Does anyone know where I can get bracelets like this one made?
what color would best suit my skin tone?
name ideas for clothing store?!?
where can you find cute long earrings but not claires?
How Do i get super skinny when i dont want to work out?
I'm goin to two different parties tonight with my best friend. What should I wear?
SO which homecoming dress should i chose?
Which coach purse looks better and more than likely wont get played out? Thank you?
Were old contact lenses made from glass?
How can I shrink my underwear?
I got my nose pierce n now is infected ? Wat should I do ?
Can I wear these shoes with anything?
Fighting with mum over... my clothes? -_-?
I Have A Black Tutu For Halloween What Else Could I Wear With It? Help Pleasee?
Does anyone know of a good high heel blog to follow on Tumblr?
I,m getting on a bit any tips on how to stay in fashion and trendy?
where to shop 50's...60's inspired?
Do you like this watch?
Will a push up bra work for me?
What celebrity to dress up as for a party?
what can i pierce that my parents won't see?
Same shirt as my best friend - should I wear it?
how to look good?
I am going to pierce my sister's ear with a safety pin,but I really am not prepared. What do I do?
Sweatpants and panty lines?
do keen sandals look good with jeans?
Is it weird/normal to wear snow hats in school?
What size should I get in timberlands?
Teenage Girl Jean Sizes?
Where's can I find cheap vintage jackets ?
What kind of swim suit do you like to wear?
What kind of shoes was Patricia Arquette wearing in one scene in the movie STIGMATA that the camera focused on
Do you think these jackets look exactly the same?
I'm having trouble deciding?
Do you think these are cute shoes?
What stores carry DC shoes?
what is 200?
Where can I buy a dress that has a cowl neck line and ends shortly after the but and its tight?
why do people think claires is "unsafe"?
What to put on a customized sweatshirt for my boyfriend ?
Where can you order online for R&R jeans that ship from Canada?
ok you know how when you have a zipper up sweatshirt...?
Thigh high socks on big legs?
What are your thoughts on thigh high boots?
Do you think this backpack is cute?
would i fit ?
what can i get my 12 year old daughter for christmas?
Which color is the best looking of this top?
Question about sewing a shirt to make it smaller?
does anyone no any sites were i could find london fashion?
10 points to answer this?
Boyfriend ignores me after sex?
where can I find past season bikinis for sale from salinas, Vix, Sofia, Luli Fima and Bella Brazil?
What type of shoes are trendy for men? Where can I buy them online?
where is this shirt from?
Your Thoughts!! Which is better AE Outfitters Or Hollister Or A&FJeans:)?
Where can I also find those Body Bleu underpants. Great. Used to get them at BJ's but don't have them now.
where to buy natural crystal bracelet?
How do you tie a tie?
is victoria secret going to be at new york's fashion week?
Are you stylish?
what do you do to make your bikini body hotter?
I'm going to a highschool party tonight but i dont know how to dress, any suggestions??
what is emos fave color ?
Which prom dress looks better?
What store do you like better... Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, or American Eagle?
WHY is everyone today concerned about ABERCROMBIE, HOLLISTER?
what store has the best jeans?
how can you tell if a designer's purse is fake?
I need to find an army surplus or similar type store in manhattan where I can buy bates military dress shoes?
Would you think this halter top is slutty?
How can i make myself look older? (pics)
where can I find best saari on net?
How to remove rayban logo located on the ear handles?
Does anyone remember these shoes from like the 90s and what they were called?
Questions about Hollister...?
Do college kids shop at Ross for clothes?
who is prettyer?
How do you develop personal style?
Any good department store sales these days?
Apparently I am sad!!! PLEASE ANSWER?
what do you have in your pockets ?
Where Can I Get A Monster Energy Hoodie For Girls?
what store that is not online could i find a cheapsh tutu at.?
(Only answer if you're older than 20) For a school project I need to know what advice you would give?
Is 28$ pricy for leggings?
What do you like the most about being short?
HELP PLEASE What shoes should I buy?
Should I take off my clothes and sleep in a pine tree tonight?
What should i use for best results when tie dying a shirt that is 50% cotton and 50% polyester?
Should men wear pantyhose?
What colors go with peach?
What color should I get this dress?
who else thinks juicy couture is ugly?
Where can i buy beads online for really cheap?
What would you call this style?
Can I wear stripes with plaid boots?
Where can i get Nike Kobe VII Supreme - Men's at a good cheap price ?
Are Aldo Shoes true to size?
why do people were hat,gloves and scarf in winter?
Fast Halloween costumes for a teenage girl?
What Size shirt would be best for me?
What should I wear first day of 7th grade?
Please help it's an emergency!?!?
Army-Green jacket with Red Buttons?
How can I get my mom out of her dress rut?
What is your opinion of this dress? ?
Which Green Shoes!?
what is the difference between regular and classic uggs?
Is this a cute outfit?!?!? Pics!?
What money symbol is this?
What's the purpose of a tie? It doesn't do anything?
Which shoes do you like more?? (pics)?
Hey guys, can you help me find a jacket like this?
what wallet is better from juicy couture?
Clothes to bring on camp?
Why do super models have to be so freaking skinny?
wheres the best place to buy cheap summer clothes, but good clothing?
Do You think these are cute?
Are either of these good homecomming dresses?!?
Swimsuit??Help me pick one, plz!?
Which dress should I get?
are black leather gloves with a black peacoat fashionable for a man?
what to wear with this dress?
