what should i wear to a party?
Cute khaki shorts or capris for work?
What style would you classify Forever21 as?
I am in MD and am interested in having a lace wig party. Anyone know where i can get info?
im looking fo a free pattern website to make mens neckties?
Can I wear this coat?
Is it cool for Guys to wear Pink?
Has anyone ever see anyone w/ a shoe size under a size 5? If so how small?
1st day of 8th Grade outfit??
Embarrassed to take my shirt off?
Where can I find cheap Victoria's secret hoodies?
Why do thug types leave the tags on their hats?
Would you wear a leotard as lingerie if your boyfriend asked?
why do girls look sexier from the back in jeans?
do we relly need to be tan, in the winter???
what is the White shaw like thing that seniors use in their formal pics?
wat is required 2 become a good male model?
Need clothing help guy (pic)?
How can i accessorize these dresses?
Which ring is better looks/lasting wise?
What do you like the most about being short?
Which outfit sounds cuter for the first day of school?
which dress is prettier? pic?
sunglasses help....?
What are the guidelines of a dress in the National American Miss pageant in the Jr. teen division?
which brand of boots do you like ?
Where can I go to find prices on antique diamond/gold Hamilton ladies' watches?
Are there any cute variations I can do with a polo shirt?(I'm a girl)?
How do I pick my outfit for the first day of school?
Need help putting together a dinner outfit?
How many pairs of shoes is too many for a 6 day trip?
Do you prefer snaps or buttons on your clothes?
Who else thinks kids who wear their pants hanging down?????
where can i get this shirt please tell me?
Where do you find couples Shirts?
Dress of todays girls are getting shorter day by day, where will it end?
what kind of shoes do you wear with skinny jeans?
where can i get customized toms?
why do people still wear thongs?!?
Help me with teen fashion advice please?
Where do you shop???
What can I do to clothes?
How to prevent Camel Toes?
i will create an out fit for the 10 people?
Help with a dress pattern?
GIRLS: do you tend to look down at someones feet if they have flip-flops/sandals on??
Are these cute?? Are they instyle?
why does everybody always say that i look good in yellow or white?
I need a really sexy halloween costume that is sure to turn heads!! Any Ideas??
What colour shirt goes with a black leather jacket and white jeans?
i want to get my nose pierced, but i'm afraid of two things: the pain, and the scar left when i remove it.
quik lil answer?
tomorrow school starts again so what should i wear???
is it enough for my camp? 10 POINTS [:?
Does my avatar look like a kid or a teen?
What about socks with flip flops out to a nightclub?
are these shoes cute or not? many hand bags do you have?
What size shirt should I get? (mens)?
Which black pants are the most durable?
Should I Buy This Beanie?? What do you think about it?
What's the differences between ''The Cambridge Satchel'' and ''Zatchel''?
Teenagers: What type of trainers would you wear outdoor (just out and about)?
How do I start my own clothing line?Where do I go to get it manufactured?
I want to be a model and need information on it ?
Prom Dress Madness???
If you had the chance, would you be in a Victoria's Secret fashion show?
What to wear with a baggy sweater?
what to wear with yoga pants?
outfits being made my be? want me to make yu 1! Etc..?
fashion to blend in to live in arizona
I've just lost my favourite jacket,has anyone any advice to cheer me up please,i feel really sad?
Nike shoes are very expensive in the market, many places are sold, do not know how to quality?
which sherwani is looking good for wedding?
they wont give my clothes back!?
Should i wear pajamas to school tomoroww!?
Is shoe size 8uk (9US womens) big for a girl?
I cant stop pooping?
Are these outfits ok for school?
What do you guys think of this look?
what do you think of these outfits for some in there 30's be honest and send links?
jack wills christmas handbook?
I'm having my 21st birthday be themed 80's...what should I wear?
what does a sweet 16 court do/wear?
I need help with an outfit?
What do you think of American Apparel's ads being compared to "kiddie porn"?
Are there any good sellers of womens clothing (dresses, shirts, shoes) from amazon or ebay?
what is in style for african american teens?
is it rude to tighten the belt in public?
what jacket are you wearing today?
What's a flip skirt?
Do You Like This First Day Of School Outfit???????????????
are skinny jeans still going to be in style this fall and winter?
It's popping up on clothing descriptions everywhere, but what does "ponte knit" actually mean?
What the heck is an 18 hour bra? What happens after 18 hours?
What do u think of this sweater? Link in here(:?
Where can I find a bathing suit like this? (picture included)?
Where is a good place online to buy neko hat ears online?
I cant find gray uggs!?
Pajama's- I need help finding some.
which shirt do you like better?
help with picking a shirt for an outfit?
Do guys like it when girls wear skinny jeans and uggs?
Do you guys think this bag is cute?!?
Need help choosing a dress, which one do you prefer?
I'm looking for bridal jewelry, but I want butterfly jewelry. Does anyone know of a website?
Would it be weird to wear an ear warmer headband inside?
what color Ugg and TOMS should i get?
Where can I find a jacket like this?
what color prom dress should i get?
do you like this dress for the prom?
what are other clothing brands like L&S , ralph laureen etc?
What is Charlott Russe and the rainbow stors's website?
Does anybody hav or kno of any American Eagle coupons?
how to dry tie dye shirts faster?
Do you like these supras (for girls)?
I found this super cute scarf online...but I want to add a color to it! Can a tailor do this?
which is the best gift for my mom a dooney and bukre or a dooney and burke?
What kind of winter hats are in Style?
Should i wear this to homecoming?
