has black and silver in would I still be able to wear my black nd pink skechers?
Do you like these shoes?
which are better miss me or true religon jeans?
Can I trust
How come guys are wearing skinny jeans more than girls?
which one is a sick phone? picture included! 10 points?
i need help picking my size?
Im a white kid and i want dreads. how would i get them and would they look right?
What would like nice with this jacket?
i want to know how do i look sexy in front of other girls in my class so that they get impressed?
What's the best website for buying Italian charms?
do you like this coach purse? PICTURE!?
What does your shirt look like?
Skinny jeans - in or out?
Do you find ear gauges attractive?
Are these shoes worth it?
Ladies, it's pouring rain when you leave work...?
Creating a Tye Dye clothing bussiness via internet! design suggestions?
where to buy converse?
A question about Claire's ear piercing service?
Is there a FAN/collector website that Catalogs Juicy Couture Charms?
Do you know what size this is?
want to be a friend but your age should be between 13 to 18?
Where can I buy a cheap Balenciaga Messenger Bag?
What size do i need to order for a men korean leather jacket if is a size large in usa?
What jeans are these?
where can i find really cute clothes?
why dogs are men's bestfriend, while diamonds are girl's bestfriend?
Where can I find plus sized clothes at a cheap price? *I'm plus sized and Torrid is too expensive now!*?
what should i wear on a first date?
What is the strongest type of tighty whities?
Where can I buy Brazilian jeans in London?
Whats your favorite place to shop for clothes?
where can i get a fancy dress?
An obsession with "size 0"?
Wonder bra or Push up?
Do these two pairs of pants look the same?
Hair done or clothes shopping?
Where Can I buy a light blue tux like what psy wears in Gangnamstyle?
cheap clothing stores??
why does ed hardy purses now say "drawn by ed in seattle"?
Bikini's or One Pieces?
what are the most popular men's necktie designers?
Victoria's Secret- Military Discount??
My friends want me to wear a mini-skirt bowling. Bad idea?
where do you love to shop at?
When is the best time to shop and find sales? and where at?
Best Style of sunglasses?
can you take a Pandora bracelet back ?
I have a light blue cotton suit that I am wanting to dye black!?
Bump in my earlobe, ear stretching?
How to fix a deformed hat?
Are plaid dresses out of style...?
where can i get some like kinda goth kinda emo bags?
oatmeal peacoat and brown steve madden troopa boots?
can you wear pinbadges as earrings?
whats up with girls and tight pants?. and there is sstill no reason why boys should wear tight jeans either?
what do you think of H&M?
Fashion/ Outfit help. What type of shirt should I wear?
High heels???
Hey everyone! I've found the h2o answer! and it's not the knockoff locket! ?
Ladies! What cologne do you like on a guy?
Eeyore Halloween Costume?
Must haves for fall/winter?
How to dress like marina and the diamonds?
What shirt do I wear with black sweatpants?
Would you wear skinny jeans with converse?
Feedback for naming a small funky evening bag line "Dirt & Heels"?
What "clothing style" do you think I am?
How do you break in a pair of jeans?
im getting my belly button pierced?
do u have ur halloween costume ? if yes what is it?
where can i find a modelling job in solihull for a teenage at 14?
Women only: do you like Capris pants and why?
What to wear to a concert?
Is it safe to dye velvet?
How can you tell if your sunglasses are real oakleys?
Is if offensive to wear black to a wedding?
Thongs?! I need help!!!?
Would you cut of the designer labels of your designer clothes if it was irritating you?
How tacky are these shoes?
What could a black crop sweater go good with?
Anybody know where I can buy Great China Wall clothes in/around Chicago?
Do u match ur hat to ur shirt or ur shoes?
Is there any trick to putting on skinny jeans?
How much money, on average, do you spend on a pair of shoes?
Girls, do you like this (men's) t-shirt?
Do you think the jonas brothers are gayy????
Ladies, if you had your chance to go to a shopping outlet or a mall where would you go?
ok fashion emergency?
how do you turn a boy into a girl for halloween?
Preventing blisters with slip on shoes?
How do I buy clothes if I don't have any clothes?
Which style of gladiators do you like better (pics)?
what's the advantage & disadvantage of shopping moll.?
would this look okay?
Where can I buy kids high waisted jeans or Jean shorts?
how should i dress for my gig?
Were can i buy really nice clothes for very low price?
I present a handbag to my friend but she does not like. Do you think this handbag is ugly?
