what the name of bracelets that cut into the skin on the arm/wrist?
what kind of clothes are in for going back to school?
Is this a good outfit to wear on the first day of school?
Wich one is prettier??
Current Hollister Co. Triple A (AAA) Offering - June 2010 (New Employee)?
Why are obey tshirts so expensive?
Please be honest about this dress..?
Anybody wear clothes from Abercrombie or Hollister here?
I Wear Womens Underwear and PantyHose.?
What's the best online website to shop on?
does anybody know any stores in new jersey that sell really nice prom dresses. Im having a hard time?
swimsuit helpppp please?
Where can I buy a superman bra online?
which bag is the cutest?
Do you wear leggings as pants?
POLL for girls (guys are welcome too): do you think AXE smells good?
Which do you like the best out of all?
where is the best place to buy a nice tankini online in the uk?
Has anybody been to LA Chinatown or Fashion District lately? I'm looking for fake Bapes!?
Why men can´t wear feminine flat shoes and women can wear all masculine shoes.?
Can you only wear blue wedges with only blue, black and white dresses?
Does wearing a tank top and short shorts make you look HOT?
Which dress do you like better for a formal-ish New Year's party?
I want to buy a pair of glasses, which web is the best? I'm in England.?
How much clothes do you have?
which dress is nicer?
10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What do you think about this dress?
has anyone used
What's the best gadget website?
What should I be for Haloween?
About to buy some new outfits for the fall college semester. Any tips?
Girls who live in California: Would you wear this shirt?
Could i be a model even if i have scars?
where can i get heels in a size 3 1/2?
What are your favorite shoes?
How tall does this girl look?
Which looks better with a blood red dress, silver or gold earrings?
Would this shirt be okay for the first day of school?
What Dress to wear for graduation?
Outfit Ideas: 10 PTS BA?
Thigh high tights for large legs?
cute vintage outfits?
Looking for a brightly colored french cuffed shirt.?
Will the Chanel boutique in Boston be open on the Fourth of July?
good place to buy cute cheap shoes online?
I want to buy a multi-way bra from victorias secret?
i just ordered eyeglasses and requested a polarized lenses. Are they tinted?
Best Dress!!!! Singer, Rapper or Actress?
Beige or Navy blue blazer?
Would these match?
what to ware with my vans?
i need really cute outfit ideas for the last day of school?
What shoes would match a light yellow dress?
I need to know everything about Marks and Spencer (M&S) in South Korea?
Do these type of dresses look good on short people?
When going out round and about, if you have a hood on your jacket do you put it up and why ??
What is your favorite plus size store? (And it doesn't have to JUST be plus size!)?
Why do women/girls love shoes?
Do you think uggs are a waste of money?
WHY do boys...!!!???
What is your favorite color?
Which color is better looking of this earmuff and why?
Do these shoes look professional enough?
Where to buy cosmetic pumps and sprayers in Thailand?
Ladies, do you like briefs or boxers on men?
how to make a small tutu bigger?
How to dress like taylor swift?
What do you smell like today?
What shoes should I get at journeys?
do you like these shoes?
Would be okay for a girl to wear AE guys shorts?
Any cheap combat boots?
party cothing delima?
What other sorts of useless crap do habitual female shoppers buy?
What Religion is Your Bra?
What kinds of sunglasses are in style at the moment?
How to style this shirt? Picture included?
Chocolate brown or gray uggs?
Were to cheap SUPER cheap clothes, shoes, accerories, ect?
im looking for a necklace like anna in the devil wears prada. Its was a 2 circle gold plated charm necklace?
Where can I find a T-shirt that looks like a toga?
Do I look like a girl in these sweatpants (picture included)?
do you think he's cute?
what are cheap clothing stores with super cute clothes?
Does anyone know where I can get the latest collection of jlo and baby phat clothes for discount besides ebay?
What am i supposed to wear with these shoes and do i wear them with socks? Hurry i have to go to school.?
Itssss SNOWWWWWWWWWINNNNG :) what are you doing today?
i need a picture of someone smoking.?
Good teen clothing brands?
Do Primark sell white over the knee socks?
Is it safe to buy clothes in online-shop?Give some examples?
where to get Ed Hardy Hats?
What do you call a shop within a big store ie debenhams selling warehouse clothing and oasis?
for people in racine?
where can i buy long leged jeans that are low rised? girls only please!!!?
How can I dress fashionably (EASY 10 POINTS)?
Stacy London is coming to Southcenter?
Which boot's are better?
Is it ok to shop at abercombie and fitch? at age 11?
good, affordable designer?
What stores will be low price for Steampunk items?
would you wear this outfit?
what is the brand of t shirt with bull logo?
should men wear these?
What is normally worn to homecoming short or long dresses?
Which dress shoe is better?
what is your fav clothing brand?
What are the new fashion trends you want to try this fall?
Trevor McNevan's jacket?
what colour jewellery should i wear with my black formal dress?
My boots "eat" my socks, leaving my socks in a wad around my toes. How do I prevent this?
What do you think of this dress??
will i fit into abercrombie kids jeans?
Is coffee bad for your skin?
Whos is going to wear flip flops in the summer?
What do u think of these dresses?
Where are some retail stores where...?
Halloween costumes?
how long is shipping?
Cute affordable tankinis?
Have you shopped on this website? It seems legit. I want to buy..?
whats the name brand of the star sweatshirt the singer from gym class heroes wears in cupids chokehold?
Girls who have things written on butt of pants?