Are skinny jeans in for fall/winter 2011?
What do you think of my outfit for the girls Night out?
shorts or skirts?
How big will my shoes get if i freeze stretch them?
Which bathing suit?
where can i find the "Starving Artists" t-shirt or who makes it?
where can i buy wood wood adidas zx 9000?
Are these pants worth $118? You're opinion please.?
how would you describe a "preppy" person?
Can someone plesssssssse tell wear to buy like a big purse that can hold text books and fit in my locker and?
please help, what are some jeans that look hot on men?
Is there anywhere online that I can get free band shirts and other merchandise?
Confirmation dress??
Do I look ok in SkinnyJeans, Im a guy.?
What is the clothing brand similar with Forever21 in US??
how can you match your Accessories with your cloth?
Where to buy couple sweatshirts and shirts?
Is this shirt okay for an interview (female)?
why cant parents be normal and try not to act cool like me?
Jergans Natural Glow Lotion Question?
Do Men in the USA use Mens Handbags?
whey are teens alll so into abercrombie?
On black friday can you get uggs and northfaces cheaper?
Color of toms to get!?!?!?
Will this jacket be warm enough?
What is the best sent from Victoria Secert?????
What weight range do you have to be to fit into clothes at most stores in the mall?
The clothes that you wear.?
What kind/ more so what color tank could i wear under this?
Will people laugh at me because I'm using a Juicy Couture tote for high school?
Dress ideas!? Im having a school dance come up in december its a winter formal?
I need everyons help ASAP!!!.s!!?
should i buy this???
Can someone tell me where Karmaloop warehouse ships from?
best emo clothing?
what size womens shoe does a mens 12 convert to?
what is the educational requirement to be a fashion designer?
where can i find this hoodie?
Where can I get one if those cute canvas backpacks?
does anyone know how to remove stains of a juicy coutre dreamer tote?
what is a good color of dress for the 8 grade graduation?
do you think american eagle is expensive?
I wanna know some cute, cheap online botiques!?
Where can I get a pink camo preemie dress?
should a highschool girl use a backpack and a seperate purse?
What are good everyday, cute, shoes?
Does any one know where to find the dress shes wearing? Victorias secret doesnt have it! Thanks!?
First Thing That Pops in Your Head (Pics)?
Where can I buy bags of bands like Paramore etc. online?
What should i wear on my first day of 9th grade?
what does the D stand for in a womans shoe 6 1/2D UK?? Is D wide in us conversion?..?
I need a name for my clothing store.?
what's sexier, a thong or booty shorts or g-string or other?
how to make carrot bottoms or joxx from normal grey trackie botttoms?
im opening a new store and i need to know som goo colors for shirt?
what kinda jeans did Cam Gigandet wear in twilight?
I need a swimsuit?
what do u wear with a pair of timberland boots?
what type of fabrics did michael jackson use for his costumes/outfits?
Please Send Me Formal Dresses Pictures from Wollongong or Canberra? (Email Addy Below)?
Do you think they would look fine on ?
Is this a cute shirt? ?
i heard that footlocker sell fake trainers. is this true?
Where can I find a functional corset in the Reno, NV area?
little to late for Halloween?
What Rhymes With "My Shoes Match My Shirt", And Makes Sense?
whats the most expensive wedding dress to date that was ever bought?
Which one is more 50's inspired?
Do you think this swim suit is cute? Which one?
Where can I get these boots!?
Should leather gloves match a leather jacket?
can someone loose thigh fat in 3 monthes if they do 200 situps each day?
What should i do about my size?
Girls do you like it when?
help! please read! 10 points to best answer!?
Is this a cute dress?
From a guys perspective which is sexier? (Girls feel free 2 answer too)?
what nail polish will go with anything?
can I wear a white gown to my engagement party in November? click on the link below to see the dress.?
Please Help Quick!!!!?
Do you know any bespoke tailors for customized suits in United Kingdom?
Ladies, are the shoes that a man wears REALLY important? Does it convey anything about them?
When did women start wearing jeans?
What's the "in-look" for sexy/casual?
what nail polish color will go well with a silver dress?
How good is Victoria's Secret make-up?!?
I have to buy clothes for tweens?
what to wear with this shirt? Please help?
i need help with school clothes?
What are tight jeans called in stores?
Homecoming Week At School?
could someone plz answer my question???
why are french maids considered sex symbols?
is this dress nice for prom?
Would Brown go with a peach colored shirt?
who do you feel is the most directional fashion designer at the moment ?
shoppin with the boyfriend!!?
what color works with dark blue tight undershirt?
Dresses that you can roll up?
ugly or pretty?model?yes no?
should i buy this???
how can i be an emo at school?
need help with my clothes?
Where to buy a Jake English jacket?
Future UGG boots colors?
where can i get a not so expensive Betsey johnson dag?
Where can I buy women's overalls?
do men like to use boxer or the other ones?
Does anyone know a legitimate source for wholesale nike products?
Best looking lingerie on my body type?
Where can I find cute graphic tees?
What kind of things do I need to be Kanye West?
what color of shoes do i use with pink top and gray skirt?
Top 10 fashion blogs in India?
I bought these black sweatpants what shoes should i wear?
how do u like this shirt?
where can i get an 'a day to remember' sweatshirt?
What should I wear to a wedding?
What should I get Uggs Or Bearpaws?
where can i get a rhinestone phone cover for a Samsung tocco lite?
Sore feet from working in retail! What shoes are best?
Do ed hardy swimsuits fit big or small?
