any1 have any fashion tips 4 girls?
Men's size Medium = Women's size Large?
How to convince my parents to let me get colored contacts?
Mother's PLS SUGGEST... on BRA TYPe?
Are the tops in Victoria Secret's true to size?
how can i make my butt look a LOT smaller in the clothes i wear ?
What websites will buy used clothes?
I'm going to the Magic Convention in Vegas nest yr...?
Where can i get combat boots?
Which colour boots should I buy?
What are good style magazines for men?
Help! I need to find a cowgirl hat, boots, and belt!!! Fast!?
Who is Casey Schott?
Which bathing suite do you like better?
Do Pearls count as Jewels?
Do i have a big nose?
I need to know how to apply online/ links to these stores/places:?
where do i find teenage mutant ninja turtle boxers?
What do women wear clubbing?
Helppp!! Quinceanera dress!!! Nc.?
What size would i be in abercrombie/american sizes?
found a website with handmade beaded jewelry including bridal jewelry, now i can't find it, any help?
Girls---Which COACH purse should I get?
What should skinny guys wear?
Where can i find this dress?
i moderately short. about 5 foot 2. should i get short or tall uggs?
mens trunks pattern free?
Mylight brown hairarenow going gray. Iamfair and rosy, withgolden brown eyes.What colors match with grey hair?
Where can I find a nice 8th grade graduation dress?
What color guys uggs should i buy?
Is 14 too young to wear 4"heel boots?
what should i do to accesorize a purple dress and what shoes should i wear?
What colour tights would look good with a bright orange dress?
who is the woman it the picture?
How to remove frayed elastic strands from clothing?
What to wear with yellow shorts?
Which low cut shirt do you like better?
what was that....?
Hat Repellent on UGG Boots?
Do you think this dress is over priced?
Where can i buy hello kitty clothing in junior sizes?
What to wear with this skirt?
I'm also trying to find where i can purchase a pattern for women's/men's. Anyone who has an answer can reply.
Define Metrosexual and homosexual? Does both means the same? Is it something bad to b metrosexual?
Is this good for the first day of school?
when shoes rub you the wrong way at the back, what to do? (prevention)?
Victorian / Vintage Style?
I have a date tonight, what should I wear?
can I use silver cleaning polish cloth to clean gold plated hardware?
non uniform day tomorrow?
UGG boots for boys,Whats your opinion?
how to get a sense of style?
Nice school shoes for a picky boy?
Which prom dress should i go with? (PICTURES!)?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Jacket from "I am Legend" called? Where can you buy?
How many pairs of Converse do you have & wat colors?
I want to be a model...for real people?
i have a necklace with a religious figure on it, can someone tell me the best place to find anything about it?
I'm dressing up as Princess Bella from beauty and beast, which dress looks more like the cartoon?
Is something tried out at the store considered "worn"?
i need your opinion!!!!!!!!!!?
sweatpants on first day of school?
looking for futuristic eyeglass frames?
Where can i buy clothes from Alexa Chungs 2010 madewell line?
Shopping for little girls?
How do I contact Allure Bridal?
how can i be an emo at school?
How to convince my mom to let me order clothes online?
question about online shopping? im only 14?
Which dress should I get?
Where can I find a MArc Jacobs "Faridah" Hobo bag really cheap?
Where can I buy designer duds for less? Do you know where there are any sample sales?
I need help quick! 10 points.?
Is there any bedtime clothes that can help keep you cool in the summer?
What swimsuit would suit me? 10 points for best answer!!?
my new ring be da freshest, most def mf ring out dere....ya heard me?!?
What shoes match this outfit best?
how much do you tighten your belts?
what jacket to wear with this dress?
What to wear with camoflage print leggings?
Dress makings?
Where can I buy women's shoes size 11 W in New York or online?
Am I the only one who hates furry hats?
Are highschool rings worth the money?
Do girls go Commando?
Do you like these shoes for teenage girl?
Is this dress nice? Would it be good for high school homecoming?
Which school bag should I get for high school? REALLY EASY QUESTION!!!
How To Be Sexy Not Slutty...?
Is my mom being ridiculous or are these shorts really too short?
Help finding a cute blanket?
Where can I buy black studded earrings?
Do you prefer wide leg jeans or skinny jeans?
where do i get white colored lenses like Hopsin?
Lowest size foamposites come in?
my brother is 6ft and skinny. where can i get him jeans!?
Ohhkkayy someone with good fashion sense...and smart!?
How can you tell if my sweater is women's?
What is an Emo?????????????
is this is okay to wear at my friends sweet 16?
Name 3 things you like to wear?
What color shirt matches brown leggings and black boots?
is it gay for guys to wear thongs?
What do you think of this jacket?
clothes websites , not too expensive?
do these look like old lady shoes?
why are most women crossdressers?
Ways to restore faded plastic glasses?
does any one know a lot about logos?
What to wear to late summer evening wedding?
Which pair of shoes do u like better?
Where can I buy true religion jeans, uggs, from china?
Hollister shirt size.. Length?
girls what should a guy that loves to crossdress wear to a fancy dress party?
Do you have your own style?
What was Miley Cyrus wearing???? Read for details.....10 POINTS?
What size will a person wear if they weight 101 pounds.?
What do you keep in your handbag?
do ae all access points expire?
How is math used in fashion?
Rate this picture for me.. (easy 10 points)?
what do you think of THIS DRESS?
Does anyone know how much ear piercing cost's at Claire's?