What is wrong?
do you like this AE shirt?
Can you suggest some good brand names leather bag for male?
What should I wear with this?
Why do some jackets feel uncomfortable to wear?
Do you like this new definition?
im bored - want me to make you an outfit? guys & girls.?
I need a winter formal dress for my body type?
What should I wear to a house party?
What store would u rather shop in Hollister, American Eagle, or Target?
Okay girls i need your help please?
I went up a bra size?
Is it unfashionable to wear gold and silver jewelry together?
what is the best shop at which to buy accessories?
Meagan Good's dress in Think Like A Man?
Which is better The North Face Denali or The North Face Denali Thermal?
Where I can find these cute underwear?
What should I be for Halloween?
what could i wear with this baroque top?
what type of skirts do you think men should wear?
Would these shoes go with this dress? I need the honest truth!?
Messenger bags for girls?
what should i wear to school tommorrow?
How much is a vintage leopard fur coat worth??
Some decisions from my shoe collection?
This dress, yes or no?
any1 know where to buy gd branded coats this year on internet?
Im skinny Should i were skinny jeans???
Katy perry. what shirt is this?
how to choose a dress dat suits your body shape?
skinny jeans or wide leg pants?
What is this so called 1420 gold?
What should i wear to a 'casual' interview?
Are are these shoes real???
Fancy dress ideas for twins?
why is abercrombie and fitch and hollister so expensive?
Playboy Guitar Pick Help?
Would I look good with a lip ring? **Pics**?
What dress do you like?
My mom never lets me go shopping so i always get new fashions forever after they are out of style! Any tips?
What type of prom dress would suit my figure?
Looking for a hollister shirt?
Let me make you an outfit?!?
Vans shoes. Please help :D !?
Girls only please?
Am I overdoing it?
do you like this dress for new years eve in Austin?
Can anyone name a shoe that is completely black?
What's your Favorite Clothing Store?
Which homecoming dress do you like better???
I feel like I'm being copied...?
What do japanese girls wear after short skirt?
Should I get these boots or not?
Needing a website that sales fabrics(preferably velvet) that will work for a pagan ritual cloak or dress?
What is a good fancy dress costume beginning with 'G'... anyone??
what are those black sunglases with the gold sides that ive been seeing wiz khalifa wearing?
What are those totes with the french writing on them? Where can I find them?
What color to wear under this flannel shirt?
Can can I reduce a Marc Jacobs bracalet watch?
Nic Donovan (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black) portfolio prices and details?
Need help on where to find hat?
How do you feel about bootleggers?
Good. Bad. or UGLY -- you decide?!?!?!?!?
knoxville aviators?
what kind of hat is this called?
Girls, If I took you out to buy jewelery, shoes and chocolates - my chances of getting some from u would be ? ?
I need help finding a bag that my wife wants! Help?
What to wear with a Light Blue cardigan?
Hoodies and crewnecks they got to be fresh?
Where can i buy cute flats?
Girls, based on this info, what skirt styles do you think would look best on me?
Where can I find reasonably priced, flat boots?
What do you think of my wellies?
Good shopping malls in delhi?
What is the best dress code for appearing an interview for a female candidate?
what shoes to wear with gancho pants?
How do I fake a belly-button ring?
Were are some Nike Sb Outlets?
What do you think of these dresses?
why do women like spending $300 dollars on 1 pair of shoes?
Whats some good teenage clothes shops for girls?
do u think this dress wud look okay?
Can I do a little black dress for prom?
Are these jeans to tight?
cute or not?????????????
my jeans won't ever fit!?
pick which one you like better?
What should I wear with this skirt?!? please help!?
What is the name....?
where will i get good pair of jeans in mumbai?
What are some good teen clothing websites?
Valentines day date! help?
Are DKNY wallets that are made in China real or fake?
Do thongs have power over guys?
ladies, what dressy shoes to wear with skinny jeans?
I brought this outfit today?
panties or no panties?
where is a good web site to find a wide width 12 shoe for a woman ???
Girls and Guys...What do you think about a guy who wears retro clothes?
Where can I find a video clip of Tom Ford's final fashion show with Gucci?
Which is your favourite prom dress? Help?
what store can i fin cheap convers?
my older bro wears victoria secret?
What kind of jacket would look good with this outfit (long skirt with tucked in shirt)?
what color shirt would you wear with a denim skirt and gold flip-flops?
Why do bodyguards carry their celebs on their shoulders?
Swimming with shorts?
Black Glitters or Leopard Vegan Classics TOMS?
why is everyone wearing black and Jeff Sterling wearing a black tie on Countdown final?
Where can I find a reputable jeweler in Melbourne who sells jade?
What to wear to a museum ?
What do YOU carry in YOUR purse?
What to wear with a black mini skirt?
I'm going to paint the rubber white part of my converse shoes. What paint brand is the best for this task?
does this shirt look cheap?(pics)?
Which of these shoes are cuter?
Is this girl pretty or ugly, what do you think?
What color of swimsuit is the best?
wats ur fave color?
Am I the only person who finds flip flops uncomfortable?
Would You say a US size 8 (UK size 12) is fat?
If I where I white tie with a black shirt, does that make me cool?
how i can Send a Gold Ring to USA from PAKISTAN?
will this make me emo???
YES or NO: Do you wear GLASSES?
if i want a purse that is 38 dollars but i am getting 30% off then how much would that be?
please this is important?
how ugly is this shirt?
do you know which website i can buy the authentic jordan dmp package?