Is The North Face an expensive clothing line?
What should I carry in my purse?
Could someone invite me to join
help me decide which color!!?
what can i wear with these shoes?
What stores carry Big Smith overalls clothes?
How would you describe my body (pic)? Be honest...its alright?
if i get a pair of plain white canvas shoes, can i use transfer sheets to put something on them?
PINK NATION? Free gift where?
What do you do when you suddenly yearn for it?
Where are some good places to get skinny jeans?
Homecoming dress?!?! ?
are big hoop earings sexy?
I have problems with my feet,but I would like to wear my cowboy boots once again,suggestions on brand names?
Where would I find some nice high heels?
Can you help me find a cardigan like this?
Do you know what brand is this boot? I saw them in a magazine called Easy Living?
What is in your purse?
what size should I get this Hoodie from korea?
What should my date wear?
n e one kno good places to find these brands BAPE,ICE CREAM,SEVEN JEANS,NORTH FACE,TRUE RELIGON, THX?
Which hoodie should I get?
How can I get more grip on my shoes?!?
What kinds of dresses would I look good in?
Would you let a 14 year old wear a thong?
What's so wrong with wearing Abercrombie, Hollister and AE ? :S?
where can I find these shoes?
need help asap with clothing line
Hey I'm Looking for good middle school tips and I don't care what tips.?
Whats your favorite clothing store for teens and young adults?
POLL: flare jeans or skinny jeans?
swimsuit shopping???
Where can I find a sweater like this?
What are some things girls wear that guys find unattractive?
Does Forever21 ever overwhelm anyone else?
Are these nice dresses (pix) URGENT!?
Do pierced ears suit me?
Do I need a charging case for E-cigs?
Do you know any online stores to shop at?
Does anyone know where i can get a high cut tank top/beater?
Do you like ???????????????????????????????????
I have a dark navy top that I'd like to wear, but no idea what will go with it!?
who can give me 5 reasons to wear a baseball cap backwards?
why do knickers always go up your bum when walking?
what accessories would u use for this dress and what color would they be and what color shoes?
Can someone help me find some stretch lace fabric by the yard that looks like this?
if im a size 7, what size miss me jeans should i buy?
Favorite Type Of Clothes and Jewelry?
What do hippies wear?
Bling?!?!?!? ahaha quick pts :)?
What type of pajamas look cute on Christmas day!!?
Do you wear a bra all the time? ?
Looking for a cute jean skirt?
My daughter is 4'11'' and would wear a Jr's size 7 if it weren't for her double D's.?
does anybody know of a web site that sells, girls(not women) clothing, cheap, from 0-16$?
Regular or Skinny Jeans?
Boys fashion from the 20's?
what do you think of this shirt...?
Is it allergies from wearing earings?
Can Brown and Pink get along?
What could I wear this with???
Girls - which hoody is better?
Can a guy wear this jacket ?
Is this not cute or what?
Tomorrow I have group interview at Zara does anyone knows what to expect?
Girls help me..........?
Too short for juniors department?
Why do I feel so uncomfortable in 2 piece bathing suits?
What do girls wear to 18 and over, hip-hop nightclubs?
I have to go to a sleepover but wat should i wear when i get there and the next day?
what state are you born and rasied in?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
I'm 13 and I want to take my sister's Alli pills??
should i wear this hoodie?
What's a good color to wear with chocolate brown?
How do I stick a big Pin on my shirt without piercing it?
Jansport School Bags?
Where can I find metal band tees at Hyderabad, AP?
Homecoming dress for big boobs?
how would you where this kind of shirt?
looking for bra inserts for triangle bikini tops?
Is there a way to determine one's ring size, without having an actual ring sizer...? Thanks :)?
How would I change the color of a corset?
i was thinking of getting my ear pierced, which ear is correct for a straight guy to have pierced?
mu outfit ?
How much does a tna backpack from aritzia cost?
D75 or C75?? Really confused by the range of relpies I got from the different store ladies?
Squeaky shoe solution?
converse idea plz???????????
Which color of these shoes do you like better?
What should I wear today?
Cute vs. Pretty Cute?
Is this a good dress for semi formal?
where can i buy this sjal/scarf?
Is this out fit cute?
Give me an outfit that you believe is cute for summer. =]?
What style is this? Type into Google...?
Is this dress to nice for a "dressy casual" valentines dance?
When wearing a belt, does a man put his on counter clockwise or clockwise? What about a woman?
For women only.What type of jeans are in style now?
what is the best site for cheap indie clothing ?
which back to school outfit?
Should I give this person another chance when it comes to the hoodie commission?
What kind of clothing do girls my age find attractive? (GIRLS)?
Where is a good place to buy gothic/BDSM or asian clothes? Also kevlar wicks?
Fashion help...........?
Is this bathing suit tacky?
How do I get away with wearing a hoodie to school?
Do you think these outfits are Cute?
What should I wear to a semiformal banquet?
which dress do you like better??
High heels... ¿Can somebody give me a good reason to wear them?
Whats the brand of these Sunglasses?
Would it look bad if...?
When buying seasonal accessories, cheap and brandless or expensive and branded for you?
Advice on what to wear?
ideas for what to wear to my winter dance?
What does AC solid gold mean on a ring?
are these cute?? answer plzzzz?
Is anyone elses hottopic website pages not showing up for you?
Which Dress?
what are the websites to get details information on fashion details?
looking for cheap designer look-alike handbags?
Which dress is best for my 8th grade graduation?
i really wnt to get *tokio hotel* shirts/calander and more. do they sell them in hong kong?please rely wnt it!?
