I'm split on these shoes?
Where can i find these exact earrings online?
why do ppl think they're expensive??
What size would I wear in TOMS?
Coach Purses!!?!?!?!?
that is the expensive watch?
Hippie style outfit for school/Halloween?
Adidas Superstar 2 Shoes ?
Would i look too trashy in a mini and platforms?
Give me a rating on these flip flops between 1-10?
Where can I get a baceball jacket like Zayn Malik from One Direction?
Can someone tell me what my bra size is?
what do like more punk, emo or preppy?
Ebay Help! Is this Tiffany necklace real or is it a scam?
Where do I find an international comparison of shoe and clothing seizes?
Does the Michael Kors outlets at the north georgia outlets sell their purses?
Do you wear clothes once and never wear them again?
Surgical Steel Earrings?
I don't want to look slutty for halloween?
are these shoes cute?
Do you think that everyone that shaps at Victoria's Secret is either married, old or a sl*t?
Buying shoes, need opinion?
why do people like uggs so much?
Does anyone just love Baby Phat?....i do!!!!!! The clothes and stuff are just so cute.?
(human tooth ring) I have a jewelry peice that has the number 583 on it. 10 points for YOU?
Haircut horror: where can I find some classy hats and scarves until it starts growing back?
Why is my boyfriend wearing all womens clothes?
Fashion Question????
What underwear are you wearing?
How does the forever 21 glow in the dark nail polish work?
Are skinny jeans on guys attractive to you?
How to make an adult onesie/all in one?
Going to the Beach, do you prefer wearing a bikini,a thong, 1 piece, topless or naked?
are wedges a go or a no for a tall girl?
is this a cute purse 4 high school?
Picture - Should I get a crinoline to wear under my gown?
how should one clean silver gold with diamond jewellery ?
Are there any cute 50's cocktail dresses like this one but at a cheaper price?
could i model?
Is there any store in Lancaster Pennsylvania that sells men's colored jeans!?
looking for high waisted jeans like in the kelis video?
do you know any online stores with cute clothing for teen girls?
What to wear to Journeys job?
does this look okay for the first day of school?
Im 13, and i need to tell my parents i want to wear boxers. I currently wear briefs.?
is there a website where i can desgin my own wallet with a id window?
will this matchh?
what accessories could i wear with this dress?
Which Vera Bradley pattern is your favorite?
Can you wear black and brown together?
Girly Skulls?
Where can I find a tote bag for school?
where can i find cheap UGGS in gray or black?
Fleece Jackets? Northface vs Mountain Hardware vs Columbia?
where to get horned rimmed glasses?
Girls, please help convince my mother that it is OK for females to wear pants.? She wants me to wear dresses?
Which prom dress do you prefer?
Hi! What stores should i buy from?
Guys and Girls-> What do you think of this outfit for my first day of High School?
Is there any way I can make these uniforms look cuter?
Do you like these sandals?
I'm a (uk) size 12 on top and size 8 waist.?
Tell me the latest indie / hipster teens / outfits for guys ?
What online stores have the cutest inexpensive plus-size summer dresses?
Do the colours torquoise and brown go?
Where can I find a pair of shoes?
here's 5 stores and i want ur opinions...?
What's the smallest ear plug earring size?
Walking boot or crutches?
where can i find those new clear air force ones?
are these sunglasses in style?
Just found a pair of Calvin Klien sunglasses in my taxi?
Is it proper to wear a white dress to a wedding if your not the bride?
Is this a cute back to school outfit? s best answer!?
What kind of cap (not hat) should I wear?
Which one do you like better?
hate a&f and hollister?
Is it bad to take my two year old to get her ears peirced?
What shirts could match this skirt?
Would this outfit look good together?
do you wear glasses or contacts ???
Where to get good graphic tees?
Is this okay to wear?
I went to a nightclub the other day and?
What are your fondest memories of Princess Dianas clothes?
Would brown Uggs work with jeans short shorts?
my sunday hat need cleaning?
I need help with Cologne choices!!?
What du think of girls who wear silver chains?if anything at all?
Is real.?
Urban Outfitters shipping question?
WHO would you help or do if you had £18,109.99 at 21 years in saving?
Which jacket do you like best out of all of these? (pictures here)?
What do I wear to the holiday dance?
Is this handbag Ugly ?
okay what dress do i wear for the spring dance? *pics included*?
What colour shoes, nails, and lipstick shall I wear with a white dress?
Im a 16 year old boy and im just wondering if somebody could help me out with clothes?
* Make me outfits similar to these indie pictures? (Polyvore) 10 points.?
GIRLS: do you find it gross when a guy's boxers are showing?
How would you best describe your Style?
Which outfit looks better?
Is this dress nice? Would it be good for high school homecoming?
Are you presently wearing a watch, if so, what is the name of the watch?
What do you need for a blogshop?
What do you think of this sequin backpack?
Ok so I'm 14 and I want to be a Model but im 5'3 . Is that a alright height? Do I need to be taller?
Where to get a free snapback?
Summer wardrobe essentials 2013?
Do Primark sell super skinny jeans?
Can I take shower with my leather necklace on?
ok i wanna be a lady bug for halloween?
What to wear on top of a white button up?
have you had a bra fitting before?
Where can i find the Black T-Shirt that Eminem wears in the video "Not Afraid"?
Shorts with thights and boots/?
mens size in womens shoes?
What's the best Halloween costume?
would i look weird wearing flats?
How can you pop out the lenses in sunglasses? =/?
im In Major Trouble lOl?
What are the best inexpensive teen clothes shopping websites? (alloy, delias...etc)?
Where can I find some cute, soft moccasins?!?
If I was a piece of your clothing...?
what to wear with this skirt?