What are the best jean brands?
can thongs really be comfortable?
why does every1 not like walmart clothes, some of em are nice?
where can I find CHANEL Skull and Crossbone earrings?
im 14 and way too skinny?
How do I buy bras ************?
why guys like short skirts on girls?
why is pharrell's clothing line so expensive?
i live in India. and want to buy the Deathly Hallow' symbol necklace that Xenophilius Lovegood wore?
Do you like these shoes? (pics)?
What should i wear on my first day of high school?
Are verizon stores in new york city open on sunday december 25th (xmas around 7pm)?
Genuine opinions only please?
How do you make a dog tag paracord survival bracelet with side clasps and two colors?
What tee do you like best?
Grad Date... But not Graduating...?
Does this go together?
Will a sterling silver ring wear well over time if worn every day?
what is the structure of dupion,tafetaand organza fabrics?
Would you please?
ladies i need some advice on matching clothes and looking passable as a girl can you help me?
Where can I get the best deal on diamonds?
Which bag do you like better (pics)?
Grammy's - What to wear?
CALLING ALL FASHIONISTAS: what is one accessory or piece of clothing that you cannot live without and why?
Could It be possible for me to fit into a size 5?
From where can I Select Fashion Sporting Products Online?
Do skinny jeans look good tall people??
Where can I find cute shoes in sizes 12 and 13 in the chicago land area?
Posso indossare gli UGG boots quando piove (come stivali per la pioggia)? Oppure si bagnano e rovinano?
Where to get a new or used hospital gown?
guys and gals.. do you like this bikini? ?
Make an outfit around this dress?
Two piece heart necklace for boyfriend and girlfriend?
Which bag would you pick?
does this outfit match?
Best place to buy beanies?
What to wear with purple thigh highs?
can someoneplzzzzzzzzz...?
Do you think Im trying to dress like an older girl or is it ok for me???
What is the worst holiday sweater you have ever seen?
opinions on my first day of school outfit?
What is Your Opinion on Girls wearing high-heel shoes to school?
Do I still look bad in a bikini? (PICTURE)?
Can anyone tell me stores to buy girls punk clothing and not Hot Topic because that is more Gothic?
what dress should i get i cant decide 10 points?
Which sweatshirt is better?
What colour accessories for my dress?
Is this a good outfit♥ for my formal(dance)?
Does this sound like a good 16th?
What do you think of my dress?
Can I get booted tailored? - Calved don't fit?
Please Help Me! *10 Points!*?
Is this a cute outfit? (20 characters)?
do you prefer shopping for clothes by yourself or shopping with a friend?
Im 13, and i need to tell my parents i want to wear boxers. I currently wear briefs.?
Is this normal for guys jeans?
Would this look okay?
I'm going to a birthday party at a shopping centre... What should I wear?!?
What size I should buy (A&F Kids outerwear)?
Does anyone think prices at Abercrombie and Fitch are to high?
where can i go to check when my package will be delivered?..vans.
Okkaaay. My mom hates to spend money. i'm only 13. and I'm growing out of my jeans.?
am i spoiled? i want your opinion!
I have a pair of high heels with no grip on the sole. Is there anything I can do to not slide down the street?
What to wear.............?
where can i get affordable clothes size 4 and shoes size 2?
Which store or brand is the best to buy a wristlet at?
What should I buy next week?
How do I shrink stretched collars?
Is this a nice jacket?
Is my dress appropriate for homecoming?
When you order shoes online (toms)?
COMFORTABLE SHOEs. . . . . . . .. .?
Good places where 16 year olds can shop in UK?
POLL- Do you Wear Jeans every day? and do you think its okay do to that?
where can i find black leather ankle boots?
Where can I buy (online) Mad Hatter contacts as one pair and not two, for a $60 or less?
is that good when we wear skinny jeans?
cutee jeans on sale?!?!??!?
Help with stretching ear from 6mm to 8mm?
Girls.What hairstyle do girls prefer on men.?
Question about Irish/Celtic Anam Cara ring?
GIRLS: How should guys wear their jeans?
jelly bracelet meanings? freaky teacher?!?
does anyone know any good modelling agencies in sydney that dont require height restrictionss?/ Ha ha?
Is the Nike Air Max 97 a great and stylish shoe??
Where can i buy cute leggings and a minne mouse sweater?
How can I convert Pant Sizes?
Where can i get a modest homecoming dress?
How to iron a cotton anarkali salwar so that it maintains its fleets?
WHERE can i get this SHIRT?!?
What are some cute outfit ideas to go with black combat boots?
bcbg dress sizing?
Any vintage shops online?
Which side is the "gay guy" side to get your ear pierced on?
Why Do they call them sandles when you get sand in them?
were can i find a north face agency jacket black/medium for 350 or less?
do you know where is burberry , dkny warehouse ( Factory Outlet )in london?
Is this a cute outfit? or not?
What do you think about these wedges, which color looks the best?
White jeans on a guy: yes or no? If not, why not?
What should I wear with this handbag??
Do you think having an obvious knockoff handbag is trashy?
What's your favorite eye and hair color on guys?
What will bring out my dark brown almost black eyes?
Help!I need to find good grad dress. Help.?
How can I accessorize this dress?
What is the Seventeen magazine reader reward for September 2008?
where to find a signet ring like this?
do you like this bathing suit?
how can i tell if my gold pendant is real. i dont want o burn it or harm it.?
Is this funny?