Blonde with Brown eyes what colors should I wear?
where to get prom dresses from?
Which do you prefer SHOE'S or SANDAL'S?
What are your opinions on Hollister & Abercrombie :) ?
What is your absolute, cannot live without item in your wardrobe?
How would I dress this top up? :)?
girls do you like guys in tight low rise jeans?
Cute Bag/Backpack? Im Desperate!?
if i wear a black bandana will i get shot or beat up?
looking for a site to help buying clothes for certain figure types what not to wear?
UGGs are they still IN?
What do you think of this prom dress? Please help!?
Ok i fell and ripped my jeans...?
What are you wearing?
Is it a good idea to always dress your twins exactly alike?
My mother bought a pink american eagle shirt for me, is pink still in style? a guy?
Where can I buy a Nirvana shirt?
Will i have to take riding boots off if they are muddy when I get on a bus?
What are some..................????
which dress do you like better?
Girls, I need your help. Which pair of earrings should I choose?
My husband likes to wear panties, what do you think?
where can you buy cheep fleece in the uk ?
why do women?
what shoes are better???
My girlfriend thinks getting a sexy teddy and a thong is a good idea, is it?
Pretty or not? Model material?
I Wear Womens Underwear and PantyHose.?
Im trying to start a style were as you look like a hobo...does anyone think it will work?
Which picture do i look better in?
I want to be a runway model more then anything but I don't know how to tell me mom?
Burgundy dress with a black cardi?
Would it be okay to wear...?
where can i buy flat caps on line ?
What are some good dancing shoes?
Is this a cute 1st day of school outfit???
any want to buy a tim duncan swingman jersey?
outfit help please!!!?
what should i wear to school tommorow?
why do mexicans wear so much gold? like big earrings wit their names in them?
what options do i pick if i want to be a fashion designer ?
How long until I don't have to wear earrings 24/7?
What you do you think about this outfit?
Buy curious?
what are the Run DMC adidas sneakers CALLED?? adidas what? I've searched classic & superstar but they not in?
Stained a rented suit with steak sauce?
What do you think of this?
What colors would go well with these shoes?
Does Forever 21 have nice clothes in store?
WHERE THE HECK can I find ZX/2 orange chacos!!!!!?
Dyeing white shirt blue?
Can you get rid of a water stain on an ugg boot?
i will make you an outfit!!!?
Am I the only one who can't find any jeans that fit properly?
Which male public figure are you most tired of hearing about?
Is it ever good to tease people about what they're wearing?
What do you think of this leather jacket?
i have ordered a pair of tiger shoes from a site , but it is too small, what shall i do ?
Do you like these dresses and which one is cuter?
How much does a pair of Sevens Jeans cost in the US?
The best cologne? Women what do you like these days?
What to wear for Target interview?
Which do you like best? (PICS)?
Where can I find a black t-shirt dress?
Can someone please invite me to
i need some fashion help , girls++boys!?
Is there a difference between Polo Jeans Company and Ralph Lauren?
if you watch XFACTOR ...?
really cute tote bags 4 school!?
AT WHAT AGE????? read on?
What is your opinion of guys that wear skinny jeans?
Can anyone give me the link to the Campus Crew clothing?
Women's Nike Jacket...?
Toms sizing vs Vans? What size should I get for Toms?
What are the best bra's on the market?
im home all by myself tonight. what can i do?
can someone make me an outfit on polyvore...?
Rate my new glasses!?
Does this jacket fit?
Belly button piercing .Please answer question after watching my belly button video?
what is a good brand of watch?
Pants with underwear showing--Where did that style come from? I think it the most ridiculous style ever?
does washing your pants make them smaller or bigger?
I can't find this dress again!?
ur favorite jeans?
What's a good wardrobe?
Will this outfit look fine?
my date is wearing a lime green dress to prom. i thought i might wear a white tux with a lime green vest and a?
why do people like emo style so much?
Guys you know any boots for upcoming Winter?
can tall girls still wear high heels?
which 8th grade graduation dress do you like best?
what did guys wear in the 1940's?
How long can you walk in heels before your feet start to hurt?
For all you fashionistas out there........?
Do you like this watch?
Anyone know of any fashion boutiques in the KC metro area for plus sizes that aren't Lane Bryant or Torrid's?
Is it true , The shoe size of a girl is the same size as her right size ?
pictures! should I stay blonde or go back brunette?