Any recommendation studio for a couple makeover?
how come fashion models have clothes that fit so right?
Am I Hott? (I Have Links)?
What are you wearing?
Do you like these boots?
I'm looking for a jacket like the one Jimmy Darmody wears in Boardwalk Empire.?
Where can I get this jacket from?
what clothing website has a butterfly drawing incoporated in its logo? i need to find it please?
Which color is the best looking of this hoodie?
Guys what do you think of girls wearing basketball shorts to school?
What do you think of this top?
why go girls wear thongs?
where do i get black swan stuff?
"the perfect jeans?"?
Do you think this bathing suit would look good with my body type?
How do you make sets on Polyvore?
where can i find clothes like this?
Anyone know where i can find a dress for my 21st birthday?
Where can i buy super slim fit clothing for men?
Why do all girls wear those thin, black yoga pants?
What are you going to wear on the first day of school?
Is there any way to make shorts look longer?
Which school bag should I buy?
Is Missoni a luxury label?
How do northface jackets fit girls with big boobs?
Where can i find cheap "gladiator heels" in Australia either online or instore?
How to shrink a Vans case for iPhone?
Which dress should I get?
Boots? or Dress Sandals?
What clothes should I wear to my friends leaving party?
has anyone ever bought something on tofebruary?
Anyone who has size 6, 7 or 8 converse all stars?
What do you think of a guy who wears shades (sunglasses) all the time?
how to sew shorts from scratch?
Where to find Ali's purple and white Dress on The Bachelorette on July 19th 2010?
Are these shoes cute?
where to buy starbury shoe in india?
uggs or no?
WHERE can I find a dress like this?!?
Where can I buy a shirt like this?
Where to Buy Converse/Skinny Jeans?
Why do girls love UGGS so much?
My Boyfriend lost a bet to me, he must dress as a cheerleader, u pick costume?
how do you become emo?
How to wear this V-Neck Sweater?
Where Can I Get Jeans for a Skinny Tall Person
why do women need 10 pairs of shoes and 20+handbags?
Which jeans are skinnier/tighter: Levi's 511 or 510?
Is there a H&M store in Croatia or Bosnia?
Guys: What do you think of joggers on a girl?
Do you know any inexpensive places to shop online?
does pure silver turn black?
is he hot or cute?
Good Online Shopping Stores?
my gf wearing nose ring i hate nose ring i ask to remove it but she strongly refuse to remove nose ring help?
Is American Eagle less expensive than Abercrombie?
I really want a rain coat similar to Aria's in Pretty Little Liars! Has anyone seen any like that?
Can anyone make me a FASHIONABLE outfit? (UK)?
"Kenzo Shop" in Melbourne???
How can I have my own style without looking like I'm trying too hard?
Will spanx smooth out my weird shaped butt/thighs?If not,what will?!?
Is this dress okay to go to an event for work?
Where the hell can I buy a Fedora?
homecoming dance????
Why isnt there a JEWELS option in Beauty & Style ->?
First day of school? i think soo?
Where can I find vintage clothing?
Design an outfit for my show?
First concert tomorrow what should I wear? Ladies, what is fashionable on a guy?
What oh street style?
Can anybody tell me how big this bag is?
Is it too late in the year to wear white jeans?
Is this a pretty dress to wear at a school dance???My friend made this dress...Is it pretty?
Dresses, Shoes, Bags, Jewellery?
Women: what has been your longest climax? Seconds, Minutes, how many? How recent?
i have 10 shirts i would wear to school. Is that a lot for an entire school year?
What is 'neat casual' attire?
Does anyone know where I can buy this Vitalicio Seguros Bike Cap (images included)?! (URGENT)?
COLOR CONTACTS!!??help me out?
Would you wear uggs in the summer?
Where can i get those furry ankle boots?
Is it fun to wear pantyhose?
how many pairs of jeans does an 8th grade girl need for school?
What would you consider to be winter fashion basics?
is this dress appropriate for easter?
Im a douchebag, and a guy, what kind of earrings should i get?
i live in somerset county NJ and i need to find prom dress stores close to where i live. help?
What is the best boot color to match fair skin/ dark hair? (A winter complexion)?
What would you rate this outfit?
would this be a cute outfit?
How can I get skinny?
Converse or Vans for girls?
Would it be odd if I wore a hoodie on the first day of school?
If you could get a £100 gift card to any retailer in the UK, which would you want?
any got websites for funky individual t-shirts?
Victoria's secret fashion show 2012-2013 ?
Where can I buy a fashionable beanie?
Which dress is best for 8th grade graduation?
Shoes- should I buy them?
Where to find pink knee-high socks for guys?
Does anyone know which top brands offer online shopping in India? Almost all the top brands offer it in the US
Where to buy dance pants/boots?
How do you keep a plastic clothing zipper from separating?
what is a good color of dress for the 8 grade graduation?
What kind of dress is this?
Best men's work boots?
What the heck do i wear to the school dance?
What items of clothing does every modern girl need?
Are jeffrey campbell shoes too much?
Where can I get a cheap white lace garter?
Is my face shape, diamond? w/ pics?
I am looking for a new pair of oakley sunglasses, where's the best place (best deal) to buy them? Thanks?
Where to geta dress like this?
how come brands like armani, d&g, and diesel are expensive but why arent they expensive in pakistan .?
attire check up...pls?
where can I buy stuff like this?
converse with my prom dress?
Where's a place to find a long bat mitzvah dress?
How does a 16 year old girl dress up business casual?
are these 11 concords fake?
Do black & brown match?
In your opinion what's the best smelling cologn for guys?
Where can i find slouchy beanies?
What type of piercing is this? (pic included)?