What is size 2G equivalent to?
Can you buy products from the brands graham webb and botanics in stores?? i dont wanna order them online?
how to make homemade nail polish?
Girls...embarrassing underwear problem...?
Where do you breath from when you wear such dresses?
Which dress for homecoming? #1 or #2?
What colors like pants and shirt would go well with neon shoes like these?
Is this bathing suite cute?? (pictures)?
I want my own personal style. What should it be?
what to wear at the beach?
Teen fall fashion ideas?
Where can i ger a plain black hoodie online?
Does anyone have or know where I can get a printable Old Navy coupon?
how do you short a leather skirt?
Which dress should I wear?
Do you think this will go well with a crop top?
I'm trying to get 200 answers!!!! do you think i can do it?????
do you like these shoes?
How to straighten a wig from target?
Looking for the best website to find the latest trends in clothing for women.?
girls! is this shirt cute?
which dress?
can you wear a rasta cap if you do not have dreads?
What do you think of these jeans?
What color should i get this bag?
which brown louis vuitton speedy u like?
what is the new style to wear to school!!??
Can someone help with dress making?!!!?!! please?
Most expensive clothing you have?
I went to a formal, upscale, wedding this past Saturday and the bride...?
Would i look better as a prep than a emo girl?
Which dress do you like better for my formal?
do you like these shoes?
Do Mormons like Romney want us all to wear magic underwear against the devil or only they wear magic underwear?
what do you think of the sneakers are they hot or not?
Which do you like better... cheerleader outfit or schoolgirl outfit?
Pattern for stiff clutch purse?
wat would u pick....................?
Do you think this is a cute bag for school?
Where can I get these shorts (or similar) in the UK?
Is black nail polish still 'IN'?
do you think i spent too much on a bag for school?
What to wear for picture days?
do you find tights itchy in the summer?
Any advice for a more modern gypsy/bohemian/hippie/tribal look?
where can I find these shoes? Or does anyone know the name of these or some like these online?
13 year old sister idea gifts?
how much are fuzzy nation hand bags worth?
Where can I find a bangle similar to this?
Can you return nike sneakers for a discount or is it just for recycling reasons?
What is the best north face?
I am looking for dress shoes made by Hillard&Hanson.I saw a pair on a woman today and they are beautiful.They?
Where can I get this shirt ?
girls, would you ask your bf to wear ..?
What's a cheap online clothing shop?
Rate this outfit idea(1-10)?
What cologne would sell best!?
where can i find these?
Where can I get a decent pair of baggy jeans for not too much money (30 pounds or less)?
cute but inexpensive bag??!?
Why does the president alway thow up the "W" sign?
Do men love wearing pantyhose more than women?
Calvin Classics Are They A Cheap Rip-Off?
Where can I get jeans for my body type?
Clothes for teenagers?
Where do you get these?
Virgin pakistani girl? (Pakistani girls only please)?
Lolita Shoes - For those of us with small feet?
9 1/2 ww wide shoes?
anybody who went to the VICTORIAS SECRET PINK PJ PARTY?
What is the size/area of a TOMS shoe box?
Im wearing a shirt and tie with a trilby hat to a neyo concert will i look stupid?
where 2 buy rainbow flip flops?
Red skinny jeans?????
The Victoria Secret 10 dollar off Birthday coupon?
What should I wear on vacation?
Why do preppy girls hate rocker chicks if they didn't do anything to them?
How will I Pee while wearing this gown?
Is the brand "DC shoes" good for small kids?
Should I tell the principal? (my clothes were stolen whilst showering after PE)?
Is it ok for men to wear women's boots in Public?
Why did my socks shrink?
Lauren in Eastenders Clothes?
Where can I get plain coloured long sleeve cardigans?
Why is it that people wear Hollister, Abercrombie, and Areopostal just because its a brand name?
Girls only!!!What size am I???Plz help asap?
Where can I buy squishies!?
Big dreams Please help me?
I want to be a vegan. What good brands of shoes can I buy in Australia that use no leather or animal material?
describe your outfit today?
Which photograph is thee better one?
What kind of Black Friday sales are Hollister and Abercrombie having this year?
weird if men wear designer frame glasses?
Do anysunglasses change colors?
Leggings with short top...?
is this a nice style?
Does Hot Topic have a Black Friday Sale?
Do you like my first day of school outfit?
should i get this dress?
Should I get this swimsuit? (Pic included)?
I want to find Kappa sweater?
What do you think of this dress for a night out?
How can I tell if someone is wearing a wire?
Why does everyone love uggs?
abercrombie and fitch, and hollister?
What trend next?
do you think that big hoop earrings and make up on a 14 yr old look nice?
How do I get a smaller waist?
which swimsuit is better?
whats ur fav. ascessory?
One shoe stiff then the other?
Holister or American Eagle? And Why?
What size shoe box was Gary Coleman burried in?
What type and colour tie shoud i wear with a blue and white stripe shirt.?
What color/kind of shoes to wear?
what should i name my womens shoe company?
Explain to me why young people don't dress in suits like celebrities do?
Which of these shoes looks best?
Any clothes brands you would suggest?
Is it legal for an employer to make you wear high heels as part of your dress code?
RATE Me!! Please be honest with it . .?
Where can I get a cute swimsuit?
Can i still be a model if i am flat chested??
does tamarac have good moccasins?
What should I wear to my Macy's interview?
What dress size are you? (Women, uk)?
ankle bracelet ?