Where can I find some ideas for a red, white, and black wedding dress?
Don't wanna be a wannabe!?
are uggs still in style?
white heels with purple dress?
link to where i can buy these shows or what the shoes name is?
Fancy Dress ideas beginning with "B" for a GUY?
DO people wear colored skinny jeans anymore ?
What is a "Bruce Lee yellow jumpsuit"?
Name an item of clothing or accessory beginning with E!?
What color is brown?
Would you wear this outfit?
I need to shrink my Pants!!!!!!!!?
Is this a cute back to school outfit?
how can i join fabric to leather?
Dress for 8th grade formal and hairstyle?
question about this outfit?
Can anyone tell me any good CHEAP stores where I can buy cute preppy clothing, that isn't $20 for a tank top?
Should you hang or role a necktie?
Are Doc Martens boots warm enough to wear in the winter?
What do you think of thess dresses?
How can I find out about these shoes?
how much can i pawn men size 8 prada shoes?
Do cardigan sweaters make guys look old?
Who's having a Halloween Party this weekend???
i need help?
why is a size 30 waiste pair of jeans really measure 28"?
What should i wear.....?
Is Express a respected brand?
Where can I find a cloak?
What kind of shoes go good with skinny jeans?
Bought contact lenses online?
wut is ur fave brand of clothing?
What is your favorite place to shop??
whats a good color tie for pink collar shirt?
Looking at these photos, which person looks the smaller uk clothes? what sizes do both people look?
Does this look like a classy watch?
Can anyone tell me why certain brand name purses are so expensive? (Like Coach or Fendi)?
Can you help me?!?
is this bag good for school?
are these shoes too "loud" to wear with preppy clothing?
I NEED ADVICE FROM ALL GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
*Girls only!!* Is this bag nice for a guy?
Can someone help me find a pocket watch?
Is MaxRave permanently out of business? Where else should I shop?
shorts trainers and hoody?
What is a good price for this?
Should I get contacts?
Should i buy these jeans?
what are the kinds of bracelet locks and what do they look like?
where can i find a matching?
Where is the best place to pierce ears?
guys and girls walking around in collapsed ugg boots?
Where can I buy a onesie or footed pajama in Canada? (in a store)?
Where can I find Vitamin Z brand clothes? My daughter has a pair of jeans I was given and want more like them
Would i look good with spiderbites?
What's the newest style for teenage girls?
pretty obvious yet i hav no idea...?
Are These Jeans Too Dressy For My Job?
want to wear a size 9-11.?
Timberlands considered dress shoe?
Who makes the blue shirt with the topless girl wearing a studbelt bikini. pacsun had it last year.?
How do you wear a bra with this?
Prom Dress?
I'm 13 and 5 ft 7.5 inches tall could I be a model?
How do you make a petti romper?
Does my body/bra size sound disproportionate? (Serious question?)?
Do girls go Commando?
Where can i buy skinny uniform pants for guys?
is this a good back to school outfit!?
What's a better color—red or green?
Where can I buy this jumper for a low price?
Is this cute to wear to a dance?
how old are these shoes?
where can i buy a nice bikini?
well i'm going in2 middle school next year. what r some tips that u can give me.?
Someone make me a cute Winter outfit for tomorow?
dark brown hair, bronze tan, grey-blue eyes = gold or silver jewelry???
Which dress do you like better?
help me with fashion people?
would womens size 11 shoe fit mens 10 feet?
i am 13 and wear a size 8/12 shoe.oh and im 5'5 is that normal?
Is it OK to wear these pants to informal Friday nights at church (which are for youth and I'm in the band)?
create new, destroy old?
can anyone suggest a perfume for a girl?
navy blue dress and black?
what color bra is best under white shirts?
do you think im pretty (pic included,be honest)?
Honestly... is my friend pretty?
what is an easy halloween costume? maybe without buying one?
Michael Kors watch...rose gold or gold?
What do women think about Wranglers?
Is this a good idea to get skinny?
White OR Indigo Skinny Jeans?
If I'm size 34/36 in Europe, what am I in the US?
Am I the only girl that doesn't wear nice clothes on the first day of school?
Do you think the store Hollister Co. is too expensive?
which dress?!?!?!?!?!? (pics)?
Who is more spoiled?ME or my Friend?
Cool piercings!! [[ 10 points ]]?
Plastic bag ideas???
Where can I buy a pair of shoes for my feet ?
Footlocker return/exchange on damaged shoes?
Does this look cool to wear?
Girls, what do you think of v necks for guys?
what would match well with light pink jeans?
I have fat thighs. How Do i wear a straight cut skirt?
Have used shampoo on a white shirt for stains. It left stains. What do I do now?
bleaching strawberry blonde platinum?
Do you wear shoes with no socks?
cute???? WHich one......>!?
How do I convince my dad to let me stretch my ears bigger?
do you like this coat???
Do you have an obsession with shoes?
Anyone know who makes shoes similar to the preppie style Eastland used to make?
sex or no sex???????????????/?
Whats your favorite outfit to wear clubbing or just anywhere?
How old do you have to be too get a piercing ?
Is this werid for a 12 year old?
What Do Girls Think Of Skinny Jeans And Ugg Boots On Guys?
How can I tell her without hurting her?
is this a good first day outfit?
what do u think of this dress for homecoming. link below?
Where can i get cute jean short shorts in size 10 kids?
who else loves this shirt !!?
Prom dress- I want around 3 inch heels with a platform- What colour?