Where could I get the cloth cast in Gossip Girl wear? In Toronto, and has to be cheap!?
Are thongs itchy to you?
what are some good jewlry cleaner that you can use at home instead of acutual jewlry cleaner?
I will be attending my husband's military ball. Ideas and/or websites that ship to APO? Dress is formal.
mens one row diamond necklace?
I want a mani pedi I am a boy?
Does Denim go great with white?
does anyone have the original EnV?
what are some CHEAP clothing stores?
Girl where do you get your avatar crowns?
Need help!!!! Where can I find this jacket? link inside?
Are those "Thai Fisherman Pants" as comfortable as they look?
Do sports bras turn guys on?
Report boots?
what is the name of the website where people ask for your help to find cloths ?
how do i ask my mum for a bra?
Should I get Hollister or Pacsun's (Tilt) skinny jeans?
when is the next london fashion week and how much do the tickets cost ?
what are you wearing right now?
what is a decent sized diamond for an engagement ring? ?
First Day Of High School Back To School Outfit?
I have a short sleeved dress. I want to wear it but it's really cold outside. How do I make it warmer?
Girls, would you wear this jacket?
Am I the only one who thinks these swimsuits are RIDICULOUS?!?!?
Are 14 eye doc martens unflattering for curvy legs? (thick calves, thin ankles)?
Is this outfit fine for a school formal?
What should I be for Homecoming Week!!?? HELP!!?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!???? (10 points)?
Is this considered skinny?
Where can I buy sexy shoes?
Am I too old to wear a black all over sequined dress?? I am 38 Years old.I am 5ft 7in and a size 14/16?
What size jeans do you wear?
What can I wear with these?
What goes with slim grey cargo pants?
i need shoes plzz help??!?
In the near future, will this be a new fashion trend for women?
GIRLS: how should guys wear their jeans?
brown converse or navy blue converse?
Which store can I find stripe long sleeve such as a&f brand or crocs shoes of women? I need new clothes for se?
Where could I get dresses like off of pride and prejudice?
What are some stores for teens?
what is a b grade shoe?
Where do fake Chanel handbags come from?
Hate it or love it skinny jeans for men?
What should i wear to a fancy dress party.?
Is there a way to keep my skirt from flying up?
what is the color order for proper visual flow for merchandising?
Where can I buy some nike shox running shoes for cheap?
where to get the shoes?
Does anybody know what Armani watch this is?
outfit inside?
If you use 3 non patented items to make a new item, can this be patented?
Why do people think white briefs fit/look like a diaper? ?
How do I organize my closet?
Which hat should I get? ***Easy s***?
Do I look better with Black hair or brown?
tampons or pads?
What To Wear To A Justin Bieber Concert?
Can I buy iron-on FR patches?
How can I dress girly in the winter?
my neighbor does this but she went off to college before i asked her...?
What shirt should I wear for the first day of 8th grade?
how to fix a coach purse?
is this hollister tote any good?
can you wear a river island midi tube skirt into town clubbing?
top ten clothing stores for teens?
What do you think about these outfit?
What do you think of these earrings?(Pic)?
Good online store to buy dresses for homecoming?
Poll: what can you not live without, makeup or hair products ?
where can i buy vlado shoes in Richmond,VA?
Anyone know where I can get these shoes?
what to wear to get the guy??
Two piece heart necklace for boyfriend and girlfriend?
do u think i should get a pair???
Donating Clothes and accessories.?
how to make these kinds of bracelets?
Online Shopping for Warm Sweaters Under $15?
what do you think of this?plzz help?
What uk clothes size does this female look, she is 5ft 5?
how much should i spend on birthday shopping for myself?
What do you think of this dress?
Which wallet is a better brand? And also which do you prefer trifolds or bifolds?
What kind of degree does one need for a career in fashion design?
What should i wear............?
How do I make a shirt tighter, but not too much shorter?
Which Swimsuit?
I need to know how to dress for a lacrosse game!?
Where can I buy coloured skinny jeans?
Where can I buy a nice bag from?
What are some cute adult-like clothing stores? (Not Hollister, American Eagle or any of that)?
Which store is better? Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, or Aeropostale.?
When and where will H&M open in Los Angeles?
Ladies: Is this the type of bra that could be considered an everyday bra?javascript:void(0)?
i'm looking for a cute (sexy) party dress help me !?
Fashion Poll: Do you like this dress [PIC]?
What is the best way to clean an antique turquoise necklace?
Do women like a wrist corsage or the one you pin on there dress?
What to wear to a Wedding?
Outfit for a 12 year old girl in the 6th grade?
how do you clean up sharpie on converse?
What colour wool tights will go with my red knee length sweater dress and brown boots?
i would like to buy a damburga?
Where can I find this shirt with a white outline of a duck?
are there any clothes stores that hire 14 year olds if not please name the places in georgia?
Is there ANY girls who hate shopping as much as I do????
Where can I find there lenses?
This girl doesn't think she's pretty. Do you?
What type of boots does jade west wear on victorious?
Where i can buy online sexy,cheapest club clothes for women ?
If women can wear boxers, then why can't men wear thongs?
Girls, what do you think of v necks for guys?
guys plz!! if a girl really liked you what would u want her to do to show it?
Why would you ever pay more on ebay than in a shop?
Question about Oasis clothing stores?
what do you think of this dress?
What shoes should I get for school this year!?
My Back To School Outfit: Yay or Nay..?
Is there any way to keep shirts from getting stiff when washed?
do you like this bag?
where can I buy some hemp clothes?
i need a name for my jewelry line?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What should I wear on my 21st birthday?
What color top should I wear with a casual red denim skort?
limited too is...........................?