What is your favorite brand of shoe.?
What do you have in your pockets?
Are boots like this comfortable to wear all day?
I'd like to get a natural energy drink called LIFT_OFF in front of as many people as possible someone help!!!
What would you wear this sweater with?
Jenifer Lopez blue sparkly shirt?
Cant find a cute purse anywhere!?
what do you think is the best outfit for the opposite sex?
do you like this sweater?
cheap place to get a carrying bag for school?
are these shoes cute?
Are these shoes cute?
90's fashion trend shoe?
Where can I get a pair of knee length lace up boots?
do you like this dress?
I have a %100 cotton shirt, and I want to purposely shrink it because it's too small. How would I do that?
help me anyone with great fashion taste?
What colour beanie will suit a blonde haired girl?
Am I average??? What do you think?? Honest Opinions!?
my good friend from HS is getting married?
Should short people wear thigh high boots?
Sorry. lol. Are THESE vans cute?
My Graduation is today but i found out that my suit is too big! What do I do?
Orange,purple,white and black do they match?
About full evening dress (white tie).?
What kind of Necklace would go with this dress?
Am I spoiled?
Where can I get high quality t-shirts made?
Do yoo know any good sites???
Which dress is hotter for a teen?
What Kind of clothes would suit me?
Where Can I Find These Clothes??
Outfit help please?!?!?
Are you supposed to get a smaller size when buying Rainbow (brand) sandals?
How do I keep warm with an evening gown?
why do people in a hospital wear different color scrubs?
Teenage Girls!!!! WHATS on your Christmas list????
What is the NFL snapback with crazy, unique, fancy designs???!?
Are these models considered modern bohemian, indie, or hipster?
First day od grade 9?
I wanna be a brand new me in August...HELP!?
Is the D and B in Dooney and Bourke purses always interlocked??
Which wigs style you like?
Beige or brown Oxfords?
What to wear as a student teacher?
These his hers bracelets for me and my boyfriends one year?
DON'T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS?!?!?!?!?! read more for info?
first day of school outfit?
What would this make me?
I wear a women's 8.5 US in shoes, should i order a UK size 6 or 7 when getting Dr. Martens?
Where Can I Buy Some Cheap Plain White T-Shirts?
Which outfit looks best on me, skirt or no skirt?
What jeans should I wear with a black tee shirt?
Is there a BIG difference between 5 in Junior Jeans and 5 in Womens Jeans?
I need to buy a "little black dress" what cut or style can help minimize large hips?
how to do i put a belt bucklet on a belt?
Which dress do you like better?
If we were to switch clothes right now, what would I be wearing?
Where can I get a shirt like this?
Is the brand Urban Pipeline supposed to be for skaters?
What do you think of gladiator shoes?
Going to the mall with 500 in cash in my pocket?
Modern Weddings ?
where can I get embroidery leads for my buissness.?
Do you find a men wearing a thong attractive?
Looking for a curly wig,Can you help me?
i want to buy some uggs?
How much would a Harris tweed jacket at a thrift store go for?
I wear this clothes to the office,but my boss.........?
What do you think of JSSHAN dresses?
Which is better? 1 or 2 or you?
Tote bags for school?
Is this fake?(alexander mcqueen scarf)?
Where do you shop for clothing?
whats the first thing you notice about a guys clothes?
IM lookin for a sexy formal gown to wear for an anniversary cruise.Fun and flirty, but still elegant. Ideas?
what's the right temperature to wear a leather jacket.??? !?
is this a good prom dress idea.?
Finish the movie title... Pirates of the________?
Fixing the zips on my boots...?
real pics of gals in pantyhose- not models?
Girls - I need ur help so bad! PLZ answer...10 points for best?
Helix Peircing?
a place to get a snood ?
WHats this style called?
WOAH♥ do you like this outfit??
How do I ask my Mom if I can get PINK underwear?
Can anyone recommend me a slim, modern wallet similar to the Dosh Luxe 3 that isn't a rip off?
How Can I Clean My Vans without putting them in the washer?
Where can I find a shirt like this?
Do southerners wear Yoga Pants?
i want to become a fashion designer for childrens' clothing only , how can i go about it?
Should I get my tongue pierced?
fancy dress. movie stars?
old drop dead clothing shirt?
MY mom said this is totally wrong!!??
What is your bedroom like? Describe, please.?
I need a black high waisted skirt!!!? :)?
Would it be weird...?
It's summer and everyone is wearing nice pretty little shoes. But if you have like sweaty feet..?
What do you think of this outfit?
is this man bag cool or gay?
Ear Stretching Question?
How can you find out how much jewelry is worth before you buy it?
Does anyone know where to get custom made van slip ons without going to
Easy at-home costumes?
Do you think there should be more curvy models than stick thin?
Wheres the best clothing store to get new clothes?
Give me a rating on these flip flops between 1-10?
I will make you an outfit!?
Is an above average looking women unattractive in jeans and sneaker?
okay so here is the deal i have no idea what to wear on the first day of school skinny jeans or regular jeans?
Girls, what are you wearing?
crossdresser body art?
How popular are mens thongs?
Fighting Gravity - need BRA help?
If i use the collect in store option on a clothing website can i choose not to buy it if i don't like it?
What sould I wear to a birthday dance party?
WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS SHIRT?????????????????????????????
I bought some dunlop volley/converse type shoes with out the high ankle parts, what do I do with the laces...?