Shoe shop in Sydney, Australia?
Any Fancy dress ideas?
Poll for teens and young people?
what can i wear on tarton tights?
where can i get hoodies?
Why are VS pink hoodies so cool ?
How do you get a guy to notis you?
What is the value of my Lorus Goofy Watch?
How can I stop the front of my pants from going beneath the belt?
what color of coverse shoes you want to wear?
Am I a loser if I go to the mall on my own?
trying to find a grad dress?
Girls - Which of these swimsuit styles do you prefer?
A really good online website with CHEAP accessories?
Do you like this bikini?
What boots is Jacob wearing (Twilight)?
Should i get bearpaws or uggs?
Middle school fashion what to wear for school?
where to buy tan chinos with white buttons?
Favorite color?
First pair of TOMS - Sizing suggestions?
Where can you find size 3 engagement rings?
Is it bad to pierce your own ear ?
Whats in right know for winter fashion.?
I'm planning to buy leggings for my girlfriend, any help would be appreciated (for girls out there)?
what color tie goes best with a black shirt for my homecoming?
Good Online Stores for 18+ Females ( Clothing )?
What's a good outfit for a nighttime beach party?
Body line Lolita clothes sizing help!?
about style?
All girls answer this QUICK question!?
How do you choose your bridesmaid dresses?
Lingerie shopping for couples in the UK?
Please help with Bra problem.?
READ ON FOR MORE INFO! TA I need Help with a shopping/ Homework question .. .. .. ??
Poll of the Day: What Colour are your socks?
CAbi Clothing for Canadians?
what are everyone fave clothes store?
Nail Polish Help!!! ?
do ture religion jeans only come in length 33?? cause all ive seen say "seat" 33 or somthing..?
what would go with this? how to accerorise? what to wear with it?
What can you tell me about this watch? "Chronograhe Suisse"?
can you tell me what you think about my up and coming website?
Wearing Jean shorts over grey leggins?
how many questions must you answer for "top contributor" button?
What do you guys think of this dress my friend is wearing? (pics inside)?
what is a good web site for finding boots for women with large feet?
I need to find a dress! can someone help me?
how many pairs of shoes do you have?
Should I get this swimsuit? (Pic included)?
What can I wear as outerwear for a halter silk and chiffon dress?
where can i get cheap and best quality fashionable dresses?
what piercings should a 13 year old get.. other then ears?
where can i get one of those fur coats/bombers that have the tweety patch on the side?
I took out my string going round the hood, for the wash, and i dont know how to put it back in?
What to wear on the first day of school (Girls) ?
Would you buy these pieces of jewelry?
Do you like My Grade Eight Graduation Dress?
What should i wear to a batmitzvah?
Does anyone know any good Drew Barrymore movies?
does this outfit look good?
Why do guys think that girls who wear high heels are hot?
Help picking out an outfit?
korean clothes?
do u like this dress?
is this a cute shirt?(pics)?
Can anyone help me w/ a jewlery question? (HEMP)?
Cute jacket???What do you think?
Chuck Taylor's All Star Converse Shoes?
What would match this vest?
Halloween Costume Ideas For a 13 Year Old?
does anyone else think that AE, HOLLISTER are way 2 expensive?
Where can I buy these Sperrys?
What color does army green turn when bleached?
where can i buy these sun glasses from?
could a white guy wear these?
Where can I buy these studded boots?
Hi, what Oilily top goes with oilily Dawny jeans, does any1 know? Julia. Hull.?
Best prom dress stores in Ontario?
I need help finding the name of this hat i like.?
how old do I look. Please be nice.?
Let's play the UGLY game!?
is this a cute outfit?
ca some one give me links to emo clothes sites? thanks x?
Whats the best way to layer clothes?
Poll: Favorite place to shop?
Do you think wearing a see through shirt is slutty?
What can i wear with my ankle boots?
is this cute [pic]???
what color shirt should I wear with these jeans?
What are these gloves called?
where can i find Dr.Martens stores in manila?
Victorias Secret In Kings PLaza Brooklyn, New York. Do They Have All The Bikini's In The Store?
what stores have cute backpacks but r still cheap?
Black friday? Where do I go?
Who has Nicky Hilton designed for?
cute ways to dress up a football jersey?
How long do you usually go without shopping?
Which purse should I buy .?
What color highlights would suit me? (Pics)?
What ethnicity does this girl look like????? PLEASE 10 points!!?
Which of these prom dresses do you like the best?
what do you do with your panties?
The mark of the jeans who have a skull on them?
Where can I find a Party at Gatsby's sweatshirt?
Where can I get cute, cheap denim capris?
Can...or should I say...should I wear a cardigan with cowboy boots?
how long are crew socks?
Where can I get cute clothes, that aren't crazy expensive!?!?!?
Do helix ear piercings hurt?
what should i wear am in a rush!?
Need a dress for winter dance!?
How can I wear black without people calling me a poser/emo/goth/wannabe?
What would you call these shoes?
Do you think this is a cute dress?
why is it that strippers wear those giant clear acrylic platform heels that sexy to men?
Do these 3 'go' OK?
where can i get this?!?
What Do You Think Of This Coat/Jacket ?
where to do ear piercing?
Is this top cool or just weird? I can't decide.?
do you like this purse? picture included :)?
What do you think of emo?
Girls 13 or younger only!!?
maroon or purple converse?
How do I look fashionable on the first day of school?
Special effects contacts WITH prescription?
My TOMS have white stuff on them );?
if you were going to a dress-up party where the theme is 80's....?