What do you think of
What is a unique prom theme not related to a location?
has anyone bought the style tile set from PBteen?
My best friend is copying my style?
what would u do if u were wearing something with fur or leather and someone from peta poured paint on it?
What is a good, free website for creating homecoming dresses?
Girls, what is your shoe size?
GIRLS PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Men's watches for thin wrists?
46 degrees to cold to wear a skirt?
What is your view on skinny jeans?
where are there outlet malls/stores in scarborough?
Does anyone know where I can find Kurt from Glee's sunglasses shirt?
Doe ankle boots and tights go with this dress?
what should i wear on the first day of school?
joe flanigan?
Where can I buy "faded" t-shirts?
What stores can i find cute jeans with long inseams?
Which jeans should I buy?
Does anyone know how much must be purchased to get the Victoria's "secret reward" gift card?
I think this baby fashion is sooo cute! Can you help me find more of the same style?
is it just me or?? :)?
What would go with this dress ????????????
help with prom dresses!!!?
Do you have to wear tights in highschool wrestling?
how do you wear a jean miniskirt&flipflops when its cold outside without getting cold?
where is a good place to shop for skinny jeans?
Do you think Hollister and Abercrombie is for preps?
Help me pick my outfit! <3 Pretty please with whipped cream?
How many pieces of belly-button fluff would you need to knit a sweater?
If I'm not skinny or don't have a 6 pac does that automatically qualify me as a NON-hottie ladies?
Did i put my gauges in too soon?
ware can i get checkerd skinny jeans?
Do you think she is pretty enough to be a model?
I need the perfect tote bag?
Converse online custom ordering question?
How long does it take to get a Tuxedo? PLEASE HELP!?
who is the model in the boots advert?
How to style a Blue floral mini dress?
What type of shirt should I wear?
Buying right shoe size...?
Can I get jeans on sale at JCPenny on Black friday?
swimsuit help please?
Where Can I Get These Shoes Any Store Help Nike Paul Rodriguez Air Low (grey / red / black)?
Does anyone know of lolita or lolita inspired clothing stores in Germany?
can someone tell me the girls name in the most popular photos in the blue ?
Where can I find a stylish homecoming dress that will accomodate my large bust/ribcage?
If you were forced to pick only 1 store to shop at for the rest of your life, what store would you choose?
Fancy dress beginning with K?
Lets swap clothes this second what would i end up wearing?
I am looking for a cheap hat website. Please advice?
is this cute?
do i look 'big' in this dress?
For someone who normally wears size 30 jeans would 31 be way to big or is it fine?
Cute/pretty zombie makeup/clothes ideas???? 10 POINTS!!!!?
baby oil on a cotton green shirt?
How to fix a deformed hat?
Wearing a crop top with a stick-out belly button?
Should BROWN business shoes be worn with a BLACK suit?
Jean shorts over grey leggins?
Where is a good place to get a cute, cheap dress for athletic banquet?
Halloween Costume Ideas?
How to convince my mom to let me get double ear piercings ?
am i really that ugly?(my pics.)?
is it ok....?
What are the kids shoe sizes compared to womens?
Do i dress slutty? -----?
What brand are these sunglasses?
Is it bad to wear more than one watch?
what do you think about ruffle blouses?
FASHIONABLE PEOPLE! What do you think of this plaid top?
Forever 21 Exchange policy?
Do you like this dress??? (link attached)?
in what state is new Orleans located?
where can you buy a mullet dress?
Fake purses at flee market.?
what store can i buy marine t-shirts at?
what is your favorite quote?
Do You Like My Style?
Men, what do you wish Women understood about men's fashion?
where can i find a care bear hoodie with ears on it?!!?
Why do guys assume busty chubby girls sleep around?
What is the best type of nose stud?
what can i get at victorias secret from the pink line for 200 dollars?
Need summer outfits not too expensive?
Do Americans girls like a posh English accent or a common one?
Black Veil Brides thingy?
help for interior deisgn projecttt/poster?
Girls Survey?
How much should care about our looks?
I am going to an all black attire party what is hip and trendy to wear?
What kinda shoes do you wear with leggins?
I have big body how can i fit in these high end designer dresses?
Where do i buy knee high riding boots?
i need to know how to bar lace or phat lace etnies if u know please email me at
my cute clothes are holding me back?
Is a wool bomber enough to keep me warm during the winter?
is this dress appropriate for easter?
What has been your experience with handbags from Target?
Have you found cute jeans with a waistband that sits at the waist ?
POLL: What is your favourite summer wear ???
I shop at abercrombie kids, so am i considered a snob?
do you think this is cute?
Do I have a right to be mad, because my girlfriend walks around in my socks?
How to Take Blue Stain Off My White Air-force One's Low Top!?
what's so wrong about wearing black? it's not like i'm gothic or anything...?
Platinum or Gold which Could be the best for men?
Which one of these earings looks best?
which color looks the cutest with this bag..?
What clothing style am i?
Does anyone have an Idea of What you can wear on the first day of school?(13 year old)(Jr.High)?
where can I find a latex dress?
What accessories should I wear with the new olive colored winter coat I just bought?
How to pull off a piano print belt?
Do you remember 'twisty beads' from the '80s?
Can someone tell me what Nike shoes these are?
Are piercings trashy?
Can you give us ideas to make a fun indoor camping?
If you went to church in shorts and sandals?
Where can I find this jacket?
Where can I get a closed-toe comfy black shoe with a high heel?
Teenage boys would you prefer a girl whow ear high heels or thongs?
Which skirt do you like better??(PICS)?
What kind of high heels is eva longoria wearing in this picture?
Where do you shop for bathing suits in San Francisco or on the peninsula?