What color r ur shoes right now?
What type of shirt is Julian Charrington wearing in this photo?
How do you fix a scuff on leather shoes?
should i start planning my quince?
does a 95 viscose 5 elastane fabric dress stick to your skin?
What were the brands of shoes featured in the latest famous footwear commercial?
where can i find this shirt?
cell phone cases used to be everywhere but i have been looking now and all i can find are ipod covers! help?!?
My trousers always wear away between the legs first. How can I give them a new lease of life?
what can i wear over my prom dress ?
If my hip size 38, and my inseam is 28, what would be my women jeans size?
help me with my dress?? be Honest?
ladies what size shoe do u wear?
Would you wear this?
What other brands make capri shoes?
Eyebrow Piercing In Ohio!?
Should i dress my boyfriend as a girl this halloween?
Help with my 70s day outfit?
whats your favourite outfit to wear when out partying?
i ususlly dont wear panties under my mini it ok.if people see my a&& and back.?
Which earring is better looking?
what is the small size of lacoste for women?
Which school bag should I get for high school? REALLY EASY QUESTION!!!
Where can i got pastel dr martens?
Where are these shirts found? WHAT SHOP?
Where can i find the coolest Rockabilly Clothing and Accessories?
Can you tie dye a white leather jacket?
what is ur ideal…
Would this formal dress work for this party?
What do you think about my wish list, is it too much to ask for?
Do ray bands suit Square faces?
Which animal does mohair come from?
Hot or Not?? (vs)?
why didn't Supersmile work?
I am an 18 year old female. I would like to become a victoria's secret model! What are the requirement's?
Which is the coolest of these shoes?
from where i will get designer & resonable lehangas in delhi & kolkata?
vintage? pictures of outfits for middle school?
I need help on fashion Tip?
Ladies where can I find some tan trousers?
What type of shirt is this..?
I am only 13 but I wear women's sizes?
How do models get discovered?
Would you rather spend your money on...?
Which color scarf to get for my sister?
yall please help me!!! i have a banquet coming up and i need help!!!?
What should I wear to a guys house who I don't know too well, just to watch the premiere of a new show?
I need a tiny weeny yellow polkadoted bikini where to find?
Free pattern or tutorial for a Marie Antionette type dress?
Modeling Portfolio?
GIRLS PLEASE BRA HELP!!!!!!! please answer?
Which bikini do you prefer? :)?
Where can you find 21 men clothing from last year?
what should I wear for clothes and accesories and how do I make friends in high school?
Anyone know where I can browse H & M clothing?
Where can I find New York themed shirts?
What style of dresses are popular for summer?
can someone make me an outfit on polyvore...?
how to dress with swag as a girl?
Shoes similar to these?
Which is the SEXYEST look for a WOMAN ?
i wanna ask sum nails tips please help this weird garl?
personalized ready made shirts?
Is this girl pretty or ugly ?
I want a new look/style. Any suggestions?
where do you buy your jeans?
is a safe place to buy?
Swimming Wear???????/?
do women really understrand the power of wearing high heels and keeping there lips red and wet ?
Would you rather buy a juicy couture bracelet or two items of abercrombie clothing?
Which dress do you prefer?
Which dress do like the best?(pics inside)♥?
please read this Question?
What are you wearing for new years party?
Is this too dressy for a 6th grade dance?
Does anyone know of a place i can find a cute (brown or black) swimsuit but it doesnt matter wut color really?
who finds the california style to be totally trashy?
Can anyone tell me how can I get rid of chronic shopping habit?
Any Apparel Online Websites at Good Prices?
what is the northface almost everyone has?
Which earring is do you like the best?
what kind of jacket is Hayley Williams (from paramore) wearing?
any outfit ideas ?
Which dress looks cuter for a first date?
Where can i get cute looking hoodies ? ?
Would you pay $150 for these ripped jeans?
i need help with shoe sizes?
Make me an outfit for picture day?
what kind of heel should i wear to make my calves look thinner?
What is this look called?
Silver bracelet damaged in wash?
red cocktail dress, what color shoes?
Looking for a curly wig, Can you help me?
Y r so many ppl obsessed with clothings stores like Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, and Areo?
Which Jacket Looks Cuter?
How are supposed to tuck your jeans into mid-calf boots when there is only enough room for your leg?
Swimsuit that rays travels through?
what are some cool jobs in the fashion industry?
does he like me?im 12?
Which photo do you like better?
Where can I buy a rasta rubber bracelet?
is this ok to wear at a funeral?
Does anyone know what I should wear to an improv comedy show on a first date?
What to wear to a concert?
What is the best brand of bra?
I'm looking for a handbag, which is suitable as a gift to a woman in her 50s?
Why do a lot of people hate skinny jeans on guys?
cool way to ask a guy to winter formal? you like this shirt?
Where can I find cheap adult onesies?
Where is the best place to resell diamond jewelry?
FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! Flip-flops and painted toes! Whats the BIG DEAL??!?!?!?
where is a clothing store in brisbane city that sells coloured jeans?
The jeans Lil Wayne wear?
what do you think of this outfit?
Where can i get boots like andy six?
what shoe size are you?
my grad is next year and and I want to wear a black strapless dress...good choice?
bathing suits!?!>?!?!?!?!?
How do you become a sneaker/shoe designer?
Helppp!! Quinceanera dress!!! Nc.?
How much will you pay for a trendy pair of jeans?
Cinderella Sneakers Where Can I FInd Them?