Do you think it is okay just to wear a pair of tights and a t-shirt when you're around the house?
What size should my boobs be?
Girls have u seen a dress like this!?
Do u like guys in skinny jeans?
i want to buy affordable One Piece Girls Swimwear from australia?
are they any thrift stores in new jersey?
What are some CREATIVE ways to tie scarves? Any SITES?
where can i buy these shorts ?
I purchased 2 pair of boots and can't zip them because my legs are too big..?
What is this kind of hat called? & BQ?
Why is it that there is no Victoria's Secret store in London?
Do You Know Where I Can Get Clothes Like Lady Gaga's?
what do you think about 13 y/o with belly button piercings?
What should I do for my MCM expo cosplay? Help!?
Do you think Fendi spy bag still in, let's say, 3-5 years from now?
know of an online store to find mesh back flat caps?
Where can i get plaid shirts/flannels?
where can i buy cute leggings and flats?
Is "style" a form of global domination?
Those hand Massagers?
What can i wear with this skirt?
Where can i get scene clothes like this (pic)?
which dress do you like better? 10 points?
anyone fancy a stall at our chand raat?
why do girls where thongs?
Custom Neckties?
does this pass for a real coach purse?
Where's a good place to by thigh high socks (not stockings)?
Where can I find a onesie that zips up all the way?
Should I get this purse? or is it too teenagery. im 23. ?
is this a cute outfit?
If you don't have class or style than what do you have going for you?
Spirit week help please?
Cute Halloween costume ideas?
Would you judge someone if they wore a dress shirt and tie with sweatpants?
what type of make-up would you wear to a disco theme party?
Does anyone else get embarrassed by there shoe size? Especially in shops?
which outfit (with pics )?
do u think yellow pointed heels are cute. they are unique and stand out with an all black outfit.?
What do you guys think of this look?
Yes I have been wearing high heels all week and it has not been so bad!?
When putting on your bra?
Where can I buy a pair of really silly pants?
Where can I buy clothing like this?
Is This Cute and Appropriate for School ?
Do you think this shirt will suit me..?
what do people think ?
What are some plus size clothing sites to go to?
Any ideas about the pricing of Louis Vuitton in Germany?Any cheaper than UK/US or Asia?
Which dress should I keep?
Are high heels acceptable with jeans?
what are these necklaces called?
Is size 4 considered fat for someone that is 5'1" and age 16?
Which Looks Sexier..................?
Where To Get my Homecomming dress?
is it important to be skinny when you a girl?
what bag is this? i know its by chanel but whats it called.?
what bikini is best for someone with small breasts?
is 12 too young for a nose piercing?
Know of any online clothing retailers that ship overseas?
When you see someone wearing an abercrombie or a hollister shirt do you automatically think PREP! MEAN PERSON!
What are you wearing right now?
Looking for some good USA made jeans?
Does anybody know where to get gold teeth in the Bay Area California? San Francisco, Oakland....etc.?
Where can I buy the cheapest vans on the Internet?
Glasses? Please help me! Pictures included.?
Do you like my prom dresss ?? (=?
opinion of 13 year old girls wearing heels ?
What style should i choose?
where can i buy these on the highstreet?
Whats your #1 beach essential?
Why do all the girls wear black tights and short skirts when it is so cold!!!!?
are these in? or not?
Faux fur in the dryer :'(?
Where to buy this dress?!!?
Where Can I Find Quiksilver Clothing Besides Online?
is a good site?
What do you think of this t shirt?
are we a cute couple?
do you think wearing fashion scarves..?
Coach bag help which one you like?
What clothes should I wear to physical therapy?
What colour would go best with this dress?
Im trying to start a clothing line for men... what do yo think of my ideas?
Outfit advice for a party?
Where do you like to shop for clothes?
Where can I buy a cheap/good suit?
Deciding on bridge piercing. Help?
which dress is cuter? they r both from macys :D?
do u ever slip off one shoe to air your socked foot?
What is with the Hollister ads!!??!?
Which is better Nike shoes or adidas shoes.?
What kind of black polish can i use on my red Dr. Martins?
Which necklace do you like the best? AE?
Ladies, have you ever shopped Fredericks of hollywood? what did you get? age please.?
Do you like this outfit?? Please answer, i want your opinion.?
What could I wear these with?
where can i find some animal print material, which i can make into a cave girl outfit?
i am looking for rbd anahi new store in mexico but can't seem to find it help?
Straight or Wavy? Glasses or No?
How are the same sizes of shirts and dresses compared?
Funny/cool twin day outfits?
If you could have any designer handbag, what would you buy?
What's the best smelling Gucci cologne for men plz help :) thanks?
What do i wear to walk my boyfriend oit on the field?
where can i find a plain red t shirt?
Online shop for unique, fun but not cheap looking accessories?
Is there anywhere I can buy a Diamond Supply Co hat in Melbourne, Australia?? Or any other hats similar?
Do you think wearing a see through shirt is slutty?
Is wearing a skirt without panties o k?
Do you like these outfits?? (pics included)?
Why do we turn jeans inside out before we wash them?
does this match (back to skool outfit)?
What are the best websites to get real Retro jordons & if you go to the mall to campout when should you proir?
is anybody here a goth,emo,or skater?
When do you have to go back to school?
Girls, is it normal for a guy to have only two pair of shoes or less shoes than girls?
Does anyone know where to find this dress, or something similar? :D Please help!?
Is my marc jacobs bag authentic?
can you read what this tag says?