Is the brand Urban Pipeline supposed to be for skaters?
how come everyone at my school wears abercrombie and fitch???
Fashion Designers and Models, would Bra Catalogs IE JC Penny and Victoria's Secret count as Porn?
Need to re-wear an outfit. Which one? (Pictures)?
which ring do you like best?
Ever worn the same socks to bed that u wore whole day ? if yes, why?
where can i buy Levis or other good brand jeans in Mumbai on discount?
what do i wear on the first day of highschool? what should i buy for my highschool wardrobe?
Where can I buy girls?
Poll: what do you prefer, brown, green, or blue eye color?
how do you turn a boy into a girl for halloween?
What is your idea of the best back to school outfit?
Should I go along with sharing clothes with my new S-I-L?
Do you think a licence should be required for girls to wear a thong bikini?
what clothing logo is this from?
Does this website sound legit?
How to buy a fur coat?
If you were to buy a custom T-Shirt what would you like to be written on it?
what shoes do you like the best?
How to pull off a cute look with a white T-shirt?
What are those shoes ?
glass mushroom charm for hemp necklace?
Which Summer Dress???
Do you like this first day of school outfit?? (8th grade girl)?
need to find sweat/jacket like this?
What is a good website that I can find a dressy gaucho or capri suit?
If you had your own clothing line,what would it be called?
high heels for babies?
Where can you buy TOMS shoes in Riyadh?
Girls: What are you sick of guys wearing?
prom dresses???
Is this a guy or a girl? (PICS INCLUDED!)?
cute outfits for school?
What color of shoes for my gold and ivory dress?
DIY clothing?????????????????????
whats the name brand of the jacket that paris hilton wears in simple life2?
are sizes getting smaller...?...?
Where can I get a cute green leather jacket like this?
how can I dress like the prince from beauty & the beast?
what are those chinese cartoon bunnies?
If Hollister Co. was founded in 2000, how come all the clothes say it was founded in 1922?
i cant fall asleep, is it ok to wear girls stuff to bed since no one knows anyways?
What color Shoes with this dress?
Where to put a bow tie?
Sapphire gemstone questions?
What is it called when a converse is black one side and white on the other?
Where can I find this jacket or do you know what the logo is?
emu versus ugg!?!?
What's a cute outfit to impress a guy?
where can i find websites that you can order homecoming dresses?
What to wear to school?!?
in pain? please help?
best lingerie in you opinion?
What color thong would look best on me?
can anyone give me REAL brand name clothing sites ?
New Asker here...I can't figure out why overweight young girls/women with bellies...?
What should wear to a funeral?
Do you shop at american eagle?
Help me please because..........?
Dog Tag Necklace... ?
Style at your school?
What would you think about a guy who wears black and white saddle shoes?
what is a good thing to at a boys house?
Is Forever 21 an okay place to take my grandmother with me when I go shopping?
What are you wearing?
Is bikini very necessary during swimming, or just for show off ?
where can i find a b2k cd collection?
What are those super-thin shirts made out of?
Dresses, Dresses, Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!?
I don't have any fashion sense....?
What's the name of the puffy chested 1700's mens shirt?
What uk clothes size does this female look?
would these shoes look good with skinny jeans?
how do you choose the best fragrance for you?
Coach Poppy Sequins Backpack or Marc by Marc Jacobs New Army Handhack Backpackfor school?
Theres a new bing commercial, and it was talking about unique beanie hats that are signed?
how to acid wash t shirts correctly?
what is better Polyflex or screen on clothes as numbers and letters and which hold better in waching machin.?
can men wear pantyhose (Tights)?
What are some summer outfits that i can wear?
Cute ways to make an outfit with a button-up plaid shirt for a girl?
Girls... another one. Your opinion on this shirt?
I am looking for a winter coat which is smart for work- anyone recommend any good sites??
do girls stillwear nylons? andif not.....?
is it okay for me to wear this?
Do you find it weird when people wear short dresses with tall boots?
What tie packaging do you prefer?
hellooo i want some lovely frye boots, does anyone know of anywhere i can buy them in london please xx?
I found some old Abercrombie (the kid one) jeans, and they are a size 16. What would that be in teen sizing?
How do you pick from 2 guys?
Is it appropriate to wear black jeans to a funeral?
What to wear during Spirit Week at school! Ideas needed! 10 points:)?
I want these boots! Can someone help please?
Are there any women.....?
Where find mesh camouflage shirt for ladies?
Oriental themed winter formal dresses?!?
Tips on buying a Man's Suit?
What are the biggest Fashion Trends right now?
Where can I buy cheap, real, uggs online?
I put in red pajamas with all my blue clothes and the color came off on all of them What should I do? ?
Do you like these Sperrys?
how to dress as a pink lady?
Do I dress weird for a teenager?
what do you wear when you go to bed?
Does anyone know of any websites for cute shoes for large feet?
Are There Any Stores Like Forever 21?
Pull off wearing a bathing suit? (am i fat?)?
How else can i dress as if I were in the 40's-60's?
Where, besides Macy's, can I get Green Dog clothes?
What do teenage girls carry in their purse??
Where can I find the newest nikes shoes but for cheap. (Like $50.00)?
A brown topaz vs a diamond same size?
Some Prom/Ball themes?
do you like this shirt?
which dress should i wear..*pics*?
Can anyone find me any information about this necklace?
Hi. I saw a 18k white gold ring with 20pts diamond in it. They're selling for $450. Is it pricey?
are clothes from target fashionable???
Is a men's shirt size 2x bigger than a women's size 2x?
Black dress shirt with tie or no tie?
I bought a pair of black jeans that are faded, can they be dyed pure black?
Where can I find Jansport superbreak Camo backpack?