Where can I find light blue leather panels BCB Generation jeans?
How much do models make?
Any Clothes Designers Out There? A Bit Of Help?
"Guarantee" for Abercrombie clothes?
I was wearing long sleeves and I lost my bracelet?!?
What do I do about pleated slacks that are too baggy around the crotch?
FOR ALL THE GIRLS out there..........?
Ripped jeans...?
How many hollister things do you own??? Be truthful?
Does anyone know where i can find this dress? Please help!?
I dont know if they are good shoes?
please help with this girls which vest is better?and if possible what is wrong with the 2nd?if u dont like it?
Would you buy from a online boutique?
Is it fun to wear silk lingerie?
for those shopping freaks, I need your advice?
Can someone PLEASE tell me what they think of this dress!!?
Which shops in Australia sell Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses?
How can i keep up with todays fashion trend without spending a ton of money?
Do you think that strapless dresses are slutty?
what is the brand name of these kind of shoes?
should highschoolers be allowed to wear heels to school?
Hot pink stone plugs? (:?
What do you think of these bracelets?
Where can i find information about " Missuses of Statistics?"?
What's a birthday suit?
How much would it cost to pay somebody to make a long, layered, tulle skirt?
Outfit idea help please?
is hand painted apparel (t-shirts, tights, etc.) popular?
Dress question?
Best way to wear dickies if your not into the baggy look?
A clothing line.. help please!!!!!!!!?
Do Spanx work with prom dresses?
If I am a ladies size 7M (medium width), what size am I in wide shoes?
Is this dress to promish for an 8th grade formal?
Skinny Jeans Advice PLEASE?
is this dress makeable?
Cheap pair of grey nike/addidas etc. trackie bottoms (fleece/joggers) ?
What to wear to a restaurant?
Best place to buy "fuggs"?
girls, could you rank these jeans from hottest/indiest to worst?
Converse Black Hi-Top or Low-Top?
Girls: Which do you prefer?
Does a red blouse match with a grey skirt?
what do you think about these two outfits?? please answer!?
Showing cleavage - why?
Is my prom dress trashy?
Does anyone know where I can find a hoodie with leg holes? Picture...?
what are you wearing the first day of school?
Affordable riding boots for autumn/winter?
I just bought some purple skinny jeans. What shoes should I wear with them?
where can i get A alvin sweat shirt with the big A on it?
Rate these clothes I got today?
would these shoes fit with beige skinny chinos?
Which style do you prefer to see on a woman (guys)?
Pics of me and 10 points for your answer!?
what do you think of RIT dye for tie dyeing?
Your oppinion on crocs?
how much does nike air force one shoes cost??
Which do you think is better Baby Phat or Coach??
what are uggs? dont answer the question if you don't know the answer to it.?
How would this outfit look on a 15 year old guy?
Should I get these guess shoes?
What are some good shops to buy winter clothes from?
What outfits should I wear?
Where can I buy small iron on letters for the size of baby clothes?
history of fashion from 1895-1915.define fashion and pictures of how people dress in the 1895 and the1915?
black or white tights?
why do guys wear skinny jeans they look retarded?
Ralph Lauren - does it attract high school girls?
Do you like to wear pantyhose or stockings for evening wear?
What is a good brand for Bridesmaid Dress?
I need more followers on Tumblr. I will follow back!?
How to dress from the 80's?
What is the best way to put an embroidered patch on a denim jacket?
Why do some women feel it necessary to show off so much of their bodies in what they wear?
survey !!!!?
red or out?
What is your favorite store? Survey!?
Can I pull off skinny jeans?
What are these shoes on Miley?
where can i get these shoes? please help! (full points)?
High wasted red shorts?
what kind of shoes are you wearing?
How should I dress to a Katy Perry Concert?
Which one should i get?
Styles for guys? I'm 13 years old?
does anyone like hollister's clothes better than abercrombie's?
where can i get cheap cardigan fabrics in mumbai?
do you think these are CUTE SHOES ??
Guess the color of my shirt--10 points!!?
what do i wear to a wake?
Any inspiration for a photoshoot?
Ladies. how much do you spend monthly on clothes?
Is it acceptable to wear fishnets to the office?
i have a rock n roll themed party to go 2 next weekbut dnt knw how 2 dress........?
Can Somebody Tell Me If These Concords Are Legit?
Good online store to buy these types of items?
Where can I find those zodiac earrings that everyone is wearing now?
I'm too shy to go shopping...?
i 22 plan to pierce nose my bf ok on rightside but my mom, aunty said to pierce on left side so i ready both?
do nose piercings hurt?
What ring size is usually on display at jewelry stores?
Do the sequined uggs get ruined easily ?
What sneakers would you rather get?
What do you consider expensive?
can someone find a shirt that goes good with this?
do you thing the victorian style clothing will ever come back?
why do ppl wear thongs?
Should I pierce my third nipple?
Some questions that you really should answer! It only takes an opinion!?
How much do you spend on clothes and makeup a month?
i want this kind of cute sandal but i want a cheap price?
Where do you buy your skinny jeans?
Ladies what is ur favourite perfume?
what do YOU think when you see a gothic person?
Where can I get a pair of size 15 Justin work boots/cowboy boots?
Jersey knit skirt: keep or donate?
Girls: Are you really picky about your jeans?
which dress do u like better pics included?
If you had to take a watch with you to the nuclear apocalypse, what brand would it be from?