How does obey clothing fit compared to other clothing and which sweatshirt color is better?
any tips on how to make thigh hi stockings stay up?
what fabric is best for making clothes from wool?
Is it ok to give my girlfriend the exact same ring that her friend has?
Is it possible to get ears pierced inside?
pick a jack from hollister or ambercrombie?
What should I wear on my first day at a new High School?
Spirit Week Shirt Ideas?
Short-shorts or bermeauta shorts?
What would you wear this with?
I am going into High School...I need new Clothing! I only have 100.00?
Need a cute name. Suggestions please?
Where do you get your t-shirts from online?
Does anyone know were i can find this shirt?
Does anyone know what is the website to anahi's boutique? Ive searchedand nothing helpful comes up.?
Do you like this shirt?
I need to know what brand this dress is! HELP!!?
are these ok for a 14 year old boy, preferably for school?
what could i wear with a black velvet skirt?
What do you think of this Prom dress?
what to wear for rodeo themed homecoming?
how to convince a 14 year old boy that these sport shoes are not only for girls ?? why he doesn't get it ?
My friend wears Crocs shoes I may get a pair are they cool ?
IS Transparent Underwear available in UK?
do you like these shirts i bought?
Clothing stores in USA that have clothes like
What is your favorite color combination?
My shoes and sandals are slippery...?
i have been wantin uggs for a while!?
Are there nike mag shoes for sale out there still or are they all sold out?
How ugly is my school uniform?
Is Abercrombie and Fitch Really changing its name?!?!?
What is you favourite underwear brand?
Why do women wear tight jeans?
Who wears short shorts?
Anyone looking for a model?
How can I make a ninja mask without using a t-shirt?
in trend clothing for big girls??? and if you know any trendy sites for shoes up to size 11AUS?
Mothers what outfit do you like best?
how would you wear this shirt?
what brand in U.S is famous for their jeans or pants or denim......?
what would be a good size diamond stud on me?
What are the best online retailers to purchase wigs for African-American women?
would skinny jeans look right on me?
What can I dress up as in black & white theme?
Do you like this jacket from pacsun?
What stores sell crewneck sweaters at macomb mall or partridge creek?
Where can I buy the cheapest handbags online?
is this is a cute back to school outfit?
going to sainsburys barefoot tomorrow thursday.?
What do you have to do to start your own brand of clothes?
I want buy one Bikini for ,But i don't know which one is better?How?
For those of you who work at Hollister?
What is the name of this jacket?
Help please!! My mood struck nail polish isn't changing y?
What's my style? Preppy, punk, ect...?
Is this a good 7th grade backpack?
Sex and the city 2 clothing.?
Would you consider doing this?
Which hoodie looks better?
is this a cute outfit?
Can you tell me what "Scene" is?
where to get cheap genuine womens 6inch premium timberlands?
how do i stretch my jeans?
what colour shoes do you wear with a light yellow dress?
Where can I buy Adidas Superskate LV Mid Shoes in gray with a blue stripe in size 11.5?
what ethnicity would you think i am?
which color is cuter for this dress?
What Should a Seventh Grade Girl Have in Her Wardrobe?
I'm in between bra sizes, what should I do?
How do I clean my marching shoes?
Making free outfits! Want one?
WHICH NECKLACE IS BETTER? I need opinions. This poll is open till Monday! ?
what websites or stores can I buy steel boned corsets for waist training? any personal recommendations?
What is the latest fashion color on eyeliner?
Are frekles "cute"????????????????
What should I wear for an Interview at Target?
Where can i buy cheap women's under armour online?
Which prom dress do you prefer?
I need to buy about four yards of colored leather, does anyone know where I can purchase any?
Do you believe that Aero, am eagle, aber., and holli. are poorly made???????
how many people sang in the song material girls by hilary and haylie duff???
What uk clothes size does this female look, she is 5ft4?
How do you take nail polish off?
what length prom dress should i choose?
How do I take care of my leather dress shoes?
Is this a cuter outfit? (picture!)?
which one is better piqué Polo or jersey polo?
Are TOMS comfortable?
What's the best way to keep your eyeglasses from fogging up in the heat?
is this bag cute?
How to accessorize an outfit (teen guy)?
do you think it's embarrassing to go shopping alone?
Gulp, what is the worst thing you have ever done?
how do you become a model?? (fashion model)?
Can someone wear a sweater instead of suit in an event that specifically mentioned to wear business attire?
On amazon buying a sweatshirt. what size?
where can i get an itachi costume?
Black and white is colour but,why black and white t.v. is not a colour t.v?
how thin do you have to be to be a playboy bunny?
What would I wear these jeans or leggings with?
Has anybody ever worn their pajamas to the grocery store or out to wal-mart?lol?
name your favorite pair of shoes?
my mom can't stand to see me going to school in jeans ,but only a skirt or dress (7th grade)? how awful ?
what do i really need to make my own t shirt?
Do you think this bathing suit is cute?
Should I tuck this top in my skirt or not ?
what are the belts that are studded with those things called?
where can i find some spaghetti strap tank tops for cheap in good colors?
where to get neon clothes?
Your opinion on these cocktail dresses?
How tall are you and what size shoe do you wear??
is this belly button ring real? it's a loop one not the other one?
How do i become popular at school i'm in grade 7 help please?
Does any one knoe where can i buy bathin ape shirts?
What would I be wearing now?
what makes someone slutty?
What top should I wear with an ankle length grey tube skirt?
I have a question for ya?
what do you think about my outfit?
what do you think of people wearing gothic/punk clothing?