Why is it such a big deal how may buttons you do up on a polo shirt?
What do carats mean in a diamond?
Is this considered business casual? I'm wearing it with black tights and heels.?
whats your favorite clothing store?
What is considered petite?
How can i make an old fashioned long cigarette holder?
Do I really look like a younger (mid 30s dr Phil)?
Black russian or a Manhatten?
is this a cute dress for a sweet 16?
What makes retailers like Abercrombie so much better?
Dresses at Ross/T.J Maxx?
Do you like this sweatshirt???
Uhmm.. Am I too Tall?
What do you think of this hoodie from victoria secret?
What do you think of my homecoming dress?
To revealing for a school trip?
Hey..please tell me where we get stocking in BANGALORE.Please tell me the place where i can buy them pleasesss
Where can I find a straight edge 24 girls basketball jersey?
Can I take my new earrings out if i got them pierced two days ago?
Where to buy cheap skinny jeans for juniors?
what stockings work best under knee high boots with a knee length dress for a classy look?
Would this be too much for a 12/13 year old?
Ladies, do you wear High heels ? If yes, how high ?
who are you? whats your style?
CUTE OR NOT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?
are the visor hats cool to wear anymore?
how would you describe a "preppy" person?
What are these earrings called?
What do you wear to an Abercrombie & Fitch interview?
I got a new piercing how should i clean it? do i have to take the earing off through my ear?
where on the web can i find stylish dressy shoes in a wide or double wide.thanks?
Can someone please tell me where I can buy this dress?
What do you think of these jeans?
what colour is better for a top, white or red?
Which dress is better to wear to the 8th grade dance?
Does the Black/White Striped DAKINE pivot pack have a buckle on the front?
How do i cut up a t-shirt and stitch it or pin it with safety pins to a tank top?
Do you like this outfit?
Where can I find a pair of Vans OTW Ludlow Wool Leather Grey Brown to buy on the internet?
I need to find a gold/silver puma sneaker's metallic...please does anybody know a website that sells them?
What to wear??????????????
How much would you spend for a pair of jeans?
Is this a good first day outfit?
Should I buy this skirt?
Which outfit is better for a day at the beach?
Has anyone had an interview/group interview at Zara?
Does this outfit make my butt look fat?
what to wear to my grade 8 grad?
Some "girls" in this forum only talk about pantyhose/stockings and nothing else. Are they really female?
Where can I buy a cute, cheap sundress?
i need nee length dress any good web sites? please not to expensive.?
what wrist should i have my watch on?
where can i sell some Arabian clothes in st Louis mo?
Would you accept if someone proposed with an Argos ring?
Homecomming dress help! (Pics)?
is a size 10 in clothes big?
Woman's hooded raincoats?
Am I too tall to wear high heels I'm 5'7?
Do you like these jeans?
i have this really mini skirt and i dont know what to wear under it GIRLS ONLY PLEASE?
to fancy for school?
What do you think I should do?...Prom advice.?
help me... =-/ i need to know why are braned things soo expencive? why? lol ?
What can I put on the bottom of my shoes to prevent me from falling during a fashion show?
What bottoms should go with this Poplin shirt?
Are black lace footless tights ok to wear to work?
How do I wear white Nike airforce ?!?
What do I wear with this skirt?
ill make u an outfit!?
What is your opinion about this (10 Points)?
my little sister wants a bra and shes 6!?
I need some shirts that are longer but aren't so wide.?
where can i buy soffe shorts?
crystal leaf branch wrap ring?
What is your favorite brand of designer jeans?
I'll make you an outfit?
Leopard Print Ring?
Does anyone know the link to this Chanel bag?
What to wear on a long flight?
How Do I Wear My Hat?
Except on Ebay, where else can I purchase OG Loc sunglasses?
Where can I find this bodysuit?!?
Zara Clothing Question!!!!?
how old do i look? theres pictures, duh
Where can i buy this dress?!?!?!?!?
Do i have enough clothes for 8th grade?
where's the best place to buy a snow white costume from in the uk?
what is one piece of clothing you can not live without???????
do you think its ok to wear black skirt with brown boots?
Victoria's secret PINK brand bathing suit?
tighten my pandora braclet? HELP!!!?
Is this being a "bandwagon"?
Can anyone find this specific wedding dress?
red or blue phone?
how do you make dresses?
Hollister? Do you like this shirt???
What should i dress up for?
Where Can I Get These Shoes Any Store Help Nike Paul Rodriguez Air Low (grey / red / black)?
Glitterizing Short Shorts?
Should I wear this of that?
can you buy jordans online at finish line?
I need a name for my Clothing Label I'm starting, can anyone help?
Which Is Better? Aeropostale Jeans, Hollister Jeans or American Eagle Jeans?
What do you think of these black leather boots?
What should I wear with this skirt?
Where to buy plain sweatshirts?
Do Under Armour Shoes run big or small?
Where can i get the red shirt from HBO's Entourage. Season 1?
a kid in my 5 grade class is a gangster and she wort Ats on my hand what does that mean.?
can I change the spelling of my e-maim address?
GIRLS: what kinda clothes would you rather for a boy to wear?
How much do average people spend?
Girls. What color sunglass lens do you like or find hot on a guy?
Can you ID these sunglasses?
where can i find this?
Why are girls still wearing Ugg boots?
Wht should i wear to go swimming if im medium big?
how to find bra size?
Whats wrong with wearing a big jacket?
Does anyone know a company who makes personalized shopping baskets?? like in large quantity...?
What are some outfits that will look good with heels?
Where can I go in San Diego to try on Daniblack, Ithica style, blue jean color sandals?