I have a pair of oakley sunglasses and the lens are really dirty.?
What to wear with a red hi lo skirt?
where do you buy your clothes?
Do you think Jessica Alba is a beautiful Mexican?
do you think this dress is cute?
My clothes smell (stink, indeed...) Please help...?
i need your opinion on something that was said on ebay... please?
how can I dress more emo?
Is a scam site?
is this dress pretty??? yes or no?
Where can you get a custom Dog Tag Necklace like the one Lauren bought Jason on the Hills?
Which hoodie is better?
Are slightly baggy plaid shirts ok?
Are button up shirts in?
do more people carry tote bags or book bags to school?
Which bathing suit is cuter??? [pics]?
i need to know white gold or platium for an engagement ring?
what are super skinny jeans?
SURVEY: What's your favorite clothing store/stores?
do you like big purses or small purses and what color?
What should i wear tonight?
How to to dress for senior citizen day ?
What should I wear to prom?
what do you think about this white dress for prom (white symbolises purity)?
What should I wear to the middle school Dance?
Where Can I Find The "Censored" Tube Top?
what stores did teenagers who lived in the 1980's buy their clothes from?
Is it okay to wear leggings as pants?
well am black but not dark and i have blue eyes but ppl say they don't look nice.?
What to wear to the Andre Rieu's (Classical)concert in the Atlantic City? Casual, Business or Evening dress?
what color shirt should i buy?
Can I wear a poppy from the start of October?
What can brown do for you?
does this website sell FAKE uggs? im not convinces they are real?
biz attire questions - working women only.....?
Who do you consider a fashion icon?
Do u have to be super attractive to work at hollister?
What are some cheap, good quality combat boots?
Why does my Canada Goose fur smell bad when it's wet?
I need to find this ring!!!?
How much do you normally pay for...?
Are online prices the same as in store prices?
Cool Jeans for school or not?
What do you think of these shoes?
What is the best wy to hang up a pair of pants?
do girls care about what underwear a guy wears?
What should I wear with these new heels I've just got?
Where can I buy name belts and personalized jewelry(earrings and necklaces)?
promotion dress?
What do u think of this dress?
True Religion Jeans???
First day of school outfit!?
Which outfit looks better on me for first day back at school?
Do you like this outfit I designed?
How can I be skinny like Selena Gomez?
Is this resturant owned by the clothing company of the same name?
I have an old mother of pearl cameo. Does anyone know anything about them?
Where can I trade my hello kitty purse for the same exact purse but in another color?
Whats your age shoe size height?
what should i wear out in nyc during the winter?
Wear no underwear when lounging around the house?
What colour shoes & accries with this dress please? thanks x?
Do you wear a bra to bed ?
Guys only please!!!!?
Is it odd for a 14 yr. old girl to have a dooney and bourke purse?
Is This A Cute Outfit???
Do you know any guys who wear pantyhose?
Where can I find this belt at ?
Where can I get a good winter coat?
what do you think about this necklace?
how do you look like a hippie?Detail please.?
Is this prom dress a ball gown?
What should I ask for for my birthday?
PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!! ASAP!!?
do these clothes go?need help?
******QUESTION ABOUT STORES!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!*******?
What are guys thinking while low riding?
Where do I find a man's suit with a matching vest inside the jacket? What are those called?
Where can i find a plain black and white raglan shirt for under 10 bucks?
In your opinion, is this coat cute?
Have you bought any particular brand just because you refer it to a celebrity?
Girls opinions on guy's skinny jeans?
Would it look funny to wear skinny jeans with ankle boot heels and a long sleeve?
How do you start your own clothing label and what do you need to do so?
What do you think of these shoes?
What are some stores that sell black fur jackets?
does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
What is a popular brand of urban hip hop clothing?
What shoes should a guy get? ?
girl question!!!!!!!!!!?
14 yr old wearing foundation ?
Which prom dress should i wear?
What is your favorite store to shop at the mall?
dakota ugg's question about the bow untying?
smaller clothes (again!)?
which shirt is better?
Should I cut off the tag on my beanie?
Do girls like Cardigans on guys?
Do I look overweight to you?
who loves american eagle outfitters, hollister, a+f, and many many more? i ♥ ♥ all of them!!!?
is this shoe website real?
Where can i find these boots? for a way cheaper price? like maybe$ 50.00?
be honest do you like this prom dress?
What jewelry website has better jewelry or
Wardrobe Help! (Girls help please!)?
What is the best men's underwear? (Men Only)?
Guys: what is your favorite outfit that a teenage girl could wear?
im going to the club tonight?
How do yoga pants make behinds look so good?
What do you need to become a pattern maker?
what is the official web page for the clothing store independent ?
What do you think of my cologne collection?
How do I ask my mom for a bra?
what are some ....?
What do you think of my prom outfit?
what would s614 inside a ring mean?
What is the difference between getting gold teeth and getting a grill?
Damas dresses...PLEASE HELP!?!?!?
Does anyone know where this hoodie is from?
What should I buy to dress like Lynn from Girlfriends?
wats the best way to clean your shoes?
Girls: what style of boxers look hot on guys?
Is this a cool name for a fashion store.?
I feel REALLY self conscious right now...?
What do you think about the store Hollister?
junior jeans long length?
License Plates abbreviations?
Best store in NYC to buy knee-high, wide calf boots?
What is considered petite?
How do sizes run from Forever 21?
Do you think this would be a cool t-shirt idea?