Does this look like a good Halloween costume?
where can i find bell saint wrist watch?
wat do you like?
Ladies do you like guys wearing those tight skinny jeans?
Why doesn't Abercrombie & Fitch sell a lot of bright colors?
What do you think of these sets..?
where can i find good jeans i like skinny and kinda tight but not to tight and no bell bottoms?
Can someone just give me a list of clothing stores for men please ?
Among saree and Gown Which dress is good for ladies?
what is the name of the website you can visit to help pick the right jeans for you?
Poll: What size do you wear?
Is it stupid to wear a halloween costume?
Where can I buy bow or tieneck blouses?
Best prom dress- Easy points!?
What are some websites with prom dresses for middle schoolers?
what do you use when your top button will not button on your dress shirt? is there a name for it??
Do you think this backpack is cute?
Where can I get a backpack like Miranda Cosgrove's on iCarly?
why are pockets sewn shut in new jackets?
ill mak an outfit for as many people as i can!!!?
Do you like Abercrombie and Fitch?
Do you like these????? (please answer!!!!)?
Bandoleer style but not for bullets, whats it called?
going to 8th grade!!need HELP finding clothes!!?
Best place to sell 14kt gold ring?
where can i find a cool faux leather jacket?
what r these shoes called? please help?
Scottevest Cotton Hoodie?
Whats your favorite outfit to wear clubbing or just anywhere?
Does this pink shirt look good on this brotha?
Rate my outfit? How does it look?
Are these PJ's inappropriate for a 13 year old girl?
Does this button up shirt fit okay. (Male)?
Can you help me find the dress? Beautiful homecoming dress. watercolor. help!!!!?
What is mexican Fashion like?
Girls please give your opinion?
would you pay $300 for this betsey johnson dress?
How long can you leave soft contacts in the cleaning solution?
Dont you ah-bsolutely ADORE this outfit???
were can u find nice shoes?
vivienne westwood?
Where to get red tights?!?
What is correct positioning in speedo- forward, up, down, or to side?
why don't woman wear dresses anymore?
Can Razmitten Blowfish shoes get wet?
Please make me an outfit!?
what would these go with........?
Skinny jeans????? Why??
Do these bracelets resember the style of the picture.?
Is there something that can analyse your face and tell you what type of sunglasses suit you?
What shoes should I get for back to school?
What are some 1920's Fashion and Dont's?
Where can i buy a push up bra?
I am looking for a strapless bra in 32h size - anyone know if they exist in this size and where i can get one?
the shorts from the 80's?
would you make a man wear pantyhose?
Slenderman Mask????????
Do you like Aeropostale?
Is there a difference in the men and women versions of doc marten boots?
I got my nose pierce n now is infected ? Wat should I do ?
How do I add a neighbor on fashion story?
do black denim shorts and brown ankle boots match?
What color dress would a young virgin girl be dressed in at her funeral in the Elizabethan era?
Are kay jewelers previously owned rings in good shape when you buy them?
What kind of clothing should I buy for Providence, RI?
if im a size 36 in pants, what size belt should i buy?
Has anyone watched the movie ' The exorcism of Emily Rose' out there ?
a few questions about tie dying?
FASHION dilema and crisis.?
Where can i find korean clothing in plus sizes online?
What are the trendiest colours this season?
What colors would match good with some pink and beige zebra pattern high heels?
is it "gay" that I like to wear cute undies?
Air Force Ones...?
The Fall Fashion Season is Here!?
Is this a cute leather jacket?
Looking for catalogs to order through the mail and shop from that have good stuff?
Skinny jean lovers, where do you shop?
What do you think of these Converse shoes?
how do you tell ur friend the clothe she's wearing is yours?
When is the best part of the year to puchase new clothes (besides the beginning of school)?
everyone tells me i look like a modle amd that i am beautiful, what do you think?
does anyone know anything about the online site my poupette? They authenticate louis vuitton.?
Can you recommend the best site to buy Hermes Bag? I only found .?
What to wear tomorrow?80 degrees?
couple holloween costumes?
What era was the silk long sleeved tops and pearls?
Guys- what do you think about thongs?
need help with this outfit?
What are the best plush, comfortable slippers for women?
Does anyone know any info on the dress?
what is the best brand of bags have you bought\purchased?
Where could I find these type of button up shirts?
i love flashy shoes like the adidas space divers, any shoes that are flashy and that can catch your and others?
WHICH ring would u buy?
do you think knacki or white pants would be cuter for school?
where can i buy a purity ring?
Black and blue jeans pants for men?
Stuck on how to dress?
Where can i buy this same kind hoodie just cheaper?
Is it okay to wear a shirt of a band I've never heard of?
What should I wear with my dark jean jacket?
do you think getting my ear pierced would suit me & what do you think of me generally?
Which karen millen dress is suitable for a wedding?
what colour prom dress should you go with if you are pale?
how can i customize shoes?
do you like this jacket?
Girls: do you like when guys wear khaki pants?
someone know where i can buy online sexy white pants???
I need help finding a converse!!!!?
I need help finding a cardigan I saw a lady wearing?
What are some cool tumblr blogs a teen girl would like?
Who is Your Celeb. Fashion Icon and Why?
how much is shipping on
The piano part for a song?
How do you make that heart on the computer?
Would this look good with a tank top over it?
I am looking for a overall skirt. it looks like overalls on top but instead of pants there is a skirt bottom?
Did Grr-Animals (clothing line) go out of business?