I'm looking for a white gold Anchor, for a gift. Have been in all my local jewellers, any idea?
I need help with an outfit?
Can I wear this???
G Shock or Ice Watch?
DO YOU LIKE MY PIERCING?! (picture,thoughts please:)?
Do you ever wish teenage girls would realize this?
Clothes Questionaire i need atleast 100 people to answer PLEASEEEEEEE :D?
Shoes and purse help, purple dress?
What do you think of this shirt? (on a guy)?
What is the name of the company that makes these shirts ? I'll show you a picture of one.?
what do you think of going as a rainbow for halloween?
Do you like short school skirts? Do you like showing your legs? Are you embarassed?
When is forever21 next big sale so thoughts please?
How to politely say that you don't want the shoes?
Where can I find a knitwear pattern?
where can i get yoga pants that will fit comfortably and are long enough?
knee length sweatshirt?
How would you dress up a black dress? (picture below)?
Do my converse go with my dress?
Indie Dresses? UK question Only please.?
What do I wear on an interview?
What color shirts goes W/ brown shorts?
Is this dress too much for a wedding?
Where can I find ODB's clothing line Dirt McGirt at? I'm tryin' to buy some of this stuff.?
women in their 30's, where do you look for current fashion trends? magazines, certain stores, etc?
Can anyone tell me why there is a need for two zipper catches most heavy jackets?
do timberlands work as doc martins?
anyone seen any nice knee high black boots?!?
I want to find out who the designer was of the dress that Heather Graham wore in the Skyy Vodka ad.?
Can someone please tell me how to measure to shorten a flared skirt?
do you like my dress?
How does this look? Does it look cute or not?
Why Girls are beautiful than Dogs.?
To ALL the ladies: in the spring and summer, how often do you like to wear sandals and open-toed shoes?
At what age should men give up jeans?
Who makes the best jeans?
My dad just gave me $1,000 and said I could do anything I want with it. What should I do?
ladies, which do you have more of?
Are button up shirts in?
What would look good on me?
Are 14 year old girls too old to wear overalls?!
What Shoes Should I Wear With Skinny Jeans?
I am a size 7(us) in blue jeans. I usually wear Small shirts. What size dress should a 7 usually wear? 8? 10?
Why do straight men (not all of them, mind you) have an aversion to fashion?
what colors in clothes suit me/??
Ladies, what is the first thing you look at?
what style do american girls wear?
Is leggings still hot in 2007?What other ways to funk up a dress instead..coz showin off legs r in for spring.
Where can I get a cute canvas rucksack?
Is this an ok outfit for a work halloween party?
which dress its cutter for a 8th graduation dress?
How do I organize the clothes in my closet?
where can i get a chix fedora hat online?
Has Primark got an online shop? if so what's the web address?
POLL: What is your favourite type of jewelry you like to wear ???
First 5 get and Outfit?
Can i Pre-Order Shoes FromFootLocker?
Where is a good place in Mississippi to buy cute clothes?
GIRLS, What are you looking for when you're shopping for a winter jacket? hood, Sleeves Anything can help!?
Where can I get a tutu?
Is she eww or cute help please?
im makin my own army costume but i wana mix it up wit punk too any ideas or pix? wut you think of that style?
Do you think blue sunglasses are sexy?
I have a friend getting married and he is trying to decide between a cumberbun and a vest. Which should he use
Women's clothing compared to men's clothing? ?
What are some stores besides platos closet that you can sell clothes to in the Omaha/Council area?
I'm wanting to open a boutique and sell these. How much should they be priced?
can i use eyeglass even my vision is perfect? and is there any side effect if i wear it?
how to convince your mom to wear a thong?
What should I wear?
whats in style for the summer?
where can i buy clothes in europe that are sent to me in romania?
OMG! Where can I get these clothes! PLEASE READ!!!!?
What and who are you wearing right now?
15 years old, model material?
What would you put with this?
how about these bags?
How woman feel infront of a nice dress in a shop ?
are bluejean jackets and purses in style right now?
is ambercrombie really for jocks?
How can I dye my shirt black && keep it black?
Where is a place to find the best tote bags for school?
Ladies with good taste in jewellery please help me pick out something for my girlfriend's 18th birthday?
What kind of clothes are really "in" right now?
CAbi clothing online?
Which model looks great in super-heroine costume?
Do you like this new definition?
Why does everyone in New York City wear black all the time?
which outfit is better?
Is it weird to wear flats to school?
How reliable is Victoria's Secret for online ordering?
would you wear this outfit?
do u think a freshman should use high heels?
What does P/S mean??????
Do you think these shoes are okay for a girl?
How much do you think she weighs?
Do sleeveless shirts mean something?
I need Help Figuring out what this means.?
do you think this guy is hot ?
what is the zip code for san fransisco?
Question about mini skirts with boots?
Anyone know anything about a "once a years sale" in Paris for Louis Vuitton?
Can you buy emo clothes at Walmart?
I'm thinking about getting an lg shine....?
***iS THiS BATHiNG SUiT CUTE?!***?
Whats the most attractive way for a guy to dress in a girls opinion?
What should I wear tomarrow?
Do I have small feet for a 21yo guy?
Any Software to design clothes? (Fashion)?
which shirt do u think??
Im going to the store, what should I buy you?
Does this bracelet suitable to send to girlfriend?
What are the true differences between boot-cut and flared jeans?
American Eagle Outfitters or Hollister?
Where can i find these type of shorts? (description)?
how much is my watch worth?
FYS Shirt. Where can I buy it?
which wedding dress should i buy?
teen problem.?
who likes to shop at forever21?
Which Size Ugg Dakota Moccasins Should I Get?
(qwer eye for the straight guy) Fashion help!!?