How do you get out a pop stain out of a white cotton blouse?
what every teen girl should have in her wardrobe?
were can i buy a nice not so expencive fur coatin chicago or just give me a website if its gucci even better?
what is your favorite bra or thong?
Where do you get bohemian style clothing?
Whats ur favorite fashion trend?
Dress for a wedding ?
Which dressy outfit do you like best? (on polyvore!)?
Will shrinking a New Era fitted ruin it?
What should i do?????????? help me please!!!!!!!!!!!?
tint stickers for eyeglasses?
Where can i find Taylor Swifts line of sundresses?!?
What does it take to be a model?
What color is calypso?
how to make you own scene accessories?
Is this outfit okay for orientation at my new job?
What men or woman's fashions make you cringe?...I hate to see ladies in white shoes wearing black tights,?
Do you like this shirt?
would it be inappropriate for a 13 year old girl to wear shorts with fishnets to school ?
Do you prefer underwear with solid colors or ones with cute prints?
How short should a dress be.....?
D75 or C75?? Really confused by the range of relpies I got from the different store ladies?
Can You Deco-Den A Rubberized Phone Case ?
Do you think I can pull off this look with a hat? (PICTURE)?
What smells best on a guy ?
Should i buy this???
What is my trouser size?
13 year old designer dress?
knotting your shirt to be amazing is called...?
do adidas....?
Dark Blue Dress.. Shoe Color?
Girls Please!!!! I need Fashion Help!!!How should I put pink into my tux?
Which swimsuit do you like better?
Heel shopping time ohh yeah!?
What to wear?
Which shirt looks better?
Does anyone know the Goldheart lastest Celestial Ad song? What is the title?
What is a cool username for my friend, named kourtney ava naomi <and then last name>?
Would this dress be ok for 8th grade graduation?
what celebrities dress the best?
can people with a long rectangular face wear a beanie/beret kind of thing ?
Hey yall ? Dr. Marten rockers where r u?
Why am I not the same size at all stores?
Is this dress cute for a gift?
Pic Included- Girls, what can I do to look more attractive?
Where can I find this clothing?
do you recognize what brand this bird pattern is from?
Are these shorts girly/gay for a guy?
a lot of questions about these three sisters?
I don't know what to wear... please help!?
How old were you when you started wearing make up?
is this a good profile pic?
I'm thinking about getting my ears pierced at Claire's, is that a good decision?
what dress do you like better for homecoming 10th grade
How to be the best nerd for halloween?
I need a turn of the century band leader's uniform. Hook me up!?
how to accessorise a black dress?
Skinny Jeans.... Are we lovin' them?
Why do they make better and cooler band tshirts for men/boys? It's so hard to find tees for myself?
Is it dumb to spend 13 dollars on a scarf?
Does anyone know where you can buy a Michael Jackson glove replica?
Which outfit for first day of freshman year?
im looking to buy a purse by ringspun does anyone no if they have a website or anywhere i can get one from?
(UK) anyone know any good CHEAP shops to buy clothes such as PRIMARK?
Do brown and turquoise go together?
whats up with these b@@b sweaters that girls are wearing now? they have arm holes and wrap around and just cov
When you get your nose piereced, do they use a hoop, or a stud?
Do you like korean fashion or american fashion?
Grade 8 grad dresses?
Is it weird to wear an Aeropostale shirt with Hollister sweatpants?
HOw do I enlarge sewing patterns?
Is Any Body Here Who Is UNder FIFTEEN??????
Help With Clothes?
Where can I get good but cheap clothes for back to school?
how can i find a program to selcet a perfect frame (sunglasses) for my own face?
does anyone knoe where to get this bra?
Good idea for an outfit?
What perfume is the best!?
What name do you like better?
do you wear your UGGs with socks, or follow the paper and go barefoot?
Which shoes...?
10 points! Outfit ideas please x?
what is approiate when the dressing code is casual wear?
do men perfer thick or small legs on women?
Which the best jeans brand all over the world??
What is the best website to find the good quality designer shoes for women?
Help, I cant seem to decide on the perfect shoe to wear with my aqua dress. It's for a wedding?
Who can design an awesome outfit?
Girl's: Would you wear this?
i am having a sweet 16 and i want it to be unique. how should i have my dress? with a budget of less than 500$?
question for sneaker experts?
confused please help!?
what do i wear with my new ugg boots?
Has the world finally got over white people wearing fitted hats?
Where can I find really pretty, inexpensive homecoming dresses for the Fall 2006 season?
I need a website that sells kid show clothes help?
What outfit is Brandy wearing on today's Wendy Williams Show? (10/19/12)?
help - what colur tights do i wear with this dress?
What should I do to complete this outfit? pic included?
Is this cute for a skinny, tall, long legged 15 year old?
stockings and suspenders?
what do you think of this outfit?
does this sweater look black to you?
What is the average price of the men's suits in the U.S?
what should i put on my CHRISTMAS LIST?
Girls what is the first thing that you think when you see another girl wearing a low cut top?
how can some girls wear a g string it look like it will hurt more then thong?
Where can i find a necklace with the country of Haiti on it?
how can i convince my mom to let me go black friday shopping?
Please help. I want present a pair of shoes to my sister. Which pair suits better for a 14-year-old girl?
im having a school dance soon and i don't know what to wear?
what color???
Whats the best clothes to wear when swimmin fully clothed?
Why is it that women with ugly feet always want to wear sandals or open toe shoes!!!?
Planning my 15th! Help! I have a solid idea I just need some more help...?