When wearing clothes to school,which is most important? Being comfortable or loooking good?
Best material to create tulle skirt?
Could I model? (picture!!)?
how to make these kinds of bracelets?
Is this a cute top? Easy 7 points!?
which boots do u like more?
Where can I buy the overcoat/trenchcoat/topcoat H&M sold in Fall?
What size needle do you need to pierce your own ears ?
About how much do floor length grad/prom dresses cost in Canada?
is a peck on the lips a first kiss?
How can i make mini skirts out of old blue jeans?
what episode of soul eater does maka wear a black dress and soul wears a suit?
don't know what to wear, can you guys help?
Can you tell me where can i buy cheap makeup bag for your purse?
Rose in smile, fingers rotating pen in hand tightly, extreme desire in, ache for ?
What kind of jeans do you wear?
opinions on this dress!?
how do i keep my legs warm in the winter ?
i didnt do my somer reading?!?! anyy tips i only have 5 days for my project to be handed in?
How do I take care of my irish wool sweater?
Do you like these outfit I styled?
Silver Jewellery or Gold Jewellery?
What size timberland shoes to get if i don't know my size?
what is your favorite color?
How about purchasing stylish plastic gifts from winbogifts?
Does anyone know what brand/model sweater lupe fiasco is wearing in the "Day Dream" video?
Do you ever "buy, wear, and return"?
Jessica Pearson dresses (from "Suits")?
Bodycon skirts ~^-^~?
would a pencil skirt and a ruffled button up be cute for college graduation or what? 23 yr old mommy?
Would this be considered an undershirt or a t shirt? (I m a guy)?
Should I buy jeans or shorts tomarrow?
Wheres the best place to shop for prom dresses in NYC?
how hard is it to become and abercrombie and Fitch or hollister model and how do you become one?
do girls think the jeans and dress shirt look is hot?
Do brown and turquoise go together?
What should i wear for the first day back to school?
Shops like Modcloth, but in UK?
how does this outfit look?
Where do you buy your skinny jeans?
Which shoes should I buy?
Have you ever had your belt extra tight and realised it actually feels Nice?
Which top is better for a party?
Is it okay to wear this on picture day?
wig for
are skinny jeans a good look for guys???
What matches a red vest?
PLEASE DO THIS fOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you like this outfit?
i bought a shoe by online shopping i usually wear 7 sizes shoes indian, is it the same size with uk 7?
Do North Face jacket sizes include having a jumper underneath?
Im a girl that wears colored jeans is colored jeans still fashionable am i the only girl that thinks that?
what site is good where i can get real jordans or af1 shoes from for cheap?
Where can i buy dresses online for under 20$?
Is it okay for a boy to wear lace shorts?
how to make my dress match occasion?
I have to dress up as a "hoe" for an 18th? What do I wear?
How to get a smart brown hair girls has to be skinny plez I'm a boy 14?
What do you (girls) think of hats?
Hey does anyone where to get cheap Jordans from, like around 100 dollars or cheaper?
whats the name of this male designer?
Clothes: Are there places you can go and...?
how can i add glitter to my shoes without mod podge?
What's the difference between a bra and a spors bra?
What should I wear on vacation?
What do you think of this sholder bag for school? Easy 10 points :))?
Is my 80's costume good enough?
Would this be enough?
which, is the prettisestt shoe?
Why do girls wear a dark bra over a light shirt.?
Are Genuine Stone Island clothes only made in Italy?
Are these ok to wear to my 8th grade graduation? Which is the best?
Why dont they make Onesies for adults?
80's fancy dress ideas?
Who likes thongs??
inexpensive uggs?
which boots do you like better? (pics)?
Do you think im skinny, or normal?
In Your Opinion, What Is The Best Decade To Have A Themed Party For?
I am going to buy my future wife at least a 5k diamond this too big ladies?
Is it weird that a guy wears a sports bra?
What do girls think about guys wearing thongs that are made for men?
which bikini looks better? on me?
What's my Fashion Style [CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS]????
Which gloves go better with these heels?
Where can i buy a fake mustache?
mu outfit ?
Bathing suit and formal dress help?
Which t-shirt is your favourite?
what is better hollsiter or abercrombie and fitch?
what shoes to wear with skinny jeans??????
Can i Pre-Order Shoes FromFootLocker?
what is master bathing?
What do you think of this outfit?
what are u wearing rigth now?
Any fashionable Gilet ideas?
What should I wear with red skinny jeans?
do you think this bag is too big for school?
What costume would I wear to a forest animal themed party?
Where can I buy this dress? i toooooooooo old?
Where could i get this!?!?
Dress pattern or instructions?
What is the best place to buy shoes when your on a budget?
Should I buy this dress if Im going to have to have it fitted?
back to school styles
What is the perception of a woman who wears an authentic looking motorcycle leather jacket and flying pilot su?
What top can go with this?
Brenda Song!!!?
I have never been so bored in my life.?
Which cross necklace do you prefer (links included)?
What type of underwear should a 14 year old boy wear?
Which shoe?
Which coat is more fashionable?
is there nethin called "CHESTER" which resembles an overcoat????
what is a good website to order a customized single sweatshirt?
do boys look good in tight jeans?
which do you like best slippers or socks?
I want to find a shirt like the one Nina Dobrev wears here...?
What should I do to make my style different?
What is my style?
what matches with this shirt?
How to wear a dress that looks too old for me?
People make fun of my clothes?
what to wear in beach? for men?
does beauty has brains ?
What brand is this...**easy question**?