Are these boots cute or ugly?
Is there a store where can find Dress shoes in in a sizes 15 or 16?
Do you think its tacky when you can see a girl's panty line under her clothes?
Are the Watermelon Pack Vans still available anywhere?
Why is it that models don't smile when they do the catwalk on the runway?
What shoes would go with this dress?
where can i get this?
Where can I find this shirt that says "I love Boys in the Band."?
Does 35 seem a bit old to be getting earrings?
Where can I get one of those cheap necklaces that are a bunch of tiny balls?
Is this cute for homecoming?
i can barely breath in school?
Looking for a fitted vest to wear alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Cool piercings!! [[ 10 points ]]?
Are Anne Klein and Calvin Klein related?
can anyone tell me some shops that sell clothing for adults, like school girl outfit in louisville?
Girls, do you like this jacket? It's for a guy?
I'm looking for the scarf seen in the links below. Anyone know the brand?
Need suggestions for dresses to a Marine Ball!?
bellybutton ring changing?
how to dress up for your birthday at school?
How do you think of these party dresses? im brunette?
I need a cool, cute and creative twitter name for my friend! Her name is Britney E. Help please!?
Im looking for jeans.?
do you think the jeans are cute ????
Take three seconds to vote for me? Please?
Are these good J's?
do u like this coat??????
Were in ny in broad st and 127 they sell chip shoes for resale?
Where is the best place to find a cocktail dress?
Does anyone know where i can get Disney couple t-shirts?
is it possible to tell the design of a pant/jean on your body without trying it?
where can i find workout clothes sites?!?
knickers??? for the ladies!?
Are red blazers okay for a 13 year old?
How to make fun of preps...?
I bought a hat and I have a question about drying it....?
What can I wear my black dr martens with?
How to take nice pictures of yourself?
Can tall girls wear high heels?
HURRY!! Pick a store!! out of...... Aeropostale, or Hollister?
How to decorate combat boots?
Where can I find news on the Final 3 designers from Project Runway Season 3 in Olympus Fashion Week?
What Can I Do To be Prettier?
What to wear with this?
Where can I sell 11kt diamond ring?
Do you think these glasses make me look Girly?
Girls have all the fun with personal appearance--cool hair styles, makeup, and style... agreed?
what would you want for a graduation present, that isn't expensive?
what's the first thing that come's to mind when you see a 13 year old wearing a tiffany bracelet?
Where can I get UGG's?
Does anyone know where i can get a dress like this? but cheaper?
GIRLS: How should guys wear their jeans?
Im wearing this dress on christmas, what should I put with it???? (PIX!!)?
why cant i wear my ring?
what brand is dg if it is on your sunglasses?
Does Marshall's sell fake Levis?
do you like this outfit?
What if it's the dress style?
why haven't americans STYLE?
Girls, what size do you wear? Trying to lose weight?
What the crap is Forever21 and i know its a clothes store?
Where can i buy a cute plaid blazer?
How do I make a swimmable, good, and realistic mermaid tail? I need help and fast!?
How To Be An Asian Male Model?
Red dress from MTV's Show Awkward?
who wants an outfit?
Round toe pumps?
what job do I pick? forever new or MIMCO?
Would this look silly?
Posso indossare gli UGG boots quando piove (come stivali per la pioggia)? Oppure si bagnano e rovinano?
TIGHT JEANS problem!?
What brand could this bag be?
Is this a nice vintage dress?
Are these boots in style?
Which watch is better?? (And why?)?
What do you think of a 13 year old with a $300 coach purse?
Where can i find jeans for some one who is abnormally tall,skinny and has no butt or hips?
lime/neon green pants/denim?
Whats your favourite clothing store?
What are these sneakers called?
where can i get big jewelry for guys?
how to price jewelry?
Please help me find some cheap shoes!!?
Dresses and Over-Sized Tops To Wear With Leggings?
Is this a good outfit ?! 10 points :)?
What do you think of these shoes?
What is a quick and easy way of getting deodorant stains off of clothing?
What halloween character could I be with this dress?
What is in your bag/purse right now?
What's ur style? Are you a prep, punk, oldfashion, vintage, what? i am a mix of preppy and vintage!!!!!?
which pic of me looks better?
Will chiffon tops always be in style?
where can i find the poison ivy bikini's?
What are some cool t-shirt brands?
best winter shoes for short legs beside heels?
Is Old Navy preppy?
What are some T-shirt ideas?
Where can i buy (Obey,Diamond, Neff) clothes for teens ONLINE(14 years old)?
how did people dress in the 70's?
Should it be illegal for men to wear flip flops?
What kind of jeans would be best?
How do you walk in heels?
Rate My Outfit I'm Going To Wear. Picture Included?
Aeropostale group interview?
1920s Chicago costume ideas?
What is the name/brand of these sunglasses?
Where can I find a reputable jeweler in Melbourne who sells jade?
Which hurts more? Lip pericing or Nose peircing?
Should I get all dressed up in posh frock or not?
Help!!! I need some really cute tankini's for this summer!!?
where do you go shopping?
is it wrong to go school clothes shopping at a thrift store?
What does Louis Vuitton make? Do they make seats? Rag tops for convertibles?
Can anybody find a shirt to buy that looks like this?
girls: dress to impress?
Could I wear silver shoes with black tights or would it look stupid?
What should i wear today?
Is this a cute outfit?
Where can I buy true religion jeans, uggs, from china?
How do i persuade my mom to let me adopt a dog?
is this outfit cute for school? :]]?
Is it gay to wear slim chinos with a v neck t-shirt?
uggs please help!?!?!?
ladies\girls what style of jeans do you wear?
Whats the deal with jeans? Why are their a million choices?