What are some negative aspects of modeling?
Is there any way for me to change the colour of my dark blue lace material to black ?
Where Can i Find A Nice Handbag ?
Do you think my friend can make it as a fitness model?
How is lost baby in Sears commercial not insensitive?
Girls who live in California: Would you wear this shirt?
Is this Michael Kors bag in style currently?
What do u guys think of these boots?
Where do you go school shopping?
Would these look silly at the gym?
Anyone know any good websites for vintage clothing?
what are crewneck sweaters?
What matches with a yellow shirt?
why do so many people like no show socks now?
what are you wearing for the first day of school?
what clothing brands make the hoodies that have the zipper that go past your head?
Does any one actually look like their Avatar?
what do you think of this outfit.......?
Converses or Vans?
forever 21 girls locations?
Girls, do you think this is a cute outfit?
are these shoes cute?
Is it normal to be 5''8'' for a 13 year old boy?
whats your shoe size!?
which is skinnier???????????
Anyone know where i can find cute COMBAT BOOTS?? ss?
Ok, I found a pic, now I need the name of the boots!!! PLEASE HELP ME =(!!!!!?
Would you pay $200 for this dress?
for u prefer...?
do you know where i can find this dress with the back out like this but diffrent style in front?
Is my dior bag fake? Help me!?
Twin Day Friday for Spirit Day? My boyfriend and I?
What should I wear on a date?
Will making dreads on a lace wig tear the lace?
What is the difference between girls size 16 and jr size 3-5? They look the same to me.?
Do I have too many clothes?
do you like the top?
Is it possible to by modest prom dresses on the online?
Opinions on these two boots? [Or you can suggest, if you like.]?
is this juicy couture sweater cute? [picture]?
question........ Henna?!?!?
Who likes Abercrombie and Fitch???
What looks better on guys? Skinny jeans, straight leg, or bootcut?
Should i get my hoodie a size bigger than my t shirt?
Should I get a snug or an anti tragus piercing?
How can i convince my parents?
Should i buy this jacket?
Where to buy beads in Austria?
Do you all like the new Miss Universe 2006?
Where can I get a bright orange fitted hoodie?
Can you sit in hoopskirts in cars?
What is the easiest unisex clothes to wear?
Should I buy the dress?
how can i clean my uggs without ruining them?
How to persuade mom to let me wear a bikini?
Should I get a luminox or a g shock?
I'm a teen that need help with b odor?
do you like these jeans?
which Uggs should i get fern,baby pink, or chocolate?
Where to do a photoshoot?
Girls: what size do you wear?
When are you too old to wear mini skirts?
Why is it SO hard to find Alien by Thierry Mugler?!?
Where can I buy these bridal converse shoes?
Here's a bra question for the ladies...?
Where can I get good jeans?
what do you wear vans with?? GIRLS plz?
Girls, would you wear these heels?
check out this website!?
Would you wear these shoes to college?
First 5 get and Outfit?
What color shirts are popular with women right now?
What color of this sweatshirt do u like best?
Who else thinks there should be a weight limit on clothes? They should make this a law.?
Searching for Edgy Boots?
Outfit help...What should i wear with this?...ASAP!!!?
Places to buy cute sweatpants?
Who makes Travis Pastrana's yellow watch?
do you like this outfit for picture day?
Why do so many women want Luis Vuiton purses?
Do you like UGGs??????????
Are there any shoes that look like toms cordones?
how to make this brass necklace waterproof?
Which North Face Osito Jacket color do you like better?
Which top do you like best?
Rate my looks in YOUR opinion. Just curious. Lol?
What do you add to henna to make it appear more dark on your skin?
Why do women hate men with earrings?
I have a Louis Vuitton wallet its broke where do I send it to have it fixed?
What logo is on this belt? Where can I get it?
Can I wear this dress in the winter time?
What outfit should I wear?
What stores sell corsets?
Are these Weird or cool?
What should I wear to school, and how should I wear it?
am i spoiled?
Poll: Do you think belly button piercings are sluttty?
do you think the air jordan retro 3's black cements will be in all outlet stores?
where can you find a cardigan?
Where can i find this shirt? link included?
what trousers should you wear with this?
What products to keep side fringe in place - 14yo boy?
Any ideas for a tumblr name!?
Target vs. Wal-Mart?
What could I wear with these shoes? 10 Points!!!?
I can't put in the contact lenses?
where can i find a shirt similar to hayley kiyoko's vegetarians rock shirt?
why do girls need so many shoes and boots?
Combat boots and sweatpants?
What are some stuff to get if i have to be tony the tiger?
What are some good online stores for clothes for a teen girl?
Fashion advice .... please?
i want to be a swimsuit u think i have wat it takes (picture)?
Is this a good outfit?
Im 14 and I want to pierce my eyebrow?
what are some stores that i could get coach shoes at?
i need fasion advice. can you help me?
What color of this TANK TOP is best?!?
which dress is prettier? click on the blue and the pink dress.?
Would this be okay to wear to a club?
where can i find cute boots?
How do you keep your nipples from showing? I cannot wear t-shirts and must always wear a blouse over my shell
what brand is this pic of...
Can a tory burch tote hold books for school?
Suit shopping , would something like this look good on me?
how much time does footlocker take to ship shoes?
Prom Dress?
do i have the looks for modeling?
Could I wear Aeropostale jeans?
Should men wear pantyhose?
Fashion Accessories for Women with Dark Hair?
do u guys have......?