H&M, can you get them to order cloothes in? Tried on a jacket I liked, went in next day....gone!!?
Which Wedding Dress Colors Are Right for You?
cowgirl hair and shirt?
What's a good look for a guy turning 50 this year who is still on the trendy side?
How much did you spend on school shopping???
What colour American apparel hoodie should I get?
I work retail full time and I'm looking for the most comfortable brand of dress shoes any suggestions?
Would you describe me as pretty skinny, skinny, or kind of skinny? (:?
where can I find womens Black dress boots with a heel to fit me?
short/mini prom dress?
Would patches or signatures look cool on a pair of jeans?
What color blouse am I wearing?
What to wear with girl Jordans?
Fashion Experts- Can I wear sheer black pantyhose tomorrow?
why do females have difiicuilty in finding a gift for male?
What to wear to a semi formal high school homecoming dance?
Jewelry toned down??
How could I wear a sheer skirt?
Is it cute for a girl to wear an oversized top with leggings or skinny jeans?
Prom dresses in the UK?
Where is the best place to buy polo shirts for girls?
What's the average clothes size for women in the U.K.?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!???? (10 points)?
name some retail (clothes) shops that are *high end? *low end and *medium? please someone tell me?
I'm really tall, will I look bad if I wear high heels?
What uk clothes does this female look,?
should i paint my fingernails black or silver?
What are some good Track Jacket brands?
Is this ...ok for a party:)?
Is there a name for this kind of jewellery?
What is this look called?
Is this outfit OK for prom night?
Who likes this for a prom dress?
Why do chicks like it when a guy pops his collar?
I cant wear short shorts or short skirts to school, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR THIS SUMMER!?
Do you girls wear a bra to bed?
Should I get a NOSE-JOB or not ?
What are your favorite teen clothes online? (girls)?
best place to buy wholesale plus size clothes t resale?
Modeling and fashion designers?
How do you feel when you see someone wearing the same clothes yo are wearing?
What are some similar store to the type of clothing at PacSun?
Where can I find cute earrings for my 13 year old niece?
what kind of spray paint should i use on stenciling designs on t-shirts?
whats a good store in The Roseville westfeild galleria mall to buy cheap cute scarves for winter?
should i wear a sari saree [[[with pic]]]?
fashion/makeup/hair tips/ ideas?
Black or brown boots?
what do you all think of people who wear chain wallets?
every body tells me that i tie my shoe laces rong wot is the right way?
which color???????????????????????????????????…
Where can I find Henley Long Sleeves?
how to mend this dress? it gapes because of boobs?
Rainbow sandals are extremely uncomfortable - is that normal?
How to tie a shoe, and have 4 'bows'?
Is suede leather bleach resistant?
converse or vans? hoops or studs? flats or heels?
what should i be for halloween this year?
what size american apparel hoodie to buy?
I feel like nothing I have is good enough.?
Would people think I was gay if I wore this to school?
what are brazilian cut panties and how do they look and are they comfy and sexy?
What are some nail polish colors that you use.... .s?
Were can I get an oversized checked shirt from?
Hollister or Abercrombie or Aeropostale?
what would brad pitt wear?
Poll;who is wearing jeans right now?
Where can I find vintage style prom dresses?
What style does Becca have from Pitch Perfect?
what are you going to do when you're skinny?
Which tote is the cutest?
Help with the sizing of this shirt, will it fit me?
How long do you have to work at Forever 21 to get transferred to another location?
how can i make my butt bigger?
Where can I find clothes for my daughter she is a teen and i cant find a website anywhere?
do you think leggins are tacky?
How long can I wear a pair of contact lenses for?
what eye color is the most attractive to you?
if you saw a man wearing pantyhose and his legs shaved, would you say something to him?
What is a good fancy dress idea for a 15 year old girl? ?
is it still cool to wear lounge pants in public?
What style should i choose?
I wanna buy a top for my new g'f & need help with choosing right size!?
is it tacky to wear a red shirt with red shoes?
wooooo! bikini season is coming up!whats the best style of bikini out there?colors? patterns? show some sites!
which is the best perfume?
Chestnut or Grey Uggs?
Girls, would you wear this outfit?
High instep cowboy boots?
How do you tie your shoe i've been trying to learn for long time?
Your experience with iron on heat transfers?
How do I clip on a pre-tied bowtie?
Where is the best place to get trendy clothes?
Is £18,109.99 is that alot at 21 years old?
Girls answer ,High School
Can i exchange this hat?
What is your favorite outfit..?
What's your favorite color * As many answers as possible please *=)?
is it possible for a fat person(me) to look good in baggy clothes?
Attachable straps for gown/dress?
Should I wear nylons to a Xmas party?
wat stores can i shop at to get men skinny jeans?
Plus Sized Ladies! What is the best plus size shapewear out there?
Where can I find a dress similar to this, but in stores/cheaper?
which polos are better lacoste or ralph lauren?
What are some websites similar to Hottopic and Spencer?
Whats the best name you can advice me for my fashion studio and modelling agency?
Is this a good name for my new apparel business....?
Could I be a model? (pics)?
Which do you like better from aeropostale?
What's the latest fashion in India? Are long skirts still 'in'?
What's the name of this Chanel bag?
Which hoodie do you think is cutest?
Has anyone bought from Ray bans from
Does anyone know where I put my socks?
Need a recommendation for a modern day costume for costume events?
jean sizes, what do you consider big?
Where Should I Be Looking For Bangles?
Is anyone else obsessed w/sunglasses?