Why is it better to wear white cloth than black cloth on a sunnyday!?
what should i get for back to school clothes shopping with $800?
for a 13 year old, is a 34b bra size normal/average?
HELP!! What do you think of these!??
I have a grey shirt that I want to dye/bleach white. My only problem is that it is polyester. Any suggestions?
Do you guys know where I can buy dresses like these?
Where can I buy cologne for a decent price?
Sould I Buy These Shoes?
pick one word?
Which do you prefer for a lunch date?
What do you think of UGGS?
In your opinion, is this outfit ugly?
Why does leather creak?
Rate my style (1-10)?
What color should I get this in?????
80's fashion???????????
How much is the coach purse worth?pics included?
Thong's, Or Nothing at all How do you get rid of the panty line?
Which episode did Kaitlyn from the OC wear this?
is it weird i saw a 13 year old boy wear a g string?
clothes /underwear/shoes?
How cute is this outfit?
Does this down coat look nice?What if to wear now?
Polyvore Anyone?
...Do you think this is weird?...?
be honest, can i pull this skirt off? and does the top look ok with it?
what is the best way to find out your personal style and clothes that look good on you?
im a 15 year old guy and idk if i should get one or 2 earrings... respond?
Pierce The Veil Bracelet!?!?
What's the popular leggings this season?
girls,do u like it when guys wear their jeans low and u can see a bit of their boxers?
help me answer these questions about "vintage"-_-?
How do i apply to a new wetseal opening in my town?
How Much Do You Spend On Friends ?
What color tights should I wear with my dress?
What company/brand makes the best sweaters?
Where's Waldo style shirt?
Guys - do you like wearing jeans and flip flops?
Is opi gelcolor cheaper and better than Shellac?
Where can I buy a plain, black, fitted pullover hoodie?
What is your opinion about these earrings (10 PTS.)?
Maui Jim Wrap Arounds Best Place online?
how do you destroy your jeans?
Is this girl interested in me? 10 Points!?
What type of dress for Filipino debut?
is this top too dressy for drinks with my ex?
Glasses or contacts?
Anyone know any Cheap Supra Websites?
Alloy necklace turn my neck green?
What can I wear with this sweater?
Can someone list some handbag makers similar in price to Guess?
Do white shorts and brown leather boots go well together?
Does anyone know where I can buy Loud plain Orange shirts?
what prom dress would suit me best?
what's best colour in bra?
is it hard to get a job if you have piercings?
Which outfit?
What to wear to winter formal?!?!?
What is a good price for a suit for a 16 year old?
who do you think is best cuples!Christina Milian & Nick Cannon OR Beyonce' & Jay-Z?
easy 10 points. how do i look?
Need a dress for my birthday!?
My feet are too wide for Converse All-Stars; what are some good knockoffs?
what about you think men beautician course?
What color clothes can these Hue tights match with?
where can i buy a warm CUTE jacket?
Which dress do you like best?
Can you put shoelaces in Converse Slip-ons?
Which Shoe Brand Do You Like Better Nike,Jordans,Aidias,Sketchers?
what's your pets name?
What do with this dress?
Where can I find these? Or what's the brand?
which bikini is cuter?
How do you properly measure yourself to find the correct cup and band size for a bra???
what girls like to wear in foot after putting off boots and going on bed for rest?
Straight cut skinny, or super skinny skinny jeans?
guys, advice!?
When u come home how tired are you?
How can a boy dress like a girl?
Year8 non uniform day ideas?
Cute outfit or not? Help me on this and I will answer one of yours!!!?
Where is the best place to shop for vintage clothes?
Where are Jade's clothes from on America's Next Top Model?
How do I fit in? I'm Asian and everyone like 3/4 of the middle school is just plain American?
Do you like my first-day-of-school outfit?
I'll make outfits for the first 7-10 people!!??
Would this dress be ok to wear to a Funeral?
Do u know some sites,where i can upload my pictues?
Truth in advertising, question for males?
Anyone made a purchase through
IS this a cute dress?
Are these dresses appropriate for middle school grad & confirmation?
Anyone asap tutu help please !!! x?
Where can I get American Apparel cheaper?
Do you find the whole very skinny, indie type girl look attractive?
Is it still "COOL" to wear costumes?
I have a long yellow form fitting dress I would like to use as part of halloween coustume. Suggestions?
Where Can I Find A "I'm Tara Reid" Shirt?
Valentino Garavino!!!!!?
can i get snake bites piercing in this spot?
Hello, I want to sell my brand new desi clothes(shalwar kameez) for selling in my community but no one take?
What do you think is the best size nedcklace pendant for a man?
What brand of clothing is the whale logo for?
how can i become a prep?
How can I dress like a fairy?
What time period/century is this dress from? (look at picture)?
Ok I lost a bet and have to get a mani pedi and waxing and wat hurts and it has to be a girly color so wat?
Any fashion pet peeves?????
Do you like wearing belts?
Do I look good in skinny jeans?
What should I wear to an interview tomorrow?
Help, I need help!?
Ugg boots help! Please?
Can anyone help me with an outfit?
Buying shapewear for the first time?
Riding a bike in bare feet or flip-flops?
Hollister or American Eagle?
Skinny vs thick? men, what do you think?
Where can I buy this jacket or a jacket very similar?
Where can I find cheap vintage clothes?
Where can I find/buy these D&G sneakers?
how would u style the name simran in a funky wAy?