Why do teen girls wear UGGS?
I'm looking for a comfortable, stylish sandal.?
what do you think of this costume?
Why allteenagers cravefor brandedclothes suchas nike?What the hell weget outof them..Give shortnsweet answers.
How to wear my ugg boots?
Where can I get a solid pink tie?
Can I use my old shirt to make a hat?
Has anyone ever heard of
Where can i buy this exact shirt?
What to wear to School for a non uniform day?
do i sound conceded...?
Advice on losing some pant sizes~!?
which of these sunglasses would you buy?
What type of dress should I choose?
Girls: How many shoes/tops/jean/etc. do you have?
adidas flip flops with worn out velcro?
Why do lesbians get to hold hands in public but not gays-is it more interesting or what?
How to put studs on leather/suede shoes?
is '' fake or not, how do i tell?
will these shoes look good with jeans?
how can i make my shirt like this?
Tie-dye shirts ... a fashion do or don't???
Anyone know where i can find the Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 Black and White shoes.?
What color heels would go with this dress?
Do girls really like guys who wear skinny jeans?
How can i find cool photos or another art for my T-shirt? i will print it myself.?
thoughts on this type of outfit?
Guys: do you like it when a girl wears a beanie?
What should you wear the first day of school?
Why does my bra label instruct me to wash it in the machine and NOT by hand?
I bought a sweater from Aeropostle and there are these ribbon loops inside. what are they for?
What is the best piece of jewelry you own?
Do Oakley really helps protect your eyes from excessive sun's rays? The glass itself are pretty thin!!!?
how do i smooth out or repair black vinyl pants thats starting to peel away between da leggs?
SHOULD I GET A PURITY RING? Does my age matter?
Where Can I Find All Types Of Cufflinks.... Custom and Regular?
Outfit thoughts................................…
help me pleasee.........?
Where can I buy a pink suit and a pink stormtrooper helmet?
difference of pleated and shirred?
Where can i buy this certain type of jewerly.?
Where can I find the Chanel necklace that Ann Hathaway wore in the movie The Devil Wears Prada?
where can i find this at???
Opinions on some boots?
Help! First modelling audition tomorrow?
Do hats make your hair fall off?
which one of these phones would u buy?
Fashion is my life! but what is my next step?
People who wear contacts..have you ever swam in them?
how can i cover or paint something on my shoes and wash it off later?
fall/winter 2008 fashions !?
Where can i find similar products to this necklace?
What colour TOMS shoes should I get?
Girls - do you like this hoodie?
How come womens shirts button on the wrong side?
Thong question, girls only! ?
Is there any good information on the miss america pageant clothing?
Its 2:00 pm and I'm still in my PJ's is that bad?
em i pretty?
which one is cuter?????
What could I wear with these jeans?
Designing a wedding gown!?
if i walk could i get hurt?
Bernat Crochet Pattern?
what are fashionista vintage and variety's prices?
how do i get updated w/ new sneakers when they come out from footlocker?
Can someone please give me a link to shoes that would go with this dress that i'm gonna wear to a baby shower?
What is more classy for a men's dress shirt, long sleeves or short sleeves?
another name for capris pants?
Wearing Black and Brown together?
do you like this shirt AND...?
Why are all jeans stretch jeans these days? And where can you get a pair of normal jeans?
I want to dress better.?
which dress is better?
what is my style called?
What Should I call my fashion blog?
men earring?
Where can I get a black cape?
what would you wear this with?
How do you get investors for an online womens shoe store?
Is this too fat to be wearing skinny jeans?
What color shirts go best with grey skinny jeans?
What colours to wear this year's fall / winter?
girls and guys opinion on slutty outfits for a dance?
I am trying to find sleeve bands. The kind that are used to push long sleeved knit shirts and sweaters up.?
fashion blog: how should be a fashion site (blog)?
can anybody find me this shirt for under 20 dollars or something very similar plz!!!!!! i luv it n cant fing o
Do you wear socks to bed?
Help with finding the right shoes?
would this bag be ok for high school?
UGGS: Cool or UGG-ly?
Do you like this sweater?
Would you think its weird if you saw a 9th grader wearing these?
Funny T-shirts, what is the best website?
where is this gorgeous dress from?
Charm Bracelet Search... Help!?
Throwback thursday at school D; I NEED HELP?
does anyone know where i could find a vintagey style raincoat?
whats the name of the sequin dress store at melobourne central.?
What are the guidelines to Clothes for men and women when in a Formal Setting?
can i still look good dressing emo/scene.?
Diamond came out of engagement ring. Cannot find the diamond?
Where do you buy skinny jeans?
If I am a ladies size 7M (medium width), what size am I in wide shoes?
what is cord sterling?
What are some good boots for fall 2011?
Does anyone know where i can purchase this sweater?
14th birthday! I don't know what to ask for!?
how much will woman for earrings, necklaces, hand made.?
should i be wearing skinny jeans>?
F A S H I O N 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do you think of this dress?
patent leather for shoes?
which outfit should i wear for my date tonight?
Is this ok to wear????
What color heels to wear with short navy blue dress?
sleeping attire...?
what glue will hold up to extreme heat?
What would you think if you got this as a gift?
Prom dress too much?
can anybody tell me the steps in order to shrink a shirt?
cute haloween costume?
What TYPE of shoes did Chaplin wear?
Are high heels like this okay for a thirteen year old?
how do I convince my parents to get my ears pierced?
which dress do you like best for my sweet sixteen?