Am i a poser?
Help please?
Would this dress look good for a concert?
How to style this green skater skirt?
American eagle or Abercrombie & Fitch jeans? s?
Which dress do you like best :)?
does this look okay??? HELP?
What do you think of this outift? (pic included)?
Help! I Have to go to my cousins wedding next weekend but I don't know what to wear! ?
Where can i buy size 16 shoes? Are there any shoe retailers that sell them without special order?
Does anyone know who makes the white shirt dress Draya Michele from Basketball Wives was wearing?
I need some new clothes for my job. What would you wear if you were a teacher?
Is it true that only 100% polyester fabrics can be colour dyed using dye-sublimation?
What is in your purse, in and outside of school?.?
Where do I find some cute sweaters?
What do men's tie represent. When did it become common to wear them?
Where Can I Find These Jimmy Choo Sandals!?!??!?!?
Best cologne?
What should I wear with skinny jeans?Converse (brown) or Red by Mark Ecko?
I am looking for information on Bags by Debbie a Division of John Wind Import Company?
Am i too big for skinny jeans.?
How many of you would buy Abercrombie/Hollister bedding?
what do boys?
what do u think of this purse???
GUYS ONLY:Do you think this is cute?
Do you think Gap Kids is a store for 13 year olds?
Do you think this outfit would look good ?
Does anyone know good online sites for buying some converse chuck taylor shoes that are cheap?
What sterotype am I??
Im a big dude what are some clothes i should and should not wear? I need a wardrobe change?
Need Help with my Skinny jeans!!?
textiles;how do you turn an aline dress into a puffball dress?
what to wear with uggs?
First date outfit and makeup/hair?
Would getting my girlfriend a new broom or frying pan be a good gift for her birthday?
the next door neighbours knickers don't fit me , what should i do?
Girls do u think it`s hot when a guys boxers ride up and hang over their jeans?
please help me find this dress?
Can you put shoelaces in Converse Slip-ons?
Where can i get this type of shirt? (LINK!)?
What do you wear to a sweet 16 that takes place in the winter?!?
homecoming dress?
Hey would you please answer the below?
How do you wash a Dakota Dan fAux fur winter trooper hat?
you think this is ok for my daughter to wear?
Where can I buy these clothes?
Two Things, Fashion&Screen Names?!?
Hair dye help? Want to experience different colours other than chestnut brown, black and dark auburnbrownish?
I'm a bit on the plus side...?
why do people buy real uggs?
Does anyone know what kind of sweater/jacket this is?
Which pic do I look best in(have to pick one for senior pic)?
Which dress is cuter [pictures]?
Does a yellow shirt match with regular blue jeans?
okay so i got these new denim shorts.....?
I'm 14, 130 lb, 5"6 am i too fat to wear skinny jeans? i'm size 8-10 (UK)?
where can i buy a white cardigan?
Need a cute name. Suggestions please?
would u wear a dress brought at target?
Is there a way to temporarily change shoe color?
Which is Cuter..??
Is this too childish to wear to college?
Big people, tight clothing?
My mom says I'm shoe-obsessed... am I?
Do you think wearing heels at 5'9 is unattractive?
What shoe brand is this ? (Boots)?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Is this jacket cool......?
rate out of 10..good looking or not ?
Do you have your ear(s) pierced?
Cheap Galaxy Leggings?
How do I get the yellow marks off of my vans?
How Do I Put Pants On?
What colored contact lenses should i get?
is 600 dollars enough money for school shopping?
help! prom dress stores!?
what store is better? girls help?
Why do so many women think it is OK to go bare legged to work?
Where can i get black skinny work trousers from?
do any of you sleep with your bra on? cuz i herd several people do...?
halloween help?
where to find good quality sunglasses for an oval face?
Shoe color?
YOU HAVE TO HELP ME PEOPLE!!! (details inside)?
are jordans still in style?
What's your fav teen clothing store? are these bags all authentic and brand new??
Cute bags or purces?? plez answer!!?
Teenage Guy with Wide Hips?
Can Someone Tell Me Some Similar Stores Like...?
What onesie should i get :)?
What is your favorite outfit?
Where to get the best clothes?
what size should a 5'6 13 year old wear in adult uk sizes?
Where can I get those gold hoop earrings with your name in them?
Outfit for neon day? please help!?
Does anyone know when the tie was invented?
can someone tell me the name of this bag?
what should i ware to my prom?
Is anyone selling a pair of red sequin chuck taylors?
which color is better ?
I need some proper model consent forms...Help?
which of these shirts do you like the best? [PICS]!?
What are some good Clothing Stores?
I need a homecoming dress?
Guys I have a question for you.?
What jordans are these?
problems with leather as a parachute?
Is this outfit cute for school?
Looking for a wholesale company or distributor of girl's dress up items(tutus, wands, tiaras, purses, etc.)??
Girls: Would you wear this shirt I made?
Can I wear this 2 church.?
Girls, do you like Uggs?
do you like to buy brand names such as gucci,luis vuitton etc?
what should i wear to my Field trip? plz help?
What is your favorite store in the United States?
What does AC solid gold mean on a ring?
does victoria beckham own victoria's secret? x?
What is your opinion on fur farms.?
How much do employees get at "the perfume shop"?
What Is A Cute & Comfy Outfit To Wear On The Plane.......?
Where do i get or find Rin on the Rox Clothing line?
Would it be weird if I bought a pair of Abercrombie boxers and used them as pajama shorts?