What i do about my 20 year old daughter being in a hotel suite with her boyfriend?
if a boy was wearing uggs and he said he wasnt gay would you say he gay?
Where can i find a shirt like Carrie Underwoods?
how can i get into site modeling?
How can you tell if a company is selling knock off or authentic designer jeans?
WhIs it hard to raise a child if your working in the fashion industry?at would you like to ask?
ok so like I am looking for where I can buy skinny jeans for ages 11 through 13.?
super easy question name your favorite stores?
Ughh...i can't decide between which dress to get?
Where do they sell Michael Jordan necklaces and for how much?
Question.... honest please!!?
should i wear a bikini or tankini? pictures!?
Do boys like the smart, professional look at school?
I wish I had swag style?
how to dress if your a guy with a big butt?
Is this a good outfit ?! 10 points :)?
I am scared to wear this stuff to school?
Where can I get custom made jeans?
How can I make a Herve Leger bandage dress like Kim K.? ?
wut is your favorite store?
Girls, whats your shoe size? I'm trying to get an average.?
Do I suit bangs or no bangs more? (Pics)?
5 things u r wearing now?
why are most raincoats yellow?
What is the difference between Girl Friend & Goal Keeper?
Can a 13-14 year old wear this dress?
Is It Appropriate to wear these shoes to middle schoool?
what kind of sunglasses would suit my face?!?
where can i find little black dress by avon in Kolkata?
do you like this purse?
I need a prom dress!!!?
what clothing brands and stores would be the best fair trade?
i am looking for a past and present store it the houston area?
Which hoodie do u like better?
How do I wear this sweater? lol.?
please answer? best one gets 10 points?
which one do you like best!! (hooker heels)?
POLL:My New shirt????
which dress would look the best on me?
What to wear with this skirt?
Where would I find a cute floral purse?!?
Is it a shame to wear a garden hat?
Need fashion advice & suggestions...?
What is the best thing you have ever found at a thrift store?
plaids with stripes?
Can you judge this outfit i made pretty please?
These Vans or Toms? :)?
What size shoes do you wear?
which color should i get for this shirt?
What goes with this? - Couples HALLOWEEN Costume?
What is the best advise to give to someone who wants to start a new wardrobe?
does anyone know the artist of this print/painting? *seen at hot topic*?
How do you cut a t-shirt into a halter top?
nike jordans 2 sizes big?
Fashion Labels?
Questions about earrings?
what colour goes with red?
do you like gum?
How does one clean sterling silver & genuine gemstone jewelry?
is this too much??????????????
What should i be for halloween?
is it tacky to wear this?
Does Dillards have a catolog you can recieve in the mail?
What is your favorite teen store?
where are cute places to find dresses for under $50?
Ok, I have my own opinion, which I'll keep to ya think it's weird to wear socks with sandals?
Where can I find Leather Gloves for Stubby Fingers?
Girls, what should I wear at a night club? with co-workers, btw?
Are there any stores in Toronto that sell faux fur or something like fur trimmings?
Please let me know from where I could buy quality BriefCases?
What color in this Sweater is cuter?
Should I get these boots or not?
What are the styles of dressing for lady in the 19th century?
I wear a 10.5 U.S shoe size and I want some Dr Martens 1460 FOR LIFE boots what size should i order?
if i pawn a 14 karat gold ring then how much money do i get from the ring.?
Tee Shirts???
ok cinderella dress...?
Is a 72% wool, 28% nylon blend going to be a nice coat?
costume for Pharaoh daughter?
should i go out with a 50 year old man if I'm 13?
Bumps on my sweater.?
When u come home how tired are you?
As a 21 year old girl - should i get my nipple pierced?
Hair and nails for prom?
My necklace have changed color, how to return?
What should u do when u have to wear a grass skirt 2 a social if everyone is wearin one?
What Colour Vest Top Would Look Good With This Skirt?
Is it worth it to get expensive jeans?
Question about snapbacks..?
Does a black dress go with some bronze accessories?
i wanna make my own mum? what do i need (homecoming is in 2 weeeks!)?
Dark skinny jeans and calf high black suede boots. what top?
what outfit should i wear tonight (picture)?
ok i am going on vacation?
What kind of bikini is this?
what are some beauty directions??
Think i could ever be?
What is te name of those winter coats that are pretty long and have a fur hood?
Does anybody of you has a pair of ultra sexy high heels just for use in the bedroom?
I am a girl going in to tenth grade... which bookbag should i choose?
How do I get watermarks off a Satin/sateen or silk dress??
What to wear to a promotional modelling interview?
hi I'm going to seventh grade? ( 2nd year of middle school)?
HOLLLLLLISTER &/OR abercrombieeee?
$20 T shirts in Harajuku?
Leg warmers became popular again in 2007. What retro fashion will make a comeback in 2008?
Men's fashion. Different brands?
How's this sound for tomorrow for school?
are there any other stores that have cloths like holster's, ambercrombie, and aeropostale?
Stores like alloy and delias?
do you know any of the celeberties im adress?
What would I were in mens jeans if im a 22 in womans jeans?
give me ideas?
for anyone who works within a high street clothing store!what do you enjoy about working in your store?
Is this dress slutty?
What kind of clothes should a middle school guy wear?
Where can i find sunglasses for canada day?
Ideas for Fall, need some help please ?
Do you think i'm pretty?
On a scale of 1-10 how pretty do you think i am?
Have you tried the new Jack-in-the-box bodice?
Does this outfit look good?
I need to know where to buy ear cuff jewelry exactly like this. Who makes this?