Who makes this bracelet? What kind is it?? (pics included)`?
women: If you were a boss at wk, would wearing a leather blazer make you feel more confident?
are you wearing underwear?
Why is my daughter wearing these clothes?
I'll make you an outfit!?
how can i prevent my nail polish from chipping?
Can I have some water marbling tips?
Can anyone help me find a Prom dress?!?!?
Girls only. If you found a guy and he was 3 inches tall, what would you do?
So About this Secret SHoping huh?
im starting school tomorrow and its going to raiiinn!?
Would wearing a bralette instead of a bra show my nipples?
Where are Jeffrey Campbell Litas made?
floral shorts? please help?
what color of this leotard should i get?
are ugg's in this year?
should i get a navy jacket or a blue one?
Where can I get this sweater ?
How many clothes are in your wardrobe?
Is it okay for a boy to wear womens underwear?
Need help ASAP! With or without leggings?
Please help. I want present a pair of shoes to my sister. Which pair suits better for a 14-year-old girl?
What kind of clothes should a middle school guy wear?
do you wear rings at night?
How to write a proposal for clothing line?
Mature yet cute clothes?
how can i loose 3 pounds in a week.?
Is this fashion necklace Cute,?
Is paying $70 dollars for a jacket expensive?
Y is my gf obcessed with dressing me up?
Would you like ever like go to the mall and like buy like nothing?
looking for this shirt...?
Has anyone discovered any new online clothes shops that they could recommend?
Would you be interested in this?
do you think i would look OKAY in a bikini?
Where can I buy pretty dresses?
Where can I get a halter top like this?
which outfit should i wear for th dance? its semiformal?
Does whole foods sell toms?
Where can i get a dahvie vanity wig?
Where can I buy the lady gaga keyboard sweatshirt?
What store is like Urban Outfitters?
Where can I buy a green plaid schoolgirl skirt?
What style would I be?? I don't really know?
Where can I buy cute Kawaii charms?
Help me identify a Nike shoe.?
What Shoes Are Cool Vans Or Converse?
ladies i need ur opinion?
I just bought a light blue denim dress(knee length)?
Is exposing armpits anti-religious?My inter-religious husband opposes wearing tank tops?
Am I considered plus size?
I have picture day tomorrow at school and i was wondering what color shirt i should wear to best compliment?
Cute or not? Link included?
is this sweater dress cute w/ skinny jeans?
do you think yellow is a dorky color?
About how much are Chanel bracelets or earrings?
GIRLS PLEASE BRA HELP!!!!!!! please answer?
Need Help With New Shoes I bought?
What is a size 12 in inches? (trouser sizes)?
Is it easier to resize a ring up or down?
What do you think of my first day of school outfit?
what do u enjoy about fasion?
Where can I get a good winter coat?
Do you like these shoes?
Is Express a good brand?
where can I find this type of eyeglasses?
How old do I look like to you?
what facial piercing would suit me best?
does this outfit go? and yes i knw im into a wierd style lol well its called alternative bt some pplz dnt like?
OK, I'm really considering becoming a fashion designer. But...?
Victoria's Secret PINK?
What is considered a traditional color or pattern for tuxedo inner lining? And for a bow tie?
Which bikini should I choose?
Is this shirt cute??
How do i make my skirt shorter?
what are the effects of body piercing?
what color lacoste polo should i wear??
girls, advice on outfit for tonight?
Is this a good back to school shopping list?
Why don't bras have the clasp at the front?
Is this a good nose ring for my girlfriend?
what colour socks are you wearing?
Punk look with overalls?
Masquerade Ball: Should I buy the mask first or the dress?
what is this called .. [with pics]?
womens camo/camouflage pants?
How do I find out how much some vintage children's clothes from the 70's is worth?
What purse do you use every day? Brand and color?
would you say?
Do people still wear big poni polo Ralph Lauren?
i need some opinions on this dress?
Does combine coupon codes? Do you know of any that work?
Brown leather jacket vs black leather jacket?
Ear piercing kit from WalMart?
where can i find crocs (the shoes)?
Please help?
Red or black dress?
From head-to-toe...what should I wear?
first day of school outfit??!?
Where do you find gymboree clothing for wholesale prices besides on e-bay?
Im to skinny how do i get fatter D:?
Is there a way to wear gold without looking ghetto?
I am so self continuous!!!! I am not sure help!!!?
whats your favorite type of sneaker?
which outfit...?
help!!!!!!! i love these jeans! what do you think. im going to buy them today! look!?
Is this outfit for a boy or girl?