Which sunglasses do you prefer?
where can i find a visor?
Cute 4 Vday? (GIRLS... CLOTHES!)?
where can you get that shirt that says little miss rockstar in the video nadie by prima j?
Hey girls, what do you think of this?
Help with Jean Sizes?
is it slutty for a girl to show a little bit of midriff?
Which bikini do you like best?
Where can I buy cheap original converses? (UK)?
I wear spectacles because of which the size of my eye is shirnking .what can I do to prevent it?
who makes the brown polka dot dress in pretty woman? where can i get it?
Which one is the best Aeropostale or American Eagle?
Is there any way to mute my Armitron watch? It beeps every time I push a button.?
If I wear a brown shirt, with a aqua cropped sweater ontop of it, does that match?
what colour tie would go with a black suit and a pink shirt....?
Umbrella hat dilemma..?
What colour trouser matches grey?
Any other guys find skinny jeans addictive?
Are wide legged jeans still in?
Why doesn't Abercrombie & Fitch EVER have a sale on any of their clothing?
where can i get these things for school ?
My jeans keep slipping down?
What are these earrings called?
The difference between flock print and direct print?
14 year old outfitting question?
Should I buy this dress ? help!?
does anybody know a store that sells hollister and abercrombie cheaper than it is already sold?
where can i buy necklace holders you see at forever21?
I'm A Guy and I Want To Know What Are Skate Shoes??
can you order into the store in new look?
what type of skinny jeans look good on a guy?
Has anyone ever heard of Ruehl clothes?
Dress too short for graduation?
what do think of this jacket?
Help with jeans fit??
What is the best colour for a prom dress?
Making 100% Cotton Socks is not possible. How many of you know this?
would you wear this dress?
tote bags! whos useing one this school year?
Can you get plus sized clothing at Forever 21 stores, or is it all online?
help understanding ring sizes?
what celebrity do i look like? FOR SENIOR YEARBOOK!?
Some cute best friend bracelets?
When was the Puma AG found ?
which prom dress is hotter?
Where can I make custom made shirts for cheap?
Can I exchange my coach bag without the receipt?
Jewelry like Melody Ehsani?
I am looking for a place that sells sexy bras in size 50DD??
If I wear a cute summer dress to school will it be to fancy? PIC INSIDE!!?
what can i wear with black leggings?
where can i find cheap size 4 rings?
What do you think of these heels with a black cocktail dress?
Do you like this dress?
Bo-Ho style for men ?
Is it normal for guys? Girls, please answer too?
Coach shoes? or a small coach bag?
Do you like this first day of school outfit? (8th grade girl)?
need help with this outfit?
What should i wear tommorow?....?
Summer 2012 nail polish colors?
I will make u an outfit!!?
Do you think it's annoying when people in Abercrombie and Hollister say, "Hey, what's up?"?
So I am going to a ball and need jewelry advice?
Where'd You Get Your Favorite V-neck?
Are you anti-fur or pro fur? i need opinons!!?
I need to find some heels they are Candies brand names Brianaa. I need them in a black size 8.5. ?
what shoes are these? pic included?
what colour t-shirt would go with a black hoody?
Do You think my style is cute? preppy + scene? (:?
Nike SB Mf Doom dunks, are they real?
is this a good dress for prom?
What should I carry in my purse?
Is it ok for a girl to wear plaid shorts???
Do I look OK in skinny jeans? ?
Do i have to wear skinny jeans with heels?
Girls with tight clothes?
Do you know what dyslexia is?
What should I wear underneath the black transparent robe? (HALLOWEEN COSTUME)?
how much would a pair of black leather high top converse chuck taylor style cost purchased in the late 80's
can you rate my outfits please?!?
What uk clothes size does this female look, she is 5ft4?
What is your first impression of me when looking at my pictures ?!?
Is this offer really true?
What type of shoes go best with khaki capris & gauchos?
Some good online shops to buy eye lenses?
What kind of leg ware should I wear with my Snow White costume?
My shoes are too small for me but I love them please help me?
Need advice on make up colours to use, pics. please help!!?
UGG boots for boys,Whats your opinion?
Ughh...i can't decide between which dress to get?
UGGS luv or hate??????
HBO's "Generation kills".A guy at the end says We Pimping What brand is the gold/black glasses he puts on?HELP
Which gurl is pretttier? How old do we look?
Is this a good lunch date outfit?
Shoe Decoration Hen Party West Yorkshire?
topman bear socks??????
Are straight guys with style intimidating to girls?
What are these type of shoes called?
Do these pictures look photoshopped????????????????????????????…
What do you think of these bags? ?
Men in skirts?
How can I mix gold and silver accessories? Help!?
Does anyone know where I can find this dress..or one that looks like it?
Help finding shoes?!?
Pick one... Hollister, abercrombie, AERO or American Eagle. Why the one you picked?
Girls, does this look gay?!?!?!!?
What clothes and hairstyles are in right now?
When Does Open Back up?
How to steal from an American Eagle or Abercrombie?
Which prom dress is better?
vans or chucks on a guy?
What should i put inside the wallet?
hmm should i pierce my ear. im 16 i think?
I just bought some New Balance shoes, how would i clean that type of material?
Is 60º to cold to wear shorts?
Does this outfit sound ok? ?
Where can i go to get cowboy chaps?
How significant do you think grooming, makeup, clothes and class or style is to your appearance?
Guys, Would you fork out £800 for a designer,backless, strapless dress for a girl who had tattoos on her arms?
Help Finding Jeans???