Good brand for mens rubber band watches?
What do you think of Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale clothing?
Is this nice for a guy?
What to wear to Sophmore Dance "Prom"?
do girls think aviators on guys are hot?
This is for the BOYS?
what day do stores usually restock.?
Trying to decide between Blackberry colors. Help?
have you ever taken a dump in a pair of pants so you didnt have to buy them?
Blonde, chesnut brown or black?
Where can I buy Kristian Aadnevik?
Is this a good 1st day of seventh grade outfit??(links to pictures!!)?
Is this a cute 1st day of school outfit???
How can I make a skirt like this?
Do You Like This Prom Dress?
Am I too young for these things???
Make up and fashion lovers, help needed, YouTube videos?
If you wear a lot of black is it emo?
Is this shoe CUTE??
Are dress shoes too fancy for school?
What do you think of skinny jeans?
how much money do you spend on clothes?
Outfits for spirit week?
Is this too much like a school skirt or is it cute?
What were some clothing, hair, and makeup styles for girls and teens in the EARLY 60's?
Do you like my dress??
What do u think about this picture?
Where can I find quality made sweatpants?
Is this a cute 1st day of school outfit???
Where can I find cute shoes that match this dress?
Where can I get no back pocket jeans??!?
is this a cute outfit?
Where can i find these pumas ?
Am I A Chav??
Do you buy name brand socks?
can a guy wear this hoodie ?
My foot size is 14 inches and broad in the front. What US size shoe will fit for me?
What can i wear to look like a goth?
Does a red blouse match with a grey skirt?
Is this a fake or real louis vuitton? Please HELP! Here are some pictures I have taken.?
10 POINTS!!! Help me find cute flats to go with this dress?
Which jeans look better?
What do you think of this juicy couture bikini?
PLEASE HELP?!?! I don't know which top I should wear on the first day of school.?
I am going to a wedding this weekend. Don't know what to wear. Is wearing black dress tacky?
Girls please help, going to a party need help with what to wear?
Why does she need a bra?
Where can I buy an Hawaiian Shirt in London ?
What is your favorite source for your style directions?
Is Dark Purple And White Girly?
Will a diamond ring that silver have 14 k in it?
What is Forever 21's friends and family sale?
what should i wear to a concert?
how to clean a expensive bag?
is this dress nice? will it with this jacket?
What are the hottest clothes/colors for ladys clothe this summer?!?
I live in the chicago westside area, and I need to know where I can get a dress made or a plus size prom dress
Where can i find this shirt in NYC ...?
Do i weigh too little or too much for my age and height??
Do I suit bangs or no bangs more? (Pics)?
where can I find scarves like these for a cheaper price?
Red, or Black dress on this white girl?
Has anybody bought Crocs recently? What do you think?
Can someone with a bra size 30A wear a 32A?
How am i able to uae a manufacturers catalog to sell handbags. fashion and designer inspired?
Do you guys think this is a cute dress?
What Store do shop in the mall ?
Is it dumb for a young teenager or tween to have an iphone?
Does this outfit go together?
What do I wear for free dress day tomorrow?
Is this style old-fashioned for earrings?
Is Drop Dead Clothing Satanic?
So for fun and out of pure boredem!?
shopping dilimia?
Does anyone know where I can get T-Shirts with my favorite 60's cartoon character on them?
Where can I get a pair of man shoes (formal shoes for evening wear) that is at least 2.5 inches high?
Does anyone know where I can get an Io fancy dress costume for an adult?
Do you like the outfit I designed?
fashion help! can i wear black shoes with a cream lace dress?
Reasonably prices jeans for tall, thin guy?
where can i buy these....?
Can someone give list of athletic clothes?
How much would a nice tux rental go for?
Do you think ugg boots are ugly?
How do I convince my mom into buying me heels?
What do you think of my first two outfits I made on polyvore?
Poll: Do you wear a watch?
Would you wear this dress with converse?
I'm an Italian girl and I need some advice for Dr Martens.....?
What should I wear on the first day of school (male)?
I want to buy a vintage satchel bag?
when is the right time to wear puffy coats?
What brand is this logo?
Does anyone have this jacket?
Do you like these flip flops?
What shoes to wear with this dress?
Where can you find crop bustier tops?
What are some cool sweatshirts?
If you could only have one pair of shoes?
What kind of sperrys are these?
Is it possible to have a jacket hood lined?
What colors would suit me? -picture-?
How much do you spend on clothes and makeup a month?
How to sew a giant scorpian on the back of a jean jacket?
If women can wear boxers, then why can't men wear thongs?
Women's nike huarache low casual shoe!!?
Easy 10 points!? Which of these tankinis do you like best?
Is there a website that allows me to choose the lengths on clothes I want?
I ordered UGG's two sizes to big!?
Where can I buy Dickies pants for Women???
Anyone know how to make a Hawaiian or Tahitian hip belt?
which one is better converse or vans?
Where can I get fake pink uggs?
Do you think its appropriate for a 13 year old to wear a thong?
Can you pick out a male Abercrombie outfit?
Do Canadians prefer blondes?
can anyone send me pictures of the different types of baby doll shirts?
why are all the girls wearing gigantic sunglasses this summer ?
Which coat should I get?
does anyone know where i can find dresses online that are low prices?
how many shirts can you buy with 40 dollars in forever 21?
what is the best clothes pattern you have used? or diy stuff?
What shirt would look good with this outfit? **PICS**?
what are some good website to buy name brand clothes from?