Who likes Abecrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and American Eagle?
do u think these kinds of boots are cute?
What stores model kids?
Is it gay if I wear colored contacts? I am a straight, 20-year old guy.?
what to wear with this?
Help, sick of feeling embarrassed.?
Outfit ideas please (no girly stuff) 10 points?
what color shirt goes with blue shorts?
How do i remove air bubbles from the front of my snapback?
WHy dont people wear hats without removing the tags??
Where can I get Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes? Real or fake?
Will my outfit arrive before the game?
where can i get the korean girl look?
You guys are going to hate me :/ Halloween Party?
GIRLS: should guys wear their jeans at the waist or low ride?
need help with outfit for date?
sites on prom dresses?
Who likes Abercrombie and Fitch???
fubu boxers?
Ladies, what do you think of the latest fashion trend, Skinny pants?
do you think these would look good together?
could this be worn as a dress?
Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas issue?
What do thk is Christina Hendricks dress size?
Are Steve Madden shoes from Italy?
Where can I get a cute, cheap, sundress? (s for links!)?
What are the dimensions of a new look large shopper?
What are your opinions on these shoes?
Would you return something that's 10 dollars?
What time is the pink event?
has anyone heard of Platinum Rhodium over sterling silver?
Is there any website to get FREE hollister/A&F clothing with FREE shipping?
Where can I find a blue police shirt, or one that looks like it? Preferrably cheap and 1 each for 6 women?
Is this a good charm bracelet (for my mum) ?
Pick the nicest dress!!?
Just hit the awkward showing stage of pregnancy and need to go shopping! Help?
Hey what can i wear to the loch/ shopping with skinny jeans?
what fabric do you make clothing tags out of?
what would you label my style? *pic*?
What should i wear to my nightclub themed sweet 16?
Which pair of shoes is prettier?
Classic Cardy grey UGGs Health and Care?
Where can I buy brown high heeled brogues for under £30?
I'm bored and kinda drunk. Anyone wanna FaceTime or Skype? Kik?
Where can I find wedding gowns to look at online that AREN'T all strapless? Seems everything is strapless.
Which dress is cuter?
opinions on wedding colours?
What size toms and uggs should I get?
What is Tess tyler's Style in Camp Rock 2?
How to remove frayed elastic strands from clothing?
Do you think this is cute?
bathing suits.. don't you ever wish you could just wear underwear to the beach?
Jean! Jeans! more Jeans!?
what kind of shirt to wear with these shorts?? (100 + degree weather)?
where can i get clothes that are inspired by.....?
What is a good place to buy a cute cheap dress for my 15th Bday?
french connection is private label?
What color of supra shoes goes good with brown denims?
would you consider me overweight?
what are those gel soles for shoes called?
Help i'm dying my hair from a box for the first time.. I need advice i'm freaking out!?
Am I too young to start wearing like thongs? At age 14 almost 15?
what dressy top would look cute with this skirt?
How do I start a modeling career?
I'm a teen girl, I weigh 95 lb. I'm 5'. do i where a size xxxsmall, xxsmall, xsmall, small, medium, or large?
Wat color should i get my mani pedi?
Where can I get Adam Sandler's bag from Reign Over Me?
What size hole does claire's pierce?
10 points!?!?! plz simple lil answer about nike!?
Where can I find an emo hair gallery for guys? 10 easy points?
Anyone know good sites for DIY projects?
micheal kor leg shine?
Similar clothing style or brands similar to T.I.T.S AKA Two in The Shirt?
Where do i buy these shoes?
POLL: Girls What Kind Of UnderWear Do You Like?
Hoodie or leather jacket?
I am intersexed. I have been looking at girls magazines regarding clothes.?
which tote is cuter????????
What do you think of the new Bermuda shorts that hit right above the knees? Sexy?
do gold earrings go with an orange shirt?
If we switched clothes right now what would i be wearing?
Where can i get Frankie B jeans?
Are magnetic earring studs safe for my ears?
Jenifer Lopez blue sparkly shirt?
Where do you buy Jordan Flight 23 in a size 6?
Best place to buy moccasins?
emo style?
which of these names sound better for a clothing line/store name?
Should i get a Nose Ring?
what do you think????
do girls care about how you dress?
look alike? (pics) (:?
why do girls like wear thongs so much?
Does any one have a quick way to get into rubber leggings?
is it true abercrombie is raciest?
Am I too young to wear these shorts? Would they attract creepers?
what is victoria's secret ?
Please help! Is my homecoming outfit okay?
How can you.........?
Where can I find a less expensive version of this shirt?
if you saw a girl wearing this, would it be trashy or hot?
How do i persuade my mom to let me adopt a dog?
my cuzzin is pregnant and ahe is 14 what should i get her as a baby gift?
What are some good junior clothing stores that carry plus sizes?
BOYS!! - What Jeans/jeggings look best?
What is the fashoin of men's wear in the year ?
What do you think of this top?
What stuff is "in", or fashionable, now for teens?
how can i get a sexy makeover that is cheap and is for 12 year olds?
If a guy has white glasses, is he gay?
where can you buy jessica simpson's new clothing line?
Which color of this shirt do you like best?
Why do women where HIgh-heels...Eventho it hurts them alot?
Fashion design kit for teens?
spirit weeek, day 1...?
My parents think i'm going goth, what do you think?Am I pretty?
what color toenails for silver sandels, the dress is navy blue, ;this is for a wedding.?
Which outfit would look better?
Apple, Pear, Coke Bottle...?
Does anyone know what i should feed my llama?