Which shoes do you prefer out of the two (pic)?
Red Amelia Prom Dress for sale?
nose ring/stud AND lip stud?
Do either target or home depot have site to store?
Whats the best look on a girl? Guys feel free to answer .....actually please do.?
Is a person a hypocrite if they are vegetarians but wear expensive leather boots and purses?
when Kind of clothes should I wear to a black tie event.?
Exclusive Fashion Sample Sales????
What Uggs should I buy?
How can i shop online 4 Girls/Miss Whatever products?
Where can i buy women's black dress shirts?
hey girls i love wearing heels but i dont know how to walk in them and feel comfrtable, any hints?
Why really are panties plural and a bra is singular?
anyone want a TREE HILL SWEATSHIRT? ?
what do you think girls do you find guys that wear pink shirts attractive? tell me what you think?please?
Do you think I could wear this at work?
Where can I find this bag?
What shoes go with this dress?
Trick or treating in cold weather?
Does the store 579 have a website?
PLEASE HELP is this backpack cute?
Good clothing stores/websites for teens?
Please agree with me on how embarrassing my sister is on facebook?
Whats your favorite online clothing store?
How do you clean a food stain on a silk blouse?
What are some cute ^.^ outfit ideas?
Help with corset sizing?
what brand mens skinny jeans have the most room for your balls?
How to quit wearing padded bras?
Should I buy my Girlfriend a Coach Purse?
rave girl and the store locations?
What does this Nike Shirt mean?
♥ Do you like these clothes..? ♥?
Does a black leather jacket look good with a tan boot?
Which dress seems more approriate?
What type of person do you thunk wear vans?
In Old Navy clothing what does this label mean?
What do you think of this shirt?
Where are your favorite place to shop for clothes?
I'm a size 1 in jeans. Is that big?
Why can girls were boy clothes but when guys were girls clothes its frowned upon?
should i wear my jrotc uniform ?
I want to buy from abercrombie, but...?
how do you guys like my piercing?
what are you labeld as?
Question for guys!?
Do anyone know where i can get these jeans online?
Which should I buy? [link included!]?
Where are the stunna shades at?
im not looking for a dress im looking for a dress form?
what color suits is best?why?
How would you describe monsoon/accessorize products?
what colour tights with a grey dress?
What do you think of this style of jacket?
how high are nike air force?
which of these two looks good..?
what kind of shoes do you prefer?
Can a girl with a potbelly wear tight shirts?
Guys: For how many days do you wear the same shirt to work?
Help find the website!?
Who designed a clutch purse with lights on each end that flash?
Where can I find a site that has short UGGs sz 7 in stock either black or sand? Or kids size 5 or 6.?
Am i fat??
where can i get a cyberdog synthesiser t-shirt?
Do Fossil handbags last a long time?
What is my "style"?(outfits i wear included)?
do you like my fall school outfit?
how would you described these pair of sunglasses?
discount uggs ?
Hollister or Aeropostle?
Is this a cute outfit?
Make me a set of clothes?
What are those shoes that hipster wear? all over tumblr!!!?
Where can I buy white knee socks and gray knee socks for my school uniform?
Last minute fashion freakout. Please help.?
Is 30 dollars a good deal for these shoes? should I get them? IM A GUY?
left or right: which is cuter?
What kind of shoes does KevJumba wear?
Dressing in Drag?
What is your opinion?
Which shoes/boots w/ this outfit?
What colour/type of shoes would go well with baisey/tan capris and a plain black hoodie?
Do you like hollister jeans..?
what shoes match with a turquoise/teal bubble dress?
Would this make a cute outfit?
Where To Buy Fake Clip On Braces?
greedy genius king of sneakers hoody where to buy?
How does this dress look (pics)?
I need some help from the ladies~?
What precise method can a clothing shopper use to tell fake fur from the real thing?
For the sake of fashion would you wear sandals in the winter?
Cute, affordable, warm outfits?
Can you shrink a ring?
With what kind of computer logo t-shirt would you buy?
I am trying to build a capsule wardrobe - what neutral colour should I base it around?
where can i get something like these shorts?
What should I wear on Tuesday (Tom.)?
how do i become scene?
value of an old cartier watch?
Do you have to unzip your pants to get your navel pierced?
What are your thoughts on this shirt?
If you had to pick a color what would it be black or white?
I am only 14 years old, should i buy a chanel purse for $1,400?
Is red the latest colour trend?
is the "sea foam" color in electric goggles purple and blue?
How old must one be to wear a corset?
What to wear for Halloween if I'm going with...?
please tell me as i'm confused.....?
What's the average inseam for jeans, for a 5'5" female?
clothes for college?
What matters to you the most as a designer?
I'm going on a date tonight and need help deciding what to wear?
buying undies w/o my mom? girls!?
Do i have to buy a chain for necklaces at walmart? i dont understand what to do? somebody please help me?
I'm looking for a...?
Am I shallow......?............?
For men, what color of shirts go well with brown pants?
Why the Gangnam style so hot?
Where can one buy a traditional sari?
Am I too Short to Model?
Victoria's Secret shoppers who has done the survey on the bottom of the receipt?
fake jovani dresses ?
Do you like this outfit? easy 2 points!?
Where is a good place to buy a bra?
What to accessorize with for a mardi gras themed sweet 16?
halloween costumes?
How much are one piece swimsuits at the store, Dick's?
Where to buy combat boots?
Which dress should i wear?
Scene queen for halloween?
where can i buy a battle saint rosary style necklace?