What do you think of these flats?
A blouse to go with this skirt?
Which dress do you prefer? ***?
tj-maxx and ross?
Which brand logo is this?
Are these shoes reallllly awesome???
Why do I look different on one mirror and different on another?
$50,000 shopping spree at the MALL of your choice!! What would you buy?
what should a 13 year old carry in her bag?
Which one is better and bigger?
Website For Frock Candy Clothing?
Which Ugg boots do you prefer?
My white vans are now Yellow from Washing them!?
Is this dress attractive?
IS THIS CUTE??!?!?!?!? please easy sssss.?
why do women wear short mini skirts ? that almost show their undies ? is this a sign of mating call ?
Do you Suck on lollipops during trick or treating?
Warp knit, weft knit or woven?
Does anybody think All Stars Chuck Talyors are cool!!!!?
Please Suggest me Which Dress I select ?
How can I get the abercrombie fierce cologne cheaper than 30 or 40 bucks?
i'll make a polyvore outfit for anyone ...?
What colour of nailpolish should I use? =D?
What do you think of these boots?
what is the biggest gauge size?
Black vs brown hair, which do you like better?
Do some women wear thongs to be trashy?
opinions of this t-shirt design?
What should I wear to the Homecoming Game?
so i'm really needing help for my dressy casual dance and it's in TWO DAYS!!?
What top to wear with a black skirt and red heels?
Has anybody heard of that website that sells defective designer purses?
what is a good mens jacket to travel with - easy no care - no iron - looks nice with dark jeans - to the point?
Getting rid of matted fur on fox?
black suit,pink shirt what colour of tie will go with it?
Where can i buy colored skinny jeans?
what would be a sexy outfit for a dance?
Vans custom shoe colors?
[Do you like this outfit] ANSWER♥ [easy, easy 2 points]!!!?
what to wear on the first day of 7th grade ?
(GIRLS) how,what,where and do....random girls questions?
Do i have warm or cool colourings?
What color should my bouquet be?
Would buying and wearing this make me look like a metrosexual?
How many idems of clothing to you own? (like shirts and pants)?
im going to a dance i need to make a shirt?
Like or dislike this prom dress?
what should i wear under a see through black lace shirt.?
Do Woman like High Heeled Shoes or Boots?
Who is your favorite designer?
need help girls????
which shoes should i get?
should i buy this???
Pierced ears, how many holes do you have in your ears?
How tall do you have to be to model?
Are these jackets waterproof?
Should I buy these Jordans?
What article of clothing is your favorite?
Can you wear brown cargo shorts with grey shirt?
what turns emo/punk teen guys on?
Fashion design kit for teens?
where can i find cheep skinny jeans?
Short stature and high heels?
how much would a $37.95 sweatshirt cost after 25% off?
how can i try to get my sister to stop wearing black gothic clothing and wear some normal colorful clothing?
If you could????????/??????????
how do I pierce my belly button at home?
COLOR CONTACTS!!??help me out?
I have to do to a non formal valentines dance tomorrow night?
Wallet's Card Pockets Too Small?
Are pleated skirts making a comeback?
Is it alright for a man to wear dress shoes with jeans?
what is the right way of saying ther will be camera's in this shop?
Does Victoria's Secret PINK hire men?
How to hide my bulge in my skinny jeans?
What are the higher quality materials known to man for clothes as well as rugs?
What socks should I wear inside of boots?
Why do men love to see women wearing high heels.I for one can't help but look?
does this look?
Selling a gold necklace, how much is it worth?
white high heels yeah or ney?
Less fat in belly ring? u can see like half of the stick thing?
how do you tell if a girl is stuffing her bra?
how do ya'll like this outfit?
Best Dress maker in perth?
Is this dress good for school or only for special occasions?
What do you call a women who has around 900 pairs of shoes?
Which color should I get this dress in?
Is 14 too young to wear a thong?
does anyone know how to hand smock?
ok to wear a turtle neck or long sleeve shirt under a short sleeved sweater dress?
How much stuff can I buy at Aeropostale with 30 dollars?
How do you wear Vans?
What would go with this dress?
Would this be a bad color to wear?
Which shoe brand Nike's or Adidas?
Where can I find stylish boots if I have large calves?
Do you like my new shoes? ; D?
PRIMARK?YES NO?peoples opinions?
Are there professional beading gloves available in the market?
About how much are Chanel bracelets or earrings?
Which top do you prefer....?
New Yorkers, what are your favorite second hand clothing stores?
Can someone find me a cute pair of Converse?
I need to find a cute dress for me and my sister...?
what is the ray-ban wayfarer model most suitable for optical lenses?
Why's juice from orange peel supposed to be good for eyes?
so what was your skimpy halloween out fit?
I am in 5 grade and I know a girl in the same grade and I like her what should do???????
Where can you buy a purse magnet to keep it shut?
when is it tacky to wear high heels?
Is it true?
hair cut for thin hair?
Do you like Jade Goody?
what color shirt should I wear with these? Please...?
How does this shirt look?
Which outfit should i wea on the fist day of 8th gade please answe?
Where can I get solid dresses under $5?
prada handbags. how much do they cost?
do you like, love or hate preps?
Who are the best dressed man and best dressed woman on the planet?
need help picking a dress for a ball?
Where can I get pants almost like these! Pictures*?
How do I become a model?
which shoes r cuter??? (links)?
Girls do you think bikini briefs look cute on guys?
Is this shirt/blouse/top trashy?