What do u think of this dress :) ?
Which style do you like more for a bikini?
I would love idieas about dresses and heels?
Which color is the best looking of this water bottle?
Swimming Wear???????/?
Can u wear a red bra with white tee over it for me ?
Where can I find the site/web address for the clothing store Eclipse from Malaysia?
Grad photo jersey advice?
Please please give me your opinion!?
how to cut the neckhole?
What fashion trend was the worst one in history?
Is it weird for 7th graders to have....?
Why do skinny guys like fat girls?
wearing safety pins as earrings?
Does anyone know where I can buy Amy Michelson Wedding dresses for a discount? Specifically "Swoon". thanks.
What is your style?.........?
Is this color too bright?
I'm looking for cute, feminine purses!?
What was the name of the national chain that competed with Lane Bryant?
Where can I find extra long Muscle Shirts? I have been searching around for 2XLT but all I find are 2XL.?
Do Clarks Wallabees go good with shorts?
do girls like it when guys where there pants below their ***?
What glasses style are in fashion?
What do you think: Are these Ugg boots HOT or NOT?
What is acceptable to wear to a "black tie recommended" new year's eve affair?
What are these boots? Please help a gal out!?
friendship bracelt designs?
do you think girls with black frame spectacles(medium size) look cute?
Can a 13 year old go to victoria's secret?
My friend is prettier, richer, popular...:(?
Anyone know that B2 Shoe store ?
if I tied string around 2 rocks and hang it from my ding a ling. will it lenghten it?
Black shirt and Black jeans.. Is it a good combination?
where are the best places to buy loose diamonds in the UK?
What style of clothing does Holly Marie Combs wear in charmed?
Where is a good place to buy ladies clothing for 30-somethings, (online or storefront)?
What is more important in carrying off haute couture - a great body or a great attitude on the ramp?
How old do you have to be to work at Abercrombie and Fitch and what kind of salary do you get?
Omg, ridiculouse! This girl...
is this cute or not???
Does this make u laugh?
Converses or Vans?
where do you love to shop?
The clothes that Hollister models wear on the website are not sold in the store. Where can you find them?
What do u think of this dress?
Where can I find a Hat?
What kind of levi's are great with converse?
How does work?
how to tell if coach is fake or not?
Mens pink henley shirt?
From age 5-10 which year did you like the best and why?
Hollister Clearance Section?
Will I look wierd if I wear a big flower clip in my hair for picture day?
What is this material called?
WHAT IS IT CALLED??!! **plz & thx**?
do you think i should buy these shoes?
Is the store Parade of Shoes no longer around?
picture day help?
What age should children have their ears pierced?
What color shoes would look cute with this dress?
I am thinking about getting my nose pierced tonight.?
Girls, what do you think of this getup?
Where can I buy a pair of apple bottoms?
What kind of stuff is okay to wear with skinny jeans?
do Straight guys wear a toe ring?
since i'm cute wuts my favorite clothing brand?
Where should I get my class ring?
Where to find plaid pants?
Armani or Givenchy?
Can you color disco pants ?
How do I paint or colour womens stockings/tights?
Where can I purchase Antonio Berardi shoes ?
Should I wear socks with flats?
I found this prom dress on tumblr, and fell in love! Does anyone know where I can find it online?!! HELP!?
Which outfit? 10 points :)))))))))?
Which outfit should I wear tomorrow? (descriptions included)?
do you think i look okay?
do u have on weird socks?
Girls: Victoria's Secret...?
Women: do I have good style (photo inside of what I wore)?
Are these shoes cute for school?
Other than length, what is the difference between an 8 M and a 7.5 W shoe size?
why do girls spend so much time in front of a mirror??????????
which shoes should i get from urban outfitters?
How can i get paint off of my shoes?
non piercing jewelry?
I have a Crescent Bay brand dress shirt that I really like. Does anyone know what store carries the brand?
I can't decide, which is better?
Do you like any of these oufits? easy two points!?
What are some ways to convince my mom to let me get snakebites?
Big people, tight clothing?
how much would .25 carats of tanzanite be?
What Kind of Shoe's is he wearing?
Shops to get a red high waited skirt?
Which outfit is better for a night out?
help with pop icon dress up idea?!?
Where can I get really cool, Oklahoma Gear?
Can someone tell me where to find clothes like these?
Can I find some cartoon briefs/underwears for my age? a 13 years old boy 5ft?
Anyone know where to buy a car freshner like this?
Good objects to use for boy in striped pajamas?
why are people hating on abercrombie and hollister?
What do you think of this dress?
would a sleeveless denim jacket look good in this outfit?
What clothes do you like most on a man?
Who has got my husband's sock?
What dress size should I be ?
How many peircings do you think is too much?
What should I wear if..?
Which outfit do you like better?
Where can i get a cheaper cardigan like some of these?
Should I get this top in Navy Blue or Olive Green?
Does anyone know a great website or place that sell these tank tops/shirts?
are these dresses cute?
Does anybody know the names of those models on
Does anyone know where I can buy back issues of magazines-- specifically bridal magazines?
Buying Something Online and Returning do they pay back my shipping money?
Where can I find a striped hoodie?
what color should I get this in?
plz help need chap afordable dresses!!?
i love wearing skirts, but hate wearing underwear, whats the solution?
where can I find an A line v neck cream colored wedding dress?
What does your favorite outfit look like?
do guys look good in skinny jeans?
Where to get footie pajamas?